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Chapter 1

by samitbhai
I hurriedly went downstairs with Mr. Pyaremohan where Mama-ji was waiting for me.
Like any other adult woman I was very much conscious about my body movements after
having sex. I was clearly feeling the known stickiness in my pussy and was
involuntarily swinging my hips a shade more than normal as I walked. I was also
feeling quite tight under my bra as my mammaries have grown in size after the
intercourse. Though Mama-ji greeted me with a big smile and very normally, I was
rather stiff from inside. I was wetting my lips time and again with my tongue to
act normally and could as if still taste Mr. Pyaremohan?s lips on mine!

Mama-ji: Oh! You ladies take so much time in a sari shop and Bahurani you are no
different? He he he?

Me: (smiling cutely) Yes? err? actually took some time to get my? I mean fittings

Mama-ji: Okay? okay! I was not bored at all, but your uncle could not stay any
longer as he needed to get back home for some chores there. But don?t worry, he has
paid the bill here? Ha ha ha?

I smiled wide as the counter salesgirl forwarded me the colorful carry bags.

Pyaremohan: Madam, thanks for visiting our store and please do come back when you
are here again. He he he?

My whole body immediately got irritated listening to this man - again, but since
Mama-ji was present there, I somehow controlled myself and nodded to him with a
smiling face. The bastard was still eyeing my boobs as he talked to me and I was
much relieved to get out of that shop, once and for all.

We left Parineeta Store and went to the jeweller. From that shop Mama-ji bought me
a very nice pair of gold earrings. Of course like any woman I was extremely happy
with the new gold ornament and moreover, I was already very contended at heart
feeling rather light and buoyant after that sexy ?shooting? that I experienced at
Parineeta Store. We already were late and Mama-ji hurried for lunch. He speedily
drove back home and packed lunch was waiting for us, as Mama-ji had ordered lunch
from a Home Delivery service.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you go for a bath first while I will arrange the plates etc.

Me: Arre? no, no Mama-ji? Me being present why you should do all that!

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you are my guest afterall ? plus you are new here?

Me: Mama-ji? aap bhi naa! Whatever crockery etc. is required must be in the kitchen
only? I will find the needful? you don?t worry at all.

Mama-ji: Hmm? That?s true. Okay then! Let?s do one thing! You use the toilet here
while I will use the roof toilet. Then we can be ready for lunch simultaneously. I
am pretty hungry already!

Me: (smiling) Yes, that can be done.

Mama-ji handed me a fresh dry towel and showed me how to get warm water if required
and then went upstairs for his bath. I locked the door taking with me the towel and
the carry bag in which my wet undergarments were there.
Me: Thank God!

I checked my bra and panty and they were more or less dry now! I was much relieved
because I did not want to get back to ashram wearing some outside undergarments, as
they were obviously not sterilized.

I quickly unclothed myself since I was quite eager to take the bath as my whole
body had ?impressions? of Mr. Pyaremohan?s touches! His long kisses, his profound
fondling, his rude handling, his tight squeezes? everything was so vividly alive in
my mind! As I watered my body I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths to get
out of that spell. I soaped my body well and while doing that I realized there was
still a great deal of pain in my left nipple, which Mr. Pyaremohan tweaked in a
very rude way during that shooting episode. The scoundrel!

I looked down at my breasts and checked carefully and noticed that my left nipple
undoubtedly appeared rosier and the surrounding areola also looked darker. I tried
to soothe the area by lightly rubbing my nipple with my fingers, but it
unfortunately had a boomerang effect! Instead of getting a soothing effect, I noted
my nipples standing up again and I was feeling tightness at my breasts! I could
realize that the hangover of that very prolonged erotic shooting was still very
much on my body. I immediately stopped my action and just completed my bath.

Mama-ji: Oh great! You are done already!

Mama-ji had come downstairs after completing his bath and was wearing a fresh vest
and a lungi. The hairy upper part of his body was visible through his baniyan.

Me: Yes. Am also quite hungry Mama-ji.

Mama-ji showed me the kitchen where the packed food was kept.

Me: You just wait at the dining table? I will get it ready in a minute!

Mama-ji: Okay Bahurani.

It hardly took five minutes for me to arrange everything.

Mama-ji: Good food, what do you say Bahurani!

Me: Certainly Mama-ji!

We quickly finished our lunch as we both were quite hungry.

Mama-ji: Try this mixed juice that they provide with their lunch packs? it?s a
unique digestive drink.

Me (while gulping it down my throat) Umm? very tasty too!

I cleaned up the dining table and we sat on the balcony for a chat. Our discussion
was mainly roaming on general topics like weather, city life, etc. and it was
around 15-20 minutes that we had completed our lunch that I suddenly developed a
headache! It was very strange because hardly did I experience a headache!

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you seem to be in some discomfort? Are you okay?

Me: Yes Mama-ji? par? I mean I am having a headache?. Quite suddenly!

Mama-ji: May be the sun was too strong? and you could not bear the heat. Umm? I
think you better go inside and take rest.
Me: Ye? yes, that might help!

I could realize the headache was increasing in intensity and I was not feeling
completely okay. I followed Mama-ji and he prepared bed for me in his own bedroom.

Mama-ji: I think if you lie down here for a while, you will automatically feel

Me: Yes I also feel so?

Mama-ji helped me lie down on the bed, but I could sense that I was feeling more
discomfort now other than the headache. I was feeling a sense of itch all over my
body and had to rub and chafe my arms in order to feel comfortable. Within moments
I started to develop itching on my legs also and I had to rise up and scratch my
legs over my sari! Things were getting pretty worse and amazingly quickly! I could
now even note some redness on the exposed portions of my hands down my blouse.

Mama-ji: What?s happening Bahurani? Is it some sort of allergy that you have?

Me: No? no I don?t ? uff! (scratching my hands) ?have any allergies!

Mama-ji: Then? There is clear redness on your hands? let me check?

He sat on the bed and took my right arm in his hands.

Mama-ji: You feel warm Bahurani! Are you developing a temperature or what?

Me: I don?t know Mama-ji? am clueless? I never had anything of this sort before!
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Chapter 2

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Hmm? am also puzzled! What to do?

Me: Can it be from ?. Aaah! (feverishly scratching my arms and legs)?from food

Mama-ji: But? but had it been that, I should also have similar allergy. Isn?t it?

Me: Right, right! Uuuuufff! It?s itching so much! Ahhh! But you are perfectly okay!

Mama-ji: You lie down? let me rub your legs? you might feel better!

Me: No.. no.. Mama-ji? you please don?t touch my legs? I will feel very? uff!
(bending down and scratching my knees)?! You are so old?

Mama-ji: Oho! Just do as I say! I can see you are in so much discomfort and you

He virtually pushed me to the bed and started rubbing and pressing my legs from
over my sari. I felt so awkward to have an elderly relative like Mama-ji massaging
my feet that my face was all flushed in shyness. But the feeling of itchiness and
tingling was growing in intensity and severity and I was getting restless.

Mama-ji: Shall I apply some water on the areas and see if that gives you some
Me: No, no Mama-ji, it?s okay? I can bear it.

Mama-ji initially started to rub and gently scratch my legs with his fingers from
my knees downwards, but now I noted that he was moving up my well shaped legs! I
was already feeling very embarrassed to have that elderly man touch my legs, but if
he rubs me above my ankles that would be very indecent also.

Me: Mama-ji? I am feeling somewhat better? thanks a lot!

Mama-ji: Okay? shall I do the same for your arms also?

Me: I am doing that myself only! Ufff?.

Mama-ji: But there has to be a source for this problem! How can?

Me: Urriii?.! Aaah! Aaah!

Mama-ji: What happened Beti?

Me: I am?. am feeling a sense of tightness? Uffff!

Mama-ji: Tightness? Where?

I was feeling so uncomfortable that I sat up on the bed! Mama-ji had ceased to rub
my legs and came forward.

Me: Aaaah! It?s a? it?s a very queer feeling? my chest ?. Ohhh!

Mama-ji: (looking at my well developed matured breasts) Chest tightness? My

goodness! Then it has to be something serious! Iss? my maidservant is also away?

Me: Ahh?(still continuously scratching all over my body) What difference could she

Mama-ji: Arre? at least she could give you a massage on your breasts! But? what
should I do? Shall I call the doctor?

I was continuously scratching my hands and upper portions of my body and was
experiencing the chest tightness. The tightness though was not severe, but the
uneasiness was indeed there. Something surely was happening inside me. I could not
derive any linking that from where could I get such a reaction in my body!

With time things were getting very cumbersome for me as I was getting the itchy
feeling on my doodh, gaand, and inside my choot also! I again lay down on the bed
and was trying to make myself comfortable by rubbing my fleshy buttocks on the
surface of the bed, but it hardly was giving me any relief. I had to rub and press
my breasts also as to get some relief from the tightness; I knew it was looking
very awkward to self-massage my breasts in front of Mama-ji, but I had no option
but to do that.

Mama-ji: Where from did it suddenly shoot up? Ish! You are looking all red

Me: I also am unable to not make out anything Mama-ji ?

Mama-ji: Nah! Let me call for a doctor? I can?t see you like this!

Mama-ji got off the bed and turned towards the door and as soon as I noticed that I
immediately inserted my hand right inside my blouse and started massaging my
mammaries and that way it definitely felt much better. The tightness and the
itching were relieved somewhat. I quickly also rubbed and scratched my entire choot
area over my sari with both hands because I surely would not get a chance to do
that once Mama-ji was back. The itching had engulfed all my body and I was feeling
pretty helpless.

Mama-ji was back soon.

Me: Ishhh?. Mama-ji, am really feeling very miserable giving you so much trouble?
now you have to call a doc?

Mama-ji: Trouble! Huh! Bahurani, it seems you are still maintaining some distance
with me and do not regard me as your?

Me (sticking my tongue out): No, no Mama-ji! It?s certainly not like that?

Mama-ji: Then where from this word ?trouble? comes? Is it not my duty to do the
needful for you?

I could realize from his face that Mama-ji was probably a bit hurt. Afterall he was
an elderly man and I was almost his daughter?s age.

Me: Am sorry Mama-ji for my words? You have been so nice to me! Aaahh!

Mama-ji: It?s okay Bahurani! (he came down and sat near my head and kept his hand
on my forehead) I have given a call to the doctor. He lives in this locality only?
so should be here prompt! Dr. Desai. A young promising doctor.

Me: I see.

Mama-ji: Let me bring a chair for him. Bahurani, you please manage somehow till the
doctor comes.

I nodded and as soon as Mama-ji went to the other room to bring a chair, I
immediately lifted my sari off my legs and started scratching my thighs. The
itching seemed to be increasing by the minute! My fair-colored naked thighs
appeared reddish and I could realize the rash/irritation had engulfed my entire
body. There were also one or two very prominent but tiny red spots on my smooth
thighs and appeared as if a blood drop had clotted in that area. As I checked and
rubbed my thighs I was time and again looking at the door to check if Mama-ji was
coming back because I had lifted my sari up significantly almost to my upper thighs
and my plump well-formed legs were totally exposed. Within this small time frame I
quickly checked my breasts too by dropping my pallu. They appeared flushed too with
one or two red dots on my upper boob flesh. I quickly inserted my right hand inside
my blouse and rubbed my areolas as I was getting continuous itches there very near
to my nipples. The feeling of tightness on my breasts was indeed there, but not too
significant now and also the headache that I initially had had settled a bit.

As soon as I heard Mama-ji?s footsteps, I immediately lowered and straightened my

sari over my legs and also adjusted my pallu so that my big-sized tits remained
properly covered in front of him and the doctor. He came with a chair and as he was
placing it, there was sound of doorbell ringing.

Mama-ji: That must be Dr. Desai! Wait a second Bahurani?

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Chapter 3

by samitbhai
He went out to open the main door and I swiftly glanced at my sides and back to
check if my bra strap was visible outside the blouse or not. I lay down on the bed
properly so that the doctor did not find me in an indecent posture or in
disorganized clothes. I was naturally a bit nervous, as I always had remained very
uncomfortable in front of male doctors. For this very reason I avoided male
physicians when I was not getting pregnancy and I was so skeptical about this issue
that I even requested my husband not to consult any male gynecologist for our

Yes, I must admit that after coming to the ashram things have changed drastically
for me and the way I was ?handled? by several males in the last few days was simply
unthinkable! I adjusted to that pretty briskly and honestly I have started ?
enjoying? the whole phenomenon of arousals, teasing, and sex now! Guru-ji?s step by
step treatment surely had made me more mature and adventurous, the latter quality
had always been very latent in me, which he had extracted out of me very

Mama-ji: Come, come doctor!

As I looked towards the door I found a very handsome looking guy coming towards me.
As the doctor came nearer, I noticed he was middle aged, around 40, but looked
pretty dashing and I could also make out that he takes good care of his health! He
was fair-colored and smartly dressed with ironed clothes and polished shoes.
Overall, a very impressive look; in fact hardly was I expecting someone so smart as
the local community doctor!

Mama-ji: Here is your patient. I am really puzzled what?s happening and where from
this rash suddenly developed!

Dr. Desai: Don?t worry Sir now that I am here. You called me just in the nick of
time, otherwise I was going out to attend a call some kilometers away. Hello Madam!

I just nodded, as I still was somewhat ?preoccupied? by his smart presence. He kept
his briefcase on the bed and sat on the chair placed for him.

Mama-ji: Let me brief you again? All these headache, itching, redness, and chest
tightness started may be 20 minutes post lunch. I really have no clue as we shared
the same food and surprisingly I did not have anything out of it, but my Bahurani?

Dr. Desai: Hmm? Hmm? Anything prior to that?

Mama-ji: We went out for shopping. And? and as I told you she does not even stay
here? so I am all the more concerned ?

Dr. Desai: Did you consume anything on way or at a street shop?

Mama-ji: No, nothing at all!

Dr. Desai: Fine! Let me investigate now.

Saying that he opened his briefcase and took out a prescription pad and a pen along
with a stethoscope, a thermometer, and a small digital machine, which I could not
make out what for. I was lying on the bed and Dr. Desai was sitting by the bedside
near my belly area. I was a bit anxious, mostly due to my history of nervousness to
be checked by a male doctor. I was already breathing a shade heavily and my blouse-
covered big conical breasts were already going up and down faster. I was time and
again looking down towards my bosom to see if I was looking decent or not. I
noticed that my sari was stretched over my breasts a bit too tightly and the
movement of my firm breasts due to my breathing was pretty much evident. I
immediately loosened the pallu subtly before Dr. Desai looked up at me.

Dr. Desai: Madam, your name please?

Me: Anita? Anita Singh.

Dr. Desai: A-n-i-t-a? Singh (as he scribbled on his prescription pad)? Oh! You
know, my wife?s name is also Anita? (he smiled looking up at me)

Me: O! I see! (I smiled back too)

I was still having that terrible itching and feeling of mild chest tightness, but
tried my best not to do the scratching at least in front of the doctor.

Dr. Desai: Age?

Me: Twenty? 28.

Dr. Desai: You are married I guess?

Me: Yes doctor.

Dr. Desai: Any issue?

Me: No? not yet.

Dr. Desai: Okay. Are you on any medication right now? Any? I mean any cough and
cold preparations or digestive syrups that you take?

Me: No, none.

Dr. Desai: Hmm? Any birth control pill that you are on?

He looked directly at my eyes and I naturally blushed hearing that question and
nodded negatively.

Dr. Desai: Actually I need to know these to do the diagnosis correctly. Umm? Mrs?..
Singh? right? Can you please brief me regarding your present discomfort?

Me: Yes? Actually it all started as Mama-ji stated about 15-20 minutes post lunch
with a mild headache. Then the headache became severe along with itches on my hands
and legs, which quickly spread to my whole body and I started noticing redness and
a burning sensation on my skin.

Dr. Desai: Okay?

Me: Alongside I developed a feeling of tightness in my? (I pointed to my breasts).

Though it?s not too much severe, but a sense of uneasiness is there due to this.
And? as you can see the red patches here on my hands and the itching? it?s
intolerable? lightly rubbing the area is helping, but?

Dr. Desai: Fine?. I understand. Mrs. Singh, this is definitely an allergic reaction
to something, which I need to find out, but since you did not consume any egg or
prawn or any street food, it?s unlikely to have triggered out of food. Still? you
never know?Actually the problem with allergies is they are of various types and I
need to pinpoint the exact type before treating you.

He kept his pen and prescription pad aside and took the stethoscope. Mama-ji had
gone to the other side of the bed probably to give more room to the doctor. Dr.
Desai had put the stethoscope to his ears and approached me. I naturally was
anxious, which had been my history always, to get examined by a male doctor. Though
I knew very well that this was just a routine check (and not any gynecologic
evaluation), I started having butterflies in my stomach!

Mama-ji: My Bahurani will be cured naa?? She needs to get back to her place by this
evening doctor. That?s why I am more concerned?

Dr. Desai: Oh sure! Don?t worry at all. Mrs. Singh, just be rest assured that you
can get back to your place in normal state. In fact Sir that?s why I am not
administering a general anti-allergic right away. Just give me some time?

Mama-ji: Sure doctor, sure! Please take you time. Since you have said that she can
get back by evening, am much relieved. What do you say Bahurani?

Me: Of course Mama-ji.

I was equally concerned like Mama-ji to get back to the ashram by evening time and
once the doctor said with confidence that I could get back by that time in normal
condition, I was of course quite happy.

Dr. Desai: Don?t worry, don?t worry! (Dr. Desai stood up from his chair and took
the stethoscope for examining me) Sit up please?
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Chapter 4

by samitbhai
I sat up on the bed as per the doctor?s instruction and he went to my backside.

Dr. Desai: If you can please remove your hair from the backside?

I quickly pushed off my hair from my neck and that flowed on my blouse back to the
front side.

Dr. Desai: (removing part of my pallu himself from my back so that he could place
the stetho) Fine? fine. Thanks? now take deep breaths Madam?.

He placed the bulb of the stethoscope on my back over my blouse and I started
inhaling and exhaling deeply. Of course the touch of the stethoscope stirred me
momentarily and as I felt brushing of the doctor?s fingers on my back I was
automatically stiff.

Dr. Desai: More? deep breaths?. Ya? like this one ?

He even demonstrated what he wanted from me and I tried to imitate him and started
inhaling and exhaling air more intensely. As I started breathing profoundly, my big
breasts must have started moving up and down very sexily under my sari pallu and as
my eyes meet Mama-ji?s, who was standing right in front of me, I noticed he was
eyeing the sexy movement of my big boobs. The doctor was also palpating my back
with the stethoscope more deeply and he was pretty close to me as I could even
sense his warm breaths on my back! Naturally I started to feel tight as Dr. Desai
continued to move the stethoscope over my blouse-covered back.

I did not have to exert much additional pressure to breathe deeply as automatically
I started heavy inhalation sensing a male snuffling at my neck and his hand grazing
over my smooth back! I was getting stiffer and stiffer as the young doctor
continued to examine me and? and? what was he doing?

O! My God!
Dr. Desai was palpating the stethoscope on my bra strap! What was he examining

Me: Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! (I uttered silently)

Dr. Desai now started moving the stethoscope over my back along by bra strap, which
left be almost breathless. Naturally I was very uncomfortable and could realize
that my nipples were about to rise their heads against my bra cups. He then placed
the bulb of the stethoscope of my bare back (the portion above my blouse, the U-cut
area on my blouse back).

Me: Uiiiii?. Its so cold? (I murmured within myself)

I could feel the cold sensation of the bulb of the stetho moving on my scratch less
back portion just above my blouse back.

Dr. Desai: More deep breaths Madam?.

He now held my shoulder with one hand and pressed the stetho deeply on my back. I
did not know what he was assessing but was surely making myself rather uneasy.

Dr. Desai: O-k-a-y done! You can lie down Madam ?

Me: Uff! Relief!

As I uttered that within myself I exhaled a deep breath of respite! I pushed back
my hair to its original position and stretched out on the bed again. It was
definitely very awkward to lie down on bed in front of the eyes of two adult males,
but I had no other option. I tried to look as decent as possible though my big
breasts were looking rather sexy under my sari pallu the way they were going up and

Dr. Desai now came near me, bent slightly, and straightway placed the stethoscope
on my upper breast area. Though I was expecting that, but could not stop an
involuntary reflex action! I almost tried to push off Dr. Desai?s hand, but somehow
checked that action and saved the situation.

Dr. Desai: Hmm? Take deep breaths and try to hold it for some moments!

I repeated the same exercise and he was pressing the stethoscope on certain places
on my upper chest area over my sari. My condition was just indescribable as the
doctor pressed the bulb of the stethoscope on my soft boob flesh above the U-cut of
my blouse. Though my breasts were covered by my pallu, I could still feel the cold
touch of the bulb of the instrument on my upper chest area. I had closed my eyes as
I was inhaling and exhaling deeply and as I momentarily opened my eyes, I found the
hand of Dr. Desai so close to my mammaries that he could easily touch and press
them! I was so anxious that I shut up my eyes quickly.

Dr. Desai now was slowly moving the stetho downwards and I started counted the
moments when I felt the bulb of the instrument pressing on my right boob? directly
on top of it! I almost clenched my lips with my teeth to cover my nervousness and
embarrassed state while the doctor pressed my boob flesh quite adequately with his
instrument. He now moved on to my left breast and I could clearly feel his fingers
brushing my tight bulging tits. Dr. Desai pressed the stetho on my left breast also
and this time he almost pressed it on my nipple! My left nipple was already sore
due to Mr. Pyaremohan?s handiwork and I naturally uttered a soft exclamation.

Dr. Desai: Are you feeling pain or something like that Madam?
Me: Noho? err no, no?

Dr. Desai: Oh! It seemed from your facial expression?

He continued to press the circular bulb of the stethoscope on my left breast

feeling the firm and tight flesh inside my blouse.

Dr. Desai: Hmm? fine!

The process was over, at last and I was much, much relieved!

Dr. Desai: Overall seems okay, but? but Madam, your heart rate seemed to be on the
higher side, does it always remain like this?

Me: Ye? err? I am not sure doctor.

Dr. Desai: No what I mean is did any other doctor told you of this before?

Me: No.

Mama-ji: Is it something to worry about doctor?

Dr. Desai: Actually I have seen that adult women do get a faster heart rate since
they are being checked at a sensitive place you know, but...

Mama-ji: Hmm? that?s one point!

Dr. Desai: Actually that?s why in my clinic I always measure heart rates and pulse
rates of female patients through my nurse though I must admit it is more evident in
unmarried teenage girls rather than housewives.

Mama-ji: What?s more evident doctor?

Dr. Desai: The variation. I have seen that when I measure the heart rate of a
married woman, it tends to vary less than when I take a teenage girl?s heart rate
as compared to when my nurse takes it.

Mama-ji: I see.

Dr. Desai: But here Mrs. Singh?s heart rate also behaved somewhat like a teenager!

Mama-ji: Anything to worry doctor?

Dr. Desai: Not really? (Dr. Desai was still frowning) Umm?let me check the pulse?
then I can be sure? Madam, your hand please?

He held my wrist and started checking my pulse with his eye on his wristwatch.

Dr. Desai: Uhu! It has to be something else Sir! The pulse rate is significantly
higher than it should be!
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Chapter 5

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: O! Is it?

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, did you get excited while shopping? I mean there was a
heated exchange with any shopkeeper or something like that?
Me: (I was obviously very cautious hearing the word ?shopkeeper?) Nope, nothing
like that!

Dr. Desai: Any emotional stress within the last 2-3 hours?

Me: No!

Mama-ji: She was with me all through? nothing of that sort happened doctor.

Dr. Desai: Very strange! If there is no physical or mental excitement recently, the
pulse should not have been running so high unless you have a history of that Mrs.

?Physical excitement? ? instantly as if alarm bells started drumming in my mind.

Was my pulse running high due to the sexual encounter that I had with Mr.
Pyaremohan in that shop? Was Dr. Desai observing higher heart rates because of my
shameless exposing during the span of the shooting and my physical nearness to Mr.
Pyaremohan as per the demand of the act? My goodness!

Did Dr. Desai already get any clue? Will I be caught? He must have seen several
sorts of cases as a doctor. Could he conclude that my racing heart rate was due to
a sexual act? O Lord! How very shameful will it be if he knows that and Mama-ji had
already elaborated that I do not dwell here! Hai daiya! It would make it all the
more apparent that I had sex with someone other than my husband!

Me: O God please save me from this embarrassing situation?. You can only save me.
(I already had started praying silently!)

Mama-ji: Then doctor?

Dr. Desai: I am really curious?.May be the allergic reaction she had has escalated
these? I am not sure. Let me examine further.

Mama-ji: Okay doctor. I only hope my Bahurani gets well soon... am feeling so
guilty that I brought her here and she is in such discomfort now!

He was nodding his head to and fro and naturally I had to calm him down.

Mama-ji: There is hardly anything you can do about it? please don?t feel bad about
it Mama-ji?

Dr. Desai: Arre? don?t worry Sir! She will be okay soon.

The young doctor now arranged to measure my blood pressure with a digital
instrument. He made my left hand to stretch straight and quickly wrapped the cuff
there above my blouse sleeve. He started pumping and noted the blood pressure. He
repeated the exercise twice, but was still not satisfied!

Dr. Desai: Hmm? High again! Seems the allergy is not a simple one and has hit you
quite hard Mrs. Singh?

Me: Doctor, I will be cured naa?(I was naturally more anxious now knowing that the
allergic reaction that I had was a complex one)

Dr. Desai: Yes, yes? (holding my left arm) you will be okay within an hour or two.

I smiled dryly though the warm feel of his palm on my arm felt really good; in fact
I was having an itch at that area and his smooth warm touch soothed me.
Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, your temperature now. Actually since am finding all the
vital signs on the hyper side, I cannot skip this you know.

Me: Okay doctor.

Dr. Desai: Put it in your mouth please? (He took out the thermometer from a secured

Mama-ji: You doctors don?t believe in armpit temperatures I guess because every
doctor I see takes the mouth temperature!

I had inserted the thermometer in my mouth and pressed it with my fleshy lips. It
was indeed a bit awkward for any matured woman to hold something in the mouth, a
part of which sticking outside the mouth. I noticed that Dr. Desai glanced at my
rosy lips once, sighed, and then replied to Mama-ji!

Dr. Desai: Not really Sir. Though it?s true that mouth temperatures are more
accurate than armpit ones, but its not that I disregard armpit temperatures.
Actually err? you will also appreciate Sir that it?s a bit cumbersome for women to
insert the thermometer into their armpits through their blouse.

The doctor looked at me and automatically my eyelids got lowered as I jolly well
understood what he meant.

Dr. Desai: But yes in certain cases I need to read both temperatures per the need
and in those cases? (shrugging) can?t help? Actually in the private clinic that I
am attached to, this is not a problem as the patient wears a gown there which is
loose and cut adequately for these sort of things you know. But yes, when I go on a
call? most times I find a female patient wearing a sari at home.

Mama-ji: Yes, naturally.

Dr. Desai: And it?s always clumsy for that woman to insert the thermometer in front
of me in her blouse? you know? natural.

Mama-ji: Very true?

Three minutes seemed to be a fairly long time with my lips pressing tightly on the
long slender body of the thermometer while the chat that was going on between the
doctor and Mama-ji was irritating me even more!

Dr. Desai: Okay, done! Mrs. Singh you can take it out.

I handed over the instrument to him and after noting the temperature he suddenly
did the weirdest thing I would expect from a doctor!

Dr. Desai just started sucking the thermometer bulb which was still wet with my

Me: Eiii? what are you doing?

The young doctor indicated with his hand to remain calm as he continued to lick and
suck the thin slender instrument. Dr. Desai was definitely enjoying the taste of my
mouth juices spread on the thermometer.

Dr. Desai: There is nothing to be surprised Mrs. Singh! This is a very old form of
antiseptic handling. Actually I have not brought the antiseptic lotion with which I
clean this, so to ensure that your saliva do not dry on it as this will be used for
other patients also, I just wiped it off.

Me: But? but you could also do that with water? I mean? (my voice was low and meek
as I was well aware that he already tasted my saliva without touching my lips!)

Dr. Desai: Madam, I rinse my mouth twice a day with an antiseptic liquid which
works for 8-9 hours? that?s why even if I do not have that lotion with me I can?

Me: O I see?

I smiled at him with a slight reddish tinge on my face and he also smiled back
looking at my eyes directly.

Mama-ji: How was the reading doctor?

Dr. Desai: No, this is absolutely normal.

Mama-ji: Thank God!

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Chapter 6

by samitbhai
Dr. Desai: Yes! (with a smile again) Now I will have to look at the rashes closely
so that I can apply the exact medicine the very first time. Well the other
alternative was to administer a general antiallergic, but that way we would not be
able to feel certain about the cause of this reaction and hence the chance of a
recurrence would actually remain you know.

Mama-ji: I agree with you doctor.

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, don?t you feel that you should also know why this occurred
so that you can remain alert the next time.

Me: Yes, of course?. I myself only know how bothersome it is to combat this
terrible itching. Ufff!

Dr. Desai: I can understand Mrs. Singh, but please be patient for a little while
because you saw that your vitals are running in the high range and I can?t just
ignore that you know while treating you.

Me: No, no I can also understand that as I can myself feel the overall discomfort
and it?s not just itching.

Dr. Desai: Exactly? your chest tightness and the overall discomfort are also
pronounced by your high pulse and heart beats along with your temporary
hypertensive state.

The doctor kept aside the instruments and cleared the area and came near me.

Dr. Desai: Can you remember Mrs. Singh where did you get the first rash on your

Me: Umm? on my hands I suppose.

Mama-ji: Yes, yes Bahurani, you first pointed that in your hands.

Me: Uh! See how red they appear!

Dr. Desai: (coming close and holding my left arm) Hmm? and these spots?
He pointed towards a couple of red tiny round spots on my arm.

Me: They developed much later.

Dr. Desai: I see.

I was lying on the bed with my head on the pillow as he inspected my left arm
rashes. He was bending quite a bit as he was fairly tall; more so as the bed also
had a low height. As I looked towards him I saw the top button of his shirt was
open and I could see his white baniyan along with hairs on his chest. He was
holding my left arm with both hands and was pressing and rubbing certain spots
while examining. Some of his movements certainly made me a quite uncomfortable, for
example once he started rubbing my soft palm with his thumb specifically probing
the hollow area of my pinkish palm; the other time he was rubbing and caressing the
area just outside my blouse sleeve? I was looking all red like a newly wedded girl!

Dr. Desai: Hmm? let me now check your right hand.

It was a classical awkward situation as the doctor was on my left hand side and I
was lying supine and now he wanted to examine my right arm. I had to stretch my
arm, which I did. Dr. Desai caught my arm with his right hand and in fact he
positioned it almost perpendicular to my body. As I happened to meet his eyes
momentarily I noted that he was eyeing my armpit! I was immediately alert and
looked down only to find my soaked blouse armpit fully visible to him. I felt
extremely embarrassed as there was hardly any method I could hide my wet armpit
from the doctor?s view.

The doctor was actually feeling my whole right arm with his hands in the pretext of
examination and this time I noted that his fingers ran even on top of my blouse
sleeve. Naturally this started having an effect on me ? I was an adult married
woman and the feel of warm male hands all over my arms was making me practically

Dr. Desai: Strangely the warmth and the nature of the blood spots differ in this
hand from the left, which in a way proves that this is a case of a compound

Mama-ji: Meaning?

Dr. Desai: It?s not a simple allergic reaction from any food. That?s conclusive.

Mama-ji: I see! What?s the medicine doctor?

Dr. Desai: One minute Sir? (turning towards me) Mrs. Singh, tell me one thing I
notice that you are sweating a tad. Do you normally sweat like this? I mean this
room is comfortable enough I guess...

Indeed some of the sweat was out of nervousness due to the fact that I was being
examined by a male doctor and some due to the summer heat and some probably out of
the allergic reaction that I was experiencing.

Me: No? err? I mean?

Dr. Desai: Actually I am finding your hands a bit sweaty and also I can see a big
patch on your blouse?. I mean in your armpit?

I instantly flushed as I noticed both males gaping at the wet patch in my right
armpit. I involuntarily pulled back my hand from the doctor?s arms to cover that
only to find that Dr. Desai was gripping my right arm quite securely. So I
continued to display my big circular wet patch on my blouse armpit to both males.

Me: No? actually am sweating more right now.

Dr. Desai: Hmm? that?s what I apprehended. Sweating more than normal, chest
tightness, and headaches are the exclusive symptoms.

Me: O! (I was still feeling thoroughly embarrassed)

Dr. Desai: The only thing that I need to check further is the type of red spots on
your body. Then I can administer the medication. Your left hand spots are certainly
different than your right hand ones.

Mama-ji: But it apparently seems to be the same doctor !

Dr. Desai: (smiling) Yes, to a lay man it will look alike, but they are different
in their character, size, and shapes.

Mama-ji: Are those spots harmful?

Dr. Desai: Not really, but if we leave them untreated, they might form a clot on
certain spots of the body.

Mama-ji: Oh! That?s fatal.

Dr. Desai: (smiling again) Not fatal in the literal sense, but not a very wise
decision to leave them just as they are.

Mama-ji: I see.

Dr. Desai: Madam, did you get a chance to check those red tiny spots on your body?

Me: Yes? here (saying that I again displayed my arm to him)

Dr. Desai: No, no... what I mean is did you get a chance to check where else they
have developed in your body?

I instantly remembered that I did note them on my thighs and upper breast area, but
how to tell that to the doctor? It would be a very shameless thing to do. But I
should not be hiding anything, otherwise it would remain untreated. I was in a
dilemma. Even if I share that I have those tiny lesions on my legs eating up my
shame, Dr. Desai would certainly lift my sari and check my legs. Oh no! That would
be so very embarrassing, that too in front of Mama-ji!

As I took time to reply, Dr. Desai made this more messy for me.

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, don?t feel shy please. If I do not examine the lesions, how
could I treat you properly? I guess you do not want to remain half treated and
later suffer from this again.

Me: No, no? err? not that. Yes, yes, I mean I am err? aware of that.

Dr. Desai: See Madam, generally what I have seen in this sort of allergic reaction
in my women patients that they just have them sporadic all over their body
especially in hands and legs and sometimes on their breasts. But let me tell you
the very acute variety of this genus of allergy do affect a woman?s ass also.

I had to admit now!

Dr. Desai: That?s why I am asking you?

Me: Yes, err? I noticed them on my err?legs?.

Dr. Desai: I see. Where? On your shin?

Me: Ye? err? I mean no? actually?

Dr. Desai: On your knees?

Me: No? I mean yes? slightly above.

Dr. Desai: Around your thighs?

Me: Right doctor.

Dr. Desai: Okay, anywhere else?

Naturally I found my lips getting dry and tried to wet them by licking them with my

Me: On my up? I mean upper breast ?

Dr. Desai: Oh! That?s good to know!

I frowned deeply at him as if trying to say ?what do you mean??

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Chapter 7

by samitbhai
Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, as I said the acute variety of this hypersensitivity state
leads to small blood spots on the breasts? to be precise around the nipples and
specifically on the areolas. They do not appear on other parts of the breast you
know? so?

Me: Oh! Okay (I said that in a husky voice)

I was definitely breathing deeper especially after hearing the words ?nipples?
and ?areolas? from this male doctor?s mouth and as a result my firm tits got
tighter inside my blouse and my condition gotten worse.

Mama-ji: Ye? I mean doctor how is that acute condition different? Are you sure
Bahurani is not suffering from that?

Dr. Desai: Yep! Absolutely. I guess Madam must have checked her breasts over her
blouse and noticed the tiny red spot; moreover I found a known pattern on her hands
too. If she had the acute variety actually by this time her nipples would have
become very much swollen and achy along with severe itching in the ass.

Mama-ji: Okay! Bahurani, do you have any itching on your gaa? I mean on your

I just nodded not even able to meet Mama-ji?s eyes. The queries were now getting
too intimate.

Dr. Desai: Actually only very recently I had such a case in the hospital. The woman
was around 40 and married and was actually suffering from the acute form of this
allergy, but the local doctor administered general antiallergics. When things were
quite out of hand, his husband brought her to me. As I checked her hands and legs I
found the typical spots and to be sure when I checked her breasts, I saw micro
clots on her areolas. You know fortunately the areolas of her breasts were not
fully blackish, which was only natural for a married woman of 40 with children? she
had dark pink areolas which actually made me find those spots easily.

Mama-ji: I see.

Dr. Desai: And lastly when I removed her sari off her buttocks I could conclude
noting red spots all along her butt crevice. Then you know I administered the
required drug to cure this. It took 48 hours as it had spread in her body quite

Mama-ji: O-k-a-y? so doctor, you don?t see that type in my Bahurani naa?

Dr. Desai: Nope.

I was also much relieved hearing that and honestly to have my breasts and ass
checked by this male doctor would have been too much of an embarrassment and that
too in Mama-ji?s presence! ?Oh! Good Lord! Can?t even think about it!?

Dr. Desai: Okay Madam, if you allow I will just once check the lesions on your legs
before administering the drug to be absolutely sure you know.

Me (there was nothing much I could do about it) O.. okay as you wish.

Dr. Desai: You remain in your position and just relax?

Saying that without even giving me a moment to react, the young doctor moved
towards my feet and started pulling my sari up exposing my fair well formed legs!
My heart immediately started beating harder as Mama-ji was also standing there and
watching my legs getting uncovered.

Dr. Desai: (almost bending down on my legs) G-o-o-d? no spots on your shin.

He had pulled up my sari till my knees and my fleshy legs were so ineptly exposed
in front of both the males! I was breathing heavier and my face was all flushed as
I felt Dr. Desai?s warm fingers grazing and scraping on my smooth naked legs. I was
just shocked to note Mama-ji was scratching his crotch over his lungi seeing the
whole proceedings!

Dr. Desai: Hmm? no spots on the knees also?hmm? quite good!

He was commentating in a whispering tone as he continued his inspection and he was

moving up my legs.

Dr. Desai: Aaah! Here I found one? (moving my sari further up, now almost till my
mid thighs) Hmm?

Dr. Desai was now palpating my left lower thigh with his fingers and he was
pressing the area where he found the red blood spot.

Dr. Desai: See Sir?

Mama-ji also now bent down on my semi-exposed legs and was inspecting the spot! It
was so, so embarrassing for me to remain like that on the bed with my sari being
raised up till my mid thighs.

Mama-ji: This? I mean... it looks brighter.. isn?t it doctor?

Dr. Desai: Ha ha? no, no Sir, it?s not brighter! Actually you see Madam?s thighs
are very fair (saying that he brushed his palm on my smooth thighs probably
indicating to Mama-ji about its fairness!) which is actually making you feel that
it appears brighter.

Mama-ji: Oh? right, right.

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, did you notice only one spot or more? I? I don?t see any

Me: One? only one doctor. (I replied very promptly so that he stops this sexy

As I replied I felt Dr. Desai pushing his hand a few inches inside my sari to feel
for any blood spot on my upper thighs. I almost hissed out in excitement as he
performed this action on my naked thighs.

Dr. Desai: Okay, fine Madam. But? but tell me one thing ? does your legs always
remain so ho? I mean warm?

Me: (wondering what sort of question was that) Ye.. err? I mean no, not really? in
all probability it?s? it?s due to this allergy.

Dr. Desai: I hope so... (now pulling out his hand from inside my sari, but did not
remove it off my exposed thighs) otherwise you will surely need a thorough checkup.

Me: No, no? I am feeling a lot of discomfort and a heated up feeling overall once I
started experiencing this itching and all.

Dr. Desai: Hmm? that?s quite natural also Madam. Actually? err? Well I asked that
because only today in the morning one of my patients, a middle aged housewife, who
is an old patient of mine, admitted that she was having warmth in her legs for at
least 2-3 months, but did not disclose to me due to shyness! That was really quite
silly on her part because one must reveal any deviation to the doctor during a

Mama-ji: Hmm? Certainly!

I was obviously a bit curious to know more about this case because it?s not
entirely untrue that I do experience the same symptoms in my legs at times. I do
sense a feeling of warmth along my upper legs at certain times of the day and not
only that I feel similar warmth at times in my buttocks too!

Me: What can happen out of this doctor?

The doctor had not removed his hand off my thighs and now in fact he started to
feel my warm smooth flesh! His fingers were very subtly grazing the silkiness of my
fair thighs. Since I had kept my legs stuck together, he could easily brush his
palm from my right leg to the left and I indeed was feeling quite uneasy being
cleverly groped like that, but could not do anything also.

Dr. Desai: No? you see nothing serious can happen out of this, but this might just
be a symptom for another problem.

Me: O! I see.

I tried to remain ?normal? and quickly looked at Mama-ji from the corner of my eyes
to note if he was noticing the doctor?s hand. Fortunately, he was looking at the
doctor and not concentrating on what his hand was doing. Dr. Desai was behaving
very ?normally?, but his hand was feeling my marble-like rotund naked legs above my

Dr. Desai: As was in the case of that woman I was talking about? when she admitted
to me about that warmth in her upper legs, obviously I proposed to examine the
area, but again she was very shy to allow me to do that. I explained to her that in
order to go to the root of the problem, I need to examine the area to know the
extent of the warmth, was it radiating to other parts or not, or was there any
associated redness developing etc. etc.

Mama-ji: You said she was a middle-aged woman?

Dr. Desai: Ya! And she was married too! What I have seen generally is that married
women do not exhibit much shyness to exams of their private parts like the teenage
girls, but this patient was an exception. Anyway, coming to the main point, when I
inspected her thighs I not only found them to be warm, but also there was some
redness associated towards the back of the thighs. When I told her about that and
she replied that she never inspected the back of her thighs and hence missed that.
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Chapter 8

by samitbhai
Me: Then? (I was of course getting quite inquisitive to know more of this case)

Dr. Desai: Then huh? then was another drama?

Mama-ji: Why?

By this time Dr. Desai?s hand had gone up to alarming heights! He had pushed my
sari well above my mid thighs and had exposed me till there and I knew this was no
check up or examination that he was doing. He was enjoying the feel of my sexy
naked thighs ? and that too quite openly!

Dr. Desai: I told her that I wanted to inspect if that redness was radiating to
other parts of her body or not? but?. (shrugging) she was again refusing adamantly.

Mama-ji: Refusing what?

Dr. Desai: To allow me to check further and ultimately after a lot of wheedling and
explaining, I could persuade her to allow me to check her buttocks.

Mama-ji: Oh! Ha ha ha?

Naturally I was not much amused by this laugh and lowered my eyelids. My lips were
getting parted as I could feel Dr. Desai?s warm hand encroaching upwards along my
plump naked thighs feeling its velvetiness. The worse part was that he was quite
openly pressing his thumb on my exposed flesh and was feeling the entire area from
my knees to my mid thighs with his ?expert? hand and concurrently continuing the
chat in the most normal fashion!

Dr. Desai: Fortunately Sir, my patient was wearing a panty under her sari which
gave her some security probably. Ha ha ha? Anyway I did discover that the redness
traveled to her buttocks too and informed the patient about that. So it was proved
that it was not just warmth in her legs which a woman often experiences out of
sexu?. Err? I mean thrill or excitement.

I was now slightly concerned that I never checked my legs for any redness when I
felt the warmth. The chance of checking my butts was out of question. I tried to
figure out that whether it was due to any excitement or not, but was not able to
relate completely. Yes, when my husband is around and in mood of lovemaking, I
surely generate heat out of my ass and legs, but when he is not around, still I
often feel warm in my upper thighs especially before going to bath or when I lay in
the bed after lunch. Should I tell that to the doctor? I was undecided as Dr. Desai
was still in the mood of groping my legs very inappropriately ignoring Mama-ji?s
presence completely!

Dr. Desai: It was a problem of circulation blockade for which she was having such
symptoms, the treatment of which I could start only today! The action could have
been prompted earlier if she had related the issue to me prior. I mean you know
Sir, I always advise my patients that how much silly the issue is? speak out? tell
me? let ME decide if it?s to be ignored? you know.

Mama-ji & Me (in chorus): Hmm? True.

Dr. Desai: I hope Mrs. Singh you don?t have any such issues?

Mama-ji: Yes, Bahurani, if you have anything in your mind, you might just clear
that out. You will not get Dr. Desai everyday, he is such an experienced doctor at
this young age!

Me: Hmm? err? yes, I know Mama-ji? (scratching the back of my neck and shoulders
out of my itching syndrome) Umm? I cannot say I do not experience that, but not in
a severe way of course.

Dr. Desai: Experience what Madam?

Me: I mean the warmth that you just described.

Dr. Desai: Okay, okay. I see! Umm? did you note that it occurs at a specific time
of the day or after any specific activity?

Me: Umm? am really not sure? have not noticed that with precision you know? but?I

Dr. Desai: Fine Madam, you just don?t have to press hard on your mind. Let me make
things easier for you? You only consider those cases Madam where you felt warmth in
your legs when your husband was not around. You are a? I mean? a young woman and
married only for 2-3 years? so it?s not unnatural to have the feeling of warmth
often in the upper part of your legs you know?

Mama-ji: Ha ha? and you know doctor our Rajesh also loves her very much.

Mama-ji was smiling looking at me and so was the doctor and obviously I blushed up
to my ears in natural feminine shyness. I smiled back very timidly and thank god?
now as Dr. Desai was speaking directly to me, he had ceased to move his hand on my
thighs and I was naturally able to breathe easily and was less stiff, though his
hand still remained in between my left and right thigh in a very indecent position.

Me: Err? Well I get the warmth when umm? I am in bed after lunch.

Dr. Desai: Your husband is away for work at that time I guess.

Me: Yes of course!

Dr. Desai: Okay. Any other time that you can remember Mrs. Singh?

Me: Well doctor I sometimes do feel it before taking a bath ?. Though not always?

Dr. Desai: Hmm? any other time?

Me: Not really that I can remember.

Dr. Desai: Fine? fair enough. Now tell me Madam, is this warmth that you experience
in your legs very significant to hamper your activity? does it keep you in
significant discomfort?

Me: Neh? I mean not any discomfort but? but you know? I feel very uneasy?

Dr. Desai: I see. Then Madam I think this is surely not a physiological problem
that I can address.

Me: (definitely a bit surprised) Then?

Dr. Desai: This is purely a case of arousal. He he he? You must be getting aroused
for some reason? I don?t know exactly how? may be ?.

Me: Aroused! (I said in a husky voice)

Dr. Desai: I should not be commenting on this, but? err? surely there?s a reason!

Mama-ji: What reason doctor? Bahurani must know that? isn?t it?
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Chapter 9

by samitbhai
Dr. Desai: See Mrs. Singh, I am telling you frankly? the two cases that you related
to me?. I mean in both cases I guess? let me repeat I GUESS? may not be true, but
from your description it seems that on both occasions you are having warmth in your
legs, you must be in some form of undressed condition or may be in scanty clothes.
Since you have said that you experience this quite often, this has to be a regular
affair. Well you must be remaining in somewhat exposed state before your bath for
an unnecessarily long period of time as well as after your lunch when you rest,
which might be arousing your feelings involuntarily. Again I repeat this is only
guesswork from your description only.


I was simply shocked that the doctor could come up with such a reason!

I? I just looked blank and especially with Mama-ji present I felt like hiding my
face under the pillow. Things got worse for me when Mama-ji passed the next remark
which made me so exposed in front of this outside doctor that I was purely

Mama-ji: Hmm? doctor, I think you struck the right string! May be this is true?. In
fact Bahurani, my sister also had a very similar habit?. May be you just inherited

Dr. Desai: Your sister?

Mama-ji: Arre? her mother-in-law!

Dr. Desai: O! I see.

Mama-ji: Am I wrong Bahurani?

Me: No?but?it?s not that?

Mama-ji merely interrupted me and concluded on his own not even allowing me to
complete what I meant to express!

Mama-ji: I know! I know! Arre? innumerable times previously I had told my sister
not to do that, but no? whenever I went to her sasural I used to find her each day
cleaning and sweeping her bedroom before taking the bath. Arre! What?s the
necessity when you have a maidservant! I told her so many times that Tulsi, you are
married now, and if some outsider sees you like this in your sasural what would he
think? But who cares? everyday she used to sweep and clean the room before taking
the bath wearing only the towel.

Mama-ji paused momentary and I was almost fully flushed to imagine my mother-in-law
sweeping her room just wearing a towel and that too in front of Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Kya batayun Bahurani? Tulsi continued this practice even when Rajesh was
quite grownup and going to high school? and when one day I found Rajesh was eyeing
her mother, which was only natural you know?. I had to alert your mother-in-law?
initially she did not at all believe my words, but when?

Mama-ji was nodding his head and paused suddenly and quite inappropriately also.

Me: (Automatically a reaction came out of my mouth) What Mama-ji?

What Mama-ji described to my response was a bit too much for me to ingest! It
virtually knocked me over in front of that outside doctor.

Mama-ji: But when I challenged her to watch her son she only realized? Of course it
did not sound good to your mother-in-law Bahurani, but? but fact is a fact! The
following day just before her bath when she started cleaning the room Rajesh was
sitting on the bed. Obviously my sister was extra conscious that day? but you tell
me Bahurani? how much can you hide of your body with only a towel?

Mama-ji looked at me directly and I naturally evaded his look and gazed elsewhere
nodding my head so that he did not inquire further!

Mama-ji: ?and that too when you are sweeping the floor! As she mopped the floor
sitting on her knees every now and then the towel slipped off her shoulder ?
naturally Rajesh was distracted by that? and for that matter Bahurani I don?t blame
young Rajesh for this! As a mother if you don?t realize that your son is growing up
then there is nothing to say!

Dr. Desai: But Sir apparently this does not sound too awkward that?

Mama-ji: Awkward! That?s a very decent term you are using doctor? (now lowers his
voice as if revealing a secret) Arre? you know when my sister mopped the floor
below the couch, she invariably had to bend a lot sitting on her knees to get under
the cot to swab that area and doctor and? what should I say? each time my sister
bent and swept the floor under the cot, the end of the towel on her shoulder
consistently slid off to the floor uncovering her breasts? and most times she did
the entire mopping under the bed with her both breasts totally open? My sister was
such a casual thing and her son could see that at times as he was not sitting on
the bed all the time naa!

Dr. Desai: O-k-a-y! I see? yes, a mother should always be conscious about herself
keeping in mind that her son is growing up!
Mama-ji: Huh! Conscious! My sister was so ignorant? many a times doctor I saw her
getting out from under the bed with the towel totally dislodged off her breasts and
she only covered her breasts once she stood up! This was not a wise thing to do in
front of his son who was going to school then, isn?t it?

Dr. Desai: Surely! Your sister did a very wrong thing? Another point actually?. I
always advise this to all my lady patients who are the mother of growing kids ?

Mama-ji: What doctor?

Dr. Desai: To wear undergarments as much as possible at home in front of the

growing kids you know because?

Mama-ji: Exactly doctor! You spoke my mind? I exactly told this point also to my
sister too!

Dr. Desai: ? because wearing a bra in front of a growing kid is a must Sir?
especially if the mother possesses? I mean ample breasts?(Dr. Desai was smiling
cunningly looking at my big-sized sari-covered breasts)

Mama-ji (openly scratching his lund inside his lungi): Precisely doctor? and that?s
what my sister never did! Not only during that cleaning time, I found her many a
times (lowering his voice) err? without a bra in front of Rajesh.

Dr. Desai: Except for nighttime while going to bed this should be avoided? though
the mother might feel at ease, but the swaying of her free breasts inside her dress
would invariably distract her son you know and is not at all a sensible thing to do
if the lad is school going.

Mama-ji: Hmm? unfortunately Tulsi never listened to my advice! Huh!

Dr. Desai: In addition to this Sir, I also advocate mothers who have a bulky figure
to always wear knickers inside whatever they are wearing at home?

Mama-ji: Knickers!!! You mean err? I mean you mean to say a panty I guess?.

I was just dumbstruck the way this chat was taking its course! What happened to my
allergy treatment? What happened to the problem that I cited of warmth in my legs?
Its crossing all decency limits and was increasingly uncomfortable and bumpy for
me! Naturally I looked very much blushed and flushed. I had virtually no option but
to participate also, but tried my best to refrain from remarking because I was
afraid that that might lead to a more embarrassing situation for me only.

Mama-ji: Knickers?!? Are they in use still? I mean any woman wear that?

Dr. Desai: I agree Sir that they are not very popular, but I recommend this for
women with fleshy plump asses that wiggle a lot when they walk. Actually it helps
them look rather decent in front of their growing children.

Mama-ji: okay. I see! I see!

Dr. Desai: In fact? (Dr. Desai pauses and looks at my body)? Mrs. Singh, you might
also benefit from wearing knickers as I notice that you too have a pretty much
large fleshy gaan? I mean you also have a large rear portion!

Me: Oss? Okhhh? Ok-hay doctor. (My throat was totally dry and I could hardly
pronounce anything!)

Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani, you have gained significant weight from the time of your
marriage when I last saw you.
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Chapter 10

by samitbhai
Mama-ji was looking at my pelvic area while he continued to rub his lund under the
lungi. It seemed he was not wearing any brief and his lund was freely hanging under
his lungi! I just grinned foolishly somehow.

Dr. Desai: Actually Madam?. why I recommend knickers for women who possess a big
ass? you know ? only because it restricts the free swaying of the flesh of your

I avoided eye contact with Dr. Desai as I was indeed feeling very awkward to chat
about such things with a male doctor.

Dr. Desai: Of course there is some science behind my saying! Knickers are built in
such a way that they cover and hold the whole of the buttocks and even part of the
thighs in a very tight fashion, which effectively restricts the ass flesh to sway
very freely in addition to help maintain the resilient structure and elasticity of
the tissues of that area you know.

Mama-ji: Umm! Never thought so deeply regarding this! He he?.

Dr. Desai (also smiling): But? but unfortunately you know Sir, most lady patients
return to me with quite a negative feedback?

Mama-ji: Regarding?

Dr. Desai: Regarding wearing knickers?. I don?t know why they are so inclined to
wear a panty rather than knickers? may be you can answer this Madam being a woman!

I was shocked a doctor can initiate such sexy discussions! Both Dr. Desai and Mama-
ji turned and looked at me; naturally I had no clue and honestly was not at all
curious to participate in this lewd conversation too!

Me: I? I?

Dr. Desai: You have not tried knickers I guess Madam?

Me: No, never. (I said quite emphatically and tried my best to exhibit that I was

Dr. Desai: Hmm? So just see? you are no different Madam! Like majority of my lady
patients, you also prefer to wear a panty underneath your sari rather than

Dr. Desai directly looked at my eyes and it was too much of an embarrassment as his
words were as if echoing in my ears ? ??you also prefer to wear a panty underneath
your sari??
I again looked down and my face must have been glowing in shyness, as I could feel
the heat emitting from even my ears.

Dr. Desai: (turning toward Mama-ji) You know Sir the fact remains that the feedback
which I got from my patients who at least tried knickers on my recommendation is
not at all encouraging.

Mama-ji: Why?
Dr. Desai: Huh! Each patient had a different excuse and? and you know I could only
laugh at those excuses? but yes, I agree, summer weather is a hindrance to constant
wearing of knickers, which some patients did mention.

Mama-ji: If that?s the only genuine excuse you consider, what about the others
doctor? (smiling very meaningfully)

Dr. Desai: Oh! Others? ?Ha ha ha?.

