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Carneros, USA - March 2016 @ LynneCoyle - O'Briens Wine

Château Pichon Longueville, Pauillac, France - Kevin O' Brien - 2004


Lynne Coyle MW
Lynne is our Wine Director and one
of less than 369 Masters of Wine
worldwide. Lynne sources and selects
our wine range. Starting a career in the
hotel and restaurant industry, she is
still a passionate foodie as well as being
a member of the Champagne Academy
and also a Sherry Master.

James Tobin, DipWSET
James Tobin holds the WSET Diploma
in Wine and Spirits and is a Certified
Wine Educator, he looks after wine
communication and staff training for
O’Briens. With a background in

hospitality, James is a keen cook and
he has been working with wine his
entire career.

Lorcan O' Brien,

Store Manager, Citywest
Lorcan is WSET qualified and a
confirmed wine anorak. When he's
not managing our Citywest store,
by Lynne Coyle MW
Lorcan can be found scribbling articles

for a number of wine and whiskey
publications, as well as his own blog: aybe you don’t need an excuse to open They are all however unmistakably
a bottle of Bordeaux, but if you do Bordeaux in style and character. The top
then this time of year is the perfect excuse. Châteaux such as Château Lafite
The nights are still chilly, weekends either Rothschild or Château Margaux help drive
frosty or rainy, the fire is on and comfort the reputation of Bordeaux for expensive
foods such as warming casseroles, tagines, wines, wines only for the rich or only
wild mushroom risotto or just a plate of understood by wine connoisseurs, as a
cheese are the order of the day. result Bordeaux can be considered out of
reach for many wine lovers. This however
Bordeaux is the benchmark to which many does not need to be the case as there
other iconic international wines aspire. are an abundance of smaller, often family
Introduced by the Romans, the red wines, owned Châteaux known as Petit Châteaux
Bordeaux City - April 2017 @LynneCoyleMW- O'Briens Wine

depending on where they are from in the that offer excellent wines at very
region are dominated by Cabernet approachable prices.
Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec
and Carménère. Bordeaux is the largest However, after a series of good vintages in
vineyard area in France, it covers 120,000 Bordeaux, the prices are still very fair. But
hectares and within the region there are with the devastating frosts across Europe
multiples of communes each with their own including Bordeaux in the spring of 2017,
soil type, traditions and appellation significant price increases will come into
controlee rules. effect with the next shipments of wine
arriving. The wines featured here all arrived
Climatically these vineyards, depending on in the country some months ago, were
where they are positioned, are influenced purchased before the frost affected the
by both the Gironde River and the Atlantic. price increases and therefore offer
From the Graves and St Estèphe in the remarkable value for money.
North to the sweet white wine communes
of Barsac and Sauternes in the South each My heartfelt advise would be to buy these
wine style reflects its commune and local wines to enjoy now and see out the winter
growing conditions as well as the specifics in style. But is also well worth buying some
of the grapes from which they were made. to tuck away to enjoy in the next two to
three years, that decision you would not
regret. The key point about storing these
wines is that you need to avoid light, heat,
vibration and significant temperature
variation. If you are not lucky enough to Château Saint Poly,
be blessed with a cellar in your house, that Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2012
would include most houses these days
including my own, then under the stairs, an Stand out quality, ripe concentrated
elegant and full flavoured, cassis
unheated room or a garage that does not notes layered with hints of spice.
overheat in summer will suffice. Lay the
bottles on their sides to avoid the cork
drying out and check them occasionally to
ensure there are no drips.

For enjoying these wines over the last

weeks of the winter and into Spring, serve
Bordeaux at room temperature or slightly
colder if you have a warm centrally heated Château Puy Marceau, Château Sainte-Marie,
house. Around 17 – 18 °c is perfect this is Bordeaux 2014 Bordeaux Supérieur 2015
€17.95* €17.95*
because red wines served too warm lose
their definition and purity of fruit. Savoury and elegant with hints of Bright red fruits with floral hints
Whilst there is no sediment in these wines, liquorice and cassis and a refreshing of violets, forward style with good
cleansing acidity on the finish. defining acidity and a fresh finish.
it is therefore unnecessary to decant them

For enjoying the wines

over the last weeks of the
winter and into Spring,
serve Bordeaux at room
temperature or slightly Château La Raz Caman, Château Clos du Roy,
Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, 2015 Fronsac 2012
colder if you have a very €29.95* €29.95*

warm centrally heated house.

