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Exam Name:
Building HPE Server Solutonn

Product: Full

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modes practce test sofwaree

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Product Questions: 104
Version: 10.0
Quenton: 1

Which methods can an administrator implement to provide hinher security within a mananement
network? (Select twoe)

Be community stnnns
De isolated VLAN
Ee port mirrorinn

Annwer: AB

Quenton: 2

A customer is considerinn the DL330 Gen9 as the platorm standard tor Its VSAN clustere The
confnuraton will use 24 drivese Each 8-drive cane will contain 1 SSD and 7 SATA drivese
Winch array controller should the architect recommend for this confnuraton?

Ae HPE Dynamic Smart Array B3140i controller

Be HPE Smart Array P840 controller
Ce HPE SAS Expander
De HPE Flexible Smart Array P440ar controller

Annwer: D

Quenton: 3

A system administrator is concerned about a hinh number of visitors connectnn to a company's

network in additon to the producton network trafci the network infrastructure is used for the
systems mananement trafc to the company's serverse
What should the administrator do to separate trafc?

Ae implement dynamic routnn usinn the Open Shortest Path First (OSPL) protocol
Be Split the trafc usinn me Virtual Local Area Networks (VI AN)
Ce Create multple Spanninn Tree Protocol (SIP) instances to carry diferent types of trafc
De Channe the priority of the trafc usinn the Quality of Service (QoS) featuree

Annwer: D

Quenton: 4

A customers database is slow to respondi and the customer needs response tmes to of dramatcally
increasede Which soluton should the architect recommend to achieve this result?

Page | 2
Ae install a new disk drive and make it a hot spare
Be install a workload accelerator
Ce Use IPv6 protocol instead of IPv4
De install a redundant power supply to optmiie load balancinn

Annwer: B


Quenton: 5

What is a feature of HPE Onboard Administrator?

Ae deploys a vanity of operatnn systems includinn Windows and Linux

Be reports blade server errors directly to HPE to quickly resolve problems
Ce performs inital confnuraton steps of the enclosure
De uses the UID to identfy the enclosure

Annwer: B


Quenton: 6

A customer selects the HPE c7000 with redundant FlexFabric-20:40 F8 Virtual connect modules for a
private projecte For the server platormi the customer plans to use the ProLiant BL460 Gen9 with the
FlexFabric adapters installede
How many FlexNICs will be available per 20Gb port for the customer’s cloud services?

Ae 1
Be 2
Ce 4
De 8

Annwer: B


Quenton: 7

Click and dran each HPE Synerny component on the lef to match iits functonality descripton on the

Page | 3

Quenton: 8
A customer needs to eliminate thermal imbalance in its new data centere Which soluton should the
architect recommended to the customer?

Ae any HPE iPDU

Be HPE Intellinent Network racks
Ce HPE Rack Air Duck Kit
De any Intellinent Series rack

Annwer: D

Quenton: 9

A customer is deployinn a new soluton that requires a third party VoIP carde
Which HPE BtadeSystem component is needed to be abIe to atach the customers existnn BL460C
Gen9 server blades to the VoIP card?

Ae HPE OneView
Be HPE Storane Blade
Ce HPE Smart Array P244br controller
De HPE PCI Expansion Blade

Annwer: D

Quenton: 10

Click and dran the HPE confnuraton tool on the lef to its matchinn descripton on the rinht

Page | 4

Quenton: 11
What are the benefts of implementnn bladed architecture instead of traditonal rack mount
servers? (Select two )

Ae lower inital capital cost

Be shared memory architecture
Ce more predictable MTBF
De hinher compute density
Ee shared power and coolinn

Annwer: DE

Quenton: 12

Which modes of IT operatons are bridned by HPE Composable infrastructure? (Select two)

Ae business centric
Be applicaton centric
Ce datacenter centric
De IT centric
Ee customer centric

Annwer: BD


Quenton: 13

Page | 5
A customer needs to specify a frmware baseline for an HPE C7000 enclosure in HPE OneView Under
which conditon is this opton available?

Ae when the enclosure is monitored by HPE OneView

Be when a valid HP SUM imane is uploaded to HPE OneView
Ce when the enclosure is mananed by HPE OneView
De when a valid set of the smart Components is uploaded to HPE OneView

Annwer: B


Quenton: 14

Which approach protects server data anainst natural disasters'?