Dr. Desai was laughing quite openly and I was getting very much coiled in as this
embarrassing conversation was as if continuing endlessly!

Dr. Desai: Sir, you would also laugh if you hear those excuses?

Mama-ji: Like?

Dr. Desai: Like? one young lady reported that her husband was not okay with her
wearing knickers and he preferred her to wear a regular panty under her dresses? so
nothing much the lady could do?

Mama-ji: Did she always have to show her husband what?s she wearing under??

Dr. Desai: Huh! That?s why I was telling you naa Sir? ridiculous! ?again another
middle-aged lady reported that she was uncomfortable using the toilet as she finds
knickers hard to pull down due to its tight fitting. Umm? another lady related a
similar problem? actually she is a working lady? and she added that it was too
awkward for her to stand in the office toilet, which is a public toilet of course,
with her sari up at her waist for a prolonged period trying to pull down the
knickers for urination ?

Mama-ji: This seems to be a logical point? Ha ha ha?

Dr. Desai: Ha ha ha? Like this you know? Anyway I think we are drifting too wide?
Mrs. Singh seems to be getting a bit restless Sir?

Mama-ji: Oh! Sorry, sorry Bahurani? I also got a bit carried away by the chat Beti?

I was much relieved that this ?shit? (=conversation) ended and sighed deeply.

Dr. Desai: As I was saying?. do you agree to my inference that Mrs. Singh? I mean
you said you develop warmth post lunch and prior to taking a bath and I assume that
probably you remain in less clothes during those times for prolonged periods which
is actually causing you to get subtly aroused and hence the warmth generated in
your legs. Am I into the right direction Mrs. Singh?

I had to frown with utter surprise because this young doctor hit the bull?s eye!
How could he guess that? It was so true that before going for a bath in my sasural,
I do remain in my blouse and petticoat only for the purpose of washing and
cleaning. But? then there is no one to see me! And also, after lunch and completing
all household chores, I do take a nap and yes? at times I do lie down on bed in
minimum clothing though mainly due to the summer heat.

I was completely bowled over and was quite spellbound by Dr. Desai?s guess!

Dr. Desai: Madam, am I completely wrong? And you know there is nothing wrong in it
if you are alone. You are adult and independent and you can always wear your likes
when you are securely alone.

I was still frowning and looking incessantly at his face with disbelief, but
quickly controlled myself.

Me: Err? well to some extent? err? I mean you are correct to some extent.

Dr. Desai: So just see Madam?. (smiling) It?s not a problem that needs to be
treated! I told you at the very first go.

I was smiling nervously thinking of the fact that I actually confessed to two adult
males that I wear scanty clothes during two times of the day! And Dr. Desai
immediately made me more nervous with his next comment!

Dr. Desai: But Madam, be very sure when you do that because I have encountered at
least two cases where my patients were molested and got physically hurt due to this

Mama-ji, expectedly, stepped in!

Mama-ji: Molested?!?!? Within their house?

Dr. Desai: Yes Sir! That?s why I am saying naa!

I could not stop myself from knowing more about the incident because I obviously
feel secure and safe in my house when I remain in less clothes.

Me: But? but what happened to your patient? (naturally there was a tinge of
anxiousness in my voice)

Dr. Desai: Well Madam, it?s not at all encouraging, and I feel one should take
lessons from that.
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Chapter 11

by samitbhai
Me: What happened actually?

Dr. Desai: The first case was Gayathri Bhabi? in fact she is a neighbor to me. She
is the mother of two, around 40 years of age.

Mama-ji: Mother of two got molested?!?

Dr. Desai: Unfortunately yes! She used to come to my chamber for herself as well as
her children for general problems, but one day she came alone and it was quite late
also. I was almost closing the chamber. I could make out just by observing her that
she was not in herself. Generally she was always accompanied by his elder son, but
today he was also missing. She appeared to be in a state of shock and was looking

Dr. Desai?s narrative was more than captivating and both Mama-ji and I were
listening quite intently. Even my physical discomfort including the redness and
acute itching went to the back of my mind!

Dr. Desai: When I inquired about her problem, she was silent and was unable to
talk. Her lips were trembling and finally she started sobbing. I could realize
something serious had happened and she could not relate that to her family members.
I asked my nurse to go out to so that she felt more comfortable. I gave her some
time to reorganize and then what she conveyed was shocking and pathetic too.

Mama-ji: What did she say?

Even Mama-ji?s voice reflected a shade of anxiousness!

Dr. Desai: Gayathri Bhabi stated that she used to puja everyday upstairs after
taking bath and just as a custom and to ensure purity she used to wear a fresh sari
while doing puja without any blouse or petticoat. Since she was always alone during
that time and had been doing it since her marriage, she never bothered about it.
She related that it was just a 5-minute affair and then she dressed up. During that
time her father-in-law and the household servant generally were present in the
house, but they both stayed downstairs. But that day her father-in-law for some
reason came searching for her and exactly during that time when she had seated for
puja. It was not that this happened for the very first time, but if her father-in-
law found her in the puja room, he just conveyed the message aloud and went

Me: Seems a very normal and natural setting doctor like!

Dr. Desai: Yes like any other house Madam! But normal setting also often goes for a
toss due to unnecessary exposition of female flesh! What Gayathri Bhabi
comprehended when she thought about the incident later that when her father-in-law
came to convey the message, she was doing puja and was rather reluctant to cover
herself properly and her back was totally naked and even she doubted that part of
her ass was also visible as she was naturally very casual about wrapping the sari,
as it was a daily affair and a very short-lived affair.

Mama-ji: Very normal? and also at her age?

Dr. Desai: Yes absolutely! Gayathri Bhabi said that when her puja was over she got
up and found her sasur-ji was standing right behind her inside the room! She
naturally was quite surprised as she never realized that the elderly man had
silently entered the room and had closed the door! Bhabi also told that
unfortunately her sari was not thick enough and since her body was wet after the
bath, much of her body was getting exposed through her sari. Before she could
envisage the situation, her father-in-law pounced on her and tried to hug her.

Me: Chi chi?. It?s so unimaginable!

Dr. Desai: Madam, I told you? Gayathri Bhabi was naturally sobbing as she stated
that she was thoroughly molested by her sasur-ji and was almost gone to the verge
of nakedness in that struggle. Eventually she just gnawed her father-in-law?s hand
and saved her dignity, but in the process she got brutally hurt in her breasts and
was in great pain.

Mama-ji: Shame! Shame on that person! Aadmi hai ke janwar! Apni bahu ko? Chih!

Dr. Desai: Very much true Madam! Bhabi was relating that she was married for 18
years and this was the first time she was into such an abysmal circumstance!

Mama-ji: Her mother-in-law??

Dr. Desai: Died an year back.

Mama-ji: Wohi to! There lies the problem!

Me (obviously quite offended): But that cannot be an excuse for such ghinona harkat
(=dirty behavior)!

Mama-ji: No, no Bahurani, I am not certifying that but am just pointing to the
Me: But? but am not convinced?. How can this be a direct cause for such an aged

Dr. Desai: No Madam. That can happen. Many males do have the power to continue a
much longer sexual life even after 60-65!

Me: My God! (it came out automatically off my mouth and I immediately felt shy and
blushed as Mama-ji was almost 60 or 60+!)

Dr. Desai: But when I examined Gayathri Bhabi?s breasts I was pretty much upset?

Mama-ji: Why doctor?

Dr. Desai: Sir, as I opened Gayathri Bhabi?s blouse I found her right nipple
immensely swollen and there were clear teeth marks and nail marks on her both
breasts. It was so painful that Bhabi was unable to put on a brassiere! Her right
nipple was appearing so much swollen that I was quite alarmed if there was any
internal damage done to her breast tissues. Bhabi admitted that when her father-in-
law grabbed her, he was able to expose her breasts fully as her sari was very
loosely clad and he tried to bite and suck her right nipple very forcefully several

Mama-ji: Ish?. Very sad!

Dr. Desai: But you know Sir, even if I consider that I was puzzled by the
appearance of her right nipple. She was a married woman though 40, but still she
was must be having sex with her husband, and it?s but natural that during
lovemaking her husband should suck her nipples, but the way her nipple was swollen
and tender, it seemed that it was touched after a very long time!

Mama-ji: Hmm? and you said her children are grownup and so there was no question of
breast feeding also.

Dr. Desai: Absolutely. And when I conveyed this to Bhabi, she admitted that though
she had sex, but her husband was not too keen to suck her breasts as they had
sagged somewhat, and the fact that after her second child stopped feeding on her
breasts, hardly did she experience any breast sucking from her husband. Then it was
clear to me as to why the reaction was so vigorous?.

Mama-ji: I see! I see! He he he?.

Dr. Desai: I injected tetanus and gave Bhabi a gel to apply on her breasts and
asked her to come back in a week to relate healing.

Me: Did she not inform her husband about this brutal suffering?

Dr. Desai: I exactly asked this and even referred her to go to the police, but you
know? she was much afraid regarding the scandal and that her children are still
minor. Gayathri Bhabi was also reluctant to make her husband aware about this
filthy approach and kept the whole thing under cover. Anyway?. my duty was to just
make you aware Madam? and that?s why I?

Me: No, no doctor. That?s very nice of you?

Mama-ji: You were referring to two cases I guess?

Dr. Desai: Will get back on that later? I think I need to give relief to her on
priority basis.
Mama-ji: Yes, yes doctor? surely that?s highest priority! My Bahurani has been
suffering for long now!

Dr. Desai: Well what I gathered from my inspection, I will have to administer a
couple of injections as the core treatment. But Sir I must mention this type of
allergic reaction is quite rare and I wonder how Mrs. Singh developed this!
Indisputably its not food related.

Mama-ji: Doctor, I am rally more keen to get her alleviated of this, rather its

Dr. Desai: No, no? I can understand that Sir, but for me the source is also equally
important so that it does not recur.

Dr. Desai had opened his case and took out a syringe and two ampules and was
getting ready to prepare the injection. Though I was not very much comfortable with
injections like any other person, but still was feeling relieved that I would be
cured soon of this intolerable itching, the blood spots, and the redness that had
engulfed my entire figure. The chest tightness and the headache were indeed quite
marginal at this stage.

Dr. Desai: You see Madam for any allergic reaction there is a? how to put it? I
mean there is a gestation period, during which you suffer the most, after which it
comes to a relatively stable position where the acute symptoms might just die down,
you know.

Me: Hmm? hmm?

Dr. Desai was ready with the injection.

Dr. Desai: This is the first of the two injections that I will administer and
surely you will get relief within 10-15 minutes as it mixes with your blood.
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Chapter 12

by samitbhai
I was a bit unsure where Dr. Desai would push the injections. Previously till now I
had always taken injections in my arm and so naturally was anticipating that only,
but Dr. Desai immediately ruled that out!

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh if you can just turn around and lie down on your stomach for
the injection?

Me: Will you not push it in the arm?

Dr. Desai: No way! These are meant to be taken in the waist? not in the arms Madam.

Mama-ji: Arre it?s the same thing Bahurani? arms or waist? injection hi to hai!

Dr. Desai: Yes? just a momentary pinpoint pain? and complete! (smiling)

Me: O! O-k-a-y? let me then?

I turned upside down on the bed and indeed it was very awkward to do that in front
of two males. My big round ass was now looking up at the ceiling and as I placed my
body on my stomach my sari got stretched a bit more on my ass flesh naturally
making it more prominent. I tried to adjust the sari as much as possible, but
unfortunately it was still stretching rather tightly over my protruding round ass.
Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh? I mean if you can loosen your sari at the waist? actually I
need to clean the area first before pushing the needle.

It was surely a clumsy situation for me especially with Mama-ji standing right in
front of me, but there was hardly anything I could do about it and I pushed my
right hand inside my body below my navel and started loosening the sari there.

Dr. Desai: (now sitting more close to me on the bed) Thanks? thanks? I will do the

I could feel the doctor?s warm hand on the exposed skin of my waist just above my
sari waistline. Dr. Desai was palpating there and his fingers moved softly on my
entire waist along my sari periphery.

Me: Doctor I hope it will not be? I mean very pain? err? painful.

Dr. Desai: Well to tell you the truth Mrs. Singh this injection is slightly
different from other injections and the administering period is a bit longer, which
in effect increases the pain?. But don?t worry regarding that as I have a remedy
for that. I will use an anesthetic type solution before pushing the syringe so that
you feel very less pain.

Mama-ji: Oh! That?s great doctor. I cannot see my Bahurani in more pain?

Dr. Desai: I know Sir? actually this numbness solution is especially meant for
these types of injections and so carry it alongside.

Me: I see. Thanks a lot doctor.

I smiled and was definitely much assured.

Dr. Desai: Madam I will just pull down your sari a bit? (he was actually taking out
my sari off my petticoat) so that I can clean the area and rub on the numbness
application. It needs a bigger diameter actually.

It was indeed very awkward as I could feel the doctor?s fingers almost an inch
inside my petticoat as he opened the frills of my sari out of it! As I had loosened
my sari off my waist, it was like cakewalk for the doctor and within moments Dr.
Desai completely took out my sari off my waist and my petticoat was brazenly
exposed in front of his eyes. His fingers were time and again touching my
protruding butt cheeks and that was naturally making me feel very shy.

Dr. Desai: You are lucky Madam? you will naturally feel less pain.

Me: Why? (I asked foolishly)

Dr. Desai: Madam, you have a very full ass ? fleshy and attractive? that will
curtail the pain in a big way? he he he?

?Attractive?? What did Dr. Desai mean? How could he comment like that about a
married woman I wondered?

Mama-ji: So you mean that appropriate flesh at right places is good doctor!

Dr. Desai: Oh! Certainly Sir. A fleshy organ for a woman is always an advantage for
taking an injection? may it be the buttocks, the thighs, the breasts? anywhere.

Mama-ji: Breasts! Do you push needles there also doctor?

Dr. Desai: Of course, if the need be! And lady patients with a plump body are
always at an advantage point at least in terms of pain and Madam surely qualifies
that with her butt size and for that mater her breasts too. Ha ha ha?

I felt like stranded as I heard the young doctor quite openly and unhesitatingly
praising my fleshy curvy figure.

Mama-ji: But? I mean? if you don?t mind doctor? I would like to know? err? when do
you inject a woman in the.. I mean err? breasts? Actually this is totally a new
info for me you know... so am a bit curious.

Dr. Desai: Yes Sir I admit that this is not of course a regular phenomenon and it?s
slowly picking up in enlightened women who live in the metros. Actually I have
myself performed this only a couple of times so far?

Mama-ji: I see!

Dr. Desai: Actually Sir this is needed during the treatment process of breast
shaping, breast reduction, and breast enhancement though it?s fairly costly.

Mama-ji: Ooo! I see! I see.

Dr. Desai: Actually one of the treatments that I did was for a young married lady
who obviously came from the higher strata of the society? her name was Viashnavi?
Vaishnavi Paswan? yes Vaishnavi Paswan. She was suffering mentally as her breasts
were smaller in size and per her report her husband was not satisfied. But believe
me Sir she was a beautiful lady? fair color, almond eyes, rosy cheeks, tall figure
and her breasts were not tiny?. She actually wanted to enhance her breast size and
for that she was referred to me by another doctor. I treated her with injection and
allied therapies.

Mama-ji: Oh! A bold lady I must say?

As Dr. Desai talked on this very ?awkward? subject, he continued to feel the smooth
skin of my waist with his left hand as he was holding the syringe in his right
hand. His fingers crawled on the edge of my buttocks and he also was in fact trying
to pull down my petticoat off my waist! I had only myself to blame for that because
when I loosened my sari at my waist on Dr. Desai?s instruction, I was not too
conscious and had loosened my petticoat knot also! Now my petticoat was very
loosely sticking to my butts and hence it was rather easy for this man to slide it
downwards! I naturally was getting stiffer as I was clearly apprehending the
exposure of my panty in front of the doctor and Mama-ji!

Dr. Desai was freely palpating my waist and now in fact his fingers were touching
the upper bulge of my big firm buttocks and since I was wearing my panty a bit low,
I was naked to some inches below my petticoat. Obviously as the doctor?s hand moved
casually downwards intruding a very intimate area of my body I was virtually
shaking in anxiousness.

Dr. Desai: Ya! Vaishnavi was quite bold from that angle as because this is a very
sensitive organ for any woman and the therapies are also somewhat embarrassing for
a woman.

Mama-ji: Right!

Dr. Desai: I am specifically mentioning it because the process is indeed somewhat

awkward for an adult woman as during her visits the time she spent in my chamber
she practically had to remain without a cover on her breasts. Not only that Sir,
pre and post injection time I had to clean and use anesthetics on her bosom so that
she felt lesser pain and naturally I had to touch and hold her naked breasts for
significant periods of time.

Mama-ji (smiling meaningfully): Obviously no other way to treat!

Dr. Desai: Yes, plus the injection therapy alone was not enough and I had to treat
her with massages to supplement the injections three times a week.

Mama-ji: Oops! Massages must be very awkward for a married woman?

Dr. Desai: Yes Sir? and as you can also understand? it?s? I mean it?s quite
awkward? I mean not only for the patient, but also for the doctor? because the
massaging actually will not yield the maximum effect if done in the usual supine

Mama-ji: Then?
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Chapter 13

by samitbhai
Dr. Desai: Actually the lady has to stoop so that her breasts remain hanging freely
in the air?

Mama-ji: I see? then you can massage her tits from behind I guess.

Dr. Desai: Yes? actually there is a horizontal bar fixed to the wall especially
meant for these type of exercises in my chamber and Vaishnavi used to bend over
holding that and I massaged her breasts with medicated oils.

Mama-ji: Oh? It?s done with oils?

Not only was the conversation ?tight? for me, but also the movement of Dr. Desai?s
hand around my waist area was keeping me on my toes! It would be a lie to say that
the doctor?s hand was roaming on my waist area because now it was wholly and
squarely on my big tight ass and once or twice he even slid his fingers through my
petticoat to feel my panty inside! Otherwise he was clearly feeling the smoothness
and tightness my big round butt cheeks with his palm.

Dr. Desai: Not plain oil Sir, the oil is mixed with special herbal medications
which aid in the growth of breast tissue and make them more resilient thereby
enhancing the size and tightness also. Though it?s a time consuming process, but
surely is quite effective. In fact the oil when mixed with herbs is very, very
slimy and slippery, and I had a trying time with that? He he he? and hence copious
amounts are also required during each session of massage.

Mama-ji: Oh! Then it must be a very messy?

Dr. Desai: Ya absolutely! I had to change to a costume for doing the massage
properly. The oils are just too greasy and slimy you know?.

Mama-ji: Costume?

Dr. Desai: Yes Sir, vest and shorts. And my patient though was unwilling during the
initial days of massage ? later agreed to? I mean? err? actually Vaishnavi used to
wear long skirts and tops when she visited my chamber. She soon realized that
during the massage the oils were trickling and seeping down her breasts messing her
skirt miserably.

Mama-ji: And oil stains are very tough to clean.

Dr. Desai: Exactly! And that?s why I suggested Vaishnavi to take those massages
wearing a towel at her waist or something like that, but as expected she was
initially apprehensive, but later she was convinced and took her massages wearing a
panty only.

What? I just closed my eyes. A married lady taking breast massage from this young
doctor wearing just a panty was surely a bit too much, but how could I disbelieve
that? as because the doctor was admitting that himself!

Mama-ji: Was she cured through your treatment? I mean did she get results?

Dr. Desai: Of course Sir. She came to me when her breast size was 29 and after the
treatment for three months she had 31+ size breasts and that too without any
surgery like breast implants etc. My only satisfaction was the patient was
satisfied you know? and in fact Vaishnavi gave me the feedback that her husband was
also quite happy with her bigger and tighter breasts. Ha ha ha?

Mama-ji: He he he?.

Me: Aaaauumm?. (I muttered very softly as I was conscious that I might sound

I was stiff as a rod as I felt Dr. Desai?s hand was pushing down my petticoat
halfway down my fleshy butts and his fingers were now on my panty waistband!

Dr. Desai: Oh! Sorry Madam. Actually I need to clean and anesthetize? I mean part
of your bottoms also as I will push the injection low waist.

Dr. Desai did not even bother to wait for an approval from my side and simply towed
my panty downwards holding its waistband! Though I was lying upside down I could
easily realize that my ass crack was getting partly exposed!

Me: Eiiiiiiiiii??

I uttered silently and naturally I was very much embarrassed and my right hand
automatically went back on my round bottom trying to stop Dr. Desai?s hand!

Dr. Desai was swiftly working and my panty was slipping down off my big round
globes fast and my naked gaand was getting exposed before the eyes of the doctor as
well as Mama-ji. I could not just remain silent anymore and had to beg for a halt.

Me: Err?. Eii? Please? stop!

Mama-ji: Arre Bahurani don?t feel shy? he is a doctor after all!

Dr. Desai: Yes Madam, nothing to feel shy about? will take only a few minutes.

Giving me no chance to obstruct or talk further, Dr. Desai just dragged my panty
down forcefully and I realized more than 50% of my buttocks got brazenly exposed in
front of his eyes. Dr. Desai simultaneously bunched down my loose petticoat and
sari so that the view of my rear globes was absolutely unhindered. The young doctor
indicated Mama-ji to hold the syringe for a while and started cleaning my waist and
upper buttock area with a moist cotton. The feel of the cotton was pretty cool in
the literal sense of the term and it definitely made me feel better though I was
extremely nervous lying on the couch with my hips exposed so sensuously.

Dr. Desai: Y-e-h? its almost done Madam?. Just a little bit more?.
As he talked his fingers softly brushed the smoothness and roundedness of my butts
and each time he reached near my ass crack I was getting so excited that I
invariably had goosebump all over my body. The doctor rubbed the moist cotton time
and again over the exposed area of my rear globes and also on my waist. I was stiff
as a stick when once or twice Dr. Desai just casually pushed the cotton ball in my
ass crack even cleaning the insides!

Dr. Desai: Madam? I need to a little bit more area to be cleaned and numbed before
I push the double dose ? I just want to be very sure that you don?t feel much pain
you know? so if you kindly push your waist up a bit?. I can pull your petticoat
down a bit easily?

But that would actually make my whole ass exposed! For taking a couple of
injections the compromise seemed to be too much to me! But there was no other
choice for me; I had to do what the doctor wanted me to do though I knew that would
leave me virtually?

I slowly pushed my waist and legs up a bit from my lying posture so that Dr. Desai
could drag my petticoat further down. My eyes got closed in utter shame and
nervousness as Mama-ji was also watching everything from very close quarters!

It was sooooooooo embarrassing!

Dr. Desai was rather proactive in quickly dragging my petticoat and sari further
down and virtually made my entire butt area visible to him. I myself could also
clearly feel that the whole of my flaring buttocks were fully out of my sari and
petticoat though my panty was still clinging to my bottom! But? but that was also
quite momentary as I immediately felt Dr. Desai started tugging down my panty with
both hands and my big round ass was exposed completely in front of both males! As
Dr. Desai forcefully dragged my panty down over my flesh bottoms, my panty
naturally was getting rolled up and it remained blatantly stuck on my fleshy upper
thighs. My posture was absolutely beyond description!

Mama-ji: Oiii maaaa! Ishhhh? Bahurani, you can?t see it, but your rear portion is
all red due that allergy. Doctor, please push the injection quickly? I can?t see
Bahurani like this?

I clenched my lips in frustration as Dr. Desai was moving his hand on my entire
naked ass! My ass flesh was already emitting quite a lot of heat both due to the
allergic reaction as well as feeling the touch of a male hand. But? But I could no
longer feel the cotton ball in his hand? that means Dr. Desai was just plainly
feeling my fleshy ass cheeks with his palm!

Dr. Desai: Yes Sir, but I must give time to the anesthetic medication to start

Saying that Dr. Desai continued to lewdly grope my entire naked gaand with his hand
and not only that he was openly pressing and even squeezing my tight ass flesh
quite openly! I wondered what that had to do with the pushing of the injection! The
most embarrassing part happened when Dr. Desai simply patted my bare gaand with a
few gentle slaps and as a result my entire round ass jiggled very sexily and it
must have been quite a sight for both Mama-ji and the young doctor to watch!

Within a few moments I could feel the pinpoint pain of the needle going inside my
body around my waist area and naturally I clenched my lips to bear the sting. I was
rather surprised that Dr. Desai did not give a pause and hardly waited to push in
the second injection to the other side of my waist! This was the first time in my
life I took simultaneous injections and indeed it was a bit painful though surely
not as much as I was anticipating, which must be due to the application of the
topical anesthetic.

Dr. Desai: Done! Madam, you should be relived off your aches and itchiness very
soon and I need to check that your blood spots also clear out; otherwise they might
pose problems at a later stage.

As soon as I heard that I was more than eager to cover my heavy bottoms, which were
still shamelessly exposed and obviously both males must have been having a gala
time watching a 30-year-old married woman?s uncovered plump ass.

Dr. Desai: Uhhu? Uhu! What are you doing madam?

Me: Oh! (I stopped my hand midway; I was trying to pull my sari over my naked
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Chapter 14

by samitbhai
Dr. Desai: Uhu! Don?t do that as these injections are rather viscous in nature and
will take a little bit of time to flow through your blood vessels. Thus I still
have to execute some more activity Madam.

Me: O! I? I?.

Dr. Desai: I can understand Madam? you are feeling clumsy like this, but what to
do? You must allow me to make the liquid flow manually to some extent to have the
effective result quicker you know.

I was obviously surprised and honestly quite annoyed as I had to remain in that
erotic posture for more time!

Mama-ji: How will you do that doctor?

Dr. Desai: Manually? I need to push and pump the fluid through the vessels?

Mama-ji: O! I see.

Within moments I felt the doctor?s warm hands on my fleshy ass cheeks. I could feel
the hollow of his palms and all his ten fingers on my round ass flesh! This time he
gripped my gaand flesh quite securely and started pressing them at certain points.

Me: Uuuuuiiii?.. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!

It was so disgracefully awkward to have an adult male pressing my naked ass that I
could not stop emitting those soft moans very shamelessly! The doctor now almost
climbed the bed and was over my body compressing and virtually kneading my tight
ass flesh with his hands. The scene was simply shocking and I wondered what Mama-ji
was thinking! Dr. Desai?s hands were strong and his grips on my buttocks were also
very full and deliberate.

I was speechless as well as breathless. My mind ceased to work and I was getting
immensely excited sexually, very directly. My pussy was now completely uncovered as
Dr. Desai had already slid my panty to my thighs and I was already subtly rubbing
my pelvic area on the bed! I was slowly rubbing my pussy lips on the bedcover folds
under my body! Naturally my nipples under my bra were rock hard and my breasts
struggled inside my tight blouse as I was getting horribly keyed up. Dr. Desai?s
palms were not very smooth, at least not like my husband?s, but the way he was
gripping and squeezing my ass flesh with both hands was in an awesome manner and I
was unable to hide my ecstasies and started emitting loud moans!
Mama-ji: So the injected fluid gets pushed through Bahurani?s blood vessels like
this! Oho?. I see! Wah! Good!

Dr. Desai: Right Sir! Though there are only a few injections which are somewhat
viscous?. like the one I just administered.

Mama-ji nodded like an expert while Dr. Desai?s hands were now exactly in the
middle portion of my firm protruding ass and he was massaging it abundantly and
very crudely and naturally my pussy was getting wet by the minute. My whole body as
if was gearing up and in fact I was struggling to keep my calm lying on the bed. I
unknowingly had started pressing my big breasts more onto the bed and was rubbing
them as if as an equal and opposite reaction to Dr. Desai?s progressive squeezing
action. My legs were automatically getting parted, but due to my prone posture and
my panty tangled in between my plump thighs, I was unable to do that properly,
which in effect was making me more restless. I did not know how much the injection
went past my vessels, but my heart beat had started beating like anything!

Me: Ouch!

Dr. Oops! ! Sorry Madam!

This clipped chat excerpt was nothing but the actual shameless disposition of
things going on in that room. While Dr. Desai squeezed my butt flesh, his fingers
for once slipped inside my ass crack, which made me shudder and obviously made me
react like that. There obviously were no vessels inside my ass crack for the
injection fluid to pass through and that I could easily make out was a naughty move
by this young doctor, but this action (the feel of male fingers inside my ass
crack) immediately set my libido to a great height and I was desperately trying to
part my legs. But unfortunately I could not part my legs as much as I wanted as my
panty was quite securely tangled in my robust upper thighs.

Dr. Desai: I think? its doen? ya? the medication should now pass slowly to the
entire body.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Though Dr. Desai had taken off his hands off my naked butts, I was still gasping
long moans. My pussy was adequately moist now, though not freely flowing yet! I was
breathing very deeply and could not stop burying my face in the pillow to hide my
excitement. I was still moving my ass as if as a remnant of Dr. Desai?s lewd ass
squeezing. I was so disorganized - my sari was flowing on the bed and the only
cover on my curvaceous back was the thin fabric of the blouse, which was also
transparent enough to reveal my bra strap ? with my entire ass totally uncovered
and seemingly appearing very red after this heavy dose of massaging.

Mama-ji: Doctor, will it go to the upper part also? You did not do anything there?

Dr. Desai: No, actually it takes time to set off from the origin? that?s the waist
and the buttocks you know? then it?s?.

Mama-ji: Okay, okay! Then? I mean will this antidote alleviate Bahurani fully?

Dr. Desai: Of course Sir! Madam should be relieved of her aches and itchiness
completely through this.

Mama-ji: Great! Thanks doctor!

Dr. Desai: Arre? what is there to thank? it?s my duty Sir! But you know? Well I am
still a bit worried about those pinpoint blood clots? if they also clear out,
nothing like it.

Mama-ji: And? and if they don?t?

Dr. Desai: Then? then? I cannot comment right now. I have to see the betterment
percentage because these spots do bother at times forming greater clots on skin and
are often associated with some post-injection symptoms too. But not always you

Mama-ji: Okay doctor.

I was trying my best to hide my sexually elated state in front of Mama-ji and Dr.

Me: Can I? doctor, can I now cover? err?

Dr. Desai: O sure Mrs. Singh! Surely! I will? I will help you?

Saying that he quickly pulled up my loose sari and petticoat over the smooth
surface of my ass till my waist. From my posture I also pulled my sari with my
right hand and I quickly restored my supine position. As I did that my sari pallu
got displaced miserably ? as it is it was loose and flowing ? and with my physical
elation things got worse. Before I could cover myself properly both Dr. Desai and
Mama-ji must have enjoyed the view my pallu-less big-sized breasts, which had
naturally pumped up within my tight blouse and my butter-colored cleavage got
exposed abundantly. Hastily I pulled my sari back on my upper portion of the body
and also tried to tie my petticoat at my waist.


My panty was still halfway down at my midthighs! And, I could not even pull my
panty up now as I had already pulled up my sari and petticoat to my waist and I was
back to supine posture also. If I now try to pull up my panty from my legs, I
surely had to uncover my hairy pussy in front of these males, which was simply next
to impossible!

I thought it would be wise to remain quiet and settled in that position with my
panty still tangled in my thighs. My pussy was totally exposed beneath my sari and
petticoat and so was my ass.

Dr. Desai: Madam, please be patient for another 10-15 minutes and you should
definitely feel better and improved.

Me: O? okay doctor! As you say... (I replied very meekly as I was pretty much
conscious of my compromised state below my sari)

Dr. Desai started conversing with Mama-ji regarding the different cases and types
of patient party he faces in the hospital to which he was attached and also on
outpatient calls while I remained stationary in my lying posture - still very much
uncomfortable as I could not find a clue about what to do regarding my panty which
was still tangled around my thighs under my sari. I thought if I am cured of the
allergic reaction soon, Dr. Desai would certainly leave and Mama-ji would surely go
to see him off, and then I could easily pull up my panty. That was probably the
only way because in no way I could pull up my panty off my thighs in front of these
males and even if I try to do that it would be a very indecent scene. Hence I just
waited for the right time.
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Chapter 15
by samitbhai
Dr. Desai: Hmm? more than 15 minutes have passed and I think Madam should feel the

Mama-ji: Okay, okay. Bahurani, are you feeling a marked improvement from your
previous state?

Me: Hmm? yes, certainly. The itching has gone completely and I no longer feel any
tightness also.

Dr. Desai: Any residual headache?

Me: No. No doctor?.

Dr. Desai: Great! Now I need to check the pinpoint blood clots? let me see your arm
Mrs. Singh once?

I forwarded my arms towards him and for a moment my posture was such it seemed I
was as if welcoming him to give me a hug! I immediately corrected myself and
retracted my left hand. Dr. Desai checked my arms, one by one, but his face did not
look all that happy!

Dr. Desai: Let me check the legs also?

Saying that he shifted down my body and loosely pulled up my sari till my knees and
was checked my legs. Dr. Desai lifted my sari so casually that I almost was going
to utter an exclamation out of shyness, but I controlled myself in the nick of
time. It seemed as if I was his private property!

Dr. Desai: (frowning) Hmm? Seems the allergy has gone down pretty deep? it?s still
pretty much active?

Me: But doctor I am feeling significantly better and ? and no itches? as I said.

Dr. Desai: Yes, obviously because you are under the action of the medication that I
administered. If the clots had cleared out, I could conclude that the residual
allergic component is also cleared, but no? (sighs) There is no other way but to
clear it out step by step.

Mama-ji: Meaning?

Dr. Desai: I will have to check the sputum and the urine. Any one of them has to be
infected still and that is why the clots are not showing signs of healing up you

Mama-ji: But? but those are laboratory tests and will take a day?s time at least!

Dr. Desai: Arre? no Sir! These are not those routine tests? these can be easily
done here - right now.

Mama-ji: O! I thought?

Dr. Desai: Don?t worry Sir. (He opened his briefcase and took out a packet) Here
are the stain indicator cards. Madam, it?s pretty simple? you take one indicator
card, I mean this piece of paper, and lick it fully? I mean your saliva must soak
it? and I will know instantly if your saliva is clear of the allergy or not.

Mama-ji: But? but? how doctor?

Dr. Desai: He he? I told you these are special sterilized stain indicators. The
normal color of them is red (he takes out one piece of paper and shows it to me and
Mama-ji) as you can see and if your saliva is infected, when you lick it, it will
turn orange.

Mama-ji: Really!

Dr. Desai: Let me demonstrate it! Madam, please watch closely.

He started liking that indicator card in his hand, it was almost 2?x4? in size
rectangular in shape and after about a minute?s licking, he showed us the paper,
the color did not change.

Dr. Desai: So Sir, what do I conclude? My saliva is not infected with the allergic
virus Madam is having!

Mama-ji: Right!

Dr. Desai handed me one indicator card and like an obedient student I started
licking it. I stuck out my tongue and was painting the paper with my saliva. I must
have been looking utterly indecent licking an elongated piece of paper like that,
but could do hardly anything about it. My head was moving to and fro - quickly and
rhythmically ? I felt as if?. my action as if replicated as if I was licking the
length of my husband?s penis!

Oh God!

The very thinking was making my nipples stand up inside my bra! Mama-ji and Dr.
Desai were watching me do this act very intently and must have been loving every
moment of it seeing a matured woman like me doing that act sticking out her tongue!

Me: (handing out the card) I think? it?s? done?.

Dr. Desai: (taking the moist paper) Yes, yes Madam. Perfect!

Within moments a very surprising event took place; the indicator card started
changing its color! The red color was slowly turning pale and an orangish tinge was
engulfing the whole surface of the indicator and finally the color settled down to
bright orange! It was like some sort of magic!

Dr. Desai: So? just see? Madam your saliva is still very much infected.

Mama-ji: Wow! This seems very easy and conclusive!

Naturally I was not at all amused by the whole development as I anticipated more
medications probably.

Dr. Desai: I just want to be absolutely sure you know and would like to have the
urine test done also.

Mama-ji: Yes, yes Sir. Go ahead?

I was stiff immediately. If I need to execute the urine test, I will have to go to
the toilet, but with my present condition, how could I do that? I could not even
stretch my legs properly as my panty was sticking in a rolled fashion very
inelegantly on my upper thighs. I simply could not get up and walk normally in this
Me: Mama-ji, if you can give me a few minutes? I mean I just want to err? I just
want fix my sari a bit and?. Its got so lose and?.

Mama-ji: O! (his eyes moved all over my curvy body as if checking my sari) Yes, yes
Bahurani? you fix it. Doctor, I mean? can we? can we just wait outside so that she

Dr. Desai: O sure! Madam, please take your time. Let me hand over the urine
indicator?. Here it is?. just hold the card on your urine stream?. Bas! If there is
infection the color will change, otherwise nothing will happen? Okay Madam?

Me: Yes, yes, okay.

Both males turned away from me and walked outside the room. Mama-ji was kind enough
to close the door as they walked out. I felt so, so relieved. I immediately got out
of the bed in a trembling posture as I could not even stretch my feet and as I
stood up naturally my sari and petticoat were almost dropping off my waist as they
were very loosely wrapped. I allowed my sari and petticoat to drop on the floor and
quickly hauled up my panty and covered my hairy choot. I just couldn?t stop myself
from fingering my pussy for a while through my panty as I was still very much in my
elated state especially after licking that indicator card! Though it was just
licking a paper, but doing it in front of two males and the way I had to move my
tongue along the entire length of the paper made my quite horny.

I picked up my sari and petticoat from the floor and rushed to the toilet. In fact
I felt a bit anxious because the door was just closed and not locked and I was
standing in a pretty much exposed state. Since I had to execute the urine test, I
kept my sari and petticoat on the wall hook and holding the indicator paper in one
hand, I dragged down my panty till my knees with my other hand and then sat down
for peeing.


As my warm urine flowed on the toilet floor I held the piece of paper on the stream
and within moments it got entirely soaked. I completed my voiding and kept the
paper in a dry clean space and washed my hands and started getting dressed up

Mama-ji: Bahurani, are you done?

Me: Yes, yes. You may come in.

Dr. Desai and Mama-ji reentered the room and I was standing with that soaked paper
in my hand. To my shock the paper started to change its color!

Dr. Desai: Hmm? unfortunately Madam, the infection remains both in your oral and
genitourinary system.

Me: What will happen now doctor?

Naturally I was pretty much anxious and a bit depressed too as I was still carrying
the germ in my body system.

Dr. Desai: See Mrs. Singh? this is a complex thing and I will have to hospitalize
you in order to eradicate the germ completely.

Me & Mama-ji: WHAT? (in chorus)

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Chapter 16
by samitbhai
Dr. Desai: Wha?. I mean what happened? Did I say anything weird?

Me & Mama-ji: Yessss!! (chorus again)

Dr. Desai: But what?s so fearful about a hospitalization?

Me: No way! No way doctor! I can?t go there!

Mama-ji: Yes, yes. No way!

Dr. Desai: But?. but please understand? I don?t have adequate tools here to treat
this condition and its just a half-day admission and Madam? I mean you will be
discharged in the evening only!

Me: Out of question doctor? I will have to get back by evening time!

Dr. Desai: Get back? Get back where?

Mama-ji: Listen? listen doctor? My Bahurani has to get back to a place which is
quite far off from here and that schedule cannot be altered under any circumstance.

Dr. Desai: O! I see! (visibly quite surprised) But? err? I mean I have limited
resources to combat this allergic condition here. Do you get that point?

Me: Doctor? please do something. I really do not have so much time for
hospitalization? Believe me! I have no other option but to get back within that
timeframe? but?. but yes, I obviously want to be fully cured before that.

I as if started having palpitations because of this development and it was? it was

so unexpected for me!

Dr. Desai: Look Mrs. Singh, it?s not very easy to clear out this reaction without
hospital help? I am not saying it?s impossible, but would be very cumbersome you

Mama-ji jumped up in joy like a small boy and held Dr. Desai?s hand!

Mama-ji: Doctor if you are saying it?s not impossible? please do the treatment
here? we really don?t have the option to go to the hospital.

Dr. Desai: Okay? but am really not comfortable treating Madam further here because
the requisite clinical apparatus and drugs are unavailable here!

Mama-ji: Please doctor, for God?s sake? do it here.

Dr. Desai visibly was looking unhappy and surprised the way myself and Mama-ji were
pressing him, but he ultimately settled to treat me in-house.

Dr. Desai: Fine. But? but it won?t be easy for you to comply with it I am telling
you Mrs. Singh?

Me: Oho doctor! Don?t worry about those things? I will adjust ? but please get me
completely cured.

Mama-ji: Yes doctor. I want Bahurani to be completely healed before she leaves.

Me: Exactly doctor.

Dr. Desai: Umm? okay?. though I am not fully convinced? still I take your words and
will treat you here.

Me & Mama-ji: Thanks a lot doctor (in chorus)

Dr. Desai: Please be patient and give me a few minutes? time so that I can prepare
the antidote for your oral system.

Me: Okay doctor.

I immediately had a brisk eye contact with Mama-ji and we both nodded and felt much
relaxed that we could avoid the hospitalization. I had to get back to the ashram by
evening time and Mama-ji also knows that very well and now that the doctor had
agreed to treat me here, we both breathed normally.

Dr. Desai was ready with his antidote within a few minutes and it was a yellowish
liquid that he prepared in a test-tube.

Dr. Desai: This is the remedy which you will need to keep in your mouth as long as
possible Madam for best results.

It seemed simple enough to me and I readily nodded.

Dr. Desai: This solution when get mixed with your saliva and the other parts of
your mouth cavity will clear out the remainder oral infection.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, don?t waste time and?

Dr. Desai: No, no? Don?t haste Sir? this will be a slow acting process. We are not
even doing it through the regular agent. So? you just be patient. First? Madam, you
must check whether you can keep this in your mouth for a long period of time or

Me: What?

Dr. Desai: This drug?.

Me: O? okay.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and Dr. Desai was standing beside it while he
was preparing the medicine.

Dr. Desai: (coming very near to me) Open your mouth Madam. I will trickle two drops
for tasting purpose.

I opened my mouth wide for Dr. Desai to trickle the liquid.

Dr. Desai: Okay? bilkul perfect!

As soon as he said that phrase ?bilkul perfect? in that setting, I immediately

remembered my early teenage days when a compounder used to come to administer some
vaccine drops and invariably he also said ?bilkul perfect? whenever I opened my
mouth wide for him to trickle the droplets of that oral vaccine.

I vividly remember the incident because that old compounder did something
additional which kept me ?alert? all day after he left! I used to call him ?
compounder-chacha? and I was only 13-14 years of age and was quite innocent to
gather what he did while administering the vaccine. He invariably held my shoulder
when he asked me to open my mouth and when he brought the vaccine bottle close to
my mouth he himself bent and slipped his hand off my shoulder to my arm. It was
probably a 10-12 drop dose, but that man took a long time as he trickled only one
drop at a time. My mother always remained present there, but she probably
concentrated only on the arm administering the vaccine and must had been quite
ignorant about the other hand of compounder-chacha.

Compounder-chacha used to hold my arm just above my elbow and his thumb would
invariably poke and rub my perky tit over my top or whatever I wore. At that age
when I was at home I did not wear a brassiere and since compounder-chacha used to
come to our house to administer the vaccine, he always would find me in a braless
state. My breasts though at that age were naturally pretty small, but were
developing and rubber-tight in nature. Moreover, in those days the tops that I used
to wear were pretty thin and when compounder-chacha poked his thumb deep and strong
on my nimble tits, I felt as if he was touching my naked breasts! I used to feel
hot, my ears got red, and my tiny nipples would raise their heads inside my dress.
And? compounder-chacha would unmistakably trace my nipple over my dress at one go
and pressed his thumb right over it while he trickled the vaccine in my mouth.

Though on initial days, I got scared and coiled in, my heart drummed so loud that I
feared that my mom would listen to it! But? but unknowingly I also liked the whole
sensation! It was naturally a taboo for me, but as soon as his thumb pressed on my
tiny tit, I started feeling ?great?. The whole period of time his thumb pressed and
moved over my small breast, the feeling was simply indescribable. And even after
compounder-chacha left, the whole day that feeling used to surround me! But since
the vaccination process was once in 2-3 months, the effect was fortunately limited.

But one day things just got worse for me because when compounder-chacha came to
administer the vaccine, it was raining heavily. My mother closed the windows of my
room while compounder-chacha had already opened his vaccine bottle. As I heard ?
bilkul perfect? while I opened my mouth wide for him, honestly I was clearly
anticipating chacha?s thumb any moment on my breast area. Right at that moment my
mom requested compounder-chacha to carry on while she would close the other windows
of the house as it was raining quite heavily by then. As I heard footsteps of my
mom going out of the room, I immediately felt chacha?s thumb of my left breast. In
fact I was anticipating it too!
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Chapter 17

by samitbhai
Chacha immediately started to feel and press my tiny breast with his thumb and
unfortunately for me that day I was wearing a front-open top, which had buttons all
the way till my waist and naturally since I was at home I was not wearing any bra.
My tiny roundish tits were freely hanging inside my top. Within moments I could
realize compounder-chacha was pushing his finger through the gap between the
buttons in my top while he trickled the vaccine in my mouth. I shivered and was
literally shaken up as I felt his cold fingers directly touching my warm breast! I
was stiff as a rock and had closed my eyes in fear and in joy of the unknown. As
the vaccine trickled inside my mouth, compounder-chacha was pressing and rubbing my
naked breast with his strong fingers. I could realize something hard was also
pushing me on my back, which was nothing but compounder-chacha?s khada lund. At
that age I was too innocent to gather why he was doing so and remained stiff
although I liked his fingers on my warm breast. Very soon chacha pushed all his
fingers through my top and was trying to squeeze my tiny mammary! As I felt he was
rolling and tweaking my tiny nipple with his fingers, I started to tremble in fear
and excitement. My left nipple was growing inside his fingers and compounder-chacha
quickly held and twisted my nipple very hard with his fingers. I almost shrieked
out and was absolutely breathless. He was repeating this action and I was unable to
sit calm on the chair. My hands automatically went to my legs and I was
involuntarily pulling up my short skirt and feeling my thighs. My eyes were closed
and there were goosebump all over my body. Compounder-chacha?s fingers were
constantly twisting and pressing my tiny tight boob with special attention towards
my boiled rice grain like nipple. I was literally panting with my legs wide apart
and myself holding the hem of my skirt almost at my crotch area when I heard
footsteps of my mom coming back. I was alert enough to straighten my skirt and
cover my legs and compounder-chacha also quickly withdrew his hand from the inside
of my top and also straightened my top, but was still pressing my tit with his
thumb from outside. My mother could never know how compounder-chacha groped her
teenage daughter during this vaccination process, which continued for almost a

Dr. Desai trickled a few drops of that antidote in my open mouth and I literally
jumped off the bed ? the taste was so, so bitter and pungent. I was shaking my head
vigorously and virtually threw up the liquid from my mouth.

Me: Urgg? Wack! Impossible? I can?t take this! Urgg? It?s? it?s too bitter!

Dr. Desai: Just see! These are the problems of treating you at home! That?s why I
was pressing for hospitalization!

Me: But? but I am pretty certain doctor that I could not have taken this even in
the hospital!

Dr. Desai: Oho Madam! I would have used drip there naaa?

Mama-ji: Doctor, no other way?

Dr. Desai: Hmm? there is one way, but that?s? that?s not? I mean that?s quite a and
cumbersome one!

Mama-ji: Try that? please try that doctor!

Dr. Desai: But? but will Madam be comfortable?

Me: I can do anything for not gulping that liquid down? it?s so tart! Wack! My
tongue is still burning doctor! Uff!

Dr. Desai: Okay, then listen carefully?.

Me: Okay! (I again seated down)

Dr. Desai: Have you seen mouth to mouth respiration which is provided for
artificial ventilation?

Me: No? I mean I have not?.

Mama-ji: You mean resuscitation for emergent purposes?

Dr. Desai: Yes exactly!

Mama-ji: Yes, yes. I myself had done that in my sporting days!

Dr. Desai: Okay, that?s great! If I use that technique, this pungent taste can be
eliminated. Actually the compound which is creating this repulsive taste can be
broken down if saliva is used as the dissolving medium. I will use my saliva as the
dissolving medium and can apply that on Madam?s mouth you know?.

Mama-ji: Then what are you waiting for doctor?

Dr. Desai: No, no, but Madam must realize the thing and agree before I proceed.

Me: I could not grasp it Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: Beti, you must have seen that if a person goes unconscious his mouth is
sucked for artificial breathing? doctor sahib is saying if that method is applied,
he can eliminate the bitter part of the medication and you can then easily keep
that in mouth.

Me: O? okay?

Though I said ?okay? I was still trying to gather what Dr. Desai wanted to do
exactly. ??if that method is applied?? ? which method? I was trying to build that
in my mind. ??a person goes unconscious and his mouth is sucked?? ? Will Dr. Desai
suck? SUCK my mouth or what?! O my God! How could I allow that? I was indeed
confused and anxious.

Mama-ji: Doctor, you please go ahead? Bahurani, don?t worry, everything will be
alright soon!

Dr. Desai was soon busy preparing another solution in a test tube and I was
wondering what was in store for me!

Dr. Desai: Yes Madam, you just relax, you soon will be perfectly okay. I have
applied this method earlier also for in-house cases? yes I agree it?s a bit clumsy
especially for grownup ladies, but it?s not that awkward that you might be

Mama-ji: The main objective is to get my Bahurani well as soon as possible. And for
that this much trouble she can withstand surely.

Me: But Mama-ji I am still not?

Mama-ji: Rely on doctor sahib Beti! Not to bother?

Dr. Desai: Yes Mrs. Singh? if you trust me, you will soon be alleviated from this
residual allergic reaction in your body.

Me: Okay? I surely trust you doctor? But ? but err? I mean? am still not sure what
you will do exactly?

Dr. Desai: Simple Madam! I will take this antidote in my mouth so that it gets
adequately mixed with my saliva and then pass it on to your entire mouth
replicating the mouth-to-mouth suction process.

Me: Pass it to my mouth?. I mean how?

Mama-ji: Com? on Bahurani! Obviously through his mouth!

Me: Ouuhhhh! (Naturally I was quite scared though I tried my best to act normally)

Dr. Desai: Madam, don?t panic! I have done this before to a few women quite
successfully, but?

I was still not able to digest the fact that this man would give me a mouth suck!

Mama-ji: But what doctor?

Dr. Desai: Neither of them was married. Ha ha ha?

Mama-ji: That should not be a problem doctor?

Dr. Desai: No? actually Sir, all the girls that I had treated misunderstood this
procedure with kissing and acted very rigidly.
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Chapter 18

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Oh! Ha ha hah! But my Bahurani is married?

Dr. Desai: Absolutely! And Madam (turning towards me), you should certainly be able
to distinguish this process from kissing as you must be very familiar with kisses
in your married life. (He was smiling eyeing my pink juicy lips)

I just nodded like a fool not knowing what to reply!

Dr. Desai: Madam, can you define a kiss? I just? err? actually my aim is to make
you clear about the procedure so that you do not misinterpret my effort you know.

I was puzzled and looked blank. I never encountered such a question in my life!

Dr. Desai: Com? on Madam! It?s not that hard? you must have experienced that
several times with your husband!

Me: No? I mean err? to put it in words is difficult doctor?(I blushed and giggled)

Dr. Desai: You mean to say that it?s easier for you to demonstrate?

Me: NOOOOOOO! I didn?t mean that?. (I was now all red and naturally felt very shy
and looked towards the floor)

Mama-ji: Ha ha hah! That was a good one doctor! Baurani, you are caught my dear!

Dr. Desai: Okay, okay! Let me explain it to you Madam? kiss is to touch or caress
with the lips as an expression of affection, amorousness, etc. where the main organ
are the lips? Right Madam?

I shyly nodded.

Dr. Desai: But here the main organ would be the tongue because the antidote-mixed
saliva will be transferred through my tongue into the insides of the patient?s
mouth. So actually it?s not really a mouth-to-mouth suction process, but
predominantly a mouth-to-mouth transfer process where lips have no part to play.
That?s how its different from a kiss Madam. Am I clear?

I just nodded. What more could I do listening to such erotic treatment process!

Mama-ji: Bah! Its crystal clear now doctor!

Dr. Desai: Let me ask you one question? I mean? so that things remain unambiguous?.
Well Madam, is your husband around?

Me: No? I mean not present here?. but why?

Mama-ji: Actually he is out of town.

Dr. Desai: O! That?s great!

Me: What do you mean? (I was visibly surprised)

Dr. Desai: Oho! Please don?t take me otherwise Madam. Actually there were a couple
of bitter experiences with my fellow doctors initiating this procedure in the
presence of the husband of the lady patient.

Mama-ji: But? but why?

Dr. Desai: I don?t know the exact reason? may be my colleagues did not elaborate
the process enough to the patient party and they thought the doctor was trying to
kiss their wives and were pretty agitative!

Mama-ji: No, no? no such confusion here doctor. Firstly, Rajesh? I mean her husband
is not here, but I think even if he was there, the way you have explained do not
leave any scope for uncertainty. Isn?t it Bahurani?

Me: Hmm? ye? yes, yes.

I tried to act normal though my heart had started drumming in anticipation of

tasting an ?unknown? man?s tongue in my mouth!

Dr. Desai: Okay Sir! The solution is ready? Madam? if you can just come here and
stand near me? because this cannot be performed in sitting or lying posture you
know. So... if you can?.

I stood up from the bed, adjusted my sari pallu on my breasts, and stepped shyly
towards Dr. Desai. I was extremely anxious now and my palms and feet turned colder.
I was already breathing heavily and with Mama-ji present in the room I was all the
more nervous and feeling rather timid.

Dr. Desai: Once I take this medication in my mouth I won?t be able to talk? so will
explain in advance how this procedure will go about. Okay Madam?

I again nodded very shyly.

Dr. Desai: I will have to do the whole process in three steps because the whole
amount of the liquid in this test tune must go inside your mouth. So whatever I do
at the first go, I will repeat two more times. Okay? I will take the liquid in my
mouth, wait a while, and then slowly move my tongue throughout your entire buccal
cavity so that the antidote is well mixed in your saliva. You can gulp down the
antidote but make sure that it stays for some time in your mouth. Am I clear Madam?

Me: Hayes? I mean yes. (I almost whispered)

I was exhaling very warm breaths already and my boobs were going up and down inside
my blouse faster than ever.

Dr. Desai: Madam, I know you will feel a bit clumsy, but? really there is no other
option also as you can see. And another thing, I will have to hold you for support
as I must ensure that the antidote reaches every corner of the insides of your
mouth? Okay? So would you mind if I hold your waist during the procedure?

Huh! Within seconds he would put his tongue inside my mouth and he was seeking
permission whether he could hold my waist! Huh! A real height of decency!

Me: O?okay doc? doctor.

My thinking was literally getting jumbled up. Dr. Desai took the test tube and bent
over his open mouth so that some liquid poured inside and then kept it in a stand.
He gurgled it silently and then came very near to me. My heart was beating so fast
and loud that it seemed that I could hear it myself! He indicated me to open my
mouth and positioned himself to an absolute hug-posture and descended his mouth on

Naturally my eyes got closed and I could feel his warm ?manly? breath all over my
face. Dr. Desai was not in any kind of haste and was very slow in his actions. I
was standing with my mouth wide open and he was as if inspecting the insides of my
mouth. I had my eyes closed and hence could not discern what he was doing. I
suddenly felt his hands lifting my head up a shade. I opened my eyes and realized
that he was positioning my mouth so that it?s comfortable for him to transfer the
liquid. I closed my eyes again. He was holding me by my jaws and now his fingers
were lightly brushing my soft smooth cheeks and the sides of my long neck. I was
certainly feeling excited, again!

