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My Space Odyssée
Oscar Magocsi
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Getting
contacts ... ........................................... .................................................. ...... page 3
How it started ... .............................................. .................................................. ............. 3
Fingering in the city ... ............................................. ................................................8th
Contact and visit the landed light ship ... ........................................... 13
Monitoring ... ................................................ .................................................. ......... 18
Over the Atlantic ... .............................................. .................................................. .... 22
Egypt, Giza ... .............................................. .................................................. ........ 24
Syria, Golan Heights; Attack of the military ... .............................................. ..................
Tibet, near Lhasa ... ............................................. .................................................. ...... 26
Return via Africa and South America ... ............................................ ......................... 28
Chapter 2: Flight to a double star system ... ....................................... .........................
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In space …............................................... .................................................. ............. 34
Travel in the cosmos ... .............................................. .................................................. .......
A strange planet ... .............................................. .................................................. ..... 41
The Mission of the Extraterrestrial ... ............................................. ...................................
Chapter 3: Visit to the 'Council of
Guardians' ... ...................................... ................................ page 63
From the origin backwards ... ............................................. ........................................ 63
Paradoxical empire with difficult trials ... ............................................ ................ 68
Meaning and purpose of transcendental experiences ... ............................................ ......
The party …............................................... .................................................. ....................
Quentin's farewell speech ................................................ ........................................ 80
Investment................................................. .................................................. .......................
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First contacts
On that memorable Saturday I was on my way to my weekend property in the
Near the Muskoka River in the area of Huntsville / Ontario and had Toronto already far
behind me. Although my weekend is nothing to say, I'm very happy
Over this rough, unpretentious place. It is about one and a half acre rocky hills,
Richly covered with firs and pines and surrounded by forest. I can not even go there
But has to park next to the highway and then to a clearing on a
Rocky plateau. There I have a equipment hut, in which I have my camping equipment
Sleeping bags are kept for overnight stays. The place for the camp fire is a few steps
Away, right at the edge of the rocky plateau, from which one has a view of the dusty
Country road. From here you have a panoramic view over the tree tops along the
River valley to a hill chain about a mile away. From this preferred place
I could see the sunsets behind the distant mountain crests as well as the sometimes on
Follow highway driving cars. To the back I could see the ascending
Line of giant trees along the very large slope that half of my flat clearing
skirted. I bought the place a few years ago on an inner drive, because I fell in love
Me immediately into his solemn charm. Some people consider him to be completely
unsuited to somebody
To erect a civilized building on it, or to make a landscape of it,
also true. But this useless spot of romantic nonsense proved to be most useful for
Me to get rid of everything. There I was in deep contentment with the time
Spend their time on the wooded slopes, stairs and railings at higher altitudes
Terraces to build, which should in no case serve any purpose, or else other
Work on "big projects" that were without any meaning. I even built one
Slightly elevated, wooden platform that served by day as a "sun deck" and on which I at
Sitting and admiring the star-studded skies.
In that memorable night of September, when everything began, I was still sitting late at
my camp fire.
I was half lost in thought, sunk into the sight of my lunged campfire. The
Night was clear and cool, but friendly. From time to time I stood up to get a new piece
of wood
So that the fire may not go out. No soul was on the way, it was long ago
Bedtime. No one was near-so I hoped at least-but I could feel
Do not shake off any attention, which can not be defined more precisely, is directed at
Even though I had often been sitting outside or wandering around, I never had
Previously had a similar sensation. But I did not believe that I imagined it.
It was not frightening, but rather a pleasant, consistent feeling tested
- not by someone, but rather by "something". I got up and walked away a bit
From the fireplace. The feeling of being watched stopped, as if someone wanted to
Thoughts. When my eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness, I could
Slowly make the needle-pointed points of the starlight up in the sky. Then shivered
Me and I held my breath in surprise:
From high up in the air a weak orange light pulsed to me. This "light"
Just seemed to hang up there, a few hundred feet above the trees. It was perhaps one
Half a mile away, still on the other side of the opposite mountain range, and was
noiseless. Then the color of this mysterious light slowly changed into a pale blue-
Green, then it turned orange again. I knew at once: That was the "something" that made
watching. I was also convinced that this must be a so-called "UFO". There were
Also simply no other explanation! For a long time I stood awed and dared

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Not to move a muscle, so as not to drive the object away. My eyes stroked
But in vain to capture some detail. Somehow, I also knew that "it" quite exactly
Knew what was going on in me in those moments. Although it was quite clear to me that
in this
Darkness could not be seen, I raised my arms and waved them to greet
the light. To my surprise, the UFO blinked twice, as if it were my gesture
Would have understood. Then it began to rise vertically and was out of sight. But it
Once again, slowly as a falling leaf, exactly to the former place. But it was not
Long - after two more "blinkers" it shot in an ascending bow and disappeared
Soon in the velvety darkness of the stereotyped sky. The feeling of deep
Mystery behind this UFO light, personal checking and short
Demonstration flight moved me a lot. I could not imagine that all this flashing and
The flight maneuvers were mere coincidences without significance. I decided to wake
up for a while
And to search the sky for other moving lights. The
Campfire was almost gone and I lost interest in it. I was deep in thought
Sunk, admired the stars, and absentmindedly saw a falling star, which suddenly
Stopped and then fell. Up? My God! Much more likely, I assumed,
This was another UFO demonstration.
Nothing unusual was to be seen. It was quite late when I was reluctant
My Nachtwache broke off. So I settled for the night and wrapped myself in
My sleeping bag. Suddenly I fell asleep, despite my excited state. My
Sleep, however, was rather restless, as I dreamed time and again,
Contact me. But I did not succeed in understanding something, despite the fact
Perpetual "intention" that was directed at me. The sun was already high in the sky
I awoke the next morning. After a hearty breakfast that I had on my
Campingherd prepared, I went to me with some minor carpentry too
And later I struck wood for the camp fire in the coming night. This kind
Work seemed to me never to be a waste of time, on the contrary, it was satisfying,
Necessary, inspiring, even inspiring. Yes, so was my routine work in the distant Toronto
Simple and simple. Sometimes I made long walks in the woods,
Down to various dreamy spots on the river bank, or high up to the tree line,
To the slope of the mountain crest, then again downhill to the desolation of the
Of course this country also belongs to anyone; There are many thousand acres,
overgrown with
Fir and spruce, best suited for Christmas trees. In between were many rocky
Clearings and some paths for the wood removal. During these walks I found three very
Unusual places that somehow seemed "magical". Magical in the sense that they
A soothing calm, an invigorating force, or a frightening eeriness
- all with precisely defined boundaries. The "quiet" spot is on my property. It is
An untroubled plateau, about fifty feet above the highway; There I can from time to time
The most peaceful dreams. After that, I always feel rejuvenated and rejuvenated
Sharper "focused". The "co-worker" spot is a few hundred yards away
On a clearing in "Niemandsland". There seems to be a certain force here
Energiesröme from the ground around me and through me, as if my whole
System would be recharged and me physical strength to come. Only once did I discover
Unusually strange: a slight trembling came from the ground, followed by a series lighter
Shocks, which caused me to get away from my head. The "weird" spot lies
Also a few hundred yards from my property, but in another direction, so
Overall a triangle is formed. This spot is at the end of a slope, with good
Round visibility. When I was sitting there at dusk or at moonlight, there seemed to be
Changes in parts of the comprehensive panoramic view - or in the air itself.
These changes take on time different colors and patterns, while they are strange

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Sound vibrations, as if they came from another world. It is weird when this
But this is not always the case.
Although I was busy with smaller works all day, my
Thoughts always back to the strange events of the past night.
In fact, I was even looking forward to the next night watch, hoping for more
Activities of unknown flying objects. To my great disappointment, however, began
Late afternoon and it did not look as if it would end soon. I
Felt a little restless, got into my car and drove to the nearby town of Huntsville.
There I spent the time chatting in books and magazines and then
I went to the movies. It was about eleven o'clock at night, when I was leaving the city
My property. Although it had apparently stopped raining for some time,
The air was very damp and fog rags drifted over the almost deserted highway. Because it
Later Sunday evening, the weekends had long since had to go back to town. As I
Not even before Monday evening in Toronto, I originally had the intention of another
Night stay here. But bad luck! - with cold and mist did not the stay promise
To be pleasant. Surely no camp fire was possible. Thus the chances were one
Further UFO sighting in this weather situation very little. I turned off the main road into
Curvy country road that led to my place. In less than a mile from the
Highway leads the country road in a steep downward curve to a single lane bridge over
Muskoka River. I slowed my pace almost to a halt and tried to keep the valley below
To make out. The shadows seemed to spread.
Suddenly I heard a noisy sound, then a sinister, greenish, emerged from above
Coming light the country into brightness. At the same time the engine of my car went
out. The
Light from above became steadily stronger, as if its light source gradually
approached. When I mean
Head out of the car to see better, a wind blown the dissolving
Fog completely away and the light source from above came almost silently in sight: It
was a
Discus-shaped object with a uniform yellow-green glow around a pulsating blue
Light in focus. Obviously a UFO !, I noted. It was perhaps in a few hundred
Foot height - a foggy appearance without details and it produced a weak,
Buzzing sound as it flew slowly across the valley. Then the disc stopped and
Hovering over the opposite hill, about the place where my property lay.
My God, I thought, wanted to land there? Will I pay a visit, or what else?
While it floated there, the color changed into orange and it began to pulsate, so it wanted
Down there something or someone check. Maybe I should quickly come over and it
From close up. I tried to start the car, but the engine did not start. To
Stupid, but perhaps I should not yet approach this phenomenon. The violent wave
The excitement which had originally overwhelmed me, now gave way to a calm, calm
Yes, the orange, pulsating light of light even began to grow into a sleepy state
offset. Fortunately, the still existing drifting nebulae covered
Sometimes the floating disk, otherwise I would probably have fallen asleep. Now
changed the
Slice their color into a uniform green, sat in motion, made an arc and
Came out of sight behind the hill as if she were going to land in the
"Niemandsland". simultaneously
Disappeared suddenly again my drowsiness and I felt anew excitement and
Curiosity rise in me. I turned the ignition key again, and this time he started
Car is flawless. I let the engine run, but decided to stand still and the
Further development. But nothing happened and so I gave after 10 minutes mine
Monitoring. I considered moving past the hill where the UFO had disappeared, in the
Hope to see it close up when it really landed there. But in the same minute, in
Which I decided to go and investigate, began all sorts of fears and fears
Raise objections in me. I began my own strange reactions

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wonder. First of all, there was the excessive fatigue, in spite of the exciting
circumstances, then their
Sudden disappearance, just as the discus changed its pulsation and got out of sight.
Secondly, the onset of strong negative sensations, which my curiosity and my research
Threatened to stifle. Were these impulses in me directly or indirectly from the
A missile from? When I thought back to the past night, when I felt
Had to be supervised and checked, I came to the conclusion that this was a whole
Which was based on a definite plan. I was sure,
That there was an attempt at telepathic contact, as fantastic as it may sound.
Well, in my mind, I shrugged my shoulders, might be haunted or something else in the
game, I would myself
To see how things developed. And so, my innate Hart-
Ness the upper hand. Although I felt more and more frightened, I drove down the hill
across the bridge.
At a bend behind the bridge I almost drove a big, dark something that made the way
blocked. At the same moment, I was blinded by the beam of an orange light source,
Which proceeded from the dark, shapeless "something". I tore the carriage aside and
, I would have stopped in any case, because the engine had stopped again. The strong
Orange searchlight went off. All that remained was the light of my headlights
A barely visible reflex on the dark obstacle. As far as I could see, saw
The obstacle is similar to a glittering motorcyclist, with a fancy helmet
And a telescopic spectacle that sat on a kind of "snowmobile". A snowmobile in the
Summer? But this was only my first, almost automatic impression. Later than my eyes
Better accustomed to the dark, I looked longer and closer. However,
That my perception was unsatisfactory and sketchy, and that my senses were not free-
Willingly tried to describe something in familiar expressions, as if we were to
A random arrangement of spots on a wall. Now,
Only on the margins of "objective" human observation. A voice that comes from the
Blurred obstacle, scared me:
"Why so hurried?"
"Well, whether you believe it, or not, I'm behind a UFO, just behind the hill
Disappeared! "I almost screamed. That went to but nothing at all - or maybe
but? The response of the figure came in a strongly vibrating tone, but without any
emotion. It
Was something strange, unearthly about this voice-as if it were not entirely human.
"Is not that too risky? That could be very dangerous? "
"Probably, I take it and that tells me also my own better judgment. But
Nevertheless, I will go as soon as I can. "
"This is very, very cold-blooded. And you are not afraid? "
"Well, to tell the truth, I'm honestly excited and nervous. But hot-headed and stubborn
As I am, what could a self-despising madman do? "I stammered
Nervously, and annoyed me about it; I was lifted from the hinges. "As:
Curiosity was the cat's death, if you know what I want to express. "
"No, I do not know what you mean, for you use unusual expressions. But what I do
Understand that you must go and see yourself, regardless of the consequences. "
He must drive me, too, I thought. No one speaks so, except he is
Some jester, who is driving a stupid concubine with me, or a real extraterrestrial
Ufonaut, or a robot, like a bad movie, or a crazy centaur in his
Fantasy vehicle - or what else? I struggled to stay alert; Drowsiness seemed
To regain control of myself without any warning. I have to observe things and
Not this transistor-radio-like device, which hung this stranger in front of his chest, and a
Weak, orange-colored pulsating glow. I looked away - what
Should I say? It did not matter, I accepted. I was tired and needed sleep. What the hell

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I here at all, why did I not go to bed immediately? Then I fought myself violently and
"Friend, whoever or whatever you may be, whether right or wrong, I will do according
to my own
Will act without a foreign interference. By the way, as you said, was your name? "
"Peace on you, friend," came the answer, letter for letter, in a moderate tone, mine
Ignoring mistrust, "I respect your independent spirit. Just wanted to warn you, because
Many strange things have happened in this area. As I live here, I must know.
And by the way, I'm not saying what my name is. "
In the middle of his reply, my fatigue suddenly disappeared. I would have liked to know,
I have a few minutes before everything just imagined me and through my overreaction
In hysterical complications? But it did not matter. Perhaps it was wiser of
To me, not to be curious, I thought, now satisfied that this last thought
My own free will-if it were not another and even finer telepathic
List was to deceive my judgment. But no, I decided, because I had myself
Firmly under control.
"I suppose it's better, I am blowing my chase in these circumstances."
I finally get the conversation back on, "but certainly I want to learn more about this
"You will, when the time has come, I am sure."
"For example, when?"
"If the conditions are favorable. For a long time it will not last longer, be assured, then
You have contacts ... "
I tried to digest these hints, but it did not seem that the place was now
To go into more detail, especially with regard to his refusal to give his name
And including his vague utterance to live in this area. And if he did not
Was willing to reveal things about himself and his knowledge, then everything was now
I accepted. Still I was still thinking, when the "obstacle" just disappeared by
Literally swallowed by the darkness. I had to be totally lost in thought
Because I could not remember the nature of his disappearance later on,
Whether it was a sound or light turned on. I felt
In all respects completely done. All the excitement about the sight, the meeting,
My violent inner struggle about it, really, or only in the imagination, telepathically
Had to have my unsuccessful speculation about the strange "obstacle"
Undoubtedly my energy reserves. I now began to feel rather miserable and
I froze Rightly, I could say the day has gone and it's time to go to bed. And
I did that, but not the same and not on my property. Since I am in this
Uncomfortable, exhausted condition, it seemed to me wiser to pack and to go to the
"Human bee swarm" of Toronto. I started the dead engine -
I knew he was going to jump now and I drove back to my place, grabbing
And concluded; Everything within ten minutes. The return through the woods brought
New events, but the feeling of an indeterminate, imminent danger I could not get from
shake off. The moment I turned on the highway, I felt a lot
I arrived quite quickly in Toronto. At home, after a refreshing bath, I entered the
Balcony to make a few breaths before going to bed. Almost dawned, but
Many lights were still scattered over the city. The town smelt somewhat stale and the
Sparse traffic noise penetrated clearly to my eighth floor. Well, sure could not
With my forests, but here, in the dense "house jungle" I was
At least out of reach of foreign consciousness manipulations, and in the dark more
Shape. So or similar I thought, as I looked at a weak orange

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Glimmer fell on the horizon. Oh no, I groaned, no mistake! The glimmer looked quite
like a UFO
out. Maybe it was the same thing I'd seen in the woods, but maybe it was
Not, or it had at least nothing to do with me. Very likely this was just a strange one
Coincidence. To the nagging suspicion of being monitored again, I picked up one
Pulled my arms and waved to the very distant flying object. How crazy you can
become? I wondered about my silly gesture. And then came the shocking
Surprise: The light blinked twice, very likely to me! After that
The glimmer changes into a constant green and the UFO shot with an incredible
Speed skyward, made an impossible right-angled turn, then stroked
Hovering over the horizon, finally disappearing as abruptly as never before
exist. For a while I stared perplexed at the place where it had disappeared and speculated
All the consequences that could arise for me. Of course this was completely useless,
I myself could not do anything about these astonishing events, or
With regard to their presumptive background to me-if there were any such
They are friendly or hostile. So I left the whole thing for today.
Shrugging is my preferred reaction to get rid of something and this in turn is one
Restful sleep very conducive. Finally, I went inside. However, despite my intention, me
I never had a more restful sleep.
Weeks passed since my memorable UFO experiences, without something new
Once again I drove over a weekend to Muskoka, half hoping for more
Revelations, but in vain. After all, I spent a nice weekend. I enjoyed that
Last camp fire this year before the winter came with its snowy streets. I rejoiced
Me at invigorating walks through the woods in the fresh air while I tried,
To remind me of the strange events and to get behind their minds.
Apparently, I was a little obsessed with this UFO puzzle. Back in the city,
I began to ask friends and workmen to prudent questions about the UFO theme. To
I did not find any of these questions silly-or I thought I was doing
Conversation. Most of the people I spoke to had heard of this phenomenon, or
read. They thought flying "saucers" really existed and came out of space.
They had very different and often startling views about them. Then read
I have various books that I could raise about the subject. It was usually only
List of the numerous sightings and the few contacts, which in the archives of the UFO-
Research organizations. But the explanations and theories could not do me any
Satisfying answer to the three questions that moved me: What are the UFOs, where from
Do they come and why are they here?
While I was looking for more information, I learned from a lecture given at the
Known building of the "Psychic Foundation" ("Psychic Foundation").
When I went there, the matter turned out merely as a detailed summation of general
What I liked, but unfortunately brought me nothing new. After the lecture
I went around a bit to snap what others would have to say. Then came a
young man named Steve which I thought was pretty excited pleasing to me.
"Excuse me," he said, "but I have the strange feeling that somehow with UFOs too
do have."
"Ask calmly. But what gave you that feeling? "
"Well, I felt very strongly attracted to you. Somehow I felt that you were not just one
Common visitor. Besides, my feeling was still a kind of symbolic image
Which I saw in connection with you. This symbol is at times when it is used for
To give me something important. "
"What was this sign, or rather, this symbolic image, as you put it, that

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You saw with me? "
"I'm not quite sure if I saw it, but I mean to have noticed it fleetingly.
It is a weakly pulsating, orange-colored glow. A few years ago I saw one in the sky
Floating object that pulsed in the same way. It strangled my Automotor - I was
Just traveling to Los Angeles - and it made me tired of falling asleep. Indeed
This incident saved my life, for a few minutes later an earthquake tore parts of the
Highways and the bridge in front of me collapsed. "
"Amazingly," I said. I was packed to meet someone with the pulsating glow
Had the same experience and I considered whether I could tell him about my meeting
Report; But I decided against it, at any rate for the present time.
"You think the UFO was there to save you?"
"No, it was just coincidence. Later I was told that the spacecraft was in the first place
Line has weakened the earthquake. The "ET" did this to the impending ER-
Of an earthquake that is caused by natural
Of the San Andreas ditch, and they succeeded in averting the great disaster.
Unfortunate at the expense of personal injury and property damage, but that was the
lesser evil.
And by the way, they saved some human lives in the area of the endangered areas by
using them
led telepathically to go away in time - or they considered it just before the village
was the case in the disaster, as with me. "
"Oh!" I exclaimed, "that's a story! But you wanted to say with the expression 'me
was declared '? Make the UFOs so what? "
"This is a story in itself. As I said I sometimes see this orange glow,
if there is to learn about extraterrestrial flying objects for me. I take it as Siganl that
is directed at me, sometimes very important, because they seem to have taken it upon
myself for
these earthquakes episode to lead in person. "
"What do you mean by it ? Who are they ? "
"I dont know. Some invisible force - any beings behind these activities
Space ships calling themselves "Psycheaner" call ( "Psycheans"). "
"Strangely name. Perhaps it refers to the way of their actions? "
"Maybe. By the way, this orange glowing signal can sometimes in dreams
come, sometimes when I'm wide awake and in the most unusual moment. Then it is as
I heard someone whisper to me something that I can not understand. Three weeks ago,
led me
this signal to a discussion of extrasensory perception, in which some people about their
reported personal experiences in this regard. I also spoke about my experiences
asked the UFO and whether anyone had an explanation for this. Since this was young
Christmas - by Chile or Peru - named Quentin on and told me what actually at this time
California has happened. "
"And you believe him?"
"Absolute. It was perfectly obvious what he said. Working all the details, the earthquake
aptly blended to form a non-contradictory picture. You see, I have my own
operated investigate this incident and talked to many people who on respect
the earthquake have made their own experiences. "
"This Quentin - he said you even more?"
"No. He disappeared suddenly after this ESP -Discussion. Also, no one seems
to know him. Most people consider him to be very remarkable, almost like someone
from a
another world. A girl in this discussion, a spiritual medium, felt that Quentin
has arrived from a distant planet in another galaxy. Well, I do not know, but I
have the assumption that he is somehow determined in conjunction with flying discs -
just as I suspect that the same is true for you. "
I assured him that this was not the case - but I began gradually about myself

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to wonder, because for some vague reasons I refrained him about
to report my experiences last summer. Maybe too many people were in
Earshot and I shied away from any publicity. but maybe I also took Steve's
History is not serious enough, though I found it quite fascinating. Also, now began
other people to pour in and soon Steve was pretty busy trying to talk to them.
So I set them, safely completely unnoticed by Steve and the others. However, much later
I thought for hours at his words and wish I would have stayed and deeper into the
Topic penetrated, even if it was not exactly what I on bare facts and
exhaustive explanations sought. That night I dreamed of vibrant, orange
Lights, but special messages were not delivered - apart from a disembodied
Voice that described himself as "Psychean" and said that I would soon have contact and
should look for the signal out. I found it interesting how my subconscious on
Steve's Geschchte about the voice in his head responded, but I did not think that behind
my dream put an element of truth. After all - sometimes you have much crazier
About a week after the meeting with Steve in February 1975, there was a
interesting new development. One evening - I was traveling to the movies - attracted a
on a street corner my attention. It was about a "psychological issue" that
this evening and the next three days would take place at the Sheraton Hotel. The poster
was one
also something of ufology, and so I decided on the next or the next night
to go there. Just as I turned away from the stop, I had the fleeting
Impression of a weak orange glow to this poster. Crazy, I thought, I see
too obsessed maybe I'm ultimately from this "Flying Saucers" theme - Ghosts
and Steve's story must have also influenced me. I shook my head to this
short hallucination to get rid of and waved a cab to take me to the film,
for I longed for that evening. However, during the cab ride I could not question
rid: Was my "hallucination" might really signal of an impending
Contact of the spoke in my dream my disembodied voice?
"Here we are, sir." The taxi driver pulled me out of my thoughts. His voice had
a remarkably vibrant sound and was somehow familiar to me. Where I had already
heard? I looked out: we were at the main entrance of the Sheraton Hotel, not before
the cinema.
"I told you to bring me here?" I was really taken aback. This was my mistake, or
was any strange experience underway?
"Psychean Contact, what you wanted, right?"
His words really shocked me. Why he used this particular expression
"Psychean Contact"? Maybe this thing was just any other accident. I saw the
Taxi drivers sharply: Well, he really looked more like a tanned movie star and not as
an ordinary taxi driver, penetrating with his impressive beard and green
Eyes. I remember not even if I have paid, or am simply got out that way.
The next thing I remember is that I saw me sitting in the lobby of the hotel and tried
out of my momentary bewilderment. I made up my mind, me not so fast
to lose again in thought, even though I had the presumption same time that actually
something strange was afoot. My curiosity grew decision and so I set out
down on the way up the stairs to the "Psycho-exhibition" in the large conference hall.
The fair was swarming with visitors. There were about 40 booths, which covers a range
psychological and related information offered, overlooking catching posters and much
Information. I headed directly to the outstanding UFO level too, which in
was a corner, equipped with many enlarged photos and a vehicle that a
was similar observatory - called "UFO vehicles". Now what ?, I wondered, looking up

