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Ministry of Energy and Water

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Request for “Expressions of Interest” for National Individual Consultants
Organization: Project Coordination Unit (PCU)
Project: Irrigation Restoration and Development Project (IRDP)
Reference No.: MEW/PCU/REOI/591
Announcement Date: 04- Feb- 18 Closing Date: 25- Feb -2018
Nationality: Afghanistan Duration: one year (Likely to be extended)
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Energy & Water has applied for a grant from
the International Development Association toward the cost of Irrigation Restoration and
Development Project, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this “grant” to payments
for hiring the services of following qualified national individual consultants.

Sr Brief details Job Description/Duties and responsibilities

Required Qualification and Experience
l of the
1 Senior Water  Identify and liaise with background paper  Having at least Master’s or its
History authors to use as reference for background equivalent degree in Codicology
Specialist, of water history Study, comment on the ,Dari literature or history with 5
(C- 926) contributions received from them and years working experience or having
Duration: integrate them in the report. Bachelor's degree with 7 years’
12 months  Provide feedback on water history during experience in relevant/similar
from the the review of Water law of Afghanistan works(surveys and researches) with
start of the
specially from the old documents (8-9th exposure to participatory
subject to Centuries of Afghanistan) . development in historical water
satisfactory  Develop Terms of Reference for Water distribution studies or related works.;
work. history study in order to analyze old and  Having experience and
Duty handwrites manuscripts and papers of expertise to read and analyze
Station: Water history and water division in
the special manuscripts used in
Ministry of Afghanistan the documents 8-9 th centuries,
Energy and  Contribute to the finalization of the report  Being familiar in the historical
Water, by interacting with the editing and the water and irrigation issues in
Willingness production teams, including participating in
to travel to Afghanistan
the field if various rounds of proofreading of chapter.
required drafts, fact checking, ensuring consistency
of data used throughout the study report.
 Undertake study on conceptual and
methodological areas of Afghanistan water Specific skills required:
division history.
 Find out background studies and researches  Demonstrate knowledge and

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for Afghanistan water division history at experience of special manuscripts
national and international level (regional of old documents related to
archives) if available and accessible. water management and Irrigation in
 Develop and maintain close collaboration Afghanistan.
with academics, and researches in various  Ability to use personal computers
universities and research institutions and and related software.
statistical agencies.  Ability to express ideas concisely and
 Contribute to outreach and advocate the clearly in English and one of the local
message of the report to provide the languages.
Afghanistan digital and physical library of  Writing skills and demonstrated
water and water division and water ability to develop written reports and
distribution historically. action plans.
 Conduct field and librarian study if required
from historically point of view.

 Making the bibliography of water and water

distribution in Afghanistan from old
documents ( 8-9th centuries)

 Perform other duties as required by the H.E

Minister, PCU Director and IRDP

The Project Coordination Unit (PCU) of IRDP under Ministry of Energy and water now invites
National eligible consultants to indicate their interest. Interested eligible candidates must
provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services
and are invited to submit their CV (Curriculum Vitae), including employment
records, description of similar assignments carried out, experience in similar
conditions, availability of appropriate skills etc.
The covering application letter should indicate that he meets all the required qualifications and
experience (as mentioned above) quoting references to various paragraphs of CV to
demonstrate this.
A consultant will be selected in accordance with Section V Selection of Individual Consultants
procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by
World Bank Borrowers (January 2011).
Interested eligible consultants may obtain further information from the address below during the
office hours 08:00 am to 16:30 pm from Saturday to Wednesday or by e-mail.
Expressions of interest must be delivered or sent by e-mail to the address below no later than
25- Feb -2018

Eng. Nasir Ahmad “Ahadi”

Acting Director of Project Coordination Unit PCU
Ministry of Energy and Water
Mobile: 0700686110

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