I could feel he dropped his hands and his mouth was very close to me. I could
inhale a nice minty smell from his mouth. My whole body got a shiver as I felt his
warm hands touch my waist and slowly Dr. Desai pressed his hands on my waist
feeling the flesh on my lower abdomen. My whole body automatically bent a bit and
my tight boobs brushed his chest. I was alert and tried to keep the minimum gap
between our bodies. I was glad that Dr. Desai was also maintaining that and not
trying to be ?too close?.

For the first time now, Dr. Desai touched his lips on mine and he slowly sprinkled
the liquid that was in his mouth into mine. The amount of the liquid was very
minimum, but? but there was an amazing difference in taste! This solution did not
at all have a pungent flavor, but on the contrary had a rather sweet taste! I was
bowled over both by the sweet taste of this liquid as well as the mint aroma of Dr.
Desai?s mouth. I started to inhale very deeply as I soon found Dr. Desai exploring
the insides of my mouth with his tongue leisurely. His lips for the first time were
pressing against my lower lip and his tongue protruded out to lick my tongue!

My hands were all along hanging by my sides but what was happening right now made
me involuntarily guide my hands towards his waist for support. My eyes were closed
throughout and I could feel the smooth leather of his belt over his trousers. Dr.
Desai was moving his tongue inside my mouth and was reaching all corners and it
really seemed he was honest to his job! The position was so intimate that if he
wanted he could have easily twisted his tongue with mine playfully and sucked my
lower lips. But he was not doing that! On the converse, myself being a married
woman and feeling a man?s tongue inside my mouth as if prompted me to go crazy. I
was surely losing some control over me and I was getting enticed. I forwarded my
open mouth more and more towards him and in the process was staring to press my
tight mammaries on his chest. This went on for a minute more when Dr. Desai parted
from my mouth.

Dr. Desai: (breathing heavily for the first time) Ah! Well! That?s done? Madam, are
you okay?

Me: (panting vigorously) Ufff! Hufff! Ye? yes.

I was undoubtedly feeling quite elated and was already feeling weak on my knees; I
stood rather sexily with my waist bent and my heavy buttocks protruding backwards
accenting my euphoric condition. My lips were parted and I could very much sense
the itching sensation within my panty. Dr. Desai was taking the second cycle of
medication in his mouth while I was almost struggling to stand properly at the end
of the first dose! Expectedly I was feeling rather very hot and sweaty already and
my blouse armpits were depicting that generously.
Dr. Desai was ready with the second dose and came near me. Mama-ji had been a
silent spectator sitting on the bed. Though I was feeling very awkward to pose like
that with the doctor in front of my elderly relative, but the passion of the whole
setting was overtaking my awkwardness quite rapidly. Hence the second time when Dr.
Desai approached me with the antidote in his mouth, I was more extrovert through my
physical movements. I opened my mouth for him and quite eagerly forwarding my face
towards Dr. Desai! Previously at the beginning I had kept my hands at my sides, but
this time my libido was flowing and I held him by his waist. Dr. Desai also seemed
to be more relaxed and confident compared to first time, as he held me quite firmly
over my waist, this time clearly downwards his fingers more inclined to feel my
bulging sari-covered ass!
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Chapter 19

by samitbhai
As experienced during the first dose, this time also as Dr. Desai descended his
lips near mine, his manly breaths were all over my face and he slowly transferred
the yellow liquid from his mouth to mine. I was trembling in exhilaration with his
tongue touching mine because this time the approach was much different and more
intimate much like? in fact much like my husband! Naturally my fingers on his waist
dug deep underlining very clearly to Dr. Desai regarding my fondness to his
approach. This time he was almost hugging me quite close to his body as a result of
which the peaks of my twin upper globes were being pressed on his body ?
constantly?. Unlike first time, Dr. Desai was not withdrawing from me and was
surely enjoying the steady and continual feel of my full-sized tits.

As soon as Dr. Desai finished transferring the yellow antidote inside my mouth, his
lips slowly pressed on mine! It was a shameless open kiss ? that too in front of
Mama-ji - Dr. Desai did not keep any cover and hugged me pretty tightly with my
heavy breasts pressing on his body and he was sucking my lower lips aloud!


His minty breaths were making me go wild and I was literally shaking in kissing
pleasure. I could feel the doctor?s hands gradually slipped down from my waist to
my sari-covered big round ass. The action was so evident that I momentarily thought
that Mama-ji must have been watching us and if he sees the doctor?s fingers
squeezing my ass what would he think? I was unable to carry on with my thoughts as
Dr. Desai was intruding pretty fast!

Dr. Desai lip-locked me and was taking me to greater heights of pleasure! I had
started to pronounce soft sexy moans as his lips sucked juices of my pink lips and
his hands massaging the tight flesh of my gaand. I could feel his palms were spread
fully on the round surface of my buttocks and he was enjoying the firmness and
smoothness of my butts adequately. Naturally I was also losing control on myself
and was very shamelessly pushing my blouse-covered mammaries onto Dr. Desai?s

The way things progressed I wondered what happened to the antidote!

After sucking the last drop of juice from my lower lip, Dr. Desai quickly picked my
tongue and he started to lick and suck it. I was so excited at this action that I
left his waist and just hugged him ? it was a full fledged hug as if I was
embracing my husband during lovemaking! I forgot that I was married? I forgot that
I came from a decent family?. I forgot Mama-ji was present there in the room? Dr.
Desai simply made me go ?mad? at that point of time. As my hands encircled his
body, my heavy tits got squashed on his chest and I could well realize the stir
under his trousers pressing on my pelvic area.
As Dr. Desai continued to concentrate on my tongue and was sucking it very adorably
and in fact in return I was also sucking the taste of his manly lips. As I started
kissing him on his lips in return Dr., Desai got animated and his hands moved
briskly on my sari-covered gaand exploring my tight flesh. He could easily trace my
panty under my sari and was moving his fingers time and again along the edge of my
panty! This indeed gave him immense pleasure and was making him more animated. This
was one act I hardly would get from my husband as on almost all times when we are
making love I am not wearing a panty under my nighty or whatever I am wearing. But
honestly I was getting great thrill as Dr. Desai was repeatedly tracing my
pantyline on my firm buttocks and was even pulling and lifting its edge off my butt

I was moaning much louder and more shamelessly now as the scene was indeed heating
up and was totally ignorant of Mama-ji?s presence. I was afraid to even open my
eyes to see what Mama-ji was doing! Ultimately Dr. Desai drew a cease line to his
second antidote dosing after adequately ?enjoying? my voluptuous figure.

Dr. Desai: Aaaaaaaaaaah! Done!

My condition was pathetic. My pallu was dislodged off my breasts and my butter-
colored cleavage was boldly exposed over my tight blouse. It goes without saying
that I was literally panting and was feeling very weak at my knees. I had gone
shameless to the extent that I was openly scratching my choot in front of the
doctor to comfort myself!

Dr. Desai (panting to some extent) That was very well done Madam? the antidote has
gone deep into your mouth now. (turning towards Mama-ji) Sir, please allow me some
more time?

Mama-ji: That?s perfectly alright doctor, but this procedure ? I mean it?s not
okay? err? for any matured woman.

Dr. Desai: I know Sir? but what other way can I use?

Mama-ji: I am not saying that? but the way you were sucking her mouth? I think only
her husband should be allowed to do that?

Dr. Desai: But husbands do not know the technique to proliferate an antidote? isn?t
it Sir?

Mama-ji: Ha ha? That?s correct! But? anyone seeing you might? I mean might think

Dr. Desai: Can?t help Sir! And I told you about my fellow doctors?

Mama-ji: Yes, yes.

Dr. Desai: And what happens you know? to get the best effect you need to secrete
maximum saliva? and that?s why I have touch the patient on her body so that she
keeps her mouth open? actually that?s a reflex action technique? you press the
gaand of a lady and you will readily find her with an open mouth! The more open
mouth, the more saliva secreted? you know.

Mama-ji: okay? okay! That?s why you were pressing Bahurani?s bottom like that?. If
you hadn?t told this doctor anyone would think otherwise? he he he?

Mama-ji?s laugh echoed on the walls of the room as if magnifying my disgrace! I was
still unable to look up and though my body was immensely keyed up, my senses had
not yet dried up completely! Actually my elated physical state was not permitting
me to fight with my mind and I was feeling extremely weak and would love to sit
down, rather lie down on the bed? My pussy had started to drain and I was sweating
profusely now; beads of sweat crowned my forehead, cleavage, and my upper and mid
thighs (under my sari). My whole body had a sweet ache and I as if was straining to
keep my undergarments on!

Dr. Desai: Now the last part Madam! For this you will have to secrete maximum
saliva and there is a change in approach as this time you will suck my mouth to get
the antidote. As me why?

Me (very meekly): Whai? I mean why?

Dr. Desai: Because this process will aid you ooze out more dribble. Right?

I just nodded as I already had started anticipating something ?more? this time. Was
that not natural?

Dr. Desai: If I feel you are not secreting enough saliva I might just? I mean? as I
was pressing your bottoms?. I might do something else to make you generate more
dribble. Please don?t take that otherwise? He he he? Okay Madam?

I was just stunned to observe the courage of this doctor that he was virtually
obtaining the license to hug, caress, and grope me and that too in front of my
elderly relative!

Dr. Desai: Sir, please wait for some more minutes? I am almost done with this

Mama-ji: Sure, sure!

Dr. Desai trickled the remainder of the yellow liquid from the test tube in his
mouth and stepped towards me. I felt so ashamed that I could not even look into his
eyes. This time his approach was very bold and he virtually acted like my husband!
He just held my elbows and drew me towards him. I almost collided? my heavy
jiggling breasts collided with his chest and then he directly held me by my
buttocks and bent his mouth on me. His palms fully rested on my ample buttocks and
immediately started squashing my flesh there! He parted his lips for me and I took
a deep inhalation of his minty mouth odor and protruded my tongue into his mouth. I
licked the liquid on his tongue and was trying to sip as much as possible. Dr.
Desai as if was waiting for this opportunity and he readily locked my tongue in
between his lips and started sucking it.

Me: Uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhh!

I could not stop emitting such a sound such was the heat of the action! I was
immediately lip-locked and was enjoying his kiss very thoroughly. I was simply
overjoyed and my whole body bent like a bow towards him. My big-sized firm boobs
pressed very hard on his body and the feeling of them must have excited him very
much and he was squeezing my round butts with more vigor. I was feeling out of
breath and was slowly retracting my tongue out of his lips, but he was very keen to
suck my juicy tongue and did not allow me to do so and indicated me by strongly
pinching my soft gaand!
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Chapter 20

by samitbhai
The action seemed to be endless but at one point I felt he was releasing my tongue
and was again sucking my lower lip. The start was slow and soft ? his lips gently
pressing on mine, feeling my lips, and then slowly sucking it ? but as moments
elapsed the kiss was getting forceful and feverish. Dr. Desai through his kisses
and ass squeezing was pushing me back to a position of no return. His hands now
expectedly crept up and he was feeling the naked flesh on my waist and belly. I was
already hugging him and as he touched my naked belly skin I embraced him tighter.
Anyone seeing me right now would be bound to believe that I was engaged with my

We remained occupied in a tight l-o-n-g hug as his fingers dug deep on my bare back
just below my blouse. I could feel things were getting very open and direct and Dr.
Desai did not at all keep any cover and was passionately kissing me while embracing
my sexy jawani. The treatment process had gone for a toss! I did not know whether
Mama-ji had closed his eyes because I was almost like his ?Bahu? and seeing his
Bahu engaged in such lewd sexy act with a doctor must have left him with a wide
open exclaimed mouth!

What Dr. Desai did next was simply unthinkable! He gave a sudden pause to the whole
ardent affair! I was so addicted to his touches by then that I was still trying to
hold him in my arms.

Dr. Desai: Madam, madam! What?s happening? (holding me by my elbows) Why is your
mouth getting dry so quickly? (puff, puff) Please try to generate more saliva?.
because that will help cure you?

Of course Dr. Desai was immensely charged up, which was only natural, kissing and
caressing a plump woman like me in this erotic fashion. There was almost a tent
created in his trouser which was directly pointing my sari-covered choot!

I could not voice any reply, naturally, and continued to puff before him.

Dr. Desai: Okay? I will help you ? there is a simple way? just raise your hands and
hold my shoulders? like this? ya (he himself held my arms and placed them on his
shoulders)? I will gently tickle your armpits and that way you will see you can
ooze out more saliva?

I thought Mama-ji must have got a heart attack listening to what the doctor
intended to do to me now!

Dr. Desai: Don?t waste time Madam? lick the remainder of the antidote from my

Saying that he protruded his tongue out and I was also not in the mood to stand and
prolong things and quickly responded to his call. Dr. Desai hugged me again and was
naturally feeling my full-sized mammaries on his chest very adequately as my hands
were raised up on his shoulders. This time he was simultaneously pushing his erect
cock onto my sari covered pussy area. He was openly thrusting his cock on my choot!
What was he up to? Since my arms encircled his neck, my big breasts remained freely
accessible from the sides and Dr. Desai did not miss this opportunity for long! He
again began to kiss me deep and now his hands slid from my back towards my armpits.
As I felt his fingers on my very sweaty armpit over my blouse, I could not stop
giggling ? even at that posture!

The tickle of course did not continue for long!

O! My God! Will this man touch my breasts in front of Mama-ji? But? but he already
explained Mama-ji that some thrust might be needed to secrete adequate saliva in
me, so Mama-ji probably would not mind this! I was weaving my own thinking web as I
felt Dr. Desai?s hands on my? on my breasts!

Me: AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhh?.. Oooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiii?.

What was happening to me? I was as if getting paralyzed and clearly succumbing to
this young handsome doctor. Dr. Desai slowly started feeling the fabric of my
blouse and then craftily moved his hands under my pallu and started feeling the
sides of my tight firm tits.

Me: Uuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

He was simultaneously giving me a lip-to-lip kiss and I was attaining newer heights
of intimate pleasure through this doctor! My eyes were closed and my fingers
digging in deep into his neck. It must have been quite painful for Dr. Desai as my
nails were pointed and they pierced deep into the skin of his neck and shoulder. I
could feel Dr. Desai?s palm and fingers slowly closing on my firm breasts and at
one point he held my coconut-like breasts in two hands from the front!

It was an truly an unthinkable situation! He gripped my both boobs pressing the

taut flesh in his wide enough palms. He was rhythmically cupping my breasts, each
squeeze was tighter than the previous and that I was getting horribly excited.

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Dr. Desai?s fingers crawled all over my ripe boobs and he was tracing my bra cups
and even could feel my swollen nipples over the thin fabric of my blouse! My
nipples by then had become rock hard and I could feel he was trying to pinch and
tweak them and I was virtually struggling to stand straight and proper on the
floor! Dr. Desai was increasingly getting naughty once he had traced out my nipples
through my blouse and was openly dabbing my nipples with his thumb and intruding
his middle finger through my bra hooks inside my bra!

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Dr. Desai was naturally getting very bold getting complete access to my intimate
parts so easily and was unquestionably planning for more! .

Dr. Desai: Kya Madam! Your mouth is getting dry time and again! What?s happening?

I was in no position to talk and was virtually wheezing!

Dr. Desai was still embracing me tightly and his lips very much close to mine! He
extended his arm and took the test tube while I was still clinging very brashly to
his body with half my sari flowing on the floor and my hands encircling his neck
and shoulders. The amount of sexual thrill was so high that I as if completely
forgot that Mama-ji was still present there!

Dr. Desai: This will certainly help you Madam to have a well watery mouth? I will
also help you with my hand job. (He just emptied the test tube in my mouth and I
was licking it with great enthusiasm)

Dr. Desai: Madam, do not swallow it? let it remain in your mouth?

Before I could completely comprehend his instruction, his lips again invaded my
soft lips and he was again kissing me! He indeed liked my lips and loved smooching
and kissing them soft and hard as he wished as if I was his own property! Though I
was enjoying it to the brim, but was rather shocked by the frequency of his kisses
that too so randomly and with such intimately! It seemed Dr. Desai had forgotten
that I was married and my lips were another male?s ?property?! But he just behaved
as if he was my lover and was enjoying the sweet juices of my lips at his free
will! Naturally I was breathless as he cupped and caressed my 28-year-old firm
upright breasts continuing to suck my lips ?loudly?.
Chuk! Chuk! Chuk! Chuk! Chuk! Chuk!
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Chapter 21

by samitbhai
The sexy sounds that were manufactured by our kissing were making me very
embarrassed. In fact even with my husband on bed when he kisses me ?aloud? I always
playfully rebuke him for doing that because I do not at all feel comfortable with
those weird sounds. Here also I honestly tried to withdraw my lips off Dr. Desai?s,
but the way he was thrusting his hard cock on my pelvic area and the poke of his
manhood made my efforts too weak. I really wondered what was he up to? He was a
doctor afterall! How far would he go? Would he try to strip me next? But? but on
what ground? I was getting puzzled; my mind was not working.

His hands embraced my jawani like a python and he was virtually touching me
everywhere and once he even tickled me on my choot over my sari! I was losing all
my self control gradually and was surrendering to his moves. He now pushed his
hands up my breasts and pressed them from the sides. His palms fully rested on my
firm boob flesh! And? what was he doing?

O! My God! Uiiiiiiiiii mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa!

His right hand slowly moved up and was trying to get inside my blouse! I could
sense his nimble fingers were crawling up the hem of my blouse and were getting
inside my soft warm flesh!

Me: Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiii iiiiiiiii??

I suddenly felt dizzy momentarily, probably due to this bold step by Dr. Desai. I
could feel his strong agile fingers directly pressing on my boobs inside my blouse.
What a way to treat a patient!

Due to this heavy dose of fondling, naturally I was feeling extremely tight inside
my blouse and my bra cups were pressing extremely tightly on my big sized
mammaries. My nipples naturally were also quite upright and swollen by this time
and were tightly pressed within my bra. I was literally shivering in pleasure and
emitting loud moans now. My panty was getting wet as my pussy had slowly begun to

It seemed to me that Dr. Desai was in real love with my lips and again started
kissing me extracting the remaining juice stored in my lips! His left hand was
supporting my body and was placed right on my buttocks and of course he did not
miss this opportunity to copiously press and squeeze my ass flesh.

Just then I realized that Dr. Desai was about to open my blouse hooks and his
fingers were swiftly at work. What should I do? I was immensely enjoying this
doctor?s lovemaking style in the name of treatment, but what explanation would he
give for my stripping. I certainly felt ill at ease thinking of Mama-ji?s presence
in that room, but before I could express my concern to Dr. Desai, I found that he
had already opened the top off of my blouse. I had to open my eyes and as I looked
down I noted my big breasts had heaved up over my blouse and much of my globes were
exposed and I was looking extremely sexy. I looked up at Dr. Desai?s eyes. He
stopped momentarily and looked deeply into my eyes. I was about to whisper to him
regarding my concern about Mama-ji?s presence in the room, but I felt something
else was happening inside my body! I suddenly felt very dizzy and almost as if
passed out!

I grabbed Dr. Desai very tightly and tried to open my eyes wide to be normal. But I
was unable to be ?normal, as I started feeling lightheaded too! My head was
spinning suddenly and I felt as if I would faint! Even I could not keep my head
properly balanced on my shoulder and it almost hung to one side. I was fortunate
that Dr. Desai was holding me intimately otherwise surely I would have fallen onto
the floor and smashed my face.

Me: Aah! Something is happening to me? doctor? I am feeling drowsy? my head is

ssss? spinning?.doctor!

Dr. Desai: Madam, what?s happening! Are you not feeling okay?

Me: No doctor? I am? I am? I don?t know? I can?t explain?. I am feeling so shaky!

Dr. Desai: Oho! That must be the toxic part acting? don?t worry at all Madam... it?
s just a minor side effect of the antidote and you will be absolutely okay within

Me: But? but ? doctor? I feel like f-a-i-n-t-i-n-g?

Dr. Desai: Just relax and keep your eyes closed? it is just an intermittent phase
and soon you will be perfectly okay Madam!

I was unable to open my eyes any more and my senses were slowly getting numb! I was
as if being taken to a distant world and I was even unable to orient myself to the
place and time. I slowly settled into a sleepy state, but was somehow able to
listen to the doctor.

Dr. Desai: I better place you on the bed Madam.

I was truly getting into a slumber and my senses had virtually ceased to react!

Mama-ji: What?s happening doctor?

Dr. Desai: Please give me a hand Sir.

I realized Mama-ji and the doctor held me together and placed me on the cot. I was
unable to move my extremities on my own! I was unable to open my eyelids! Honestly
I was unable to move a single muscle in my body! I was as if totally paralyzed! The
only sense that seemed to be working was my ears!

There was silence for some moments ? I did not know how long! I was unable to think
even! It seemed to be an endless stillness to me till I heard Mama-ji and Dr.
Desai?s voice! It appeared that they were speaking from a great distance from me
and I could hardly hear them.

Dr. Desai: Sir-ji, its done at last! Mission accomplished! So now she is all yours!
Ha ha ha?

Mama-ji: Wah mere lal! Wah! But? but are you sure she is fully anesthetized?

Dr. Desai: Guarantee Sir-ji? bole to full proof!

Mama-ji: Wah bhai wah! Aaa? aa mere gale lag ja! Kya baat hai!

Dr. Desai: Kya Sir-ji? aap bhi! Is bomb ko chod-ke mujhe gale lagaoge?

Mama-ji: Ha ha ha? that was a good one yaar! Bomb? yes? a sex bomb!

Dr. Desai: Aage badhiye Sir-ji! I can?t wait! Mera lund dekho! Blkul khada hai? is
load ko pura utar na hai mujhe? uff! Sali kya gaand aur doodh banayi hai! Ekdom
mast Sir-ji!

Mama-ji: Abe Bahurani kis ki hai! Uh! Is liye to Sali ko ashram mei dekh tehi plan
banaya tha! Ise bina chod-e chod deta to mujhe paap na lagta! Ho ho ho?.

I could hear every word that they were speaking, but was unable to read through the
words. My memory was just blank. I was unable to react at all neither could I
remember the words that I heard a moment prior! I did not know how I was able to
hear them, but all other senses of mine seemed to be absolutely dead! I just lay
like an inanimate object on the bed!

Dr. Desai: Sir-ji, aap apni bahurani to nanga karo, tab tak mai ekbar toilet se ho
ata hoon!

Mama-ji: Kya regarding motherchod! Meri Bahurani ki choot ko sukha rakhhega kya?

Dr. Desai: Lo karlo baat! Huzur aap hai kis liye! Aap ke lund to zung kha gaya kya!

Mama-ji: He he he? ruk ja! Pehle apne kapde to utaar loon!

There was silence again with only soft sounds of undoing clothes. And then I felt
two hands directly pressing on my breasts and Mama-ji was already over my body with
his semi-erect thick cock pressing on my upper thighs over my sari.

Mama-ji: Uff! Kya figure banayi hai randi Sali!

Mama-ji was all over me and he was riding me just like my husband would do! He was
completely naked and was pressing his elderly masculine body over my soft juicy

Chuk! Chuk!

He was kissing my cheeks making them dead wet with his saliva.

Dr. Desai: Kya Sir-ji! Chadh gaye? Wah! Wah! Chadh gaya upaar re? atariya pe lutan
kabutar re?
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Chapter 22

by samitbhai
There was silence again for some moments and I could feel Mama-ji thoroughly
enjoying my body over my clothes.

Mama-ji: Ek baat zaroor kehna padega yaar? itni ladki choda hoon par ye ek totally
different feeling hai ke ladki ekdum murdo ki tarah padi hai!

Dr. Desai: Ha ha ha? ye apne sahi kaha sir-ji! Main to already adhi darzan bhabiyo
ko is fashion mei choda hoon? He he he?

Mama-ji: Treatment ke naam par?

Dr. Desai: Aur nehi to kya? Doctor sahab kamar mei dard hai, doctor sahab back pain
itna tang karta hai, doctor sahab ghutno mei dard hai? ha ha ha?

Mama-ji: Tu baada kamina hai re!

Dr. Desai: Aur ye sab? Jo mere dawakhana ati hai mamme dabwane ke liye! Randi ki
zaat ? huh!
Mama-ji was now quickly undoing my remaining blouse hooks, the top one was already
undone by Dr. Desai while caressing me. The next moment I felt my blouse was
completely open and Mama-ji now forcefully pulled up my bra to free my big firm
mammaries. My upper globes were completely naked before his eyes and he was readily
squeezing my warm tight flesh.

Dr. Desai: Aap jab bole Sir-ji ke ye ashram mei gayi hai? main to sure tha ke isko
chodna koi badi bat nehi hai?

Mama-ji: Abe kya bol raha hai! Ye meri Bahu jaisi hai? Mai iske pita saman hoon!

Dr. Desai: Arre who sab to thik hai Sir-ji? par ashram mei kya hota hai aap to
jante ho na! Arre mai to apni mami to bhi choda usi hisab se!

Mama-ji: Matlab? Usha ko?

Dr. Desai: Aur kya? She wanted to take diksha under Guru-ji? I told her the place
is remote? not safe? aghwaye bhi hai ke jagah thik nehi hai? par ye sab aurat-log
to bas? chal pade diksha lene!

Mama-ji (twisting my grape-like nipples in his fingers and pressing his now fully
erect lund over my sari-covered choot): Fir?

Dr. Desai: Fir kya? Mujhe khabar mila ke Guru-ji mami-ko diksha ke naam pe lagbhab
pura ek din nangi karke rakhha ashram mei?

Mama-ji: Usha to vidhva hai na?

Dr. Desai: Ha? 3 saal pehle mama ka death ho gaya accident mei! Ek ladka hai?

Mama-ji: Yes, yes!

Dr. Desai: Mujhe to aur bhi khabar mila ke mami ko sirf Guru-ji nehi, uska ek chela
bhi choda! Sali randi? ghar me to vidhva banke rehti hai? mauka miltehi?.

Mama-ji was now getting increasingly excited the way he was thumping me! It was but
natural also and within seconds he whiffed off my sari from my waist and untied my
petticoat and dragged it down to my knees and began to press his khada lund very
energetically on my panty-covered choot. I remained like a piece of log, not moving
even a millimeter to his sexual aggressions!

Mama-ji: Tu-ne ((puffing) Usha ko kaise choda?

Dr. Desai: Once mami was back from the ashram, maine uske ghar jo kaamwali hai use
fit kiya? mujhe sirf ek information chahiye tha ke mami ke periods kab start hote
hai? bas woh information mil gaya aur mera kaam bilkul asaan ho gaya!

Mama-ji now was all destined to make me naked and pulled down my last piece of
clothing down to my knees exposing my hairy choot to broad daylight!

Mama-ji: Wow! Abe idhar dekh to sahi!

Dr. Desai: Uhhhsss! Bilkul mast hai! Sir-ji?. time khoti mat karo? Dal do! Dal do!
Zyada der tak dawai ke asar bhi nehi rahega! Mujhe bhi to chod na hai! Hai ki nehi?
hai ki nehi? Ha ha ha?..

Mama-ji parted my legs wide so that he could access my pussy area comfortably. He
again positioned his body over mine pointing his erect rod right over my pussy hole
and his lips came down on my naked boobs targeting my sexy swollen nipples.

Mama-ji: Abe baith ke kya apni lund ko ragad raha hai! Aa ja naa! Tu ragad uski muh

Within seconds I felt Dr. Desai?s hard meat rubbing and pressing on my smooth
cheeks. His dick was already discharging some precum which was staining my face
wet. Mama-ji was alternately sucking my exposed nipples and my breasts were getting
increasingly wet with his saliva. He was also licking my large reddish areolas and
was even digging his nose deep inside my twin firm tits! I could sense his tiniest
movements, but I myself felt absolutely inanimate being unable to move even a

Mama-ji: Ghused de sali ke muh mei? pura!

Dr. Desai was slowly pushing his lund through my lips inside my mouth. I could feel
that Dr. Desai?s cock was rock hard and quite a stout one, which of course would be
a very welcome sight for any married woman, but? but I could do nothing as I was
unable to even think about the situation! I was in fact losing the memory of the ?
just happened incident? and was feeling so blank!

Although I was in an anesthetized state, my libido was flowing and my pussy was
quite wet by this time. Mama-ji practically had no problem pushing his lund deep
inside my choot and started fucking me in the ?usual? manner. Mama-ji was pushing
his cock very hard and my whole body started jerking due to this action. My big
tight breasts started to jiggle very sexily as they were totally exposed. Mama-ji
was exerting much effort and his cock was getting tightly fitted inside my deep and
wide pussy and within a short period of time he was almost hitting the end of my
vaginal path!

As he continued to stroke his lund deep inside my wet choot, his mouth came down
upon my face and he was sucking and even biting my lips feverishly. His lips went
further down and he sucked my nipples and this time it seemed it was an endless
sucking! His lips, tongue, and teeth ? everything was acting on my swollen erect
nipples. Suddenly I realized Mama-ji?s body was arching and getting stiff and he
was yelling abusive languages very loudly.

Mama-ji: Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Uuffffffffffffffffff! Mast

hai re! Mast!

Within moments I could feel my whole pussy got filled up with his thick juices and
Mama-ji was embracing me very tightly. My naked prominent breasts were literally
sandwiched on his chest the way he was hugging me. I could feel lund was slowly
slipping out of my vagina as it had become limp.

I did not know how long Mama-ji?s heavy body was over my naked figure, but at last
I heard some sound!

Dr. Desai: Sir-ji?. Uthiye Sir-ji? samay nikal raha hai? ekbar aap ki Bahurani ko
sense aa jaye to bhoochal aa jayega jab wo dekhegi hum dono use chod rahe hai?

Mama-ji slowly moved off from my body, but almost immediately Dr. Desai rode me! He
was also entirely naked and I could feel he was feeling my naked silky thighs with
his upright cock.
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Chapter 22

by samitbhai
There was silence again for some moments and I could feel Mama-ji thoroughly
enjoying my body over my clothes.

Mama-ji: Ek baat zaroor kehna padega yaar? itni ladki choda hoon par ye ek totally
different feeling hai ke ladki ekdum murdo ki tarah padi hai!

Dr. Desai: Ha ha ha? ye apne sahi kaha sir-ji! Main to already adhi darzan bhabiyo
ko is fashion mei choda hoon? He he he?

Mama-ji: Treatment ke naam par?

Dr. Desai: Aur nehi to kya? Doctor sahab kamar mei dard hai, doctor sahab back pain
itna tang karta hai, doctor sahab ghutno mei dard hai? ha ha ha?

Mama-ji: Tu baada kamina hai re!

Dr. Desai: Aur ye sab? Jo mere dawakhana ati hai mamme dabwane ke liye! Randi ki
zaat ? huh!

Mama-ji was now quickly undoing my remaining blouse hooks, the top one was already
undone by Dr. Desai while caressing me. The next moment I felt my blouse was
completely open and Mama-ji now forcefully pulled up my bra to free my big firm
mammaries. My upper globes were completely naked before his eyes and he was readily
squeezing my warm tight flesh.

Dr. Desai: Aap jab bole Sir-ji ke ye ashram mei gayi hai? main to sure tha ke isko
chodna koi badi bat nehi hai?

Mama-ji: Abe kya bol raha hai! Ye meri Bahu jaisi hai? Mai iske pita saman hoon!

Dr. Desai: Arre who sab to thik hai Sir-ji? par ashram mei kya hota hai aap to
jante ho na! Arre mai to apni mami to bhi choda usi hisab se!

Mama-ji: Matlab? Usha ko?

Dr. Desai: Aur kya? She wanted to take diksha under Guru-ji? I told her the place
is remote? not safe? aghwaye bhi hai ke jagah thik nehi hai? par ye sab aurat-log
to bas? chal pade diksha lene!

Mama-ji (twisting my grape-like nipples in his fingers and pressing his now fully
erect lund over my sari-covered choot): Fir?

Dr. Desai: Fir kya? Mujhe khabar mila ke Guru-ji mami-ko diksha ke naam pe lagbhab
pura ek din nangi karke rakhha ashram mei?

Mama-ji: Usha to vidhva hai na?

Dr. Desai: Ha? 3 saal pehle mama ka death ho gaya accident mei! Ek ladka hai?

Mama-ji: Yes, yes!

Dr. Desai: Mujhe to aur bhi khabar mila ke mami ko sirf Guru-ji nehi, uska ek chela
bhi choda! Sali randi? ghar me to vidhva banke rehti hai? mauka miltehi?.

Mama-ji was now getting increasingly excited the way he was thumping me! It was but
natural also and within seconds he whiffed off my sari from my waist and untied my
petticoat and dragged it down to my knees and began to press his khada lund very
energetically on my panty-covered choot. I remained like a piece of log, not moving
even a millimeter to his sexual aggressions!
Mama-ji: Tu-ne ((puffing) Usha ko kaise choda?

Dr. Desai: Once mami was back from the ashram, maine uske ghar jo kaamwali hai use
fit kiya? mujhe sirf ek information chahiye tha ke mami ke periods kab start hote
hai? bas woh information mil gaya aur mera kaam bilkul asaan ho gaya!

Mama-ji now was all destined to make me naked and pulled down my last piece of
clothing down to my knees exposing my hairy choot to broad daylight!

Mama-ji: Wow! Abe idhar dekh to sahi!

Dr. Desai: Uhhhsss! Bilkul mast hai! Sir-ji?. time khoti mat karo? Dal do! Dal do!
Zyada der tak dawai ke asar bhi nehi rahega! Mujhe bhi to chod na hai! Hai ki nehi?
hai ki nehi? Ha ha ha?..

Mama-ji parted my legs wide so that he could access my pussy area comfortably. He
again positioned his body over mine pointing his erect rod right over my pussy hole
and his lips came down on my naked boobs targeting my sexy swollen nipples.

Mama-ji: Abe baith ke kya apni lund ko ragad raha hai! Aa ja naa! Tu ragad uski muh

Within seconds I felt Dr. Desai?s hard meat rubbing and pressing on my smooth
cheeks. His dick was already discharging some precum which was staining my face
wet. Mama-ji was alternately sucking my exposed nipples and my breasts were getting
increasingly wet with his saliva. He was also licking my large reddish areolas and
was even digging his nose deep inside my twin firm tits! I could sense his tiniest
movements, but I myself felt absolutely inanimate being unable to move even a

Mama-ji: Ghused de sali ke muh mei? pura!

Dr. Desai was slowly pushing his lund through my lips inside my mouth. I could feel
that Dr. Desai?s cock was rock hard and quite a stout one, which of course would be
a very welcome sight for any married woman, but? but I could do nothing as I was
unable to even think about the situation! I was in fact losing the memory of the ?
just happened incident? and was feeling so blank!

Although I was in an anesthetized state, my libido was flowing and my pussy was
quite wet by this time. Mama-ji practically had no problem pushing his lund deep
inside my choot and started fucking me in the ?usual? manner. Mama-ji was pushing
his cock very hard and my whole body started jerking due to this action. My big
tight breasts started to jiggle very sexily as they were totally exposed. Mama-ji
was exerting much effort and his cock was getting tightly fitted inside my deep and
wide pussy and within a short period of time he was almost hitting the end of my
vaginal path!

As he continued to stroke his lund deep inside my wet choot, his mouth came down
upon my face and he was sucking and even biting my lips feverishly. His lips went
further down and he sucked my nipples and this time it seemed it was an endless
sucking! His lips, tongue, and teeth ? everything was acting on my swollen erect
nipples. Suddenly I realized Mama-ji?s body was arching and getting stiff and he
was yelling abusive languages very loudly.

Mama-ji: Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Uuffffffffffffffffff! Mast

hai re! Mast!

Within moments I could feel my whole pussy got filled up with his thick juices and
Mama-ji was embracing me very tightly. My naked prominent breasts were literally
sandwiched on his chest the way he was hugging me. I could feel lund was slowly
slipping out of my vagina as it had become limp.

I did not know how long Mama-ji?s heavy body was over my naked figure, but at last
I heard some sound!

Dr. Desai: Sir-ji?. Uthiye Sir-ji? samay nikal raha hai? ekbar aap ki Bahurani ko
sense aa jaye to bhoochal aa jayega jab wo dekhegi hum dono use chod rahe hai?

Mama-ji slowly moved off from my body, but almost immediately Dr. Desai rode me! He
was also entirely naked and I could feel he was feeling my naked silky thighs with
his upright cock.

Dr. Desai: Sir-ji? ap to apni Bahurani ko pura nehla diya? uski pati bhi itna karta
nehi hoga? he he he ...

I felt he was using some cloth to clean my wet cheeks and breasts and also he
further parted my legs and cleaned up my pussy area. I could not assess the delay
period in between the two fucks, but realized readily that this male was also fully
loaded to explode in me! Dr. Desai straightened his body on my naked curvaceous
figure and positioned his strong cock appropriately. He was much sober and steadier
unlike Mama-ji. I could feel his warm lips on my forehead and then slipping down to
my cheeks. His warm breaths were pouring down my cheeks and he even kissed my ears!
I felt his tongue going deep inside my ear and made me fully wet there. In normal
conditions I would have groaned and moaned like anything because licking the
insides of my ears just drive me crazy, but at this time I was dead as a rock!

Dr. Desai?s lips came down further to my neck and then to my upper breast area. He
licked the middle of my naked breasts and was pressing and squeezing my firm tits
with both hands. I could feel drops of precum came out of his fully loaded cock
staining my thighs. After adequately squeezing and caressing my naked mammaries,
his mouth came further down and he started sucking my navel. He even licked my flat
belly and then went further down and started poking and pushing his nose into my
thick bush. This was one action that my husband often does during lovemaking and I
just feel very ecstatic due to it. Dr. Desai, much like Rajesh, pushed and moved
his nose inside my curly and dense choot hairs mand rubbed his nose there sniffing
that area.

Mama-ji: Abe sale? apni biwi ko pyar dikha raha hai kya! Muft ka maal hai? shot le
aur chalta ban!

Dr. Desai: Wah Sir-ji? wah! Khud pura maza liya? ab mujhe shortcut batla rahe ho!

Mama-ji: Uh! Kitne ko chodke itna bada lund paida kiya regarding kutriya!

I felt warm breaths on my naked thighs and soon found Dr. Desai was licking my
hairless smooth thighs. As he licked my naked robust thighs, his hands were playing
with my thick curly choot hairs. I could feel Dr. Desai was at times dipping his
finger inside my honey pot also, but alas! I continued to lay motionless and still.

Mama-ji: Sala jab bhi iss bade bade doodh ko dekh raha hoon mera lund out of
control ho raha hai?.

Dr. Desai: Sir-ji iss umar mei zyada out of control hona munasif nehi hai? saare
control todke sidha upar pahuch jaoge! Ha ha ha?

Dr. Desai was back to his original position, straightening his body right over me
and positioned his stout manhood just over my naked pussy. He slowly started
pushing his lund inside my choot and naturally the process was not smooth. Though
my pussy was still discharging in trickles, his dick got tightly stuck after moving
an inch or so inside. He quickly pulled my buttocks up and placed something soft,
probably a pillow, under my gaand, and again started pushing his roller inside my
choot. This time it was definitely smoother and he slowly picked up the common
rhythm hugging me tightly.

My big bouncy boobs pressed hard against his flat wide chest and my nipples were
rock hard being pressed so hard on a male body. Dr. Desai was also emitting loud
sounds as he was increasing his pelvic thrusts. It was a very satisfying setting as
my pussy was absolutely tight with his stout cock. His lips pressed on mine and he
was kissing my lips again like he had done several times during the treatment

Soon I could hear loud shouts of thrill off Dr. Desai as he was increasing the
speed at which his lund was piercing my tender choot. His piston was moving rather
fast now and I could hear sounds of deep panting near my mouth. Dr. Desai now
rested his body on one hand and continued to fuck me while his free hand was
strongly massaging my prominent mammaries. It seemed like an endless rhythm and the
setting was just about perfect for De. Desai to discharge his load of semen in me.

Just like Mama-ji, this young doctor?s body also started to quiver and was stiff as
he started filling my pussy with his semen. He was literally biting my nipples
while he emptied his balls in me. His body fell on me and remained pasted for some
time. I could clearly feel his heartbeat and deep breaths near my ear.

Mama-ji: Abe e! Tilguje ke chilke! Kitna time rahega aise! Ab uth aur saaf kar!

Dr. Desai left my body and probably went for a wash. My slumber state was getting
profound and I was as if feeling utterly tired, both mentally and physically. The
voices that I could hear only sometime ago seemed to have traveled further
distances and I slowly settled in a ?blank? world with no audible sounds. I lay
immobile on the bed not even able to recollect the two simultaneous fucks that I
had just now! Everything seemed to be so quiet and calm in my drugged state and I
was living in the world of endless tranquility!
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Chapter 24

by samitbhai
Dr. Desai left my body and probably went for a wash. My slumber state was getting
profound and I was as if feeling utterly tired, both mentally and physically. The
voices that I could hear only sometime ago seemed to have traveled further
distances and I slowly settled in a ?blank? world with no audible sounds. I lay
immobile on the bed not even able to recollect the two simultaneous fucks that I
had just now! Everything seemed to be so quiet and calm in my drugged state and I
was living in the world of endless tranquility!


Am posting just a para from the last Chapter. Pl refer to the last few para so that
u cud relate.


Mama-ji: Bahurani? Bahurani! Are you okay now? Can you listen to me?

There was as if some waves created in my eternal tranquility! I was stirred. There
was at last a rupture in my slumber! Yes, it was Mama-ji?s voice and I quickly
tried to reply, but found that my throat was so thirsty that I could hardly emit a
Mama-ji: Beti, are you feeling okay now? Can you hear me?

This time I tried again and was able to reply a very meek ?yes?. I tried to open my
eyes, but seemed my eyelids were immensely heavy and I could not open them!

Mama-ji: Great! Ohh? at last you responded Bahurani! I have been trying for the
last 10 minutes!

By this time I could realize that I had gathered quite a bit of sense, but still
was unable to open my eyes as my eyelids continued to feel too heavy to open! I
took some time trying to orient myself to the place and time. ?Yes?. I remember? I
had that terrible allergic reaction? Dr. Desai was treating me?. my saliva was
still infected? during the treatment the doctor was virtually kissing my lips?. (my
face automatically flushed just thinking about that posture) I was much aroused?
but then? then what happened? Umm? yes, yes? I started feeling very dizzy?. Right!?

Then? Then what? I exerted pressure on my brain but to no avail! I had no clue what
happened after that and the only thing that I can recollect was that I got up from
my slumber a few minutes ago. Bas!

I was at last able to open my eyes. Though my eyelids felt heavy, but I was able to
open them and see Mama-ji standing right beside me by the bedside.

Me: Mama-ji? what? err? Mama-ji, what happened to me? Was I sleeping? And? and
where is Dr. Desai?

I tried to get up from my lying posture.

Mama-ji (quickly holding my shoulders ceased me from doing so): Beti? no?. Do not
get up right now. Please wait for sometime and also don?t stress your mind? I will
tell you everything? doctor has said you must stay for sometime in bed after you
wake up and then get out of bed, otherwise you again might feel dizzy.

Me: O? okay. Is the doctor gone?

Mama-ji: Yes Beti, but he made sure that you are absolutely free of that allergy
from which you suffered. Thank God! Uff! What a relief for me? I was? you know
Bahurani? feeling a lot of guilt in my mind that you suffered only because you came
here? had you remained in the ashram?

Me: Mama-ji please? don?t put it like that. You had nothing to do about my allergy!
It was just a coincidence Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Yes, may be? still you know?

Me: Mama-ji? please, don?t think that way? I will feel very embarrassed then.

Mama-ji: Okay Beti? he he.

I was pretty much curious to know what happened to me after I felt dizzy and I was
again about to nag Mama-ji to elaborate on that, but? but suddenly I was conscious
of my clothing and almost exclaimed aloud!

I was lying on the bed and a bed sheet was covering me till me neck. I could well
realize that I wasn?t wearing any bra under my blouse and neither was a wearing my
panty under my sari! But as far as I remember... ?yes, am pretty sure that I was
wearing both my undergarments when Dr. Desai was treating me!? Then what happened
thereafter! Was I stripped or what? My goodness! In Mama-ji?s presence? Oops!
I looked at Mama-ji. He was wearing a vest and a lungi and appeared quite normal.
But I was getting anxious. I must know how I fall into sleep and what happened to
me post slumber. I could sense my heart beating faster and honestly I was getting
concerned to know what exactly happened to me.

Me: Mama-ji? I mean? what happened to me? How did I get into sleep? Did Dr. Desai
apply any further treatment on me after that? Mama-ji please tell me?

Mama-ji: Yes, yes Bahurani? don?t get excited. I am telling you. Actually when you
started feeling dizzy? you remember that time?

Me: yes, yes, certainly!

Mama-ji: yes, when Dr. Desai noticed that your dizziness was increasing he asked me
to make you lie down on the couch.

Me: Hmm? hmm? I remember that faintly? but you know I don?t have any memory after
that Mama-ji! Isn?t it strange?

Mama-ji: How can you recall that Beti? Because as we laid you on the bed you had a
somewhat convulsive state and you fainted.

Me: Oh! Really!

Mama-ji: Yes Beti. Dr. Desai said that it was not unnatural and within the
parameters of side-effects of the antidote.

Me: O! I see.

Mama-ji: Then actually? I mean simultaneously you were sweating very profusely and
since there was no air-conditioning here, Dr. Desai was much annoyed. You know Beti
he was again stressing about the need for hospitalization.

Me: But we had no option? isn?t it Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: Yes Beti. Anyway I calmed him, but since due to the sweating your blouse
etc. was getting soaked, we had to take off your sari.

Immediately my face was red as a cherry fruit and I dropped my eyelids! Ish! Then
Mama-ji must have seen me just wearing my blouse and petticoat!

Mama-ji: But soon you were recovering as Dr. Desai pointed out that the tiny blood
clots on your arms were disappearing. I was very happy to note that.

I took out my right arm from under the bed sheet and checked for myself. Yes, the
tiny pinpoint blood formations had disappeared!

Me: Thank God! (I murmured within myself)

Mama-ji: Dr. Desai then checked the other blood spots on your body and told that
they were also losing their prominence.

Me: Wah!

Though I said ?Wah?, but concurrently could realize that he must have exposed my
body while checking the blood spots on my body. I remembered there were red spots
on my breast area as well as on my thighs. The young doctor must have checked those

I almost exclaimed aloud, but somehow controlled myself. Afterall I was a married
woman and it was as if someone exposed and groped me in my sleeping state! I indeed
felt more humiliated because Mama-ji was present all through and had watched Dr.
Desai pull up my petticoat and expose my legs and check those spots. And also he
must have watched Dr. Desai checking the spot near my cleavage above my blouse!


I was feeling the heat in my ears and was indeed much embarrassed thinking about
this gauche setting where the doctor was checking my usually covered body parts in
my sleep!

Mama-ji: The only concern that Dr. Desai then showed was the urine contamination
that you had Bahurani.

Me: I see?.

Mama-ji: Here I must mention Bahurani that Dr. Desai was very apologetic to you as
he had to rush as he was getting late and had requested me so that I say sorry on
behalf of him.

Me (visibly a bit surprised): Sorry? But for what?

Mama-ji: That he had to treat you when you were in your fainted state ?.

Me: Oh! Umm? yes? but? but how could he inform me Mama-ji in that condition?

Mama-ji: No, no Bahurani? not about informing actually! Actually as he was getting
late and could not wait till you get back to your senses you know. So he decided to
treat you for your urine contagion in that state only. You can understand naa

I was really not getting what Mama-ji tried to convey and why Dr. Desai would
contrite to me! Naturally I looked at Mama-ji with frowned eyebrows a ??? on my

Mama-ji: Beti, since there was no other option? he did that. He mentioned that time
and again to me and?

Me: Mama-ji? Mama-ji? (I was indeed quite anxious now) I am not getting you. Why
are you so hesitant? Tell me clearly naa?.

Mama-ji: Actually Bahurani?. I mean Dr. Desai said that in order to treat your
urine infection, he had to insert a gel inside your? I mean Beti there was no other
alternative you know?

Mama-ji was not looking into my eyes and was visibly fumbling a bit and I could
easily realize that something very indecent must have happened during my catnap. I
somehow gathered all my will power and looked firmly at Mama-ji.

Me: Inside what?.? Tell me Mama-ji? I mean? I? I won?t mind?

Mama-ji: Actually Dr. Desai told me that he had to apply a preloaded single use

Mama-ji gave a pause and that was just so? so irritating!

Mama-ji: Actually Beti... it had to be inserted in your err? va? va? vagina.

Me: What?

I almost shouted in utter disbelief!

Mama-ji: There was no other method Bahurani? since we denied hospitalization? Dr.
Desai told that this was the only way to cure you.

I was stunned and my face turned red in the wink of an eye. In fact I was
breathless and felt absolutely blank! What was Mama-ji saying? Dr. Desai inserted
something in my PUSSY! Oh No! I just could not think any further.
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Chapter 25

by samitbhai
Mama-ji came near and sat on the bed beside me and kept a hand on my forehead.

Mama-ji: Bahurani?. Don?t feel ashamed? he is a doctor afterall!

My choot was exposed to Mama-ji! Hai daiya! Where do I hide my face from this
shame? Isssssssshhhhhh!

I was concurrently blushing and was extremely annoyed. Dr. Desai and Mama-ji both
viewed my nangi choot! What shame! Ishhhhhh! I felt so exposed in front of Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: But Bahurani? the most important point is that you are now fully cured due
to the application of that gel naa!

I took some deep breaths and tried my best to gather myself because now its no use
crying for spilt milk ? what had happened has happened. The only alarm in my mind
was did Dr. Desai did anything else getting me in a defenseless state. I hope not
because Mama-ji was present throughout, though I believe it must have been quite an
irresistible situation to witness my young juicy choot and not do anything! How
could I forget that Dr. Desai was subtly taking advantage of my semi exposed state
during the administration of the injections? And later on during my oral treatment,
he lip-locked me for significantly long period of time and openly felt my fleshy
ass and even touched by boobs!

I felt so defenseless and disoriented! I tried to reconstruct the scene in my mind

that I had fallen asleep and Dr. Desai had lifted my sari till my waist to apply
that medication in my choot - that too in presence of my Mama-ji! It had to be too
much of a scene!

Ufff! Goodness gracious! Moreover, I was not wearing any undergarments below my
clothes now, which means Dr. Desai must have stripped my undies during his
examination while I was asleep!

Mama-ji (patting my back gently): Beti, what are you thinking?

Me: Umm? I mean? no Mama-ji? Na? err? I mean nothing!

Mama-ji: Bahurani, let me tell you a secret? ((Mama-ji almost spoke in a whispering

I turned my face towards him. He was very close to me and his hand still resting on
my blouse covered back.
Mama-ji: Beti, you know, I could not? you know stop myself from asking the doctor
that whether there was any problem for you to be a ?mother?? actually though Dr.
Desai is not a gynecologist, but due to his experience?. Just like you, we all are
very anxious Beti to learn about the ?good? news?. when my sister calls me over
phone, I can realize that concern every moment you know?.

I dropped my eyes and Mama-ji kept his hand on my head and there was silence. I
sighed deeply because I was suffering the most mentally till such time I could get

Mama-ji: Bahurani? when I inquired Dr. Desai regarding that he said that he needed
to examine you and I requested him to do so.

Me: Oh? I see. (I uttered huskily as I knew pretty well what a gynecological
examination mean)

Mama-ji: We are fortunate that Dr. Desai spent extra time for this and checked you?
actually that?s why he had to pull off your brassiere too? I am sorry Beti for

It was very clear to me now that Mama-ji saw me absolutely naked when Dr. Desai
examined me. Though he was an elderly person, but still to get stripped in front of
him at this age was indeed too much of an embarrassment. I almost felt like
thanking God that I was in a fainted state during that period of time!

I was speechless, naturally. Mama-ji gave an irritatingly long pause at that moment
and I had to say something as he was looking at me!

Me: It?s? its okay Mama-ji? there was no other?

I said in a very low tone, almost inaudible.

Mama-ji: Yes actually Dr. Desai wanted to check your breasts?. but after the
examination he even tried to wear you the brassiere, but unfortunately the hook of
your bra could not be fixed especially because you were in a fainted state.

I was virtually down in the dumps! I felt so morose listening to Mama-ji and was
stiff like a rock looking at the floor.

Mama-ji (sliding his hand from my head back to my back again): The good thing you
know Bahurani? Dr. Desai gave the requisite time to check you?. though I called him
for that allergy thing, he did not bypass my request? he spent significant time
checking your breasts Bahurani (he paused) and then checked your vagina also very

My condition was getting from worse to pathetic. I was tongue tied and did not
really know how to react to my elderly relative listening to the fact that Dr.
Desai checked my intimate body parts in front of him!

Mama-ji: Arre? at least smile once Beti? the doctor did give a green signal that
there are no abnormalities!

I tried my best to smile, but failed miserably. I was breathing deeper and due to
the close physical proximity with Mama-ji, I was feeling all the more
uncomfortable. Though he was nearly my father?s age, but the fact that he had seen
my naked body while the doctor examined me was naturally making me feel extremely

Mama-ji: O! I forgot to tell you Beti? Dr. Desai did mention that you might feel a
bit of? I mean ache in your va? va? vagina because he examined it quite thoroughly
and since he was not prepared? you know?. he had to use his finger to examine

Me: Oh! Hmm? O? I can understand!

Mama-ji: Are you feeling any pain there?

Mama-ji looked at my eyes with this awfully indecent query and I had to immediately

Me: Neh? err? no! It?s okay Mama-ji. No pain.

Though I said ?No? to Mama-ji I could surely feel some pain and stickiness in my
choot area, which was making me rather anxious.

Mama-ji: Oh really! That?s really good to know! Anyway Bahurani, I think if you are
feeling okay, you should get ready to get back to ashram? its already?

Me: Oh yes! I totally forgot!

I almost yelled as I suddenly remembered that I had to get back to ashram by

evening time.

Me: Mama-ji, if you can excuse me for a while I can get ready then.

Mama-ji: Sure Beti sure! (he stood up and was about to leave the room) O! I have
kept your err? I mean? your brassiere and panty there? (he pointed towards a stool
at the corner of the room)

I was naturally quite embarrassed getting to know the address of my undergarments.

Mama-ji left the room. I picked up my undies and went to the toilet. I could
clearly feel that I not stepping normally as I walked towards the toilet. My legs
were as if parted slightly and as I walked my hips were swinging more than normal.
I was aware that this was indeed a clearcut symptom representing a woman post-

My head was spinning as I closed the toilet door. What actually happened to me when
I got fainted?

O My God! Did Dr. Desai? No, no? its impossible. Mama-ji was present there!
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Chapter 26

by samitbhai
In great haste, I unwrapped my sari off my waist and untied my petticoat knot. As I
palpated my hairy pussy area, I could clearly feel more pain and? and? as I
inserted a finger inside my choot, it was so wet! Though the pain was more, the
feel was good for me. As I inserted my finger deep inside my pussy, I could sense
it was surely more wet and sticky, as it happens just after a fuck!

I immediately pulled out my finger from inside my choot and started sniffing it.