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the half-dozen people who went around to the photo exhibition. Then, as if on cue,
my attention was directed to a blond and strikingly blue-eyed young man,
who was casually dressed fashionably and came behind the vehicle in sight. He seemed
a strong
radiate magnetism, as he looked me straight in the eye and beckoned me to come over.
"Hello there," he said in a strongly vibrating baritone voice, "I find here a man
with unusually strong interest in UFOs His voice? "- like everything about him - had
flawless. Maybe too perfect, I had a suspicious mind. There was something strange
to this man, as if I had met him before. Even his voice was somehow
"Right!" I agreed and looked at the medallion on his chest. For a moment seemed
it's almost like it was glowing orange. I rejected this observation, but I had to
strongly suspect this must be the man I should take. Hoping for a
Note I looked him in the eye and said:
"The fact that I come here personally to this place and you seem somehow 'guided' to
"Is that so?" He smiled opaque. "Well, thank you for coming."
"I guess I had no choice, right?" I said, perhaps a little too sarcastic.
"You always have a choice, really! The stars do not force, just make them inclined as the
Astrologers say. Well, what about your personal UFO experiences? It was last summer?
His blunt manner, to get down to business, let me wince. Was this the real
Contact? Or was he merely an employee of the exhibition stand and bent on a buyer
Magazine for adventure or a new club member to go fishing?
"Last September it was," I replied, determined to respond to his direct style, "very
exciting encounters, but mysterious, nothing informative. Therefore, it would be very
fine with me,
They would then teach me about all these things -. If you can "
"For sure. That's why I'm here. What do you want to know in detail? "
"For example, where these craft come from? Also interested in what they are and why
they're here! "
"In other words, you just want to know everything. Well, that's a pretty extensive
Wish. But for a start I will give a sketchy overview will be happy. First:
They are alien beings from a parallel world in another dimension exists when the
Theirs. Portions of this dimension coexist side by side or even in the same room with
Dimension - they usually do not see each other because their reality pages
manifest different vibration levels; just as solids and radio waves
relate to each other, although in that dimension, everything is just as solid as here. Can
you up
follow here? "
"I think so, as far." I scratched my head and tried me this so distant concept
and make it comprehensible.
"Good," he said with a short encouraging smile, leaning elegantly against the
Vehicle. "Well, these 'flying discs' are actually interdimensional vehicles due
here called their form also 'flying saucers'. They are capable of their vibrational rate up
derjeniger reduce this dimension, so as to be visible and massive, or vice versa,
to disappear from here in the 'invisibility'. This produces the effect of 'materialization'
or 'dematerialisation' , and even intermediates when they appear on the radar screen,
are not visible, or if they are seen in some form, but by the radar
go undetected. This effect caused much confusion by the observers in this world
during the last thirty years. "
"They think they can 'herein- and out flash' at any time and any place?"
"No, so light can not. It depends different from a favorable combination
physical conditions in both dimensions. The clarity for want

Page 12
we call it 'magnetic conditions'. So if the respective magnetic conditions
are low, which can inter-dimensional transition effected by a so called 'window'
become. There are twelve such window districts around the world - in fact, a disorder of
magnetic lines of force, which cause an opening. One of them is the area of the
Triangle 'with its variable limits and the occasional ' funnel 'effect , where
involuntary transitions can happen in one of countless other dimensions. In any case,
intended UFO passages 'Einschleus transits' called, with a large parent
ship materialize and with relatively little energy in this dimension
may remain. The transition back is easier back because they then yes in their
transported back initial vibrational state, but it is more predictable and
more economically if it is through such a window. "
"What about the 'saucers'?"
"Once again the big mother ship has crossed over into this dimension, can the
detach monitor disks, called 'flying saucers' and at will around
maneuver this planet. You do either 'solidified', or 'invisible' as long as you
Energy stocks last, which is usually longer possible with their lower mass and lighter
goes. This kind (of dimension transfer) is ' sluice loose '(' non-locked'-) Transit called.
The discs navigate here via magnetic force points; these are highly focused field pattern
with natural or artificial magnetic charisma that there are many sites. in Ontario
there are a number of them, some in the area of Huntsville. "
"Oh!" I cried and wanted to know whether his last words were mere coincidence. "Do
you have
Huntsville mentioned for a particular reason? "
"No." He shook his head innocent. "I thought that's just closer to home with you. you
said you are from Huntsville, right? "
"I did not say that. I own a weekend property in this area, but I live in
Toronto. "I left his interesting allusion for the moment fall, but wanted it later
come back.
"Close enough." He ignored the thing too and took his statement again:
"Except that this magnetic force places serve as the navigation points, they will be at
Emergencies also used to Energieauftanken, as well as 'data storage', 'news centers'
'Surveillance Station', etc .. "
"Oh! All these functions from one location. "
"In reality, there is not a single point, but it is like a collection of magnetic
Points having different characteristics, arranged in the area of approximately one square
The combination of their interactions can oszilliernden harnessed for many functions
I thought of the three 'magic' places on my Muskoka lot. It seemed my
Assumption was correct that these posts were highly unusual. I would just like to know
they were naturally or artificially - to hide about an underground activity. I thought
to ask later.
"How could you follow me so far?" He asked.
"Quite well, thank you. Your words have been explained to me a lot. But one thing I
not, why all reports differ as far apart when it comes to the description
the UFOs going? "
"Because of the infinite number of possibilities in view of an extraterrestrial object.
Think varying at the various stages of conversion if you fly, the
Light and weather conditions, the position, posture and activity of the observer. This
only to random observations within the visibility. Now, consider the
many exceptionally sensitive people or really for extrasensory perception
Talented that can discover something where the 'unarmed' eye sees nothing; or you think

Page 13
the deliberate attempts where a spaceship looking telepathically connect what
able to capture some people are awake or asleep - attempts that mental
to consider constitution to arrive at better telepathic connections; or think of
the sometimes accidental, sometimes deliberate side effects of fatigue until full
Amnesia; or they think on of deliberately induced by the UFO sightings that either
can psycho-physical way, or in the tangible reality. "
"So it is that the people have different types and forms of flying discs and
all kinds of strange beings see or get shown? "
"That's right."
"Why do want to be seen or consciously create illusions the spaceships?"
"By showing up, they want to infiltrate the truth of their existence slowly. If you
cause a sighting, they want to study the highly different, subjective illusions
produced by the observer himself. It also happens because of the general popular belief
and the
preconceived notions and vague fears or hopes the actual
can distort reality. "
"Yes, but as you can in the case of induced sightings of actual reality
"Well, of course not by itself? It's just the way people sometimes
misunderstand each other: one is planning something, the other sums it up completely
different. Or
consider the classic example of Coiled rope in a dark place. The first time
Glance, it may look like a snake or some monster. Thus, induced
Sightings a very interesting way to reactions and behaviors of the people
to study. In some ways, it is just a psychological test. "
"What test?"
"Mainly for experimental reasons - I suppose for statistical analysis. And perhaps to
to find appropriate characters as links between dimensions. This is to
Preparation of public contacts in the future. "
"And what type of character would probably suitable as an appropriate" intermediate "?"
"Someone who clear sense is objective, independent, but open-minded, high
Receptivity, adaptable, resourceful, daring. "He rattled down the list with a
Routine that made a suspiciously, as if he had done many times already. Then he added
added, "So someone with a special combination of vibrations."
"I came from the start with not quite. Would you explain this concept closer to me? "
"As good as possible. First, the man should be able to observe well and although the
facts as they
are. Second, he should be able to detect telepathic processes, as well as possible
Deception factors. Third inventive to find on their own solutions to problems and
adventurous enough to, engage in something risky him unknown. "
"And what about the special combination of vibration?"
"It is for the case to be called to an interdimensional travel. Not everyone holds the
Converting its molecular structure into a higher vibration frequency - and ask
You not know who got me the right vibrations for easy conversion. This is a
long story that has something to do with general health, above average
Consciousness type of mental hygiene, mental perception. "
"Sounds like a mystical journey into the fourth dimension, or whatever, fits
advanced yogis. "
"Not quite, not this kind of" fourth dimension. " The interdimensional trip I
my would be made by the whole person, not just the Spirit alone. But - a
suitable person could be similar already a yoga practitioner Type: Reasonably
disciplined in body and mind, that's it. "
"Good - and why not take this guy?"

Page 14
"Because a suitable person, a well-informed, worldly" should be all-round type. "
Therefore, it is not so easy to find one. Just someone with the right vibrations to
find, this could be left solely to the UFO sensors, but it takes a lot more
Checks to determine that the person right under the appropriate conditions
responding. "
"This all sounds very interesting. Sure I would like to know about all these things more,
rather through direct experience. "
"You might also work, but just his time. You just need the right time
to be the right place. "
"Easier said than done."
"Not necessarily. So far, you have it all very well done to the right time at the right place
be - just as now. "
I looked at him sharply. How could he know all this? Or was it just information? I felt
urged to pursue the matter, but decided not to do it. I should rather directly
get to the heart of the matter.
"What about the possibility of a real direct experience?" I asked, "where and
"Well, why not think about your Huntsville-land? There are a lot of UFO activity in
this area, especially in the summer. "He then took out a kind of 'notebook' out and
it shortly after. "Statistically, it would be best in this area next July ... let's say,
26 to 30, to be more precise. "
"Thanks for the suggestion, I'm definitely there. Their knowledge was very
impressed. With pleasure
I want to know: Where did you get all this information and how reliable this is all "
"Well, say I have my sources - and what written documents is concerned: I work
not in this way. You believe what you want. "He looked at the clock. "I think I'll go
Now dear, my time is almost. "
"Many thanks for everything. I think this conversation has been a great help, sir ... - as
She was your name? "
"Your welcome, my friend. By the way, I do not tell you how my name is. On
See you another time and now you'll excuse me ... "
Then he was gone before I could even blink, and, let me nachstarrend him back,
with many unspoken questions in my mind. Not that I do not have enough
had information to process, I only regretted his sudden and untimely for me to
Farewell. Anyway, I could not help but be clear about whether he is actually a link to
the aliens was, or whether I more or less just a coincidence
acted; but in any case it gave me plenty of food for thought and I decided to
specified time to be in Huntsville in July. Someone touched my elbow and said:
"Where did he go?"
I turned around. It was Steve, the boy with the UFO experience the earthquake in
"Who do you mean?"
"Quentin, the man with whom you spoke."
"So that was the Quentin who told you the real causes behind your earthquake
Experience stuck? "
"That's the one! But do not tell me you did not know who it was. Where he went? "
"I really do not know it. He only said that his time is up and he disappeared. "
"Funny - then you were the one he mentioned ..."
"I was who?"
"I ran into him, about half an hour, but he did not have time to talk because he
had to see someone important, he wanted to meet before he went back to Peru today

Page 15
"I thought it was just an employee who looks after this UFO stand."
"I'm not. I thought you knew better modest. I bet the next thing you
Is to say that you saw him never before and that you have met him here by chance ... "
I would have myself wondered if it was a coincidence. Unfortunately, I had to put off
Steve, so sorry me
did - but I thought it was rather premature, about my semi-informed conclusions
to speak in this whole puzzle. And by the way, when it came to talking, which should
be left to Quentin, who was certainly better qualified for this task.
In this summer of 1975 I was able to do two weeks of vacation, I put it on the end of
July. I
planned to spend most of it on my property at Muskoka, and I
hoping to learn more about the flying discs. So I was directly in connection
a friend's wedding, on the way toward Huntsville. I reached my land
at sunset, when most weekenders already on the way back to
Toronto had. Until nightfall I had plenty of time to my stuff
unload and collect enough wood for my nightly campfire. I was determined
determined to enter up all night until the early morning hours. then could
I sleep until the afternoon and when the day was too hot at the nearby beach
go. After the long winter it was a good feeling to be back in nature and
after all, and the summer was already half over. Somehow I did not succeed,
to come since last fall here, apart from one - but uneventful - ride in
May. It was already dark and the stars were bright in the sky when I finally got my
lighted. The night was dry, but not too warm. In my long-sleeved sweater I sat
on a stool by the fire, within reach next to me piled firewood. In the spirit left
I pass the whole chain of events to me that eventually brought me as far as
had, here's to be expected on the word of a stranger towards a new UFO experience. I
still wondering about all this. Quentin or Steve since then I had not
seen again, and I had since been no dramatic encounter, not even
Dreams, or other indications. had for the past few months of this UFO issue for me
lost some of its significance as if it were something completely unreal. Nevertheless, I
enjoyed it,
to sit by the fire, as I had done it so many times. So at half past two, but began fatigue
had to crawl through all my bones and there nowhere to be seen a flying object, not even
the slightest indication, I decided to go for the night in my hut.
The next day I went to Sunset up the slope to my "zwielichtig-
eerie, magical "place. Barely five minutes after I was there, I was seized a
Wave of excitement - and I was certain that I an experience at night with
would have a spaceship. I am totally unable to explain how this strange
Conviction was so suddenly came over me. One second I felt even
completely carefree and in the next I knew they were on their way into our dimension
cross over and I would that night be visited by a UFO. In my
Consciousness was not the slightest pulsating glow, but I knew they would come and
it would take only a few hours to a sighting. Slowly I went to my
Place back and lit the bonfire. The time of night guards was over; it was now necessary,
only a short time to wait. It was just after midnight when I began to feel that the
UFO was very close. Five minutes later, I felt just a faint orange
to have seen glowing in my consciousness. Whether I in the sky, or only in
saw thought that although I was not completely clear, but I was sure that
this signal was addressed to me to attract my attention. A strange thought
came to me: If this was her first intentionally emitted signal as I could then have
Hours in advance of their coming to know? Was it possible that I was sensitive, not
only passive object for her telepathic messages, but an active spirit that something

Page 16
could foresee feel? Or had something to do with my "magical" place to my knowledge
trigger? It was all very interesting and worthy of investigation, especially now, under
This new point of view. I stopped to stoke the fire on and took a few
Steps back to take the vastness of the sky above me in me. Soon enough I took
located in the 'zig-Zack' course approaching, orange flashing light true. It did not
behave like a
Aircraft as it was to hear no engine noise. It held up to me, but was
sometimes invisible. For a full two minutes, was completely out of sight, it materialized
out of nowhere, located less than a few hundred feet from me, just above the treetops,
orange red hot, in a disk-like shape. I went to my 'Observation Deck', rather
far away from my dying campfire. From this vantage point I had a
unobstructed view of the valley. I myself was completely surrounded by the darkness
that for me
made invisible any observer who would have been only a few feet away. Then I lifted
my two arms and waved the motionless, orange glowing remote disk. she blinked
twice on how to confirm the reception of my signal - and although I this flashing
had half expected response, I was surprised that the UFO me at this distance in
the utter darkness could see at all. Now the discus slowly began to pulsate
and I felt that I was being examined to the innermost of my being. This took about 10
Minute, moment during the regular pulsations me almost in the pleasant fatigue
hypnotic trance offset. To try if my conscious will was still in function,
I climbed down to the now dying campfire and then back to the
Platform. Well, it worked, but I do not know if it has really proven anything. Shortly
this exercise stopped the disc its pulsations, the color changed greenish in uniform and
began to move in my direction. Rising above it hovered over me and
backward with a weak buzzing sound, in the direction of the slope on the
'No man's land' to. I followed her with my eyes, trying to make out details. But
allles what I saw was the hazy glow of an oval shape that is circular, as she over me
was. I could not see any single light source - the whole ship was like a big
Drops green-glowing shimmer. Only the central part of its bottom, similar to the hole
in a donought Donut, was pulsing in a blue light. When the disc behind the
Ridge ran out of sight, I waited about another five minutes in the event that they
came back. But somehow I soon realized they would not come because they had to in
'No Man's Land' have landed - probably she was waiting for me there! Although I
myself a
became aware weak as telepathically induced impulse in this direction, I was also
even ready to go and look up yourself.
I entered the dying fire, grabbed my flashlight and went into
Toward the timber removal path that led in that direction. The night was quiet, the few
Weekend huts on this page were dark, no one seemed to be on; saw except me
perhaps no one at this lightship . It took me a good 10 minutes to the approximate
reach area where there might have landed. came to a familiar curve of the path
I on a large clearing, near my magical energy place - and there it was! Welch
dramatic sight! No more than about 20 feet away from me floated a real
flying saucer in the air, a few feet above the ground. I estimated its size to around 10
Meters in diameter and 3 meters in height. She was vague, greenish-blue, softly glowing
dipped light which appeared to emanate from their entire surface rather than that of
Light points would unswollen; then there were two dark, oval porthole-like spots,
not unlike a pair of eyes. At its top was a dome-shaped structure, at their
Bottom three ball-like bulges that seemed to be a landing gear. As I stood
now rooted to the spot, near a group of trees in the dark. I was very excited, but also
nervous and had all sorts of fears. What a wonderfully uplifting image is presented itself
to me! That was
living proof intelligent extraterrestrial life! For I had no doubt that
Page 17
this flying disc came from outer space; possibly even from another
Dimension as Quentin claimed, but certainly not of this earth. At that moment, as
direct evidence, the spacecraft began to disappear without his position on
change. Then - presto! - and it was gone and you could hear the air to take her place. I
shined my flashlight over the place, but found nothing - the ship was totally
Then, in an instant, there was a very faint glimmer of the same empty
Place which solidified slowly return to a light ship - it was highly dramatic!
So after all, it agreed with the disappearance of this dimension and the Wiederzu-
back come. This time it fell slowly to the ground in a real landing position. There
It was now motionless, silent - had stood as I previously: Frozen and
breathless. No one came out of the ship; it was standing just there as if it was waiting for
Somehow I knew that it actually was waiting for me, but I could not move.
I was afraid just to get closer, that's all! My mind raced in the
Memory of many stories I had read about hostile motives alien. I
also took part as the spaceship wish it was me hypnotically into its interior
involve; but nothing stirred up these appearances, it was as if I myself of their own
had to move free will, because to move from the place without me, there was no
Way for me to learn more. Nothing was easier than that. Finally, I decided
me to take a chance. A cold sweat broke out of my body, when I went over to the ship.
After some hesitation I knocked with my flashlight covered his shell. These
Case felt more like fiberglass and not like metal, but poured out some heat, as the
Hood of a car in summer. Next, I pressed a packet of cigarette papers against
the envelope to estimate the surface temperature. Although the package was warmer, fell
but not on fire, but I felt I should not touch the envelope with bare hands.
I estimated the actual size of the missile about 8 feet in diameter and 10 feet
from the ground to the roof, plus perhaps another 2 feet for the upper dome. The color of
Cell may have been light gray. I went a few times around the object and looked for
an input, or an indication of how they would be open, but there was nothing. in the same
Intervals around the periphery, there were three oval hatches; I could not see inside
because they
were above eye level, since the missile was based on three spherical projections, so to
the floor of the cell was about three feet above the rocky ground. Upon this rock would
Country balls sure to leave no traces; I also later discovered no
Burn marks. But there was this certain smell of ozone, as if the shell of the disc
would have produced discharges of high voltage power. It was probably wise to steer
clear of it
allow. Meanwhile, I had become remarkably quiet, even though I was still shaking
Satisfied with my Nahüberprüfung of the exterior, I walked about 30 steps backwards,
looking forward to the further development - if there should be. Within less than a
Minutes could have such a dramatic and that! A three-foot long slit appeared on the
Shell and widened to a gap, not unlike a closed mouth and
indeed below the level of the hatches and exactly between two of them. Then began the
as if there is a huge "mouth" opened up to enlarge gap. Finally it was forming
to come down to a man-high door open, while a small ramp to the ground.
Soft yellow light shone from inside - inviting! I drove it in the feet with fear! Then
I made myself, however, and was ready to face the stranger that from the disk
would come out; otherwise, I would probably never see any. This experience would
certainly not for the faint heart, I thought. I strengthened me for my first meeting
with strangers, waiting ...
Finally, I realized that would come not aliens here; Also there was
no telepathic instructions or motivations. The disc just stood there, unmoved.

Page 18
the occupants were about not able to come out? Or they put a "motionless"
Life is? Someone must still be in there, because who else could all this signaling, this
Check telepathic accomplished, not to mention the control of the vehicle itself,
Making invisible, the door-open? I felt quite helpless. I crept closer to the
Door opening to look inside, but that does not put me on, because
a safety fence behind the entrance prevented me to look inside. apparently had
I take another chance and although a terrible risk this time: Since no one
came out, I had to probably go and check yourself. But heaven only knows what
were inside waiting for me for terrible alien monster there. Also: What
Radiation, poisoned air, or other dangerous substances? And yet to figure it out,
there was only one way! So I took all my courage and with a deep breath
I walked up the ramp. Then I stepped on the inner platform behind the door and found
there no partition was - it was just a 'curtain' yellow light that the illusion of the
Floor to ceiling continuous wall created. The square platform was lit, but the
remaining inside was shrouded in darkness. I tried my flashlight - it worked
Not. I hesitated a moment, then I took a few steps into the dark room.
My weight that pressed to the ground, had built-in sensors have activated because a
blue-green light went everywhere around and lit up most of the interior.
At first glance, everything seemed incomprehensible strange - but I had no time even
to look for a faint sound behind me made me turn around quickly: It was located
closing front door! Sudden panic gripped me and it was a miracle that I no
Heart attack received. God in heaven, I was caught! The closing slit merged
seamlessly with the cell wall and paralyzed I stared at it. Then I tried to
calm. Perhaps only this was a purely automatically running process: If the visitor
is inside, the door closes by itself. I went to the platform and waited. Nothing.
After a while I noticed a little to my left one of the ceiling coming
Light beam. I had the presumption, this could be the trigger for the automatic door. I
holding my flashlight into the beam, and it worked: The door began to open. to make
to go, I immediately stepped out into the night, then went back inside and the door did
conclude. I repeated the process in order to calm down, then I looked for a
Manual operation for the door opener in the event that it once did not work out the light.
I never trust a fully automatic setup and feel more confident when I have a
additional manual control find. A little further to the right of the place where the door
had to be found
I have a fist-sized indentation in the wall. As I tucked into my flashlight, whereupon
The door opened again. It had to be a sort of spring mechanism, which according to a
manual lever
was certainly the next best thing. I would just like to know who or what the gate for the
first time
, Had opened when I was still out there, because I had the feeling that the discus
had come completely unmanned. After I was again much calmer, I turned
around, to check the inside a little closer. First pulled a ball of about 90 cm
Diameter, hovering at eye level, my eye. She was in the middle of the discus
'Suspended' to within a vertical, transparent tube, the said dome-shaped curvature
the ceiling with an identically shaped curvature joined on the ground. The synthetic
the floor was fitted pearl gray and with a honeycomb pattern, as if it were a collection of
Battery cells. Three curved benches, Inuit sculptures, were similar to the vertical tube
appropriate; then there was a round railing of a horn-like material surrounding the tube,
comfortable to hold for someone who was sitting on the benches. Very useful for a
Flight of humanoid beings or even for someone with arm-like limbs. At least
the interior of the room was created to convey any kind of living being; this
appeared to be safe, even if no one was present at the moment. Maybe that was
left crew to comply with any task and would return soon -

Page 19
but these kind of thoughts seemed no sense to give in view of the events
in here. All this was only one way open: The light ship was a robotic vehicle,
unmanned vehicle is controlled by a type of programmed computer; or remotely from
an intelligence absent, perhaps via the built-in computer system. However found
I know nothing, which would have been similar remotely a computer system - unless it
would be constructed in a way that my earthly comprehension about possible
Technology was incomprehensible. No electronic device and no other
technical device was seen. Therefore, it had to probably a completely different kind of
Technology act in all of this - if it was ever technology! These thoughts made
me cringe when I checked the large, floating in the vertical tube ball closer.
Within the sphere itself myriad flickering lights and swirling patterns were multicolored
"Fog", as it was the realization of the intention of an artist in a three-dimensional
Model represent the functioning of a super brain. And I had no doubt that the
also was either a lively intelligence, or the strangest computer. I tried my
to stick flashlight through the plastic tube-like beam of light - I played the gentle,
but fixed resistor of a flexible sheath, which yield only up to a certain degree
would. Obviously, it was a force field, which functioned as a kind of protective tube and
inside it was probably the light beam that held the ball at eye level. I noticed some
very weak "flux lines" or traces of an energy flow inside the beam. When I myself
turned, my left hand came by chance into the force field; much to my relief, there was
but no unpleasant reaction, but just a touch like silk, the fixed one
offered resistance.
I looked up at the beautiful vaulted ceiling: There was a reaching from wall to wall
Spiral, similar to a giant heating element made of shimmering, gold-like material.
Another energy device, I guessed, perhaps in conjunction with the vertical tube
expired at the top center - or vice versa, who knows? I turned my attention to the
circular cell wall. The empty space where the now invisible door had to be had on both
Pages flanked by large semicircular protrusions that from floor to ceiling
ranged. Perhaps any storage tanks or other premises, but I could
see no doors. After each such bulge was followed by a porthole, the third hatch
was located opposite. They had each other the same distance, were slightly oval and
about 1 meter in diameter. Then there were two vertical instrument panels, consisting of
the smooth wall stood out, one the other flanked to my left, to my right, each
big screen by a huge 6 x 4 feet with a kind of "sofa" including - and thus was
my review of the wall to an end. In fact, the finished for the moment my
preliminary overview of the entire interior. All of a sudden I felt now
Fatigue, which was caused by bearing down on me nervous tension. I wondered if
I still should go to a more detailed inspection on or about ... At that moment
glowing ceiling spiral in an intense orange glow and began to slowly
pulsation. Again, I was seized with panic! I felt a drastic change to the status quo to-
come, I now determined not want to expose myself. Now the beam had also
activated, a strong flow is directed downward currents began there to use. Probably
It is better that I towers, I thought, before the damn thing stands out with me, or
Brainwashing begins, apart takes me, or who knows what! Fear won the
Upper hand over my daring and in furious haste I pulled the door openers - and he
went! I
ran down the ramp and pulled me back into a corner of the clearing like a startled animal
or rather like a coward, but I could not for my behavior. I thought it would be
insanely funny when a hidden observer now just me crazy for a
Aliens held, who was going to like it or eat it, anything. But here
outside was nothing except the darkness and the bushes; I stopped my escape and