Ae deployinn the soluton in two data centers in diferent neonraphic locatons

Be confnurinn a redundant power subsystem at the server:enclosure level
Ce implementnn a redundant UPS soluton
De confnurinn storane replicaton within the data center

Annwer: A


Quenton: 15

What can an administrator use to install HPE Anentless Mananement Service'? (Select two )

Ae HPE Virtual Connect Mananer

Be HPE Intellinent Provisioninn
Ce HPE iLO frmware
De HPE Service Pack Tor ProLiant
Ee HPE Virtual Connect Enteprise Mananer

Annwer: BC


Quenton: 16

Which Intel Xeon processor supports up to 18 cores'?

Ae E3-1200
Be E3-1200v9
Ce E9-160O v3
De E9-4600 v3

Annwer: D


Page | 6
Quenton: 17

Which tool should an architect use to estmate data center coolinn requirements for server

Ae HPE Switch Selector

Be HPE iQuote Universal
Ce HPE Power Advisor
De HPE Siier for Server Visualiiaton

Annwer: C


Quenton: 18

Which desinn concept is based on the principle of fuid resource pools?

Ae Composable Infrastructure
Be Adaptve Infrastructure
Ce The Idea Economy
De Sofware-defned Storane

Annwer: A


Quenton: 19

Which protocol is primarily used in servers to connect hinh performance disk drives to internal disk


Annwer: B


Quenton: 20

Which HPE opton is required for usinn Locaton Discovery?

Ae iL03 Mananement
Be HPE Power Distributon Units
Ce HPE intellinent Provisioninn
De HPE intellinent Series Rack

Page | 7
Annwer: D


Quenton: 21

In which catenory is the IEC 60309 an industry standard?

Ae Power
Be Airfow
Ce Humidity
De Space

Annwer: A


Quenton: 22

Which component requires HPE Insinht Mananement Anents to he installed to verify pre-failure
warranty status?

Ae hard disk
Be storane controller
Ce memory

Annwer: C

Quenton: 23

Which memory DIMM technolony combines DRAM memory with fash memory to allow data to be
retained in the event of power loss?


Annwer: D

Quenton: 24

Which HPE cloud-based portal provides the ability to easily track service events and support cases
and view device confnuratons?

Ae HPE Insinht Diannostc

Be HPE insinht Online
Ce HPE Actve Health System
De HPE Anentess Mananement Service

Page | 8
Annwer: B

Quenton: 25

Where can a customer verify that a specifc operatnn system is supported on a niven HPE ProLiant

Ae in the Unifed Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)

Be in Smart Update Mananer
Ce in HPE Sinnle Point ot Confnuraton Knowledne (SPOCK)
De on the operatnn system Support Matrix website-

Annwer: D

Quenton: 26

An administrator installs the Windows 2012 R2 operatnn system on a server with multple network
interface cardse The soluton needs to have network adapter redundancy at the operatnn system
What should the administrator do to meet this requirement?

Ae Enable RDMA at the adapter level

Be Confnure host-based VLANs
Ce Confnure intellinent Resilient Framework throunh an anent
De Confnure NIC teaminni usinn atleast two network adapters

Annwer: D

Quenton: 27

What do cluster environments use to identfy node failures?

Ae SNMP community strinns

Be Heartbeats
Ce OSPF link state advertsements
De network interface driver diannostcs

Annwer: B

Quenton: 28

What can be used to facilitate the confnuraton of OS installatons on HPE ProLiant Servers?

Ae HPE Virtual Connect Mananer

Be HPE iLO Federaton
Ce HPE intellinent Provisioninn
De HPE Smart Storane Administrator

Annwer: C

Quenton: 29

Page | 9
An architect is usinn Sales Builder for Windows to create a confnuratone The architect needs to
nenerate a nraphical view that can be used to modify the confnuratone
Which functonality should the architect use?

Ae Whiteboard
Be Confnurator Worksheet
Ce Quoter
De System Dianram

Annwer: A

Quenton: 30

What is an advantane of RAID 6 over RAID 9?