Goodness gracious! It was the smell of male semen! O Lord!

I stood like a statue for a few moments still sniffing my wet finger. As I again
guided my hand near my pussy area, this time I could feel my bush of choot hairs
also somewhat wet! And as I sniffed again, I could clearly relate that it was
nothing but male juice! I felt so blank! My eyes got closed automatically and my
body weight transferred on the toilet wall. I was unable to think further.

Unconsciously my hand just brushed against my left breast and I immediately felt
some slight pain there also! I was mindful and immediately unhooked my blouse. I
was fully naked now, standing inside the toilet, as I checked my big tight breasts
on the mirror. I took a close look and as I examined the smooth spherical surface
of my butter-colored firm mammaries, I detected a subtle nail mark adjacent to my
areola on my left breast!

My throat was getting dry as I was getting sanguine that I was fucked when I lost
my senses during Dr. Desai?s examination. I was breathing extremely fast and beads
of perspiration were crowning my forehead. But? but how could Dr. Desai do anything
indecent to me in Mama-ji?s presence? I was trying to fight myself only, but was
losing out because the evidences on my body were more than enough to prove that Dr.
Desai fucked me without my knowledge. Did he send Mama-ji outside for some work and
used that opportunity? Who knows!

I stood motionless and still. Drops of tears rolled down my cheek. Naturally I was
feeling miserable. In the late morning only I got fucked by that shopkeeper at the
Parineeta Store, but in that case I could at least argue to myself that I was made
so horny during the shooting of that ad that probably there could have been no
other ending to that session. But here? I was not even conscious! And moreover, he
was a doctor! How could he behave like that!

I was cursing Dr. Desai like anything in my mind for this beastly behavior. But
concurrently how could I forget the lewd moves that he made towards me during the
examination. I had only myself to blame! I should have slapped that doctor when he
initiated the first move, but on the contrary not only did I not protest, but also
got quite fancied by his touches. I never thought even in my wildest dreams that it
would lead to such a consequence!

I did not know how long I stood naked leaning onto the toilet wall thinking of my
misfortune. I had to gather things up and move on. I took a long bath and rubbed
and cleaned my whole body thoroughly as if trying to wipe off the marks of Dr.
Desai?s touches.

Mama-ji: Are you done Bahurani?

Me: Yes Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Great! You look s-o-o fresh?

I just smiled and went to the dressing table to comb my hair. Within a few minutes
we both were ready to set off. Before leaving the house, I offered Mama-ji a pranam
as a sign of respect.

Mama-ji: Khush raho Beti. Am so glad that you are fully cured at last. The way you
suffered from that allergy? I felt very bad Beti...

Mama-ji held my arms and lifted me from my stooping position as I completed the
pranam. He held my shoulder and looked into my eyes.

Me: But it was not your fault Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: Still?.Thank God that you are fully fit and fine now? My best wishes will
always stay with you and Rajesh...

He now closed on me and kissed my forehead gently. I had to angle my arms slightly
to protect my bursting blouse-covered tits from pressing onto his chest as he was
kissing my forehead.

Mama-ji: I pray to God that you are soon blessed with a child? very soon Bahurani?
very soon? I can jolly well understand the pain you have been taking?. so many
questions from different corners? our society is just like that you know? this
battle is hard and long and that you are surely tolled more than Rajesh?

With his words the whole atmosphere turned very emotional. I could not hold my
tears listening to those words from Mama-ji. His empathetic words really touched me
and I kept my head on his chest and started sobbing. It was probably more to do
with the ?depression? I was suffering mentally after I realized that I was fucked
in my unconscious state by the doctor.

Mama-ji: Arre? ye kya! Think it this way Bahurani? that? that this is God?s task
that you are carrying forward? God wants you to reach your destination the harder
way? may be the hardest way! And, we are all with you in this battle Beti?

Saying that he almost embraced me and getting this fatherly affection, I

immediately started sobbing harder on his chest. Mama-ji held me with one hand and
with his other hand gently patted my head and then he slowly descended his hand
down to my shoulder and onto my back.

Mama-ji: Beti, you know one thing? if you cry, the bad things drain out of your
mind and you become purer. Clear out the evils from your mind Bahuranmi? clear out?

I continued to sob and was unable to realize that I was placing myself in an
awkward posture. My arms were still angled over my breast area and hence my full
body weight was on Mama-ji. Mama-ji was literally hugging me and though initially
it was a casual posture, as I continued to sob, he started embracing me with his
hands on his body quite tightly.

Mama-ji: You know Bahurani, there is no harm in crying because at the end of it you
feel light? and am pretty sure that you will indeed feel carefree and lighthearted?

I just nodded my head and now tried to control myself as I could feel Mama-ji was
nearly portraying an adult hug as his hands were gaining more control of my leaning
body. I could feel the warm touch of his left hand on my uncovered stomach area
just below my blouse hem while his right hand slid down almost to my flaring hips!
I raised my head off his chest and tried to stand properly within his embrace.

Mama-ji (pressing me more towards him and I could feel my legs pressing onto his):
Wipe out the tears Beti? I foresee a bright future for you and Rajesh.

Me (very meekly and in a sobbing tone): Thanks?

I wiped my eyes dry with my hands, but while I was doing that within that split
second I realized Mama-ji pressing me more with his embracing hands towards his
body and naturally as a result my twin firm mammaries began to press on Mama-ji?s
chest very directly and tightly. The feel of my fully developed large sized breasts
must indeed have triggered energy flow in the old man and I immediately experienced
a tighter hug! My eyes automatically got closed momentarily as my twin peaks got
staunchly pressed on Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Have faith on God Beti and am pretty sure that your ashram treatment would
lead to a positive result in the days to come.

As Mama-ji uttered those words in a whispering tone near my ears, he clasped me

tightly enough in his embrace so that he could enjoy the full weight of my heavy
mammaries on his chest. I was naturally by this time a bit out of breath and was
feeling rather tight. I could sense my nipples were growing big in size inside my
bra and my libido was just beginning to flow being in a close male hug. I
desperately tried to get out of it, but Mama-ji surely wanted to prolong it.
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Chapter 27

by samitbhai
Me: Yes? I also do aspire that Mama-ji? Thanks for your kind wishes Mama-ji? Umm?I
think? I think we should move on now Mama-ji?

I tried my best to put a period to this prolonging farewell, but Mama-ji seemed not
at all interested! He just completely ignored my last sentence regarding getting
late to the ashram!

Mama-ji (again kissing my forehead): I don?t want any more tears in my Bahurani?s
eyes! Hmm? let?s check once?

Saying that Mama-ji closed his face on mine; I was still embraced by him. I could
only smile marginally and just nodded indicating that I was not sobbing anymore,
but the old man himself checked my eyes with his fingers brushing the underlines of
my eyes.

Mama-ji: Arre! Ye kya? I find your eyes still wet? Why Bahurani?

Me: No, no... It?s absolutely okay now Mama-ji.

I looked up and replied. It was surely getting jumpy being in that state for such
lengthy period of time - my face was hardly an inch or two away from Mama-ji?s, his
hands encircling my back, and my big tight breasts pressed rather liberally on his

Mama-ji: Uhu? Never allow the clouds of depression to engulf your happiness Beti?
It?s still wet? just see!

Mama-ji now gently brushed the base of his finger on my left cheek to make me feel
that my eyes are still wet! Frankly I did not expect such an action from this
elderly man and just could not react properly. Using that opportunity Mama-ji just
continued to feel my warm smooth cheek with his fingers.

Mama-ji: So? am I wrong? Huh u? you cannot fool me Beti? I can understand the
latent pain you carry all the time. (Mama-ji signed deeply) I can understand Beti?

Though Mama-ji seemed to really feel for me, the situation was getting increasingly
tricky for me, as this elderly man?s constant touches were ultimately getting me
keyed up quite a bit. I had already started to breathe deeper and my breasts were
naturally heaving up inside my blouse and as I looked down I noticed my sari pallu
had got almost dislodged from its proper position revealing my shiny butter-colored
upper breast area rather adequately.

Mama-ji: Rest your head on me, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths Beti?
you will surely feel much better.

Me (adjusting my pallu to some extent so that it did not reveal my cleavage): But?
but Mama-ji? am? am okay? you just don?t worry! Please... am o?

I tried my best to convey Mama-ji that I was feeling okay and the fact was if Mama-
ji continued to hug me like that for some more time, in fact then I would be in a
Mama-ji: Beti? listen to me? this will heal your feelings only? this is a tested
thing? you just do what I say and I will pray to God so that your mission is

I had to admit that it was a great gesture from Mama-ji and honestly I had no
intention to hurt this old man?s feelings in any way. Thus I agreed to him without
arguing any further though was indeed feeling much discomfort being in such
closeness with this 50+ male. I knew he was an elderly person, he was almost my
father?s age, and he was my relative? but still somehow Mama-ji?s intimacy was
triggering my passion.

Mama-ji: As I said? you just close your eyes and keep your head on my chest and
take some deep breaths? hands on your sides? yes?. Just relax? am sure you will
feel better Bahurani!

As I hung my hands to my sides almost my full body weight was on him and Mama-ji
now again embraced me in a fresh way with his right hand pressing on my blouse back
and his left hand went to my head probably to make me feel more comfortable. Mama-
ji gently patted my head as I closed my eyes and relaxed on his broad chest. My big
firm breasts continue to press and rub on his body very directly; Mama-ji was
clearly feeling the firm and resilient structure of my blouse covered juicy

I was naturally quite excited physically by now and just then Mama-ji as if poured
ghee to the fire. Mama-ji was patting my head with one hand while his other hand
was on my blouse back, which I sensed slowly started sliding down! I was instantly
alert as well as somewhat stiff also, as I could clearly feel his warm palm sliding
down my smooth and velvety back.

Mama-ji: Take deep breaths and just relax Beti? let me complete a small prayer for

Me: O?. Okhay Mama-ji? (I could hardly murmur that in a very husky voice)

Mama-ji was murmuring something, but I could not make out what he was saying, but?
but I could clearly make out his intentions were diverting! Mama-ji slid his right
hand over my curvy back onto my waist and started feeling my bare skin there just
over my sari. If he had just kept his hand there, I could have still bear it, but?
but he was quite evidently palpating my belly fold! Mama-ji simply began to caress
my naked skin at my low belly area so directly and suddenly that that I had to

Me: Ei? eiiiiii?. Mama-ji? what? what are you doing?

Mama-ji: Oho Beti? you are so restless! Don?t you know this is a very familiar
technique to relieve stress?

Me: Noho? No! Uiiii? Mama-ji? you are? he he he?. You are tickling me!

Mama-ji: Come? on Bahurani! Bear it a bit? you will definitely feel better I tell

I almost lost my balance as Mama-ji continued this ticklish action and rested my
full body weight onto him. Mama-ji used his hand on my head to support me and
slipped it down to my shoulders. I could feel his thumb was clearly feeling my bra
strap over my shoulder while he was now quite aggressively palpating and caressing
my low waist area. As he quickly poked his thumb clumsily into my soft flesh in my
belly area, I was tickled to the hilt.
Me: He he he hee?. Heeee?. Mama-ji? please stop?. Hee hee heee?..

As I giggled and laughed away, Mama-ji was all the more belligerent and he was now
doing this bungling action with both hands! As my upper body was undulating a lot
due to my laughing, my sari pallu got dislodged and slipped to my arms and my whole
breast area was visible to Mama-ji. My blouse was tightly fitted on my conical
breasts and my cleavage was very much evident over my deeply cut blouse neck.

Me: M-a-m-a-j-i?. uhhhh?. He he hee heeee? eiiiii stop?. A-a-r-r-e-e-e what are you
doing! Aaaa?. He he he he heee heeeee?.

Mama-ji: Beti? tickling is the best way ? umm?. How do you like that? Oho?.
Bahurani, you don?t know tickling is the best way to strike off all depression ?

Mama-ji was steadily engaging more power into his act and naturally things were
going quite out of hand for me. As I continuously giggled and laughed, I was losing
out on energy and was nearly gasping for breath. Though my face depicted amusement
I was thoroughly dejected by this act of Mama-ji. This was still okay if done to a
small girl or even a teenager, but at this matured age to get tickled like this in
the belly and waist area was a bit too much of an ask. Naturally I was breathing
heavily as I laughed away and my ripe juicy breasts almost burst out through my
tight blouse and with my sari flowing in my arms, I was undeniably looking
incredibly sexy and indecent.

Mama-ji: Aree bahurani? this is nothing? I have not yet shown you the best healing
prickle for a laughter you know?

Me: No? ohhhhh? Mama-ji? no? p-l-e-a-s-e s-t-op?. I have enough?. Eiiii? He hee
heee heeee?.. ohh?. My goodddd?

Mama-ji: Beti? laughter is a great medication in itself? now enjoy this?

Mama-ji continued to tickle my belly with one hand, while he brought his other hand
right inside my armpit!

Me: Ouch!
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Chapter 28

by samitbhai
I was stiff as a rock, momentarily!

But the way Mama-ji was cuddling and tickling my waist and belly area, I could not
remain motionless for long! Mama-ji curled his fingers and forcefully started to
crawl his fingers inside my armpit! It was such a sexy and inept action that I was
fleetingly stunned, but the way he brushed and rubbed his fingers in my armpit area
that I was felt largely tickled. Though I quickly tried to squeeze my arm so as to
bridge the gap, Mama-ji was by then through the gate and was tickling me in a very
assertive mood.

Me: Uuuuiiii?. Hee hee heeee?. Ooooiiii?. Maaaaa?. Heee heee heee? p-l-e-a-s-e s-t-

Things were really getting bizarre! I never could anticipate that my elderly
relative would step into this sort of a clumsy prank with me. As Mama-ji continued
to tickle me with both hands in my armpit and belly area, I was naturally animated
more and more as a result of which my clothes were getting disoriented very sexily.
My sari pallu was now virtually flowing on the floor forcing me to expose my big-
sized boobs adequately to Mama-ji. As I was constantly getting animated due to
Mama-ji?s feverish tickling, I had to bend and arch and do all sorts of movements
to avoid the action and even my sari had came off quite a bit from my waist
revealing my petticoat!

Me: Mama-ji? Uiii? hee hee hee hee?. Please STOP?.

His other hand was now tickling my navel area and like all women I was very
sensitive in that area. I just burst out in laughter as he did this act and as this
continued, I was able to realize that I was quickly getting drained out due to my
constant laughs. I was in fact puffing at times and really had little energy to
barricade Mama-ji. The old man was intelligent enough to grasp that and was rapidly
making inroads into my plump figure. Initially though he was tickling me in the
armpit proper, but now that my resistance had diminished, Mama-ji was clearly
spreading his fingers and feeling the sides of my tight boob flesh!

Mama-ji just did not give me a single moment of relief as his nimble fingers
brushed all along my belly area and poked very sexily inside my deep navel. I was
laughing away fanatically and could well realize inside that I was unable to take
it any more! Mama-ji seemed to be gaining more and more power as he heard me
laughing almost feverishly. I had to do something to stop Mama-ji who must have
been getting immense fun from this eccentric act!

What to do? what to do? I was really puzzled?

Ultimately I just decided to run away from Mama-ji! Yes, that?s the only way I
thought I could avoid this tickling. I immediately implemented what had sparked in
my mind and since Mama-ji was no longer embracing me, it was rather easy for me to
run away from him. In the meantime Mama-ji was also laughing while he tickled me
and when he saw me running away from him, he was probably momentarily undecided,
but was instantly ready with a new prank!

During this tickling process, I was most of the time palluless and my sari had got
very loose at the waist and a bit of it was in fact flowing on the floor and Mama-
ji quickly saw that and at once stepped on my sari on the floor! I was virtually
fleeing away from him and I felt a sudden jerk at my waist and my sari just whiffed
off as I could not stop right away! I was taken entirely aback and stopped running,
but by that time my sari had unfolded off my waist and was only loosely clinging to
the lower part of my body.

For a moment? just for a fraction of a second, Mama-ji seemed exactly like a
rapist, a perverted old man, stepping on my sari to strip and expose me!

Mama-ji: Ha ha ha? Bahurani? you cannot escape? Ha ha ha? I will not leave you
today till you experience a complete tickling session? Ha ha ha?

Me: Mama-ji? please? stop this? arre?. let me wear the sari properly ?

Before I could even complete my words, Mama-ji was again all over me. He just
dashed towards me and out of reflex action I was trying to flee away from him!

Me: Eiii?. Mama-ji?. Nnnneeehhhhiii?..

I somehow advanced a few more steps forward in that condition, but realized that
this would be just bizarre if I continue like this and had crossed the limits of
decency! My sari had slipped off my waist now almost entirely and was virtually
fully on the floor just like a long thick snake, excepting that one end was still
clinging somehow on my ass!

Mama-ji: Bahurani, why are you running away? Ha ha ha? Arre?. I just want to make
you laugh my dear? don?t underestimate me? I can easily catch you? see? ha ha ha?

I had sprinted towards the door and was now in fact out of the room and landed into
the dining hall. My big breasts were undulating inside my tight blouse and indeed I
looked very sexy clad like that only in my blouse and petticoat, though one end of
my sari still somehow adhered to my heavy juggling ass.

Me: Mama-ji? please? ssssssssttttoooooooooopppppppp? Uiiiii?..

Mama-ji: Just wait? Uhhh?..till I catch you?.

It seemed as if our ages had diminished significantly and we acted like two
teenagers fooling around! As I looked back to see how close Mama-ji was from me, I?

Me: Ahhh! OUCH!

I collided with something and was just blank for a moment. I turned and fall into
as if a deep hole!

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuu?. Ooops!

I bumped on one of the sofas in the dining hall and my whole body turned and I fell
on it. But since these couches were rather extraordinary, I found myself in an
extremely awkward posture! The cushion of this couch was unusually soft and spongy
and naturally for a fleshy-bottomed woman like me, I just dug deeper and deeper and
deeper inside the couch, more so due to my falling in an awkward posture. I tried
to grab the hand-rest for some support, but my hips descended so much inside that I
felt awful in that posture! My legs were virtually in the air as I could not keep
my balance while descending on this couch and the back-rest was so low-aligned that
I was unable to control my body movement properly.

Mama-ji: Ha ha ha? Now you are caught my dear? Ha ha ha? Bahurani, you are silly
that a little girl? why were you running? Will I eat you? Ha ha ha?. Now? Where
should I start? Eh? Ha ha ha?

Mama-ji closed on me with his hands stretched in the air trying to as if frighten
me and I felt so awkward positioned like that that in the sofa. As I looked down
for a moment I was horrified to note that a lot of my fair-colored cleavage was
exposed over my blouse and in fact the bulge of my breasts was clearly evident over
my blouse neckline!

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ii! SSSSSTTTTTTTOOOOOPPPP!


This was surely the height of tickling that Mama-ji applied on me! As he was
standing right in front of me and I was almost lying in his specially-designed sofa
with my fleshy bottoms going well inside the sofa forcing my legs go up in the air
(not fully vertical though), he just started tickling the sole of my right foot
with his fingers and the feeling was so eerie that I just screamed out in ecstasy!
Seeing my wild reaction, Mama-ji seemed to be pretty much excited and was doing it
more vigorously.

Me: Hehehehhehhehhheeeeeeeee?.. Uuuuuuuuuuuuu?. Mama-ji? P-L-E-A-S-E stoppppppp?.

He hee heee heeee heeeee?

I just broke out in laughter as I felt tremendously tickled by this wacky act.
Initially my emotion exploded through my loud wild screams, but since Mama-ji was
increasing the intensity of the tickle on my foot sole, I could not control myself
from throwing my leg in the air. As I started doing that, I noted Mama-ji was now
using both of his hands in tickling the soles of my feet. He brushed and crept his
long fingers on both my right and left foot soles compelling me to newer heights of

Me: Heeeee heeeeee heeeeeee heeeeeee?.. Uuuuuuu?.. Heeeeee heeeeee?. Eeeeeiiiii?.

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Chapter 29

by samitbhai
I was now throwing my legs like anything and this made things utterly worse for me.
As I landed in the sofa, my legs were already placed somewhat upward and my
petticoat was just a few inches up my legs, but now with Mama-ji vigorously
tickling the undersurface of both feet with his hands, I was throwing my legs in
the air like anything and my petticoat just slipped down my smooth curvy legs at a
hurried pace leaving me extremely edgy. I could see my ankles, shins, and knees
getting exposed and to my utter shock I soon noted that my very fair plump thighs
were also getting uncovered as my petticoat slipped further down.

Me: Ssssssssss?. Heeeeee heeeeeeeeee heeeeeeee? Iiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss?.

Mama-ji: Ha ha ha?. This must be fun Beti? Ho ho ho ho?.

I quickly tried to cover my exposed well formed legs with my petticoat using my
free hands, but since Mama-ji was relentlessly tickling my soles, it was impossible
for me to do that as I continued to throw my legs desperately in the air to avoid
his hands on my foot soles. The petticoat slipped down so much that I was alarmed
that whether it was hiding my dignity at all!

?I must get out of this fucking sofa?, I said to myself and tried my best to keep
the end of the petticoat in place so that my panty at least did not get exposed.
Mama-ji probably heard me because what he did next exposed my lower body

Mama-ji: Now take this Beti? let?s see if it tickles you more or less?

Saying that he took off his left hand off my foot sole and started to very gently
poke, brush, and crawl the back of my right knee! Since I was facing him on the
sofa and my legs were almost up towards the ceiling, it was very easy for him to
induce this new prank!

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??

Naturally I screamed enormously loud as I felt this sweet prickle inside the fold
of my knee and as a reflex action my legs got parted also as I felt a very sexy
sensation being touched in that ?rarely touched? body part and right at that moment
I heard a big ?WOW? from Mama-ji.

As I followed Mama-ji?s eyes, I could well realize what must have happened. When I
parted my legs wide, still throwing them up in the air due to his weird tickling,
my petticoat slipped dangerously down, this time almost till my waist, resulting in
a grand panty peek of mine for Mama-ji. I tried my best to fold the legs so as to
cover my crotch from his direct viewing, but since he was standing right in front
of me and this confounded couch did not allow me to sit properly in it, I was
having a trying time covering the lower half of the body.

Mama-ji reacted just like a vulture converging on its prey and instantaneously
engaged both his hands in tickling the underside of my knees. I was laughing away
though clearing understanding that it no longer was a ?laughing matter?, as I was
exposed very indecently by Mama-ji through his childish pranks. Though the whole
episode looked very childish and rather innocent and funny, how could I override
the fact that I was a married matured woman?

I was not a teenager that I could continue like this with an occasional cleavage
exposure over my top, or a button getting opened of my top revealing my bra, or an
upskirt revealing my panty. I was an adult woman of 28! My body was no longer in
the developing stage. I had to be cautious regarding my dress and exposure.
Moreover, I was involved with an elderly relative of mine ? my Mama-ji. May be he
was doing this childhood prank of tickling with me very casually and certainly not
with any ill intentions since he did not get a chance often to mix with us since we
live far-flung. But I could not simply continue doing this whorish behavior and
shamelessly expose my body to him.

I lost my sari due to my own carelessness. Had I tucked my sari pallu in my waist
in the very beginning, this never could have happened. And had I not flee from
Mama-ji?s tickling, surely I would not have bumped on this confounded ?special?
couch and exposed my panty to him. I cursed only myself in my mind and could not
see any fault of Mama-ji?s. I even thought that I was fortunate that my relative
was an elderly fellow, otherwise the amount of exposure I had done in this homely
atmosphere would have rendered any adult male go wild with excitement and surely he
would not let me go easily!

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuiiii?.. Heeeee heeeeeeee heeeeeeeee?.

Mama-ji: Ha ha hah?. Ha ha hah? this is fun, isn?t it Bahurani! Ha ha ha?.

Mama-ji seemed to be getting innovative by the moment and I was so much drained out
laughing that I hardly was left with much resistance power! Mama-ji was now quite
forcefully tickling the insides of my knees gripping that area almost and the
effect on me was just enormous. It was not only the heavy ticklish feel that I was
experiencing, but concurrently a feeling of sensuality was also engulfing me being
caressed in such an intimate and ?rare? body part. I was throwing my legs up in the
air feverishly and due to the awkward incline of the sofa, my petticoat was now
bunched up near my ass and my entire legs and thighs were totally bare. I was also
quite sure that Mama-ji must have been enjoying an unrestrictive and a very
provocative view of my panty. Honestly, I was quite helpless as I had to keep my
hands on the hand-rest of that couch for keeping balance and hence could not even
cover my crotch, and with my feet thrown almost perpendicularly in the air, there
was no way I could stop Mama-ji from gaping at my panty!

As I continued to laugh and wriggle on the sofa due to relentless tickle and light
prickles by Mama-ji, I was trying to make out if Mama-ji was eyeing me from a
different angle seeing me in such exposed condition. As I continued to giggle
aloud, I looked into his eyes and though he was gaping at my milky white thighs and
eyeing my exposed panty, I could not apprehend any untoward approach in his moves.
He seemed to be doing this just for fun and only to make me laugh. As this theory
started to set forth in my mind, the heavy blush that I was experiencing gradually
started to disappear. The hesitation in me was also slowly fading away as I
persistently remained in that compromised posture in the sofa with my plump legs up
in the air and my whole petticoat virtually disappearing under my heavy ass!

Just then, all of a sudden I felt Mama-ji had taken off his hands from my body. I
was still giggling and as if in perpetual motion was throwing my legs up in the air
even when Mama-ji had ceased to tickle me in my legs! I realized that in a second
and quickly folded my legs so as to conceal my panty to be so brazenly exposed.

But what was happening to Mama-ji?

From the awkward angle of the sofa I noticed that Mama-ji?s body had curved like an
arch and he surely was on to a new prank I thought!

Mama-ji: Ukkkk! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!

I was a bit surprised seeing Mama-ji?s posture and tried to make out what he was
trying to do, but since right at that moment he turned away from me, I was unable
to guess what was up in his sleeve.

Me: Ohh Mama-ji! You almost laughed me to death! Uh! I never had such a long laugh
in my life? Ohh?. O my God! I am so much exhausted ? Aaah!

I tried to get out of that confounded sofa and lifted my heavy ass and quickly
pulled my petticoat down to cover my panty and thighs. I looked so shameless with
my fair rotund legs completely exposed!

Me: Mama-ji, am really not interested in any more? seriously Mama-ji! Am not
joking! Ufff! It seems I have worn out totally you know!

Mama-ji remained silent and continued to be in that stooped posture. I got out of
the sofa and as I stood on my legs my petticoat immediately dropped to my ankles
and I felt so much wrapped and protected! I quickly checked my petticoat knot
whether it got loose in this hustle and bustle and stepped towards Mama-ji.

Me: Mama-ji? Mama-ji!! What happened? Why are you stooping like that?

Mama-ji still was silent and as I went past him to face him I was shocked seeing
his agonizing face!

Me: What? What happened Mama-ji? Are you hurt?

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Chapter 30

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhh!

I noticed that Mama-ji had stooped to hold his lower abdomen with both hands and
surely appeared to be in great pain. Naturally I got anxious and pushed Mama-ji
with my right hand for a reply.

Me: Mama-ji, where are you hurt? Did I hurt you in any way? Please answer!

Though Mama-ji?s face was lowered in pain towards the floor, I could sense that he
was in much anguish and needed my help. For a moment I thought of wearing my sari
because I was only clad in my blouse and petticoat, but decided to go ahead like
that since there was no one else in the house at that moment except Mama-ji. So I
could remain in that semi-exposed condition and at that point in time my main
concern naturally was to know why Mama-ji was in pain and to alleviate it.

Me: Mama-ji, please tell me? Where are you having the pain? Mama-ji! Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Uhhhh?. It?s a terrible pain Beti?. Please? please help me get inside?.
Ohhhh! Uuuuuhhhh!

As Mama-ji stood up slightly from his bent posture, it was very apparent that he
was in tremendous pain as I noticed that his face was almost getting deformed due
to the acute soreness he was experiencing.

Mama-ji: Don?t? Don?t worry Beti? Aaaahhhhh! I will be ?.

Me: Don?t talk? please don?t talk! Are you having pain in the abdomen? Ishhh?. Just
a few moments ago you were laughing and now?.

I could well realize that he was trying his best to swallow the pain so that I did
not get more concerned, but his face was portraying the suffering. As I approached
to help Mama-ji to get inside the room, he quickly grabbed my right hand for
support and I encircled my left hand round him so that he could get the required
support while walking. As I did that I got stiff momentarily because when I hemmed
in my left hand round Mama-ji, naturally my left breast got pressed on the side of
his body very copiously. Though I knew Mama-ji was an elderly person and this was
not the time in fact to concentrate on that but rather I ought to focus on his
problem, I still was getting a sensuous feel!

As I walked inside the room and looked up momentarily I saw myself in the mirror
and realized why I was getting this sensuous feel even at that point of time when
my relative was in much pain. I was looking extremely sexy without the sari and my
blouse was fitted so tightly on my breasts that the size and shape of my mammaries
were clearly revealed. My wheat-colored deep cleavage was crystal clear above my
blouse and my white bra was also prominently visible through the thin fabric of my
blouse as I looked at myself through the mirror. I tried to ignore my dressing and
concentrated on Mama-ji, but while I aided him to reach towards the bed, his elbow
was constantly pressing and digging onto my firm left breast as a result of which I
was naturally getting a bit turned on.

Me: Here? Mama-ji now lay down? Yes? eh? extend your legs? r-i-g-h-t?.

I had to bend significantly to lay Mama-ji flat on the bed as he was getting
crouched with pain and as Mama-ji thanked me I noticed his eyes briefly halting on
my conical blouse-covered flesh. Since I was bending low, much of my boob flesh
oozed over of my blouse neck and a lot of my butter-colored cleavage got exposed in
front of his eyes. Because I was not wearing any sari, it was quite impossible for
me to hide my eye-catching seeping jawani.

Me: Where are you getting the pain Mama-ji? In the abdomen?

I quickly stood straight, but my breasts being quite sizable appeared very
prominent through my blouse and I could realize that anyone talking to me at this
juncture would have his eyes invariably on them. I could not just leave Mama-ji
like this and go for my sari also; so had to remain half-stripped.

Mama-ji: Its? its? Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh? its my her?. her?. Uuuuuu??

What Mama-ji was doing now immediately started to make me feel exceedingly awkward.
Initially since he held his abdomen with both hands, I thought he was having
abdominal aches, but now lying on the bed Mama-ji was writhing in pain and his body
crouched and curved and Mama-ji was holding his?.. my god?.

Mama-ji was holding his crotch with both hands over his lungi! Was he getting the
pain there? What sort of pain could it be I wondered!

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji, what ?her?? What did you say? I did not get you?

I was shocked as I watched him! My eyeballs popped out as I saw Mama-ji was clearly
holding onto his penis with both hands over his lungi! I could not believe my eyes!
What sort of pain was he getting there? Naturally I was slightly apprehensive and a
bit hesitant too.

Mama-ji: It?s? its an old pain Beti?. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu?.its my old hernia pain ? I
get this at times? very, very painful Bahu?. rani?.simply unbearable? Aaaahhhh?.

Me: Hernia?!!?

It was not that I had not heard that term, but honestly was not very sure what
exactly it was.

Me: I? I see? but?

Mama-ji: Bahurai, had you been an outsider I had to take an excuse and confine
myself within closed doors? this is so personal a problem that I cannot share even?
Uiiiiiiii?.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh?

Me: It?s an old problem? So acute? But? but you never referred to it Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Aaaahhh! I cannot relate about this problem to anybody naaa? Uuuuuuhh?
Your mother-in-law knows about it?

I was getting restless to see Mama-ji writhing in pain like that; his face was
looking miserable portraying the severe ache.

Me: Mama-ji, what to do now... tell me?what is the exact problem I can?t

Mama-ji: Bahurani, I am? I am? how should I tell you? Uuuuuhhhh! I mean when I get
this hernia pain, I experience a terrible twinge in my balls?. Ooohhhhh!


I was simply appalled hearing that and could not stop exclaiming!

Mama-ji: Aaahh! Yes Beti? I get very stern pain in my balls and an unbearable
burning sensation on my? what should I say? it?s so shameful to relate to anyone?.
Uuuuuuhhhh?. I get this terrible burning sensation on my LUND.

I stood absolutely motionless with my lips wide apart. I was as if thunderstruck! I

was simply boweled over by Mama-ji?s outlandish problem.

Mama-ji: Uhhh?. Uhhh?. Beti? please help me? I will die in this pain? its
absolutely unbearable. Ooooooooh!

He was almost rolling left and right on the bed in his acute pain. His lungi had
moved off his legs and Mama-ji?s hairy legs were exposed till his knees and even a
part of his muscular thighs. Even at this crisis hour, my eyes were getting
distracted seeing exposed male body.

Me: (trying my level best to look normal) Mama-ji, I mean? shall I? shall I call
the doctor?

Mama-ji: Doctor? Huh! I had visited so many times?. You know what?. Aaaahhh?. they
asked me to operate. Huh!

Mama-ji was still holding onto his cock with both hands and to my utter disbelief
he was even stroking his balls with his fingers! The old man obviously was doing
that to alleviate pain, but it looked extremely indecent! His lungi had so
dangerously hiked up his hairy legs due to his hands converging at his crotch that
I honestly started feeling fairly edgy.

Me: Operate?
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Chapter 31

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Yes Beti? Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The doctors say I need a surgery, but I am just
dead against? Uuuuuiiiiiiiii?.. Oohhhhhhhh! When it can be controlled with some
little help why operate at this age! Isn?t it Bahurani?

Me: Umm? but Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: Beti? I just can?t take it any more?. Ufffffff! I feel like my balls would
burst?.. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee?..

I was getting concerned because Mama-ji was now actually rolling once or twice on
the bed in relentless pain. I was puzzled also regarding what to do and if it was a
normal pain I could have used a balm or could give a massage myself, but Mama-ji?s
pain was located at such an intimate place that I could not even offer that!

Me: Mama-ji? I mean what to do? I can?t see you like this? you are suffering so
much? Issshhhh?. Let me speed up the fan? you are sweating a lot Mama-ji?.

Mama-ji: Uffffff?. Yess? Ahhhhh.? thanks Beti?

As I turned the fan regulator for more speed, Mama-ji?s lungi started flying a bit
and I could easily see the insides of his hairy legs and even glimpses of his
thighs! My heart automatically began to beat faster looking up the legs of an adult
man. I went ahead and sat on the bed to help Mama-ji to get some alleviation out of
his problem. As Mama-ji was lying in a curved fashion on the bed with his arms
congregating at his crotch, I tried to give him a head massage thinking that might
give him some comfort.

Me: Mama-ji? no medicines for this pain?

Mama-ji (I was surprised that Mama-ji was still able to smile marginally in that
state): Beti, what balm would you apply there? (indicating to his lungi-covered

My whole face blushed and turned red like a rose realizing the silliness of my

Me: No? I mean? any tablet?

Mama-ji: I told you naa?. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?. Doctors only advised for surgery?

Me: But how long would you take this pain?

Just then I noticed Mama-ji was scratching the bed sheet with his left hand ? his
fingers started quivering and were hunkering down to form a fist! He was squashing
the bed cover like anything and his pain portrayed immense pain.

Me: Mama-ji, what?s happening? Mama-ji? Mama-ji?

I obviously was getting more and more nervous seeing Mama-ji in such piteous state.
He was virtually reeling in pain with his left hand grabbing the bed cover very
tightly; his whole body seemed to have some spasms and he was naturally unable to
answer me for a while.

Mama-ji: Aaahhh? Uffffff? yes Beti, this happens?. sort of a spasm you know along
with my hernia pain ?and then at that time it seems that I? that I grab whatever is
there in front of my hand to get some relief?.

Mama-ji stretched the fingers of his left hand as the spasm seemed to be over; his
right hand was still grabbing his lund over his lungi. I was obviously getting used
to that scene of an elderly male directly holding his cock in front of me!

Mama-ji: Ahhh? You know Bahurani, I really wished my maidservant been present here?
Uuuuuu?. I would not have given you trouble then? Uuuuiiii?..

Me: ?Trouble?? What are you saying Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: No no? you look so anxious seeing me in such painful state? you only just
recovered from that terrible allergy? Ooooohhhhhhh?.

Me: Mama-ji? com? on! I am quite okay now! And with the heavy dose of laughter that
you gave me? I am fully all right.

Mama-ji: Actually why I referred to my maidservant was? she is quite used to it now
with my problems?. Uhhhhhhh?. O God! Ahhhh?. I have this hernia pain at least? at
least once a month you know Bahurani.

Me: Oho Mama-ji? don?t talk so much? will aggravate the pain? but? but you can tell
me what to do?. I mean what your maid does? I can?t see you like this?

Mama-ji now turned completely towards me on the bed and looked into my eyes. My
hands were still massaging gently his forehead and his head was lying only inches
from my lap. From that angle he must have been getting a great sexy view of my big
breasts moving up and down under my blouse. Since I was not wearing a sari, the
scene was all the more embarrassing for me. My big-sized firm mammaries indeed
appeared very tempting as because Mama-ji was viewing me from his lying posture. I
had no way to hide my oozing sexuality now and was cursing me in my mind for
allowing Mama-ji to playfully pull off my sari. Had I resisted then and there, this
could never have happened. My entire belly area was also completely bare and very
close to Mama-ji?s eyes. I was undeniably getting tense and stiff by the minute.

Me: Tell me Mama-ji? I will try to do that? err? as far as possible? I mean if your
maid can do it, I will also able be?

Since I was really not sure what were the remedial choices for this ?hernial? pain,
I was indeed a bit hesitant, obviously more so because the pain directly concerned
Mama-ji?s genitals!

Mama-ji: Thanks Beti? Aaaahhhhhhh?. I know you can help me, but frankly you know I
was feeling a bit ten? tentative to ask for help? Ohhhh?.

Mama-ji giggled and I clearly saw he stroked his cock inside his lungi in a very
suggestive way! This specific style of stroking/coaxing the cock was so, so
familiar to me! In fact I had seen my husband do that on a number of occasions when
her gears up for sex with me or feels horny. Many a times I had noticed, though had
not divulged to him, that when I was about to come to bed after bath, I saw my
husband sitting on the bed watching television and caressing his dick over his
pajama. But on most occasions when I noted that he was stroking his lund in a
specific way, I was more or less certain that he was geared up for sex.

Initially I thought he probably was geared up watching me change from the towel
into my nighty, but since I took the bath almost everyday at that hour and changed
into my nighty coming into the bedroom from the toilet, my husband ought to have a
hard cock every night, but that was not the case! He obviously watched something on
TV, which I was unable to gather, which pumped him up. I did not bother much about
it because I was just too glad if my husband was geared up to have sex on any other
day other than weekends!

Mama-ji?s stroking of his lund was so, so similar to my husband?s that my eyes
turned big like almonds seeing his hand movement over his manhood. I even blushed
heavily, but since Mama-ji was in great pain, he did not notice that!

I immediately rebuked myself in my mind for thinking in such ways about Mama-ji.
How could I relate Mama-ji?s action to my husband?s joyous stroking? Mama-ji was
suffering so much in front of my eyes! Momentarily I felt really ashamed to have
thought like that regarding Mama-ji?s action.

Me: Mama-ji!!! This is height! You would hesitate from me!! From me?? Not expected
Mama-ji? not expected?Uhu?

I was nodding my head when Mama-ji moved his right hand off his crotch and brought
it to hold my hand. I was shocked to note the warmth emitted from his palm! Was
that the heat of his manhood? Oh my God! His left hand continued to stroke his cock
under his lungi.

Mama-ji: Beti, forgive me?(smiled)

Was Mama-ji?s pain on the lower side? Because I saw him to smile for the second
time now and this time it was rather a prolonged smile holding my arm!

Mama-ji: Beti, let me try out the first remedy? Aaah?.sometimes the pain lessens
and gets improved by this only, though at times Uhhhhhhhhhhh?.. it bothers me like
hell! Ahhhh! All my muscles down there seem to be collapsing! Oooohhhhh!

I could realize that Mama-ji?s pain had not lessened and he was still suffering; I
could find the same anguish on his face again.
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Chapter 32

by samitbhai
Me: Okay Mama-ji? tell me what to do? let us not waste time.

Mama-ji: Beti, just bring the tray of butter from the refrigerator.

Me: What? Butter?

Mama-ji: I will explain? Uhhhhhhh? am in so much pain? if you?

Me: Oh?. okay Mama-ji. I will bring it right now!

I hurried to the refrigerator and took out the tray of butter from it. Honestly I
was a bit amused as I carried forward the butter tray. What could this butter do to
alleviate Mama-ji?s pain? I giggled and shrugged. As I was returning to the room
again, I thought of wearing the sari. But as I was about to do that?

Mama-ji: Beti? please be quick?. I am dying in pain?. Oooooooooooooooohhh!

I was unable to ignore Mama-ji?s agonizing voice and had to drop the idea of
wearing the sari. I remained in whatever I was wearing and hurried back to him
though I made sure to quickly adjust and pull my blouse a bit so that it revealed
less of my cleavage and also tied my petticoat a bit high on my waist, as it was
almost at the level of my panty waistband.

Me: Sorry Mama-ji? here is the butter?

Mama-ji (was still lying on bed with his hands grabbing his manhood and it looked
so utterly indecent): Aaahhh! Thanks Beti? Actually the pain?.Ohhh? I mean you must
be surprised since I asked you to bring butter? Aaaahhhh? I was also very
astonished at first when the doctor advised me this remedy?.

Me: Ye? yes Mama-ji as this is quite err? unusual?

Mama-ji: I know. I know Brti?. But? but it works wonders you know? Aaaahhh?.. I
hope its hard?

Me: Hard? What?

Mama-ji: The butter?

Me: Yes? yes? its very hard? seemed to be in the refrigerator for a long time!

Mama-ji: Great! Actually you know Beti, it has to be in the hardest state to be

Me: Oh! I see!

Naturally I was still puzzled about its use and was feeling curious to know how it
could be effective in alleviating Mama-ji?s pain.

Me: But? but how to use it Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: Ahhhhh? that?s the problem part? for that?. I mean how could I?.

Me: What problem?

Mama-ji: Bahurani, I need to apply I mean that butter on my?. on my pain area?.


Mama-ji: Yes Beti! That?s what the doctor ordered and it worked very well on me a
couple of times you know?

I still could not overcome my shock! The butter was to be applied on Mama-ji?s

Mama-ji: The criteria is you know Beti? the butter has to be applied on the hernial
area till such time it is hard!

I was just bowled over because it was quite self explanatory that in order to
execute what Mama-ji was saying he needs to get naked in front of me! He would have
to expose his genitals to me!

Me (naturally my lips got parted in astonishment and I had started breathing

heavily unknowingly): Oh! I sss? see!

Almost immediately my face began to appear scarlet for the anticipated next scene!

Mama-ji: Ahhhhh? But Beti?. I am feeling very awkward to open my lungi in front of
you? Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh?..

Mama-ji looked up at me and I felt very tight and honestly did not know what to
reply; my lips were getting dry and heart was virtually drumming! My blouse-covered
boobs looked even more sexy, as I had started breathing significantly heavily by
that time in anticipation to view Mama-ji?s cock!

Mama-ji: Ish! I wish my maid was here? I am giving you too much trouble ? after all
you are my guest Bahurani!

Me (gathering all my strength): Err? no, no? I mean it?s absolutely o? okay Mama-
ji? my aim is to? is to get you out of this terrible pain?

I did not know could how I said ?okay? and approved my 50+ year old elderly male
relative to uncover his genitals to me!

Mama-ji: Still Bahurani? you know my maid was also very reluctant to serve me
initially? which is but natural you know?but the characteristic of my problem is
such that?

Me (sighing): Hmm?

Mama-ji: But you know Bahurani? after an age a man is just like a child? I can feel
that so much during these helpless states?

Me: Child? Ha? O yes? Hmm... trrr? true Mama-ji.

Though I said ?true?, I wondered if Mama-ji had attained ?that? age. He was not
even 60 and very much agile and fit. He did not look like an aged crippled man and
naked body would certainly make any matured woman breathless.

Mama-ji: You know Bahurani, I do also suffer from arthritic pain at times and
during that session I cannot walk to the toilet even! Had that maid not been here,
I would have been in very deep trouble.

I could well realize from Mama-ji?s talks that his maid had seen him naked quite a
number of times. I instantly remembered the pornographic CDs and the female dresses
I discovered in Mama-ji?s drawer and wardrobe. Could I conclude that those dresses
belong to that maid? Yes, I clearly remember that I found a jewellery box and yes,
combs, bindis, face powder, and some earrings and bracelets. Do Mama-ji share a
relation with that maid? I was again confused!

Me: Mama-ji, I must say you are lucky to have such a helpful maid especially
because you stay alone. But? but what if you get this sort of pain at night?

Mama-ji: Thankfully Beti, no such circumstances had ever happened yet. Actually you
know since my maid has a family, it?s difficult to do a day-night duty for her.

I still could not disregard what I saw in Mama-ji?s wardrobe and drawer, but
concurrently I also could not just outrightly think that Mama-ji was lying to me.

Me: O! I see.
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Chapter 33

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh??. Beti? please bring the butter lest it will melt and
will have no effect?

Me: Yes, yes?.

I tried to drift my focus on Mama-ji?s pain syndrome again rather on what I

investigated earlier. I took the tray of butter in my hand. It was a 500 gm pack
and was almost unused and still appeared quite hard out of the refrigerator.
Mama-ji: Ahhh? I am still having hesitation Beti I don?t know why?. You are only my
daughter?s age if I had one? still I am? (he was nodding his head and closing his
eyes he was shrugging)

Naturally I was also very bemused and quite anxious too! Mama-ji?s lungi was flying
in the fan air and was way up his legs; his hairy thighs were partially exposed.
His penis though still fully covered by the lungi was pretty much evident, as it
seemed to be standing tall under the cover probably due to so much self stroking by
Mama-ji! Was Mama-ji not wearing any brief inside?

Mama-ji: I don?t know what?s happening Beti?. (he was even smiling!) I just can?t
do this?

I was speechless. Should I encourage him to strip? I was honestly feeling utterly
tight and edgy in this precarious situation!

Mama-ji: Bahurani, I had stripped so many times in front of my maid ?. sometimes

due to this awful hernia pain?.Ahhh? sometimes for my severe arthritic pain?. even
I had kept a nurse for a month when my arthritic pain was at its greatest height?
she used to help me urinating? she helped me to take bath? but? but you? you are
not a nurse or a maid?

I could not just remain speechless any more and had no other option but to
encourage Mama-ji to strip; effectively encouraging him to show me his naked lund!

Me: Ye? err? but Mama-ji? you must get relief from this pain? you are suffering so

And just then suddenly Mama-ji yelled out in pain!

Mama-ji: Yyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

It seemed that spasm had recurred and obviously Mama-ji seemed to be in tremendous
pain and getting a bit violent on the bed. I saw he had taken off his hands from
his crotch and was scratching the bed with both hands. His fingers dug inside the
soft surface of the bed and grounded there very firmly. His whole body curled and
arched on the bed and I just could wait there idle seeing Mama-ji in such pathetic

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji!

I bent over his head and tried to calm him down. Mama-ji seemed to be getting
animated by the minute and was now throwing his head up in the air.

Mama-ji: Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!

Sitting on the bed, I quickly folded my left leg and pulled his head on my lap.
Though Mama-ji was moving his head to and fro, I could manage to keep it on my left
thigh. His face seemed to be getting deformed in that spasm, but he was trying to
hold back and he quickly tried to grab me for help and held my left hand.


I almost yelled in quick sharp pain as Mama-ji held my hand. His fingers dug into
my skin - the grip was just too forceful! It was very painful as his nails were
cutting deep into my soft skin. I had no other choice but to forcefully eject his
hand off my left arm. As soon as I did that Mama-ji was again grabbing the bed very
tightly with his fingers. Mama-ji?s grip on my arm was so tight and excruciating
that almost tears rolled out of my eyes!

Me: Ufff! What a relief!

I murmured within myself and looked down at my left arm and I was shocked to note
that my whole arm appeared reddish and Mama-ji?s nail marks were very much evident
on my soft skin.

Mama-ji: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh!

Mama-ji was not getting controlled and he was continuously moving his head on my
lap. This time the spasm seemed to be a prolonged one and Mama-ji?s whole body was
vibrating so much that I was also feeling the same. He in fact was trying to move
his head up in that spell and in the process his head almost bounced at my big firm

Me: Mama-ji?. Mama-ji? please be patient? Mama-ji!

My requests naturally were falling on deaf ears as he was under the spell of that
weird spasm and was getting aggressive by the moment! Mama-ji now pushed his head
further up plunging me into a real awkward situation. I had folded my left leg when
I sat on the bed so that I could keep Mama-ji?s head on it and obviously a triangle
was formed near my pelvic area, but right now since Mama-ji started to move so
ineptly that his entire head slipped into the triangle thus formed! Immediately
there were goosebump all over my body as I could sense his head hitting almost my
love spot!

Me: Eiiii?. Ouch!

Moreover, I could easily detect that Mama-ji?s head was so placed that his eye
level was just under my firm conical boobs! I felt very edgy and tight and almost
tried to push his head off my lap, but found his head to be too stiff! On the
contrary, I found Mama-ji?s head movement gained momentum and he placed his head
quite securely on my plump left thigh and was looking up at my breasts making me
all the more self-conscious.

Though I could gather that Mama-ji was under that spasm spell and was not within
himself, but our mutual posture and dress code was making me extremely embarrassed.
I sighed and almost moaned softly as I felt Mama-ji pressing his head deep into my
soft thigh in his spasm. The fingers of his both hands were still hunkering down on
the bed cover and squeezing the area under his palms. My eyes were time and again
drifting down to Mama-ji?s lungi, which was flying so much now that I could clearly
make out the size and shape of Mama-ji?s stocky manhood.

I tried to control my mind and looked down at Mama-?s face with an aim to control
his constantly oscillating head on my thigh. But as I was about to do that Mama-ji
suddenly raised his head marginally! I was not at all ready for that and in fact I
was quite willingly bending onto his face and as Mama-ji raised his head from my
thigh, his forehead clearly bounced on my big breasts and before I could quickly
lean back, Mama-ji felt my firm flesh adequately with his head.

Me: Aakkk!

I was almost breathless at that sudden development and virtually pushed Mama-ji?s
head quite forcefully off me. My heart was beating very fast and I could clearly
make out that my nipples had started growing inside my bra still recapping the feel
of Mama-ji?s head pushing the undersides of my milk jugs. Just then the spasm bout
on Mama-ji seemed to be coming to a close.
Mama-ji: Ooooohhhhhhhhh??

Mama-ji was calming down and his vigorous head movement was also coming to a halt.
I also breathed a bit normally noticing that. My big breasts were going up and down
rhythmically and being clad only in a blouse on my upper body, I was indeed looking
rather provocative.

Mama-ji: Uuuuuuuuuufffffffffff! B-e-t-i? I just can?t take it anymore? it?s so? so

painful to withstand this spasm? I can?t express in words?.
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Chapter 34

by samitbhai
Me: Yes Mama-ji? I.. I can see it Mama-ji? I really feel for you Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: Ahhh?. Each time I have this spasm the pain in my? Ufff! Increases so
much? what should I say?

Me: Mama-ji, you can use the butter? I mean?

Mama-ji: Oh! Yes, yes! How silly! I almost forgot!

Saying that Mama-ji just folded his legs probably to feel a bit comfortable and to
my utter shock I noticed that the lungi simply fell off his waist! The knot must
have got loosened in the whole process and the lungi just fell off to one side of
his leg exposing his entire manhood!

Me: Haaaaahhh!

I could not stop exclaiming, though very softly, and my eyes were just riveted to
that dark-colored semi-erect adequate meat! Mama-ji fortunately did not detect my
sigh and was focussed on relieving his pain.

Mama-ji: Has the butter started to melt? Beti, can you check?

Me: Umm? Hayes? I mean sure Mama-ji.

I quickly got up to check the tray.

Me: Yes, it has started to melt marginally... more so due to the fan I guess.

Mama-ji: Oh! Then don?t waste time Beti? bring it, bring it!

Mama-ji seemed to be oblivious of the fact that his manhood was exposed to me. He
was behaving absolutely normally. I was naturally very stiff and my eyes were
drifting towards his exposed cock over and over again. The dark brown, circumcised
tool seemed to be quite ?lively? considering Mama-ji?s advanced age and I could
even see a peek of its pinkish foreskin! My hand automatically went to my pussy
area and over my petticoat and panty I just pressed my choot gently to remain calm.

Mama-ji: Don?t give it to me? keep it on the bed?.

Mama-ji interrupted me as I was about to hand over the butter tray to him.

Me: O? okay Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Beti, Uffffffff?.. please don?t feel otherwise about this old man?..
Aaaaaahhhh! I am suffering from such a problem?. At times it feels as if my breath
would come out?. I am helpless?
Me: Oho Mama-ji! You just keep silent? let me try to alleviate your pain as quickly
as possible!

Mama-ji: Yes, yes? but? but for that I need to open my lungi first Beti? but? but I
can?t get up? uffff! The pain is just piercing me Beti?

I deduced that since Mama-ji was in a supine posture and in acute pain, he must
have been unmindful that his lungi had previously fallen off partially from his
waist and his manhood was already exposed to me.

Me: You don?t take any pain? just relax Mama-ji? I am doing it? am? am still not
clear what to do exactly with that butter?

My heart almost stopped to beat in my excitement as I moved up to untie his lungi

off his waist and I could not stop gaping at my elderly relative?s naked lund! With
almost trembling hands, I untied the knot fully from Mama-ji?s waist and pushed the
lungi to one side so that his lund was totally uncovered before my eyes.

Me: Wow!

It was indeed a tantalizing sight! I could not stop my exclamation as I was quite
impressed at the very first sight in regard to its tightness and stocky structure!
I noted that most of the hairs at the base of his penis were gray in color and his
manhood stood out of it quite prominently considering he was almost 60 years of
age! I was in fact fairly surprised to see the resilient nature of Mama-ji?s lund
even in this age! My lips had naturally dried up and my heart was drumming like
anything seeing this forbidden site. I was time and again licking my lips with my
tongue to make it wet and to remain normal.

Though I tried my best to divert my mind off it, but I simply could not remain
apathetic regarding Mama-ji?s exposed dick. His lund was indeed eye-catching, not
of course for its size, but for its diameter and elasticity. Even at this age, as
soon as I pushed off the lungi completely from his waist area, I keenly noted that
Mama-ji?s naked dick was quickly gaining in strength and was dangling its head in
the air!

Mama-ji (sighing deeply and loudly; of course he was now very much aware that his
genitals were exposed to his ?Bahurani?): Beti? I mean? err? I am? am feeling very

Me (frowned): Oho! Mama-ji? com? on!

Mama-ji: No, no? I think you are unable to understand Bahurani?. you are? you are
almost my daughter?s age? and to be like this in front of you? Chuk? chuk?.

This time I could not stop giggling seeing the way Mama-ji was nodding his head in
shame or whatever! As Mama-ji looked up I quickly lowered my eyes though was still
quite keen to watch more of my elderly relative?s very ?experienced? cock. In fact
this was the first time in my life I was blessed to see the cock of someone so
elderly, almost 60! The last 5-6 days of my life had really been a lifetime
achievement for me regarding cock viewing! Only a few days prior also, I used to
worship and love my husband?s cock, which naturally all married ladies also do, but
as I experienced the ashram, a whole new horizon as if opened up in front of me!

