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a-ha auf WARNER BROS. (WEA) 929 006-7 Take On Me Musik und Text: Paul Waaktaar-Gamst/Magne Furuholmen/Morten Harket Bearb. Heinz Ehme 1 Were Bon, the Bewegt d= 80 rm to say, but that's m just 1g play my | don't Vm odds ‘and is it To - day is an-oth- er cay to find you slow-ly— leatn-ing that lle iso. thea tningsive— got to 1e~mem- ber, 7 fay ane y = way stumbling 22 ey wor > ies a = way? You're “ail é a PI be com-ing for your love, o. =k? its no ‘better to "be safe than sor = ty. Til be com=ing for you any ~ way. shy = Ing Say af youre shy-ing tSreich, Schweie: ATV Musicverlag GmbH, fo Global Musikverag, Munchen © 1904 by ATY Musig Lt Furbevtechian, 1.3 Take on me, take 2c O-O on, nm Take me take be T gone, IF