A riper, juicy wine with good fruit Concentrated ripe fruit with cassis
concentration and notes of chocolate, notes, the tannins are chalky and the
but because they are youthful, decanting spice and toast on the palate. wine has a long rich sour cherry finish.
will enhance your enjoyment of the wine
as the aromas and flavours in the wine
will intensify due to the increased exposure
to oxygen. Decanters look attractive on
the dinner table, even with a casual supper
I feel a decanter adds to the occasion and
they can be bought reasonably cheaply
these days.
Château Poujeaux Château Laroze,
Moulis-en-Medoc 2011 Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2012,
€48.00* €50.00*
All featured wines are available to buy
More restrained elegant style of wine Good depth of red berry fruit with
in-store or online at with firm tannins, some savoury hints savoury notes of coffee and spice,
and a refreshing elegant finish. well balanced by good acidity.


he Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations that
take place all over the world each year
are a reminder to us all that the Irish have
always looked beyond these shores.
Although historically this was mainly for
reasons of political or economic necessity,
these enterprising emigrants often sought
out or created exciting opportunities for
themselves in their adopted countries of

In the case of France many of the best of

these opportunities lay in the wine trade,
evidence of the success of these Irish
“wine geese” of centuries ago is still plain to
see in the names of some of today’s leading
Bordeaux Châteaux such as Lynch-Bages,
by James Tobin DipWSET Kirwan, Phélan-Ségur, and in the case of
Barton family, the estates remain with the
family who left Ireland almost two hundred
years ago. The Bartons are famously proud
of their Irish heritage, so much so that,
patriarch of the clan, Anthony Barton even
holds an Irish Passport. The wines detailed
below illustrate the central role these Irish
émigrés played in the wine trade of the
adopted country.

Elegant and refined, Château Kirwan, is one

of Margaux's star performers, their second
wine, Charmes de Kirwan 2014 is fragrant
and beautifully aromatic with lovely
balance, and very nicely judged oak.
The Barton family's latest venture,
Château Mauvesin-Barton 2014 has started
to develop so besides dark fruit there are
savoury cedar like notes and a rounded

The third wine from Château Lynch Bages:

Pauillac de Lynch-Bages 2015 is a
wonderfully fresh and elegant wine with
Laurent & Neasa - Laurent Miquel Winery notes of red fruit, spice, wood and a silky

Charmes de Kirwan 2014 Château Mauvesin-Barton 2014 Pauillac de Lynch-Bages 2015

€36.95 €24.95 for the month of March €34.95 for the month of March

Black fruits dominate this A ripe full-bodied wine that The high class origins of this
2nd wine of Kirwan.. . has great structure and fine wine come through in the
The oak aging is subtle and tannins.” Rated ‘Outstanding’ beautiful mix of damson &
gives a smooth character..” 91 Points, Wine Enthusiast cassis fruit along with Pauillac's
Rated ‘Outstanding’ 91 Points, signature cigar box character.
Wine Enthusiast
well-rounded mouthfeel to finish it off.

But the story doesn’t end here, because

while these pioneers blazed a trail, there
is new generation of young Irish making a
name for themselves in the wine-world in
France today.

