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Cultivating Leadership 1

Cultivating Leadership

Sonia R. Soto

The University of St. Thomas

EDUC 5390 Educational Leadership

Dr. Nicole Walters

February 6, 2018
Cultivating Leadership 2

If I could choose a mentor I would ask Mrs. Veronica Tamez, she is the current Assistant

Principal LPAC Administrator at the campus that I am currently at. She values everyone’s

opinion and is a great listener she doesn’t dismiss anyone when she doesn’t agree with their

opinion but rather talks to them about her views and finds a way to compromise. She is not over

my grade level, but she is one of those people that go above and beyond to make sure everyone

gets recognize for one thing or another.

This is my first year at this campus and I feel that Mrs. Tamez has helped me grow as a

leader she has given me the opportunity to take over the administration of an afterschool

program that provides different grammar skills to our minorities for them to gain writing skills

that will help them elevate their scores in TELPAS testing. When accepting this leadership role I

was aware that I was responsible for creating lessons in a timely manner, having lunch list for

snacks, time and attendance records for the students and teachers to be able to provide that

information when an audit took place.

Our school has afterschool clubs for the students to join and one way that I have been

thinking about as an area of opportunity is designing a leadership program for the students. In

this program the students will take roles and responsibilities in the campus but also giving them,

the skills needed to be a leader in their community.