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[Semester Pattern]


Designed in– 2013

Government of India
Directorate General of Employment & Training
Ministry of Labour & Employment
EN-81, Sector-V, Salt Lake City
Kolkata-700 091

List of trade committee members approved the syllabus for the trade of “Mechanic Auto Electrical &
Electronics” under CTS
Sl. No. Name & Designation Representing Organisation Remarks
1. Shri H.Somasundram, Director CSTARI, Kolkata Chairman
2. Shri C.R.Dey, Coordinator/Lecturer George Telegraph Training Member

3. Shri Tanmay Mitra, Territory Executive MICO. Kolkata Member


4. Shri Ashim Kr. Banerjee, Proprietor A.N.Motor, Kolkata, Member

5. Shri P.K.Das, V.I., (MMV) A.T.I., Dasnagar Member
6. Shri Sanjay Kant, DDT. CSTARI., Kolkata Member
7. Shri M.S.Ekambaram, ADT CSTARI., Kolkata Member
8. Shri G. Nandi, Jr. D’man CSTARI., Kolkata Member

List of members attended the Workshop to finalize the syllabus of “MECHANIC AUTO ELECTRICAL
AND ELECTRONICS” under CTS held from 6th to 10th May’2013 at CSTARI, Kolkata.
Sl. No. Name & Designation Organisation Remarks
1. R.N. Bandyopadhyaya, Director CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Chairman
2. K. L. Kuli, Joint Director of Training CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
3. K. Srinivasa Rao, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Joint Director of Training
4. L.K. Muhkerjee, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Deputy Director of Training
5. Ashoke Rarhi, ATI-EPI, Dehradun Member
Deputy Director of Training
6. N. Nath, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Assistant Director of Training
7. S. Srinivasu, ATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13 Member
Assistant Director of Training
8. Sharanappa, ATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13 Member
Assistant Director of Training
9. Ramakrishne Gowda, FTI, Bangalore Member
Assistant Director of Training
10. Goutam Das Modak, RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
Assistant Director of Trg./Principal
11. Venketesh. Ch. , Principal Govt. ITI, Dollygunj, Andaman & Member
Nicobar Island
12. A.K. Ghate, Training Officer ATI, Mumbai Member
13. V.B. Zumbre, Training Officer ATI, Mumbai Member
14. P.M. Radhakrishna pillai, CTI, Chennai-32 Member
Training Officer
15. A.Jayaraman, Training officer CTI Chennai-32, Member
16. S. Bandyopadhyay, Training Officer ATI, Kanpur Member
17. Suriya Kumari .K , Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
18. R.K. Bhattacharyya, Training Officer RVTI, Trivandrum Member
19. Vijay Kumar, Training Officer ATI, Ludhiana Member
20. Anil Kumar, Training Officer ATI, Ludhiana Member
21. Sunil M.K. Training Officer ATI, Kolkata Member
22. Devender, Training Officer ATI, Kolkata Member
23. R. N. Manna, Training Officer CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
24. Mrs. S. Das, Training Officer CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
25. Jyoti Balwani, Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
26. Pragna H. Ravat, Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
27. Sarbojit Neogi, Vocational Instructor RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
28. Nilotpal Saha, Vocational Instructor I.T.I., Berhampore, Murshidabad, (W.B.) Member
29. Vijay Kumar, Data Entry Operator RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member


1. Name of the Trade : MECHANIC AUTO ELECTRICAL &

2. N.C.O. Code No. :
3. Duration of Craftsmen : 06 Months(One Semester)
4. Power Norms : 2.5 KW
5. Space Norms : 56 Sq. mt.