Page 20
turned around. The light ship pulsing orange glowing for a short while, it drew the
A ramp and sealed the door. Then it changed its light in a uniform green
lichblau and began to rise from the ground; It slowly climbed higher and higher, except
for some
hundred feet. I puzzled over what could be its driving force: Some sort of anti-gravity
For I did not detect any flame output, no escaping compressed air, not even
a noise except a faint whirring. Now the ship blinked twice and flew into
an ascending arc quickly away and came quickly out of sight. was apparently
my meeting over, but for a while I was still in the pitch-black forest,
filled with awe and amazement, relief and regret; proud of my daring adventure,
but full of shame because of my cowardly running away - and besides, I felt terribly
tired and weak. Time to sleep, I thought. I walked slowly through the woods to
back my property.
After this meeting, I slept really in the night deep and I rose only when it almost
was afternoon. Sleep was medicine for my shattered nerves, because even hours after
I woke up I had this "butterflies-in-stomach" feeling; it seemed that needed it
its time to return to normal. This first contact with a landed UFO had
made an overwhelming impression on me. No wonder, because by then it was probably
erregenste and egregious encounter of my life. The day was unbearably hot, so
I drove the 8 miles to the beautiful Mary Lake, where I the afternoon in and around the
spent and relaxed on the shore. It was a glorious summer day, people sat
picnicking, boats came and went, children played and shouted in shallow water - it was
wonderfully relaxing and also very suitable for "daydreaming". Of course, were my
dramatic events of the previous night still in my head. analyze my behavior
sed, I finally excused my wild escape from the Discus: It simply has his
Limits to what a man can endure at a given moment. I must close at the end
have been my nervous energy, as the sudden change in the state within the disc
brought my inner balance to sway; But on the whole, I assumed, had
I did nothing wrong. Finally, I even thought, was the activation of the disc
intended to warn me of the impending departure - and then it was my
left to their own free will to get out, or stay and a pilot. Well, maybe
I would stay next time - if there was a next time at all. Yes I
hoped my experience would still far come to an end and the disc would
come back. If this were done, I would sure everything in the saucer every particular case
investigate and also to fly; know a flight, the sky, where and why - but still:
Nothing ventured, nothing gained the well.
As the sun gradually approached the horizon, I went back. I went near the
Landing site because I wanted to examine the ground after landing tracks - but there was
nothing that
The reason was too rocky. I then stopped again and chatted with some of the local
but they said no unusual incidents and I brought the matter also
not discussed. Campfire I was again very relaxed and well rested. I sat up
about midnight; Hints of a possible UFO activity I got none. So I was soon
convinced that there probably would be no sightings today. Whether this conviction
my heart was, or was created by an alien object, I dare not
decide. After I turned off the fire, I took a long walk
along the highway, in this dark, quiet night. Everything was peaceful in the woods, also
the starry sky wide nothing moved. I was happy and satisfied, everything was
Good. The next day it was noticeably cooler. I spent the day on with all sorts of
my property, then later I went to Bracebridge to buy some goods there.
The dramatic impression I met had given, together with their side effects of mine.
I was inside and again nothing but a tanned tourists like many

Page 21
other. After sunset I went to the top of the slope to me a little of
sit down my "magical place". I would have liked to know if the UFO that night
would come back or not; strangely enough, I had no premonitions,
neither the one nor in the other direction. Suddenly an insane idea seized me:
What if all those things do not geschähen me in an unpredictable way, but
if I myself would be the cause its occurrence? I was very excited. What if my
own unconscious wishes or hopes triggered the UFO signal? maybe that was
both my state of consciousness have been the factor that the way my
had designed last meeting? Not that I was the real cause - perhaps
I projected my subconscious wants to start a new sequence of events, or to
end as it happened with the activation of the saucer in front of her impending departure
was. Since I was too exhausted and ready to get out, I helped even the dramatic change
to create that offered me the excuse to exit. I shook my head: How come
I on this strange idea? I really could not say, but certainly it was a
unusual perspective - especially if it worked. So therefore, was all that I
had done to prompt the UFO to come by sharing my readiness for a new experience
projected; then it would come - if my crazy theory had a kernel of truth:
"I call the spaceship. I call the spaceship. Please come 'tonight. I am ready and
wait. "I kept this message for some time stuck in my consciousness. I looked at
my watch: it was 22.25. Although it was a little early to not by some people
being watched, it could indeed avoid by being invisible, the flying disk.
"I expect the meeting in an hour on the same landing site. End of story. "I grinned,
when I got up and left the slope: What a blast! Or maybe it was basically
no fun and I should do better on my thoughts and their possible influence
eighth - and what the events of everyday life in general and the UFO events
special concerned. I prepared myself a little meal on my camping stove, ate, closed
Things away and made me walk on the way to my "homemade" Rendezvous. I
reached the place just before the hour was up. Near the clearing was a fitting
Snag - on which I sat down and hoped the discus was going to land soon. I WHILE Sun
sat in the dark, I did not let out of sight the night sky: It was not long since
I noticed a short orange flashing at high altitude; soon reached me from
closer an orange glow - so he came, definitely! Obviously
worked my theory and my bold idea came actually in some form.
Of course it was also easily possible that the telepathic intention of my saucer
had triggered idea that I could ask them to land. I saw this thing in a slightly
clearer perspective? Well, it was, as it may, it was here in any case a telepathic
Connection, which was certainly evidenced by the timely appearance of the disc. The air
within the clearing started very weak glow. The glow grew stronger until it
finally materialize fully as light ship that floated above the ground. Then it fell
down and landed where it finally came to the rocky ground to rest. After one or
I went over two minutes. The entrance opened and the ramp descended. I
took a deep breath and went in through the door - if there was someone inside, I would
notice. But there was no one. The dim light came evenly from the walls and ceiling, it
was no particular light source. I found everything exactly as on my first visit. The door
closed behind me, but this time it did not worry me. I started things now something
to look more thoroughly. First I went to the opposite hatch to the two
to undergo flanking panels of approximately 4 x 6 foot size of a test: They were blank,
the surface slightly opaque, made from soft, to glassy-feeling substance incorporated
into the
Cell wall. Their function was so far unknown to me - it could be screens. the
Sofas under each screen could serve any kind of living things. The same conclusion

Page 22
I respect the curved benches, which were arranged around the central beam; nothing laid
human design, or human use close. The general shape and design
could be created by and for all kinds of physical beings. Finally I gave the
fruitless speculation in this direction. Next, I dealt with the two
large bulges next to the entrance: After some fumbling some of it opened,
so that a vertical hole approximately Headroom was born. There was an approximately 3
x 5 feet
large stock space, or the like to light. There were cabinets that need to open up to me
managed and the number of different items from me incomprehensible meaning
contained; these items were welded seamlessly into a kind of plastic skin. The cabinet
on at your fingertips, but since no hinges or other mechanical parts were visible; the
Open unsuspected rather like the opening of a closed eyelid. It aroused in some
unpleasant manner the impression of something organic in substance and function as
even the whole spaceship. The storage room was probably used as a combination of
Galley and dining area. Tucked on a kind of switch table were - bathed in soft
violet light - in subjects many cubical and other pieces in different colors. I
took one of them that looked like an ice cube and tried it with the tongue: It started to
melt and recalled water. Then I took a larger, dark blue piece and bit
gently into it: It was edible, tasted bland and was probably fused protein; well, that
So appeared to be food if you needed it. Under the switch was a
gaping hole - I threw in a cube that has been absorbed; obviously concerned it
is a waste container. And this gave me the same explanation for the other compartment:
Probably bathroom and toilet, in some form. I stepped out and walked to the other
Compartment over and I managed to open it as well as its counterpart by finger pressure.
My guess was true: A little bit elevated above the ground, a large bowl was a
matching hole in it - that could serve people, but also other species, so if you
want. The same was true of which located next to "purge" and bathtub; your
Functions were clear, even if the execution seemed very unusual. Was perhaps the
Sense of that all this had to serve a wide variety of physical beings. It reminded me
a need that is likely of all possible UFO passengers only had I, namely
to smoke a cigarette. I decided to smoke next to the bowl and dump in
to flip the drain, so she was gone. However, I had a little concern, the spaceship
could be misunderstood as a kind of hostile act. Fortunately, this was not the
Case, because there were no reprisals; But the saucer must probably my
Smoking thought were pretty crazy, I thought. This consideration and the
short cigarette break put me in a really comfortable condition. My humor was
back and I felt soon at home here, even though I had the feeling of a
being watched dispassionate, but not unfriendly intelligence. The toilet compartment
closed behind me when I, completely relaxed, set about my inquiries
continue. I walked over to one of the towers instrument, which was 5 feet wide and 2
feet deep
and up to the ceiling stretched from the ground. It was a huge, vertical panel from a
stone-like substance, with rounded edges. Behind the transparent surface hid the
Panel one reminiscent of a colorful "tropical fish" Something scintillating with
Lights. After some careful look I discovered in a certain order:
Horizontal divisions of dots and dashes, mixed with rhythmically changing
"Rainbow" patterns; and so there were many hundreds of other patterns from top to
It seemed that showed the board all sorts of "vital signs" of the saucer, as well as
external environmental conditions. The other instrument tower looked essentially the
although it was its content of some other kind. The function of its upper part was almost
on the
clear at first glance: It had to be some kind of timer. At the very top of were in a
horizontal row 9 groups of white points of light, similar to the surface of dice

Page 23
stood side by side in a row, as it were a substitute for the digits of a digital clock. In each
Group of these "dice sides" could increase the number of possible points to 9; for now
my observation they were something like this:
000058347 points.
Then I noticed that the last group with 7 points just above changed to 8, then 9 and
Zero, approximately at a distance of a second. In reality it was a little less than one
100 intervals were 72 seconds on my watch - the number of normal beats the
People per minute, that's it! Another fascinating coincidence?
So I took this job for the earthly local time, measured by the standard of spacecraft
tool. In the same series followed the white points of light such in yellow color in the
Grouping. However, these yellow dots changed seven times faster than the white ones.
Perhaps these yellow dots showed the time the other dimension to, I could imagine.
The following down rows showed -like a dozen such "digital"
Arrangements, but in a different color, in completely different conditions and time in a
confusing, unpredictable way. The next series including looked like the
Pattern of multicolored Oszilloskopscheiben as if they were ads for the phase shifts in
With respect to the upper 14 time sequences. Among them were more hundreds of
colored points of light,
probably subsystem ads for any mysterious purposes. this entire
Bezel had a confusing maze of the most complicated electronic devices
hide; it would have been horrible to me if I would need to fix something. I
doubted whether I would take it apart ever can. Perhaps this was darn
Ding a fully integrated organic system, more so in the way human nerve tissue.
Heaven forbid, I thought that someone begins to deal with it, the less than one
highly qualified neurosurgeon is! But was tinkering not possible anyway; there
no screws, no buttons, no buttons or control devices were on this
Scoreboard - as indeed anywhere else in this ship. Surely this was not
a "normal" assembled flying machine, but rather an organically grown "giant
senauster "that could fly like a bird and that fly under its own power, controlled by their
own, built-in intelligence. This observation drew my attention to the
The center of the saucer. I thought I could the division of functions quite well
comprehend: Blankets spiral apparently served as a kind of energy converter, the
vertical beam
as a drive for a variety of purposes, while the ball as a "brain" and communication
command center functioned. I kept my eyes on the ball with their myriad tiny
Spark and swirling "fog" of all conceivable colors and thicknesses, trying to make sense
to find it. In still closer inspection I discovered quantities of even finer light spots
intersecting lines, and even some amazing intricate, lattice-like structures, as his they
from very thin wire. I focused on the white lights to once only and no
to consider other; after the underground local time displayed on the instrument panel in
was, I hoped, the white sparks in the ball would any another local factor
See how space, for example - yes The room, that was it! White sparks of stars, as in a
three-dimensional "spatial Atlas" for the navigation, wherein the position of the
spacecraft also
had to be somehow displayed. Damn it, that it was indeed! I strained my
Eyes and I could near the center of a small group of 4 or 5
Points of light make up, one of them very much larger, obviously the inner planets with
the sun, our solar system. He also managed five more points of light further from me
identify, most likely the outer planets; Now, I'm sure I was not, but it
but had almost as his! Then, when I was growing went closer and instinctively the guard
touched that ran round the central column, something strange happened: It was as if my
Eyes "zoomed" telescope and the center of the sphere grew to an enormous size.
After all, it even looked like as if I was the planet Earth from far out in space

Page 24
consider; undoubtedly the outlines of the continents were visible, but the visibility was
to match the reality. It had to be a "model", perhaps for the purpose of
Representation of instantaneous positions. I let the guard rail off and the visibility was
again like
before. When I touched the railing again, I feel I zoomed back - so it was
So my touch that triggered this effect, perhaps by any circuit for
extra-sensory perception was used in conjunction with the ball. I repeated the
Process a couple of times and looked alternately "models" of Saturn, Jupiter and
Mars; even
Marks for some asteroids I could see. My discovery made me
triumph! I set out to investigate the yellow points of light: I thought she was
Models of celestial bodies of the other dimension from which the disc probably
but these yellow spark I could find no sense neither in the food, even in the
Normal view. Perhaps all this was playing on a whole different level, and was not as
thought that you put the centers of the two systems somehow related to each other
could. I went to the differently colored dots of light through, but had no idea what
spatial or non-spatial relationships they should represent: I looked up and swirling
motionless fog spots; maybe they presented different magnetic currents, cosmic
Radiations or local "weather conditions", power distribution, force fields, possibly
even psychological conditions is - or was it completely different factors, of which I have
had a clue. Then there were the different lines, the confusing and abstract patterns
formed that were in constant flux, the hair-thin mesh in large numbers, the tremendously
complex structures formed. All this perhaps was referring to the interactions between
the "nerve fibers" of the flying object, who knows? So I finally gave my thoughts in
this direction for the moment. Now that after my appreciation for this
Investigations had passed about an hour, I was on my almost completely independent
Discoveries quite satisfied. I was sure, under dynamic conditions further
to make statements such as about navigating and maneuvering in the air, if
took me the discus for a ride. I for one was now in any case ready for a
such adventure. I made a short cigarette break outdoors, during which I tried,
the brain of the saucer telepathically my desire and my willingness to travel
tell. I had no doubt observed all the time and in every one of my movements
to have been assessed, although the ball remained passive wrapped in telepathic silence.
After my break outside, I went back inside and stood expectantly stand ...
To my delight, responded the light ship by "came to life". As with the
the first time I ran away in panic, the ceilings coil was activated and began more
to glow werdendem glow and pulsate. Next, the downstream sat in the
Central column and some light patterns inside the sphere changed - I assumed we
were ready to take off. And with a slight bump we got up! About 100 feet above
the reason it took a floating position, as I looked at the tree tops, I through
a hatch considered. To my surprise I could clearly see the trees, as if
Except that everything appeared outside light dusk orange. Probably was within
the glass of the hatches activates an infrared vision device and together with a powerful
Amplifier, because the orange glow of the ship could not be the cause of the bright
his enlightenment the landscape. It was followed by another slow climb to a higher
again to float on hold. In the now considerably weaker light inside
I sat down on one of the curved benches, so that I could see through the floor hatch.
I clearly recognized even things down there, including the garden shed and
Observation decks on my property, even though it had to be pitch black down
there. When I myself
leaned forward to have an even broader view, I kept automatically at the
rotating protective railing. That led to another surprise: It was like I was
under me again "zoomed" into the landscape! The touch of the railing had the

Page 25
have triggered - now I could differ greatly enlarged things at will
see, as I found out by further experimentation. Fantastic, just great! No wonder,
that could see even in the darkness of my discus and that even very accurate. when
through the hatches in the wall I could for miles orange from my place of
see landscape, between the scattered lights of human dwellings, but the
Sky above the horizon was black. I looked through the dome on the ceiling, I saw the
wide, star-filled skies and a few scattered, orange clouds. The view through
each of the hatches was extremely wide angle, with the view to the respective edges of
even overlapped hatches. I actually had a completely unobstructed all-round view; it was
pity that I did not have five eyes to look at the same time through all five hatches. I
bet the ball took this feat with ease. What a wonderful experience
it was to stay in this room during the flight! When we got to fly across the
ansetzten country, the movement was completely silent smoothly and without any effort,
as well.
Indoor temperature and air pressure were normal for my circumstances. I enjoyed the
flight in full
Trains, even the now begins, faster flight maneuvers; it had here a kind of gravity
Compensation be installed, because I felt hardly any effects faster
Acceleration or sudden turns. Of course, nothing came to breakneck jumps
near which I had observed on previous occasions in UFOs, but for me was this flight
many times faster and richer in sudden movements than any flight in a conventional
Jet before. No wonder I so also had the "ball"! We just flew over Toronto
a height of probably about 10,000 feet then made a sharp turn and left us
drop to 1,000 feet - we hovered just above a major intersection. oddly enough
I felt that someone up looked to us; my useful zoom facility brought infallible
a female person in sight who stood in the street and their upturned face the
reflected expression highest astonishment. The face was vaguely familiar even happens
but my further investigation was interrupted because the light ship later rose now and
flew on. I looked at my watch: Useless, because they did not go - I estimated that it
had to be about 01:30. When I saw occasionally on the instrument panel, I noticed
two groups of rapidly changing orange points of light. Ah! This had the ads for
his height and speed; very convenient, but where were the navigation maps? Maybe
hidden in any configuration of the color dots in the densely studded ball? How about
with orange marks? After one or two attempts, I managed most
narrow orange sparks and patterns by I applied selectively view and there
It was as expected: One air-captured image, an orange-colored map of the terrain below
with a lighter orange stain that it was moving away and thus our position
indicated. I tried to zoom in and zoom out this card again until I half
could see Continent displayed. The brighter, orange color end spot remained in the area
Toronto, obviously our current position stating. I looked at the map to New
York City and thought briefly about how nice it would be to float now over this city - in
Moment a orange number of issues expanded rapidly from the position of the ship and
bridged the space between Toronto and New York. I counted the points: There were 10
for the
Distance from how I estimated 400 miles. Well, I thought the saucer was indeed a funny
see my proposed in the spirit route and execute. "Thank you!" I said in
Silent on the proposed arrangement of light dots on the screen, it is now like a small
have been Höflichkeitsakt the ball to amuse me, or has any built-in
automatic function. "Right then, I would like," I added, and this time I said it
according to. And, heck, who now had to determine here the saucer or me? The fact was
However, we flew in the right direction as to the moving position mark on
the enlarged map to be seen. It took less than 10 minutes to get to
go as I could calculate from the time specification of the instrument panel and that was

Page 26
five times faster than in the commercial aircraft; but the pace I do not feel it. The
Speed was far beyond the sound barrier, and I wondered that no UFOs
generate sonic boom. Meanwhile, I discovered that I, merely by my will
controlled, in addition to the infrared observation through the hatches could also see
quite "normal". As
New York could be seen from a great distance, I wish 'normal vision' and zoomed
in and out to give me all kinds of views: What a charming sight!
Much more exciting and fantastic, as if you were on the Empire State building top
would. All the lights on Broadway, the dark spot of Central Park, the sparkling
Lichtreklamen cinemas on 42nd Street; in the streets was a lot of traffic, despite the late
Hour. We floated in about 20,000 feet high, as I supposed, probably to avoid detection
be, but also to avoid the normal air traffic. When I finally got tired of seen me
had I leaned back in childlike satisfaction: What now, to New York? The pyramids
maybe? Oh yes, a good idea! I was thrilled, but was wondering how I'm on this idea
came. Had she been given to me as if it were my own, or was it still in
myself, from incomprehensible reasons? Well, what the heck - I had plenty of time, after
all I was
on vacation, so why not go to the pyramids? Obviously, I managed my desire
pass telepathically: An orange line of many points of light stretched from New
York to Cairo, a visible projection of my proposed itinerary. "Yeah," I said
quietly to myself, "then, we now want next, although I may not know why, but
let us go, definitely. "And obey the spacecraft! It accelerated and rose
later, in the east, across the Atlantic; to Egypt it would take about 3 hours,
I imagined. Half an hour later it began to dawn outside. Now I used
only the 'normal' view, admiring the cavalcades of colors, from deep purple
over pastel blue to pale pink - it was lovely and moving. I wanted my
not solved eyes of the poetic-picturesque daybreak, but the rising sun
quickly turned the colors in misty white and blue. I stood up to stretch me,
to walk a few steps and look for something to eat, a pair of dice to "drink" and
to smoke a cigarette. Later, when I of the sight of the vastness of the empty sky and
be mostly whitish haze had sunk beneath me, I had in the bank dozed off.
But suddenly I woke up and found the disc already on the sands of Egypt float. in the
Every few miles I could see a city that had to be Cairo and accurately
vertically below us was the Great Pyramid ; from a height of 20,000 feet, she looked
quite small.
Local time it had to be exactly noon, because at the bottom was no shadow to be seen.
The vertical center column of the saucer was aligned so that they formed exactly one
between the sun and the pyramid tip: The sun's rays shot directly through the
Center column by, but at the same time seemed to flow upwardly therein a flow of
energy! It was
no error possible: Any bright, bluish current absorbed by the ceiling spiral
was that glowed vibrant than they would draw current sips ..... in what? I
took strong that there should be some energy storage for maybe in the walls,
or in the ground? I looked down and the honeycomb pattern of the floor glowed
also, but only very slightly - perhaps this was the storage battery. What was that one
Energy, which started the space ship itself? And why out of a pyramid, a
Accumulation inanimate stones? And were the sun's rays to need, perhaps because of a
"Polarization effect"? The mysterious refueling lasted about 15 minutes, then it stopped
on; was either the saucer "full tank", or the sun had so strongly moved,
so that the operation ended. In any case, now they moved south
continue. What now, I thought, but I remembered nothing new. It is better, the ship takes
to where it wants - I had a strong suspicion that the visit of the pyramids somehow
had been his idea. I looked into the ball, but there is no planned course was
displayed; we
flew very slowly across the Nile Valley. I would like to know, we are now on a

Page 27
To view trip travel sights, or we try something only time totzu-
beat until the next "business meeting" the saucer? Well, to me it was at the same
valid, I was not in a hurry and Egypt have always wanted like to see. In this way
I could through the hatches many of its ancient monuments for good viewing angle and
look at all the details; Moreover, I also got some glimpse of
various settlements and even military installations in the Suez Canal Zone. I
wondered why we do not always located on the alert Luftwaffe yet
had been discovered and found, finally, we were now at least already 2 hours over
Egypt. It was actually impossible not to be discovered, it would be because the ship
go undetected and could have been a device to make themselves invisible to radar. We
changed the course towards the "Holy Land"; on the way there I caught a
glimpse of the Mediterranean, then followed desert, inhabited areas, one or two
cities. We
stopped to hover a few minutes near the Dead Sea, and later to a close
located city, then another, near a large lake. I used the
magnified view, but told me not much - it could Bethlehem or Nazareth be, but
from this height looked a place like the other, biblical in this country. We moved
further into a barren desert area, then we went on one of the many rocky
Increases down next to a dusty road. We ended up full and waiting - why
I did not know. After ten minutes it was too boring for me, only the bleak,
look out rock-strewn landscape that seemed to roast in the bright sunlight. I stood
on to stretch myself and decided to do this for a change outside. I pulled the
Door opener and went down the ramp, so that for the first time in my life set foot on
Biblical floor putting. Scorching heat hit me like a sledgehammer! It was easy
incredible, like being in a melting furnace. I imagined that I within an hour
was dead, I'd be stranded here. An absurd thought hit me: what if the saucer nothing
wanted when drop me here and I was at that stupid enough to get out yourself!
Thirst would be a terrible manner of death, not to mention the vultures only! I
walked around the perimeter of this small plateau where we had landed and wanted in
one to
two minutes be back. A cloud of dust from the street below, a few miles,
took my attention - most likely some crazy drivers.
I decided to wait until the vehicle came closer to see again as a
UFO landed responded. React but I had to myself and indeed something very over-
Surprising: A column of armored vehicles pulled out of the dust cloud gushed out and
stopped about half a mile away from us. Then their guns opened fire on
us! They must be crazy, I thought when I explode the first shells a bit too short
saw. I was just about to run back into the saucer, as the second series of
Projectiles exploded in the air, in front of me, no more than about 10 feet from me
away. I heard muffled explosions, the floor swayed slightly, but there was no shock
Normally I should have been killed when grenades explode so close to me, but
I was not even hurt, except that I was temporarily blinded. Nevertheless, I remained
not stand, but ran headlong back into the spaceship. It was hot for roasting
in it, but as the door closed behind me, the temperature normalized
amazingly fast. I call that an air conditioner, I thought, quite apart from the
Force field system that was used to make bullets ineffective. It had a
All the protection screen like a dome have been, because the field was bound to all
compared to be effective, which now rings exploded around us. The bombardment
stopped - was seen to
us nothing but swirled, thick dust. The discus launched and rose vertically to
1,000 feet. I saw among us some open tank hatches with heads in which up watching
us; I
zoomed in on one of them down: In the oil-smeared face reflected astonishment and
Disbelief that I almost burst out laughing! Then we climbed even higher. We were
already about
Page 28
10,000 feet high when we met another group of pursuers: A formation of three
Interceptors appeared side behind us, turned and came towards us. In this Au-
genblick put the discus to a sudden and dizzying climb to the me
robbed of breath and had pressed me almost to the ground. I saw two plumes, by the
attacking master machine forth coming towards us; we stepped quickly even higher,
followed us
the strips: guided missiles! - I realized with horror. The planes raced far below us
over, then I saw two surges of any blue beams from the spacecraft itself
come out and the two projectiles exploded far away from us, with nobody hurt
could be. We sped off and were out of sight before us the pilot for a second time
could discover. I felt relieved, but also a bit "seasick"; it seemed my body
this speed and acrobatic flight maneuvers could not stand, despite the
To dampen compensating field that was used, the effects on me a little. I
was pretty dazed after all these events; at least I was not used to, of
being attacked tanks and fighter aircraft - and what else is added, in UFOs
also do not fly! But eventually I knew now why at least in the Middle East, we
had come: The disc wanted to demonstrate their defensive system and indeed what more
was more dramatic by provoking the attacks themselves. I assumed that both tanks as
Aircraft were in Arabic and it was clear that they were shooting at everything foreign,
which contained her
Territory moving. The force field was awesome and impressive: A dome-shaped
Protective shield, which could be projected at least 50 foot to the outside, has a
Huge effort requires energy - and the laser beam, or whatever it was, the
had brought bullets to explode; the bluish color of this beam saw the energy flow,
with which the disc had been charged over the pyramid, quite similar.
After the flying boat had apparently fulfilled his duties in the Middle East, it took a
elsewhere course. When looking at the ball, I was able to realize the planned route: You
ranged deep into Asia, right in the heart of the Himalayas - we were after on the way
Tibet! I suspected this is due to the general topography of the area, because political
Limits or even names were not listed on the 'map'. But what, for heaven's sake,
we had to look for in Tibet? Weak I remembered that it was located within China;
But I doubted Chinese, or does anyone see in this hostile,
covered by snow and ice mountains. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the flight and fixed my
continually to the plates, especially to the one in the soil. The land below was extremely
rough: deserts and barren mountains - but it was that route, the caravans and armies
used to take old. After we flew over some fertile plains,
we came to the area of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The signs of human
Settlements disappeared completely gone, now we did not fly very high above the
rugged mountain tops,
behind us already low sun, the valleys were already immersed in deep darkness.
Finally, the ship went on the landing approach; anything remarkable among us was
but not to see only rough mountains and huge amounts of snow. The sun had already
just above the horizon when we were preparing to go down. We ended up in gloomy
Twilight, far below the ridges. Obviously we had placed on a ledge,
the herumzog around the towering high mountain ahead of us; thousand feet away drew
a be
Another rough mountain from its summit partially covered in clouds. one in front of us
bottomless abyss - extreme desolation! Time passed and it was from minute outside
darker minutes. What are we waiting for? But I found out soon enough: Behind the
Bend came a strange "procession" in sight; it was a series of about ten torch-bearing
human figures, to be held in their winter fur clothing on us. And then
came the big surprise: When the group in about twenty feet away from us
stopped and as an honor guard set up in a semicircle, walked out the door of the
spaceship on
and the ramp lowered down to. A person who was without a torch, stuck his head
through the