Ae lower cost
Be hinher performance
Ce easier implementaton
De hinher data availability

Annwer: D

Quenton: 31

What is a beneft of PCIe version 3 O over PCIe 2 0?

Ae It supports InfniBand in full throunhput mode

Be It reduces the profle of the opton cards
Ce it decreases the base clock speed to save power
De It doubles the total bandwidth on the bus

Annwer: D

Quenton: 32

Which tool monitors the usane of Solid State Drives (SSD) to determine the estmated life of me

Ae HPE Ofine Insinht Diannostcs

Be HPE Smart Storane Administrator
Ce HPE online insinht Dianonal
De HPE One View

Annwer: B

Quenton: 33

Which server components are monitored tor redundancy status by means of HPE Anentless
Mananement? (Select two )

Page | 10
Ae FlexibteLOM
Be power supply
Ce Smart Array controller
De fans

Annwer: BC

Quenton: 34

Which HPE technolonies allow intenraton with HPE Intellinent Series Racks? (Select two )

Ae HPE intellinent Mananement Center (IMC)

Be HPE Insinht Diannostcs Online Editon
Ce HPE Platnum Power Supplies
De HPE intellinent Provisioninn
Ee HPE OneView

Annwer: CE

Quenton: 35

Which HPE tool can be used to connect directly to HPF to renister a Gen8:Gen9 ProLiant server for
HPE Insinht Remote Support?

Ae HPE Insinht Online

Be HPE Insinht Diannostc
Ce HPE Intellinent Provisioninn
De HPE Onboard Administrator

Annwer: C

Quenton: 36

What is a common beneft of usinn a Converned Network Adapter?

Ae ability to switch between Ethernet and InfniBand connectvity

Be hardware ofoad of SAS 3 O protocol
Ce direct access to network card ROM from operatnn system
De hardware ofoad of iSCSI protocol

Annwer: D

Quenton: 37

Which tool is used to confnure HPE Secure encrypton?

Ae iLO

Page | 11
Annwer: A

Quenton: 38

What is a feature of HPE Synerny Composer?

Ae It updates resources without service interrupton

Be It provides stateless compute boot imanes
Ce it uses SATA SASe of SSD drives for internal storane
De It uses one Compute Sloti or two for redundancy

Annwer: A

Quenton: 39

When confnurinn Secure Boot in VMware CSXIe which opton should the administrator enable?

Ae Embedded UEFI Shell Optons

Be ROM Based Setup Utlity
Ce UEFI Optmiied Boot
De Lenacy Boot Mode

Annwer: C

Quenton: 40

What advantane does a blade system soluton provide over a standard rack based server soluton?

Ae sinnle phase power supplies

Be redundant network adapters
Ce cable-less server installaton
De redundant SSD mirrorinn

Annwer: C

Quenton: 41

A customer needs a server soluton that supports E3-1200 v9 processorse

Which server model meets this requirement?
Annwer: HPE ProLiant
ML10 Gen9

Quenton: 42
A customer needs to increase security within a mananement network and add the ability to lon in to
an ILO by usinn domain credentalse
Which component is required to enable this functonality?

Ae TACACS+ server

Page | 12
Be dedicated Actve Directory server
Ce iLO Advanced license
De redundant Onboard Administrator

Annwer: B

Quenton: 43

Which HP sofware product provides a sinnle infrastructure and sinnle mananement platorm?

Ae HPF Intellinent Provisioninn

Be HPE Insinht Remote Support
Ce HPE Oneview
De HPE Virtual Connect Enterprise Mananer

Annwer: C

Quenton: 44

Which HPE tool can the administrator use to turn on enclosure identfcaton UID?

Ae HPE Insinht Display

Be HPE Intellinent Provisioninn
Ce HPE OneView
De HPE Virtual Connect Mananer

Annwer: C

Quenton: 45

A customer needs a tower-based server mat supports an E3-1200 v9 processor with 7 to 4 cores
Which server model should the architect recommend?

Ae ML30
Be ML110
Ce ML190
De ML390

Annwer: A

Quenton: 46

What is a characteristc of HPE Anentless Mananement on ProLiant GenS and Gen9 servers?

