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A Employee


Approved Approved

Prepare Prepare
invoice P.O.

Invoice with


P.O. B
G & S Manufacturing
Audit Program
For the Year Then Ended, Dec. 31, 2013

Assertions Audit Objectives

1.Existence/ To determine whether all expenditures showed at the voucher register

Occurrence are authentic expenses occurred in the normal operation of the entity.

2.Completeness/ To determine whether all expenditures are properly included in the

Cutoff company’s record.

3.Accuracy/ To determine whether all amounts are accurately recorded at the

Valuation voucher register.

4.Presentation and To determine whether all expenditures and related accounts are
Disclosure properly classified and disclosed in the financial statements in
accordance with appropriate standard.

Assertions Purpose
Audit Procedures
Existence/ Completeness Valuation Presentation Test of Substantive
Occurrence and Cutoff and and Disclosure Control Testing

1. Vouching of the amounts of ✓ ✓ ✓

the voucher register to that of the
invoice and voucher stamps.

2. Tracing of vouchers and ✓ ✓

invoices to the voucher register

3. Determine if the voucher ✓ ✓

stamp was initialed by the
person-in-charged for checking
of quantities.

4. Scan the vouchers number. ✓ ✓

5. Scan the amounts if there is ✓
unusual fluctuations in the

6. Footing of the accounts in the ✓ ✓

voucher register

7. Cross- Foot whether the sum ✓ ✓

of voucher payable agrees with
the total of the expenses
recorded in the register

8. Recalculate extensions and ✓ ✓

footing of invoices and vouchers.

9. Verification of the accounts ✓ ✓ ✓


10. Inspecting of the related ✓ ✓

documents such as accounting
policy adopted by the entity

11. Examination of the terms and ✓ ✓ ✓

other information indicated on the

12. Perform cut-off test ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

G & S Manufacturing
Audit Working Paper- Test of Controls for Disbursement
For the Year then Ended, December 31, 2013

Vo. Remarks Effect on the Audit
Quantity Price Extension Distribution
162 X ✓ X X The voucher is paid even Re-compute and check the
though it lacks of three initials. Distribution of cost policy
for identification of the
accounts to be charged.

163 NA X NA ✓ The voucher lacks initials for Taxes before payment

price. should also be reviewed
using the related
documents for tax.

164 NA ✓ NA * The contract price of the Related documents as to

voucher is checked and whether policy adopted by
properly charged to advertising. the entity should also be
reviewed. The accounts to
be charged depend on
whether G & S
Manufacturing uses asset
or expense method.

165 NA ✓ X ✓ There are no initials for Re-compute.

extension. The invoice is also
dated Nov. 30, 2013. It is a
November expense that
appears on the register on
December 2013.

167 * ✓ ✓ ✓ There is inconsistency in the Review of related

initial appears for quantity documents for verification
portion of the voucher. Instead of information in the
of “RC”, “JC” is the initial invoice. Ask the
appearing on the voucher management for address
stamp. There is also difference differences.
to the address indicated in the

168 X X X * No initials for quantity, prices Review the price.

and extension. Employment contract may
be used. Also, policy
adopted for the distribution
of labor expense should
be checked.

169 ✓ ✓ * ✓ All authorized persons’ initials Propose an entry to the

are present; however, there is management as to the
no need for initials in the conflict in the charging of
extension. accounts.

170 Voucher not listed in the Increase professional

register and not found physical. skepticism. Communicate
with the management.
171 NA ✓ NA * Initials applicable to the Propose an entry to the
voucher are present, however, management
it is erroneously charged to
freight in.

172 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ All authorized persons’ initials Checking of the accounts

are present; however, there is applicable to the
no need for initials in the disbursement. Inquire why
extension. The entity paid it is charge to that account,
beyond the discount period. and then weight their
There is erroneous charging of
response. If the there is a
conflict, explain.

173 NA ✓ NA ✓ Signatures applicable to the Inquire other information

voucher are present, however, regarding the towel
considering the nature of the service.
entity, “why there is towel
service account?”

174 ✓ * ✓ ✓ All initials are present, but there Assess the risk associated
is inconsistency with the initial to payment beyond
for price. Instead of “WJ/ JC”, discount period.
“MC” appears. The entity paid
beyond the discount period.

176 NA NA NA ✓ Signature applicable to the Employee’s records

voucher is present, however, should also be reviewed to
wrong account is charged. ensure the identity of
George Olson.

177 X X ✓ * Signature applicable to the Related documents as to

voucher is present, however, the methods adopted by
initials for the extension is no the entity in recording
longer needed replenishment of funds
should also be reviewed,
because if the entity uses
imprest system, it should
not be charged to the
payable before payment.

178 ✓ ✓ * ✓ All initials are present, but There is a question of

since the computation is wrong, ownership. Inquire other
the initials for extension should information and review
not be present. The terms are
Net 10 days, FOB destination,
but it is indicated in the voucher
that the steel is received on
January 3, 2014.
179 NA X * ✓ Initials applicable to the Inquire whether what
voucher are present, but it goods are delivered for
lacks on pricing verification. that freight.
Also, there is no need for
initials on extension. In
examination of the invoice, it
does not indicate for what is
the freight.

180 X X X ✓ Initials applicable to the To ensure charging of

voucher are present. labor expense, policies and
procedures for allocation
should be reviewed.

181 NA ✓ X X It has initials for price, but there Prepare proposed entries
is none for distribution. The and communicate to the
voucher is for rent expense but management.
it does indicate where it
pertains. The invoice is dated
on January 2014.

183 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ All authorized persons’ initials Review related documents.

are present. The invoice is Prepare proposed entries
silent as to shipping terms. and communicate to the
Goods are received January 3, management.

184 ✓ ✓ * ✓ All authorized persons’ initials Prepare proposed entries

are present, but it should not and communicate to the
be initialed at extension management.
portion, because there is
incorrect computation.
Rerolling Billets where
previously purchased at 73
dollars per ton on voucher
number 178, but, the entity
acquires the same item to
another supplier at 56 dollars
per ton.

X- deviation
✓-complied (no conflicts at all)
NA- not applicable but complied
*- with signature but with error or conflict

Other audit findings:

In scanning the voucher numbers, voucher no. 170 is missing and there is a voucher no.
148a, this is inconsistent that pre-numbered documents must be unique. Also, in checking of the
accounts charged, building repairs appeared at the manufacturing expense classification.

The entity ensures that vouchers are prepared in accordance with the related invoice. If
applicable, four initials must be present before payment of the invoice, however, some vouchers
are paid even though it lacks signature. Signatures are present, but there some deviations and
incorrect charging of accounts, computations, different initial appears on the voucher. Footing of
the amounts should also be done. Review of policies before charging an account may also be