Page 29
Entrance and gave me a bundle of fur clothing at the feet; he looked like a Tibetan monk,
as did all the others .. He made me understand by gestures that I create clothes
should and motioned for me to follow him then. Golly! I was captured
been, or this was a stronghold of the 'aliens', or what? Apparently all was that,
Landing and reception, planned and I had no choice but to follow the instructions.
I pulled on the coat-finished, as cap and boots. I felt a slight excitement in me
rise, because this was an incredible adventure first class and a golden opportunity
the monks squeeze through everything they knew about this UFO mystery. So I
the sign from the monk and stepped out, and I had the feeling to get into a freezer.
High up howling wild the storm that hertrieb a bunch of disheveled clouds right to the
made semi-invisible - not a pleasant stay, I thought. Wind gusts pushed us into
Face and extinguished almost the torches from when we started, slowly along the ledge
hinunterzuschreiten. In the corner I looked back: The disc now stood motionless, they
glowed weak, the ramp was retracted, the door closed. After a few minutes
the spiraling and ever narrowing path had left, we entered a tunnel
a, which eventually led to a large, illuminated by torches space inside the mountain.
I had the feeling of being in a kind of underground Tibetan monastery. I was instructed
store the fur clothing and pull a gray cowl in its place. I was then
solemn but silence greeted by a Tibetan monk looking, a yellow robe
wore. He brought me a stone stairs and through an old gate we came to another
Space - the looked like a lightened candles gathering place. There were twelve monks in
different colored robes in lotus position on the wooden floor; they were in a
Semicircle arranged in front of a dais with an empty chair. Opposite to this, on a
second chair, sat a very old man; strangely enough, were in the group in addition to the
Orientals also many whites and blacks - so it was not just a typical Tibetan
Kloster scene. I was led to the empty chair and my guide motioned for me to remain
I waited until someone would speak, but the silence was not broken, apart from
some murmur that sounded like prayers. Nobody paid tribute to my attention, but
I had the eerie feeling to be studied thoroughly. This is in stark
Silence winamp end process took hours; Finally, the old monk stood over me
up, nodded at me in a warm smile and went out, the others followed him. I was
left alone, which should have lasted another hour. Strangely, I felt
peaceful and patient, it was almost like a "to-relax" on the beach. Moreover, I knew that
was nothing for me to do but to wait - well, there was indeed nothing pressierte.
A young monk came in and put a tray of hot tea, biscuits and dried figs
next to me; my attempt to start a conversation, he just shook his head. so shrugged
I ate his shoulders and. After that my guide came back and led me through a maze
of corridors into a large vaulted hall: it was filled by at least a hundred monks
of all races and colors in matte golden robes. They all sat in the lotus position on the
Floor, surrounded by a plethora of burning candles and incense sticks, so that the air
was breathing. I was again placed on a dais on one of two free chairs; little
later sounded a gong and the very old monk from the meeting room stepped solemnly in
and took the other chair. I suspected this was the "Grand Lama" this Tibetan
Monastery, which was filled with mostly completely untibetisch-looking monks. How
they all came
here and what they did in this totally unfamiliar environment? Now a song that began
filled the temple; the slow, solemn rhythm was sometimes interrupted by the
Sound of a rattle and the beat of a gong - this was a very pleasant way for hours
so on. After a time I felt physically lifted into the air and internally
washed as externally and gentle, a pleasant, tingling sensation. Later I saw even
an impossible event in itself, perhaps due to a slight hallucination: the body

Page 30
the Lama flew slowly up into the air and remained there, apparently without any
standing support floating, while a wall of the temple disappeared to the view
release an orange, glowing light ship floated over the open edge.
I froze when I suddenly imagined that I was completely in the open air, on a narrow
standing, with the view of the valley and the ship in front of me in midair. I did not
know how
and when I had come here and without protective fur clothing it had to be cold. Of the
Grand Lama stood beside me, also lightly clad, but obviously to freeze without. The
raised arms, he looked to a snowy summit, which glowed in dazzling orange,
as it reached the first rays of sunshine. A monk next to the Lama blew fantastic in a
long wooden horn and the echo of this very strange sound still echoed for a while
after. The Grand Lama prompted me to follow him through a narrow gate that we return
to the
domed temple led; the place was empty and clean. There, the lama touched my head
a blessing gesture and walked away. I was alone and tried behind the meaning of this
to come mysterious Tibetan events. I wondered about the fact that nothing
had been spoken, but deeds were here probably more important than a thousand words -
and some
wonderful had happened to me: I felt unusually strong and vibrant,
My whole being was placed in a higher state of being, I do not in words to
can describe.
The lama leader came in and brought me back to the first room where he me the heavy
Clothing was again put on. A group dressed as difficult monks brought me the
winding path to the rocky outcrop along back to the waiting spaceship. a monk
accompanied me up the ramp, waiting to take the fur clothes again. Then
the monks were individually in succession again the way back without even a view to
turn. The ship rose in early morning light over the mountain peaks were not down
to see signs of a monk monastery, not even the hint of access to
any place. Judging by the ball we were now on the way back, about Africa
to South America, in the area of the west coast - it would probably be Peru. Another
perhaps another mystery for me? The flight to South America took about 5 hours
Claim, but did not seem long and was not boring. I looked at the
passing by landscapes of Asia and Africa as a travel film whenever the
Clouds nondisabled my view. Later I had to choose the infrared vision, because it was
progressively darker down there, because we hurried the night side, the rising sun and
so the daylight behind us. I suspected the discus itself did not need a view to
to navigate initial orientation of the possible exception; rather he flew along different
Markings, which radiated a special characteristic that he could evaluate, as in
The case of the pyramids and the monastery must have been yes. About the land area of
South America
we went down to about 5,000 feet, I noticed that we were slower. It
seemed to me that the material of the saucer in his solidified form of the same
was subjected to restrictions that have been generated by friction, as in normal
Aircraft. The same would also apply to the maneuverability, which in any case with
attention to what my body could endure, was reduced; because the reason why the
flew in a solid and not "essential" condition, only I myself could be. Maybe my was
Body is not adapted to a journey into another dimension - at least not as yet. As
We had approached South America, the sun came in the West over the horizon. That
certainly a strange day for me, where even the sun went in the wrong direction! the
Rain forests in the Amazon denied in its impenetrability each overlooking the
Reason when we reached the Andes, we climbed higher and higher and flew first
on vegetation still covered mountain slopes, then over bare, rocky ridges, right of
setting sun. On a high plateau I saw Lake Titicaca, then
some remains of the ancient Inca culture; the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu soon
came into

Page 31
Field of view, but it went on and finally we flew in circles in about 5,000 feet high
over the sinking in the dark mountains, similar to an aircraft on landing permission
was waiting. We already made the seventh round of the now totally dark countryside
than I by
was startled an enormous burst of green light that reached us from below.
Green light? From underneath? It was strange. At that moment began
light up midshaft the saucer in a blue-green energy flow and as well, always
getting stronger, the ceiling spiral. Now another green flash us hit bottom, but from a
other direction, then another, again from somewhere else, a total of 7 flashes of light
a few minutes, several of different places, at irregular intervals and with
Strength - then it was over. We were wrapped in a greenish mist, with above
jumping flashes of light, as in the discharge of high voltages. Obviously "sucked" the
Center column all this and passed it on to the ceiling spiral, which in turn
transformed and directed in the batteries of the saucer; This process took another at least
ten minutes for the last of the green fog was gone. Outside, everything was dark
and otherwise looked normal - from a distance it must have looked like a temporary
Electrical Storm, but I had the feeling that this is done deliberately by the saucer,
or intentionally directed from below in our direction, but by whom and from what? I was
In any case fairly certain that storing this kind of energy had been the reason
why we came here. The time we arrived after sunset and
our circles for quite some time, important factors could in triggering this "energy
have been bombing ". In addition, this thing was another mysterious puzzles in
an already quite respectable series of puzzles.
The mission here was obviously satisfied and the saucer prepared themselves to fly on.
From the display in the ball I concluded the course went to the West Coast of the US,
somewhere in
Northern California; about two hours flying time and this time closer to home. When we
potash us
fornia approached, the darkness was gradually lights on the western horizon and the
Sun came back! A reverse sunset, no doubt, due to our rapid
Change of time zones; the first astronauts, orbiting the planet, had similar
have seen oddities. Near our destination was the sun but again under
Final structure and this time - soon it was dark. The ship stopped his flight, went deeper
hovered at about 3,000 feet above a mountain that the relatively flat landscape
round dominated. So at least it seemed in the infrared vision, which I because of
Darkness now had to use. I think we were on the Mount Shasta , or
other mountain solitary within these hundreds of miles broad, flat area;
at least gave my later investigations on the map, which I based on my
Memory of the information in the sphere conducted. Now the ceiling spiral began to
glow and
at the same time to pulse with the center beam. I had the feeling that the light ship would
something or
someone because signal down, just as there are with me on several occasions the case
had been. As if on cue shone on the mountainside three campfire on, one by one
other, at least half a mile away from each other, so that the vertices of a triangle
were formed. I was sure it could not be a coincidence: That was a signal that an answer!
By enlarging perspective, I noticed something that looked like human forms around each
Fire; most of them were dressed in priestly robes. I certainly was
However, not even about other details because the ship now moved a little,
exactly over the center of the triangle, which coincided with the peaks. It changed his
Light from orange to greenish-blue, which hampered a clearer view. Then began a
to flow dazzling greenish-blue of energy enormously by the central column downward. I
thought from the outside it would look like the spot of a 3-foot giant spotlight; on
Stream of energy hit the Mount Shasta and "booted" him. The incredibly strong energy
lasted about 30 seconds and then stopped abruptly. When I return to a minute or two

Page 32
my eyes got was outside normal all again: Nothing to see more, only the three
Campfire in the night darkness. Another task was complete and the disc took
their flight on again; the display in the ball was in the area north of Toronto. A
An hour later I saw Toronto's CN Tower and soon after we were in the area of
Huntsville and lowered us down to the woods near my property. We landed on
the same spot where we had climbed past midnight. The door opened and the
Ramp lowered down to - obviously I was asked to get out.
My first trip in a UFO was over. It was incomprehensible and fascinating! In a way
I had also learned, for now at least I was a little informed of what the UFO-Ge
secrecy was concerned, but essentially I did not know - but I felt I would be even more
learn and this trip was just a glimmer been of what would soon come.
With these parting thoughts I stepped out into the cool, dark Muskoka night, I was back
on home soil. I felt good though after all these distant places and experiences, but also
sad that the adventure was over. At the edge of the clearing, I stopped and saw the
Spaceship rise to about 30 feet above the floor where it then slowly from this
Dimension disappeared. Full of hope, I took this as an indication that my
would lead next trip in those very different dimension ...
Flight to a double star system
At night when I returned from my first UFO flight, I had no desire
to sleep - despite the fatigue from the full day trip, I was wide awake. after the
flown spaceship and had moved to the other dimension, I went too slow
back my property. I wish I would have known what time it was: I turned on my car radio
and soon I managed the speaking of a working around the clock to sender
get - it was 02:45 at night. Accordingly, I had been 27 hours away; I put my
Watch that how I saw now was running again. I marveled at my somewhat obsolete
from the norm
Sense of time, and many things were different to me still not clear and I would like to
know more
on the flown speeds, altitudes, the exact routes, the way,
like the discus worked on his drive, the various forms of energy and, finally,
especially about its intentions and its purpose. In other words, I wanted all
know truth and longed for an explanation, or at least to verbal communication.
That really is a human understandable attitude, because I really was not sure
if I could understand all these strange things, like the wordless understanding that non-
mechanical equipment of the spacecraft, its non-manual operation way and us
earthly man unknown type interdimensional travel. But somehow I had the
In this unfolding story in the future to play a role suspicion and I could do this
achieved by if it were somehow my mind to a higher standard
to bring level of consciousness. Maybe that was the purpose of the trip also partly to
been: My ability to extrasensory perception to rise to a level that me
allowed to stay with the intelligence of the ship continually in spiritual contact - and on,
what about the preconditions for my hoped-for interdimensional travel? this would
certainly drastic changes of all kinds in my "vibration state" and the bio-
require logical and chemical constitution of my body; maybe they had in mind in Tibet
worked, who knows? All I knew at the moment was that I see more and
would know more when the time comes and I'm ready for it.

Page 33
The next day came and went, it is for me to do a blur. It was very hot
and I spent the day at the beach and the night at my campfire, still so
busy to digest my experiences. Gradually, I was "normal" again. The following
Saturday night I felt a little restless; I even broke my night guard and drove
Instead, in a holiday hotel where I danced wildly and skipped through the night. Then
came the Sunday August 3rd, 1975; I felt relaxed, calm and well rested,
but felt a slight excitement in me, like it was a 'cosmic reputation' - and I said,
now to be to throw myself into a new UFO adventures again readily available. at
Dusk, I sat on my "magic square", quiet and dreamy; an overall
feeling of anticipation grew stronger in me by the minute. I was aware inwardly
to be, I had an idea that the time had come. It was ten o'clock at night, I
went to my Wochenendplatz back, ate something and locked the cabin. I knew now,
that I was not coming back for a long time, so I decided to watch and
Car keys behind in hiding. Then I went over to the "no man's land" and
sat down on a tree stump near the clearing. I just waited - well internally
quite sure that a new experience was imminent. The night was wonderful, I felt off
drawn and as ready as I could be. About twenty minutes had passed,
when I had the sudden impression that the UFO had arrived in the clearing. I drilled my
Eyes in the darkness: a barely perceptible shimmer appeared within a minute,
the gradually increased - I triumphed! Premonition arrival had to be correct
proven and I had discovered it by means of extrasensory perception. was after all
the not so bad for a beginner! The light ship now materialized completely
and bowed as usual on the rocky ground down, then the door opened and the ramp came
down. I got up and went enthusiastically on board, hoping for another exciting
Adventure. I looked around inside: Nothing had changed; the door behind me closed,
the glowing ceiling spiral pulsed slowly, obviously we were ready to take off, what
rejoiced high. I was in good spirits and ready for another exciting journey. we solved
us from the ground and went straight up; I was sitting in the hatch, while higher and
higher up, at approximately 20,000 feet. Gradually disappeared below the scattered
only the light bands of the neighboring towns remained visible. The ship continued to
Flight and was soon over Toronto, here we walked down to a few thousand feet,
east of the city, in the area of Pickering - at that moment I saw another saucer:
They looked pretty similar to my and was going to the nearby nuclear power plant
down move. She stopped only a few hundred feet above the plant and floated there some
Minutes while its light pulsing and color from orange to pink to red and moved
then back again; then rose again, began to disappear and dematerialized itself.
At that moment I listened to a faint knocking sound in the direction of the entrance
the door - as if by magic, a 2 feet high, luminous cube appeared out of nowhere and
te completely right before my eyes. Obviously, had the platform is still the second end,
to serve as teleportation transportation equipment. I walked over to the glowing cube: It
a seamlessly welded, semi-transparent "sea chest" that some folded clothing
pieces and other devices contained. What are these clothes? And this came from the
the discus? I would like to know!
Meanwhile, we moved on and took the earlier one from the ship
occupied space above the nuclear power plant one. The center column of my ship began
to flash an upward stream and the ceiling spiral glowed in the same way - obviously
We refueled us with energy that came from the screened nuclear power plant. After this
Charging we flew over Lake Ontario, offers good views of the distant lights
Toronto, then we floated on hold. I was amazed to see how the ship
container began to dissolve and spilled its contents on the platform: a very clever way,

Page 34
unpack merchandise! I walked over, picked up the very light objects on and verified
piece. They looked like a space suit for human use, probably for me
thought itself: There was a transparent helmet, a belt buckle, a pair of short boots,
just a couple of close-fitting, elastic pants and a jacket with a high collar - made of
stretchable silver-colored material. From the outside, it felt scaly and metallic on inside
However, warm and cuddly. These facilities were intended, that I
should wear; I suspected that this was a sign that this time we a trip to
the real space, or even made into another dimension. I took the
All the equipment with into the toilet compartment where I put on it after I my own
had taken off, I looked for a place where I could keep my things;
an inner pulse, I placed them together nicely placed on the floor of the platform:
With great fascination, I looked like a plastic container to Mate around the objects
rialisierte, who completely surrounded - it made "pop" and the package was gone!
My space suit fit me perfectly, including the funny steel-gray boots; even the helmet
was sufficiently comfortable, thanks to its light weight. I felt quite glorious and
strutted around like in a fashion show, even a considerable change was my
State: I started to feel amazingly strong, vibrant, light and happy and my
Mind was extremely clear and sharp - a stunning transformation! I suspected that
all this came about because of a wave of considerable energy input that is different from
Gouge poured over the body. This had of the belt on my diaphragm
was to come, especially from the buckle; a different kind of energy, something more
Character, beamed from the helmet and indeed over the forehead area, they made my
"Cool" and clear. I was now convinced that belt and helmet were created to my
to enhance mental and physical powers, as well as my visit to Tibet with an important
was part of this generally enhancing procedure. Probably was the chemical
adapted structure of my body accordingly, so probably had an interdimensional travel
imminent. The belt amplifier had my molecular structure for the physical
changing conversion, while the helmet had the task of my perception and
to raise thinking skills, as well as my capacity to a higher level. So after I
This amplifier device was, I saw and understood many a lot better than
before. Everything
I looked, seemed somehow "alive", rich in detail and color, as I previously it
had never noticed; This was especially noticeable when I looked into the ball: Suddenly
I could see at a glance a comprehensive combination of their colored light patterns and
intuitively knew what they represented symbolically. Some markings were just a
or spatial importance concurrently with other groups of markers in relationship
had to be set, so to speak, acted as "target signals" for navigation. These
Target signals were pure local power sources of different types and sizes; some showed
psychic emanations, such as purple for esoteric centers as the
had been Tibetan monastery, dirty reddish brown for the hostility of the Middle East,
lively Yellowish green a specific place in Peru; then there was "color mixing" great
Population centers, such as a matt green mist of hospital areas, a
pastel blue fog of churches, a light gelber Nebel of universities - all had naürlich
these fundamental tones varying patterns and strengths. All this I discovered in a
relatively short time,
as I drew comparisons between the locations of the last trip and the enlarged details
characteristic places in Toronto. Although the geographical indication was only sketchy,
I yet familiar enough with the principal places of Toronto, as the university campus
and the nearby hospital complex, or the adjacent region of the surrounding churches.
Using the helmet could be much faster drawn conclusions, partly
it could also be inspired views, depending on what I already knew, or direct
telepathic communications from the saucer. At that moment, it was less important to me,

Page 35
How I learned things as long as I learned at all. A thought came to my mind: If
Locations have characteristic emanations, this would also apply to people! Yes
at all: they're the activities of the people who produced these "mental boxes" that
were characteristic of the different locations - it was clear to me that the vote
had to. How else the saucer would have a specific person within a large human
to explore quantitative and identify? Surely they had possibilities of such a kind
have exploration. I was quite sure that the ball was the main sensor device, in addition to
its functions as the executive "organ" for decisions and as a display device
various environmental factors, but these things were probably only a small fraction
the comprehensive internal knowledge. These ads were safe especially present
Passengers and pilots that they better understood to read; I also had the feeling that it
must be able to participate in the overall knowledge of these flying disc if you just
figured out how! Now I also knew where all this knowledge was stored, where the
was: The two tablets, which I had previously considered instruments were in fact the
"Lobes" of the flight ship, or any computer store for the same purpose. I
was very surprised at the ease with which different functions on my mind
working levels simultaneously. Out of curiosity, I multiplied desired four-digit number
Head with another four-digit number - it went perfectly, so I saw even in thought all
Interim results and the result. Next, I tried long forgotten
recall logarithmic values and mathematical formulas to mind what a flood
correct and crystal clear answers moved to it. My memory worked
fantastic, there was no doubt. I wish I had known what is with me without my
knowledge otherwise
had changed or improved, perhaps much more than I imagined and I unaided
could make it clear. but I felt sure that I was still back in due course
many would find out because, as far as he was concerned the saucer, it was bound to
have a good reason
for me to be here. At the moment I was happy and now waiting to see what happen next
would; something like a journey into another dimension? At that moment began
Lights Toronto to disappear slowly, just then I had a tingling feeling of many
Parts of my body starting. Looking at my bare hands my swayed
Field a little: For a moment, it seemed to me that I could through my hands
see through, as on a fluoroscope. Then my hands looked normal again - but
Toronto had completely disappeared! was, in fact, the entire land mass, including Lake
away and we were in the depths of space! We floated somewhere far out, "close" a
umglaublich dense stars field in the unfamiliar room. Looking through another hatch
I saw a remote, stunningly impressive fog formations - it was about no
any doubts: I was really and truly in another dimension! The planet Earth and
the familiar starry sky had stopped for me to exist! I looked in the spaceship
about: Basically, nothing had changed, except that everything "vibrant" and
full color seemed - that had the effect of higher oscillation frequency on the senses
be. But everything here was as perfectly solid, including myself. I looked into
Ball as if she could give me further instructions; that was not the case, and yet I
something interesting: While the white points of light, the planets of our solar system
represented, I realized another group labeled weak planet - they looked like
"Bubbles of light," even in the magnification. one for each planet of our system
Finally the earth, there was a corresponding counterpart on the other side of the
sun. What
did these seifenblasen-like markings? As essential duplicates of each of our
Planet in this other dimension? The fact was that we were in that dimension, the
was represented by cream-yellow markings in the ball. That could easily out of position
the earth will be closed in relation to the fog formation which the dense stars Field
this other dimension opposite to. After one or two minutes the lights were Toronto

Page 36
visible again and we glided back to our "normal" dimension. This time, heard the
Space "to exist". So I had my first interdimensional transit
subjected without that we had actually issued us somewhere, because we always
still above the same place as before. Besides my joy and a certain disorientation
I noticed no significant change in myself. Now we took the flight in the area
our usual dimension again, away from Toronto; the display in the ball according to
close it headed toward the Atlantic Ocean, in the area of the Bahamas. We were on
a sunken treasure, or after the lost Atlantis itself? Or had this
Flight maybe something to do with a so-called "cosmic window" in the Bermuda
As we left the coast behind us, the saucer went down and flew a few thousand
Feet above the water surface. It was the hour just before the dawn came not to
dark but not bright enough to any of the details in the gray fog patches to
recognize, through which we flew. All of a sudden everything changed dramatically: the
Sky above us began to glow strangely, like a giant orange spiral! One second
later we were like absorbed it, from a fluidized orange-blue mist that enveloped us.
The vortex felt like a nightmare, attacking with pale shadow upon us and with
halbformierten phenomena indefinable things - all offered the worrying impression
an "underworld", which is all too quickly changed, so that nothing definite distinction
could be. Then after what seemed to me a few minutes we came into the star-studded,
deep black space; deep down the earth was in full view, I would say for sure
a few thousand miles away. The light ship had to go through with frightening speed
the area this "ghostly" vertebra have flown after such a large in such a short time
had put distance behind him - or we were simply a cosmic window
"Sucked up" was, by some mysterious force?
On the night side of the earth, there was nothing but darkness, only a thin crescent along
curved horizon began to become brighter, presumably as a result of the sunrise. Of the
Space behind it was jet black, the stars of extraordinary luminosity and seemed
almost within reach. A very beautiful sight, a truly dramatic moment for me:
The first time I saw the earth so and I was personally in space, in the me
usual dimension! Looking through another hatch, I saw a whole new object that
about a quarter mile away from us was: It was a fantastic disc in size
a jumbo jet, probably waiting for us! Its diameter was at least 100 feet,
Height 40, she was disc shaped, with a huge dome at the top; a myriad of
Points of light penetrated through its transparent shell, or reflected on it - that had a
Art shipborne his or mother ship, I thought. The view of the Earth underwent a now
staged dramatic change: You veschwand almost entirely, as the carrier ship, both
but were still present in durchscheindender form - almost like a "phantom".
Obviously, we were in an intermediate stage, between two dimensions, but
I and the spacecraft around me were perfectly firm. And so it was with a
other large planet came into view in his bright, blue-green glow in the light
a blinding me strange sun. This new intermediate dimension that between them the
showed two other dimensions, was another big surprise for me!
Meanwhile my discus drifted slowly toward the carrier ship, actually we went
through the walls! Really, we penetrated his strong cell wall and then held
at; then everything gradually solidified around us: Apparently we were now fully in the
slipped back earthly dimension, within this large discus, which is now surrounded us
held. We were now completely in the mother ship in a semi-circular hangar,
perhaps this was the 'home port' my saucer. A mooring of a total of 6 further
identical, arranged around the base of the large dome. Just before the
had pierced "Phantom wall," I was looking at the ring-shaped arrangement succeeded