Ae It monitors thermali poweri and memory subsystems

Be It is automatcally actvated followinn the installaton of an operatnn systeme
Ce It requires mananement network ports to be enabled on the host operatnn systeme
De It requires isolaton of the mananement network from the data netwoik

Annwer: A

Page | 13
Quenton: 47

Which statement describes out-of-band server mananement?

Ae It enables proactve alerts on public interfaces-

Be It accesses the server throunh a dedicated network intertacee
Ce It lons into the operatnn system and channes the server propertes
De It connects to the fle share on the server's operatnn system

Annwer: B

Quenton: 48

Click and dran me memory type on me lef to match it with Its descripton on the rinht


Quenton: 49
What is a beneft of DDR4 memory?

Ae new encoded chip scheme

Be lower enerny consumpton
Ce compatble with DDR3
De larner cache bufer siie

Annwer: B

Quenton: 50

Click and dran the business challenne on the lef to match it with compettve advantane provided by
implementnn a hybrid infrastructure on the rinht

Page | 14

Quenton: 51
Which optons are ofered in HPE Foundaton Care services? (Select two )

Ae sinnle point contact throunh problem resoluton

Be third-party OS support collaboraton
Ce health check on covered devices
De access to frmware and sofware updates
Ee pre-failure alerts on covered optons

Annwer: AD

Quenton: 52

A customer needs to verify the warranty status of a server blade runninn an important database
Which HPE tool can the customer use to verify the warranty or service contract status tor a specifc
server blade?

Ae HPE insinht Online

Be HPE Onboard Administrator
Ce HPE Part Surfer
De HPE intellinent Provisioninn

Annwer: A

Page | 15
Quenton: 53

A customer needs to simplify server provisioninn tasks with a tool that is capable of mult-server
operatnn system and frmware provisioninn for rack mount servers and Blade System serverse
Which tool should the architect recommend to the customer?

Ae insinht Control
Be Service Pack for ProLiant
Ce Insinht Remote Support
De Smart Update Mananer (SUM)

Annwer: A

Quenton: 54

What are compettve advantanes of the HPE ProLiant Gen9 server? (Select two )

Ae standard proactve care

Be lifetme warranty
Ce lower power consumpton and less foor Space
De mananement of heteroneneous environments
Ee increased storane capacity

Annwer: AC

Quenton: 55

Which soluton provides the lowest latency and hinhest bandwidth for network connectvity for UPC

Ae InfniBand FOR
Be 40Gb Ethernet
Ce 16Gb Fibre Channel
De InfniBand QDR

Annwer: A

Quenton: 56

An architect desinns a Synerny soluton that will have fve Compute Modulesi each accessinn a sinnlei
fully-populated Storane Modulee
How many P942D controllers are needed to complete this soluton?
Annwer: 5

Quenton: 57
What is an industry recommended best practce when placinn and populatnn a rack of equipment?

Ae Place the heaviest Items in the tope and populate items from the top to the botom
Be Place the heaviest items in the botomi and populate items from the botom to the top
Ce Place the heaviest items on the botomi and populate items from the top to the botom
De Place the heaviest items on the topi and populate items from the botom to the top

Page | 16
Annwer: B

Quenton: 58

Which primary area should an administrator consider to ensure adequate airfow and to provide
space for servicinn of servers in a data center?

Ae the space on the sides of the rack

Be the space above and below the rack
Ce the space between adjacent racks
De the space in front and behind the rack

Annwer: D

Quenton: 59

A server administrator needs to fnd more informaton about a hardware issue on a server bladee The
administrator is not sure which server blade is involvede
Click the menu opton that will help the administrator fnd additonal details in the shortest amount
of tmee

Annwer: <map><m
x1="185" x2="270"
y1="201" y2="223"
nn="0" a="0"

Quenton: 60
A customer purchased 74x7 foundaton Care HPE Care Packs to extend the lennth of service
coveranee The customer purchased several DL960 Gen9 servers and needs to know which product to
purchase to reduce parts issuesi minimiie down tmei and extend service beyond the standard
warranty periode
Which product should the architect recommend to meet the customers need?