One such wine goose is Isla Gordon,

originally from Co. Carlow. After spending
a number of years training under Jeremy
Hyland, possibly the best regarded
viticulturist in NZ, at Kim Crawford wines
and later at Astrolabe wines, Isla and her
Australian winemaker husband Paul
decided it was time to set out on their own
and chose the Languedoc as the place best Charlie, Ellen & Kevin O'Brien - Kangarilla Road
suited to the style of wine they both
great Australian Shiraz – rich fruit, defined
wanted to produce. There is new generation of oak structure and fine-grained tannins.
Today, working with some unique terroirs young Irish making a name In and around the time of the great
and old vineyards treated organically and famine, winemaker Kevin O’Brien’s great
by hand, the Gordons produce some for themselves in the wine grandfather James O'Brien and great
grandmother Mary Mullins independently
stunningly good old-world wines but with world in France today. left Co. Clare they later met and married
a modern Oz twang such as the delicious
wine below. Domaine la Sarabande Les aromas of grapefruit & delicate floral notes, in South Australia. Kevin’s vineyard is
Rabasses is a classic Languedoc blend which lead to a palate which is peachy, yet located in the McLaren Vale, its name
of Grenache, Carignan & Syrah, that also lively & refreshing with a hint of lime ‘Kangarilla’ is an aboriginal word meaning
has blackberry and cherry fruit plus on the finish. a place with abundant resources. The
liquorice complemented by subtle oak vineyards are located on multiple sites
notes. Looking further afield, I have two and ancient geologies giving the wines
examples of Irish Wine geese making their complexity. Farming sustainably, Kevin
Another of these modern-day wine geese, way to Australia, one quite recently and uses small batch hands-on techniques to
based in the South of France is Neasa one a little further back. Originally from give his wines a natural fruit expression,
Corish Miquel. Originally from Foxrock, Tipperary, since 2004 the O’Dwyer family reflective of site and season.
Dublin 18, Neasa is married to have been custodians of fourteen hectares Kangarilla Road Terzetto 2013 is an in-
winemaker Laurent Miquel and living in of mature Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet triguing mix of three Italian varieties gives
France. The family are making delicious Franc and Shiraz vineyards in Clare Valley, perfumed tea-brack, raisin and cherry on
red and white wines from their organically South Australia. With their meticulous the nose, with palate of prunes, cinnamon
farmed vineyards in Corbières region. attention to detail, the result is high quality and chalky tannins.
Alongside the region’s traditional grape fruit which results in these stunningly
varieties, the Miquels are pioneering the concentrated but elegant wines. All that leaves for me to say is,
use of Albariño, their Alaina Albariño has O'Dwyer Shiraz boasts all the hallmarks of Sláinte agus Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!

Domaine la Sarabande Alaina Albariño O’Dwyer Shiraz 2009 Kangarilla Road Terzetto 2013
Les Rabasses €13.95 down from €16.95 €49.95 €17.95
€18.95 for the month of March
Delicious blackberry and Deliciously peachy, yet This stunning Shiraz has "Smooth, with a taste of
cherry fruit is perfectly also lively & refreshing rich fruit, a well-defined gently poached red fruits
complemented by subtle with a hint of lime on the oak structure and and sweet spice. Dark prunes
oak notes. finish. fine-grained tannins. and a touch of anise linger.”
Rated ‘Outstanding’ 91
Points, James Halliday's
Australian Wine Companion
IN CALIFORNIA? by Lynne Coyle MW

C alifornia is the largest economy in the

US, it is also the most populated state
with almost 40 million residents. It has over
and wine makers. Who, like their colleagues
around the globe, are doing their very best
to make the best wine they can from the
caused $9.4 billion US dollars and led to
loss of life. It has been suggested that the
long drought, followed by excessive spring
600,000 acres under vine and accounts climate, the soil, the grapes and the rains and a dry summer left dry brittle trees
for 85% of US wine production, this makes prevailing vintage conditions. and grasses which was perfect kindling for
it the biggest wine state in the US and the the fires that spread quickly, fanned by the
fourth biggest wine producer in the world. California is steeped in grape growing autumn winds. Perhaps because of the
history and winemaking know how, the environmental issues California has faced,
first vines were planted in 1863 by Spanish in 2001, The Sustainable Winegrowing
It is a significant contributor to the US missionaries. The Californian gold rush Program was initiated. It has impressive far
economy and a major employer through started in 1848 which increased and the reaching objectives for its 975 member win-
wine production jobs, wine tourism, and number of people arriving in the state and eries which represents 85% of the country’s
wine hospitality. Cutting edge in terms of the subsequent demand for the local wines wine production.
their visitor experience, Californian increased. In 1919 California faced the
wineries and vineyards have been referred challenge of prohibition which all but wiped Apart from an agenda to protect rural land
to as adult theme parks. From afar it out the industry. In 1976, The Judgement from urban sprawl, the focus is directed
would be easy to imagine that California’s of Paris tasting elevated the status of towards biodiversity, ecosystem
multi-billion wine industry would be devoid California wines and once again increased management, energy efficiency, water
of the authenticity that abounds in other demand for them worldwide. quality and air quality. When driving
wine growing areas around the world. through the vineyards of Napa, bat boxes
No stranger to environmental challenges, and owl boxes are common place. Land set
However, on a recent visit to Sonoma and the insect Phylloxera (1980’s) and Pierce’s aside to encourage pollinator insects and
Napa I discovered that this could not have Disease (1880’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1990’s) vegetable gardens growing beside the
been further from the truth. Yes, at some have taken their toll on the vineyards over vines are frequently seen. Refreshingly, in
wineries the impeccable visitor experience the years. Even as I write, Santa Barbara in keeping with this philosophy, cover crops
is similar to visiting the top Châteaux in Southern California is battling with a wild and the decision not to use weed killer,
Bordeaux – wine of the highest quality, fire that has already been burning for two leaves the vineyards alive and natural in
information in-depth and flawless. weeks. The damage so far is estimated to appearance rather than manicured to
But my overriding impression of the be in excess of 55 million US dollars. within an inch of their lives.
Californian winery visits was of their
diversity and individuality. Furthermore, This is on top of the wild fires this October, It was the people however who brought
my final thoughts of Napa and Sonoma were in the wine regions of Sonoma and Napa. the California wine scene alive for me,
of the passionate dedicated grape growers These fires destroyed over 5,000 buildings, and their abounding devotion to making the