6. Entry Qualification : Passed 10th class examination

7. Unit strength : 16
8. Instructors : a) Degree in Automobile /Mechanical / Electrical
Qualification Engineering from recognized engg. college/university
with one year experience in the relevant field
Diploma in Automobile Engg./ Mechanical/Electrical
Engineering From recognized board of technical education
with two years experience in the relevant field
10 Passed + NTC/NAC in the Trade of “Mechanic
Auto Electrical & Electronics” with 3 years post
qualification experience in the relevant field

b) Preference will be given to a candidate with Crafts

Instructor Certificate (CIC)

* Note: At least one Instructor must have Degree/Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile Engg. when
applied for 02 units.

Semester Code:- MHV;SEM-I
Engineering Workshop
Week Trade Practical Trade Theory
Drawing calculation and
Familiarization with General introduction to the Free hand Electricity and its
Institute. Importance course– Duration of the sketching of effects of state and
of the Trade course and course contents. electrical symbols dynamic
machinery used in Study of the syllabus. and drawing of electricity. AC &
trade. General rules pertaining simple electrical DC differences.
Types of work done to the Institute. Facilities circuits.
by the students in the available– hostel, recreation,
shop floor. medical and library –
working hours – timetable.
Description of safety Importance of safety and -do-
equipment, their general precautions to be
use, safety rules to be observed in the shop. Fire
observed in extinguishers used for
Automobile repair different types of fire.
shop. Accident their Storing and handling of
causes. Up keep of inflammable materials.
fire extinguishers. Elementary First Aid.
Familiarization of the
tools and machinery
available in the shop –
their use and up keep.
Importance of
cleanliness of work
spot, tools, jacks,
trays and horses etc.
Familiarization on Introduction to automobiles. Freehand Magnets – natural
Automobile engines Basic working principles of sketching of and artificial
of diesel and petrol. I.C. engines, two stroke, light circuit of a types, poles of
Identification of four stroke engines. vehicle magnets –
automobile engine Difference between with electrical magnetic field.
parts. petrol engine and diesel symbols.
engines .Single cylinder and Sketching of
Multi-cylinder engines. various
Study of transmissions, electronic devices
steering, brakes and body. used in motor

4. Practice in joining Simple electrical circuits Free hand sketch Calculation based
wires & soldering. Identification of A.C. & of gauges and on Ohm’s Law.
Forming simple D.C. meters. Insulators, their circuit.
electrical circuit. conductors, Current rating of

Measuring of current, cables and wires
voltage and
Construct circuits Ohm’s Law and its Free hand plotting Definition of
using 12 V, lamps and application. Common of ignition circuit ampere, volt
switches used in electrical terms and of a vehicle, and Ohm’s – units
automobiles. symbols. Description of sketching the of current, voltage
Familiarize lighting circuit, fuses, their circuit line and resistance,
with the automobile types and ratings. diagram of Ohm’s Law.
cables and its ratings. Incandescent lamps and magnetic ignition.
Trace the light circuit halogen lamps, their
- test bulbs, align differences, merits and
head lamps, find out demerits, colour
short and open coding of cables used in
circuits in the light automobile wiring systems.
wiring - replacing
fuses testing the tail
and brake lights in
Identifying and trace Constructional details of -do- Advanced
the circuits of headlamps, high beam and calculations
different lighting low beam dipper switches relating to electric
circuit on different beam indicators, wiring circuits.
6. vehicles, trouble circuits of headlights.
shooting of lighting Focusing of headlights, two-
circuits on two filament head lamp.
wheeler and four
Measurement of Primary and secondary cells. -do- Measurement of
voltage in cells and in Construction details and electrical
batteries, connect the working of lead acid battery, power watt and
batteries in series chemical reaction during kilowatt
and parallel and find charging and discharging. relationship with
their voltage and Connection of cells, Horse
7. ampere-hour capacity. ampere-hour capacity. Power.
Testing of batteries Indication of charged
using hydrometer, cell batteries. Use of
tester. hydrometer and cell tester.
Cleaning and topping
up of a lead acid
8. Preparation of Initial charging of battery, Battery Problems on
electrolyte, prepare preparation of electrolyte, Constructional Charging current,
battery for charging, recharging of batteries, Details ampere-hours,
study of battery charging procedure, constant efficiency etc.
charger, charge voltage charging, constant
batteries in constant current charging, boosted
current, constant charging and slow rate