Mama-ji: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I can?t even remain idle for a moment?

Mama-ji?s long exclamation was supplemented by his hands converging on his open
naked dick! Mama-ji was stroking his semi-erect penis absolutely openly in front of
me! He even caressed his balls with his left hand! Unlike my husband?s, his balls
were quite big and sagging and most interestingly they were almost ?bald?! There
were no hair growth on them and looked absolutely clean! Did Mama-ji trim/clean
hairs of his balls?

Me: No, no, can?t be! At this age? Impossible! What am I thinking?

I murmured and rebuked myself for thinking in such lines about my elderly relative.
Mama-ji had closed his eyes and was visibly enjoying caressing his lund with his
hands in front of me! Naturally I was also feeling tighter inside my blouse and
could jolly well realize that my bra cups getting more closely fitted on my boob
flesh. I could also invariably feel an itch inside my panty-covered choot observing
Mama-ji?s alluring action right in front of my eyes. I obviously was feeling a bit
uneasy and had to move and waggle my heavy ass just to remain all right.

Mama-ji: Beti? now you can use the butter!

Me: Bu? butter? Oh! Yes Mama-ji? par? I mean but how to use it?

Mama-ji: Yes, yes, am telling that? you cut one cube off it with the knife? it
should be in the tray itself.

Me (seeing the knife): Hmm? its there.

Mama-ji: Cut a cube and take it in your hand and site be my waist?

I followed as Mama-ji instructed in a low husky voice.

Mama-ji: Now? now Beti?

Mama-ji paused and I was indeed feeling extremely anxious as I could well
anticipate that I had to apply that butter on Mama-ji?s genitals! My heart was
literally drumming and due to my breathing speed getting faster, my breasts looked
even more appealing.
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Chapter 35

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Beti? you rub that butter cube on my? on my balls Bahurani. Actually you
know the hernia pain originates from those balls? I know? I mean ? I know it?s
really clumsy for you Beti, but err? that?s one way to get relief from this
desperate situation.

Me: Huuhhh!

My lips parted and my mouth opened wide in exclamation (though I was anticipating
something like this only)! My face started to grow red as Mama-ji looked at my
eyes. My ears were also heating up in sheer embarrassment. I could not even say ?
No? to Mama-ji as I just saw him reeling in pain. I had to give a nod to this
extremely indecent task!

Me (very meekly): O.. okay Mama-ji? I will try?

I positioned myself at Mama-ji?s waist. Due to my heavy breathing in my excitement

and anxiousness, my blouse had slipped down marginally and more of my fair-colored
cleavage and the bulge of my big-sized breasts were getting exposed.
Mama-ji: Beti? very softly please? the whole area is extremely sore you know?

Me: Yes Mama-ji?

I cut a big-sized butter cube with almost trembling hands and approached Mama-ji?s
balls! As I looked closely at them, the balls appeared less dark than his lund;
they were descended quite a bit touching the bed surface and the surface of his
balls were pretty smooth as they were devoid of any hair. I made the butter in my
hand to touch his balls. I slowly pressed and started rubbing the cube over his

Mama-ji: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aah!

Mama-ji yelled a long shout depicting relief and gently grasped my left arm which I
had kept on the bed for support to execute this act. I could clearly sense the
gratitude in that hand grip as I continued to rub the butter very gently on his

Mama-ji: Ohhhhhhh! B-a-h-u-r-a-n-i?. What a r-e-l-i-e-f!

I smiled a bit as I turned my head and looked at him. The other thing that was
happening was a bit alarming for me as I could easily observe that his manhood was
getting further erect as I rubbed the hard butter on his balls.

Mama-ji: Beti? actually the doctor advised to? Ahhhhhhhh? actually the doctor
advised to hold the balls and then orbit the butter there? that would give me more

Me: W-h-a-t?
I was naturally not very amused by this sort of an odd request! How could I hold
his balls? That would actually mean to touch Mama-ji?s sexual organ!

Me: But Mama-ji?

I was obviously hesitant.

Mama-ji: Beti, I don?t think it would be a problem? you are already rubbing the
butter there? just hold one ball in one hand and apply the butter with the other.
The doctor said that this action would allow more butter oil to sip through, which
would ultimately help alleviate this pain?P-l-e-a-s-e Beti?

The way Mama-ji said ?please? there was in fact not much room for me to oppose him.
What he added was more bizarre!

Mama-ji: Aaaah? actually you know Bahurani my maid say ? each time she did this?
she says holding my balls made her task easier? she even pushes a pillow below my
buttocks so that my balls appear higher for her to work on? and? and she sits in
between my legs to do this Beti? otherwise you will feel difficulty to execute it?

Me: O! Really! Hmm? I see? I? I am trying Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Thanks Beti?

Mama-ji quickly parted his legs so that a perfect V was created and invited me to
sit in that ?V?. The scene was so indecent and tempting ? Mama-ji?s hairy legs
parted, his lungi disappearing under his ass, his dark prick standing fairly tall,
and his succulent balls literally glistening with butter!

Mama-ji: Come Beti? sit here? you can do it with more ease then.
I had to obey Mama-ji?s instruction and had to get up on the cot and sat in between
his legs. I was simply feeling like a fish out water; my lips absolutely dry, my
heart thumping inside my blouse like anything, and the tips of my fingers getting
colder in utter nervousness. Concurrently a feeling of sensual excitement was
running high inside me as I was getting an awesome view of Mama-ji?s stocky
manhood. As I got up and ascended the bed, the swell of my fleshy ass inside my
petticoat became very much prominent and I noted that Mama-ji was eyeing that even
in that sore condition! As I sat on the bed in between Mama-ji?s legs with the
butter in my hand, I could feel his legs on both sides of my body. I was a bit
astonished because when I was ascending I was pretty sure the legs were parted much
wider! I quickly realized that as I got up to place myself in between his legs,
Mama-ji must have reduced the angle and now there was no other option for me but to
practically sit on his legs!

I was obviously not feeling 100% comfortable to sit like that with my creamy thighs
pressing on his strong hairy legs.

Me: Mama-ji if you can? I mean if you can part your legs slightly? actually I
cannot? I can?t sit properly to do the job!

Mama-ji: Aaahhhhhh! I know Beti?. I tried that? but? Ufffffffffff? but I cannot
branch them any more as its paining heavily at my groins. Please bear with me

Me: Oh! Okay, okay Mama-ji! I can manage?. I can manage!

There was not much I could do in this situation and had to continue like that
resting my plump thighs on Mama-ji?s hairy legs. Since my legs were covered by my
petticoat only, naturally the feel of his legs on my body was quite pronounced and
obviously I was getting distracted. Moreover, how could I ignore his naked erect
dick standing tall and its pink head peeking out of the foreskin and inviting me! I
was as if mesmerized by the whole situation and could easily sense the physical
provocation and sexual stimulation developing inside me. I drifted my eyes from the
dark complexioned ?Linga Maharaj? and looked at Mama-ji; I had to immediately shy
and lower my eyelids as Mama-ji was directly looking at me.

Mama-ji: Beti? if you could please continue with? Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!

Me: (hurriedly): Yes, yes?.

I hastily scooped out a chuck of butter from the tray and gently pressed and rubbed
it on Mama-ji?s hanging balls.

Mama-ji: Please hold them Bahurani? Ahhhhhh?. Please?.

Me: Ye? yes Mama-ji!

I could hear my heart drumming as I forwarded my left hand to hold his balls! Mama-
ji?s balls were glistening and were slippery and they sagged down quite a bit below
his lund. As I touched his balls and started caressing them with my left hand,
there was as if an electrifying effect on his dangling dick! Immediately the dick
straightened up and I noticed an appreciable rigidity in it. I could not hide a
subtle smile seeing the effect of my hand on this elderly man.

Mama-ji: Ahhhh! Ahhhh! What a relief! Aaahhh!

Mama-ji?s pain-stricken yells seemed to have converted into relieving moans in a

flash! As I looked at his face, it no longer was depicting signs of acute ache any
more! Naturally I was a bit surprised! My hand job was so relieving for Mama-ji!

Me: Mama-ji, are you feeling better?

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Chapter 36

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani? a bit better! Actually you know the pain I had been
experiencing? Uff! So a little relief seems to be a long mile for me! Aaahh? very
nice Bahurani? please continue like this!

I nodded and continued my erotic job with rubbing the butter on his balls with my
right hand while I directly felt Mama-ji?s balls with my free left hand! The feel
for me was indeed great! Though Mama-ji?s balls had sagged significantly due to his
advanced age, but the size of his balls and their heaviness honestly impressed me.
Unlike my husband?s balls, which were tight and somewhat smaller, Mama-ji?s balls
were quite a handful and I was quite energetic and keen to caress them!

As I continued the task, I was already having a very tight feeling within my blouse
and obviously was looking very sexy and indecent with my full-sized juicy breasts
trying to ooze out of my tight fitting blouse and furthermore Mama-ji watching me
from a lying posture. Naturally I was breathing very deeply and unknowingly was
also getting bent to be more close to the male sexual organ!

Mama-ji: Beti? very nice? you have given me the initial relief? I think the butter
therapy is working? now? now give me some butter in my hand.

I was a bit puzzled. What was he up to now? Though the butter was in a covered
tray, it was quickly getting softer under the high speed of the fan. I scraped out
a moderate chunk and handed it over to Mama-ji and what Mama-ji did almost left me

Mama-ji: Thanks ?. Ahhhh? the problem you know Beti? now that I can feel the pain
in my balls is less, I am? I am developing a simultaneous dull pain in my? in my?

There was no need for Mama-ji to spell out where he was developing the new pain as
he took the butter from me and started rubbing that all along his standing dick!
His lund must have been quite extensively heated up due to my constant caressing of
his balls and I just watched on with wide open eyes how the butter simply melted to
liquid form in absolutely no time!

Mama-ji: Ohh? can you forward me some more Beti? Ahhhh? I must apply it while it?s
at least somewhat hard?

Me: ye? yes, yes Mama-ji.

Honestly I was feeling very, very excited seeing a male (may be he was almost 60)
rubbing his naked erect dick in such close proximity! My lips got automatically
parted as I looked on ?hungrily? at Mama-ji?s provocating handiwork! I handed him
some more butter from the tray and Mama-ji immediately started stroking his lund,
this time with both hands, spreading the butter on the entire length of his
manhood! I was quite surprised to note that even at this age he was able to
maintain his hard-on for a continuous period of time!

As I keenly watched Mama-ji stroking his naked oily lund with both hands, I just
started caressing Mama-ji?s balls with my hands forgetting entirely about the role
of butter. Mama-ji?s testes being laden with copious amount of butter were very
slippery now and they were virtually glistening, which just made things more
appealing for me. The whole sensation was extremely rousing and I even momentarily
repented that why I did not try this prank on my husband during our lovemaking! I
smiled to myself and sighed and lowered my eyelids in shyness! As I looked down I
was shocked to note that I was exposing my butter-colored cleavage quite abundantly
over my blouse neck. I was sweating too, though slightly, even with the ceiling fan

Me: Uuuuusssssssssss?.

I almost uttered a soft moan as I held and gently squeezed Mama-ji?s testes in my
right palm. They felt so full and throbbing! I could not resist the temptation to
gently squash them once.

Mama-ji: Ouuuuchhh! What are you doing Beti?

Me: Oh! Am so? sorry Mama-ji! I err? did not intend to do that ?

Mama-ji: The area is very sore Beti? please be careful!

Me: Yes, yes Mama-ji? I will be careful.

In no time I could make out that Mama-ji?s lund had attained its full size and was
standing tall out of his body. Though it was indisputably smaller than my husband?s
cock size in full glory, Mama-ji?s lund looked substantially brawny and stiff.
Mama-ji was of course breathing much heavily now as I continued to massage his
butter-laden balls and he was self-massaging his cock.

Right at that juncture, Mama-ji suddenly yelled so loudly that I was literally
startled and shaken!

Mama-ji: Uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh hhhhh!

My fingers automatically ceased massaging his testes and I deeply frowned at him.

Me: Mama-ji? Mama-ji? What happened?

Mama-ji seemed not in a position to reply but his face revealed the story. He was
in immense pain and his legs angled in and he clutched his upright penis very
tightly with his hands.

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji!

I was getting into a rather awkward state as Mama-ji was virtually pressing my
thighs and buttocks with his legs. I could see his whole body wobbling and arching
in as a result of which I was getting locked between his strong legs.

Me: Aaaauuucchhhh!

Mama-ji?s legs angled from his knees and was pressing hard on my fleshy round ass!
I could clearly feel his heels digging deep into my firm ass flesh. The feeling was
very peculiar and indeed very sexy!

Me: O-uuu-ch-hhh!

I almost gasped in fervor as I uttered that exclamation. Mama-ji had bent his legs
in such a way that his heels were directly pressing me on my jiggling ass.

Me: Mama-ji, what?s happening? Where is the pain now?

As I asked the question, I was trying my best to get out of the clutches of his
hairy legs. The situation was getting awkward by the moment as he was rubbing and
pressing his legs onto my ass and upper thighs in a very indecent way!

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji, please tell me!

I was getting increasingly anxious due to Mama-ji?s silence and suddenly I noted
Mama-ji releasing his hands off his penis and grabbed his nose! Naturally I was
quite amazed by this sudden development!

Me: Mama-ji? Mama-ji, what happened to you nose? Mama-ji!

Mama-ji only uttered some sighs of pain and did not say anything, but continued to
squeeze my firm ass flesh in between his legs. Naturally I was getting quite a bit
aroused and more so as I was endlessly viewing a matured naked male cock! Since
things were getting increasingly hot for me within the tight embrace of his legs, I
had to struggle to get out. Mama-ji was now actually pressing specific areas on my
round ass with his heels and his legs trying to feel my plump upper thighs.

As I was in the process of getting out of his leg clutches, I noted that Mama-ji
shifted his hands off his nose slightly and? and? there was?. Oh! My God! ?Blood!

Me: My goodness! Mama-ji! You are bleeding!

Mama-ji looked at me in disbelief and checked his fingers and the red color
indicated that there was blood coming out of his nose!

Me: Mama-ji, lets call the doctor! I think its getting very serious!
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Chapter 37

by samitbhai
Mama-ji raised his hand and gestured me that there was no need for that.

Mama-ji (his voice was low): Aaaahhhhh! This is not out of the blue Beti?

Me: What? Meaning?. you knew it would happen?

Mama-ji: Aaah! Yes? actually if the hernia pain is on the highest side? Ahhh? the
pressure gets elevated you know? and? and sometimes nosebleeds do occur? the doctor
informed me prior about this and in fact this happened earlier too! So? so, don?t
panic Bahurani! Don?t panic!

Me: Ish! But let me wipe it at least! Ish? It?s?.

Mama-ji: Arre nehi nehi? It?s okay? I will wipe it myself Beti? But I don?t have
much time? because the doctor warned me about a precaution which I must ensure post
bleeding? otherwise? otherwise things might turn fatal for me!

As he was completing his words, he quickly raised his waist a bit and pulled out
his lungi and before I could say anything started wiping the blood off his nose. It
was indeed an awesome sight for me as my elderly relative was stark naked down his
waist with his penis still dangling its head high up!

At the same time I was naturally rather nervous seeing blood. Though Mama-ji had
wiped it, still stains still remained on his nose.

Me: I think? I think Mama-ji? I should call a doctor!

Mama-ji: Oho Beti? not to panic? bola naa! Uhhhhhhhhhhhsssssss! Believe me, I am
dying in pain? I only know how I am suppressing it?. Ahhh? And now if I delay in
executing what the doctor ordered, Beti, I might land up in a severe situation? so
before anything if you please listen to me first?

Me: But? but Mama-ji? a doctor?

Mama-ji: Beti? please listen to me?. Aaaaaahhhhh! Post bleeding I ought to take the
necessary precaution per the doctor!

By this time I was able to fully free myself from the ?V? of his legs and
positioned myself to his right side.

Me: Then tell me that? why are you taking the risk and delaying to convey Mama-ji?

I was naturally quite anxious to know what the precaution was to prevent anything
ominous for Mama-ji.

Mama-ji: Bahurani? Ahhhhhhh??I need?. I need a tight string? or may be a small

rope?. Okay? Do you understand? Not much length? just a small one?. Get that very
fast! Quick!

Me: String? But? what for?

Mama-ji: Beti? every second is important for me? the doctor specifically warned
about it? so if you?

Me: Oh! Okay! Okay Mama-ji! Just relax! I will get it immediately? Don?t worry!
Don?t worry!

I was already out of the bed as I completed my words and started searching for the
string in the room itself.

Mama-ji: May be you will get it outside?.

Me: Okay? okay? don?t worry!

I quickly got out of the room and looked for that small rope or a string in and
around me. I was very nervous from inside after seeing blood coming out of Mama-ji?
s nose and was honestly a bit panicked. I was so tense that I was searching all
over the place in the most chaotic manner and naturally could not figure out a
single piece of string. I explored the rooms and for that matter even the toilet
for that piece of rope, but could not find it anywhere. I was getting more and more
frustrated as time was running out and I knew Mama-ji was lying helplessly. I was
hastily searching things, but unfortunately with a zero resultant!

At one point, I had to quit as there was no point in searching like that because I
was unable to trace any rope or string anywhere in the house. Moreover, I was
getting late with Mama-ji waiting for me in that ailing condition.

Me: Mama-ji? I was? I mean I was not able to find it! Can you? I mean if you know
any place where?

Mama-ji: How can I say that Beti? Uffffffff?. You could not find a piece of twine
in the whole house? Alas! Thanks to the cleaning by my maid? Ha ha?

Mama-ji laughed a painful laugh and sighed deeply! I was feeling heavily culpable
as I was not able to help him with such a simple thing.
Me: Mama-ji, believe me, I searched every corner! But? but there was no trace?.

Mama-ji: O Lord! What will I do! I am freezing thinking of the consequences!

Me: Mama-ji? I mean what would you do with that string if you tell me? then I can
think of an alternative? I mean?

Mama-ji shook his head negatively and I could sense the frustration on his face.
His face started to droop and looked pathetic in his painful condition. I was
honestly at total loss regarding what to do at that point of time.

Mama-ji: Oh no! Doctor said you could even have a continuous nosebleed if you did
not put a tight leash on the hernia... O My God? what to do!!!

Mama-ji was getting more and more restless and I was also awfully nervous and the
tips of my fingers and toes were getting extremely cold and the guilty feeling was
eating me up for my failure regarding unable to trace the necessity for Mama-ji.

Suddenly there was a shout of joy!

Mama-ji: Ooooooh! Eureka! Eureka!

Me: Mama-ji! What happened?

Mama-ji: There it is! Oho! Right in front of our eyes?. and you were searching the
whole house!

Me: Where? Where Mama-ji?

Naturally my face brightened up and I was looking intently around the floor.

Mama-ji: Huh! I should have detected that earlier? Oh! Bahurani? you were in a
better position!

Me: But? but Mama-ji? Where the hell it is! Why can?t I find it?

Mama-ji: Arre! Right there!

He indicated with his eyes, but I was not able to trace it! I was surprised that
Mama-ji was NOT gesturing towards the floor! He was signaling towards my body only!

Me: Where? I? I can?t find it?

Mama-ji: Uhhhhhhh? I can?t bear it any more?. O God! The pain is increasing by
leaps and bound? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

As Mama-ji yelled in utter pain I looked down at my body and? and then only I
realized where Mama-ji was able to discover the string! I looked down my navel to
detect my petticoat cord hanging marginally out of my waist!
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Chapter 38

by samitbhai
Me: Oh! Yeeessss?.

I was literally bewildered at Mama-ji?s discovery! The illumination of happiness on

my face discovering the string minimized briskly because as I was pretty much aware
that it was the binding tool of my He was referring to my petticoat string, but if
I take that out of my petticoat, how could I wear that? I was already stripped off
my sari and was looking enough obscene exposing my navel, midriff, and cleavage in
front of my elderly relative. I could not extend that further in any way.

Suddenly my thinking pattern was severely hindered by a pain-stricken shout.

Mama-ji: Uuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiii Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuu! Ooooooooooooo


Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji!

Mama-ji?s whole face seemed to be getting twisted in rigorous pain and it was
really very excruciating even for me to simply watch on. Mama-ji was again
struggling on the bed and his whole body bent inwards as his hernia pain seemed to
be reaching its peak! Mama-ji?s hands converged again at his crotch and he moved
back and forth continuously on bed portraying a crisis situation.

Mama-ji: The string? please? Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! I can?t bear it Beti? I just

can?t tolerate it anymore?

It was honestly impossible for me to simply stand still and not to anything
allowing Mama-ji to writhe in such acute pain. But the ask was just a bit too much!
I was getting more and more nervous and confused as well.

Did I have a choice?

Mama-ji: Bahurani? what are you waiting for? Do you want another bleeding episode?
Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please act fast Beti! Anything can happen?

I could not remain idle any more and had to react and react positively!

Me: Yes? yes Mama-ji? am? am giving it? just a second?

Mama-ji: Please hurry up Beti?it?s already late! Another bleeding would be very
fatal for me!

Me: No, no! Mama-ji please don?t utter such omen? (by that time I had already
started untying my petticoat knot at my waist) I am getting you the string? just a
second Mama-ji! Just a second!

Mama-ji: Quick Beti? quick!

My nimble fingers worked briskly to untie the knot of my petticoat and I started
pulling the drawstring off my waist. In no time, the long drawstring was in my left
hand and naturally my petticoat was almost falling off my waist and had I not been
prompt enough, my panty would have been fully exposed!

Me: Mama-ji? here it is!

Though I was prompt enough to take hold of my petticoat waistline, since the
drawstring was missing, the garment was very loose at my waist.

Mama-ji: Beti, what would I do with it? You need to bell the cat? I mean save me
from further bleeding.

Me: But? but how Mama-ji?

I was standing in the most awkward position ? my both hands holding my extremely
loose petticoat at my waist while my big breasts were moving up and down inside my
tight blouse. I was indeed as if epitomizing sensuality in front of my elderly
ailing relative.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, just get that thing tightly strapped there (he indicated with
his eyes towards his semi-erect penis)? please be quick! I am?. Ahhhhhh?. I am
feeling a pressure already from inside!

Me: There?!?

I was obviously quite bewildered to hear such a thing!

Mama-ji: The hernia area must be arrested Beti... and that too as quickly as
possible after the first bleeding and? and we have wasted enough time!

Me: Oh?I see?

Mama-ji: Don?t stand idle? act fast! Fast!

Me: Yes, yes Mama-ji? I will try to get this done as quickly as possible.

Mama-ji was lying in the middle of the bed with his nanga lund still standing quite
tall, probably continuously seeing me in this sexy state of dressing. I quickly
rode up the bed and had to leave the waistline of my petticoat to grab the string
with which to strap Mama-ji?s penis!

Mama-ji: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Quick? Beti! P-l-e-a-s-e?

As I took the long white string, I realized that the extremely loose fabric of my
petticoat was now dangerously sliding down my waist and reaching almost my thighs
and my undergarment was awfully getting exposed! My lips got parted in shame and I
felt so embarrassed that I dared to even look down. The moment I held Mama-ji?s
thick erect dick with my hand and my whole body literally started trembling in
sheer thrill getting the direct skin touch of a male penis on my palm.

Mama-ji: Yes, now tie it with the string? tightly?

I started circling the string round his stout dick. It indeed felt very nice and
exciting to touch Mama-ji?s throbbing penis. Even at this age, it was quite vibrant
and I noticed the pink bulb of his penis peeping through the foreskin!

Mama-ji: Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Very nice Beti?Ooooohhhh! Uhhhhhh!

Mama-ji seemed to have forgot the pain and was virtually softly groaning at my act.
As my fingers touched his naked lund, I could sense the throb in his manhood and
his legs were also responding to my touches! Honestly I enjoyed doing this very
sexy task and Mama-ji also seemed to be liking it to the hilt as was evident from
his more pronounced moans.

Mama-ji: Uiiiii?. Auuuuuuu?. Tighter Beti? tighter?. Ahhhhh!

As I was getting great thrill out of this sexy task, I reduced my speed and was
strapping his lund just a shade slowly ensuring that the string did not fit in too
tightly on his erect meat. I was indeed getting much excited doing this and more so
as I was sexily clad in front of this elderly male. My sari was missing and my
breasts were looking like two ripe coconuts heaving up and down inside my blouse as
I could not control myself from caressing Mama-ji?s experienced lund a few times
with my full palm. I pretended as if I was checking how tight the string was on his
cock, but actually felt the whole length and breadth of his erect dick and honestly
it was an amazing piece of meat considering his advanced age!
Mama-ji: Ahhhh?. So much relief?. Beti? Ahhh? your touch is so soothing? Uiiiii?..

?Your cock is also so thick and throbbing Mama-ji!?, I replied within myself and
externally smiled at him seeing that he was getting relief from his pain. Mama-ji?s
black cock looked awesome with his white overlapping and my job was almost done and
as was winding the last lap over his lund, Mama-ji came up with a bizarre request!

Mama-ji: Beti, just one more thing? can you check if the mouth of my lund is dry or
not? because doctor said to ensure dryness after tying up.
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Chapter 39

by samitbhai
My heart was already racing executing this exceptionally sexy task and now Mama-ji
wanted me to examine the bulb of his penis to check for precum! My God! It was like
?sone pe suhaga? for a young married woman like me!

Me: Oh sure Mama-ji!

I replied promptly. My mouth was getting drier and I undeniably got significantly
elated just listening to this request! My big round tits were moving up and down
rhythmically inside my blouse and I was jolly well aware that I was looking pretty
much obscene inj front of Mama-ji because much of my buttery cleavage was exposed
over my tight blouse.

I completed the strapping with the string and left the loose end of the string
between his legs and started examining the head of his stout penis. My eyes as if
lit up seeing the pink bulb inside and his precum oozing out of the tiny slit. I
wondered how Mama-ji could have been in such excited state concurrently being in
such significant hernial pain! Leaving that thought aside I quickly concentrated on
the head of his penis. I held Mama-ji?s absolutely khada lund with one hand and
with my other hand slowly removed the foreskin to the sides so that the pink bulb
was clearer to my sight. My fingers immediately were laden with his sticky precum
as he was seeping considerably. Forgetting his pain, he was literally moaning as I
lovingly held his penis in one hand and was examining the top of it. I smiled
within myself seeing the elderly man?s condition.

Mama-ji: Is it too wet?

Me: Ha Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Then? then?

Me: Let me wipe it?. (I almost whispered)

Mama-ji: Okay Beti? there?s no other way also?

I was feeling extremely elated myself as I was continuously holding an erect male
penis and there were beads of perspiration showing up on my forehead and exposed
breast area in sheer excitement. Naturally my cleavage was also getting more and
more prominent over my blouse and I was looking stunningly sexy wearing only the
blouse and the petticoat in that situation.

I slowly felt and rubbed the head of Mama-ji?s stout penis and he was writhing on
the bed in pain (or excitement?)! I could not stop myself from pressing at
strategic positions all along his khada lund and Mama-ji was simply oozing out
precum ad his body was clearly trembling in pleasure. The sharp achy cries had
disappeared and there were only long dull groans coming out of his mouth. I started
to squeeze out the precum pressing his penis bulb with my fingers and Mama-ji now
started to produce pretty shameless loud moans!

Naturally I was feeling a bit odd because moments ago this man was struggling with
acute hernia pain and now was in fact enjoying this cock caressing! As I continued
to gently squeeze Mama-ji?s penis head more and copious amounts of precum covered
my fingers and I was getting immensely charged up especially due to the strong
pungent smell of male juice. Automatically my face got lowered ? closer and closer
towards Mama-ji?s erect dick ? my whole body almost arched inwards to be more
adjacent to his tall manhood!

I was so engrossed that I was completely oblivious to the fact that as I bent down
significantly I was providing an awesome cleavage show with my heavy boob flesh
popping out adequately over my tight blouse. Mama-ji must have been eying that from
his lying posture as I soon found his hand gently touching my shoulder. His fingers
were quite warm as they brushed on my shoulder. He was probably trying to encourage
me for my work. I had bent so much that now actually I was just a bit too close to
his naked manhood and my face was only a few inches from it!

Mama-ji: Aahhhh? Thanks Beti? is it dry now?

How could he say ?it was dry? considering the way he himself was oozing out his
juices! I smiled to myself and nodded negatively.

Mama-ji: I must get that area dry Bahurani?. That was the doctor?s order?.

Me: Am trying Mama-ji?

I quickly rubbed the top of his penis with my palm which was by this time got quite
slippery with his sticky precum and not getting any handy cloth to wipe it dried my
hand on my blouse! I repeated this for a few times, but noticed that Mama-ji was so
thrilled by this whole phenomenon that he was continuously seeping precum from his
penis. Naturally I was also getting some amusement out of it as the bulb of his
dick was getting wet every now and then even after my wiping!

Mama-ji: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?.

I could well realize that the old man was getting pleasure from my hand job on his
penis and it had actually overtaken his severe pain condition. I myself was also
sort of succumbing to the pungent odor of male juices. My lips had started to part
and I was honestly longing to taste Mama-ji?s sticky precum! Obviously I did not
have the courage to do so because he was afterall my close relative and that too a
very elderly and respected person. By no means could I just start sucking his naked

Mama-ji: Bahurani? is it dry now?

Me: Mama-ji, com? on! You yourself is not allowing me to get it dry! (smile) What?
what can I do?

I replied like a teenager with lot of amusement in my voice! Mama-ji was an

experienced campaigner and he was able to pick up my elated and engrossed state
instantly from my voice!

Mama-ji: Umm Bahurani? I thought you are a pretty intelligent girl? if I am not
allowing you to dry it why don?t you do something to prevent it!

The acute pain condition of Mama-ji suddenly as if evaporated from the whole state
of affairs!
Me: Hmm?

Mama-ji: Arre! If my maid could save me from this sort of a situation last month
can?t you Bahurani?

He was virtually challenging me to get my task properly and as he compared me with

his maid I also got quite charged up!

Me: Mama-ji? don?t compare me?

Mama-ji: Bahurani, I am not comparing? I just mentioned and I know very well that
you have the wit to do this for me! Bahurani? you are the best!

I smiled and was back to my task. The one and only way that was coming to my mind
was to? was to obviously suck out the precum off his penis.

But how could I say that to Mama-ji? He was a father-like figure to me. How could I
suck his cock? My God! The very thought had my nipples getting extremely hard
inside my brassiere. What did the maid to? Did she apply the same method? Oh dear!
The maid then openly sucked Mama-ji?s lund! No, no, what rubbish was I thinking!
But was there any other way?

Mama-ji: Beti, it?s getting late and you know the doctor warmed me specifically
about delays?. Shall I? shall I tell you what my maid did?

It was just too much for me to tolerate ? Mama-ji trying to highlight his maid time
and again!

Me: I have one way? but? but Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: If you have a way just do it Bahurani? don?t waste time dear!

Me: I mean? err? I can?t think of anything else! But? but?. its a bit odd Mama-ji?
please don?t take it otherwise?
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Chapter 40

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: Go ahead Beti? and don?t allow anything fatal to happen to me?

Me: O? okay Mama-ji? actually I tried to dry the area with my hand, but your? your
juices Mama-ji are just continuously oozing out? so? so?. I think? this method can
arrest it.

I could hardly finish my words that I quickly grabbed Mama-ji?s strapped lund with
both hands and took my mouth to the tip and started tasting his precum! I was
naturally quite excited and anxious doing this sort of a sexy job to a male who was
not my husband and moreover it was ?Mama-ji? whom I had always seen as a respected
man in the family. It was impossible for me to even think of this in my wildest

Mama-ji immediately applauded me with very encouraging words.

Mama-ji: You have hit the bull?s eye Bahurani! Very good! Ahhhhhhhhh?.

Me: Umm? (just parting my lips off his naked penis) thanks Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Please get it dry quickly Beti? I know you can do it! Ahhhhh?.
Mama-ji must have been feeling at the top of the world because at this advanced age
it was quite an impossible possibility for him to get his cock sucked by a woman,
more so, as he decided to remain unmarried throughout his life.

Mama-ji: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh? Bahurani? your lips are very soft and warm?.
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?. it is really giving me much relief from the pain I had been
suffering from!

Me: (again parting my lips from his cock) My pleasure Mama-ji?

Though I was not able to take his cock inside my mouth due to the string that I
tied on it, but I was gently sucking the tip of his cock with my lips and was also
at intervals protruding my tongue out to lick the precum that was gathering on his
cock head. As I bent down to suck the tip of his cock and rested my elbows on his
legs, my twin breasts naturally started to brush his hairy legs. Naturally I was
getting weak physically and hence the sensation of my firm tits brushing on his
body made me more horny. In fact within moments I was inclined to press them more
affirmatively on Mama-ji?s naked hairy thighs.

My poor Mama-ji was of course unable to hide his prick which was getting stiffer
and taut and he was stretching his whole body just to ease out the extreme sexual
stimulation inside him especially at this age. Seeing his ?pathetic? condition, I
decided to go for a long, deep suck to pull out all his precum!

Me: Sssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?.. Aaaaahh!

I gasped for breath as my lips remained converged on his naked lund which was still
leaking out copious amounts of sticky juice! Mama-ji produced a loud moan
portraying that he was enjoying my sucking to the hilt! Though the string around
his cock was making this a bit uncomfortable for me, but I decided not to untie it
because it was the doctor?s order. Concurrently I could unmistakably feel Mama-ji?s
cock growing and throbbing in sheer stimulation within my hand and I was also
getting immensely charged up and pressed more of my blouse-covered heavy boob flesh
onto his bare legs.

Mama-ji: Ahhh! You are doing a superb job Bahurani! I must admit that you have
beaten my maid by a 100 yards? Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! What a relief!

I noticed Mama-ji was shuffling in his lying posture and was evidently quite
uncomfortable with his lund still standing tall and upright strapped with my
petticoat drawstring. I could even feel his fingers holding my shoulder digging in
deep into my skin the moment I was starting to suck his cock head. Though I was
feeling hot myself, but a sense of delight was also running in the background of my
mind watching this elderly man?s elatedness. In fact I was driven to be naughtier
and wanted to test his tolerance level! I held Mama-ji?s upright naked cock more
tightly with my hands and started sucking the tip of his cock harder.
Simultaneously I started teasing Mama-ji very mischievously trying to probe my
watery tongue through his pink cock slit and stretching his foreskin to the sides
with my fingers.

Mama-ji: Eiiiiiiiiii???..Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mama-ji was gasping for breath now and was throwing his legs up in the air, though
not violently, and was scratching my shoulder over my blouse trying to combat my
lewd moves. I giggled and continued my act, but soon found that Mama-ji was now
clearly trying to take advantage of the situation. As I continued to lick and suck
his cock, I found Mama-ji was advancing his hand more towards my body! As I looked
from the corner of my eye, I found my elderly relative had bent his torso more
towards his waist in his lying posture so that he could enhance his reach.

Mama-ji: Ahhhhh? Beti? you are giving me so much relief from my acute pain you don?
t even know?. you ?. you are just doing an awesome job Bahurani?

As he uttered those words in a whispering tone I could feel his right hand fingers
dropping inwards from my shoulder. Before I could take any precaution, I found his
fingers creeping down my blouse fabric slipping into my naked upper breast area. I
immediately adjusted my upper body slightly and stopped pressing my breasts onto
his legs, but made sure that I did not raise my lips off his lund, otherwise Mama-
ji might feel offended. But unfortunately that action proved ineffective to Mama-
ji?s advancing fingers. They were now virtually crawling on my boob bulge and on my
blouse front!

Me: Ummmmmmmmmmm?.. Hhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffff?

Naturally I was feeling the heat with the male participating into the act. Till
such time it was me who was teasing the old man, but now he was also reciprocating.
Though I myself was also hugely elated, but our ?relationship? stood as a wall in
my mind. Afterall he was my ?Mama-ji? ? whatever I had been doing to him was a
service to an ailing person. Yes, I was extracting pleasure out of it and Mama-ji
might also have been doing the same, I didn?t know, but his problem was such, it
was quite inevitable since it relates to his genitals. But now if I did not put a
cease to things I might enter into the taboo zone! Mama-ji was already tracing my
blouse front U-cut and touching my warm boob bulge and it would certainly get to a
point of no return for me if I allow him to grab my breasts, more so with his stout
naked cock dangling its head in front of my eyes.

Me: Sssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssshh hhhhhhhhh?

So with one deep long suck I tried to squeeze out all of Mama-ji?s precum!

Mama-ji: Uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii?.. B-e-t-i?. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

I gasped and removed my lips off his cock head and immediately rubbed it dry
pulling up the bedcover slightly. This time it indeed looked dry! My lips were
glistening with Mama-ji?s sticky juices and each breath I took or exhaled was
mingled with his strong pungent cock smell.

Me: Mama-ji? it? it looks dry now!

Mama-ji (still gasping): Ohh? really! Wah! Hmm?..

Mama-ji?s eyes were closed and his chest was going down rapidly below his tight
vest. Naturally the condition of his lund was pathetic and seemed that it would
burst out any moment with such a prolonged erection that too in strapped condition!
My cock sucking, though not truly in the true sense, because I never took his whole
cock in my mouth, had undeniably made him rather enlivened and restless. We both
took some time to recompose ourselves and when there was some deceleration in my
heart rate, I looked up at Mama-ji.

Mama-ji by that time had his hands on his lund and was caressing and coxing it. I
was rather confused about how he was feeling exactly in such an elated condition
with his lund tied up with a string! I could not stop my smile seeing the way the
elderly man was soothing his stout cock with his fingers. I noted that his eyes
were closed and he was trying to breathe normal.

Me: How are you feeling now Mama-ji? Somewhat better I guess!
Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani? your lips?. Your lips seem to have some magic in them or
what? So much relief! Ahhhh?

I was obviously embarrassed by such a statement and looked down with a blushed

Mama-ji: Ahhh? your lips are so full and warm Bahurani? it felt so good?. And? and
the way you s-u-c-k-e-d?. Aaaaaaaaaahhh? Just mind-blowing!
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Chapter 41

by samitbhai
My head was naturally still down in feminine shyness and as I looked from the
corner of my eye, I noticed Mama-ji was ogling at my butt area! I was immediately
alert and as I looked down round my waist I was indeed shocked to note that my
loose petticoat had slid down horribly from my waist crossing all limits of
decency! It was in fact halfway down my buttocks and my meager panty was
disgracefully exposed to this 60-year-old man!

Mama-ji: Oh! Bahurani! I almost forgot! Check the string once?. It seems to be
loose? I must not remain like this at all? the string must be tightly tied?
otherwise? otherwise I might just experience another nosebleed.

Though I heard Mama-ji saying to check the string on his lund, but I was naturally
a bit more concerned regarding my exposed panty and ass and was immediately
proactive to pull up my petticoat to my waistline and cover my big butts.

Mama-ji: Arre! Arree! Bahurani! What the hell are you up to? (his voice was rather
stern and commanding) I am dying in fear of another nosebleed and you are concerned
with your? damn it! Let me check myself!

I did not at all realize that Mama-ji could get offended so quickly by my behavior
and was obviously puzzled for a moment. Seeing Mama-ji trying to get up to check
the string on his penis, I got my senses.

Mama-ji: Ahhh?. Ahhhhhh?. Uhhhhh?.

He was obviously in pain when he tried to get up from his lying posture. His face
appeared pain stricken again and I immediately tried to stop him.

Me: Mama-ji? Mama-ji, please lie down? don?t try this?. Lie down!

Mama-ji naturally did not have the strength to sit up due to his acute hernia pain
and I was easily able to hold him and placed his head again on bed.

Me: That?s better!

I realized that Mama-ji was rather offended that I did not pay attention to the
string and was more keen to cover my body. I could apprehend that due to his ailing
condition, he must have been restless and got irritated by my act. As I looked at
Mama-ji I could see the dissatisfaction on his face. I lowered my eyelids and was
cursing myself for my deviation. I tried to convince my mind that already for some
seconds Mama-ji had seen my whole panty with my petticoat sliding down
significantly down my ass and it was quite impossible also for me to keep it in
place without the drawstring even at this juncture as I had pulled it up!

Me: Sorry Mama-ji! I? I should have been more careful about you?

I was checking the string tied on his naked penis and I could see there was some
slackness in his manhood now (at last!), but the tip was again wet with juices
leaking out.

Mama-ji: Huh! You seem to be ignorant of my condition? don?t you see how much I am
suffering? only got a little relief by your sucking? but how could you be still
focussed on your dress! Huh!

Me: Mama-ji? Mama-ji? please calm down? I am concerned only about you! Please
believe me! And? and? had I been focussed on my dress, shall I stay like this in
front of you?. without my sari? So? it was? I mean?

Mama-ji: But you just did that! I saw that? Bahurani, I expected a little bit more
concentration on me in this state? shall I be wrong if I demand it?

Me: Not at all Mama-ji! And? and please don?t say like that Mama-ji? please?. I
have all the regards for you? am? am really sorry Mama-ji? I should have been fully
focussed on you only in this condition.

Mama-ji: Huh! You realized?. Anyway, its okay Bahurani?

As I apologized to the old man, I was concurrently tying the string tightly over
Mama-ji?s semi-erect lund. As I touched and felt his naked dick again, I could well
realize that Mama-ji?s lund was rapidly gaining in strength and rigidity. The
momentary slackness had vanished and in no time his penis was back in its original
stout and fully upright condition! I had to say I enjoyed that very much as any
married woman would do and quickly re-tied his cock tightly with my petticoat

Mama-ji: Ahhh? a bit loose?. Uhhhhh? that?s better?. Ahhhhh?. Fine, fine!

Me: Done Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Don?t leave the end loose Beti? make sure to strap over my balls also!

Me: What?

Mama-ji: Don?t be surprised Bahurani?. hernia actually involves the male testes? so
you must tie my balls also, but just be careful not to hurt me. The area is very,
very sore and tender? Ahhhhhhhhhh?..

I did not want to argue after what happened just now and just followed his command.
I took Mama-ji?s sagged balls in my left palm and started strapping the remainder
of the string on it. It was indeed an awesome job and the feel was so weird that I
was as if having a sexual wave running through my whole body!

Mama-ji: Ooouuuuuucccccchhhhhhhhhh!

Me: Oh! Sorry Mama-ji? Let me loosen it a bit?

I almost smiled hearing his exclamation, but somehow managed to cover it between my
lips. As I touched and felt Mama-ji?s balls, I could easily comprehend that they
were quite a handful (at least in comparison to my hubby?s) and they descended
quite a bit below his penis! The hairs around it were grayish, obviously due to
Mama-ji?s advanced age, but the soft and sagged touch of his two balls was just
amazing! Tying his balls might sound easy, but it was a tricky task, but I managed
to complete it without much fuss!

Mama-ji: Ahhh! Now I can breathe a little more easily Beti as the doctor?s
prescription is more or less followed in toto though one last part is still

Me: Pending? What Mama-ji?

I was obviously quite apprehensive and at the same time very much conscious that
Mama-ji should not feel in any way that I was not concentrating on him. For that
reason even when I noticed that the side-cut of my panty was visible along with my
naked butt outside my loose petticoat, I did not try to cover it!

Mama-ji: The doctor said the blood flow has to be controlled?. Ahhhhhhh?.. And for
that this strapping and additionally now you will have to help me a little bit more

Me: With pleasure Mama-ji? all I want is that you get well soon. (Due to my
consciousness working at the back of my mind, I responded almost instantaneously)

Mama-ji: Thanks Beti? yes, if we can take all the precautions at correct junctures
I hope the pain would subside on its own as had happened previously also.

Mama-ji paused and looked at my eyes. I just smiled like a fool! I was feeling
immensely embarrassed to sit like that with my panty partially exposed to this man.
Since Mama-ji reacted to my previous act, I was not able to gather enough courage
to pull up my loose petticoat also!

Mama-ji: Ahhhhhhhhh! You have strapped me so tightly?. Ufffffffff?.

Me: Shall I loosen it?

Mama-ji: No, no. Doctor asked for a tight strap on my lund and balls and that?s
what you have done Beti! Good job!
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Chapter 42

by samitbhai
I dropped my eyelids in natural shame as Mama-ji used the word ?lund? and smiled

Mama-ji: Now Bahurani I will give you a little more pain, but its easy to do.

Me: Pain? Not at all Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: You need to stand on my legs?. Just stand and do nothing? this would
actually control the blood pressure somewhat in my legs you know? I don?t know if
you have ever given this sort of leg massage to Rajesh?.

Me: Yes, yes? I have given him once or twice!

Mama-ji: Oh! Then it should not be?? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I am already feeling pain
in my legs! O My God! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! It?s so acute? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Mama-ji?s whole body arched and got crooked in pain. His face depicted immense pain
from which he was suddenly suffering from. I obviously was a bit startled and felt
more nervous!

Mama-ji: Be quick Bahurani? there?s no time! Quick!

He almost yelled and I was so nervous that I quickly stood up from my sitting
position forgetting completely that my petticoat was not tied at my waist!
Me: Eiiiii! Oouucchh!

The resultant was very much expected! It was so, so embarrassing that my whole face
turned crimson and there were goosebump all over my body! As soon as I stood up on
the bed, there was a silent ?wooooooooossshhhh?? and my petticoat slipped down
completely from my waist to my feet giving me absolutely no chance whatsoever to
react and save my dignity. My lower portion got fully exposed before Mama-ji?s
eyes. Thank God that I was wearing my panty inside, otherwise I would surely have
to flee from the room to cover myself.

My condition was just indescribable and was so pathetic standing like that in front
of this 60-year-old man and that too on the bed! It was just too much! But I had to
digest this disgrace considering Mama-ji?s serious ailing condition and the way he
reacted the last time. As I looked at his face, I noticed he was simply gaping at
my shapely naked legs, which were hairless and appeared shinny butter-colored in
broad daylight. My thighs were indeed very dense, very much developed and appeared
extremely sexy in uncovered condition. Naturally I was feeling tremendously
uncomfortable as I was facing Mama-ji and there was only this triangular cloth
cover of my panty covering my hairy choot! I dared to look down as I feared that my
bush was so dense that one or two of my choot hairs must be peeping out through my

Mama-ji: Uhhhh?. Ahhhhhhh?. My legs.? Uhhhhhhh! Bahurani, a second?s squander will

kill me?. Uhhhhhhhhh!

There was no question of wasting time with the elderly man suffering so much. His
penis and balls were still strapped tightly with the string, which I had done only!
I quickly stepped on his right leg and doing some balancing act kept my other foot
also on his leg. Thus I was now standing fully on Mama-ji?s legs dressed almost in
a two-piece! Naturally my blouse and panty appeared rather skimpy and inadequate on
my voluptuous well developed body. Things were all the more worse for me as Mama-ji
was lying on the bed and was looking at me from a very indecent angle and there was
no way I could avoid that.

Mama-ji was looking at me so directly that I had to close my eyes in sheer

embarrassment and I could sense Mama-ji?s eyes as if licking my silky naked thighs
and trying to enter into the insides of my panty! I didn?t know how much blood
pressure I was controlling for Mama-ji, but the way I was standing on his legs on
the bed dressed in only a blouse and a panty was surely a killer pose!

Mama-ji: Ahh! Ohhh! Uiii! Ahhh! Uhhh! Aaaahhiiiiii!

Suddenly there were quite a few very sharp and painful yells from Mama-ji and I
could no longer keep my eyes closed. I saw Mama-ji was struggling hard on bed, his
whole body was writhing again, his torso was bending inward and he was feverishly
scratching his hands on the bed cover. I was confused for a second but quickly
gathered that Mama-ji must have been once again experiencing the spasm attack.

Mama-ji: Ooooooooooohhhhhoooooohhooooooooo!

His face was getting crooked in pain and he was throwing his head up on the bed
quite feverishly. Naturally I was pretty much anxious and quickly tried to attend
Mama-ji. But as soon as I descended off his legs, Mama-ji started throwing his legs
up in the air and I had to virtually protect myself from getting kicked! I quickly
went towards his head and he was evidently in a very restless state. His hands were
scratching and scraping over the bed-sheet feverishly and I was literally confused
what exactly to do.

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji! Please calm down! Please?. Where are you getting the pain?
Please tell something!

But there was no response from Mama-ji as he continued to be in that spasm spell
and jerked his head to and fro scratching the bed cover with his hands. As I
observed him closely it seemed to be me that he desperately wanted to grab
something in his hands the way he was scratching the bed. I was prompt enough to
get the pillow and place under his left palm. I was surely not wrong, but I was
rather shocked the way Mama-ji started squeezing the pillow within his palm. The
way his fingers clutched the soft cotton of the pillow, the way his palm hollowed
and pressed on the pillow, and his very approach about the squeezing was so
indecent! It clearly resembled as if Mama-ji was squeezing a woman?s breast!

Mama-ji: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Suddenly Mama-ji was absolutely standstill and from the sound he made it seemed to
me that as if something stuck in his throat!

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji! What happened? Are you okay?

Mama-ji was stiff as a rock! His eyes were still and he was not moving a muscle!
Naturally I was extremely nervous seeing Mama-ji in that sudden static condition!

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji! What happened? Please speak up! Mama-ji!

My heart rate was increasing by leaps and bounds seeing Mama-ji was not reacting to
my call. I was almost perplexed in my sheer anxiety. I held Mama-ji?s shoulders and
started jerking him for a rejoinder. I was sweating quite profusely now seeing
Mama-ji in a speechless inanimate condition.

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji!

I checked his nose to see if there were further nosebleeds, but fortunately there
was none. I looked around for help and noticed a glass of water on the adjacent
table. I immediately sprinkled some water on his face and that did the miracle!

Mama-ji: A-a-a-h-h-h!

As soon as I heard some response from him, I started gently rubbing his face with
my wet hand and also started rubbing his chest. I could sense that Mama-ji was
getting back to his senses, but the progress was very slow. I could only hear some
soft murmurs from his mouth, but his body continued to be stiff and still. I took
his right hand in my hands and started rubbing the palm and then repeated the same
for his left hand. Fortunately his hands were warm and felt more or less normal.

Mama-ji: O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h-h!

Mama-ji was indeed responding more positively now and I could see a mild movement
in his legs also. I also noticed that his naked penis had started dangling in the
air as soon as I had begun to rub his palms. But though Mama-ji was clearly getting
back his senses, unfortunately he did not recover fully from the spasm he was
experiencing and in fact his whole body started jerking and reacting the same way
where he had left.

Me: Ouch!!! Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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Chapter 43

by samitbhai
I reacted as if I experienced an electric shock! I never expected this sort of a
thing to happen and Mama-ji?s behavior was just out of the blue for me! Though he
got back into his senses, but unfortunately he was once again back in his severe
spasm state and I had only myself to blame for my pathetic compromising condition!

As I was rubbing his palms to get him to senses, I had kept his right hand on my
legs after completing a session of rub on that hand and was busy with his left
palm. Just then he was conscious but descended into his spasm state. Naturally I
was momentarily somewhat confused and released his hand as I noticed severe jerking
about his body. Mama-ji left me in a superlatively exclaimed state with my hands in
the air and his left hand (which I had just rubbed) dropping over my breasts and
his right hand was on my naked thighs! I did not even have the time to react
properly to Mama-ji?s shudder and he just grabbed my breasts and thighs!

Naturally I retracted instantly, but his grip was very strong. His left hand which
fell directly over my blouse-covered breasts immediately seized my right tit and
his hold was so strong that I almost cried out! I could feel his fingers pressing
deeper on my fleshy breast and his hand was so inflexible and stiff that I could
not even remove it with my hands. I was literally at a loss abruptly experiencing
Mama-ji?s palm gripping my entire right mammary.

Me: Eiiii?. Ahh? What are you doing? Ouuuuuchhhh! Mama-ji!!

I struggled very awkwardly because concurrently Mama-ji had started groping and
caressing my naked thigh area with his other hand. Since I was only wearing a panty
and nothing else down my waist, the effect was all the more sensuous and
electrifying for me. As I tried to get away from the old man, I could realize that
he was gripping my breast so very tightly that it was in fact hurting me bitterly
when I tried to retreat. The dense and firm appearance of my boobs indeed aided
Mama-ji?s handgrip to perfection!

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji! Please leave me?. Ahhh?.

I was visibly struggling and trying to get rid of him, but pretty soon realized
that Mama-ji was not in his senses. He was as if sunken in a spell! His whole body
appeared stiff and his eyes very still. As I looked carefully at him I noticed
Mama-ji was not looking at me, but in fact he was looking at things behind me on
the wall. His visualization was indeed very vague and I started to feel nervous at
his blank look.

Me: Mama-ji! Mama-ji! Can you?. Ssss?.. can you hear me Mama-ji? Ouch! Ssssssss??

I could not even speak properly simply because Mama-ji?s left hand was firmly ?
cupping? my entire breast from the front! Though I was getting somewhat nervous
seeing his vacuous and expressionless look, but the constant touch on my private
body parts was making me extremely excited. As Mama-ji continued to be in his
spasm, he was virtually holding my right breast in his left palm and his right hand
fingers were craving in on my naked warm thighs! I could feel his fingers
converging in on the tight flesh of my uncovered thighs as Mama-ji continued to
experience the spasm. I was quickly losing ground and had started breathing very
fast. The simultaneous groping on my tits and thighs in broad daylight was making
me outrightly embarrassed and energized too!

Me: Mama-ji! Ahhhh?. Uhhhh?. Uiiiiiii?.

I was unable to control myself and was shamelessly oozing out soft moans. I noticed
that Mama-ji was also breathing a shade heavily, which was natural also, getting
the chance to caress a 28-year-old married housewife on her boobs and thighs was a
more than welcome invitation. Though initially I was infinitely nervous and shrunk
in, but realizing that Mama-ji was in the midst of a spasm spell, I started taking
this groping with an open mind. If I had a mirror I could see my face was still
very much red in shame as Mama-ji continued to force down and release his fingers
on my blouse-covered right breast. His other hand was lying dangerously close to my
panty as his fingers crouched more and more on my exposed thighs.

Me: Mama-ji! Ahhhh?. Please stoppppp?? Uiiiiiii?.

I continued to groan softly, but realized that Mama-ji was totally unaware of what
he was doing. I could recognize that it was just a coincidence that his hands fell
on my sensitive organs, otherwise this spasm was not new and I had seen him
experience this just a few minutes earlier also where he was actually hunkering
down his fingers strongly on the bed cover. Though originally I indeed was feeling
embarrassed and got startled by this sudden groping by this old man, but with time
I was in fact enjoying this groping and entering into a hornier ambiance! Initially
out of natural shyness, my eyelids were down, but now with some confidence back in
me and recognizing that Mama-ji was entirely unaware of his actions, I got bold.

I looked around (though there was no one in the house at that time and I knew that
very well) and quickly adjusted my posture to extract more fun out of this
encounter. I looked at Mama-ji?s face and his eyes still maintained that ?blank?
look and his body continued to be somewhat stiff, but to my utter shock I noted
that his black cock was standing tall in its full glory and was fully stretched
signifying his excitement. I was slightly confused again; was Mama-ji aware of what
he was doing? He was cupping my breast in a conscious state? But how could that be?
His eyes appear to be so blank! And, I myself observed that he experienced this
severe spasm during his hernia pain twice in the last half an hour! So I derived
and was convinced that it was a spasm related to his hernia pain and nothing else!

