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Prepared by:
John Harold F. Alincastre

Submitted to:
Prof. Jennis Articona
1. Open your Autodesk Revit. Click New Conceptual Mass, and select Metric Mass.
2. Create Reference Planes either by typing command RP or clicking the Plane button in
Draw Panel.
Note: Setting up reference planes is for the maker to work easier and to set your
Reference Point easily.
3. Next is setting up your Reference Points. Click Reference button on Draw Panel then
click Point Element and click on your preferred intersections of the Reference Planes
you have created for you to set up your Mass Geometry. Like so in the picture below…
4. Next is giving height/ elevation to the Reference Points you have placed recently on
your Reference Planes. Drag your Reference Points to the height of your liking. Like so
in the picture below…
5. Next is creating Form for your Mass Geometry. First, select what lines or shape you
want to use your Mass Geometry. In my case I used Spline through Points.
Select Reference button, select Spline through Points and set Work Plane on where
you want to draw your Reference Line. Like so in the picture below…
6. Next, select all the Reference Lines you have already created and click Create Form,
the click Solid Form and you’ll have something like on the picture below…
7. To put patterns on your mass, select the Mass Geometry you have recently created
until it is highlighted in blue, and click Divide Surface, after you have divided your
surface you will next set up your pattern in the Properties Palette, click the Drop-down
in the Type Selector and select Triangle. Like so in the picture below…
8. After we have created or Mass Geometry, we will create a new Family. We will create
a structure element for example a cladding or some sort of a Glass System.
Click File, hover to the New, and click Family. Like so in the picture below…
and select Metric Generic Model Pattern Based. Like so in the picture below…
9. Revit will automatically show you this…
10. Notice that it is in a rectangular shape, so we need to change it in triangular form. To do
that, click on the Tile Pattern Grids and make sure it will be highlighted in blue. Go to
your Type Selector and select the Triangular pattern like what you did on Instruction
7, and it will become like in the picture below, and from there, create now your own
Structural Element to put onto your Mass Geometry…