Page 37
and I could see that five berths were already occupied by other flying objects. Now
opened my saucer the door - very likely we arrived here to a time
to stay long, I thought. I stepped out onto a dark, smooth, solid ramp; the walls were
here pearl gray, seamless, without any markings and illuminated uniformly,
weak light. A previously unseen door opened in the wall, an airlock
Freeing I came in. The door behind me joined to my left, went to another, the
I walked through and which resulted in a comfortable suite with a great view outside.
Although the floor and walls of the same material existed, such as the arrival of the
space was
here the opposite wall a to-ceiling from the floor sloping glass window;
obviously this window was an integral part of the cell of the carrier ship. It looked
slightly yellow-tinted gray and felt the touch with your fingers as Plexiglas. I
felt like on the observation deck of a skyscraper, the view was truly magnificent:
Mysterious deep space, with the earth and the stars directly in the field! Some
Moments I was deeply moved here and took it all in me.
A few hundred yards away from the ship-borne part of the room began to shimmer
and gradually another Diskus materialized; then disappeared almost completely until
a "phantom-like" appearance remained that moved in our direction. undoubtedly
he pressed now in the same way as we previously through the shell of the carrier
ship. With the
Arrival of this new saucer were occupied all berths. The whole scene faded now and
gave way to a look into deep space the other dimension, with its
Fog impressive structures and lush Sternfeld - obviously we had a full
Transit done and in fact, our ship was moving now, because these other stars
dwindled away. Yes, we were undoubtedly go somewhere in this strange space!
Now I looked at my suite in the support ship closer to: It was a hexagonal space
approximately 12 feet in diameter, with sloping walls, the so an approximately 15 feet
formed "pyramid". A round piece of furniture found in the middle of this space, it
proved to be
a type of air bed. On one side, a large opaque plastic panel was, at the
another wall a kind of grotesque glass sculpture; I would have liked to know if these
things for
any practical use were intended, or were they just for decoration? The two
remaining walls of the hexagonal space flanking the windows, were in reality
hidden sliding into small compartments, similar to those in the saucer; behind it was a
small kitchen and a laundry room, two triangular in plan. In a renewed outlook
through the window, the picture of outer space had changed considerably: This sector
was now
relatively sternenarm, apart from a few scattered stars that are particularly clearly
were seen. Only a very formidable speed could be responsible for this strong
Change in the short term - or showed my window just another part of space?
I sat down on the bed and looked at least one fascinated for two hours to
Space. As I look at my one particularly bright star at the bottom left of the
Window pinned, I soon realized that we actually "fell" - whether upwards or
below, the means in space nothing, but my personal feeling it was a
fly difference, because it seemed that we would "walk forward". Satisfied by the sight of
Starry sky, I stood up and stretched me a little; apart from the window had the
Others my suite purely functional importance, nothing else caught my attention.
Of course, it interested me what it looked like in the other parts of the ship and whether
it is for me
one way would be to find out this. Well, could you try it, after all, I thought
and approached the wall that hid the door to lock. As I the door with both hands
touched, I made it - the door slid open; I stepped into the lock out and another door
opposite me opened. I went through - and found myself in a strange, completely
World! I was told in the tropical jungle of a "greenhouse" or better in one of
a dome-winning "Rock Garden" 20-foot diameter; the uneven, also around 20

Page 38
Foot high "rock walls" handed round to the edge of the dome. A spiral path led
up until that edge, past jagged rock formations and a profusion of exotic
Plants. Also at the bottom of the cliff there was a lot of green plants, a trail of
red sand and green turf, past some benches and abstract sculptures. Within the
Around path surrounded seven stone portals, reminiscent of Stonehenge, the center of
Dome space; in the very center, a vertical beam resembling a sprang
Fountain the ground and reached up to 40 feet high top of the dome. On closer
Examination proved to be the "fountain" as the 7 feet thick central column which a large
barg, hovering midway between floor and ceiling - a system similar to the saucer.
The basis of this central column met a hatch located below a "amphi-theatrical"
was of three levels surrounded rounding. The whole garden was a pleasant mess
of plants, flowers, rocks, bushes and paths, he remembered partly to a Japanese
Rock garden, partly to a jungle culture. Heavy scents hung in the air and delicate
Light pattern made a "fantasy realm" of everything. Each sculpture, each portal and each
flocked in their way different vibrations and aroused countless moods and
Reveries - I realized that when I was standing next to these objects. It had a
be real art to make use of all these aesthetic ideas in full. All
obviously this was the retreat for the UFOnauts, or their guests; a really
ingenious device and absolutely indispensable for long space voyages. But where were
the other
Visitors UFOnauts, or whoever? I was the whole time alone in this
Rock garden - was about but me no one at all on board? Or should I, for whatever
Reason whatsoever, meet with anyone else? Well, in any case, was the garden
admirably adapted to draw air to rest, to dream and physically fit to
hold; some of the abstract stone sculptures were even used for climbing and gymnastics
become. I also suspect that the stone portals a second function as
exercised hidden "parts of the brain" or camouflaged computer. The center pillar facing
flickered surfaces and glittered in any case with a myriad of small Lichtfünkchen and
so strongly to the two me quite well known instrument panels in the saucer. But here
also ended where the similarity, because of what is in the ball and the portals
was happening, I could not make the slightest; also was not a power converter or
-speicher visible, probably these were hidden within the structure of the ship. I
went around a few times, walked the spiral path up to the edge of the dome and looked
from there the awesome panorama of space. I was just going down in the
Garden few things to examine in more detail when the lighting in the domed room
almost completely
went out. Power failure? - I suspected weak - but barely, because a passage to my
led guest suite, was brightly lit. Then I realized what the weaker become light and
bedeutenen the brightly lit passage: I was asked to go and in my polite
return pyramid room. Maybe others would now use the garden for themselves and
my time was up until I came back later in the series. Strangely enough, except I saw my
no further passage - they were about seamlessly into the surface of the orbiting
Rock wall inserted? Anyway, I now went back to my suite and the door behind me
joined directly thereto. This seemed completely to confirm that I conceded
Time was over, my conclusions or my intuition was therefore correct; or was it
more telepathic suggestion that I understood the invitation? Yes - perhaps even the
was the beginning of my exploration of the dome space telepathically suggested. It
seemed to me the day
had run for today: In Toronto, it must now be at least 5 am, more than
, To sleep to put high time and I was now really tired and exhausted.
Absently I took my helmet off and for a moment I felt panic
mixed - but nothing happened disadvantageous, except that my head felt quite heavy.
But that could be a good sleep only useful. Because of the belt I was a bit hesitant and

Page 39
then decided, but rather to keep him; in this 'air bed', or whatever it was,
he would not hinder me. So I stretched out and fell asleep in the midst
This pyramid-shaped space and at a comfortable temperature.
Upon waking, I felt surprisingly happy and in a good mood, what more
is remarkable because I'm usually a real "morning person." Somehow gave me
this space a feeling of total security, much like you look for in a home heat
feels a cold day outdoors. I had the assumption that the pyramid shape could be
have to do with this pleasant effect. After washing in the waterless bath enjoyed
I was in the kitchen a few colored cubes for breakfast. Kitchenette and washroom were
both smaller than in the saucer, however, entirely sufficient. In fact, they adapted to
living things
of different sizes and I had the feeling that this transport ship all possible
Being served, not only people on Earth. The items were either too deep or too large to
to serve exclusively human use, but somehow it all came together every living
from just under 1 to about 2 meters tall. As for the convenience of the rest, so loading
I realized that no one had tried it, razor, toothbrush or other small
provide amenities - but maybe there were things that could serve this purpose if
I had only known how they were to use. I even had the impression that only one
To use fraction of the opportunities offered, simply because of my ignorance.
I wondered also about the complete absence of any control buttons, such as
Temperature control, ventilation, control and power management, to name a
few. Everything
worked so smoothly and everything seemed so perfect for me that it almost aroused
suspicion in me
appeared. This carrier ship did not seem like a big, technical flying machine, but rather
as a "flying whale": There was no noise, no shock, no sudden accelera-
fixing certificates or dizzy flight maneuvers; were always gravity and breathing air in
planning and all these comforts while we were in a mad pace long distances in space
by snap! For the fact that our speed was impressive, I was convinced. At the
Looking through the window again saw everything different from what it was the day
before been the case: This
Space was now fulfilled in a much greater degree of star accumulations around - near,
as in the distance; obviously we were from a relatively empty area within a
half a day come in these stars of the crowded sector - and this was supposed to be the
absolute impossibility: Even the light would have, used many many years to such
Distances to cover, so our speed had several thousand times that of the
have lain light, which seemed to me ridiculous. Either were the star systems in this
Dimensioning not light years away from each other, or I had the whole situation in
any way have judged totally wrong - and yet I suspected that we much, much
were faster than light! Puzzle over mystery, I muttered to myself as I there on the
Knew bed sat, not the slightest hope for me, the process of this incredible "starry
to understand RITTS ". I could not even explain much simpler things, like the seamless
me yes
Constructions without bolts and screws, or other "simple" thing, like the change
from one dimension over the other. Time to get some fresh air and a
Morning walk to do, I decided, and got up from my air bed. I pressed
my palms against the wall, where the door had to be hidden - "presto" and she opened
themselves. That meant certain that I was entitled to, so no problem. I would have liked
once again
knew the choice of timing was fortuitous, or it was telepathically in my
triggered consciousness? However, if no one but me should have been on board, had the
Garden does not have to be made available for other; but somehow I doubted this
Way, I had a strong feeling that all saucers with visitors arrived here
were and also there would indeed be ridiculous, solely because a person of this flight
perform carrier ship. The rock garden was in the fog and was full of dew as on a
Early in the morning, perhaps the ship's sensors just went only to me as I am

Page 40
felt on an early morning, or whatever. The garden was suitable in any case
excellent for jogging and rock climbing, which I did with great enthusiasm. To my
great surprise had some stone sculptures even changed the shape to better such
to serve physical exercises. Then, when I had prepared me a little, I began to
to check things more going into detail. Something really new not struck me though,
but surely I now had to at least try it enough time. So I took the
For example the closest my door portal before, under which I sat for a while: I
found his special vibrations very stimulating for my intellect - it was as if I
alternately browsed in a bookstore, then again a philosophical lecture
attended or undertook a sightseeing tour. I directed me straight on: Was this portal
as an extra so prepared that it suited my particular taste, or I was for
therefore selected this ride because my vibrations exactly the pattern of this portal
corresponded? An interesting approach, I thought, surely had the other portals
completely different vibration patterns. Well, it did not help to speculate, somehow
I also no longer able to feel me, because now I realized what a difference in
my mental functions caused the lack of the helmet. I gradually became really sluggish
not only generally well in all my physical condition in thought but.
I noticed that after the shower I had forgotten my amp belt back
to apply; it seemed as if the reinforcing effect wear off after a while and I fell
slowly back to my normal vibration rate and perhaps could give me trouble
bring if it took even longer. This idea seemed to me a little uncomfortable
so I went to get my amplifier from my suite. Again, I wondered whether
was this idea of me, or come "outside"; I could not say it, but had yet the
Conjecture that telepathic memories rather in a more subtle and undetectable
Way came. Nevertheless, I went back to my suite to create the amplifier again -
oh man, what of a difference, right from the first minute!
Somehow I felt as if I should not go into the garden, I just sat there and looked at the
Than a vague idea began to take shape in me vaguely constellations; he had something
do distances and speeds - then I had sensed it: We probably went
by various 'space jumps' through as we both space and time distortions
used. A visual comparison came to mind: An ant was the diameter of a
spooled wire overcome in a matter of seconds, but if the wire unwound and
was designed, she might need a whole day to get from one to the other
to come wire end. Gradually, I became curious about how far it probably still up
might be our destination and how long we would need to do. Not that I
would have been in a hurry, because this fantastic journey was such a unique experience
that it
nothing could me made out when they would take even months. psychologically
it would, however, already be difficult such a long journey alone with the available
Recreation endure. If I had at least society, or anything
to work, just as the astronauts during their flights, or at least television and books;
but maybe all these things were not well-considered reasons available, so I
could learn to spend my time on more constructive way, ignoring distractions
to rely. Maybe I should try to make some mind games, or
This idea was bound to be something - to become even more familiar with me for a
for themselves. I was hungry, maybe now was mealtime. Since I did not have a watch, I
could not
say what time it was, but my stomach could. After a sufficient meal I was
a little tired, so I lay down me to take a nap. When I return I
rose, I felt like a walk; To my surprise, the door opened to my
Touch down and I was able to walk freely in the garden. This time I did not miss it,
to wear my amplifier. Outside, mood and lighting were again changed,

Page 41
seemed afternoon. The back of the rock garden now gave the impression of a very
distant mountain range, which I enjoyed, as if I were in the open. Things took
different perspectives, which I found very fascinating; sat for a speedy tour
I exhaled me under a portal that vibrations of the "serene calm" and internal pictures of
rural sunsets caused. I was very happy and pleased and only wish,
painting devices to have on hand to paint one or two inspired images. I had a long
on, it seemed to be hours and enjoyed the changing moods and vibrations; it
came to me even some creative ideas about how I could continue to employ me,
only with mental means, after all, in the area of mental I had a lot of
to learn and also probably "mentalize" be the area with the most to UFOs
had to do ...
I was deep in thought when the lights went out almost completely in the garden - it was
Time to go back to my suite. There I sat on my bed and looked pensively
for a way that could lead to the mental games that I had planned. I
wish the lighting had been more subdued for this purpose - and was there
lighting weaker to my surprise! Obviously they corresponded to my
Request: So I wanted her to be stronger again, just to check if my
Theory was correct - and it was she! This prompted me then and rhythmic variations on-
play through; Finally, I made this experiment only with a single wall, then
I stretched out the gimmick, so that different colored light patterns emerged, similar to a
psychedelic show. I was delighted with my game, discovered by chance and wanted to
try 'TV': As I light pattern on only a portion of the inclined wall
limited, I wish they would play any pictures from my memory - and
it went! Soon I was able to reproduce parts of favorite movies, although I am beginning
some problems with inaccurate details and the succession of images, but had
through practice I improved things, so it seemed to me as if all the important details
stored somewhere in my subconscious in the original. I was soon distracted by
This chain of thought and my concentration at the "Project" was disrupted, so that a
Host of other, less important mental images interfering. This was pretty funny
Effects result, so I decided to turn off my "Kino", which only
random thoughts flashed images and in the kind of free association to the wall again
disappeared. It proved to be a strange mix: fractions of films, television
commercials, memoirs, mixed with any mental leaps of telephone
numbers up to headlines from newspapers. The words and numbers brought me to the
to play on the wall "telex" - I managed written material of almost
retrieve letter length and also to keep. All in all, this game barg newfound
increasing difficulties and complications in itself, but also countless combinations of
Possibilities. But as long conducted mental exertion had tired me now;
Heaven knows how long I have operated this mental TV game. I would now like to
if everyone can not play well only within oneself these things without them after
outside to project on a screen - maybe it was possible and perhaps this was
Consideration at all the moral of this whole television game. For the moment, but I had
enough. Before I lay down to rest, I made up my mind the next day in the same way
even to invent sounds.
Well, the next day I took a long time to time to produce a sound, but
Finally I managed, as I wished that certain parts of the wall give resonance
should and the pyramid top of my room should it act as speakers. It was
quite fun, but I had difficulty in reproducing entire songs, or even
Solos. It sounded pretty often discordant, or were left out from time to time clocks; it
seemed to me as if my musical memory and memory under the

Page 42
Average and so there was no hope of becoming a great musician for me. Pity! As
Next, I had the brilliant idea to connect to the 'brain' of the support ship to
try or whatever you want to call it by means of 'teletype'. So I had to
light up the screen in white letters the words: "You recognize my intention with you
? Liaise "In response, I did not have to wait long - flashed immediately the
Screen twice to know: Without a doubt, I was understood. "Would my words
respond, to start using this 'Telegraph', for example with the word 'YES'? "No
Answer, not even a faint flash. I formulated my questions several times in other
Shape, but just pulled rivets. It appears that the foreign intelligence wanted no communi-
cation, because I was convinced she could answer me in every conceivable way, if they
had wanted. Patience, I kept saying to me, be patient! Sometime and somewhere if
the opportunity is there, it will be a concrete connection, maybe even face
Face come.
I walked for a while in the garden; after jogging round I sat down under another
Portal to perform some tests that I had made up my mind, but my
Attention was distracted by the spectacular sight of itself to me by the
Hatch offered: We plunged directly into a dazzling spiral nebulae into it! When I overall
thanks lost was a few minutes, we got closer and closer to the center of this
Fog structure - we had already large stellar dust clouds or cosmic gases reached
have the rings sparked us and flashed. Then I felt even a slight tremor through
passing the ground, similar to when forth in a plane of wind gusts and
is vibrated. The garden lights went out almost completely, then blinked a few times -
is "to buckle," I assumed we had come across an unusual situation
and I was asked to quickly return to my suite, although I still do not
had long been out here. So I went back and sat down on the bed. It was outside
the window has become downright "stormy" and we dived by malicious flashing,
purple clouds; occasionally twitched flashes of blinding size that even the
Shipborne brought significantly to waver. What surprised me was this: I had
assumed this ship would never so much mercy of the elements of space
may be, but now it seemed as if something is wrong and we are in great danger!
My window was literally darkened by the jagged pattern any electrical
discharges; I had that we are in the midst of a high-strung feel electrical "
Storm " were, or anywhere else something equally dangerous. After a while, were
even the walls of my room pyramid of serpentine electrical charges over-
coated, yes I even heard crackling and crunching noises. I could not imagine that
this was just an ordinary part of the routine flight of this carrier ship; I felt instinctively,
perhaps it has been given to me telepathically, that here it is unusual for a
Risk of the first order concerned. I now also understood why I had so quickly into this
have to go back. Either it was the shape of the pyramid itself, or the material from which
was produced which provided effective protection against such hostile actions of
Elements out there in space. Periodically came out of the walls a greenish
Seemingly out how to try to provide protection, because this greenish glow expanded
and pushed the purple-crimson discharges formally away before he himself again au-
genblicklich coincided. Meanwhile, the room temperature had risen to unbearable
and also I noticed a strange odor, like burnt insulation. I was
really in great excitement, and also there was absolutely nothing that I myself in this
could have done, so I probably sat there at least an hour - in helpless fascination.
Then all of a sudden it was all over! We were in deep black space, in his
Background sparkling stars in clear light - I felt enormously relieved, but also
exhausted. When the room temperature gradually normalized again, I fell into a deep
sleep ....

Page 43
When I awoke some time later, we stopped moving, we hovered just gently
in the room. A fascinating spectacle filled the half of my window, I saw a huge,
semi-transparent spaceship! bathed in pale, diffused light, looked like this thick,
Ship with its towers, Flantschen and fin-like elements in such a submarine.
S in this moment I noticed a saucer that from my carrier ship toward this
Spaceship flew and shrunk to a small point before they reached it. As
I was sizing of this, the proportions to the cylindrical ship, I came to a length
of at least 1 mile ( As will later turn out, it's actually even 2.5 km )!
I had the feeling that my journey was approaching with the carrier ship its end and that I
would also leave soon. discovered deep under, right on the bottom of my window
I part of a dark planet whose curvature was lit from behind,
probably up or the setting of a previously hidden sun. within a few
Minutes the door opened my suite; Time to go, I thought - I would at this
brought spaceship, or instead, to this planet? Instinctively, I took care of my
Face and my hair, as I would expect any encounter with someone, but I
had neither a comb for my tangled hair, even a razor for my now
grown, itchy stubble on the chin. Well, that should be my last concern, I thought,
at least I have survived until now. I went through the airlock and through an open door,
which led to the berths; obviously I was asked aboard the same saucer
to go that had brought me from Toronto to her now the carrier ship again
leave. Once I was on board, and the door had closed, we crashed in
halbmaterialisierten state through the cell wall of the support ship - when we were
outside and everything
seemed fine, we returned to the normal state. I took a farewell look on
the carrier ship: It looked like chemically discolored or burned, his ugly discoloration
were obvious, but I could make out nothing definite, because the whole ship ran
quickly out of sight. We started us wrapped in the darkness alien planet towards
hinabzusenken of us ever further away from the nearby spacecraft. It was
a breathtaking sight! I was hochentzückt, this to be able to take it all in.
Behind the horizon line of the planets, the sun now went on - but followed shortly by a
Sun! I was completely speechless. For a moment I thought, now I'm going crazy! While
our rapid descent flight but increased the two suns higher and higher and convinced
me that what I saw was real. Then we came across a thick, cloudy
Atmosphere and soon we were surrounded by darkness, as we again of the dark side
Planets dipped. Only a strange-looking red moon came into view and made us
our downward airline. It went through cloud layers through and sometimes you could
vague hints of land masses and oceans. Then came accumulations colored points of light
in sight - a city! And we talked to her! I was as excited as a child on the
Santa Claus is waiting. As we approached the city, I was more and more details
There were in dense, but irregular intervals gigantic glass domes of various shapes
and size, towering with a lot of spiers and multi-level roadways. the domes
were all connected to each other through a maze of curved glass tubes, which is a kind
salvaged vehicle traffic in itself. Myriad of multicolored lights glittered from a whole
"Forest" forming spiers, similar to the antennas of our skyscrapers. A fabulous,
futuristic, but also a dizzying sight! But before I view everything in detail, or
even able to use the magnifying device of the disk in order to study more details,
we lowered us to make toward a half-open dome that resembled an observatory. We
flew through the opening and landed on the floor; opened within one minute
then the saucer her door and fell down the ramp - we arrived Final structure! I
mustered up the courage to deal with the possible shock of meeting

Page 44
left an extraterrestrial beings, in whatever form, to resist and
full of expectations the ship. Nothing! Only an empty, large, solid-looking hall
me. The domed roof above me was closed, the air unbreathable, gravity normal,
diffuse light emanated from the walls. A treadmill, similar to a conveyor belt, resulting
in a
Gate on the opposite side. I shrugged, stepped onto the conveyor belt and tested
absently my amplifier belt and helmet - well, I had around the belt, but
my surprise, I discovered that I helmet in the excitement under his arm
had clamped. When leaving the treadmill at its end I found an open elevator,
However, had the inside does not have any names yet pushbuttons. When I entered,
Automatically, the door closed and he went up. When I got out, I went into a
unexpected and completely startling scene: Whether you believe it or not, I found myself
in a
thoroughly ground looking piano bar! A red-haired woman sat at the piano and sang
distinctive voice, "I left my Heart in San Francisco"! A handful of ground-normal
People sat scattered at the tables in dimly lit niches. Crazy, completely crazy!
I shook my head - I had to suffer from hallucinations ....
"Good evening and welcome!" A vibrant voice behind me startled me.
I turned around and saw a proper bar and behind the counter smiled to me familiar
Face out. The man had piercing green eyes and wore a beard him something a
was mischievous Ausssehen. I was as if struck by shock: It was the taxi driver who me
had brought half a year before to the "Psycho-exhibition"!
"Welcome to the planet 'Argona' of 'OMM-ONN' -Systems, a member of
'UNITED PSYEANISCHEN WORLDS' . Similarly, if you want to know, "Omm and
These are the names of the two suns. Now, what you like to drink? "I mumbled. he set
an open pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the table and then mixte two gin tonics.
I put my helmet, sat on a bar stool, lit a cigarette and took
a sip of what I felt both very good. I felt almost like shot by the
unexpected Earth-like scenery and entirely terrestrial behavior of taxi driving cash
"My name Argus . I am a so-called Alien, namely a 'Psycheaner' and on this planet
of your assigned host and guide. "He did not begrudge me a warm, friendly smile.
"Man, oh man!" I exclaimed. "I had rather goggle-eyed green dragon creature with
defend expected! "
"Something like that we actually Oh, but distant to some other, much further
Star systems. "
"Yes - and instead I find this here - and you"
"Well, somehow you had brought me but in connection with the aliens, then
in the matter by taxi. "
"That's true. But guess is one thing, another certainty. "
"Well said - and therefore these saucers trip for them was arranged, the certainty
because, that's it. "
Arranged "? At times I felt downright manipulated. Just like when you see me in
have brought in this taxi - if it ever was a taxi ... "
"No taxi, only one car, with a bit of gentle suggestion from my side. Since you to
did not want to go from Himself at that 'Psycho exhibition' That night, I had me a
manage little psychological manipulation to bring you to the prepared contact. "
"You mean this blond young man, Quentin? No wonder he knew so much. He must
then also be a Psycheaner - he's here now "?
"No, he is not a Psycheaner and he's not even here. Well, we do not engage in
advertising, yet
we persuade someone. You showed interest, so we put out some tracks, which you
could - and since you have followed completely, we granted you the flights. The key is