Raymond Field Blend Schramsberg Traditional Method Sparking Inglenook Pennino Zinfandel
€22.95 €40.00 €60.00
A field blend, this is where the different vines are 100% Chardonnay, made in the same way as Purity of fruit, intense and concentrated with a ripe
grown together in the same vineyard, this is a blend of Champagne, elegant and complex with toasted brioche tannin profile, hints of spice and vanilla, this wine is
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Zinfandel. on the nose and palate balanced by refreshing citrus perfect with red meats and hearty stews and would
Supple, ripe and concentrated. notes and a touch of honey. do a hard cheese proud.
best quality wines they could.
Raymond Winery, owned by the well known
Burgundian Jean Charles Boisset, is a fully
functioning Biodynamic winery making
interesting Cabernet Sauvignon.
Kitted out internally with a night club, a
wine sensory area and a “Winemaker for
a Day Experience”, the external area is
the complete opposite with a biodynamic
garden populated by goats and sheep.
Jean Charles is committed to the idea of
sustainable practises, wants people to
remember his wines and winery and
maintains “wine is fun, it should enhance
life”. Raymond is open to visitors.
Napa Valley - March 2016 @ LynneCoyle - O'Briens Wine
At the smaller more traditional end of the
scale is Schramsberg. This property was
established in 1965 by Jack and Jamie Davis,
now run by their son, this is one of the most
prestigious sparkling wines made in the Like their colleagues around
US. Made in the same way as Champagne,
the elegance and quality of the wines are
the globe, are doing their
exceptional and well worth seeking out. very best to make the best
A visit to this winery promises traditional
cellars and traditional winemaking wine they can from the
practises as well as the opportunity to
taste high quality sparkling wines. climate, the soil, the grapes

Napa Valley - March 2016 @ LynneCoyle - O'Briens Wine

There was no doubt when arriving at
and the prevailing vintage
Inglenook, that the owner was a “movie conditions.
mogul”. This is a stunning estate that has a
French style Château at its heart. Owned their own vineyards. The Russian River is
by Francis Ford Copolla, the visitors centre technically cool climate in California so
is stuffed with movie industry paraphernalia perfectly suited to growing Chardonnay
including the hand written cast list from and Pinot Noir. Burgundian in approach,
The Godfather. Making stunning Cabernet the wines are exceptional quality and
Sauvignon and Zinfandel, elegance and fruit an honest reflection of the climate and
purity are the hallmarks of the estates wine vineyards of this beautiful river influenced
style. inland region. Owner Steve Moore,
expresses his delight and wonder that his
Galway father planted their vineyards and
Of Irish heritage is the Teac Mor Estate in he shares his families desire to make the
the Russian River Valley. Originally from best possible Chardonnay and Pinot
County Galway, this Irish family are making Noir they can. I am sure when you taste
premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the wines you might agree with him.