voltage methods. charging, charging of
Trickle charging sulphated batteries, over
method. charging and its effects.
Failure of batteries,
maintenance of batteries.
Maintenance free batteries.
Effects of mishandling
batteries on environment.
Removing Description of charging Free hand Applied problems
alternator/dynamo in circuit. sketching of on resistance in
a vehicle, Difference between dynamo charging unit.. series and parallel
precautions while and alternator, their circuits.
connecting battery in operation common trouble
alternator circuit. and remedies. Conductors and
General maintenance Ignition warning lamp. insulators–
adjusting fan belt play General details of examples and
tension. automobile alternator, uses.
Study on construction types of alternators, their
of automobile internal circuits, care and Measurement of
alternator. Familiarize maintenance of alternator. electrical power
9. & with the internal Advantage of alternator watt and kilowatt
10. circuits of alternator. over DC generator. relationship with
Testing of alternator horsepower
starter winding and Regulators for alternators, conductors and
rotor winding. construction and working of insulator types and
Overhauling and single unit regulator, two uses.
maintenance of unit regulator, three unit
alternators. regulator.
Measurements voltage
and current output and
regulating voltage.
Testing and replacing
of various types of
11.& Removing starter Description of starter motor Sketching starter Explanation of
12. motor from vehicle, circuit. Constructional motor circuit and open and
overhauling and details of starter motor. solenoid switch short circuits –
testing of starter Construction and circuit. Free hand locating
motor. working principle of DC sketching of tracer short-circuits with
Study the bendix motor. plate assembly the help of meters.
drive assembly. DC series motor and advanced
Assembling and characteristics. and retard plate.
dismantling of bendix Requirement of cranking
drive mechanism and motor.
other commonly Dynostat its construction
used drive and working. Axial starter,
mechanism. pre engaged starter and gear
Dismantling and reduction starter

assembling of Solenoid switch common
dynostat. troubles
and remedies in starter
Tracing of solenoid
circuit, testing of
solenoid switches and
their replacement
Identification of Introduction to electronics. -do- -do-
electronic control Definition of resistor,
unit. capacitor and inductor and
their principles of working.
Testing of electronic Different types of
control circuit. Fault diodes, transistors, power
finding in electronic supply.
circuit and remedies. Electric diesel control unit.
Removing an Electrical horn circuit, Free hand Sound and its
electrical horn from description of electric horn – sketching of units,
vehicle– dismantling, operation of relay and horn horn circuit, permissible dB of
cleaning point, switches. Common troubles drawing the important places.
assembling the horn and their remedies. sectional view of
14. and adjusting the horn
horn for correct
sound, tuning double
horn, repairing of
horn relay and horn
Removing a wiper Description and operation of Free hand -do-
motor – dismantling, an electric wiper motor, care sketching of wiper
cleaning, inspecting, and maintenance. Common motor circuit.
repairing electrical troubles and remedies.
15. wiper motors,
assembling and
fitting, setting blades
for correct
Measurement of dwell Magneto ignition system – Free hand Concept of milli,
angle using dwell description and operation, sketching of micro and nano
tester. Functional advantages – rotating magneto ignition units
check on ignition coil armature and flywheel circuit
distributor at the magnetos – special
16. installation. features.
with the distributors
used in the