Page 45
own inner drive. "
"After all, you could inform me of the expected."
"A trip with guide? No, the challenge for you to discover everything myself, wanted
we do not rob you - and you have it but only made really good. And for us it was
necessary to know about it, and we also have your courageous confrontation with
constantly monitors the unknown. "
"Oh, I've enjoyed everything. I wanted to also not complain, but to know why.
After all, it was 'worth the money'. "
"Well aside, fun - the key word is 'mutual benefit'."
"Each other? But how? Your world is so advanced ... "
"You'll see how - perhaps. Our cause is just to show and explain. "
The redhead at the piano was singing one a popular French song, or actually
whole potpourri of French melodies - her style appealed to me very well; but I turned
me back to Argus, my host:
"Well, then you agree on. Can we go in detail? If these unmanned
flying saucers controlled by a disembodied intelligence that is based in the ball? "
"Very good! The answer is yes! "
"Were you personally this living, but disembodied intelligence?"
"By God, your thoughts jumps are indeed very impressive! The Council will be
to hear it. "
"You have not answered my question."
"You're so right on going, right?" In Argus eyes flashed keen interest in; it seemed
to please entertainment. "So, this intelligence was not me in person. Because repeated
terdimensionale passages can have on our people unfavorable side effects, even
if they wear protective clothing. The painful lowering the rate of vibration when entering
come into your dimension is particularly hard feelings, so it is reasonable for such trips '
COMPUTER ' to use. "
"And what about the structure of the saucer itself? She came to me more like a living
thing before
and not just as an ordinary machine. "
"Well said. The reason is because it is built "organic", so the transit effects and
to cope with other special loads better, which in a conventional
Machine would not be the case. "
"Much like we have been experimenting on Earth thus, specially shaped giant pumpkins
grow to be, to replace the boat walls made of fiberglass? "
"Yes, but this analogy comes remotely close to reality. In fact, we use
all kinds of combinations of organic synthetic over to bionic, whether stationary
or flexible androids - always, as is necessary for the required function. "
( The subsequent short dialogue looks completely out of context. He only makes
makes sense if you imagine that in the meantime the subject was changed. the answers
Judging by Oscar would have to the origin of psycheanischen people or
human race have asked itself. Argus could have responded to it in substance, that
the Psycheaner moved from another cosmic sector here a long time ago and that
the origin of the first man in the dark is because the cosmos for ages exists
are and has since created countless universes and gone again. Like other species also
mankind would spread since billions throughout the cosmos. )
"Then it must be hard to tell where originally, in any form and why."
Argus nodded seriously:
"And that of course includes you and your world. Hard to say, cost for all this
mix traffic and walks back and forth across the cosmos, the whole era
through. "

Page 46
"You mean....? God in heaven, do not tell me I was a "different" migratory
Intelligence in this present case! "
"I'm not saying you were that. But the fact is that some of you people on Earth in their
general patterns show surprising inconsistencies - as sometimes your own
sharp insights; so we just study these things in general. "
"I bet you do this and I suspect that I just now several thousand
Details of my being would be reviewed. "
"Since you have it again! I have a feeling that our advice would be very interested in you
personally know ..... But what I'm looking for a bad host - how about yet
a drink? "
"Yes please. Then you can tell a lot about your work and this place here me yet. "Argus
filled on the glass and then began to keep talking:
"Well, I just got my last mission as" Psycheanischer Resident Coordinator "on
Your earth ended. Among other things, I studied there earthly affairs and inter-
terraced people assisted, who wanted to know more about "foreign psycheanische
presence" more. "
"It has to have been a great pleasure for you to show up there open. But how could you
avoid being recognized? "
"I could not always. Some people suspected me hard to be one of these 'aliens'.
Occasionally I had to make a mental protective shell around me to my retreat to
"Have you been stationed for a time in the area of Huntsville? Is there ir- in this area
quietly that underground facilities? And what about this mysterious stranger in
I would almost ran into it one night? "
"Let us not discuss such small details," Argus interrupted me decided. "So now,
after I had learned enough about the human activities on your planet, I was
brought here to help build these Earth-like receiving station for earthly guests. The
Facilities are fully in those on Earth, including food and drinks,
which we ourselves produce. "
"Surely you met while on a whole lot of problems."
"Not at all. Visitors should simply feel at home here, so far from home,
amid overwhelming alien impressions. This interruption is to help the
to maintain mental stability. By the way, here we always have a lot of guests also
other systems, some even from your own dimension that you as in your galaxy
"Neighbors" could refer. They all come from different civilizations beyond the
Yours, all eagerly studying the earth matters, and are fluent in most of your
major languages. Watch the red-haired pianist for example, Melody , comes from a plan-
called in your own dimension "Saturn" Neten. People see how they do, between
their missions on earth here often, or they will be specially sent here to us
to work a task of common interest - the "New Project Earth". If there is such
continues, we will have to expand our reception possibilities considerably. "
I was surprised and looked around in the bar:
"You mean, all these people are 'aliens'?"
"Sure they are, even though their work is exactly the one people on Earth. later will
You have the opportunity to become acquainted with them if you like. "
As if on cue the pianist stood up at that moment and came over to us.
"I want to take a break just a minute and say 'hello' before I go swimming."
She swung on a bar stool. Argus introduced us to each other, declared that I just
had arrived from the earth and poured her a glass of orange juice desired. Melody was a
strikingly beautiful redhead with sea-green eyes, very aristocratic, very 'vibrant'. your
English was flawless; without further ado she could apply for a rich North American
without the

Page 47
to give rise to doubt or suspicion.
"So, you just came from the earth?" She gave me a warm look and smiled.
"How fascinating. One day I'll also are preparing me, this good old planet
"That means you have never been there?". I was very surprised. "How is it then that you
play excellent piano and have such a good style? "
"Oh, during my training at home I was thoroughly in various
Areas of my anthropological studies taught. Incidentally, I have no reason
to complain that I have not seen nothing earthly, because I possess already over
considerable experience of 'NOVA TERRA' here, which is certainly closest to reality
. Comes "Argus turned on in order weiterzuhelfen my understanding:
"Terra Nova is the project of common interest, which I mentioned earlier."
A Miss Doctor at a distant earth project? Very mysterious. I leaned over to her
and touched Melody's hand. "What made you decide to choose such a strange job?"
"Strange?" She asked, surprised and looked at me with wide eyes. "I think, quite the
contrary. You see, I was always incurable romantic, always I loved the old and genuine
fashionable way, just as you have a hard understandable Earth. No wonder, because I'm
practically in
the "living museum" of 'NEW ATLANTIS' grew up, where my father a job in
trade Commission. "
She kept her eyes on Argus addressed how to obtain support or comment.
I found your story very exciting, but before I was able to ask cast Argus
in between, "Melody said that their music is a characteristic sidelines, part
the total basis for their specific activities. In fact, it is a serious scientist,
with which one should drive no fun. "
"Well, then I go now prefer." Melody rose from her seat. "Time for my fitness training
. And all that I see you well later - and then I no longer chatting from school, the
I promise. "Her parting looked perfectly natural and yet I would like to know whether
they Argus
with his words wanted to warn somehow. I was witness to an "information leaks"
and this was accidental, or played?
"You can not learn everything at once." Argus shrugged, as if to my
comment unspoken question. "In due course, you will learn more and more. As
would be to explore this planet first Argona? He is a 'EXPERIMENTAL CENTER
"You mean these domed cities that I saw before my landing?"
"They're a part of it, but there are also many other scattered communities on the
Country that are populated by a large number of visitors, even from outside the psycho-
cheanischen Federation come scattered throughout the galaxy. These visitors are of
VARIOUS race and shape, some are humanoid, others come close. "
"How fascinating. I suppose the domes are there to the different climatic
ensure conditions. "
"Not quite. Most visitors can tolerate the local conditions, a few
need protective clothing. The domes are more there to extreme heat, humidity,
Sandstorms and prevent similar that due to dramatic seasonal comparison
changes arise. You see, this planet is highly unusual, with its two suns and
his drifting magnetic fields. It is ideal for artistic purposes and scientific
nomic experiments, but hardly suitable for normal habitation. Although gravity only
is slightly weaker than on earth, the days are only about half as long, giving the
human metabolism is not good in the long run. But you have the opportunity later
to see for yourself. "
"I can not wait any longer!"

Page 48
"Do not hurry Only. You now need a little break. I promise you tonight in
take the city. Now I will show you your room, there you can put yourself a little
look to rest, or you on your own here a little bit. "
We left the bar. He brought me out to a terrace where a three-story hotel in the
was seen "Florida style"; it had about thirty rooms and a penthouse on the roof,
was down a garden courtyard and a swimming pool, nestled in a lush tropical garden -
everything was bathed in bright sunshine, as usual from the earth. It was very warm
and the air was full of scents; the swimming pool, I counted three men and five women
Swimwear, everything was perfect and delightful - except that it actually out there
had to be night or early morning and not noon.
"We have our independent sunshine effect, just as well as in Florida," said
Argus and showed up for hard to discover surface of the dome, which looked more like
bright blue sky. "After you have moved you in your room, I can log
bring down to these people if you want. "He took me to one of the units,
had a sliding door to the terrace; the room was air conditioned, the establishment of such
on the
Earth, including the bathroom. Much to my delight I found razors, soap, real water,
Toothbrush, pajamas, matching leisure clothing and swimwear before.
"By the way, your helmet and the amplifier belt you need here not in the reception
"Carry, Argus said.
"How long will actually take my intended stay here?"
"Three or four days after of local, local time."
"Well, I probably have about 3 days, used to come here. the return trip
included as well, so I will be over a week away from home. "
"Yes. Only that the actual elapsed time on earth no more than a maximum of one and a
half days
will amount; the conversion ratio is 7 to 1 - even as a paradox. "
"I have already noted that the '7' is in other respects of importance, such
For example in the support ship: The number of saucers and the number of stone portals
its different, individually certain broadcasts. "
"Correct. But do not kill the time ratio '7' messed with the difference of vibration
rates between our two dimensions - it is namely a multiple of seven. A
Another thing: The number of saucers in the mother ship and their positioning provides
important factor in the journey through 'space and time distortions' group; shape and
Arrangement absolutely necessary in this case for the functioning. And another thing:
Portals correspond in particular emanations the primary actuators of the "7
Variations in the motivation of the creatures and their outlook on life. " The
Portals can give you appropriate suggestions for comfort and inspiration, among many
other things. "
"Besides asked why had the support ship under its dome no such small 'Flori-
da-Hotel ' ? "
"Well, mainly to be transported no large masses of water in a spaceship and
In addition, the dome of a very different visitor shaft, not only people on Earth is. "
As we talked I put my travel uniform, pulled swimsuit and was almost finished
with shaving. Funny, all these mundane earthly activities I felt very good. Argus
was right: I needed a break from all these adventures in a strange world.
"So, we go down to get to know the other people," I said. "By the way, are there also
Androids that? "
"Not that I know. In addition, it applies to us as a rude, to be curious in that direction.
( Meant is probably an unreasonably direct question like: Good day, madam, you are a
Android? ) The people you see here have been selected by their home planet for
this Erdprojekt Psycheanischen the Federation; some of them were already on the

Page 49
some not, but all behave naturally as if they were real earthlings. So
entertain yourself well with them, for it shall be for you joy and relaxation - not that it
would be here any secrets, but if you have serious questions, please teach at
We went down to the other. They were all very nice young people, almost all under
of radiant health and attractive appearance. At first glance they were not of
to distinguish real people on Earth and yet I felt a certain otherness, a
special spirit that she had lifted under certain circumstances from the ground mass.
Although I quite tanned and was physically in good shape, I would have liked
knew who they were now held myself. All spoke English very well and in the
Idea they called only usually sounding first name and any arbitrary earthly
Places of origin from different countries. During the next hour there was when
Swimming, or at the ping pong table and under the beach umbrella on the patio bar
Opportunity to joke and to conduct general discussions. In particular, I made friends
the red-haired Melody, which took in everything that my person concerned lively
interest and
charming, feminine way. She never mentioned her true origins, but she behaved
so, as if coming from the New York area. At sunset - or what thanks
artificial means seemed so - suggested Argus, we should relax us all a few hours and
then find ourselves together again as an aperitif. He told me he would take me to the city
to visit after we had eaten, while the other their respective personal
and would pursue cultural interests. Then he hit even a voluntary night
Garden party with music and dance in front after all be returned. I felt so
happy as a real guest at an earthly resort and looked forward to the
coming events in the evening and at night. Argus said it would wake me someone
if I now wanted to take a nap - and so I did; tired but satisfied, I put
down on my bed.
To my surprise, the dinner turned out to be a very special thing with meat and
various earthly courts, next door brought in the other from the kitchen. I
was not enough wonder about the details of the preparation me - but Argus confessed
that the whole thing was invariably only synthetic protein. The lack of authentic food
but was made up for in fun and laughter; for all of us was this and the
next night a wonderful time. Also the following afternoon was filled with playful
Activity, there was basically no jargon about space and dimensions, just the usual
underground holiday chatter, jokes or conversations about cultural things. After a while
it seemed impossible to believe that these were real aliens; I could also
no longer maintain the vague feeling that this would be only a small group of clever
Scientists who secretly BeO my nature as in their living laboratory
bach ended. The fact was that they ground-human inaugurated Student Affairs
were playing their role as earth people with style. I was grateful for her company,
completely relax especially of course for Melody's and for the opportunity in this way
can. After the first dinner Argus took me away for the evening of the group. He begged
me to put on the space suit with belt and helmet, then he took me in the elevator in a
Underground car park. We sat in a tiny, spherical floating vehicle , the almost silent
worked and went through a kind of lock out. Argus' fingers ran over
various buttons of a keyboard on a console; It was fun to see after all,
that also used a visible mechanism here.
"I have just entered our route in the traffic computer, which means this car
Pilots will take care of the whole trip. It's very convenient, "Argus remarked as the
Levitation vehicle took off with us.
"Why is used here mechanical device and not extrasensory perception, as in the

Page 50
Saucers? "
"A computer or a corresponding" brain "for a single car? That would be a great
Waste. Also, it is easier to enter the direction of travel by means of push buttons rather
than one
to do with psychological means. "
"Then why not a similar push button system for control and communication in the
? Spaceships "( Note: If already present in other types UFO )
"These activities are far too complex for mere push buttons. By the way:
and control by manual means is possible for, how it is done who knows. "
Our levitation vehicle slid across fields then, toward a distant highway. As we
had just arrived at this "Highway", I realized that since no befestig-
was te street, but only ground lights as marker as on a runway. A lot
Vehicles darted at high speed past us - in the air, about 50 feet
above the ground. As we approached the city, taking the number of virtual lanes,
Intersections and ramps enormously, all without a really physically existing road.
In any case, there was thus neither construction nor repair problems! Argus told me
much of what there was to see; He said that many domes different types of
involve research laboratories and workshops in itself, however, other domes were
Utilities, housing and recreation places. I myself could not make much sense in this
find confusing jumble of buildings and light patterns; sometimes I had the feeling,
I would go on a monorail through a utopian world exhibition. Our
Vehicle dropped us off within the largest dome in the very center of the city. We then
on one of the many ramps arrival on, while our floating car itself took off again
and disappeared in a tunnel. We soon found ourselves on the edge of a public square
Fountains and huge abstract sculptures. Treadmills transported the crowds in
different directions once they had left their different vehicles. The people
were humanoid, but from a fantastic variety - from almost human-like appearance
until the absolute "unearthly"; represented almost all colors of the rainbow and their size
ranged from just under one meter to two meters. I had no reason to assume that
my appearance someone could have led to the two-time inspection. That was the
urban recreation area, Argus told me. All the buildings were 'futuristic' in shape,
pleasing, glass-like structures; a pastel illumination also gave the city a
charming, dreamlike effect. The all found on such aesthetic balance was extremely
soothing. When using the mobile walkways and elevators I had after a
While the impression of a multi-storey concourse - everything was so terribly
exciting! And
everything looked very clean and impressive new leaves, even the plastic-like patch and
the ground
shone with cleanliness. The development in our shops and stores were not seen here yet
in many places there were piles of unfamiliar objects that dispensed free of charge
could be. Billboards, there was not, but but many details of locations and
route directions; these signs wore different-colored signs and geometric figures and
many were provided with hieroglyphics like symbols. As Argus said, was generally here
the 'INTER GALACTIC STANDARD LANGUAGE' used - well, to me it sounded
more like gentle
Singing without actual words, but it sounded very melodic. We sat down to us
down various places just to give time to look at the people who walk on the
Treadmills, through spirals and other elevators of various kinds, passed. There was
so much to see, to study so many details to unravel so many things! I even found out,
as one of the public water dispenser was using it, right under the watchful eye of a
strange-looking and robust lady who was sitting nearby. The drink tasted awful
funny, somewhat like liquid caviar. Argus was bursting with laughter when he said:
"This drink is
intended to strengthen the declining vitality of tired visitors again. The nature and
How you drunk while this woman have watched, was tantamount to a

Page 51
sexual invitation - according to the local habits "It was good that Argus egg me.
Lends has pulled away from here, maybe I would otherwise have raped or arrested
been, maybe even both! We then went into a complex of buildings in its interior
a group huge domes concealed. One of these domes contained nothing but hundreds of
which were arranged in concentric circles crystal pyramids. Argus said, serve it to
Reinforcement of group meditations. Within the same complex, we arrived a couple
open halls gone when it looked like, in a variety show, but Argus informed me
that these were only 'holographic television centers', which in its effect but quite real to
Theater zoom ranged. Other halls looked like sports arenas, while others smelled like the
Anterooms of a "Turkish bath", or scented incense Beauty salons, but I saw
first of all dependent, to make further experiments. In fact, it was enough for me
completely to watch
and to let things affect me. Even the strained myself in the long run and mental
Fatigue crept in, I was still "bombarded" literally incredible
Amount of completely new impressions. Without further ado, I set free from Argus and
entered through a door
in a - what I assumed - public washroom; that was another mistake: On the spot
I was torn by a kind of steam flow physically in the air! It smelled of champagne
and I felt weightless float completely free, high in the air, as in a serious free
Ballroom, surrounded by wonderful psychedelic effects and melodic sounds. There
Argus managed to find me, and he dragged me to a proper washroom; I was
pretty "high" as a drunken goldfish. Then we took our machining
sichtigungstour continued. We arrived at the innermost and biggest domed room of the
looked like a planetarium and stayed to look: On each seat was a helmet of
was to wear a visitor; then this staring colored on a bewildering accumulation
Light patterns that showed up on the dome surface. When he finally got up to leave,
slipped a plastic strip of the armrest that the client took with him. Argus said that it
here a question of something similar to the visualization of personal constellation levels
and that
at the end of the written horoscope would be created. But the thing had not only
Meaning: The colored light pattern in the dome were a representation of many acting
cosmic forces and factors; the helmet connected the person to a certain extent with him
important and special configuration and even helped him to understand it mentally. On
This way the person could see their position in the recommended Journey,
or check again by by short notes favorable actions and decisions in the
personal affairs have been proposed. The thin plastic strip was one hereof
Copy and on detainees could be easily retrieved from it by
put it on the palm and received the outflowing vibrations in itself. Obviously
this was a very precise and scientifically proven support for the development of the
a development in respect of which were all the people come here to this planet. however
this astrological help for me would have been impossible, since my own 'prospective
belonged life patterns' another dimension.
I was very impressed by all this - all the people shone with health and carried a
Confidence on display as a "very important person" (VIP), a very important person to
Earth. Argus said that this was of course among people who realize themselves and to
operate abnormally high level; He added that a small percentage of
Earth's population and are considered the "cream" of humanity, this general level of
close would - but the sophisticated people were here came here to still further
improve! Argus said with a smile that the subject not just only selfish
Self improvement is, if it were more a matter of the highest by increased perception
to reach potential development. In their pursuit of success these people are encouraged
by having their skills widely benefits for Community and these
Planet granted in his hospitality to an improvement in the perception and recognition of

Page 52
own ego, it increases the sensitivity, discipline and the ability to express - at all
Levels of consciousness. The whole process is a joy in itself, not to mention the overall
for all involved. Since Argus felt my comprehension difficulties, he explained further:
Personality development is more than just a beautiful and exotic recreation paradise
Millionaires, but something that everyone increase their skills and participate in many
more things
can enjoy. Well, I thought wryly, this kind of a learning process could for me one year
permanent project. On the other hand, Argus continued to develop more can
ascetic and mystical ways done, or even alternating between artistic and
scientific activity, depending on what combination and what patterns the
Individual decides. This is left to his own judgment, supplemented by such
voluntary surveys as in the 'Astro-Dome' for example. Since Argus noticed that I now
was "oversaturated" by the preponderance of new impressions completely, he decided to
visit and
to stop teaching for today. We walked down a ramp where our levitation vehicle as
came out a "good dog" by itself; We took off towards the reception area and
I am now looking forward to the upcoming garden party.
The next morning Argus took me to a half-day tour to the country. When we launched
our site
and civilization had left behind us, I was the sweet, fragrant country air
a little dizzy. The horizon was lost in a soft, copper-colored morning haze
and the dawning daylight colors took me almost upset with her copper green,
like a visionary painting Vincent van Gogh's, but especially the strange
double shadows that the risen then and now the turquoise sky standing
threw sun - instead of 'Argona' I would rather have called the planet 'Oxydus', for he saw
oxidized like. However, the exotic impression this strange world is not excited me very
much when
something threatening, but more like a pleasant and poetic fantasy kingdom, for the
Scenery was really beautiful in her strange and delicate nature. Argus said it would be a
Space for artists to explore the unusual shades and misty moods
and also very inspiring for poetic Assessed. This made sense to me, especially with all
confusing and wild vegetation areas that looked as if she had a drunken botanist
arranged. After all, I thought I loved this planet - he had a slight tinge
of "Bohème", with its crazy charm. I learned of Argus that dozens of similar
Cities would be scattered all over the planet, surrounded by hundreds of miles of rural
Areas, where most people lived in small, scattered settlements. A visitor could
reside anywhere - it depended only on the specific nature of his activities, which he
wanted. These settlements were therefore greatly different from each other, ranging
from luxury
Recreation places over picturesque artists' villages to settle for ascetic monasteries
Exercises. They were to up in a variety of environments, from subtropical beauty
lonely, even desolate mountainous areas. Near each settlement there were several large
domed areas that served as isolated experimental stations. This aroused my curiosity
a far greater extent than the settlements themselves: Some domes were almost empty,
of those participants who practiced "self-induced levitation". The interior of some
Domes resembled a strange kind of construction site; Flagstones materialized from the
Nothing were cut without visible means of support flames, and without crane up in the
Air lifted to their places! Argus said, all this is in principle by the 'creation and
Converting typical psychic energy 'accomplished; some other domes containing contrast
"Stray" energy storms and discharges arbitrarily by the experimenter
generated and directed in any way mysterious.
"What you see, only works within this strong, forces reinforcing fields. It serves
To demonstrate the human potential and learn some basic skills
- to accomplish something like that but solely by sheer willpower, lies deep
hidden in the field of fundamental laws and causes and also far outside the

Page 53
Range of the current average Psycheaners, "Argus said with a Ach
selzucken. Still, I was tremendously impressed; at my request, we left the
To enter levitation vehicle in a dome - where it just managed to get a small
Shredded paper "magic" of a table top a few inches in height to. Big thing! And
but I was delighted with the result. We moved on to other domes to
visit: Some of them contained various lattice-like structures that in some
Distance were spaced from each other. Argus said that the people here with 'vibration
resonances for pure harmony theories' experimenting, then somewhere in the cosmos
could be applied; as well to create a new kind of music or poetry, or
mental states, or mathematical, technological and who knows what else.
All these people were not professionals, but simple average citizens here
came out from their usual life in order to stay here a few months. Argus said,
they were similar in each star group of Psycheanischen Federation places the
planet. This
everything would serve the people, to make more of their lives by using their creativity
strengthened, as well as their energy, each in their particular area. I would like to know
lche kind of everyday life people lead in this other dimension. After Argus' information
their overall effort especially at the highest possible experience, joy and growth
oriented, but again, everyone wore through productive doing its part to the community
For even the products playful experimentation were in any field of art
or economic useful. Manufacturing, supply and transport, however, were almost
automated, so as to make the people free for more valuable activities. In sharp contrast
the earthly conditions was working here certainly not an economic necessity but
rather privilege and pleasure. Yes, I could see clearly: Here was the inner
apparently driving the urgent desire to create and to stand out, as if each one
publicly subsidized artisans. All this occupied my thoughts and I
pondered whether the people on Earth could ever get this far. It seemed to me that they,
Ignorance and greed would imprisoned in an evil, vicious circle, but a
virtuous circle of shared prosperity, progress and enlightened way of life could
just as always continue by itself, if it were only begun once it - but
how it would be possible to progress from this to that state? Certainly not by
Talk and lip service! And how do you interrupt this vicious cycle? How is the
Answer? If it then one is .... Argus must have read my gloomy thoughts, for he
said upon returning to the "Hotel": "This tour had its good reason. tomorrow
I will show you other factors and then, one day, perhaps soon, it will be you
be clear what you can do from You, get out of your old routine ... "
The next day we did not went out. Some time after a late breakfast took
Argus me with up to his studio. The room was comfortably furnished, among others
earthly amenities there was even a coffee machine. was on a wall log
giant smooth projection screen; Argus took advantage of him resembling his, a lecture
Explanations of many facts in which he now plunged. He projected single images and
Movies on the "canvas" without a projector could be seen and without any buttons to
Press, apparently only by his willpower. When I asked him how this huge flood
of information coming at all, he said, there would be no special trick and almost every
Educated person could do this. The person in question makes use of either
their own data memory, or come back to a kind of 'Library Computer' in conjunction.
( Equivalent to a PowerPoint presentation with the use of internet pages on a HD
Flat screen - now a matter of course, in 1976 still pure utopia! ) He began by saying that
he reminded me that we had visited last night as the 'Astro-Dom', the current
reproduced configuration of many cosmic forces and factors that life in general
influence. He projected an image on the wall that the densely packed color patterns in