As I certified Mama-ji?s lewd action in my mind, I myself was pretty keen to

extract further. I immediately sat more closely to Mama-ji and thrust my boobs
towards his hand. Though I wished his both hands on my big bubbling tits, but his
whole body was so stiff that I could not guide things at my wish. Mama-ji till such
time was pawing my warm naked things, but now as I push forward my pelvic area more
towards him, his hand slipped almost on my panty!

Me: Oiiiii??.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh?.

As soon as his fingers touched my panty, as if an electric shock passed through my

body and my horny mind forced me into more bold actions! I could not resist myself
from grabbing Mama-ji?s khada lund and started caressing it. As soon as I did that,
I could feel there was an immediate change in Mama-ji?s gripping on my firm breast;
it was more like cupping rather than a grab. Naturally I was breathing heavily and
more of boob flesh was evident over my blouse. I was looking extremely sexy and
very much indecent with my butter-colored flesh oozing out over my tight blouse and
Mama-ji quite holding securely one of my tits. The feel of an erect male cock in my
hand made things worse for me. Though Mama-ji?s cock was strapped with the string,
the erect and taut feel was enough to get me going fully!

Me: Uiiii??. Ahhhhhhh?. More?. Ahhhhh?. Ssssssssss?..

I was so keyed up by this groping that I desperately desired to be caressed at my

pussy and breasts! I myself started pushing my tight breast more into his hand and
the feel must have been great for Mama-ji as I found him trying to increase his paw
size by stretching his fingers to fully cover my whole breast area!

I was unable to control myself and was slipping and slipping miserably.

Being aware that Mama-ji was totally oblivious of what he was doing, I tried to
extract maximum fun out of this and without even thinking what would happen if
Mama-ji comes to his senses, I wanted his hand inside my blouse! Unfortunately his
hand was so stiff that in spite of trying with both hands I could not place it
properly inside my blouse! Naturally I was a bit frustrated but such was my sexual
inclination at that time, I decided to simply unbutton my blouse to feel his hand
on my naked boob flesh!

Me: What?s the harm even if I do that? No one would know! Mama-ji in any case is
not aware of anything, but ? but what if he gets back to normal senses and sees me
in this condition?

I was arguing within myself and was getting rather prompt replies so as to
extract ?satisfaction?!

Me: I can always say that during your spasm Mama-ji you held my blouse so tightly
that I had to unbutton it otherwise it would have torn. If I could remain in front
of him in my panties and he was okay with that, why not this time in my bra?
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Chapter 44

by samitbhai
I did not waste a single second after that and quickly worked my fingers on my
blouse. It was indeed a difficult job as Mama-ji was grabbing my breast very firmly
over my blouse.

Me: Come on! Ahhh? Loosen that hand? you old fool? Ahh?.

I somehow managed to slide my fingers through his unbending grip and finally was
able to unbutton all my blouse hooks. I was already so much keyed up and now with
more exposure of my big mammaries I could easily sense drops of juice trickling
down my pussy into my panty!

Me: Thank God! Mama-ji was not in his true senses?. otherwise it would have been
very embarrassing!

I guided Mama-ji?s hand more and more onto my mature tits and the very feel of his
warm fingers on the insides of my bra made my condition pathetic. I was virtually
hissing in excitement and automatically my thighs were getting parted. I looked
once in Mama-ji?s eyes and they were still dreamy and not focussed on anything and
I was pretty much convinced that he continued to experience that spasm spell.

I was so much aroused and stirred up and was longing to have male fondling that my
senses were lost! I was unable to distinguish when Mama-ji was out of that spell
and came to normal state! I just continued to expose and crossed all limits of
decency and generously allowed him to fondle and molest my 28-year-old fully
developed body. Mama-ji also to my utter disbelief simply continued to pretend as
if he was still experiencing the spasm and openly caressed me!

Me: Ahhhhhhhh??

Naturally the feeling was immensely gratifying as I felt Mama-ji?s fingers starting
to feel my boob flesh over and inside my bra. As his warm fingers dI immediately
shifted my posture more towards Mama-ji and now virtually Mama-ji?s other hand was
right over my honey pot! His spasm made his fingers squeeze my panty fabric, the
feeling was just? just awesome!

Me: Uuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?.. Uffffffffffffffffff??

I could feel Mama-ji?s fingers feeling my thick tuft of curly hair just above my
choot over my sheer panty fabric! My big breasts were straining hard against my
brassiere cups and I was naturally feeling increasingly uncomfortable. I was also
looking horribly sexy with my open blouse front and exposed bra with only a panty
cover down my voluptuous body.

Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhh?? Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?..

I simply closed my eyes and started to enjoy the moments. Mama-ji?s warm fingers
were giving me sensual pleasures at an overwhelming scale touching my half-naked
tits and my panty-covered choot area.

Just at that moment I suddenly felt that Mama-ji was breathing just near my ears!
But? but his face was up and he was looking blankly at the wall! How could he
breathe so nearby? Concurrently I could sense that his fingers were trying to crawl
inside my brassiere and trying to feel more of my naked breasts! But? but all along
his fingers were only doing a very restrictive movement characteristic of his
severe spasm! Also, down my waist I felt Mama-ji?s fingers trying to poke inside my
slit over my panty! There seemed to be a very definitive change in his approach!

I had to open my eyes! I was dumbstruck! Mama-ji was directly looking at my eyes
and his eyes said it all! I could then and there sense that Mama-ji was back to his
senses and finding me in such a hugely compromising state probably gave him the
courage to take a leap forward. His face was near my lips. I could listen to his
breathing so very distinctly. His lips were parted. And his eyes depicted that ?
familiar? longing!

Mama-ji: Anita! I am glad that you finally realized my call! When you opened your
blouse I knew you wanted me? and I will not disappoint you my darling!

I was dumbstruck as if caught in my own trap! He was calling me by my name, which

he never did so long! I could not speak as I felt Mama-ji?s right hand proceeding
towards my back openly brushing and pressing my firm tits. He was about to embrace
me! I was just awestruck. I felt utterly ashamed and just kept dumb. Mama-ji was
all along aware (my goodness!) and was pretending to perfection, which made me to
go for more!

Mama-ji: I tried my best to create a favorable situation for this Anita? believe
me? I was trying my best? but our relationship stood like a wall in between us? I
am glad that at last you responded to my camouflaged plea? Come, come close to me

Saying that he encircled his right hand round me and also shifted his left hand off
my panty to embrace me in a better way. As he was calling me by my name I was
expectedly getting more turned on because the words ?Beti? and ?Bahurani? time and
again reminded me of my relationship with him. It was indeed a mental hindrance and
Mama-ji like an experienced campaigner took care of that!

I had nothing to say as I could jolly well realize that he pretended all along this
hernia episode just to win my confidence. And when he saw that the trap was fully
set he now nailed me and I could not deny that at all as I myself was so enthralled
that I opened my blouse to extract more sexual pleasures. I felt absolutely numb
and was stiff too.

Mama-ji was very, very clever and with his advanced age it was expected also and he
did not at all allow me to think on this issue again and quickly forced me to shift
my posture. Initially he was on the inside of the bed and I was on the edge and now
he quickly dragged me more inside the bed and took quite an authoritative approach.

Mama-ji: Anita, my dear, just remain as you were, close your eyes and relax, don?t
think on anything and let me take on from here. You have been helping me all along
during my hernia ? (he smiled softly) and now let me pay you back? and (he added in
a whispering tone) I assure you that I will not disappoint my dear!

Me: Mama-ji? (I could only murmur that)

Mama-ji quickly put his middle finger on my lips and referred me to keep quiet.

Mama-ji: Uhu! Not Mama-ji! Just call me Arjun? just Arjun!

He was now bending over my face and he again whispered ?Arjun? call me just Arjun?!

How could I call my Mama-ji by his name?

Mama-ji: Anita, I told you not to think of our relationship? think of the present?
call me once? I want to listen from your lips? Arjun!?

Though I felt a bit amused, but I had to obey his command.

Me: Arjun!

Mama-ji: Oh! Anita? you made my day! My name sounded so sexy after so many years!
It?s the charisma of you lips darling!

I was in an extremely elated condition. Drops of juice continued to wet the insides
of my panty and my nipples were still rock hard and erect inside my bra. My mental
state seemed to resemble much like my stripped body and I willingly succumbed to
Mama-ji?s advancement.

Mama-ji: Ah! Lovely! Your breasts are so full Anita! They look awesome in your bra?
and you look ravishing only in this panty! Ahhh! Really great!

Naturally listening to such open and direct comments I retracted a bit and almost
folded my legs fully so that Mama-ji didn?t get a direct view of my panty-covered
pussy. Mama-ji quickly obstructed my action and started pulling me off the bed.

Me: Eii?. What are you doing? Eiiiiiiiiiiiii?. Nooooo?.

Mama-ji: Come on Anita! Stand before me? let me appreciate your beauty!

He was strong enough and pulled me out of the bed and made me stand on the floor
with all my blouse hooks brazenly open and my lower half of the body completely
uncovered except for my scant panty covering practically nothing!

Mama-ji: Yes? great! You look fabulous Anita! Fabulous!

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Chapter 45

by samitbhai
He held me by my arms and stood close to me. Mama-ji was looking deep into my eyes
and naturally I was unable to look into his eyes so directly and had to look
elsewhere. I was nervous, but was extremely excited concurrently. I was definitely
feeling tired at times, but was getting energized the next moment due to my sexual

Me: Mama? err? I mean Arjun? I never could imagine that you were? you were
pretending for so long!

Mama-ji (smiling) ? just to get you Anita? just to get you my Queen! And you
know ?. Intezar ka fal hamesha meetha hi hota hai!
Me: (I sighed and looked at the floor) you are very naughty?

Mama-ji: And what are you my sweetheart? You opened your sari, your petticoat, your
blouse in front of me? Eh? Had I waited a bit more you would go?

Me: But? but? you only created all this? you forced me into this? you? you old fox
(with a smile)!

Saying that I playfully hit Mama-ji on his chest and he in turn held my nose with
two of his fingers and jiggled it playfully.

Mama-ji: Don?t call me old my darling! I may appear old, but I am pretty strong
till today?.

Me: Really! But you never married Mam? I mean you never got married Arjun.

Mama-ji: So what? Marriage sucks, but I am free? free as a bird? For your kind
information Anita, I have a woman?s body every night.

Me: But how?

Mama-ji: I can tell you? because you are a darling!

Mama-ji came very near me, put his hands round my shoulder, my firm tits pressing
on his chest, and embraced me.

Mama-ji (in a whispering tone) I fuck my maidservant Anita. She has real horsepower
you know? she satisfies her husband at home and me here!

It was only to be expected with what I discovered in Mama-ji?s house earlier; only
the confirmation was not there and now I had it from the horse?s mouth.

Me: Does she stay here at night?

Mama-ji: Yes, at times?. cooking a story to his husband? but most times I have sex
with her in the afternoon hours. But let?s not waste time on her? it would be a sin
to do that with you in my arms Anita!

Mama-ji distanced himself a bit and started to ogle at my half-naked body. I was
virtually in a two-piece with my blouse acting as a special cover for my back!
Mama-ji was giving long stares at my bra-covered milk jugs and I looked down shyly
I was shocked to note that through my bra cups my large erect nipples could be
distinctly traced out. I quickly tried to hide that scene from Mama-ji and blushed

Mama-ji: O! Anita! I think you will continue to blush even when you are naked in my
arms! Ha ha hah?.

Saying that he openly began to fondle my big tender breasts. He started to press
and squeeze my boobs from the front in my standing posture!

Me: Aaaa? Eii? what are you doing? Please stop!

Mama-ji was pretty active and giving me a couple of tight boob squeezes he pulled
off my blouse completely from my body and I was compelled to stand in front of him
in only in my sheer undergarments. He stood for a moment and gazed at my mature
physical beauty, appreciating my dense, round breasts, nearly perfect tummy and
very shapely and fleshy legs. Mama-ji again reached forward and cupped my twin tits
lowering his face to their softness. I giggled and shuffled, but Mama-ji continued
to press his face on my cleavage holding me by my hips. As he grabbed my ass and I
felt his fingers on my naked ass cheeks, I realized that my panty had hiked up so
much to the sides that my entire buttock area was almost bare! Mama-ji patted my
ass cheeks and jiggled my heavy ass with his two hands as he pressed his nose deep
inside my cleavage.

I started shrieking and moaning shamelessly as I enjoyed his lewd acts. With
expertise and gentleness, Mama-ji removed my bra making me completely topless!

Mama-ji: Wow! What a sight! You look stunning Anita! Very nice and full boobs! Aha!

I didn?t know how long Mama-ji spent kissing, nibbling, sucking and caressing my
warm naked breasts as time seemed to stand still in the room! I was bubbling in
sheer sexual heat as the old man was pleasing himself exploiting me to the hilt.

After pawing my naked breasts and pinching my round nut-like nipples for quite some
time, Mama-ji?s concentration drifted down. He then started to massage my smooth
robust thighs with both hands and his face depicted that he was surely enjoying
this act. He now removed the strapping on his lund and ?freed? his erect organ.
Mama-ji was naturally very much keyed up and was quite desperate now to fuck me. I
was also in turn fully energized by that time to satisfy him.

Just then Mama-ji pushed me to the bed and I almost fall on my back on the bed.
Without wasting a second he positioned me forcefully on the bed and I looked
immensely sexy lying on the bed clad only in my bra and panty.

Me: Ouch!

Mama-ji: What happened baby?

Me: Nothing! (I sighed)

Mama-ji immediately began to massage my calves and then directed his attention to
my lovely bare thighs. He gave me a very slow and sensuous massage initially, but
kept sliding his hands more and more upwards towards my upper thigh area! My milky
white thighs were as if getting rosy in appearance due to his massage and I was
indeed feeling at the top of the world!

Me: I wish I get this sort of a slow and effective massage before every? Ahhhh?

My panty was naturally quite wet now with my juices and it was visible clearly to

Mama-ji: Uhhh! You have a leaking pussy my dear! Ho ho ho?

I was secreting juices at a heavy dose through my moist vagina and had no control
over it and my panty must have been looking pathetic; I smiled to myself. Mama-ji
left me breathless the next moment as he forcibly began to drag my panty off my

Me: (I cried out) No? Eiiii?.. please don?t?

Mama-ji was a skillful player and with one forceful jerk he was able to slide my
panty down my waist and buttocks leaving me absolutely naked! My panty remained
tangled on my fleshy thighs as my hairy cunt was totally exposed to Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Wow! What a choot yaar! Anita, you deserve to be a royal item! Uhh! Great
look and? and so much hair? Ahhh! I like that darling? I like that?.

Mama-ji massaged my naked choot gently for sometime making me squirm every now and
then and then his fingers craftily started rubbing my pubic area forcing me to moan
very loud and twitch in absolute elation! Mama-ji was able to part my vaginal lips
and forced my engorged clitoris out of its hiding!

Me: Uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mama-ji was rubbing my ever-swelling clitoris and was naturally extracting great
fun out of it. I was in turn moaning very impudently as I was slowly advancing
toward my peak. I sensed that with his fingers slipping inside, searching out the
wettest area, Mama-ji rubbed my clitoris into near climax. All along Mama-ji made
sure to squeeze my naked breasts, one at a time, with his free hand. This obviously
made the whole affair even more ?hot? for me. I could almost sense blood racing to
my entire pubic area making it hotter than hell!
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Chapter 46

by samitbhai
Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mama-ji?s fingers now slid in and out of my vagina reaching further than I thought
possible! It was a truly awesome experience! He kept pulling his fingers back and
then plunged back in creating an exquisite sexy rhythm! With every plunge, rub,
push, and dart of his fingers on my vagina, my voluptuous body quivered, jolted,
and responded to him without my own control. I had reached my peak and I could not
possibly wait a second more! I screamed and shuddered in tremendous excitement.
Mama-ji was able to bring me to a shaking, explosive, convulsive, and nearly mind-
blowing orgasm!

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh?. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I closed my eyes and wrapped my fingers around Mama-ji?s curls and dug my nails
deep into his scalp throwing my hips into his face only to jerk them back and
pushing them into the cushion of the bed and then upward again! My groans had
converted by animalistic screams of disbelieving ecstasy!

Me: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii?. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

It was a long and deep orgasm that I experienced. It seemed to be long overdue and
now with that heavy juice flow, I desired a cock more than anything else in my
choot! I was gasping like anything and was feeling extremely hot, though completely
undressed, lying on the bed under Mama-ji?s body. I was frankly getting quite
frenzied now to have Mama-ji?s lund inside me. I couldn?t wait a second!

Me: Mama-ji? what are you waiting for! Ahhh?. I can?t wait?. Uhhh?

Mama-ji: Yes my sex queen! I know! You are ready to take my lund!

Mama-ji gave me exactly the time I needed to set things on blaze! My orgasm was
slowly subsiding and my breathing was reaching a fairly normal rate and Mama-ji was
probably waiting for that time. All this time he was intently watching my
voluptuous naked body; his eyes roved over my flat belly, my twin peaks moving up
and down with each of my breath, still very much taut and rigid which any man would
die to squeeze and caress. My whole body was as if glowing as my blood circulation
was increased by leaps and bounds and lying on the bed naked I was as if portraying
a perfect illustration of a sex goddess!
My lips were pouting and must have been plum red from the biting and sucking on
them I did myself during the thrust of the orgasm. My hair was soaked to my temples
and forehead and Mama-ji was ogling at me from very close quarters. I knew
somewhere in the back of my mind that my own incredible satisfaction was just a
cherry on the cake and that having Mama-ji cum inside my stretched and swollen
vagina was my ultimate goal!

Mama-ji seemed to be all set to pin me down now. He was in the process of
positioning himself over me for a perfect fuck! I raised my head slightly and tried
to view his cock and noted that it was stretched to its full length and was looking
like an angry tiger the way it was dangling freely in the air! Mama-ji?s cock was
not hugely long and it resembled more or less my husband?s lund size in its full
erect state. But the beauty of Mama-ji?s lund was its diameter which attracted me
quite a lot with its shinny black look. Mama-ji held his penis in his right hand
and was rubbing it very slowly to get to maximum elongation.

Mama-ji: Anita, though I have remained unmarried throughout my life, but my cock
has seen several women you know! He he he?

Me: That?s not a noble habit Mama? I mean Arjun!

Mama-ji: I know Anita! But there was no way? familial circumstances did not allow
me to marry?

Me: Whom have you met on bed?

Mama-ji: Obviously I could not pin down any woman coming from decent background in
recent times? that?s due to my age?

Me: Recent means? how long?

Mama-ji (continuing to stroke his lund with his right hand and now coming close to
me and grabbing my open breasts): Recent meaning? umm? last two years!

Me: Prior to that?

Mama-ji came close to my face and kissed my both cheeks, one after another. Then
brushed his warm lips on mine and finally started kissing me. It was a long lip-to-
lip kiss and I supported him with my tongue to the fullest. Honestly I did not feel
his age while kissing and enjoyed being kissed by this nearly 60-year-old man!

Mama-ji: Prior to that I had a long relationship with one of my students.

Me: Student! She must be your grandchild?s age!

Mama-ji: Nehi re! She was a post-graduation student and in fact she was married
also; stays in my neighborhood only!

Me: (smiling) Oh! Then it must have been?

Mama-ji: (now quickly pulling my panty down my legs and making me absolutely naked)
Yes Anita! It was a pretty hot and adventurous encounter!

Me: Eii?. Ish?.

Mama-ji: Don?t shy from me? Anita! You look splendid in this naked form.

Me: Huh! All women look brilliant like this? you don?t have to mention that? you
naughty? but? how did it all happen? I mean?
Mama-ji: How did that relation hatch and took shape? Actually you know Anita? while
giving tuition to her we used to talk about households etc. and since she was a
post-graduation student, she did not come in batches you know?

Me: Okay? so it was a one-to-one tuition for her unlike other students?

Mama-ji: Exactly! (as he said that he pinched my nipple with his fingers as if
confirming that I hit the bull?s eye) Moreover, she was a teaser and used to
tantalize me in all possible ways possible!

Me: Ouch! Uff? slowly please!

Mama-ji: Sorry Anita?. (he was smiling wickedly)

Me: Teaser?

Mama-ji: Arre she used to extract great fun as I ogled onto her figure you know? a
pallu drop here and there and adjusting her blouse in front of me? you know she
played with me with old tricks!

Me: Hmm? I see! And you also must have enjoyed that!

Mama-ji: Of course! Why not Anita!

Me: And what was your reciprocation?

Mama-ji: My old theory? ailment! It works wonder for women! Ha ha ha?

Me: Then, how did it actually hatch? I mean?

Mama-ji: How did it get physical? That?s what you want to know naa my sexy doll?

Me: Umm...
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Chapter 47

by samitbhai
Mama-ji: (squeezing my firm breasts very tightly) I made hay on a rainy evening!
While she was making notes, I told her that I need to get some things from the
roof, but my umbrella was broken. She obviously generously lent me her umbrella,
but I said that I needed her help as if I held the umbrella how could I bring the
items down. (smile) She readily agreed.

Me: Hmm? sounds interesting! Then?

Mama-ji: I chose the right moment as it was raining very heavily at that time. We
went under one umbrella and I was deliberately consumed more space under the
umbrella so as to get her drenched and my trick worked. She got amply wet
traversing the roof and I made sure that I repeat the route of taking things from
one end of the roof to the shade at least four times.

Me: Very thoughtful! Then?

Mama-ji: The last two times I offered to hold the umbrella while she carried the
things. I deliberately walked very slowly and held the umbrella in such a way that
she almost got fully wet. As she was getting exposed through her clothes in front
of me, she was feeling shy and since I was pretty close to her physically, she was
feeling hot too!
Me: Quite natural! Then?

Mama-ji: I nailed the last pin by embracing her waist under the umbrella citing
that the roof was rather slippery. (smile)

Me: Very naughty Mama-ji! Oops! Arjun! (smile)

Mama-ji: Why can?t you remember dear? (he pinched my exposed nipple very hard to as
if help remember!)

Me: Ouch! Uff! Slowly! Then what happened?

Mama-ji (coming absolutely close to me and lowered his lips on mine; he did not
kiss me, but continued to brush his lips on mine): Nothing much! I offered her if
she was adventurous enough and would climb up the attic with me, which was actually
on the roof at a height connected by a ladder, as I needed to pick up some items
from there too.

Me: And she agreed!

Mama-ji: (smile and a nod) Her wet condition and the ceaseless rains catalyzed the
whole thing!

Me: Very smart! Huh!

Mama-ji: You know Anita? (his eyes seemed dreamy) ?the relation went on so far and
it was so vibrant that not only did we made love twice a week while she came for
tuition, but also used to even take bath together in the toilet! It was an
extremely erotic and a great phase in my life!

Me: Wow! That sounds pretty fascinating! What did her husband do?

Mama-ji: Lucky for me, he was in sales and was on tour most of the month. He he?

Me: I see?

Mama-ji?s eyes were dreamy; probably he was lost in his wonderful past, but yet I
could note that his eyes were filled with a cloudy and yet stabbing lust for my
body. Now he had taken his hand off his penis and was pressing it on my warm naked
thighs. I could sense that he was getting harder and harder by the second. Though I
tried to let my head relax on the pillow, but was unable to stop my gaze from
traveling down to Mama-ji?s stout hard cock.

The next moment Mama-ji stretched and pulled up both my legs upwards, which enabled
him a very apt close up view of my hairy choot. Mama-ji must have been smelling the
pungent sexy smell that was emanating from my pussy! I felt slightly embarrassed as
I thought that and my face was flushed. Mama-ji now knelt between my two plump
thighs and brought my hips upwards and grabbed his penis to set its bulbous head
towards the right spot. He exerted a great deal of force and inserted his penis
inside my vagina.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuu! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


He started slapping me initially slowly and then picking up the speed. I could
sense Mama-ji?s marble-hard penis was forcing its way into my tender vagina guarded
by the two delicate but strong lips. His organ was intensely hard and had a strong
brute force! The head hit the back of my vagina with an intense fury and passion.
Naturally I was screaming and moaning pretty aloud as Mama-ji?s hands were
squeezing my jiggling breasts at his free will. I was concurrently encountering a
mild pain in my vagina also as Mama-ji thrust his manhood more and more inside me!

Me: Ahhhh? slowly Mama-ji? slowly! Ahhh? a bit slowly?. Ufff!

As Mama-ji pulled back his penis an inch or two inside my vagina, I prepared for
the return of another violent thrust. I held my breath and just then Mama-ji re-
entered and virtually attacked my pussy!

Me: You brute! What?s your plan? Ahhhhh? Will you break my walls or what? Ahhh?

Mama-ji: Slow is the symptom of old age my dear? I have speed! I am still young

Though there was some pain, I was thoroughly enjoying these quick strong thrusts.
My thighs plunged hard against Mama-ji?s forcing our bodies to collide in extreme
sexual fusion. I had closed my eyes and could feel Mama-ji?s hands, large and
strong, now grabbing my big round ass and trying pull me up against his raging

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mama-ji: Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss?. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuu!

It was an enormously weird feel when I sensed that Mama-ji almost reached and
rubbed against my G-spot as he banged his way into my vagina. My arms shook with
weakness as they stressed to hold myself in proper position. My whole body was
naturally trembling in excitement and I wanted to fully hug Mama-ji desperately.
But Mama-ji was well engrossed in his business and was humping me wildly with the
support of his hands on the bed on my both sides. My buttocks and vagina clinched
locking a hold around his erect penis and I could see a wild smile in Mama-ji?s

Over and over again, Mama-ji thrust himself deep within my inner vaginal walls
causing me to peak to a high-voltage orgasm around his powerful cock countless
number of times. My entire body was shaky and sweaty by the time Mama-ji gave me
the hardest thrust of all. He burst out with a wild cry as reached his peak! I
could sense Mama-ji?s semen shooting deep into my pussy with an unmatched force!


It was as if endless and eternal. I was thrusting my heavy buttocks rhythmically to

enjoy to the fullest! It was indeed a great fuck and towards the end I nearly sat
upright trying with all my will to swallow Mama-ji?s entire cock inside my choot
and to hold it there! At last feeling completely satisfied we both were slowly
down. Our energy level was also exhausted! I could feel Mama-ji?s hot semen mixed
with my juices oozing out from my vagina onto his satisfied penis. Mama-ji now
slowly pulled his cock completely after giving her a gentle nudge forward. Mama-ji
seemed to be utterly exhausted, which was but natural, and tiredly collapsed
hugging me tightly. I was also completely worn out and in turn lovingly embraced

I did not know how long we rested like that hugging each other in a complete naked
state and at last Mama-ji got back to senses first! He brushed my hair gently from
my face peeling the strands still glued onto my skin by sweat. I was feeling
extremely weak and was unwilling to open my eyes even. I had a feeling of utter
weakness and being completely used!
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Chapter 48

by samitbhai
Mama-ji (in a whispering tone): Anita? Anita!

Me: Ohh? yes? let me relax for a while? please Mama-ji? am feeling terribly tired!

Mama-ji: Hmm? okay, I can understand that?

I could sense Mama-ji getting out of the bed though I did not feel like opening my
eyes. I knew I was not wearing anything, but could not find strength to cover me
up! I realized Mama-ji speeding up the fan and I indeed felt very comfortable. The
increased moving air felt awesome over my curvy naked figure. I continued to rest
in that static state for some more time till Mama-ji came back again and wobbled me

Mama-ji: Anita! Anita! Arre? we are already late my dear! We have to reach ashram
by 7 p.m. Have you forgotten that? Anita? you must get back to Guru-ji on time!

A ray of lightning as if passed through my body as I heard the words ?ashram? and ?
Guru-ji?. How could I completely forget all about ?ashram? and lay here like this
recapitulating on how I enjoyed being fucked by my own relative!

Me: O My God!

Now I had to open my eyes and though I was feeling exceptionally tired I realized
that I must get going. I did not have the guts to violate Guru-ji?s orders and he
had specifically mentioned to come back by evening time. I noticed that Mama-ji was
tucking his shirt inside his trousers and almost ready to proceed. I closed my eyes
momentarily, took a deep breath, and gathered all my energy to ascend and get

Me: How could I miss that! How could I?.Ish! Are we too late?

Strength seemed to have sprung back again in my body and I swiftly got off the bed
with one hand covering my naked hairy choot and I angled my other arm across my
swaying breasts to save some dignity. Obviously I was portraying a horribly
indecent look, but had no options also. Mama-ji naturally was ogling at me.

Mama-ji: Umm? not really late, but (looking at his watch) ? but we do not have the
luxury to waste a minute also Anita!

I picked up my blouse and petticoat from the bedside and Mama-ji was kind enough to
forward me my undies with a smiling face. The old crook!

He was constantly eyeing my nangi jawani - which was but natural ? how often would
he get a chance to see a matured woman completely exposed in front of his eyes ?
hardly! As our eyes met I had to drop my eyelids in natural shyness and hurried
towards the toilet covering my frontals with my sari and petticoat.

I cleaned myself and get dressed in record time and Mama-ji vividly appreciated
that. I was feeling a bit tense as to whether we could reach ashram in the
stipulated time.

Mama-ji: Don?t worry sweetheart? I will fly you to the ashram! Have faith on my
driving skills. You proceed to the car and I will catch you after locking the
Me: Am depending on you Mama-ji?

Though Mama-ji had to start off slowly due to the hustle and bustle of the town,
but he accelerated significantly as we proceeded towards the countryside. I
appreciated his driving skills in my mind as even at this advanced age he had
rather steady hands on the wheel. Hence, in no time, we covered remarkable

The driving stretch was more or less smooth for me except that Mama-ji tried to
take ?advantage? while driving through the lonely stretches. Though I was sitting
glued to the window on the front seat, Mama-ji forced me to some closeness and
since I was not in a position to protest also after sharing his bed and I had to
allow ?that much?. Honestly I was pretty reluctant ? firstly because of my extreme
tiredness and secondly I could realize that it was not very east for me to accept
him physically as afterall he was my ?Mama-ji?!

I tried my best to restrain him by referring to his driving, the incoming traffic
from the opposite direction, and even about the speed at which the car was
traveling, but he was just behaving like a pervert trying to push his left hand
(his right hand was on the steering wheel) inside my sari at locations obviously
sensitive and uncomfortable for me. I soon sensed that in trying to keep distance
from Mama-ji and in an attempt to justify my tiredness to him, I was in fact making
a compromise on the speed, as he naturally was slowing down as he had to converse
with me. This in turn made me more anxious and tensed about getting late to the
ashram. Hence I halfheartedly shifted towards him and Mama-ji readily kept his left
hand on my well-formed thighs over my sari and started feeling its smoothness with
his fingers. He brushed his hand up and down my thighs with an occasional squeeze
here and there, which made me to gasp a few times. I tried to divert him with talks
related to other topics, but was of no avail. And, very soon Mama-ji began pulling
up my sari over my legs so that he could expose my legs and caress them. I was
feeling so weak, both mentally and physically, that I did not even have the
willingness to prevent him from doing that indecent act. Thus in no time Mama-ji
was able to bunch my sari and petticoat up above my knees and his hand was ready to
intrude further! I tried to make a feeble impediment by pushing off his hand from
my legs with my both hands, but Mama-ji, to my utter shock, simply used his right
hand to regain position! I virtually screamed out as he removed his right hand off
the steering wheel and was rather frightened at his loose behavior, but he
evidently seemed rather confident about controlling the car even without holding
the steering wheel! Though he was smiling with great poise, I was not at all amused
and decided not to hinder him such that he commits something silly.
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Chapter 49

by samitbhai
As he accelerated the car, his left hand was pulling up my sari crossing all limits
of decency and at one point I had to even push up my buttocks to aid in his
perverted approach! I was breathing deeply as I continued to count minutes to reach
the ashram! I could not at least blame Mama-ji regarding speed because he was
driving real fast. And so was his left hand working on my body! As a truck passed
us from the opposite direction, in its bright yellow headlight, I was shocked to
find my legs almost completely exposed and Mama-ji had tugged my sari so high up my
legs it resembled as if I was clad in a Micromini! I honestly wished things to have
stopped there, but Mama-ji was getting wilder as he touched more and more of my
naked warm skin! During this phase I did extract a couple of info from Mama-ji
which were intriguing me till then. Mama-ji admitted that the blood that I saw
coming out of his nose was created through a tiny pouch of red colored liquid,
which he was secretly holding without my notice. And, Dr. Desai had sent Mama-ji to
the medicine shop to bring a gel to be applied in my vagina while I was senseless
and I was alone with the doctor for some 10-15 minutes. Hence I got the
confirmation that the doctor must have used that opportunity to fuck me (indeed the
actual fact was something else, which remained unknown to me).

I continued to sit close to Mama-ji in the front seat with my sari tugged high up
exposing my butter-colored fleshy thighs as the car traversed the countryside in
galloping speed. At one sharp turn, Mama-ji moved his left hand off my legs and
placed it round my neck over my shoulder. I breathed a bit easy not to feel his
palm grazing on my naked legs, but before I could even think of pulling down my
sari, he pulled me more towards his body and I almost fell on his torso. Though his
right hand was rock steady on the steering wheel, his left hand encircling my neck
hung very awkwardly over my upturned boobs, just an inch or two away! I was
naturally feeling very odd sitting like that with passing vehicles from the
opposite direction illuminating our closeness. I time and again looked down his
hand dangling inches away from my erect mammaries and I could clearly make out that
Mama-ji was deliberately brushing his hand on the tip of my breasts. Naturally I
was staring to feel somewhat excited and just then at a left turn on the road as
Mama-ji steered to the left, he leaned on me, and I could clearly feel his fingers
grasping my entire left breast and his palm resting on the firm flesh over my sari
and blouse. Naturally I sighed out a bit loudly and immediately tried to remove his
hand off my breast. Apart from the excitement part, I felt very embarrassed also as
till such time while he was groping my legs, it was not visible to the vehicles
coming from the opposite direction, but now with his left hand encircling my neck
and pawing my breast, was very much evident to anyone coming from the opposite

I tried to explain it to Mama-ji, but he was riding very high and just laughed away
my concern! I was virtually pasted to his body the way he had embraced me and now
was openly squeezing my left breast over my sari. I soon realized that he was doing
that very purposefully each time he saw an approaching vehicle which actually made
me feel particularly humiliated. A couple of cars and a lorry passed us and I was
sure the drivers of those vehicles must have noticed what was going on in this car!
I looked around outside; fortunately the county road was desolate and there was no
one who would spot us. To my utter shock, the next moment I found myself sitting
beside him palluless as he had slipped down my pallu off my shoulder to my lap and
now had begun fondling my tits just over my blouse and bra. His hand was now very
much prominent over my breasts and the tight feeling of my conical hillocks must
have boosted him further! Before I could make a move or plea Mama-ji, the old fox
slipped his left hand straight inside my blouse and started moving his fingers on
my dense boob flesh! I shrieked out at his behavior and was shocked to see the
force he was exerting to keep things (=me) under control. The way he started moving
and wobbling his fingers inside my blouse made me seriously concerned about my
blouse and bra hooks. He almost cried out in joy as he got hold of my left nipple
fully in between his two fingers! Concurrently I also moaned out very sexily as I
felt his touches on my growing nipple! Mama-ji tried to tweak my hardening nipple,
but failed to do so properly due to scarcity of space inside my bra! He was sending
out loud shouts of joy as he drove and groped me simultaneously.

My fatigue was quickly being overridden by my molested condition. His fingers were
copiously groping my tight boob flesh and the very next moment I realized he was
trying his best to grab my whole left breast in his palm; in fact he was actually
trying to pull it out of my blouse! My God! What was he up to? He would drive and I
would sit beside him with my breast popping out of my dress! Had he gone crazy or
what? I was dead alert and protested very strongly revealing my strong irritation
towards his moves. Mama-ji seemed to be nonchalant by my defense, but just then a
speedy truck swerved passed our ambassador; it was indeed a very close call as
Mama-ji was momentarily distracted by my objection. Thankfully it made Mama-ji
realize his responsibility with the steering wheel and he apologized and agreed to
concentrate on driving during the remaining stretch to the ashram.
Unfortunately although Mama-ji did not misbehave with me any further, but he
continued to drive the car with the very thought of groping me one last time before
I part from him and went back to the ashram. As he drove past the dark backwoods
and occasionally looked sideways at me, he indeed was cherishing that desire while
I had little clue about that. I was looking past the window to the dark landscape
outside and was trying to regain my energy level to attend the Maha-yagya while my
hair was flying in all sides in the stiff wind coming through the windowpane. My
face lit up with joy as I could trace the ashram at a distance in the dark, but my
delight was pretty short-lived as I found Mama-ji slowing the car. Before I could
inquire, Mama-ji promptly descended the car off the road and encroached some meters
inside a bushy hedge and parked the car there switching off the headlights. There
was no need for any explanation to Mama-ji?s act. It was an isolated dark corner in
the bush and since off the road was indistinguishable to passersby if any. Mama-ji
shut off the car engine and quickly shifted towards me on the front seat. Not a
word was spoken, yet I knew what was in store! I did not try to protest or fight
and create a scene nor had I that physical strength to do so.

Mama-ji quickly came very close to me and pulled up his left leg on the front seat
and tried to hug me. Though I knew his primary intention was not to hug me but to
touch my private parts, I cooperated with his move. Honestly I did not want to
prolong things as my focus was obviously to get back to ashram in time. For the
first time I was very mechanical. I shifted my body more towards him thrusting my
big breasts and evidently the old pervert was overjoyed and readily started cupping
and caressing my tits over my dress. His lips automatically closed on my face and
he started kissing my smooth cheeks.
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Chapter 50

by samitbhai
I raised my hands towards his neck and embraced him making it all the more easier
for him to access my bust flesh unhindered. Mama-ji whiffed off my sari pallu and
was trying to cup my big firm mammaries with both palms. Though I was utterly
tired, the feel of male hands on my breasts made my senses to stand up and I could
feel goosebump all over my body and a racing heart. Mama-ji obviously enjoyed
thoroughly squeezing and cupping my tight boob flesh ? in fact any male would ? to
grope a 28-year-old matured woman like this ? unimpeded! Mama-ji was feverishly
brushing and pressing his wet lips all over my face. Though I was in no mood, but
due this heavy doze of groping, I was undoubtedly getting keyed up! Mama-ji
obviously was eyeing my lips and finally when he was able to place his lips on
mine, I started to go weak. I was already mentally and physically drained out and
naturally as Mama-ji started sucking my lips, I was drastically getting lost in his
arms. I slipped on the seat and my head rested on the windowpane as he pressed and
sucked my soft lips. I realized Mama-ji was taking control very fast and quite
emphatically as he pushed his right hand well inside my blouse and cupped my naked
breast! I could feel my nipple growing inside his palm as he continued to kiss me
hard. Seeing my defenseless state, Mama-ji was gaining in confidence and took both
his hands off my bust and quickly started tugging my sari up my fair legs. My eyes
were closed and I was feeling utterly weak, but as I sensed my legs getting briskly
exposed, I had to do something!

Mama-ji was a strong man even at this age and it was very difficult for me to take
control at this stage when he was all set to disrobe me! I jerked my head and took
off my lips off him, but Mama-ji was a tough nut and he immediately pulled me more
towards him and slipped his right hand down my waist towards my legs. The very next
moment I could sense his palm directly on my warm naked thighs as my sari was
already hiked up till that part and before I could even react properly, he started
pushing his hand up through my sari! I could feel his warm fingers against my bare
skin inside my sari and he just didn?t stop till he reached my buttocks! I was
getting exposed by the minute! I could realize that I must do something now, but
was unable to do so! Mama-ji was confidently feeling my naked ass cheek with his
hand under my sari as well as my scant little panty! He in fact was pushing the
edge of my panty with his fingers further towards my ass crack and was exposing
more and more of my heavy ass flesh for his pleasure. I could not just shut off my
eyes and allow things to carry on like that!

I was myself getting turbulent with each lewd move of my elderly relative. Finally,
gathering all my might and willpower, I started to avert and obstruct him. It was
not an easy task at all and I realized that I could not win with physical power
over my elderly relative. He was in a very advantageous position almost riding my
body. Mama-ji was able to bunch up my sari and petticoat till my waist exposing my
sexy well formed legs to their entirety; moreover I could feel the cold sensation
of the leather seat of the car on my buttocks over my panty as he was also
successful in pushing my sari up completely from below my hips! My tits were also
awfully exposed over my blouse and while Mama-ji caressed my left boob, he slid off
my left bra strap from my shoulder inside my blouse and hence my bra cup was
miserably loose on that breast enabling him to abundantly enjoy that special loose
feel of my tit though I was wearing the bra. The darkness was the only shield for

There was only one way to save myself; I had to apply the old trick. I had to be
shameless to the limit to do so, but that was the only line of attack left for me.
As I was almost leaning on the windowpane with Mama-ji?s body-weight on me, his one
hand on my breasts and the other hand below my gaand, I started to struggle and
fight back. I had to do something to distract him and loosen his body weight on me
and I decided to kiss him. I started kissing him on his cheeks and the sides of his
lips and naturally Mama-ji was thrilled to the hilt. As he loosened his grip on me
slightly, I quickly got into a better posture and reached for his trouser zip! I
could feel his rod standing like a pole inside his brief and without wasting a
second I started pulling down the zip. Mama-ji growled in ecstasy and moaned loudly
as I used my nimble fingers to quickly pull out his lund from the slit of his
chaddi through his open trouser zip. Mama-ji roared and trembled as I held his
naked lund in my palm and welcomed my move by squeezing out my whole left breast
off my blouse! It seemed his mission was successful! He was trying this for a long
time and lastly he just oozed out my whole left breast from my blouse by opening
the top two hooks of it. Naturally I was breathing extremely heavily and was hardly
able to keep my control. Mama-ji?s crude method of exposing me was making me
thoroughly embarrassed and my blood was gushing through my vessels making me
tremble in sheer elation. I clenched my teeth and tried my best to keep my calm.
Mama-ji was roaring like a tiger as I caressed his warm naked lund. It was gaining
to its full size and I started to fondle it very craftily. I pressed on the entire
length of his erect penis and poked on its head with my thumb. Additionally I
angled my leg and pulled it up on the car seat thereby enabling Mama-ji to touch my
panty front directly. I knew this way the old rascal would be in seventh heaven as
he was already much excited groping me so sexily at his free will. I stroked his
lund very honestly and allowed Mama-ji to caress my naked jiggling breast and choot
over my panty very generously and continued it for so long that it became virtually
impossible for Mama-ji to hold back his juices. The result was sweet as honey as I
soon found Mama-ji yelling in jubilation and exhilaration as his whole body shook
and he tried to hug me while warm white fluid gushed out of his cock and covered my

Thankfully not much time was wasted after that though I had to allow Mama-ji some
rest before he could drive again. Mama-ji was quite happy to ejaculate in my hands
as he was panting significantly and must have been feeling the physical toll. We
both got out of the car and cleaned ourselves before we moved on again. It was just
a 2-3 minutes drive from that place to the ashram and I was so happy to be at the
ashram again, at last!
Nirmal: Oh! You are back Madam! Guru-ji was searching for you!

Me: Guru-ji! But he knows I was away?.Am I? am I late?

Nirmal: No, no Madam? you are not late?. actually Guru-ji needs to leave for an
urgent call at his native place, so? so he would talk to you about the yagya I
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Chapter 51

by samitbhai
I could easily guess that as he conversed with me his eyes were roving on my body.
Though I had wrapped my sari properly on my body, my breathing was still not
absolutely normal and my heavy bosom was going up and down under my sari at a
faster pace, which that dwarf had probably spotted.

Me (shuffling a bit nervously): Oh! I see?

Nirmal: Please take your sit and I will bring some tea for you.

He said the last words to Mama-ji who indeed would need a cup of tea to refresh
himself after the quick ejaculation he had in the car.

Mama-ji: Oh! Thanks? He he? (Mama-ji sat on the couch)

I bid ?good bye? to Mama-ji and quickly went inside almost simultaneously with
Nirmal. I walked at a brisk pace so as to check myself once in the mirror before
visiting Guru-ji?s room.

Nirmal: Don?t haste Madam? Guru-ji is scheduled to leave at 9 p.m.

In my haste I walked past Nimral.

Me: Oh? 9 p.m?. Then?if you can please inform him that?

I had to look back to talk to him now, as he was behind me and as I looked back, I
caught him red-handed staring at my heavy jiggling ass. The dwarf must have been
enjoying the ?advantage? of his shortened height ? the level from which he was
gaping at my sexily swaying ass flesh. And, obviously due to my heavily elated
condition in the car with Mama-ji, only a few minutes ago, my body was still ?
heated? and my fleshy bottoms were naturally swinging more than normal under my
dress. Though I was conscious now, but it was of no avail as I could not quite
control my ass cheeks from moving sexily under my sari as I walked. The corridor
was fairly long and as we walked I continued to present an alluring and captivating
view of my haunches moving up and down inside my sari to this dwarfish man till I
reached my room!

Nirmal: You rest in your room Madam? I will inform Guru-ji that you are back.

Me: Thanks.

I took the turn towards my room and breathed easier. I entered my room and closed
the door behind me and leant on it ? I closed my eyes and took some long deep
breaths. I was feeling very tired and desperately wanted some sleep. I tried to
wipe off the encounters with Dr. Desai and Mama-ji from my mind and tried to orient
myself with ?ashram? again. It was obviously not easy, but I had to do it because
my primary goal was to achieve success through Maha-yagya. I took a bath but still
was not able to revitalize myself fully. I realized that I was hungry and needed
some sleep also.

Just then Nimral knocked on the door and provided me with my evening tea and
snacks. His timing was incredible! He also informed me to meet Guru-ji at 8 p.m. I
was so hungry that I readily gulped down the food and then leisurely sat on the cot
with the tea as I still had some time in my hand. I tried to walk on Guru-ji?s
steps (he preached to always ponder on good things that had happened during low
periods) and started brooding over the better things that had happened with me in
the ashram. I remembered the encouraging words of Guru-ji during my conversations
with him especially the boost that he gave me after completing the major steps
during the Maha-yagya namely Yoni Sugam and Yoni Jan Darshan and really looked
forward to achieve my goal. I was pretty much convinced on Guru-ji?s abilities and
the Maha-yagya and relied on Linga Maharaj to actually deliver goods for me.

It was nearing 8 and I had to get up from bed though I felt like lying down as I
feeling much fatigued. I combed and tied my hair somewhat unwillingly and dressed
myself properly to meet Guru-ji; already I was having palpitations though
apparently there was no reason for it!

As I entered Guru-ji?s room with nervous steps I found two other females in the
room along with Guru-ji. I had not seen them before and they were not in the ashram
attire also; so I concluded they might be visitors. Both were sitting in front of
Guru-ji while I entered the room with their backs to me.

Guru-ji: Ah! Nice to see you again Anita! So how was your day Beti?

Me (giggling): Nice Guru-ji! Very re? refreshing!

I went a few steps ahead and stood in front of Guru-ji. I looked from the corner of
my eyes and noted that the two females were pretty young, dressed in salwar kamiz
and they were rather teenagers!

Guru-ji: Good. Good. So a welcome break? (Guru-ji smiled looking at my eyes) But?
but you look quite tired Anita! Why?

My heart started pounding as Guru-ji looked at my eyes intently; I dropped my

eyelids nervously and shuffled a bit.

Me: No err? I mean yes Guru-ji? a bit? umm?actually tired of traveling! (my voice
almost trembled to hide the actual truth!)

Guru-ji: Ah! True! You traveled a fair distance in this heat.

Me: Ye? yes Guru-ji, but that?s okay, I surely can overcome that much tiredness!

Guru-ji: That?s good! Hmm? actually the reason for which I called you here was? Oh!
I completely forgot? By the way, let me introduce you to Natasha and Suda? they are
sisters? and they have come to the ashram like you, but with a different goal of

Me: O! I see. (I nodded and smiled at the two girls as they looked back at me)
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Chapter 52

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Actually what I have planned is I will conclude the remainder of the Maha-
yagya for you tomorrow, and not tonight, the reason being I will have to be out for
an urgent unavoidable cause.
I was naturally slightly apprehensive about the effectiveness of the Maha-yagya if
there was a one-day gap. Guru-ji as if read my mind instantly!

Guru-ji: I know Anita what you are thinking? (he smiled) There will be absolutely
no harm if we do this to the efficacy of the Maha-yagya. I guarantee you my child.

Me (I was naturally much relieved hearing that): Oh! Then it?s? its okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: This delay would in no way impair the goods deliverable to you. So are you
comfortable now?

Me: Yes, yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: And Anita, the other fact also remains that since you were out of the
ashram for a significant period of time without the company of any of my disciples
or me, you need to pass through the ?Nirmalta Parikshan?, which in fact stands true
for Natasha and Sudha also before they proceed for ?kumari diksha?. So? (he paused
briefly) I plan for the purification tomorrow daytime? including you two (looking
at the two girls) and at night will conclude the Maha-yagya for you (looking at
me). (pausing just a little taking a glance at all three of us) Am I clear?

Me: Yes Guru-ji.

Natasha & Sudha: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good! Another thing Anita, I know it might sound just a bit odd to you,
but ashram rules have to be maintained.

I looked up with a ??? on my face!

Guru-ji: As part of the ?nirmalta parikshan?, since you are married, you need to
undergo a vaginal swab just to confirm that you have not indulged in any sort of?
(he looked at the teenage girls and then looked at me again) you know what I

I could realize that Guru-ji wanted avoid using the term ?sex? or ?intercourse? in
the presence of those young girls. Thus I quickly nodded back.

Me: Yes Guru-ji. I got your point!

Guru-ji: Fine? I know it is a useless exercise for you as you went outside with
your own relative, but? you know Beti?. it?s a customary measure before proceeding
further with Nirmalta Parikshan or Maha-yagya. I mean? please pardon me Beti for

Me: (Naturally I felt pretty much embarrassed Guru-ji pardoning to me): Arre Guru-
ji why are you saying sorry? please don?t! Rules and rituals have to be followed as
you said in the very beginning.

Guru-ji (smiling and nodding): Right Beti! Actually there had been cases prior with
a couple of housewives?

Guru-ji probably did not elaborate due to the presence of young Natasha and Sudha,
the two new entrants.

Me: Hits err? I mean its okay Guru-ji. No issues.

I tried my best to sound confident, but till such time I heard about that vaginal
swab my heart rate had accelerated significantly! I could sense beads of
perspiration on my forehead already and my palms and soles were ice cold! I licked
my already dry lips subtly with my tongue and tried to remain calm in front of

Guru-ji: Great! That?s all I had to say today. Anita, you can get back and rest in
your room. Meenakshi will visit you and extract the swab shortly. Take rest and
have a nice and sound sleep Beti. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: Ji Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Natasha, Sudha?. You also get back to you room. My disciple will go and
instruct you on other aspects of the ashram. But before you leave, you need to
remember a few more ?

I came out of Guru-ji?s room with my heart pounding at a fantastic rate! Naturally
I was totally blank and numb and was extremely nervous. If a vaginal swab is taken
off me it would be conclusively proved that I had sex during the time I was out of
the ashram. What a shameful situation it would be for me! As I shut the door of my
room behind me, I felt like crying being unable to find a quick escape route to
this. How could I face Guru-ji after this? What impression he would have on me? He
would easily be able to conclude that I had sex with my elderly relative! What a

As I sat on the bed my whole body was trembling and naturally I was totally blank
in sheer nervousness. He already mentioned that he had bitter experiences prior
with two women. They must have had sexual intercourse like me outside the ashram
during their treatments! What would I do? O God! Show me a way! How could I cope
with Guru-ji?s wrath? I felt like walking down a blind alley and was totally
unaware about how much time passed away during which I continued to ram my brains
for a way out.

Knock! Knock!

Someone was at the door!

Me: Must be Meenakshi! Hei bhagwan! Trace out a way for me! What should I do?

As I walked towards the door suddenly an idea struck me ? what if I request

Meenakshi to help me out in this situation? But? but why would she help me out of
the blue and go against the ashram rules?

Me: I must convince her. I must convince her. I must? There is just no other way! I
simply do not have the courage to face Guru-ji with a positive swab result.

Meenakshi: Good evening Madam! How was your outing?

I just smiled forcefully and allowed her to walk in. Meenakshi went past me inside
the room with her heavy undulating ass. Even in this situation I could not take my
eye off her swaying plump round ass ? her sari was tightly wrapped over her
buttocks and her buttocks looked very appealing ? even to me! Meenakshi sat on the
bed; she was carrying a small packet in her hand, which I presumed must have had
the apparatus for the swab.
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Chapter 53

by samitbhai
Meenakshi: What?s the matter Madam? You look quite pale! Madam? I hope everything
is okay at your place?
I looked towards the floor and was trembling in anxiousness.

Meenakshi: Madam? what happened? Arre? you seem to be so anxious! Please tell me
Madam if I may be of any help?

Me: Meenakshi? you can help me? only you? only you can help me!

I cried out softly in a shaky voice.

Meenakshi (evidently looked quite surprised and stood up): Madam, I am not getting
anything? Seriously?.

I was so nervous to reveal my secret that I started sobbing. She quickly held my
arms and lifted my face.

Meenakshi: Madam? you are a guest at our ashram and we cannot see tears in our
guest?s eyes! Please tell me Madam what has happened? Why are you crying?

Me: Meenakshi? I have? I?ve done a crime? I know? I should not have done that? I
never thought I would be tested?.

Meenakshi: Madam, I am absolutely puzzled? what crime? What test are you talking

She closed on me and held me by my elbows firmly. Her big-sized breasts brushed
against my tight tits.

Me: I was a victim of the situation Meenakshi? believe me!

Meenakshi: Madam? Madam? listen! Calm down first and tell me clearly. It?s all
riddles to me? sit down here.

She made me sit on the cot and wiped my eyes dry and sat very close to me and
almost embraced me! I was moved by her attitude.

Meenakshi: Yes, now tell me Madam? why are you so concerned? What happened?

Me: Please help me Meenakshi? I cannot face Guru-ji? I am very much afraid? please?
(started sobbing again)

Meenakshi: Ohho Madam! No pleading and no crying? Please! (she again wiped my eyes)
Be normal and tell me what happened?. And for God?s sake don?t panic!

Me: (I controlled myself) Meenakshi, how could I tell you? its such a shameful

Meenakshi: If you don?t tell me, how could I help you?

Me: Umm? actually I did not know about the norm of the ashram that I am not allowed
to have err ? I mean se? I mean sex? err? I mean intercourse when I am outside the
ashram. (I started sobbing again)

Meenakshi: Oh! (She was visibly quite surprised) But Madam you went to your mama?s
house I guess? Was your? I mean your husband was present there?

I instantly as if got a clue! I was very much embarrassed in my mind about how to
share this fact to Meenakshi that I had sex with Mama-ji! But as she mentioned
about my husband, I grabbed the pointer.
Me: Yes? yes Meenakshi! Rajesh was there? my husband?. and? and you know he did not
let me go? without?. (I blushed artificially so as to look convincing)

Meenakshi: I see!

Me: Believe me Meenakshi? I told him that I still had not completed the Maha-yagya?
but he was too inclined to? I mean?

Meenakshi: Have sex?

I nodded. My head was down. I was wiping softly again. I tried to act my best so as
to get her sympathy.

