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12 poems The sweet delicacy was on my bed

1. Free verse Ants, literal insects, prowling around

2. Haiku
3. Limerick And I thought
4. Sonnet “Which genius did this?”
5. Quatrain
6. Couplet
7. Acrostic And then a “surprise” was shouted
8. Concrete
9. Cinquain And there gathered all my family and friends
10. Persona
I stood there dumbfounded
11. Narrative
12. Lyrical And thanked God I haven’t had the chance
to shout profanity at the top of my lungs
Free verse (connotation, denotation, litotes):
So, get this, Haiku (alliteration)
I came home from school the other day The regal bee flies
And I found a birthday cake To and fro the hive beyond
With ten candles exactly, already lit Busy, buzzing, bee

The fire, the red flame of the candles Limerick (end rhyme, simile)
Stood limp on the cake, which was I once met a girl on the bus,
diabetes waiting to happen, by the way As pretty as the moon, she was
And was decorated in pink all around But as soon as night befell
She tearfully bid a farewell
As did I, but tried to make no fuss
Sonnet (end rhyme, near rhyme, personification) Leaving traces, I can’t fix
I did not know that I had lived free The sticky residue on the carpet, on the floor
I thought my life was not meant to be mines I am consumed by sugar sweet
I had let the wind and rain control me Until I could not take it anymore
Because I knew that I’ll always wear binds
And that my soul was not even my own Couplet (end rhyme):
I took time, made no effort to hassle I had offered an old lady a tall glass of lemonade
Because I wanted to forget all I’ve known She yelled at me and said she forgot her hearing aid
Only then shall I be free from shackles
That binds me whole to this fleshy prison Acrostic (alliteration):
My body, constrained by time’s gripping hands At last you have arrived!
Grows so feeble, what was then new, now isn’t Please, leave your coats by the door
And craved the day I will heed death’s commands Oh, the rain had made it so cold in here
But do not think for a second I felt bliss Let’s warm ourselves by the fire and-
That I’ve found eternal life after this Oh what was that you said just now?
Gosh golly goodness!
Quatrain (end rhyme, hyperbole): You are leaving already?
I don’t like mangoes,
I don’t like the way they get stuck in my braces Concrete (metaphor, hyperbole, personification, allusion):
I don’t like how the juice goes It was so gray when I left home
Dripping to my carpet and leaving traces That was when I saw a cloud yonder
And I felt a flood above my head Before they become crisp
Pit-pat from the tip of my eyelash And leaves in an untimely fashion
Drops down my to cheek like a tear My barks are sharp to the touch
Do you know where the rain goes to? Before the winter weather wears it down
Rain commutes around the city streets And strips me bare
Taking whatever path it wants, it seeps From the birds and the fruits
Through every crevice of every man,
And it sends an orchestra of thunder, Narrative (refrain, personification, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, end
rhyme, internal rhyme):
Lightning bolts just like Zeus in the stories
I was walking home the other day, feeling bittersweet
Just to tell them to hide and stay inside
And left to wonder and ponder among the trees
And then rain washes back into the sea
And then rang rhythmically in my ears
The sound of the very timepiece in my wrist
Cinquain (denotation):
“Tick-tock! My time is running out,
The source
Tick-tock! And I am standing, still
Of life itself,
Tick-tock! Standing, still, with a mind of doubt
That we take for
Granted Tick-tock! Do we still have time to kill?”

Persona (personification, alliteration): Wise words, the clock did say

I can still feel it I left my wonder and ponder to tend to the matter

The soft leaves fluttering in the wind And found that my hair had grown past my ankles
I wondered what had gone wrong I think it’s about time
Had I gone mad? Why am I turning sad? That I cut off all ties that rise with every compromise
And had all of my hair turned grey? I think I should care
About the things that care for me
“Tick-tock! Do you still hear it? I think I want to stop

Tick-tock! The muttered sounds that haunts us all Because I do not want to do it anymore

Tick-tock! The forceful laughter and the sharp wit, I have no particular reason, I just don’t

Tick-tock! Is just another effort to stall”

I think it’s about time.

It was a siren in my ears

The sound of my timepiece again,

Speaking to me in a manner so rude

And then it occurred to me,

Had there been lines on my face all along?

Lyrical (internal rhyme, consonance, assonance):

I do not want to waste my time
With stupid things that do not want to be with me
All my time and energy spent, lent, given
To the men and women who spend their time
Making my life hard until its end