Page 54
Dom possible and explained that the different colors various cosmic forces and factors
showed. For example, the relative position of planetary bodies in a given
Stern system has a significant relationship to world events in the respective areas. He
said that if the earth people, this would not believe, so they should be related to a
Setting surprise in the eighties, when many planets in the same
Alignment befänden what a fact already 'Jupiter' effect is known. I studied the
Screen: points of any given color added up to force line patterns and
Clouds of different density; I was amazed at the variety comparable to cosmic forces
VARIOUS size, about the planetary magnetic fields and psychic emanations, all to
contributed to create an incomprehensible "climate" both natural as well as human
induced events affected. Argus said the poisoning of air and water are on the
Earth now known factors that "psychological poisoning" , however, would hardly ever
seriously considered. But the psychological climate is extremely important in every
the design of life, starting with the character and motivation of the individual to
global ideologies and their consequences. He pointed at a heavily compressed cloud of
said color on the screen and there were dealing with 'mental Precipitation' provided by
Neighboring systems similar come from my dimension and through the so-called
'Cosmic window. This precipitation would poison for many important functions in this
other system, as he sometimes complete collapse of them seriously affected places
causing. Based on a long line inter-dimensional graphs, the projected Argus showed
he, that the earth in the generation of this psychological fallout as a major polluter
proved. It does not matter how great the distances are, because due to many
Faults, crossing streams and other anomalies is space not turn
shaped linear; because of the parallel universes, there are many overlaps and mutual
Intertwined-penetration between dimensions, therefore, two places that through
seemingly incredible distances are separated in terms of psychic emanations,
practically lying side by side. Argus then further explained how and through this whole
mental precipitate is produced: In the following pictures, which showed more details,
I literally heavy clouds psychological poisoning on areas such as the Middle East,
South Africa, on many places in India, the Far East; various spots via parts
Europe and America. These clouds and stains spoke for themselves - it was a
obvious map of hate and fear, aggression, and social unrest. other sites
oversized centers of the "peace-loving" rich countries were not difficult to see than the
Emanations of fear, hatred, envy and breakneck competition; on a local
range map of a larger North American city were emanations of discrimination,
Haughtiness, crass materialism and recognize the like. All this added up to a
general 'mental smog' that could produce worse; the images of earthly
"Psychic weather report" required no further explanation - I was deeply shocked!
We stopped the lesson and made coffee break; when we recorded the conversation,
I expressed my surprise at the uneasy way of humanity that so much suffering and
Misery caused through the centuries - but the nature as cruel
is, by allowing only survive the fittest. Then said Argus, that all of this in a
must consider the larger context: On a low level is the principle of survival
certainly valid, but if evolution is more advanced, it is only teamwork and
Cooperation alone that guarantee the further progress of a civilization. For then
be the earlier survival tactics real obstacles, even deadly hazards. optimal
Common good can only be achieved if everyone about it is clear that we really
'our brother's keeper' and are subordinate the individual interest of the common good is
( Ours
Brother's keeper? For the purposes of mutual supervision? Subordination to the
common good?
Here probably likely to be many people disagree! ). We turned back to the

Page 55
"Teaching" to: The next images on the screen showed groups of people in
various earthly environment, along with their respective mental radiance . It
showed that specific activities, such as studying, for example, exercise, shopping,
or religious activities generated its own characteristic emanation and this was not only
for groups of people, but for every individual, for there were also
to see fundamental emanations with any person not just applied to the
had to do activities. Argus lit up in rapid succession different images; there were
"Silhouettes-like" pictures of people, along with the colors of their mental Ausstrah-
development that rings it an "aura" were formed. The inner part of the aura colors
characterized the
'Fundamental vibrations' of the person, such as health, moral values and interests, supply
keep wise and motivation, the outer parts of the aura showed rather superficial emotions,
States and activities to. When viewing a particular image sequence Argus told the
main daily routine of an earthly person and how, accordingly, the colors of the
altered aura, then a family of five with their individual aura changes
shown - to church, while eating on the beach. I was fascinated to see how much all
discriminated and how different they reacted in common situations and behaved.
All this "fused" to the deepest inner characteristics of an individual - you could
almost predict how they would behave in certain situations. A mere look at
the aura allowed, the moral setting, the inner balance, the strength of character
Value orientation and the respective levels of development to assess; that is, easily was
someone like Argus, or the artificial intelligence of a saucer - even though I was in
comprehend general, the colors and patterns of the aura, but they capture in all its depth,
was a science in itself. Anyway, so could any individual out of the crowd itself
from far away to be identified - but at the moment the more subtle state of mind one
to capture people or its entirety, it was decided a job for specialists. Now
at least I knew why I picked out from the spacecraft from a distance and
could be tested ( Good, but imagine this technology in the hands of
dictatorial systems before! ) Argus said that some people are capable of soil in part, the
to see aura, some developed this ability even in a greater degree; at the people
However, this dimension this is a natural, innate ability. They could see auras,
if they consciously voted on it and they could about a general judgment
form. Argus then took the average person this dimension to the
Screen, side by side with an average earthling man: the aura pattern of
The former was generally healthier, stronger, more profiled where mental and
Properties concerned. On the basis of this illustration Argus declared the
7 'powerhouses' of the body; he
talked about how this power centers produced on its own strong vibrations when they
sufficient working. The Earth people these centers would either weak
or not work at all. I learned that the intensity of the forces in these centers, the
Overall essence of a person placed to a lower or higher level; had apparently
my amplifier in helmet and belt this purpose: They helped my
increasing oscillation frequency, by strengthening these centers of power, so that my
body and
my mind so worked for a while in this dimension. Argus said that this state
but could be maintained in the long run, not even in spite of the changes in
chemical and molecular structure of my body, which is the result of my visit to Tibet
was. Well, after we had diagnosed in this way people and analyzed, I asked
Argus how an individual could change for the better. There was this three ways, said
He: First, one must begin to live sensible, sensitive, positive, secondly,
to increase perception of consciousness and thirdly, the vibration frequency to
increase. It plays no role with which one begins, because every change in a field
draw a similar to the other areas of it, because all these aspects are ultimately
Page 56
only different levels of the same substance. Now what have these vibrations to the body
and to take the life functions of a human being, I wanted to know. Argus said,
that everything vibrates at its own specific rate of vibration, every human being
locked in:
"A human being is in fact much more than just a 'biochemical machine' by the
Gene of DNA molecules is produced. Beyond the encoded genes and biochemistry our
Form and function of non-material organization factors, which are characterized by
energy patterns
manifest so-called 'vibration fields'. Within the overall vibration field
a human being, there is a so-called 'LIFE FIELD' or 'ESSENTIAL FIELD'
which controls the atoms, molecules, cells and organs. A change of the vibrational force
Fields changed molecular structure and chemistry and these in turn the whole human
Beings. You saw how diverse these changes; as a result, the
Perception of other dimensions, the release human potential and development
Set of PSI forces. Within its narrow limits the earth people can already
the frequency principle in action see, because it is common knowledge that heat, sound,
Light, telecommunications, or atomic radiation only through their lower vibrational rate
divorce. As I told you, is your chemical nature and the nature of the radio
tionierens controlled by a superordinate essential field; but this is, in turn,
an even finer organizing factor determines the fully human outside the
Range is, the so-called 'STRICT FIELD'. It this is the field that in fact the
produces etheric field and also the coexisting 'MENTAL FIELD' - this
both turn produce each body and mind. Medically we do not cure our part
Start by mere physical or psychological treatment of symptoms, but the
Healing process from the root, namely 'fields compensation' ; as a result, we hardly
serious health problems, even our life span is a good deal longer. We can
through technical or psychological means various other changes in the äthe-
make literary and mental fields, but major changes of time can DIE
se treatment will not be achieved. The causal field that your current "status quo" up
gets right, this would not allow it unless geschähe through a natural process
of growth and development. This natural process is in fact a gradual Sich-
Develop up to the maximum potential, which is the way common to all living things.
Even the cosmic evolution is done in the same way, step by step, in certain
cycles; such as the cycles of a planet of raw, primitive conditions lead up
to more refined proportions, in every respect. A jump from one to the next
Cycle may seem like a shocking "quantum leap" as your prehistoric,
geological and cyclical changes or your drastic climatic changes are. The
Failure to follow these cyclical changes at your own risk: either you freeze to death,
or röstest, or sharing the fate of the dinosaurs. The planet Earth is now such a
very close drastic change cycles: Within a maximum of one generation becomes the next
Cycle has already started and in a dimension that earthly of your current
Conditions is very different. It is the beginning of a "golden age" be a
truly sensitive and wonderful world at a much higher level of vibration. Bad luck-
SHORT- works Your present world but still at a low vibration
level, on a basis of mutual hypocritical "self-Auffressens". If it's
short time remaining will be no extensive improvements, this is un-
avoidable cosmic change bring a lot of harm on a global scale with it.
The drastic increase in the vibration coming cycle is then namely the
collide mental poisoning, which is poured out over the earth and a violent
Cause collapse. Although this is basically a "cleaning process" is,
inevitable elemental forces are released leading to a collapse of the low

Page 57
and narrow-minded people perform and political upheaval, devastating wars and
cause natural disasters. All this then produced again even more mental
Precipitate, which also acts on us in the other dimensions, we prefer to avoid
want to know. It goes without saying that a peaceful transition in the new cycle
all whom it may concern, would be much more beneficial - and this is the reason why
we from this
Dimension appear on the scene with you; for a long time, we strive to provide the
to improve earthly conditions. In addition, we are with a large fleet of huge
Spaceships ready to offer as many people as possible to help if the feared
be comprehensive devastation left with no choice. but it is only a small part of the
its population, will be able to survive and the increased frequencies of the New
adjust unit. It will be the types of people sufficiently highly developed that the
perform supported by amplifiers transition away from the previous earth dimension
can. In an emergency, these people developed better able to 'Aura-discovery' of the
identified spaceships and taken in various ways on board. Anyone willing
and capable of adapting to the new dimension is then to another planet
brought named 'Terra Nova', who now is in preparation and in its dimension
lies between the yours and ours. As your saucer in this intermediate state of
Board the mother ship went You got already an idea of this Earth-like planet.
This is the place where the survivors will stay until they are advanced enough to
to live at a higher Schwingunsniveau permanently - and to "clean" the earth is
and even the higher rate of vibration of the new dimension has adjusted, ready by the
to be settled improved human race from Nova Terra again. "
From the force of the words of Argus I was struck to the core! I needed something
to drink. Then there was to clarify some points, Argus also did kindly: "The
new and improved foundation remains only during the transition period on Nova Terra,
temporary 'rescue planet'. The reason for the planned return that the earth also
after all, the true home remains, with its own development and destiny. The
Earth people are a fantastically diverse, partly valuable (!) Race with many
respectable and estimable qualities and potentials and really worth saving.
Incidentally, the future determination of this dimension is closely linked with mankind
on Earth.
Once we are able to help your people, there is no possibility of our ethics
To refuse friendliness this help - and finally we have in this matter and no
choice: a powerful force over us, which we call the 'SWITCH', wants us
help. These are the 'older brothers of all mankind', the 'manager of the universal
Law '. "
"Then why all this hide and seek game with all the UFO activity on Earth? Why not
clearly put everything in a published worldwide, public contact? "I asked.
"Because we have no authority to intervene in such a dramatic way," said Argus, "not,
if it is not absolutely necessary. Think of the tremendous psychological impact that a
Mass landing would cause one of us - it would be an unwarranted interference in the
underground development who promote only the earth man alone; but we try
ongoing to avert global disasters and the threat of war and that the lowest and
inconspicuous means, hoping to gain time for a slightly more peaceful transition
in the new cosmic cycle. And indeed there is until now the hope of a peaceful
The dawn of the 'Age of Aquarius' . We also want your people about the truth
put our existence in knowledge and direct their attention to the fact that the
Earth people are not alone in the cosmos and certainly not the highest Developed,
but for the reasons already mentioned, it is better first "infiltrate" the truth only
leave and proceed step by step. By the way, some of our more distant allies,
'Ethereal', best suited to get this gradual infiltration: show itself

Page 58
hardly a time, but they do a lot for the people on Earth by 'telepathic
Communications' ( Maybe so this "channeling" phenomenon is meant now
is completely got out of hand, each received contradictory statements and little to no
Seems to have respect for factual earthly reality ). Also there are many UFO sightings
isolated contacts; other contactees may have gone through different flights, it is in
each case is somewhat different, because there are many different types of UFOs
used and they come in different ways and in different forms. This is due to
together that besides the Psycheanischen Federation in our galactic merger
many other star systems exist whose cultures differ greatly from each other. since you
all can not see in a few days, we had to come up with a way to you
at least be informed of some of our characteristic way, that's why we brought you
a particularly unconventional way here on this particular planet: To you the
to provide the best possible overview, connected with as many experiences from "first
Hand". Other people on Earth may have had other contacts made other trips, other
have received drafted messages, but the essentials of this effort is always and
everywhere the same statement: Earthman change you, or you go under!
As for you and your peers, so my advice is to loading your own development further
drive, so you can go your way in the new golden age - possibilities for this
will find if you really want you. Tell your friends, tell as many people
as possible, what did you learn on this adventurous journey; to the more people you
know, the better the chance for a reorientation of mankind on the broadest basis.
Some people who experience with us have had, it reports the press, gave lectures, or
even wrote books about it - it is entirely with you, whether you're talking about or
not. This is
all I wanted to tell you ... "
I was silent. I did not know what I could have said, because I was overwhelmed by the
Flood of revelations of this lesson - yes, I even doubt if I'll ever with all the clear
would come.
"Then probably my stay here to the end," I broke the silence.
Yes, after you've seen of what's here, "the most essential thing. You will soon go home
returned to the planet earth, but is done by someone else. "Argus
rose: "He now has to be there, so I bring you better now up for further
We took the elevator to the "Penthouse"; Argus knocked on a decorated door, opened it
to a
Looking throw in and then turned back to me:
"Go only in, Commander Spectron is waiting for you already." He stepped aside, raised
his hand and
goodbye warmly: "Bon Voyage and peace be with you, brother ...," Argus said
softly. As
the door closed behind me, I found myself in an impressive, spacious and luxurious
Suite; the walls were paneled, bookshelves stood before it, so that the space somehow
the on
made print of an exclusive club. A tall blond man stood opposite me in a corner
with leather armchairs. In his elegantly tailored uniform, he looked like the high
a space fleet. To me familiar medallion hung on his chest; with a friendly
Smile, he asked me to sit down. The surprise threw me almost! The man was
none other than Quentin, the mysterious contact person on the 'Psycho-Exhibition' in
Six months ago.
"That's nice that we see here," he managed to say.
"My pleasure." He took two glasses of a dresser and gave one of them to me:
"Then we want to drink!" The brandy tasted excellent. To my composure wiederzu-
find, I let my gaze over the many thousands of books wander the shelves from
Floor to ceiling filled.
"If you want to know," Quentin noted, "these are copies of earthly books; most

Page 59
for the use of visitors, but also partly for ornament. "( It's annoying that Oscar
not to use this hint to get up and look at the books in detail. Not only,
that it would have been interesting to know what earthly books as of the aliens
were considered worth reading would, indeed may be that books from previous earthly
Civilization periods, for example, from the Atlantic and Lemurian time including
are, perhaps even detailed atlases and illustrated books with meticulous pictures -
perhaps here a great opportunity was given. ) My eyes were now on Quentin Welch
impressive appearance, what a personal "magnetism"!
"I never imagined you as' Psycheanischen Space Commander '', I took the speech
Again. "Yesterday, Argus, you would not be here."
"He was telling the truth, at the time I really was not here. but I'm not Psycheaner,
but an aide to a world called 'SPECTRON' - I'm namely again a Toggle
come here whose dimension. Among other things, it's my job, suitable for visitors
bring Argona and so I got the matching title. Commander Spectron "
"Oh I understand. But if you have this problem, then what is Argus' role? "
"His role is primarily to be the coordinator and host, but only after
The 'security clearance' for the proposed visitors has taken place. Argus Staff Officer of
psycheanischen fleets intelligence. "
"And so he takes care of cosmic traffic and" cruises "?"
"That's the way it is. No wonder he feels uncomfortable occasionally when mental with
meets 'attitude tests' on Earth unusually limited and closed minds. "
"Tests, as with me?"
"Yes, but do not worry, because you came here well away -. In more ways than one"
"Thank you! And I even enjoyed the recent tests by the people at the swimming pool,
which took place under the guise of fun and games. However, I see no reason
more for it because my visit anyway here is over. "
"Yes, soon you'll return to the earth - that is, if not ..... if you do not yet another
want to make travel even farther away. "
"And where would that be?"
"To see the 'advice' if you want a trip. We've got evidence that they in-
would terested to see you in person. "
"Oh, that would be nice."
"Glad to hear - but it is not so simple, in fact. The trip would be pretty risky.
According to our observations You'd be fit for such a journey and the dangers were on a
Minimized; after all, but it would still be done on an entirely voluntary basis. "
"Count on me! What I finally got to lose? "
"Your health, perhaps even your life - is the possibility of such an eventuality
However, very low. You would like but certainly a personality change under-
throw, probably for the better - you would not be quite the same. "
I hesitated a while and then shrugged his shoulders: "curiosity killed the cat. I want to be
hen. "Quentin smiled.
"I knew you say 'yes' would. Then everything is clear - immediately after our brief
Here you can leave. "
"By the way, what is this 'advice'?" I wanted to find out some details, as long as the
Thing was going so well here. ( Oscar has therefore given his consent, without knowing
where and
whom! )
"It's the 'COUNCIL OF THE GUARDIANS' . It consists of the "older brothers" of
humanity, from the
Area of all these dimensions; Your world is in one of these universes and as it is this
World here and also my own, distant world, in yet another dimension. "
"Older brothers? They resemble those found in the literature, the "Great White Lodge",
"the Ancient" which

Page 60
"Space Brothers", or whatever name? "
"Something like that, but not quite. Incidentally names or ideas do not matter, only the
Liche - that's why we want to the agreement's sake simply call the 'Guardian' '.
"I guess they are not on this planet. Live it again in another dimension? "
"With dimensions they have nothing to do - You can use them in every area
of 'Omniverse'
Find; they live and act outside the material structures of this space in the
highest regions of a completely immaterial level. One can say that there are
Beings, sometimes even 'unmanifest' ... "
"You mean there are a kind of 'ghost'?"
"No, because they have never died. They were immortal, far back in the past,
while they were still alive in the human 'meat'. Since they did not need more body, lives
Consciousness now into something what you get with 'SOUL ESSENCE' can refer to -
inaccessible areas. From there, they overlook the proper functioning and evolution
our physical worlds and lead, where it is necessary, smaller "rate changes" by -
provided that such changes are compliant with all the 'cosmic plan'. "
"Yes, and how they know whether they agree with it?"
"Sometimes they know it through their insight that comes from the 'big unmanifest
realm', partly
they get their knowledge through occasional consultations with the 'Ascended MEI
STAR ' when conditions are favorable. "
"What do you mean 'unmanifest' under?"
"The completely unattainable, incomprehensible for any kind of world or creature, be it
physical or
not physically; but the Unmanifested exist on a very powerful way - some prefer
it 'COSMIC UNCONSCIOUS' to name. "
"Then these guards govern the entire cosmos?"
"No, they govern only the areas of the humanities. There are many other systems, di-
mensions, universes, with different alien, non-human life
form, which again have their own governing hierarchies for themselves. "( If everyone
just his
own species cared for, then likely conflicts of interest between the different very soon
spiritual hierarchies have originated - to mutual rejection and defamation,
as is the case with hostile earthly polity. This hypothesis should for the
better understanding of Magocsi material in memory reserve )
"Who, then, is really everywhere?"
"Moreover, we do not have exact figures - only subjective ideas; when you get to the
is there are no easy answers more. The self-recognizing cosmos is unfathomable,
dynamic, engaged in constant development as it unfolds "from the depths of God" ... "
( Thus would the Unmanifested or Cosmic Unconscious 'God'? )
"Why do these 'guardians' burdened with the care of our physical universe?"
"Because our worlds something like her" are gardens "- the healthier and happier we are,
beautiful it is for them. They are like "artistic gardener" who use their talent to evil
keep and let the good prosper. "
"But it could still be evil forces that behave charitably just pretending."
"Well, that's not the case, her benevolent nature is made clear by their actions
Of course, you can not really blame you for your suspicions: the underdeveloped areas
on earth feel about the gestures of rich countries often the same and now you fear
we might be a kind of Trojan Horse of some evil force from outer space. So we
have no choice but to operate than our earth mission on, because we do not want that
perhaps ruthless 'Aliens' drive us in our own "backyard" to a contact.
Believe me, there are some out there deadly forces, so it is quite logical for us to
hold our own way in an 'inter cosmic Commonwealth' of human-
ness. "

Page 61
It all sounded very plausible to me; I was inclined to believe it - or at least easily
to doubt it, because at this stage the matter could neither be proved nor disproved
become. Quentin continued:
"At the level of hard facts no lie is possible and also no need for it.
That the guards are with the "forces of light" is quite obvious, as is the
undisguised hostility of the arrogant "dark forces" - the fact is that the naked evil
all the appropriate mentality listened to, even in the guise of politeness. "
"Instead of being active, but could go into some type of Paradise these guardians and
enjoying only itself. "
"In fact, they could it, because they have the" right to eternal blessings' worked out, but
they prefer the stay "outside", unfolding in itself, manifest cosmos to us from the
to protect destructive, evil forces around us in our evolutionary growth
support and give us useless suffering due to Unwisssenheit and backwardness
spare - similar to "celestial peace corps" the workers one by ourselves and positive
identify effective ways of creativity. So they continue their activities until we
all are exempt from ignorance and zoom in a reasonable Us "near perfection"
(have grown. " Sounds kind of Buddhist religious principles )
"Then all appearances are to the masters from all this out?"
"Not quite. Although they - seemingly unimaginable heights have risen that do not - for
longer belong to our worlds, they remain in contact with the guards. "
"Why are we have not really completely created equal On the occasion?"
( And we have instead a grueling development tour through countless incarnations
make and soul forms - one might add. )
"But we are there yet - in some way! We were completely as babies, as undescribed
Leaves; then later we can only grow toward perfection of character,
Knowledge, love, through the experience of countless years - around and around this
'stable growth'
nevertheless our whole existence: the real life process is more the product, the
less the eventual result. Every experience at any level, is important - everyone
Moment is incomparably unique. "( And also can so damn long an eternity
take when you have to do anything reasonable! )
"If our current is as important 'here and now', like that of a mighty cosmic
Entity, then why not just leisurely evolve? Why this rush us
"Because the time is now to in this your cycle is present and drastic changes
imminent. There were too many false starts and breakdowns in the not
traditional past of your planet; but the earth people can now enjoy the true
no longer ignore the direction of growth of life longer: You can not continue your
operate destructive power games and push you in front of the real progress if your
Race will not go down as the dinosaurs in the early days of your history - you have the
Choice between it enters its adaptation or extinction. You can not further the
Ignore possibility in the future of one or the other 'SUPER CIVILIZATION'
to be contacted; You must begin to act civilized and the current tight
overcome mental structures or expand to many new facts in you
to accommodate. Your no longer can your powerful potential for a much higher
ignore life, higher than you've ever dreamed of doing - but most of your people wallow
still in the dirt of the most primitive materialism and provincialism. You can the
next cyclical changes and the increasing rate of vibration of your planet
not ignore the will to survive only people with a higher way of thinking. "
"Well, that's quite clear to me that we need a healthier and more constructive value
"Yes. But every aspect of life is important in its place, so it needs a global

