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Birth Control

● Hormonal Method
What is Birth Used for:
○ Pill, Patch, and the Depo
Control? ● Menstruation
● Barrier Methods ○ PMS, Irregular and
○ Condoms (external and
heavy periods, acne
internal, male and female),
spermicides, cervical cap, ● Pain
and sterilization ○ Cramps and headaches
(vasectomy or tubal ● Health
ligation). ○ Primary Ovarian
● Intrauterine Device (IUD) Insufficiency (POI),
○ Copper and hormonal endometriosis, and
○ 3, 5, 10 year options
hormone replacement
● Natural Methods
○ Abstinence, fertility
awareness method (FAM), The practice of preventing unwanted
and withdrawal. m/watch?v=-SDQwDEb
pregnancies, typically by use of QVk
● Emergency contraception
○ Plan B, store brands contraception.
Over-the-Counter Types:

Birth Controls ● The Pill- a pill containing

estrogen and progestin
● Condoms- worn on male or
female to prevent pregnancy
and STDs
● Spermicide- kills sperm,
available in creams, foams,
gels and films
● Plan B- levonorgestrel pill,
taken up to 48 hours after sex
Birth control medications sold directly to ● The Patch- lasts up to 1 week,
the consumer without a prescription from worn on arm like bandage
a healthcare professional.
Legal Stipulations
● California & oregon are only 2 states that
passed law for over the counter birth
control pills.
● California passed law (2013) -
pharmacies had trouble with the idea
● Oregon passed law (2016) - Oregon live
says Permits pharmacists to prescribe
hormonal contraceptive patches and
self-administered oral hormonal
contraceptives. Requires insurers that
cover prescription contraceptives to
cover refills at specified frequency.
● Future Changes (other states, rebuttal)
Benefits of Over The Counter Birth Control
● It’s in demand ● People Support it
○ 76% of doctors and 70%
○ 60% of women already
of other healthcare
use birth control providers say women
○ 30% of women who should be able to
don’t use birth control access the pill, patch
or condoms, say they’d and ring contraceptives
through their
take the pill if it were
available over the ○ About 70% of
counter Americans want over
○ On average 82.5% of the counter birth control
birth control actually ● It’s Common ○ Even 73% of teens
works ○ 10.6 million women use the pill believe in the
○ 10.2 million women get sterilized legalization.
Pros of Over-the-Counter Birth Control
● They can be used for people with chronic acne: reducing pre/post menstrual acne
pop ups

● They help with periods: polycystic ovarian syndrome, heavy periods, PMS, primary
ovarian insufficiency, endometriosis, loss of estrogen

● Control some hormone levels

● Lower risks of ectopic pregnancies

● Other health preventions: bone thinning, ovarian or breast cysts, cancers,infections

in reproductive areas, iron deficiency(anemia)

● Access to Condoms that can prevent STDs and STIs

Pros of Over-the-Counter Birth Control

● Mating is a natural and instinctive thing for humans to do

● Not everyone is ready for children, families, whether financially, mentally,

or physically

● Women being raped, torchered, pressured into sex

● Girls who are secretly having sex, against their religion or parental beliefs
to take birth control

● Way more easily accessible for women

Cons of over the counter birth control

● Creates many health risks by ● Not talking to your primary

just using the pill doctor, what type is best for you
● Don't get tested for STD’s or (estrogen, progestin)
other preexisting health ● Most who use over the counter
conditions that can be affected pills, don't have health
by the pills insurance for routine check ups
● Always creating new forms of ● Each women is different
birth control pills ● More spendy
○ (Yasmin Birth Control Pill) ● What if you forget?
Ethical Aspects
● Financial cost
○ $50 and under, relatively affordable, cheaper than having a child
● Religion:
○ Not all religions commend birth control or any form of prevention
● Moral Code:
○ Able to go against family morals, make your own moral, what you
want to use it for
● Societal Impact:
○ Women are judged for taking birth control, men tend to believe
women don't have the right to birth control or decide when they
are ready to have children (Hillsboro School District Board 4-3 vote)
● Future Implications:
○ Have the right to decide the future timeline. Whether they want
children or not.
Need Help?
Go to your healthcare provider for help or
questions about STDs, and testings for blood
clots or cancer.
Remember you take the risk, so is it worth it or
Want to Help?
Join and support any of these campaigns
to push towards women’s rights!
● What are some advantages and disadvantages of birth control?
● Do you think it is okay for people to get birth control pills from a
pharmacy without consulting their doctor?
● Is it ethical for women to “disobey” or “betray” their family or religion
to get birth control?
● Will over-the-counter birth control cause a rise in health issues such
as blood clots or diseases?
● Is it worth it to sell contraception to consumers even if there is no
guarantee of 100% controlled pregnancies?