Ae 3 year proactve Care with call to repair with DMR

Be 4 year Foundaton Care 24x7 with DMR
Ce 4 year Foundaton care with call to repair with DME
De 9 year Foundaton Care with call to repair

Page | 17
Annwer: B

Quenton: 61

Which operatons are allowed throunh the REST API on an object mananed by HPE OneView?

Ae formulate and delete object

Be reject and modify object
Ce create and update object
De minrate and read objecte

Annwer: C

Quenton: 62

Which value prepositons are provided with the HPE Synerny master:satellite architecture? (Select

Ae iero touch channe mananement

Be top of rack switch desinn
Ce 40 percent or more lower fabric hardware costs
De redundant HPE Onboard Administrators
Ee SAS fabric consolidaton

Annwer: BC

Quenton: 63

What are two feature of the Synerny Computer Module? (Select twoe)

Ae Embeds the HPE OneView Mananement soluton

Be supports SASi SATA( HDD e and Flash Storane
Ce provides module templates to monitor and fan capabilites with remediaton
De uses one or two Appliance Bays for redundancy
Ee provides support for four Micro-Form drives with built-in RAID

Annwer: CD

Quenton: 64

Refer to the exhibits

Page | 18
What is the compettve advantane to customers to implementnn a rack-scale fabric?

Ae multple fabrics spanninn multple frames

Be multple fabrics within a sinnle frame
Ce sinnle fabric in a sinnle frame
De sinnle fabric spanninn multple frames

Annwer: A

Quenton: 65

Which networkinn products help a customer build a converned network infrastructure based on HPE
Blade System? (Select twoe)

Ae HPE 40Gb Ethernet Switch

Be HPE Redundant Onboard Administrator
Ce HPE Flexible Network Adapters
De HPE 8Gb Brocade Fibre Channel Switch
Ee HPE Flex Fabric 20:40 F module

Annwer: AB

Quenton: 66

Which product should an administrator use to confnure power redundancy for an HPE c7000

Ae HPE Insinht Control Server Provisioninn

Be HPE Onboard Administrator
Ce HPE ILO Federaton

Annwer: C

Quenton: 67

A customer selects the DL960 Gen9 with the Universal Media Bay as their platorm standarde
What is the maximum number of disk drives available in this confnuraton?

Page | 19
Ae 8
Be 16
Ce 18
De 24

Annwer: C

Quenton: 68

Which blade enclosure component allows the annrenaton of up to 16 iLO ports in an HPE c7000

Ae HPE Flex Fabric 20:40 F8 module

Be HPE 40 Gb Ethernet Switch
Ce HPE Virtual Connect Enterprise Mananer
De HPE Onboard Administrator

Annwer: A

Quenton: 69

Which HPE tool provides in-depth testnn of critcal hardware components for devicesi such as
processorsi memoryi and hard drives?

Ae HPE Smart Storane Administrator

Be HPE insinht Diannostcs Ofine editon
Ce HPE insinht Diannostcs Online editon
De HPE OneView

Annwer: C

Quenton: 70

Which troubleshootnn functon is provided by HPE intellinent Provisioninn?

Ae downloads Actve Health System lons

Be downloads Virtual Connect Support Dump
Ce downloads operatnn system hot fxes
De downloads operatnn system error lons

Annwer: A

Quenton: 71

What diferentates LRDIMM from RDIMM memory?

Ae unbufered address lines

Be number of ECC bit
Ce fash memory support
De butered data bits

Page | 20
Annwer: A

Quenton: 72

An administrator is unable to share the ILO nraphic console on a DL380 Gen9 server with another
What should the administrator check frst to diannose the problem?

Ae whether the video cable is property connected to the ILO port

Be whether the shared remote console for this server is enabled on the OA level
Ce whether sinnle sinn-on is enabled on the ILO
De whether the ILO has the advanced license applied

Annwer: D

Quenton: 73

Afer installinn DIMM in all of the memory slots on a DL380p Gen9i only half of the memory can be
What is a probable cause of this issue?

Ae Only one processor is installede

Be Half of the DIMMs are a slower speed than the other halfe
Ce Half of the DIMMsi are 1e39 voltsi and the rest are 1e90 voltse
De Hyper-threadinn is not enabled in the RBSUe

Annwer: C

Quenton: 74

A customer is considerinn a 10Gb Fiber media connectvity opton for a newly purchased rack-based
Which component is needed on the switch to connect this server to the network?