Teac Mor Chardonnay Murphy Goode Chardonnay Kendall Jackson Zinfandel, Mendocino 2014
€26.95 €17.95 down from €19.95 €23.95* - Buy one, get second one half price (February)
An elegant, rich Chardonnay, lemon freshness and Classic Chardonnay flavours of apple, lemon and Remarkable value for the second bottle, this Zin is
green apple balances a creamy mid palate, some white, well-balanced acidity on the palate with a medium to full bodied with lovely ripeness of fruit
underlying hints of toasted hazelnuts gives an hint of ripeness and a subtle use of oak. over a bed of oak, cinnamon and pepper.
exotic feel, serve with grilled white fish.
Lupercalia with some of our favourite
romance-inspired wines here at O’Briens.

Júlia Florista (1883-1925) was a Lisbon

flower seller by day and renowned Fado
singer by night. Her true bohemian soul
is honoured in this vibrant, fruity white
wine from the Porta 6 team. With crisp
green apple and a clean finish this wine
offers unbeatable value for money and
would be the perfect match for our
by Lorcan O'Brien favourite aphrodisiacal Valentine’s food:
oysters. (Júlia Florista Branco - €7.95
down from €9.95 for February).

For something more seductive, be inspired

by that most romantic of couples. From

F ebruary enjoys an enduring association

with love, romance and fertility. Long
before Valentine’s cards and heart-shaped
later assimilated into the Christian church
as one of the country’s patron saints.
Shakespeare to Dire Straits, Romeo and
Juliet has long been lauded as the ultimate
tragic love story. Named in their honour,
boxes of chocolates, many ancient pagan Over the centuries the festival has evolved this wine’s label shows part of Juliet’s wall
societies celebrated festivals at this time to celebrate romance and love in all its in Verona, where 3,000 love messages
of the year to herald the coming season of guises by exchanging chocolates and are left daily. Made in the local passimento
rebirth and regeneration. bouquets. Although we wouldn’t recognise method, whereby the grapes are dried
the peculiar hedonistic practices of the prior to fermentation, this is a truly
This tradition stretches back at least 5,000 ancient Romans, we do have something tell- seductive, velvet smooth wine.
years in Ireland, when pre-Celtic peoples ing in common. As with today, the Romans (Romeo & Juliet Passimento Red. €12.95
aligned the passageway of the The Mound associated the silky texture of red wine down from €17.95 for February).
of the Hostages at Tara to welcome the with seduction and romance. The grape-
life-giving early February sunrise. This vine was a sign of virility and fertility, sacred The Whitehaven Pinot Noir Rosé from
festival was later adopted by the Celts as to Venus, the goddess of love and desire. Marlborough is a fabulous example of the
Imbolc, one of the four principal festivals of delicate, fresh wine this grape can
the Celtic calendar. It honoured the love To this day we still recognise the alluring produce. A romantic pink in the glass,
and fertility goddess, Brigid; such an sensuality of the grapevine’s fruit, so this it offers intense fresh strawberry, raspberry
important figure to the Irish that she was Valentine’s raise a glass to celebrate the and candy floss notes.

Júlia Florista Branco Romeo & Juliet Passimento Red Whitehaven Pinot Noir Rosé
€7.95 down from €9.95 for February/March €12.95 down from €17.95 for February €14.20 down from €18.95
for February/March
With crisp green apple and a clean finish this This is a truly seductive, velvet smooth wine. A romantic pink in the glass, it offers intense fresh
wine offers unbeatable value for money. strawberry, raspberry and candy floss notes.
For something more elegant, champagne
P i n o t N o i r i s t h e m o st is the ultimate celebratory wine to treat
the one you love. For Valentine’s day
r o m a n t i c of t h e n o b l e O’Briens are offering a discount on a
g r a p e s - n ot o r i o u s l y number of big name brands, including
Lanson Rosé Label, one of the first rosé
difficult to cultivate, champagnes. A seductive soft pink colour
in the glass, this wine offers plenty of fresh
this Burgundian grape summer berry fruits on a soft, subtle palate:
an ideal match for salmon or duck. (Lanson
can produce wines Rosé Label. €47.95 down from €57.95 for
of unparalleled February).