Principles of electronic
ignition ,advantages, types
of electronic ignition system
capacitor discharge ignition
system, thyristor based
ignition system
Tracing fault in and microprocessor based
different electronic contactless ignition system.
ignition systems and
Adjustment of contact point
17. & Removing, gap measurement of dwell
18. dismantling, cleaning angle controlling of dwell
and assembling angle spark advance
magnetos adjusting mechanism, centrifugal
gap in points – testing advance mechanism and
magnetos. vacuum advance
mechanism. Special
ignition system such as
surface discharge plug
system, piezo electric
ignition, and ring ignition,
trouble shooting in ignition
Measurement of spark MPFI system and its
gap by using feeler advantages.
gauges in different Description and functions of
types of plugs, adjust spark plugs their
the spark gap with constructional details,
19. reference to types of spark plug, heat
manufacturer data ranges of plugs. Fouling of
cleaning checking and spark plug, testing and
listing of spark plug adjusting of spark gap
using plug scope.
Adjustment of gap
20. Dismantling and Constructional details of Constructional Calculation of
assembling of wiper wiper motor, gear assembly, details of wiper total current and
motor, checking of testing of wiper motor, motor assembly. power of electrical
wiper parts and year electric horn their circuit of vehicle.
assembly. construction and working.
Overhauling and Double horn systems. Wind
maintenance screen wiper motor, wiper
of wiper motor. Wiper motor with two
motor with two speed and timer link type
speed and timer. permanent magnet wiper
Dismantling and motor.
cleaning contacts of Car fan assembly and fan
horns and motor,

reassembling their construction and
of horns, tuning of working, door glass motor.
horns, wind screen,
wiper motor, link type
permanent magnet
wiper motor and door
glass motor.
Trace the wiring Flasher circuit, its Free hand
circuit of traffic signal description and operation, sketching of
flashes light circuit – common troubles in the light circuit of
tracing defects in circuit and remedies Layout vehicle with
the flasher circuits, of different sensors and electrical symbols.
replacing fuse bulb. indicating lamp in a vehicle.
Trouble tracing in Fog lamp, side lamp, tail Free hand
electrical wiring of lamp, brake lamp their sketching of the
the vehicle. Use of individual circuits and complete wiring
resistance meter specifications study the of the vehicle.
voltmeter and combined wiring circuit
ammeter. Attending diagram, flash light and
mechanical repairs to sirens used in ambulance.
electric accessories
such as fuel gauge,
temperature gauge,
brake light switch,
solenoids switch.
Checking instruments Different gauges used in
& gauges on dash automobiles, their function.
board. Rectify/replace Anti theft device function.
defective gauges.
22. Study circuit diagram
of anti theft device,
checks repair and fit
anti theft device on
23. Familiarization of car Car radio and cassette
radio wiring and player, car videos,
speaker circuits, Construction and working
Familiarize with the details of power windows,
connection and electronic door locking
operations of power systems, automatic rear view
window, electronic mirror, temperature
door locking systems, indicators, automatic
automatic rear view heaters and defrosters.
mirror, temperature Electronic RPM indicators.
indicators and Antilock braking
electronic RPM system, their working
indicators principles, construction and

Study on electronic fuel
injection system, function of
fuel pump.
Familiarize with Familiarize with the sensors
MPFI system and used for MPFI system,
ECM. Barometric pressure, Air
Observe the various Temp, Vacuum Pressure,
warning signals Coolant Temp., Vehicle
generated by the ECM speed, Throttle position
and to attend the sensor, O2 sensor, Crank
remedial measures shaft angle
sensor(CMP/CKP) and the
Entrepreneurship functions of ECM. Care and
Training for self maintenance of ECM.
employment –
concept of
finance to
Incentives and
25. Revision
26. Examination



SL. No. Name of the items Qty.