Meenakshi: But then have you related that to Guru-ji?

Me: What are you saying! (I almost yelled out)

Meenakshi: Hmm? now I can understand? you will be caught red-handed once I take the
swab from your vagina! It?s a real grave situation Madam! Guru-ji will be extremely
offended if he finds you to have deviated from your path.

As I looked up at Meenakshi I found her in a deeply frowned state. The jolliness

had disappeared from her face.

Me: That?s why Meenakshi? that?s why? I want your help. Please save me from this

Meenakshi: But? but Madam how can I help you!

Me: Please do something? please don?t reveal this result to Guru-ji?. Please have
mercy on me.

Meenakshi (standing up right away) No way! I can?t do that! You have been
unfaithful and you must pay the price.

I was shocked at her reaction and this time I truly felt very nervous. I got
worried as my ultimate goal suddenly appeared hazy!

Me: Meenakshi? please? have some mercy on me! Please don?t leave me stranded like
this! Help me? I have suffered enough? please understand my pain? I want to be a
mother Meenakshi? I want to be a mother? for that?

Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I virtually broke down. Meenakshi looked back
at me and thought for a minute and then retreated.

Meenakshi: Madam, if I try to help you in this it would be risking my job here
under Guru-ji?

Me: Please Meenakshi? Guru-ji would dump me if he gets to know of this? can you not
help me complete the yagya and be a mother in the end! I will always remain obliged
to you? always!
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Chapter 54

by samitbhai
I did not know what softened Meenakshi, probably my pleading face, but she came
back and sat beside me again.

Meenakshi: But Madam this is an extremely risky job?

Me: Meenakshi? please dear! Do this for me!

She was thoughtful again and then looked at my eyes closely. I was a bit tentative
as to what she was trying to find out in my eyes!

Meenakshi: Madam, I can take the risk, but I must first?

Me (I just hugged her in joy): O Meenakshi, you are a darling! You saved my life!

Happiness was as if bursting out of me and my face glowed up in sheer joy.

Meenakshi: Madam wait? I need to find someone who has not had sex in last 24 hours.

Me: Why? You?

Meenakshi: Huh! If the solution was so easy you don?t have to cry and plead! What
should I say Madam? I am having tremendous stress outside my ashram life! Anyway,
leave that aside and let me think who could?. Okay! Right! Probably you are saved

Me: How? Tell me please.

Meenakshi: I will have to take the swab off any one of the two new entrants; they
are teenagers and you will be safe if I do so though it has to be done in total
secrecy. Any of the male disciples knowing the fact would conclusively mean
deathbed for me!

Me: I will help you? don?t worry? don?t worry!

Meenakshi: Okay then Madam?

Me: But you were saying about some stress? what is it? Tell me naa! If you are
helping me going out of your way risking your position in the ashram, I can not do
anything for you?

Meenakshi was looking at me again, deeply, into my eyes! Her eyes as if depicted
she needed some aid, but was unable to tell me. I was hyperactive.

Me: Don?t hesitate Meenakshi! I will do anything for you? you saved my life! I can?

Meenakshi: Madam? you have to be extremely courageous to help me!

Me: Have faith in me! I will be by you!

Meenakshi: Thanks Madam. Let us not waste time now and do your part first? you just
know this much that I am being screwed and blackmailed by a dirty ruffian. But I
feel with your wholehearted assistance I can? I can get rid of him.

Me: Surely you can Meenakshi? I promise? don?t worry!

Obviously I was in so high spirits to see a slit in the blind alley, I was
unknowingly throwing promises!

Meenakshi: Madam, now we need to act fast and without the suspicion of others. I
will go to those girls room? what are their names? Right? Natasha and Sudha? I will
send one to you saying that you feel you have seen her prior? you start chatting
with her and I will be back.
Me: Okay Meenakshi? Uh! I am again feeling nervous? my heart has started pounding
again? see!

Meenakshi placed her right palm on my upper chest area over my sari pallu. She
chuckled eyeing my tight heaving breasts.

Meenakshi: Madam, you just wash your face and look normal while I send Natasha, the
elder one, here. Let the door be open Madam.

Me: Okay?

I hurried to the attached toilet while Meenakshi went out. I quickly washed my face
and combed my hair so as to look normal. Within a couple of minutes, Natasha
knocked at my door.

Me: You are Natasha? Right?

The young girl smiled and nodded as she entered my room. I gently closed the door,
but did not bolt it as Meenakshi should be following soon. Though I had seen
Natasha prior I could not take a good look at her due to Guru-ji?s presence, but
this time I watched her closely.

Me: Please take your seat?

I looked closely at the teenage girl. Natasha was taller than average, fair, with a
slightly heavy built. Her face was sweet and she had blunt cut hairs till her
shoulder. She was wearing a fitting salwar-kamiz and her breasts appeared quite
full through it as her dupatta had slid upwards in the direction of her neck. As I
looked down her body my eyes got riveted on her ass!

Wow! I could not stop murmuring to myself!

Natasha?s ass globes were simply protruding out of her dress very provocatively.
This is a special feature that only some women possess and I instantly remembered
Deepsikha, a married lady, who was our neighbor, and she also possesses a similar
ass! In normal case, the waist curves smoothly into the ass globes, but in case of
Natasha (and Deepsikha too), the waist curved out sharply off the body plane and
the fleshy bottom stuck out in a rather eye-catching manner. It is of course not a
very common feature of a girl and thus Natasha deserved a stare! Moreover, she was
wearing spectacles which also matched her face prettily. All in all the first
impression of this young teenager in my mind was an attractive depiction.
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Chapter 55

by samitbhai
Natasha: You said you have seen me? Meenakshi aunty was saying?

Me: Oh! Yes, yes? seems I have seen you in some marriage ceremony! Actually I could
not talk to you in front of Guru-ji you know?

Natasha: Yes, yes?

Me: By the way, are you from UP?

Natasha: No Bha? err? aun? I mean?.

Me: You can call me Bhabie?

Natasha: (smiling, she had a nice smile too!) Okay Bhabie? No actually I am from
Delhi proper.

Me: Oh! Then I must have been mistaken. You resemble so much? I was really confused
when I saw you in Guru-ji?s room.

Natasha smiled shyly. I was quite impressed by this young beauty and wondered why
she had come here in the ashram!

Me: Anyway, this brings us an opportunity to chat at least? I have no one here to
chat except Meenakshi.

Natasha: Yes and to tell you the truth (she lowers her voice) I am quite scared
here? all males and more so in front of Guru-ji?s paramount personality!

Me: Yes, I was also very hesitant initially? all of Guru-ji?s disciples are males
except Meenakshi.

Natasha: I see.

Just then, there was a knock at the door and I knew it was Meenakshi.

Me: Come in please!

Meenakshi entered the room and closed the door softly, this time she bolted it.

Meenakshi: So did you find an old link between yourselves?

Me: No! I was mistaken, but she looks very much like one of my distant relatives.

Meenakshi: Okay? anyway the reason I had come for. Natasha, I would have to perform
a small preliminary ashram norm if you allow.

Natasha: Uff! Too much norms here aunty! Sanjeev-ji came and he took all our
garments already for sterilization.

Me: (I could not stop smiling): I had undergone that phase Natasha.

Natasha: Really Bhabie! It?s so embarrassing to hand over (she lowers her voice)
undi? err? bra and panty to an unknown male. Don?t you feel so?

Me: Umm? yes! But Guru-ji does not differentiate between male and female disciples?
you must know that.

Natasha: O! I see.

Me: But did Sanjeev not give you the ashram attire?

Natasha: Actually? err? my mom requested Guru-ji to avoid saris for us as we would
make a mess of it (she giggled), but since salwar-kamiz is not allowed as ashram
attire, Guru-ji said he would take care of that through the ashram tailor. So kind
of him? Sanjeev-ji said we will get our ashram clothes before we go to bed.

Me: (smiling) I see.

Meenakshi (taking out a tube and a scraper from the packet she was carrying):
Natasha, I need to take a mop from your? (she indicated with her eye) as they take
in a clinical lab for some testing as per ashram rules.

Natasha: From my pu? pussy? (she whispered the last word)

She was naturally a bit surprised.

Meenakshi: Not to worry! Just for routine lab test. Guru-ji?s approach is very
scientific my child.

Natasha (standing up) O! Okay, but err? how aunty?

Meenakshi: You just lower down your pajama a bit and I will take the swab.

Natasha: Okay aunty.

Natasha was rather comfortable as only we females were present in the room and she
lifted up her kamiz and started untying the pajama knot. I noticed that her abdomen
was absolutely flat and her waist enviously thin as she quickly lowered her pajama
halfway down her thighs revealing her red panty. Meenakshi went near her and
squatted in front of her to take the swab through the apparatus. Natasha was
obviously looking rather indecent standing like that with her panty fully exposed.
Meenakshi pulled down her panty a bit so as to uncover her pussy, which had thin
hairs clouding it. Natasha was visibly blushing in front of us. Meenakshi opened up
her pussy slit with her fingers and first pushed a gel inside to lubricate the
vaginal passage. Natasha naturally started emitting soft whispering moans as
Meenakshi was touching her most sensitive organ.

Meenakshi: Umm? nice little thing! But you should trim the hairs more often
Natasha? that would give it a more appealing look.

Meenakshi looked up and smiled at her and Natasha also reciprocated shyly and then
she slowly pushed the swab tool into her vagina. Meenakshi herself was also looking
very sexy in that posture; her big round sari-covered ass appeared awfully tempting
as she remained squatted.

Natasha: Shhhhhhh?.. Uuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiii? slowly aunty? Ahhh?

Obviously she was very, very uncomfortable as Meenakshi pushed the tube through her
gelled vagina. We married women get utterly tight and she was just a young

Meenakshi: Be steady my dear? You are shuffling too much? Ahhh? okay, it?s? its

Meenakshi stood up with the tube and carefully placed it in a closed beaker type

Meenakshi: Natasha? one thing. You don?t have to make a mention about this to any
of the other disciples? you know?. since this because this is purely a feminine
process and you would feel awkward also? so just keep it to yourself.
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Chapter 56

by samitbhai
Natasha: Obviously aunty! How could I relate this to a male? no way!

After some more casual chat Natasha went to her room as her sister Sudha was alone

Meenakshi: Madam, your work is done!

Me: Uhhh! Meenakshi? thanks a lot! I don?t have words to express my gratitude!
Meenakshi: Madam I will keep my finger crossed till Guru-ji clears you? I must be
very watchful!

Me: Right, right! But? but you were mentioning about some blackmail.

Meenakshi: Yes Madam. Now that the work is done, I can share with you. Actually a
few months ago this man, who is blackmailing me, came to Guru-ji for horoscope and
some other purposes. He was a frequent visitor and Guru-ji was fond of talking to
him. In the process he also chatted with me when he got the opportunity and? and in
fact I also liked him initially. He was a young man with a good physique and Madam
though I am Guru-ji?s devotee?. you know? at times?. with advancing age an affinity
automatically grows towards young males. I could not restrain myself?

Me: I can understand Meenakshi.

Meenakshi looked at the floor and nodded her head. I stepped forward and placed my
hand on her shoulder.

Me: Then?

Meenakshi: He invited me to meet outside the ashram. Honestly I was somewhat

frustrated with the strongly enforced ashram rules and? and I committed myself in
this not even knowing that this thug was?.

She clenched her lips and was vigorously nodding her head. There were hint of tears
in her eyes also.

Me: Meenakshi? I will be with you to get out of this? don?t worry! Please continue?

Meenakshi: Thanks Madam. I am already feeling better with your verbal support. (she
paused for a while) Huh! We started meeting outside may be once in a week without
the knowledge of anyone in the ashram and Madam, unsurprisingly I was getting
refreshed till the time I was with him?

Me: Hmm. what?s his name?

Meenakshi: Mahesh!

Me: Umm. Meenakshi & Mahesh?

Meenakshi: He is now just a dirty pervert to me Madam? just a dirty thug!

Me: Then what happened?

Meenakshi: Then with time he indulged me into ? (nodding vigorously) I never ever
could realize for a moment that he had such filthy plans! You know Madam I was so
pleased initially that he did not have those hungry looks at my body and he did not
show any great keenness also to touch me when he got the opportunities. That added
to my faith as well. We went to see a movie down the village and it was so much fun
after a long time for me! I really felt refreshed with him, but? but (Meenakshi
again started nodding her head vigorously)? it was all planned! Huh!

I softly held her hands and tried to give her some support.

Meenakshi: Then the plan hatched! One day he proposed me to visit the town for a
big fair there. It was a trap. I never realized.

Me: Trap? How?

Meenakshi: I took a day off from ashram and went with him. We were pretty tired
traversing the whole fair on foot and he proposed to take rest in a small roadside
dharamsala where we could have bath also to get fresh.

Meenakshi?s chin dropped and a tinge of redness covered her face as she was about
to touch the climax of her story.

Meenakshi: It was a single room and the setting was such Madam?

Me: Hmm? I can understand? but its natural also Meenakshi? you both liked each

Meenakshi: Yes at that point of time I was blind? Huh! The trap was set and?

For the first time I could see hint of tears in Meenakshi?s eyes. Naturally I was
anxious to know what exactly happened to her.

Meenakshi: Madam that bastard had set an automatic camera there and captured all my
intimate moments with him? plus myself in undressed or almost undressed conditions!

Me: What?

Meenakshi: Yes Madam, now he threatens to share that with Guru-ji and the villagers

Me: My God! What a dirty scoundrel! But? but you did not realize that?

Meenakshi: Madam? I was so engrossed? you can understand probably?

Me: Hmm? I can!

Meenakshi: I never could gauge his intentions?

Me: What does he want?

Meenakshi: Enjoyment? aur kya!

Me: Uff! These males?. and you cannot deny him due to ...
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Chapter 57

by samitbhai
Meenakshi: Exactly Madam? he is blackmailing and milking my body based on those
photographs and? and am quite helpless? (she dropped her chin and was looking at
the floor; she was indeed tearful)

Me: I would love to help you to get out of this situation? but how? How Meenakshi?

Meenakshi: Madam, when you said that you will extend your help to me I instantly
coined a plan to pin down that crook.

Me: How?

Meenakshi: Madam, let me plan it a bit more concretely as I must get out of his
dirty clutches. I will tell you everything, but not now. I am getting late to Guru-
ji, but be rest assured that blackmailer would not be able to harm you in any way.

Me: Okay, okay? then hurry to Guru-ji? that?s of utmost importance.

Meenakshi: Right Madam!

Saying that Meenakshi went out the room with the swab she had collected from
Natasha?s vagina. I rested for a while and had my dinner early and went to bed.
Indeed I was awfully tired and thinking of how to trap that blackmailer, I fell

Next day when I arose it was quite late and as I noticed the clock it was 09:00
a.m.! I quickly got out of the bed and went to the toilet. I was feeling
wonderfully fresh after the deep sleep I had and as I washed my face I felt
delightfully charged up and full of energy. I was already informed that I needed to
attend Guru-ji by 11 a.m. and I should not take a shower as I would have to take
that during the ?nirmalta parikshan?. I was naturally tremendously hungry and so
gulped down my breakfast pretty fast and went for a walk around the ashram so that
I was absolutely refreshed before I attended Guru-ji. Concurrently I was also
anxious to know if everything was okay from Meenakshi.

?Good morning Bhabie!?

I stopped and turned back. It was Natasha; her sister Sudha was also with her.

Me: Arre you! Good morning!?

It was good to see that they were also clad in ashram colors, though not a sari,
but a decent looking ghagra-choli. As I came closer to the two girls I thought
Natasha should have used a chunri/dupatta as the conical shape of her twin upright
breasts in her tight choli was quite eye-catching!

Natasha: Taking a morning walk Bhabie?

Me: Yes, sort of. So how was your first night at the ashram? Did you sleep well?
And? and what about you? (I indicated to Sudha)

Sudha: Yes Bhabie, had some good sleep.

Me: And how do you feel like? I mean here?

Sudha: Just great?. No gichgich? no chipchip of mom.

Both sisters were smiling and I could see the reflection of ?independence? on their
faces being outside the periphery of their mother?s guidance.

Me: Hmm? that?s good to know (smile). You look pretty similar? actually I didn?t
notice yesterday in the dark? I mean face-wise? what?s your age difference

Natasha: Am only two years elder than her. Am 19 now and Sudha is 17.

Though the gap was only two years, Natasha appeared much fuller physically and
looked pretty matured. Sudha still retained the teenage innocence in the true sense
of the term and her body was somewhat petite compared to her elder sister.

Me: I see!

Just then I saw Nirmal coming towards us hurriedly.

Me: The joker is coming... (I said in a whispering tone)

As both girls looked back they were naturally quite amused. Nirmal was a short man
and the way he was walking, trying to walk fast, made it quite a comical scene.

Nirmal: Madam? Guru-ji is (puff) ? is calling you now.

I noticed the nitwit eyeing the tight tits of the young girls, especially Natasha.

Me: But he said to meet him at ?

Nirmal (this time looking up at me): Yes Madam? that?s for the ?nirmalta
parikshan?? but now he wanted to talk to you on some other issue?

I was stiff and alert then and there! ?Other issue? ? what could it be? Was
Meenakshi ?caught? regarding my vaginal swab? My goodness! No, no, can?t be!

Me: O! Okay! Na? Natasha, you two carry on, I will?

Natasha: Sure Bhabie. No problems.

Nirmal: You two? you also get back to your room and stay ready? Guru-ji will call
you soon.

Natasha and Sudha nodded to Nirmal and we all started walking back towards the
ashram. I already was having palpitations inside and stepped into Guru-ji?s room
with an extremely anxious face and a pounding heart.

Guru-ji: Ah! Come Anita come.

I quickly adjusted my sari pallu once over my boobs and stepped towards Guru-ji who
was sitting on the small settee placed at the room corner.

Guru-ji: You look absolutely fresh my dear!

Guru-ji sounded very calm and seemed to be in a light mood today.

Me: Yes Guru-ji, had a very deep uninterrupted sleep (smile) Err? Nirmal was saying

Guru-ji: Yes, actually you know, I felt I should say ?sorry? to you!

Naturally I was quite surprised hearing that and frowned at him though unable to
utter anything! I was still apprehensive that if Guru-ji had caught the trick that
Meenakshi and I had planned.

Guru-ji: Beti, now that you have stayed in my ashram for a few days you know every
well that I have to stay within the rules of the ashram and I cannot violate that
on any condition? hence though I knew that your vaginal swab would not reveal
anything? I had to pursue with it. I checked the swab which Meenakshi collected
from you and it was negative for any sexual stains.

Me: Oh! (I was so relieved that I could not stop that ?sigh of relief? coming out
of my mouth!)

Guru-ji: Beti, though I was sure about your abstinence from sex I had to execute
that test? so actually I thought of saying?

Me: Guru-ji? please don?t say that?. Please! You are such a respected person? I
will feel very small if you apologize to me for such a silly reason. It?s
absolutely okay and I am? in fact glad that everything is okay.
Guru-ji: yes, yes? everything is okay and we will next proceed to Nirmalta
Parikshan. And I am confident that you will pass that with flying colors too as
well as the concluding part of the Maha-yagya tonight.

Me: Thanks Guru-ji.

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Chapter 58

by samitbhai
Guru-ji looked so calm! His gaze fixed on my face. He was wearing only a saffron
dhoti and uttariya (shawl like cloth covering the upper part of the body) and had
one of his legs folded on the settee. I could see his hairy legs peeping out of his
dhoti, which had indecently hiked up his muscular legs due to his posture. As I
looked up his partially uncovered legs, my heart beat stopped thinking of his
monstrous cock hidden under his dhoti!

Instantly I remembered the grand fuck that I had in his hands ? Ah! It was so
refreshing! How can I forget his tight embraces, his strong body odor, his big
masculine physique, and of course his monstrous cock and the superb ramming! I
enjoyed every bit of it! I was naturally flushed by my naughty thoughts.

Guru-ji: Umm? Anita?

I was almost startled as I was getting deeply immersed in the thoughts of those
moments I spent with Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: What happened Anita?

Guru-ji looked at me questioningly and I was visibly fumbling!

Me: Nope? err? no? nothing Guru-ji!

I tried to smile and act normally.

Guru-ji: Okay! Seemed you were immersed in some deep thoughts?

Me: No, no Guru-ji? its? its?

How could I tell him that I was engulfed in the thoughts of ?him? only! I almost
trembled in momentary excitement as I closed my eyes once thinking about the long
and shameless intercourse session that I had with him. I could feel the known
discomfort already inside my panty!

Guru-ji: Okay, okay! But Anita I wanted to ask you that whether you experienced any
side effect to the herbal medications that you consumed? Even anything minor?

Me: No, no Guru-ji. Its absolutely fine with me. I diuretic not experience any.

Guru-ji: That?s good to know and? and actually you should feel a change in your
energy level also. These herbs do significantly address that aspect also.

Me: Yes? surely Guru-ji. That change I can feel. I am much more energetic than I
was previously. (Otherwise how could I sustain three fucks in a day!, I said to

Guru-ji: Good, good. That?s only expected. And with the continued and appropriate
use of these herbal mixtures and oils you will surely flourish more as a woman
Beti. Your relation with your husband would thrive as well and you will have a
merry mind always, which in fact is a fundamental prerequisite of conceiving you

Me: I also expect that Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Don?t worry at all Anita? I have complete faith on my meds and Linga
Maharaj! And today with the conclusion of Maha-yagya you will just be on the right
track! Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: Ji Guru-ji! Jai Linga Maharaj!

We both offered a pranam towards the deity of Linga Maharaj in the room. Guru-ji
lowered his leg to the floor and got up from his seat.

Guru-ji: Can you please call Sudha and Natasha? I do not want to delay with the ?
Nirmalta Parkshan? process.

Honestly I was a bit curious about this process and could not stop inquiring Guru-

Me: Guru-ji? err? ye ?Nirmalta Parikshan?? I mean what?s the?.

Guru-ji easily read my mind and interrupted me.

Guru-ji: Beti? since there has been an interlude in the Maha-yagya and you had been
out of the ashram for a significant period of time? this process will again orient
you to the yagya process in addition to help purify your mental and physical state.
Now you can go and call those two girls.

The last few words were quite affirmative and self explanatory that Guru-ji was not
expecting any more questions. Guru-ji?s smiling face rapidly turned into his usual
stern emotionless face. I nodded and quickly turned back and went out for Sudha and

Myself, Sudha, and Natasha were in the Diksha Room. There were pictures of various
gods and goddesses all round the walls. There was a throne-like structure where
Linga Maharaj statue was garlanded with lots of flowers and leaves. Several thick
and fragrant agarbattis were burning in the room and the whole atmosphere was quite
smoky already! There was a furniture or something like that covered by a big dark
cloth. I could not make out what was that actually. Guru-ji was standing in front
of the throne with his eyes closed and hands in prayer form about his chest. As I
looked round I could not find any other disciple of Guru-ji!

?That?s surprising!?, I murmured within myself. None was there in the room ?
Sanjeev, Nirmal, Uday, Rajkamal, not even Meenakshi!

I stood behind Guru-ji and offered a prayer to Linga Maharaj and naturally Sudha
and Natasha followed suit. Guru-ji was in his usual ?diksha? attire ? an orange
dhoti and an orange uttariya. His hairy chest was clearly visible through his
uttariya and in fact one of his nipples was out of the cloth. As I offered the
prayer I could not stop eyeing that ? his Guru-ji?s nipple was very evident amidst
his very hairy chest! I was amazed to see his dark chocolate colored areola as it
was appearing so clear and prominent among his chest hairs as if someone drew it! I
already had a ?racing heart? and I could clearly feel a gentle stir within my
blouse with my own nipples subtly getting a tinge stiffer.

Guru-ji (completing the prayer): Ah! You are all here! Great! I would also not
waste any more time and go directly into the Nirmalta Parikshan.
Me: Okay Guru-ji. (Sudha & Natasha remained silent)

Guru-ji: Let me first elaborate about the reasoning for this process. Nirmalta as
you can easily understand denote purity and cleanliness. And, Parikshan refers to
examination. So all of you three will undergo some course of action which would
lead to this assessment and of course during this phenomenon your body and soul
would get pure. In fact Nirmalta Parikshan has several routes? I mean a number of
ways are there to purify body and soul? tantriks and sadhus use the way they have
learnt from their Gurus? I will use the one which I have inherited. Am I clear?
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Chapter 59

by samitbhai
Me, Natasha, & Sudha (all of us had our hands in prayer form before our breasts):
Yes Guru-ji (in chorus).

Guru-ji: Good. Let me explain what you need to do during this Parikshan. Anita,
since you are married you were asked to undergo the vaginal swab, which you have
already passed successfully, and now whatever I narrate relates to all three of
you. Okay?

For the second time, all three of us echoed a nod.

Guru-ji: When I say purification here it stands for body and soul purification.
They always go hand in hand? one is incomplete without the other. However, in our
ashram we have other means to purify soul while Nirmalta Parikshan is exclusively
used as a tool to purify bodily impurities. Are you getting me Sudha? You are the
youngest? (Guru-ji smiled looking at her)

As he said the words, he took a few steps forward and came near Sudha and put his
right hand over her shoulder. Sudha was visibly a bit hesitant and nervous too.

Sudha: Ye? yes Guru-ji. Err? I have no problems in understanding your narration.

Guru-ji: Good. So the first step would be then to wash your hands with Ganga jal
and then offer a prayer to Linga Maharaj with a free mind. This basically refers to
seeking permission from Linga Maharaj for this course of action. Nirmalta Parikshan
basically is three-fold, viz. the liquid cleaning, the fiery cleaning, and the
saliva cleaning. Anita, you are aware by now about the importance of saliva I

Me: Yes? yes Guru-ji.

How could I forget those episodes of being a ?medium? during the yagya at Mr.
Yadav?s place? My heart almost skipped a beat thinking of those intimate moments
during the course of that puja.

Guru-ji: You two may not be aware? but you will soon know!

Guru-ji smiled mysteriously looking at those young girls and they naturally looked
somewhat blank not able to recognize what Guru-ji exactly meant.

Guru-ji: During this whole cleaning sequence you will get to know how I remove your
bodily impurities when I get one. And? and you can attend this session with your
current clothing? no problems for that. And? oho! One thing!

Myself, Sudha, and Natasha ? all three looked questionably at Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: No, no? nothing of concern girls! I just? I just wanted to make sure that
since you will get adequately wet during this Parikshan, you should be wearing your
undergarments (Guru-ji paused and looked towards our crotch and it was so, so
awkward?)? both upper and lower? and if not, then go to your room and ?

I could not maintain eye contact with Guru-ji in usual shyness and looked towards
the floor and concurrently noticed that the two chicks were giggling bashfully.

Guru-ji: What happened? Why are you two smiling? (Guru-ji himself was smiling too)

Though Natasha and Sudha were chuckling, they obviously appeared edgy and could not
reply anything.

Guru-ji: (There was a quick change in Guru-ji?s voice, the warm polish was
disappearing) There is nothing to smile I guess! That?s part of our clothing only!
Isn?t it Anita?

I was not at all anticipating that Guru-ji would want a nod from me and hence was

Me: Haa..yes? err? I mean yes Guru-ji. Tuu? True.

Guru-ji: I am also wearing a brief under my dhoti and? and I am not shy to tell
that ? am I? I can also show that if required!

Both girls seemed a bit taken aback by Guru-ji?s last statement. Naturally! The
cute chuckles on their faces disappeared instantly and both looked towards the
floor in natural teen timidity.

Guru-ji: Why did you two feel shy? If I need to live in this society I have to
abide by the basic norms and one of them is clothing and? and if I am a girl and
over 12-13 years I should be wearing undergarments. Simple! And what are they? A
brassiere to cover my breasts and a panty to cover my honey pot.

Guru-ji paused and looked at Natasha and Sudha and unmistakably there was a reddish
tinge on the faces of both girls.

Guru-ji: Am I saying anything very weird or very innovative or a rare secret? Tell

Natasha and Sudha both nodded negatively looking towards the floor.

Guru-ji: Then? Look up! Straight into my eyes.

The two girls slowly raised their faces shedding their natural feminine shyness and
looked at Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: That?s better. Did you get my point?

Natasha: Yes Guru-ji. It was foolish on our part to smile like that.

Guru-ji (gently nodding his head): Quick learning is a key in life my child! You
two must grasp the ashram codes fast and when I say it? I mean it. Let me repeat -
there is no place for shyness here and what needs to be done? needs to be done.
Okay? Anita I think is now quite well versed with the ashram norms.

Me: Yes? sure Guru-ji!

Natasha & Sudha: O? okay Guru-ji.

I could clearly note a shade of nervousness creeping into the two girls now as they
both looked tensely towards Guru-ji. Guru-ji seemed to be enjoying that.
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Chapter 60

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Okay girls! There is Ganga jal in that pot. (he indicated through his
right hand towards a pot kept at the room corner) You go and clean your hands one
by one and get ready to offer the prayer to Linga Maharaj. Make sure to clean from
you elbow down to your fingers. Okay?

Since Guru-ji mentioned ?one by one?, myself being the eldest among the three, I
went first. The container was a wide pitcher full of water, but of extremely low
height, and so I had to lean significantly from my waist to fetch the water.
Unknowingly I was offering a wonderful view of my big round sari-covered ass to
Guru-ji. Sudha and Natasha must have been watching me too. The touch of cold water
on my arms felt well and I started wiping them. Since I had to clean till my elbows
as per Guru-ji?s instruction, it took painfully long and I had to remain in that
bent posture with my fleshy ass cheeks protruding out. At last it was complete and
Natasha followed.

Our gazes were fixed on her as she reached the pitcher and bent forward to reach
for the water. Her bottom was of course not as flaring and as fleshy like mine, but
she also presented with a sexy posture for anyone watching from her behind. Like
the normal tendency of a teenager girl, she had wrapped the sari rather tightly
over her body and her spherical bottom appeared quite prominent through her dress.
Till such time she completed to wash her hands I noted Guru-ji was incessantly
looking at the sexy gaand of that young girl.

Last was Sudha, but since she was not that plump and sexy like her elder sister,
Guru-ji probably seemed uninterested to continue watching her! He closed his eyes
and was murmuring some mantras and myself and Natasha waited till she finished. The
room was slowly getting filled with a perfumed smoke coming out of a set of
agarbattis burning in front of Guru-ji. Guru-ji was slowly raising his voice as he
murmured the Sanskrit mantras and slowly the ambiance of the room was altering!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Okay?. now all three of you step forward and stand
behind me with prayer posture like this. Repeat what I say. Okay?

We all chorused ?Ji Guru-ji?.

Guru-ji: Hey Linga Maharaj?.

The prayer was a rather long one and I was already feeling edgy in anticipation of
getting ?wet? in front of Guru-ji. How could he be so ?normal? with me ? he just
fucked me the other night during the Maha-yagya and today he behaved as if?
Honestly, I was captivated by Guru-ji?s composure and devotion towards his duty!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai Linga Maharaj! (bowing down) You are the greatest!
Now girls we will proceed with the actual Nirmalta parikshan.

I could see the same apprehension on the faces of Natasha and Sudha as I had during
my initial days in the ashram. That did not mean that I was not having a racing
heart! My lips were already drying up even having spent almost a week in the ashram
and being so intimate with Guru-ji! I had to attribute this jumpiness to Guru-ji?s
towering personality and nothing else.

Guru-ji (stepping forward toward the corner of the room): As you can see there are
two tubs placed at the corner of the room? there?
Guru-ji stood by the cloth covered thing and turned towards us and unveiled it
slowly. I never imagined in my wildest thoughts that it could be a large tub full
of water under that cloth! There were two very large jars made fully of glass and
filled with crystal clear water. All three of us were compelled to articulate
exclamatory sighs!

Guru-ji: These are the two special tubs for Nirmalta Parikshan? currently the
ashram possesses only two, but I plan to install a couple more soon as I am getting
plenty of female devotees who need to undergo Nirmalta Parikshan during their stay

I had never seen such a big cylindrical tub in my life and that too made fully of
transparent glass! The water inside the tub had a slight greenish tinge and it was
of course crystal clear.

Guru-ji (turning towards three of us): As you can see? these two tubs contain
special holy waters which would actually help you attain a cleanly bodily state.
You will immerse your body in this holy water and remain in that state for 100
seconds and then come out. Okay? But mind you, throughout the time you remain in
the tub you should keep your hands in prayer form with eyes closed and just chant ?
Jai Linga Maharaj??. No exceptions. Am I clear girls?

We nodded ? all three of us were still mesmerized by the awesome sight of those two
life-sized water-filled tubs having a faint green shade and in the smoky
environment of the room the sight was it was indeed extraordinary!

Guru-ji: One thing to note, you need not dip your head into the water ? you will
immerse till your shoulder in the tub. Okay? Any questions?

Myself, Natasha, and Sudha (in chorus): No Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good. Anita, I think you would not mind if they (indicating to the two
sisters) complete this tub dip first.

Me: No, no, not at all!

Guru-ji stepped back a few yards and I also followed suit.

Guru-ji: Okay, you two go ahead. Natasha first. Okay? but mind you, do not remove
your hands from this posture (Guru-ji showed the prayer form)? your hands must be
near your breasts? till the end of the 100 seconds which I will declare.

Sudha & Natasha: Okay Guru-ji.

Natasha: Guru-ji? I mean err? shall I go in with my glasses?

Guru-ji: Yes, yes, no issues with that as you will not dip your head in water naa.

Natasha nodded and started climbing up the stool kept aside to get inside the tub.
From this altered position some yards back, I was having an extremely fabulous view
of the two tubs. Natasha evidently was appearing nervous which was more apparent
when she was trying to tuck the pallu of her sari at her waist; she was fumbling
time and again and in her attempts she made her pallu breadth thinner and thinner
revealing her blouse-covered firm right mammary from the side! Though she was a
teen, her breasts were pretty full and naturally eye-catching from the side!

I had to applaud Master-ji in my mind seeing the absolute tight fitting of the
blouse on her breasts! In fact the material of the blouse that Master-ji had given
for this young girl also seemed to be thinner than mine as I could clearly make out
the white cup of her brassiere inside! Sudha was also keenly observing her elder
sister. By this time Natasha had climbed to the top of the jar and was about to
plunge in it.

Guru-ji: Natasha? don?t worry, the water is not cold, its lukewarm so that its not
uncomfortable for you? Hands over your bosom? yes, right? now chant Linga Maharaj?s
name in your mind and close your eyes? you should not think of anything else? okay?
Now go ahead!
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Chapter 61

by samitbhai
Natasha nodded and followed as Guru-ji had instructed. I felt a bit relaxed seeing
the mouth of the tub significantly wide because being a heavy-hipped woman myself,
I was concerned if I could slip in comfortably or not. Also, knowing that the water
was lukewarm and noting that the level of the water inside the tub was at a decent
height it would cover till the belly or max to max till the breast area; hence I
started feeling slightly at ease.

Guru-ji started to chant mantras very loudly and with the smoky environment of the
room and the greenish water in bright illumination and Natasha standing up on the
stool with hands folded for prayer ? things were turning quite mystical! Myself and
Sudha waited anxiously for her ?dip?.

But just as Natasha dipped her feet into the waters of the tub, something very much
unexpected happened and I almost shouted out in exclamation, but somehow controlled

As soon as Natasha dipped her feet into the water she slid down inside the tub very
smoothly and since the tub was fully made of transparent glass we could all clearly
see that her sari and petticoat immediately got bunched and flowed up inside the
water exposing her legs and bottoms completely!

Yes completely!

Everyone present in the room could witness that Natasha was wearing a bright red
colored panty underneath her sari! This would not have happened if the tub was made
of porcelain or wood, but since it was see-through glass everything was visible to
us like daylight! Natasha was a grownup girl with a nice full figure and to view
her legs, thighs, and ass naked was indeed quite a scene! Though Natasha was
momentarily unbalanced and unstable inside the water, but as soon as her feet
landed on the tub floor she got steady. I looked at Guru-ji who was standing just
beside me and chanting mantras, but I noted that his eyes were open (generally they
remain closed when he chanted mantras) and his gaze was fixed on this young chick?s
sexy exposed figure.

As the 100 seconds started counting, the water inside the tub was exposing Natasha
more and more! For the moment I felt for Natasha as she was unable to push down her
sari to cover her exposed ass and panty as her hands were held in the prayer form,
but soon realized that she was probably not aware of her exposure as she might not
have concentrated on the glass part of the jar. Since I am standing outside I could
see what was happening!

Actually this was not a very queer or out of the world phenomenon for we women. I
had experienced this when I had taken bath in the seaside. The roaring and foaming
sea waters push up the sari to float on the water exposing my legs completely
inside the water. Unfortunately the worst thing happens when a woman tries to take
bath sitting on the beach and I had seen very vividly what happened to Sunita
Bhabie when she tried to do that. The main problem is when we women sit on the
sands for a bath wearing a sari or a skirt facing the sea, the first thing that
happens is the current of the water push up our bodies off the floor and as a
result our sari or skirt gets awkwardly pushed up exposing our legs.

The same thing happened here for Natasha also. Unfortunately she was quite helpless
in this case (in seaside a woman at least gets an opportunity to save some of her
dignity by pulling down her dress) as her hands were engaged for prayer. The only
male member present in the room, Guru-ji, was indeed enjoying Natasha?s sexily
exposed state! I looked at Sudha and she was also chuckling seeing her sister?s
panty exposure. Thankfully Natasha?s sari and petticoat soon settled down and
though they were flowing up and down inside the water, I felt relieved seeing at
least her gaand was remaining covered.

Thankfully very soon the 100 seconds limit was over.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Its over Natasha. You can come out of the tub now.

Natasha nodded and looked at Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Hold the rim of the tub with your hands and you will find a couple of
small steps on the wall? to your left?. yes? that way? right!

Natasha easily climbed up the tub and was out of it, but she was thoroughly soaked
from her bosom till her toes and she looked awesome! With the wet sari clinging
strictly to her body, her curves were awfully prominent! Her firm breasts stuck out
through her blouse while her round succulent ass obtruded sexily beyond her body
curve. She was naturally blushing in front of a male.

Guru-ji: Don?t try to squeeze out the water of your sari Beti? because we need that
also as a mode of purification.

Natasha was evidently surprised, so was I.

Guru-ji: Actually this green holy water is helping you to get purified? your outer
body? your skin is getting purified? and when this water mixes with your sari, it
creates another amalgam which will help purify your internal system.

Natasha looked somewhat confused and continued to stand in her wet outfit.
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Chapter 62

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Take off your sari and squeeze out the water off it in this bowl.

Natasha: Take off? err? I mean?

Guru-ji: If you do not take the sari off your body Natasha how can you get the
extract by squeezing the sari?

Natasha: Oh! Okay Guru-ji.

It?s always very clumsy for any girl to take off her sari in front of a male, but
there was no option for Natasha. She slowly took off the wet pallu from her
shoulder and dropped it to the floor and started untying the sari off her waist.


That?s the only form of expression that could aptly describe Natasha now! As soon
as Natasha slipped her sari off her shoulder, her big firm breasts were exposed to
us. I was totally shocked to see the material used by Master-ji for Natasha?s
blouse. Sheer would be a very mild term for the fabric of her blouse, it was almost
nonexistent! Except for a slight orange tinge, the ashram dress code color, the wet
blouse had become totally transparent and her white brassiere inside could be seen
very, very clearly! As Natasha continued to untie her sari off her navel and
attempting to withdraw it completely from sticking to her firm round wet bottoms,
she gave us all an awesome view of her young breasts covered by her white bra. I
noticed Guru-ji stepped forward a couple of steps, probably to get an even better
view, and his gaze was fixed of course on Natasha?s dense twin peaks.

Guru-ji: Yes? don?t allow the sari to fall on the floor Beti, hold it with one
hand? yes like that? right!

Natasha?s whole brassiere was now clearly visible and as she shuffled taking off
her sari, I could easily make out the cups, the straps, and even the hook behind!
Concurrently she was exposing her wheat colored deep cleavage over her tight wet
blouse. Beads of water still crowned the top of her boob flesh and water droplets
were crowning her naked navel and belly areas making her look immensely sexy.

Guru-ji: Now squeeze out the water from your sari in this bowl (Guru-ji handed over
a small sized glass bowl to Natasha).

Natasha followed the instruction and squashed out the water of her thoroughly wet
sari into the bowl. The bowl was almost full with greenish water. As she turned
slightly and bent to some degree to execute the job, I noticed her pantyline could
easily be traced out off her wet thin petticoat!

Guru-ji: Okay, now you drink this extract. This will help purify your inner system

Natasha hesitatingly gulped it down, but her face depicted that the taste was not
that bad!

Guru-ji: Great! No, you can wait for your turn for the next purification while your
sister will get inside the tub.

Natasha: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, I think you also take the dip with Sudha.

Me: Ji Guru-ji.

Myself and Sudha stepped towards the jar and I was naturally feeling very anxious
after seeing Natasha?s wild exposure inside the tub. I quickly tried to feel the
position of my panty under my sari with my hand; I in fact tried to measure how
much of my ass was exposed outside my panty inside my dress, but since Guru-ji was
looking at me quite directly I had to cease my act. My face turned red at the very
thought of my upskirt inside the water. I was blushing and looked down at the

Guru-ji: Do I have to repeat what I said to Natasha?

Myself and Sudha: No Guru-ji.

We stepped up to the top of the tubs, folded our arms for prayer, closed our eyes,
and as Guru-ji started chanting the mantras loudly, stepped inside the water.

My feet touched the bottom of the tub at one go and instantly I could feel warm
waters on my naked legs and thighs. I could not keep my eyes shut any more thinking
of my exposure and I opened them slightly and looked below but only to find my sari
and petticoat flowing on the water surface and I could not look through them. I
closed my eyes in shame and could well realize that my panty-covered heavy and
round gaand must have been visible to Guru-ji. I could sense unmistakably that my
blouse was also getting wet in the water and the feel of warm waters on my big
tight breasts.

Thankfully the 100 seconds limit ended soon and Guru-ji called us to come out. I
looked miserable in this utterly soaked condition. Expectedly my wet sari clung to
my body and I presented a very hot look considering I was standing in front of a
male. Guru-ji handed over the two bowls ? one to Sudha and one to me. My hands and
feet were getting cold as I was about to strip. The nervousness was more due to the
presence of Sudha and Natasha. They were teens and would not look obscene if they
strip, but myself being a married lady with my kind of voluptuous figure I was
naturally feeling edgy.

Guru-ji: Quick Anita! Open quickly! See Sudha has already started getting the water
in the bowl.

Me: Yes, yes Guru-ji.

I speeded up things and took off my wet sari off my body and stood in front of
Guru-ji clad in my wet blouse and petticoat. As I looked down I found my wet
petticoat adhering very awkwardly to my plump thighs; in fact exposing the V-shape
of my panty. I quickly withdrew the petticoat from there with my left hand and also
subtly wriggled my heavy ass to get off the wet fabric sexily sticking to it.

I was able to extract the water out of my wet sari quicker than Sudha; this was
natural because I was habituated with washing and cleaning clothes, which Sudha was
not. Then we both gulped down the extract.

Guru-ji: Great! Jai Linga Maharaj! Okay, now all three of you stand in a line and
before that?. just pick up your wet saris and keep them here (indicating to a

All three of us were clad in our blouse and petticoat only and surely myself and
Natasha looked extremely sexy in our wet ?curtailed? outfits. Sudha was the
youngest amongst us and she had a pretty average figure, but Natasha with her
exposed creamy cleavage and bra fully revealed through her wet blouse presented
with an extremely appealing look; and myself being a big breasted woman obviously
looked quite tempting with my full-sized breasts oozing over my wet blouse and my
huge gaand clearly traceable inside my wet clinging petticoat.
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Chapter 63

by samitbhai
We picked up our saris from the floor and kept them in the prescribed basket. In
the process all three of us presented Guru-ji with a super sexy view of our wet
fleshy cleavage while stooping down to pick our saris from the floor. We indeed
exhibited an awesome combination with me having the heaviest pair of boobies
popping out of my blouse, while Natasha having medium-sized but very attractive and
firm mammaries, and Sudha exhibited the smallest pair of wet blouse-covered eye-
catching tits.

Just at that moment Guru-ji suddenly clapped loudly. All three of us were a bit
surprised at this gesture of Guru-ji and looked questionably at him. Just then the
door of the room opened and Sanjeev and Uday stepped inside the room. Naturally all
three of us shuffled nervously due to our stripped and wet condition. All three of
us knew jolly well that we were looking rather sexy and appealing and now there
were two more males to lick our oozing sensuality!

Sanjeev and Uday offered pranam to Guru-ji and stood by the side. I could easily
read the ?wow? expression in their eyes as they looked at Natasha.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, Uday? I called you to help me in the fiery purification process?

Sanjeev, Uday: With pleasure Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: Then please lay the mattress here so that I can start the sterilization.

Sanjeev and Uday quickly laid a thick cotton mattress that was lying at one corner
of the room. Guru-ji took the ?kamandul? and sprinkled some water and flowers on it
and concurrently chanted some mantras loudly. Seeing the opportunity I quickly
tried to pull up my wet blouse near my cleavage as I was looking horribly sexy with
much of my butter-colored upper boob flesh bulging out of my wet tight blouse.
After some attempts I realized nothing much could be done about my flashing as the
blouse fabric was thoroughly wet and Master-ji had sewed the blouse like a miser
not allowing an extra centimeter to stretch! As I looked up, I noticed Natasha was
also trying the same as she must have also been feeling shy especially in presence
of Sanjeev and Uday.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Anita? Natasha? Sudha? now is the time to purify your
body with the sacred fire. This would actually give you the requisite limpidness
and wholesomeness. Come one by one and lay here in supine position. (Noticing Sudha
still looking questionably at Guru-ji, he further explained) ?lie down with your
buttocks on the mattress? Sudha?

Sudha: (smiling slightly) Yes, okay Guru-ji.

We obeyed Guru-ji but the scene was indeed getting immensely tempting! Three
grownup girls lying on the mattress in wet clothes, that too without the sari, and
three males standing by that mattress ogling at them!

Guru-ji: Keep some space in between? Sudha move to your right a bit? yes? yes?
okay? now Anita, come a bit closer to this side?. (I altered my position by
dragging my heavy ass onto the mattress and realized I must have been looking
dreadfully indecent doing that in front of three pair of ?male? eyes) Yep! Perfect.

Sanjeev: Guru-ji, shall I light up the??

Guru-ji: Yes, surely.

I was naturally getting more and more apprehensive as to what sort of sterilization
awaits us now! I was in the middle and the two sisters were lying at my two sides
and they also seemed to be as much confused and nervous as me!

Sanjeev lighted up some more aggarvattis and more scented smoke filled up the room.
It was getting stuffy now with two more humans apart from we three and Guru-ji.

I was shocked to note that Sanjeev now had a white piece of burning square-shaped
white block of a substance on his palm! Was he not feeling the heat of the fire on
his hand? How was he not getting burnt on the palm? I noted the same astonishing
expression on Sudha and Natasha?s faces.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai Agnidev! (Uday followed suit and he too had a piece
of burning block on his right palm!) Just see? as my disciples have already passed
this Nirmalta Parikshan they can do this? the fire would not harm them! Purity is
strength! Jai Linga Maharaj!

All three of us looked in utter amazement at Uday and Sanjeev?s hands ? the fire
continued to burn on their hands without doing any harm to their skin!

Guru-ji: I will start with Natasha? Sanjeev, you sit by her head and Uday, you sit
by her legs? before I start? I can see a very anxious and restless face? (smiling
and looking at Natasha) Don?t worry my dear?. What I will do is? I will just pass
on the power of purity from this fire onto your body?. that?s all? you will be
protected from the external ills and evils? the warmth of this fire will scale you
to attain true maturity? Jai Linga Maharaj! ?and the purity of this special fire
will assist you to achieve diksha ?

Natasha (almost murmured): O? okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, you sit by her head and hold her hand (Sanjeev had the fire in
his right hand and held Natasha?s wrist with his left hand) ? and Uday, you hold
her leg (Uday had the fire in his right hand and he held Natasha?s ankle with his
left hand)

Saying that Guru-ji stepped on the mattress and sat beside her near her belly area.

Guru-ji: The reason I asked them to hold you is to establish the connection with
this holy fire and your body... and I will act as the medium of transfer of purity
and warmth. Okay?

Natasha: Okay Guru-ji.

She almost whispered; she must have been feeling extremely nervous. Naturally! The
very presence of Guru-ji sitting beside her must have sucked all her energy. I
myself was feeling dry on my lips and inside my mouth as Guru-ji continued to talk
with Natasha.

Guru-ji: Now close your eyes Beti as I will start the process? don?t feel afraid?
don?t feel shy? this is just a formal procedure which will enable you attain
greater maturity and purity by taking the warmth of the holy fire and pass it into
your body? Okay? Try not to quiver as I touch you and just stay normal. (he paused)
Any questions?

Natasha just nodded and closed her eyes. Her younger sister and myself nervously
looked onto her with great inquisitiveness.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai ho! Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe

Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!
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Chapter 64

by samitbhai
As he chanted the mantras his heavy voice reverberated and with the room already
very much crammed with scented smoke, the scene was indeed inexplicable. Guru-ji
took his right hand and kept it just above the fire on Sanjeev?s hand and completed
the mantra; then placed his hand on Natasha?s forehead and rubbed the area as if
transferring the warmth and purity!

Immediately a question started poking me ? ?will he repeat the same for her whole
body? O my God! Will he hold her breasts and rub the area like that! What about her
pussy area?!? Oh no!?
Guru-ji probably said, ?Oh! Yes!? in his mind and he just did as I apprehended!
After rubbing her forehead for some 20-30 seconds, he started a new mantra and held
his hand over the fire and than placed it on Natasha?s right cheek and started
cupping it! Her cheeks appeared rosy; she must have been blushing greatly with
Guru-ji?s experienced palm feeling her young tender cheek. Guru-ji repeated the
same for her left cheek and Natasha already had started breathing a tinge heavily.

Guru-ji: Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!

Guru-ji?s right hand fingers were on pressing and rubbing her lips. Her lips were
full and pink and Guru-ji must have been enjoying the tender feel of it! He was
circling his fingers on her lips and Natasha was visibly uncomfortable at this time
as she shuffled slightly. I wondered what would happen when Guru-ji starts feeling
her firm breasts!

I did not have to wait long! My heart had started to beat faster and I could jolly
well imagine what actually was going through Natasha?s mind, she being 10 years
younger than me! My lips were already parted and my right hand voluntarily reached
my breast area and I pressed on my right breast very subtly as it was naturally not
a common sight to spot a man touching a girl?s tits so publicly!

Guru-ji?s right hand touched the exposed upper breast area outside Natasha?s U-cut
blouse and he started gently rubbing her there!


I murmured within myself and was naturally breathing quite heavily now seeing that
sexy scene. Natasha?s eyes were closed, but she must be having a torrid time with
Guru-ji?s fingers on her exposed cleavage. I noted that her mouth opened slightly
and she exhaled deeply and sighed (though silently). Sanjeev and Uday were also
watching and enjoying this extremely appealing scene quite intently. After
massaging the whole of Natasha?s exposed breast area above her blouse, Guru-ji took
his hand back to the fire on Sanjeev?s hand. He took the warmth, chanted the
mantra, and was back to transfer the warmness to Natasha?s succulent boobs!

I observed that Guru-ji?s hand was rock steady as his palm touched the conical tip
of Natasha?s right breast and then he slowly started pressing his palm on her
blouse-covered wet tit!

Natasha: Aaaahhhh?.. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh?..

Natasha probably could not hold her anymore and started to emit gentle moans, which
we could all hear. Guru-ji was pressing her breast very slowly with his palm
enjoying the full tight feel of her young upturned breast. As Guru-ji was
compressing his hand more and more on her conical firm flesh, Natasha?s sighs were
getting louder and deeper. I noticed her legs also started getting parted as she
felt Guru-ji?s large palm on her young tender breast! As I looked on, I found Guru-
ji thoroughly cupping her right breast in the name of transferring the fire warmth
and purity to her body! Guru-ji?s large palm was enough to cover her full right
breast and by the hand movement I could easily gather that Guru-ji was in reality
bluntly squeezing the young girl?s breast in the disguise of purification process!

It must have been an out of the world feel to cup and squeeze the breast of a 20-
year-old grownup girl with a matured and fleshy figure lying on the mattress
helplessly! Guru-ji initiated the same process for her left breast too; Natasha was
visibly getting restless as naturally she must have been getting extremely excited
and embarrassed too! Indeed the process was also pretty slow as Guru-ji was
thoroughly feeling her fresh young tits while transferring the warmth of the fire.
Just then as the Godman was busy cupping and caressing her left breast, Natasha
seemed to lose patience and opened her eyes and her free hand as if automatically
came over her breast to block Guru-ji?s hand.

Natasha: Ahh! Guru-ji? please? Ufff! I can?t bear it!

Guru-ji: I told you Beti? you have to have patience and shed all of your shyness.
This is ashram my child and here things will not go as per your wish?isn?t it?

Natasha was blushing furiously and shuffling as Guru-ji was conversing with her
with his hand right over her left breast; he was holding her conical boob flesh in
his palm!

Guru-ji: I already told you that you must not have any inhibition regarding
anything here in the ashram. Shyness, embarrassment, shame? these words are not in
the ashram dictionary? and you know that, isn?t it?

Natasha: Ye? yes Guru-ji, but I am feeling?

Guru-ji: You are feeling very awkward? right? You are also feeling some itch here?
(saying that Guru-ji shifted his hand and directly pressed her pussy area over her
wet petticoat)

Obviously Natasha was shocked and seemed perplexed too!

Guru-ji: These are natural things to happen? very natural? and there is no guilt in
it! If I open the loins of my disciples you might find their tool standing? but is
it anything very surprising? That?s how male and female get excited! Did you not
know that?

Natasha (blushing more heavily almost whispered): Yesss?

Guru-ji: So? The rituals must be followed and for that you have to be strong
mentally and ignore these, but focus on the actual goal. You have come here to
attain diksha and for that you have to pass through this Nirmalta Parikshan? so
your spotlight should not get defocussed. Am I clear?

Natasha (clenching her lips): Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Just ask Anita? she is elder than you.. married too! She has passed
through some of the ashram rituals and they are not easy for any married woman to

Me: Yes? very tough and compromising!

Guru-ji: But she has passed them and almost on the verge of completion of the Maha-
yagya, which is indeed commendable.

Natasha: O? okay Guru-ji? I will try? try my best.

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Chapter 65

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Good, that?s appreciable?. Let me again take the fire warmth? Aum
Narayanaye Vidmahe Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!

I noticed that Guru-ji this time pressed his palm a bit more forcibly on Natasha?s
left breast and Natasha emitted a longer ?Sssssshhhhhhhhhh?.? when Guru-ji gifted
her with a nice tight squeeze hollowing his palm! The way this young girls? breasts
were groped I was pretty sure that her nipples must have been standing fully erect
by now and visible through her wet blouse, but since I was lying on the mattress I
was unable to see that.

Guru-ji completed the fiery purification of her breasts and proceeded to her
abdomen area and Natasha was giving out more shameless loud moans and the way she
was throwing her legs it was very evident that she was highly excited by then.
Guru-ji now took the warmness of the fire from Uday who was sitting down her body
and immediately there was an ?Ouch!?