complexity once If this Valentine’s day represents a special

tamed. occasion for you and your loved one, mark
it with a bottle of prestigious Bollinger
Rosé. Attention to quality and finesse is the
hallmark of the Bollinger house. From the
high proportion of Grands and Premiers
A perfect food wine from a wonderful Crus Pinot Noir grapes this sparkling wine
New Zealand producer. (Whitehaven Pinot offers plenty of luscious red fruits and fine
Noir Rosé - €14.20 down from €18.95 for tannins, married to a rich complexity from
February). extended lees ageing. This benchmark rosé
Champagne is an excellent match for a wide
If you would rather treat your Valentine range of dishes from smoked salmon to wild
to a bottle of sparkling wine, O’Briens have berry tart. (Bollinger Rosé. €65 down from
a wide range available, including plenty of €83 for February).
pink bubbly. Valhonda Rosado is our new
pink Cava, produced near the vibrantly
romantic city of Barcelona. Made in the All featured wines are available to buy
Traditional Method, this fresh and easy in-store or online at
drinking pink fizz has fast become a
customer favourite at a very affordable
price. (Valhonda Rosado Brut NV. €14.95
down from €17.95 for February).

Valhonda Rosado Brut NV Lanson Rosé Label Bollinger Rosé.

€14.95 down from €17.95 €47.95 down from €57.95 for February €65 down from €83 for February
for February/March
Our new pink Cava is bursting with strawberry and This wine offers plenty of fresh summer berry fruits on a Benchmark rosé Champagne is an excellent match
cherry fruit. soft, subtle palate: an ideal match for salmon or duck. for a wide range of dishes from smoked salmon to
wild berry tart.
Ihave managed the Navan road store
for 15 years. I started in Malahide as a
part- timer and then moved to Glasnevin
We visited the Symington family restaurant
and winery where we tried some of their
amazing Ports. The Boat trip on the Douro
as Assistant Manager. O’Briens have allowed us to see some amazing views and
always given their staff great opportunities vineyards. We were introduced to White
to advance with wine training and Port and Tonic, a fabulous refreshing drink…
development. Looking forward to something to look forward to on the
discovering even more fantastic wines in summer nights.
the future thanks to our wine buyer, Lynne.
I have been working with O’Briens for
For Valentine's Day, my choice would have almost ten years. I began my journey in
to Longview Yakka Shiraz- a real winter Navan Road in a part time role and from
warmer with plenty of dark fruit and that then on as my experience and knowledge
lovely warming spice. Perfect with a fillet of grew so did my role. Opportunities were
Store Manager: steak or curled up on the couch with a box always available within O’Briens to progress
Louise Newman of dark chocolates and the one you love. in many roles but my heart has always been
in Navan Road. I am now Assistant manager
I have been lucky enough to have gone on and have been for 6 years and I can
Assistant Manager: a number of wine trips with O’Briens over honestly say I love my job thanks to all the
Erica Hudson my 18 years in the company. I must say training provided, great support and the
Portugal stands out as one of the best. real family feel within O’Briens.

I have been working with the company for
nearly 36 years and in that time I have
seen it grow from a small family run
of craic with them that it must be our
wine that’s keeping them together!

company to the very successful business it For Valentine's Day, I would recommend
is today. What I most enjoy from working Romeo and Juliet Passimento red and
here is that I have always felt part of the white. What could be more romanatic than
family and as the company has grown it has this rich, spicy and velvety red which pairs
always kept that family ethos. perfectly with the intense citrus laden
white. A tribute to the thousands of love
The best wine trip I went on was to the messages at Juliet’s balcony in Verona.
Masi estate in Verona also taking in
Venice. There were nine of us including Jim Keep an eye on the O'Briens facebook and
O’Brien. I have never laughed so much as I twitter for more info as we hope to have
did over those four days and it was great to the guys from Glendalough as well as some
Store Manager: try some exceptional wines and learn from of our craft beer makers in store to do
Garry Reynolds their master winemakers. tastings over the next couple of months.

