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TCUA - Course Contents – Day wise

Using Teamcenter
Duration: 4 days
Lesson 1: Introduction to Teamcenter
Lesson 2: Managing the Teamcenter rich client interface
Lesson 3: Working in My Teamcenter
Lesson 4: Working with items in Teamcenter
Lesson 5: Creating and managing datasets
Lesson 6: Performing and managing searches
Lesson 7: Viewing and modifying object properties
Lesson 8: Using Relation Browser
Lesson 9: Applying data security practices
Lesson 10: Working in projects
Lesson 11: Introducing Structure Manager
Lesson 12: Controlling assembly configuration views
Lesson 13: Creating and working with product structures
Lesson 14: Classifying and using standard product data
Lesson 15: Configuring a product structure with variants
Lesson 16: Viewing and working with visualization files
Lesson 17: Creating 3D and 2D visualization markup
Lesson 18: Working with visualization
Lesson 19: Initiating a workflow
Lesson 20: Managing workflow task assignments
Lesson 21: Using Change Manager
Lesson 22: Creating and managing change objects
Lesson 23: Course summary

Application and Data Model Administration

Duration: 5 days
Lesson 1: Introduction to administration
Lesson 2: Using utilities, options and preferences
Lesson 3: The Business Modeler IDE fundamentals
Lesson 4: Teamcenter data model
Lesson 5: Item business object configuration
Lesson 6: Form business object configuration
Lesson 7: Relation business object configuration
Lesson 8: LOV (list of value) extensions
Lesson 9: Dataset business object configuration
Lesson 10: Compound properties
Lesson 11: Option extensions
Lesson 12: Rule extensions
Lesson 13: Packaged templates
Lesson 14: Structure Manager revision rules
Lesson 15: Query Builder definitions
Lesson 16: Organization
Lesson 17: Managing preferences
Lesson 18: Report Builder definitions
Lesson 19: Access Manager
Lesson 20: Projects to control access
Lesson 21: Teamcenter security
Lesson 22: Workflow process modeling
Lesson 23: Workflow process templates
Lesson 24: Course summary

Teamcenter Customization
Duration: 5 days
Lesson 1: Getting Started
Lesson 2: Teamcenter environment
Lesson 3: Eclipse CDT and Teamcenter
Lesson 4: Teamcenter ITK programming introduction
Lesson 5: Batch program basics
Lesson 6: Batch program – query
Lesson 7: Batch program – folder
Lesson 8: Batch program – item
Lesson 9: User exit basics
Lesson 10: Custom user exits
Lesson 11: Custom handlers – an example
Lesson 12: Custom handler – testing with a new workflow
Lesson 13: Introducing Teamcenter Services
Lesson 14: Using Teamcenter Services with Eclipse
Lesson 15: Business Modeler IDE – a review
Lesson 16: Business Modeler IDE – extending the data model
Lesson 17: Custom methods – an example
Lesson 18: Business Modeler IDE – adding a custom method
Lesson 19: Custom error messages – an example
Lesson 20: Summary – server programming
Lesson 21: Rich client customization introduction
Lesson 22: Rich client – non-programming customization
Lesson 23: Rich client – UI form introduction
Lesson 24: Rich client – UI form with JavaBeans
Lesson 25: Rich client – UI form with AbstractRendering class
Lesson 26: Rich client – UI form with XML stylesheets
Lesson 27: Summary – rich client
Lesson 28: Custom user services
Lesson 29: New rich client application
Lesson 30: Course summary

Teamcenter Systems Engineering
Duration: 2 days
Lesson 1: Overview the Systems Engineering process
Lesson 2: Create functional and logical architectures using Visio diagramming
Lesson 3: Create relationships between requirements and architectures using trace links
Lesson 4: Use budgets to apply technical measurements to a structure
Lesson 5: Manage architecture configurations using revision rules
Lesson 6: Use workflows with systems engineering