1. Hammer Ball Peen 0.75 kg. 17 Nos.
2. Chisel Cold Flat 19 mm. 17 Nos.
3. Centre Punch 10mm dia x 100mm 17 Nos.
4. Steel rule 15 cm English and Metric 17 Nos.
5. Screw driver 30 cm x 9 mm blade 17 Nos.
6. Screw Driver 20 cm x 9 mm blade 17 Nos.
7. Spanner DE Set of 12 pieces (6 mm – 32 mm) 17 Nos.
8. Plier Combination 15 cm 17 Nos.
9. Hand file 20 cm second cut 17 Nos.
10. Feeler gauge 20 blades (metric) 17 Nos.
11. Ring Spanner set of 12 pieces ( 6 mm – 32 mm) 17 Nos.
12. Steel tool box with lock and key (folding type) size 400 x 200 x 150 mm. 17 Nos.
13. Allen key set of 12 pieces (2 mm – 14 mm) 5 Sets
14. Circlip Plier (External and internal) 150 mm. And 200 (two each) 9 Sets
15. Philips screw driver type set of 5 pieces 100 mm –300 mm. 5 Sets
16. Star Allen key 5 Sets



SL. No. Name of the items Qty.

1. Rule Steel 300 mm 2 Nos.
2. Divider spring joint 150 mm 2 Nos.
3. Prick punch 15 cm 2 Nos.
4. Chisel cross cut 200 mm x 6 mm 1 No.
5. Hammer Ball Peen 0.5 kg. 2 Nos.
6. Engineering square 15 cm blade 2 Nos.
7. Hammer copper 1 kg. With handle 1 No.
8. Hack saw frame for 30 cm blade 4 Nos.
9. V-Block 75 x 38 mm pair with clamps 2 Nos.
10. Punch Hollow 6,7,8,9,10.5 and 12 mm set 1Set
11. Hand Vice 37 mm 2 Nos.
12. Screw Driver, Electrician type 15 cm size 2 Nos.
13. File, flat 35 cm bastard 2 Nos.
14. File, flat 25 cm second cut 2 Nos.
15. Micrometer Outside 25 – 50 mm 1 No.
16. Micrometer Outside 0 – 25 mm 1 No.
17. Setting Hammer 1 No.
18. Mallet (wooden) 1 No.

19. Soldering iron 120 watts 2 Nos.
20. Pliers Nose (round and straight) 150 mm and 200 mm 2each
21. Drilling Machine (Bench) 12 mm dia. 1 No.
22. Distributor – old for practice 2 Nos.
23. Clip on Meter Digital and Analog 1each
24. Steel almirah 180 x 90 x 50 cm 1 No.
25. Fire extinguisher 2 Nos.
26. Fire buckets with stand 4 Nos.
27. Tachometer 1 No.
28. Tester sparking plug “NEON” Type 1 No.
29. Compressor air piston type (vehicular) 1 No.
30. High rate discharge tester 1 No.
31. Pneumatic tools 1set
32. General purpose puller 1set
33. Stud extractor 1set
34. Growler 1 No.
35. Battery charger 1 No.
36. Multimeter digital and analog 1each
37. Continuity meter 1 No.
38. Starter motor, alternator, dynamo cut out 2each
39. AC alternator slip ring puller 1 No.
40. AC alternator slip ring press tool 1 No.
41. Executive Auto Electrical Tool kit 1 No.
42. Distributor tester 1 No.
43. Electrical test bench 1 No.
44. Alternator regulator tester 1 No.
45. Car stereo 1 No.
46. Hydrometer 1 No.
47. Vehicle Euro 2 1 No.
48. Batteries 12V (lead acid) 2 Nos.
49. Electrical horn (different type) 4 Nos.
50. Viper motor assembly 4 Nos.
51. Engine Scanner 1 No.
52. Anti theft device 2 Nos.
53. Desktop computer latest configuration and related MS office software 1 No.
54. Laser printer 1 No.


Sl. Class Room/ Workshop Furniture Quantity

1. Discussion Table 1 No.
2. Tool Cabinet 2 Nos.
3. Trainees locker Required to accommodate 16 lockers
4. Book shelf (glass panel) 1 No.

5. Storage Rack 2 Nos.
6. Storage shelf 2 Nos.
7. Computer table 1 No.
8. Computer chair 2 Nos.
9. Printer table 1 No.
10. Online UPS 2KVA 1 No.