It's great to meet couples who are about to

Assistant Manager: tie the knot and help them choose suitable
wines for their big day. They will usually
Darran Conway look for the same wines each valentines
and anniversary and we will have a little bit Edana Cassidy - Graphic Designer @ O'Briens Wine


Albariño Masterclass
Hosted by Lynne Coyle MW

Smock Alley Theatre
Thursday, 22nd February 2018
Tickets will be on sale- early February

Limerick Wine Festival

Spring Edition 2018

Date: Thursday, 10th May

More details to follow.
The Sunday Business Post Gold Star Awards 2018
Here, at O'Briens we were delighted to receive three
Dublin Wine Festival
gold star awards from Tómas Clancy. We were awarded
Spring Edition 2018 Best Multiple Wine Chain, Best Specialist Drinks
Outlet - France, Best Specialist Drinks Outlet-Spain and
Date: Friday & Saturday, 11th & 12th May
Best Tastings & Events. Thank you Tómas!
More details to follow.

Plenty of new wines have been arriving from around the globe, they are well worth checking out!
Chateau de Tourans, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, France
Seguin Manuel Pinot Noir, Burgundy, France €22.95
Lionel Osmin Le Conservatoire Malbec, South West France €13.95
Domaine de Sarabande Bousigue, Faugeres, France €28.95
Domaine de la Madelaine Tourraine Sauvignon, Loire Valley, France €17.95
Brunello di Montalcino Val di Suga €39.95
Big Sky Sauvignon Blanc, Martinborough, New Zealand €24.95
Big Sky Pinot Noir, Martinborough, New Zealand €28.95
Astrolabe Wairau Riesling, Marlborough, New Zealand €19.95
Raymond Field Blend, California €22.95
Raymond Family Classic Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa €29.95
Motto Red Blend, California €17.95
Chateau St Michelle Riesling, Washington State, US €15.95
Chateau St Michelle Syrah, Washington State, US €18.95
El Salvaje Malbec 2014
The Sunday World 29/10/2017
“This is a FAB Argentine Malbec. The grapes come from
one of the best vineyards in Mendoza, Gualtallary. This
has tons of dark plum fruit. It’s spicy, dark and delicious."
-Jean Smullen

Murphy Goode Chardonnay 2016

The Sunday World 29/10/2017
“Medium-bodied with plump ripe peach and pear fruits,
and a hint of smoky oak.” - John Wilson

Roquette e Cazes 2014

The Sunday Business Post 19/11/2017
“A linear, fine-grained tannin delight; fresh, nuanced and quite
savoury.” - Tómas Clancy

Jean-Luc Colombo les Abeilles Blanc 2016

The Sunday Times 26/11/2017
“An appealing mixture of floral and fruit favours with
honeysuckle, pear and red apple.” - Martin Moran MW

Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 2014

Irish Independent 02/12/2017
“A top-quality sparkling wine from California, made from
100% Chardonnay, with a beautiful complexity of flavours;
green apple, apricot and white peach wrapped up in a creamy,
toasty texture.” - Corinna Hardgrave

Tandem Inmune Garnacha 2015

The Irish Times 09/12/2017
“A very moreish ripe bouncy red with herby aromas and vivid,
pure black fruits. A real crowd-pleaser.”
- Martin Moran MW

Beaumont des Crayères NV

Irish Independent 16/12/2017
"A top-quality Champagne... complex and weighty with
generous aromas of toasted brioche and notes of hazelnut over
a creamy, fresh palate.”- Corinna Hardgrave

Tolo do Xisto 2015

The Irish Times 16/12/2017
“An enchanting mix of ripe red cherry fruits and savoury
liquorice in a very stylish wine.”
- John Wilson

Contrapunto Albariño 2016

Irish Independent 16/12/2017
“With aromas of peach and a distinct floral note,
this is vibrant on the palate, with plenty of fruit and pure,
racy acidity. Great with fish, shellfish or goat’s cheese.”
- Corinna Hardgrave

Domaine Begude Etoille 2016

The Irish Sun 30/12/2017
“A superb cool-climate organic Chardonnay, all that you would
want from a top-end white Burgundy is here, and much more.
Great richness on the buttery palate, with vanilla, citrus, and
pear notes. Excellent, lingering finish.” - Matthew Nugent