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AE-210 Gasdynamics

First Meeting, Jan 5th 2018, AE106

Course Timings : 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM
First Lecture: 10th January 2018
Venue: AE-106
Course Contents
• This course deals with compressible flow of gases and various
interesting phenomena encountered in them.
• Reference Books :
• Modern Comperssible Flow - John D Anderson
• Elements of Gasdynamics - Liepmann and Roshko
• Gas Dynamics (2 Vols) – Zucrow
• The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow (2 Vols)-
• Fundamentals of gas dynamics Zucker and Biblarz
• Gas Dynamics – E Rathakrishnan
• Other references including current literature will be described according to
Organization of the course
• An Introduction • Oblique shocks and Expansions
• Shock Reflections and Interactions
• Review of Thermodynamics and
Fluid Dynamics • Unsteady 1D flows and shock tube
• Speed of Sound and Mach number • Linearized Flows and Small
perturbation theory
• Isentropic flows • Method of Characteristics
• Normal Shock • Some topics – Shock Wave
• Variable area flows Boundary Layer Interactions,
Shocks in ducts, Compressible
• Fanno Flow Mixing Layers.
• Rayliegh Flow • Introduction to Hypersonic Flow
Assignments and Tests
• Please get a copy of Gas Tables and bring it with you to the classroom.
• Classroom discussions and Tests will involve perfect gas equations
• Assignments will involve numerical evaluation of gasdynamic
equations with thermodynamic property changes
• Will introduce to the class the open source thermodynamics engine Canterra.
• Coding maybe carried out in Matlab or Python.
• Aim is at the end of the course you may carry a generic code to calculate
gasdynamic properties of flows which will be extremely useful.
• The Weightage will be 60% for Tests and 40% for Assignments.
• Two tests and Final Exam
• We will use the OneNote Class Notebook as a unified platform for
communications within the group of class members – IISc email id is
essential for this.
• All lecture materials will be hosted on this platform.
• Additional reading materials, discussions can be carried out on the
• Assignments including codes and figures in appropriate presentable
formats can be directly uploaded onto this platform by individual class
• Members must keep a check on the Notebook and the IISc mail for regular
updates on the course.