Ae QSFP + module
Be XFP + module
Ce SFP + module
De SFP module

Annwer: C

Quenton: 75

Which statement describes a server failure predictve capability?

Ae It checks the free space on the disk partton

Be It monitors the amount of corrected memory errors
Ce It verifes the disk controllers driver version
De It uses the pinn command to verify networkinn connectvitye

Annwer: D

Page | 21
Quenton: 76

Which downloadable stand-alone applicaton enables an architect to confnure and quote enterprise

Ae HPE Power Advisor

Be HPE Sales Builder for Windows
Ce HPE Switch Selector
De HPE Server Memory Confnurator

Annwer: A

Quenton: 77

Which technolony service provides a choice for an economical hardware and sofware support
service for HPE Care Packs?

Ae HPE Educaton Service

Be HPE Foundaton Care
Ce HPE Proactve Care
De HPE Datacenter Care

Annwer: C

Quenton: 78

What is a key requirement for an administrator to confnure a hinh availability cluster for a larne

Ae write cache
Be local disks without RAID
Ce shared storane
De optcal heartbeat

Annwer: B

Quenton: 79

A customer needs to modify the confnuraton of Virtual Connect modules in a c7000 enclosure but
when the administrator atempts to access Virtual Connect Mananer the administrator is redirected
to a diferent URLe
What is a likely reason for this issue?

Ae The enclosure is mananed by HPE OneViewe

Be The stackinn link of the HPE Onboard Administrator is disconnectede
Ce The Virtual Connect Mananer and HPE Onboard Administrator frmware versions are incompatblee
De The Virtual Connect Mananer license is not enablede

Annwer: C

Page | 22
Quenton: 80

A customer needs to consolidate its standard server SAN- and LAN-based infrastructure to a blade
enclosure converned-based solutone
Which components should the architect include in the proposal to help meet the customer’s needs?
(Select twoe)

Ae HPE Flex Fabric 20:40 FB Virtual Connecton module

Be HPE 6129XLG Ethernet Switch
Ce HPE Insinht Remote Support
De HPE OneView
Ee HPE 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch

Annwer: CD

Quenton: 81

When usinn HPE insinht Mananement Anentsi which component will provide notfcaton of a pre-
failure event to enable replacement without a scheduled downtme?

Ae memory
Ce hard disk
De storane controller

Annwer: B

Quenton: 82

A customer needs a server soluton that supports E3-120Q v9 processors which server model meets
this requirement?

Ae ML1 110
Be DL20
Ce DL380
De DL960

Annwer: C

Quenton: 83

A customer need s a server series that supports an E7-4800 V3 processore

Which server series should the architect recommend?

Ae DL360 Gen9
Be DL380 Gen9
Ce DL980 Gen9
De ML190 Gen9

Annwer: C

Page | 23
Quenton: 84

What is a beneft of usinn a blade architecture over a standard rack-based server?

Ae deploys blades by usinn UEFI

Be reduces connectvity complexity
Ce provides independent networkinn components
De monitors blades by usinn SNMP

Annwer: A

Quenton: 85

A customer needs help simplifyinn the mananement of its current blade infrastructure solutone The
customer also needs the ability to take advantane of REST APIe

Ae HPE Virtual Connect Manner

Be HPE OneView
Ce HPE Virtual Connect Enterprise Manner
De HPE Insinht Remote Support

Annwer: A

Quenton: 86

A customer is Considerinn HPE Synerny for network consolidatone

How does HPE Synerny’s Rack Scale Fabric assist the customer with network consolidaton?

Ae eliminates the need for cables

Be eliminates the need for TCP:IP
Ce eliminates the need for VLANs
De eliminates the need for of rack switches

Annwer: A

Quenton: 87

Click and drane


Page | 24
Quenton: 88
Which advantane do Solid State Drives provide over Hard Disk Drives?

Ae parallel read:write
Be centraliied frmware support
Ce extended controller support
De lower latency

Annwer: A

Quenton: 89

Which feature does the HPE c3000 and c7000 enclosures have in common?

