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Manggayad, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

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 Check -in time is 2:00 PM. Check-out time is 11:00 AM.
 Please do not leave cash, valuables or any important documents in your room. The hotel shall
not be in any way liable for any loss of valuables inside the room.
 Loss or damages of the hotel properties inside the guest room due to occupant's negligence
and/or misuse shall be charged to the account of the latter. These Includes Henna
Tattoo stains on towels and bed linens, which are subject to corresponding charges.

Henna Tattoo Stains Penalty – Php5, 000 pesos (Five Thousand Pesos)

 Please do not leave personal items unattended at the lobby and hallway areas. The hotel shall
not be in any way responsible for loss of personal items which are left unattended.
 Shortened stay shall be subjected to forfeiture of full payment. Bookings made through third
parties (Travel Agents, Airlines, etc.) Are NON REFUNDABLE.
 Please turn off the lights, TV and Air-conditioner before leaving the room. Be sure to lock the
door and leave the key at the Front Desk for safekeeping.

Lost keys will be charged Php1350.00 each.

 We require a deposit of Php 1,500.00 for incidental charges (i.e. Beach towel rental fees, lost
keys, Mini Bar, etc.), the remaining amount of which shall be refunded upon check-out.
 Adults 60 years old and above/disabled guest must be accompanied by an able person to closely
accompany his or her movements in around the hotel premises.
 A fresh towel is provided for each occupant of the room. Change of bed linens and
replenishment of supplies for each room are done every other day. Room make-up may be
done upon request. Kindly inform the Front Desk if you want your room to be cleaned. You may
also hang the "MAKE UP ROOM" sign outside your room.

The housekeeping staffs are not allowed to clean your room without your request.

 Breakfast is served from 6:30AM to 10:00AM only.

 The hotel is only authorized to accommodate properly registered guests. For this purpose, all
guests are required to present a valid ID or passport.
 Gambling and possession of firearms or prohibited drugs are strictly prohibited within hotel
premises, Firearms should be deposited at the Front Desk. These may be released to the guest
upon leaving the hotel premises (the Front Desk shall issue a receipt with firearms description,
room number and etc; Security Guards shall assist in processing of deposit.)

 Smoking inside the guest room is strictly prohibited. (A smoke test will be done before you
will be cleared for Check-out, a PENALTY of P10, 000.00 pesos will be charge for smoking
inside the room.

 Hotel and restaurant bills must be settled upfront, payment either in cash or credit card. We
don’t accept Personal/Company checks for payment.
 Restaurant and In Room Dining Service shall be paid in cash or credit Card.
 In the event of any guest being sick or injured, the hotel may arrange for the services of a
doctor, or may arrange for the guest to be taken to a hospital; all expenses will be shouldered by
the guest/s.
 Cooking and warming of food (e g. Using electric kettle) inside the room is strictly prohibited.
 Pets and animals of any kind are also prohibited within the total premises.
 Washing and ironing of clothes is not allowed inside the guest room.
 Before guest/s will be cleared for check- out, our housekeeping personnel will check the room
for valuables, which the guests may have inadvertently left inside the room and to check the
mini bar, In the meantime, the guests shall wait for the processing of the checkout at the lobby.


I understand and Agreed to the House rules above,

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