This sudden cry obviously depicted Guru-ji?s invasion into Natasha?s pussy area!

Guru-ji?s palm was directly on her love spot, the wet petticoat acting as the
decency wall! Wasting no time, Guru-ji started caressing her pussy area very
evidently and her petticoat was getting bunched up there under Guru-ji?s hollow
palm. Natasha was naturally extremely restless and Sanjeev and Uday found it hard
to hold on to her hand and leg.

Natasha: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh?. Aaaaaaaaiiiiii??

Guru-ji: Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!

Natasha?s legs started to part more and more and her torso appeared like a bow as
Guru-ji continued to grope her pussy area very openly and deliberately. Guru-ji?s
long fingers forcibly invaded deep into her pussy crevice over the cover of her
petticoat and panty making Natasha gush out loud grunts. This exceptionally
embarrassing purification process continued for some more time as Guru-ji caressed
Natasha?s well-formed thighs and legs in the name of transferring the warmness and
purity of the holy fire to this young chick?s body.

Guru-ji: Ahhh? Good job Natasha! It?s over now! You have completed the fiery
purification successfully. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Natasha was virtually panting and quickly turned to one side to hide her excited
state. Her breasts looked awesome as she turned to the side facing me ? the tight
flesh revolted and bulged out over her tight blouse - she was undeniably looking
extremely alluring in this state.

Guru-ji: Anita, now it?s your turn.

Me: Ye? yes Guru-ji.

Seeing Natasha?s condition, I was already feeling quite eager and keyed up
anticipating Guru-ji?s hands all over my body especially on my big-sized tight
mammaries. Guru-ji repeated the same procedure of taking warmth from the fire
burning on Sanjeev?s hand, started chanting the mantras, and then started with my
forehead. His warm hand felt really nice on my forehead, eyes, and cheeks. He was
tracing my soft and thick lips with his fingers and as I was by this time quite
experienced with this sort of rituals in the ashram, I parted my sexy lips slightly
and Guru-ji readily inserted his finger inside my mouth and touched my warm tongue.
The fact remained that as soon as Guru-ji was close to me, I felt immensely weak
and simply behaved like a randi to extract more out of him! I was now shamelessly
sucking his finger and completely forgot that two other younger girls were watching

As Guru-ji reached my twin peaks, I was certainly more vocal than Natasha and was
emitting barefaced groans and thrusting my heavy milk jugs more and more into his
palm. Guru-ji used this opportunity to give me some of the tightest squeezes I ever
got from any male on my boobs. Seeing my shamelessly weak condition, I realized he
even pushed his fingers through the U-cut of my low-cut blouse neck and aptly felt
my warm oozing boob flesh. Guru-ji?s warm touches were making me virtually mad as I
could clearly sense his right hand sweeping and grazing over my taut erect nipples
inside my wet bra and blouse.

Guru-ji?s next prolonged stop was obviously my naked navel area. Guru-ji covered my
whole navel under his warm palm and slowly brushed his hand over my belly. He was
crafty enough to poke the trough of my navel with his thumb which made me gasp like
anything! As Guru-ji continued to feel my matured female body with his palm and
fingers, I started to feel a shade proud as it was not only me who was actually
longing for his touches, but Guru-ji also seemed quite keen to touch me intimately!
Guru-ji had already tasted my body as during the Maha-yagya he fucked me
handsomely, but I was pretty convinced that he was still trying to milk me as much
as possible in the disguise of that purification process. This actually was
heightening the desire in me to extract more out of this strange relationship with
him. He was indeed a Godman and a ?Guru? to me and I respected him like anything,
but the physical proximity and eroticism of the Maha-yagya had made me tremendously
vulnerable and this was happening each time I was close/alone with him! Being a
conservative and unadventurous housewife, I was at a loss how I was getting bowled
over simply by Guru-ji?s presence!

Me: Aaaaaaaaaahhh?.Uuuuuuiiiiii?? Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh?.

My libido was greatly building up as Guru-ji was brushing his hand down my waist
onto my pussy area. I could feel Guru-ji?s fingers stopping at the feel of my panty
waistband below my wet petticoat. I immediately had goosebump all over my body and
trembled in excitement. I naturally had started to boil with Guru-ji virtually
groping my entire matured figure; I was getting a shoot up in my stimulation as I
was aware that I was being watched by two other girls. This was making things worse
for me. I was by that time ?used? to the males of the ashram, but Natasha and Sudha
both were outsiders and younger than me and hence I was having a torrid time
keeping my self control.

I tried my best to behave normally but Guru-ji was brushing the entire front of my
wet panty area very suggestively and provocatively. The Godman was even pushing his
thumb over my wet dress into my honey pot! I was groaning and muttering waywardly.
I could feel all his five fingers pressing and roving around my pussy area pushing
me at the verge of restraint. Guru-ji spent ample time over my love spot and then
slowly (seemed rather unwillingly) moved down my rotund thighs feeling every inch
of my banana-trunk-like legs with his stretched out palm. By this time I was
experiencing two more strong ?intrusions? which made me hotter and conscious too!
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Chapter 66

by samitbhai
Sanjeev and Uday both had previously groped and loved me very adequately. I was
still somewhat weak towards Uday though I had obviously recovered the initial
infatuation, but still how could I forget that boat ride with him? Neither could I
forget my almost naked lovemaking with Sanjeev, which was indeed outrageously
shameless, during the Maha-yagya! Both of them had a total feel of my voluptuous
body and this time they both were sending me signals realizing my compromised
elated state in Guru-ji?s hands. Sanjeev was scribbling on my wrist and Uday was
doodling on my leg, both pressing their fingers concurrently on my body surface
extremely suggestively, which in turn forced me to have my teeth clenching on my
lips to control my building passion.

Guru-ji: Ahhh! That brings us to the completion of Anita?s fiery refinement! Jai
Linga Maharaj!
I was virtually gasping lying on the mattress with my heavy bosom going up and down
inside my wet blouse and my feet also parting wider advertising openly to everyone
about my elated state. Guru-ji then performed the same ritual over Sudha?s body too
and we all enjoyed the shudder and the blush that the young girl exhibited as Guru-
ji cupped her small tight tits in his palm in front of everyone. She was also
gasping similar to me at the end of the fiery episode and was visibly much more
uneasy than her elder sister. I doubted that Sudha ever encountered such an open
boob squeeze session in her 16 years of age! She appeared totally flushed and
extremely nervous with her breasts growing in size within her dress and she was
indeed looking extremely appealing!

Guru-ji: Now you need to change your posture? so stand on the mattress. (Guru-ji
himself stood up and we also followed suit) I am glad the way things have
progressed so far. With the grace of Linga Maharaj you three have passed the first
two parts of Nirmalta Parikshan. Now we will proceed to the final part, which is
the saliva purification and wholistic body cleanse. The water and the fire have
aided you to attain bodily purification, and now the saliva purification would
actually rally round your mouth as well as your speech! Natasha, are you getting

Natasha (still was panting slightly): Ye? yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good. This process will need a medium and since Anita had acted as the
medium previously she is aware of this process. Isn?t it Anita?

Me: Ye? yes Guru-ji.

Within split seconds I vividly remember what happened to me at Mr. Yadav?s place.
That was probably the most humiliating hours of my life! I instantly remembered the
faces ? Mr. Yadav, Shilpa, Mrs. Yadav (Nandini), and that son of a bitch servant of
that house?.

Guru-ji: Good. Let me brief Natasha and Sudha regarding it? as we perform different
acts to please Linga Maharaj? we sometimes need a medium who is a person and of
different gender to the devotee who is the key to transfer the goodness from Linga
Maharaj directly to the devotee. Okay?

Natasha and Sudha nodded. I wondered what they actually gathered from those words.

Guru-ji: So how do I purify your saliva (Guru-ji looked at Natasha)? Or you might
say? how do I purify your tongue/speech? Myself will act as a medium and so will my
other two disciples. I could have acted as medium for three of you, but the rule
says one can act as a medium to only one devotee in one session. So? rules are
rules? (he shrugged) I will act as the medium for Natasha? Sanjeev for Anita, and
Uday for our youngest candidate Sudha? Am I clear?

We all nodded in affirmation.

Guru-ji: Natasha and Sudha? you two must stand strong during the process? you need
to be mentally tough for this since this will involve mouth to mouth transfer of
holy liquid and this in fact holds the key to your success in Nirmalta Parikshan.

Natasha (very, very softly): Oh my God!

Though she exclaimed very quietly, none of us missed that.

Guru-ji (there was a sudden change in his voice, it was cold as steel and as it was
reverberating): Mind your expression young lass! Yes, probably all girls undergoing
any custom involving ?medium? will have that sort of an expression, but I don?t
tolerate them! Clear?

There was pin drop silence. We all stood like statues in front of Guru-ji?s strong
personality ? his hugely built 6 feet figure as if automatically demanded

Guru-ji: There?s nothing wrong in having such expressions, but they need to be
controlled within yourself! Are you getting me Natasha?

Natasha (with an almost trembling voice): Ji? ji Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: When you are in my ashram, you are outside the periphery of the society?
you must always keep that in mind?. And the customs of the ashram are different and
you may find them embarrassing, upsetting, obscene, hot, cold? whatever! Rules are
rules my child and we all have to abide by it? there is no room for shyness and
timidity here? if you need to strip for any ritual, you have to take off your
dress? no alternatives! If you need to hug anybody during any convention, you have
to hug him? no alternatives! Whether you are married or a virgin is immaterial?

Guru-ji naturally was annoyed by Natasha?s exclamation and his speech was the
reflection of that only!

Guru-ji: All three of you are fortunate that you have come to the ashram in this
era? had it been 10 years back? at that time all tantra customs were performed in
the purest form? the devotee had to be absolutely naked to undergo diksha and all!
Age, sex? no bar, no exceptions! What sort of expression would you give then my

Sanjeev: Guru-ji? please cool down?

Uday: Yes Guru-ji? bachhi hai? we must consider it as just an immature childish
illustration ?

Guru-ji (thought for a while looking at Uday): Hmm? okay? if you say so. But let me
remind all three of you once again (turning towards us) that you all must follow
these customs very religiously and wholeheartedly and keep all your exclaims and
expressions at bay ? Huh! Am I clear to all?

Myself, Sudha and Natasha: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good. Let us then not waste any further time and proceed! Jai Linga
Maharaj! Ladies? just come here and stand in a line?yes? right here? on the

All of us were naturally a bit nervous, especially Natasha, after getting that
short rebuke from the Godman and we hesitantly positioned ourselves as Guru-ji
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Chapter 67

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: This is the final purification of our Nirmalta Parikshan? and this is also
a significant aspect of Linga Maharaj worship. Saliva purification is a big tool to
achieve salvation in front of Linga Maharaj! Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai ho!

Guru-ji?s loud and heavy voice was echoing from the walls of that small room. My
finger and toe tips were already getting cold though I was wildly excited during
the course of the fiery purification.

Guru-ji: As I mentioned previously Sanjeev will act as the medium to Anita?s oral
purification, Uday to Sudha, and I myself shall aid you (pointing to Natasha) for
your oral cleansing. As Anita is well aware of this procedure and you two are new,
I will first demonstrate it so that you do not react too clumsily.

I could jolly well realize that the last few words of Guru-ji were directed to the
young ?queen?, Natasha. As it was she was looking extremely sexy in her half-
stripped wet attire - the way she was exposing her shinning cleavage to all and the
contour of her wet round ass was extremely eye-catching!

Guru-ji: Anita, come here?

Me: Me?

I was naturally a bit surprised as I never thought that Guru-ji would give the demo
on me!

Guru-ji: Yes Beti? you are in that sense experienced to this? (a smile) Come? stand
here? facing me.

I must have been looking like an idiot as I was completely unprepared for this.

Me: O? okhh? okay Guru-ji!

I came up to him with almost trembling steps. The whole focus was as if on me and
the four of them - Sudha, Natasha, Sanjeev, and Uday ? just continued to stare at
me! Though I was longing for some more warm moments, but since it was sort of a ?
public demonstration?, I instantly started feeling palpitations inside me! The tips
of my fingers and toes were getting colder and I was by now having dry lips too!

Guru-ji: Sudha, Natasha? follow carefully? the main objective of this purification
process is to transfer the saliva from the medium?s lips and tongue to the devotee?
s lips and tongue. Okay? So? for that myself as a medium I will have my lips and
tongue soaked in the holy liquid ? Jai Linga Maharaj! (Uday and Sanjeev instantly
echoed in chorus ?Jai Linga Maharaj!?) and in turn I will transfer the holy liquid
to the devotte?s lips and mouth through licking and sucking?

I noticed that Sudha and Natasha both looked extremely nervous and looked down at
the floor in shyness listening to the announcement of the saliva purification
process which was actually an open lip-to-lip kiss session in disguise! Being
married I was quite habituated in kissing with my husband (and of course after
arriving to the ashram I was getting used to kiss and being kissed by unknown
males!), but these two young unmarried chicks were naturally inexperienced in this
aspect their pallid nervous bodily response illustrated that only.

Guru-ji: See? you need to keep your hands on the waist of the medium? Anita, please
keep your hands here? yes?perfect? the whole of your palm must touch the medium?s
body and your fingers fully stretched out? like that only! And the medium will also
likewise put his hands on the devotee?s waist area.

I could realize my blood had suddenly started gushing through my vessels and my
libido instantly gearing up! I was having palpitations as my palms felt Guru-ji?s
waist area and in turn I could feel Guru-ji?s cold fingers resting on my curvy
waist. Guru-ji had positioned me exactly in front of him and in fact I was standing
amazingly close to him with my big-sized boobs sexily poking out only about an inch
away from touching and pressing against his hairy chest!
Guru-ji: Now I will show you how the liquid needs to be transferred to the lips? I
cannot take the holy liquid for demonstration purpose? so you two just assume that
I have that liquid on my lips and tongue? okay?

Natasha, Sudha: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: First I will rub my lips on hers so that the liquid can easily get on to
the outer surface of her lips. Just see?

Saying that Guru-ji brought his mouth very near to me and simply started rubbing
his wet lips onto mine! The feeling was so, so erotic that I had to immediately
shuffle a shade to maintain my posture. My mouth was closed and Guru-ji grazed his
lips gently on mine in a circular fashion. Naturally I was blushing heavily and
being aware that I was being watched by four persons I closed my eyes in utter
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Chapter 68

by samitbhai
Guru-ji (looking at Natasha): As you will acknowledge that rubbing like this would
only enable a very superficial and non-uniform transfer? I will now touch her lips
in a more appropriate way so that the transfer is apposite. Alongside you must
remember to generate adequate amounts of saliva inside the mouth so that the holy
liquid gets adequately mixed with it. Am I clear? Hmm? Now see? just like this?

Guru-ji did not give me much time to get composed from the time he had shifted his
lips off me and I felt extremely weak as he pushed his lips into mine forcing me to
part my lips and he inserted his upper lip in between my pink tender lips and
started pressing my lower lip with his both lips!

I could not stop myself from releasing a loud sigh and a long moan as my body cells
were now livening up extremely fast as Guru-ji was in effect kissing me in front of
four persons! Guru-ji?s thick lips initially pressed my soft lower lip, but he soon
started sucking it making me virtually go wild with excitement! His handgrip on my
waist was also getting tighter and my whole body was automatically getting slightly
bent to keep his lip pressure on my succulent lips. This went on for about a minute
till Guru-ji parted.

Guru-ji: So that?s step number two (he was panting marginally). Now I will show you
how to transfer the holy liquid to your tongue and the insides of the mouth. This
would essentially be a tongue-playing session as you can understand? tongue holds
the key for this transfer ? Okay? Let me demonstrate it for you?

My condition was indescribable! I was clinging onto Guru-ji very shamelessly; I had
no other option as I was immensely charged up by that time! I continued to press my
big twin treats onto his chest most brazenly and my warm rotund thighs onto his
legs. I was breathing so heavily that almost half of my butter-colored sexy boob
flesh was getting advertised over my wet tight blouse and Sanjeev and Uday were
standing so close to me that it must have been a real treat for them!

As Guru-ji converged onto my lips again, just then I happened to note from the
corner of my eyes a very suspicious and uncanny look from both the sisters,
especially Natasha. She was frowning and as if could not believe my expressions!
Though I was carried away heavily by Guru-ji?s kissing, but my mind momentarily was
wayward. Was Natasha suspecting my dignity and honesty? She knew very well that I
was married. But what could I do? I could not violate Guru-ji?s instruction till
such time I was in the ashram. Hence I had to succumb to this kissing session of
Guru-ji; no way out! I tried to convince my mind, but quickly realized that the way
I was behaving must have raised some doubts in her mind. My willingness to get
close to Guru-ji and my ?physical inclination? must have raised some doubts in her
mind. I smiled in my mind. She was too young to understand all this; moreover she
was unmarried; had she been fucked once by Guru-ji, she could have easily scented
and read my ?inclination?.

?Chuck! Chuck! Chakas!? Bare and blatant sounds were being emanated from our
kissing! I could only imagine myself to be kissed by my husband so openly and
boldly; no one else! But Guru-ji was a magnetic personality! I was getting weaker
by the second! Guru-ji?s hot tongue was exploring the insides of my mouth with long
strokes and I was virtually taken to the seventh heaven! I was trembling in
exultation as I dug my nails deep onto his waist.

I was excited as well as nervous too; nervous of being watched; watched by Sudha
and Natasha, who were much, much younger than me! Their presence was actually
hindering me to some extent to extract the full joy out of Guru-ji?s passionate
kissing and in my anxiety I was getting dry in the mouth. I was getting so keyed up
that I wished I could rub my heavy breasts on his hairy chest and just bite his
shoulder! Unfortunately, I had to constrain my emotions largely due to Natasha and
Sudha though Guru-ji was virtually plundering the whole of my mouth with his wet
tongue in the name of demonstration and I did not even notice when his hands slid
from my waist to my round spherical butt cheeks and he was kneading them rather

Me: Ummm? Ahhhh?. Uuuuuuuuuuchhhhh?.

I was getting deeply immersed in his kissing when at one point of time Guru-ji
parted his lips from mine.

Guru-ji: Natasha, Sudha? I hope you have keenly followed what I demonstrated and
for the saliva to mix appropriately with the holy liquid, the devotee in turn needs
to suck the lips and tongue of the medium?. Okay? Do you need any more demo?

Sudha and Natasha: No Guru-ji.

I could jolly well realize that as Guru-ji was normally talking I should also stand
straight and stop clinging to his body pasting my big mammaries onto his hairy
chest, but unfortunately I was so much keyed up by that time that it was very hard
for me to stand properly. I could feel the known itch inside my panty and was
virtually forced to shamelessly scratch my fingers there in front of everybody!

Then within moments the whole setting of the room as if changed into a desi porno
movie scene! All of us, the three girls, stood on the mattress in front of the
three males with our hands on their waists and they were all ready to publicly kiss
us! Sanjeev and Uday had previously taken some bluish liquid from a bowl,
supposedly the holy liquid, in their mouths and waited for Guru-ji, who after
narrating some strong Sanskrit mantras, took some liquid in his mouth too. As
Natasha put her arms on Guru-ji?s waist, Sanjeev seemed to be getting restless to
start! I did not know why I was feeling a shade envious each time I noted Uday
close to that teenager Sudha! Though I had lost a substantial amount of my
infatuation towards Uday, which was very profound in my initial days at the ashram,
but some residual emotions seemed to be still existing in me!

As Sanjeev was slowly closing on my lips, I was still trying to look to my side
where Uday was on the verge of kissing this sweet sixteen Sudha. I could hardly
concentrate any more elsewhere as I found Sanjeev?s warm thick lips have taken
control of my soft lower lip and his fingers digging deep into my exposed wet
waist. Since I was the most charged up among the three women present there, I
immediately started emanating soft moans and pretty soon the room was echoing all
sorts of sexy unabashed sounds as Sudha and Natasha heated up!
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Chapter 69

by samitbhai
Sanjeev was utilizing this opportunity fully to once again grope and feel my sexy
voluptuous body. His hands were roving very boldly on my sari-less back and wet
petticoat feeling my panty inside and of course his fingers squeezing at strategic
points! Due to this heavy dose of kissing, the holy liquid in his mouth was getting
amply transferred to mine and within moments Sanjeev was even sucking my tongue
with full vigor! Though I was trying my best to control my emotion with Sanjeev, he
was doing things pretty passionately and was kneading my firm buttock flesh in such
obscene way that it was getting quite impossible for me to keep my composure.

Guru-ji and Natasha were standing in the middle in between me and Sudha and I could
easily sense from the moans and mumbles of Natasha that Guru-ji was enjoying the
lips of this blooming sexy young chick to the maximum! Unfortunately the way
Sanjeev was caressing me was crossing the line of decency. The brut was in fact now
trying to pull down my wet panty off my buttocks inside my petticoat! As my
petticoat was fully wet and sticking to my ass curve, it was rather easy for him to
trace my panty waistband and pull it down!

Me: Ouch! Eiii? Umm? Chuck? chuck?

I could feel my big gaand getting exposed inside my wet petticoat as Sanjeev had
skillfully pulled my panty down some distance down my weighty ass flesh! There was
no other way but to stop him with my hands and had to violate Guru-ji?s instruction
of restricting my hands to the medium?s waist. I was unable to resist much as
Sanjeev was kissing me now extremely fervently and had almost my whole mouth inside
his! The warmth of his tongue and the sweet taste of the holy liquid painted my
entire oral palate and due to my heated physical condition I started succumbing

Suddenly there was a break as I heard Guru-ji speaking!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Now that the holy waters have been transferred to your
mouth, please don?t fully guzzle the liquid? try to keep it in your mouth? and in
turn just suck our lips so that appropriate mixing with your saliva takes place?
Okay?.... Jai Linga Maharaj? Start?

I was simply panting as Guru-ji spoke and same was the condition of Natasha and
Sudha. Both girls were clinging to their male kissing partners shamelessly and must
have been thoroughly enjoying this sexy Nirmalta Parikshan sequence! I was the
slowest to start kissing my partner Sanjeev and in that split second I noticed that
as Sudha met Uday?s lips, he quickly grazed his hand up her flat abdomen skin to
the hem of her blouse and started feeling her small-sized blouse covered boobs! I
naturally was not very amused seeing that and was cursing Guru-ji for allotting
Sudha to Uday; he could easily have assigned me to Uday and Sudha to Sanjeev?

Though I was somewhat jealous seeing Uday making love to that new girl, I had to
comply with Guru-ji?s instruction and hence I pushed up my head and reached for
Sanjeev?s lips! My whole body trembled in exhilaration as I touched his masculine
lips. My nails dug deep into his waist flesh and I began to suck his lower lip to
amalgamate the holy liquid with the saliva, which was nothing but pure open
kissing! Within moments I found Sanjeev?s hands trying to get in between our bodies
to push up to my bosom. Though I resisted initially, but due to the whole setting
(with lots of smooch sounds and soft moans around me and myself holding the lower
lip of this man in my lips) I had to lay down my arms.
Sanjeev was quick to position himself for maximum thrill and placed his left hand
over the smooth surface of my pumpkin ass and placed his right hand on my throbbing
breasts. My blouse was on the verge of giving way and the hooks were stretched to
the maximum when Sanjeev?s palm gripped tightly on my boob flesh. He created space
in between our bodies by releasing off his body pressure on me so that his hand can
move unhindered on my breast area! Sanjeev started squeezing my breasts steadily
and very confidently, one breast at a time with his hollow palm accommodating my
maximum boob flesh and his fingers digging deeply on my tight conical build up.
Naturally I was getting extremely weak and was converging towards a heavy orgasm.

Same must have been the case with the other two girls too ? Guru-ji milking the
elder sister while Uday enjoying the younger one! When it seemed I was culminating
towards the point of no return, Guru-ji dropped the curtains!

Guru-ji: Bas! That?s it! Jai Linga Maharaj! Sanjeev, Uday?. please leave your
partners and step down from the mattress!

Though visibly unwilling, Sanjeev and Uday had to abide by Guru-ji and they left me
and Sudha and stepped back to stand out of the mattress and very naturally all
three of us looked extremely miserable! Not only myself, Sudha and Natasha both
looked awfully exhausted to be kissed by strangers like that for such a prolonged
period! And since the process of purification was not limited to ?kissing? only,
all three of us were looking pathetically sexy ? our bodies were oozing out
sensuality! Our opulent upper treasures (especially mine and Natasha?s) were oozing
out of our blouses and our nipples being very erect were greatly advertised through
our wet blouse fabric! I was even having difficulty to stand normally as I could
jolly well feel that my panty was halfway down over the curve of my buttocks under
my petticoat; I doubted the same for Sudha too, but was unsure about Natasha as
Guru-ji was her medium. I was shocked to note that Sudha?s petticoat string was
hanging in the air which clearly indicated Uday must have tried to open that too!
The rascal!

Guru-ji: Are you all okay? I know you must be feeling a bit hot? (smile) isn?t it?
But am helpless girls? that?s how it is! I could not have bypassed any custom for
Nirmalta Parikshan? you had to experience this? no shortcuts! But as I always say
concentrate on the goal and you have achieved the purification! Jai Linga Maharaj!

Sanjeev and Uday voiced chorus and we three stood numb as if with a veil of
sensuality and shyness residing concurrently on us! The two young unmarried girls
were naturally looking all red and coiled up in front of three adult males gazing
at their half-exposed physical beauty. I was at least somewhat more composed
compared to Natasha and Sudha as I was already quite used to these sexy ashram

Guru-ji: Now go to the washroom, dry up, and wear the Pavitra Vastra? Sanjeev?

Sanjeev seemed equipped with our clothes set and readily picked that up from the
corner and handed over to us. We naturally hurried to the adjacent washroom for
some cover.

Natasha: Uff! I am feeling so uneasy? Ah!

Natasha almost immediately reacted as I closed the toilet door behind us. This
toilet was fortunately spacious and accommodated three of us comfortably.

Sudha: So am I didi? I feel awfully hot? Ufff!

Me: Yes, that?s natural. We all were in so close proximity with those males naa?.
Natasha: Bhabie? proximity! You are being so modest! I felt exactly like being
with? Ahhh! (she exhaled deeply as she quickly unbuttoned her blouse) I can still
sense Guru-ji?s lips? Uff what a session!

Me: Same here Natasha! Seems Sanjeev still is hugging me? Ahhhhh!

All three of us were unbuttoning our wet blouses as we conversed.

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Chapter 70

by samitbhai
Natasha: Bhabie just tell me how was it? I mean how was the last part of the
Nirmalta Parikshan different from a KISS?

Me: Dheere! Dheere! What are you doing? Speak softly!

Natasha: Oops! Sorry Bhabie! I totally forgot?

Sudha: Didi? be cautious? Guru-ji is only standing on the other side of the wall!

Natasha: Yes? yes? but Bhabie what should I say? at one time I just felt? I just
felt as if my boyfriend was? My goodness! What sort of Parikshan is this? Did you
not feel the same Bhabie?

Both Sudha and Natasha were now clad in their bra only and they were opening their
wet petticoats now. As my fingers were scribbling through my blouse hooks my butter
colored cleavage and milky white bra was getting exposed to them.

Me: Of course Natasha! Am I not a woman? And yes? if it was restricted to the lips
only then also at least?

Sudha: You hit the bull?s eye Bhabie! Exactly! That man? what was his name? yes?
yes? Uday? while his lips were on mine that scoundrel not only squeezed my tits,
but also was trying to penetrate inside my petticoat! I couldn?t say anything as
Guru-ji was present there and ?

Natasha and Sudha were now standing in their sheer undies and simply looked awesome
especially Natasha with her round protruding buttocks and ripe mango-like tits. As
I looked at her I thought her figure possessed all the necessary ingredients to
become a bombshell with more maturity. Her sister actually lacked the ?flesh? which
her elder sister was blessed with.

Natasha: Huh! And Bhabie? when Guru-ji had completed the holy liquid transfer with
mine I noticed the other person? what was his name? yes? Sanjeev? yes? he was just
hugging you like?. I mean err? so very inappropriately Bhabie!

I naturally felt a bit embarrassed as Natasha directly pointed out Sanjeev?s hot
groping and naturally fumbled a bit to defend the situation.

Me: Yes? err? actually you know? I mean like Sudha (I had already opened my blouse
and was now unhooking my bra) I also got very nervous due to Guru-ji?s presence
and? err? that?s why I had to accept San? I mean that man?s? you know?

Natasha: Hmm. I can understand Bhabie? no need to explain? I saw everything? he was
touching you all over and? Oops! Wow Bhabie!

The sudden ?wow? from Natasha made me pause for a while.

Me: What happened?

Natasha: B-h-a-b-i-e? you have such big breasts! Wow!

I could not stop smiling and blushed heavily. Natasha instantly stepped forward and
felt my naked breasts with her fingers.

Natasha (smiling): Umm? So tight and firm Bhabie? very beautiful!

As soon as Natasha touched my naked tits, my nipples naturally stood up and made my
mammaries look more sexy and attractive.

Me: Don?t worry chick! You also have nice ones (I cupped her firm balls inside her
bra) and once you are married you will get to my size? (controlled laughter)

Natasha blushed. Sudha handed me my towel so that I could dry off.

Me: Thanks? but wait dear? (I smiled) the panty is still on.

Sudha: He he? okay I will wait? you take that off first?.

For a moment I felt slightly awkward as being the eldest I was getting naked first.
The two sisters still had their bra and panty on their bodies.

Me: Arre? what are you two waiting for? Take off you panty!

Sudha & Natasha (smiling): Yes, yes Bhabie? with pleasure! He he he?

Saying that the two sisters also stripped off their panties and exposed their
choot. I also started pulling down my panty over my round ass to expose my hairy

Sudha & Natasha: Wow Bhabie?. (in chorus)

Me: Eii? don?t stare like that? Hat!

I was blushing heavily and was quite embarrassed too with two teenage girls gaping
at nakedness! I automatically turned away from them and started rubbing my body dry
with the towel.

Natasha: Bhabie? aap to sharma gayi! H he he?

Me: Just get dry and get out of here.

My tone was naturally cold as I was not much amused by this young girl?s words.

Sudha: Yes didi, bhabie is right! Guru-ji is waiting for us!

Within a couple of minutes I got completely dry and was about to wear the Pavitra
Vastra that Sanjeev had provided. As I unpacked the brown paper packet, I found my
undies first and then got my petticoat and blouse, but?. But where was the sari!

Me: Hey! Did you get the sari in the packet?

Natasha: No Bhabie? only the inners are there and? and a petticoat and a blouse.

Me: O! I see.

Sudha: Same for mine too.

We all dressed up quickly in our all white attires - white bra, white panty, white
blouse, and white petticoat - probably signifying the true ?pavitrata?! Having
completed our dressing we stepped out of the washroom.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Come down here? we will do a prayer and finish this

The prayer was a very short one and we offered flowers to Linga Maharaj and
concluded by echoing ?Jai Linga Mahraj? in chorus. After that Guru-ji took the
central seat in the room and Sanjeev and Uday stood on his two sides while we three
stood in front of him.

Guru-ji: Anita, do you know why Natasha and Sudha are actually here?

I was naturally a bit surprised by this question but replied normally.

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Chapter 71

by samitbhai
Me: For the diksha I guess Guru-ji?.

Guru-ji: No my child. Diksha of course is a reason, but there is a much bigger


Naturally I was a bit taken aback as I did not find any abnormality in these young
chicks. As I gave a suspected stare towards the two girls, they seemed quite
normal. I did not find any ?concern? at least on their faces. I looked questionably
at Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Yes Anita, they have a rare deformity in their body.

Me: O! I see.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, Uday? I have called you two especially because your have
certainly not encountered this sort of a problem and I want you two to be aware of
this rare crisis in any visitor or devotee to the ashram.

Uday, Sanjeev: Ji Guru-ji.

Listening to this, I was naturally getting immensely curious to know what exactly
Guru-ji was referring to.

Guru-ji: I must admit that I myself is also quite pleased to get to a solution to
this atypical problem. For the benefit of Sanjeev and Unday I will elaborate the
prelude a bit before getting into the actual details of the solution process for
this condition.

Sanjeev: Yes that will indeed be helpful Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: To start with let me give you the name of this deformity - inverted

Sanjeev: What nipple Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Inverted. In simple terms, inverted nipples simply mean that the nipples
of a woman are invaginating into her areola instead of protruding out.

Uday: How very strange Guru-ji! I have never heard of anything like that before!
Does it really happen?
Guru-ji: Yes I agree my child that it is a rather rare occurrence, but surely does
happen. It might just look like breasts without nipples.

I also could not restrain my astonishment.

Me: Breasts without nip?!!! I mean? err? How can that be? ??!!!??

Guru-ji: No, no, I just mentioned that for understanding purpose? a woman having
this condition appears as if her nipples are missing from her breasts? actually
they are enclosed within her areolas? you get me now Anita?

Me: O? okay Guru-ji.

Though I nodded, but could hardly believe it!

Guru-ji: Natasha and Sudha are victims of this deformity.

I was quite shocked to learn about that and felt especially for Natasha who looked
so vibrant and graceful with a stunning figure!

Guru-ji: But having said that I must add that this is indeed curable. Yes, curable!
So, my child? (turning towards Natasha and Sudha) ?no need to feel inferior in any
way? cheer up!

The two sisters giggled and it seemed the silent laugh was quite painful for them,
which was natural also considering the problem and the embarrassment attached with

Uday: Guru-ji, were you aware of this abnormality prior? I mean? did you have an
in-depth knowledge of it? It seems such a rare thing to me!

Guru-ji: Good question Uday? yes, though I was aware of this peculiar condition,
but I had not worked upon its solution, neither had I a case to work upon actually.
Since you asked about it, let me share my experience in detail for a better
understanding. And I will be enough frank about the details so that can visualize
the problem.

Sanjeev: Thanks Guru-ji? that will help us in future about how to go about this

Guru-ji: Right you are? (Guru-ji closed his eyes for a while) ? as far as I
remember it was during my early ashram days when my Gurudev first mentioned to me
about this peculiar condition. Initially my reaction was also pretty much similar
to Uday, but when my Gurudev briefed me about the condition I understood the
gravity of the problem. He told me that surgical intervention was one option, but
he wanted me to work upon some natural conventional way to get a remedy.

Uday: Were you able to?

Guru-ji: Yes Uday? but it was indeed difficult? I had to study a lot before
finalizing a remedy? that?s a long story?

Sanjeev: Please Guru-ji? tell us in brief? how you?

Guru-ji: Yes? am coming to it? Actually when I inquired my Gurudev that who was the
victim of that syndrome he was silent for a while. I was naturally curious.. when I
repeated my question? he looked rather sad and replied ?Your Guru-mata?.
Uday & Sanjeev: Oh no! His wife!

Guru-ji: Yes? that was indeed very shocking to me as well. Gurudev admitted that he
was unable to devote any time from his very busy schedule, which was intensely
focussed on ?tantra? and achieving some very important goals in his path of
salvation? hence he wanted me to take this up and develop a remedial treatment for
Gurumata, which would not necessitate surgical intervention.

Uday: And which could be used in curing other females with similar problem.

Guru-ji: Exactly so Uday?

Sanjeev: But Guru-ji? I mean? err? was this decision of your Gurudev?s not just a
bit too late for??
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Chapter 72

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Absolutely Sanjeev? in fact I asked the same question to Gurudev? and he
did inform me that my senior Guru-bhai, Adrijavardhan, whom he previously bestowed
this job, was unable to develop a remedial?

Sanjeev: I see? so your Gurudev conferred you with this job.

Guru-ji: Yes. Though Gurudev shared to me that this shortcoming was never a
hindrance in their marital life, but he felt Gurumata somewhere down the line must
be sad within herself that she did not possess that womanly virtue.

Sanjeev: Very true. (turning towards me) What do you say Madam?

Me: Umm? err? yes, must be.

Guru-ji: Yes Anita, but I never could understand that she suffered so much

Me: She must have been I mean? err? very strong Guru-ji mentally?

Guru-ji: Indeed she was! But you must remember Anita? their conjugal life should
not be compared with the common man?s?. Gurudev and Guru-mata both were dedicated
to Linga Maharaj and devoted in building the infrastructure of the ashram which you
see it today.

Me: I see?

Guru-ji: But just think of my condition! As I was still a learner in the ashram and
Guru-mata was like? you know? she was respected to the highest level in the ashram?
naturally? as she was Gurudev?s wife! I was just wondering how I could even ask her
about this sort of a personal problem.

Sanjeev & Uday: Very true Guru-ji! What did you do then?

Guru-ji: You know? there was nothing much to do? I could not start at all? after
fighting with my mind for a couple of days? I just surrendered to Gurudev that?
that it was quite an impossible task for me to talk to Guru-mata regarding this

Uday: Then?

Guru-ji: Gurudev acknowledged my hesitation and asked me to meet him that night at
midnight in his hut.

Sanjeev: Midnight? sounds really remarkable! Then what happened Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Just like you I was also a bit surprised about midnight. In fact I was in
a sort of dilemma regarding why Gurudev called me at that hour because that?s his
meditation time. Anyway, I went to his hut in nervous steps and Gurudev divulged me
a funny fact. Endorsing my hesitation to discuss with Guru-mata about the problem
and since naturally it called for a breast examination, he chose that time of the
night to be the fittest as Guru-mata always had a very deep and sound sleep and did
not get awakened unless something very, very severe happened.

Uday & Sanjeev: Ohhhh! I see? Ha ha ha?.

Myself, Natasha, and Sudha were also smiling listening to this.

Guru-ji (smiling and glancing towards all of us): Hence it was probably the safest
period that way to investigate the condition. But naturally I was rather nervous,
being young and immature at that point of time? as you can well understand? but
Gurudev assured me and briefed me again about the condition, this time in full
detail. He told me that he has tried simple means of nipple stimulation like
rubbing and gentle sucking and trying to pull the nipples out with fingers, but
failed. Gurudev related that even in extreme stimulated condition hardly the
nipples come up to the skin surface. He instructed me to only study Guru-mata?s
nipples that day and understand the physiological deformity first.

Sanjeev: Okay for the firsthand impression I guess?

Guru-ji: Exactly Sanjeev? Gurudev then went to the other room for meditation
purpose but guaranteed me that Guru-mata won?t wake up due to mild movement in her
breast area.

Uday (smiling): Guru-ji? must say? a very dicey situation!

Guru-ji: Dicey is a much polite term my boy? it was an utter dubious and hazardous
position that Gurudev placed me in?. just imagine if Guru-mata opened her eyes and
found me by her side on bed!

Sanjeev: Perilous! Simply perilous!

Guru-ji: But concurrently I could also comprehend that if Gurudev had vested his
assurance on me and had chosen that part of the night for this job, it had to be
precise. Thus I prepared my mind likewise.

Guru-ji paused for a while and glanced towards all, especially at us, the three
girl-members in the room ? myself, Natasha, and Sudha. Obviously we all were
feeling quite cumbersome due to the situational awkwardness in the narrative.

Guru-ji: As Gurudev moved to the other room, he switched on a bright lamp so that I
could inspect in a better way. I was alone in the room now and noted that Guru-mata
was sleeping deeply on the cot.

Uday: It must have been a very uncomfortable state for you Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Naturally? I felt like intruding into her privacy? I was very, very
uncomfortable! Guru-mata was 40+ and I had never seen Guru-mata like that before?
fast asleep in her nightdress? But? but I had to start my inspection as that my
Gurudev?s order.
I gave full credit in my mind to Guru-ji for creating such suspense in his account
and all of us were quite anxious to know more of the proceeding. As I glanced at
Natasha and Sudha, I noted both sisters had their lips slightly parted with their
full attention towards Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Previously the room was dimly lit, but now when Gurudev switched on the
bulb I was a bit taken aback to note Guru-mata clad in a somewhat scanty nightwear
comprising of blouse and a ghagra. Since it was summertime there was all the more
reason for her to be in less clothing, but the ghagra that she was wearing was
sensationally short and was not even covering her thighs fully. It was sort of a
mini-ghagra which young girls would wear, but I thought Guru-mata must have been
wearing that to beat the heat while sleeping.

Sanjeev: Oops! Quite an awkward situation for you Guru-ji! What do you say Madam?

Sanjeev smiled very meaningfully at me as if I was lying in bed wearing a mini-

ghagra and he was sitting by side luring at my naked well formed things.

Me: Yes? err? a complete all thumbs situation!

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Chapter 73

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Yes Anita? and? I hope you two are not bored out by this account?
(indicating to Natasha and Sudha)

Natasha: Err? No, no? you are kind enough Guru-ji to detail the history? related
to? err? our own problem.

Guru-ji: Yes, well said Natasha! Though it might not directly help or relate you,
but for the sake of Uday and Sanjeev please pay attention to know the entire
chronicle of this syndrome and its nonsurgical remedy which I developed.

Natasha & Sudha: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Let me again get back to that night?. (Guru-ji paused and started his
mesmerizing story telling version) Though feeling quite tongue-tied, I proceeded
very cautiously? I slowly opened the hooks of Guru-mata?s blouse?. (Guru-ji looked
into my eyes and I had to lower my eyes in natural feminine shame)? I had no option
but to proceed as it was my Gurudev?s directive?

Uday: But? Guru-ji? did your Guru-mata really not feel anything? I mean she was
sleeping so sound?

Guru-ji: I was also pretty much amazed to note that Uday! I think that?s n why
Gurudev was so confident probably! (smile again)

Guru-ji looked at me again and I smiled back foolishly not knowing exactly how to
react. I was naturally breathing a bit faster now as the story unfolded and my twin
dense globes were going up and down speedily inside my wet blouse.

Sanjeev: Still Guru-ji? I mean? you must have been extremely nervous?

Guru-ji: Not really, but yes, unquestionably a shade edgy? only because she was my
Guru-mata? had it been any other woman even that feeling would not have crept?

Sanjeev: Then what happened Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Fortunately Guru-mata was not wearing anything underneath and as I glanced
at her breasts, I was virtually traumatized!

Uday and Sanjeev were frowning deeply at Guru-ji. Honestly I was also quite eager
to know more. Guru-ji was giving an unnecessary pause making us all impatient.

Uday: What did you notice Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Well? you know Guru-mata was an average built woman, slightly on the
plumper side, but I was just? I mean? stunned to note that her brownish nipples
were completely inverted! Believe me Uday?. if I had not seen that I would not have
believed it! I could only locate her big round brown areolas as I tried to examine
her nipples? the nipples were completely inverted inside her boob flesh! I tried to
touch her nipples and tap them so that they poke out, but was unable to do it. The
nipples were deep seated and not getting erect at all!

Uday: Did you not see even the natural reaction Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Very good point Uday?. Generaly when you touch a woman in her breast area,
almost routinely there is a stir in her legs? but I did not notice that, which was
the most amazing part! I positioned myself closer to Guru-mata and tried to push my
thumb in the middle of her areola to push out the nipple, but my effort did not
result in any positive response!

Sanjeev: Sounds so weird!

Guru-ji: Very much so! What I found after close examination that the adhesion of
her nipple on the areola was so rigid that it was actually not allowing the nipples
to grow normally due to any stimulation.

Sanjeev: Any other mode of stimulation might have worked? I mean did you try that
Guru-ji: Precise path of thinking Sanjeev? (Guru-ji nodded his ahead in
appreciation) I also thought of a different mode of stimulation, but obviously had
to be extremely careful such that I did not wake Guru-mata up. With soft hands I
slowly started cupping her naked breasts and was watching her nipple areas intently
to look for any movement.

Sanjeev: Was there any?

Guru-ji: (Guru-ji twisted his lips) Unfortunately no! Then I thought of some
secondary stimulation for her breasts and tried tracing her thick soft lips? but it
did not yield any response too. I tried some more squeezes with my whole palm
cupping her entire boob flesh gently?

Uday: No positive outcome?

Guru-ji: Nope! The nipples did not show up at all. I attempted some more times to
stir her nipples up by poking my thumb and middle finger inside her naked boob
flesh, but afforded no positive outcome, but as I noticed Guru-mata shuffling very
marginally in her sleep due to my actions, I did not spend any more time there and
went back to Gurudev to share my observation.

Sanjeev: What was your observation Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: What I concluded was the adhesions of Guru-mata?s nipples to her areolas
were too rigid to respond to external stimulation and hence a force needs to be
exerted to loosen those adhesions. A surgery could have been an easy shortcut, but
Gurudev wanted me to do it through conservative methods. I requested Gurudev for a
couple of more sittings to understand and analyze this limitation better.
Sanjeev: What was your Gurudev?s opinion Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: He had complete trust on me and agreed to my proposal. I repeated my

observation for two more nights? I went to Guru-mata?s bedroom at midnight, she
used to be in very deep sleep, switch on the light, and then examine her deformed
nipples? Thank god! Her sleep was sound enough and she did not get a hint that I
was opening her blouse each night and checking her mammaries while she was asleep.

Uday: Did you try any more stimulating actions?

Guru-ji: Yes? I tried the most common stimulating process by caressing her thighs
and since Guru-mata used to wear a short ghagra-type dress due to the summer heat
while asleep it was easier for me also. I tried pressing and cuddling her naked
thighs outside the hem of her mini-ghagra, but that also did not have any effect on
her nipples! But one good thing I observed?

Sanjeev: What Guru-ji?

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Chapter 74

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Guru-mata mildly shuffled in her sleep each time I touched her thighs,
which means she was getting stimulated but unfortunately that did not echo in her

Sanjeev: May be Guru-ji? as she was fast asleep?

Guru-ji: Right you are Sanjeev! I also forwarded that point to my Gurudev that when
a woman is so fast asleep that she cannot recognize her blouse being opened and
mammaries touched one should deduce that she is not stimulated. Arousal of course
was a key issue for Guru-mata?s peculiar deformity.

Uday: What did your Gurudev say Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Yes, he also appreciated my point realized that in order to design a

device which would suck out the nipples from the boob flesh was only possible after
seeing the effect of stimulation on Guru-mata while she is fully conscious. Are you
getting the logic flow Uday?

Uday: Yes? yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev?

Sanjeev: Yes Guru-ji? but in order to see that? err.. I mean?.

Guru-ji: Yes you hit the bull?s eye Sanjeev! How would I do that? She was my Guru-
mata afterall and the base of our relationship was pure respect and nothing else.

Sanjeev: Very much understandable Guru-ji.

Uday: What did you do then Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Here also Gurudev showed me the way! He said it was apparently impossible
for me to directly approach Guru-mata for a checkup for her problem? her reserved
and shy nature would never allow that. Gurudev said when the normal path for any
crisis appears closed or impossible, one must create the state of affairs in such a
way so that the desired goal is reached!
Uday & Sanjeev: Very valuable idea Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: Yes, I have learnt everything from my Gurudev and whenever I get a chance
I share and pass on the thoughts? as I am doing right now!

Uday: Thanks Guru-ji!

Sanjeev: What did your Gurudev exactly suggest you Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Yes am coming to that. Gurudev always spoke straightforward and regarding
his wife also he was not hesitant because his goal was to get a remedy. He broke an
idea which would actually look the embarrassment part secondary, but would easily
aid me to get a complete look into the deformity.

Sanjeev (seemed quite impatient): What was the prized idea Guru-ji?

Honestly I was also quite keen to know that and so were Natasha and Sudha. We all
were looking impatiently at Guru-ji, but the Godman was as usual calm and composed.

Guru-ji: (smiled a bit) Gurudev said that Guru-mata was very keen to visit Prayag
to take a dip there and this would actually solve the problem!

Sanjeev & Uday: Prayag!

Myself and Natasha-Sudha were also looking at Guru-ji with some disbelief.

Sanjeev: What has the dip at Prayag to do with this? Guru-ji, you must be kidding
with us!

Guru-ji: Anita, you also think that way?

Me: Ye?err?. I mean? am also puzzled Guru-ji? I mean a dip at Prayag and the
deformity she had? I mean?

Guru-ji: Hmm? true. Apparently no relation, but there was indeed a relation.
Gurudev slowly broke the whole idea? Gurudev said to me that he would relate to
Guru-mata that in order to take a dip at Prayag its better to know swimming as the
dip takes place at the confluence of three rivers in mid waters where the water
current is significant. And it was a consequence that Guru-mata was always keen to
learn swimming but that opportunity never came.

Uday: I see? now I can read it! Right Guru-ji?. Right!

Guru-ji: Gurudev told that he would ask Guru-mata to learn swimming in a week
before she goes to Prayag with him.

Guru-ji paused, noted our reactions, and continued.

Guru-ji: Gurudev told that Guru-mata would very gladly accept his proposal and
would be very keen to learn swimming quickly before she goes for the punya-snan.

Sanjeev was still frowning and in fact I was not very confident also about the
exact plan of Guru-ji?s Gurudev.

Guru-ji: I can read your mind Sanjeev? In truth I was also somewhat confused like
you, but when Gurudev explained that this would give me the best opportunity to
explore and observe I had to accept it.

Sanjeev: But? I mean how Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: See? what was my prime goal? To arouse Guru-mata and see how her inverted
nipples were reacting, but since she was an elderly lady and I shared a very
respectful relation with her, I could not approach her in the normal way?. but this
circumstance would give me ample opportunity to touch her without embarrassing her,
which was very important. Isn?t it? Alongside while taking swimming lessons Guru-
mata would get wet which undoubtedly would add to the stimulus that I intend to
pass on. Getting me? And last but not the least was the water factor, which could
act as a catalyst in releasing her nipple adhesions!

Sanjeev: Uff! Mind-blowing analysis Guru-ji! Mindblowing!

Uday: Yes Guru-ji! The thinking level is just too much? so refined!

Guru-ji: (smiling) Yes? credit goes to my Gurudev of course! I have learnt so much
from him! Ahh! The great man! Jai Linga Maharaj!

Sanjeev: Then what happened Guru-ji? I simply can?t wait to know the end?
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Chapter 74

by samitbhai
Guru-ji: Guru-mata mildly shuffled in her sleep each time I touched her thighs,
which means she was getting stimulated but unfortunately that did not echo in her

Sanjeev: May be Guru-ji? as she was fast asleep?

Guru-ji: Right you are Sanjeev! I also forwarded that point to my Gurudev that when
a woman is so fast asleep that she cannot recognize her blouse being opened and
mammaries touched one should deduce that she is not stimulated. Arousal of course
was a key issue for Guru-mata?s peculiar deformity.

Uday: What did your Gurudev say Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Yes, he also appreciated my point realized that in order to design a

device which would suck out the nipples from the boob flesh was only possible after
seeing the effect of stimulation on Guru-mata while she is fully conscious. Are you
getting the logic flow Uday?

Uday: Yes? yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev?

Sanjeev: Yes Guru-ji? but in order to see that? err.. I mean?.

Guru-ji: Yes you hit the bull?s eye Sanjeev! How would I do that? She was my Guru-
mata afterall and the base of our relationship was pure respect and nothing else.

Sanjeev: Very much understandable Guru-ji.

Uday: What did you do then Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Here also Gurudev showed me the way! He said it was apparently impossible
for me to directly approach Guru-mata for a checkup for her problem? her reserved
and shy nature would never allow that. Gurudev said when the normal path for any
crisis appears closed or impossible, one must create the state of affairs in such a
way so that the desired goal is reached!
Uday & Sanjeev: Very valuable idea Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: Yes, I have learnt everything from my Gurudev and whenever I get a chance
I share and pass on the thoughts? as I am doing right now!

Uday: Thanks Guru-ji!

Sanjeev: What did your Gurudev exactly suggest you Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Yes am coming to that. Gurudev always spoke straightforward and regarding
his wife also he was not hesitant because his goal was to get a remedy. He broke an
idea which would actually look the embarrassment part secondary, but would easily
aid me to get a complete look into the deformity.

Sanjeev (seemed quite impatient): What was the prized idea Guru-ji?

Honestly I was also quite keen to know that and so were Natasha and Sudha. We all
were looking impatiently at Guru-ji, but the Godman was as usual calm and composed.

Guru-ji: (smiled a bit) Gurudev said that Guru-mata was very keen to visit Prayag
to take a dip there and this would actually solve the problem!

Sanjeev & Uday: Prayag!

Myself and Natasha-Sudha were also looking at Guru-ji with some disbelief.

Sanjeev: What has the dip at Prayag to do with this? Guru-ji, you must be kidding
with us!

Guru-ji: Anita, you also think that way?

Me: Ye?err?. I mean? am also puzzled Guru-ji? I mean a dip at Prayag and the
deformity she had? I mean?

Guru-ji: Hmm? true. Apparently no relation, but there was indeed a relation.
Gurudev slowly broke the whole idea? Gurudev said to me that he would relate to
Guru-mata that in order to take a dip at Prayag its better to know swimming as the
dip takes place at the confluence of three rivers in mid waters where the water
current is significant. And it was a consequence that Guru-mata was always keen to
learn swimming but that opportunity never came.

Uday: I see? now I can read it! Right Guru-ji?. Right!

Guru-ji: Gurudev told that he would ask Guru-mata to learn swimming in a week
before she goes to Prayag with him.

Guru-ji paused, noted our reactions, and continued.

Guru-ji: Gurudev told that Guru-mata would very gladly accept his proposal and
would be very keen to learn swimming quickly before she goes for the punya-snan.

Sanjeev was still frowning and in fact I was not very confident also about the
exact plan of Guru-ji?s Gurudev.

Guru-ji: I can read your mind Sanjeev? In truth I was also somewhat confused like
you, but when Gurudev explained that this would give me the best opportunity to
explore and observe I had to accept it.

Sanjeev: But? I mean how Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: See? what was my prime goal? To arouse Guru-mata and see how her inverted
nipples were reacting, but since she was an elderly lady and I shared a very
respectful relation with her, I could not approach her in the normal way?. but this
circumstance would give me ample opportunity to touch her without embarrassing her,
which was very important. Isn?t it? Alongside while taking swimming lessons Guru-
mata would get wet which undoubtedly would add to the stimulus that I intend to
pass on. Getting me? And last but not the least was the water factor, which could
act as a catalyst in releasing her nipple adhesions!

Sanjeev: Uff! Mind-blowing analysis Guru-ji! Mindblowing!

Uday: Yes Guru-ji! The thinking level is just too much? so refined!

Guru-ji: (smiling) Yes? credit goes to my Gurudev of course! I have learnt so much
from him! Ahh! The great man! Jai Linga Maharaj!

Sanjeev: Then what happened Guru-ji? I simply can?t wait to know the end?

Guru-ji: You have to be patient my son? as I always say? patience is the key to
many problems! (smiled widely) That very night Guru-mata came to my hut? actually
during those ashram days it was a custom for Guru-mata to visit all of Gurudev?s
disciples and provide them each with a glass of milk, which we consumed and sat for
a tantra meditation session before going to bed. As I took the glass of milk from
her I was bit anxious as I was not aware that whether Gurudev had told her or not
and? and how she reacted to the proposal.

Uday: Uff! A very tricky situation Guru-ji indeed!

Guru-ji: Absolutely! But when she told me that she wanted to visit Prayag shortly
with Gurudev and before going there she wanted to learn swimming from me - I could
realize things were falling in place.

Guru-ji glanced at all of us once before narrating further and we obviously were
quite glued to his yarn. Myself, Natasha and Sudha had as if completely forgotten
of our semi nudity and the way we were exposing in wet clothes, but were only keen
to know how the narrative unfolds!

Guru-ji: I readily accepted Guru-mata?s request and assured that we would begin
from tomorrow as the time span was short.