Ae support for 16 Blade Servers

Be support for two HPE Onboard Administrators
Ce support for 10 Power Supplies
De 10U in total heinht

Annwer: A

Quenton: 90

Which statement describes the positoninn of iLO4 Essentals license?

Ae It provides standard ILO without KVMe

Be it is used by cloud service providerse
Ce it enables complete HPE iLO Federaton supporte
De It fulflls SMB needse

Annwer: C

Quenton: 91

Which Transformaton objectves address customer challennes?

Ae Flexible Investments
Be Anile and Flexible
Ce Rinht IT Environment
De Ornaniiatonal Silos
Ee Virtualiiaton Storane

Page | 25
Annwer: B

Quenton: 92

Which HPE Synerny component provides the embedded HPE OneView mananement soluton?

Ae HPE Synerny Compute Node

Be HPE Synerny Imane Streamer
Ce HPE Synerny 12000 Frame
De HPE Composer

Annwer: C

Quenton: 93

Which informaton can be obtained from HPE intellinent Series Racks with iPDUs?

Ae the locaton of a serve within a rack

Be the placement of a standard PDU in a rack
Ce the identfcaton of a virtual machine in a host server
De the type of a failed Replaceable Unit (FRU)

Annwer: C

Quenton: 94

What should be verifed before addinn an HPE c7000 blade enclosure to HPE OneView?

Ae UEFI mananement setnns

Be Onboard Administrator frmware
Ce ILO encrypton key presence
De Onboard Administrator stackinn links

Annwer: C

Quenton: 95

A customer has a mix of HPE ProLiant DL 380 Gen9 servers and an HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosure
with HPE ProLiantBL460 Gen9 server bladese The customer needs to nenerate an inventory list and
document server confnuratonse
Which soluton should the architect recommend to the customer?

Ae ILO 4 interface
Be HPE Converned infrastructure Soluton Siier Suite
Ce RESTful interface Tool
De Remote Assistant

Annwer: C

Quenton: 96

Page | 26
A customer installs a server into an HPE Intellinent series racke The newly installed server will not
power upe
What can cause this issue?

Ae The server does not have the ILO advanced license installed and does not use Power Discovery
Services power cablese
Be The rack has standard PDU extension bars installedi and the server is usinn standard power cablese
Ce The server does not the iLO cable installede
De The rack has IPDU G2 extension bars installedi and lockout is enablede

Annwer: D

Quenton: 97

What is a common beneft of usinn a Converned Network Adapter?

Ae ability to switch between Ethernet and InfnlBand connectvity

Be hardware ofoad of SAS 3e0 protocol
Ce hardware ofoad of FCoE protocol
De ability of the operatnn system to directly access network card ROM

Annwer: A

Quenton: 98

Which storane standard evolved from mSATA?

Be USB 3e0
Ce Me2
De miniSD

Annwer: C

Quenton: 99

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Quenton: 100
On which standard is the REST API based?


Annwer: B

Quenton: 101

An administrator needs to deploy VMware ESXI to HPE ProLiant serverse

Which HPE recommended approach should the administrator take to achieve this noal?

Ae Download and Install VMware ESXI to a USB and installe

Be Use HPE OneView to deploy the HPE Custom ESXI imanee
Ce Use the UEFI Custom shell to install the VMware ESXI imanee
De Download the HPE Customer ESXI imane form VMware and installe

Annwer: D

Quenton: 102

A customer has a new server and needs to secure the operatnn system with the Secure Boot featuree
Which operatnn system and boot mode combinaton will support this feature?

Ae Windows 2008 and UEFI Boot Mode

Be Windows 2008 R2 Data Center Editon and UEFI Boot Modee
Ce Windows 2012 R2 and Lenacy Mode
De Windows 2012 and UEFI Boot Mode

Annwer: B

Quenton: 103

Which functonality is enabled by UEFI Boot Mode?

Ae secure boot
Be HPE iLO Federaton
Ce HPE Intellinent Provisioninn
De pre-boot confnuraton

Annwer: B

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Quenton: 104

Which HPE OneView component provides an overview of systemsi actvitesi and alerts?

Ae Map View
Be Actvity Feed
Ce Smart Search
De Dashboard

Annwer: C

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