Page 62
Compensation and a holistic view, for your physical nature, your human is
no less important than spirituality and poetry. "
"I think your message is clear: Earth person, change you, or you go under!"
Silently we sat there for a while, then I took the word again:
"They said that the guards exist in their souls essence on one level, the physical
Worlds is inaccessible. How can I meet them in my physical form then? "
"I can tell you the exact mechanical methods not say, but you'll actually get there
brought. I can tell you about this process only my part, but first I have to
Start a slightly longer, fundamental explanation. "
"I'm ready."
"Well, the center of this galaxy, we are pretty close, is a very strange, nebulous
Sector impenetrable space, called the 'BIG CHAOS BARRIER' . spaceships
of all kinds tried here to get through to the star systems on the other side
reach without having to drive around the area widely. Many ships were doing
damaged or lost to massive electrical storms, as they have a direct passage
attempted or investigated in the outskirts for rare elements. To this day,
this barrier zone of the most mysterious and most challenging sector, this galaxy ever
has known. In the far-flung spiral arms of the rotating and steadily then drifting
Chaos barrier "stumbled" against our scouts 'WINDOW DISTRICTS', the passages to
freely gave other universes of different dimensionality. One of these windows opened
the terrestrial solar system your universe; You came through that window on the core
Side facing away, so it took relatively long to bring you in this way here. If
You then Return, this time it's a shorter jump through that window, because it has
now shifted and came closer. As you've already learned, it is for our people
difficult and unpleasant to get into your system denser, so we prefer mostly
prior to use unmanned spaceships. By the way, you had the barrier been a
remote impression: It looked like a distant fog formation, shortly after your first
interdimensional transit. Do you remember also to the wild electrical storms, by the
You have come here at the end of your journey, just a few hours before landing on
our planet? The storm was caused by one of the far thrown out
Spiral arms, which fell unexpectedly in your itinerary - You were lucky that to
to survive!"
"Then the barrier ought to be close enough to dominate the sky, but I
do not remember to have seen it during my landing approach. "
"She's too far away to be seen clearly from here to. Your
Mother ship also traveled incredibly much faster than any usual speed,
by them, responded with various "space jump" combined "Quentin and then came
back to the point: "Somehow the deepest interior of the chaos barrier is still completely
remained. According to the 'space-myths' of our galaxy exists there in the depths of this
raging storms a kind of 'PHANTOM SHIP' and this ship, the brave adventurer in
bring the "eye" of the galaxy, into the "realm of the gods." Of course, that is officially
considered pure
as for you represent nonsense that UFOs something incomprehensible. In general the
whole barrier
as a non-wheeled mystery, but in reality actually exists a phantom ship. Known
this is only a choice few, but not the large mass, according to the wish of
Guardian. My friend, the carrier ship that brought you here, will you now into the outer
Areas of chaos barrier bring close to the special ship for visitors to the Guardian,
the 'phantom ship'. During the stay in the saucer and in the support ship there
nothing to eat and drink for this one day of the trip, only one type of 'cleaning substance'
for chewing. Defecate you before your final transfer into the saucer; aboard the
Phantom Ship then looking at your you assigned compartment, put off all your clothes

Page 63
draw only the lying ready, matching suit and take immediately your place one.
Then you will bring the ship into the transfer zone of the 'eye' where everything else of
is worried and processes that are unknown even to the intelligence of Psycheanischen
That's the story, this 'briefing' is now over and you set off you soon
Visit to the 'Council of Guardians'
Fully loaded with seven saucers the carrier ship flew us to any spiral arms, close to
the awesome 'Nebula' barrier. Six others were already on their moorings
Situated when I went on board the carrier ship and they were still there when the time
had come to mean to fly away with me again. My spaceship flew me straight in
the dust-filled, turbulent and turbulent spaces of the 'Great Chaos'. The ride was about
2 hours so rough and hard that I had to cling me literally, I saw
a blurred, drifting, a 'mirage' similar shape that the "phantom ship '
had to be. We flew in a wide arc around the village where it had to be located, although
was hard to make out its exact position and its exact shape - just because of the
existing distortions and turbulence; but then I had for a few minutes a clear view
to: The phantom ship resembled the shape of a huge, opaque jelly-like "fish", in
many sections divided as ringworm, completed by some "fin-like"
Elements made of glass-like material and a number of rockets similar pipes, which from
Tail sticking out. What her bow seemed, was a large cone-like dome, equipped
with 7 "torpedo-like" apertures protruding from oblique hatches. Obviously was the
Transfer over to the Phantom ship already under way, for now at its bottom and öffente
dismissed a saucer that came out of sight quickly. Another disc appeared on this
Outside, hopping and rocking, obviously hineinzu- with the intention in the opening
get what looked almost impossible - at that moment came from inside a purple,
"Moiree-like" beam of light out, so a net-like, pulling energy beam, bringing the
A saucer; soon after she was ejected again, just like the first. Thereafter began
"Flutter" my saucer toward the Phantom Ship to and to sway and then
We were of the "tractor beam" captured and drawn into the interior. The disc opened
the door
and I stepped on a coiled, tubular passageway; He led me into a round room with 7
opaque compartments, two of which were already occupied, but a blank was open,
obvious to me. When I had entered the compartment closed to seamlessly; I put
stronger, shoes and silver space suit and moved to another, closing himself
Suit, which I had found here and was not unlike a diving suit: He
consisted of a piece, with a machined face mask through which I somehow breathe
could and with thick soles of the feet. The eyes he was transparent, otherwise soft,
silky, warm and snugly, like a snake skin; he "phosphorescent" and
somehow seemed alive with its shimmering, psychedelic patterns. I sat down in
the only existing recliner chair and strapped me - it looked like a sort of "armor" -
then the chair automatically raised in its concave semi-cylindrical holder while
another, convex half cylinder from above came down and einrastete in the first. So I was
now enclosed in a transparent bullet-shaped capsule, which floated freely in the
compartment -
My view was of a sloping hatch, but I could through the semi-transparent walls in
see the other directions.

Page 64
Meanwhile, four saucers had come and gone, obviously the other
Passengers had brought on board, so that eventually all seven compartments were
occupied. The whole ship
shook and trembled, was on board since I, but was within my capsule no movement
to feel. Shortly after the last saucer had flown away, I saw that we are on the move
translated and were out - I heard from somewhere an announcement:
"Welcome aboard the Phantom Ship, ladies and gentlemen. This is your autopilot,
the built in this ship 'brain', where the ship is in fact as my 'body'. Because
this ship is a living being, no fixed and hard metal construction. My hull
Although occupied at some points with the metal, but the rest of me are organic
molecules, and
Synthetics of all kind, wherein the synthetic and metallic parts metallic organic-through
Synapses are joined together. These neuro African sliding alteration is so good that I
every part and
can "feel" any function of my hull. By my many thousands of sensors
I can ability to sense the conditions outside, even far ahead in the direction of travel; is
me 'QUASI-Bionic SHIP' , called the 'phantom ship', because of the movable
friendliness of all my parts and because of the possible within certain limits
changeability my
Shape. I was specially manufactured to in these troubled and torn areas of the 'Great
'Navigate chaos barrier where any conventional spacecraft from a fixed structure quickly
torn, crushed, or would be deformed like a tin can, or it would ex- saying
plodieren, impodieren themselves destroy or pulverize. On the other hand, would my
Hull out of 'chaos' in the so-called 'normal Space' does not work well
outlast or long time. My role here is to physical beings as you are in that is
Bring innermost of 'chaos' and back again. Our goal is close to the 'BLACK
WHIRL' , behind the can not get physical, where the cosmos on the other side
comparable this 'zero-point' in a timeless and infinite, but completely unphysical Empire
converts - where the guards and the masters are at home on their higher levels. Once we
Transfer sector have reached deep within the 'eye', you will be included in your
Capsules, thrown into the center of the black vortex - there, at the zero point, they are
accepted and supported by the forces of the other side. By an unknown process of
Metamorphosis will enable there to visit this non-physical area while
They are preserved in your current wholeness. Of course this wholeness also includes
Fully organic phantom skin with one that you now carry as radiation protection, as
amplifier, to increase the perception and converting and amplifying
extrasensory perceptions.
Now all the best for your visit to the other side! By now you are enjoying yourself in the
Until it is time to suspend within the 'Great Chaos barrier'. Your capsule hovering inside
of the cylindrical compartment in a force field, so that they against the violent shock
waves of the space
are protected. In this context: Do not scare yourself when parts of the ship
bend, or change something the shape and size, these effects are usually by the
Compensation field neutralized in the capsule, apart from the occasional small
opportunities. We travel on a "zig-zag" in order to avoid lateral space-time injuries
That could happen to. We travel with 'normal room rate', which is one-tenth
de speed of light, my drive and the internal energies based on a Kräf-
even an old kind of 'solid-fuel units'; depending on the instantaneous conditions
I use them in the change, because it can not only one of drive be trusted. And
Now: On behalf of the Guardian - Good Trip "!
Thus closed the embassy - now we were Final structure along the way. We raced and

Page 65
wound our way as on the "roller coaster" by raging inferno massive explosions by
threatening swirling masses of gas and dust storms surging through ionized places of
aufzuckender flashes of light. This raging inferno was steadily getting worse, we wur-
the still wild tossed and shaken while outdoors scary colors
Structures and patterns over drifted. Sometimes my fluctuating capsule was directly to
Compartment wall pressed while I cringed when overcame me bouts of "seasickness":
Minor inconveniences ?, I thought - my dear husband! It really was not comfortable
Joyride; many times I had to close my eyes out of pure fear, but in a corner of my
innermost being I felt fascinated and awestruck. I could not
say how many hours have passed in this way, but all of a sudden we got into a
eerily quiet area as if it were a huge "ball of nothing". Probably we were in
'Eye' of the 'chaos' arrived - we looked in a terrible blackness, a wirblenden
Crater of astronomical proportions: That had to be the black vortex ( note the expression
'Black swirl' - not 'black hole'! ). He quickly took the entire field in front of us,
while the side and behind us the billion-fold furious fireworks of 'chaos' his "dance"
aufführte. Suddenly I saw a "torpedo-like object" tear off from the ship and in the black
Vortices are rapidly diminished - obviously the phantom ship began the capsules
eject, we therefore had to have arrived in the transfer zone. Then a second raced
Capsule of it and came out of sight - after all, I felt a sudden lurch and I was in
the great, dark void thrown out in front of me the blackest black! I have flown, or
have fallen in mad speed, because soon I could from the fluctuating
Colors not see anything, even if I craned my neck of the 'chaos'. Only a weak
Glimmer came back from the front and the walls of my easily recognizable capsule.
Gradually put my excitement, it was an incredibly majestic feeling through this
Nothing through zuzueilen the center. Then suddenly gripped me panic: My capsule
to shake and break - and was in front of me to dust! Starr end cold
enveloped me when my clothed only with the weak fluorescing Phantom Skin body now
completely unprotected was conceived in free fall, his sure death contrary - anything
had to be terrible went wrong! The next moment it seemed to me as if I was by
a series of silken nets break through, then when I would by strong radiation as in a
Sprinkles "car-wash". My body glowed phosphorescent than me any
monstrous strength seemed to crush to a pulp - after a sharp pain anywhere was my
Body suddenly gone, along with all physical sensations. I assumed my body
had dissolved into its component parts and I would just have my last
Register senses. This nagging thought flashed through my now rapidly
dwindling sense ...
So that was the death ...
Then even more emptiness and more emptiness ...
Strange! It seemed as if already a few seconds passed, but I still took the
together gradually shrinking, weak distant light of the 'Chaos' true. some Au-
genblicke later, then surrounded me Final structure total and absolute darkness,
may have been this disembodied 'I'. I had no doubt that something with my
Transfer must have failed and that I was completely dead; I could suggest otherwise,
I actually no body, nor any kind of physical feeling longer possessed - and yet
I had that I myself in the strange impression that somehow "see" state
could, provided that there was anything to see here. So at least I still existed
in any form, which also could always 'I' be this in this silent emptiness: Straight
just an abstract point by former ego-consciousness, probably a remaining piece of
dächtnisinhalten, or whatever else survived for a while from me to also soon

Page 66
dissolve into nothing. Great sadness, mental anguish and dejection overcame me -
I felt so painfully dejected that I cursed the whole damn thing
instead of having to suffer from this painful futility. I wanted to fall asleep and never
more awake - but how could go to sleep a bit physical memory, I had
no idea. But with my emotional exhaustion I did not care, either way, I
just wanted that 'I' should then slowly dawn on my when I would fall asleep physically -
I was overcome by fatigue actually, which I willingly consented and then I was slowly
really "away" ...
When I woke up, everything was still the same, so now I began with a series of
Mind games, as I me all sorts of memories and interesting old and new
recalling events to mind. I even thought that I maybe later my
could write autobiography, or compose any music - only in the mind, of course
themselves. My mind seemed to be in this state capable of holding more data in the
spotlight, as
"Juggle" usually with facts struck me even easier; I spent as I
estimated in this situation for several days. My thinking skills improved considerably, I
gradually even proud - with more practice I might actually in the spirit of a
write a whole book, or paint, compose, construct buildings, landscapes
create - a wave of delight over me: Thank God! The creativeness!
First, although an illusion, but maybe I could create something yet. After all, my
Imagination was my 'I' fool so that even thought itself, in such a world to
live: It was just a matter of practice and I had the time to do so! So I started feverishly
on this
To create idea to work, how to plan my fantastic dreams world and in tangible fixed
Form would bring - or whatever my permanent illusion made for me "real"
could be. Maybe I should start to create light? After some consideration
and in conjunction with permanent eyeless gaze around in the black void, I took
finally actually a faint hellen Schimmer true, from my own center
went out - he really existed, it was not as if I was imagining it to me. First was my
Light very vague, but it grew steadily under my gaze. I tried on the "edge"
to see my delicate yellowish shimmer and discovered that my 'I' from a 'ball
consisted of light '; this ball of light was very fine and intricately patterned, somehow
"flooded" and
"Stirred up" it to its own center, while outside the ball stop there complete
remained "limbo". A great happiness filled me! The delight exhausted me but
such that I had to return some rest ...
When I came to myself, I felt well rested, happy and elated; my new
discovered light was still to see if I wanted to, so I knew it was real and
no deception. I imagined that it give me other things in some form
would, so I took to move and to meet with other light sources the idea.
I felt that I actually moved, although the absence of a reference point no way
was to actually prove it. Resistant I checked the darkness around me with my
newfound "eyes", but also with a kind of new sense that I had previously never owned:
I felt as if I had installed a "radar", or "mental sensor" So I moved
me on, in an effort to something or find someone - much later I started actually,
feeling make any "entity" in the distance that approached gradually. A
new wave of excitement seized me: Oh Boy, that was nice! I was the approaching
Beings absolutely sure whatever they might be. Behold! Far ahead I saw
actually a faint glimmer, there were similar a few twinkling lights, two stars,
came closer and closer - but at a certain distance held either I or held them
, because the distance between us remained the same. They were two wonderful light
balls that very
strong energy radiated oscillations; I realized that these were some kind of creatures that
exuded warmth, kindness, curiosity and encouragement and determined they saw me too.

Page 67
I have no idea how long we were facing us as always at the same distance, on
Conclusion of this meeting they disappeared anyway. From that point on I felt
but me not so lonely and miserable, I knew I was on the right track and so
I held on to it: My erspürten 'radar sensors' a kind of landmass over there,
connected to the vague impression of warmth and light. Coming closer, I felt in
Increasingly, any "fixed" things, as if I would be the transition to a
approach 'world of the tangible', then I also felt solid masses on either side next to me,
well above and below me; a distant sound reached me, to my surprise: Some water?
Influence? Then I felt a kind of cave "float", a collection of weak
Points of light against which soon moved completely into view. I actually swam in a
Fog layer through a large cavity with fantastic crystal formations; First they looked very
grown naturally, then seemed but more and more in an artistic manner arranged to
be as elaborate structures. A multicolor light emerged from its surface, could soon
be distinguished around them flooding energy patterns; the whole cave seemed "alive,"
as the whole crystal complex appeared to be a single living being.
In the meantime, the layer of fog had somehow in the glittering surface of a
transforms water-like flow and this flow flowed with me in the direction of distant
passage of the cavity, which narrowed to a tunnel. My ball of light seemed now
encapsulated to
to be recognized to be in a kind of weak, fixed bubble - maybe I should to a certain
City are brought in this "underground" river. Soon I entered the dark and very long
Tunnel one, it went on and on - at last I saw front a faint light as the end
the tunnel was found. The light grew brighter and stronger, so if we the exit in as a
real world would reach full daylight; my delight it grew in the same
Insofar as the light grew stronger, associated with it feel almost physically again was
become. In fact, I now felt inside my shell again a little heavy and solid,
as if to form a physical substance again to me. Then I came completely out of the
Tunnel out into the blinding sunlight of a rocky straits - a completely physically
looking world, what a blissful sight! About me a real sky, but
without clouds; Sun was also to see only a diffuse light from above, the impression the
aroused when it was early morning, which made throwing corresponding shadow the
rock formations. It
everything looked a little Earthlike, but was still much more complex in its peculiar,
Beauty. Everything sparkled so intense was so consistently unique to the heart, like
you're the
Paradise approach - even the air was much richer and more aromatic than I experienced
it ever
would have. Suddenly, there was also a different and welcome surprise: Within my
Bubble I was no longer just a Sphere of light, there was a real body, my body! He
lay there inert, but I could feel him growing by the minute, heavier and more real
has been. I was really happy, almost in ecstasy: I lived! I lived! The great joy more
highest satisfaction when my bubble-like shell swam - opened a bend
the strait into a mile-long bay: the distant shore of the bay looked like wooded
Country with rolling hills, behind piled up in long distance mountains in incredible
Heights, their tops were shrouded in mist and clouds. To my right is extended the
sparkling water with a magnificent rainbow to a vast sea to the horizon
- the secrets of a thousand wonders and joys promising. Then I was when I heard
a strange voice in my head - or was it a sudden realization that to me
Consciousness came and I automatically transposed into words, quite contrary to any
Habit? The voice informed:
"Wanderer, was welcome in the nonphysical realms. Here are all phenomena
only solidified thought forms that are the result of a complicated process of itself
manifesting Perception patterns ( archetypes are). Your earthly spirit like all this as
take pictures of a physical world. Of course, the earthly nature considers their

Page 68
Likewise valid - that is, in fact, the reason why you made to your coming out
the tunnel have reverted to your usual physical wholeness. Your physical body
However, located within the protective Phantom skin in a different state, anyway
it will seem to you, as he was working in a familiar way, but in reality only pure
is psychological - still everything is good and so, delight you!
To your right, the large mass of water that you see, is the 'ocean of bliss' - only,
who deserve to be there approved by passed under the rainbow
be who keeps everyone else out there. The waterway to your left leads to the 'Seven
Seas of secrets' , for the brave entrepreneurial spirit; the distant mountains, you
have already seen, are for those who want to climb them desiring high and highest
to achieve levels of cosmic achievement. The shrouded in fog peak rise up in
unimaginable heights where the guards live, visit the You came near the
Summit still manifest world. Even to the foothills of the 'Mountain of Light' to
come, as we call them, you have first the 'level of Shadows to wander through, which
extends in front of you. How long do you need it and how hard it is for you depends
almost exclusively by
Get off alone. When you reach the mountains, you will still have to climb a bit up,
before the guards come to meet you - and now good luck and safe journey "The voice!
went out.
( According to reports in the spiritual literature encounters with beings from the
spiritual hierarchy usually carried out in non-physical condition and through
so-called astral or soul travel; but that is already using some advanced
requires spiritual consciousness level of development. Described in this chapter -
table! - Method brought the guards but at least the opportunity with less developed
People come together, the choice of travelers may even re-
was presentative for the majority of terrestrial humanity. The way how the
Traveler behaved in this archetypal environment showed relentlessly the remaining
Development deficits - because in a world where basically EVERYTHING is possible,
you will
solely by the personal religious, philosophical and psychological
limited beliefs, disabled, or in trouble. Of course it is
interesting to imagine how one could even react in such a situation! Each of the 7
Travelers in Oscar's group found a very special individual solution to the agreed
coming destination. A female participant, for example, which seems very much on
Naturmystik was coined to simply let grow butterfly wings and flew as "elfin"
Release the meeting place. Even Russian Pavel, whose history in detail in "My
Friends from space "is described, found a very simple and clever solution. Would
come Oscar Magocsi 20 years later in this situation, he would have probably without
just feel teleported to the agreed meeting place, but then, in 1975, he teamed up - just
like most other colleagues - something heavy. Worst of all, it caught apparently
Buzz Andrews, the hero of "Buzz Andrews Story", the complex even equal to a
apocalyptic world and scenery hineinphantasierte from which he found again only with
difficulty; it
is very difficult to understand what is going on in his mind on. In any case, could the
Guardians decide after assessing these and six other tour games that further
Steps to promote the human consciousness growth on Earth to take -
perhaps is the emergence of so-called 'NEW-AGE MOVEMENT' order in
to bring context. )
Inzischen drifted my envelope on land; when I walked into the sandy beach, they broke
and caused
into nothing. My restored body lay face down in the
Surf. I made "inventory" with my real 'I' and forced me to stand up and me
stretch Everything was fine and I felt totally happy. But suddenly craved
I return then to "close their eyes" me - the fear and tension of my newly
Page 69
variable experiences in this "limbo" had probably overwhelmed me. Rather than this
to combat natural reaction, I decided to take a nap, whether psycho-
was chologisch necessary or not. So I lay down in the warm sand and fell slowly
Sleep ... When I woke up, seemed to be lunch. I felt fantastic, like I had a
won a million dollars. I got up and started to walk inland, over grassy
covered hills. Everything looked really solid and real from: The soil, vegetation, my
body -
which felt light and just right. The phantom skin covered me from head to
Feet, except for hands and face, while anfühlten quite normal, but with a
thin layer of a shellac-like substance were coated. I felt no physi-
would no hunger, no thirst, no fatigue: perliche needs so that was fine with me
hinder me, if they did, it would only be purely psychological, as I understand it. Soon
I reached the first rows of trees of the forest and I saw a 20-foot wide path in the
Forest ushered - it was a busy road with natural stones without footprints or wheel
footsteps. Since I wanted to go towards the distant mountains, probably in about a half
had to be to achieve day, this street was just right for me. The old, high and
magnificent trees were probably oak trees, the smell got something to my mind, the
but was quite wonderful. I guessed sooner or later I would after a bend in the road on
face any wonderful discoveries, when, I did not care, because I was not so
particularly in a hurry. It was, these wonderful atmosphere and the perfect surroundings
for as long
to enjoy as possible. I was in exuberant mood, everything was really good, just
as the disembodied voice said. I had already some miles in these
enchanting forest have penetrated - it really was not an ordinary place: Everything from
gnarled old trees, up to the huge mushrooms, streamed such vividness as if
lived "nature spirits" in them - until now but I still had no one and nothing taken, I
only heard chirping birds and rustling some animals in the bushes. After the dim light
Judging shining through the foliage, it must have been late afternoon; I then
descended from a hill, I reached a large clearing. I did not want my eyes
trust! I saw there a perfect scene from a fairy tale, a child's dream was
Reality: dwarves in funny clothes danced around in a circle, right on the edge of a
Village with small gingerbread house; inside the circle bounced happily around three
and all sang these creatures with delicate, childlike little voice. This is strange, someone
should me
pinch in the arm, I thought. I interrupted my descent from the slope and hid
after the last large tree trunk. I watched the scene in great detail to ir-
to discover what mistakes quietly through a possible dizziness or a hallucination, but
everything looked authentic and completely real. The little creatures seemed to have a
lot of fun, they
behaved like a bunch of little children with their high-spirited leaps. finally decided
I still, to move me - are, after all, I could not for an eternity here
stay and it was almost dark, so I stepped out into the clearing: the effect of my
Arrival was devastating - the whole crowd began to scream and was looking for a hiding
place; in
a few moments was completely deserted the place. I went through the clearing and the
village with
the dwarf about a dozen houses large - not a soul was to be seen, just a funny
looking cat, sitting high on a tree house, shows me snarling teeth. Obviously
so no one wanted to talk with me, or maybe they kept me for a huge
Monster, who knows? Well, the daylight faded completely gone, so I went back to
Highway and took my walk again. Darkness fell, the forest was silent
and the air was cool to the touch; uncomfortable but I did not feel I was not
tired. Since I could go still see the road well and to stumble without,
I decided to continue my walk.
By - it seemed to me - several hours I came to a fork in the road; as I was preparing,
move to the right, a pair flashed huge eyes close to my head at the same time

Page 70
made me an eerie scream with fear make a set: Crazy owl! Arms hikers
scare, like me! After all, this encounter made me nervous and so decided
I am, but to take the left path. Gone are the friendly atmosphere was now this
Forest, everything now seemed vicious and threatening, with hidden things in the dark
lurked. Soon I came to another clearing, a new surprise: A
Haunted castle perched on a hill just a few hundred yards away. Dark turrets stretched
in the lunar sky scary - but without a moon could be seen. The road ran out
and led past the edge of a black abyss, from whose unseen depths
sulfurous stench came up. A "pretty place" to visit him, I noticed in
Thoughts; near led a covered bridge over the abyss. I decided to
climbing hills and to look at the castle from up close, but when I crashing on the
stomped bridge, I had the eerie feeling that there would happen something terrible;
anyway, I worked my way further forward on the tree-lined street on the other
Side along. After the first bend I almost froze to ice, I was sure from the direction of
Castle to hear the approaching clatter of horses' hooves, then came a sudden
terrible "something" in sight, directly towards me - a galloping horse with a wild
flailing around headless horseman! I jumped aside, but stumbled in my sudden fear.
Good God, what's going on here? I pressed myself in great fear to the curb, the horse
Meanwhile stormed on and thundered across the bridge. On the other hand, it turned and
reared up as if to get ready for a second onslaught, or even for a murder
- I had to fight back, quick! I grabbed one lying there Branch, at least one
to have stock, but when I broke him, I noticed that he luminesced strong, caused by
the decaying substance of this vegetation. This gave me a crazy, desperate idea:
I myself should be the one, the terror-hunts! Hurriedly I painted a few bright
Stripes on my body and limbs, to look like a skeleton let loose,
then I heard the horse across the bridge against thunder me - just the right moment
I jumped into the middle of the road and gesturing wildly with the luminous floor ( Who
knows Magocsi videos or UFO conferences here and then imagine this scene, the
bends with laughter!) Stopped the herangaloppierende horse reared up and whinnied
frightened; while its rider was thrown on the road, it turned and fled away.
As these horror figure without head again got to his feet and disappeared into the bushes,
in part the folds of his clothing and I caught a glimpse of a human
Shape, as usual, including head and a phantom clothed skin, just like mine.
I flew into a rage: What drove this bastard there for a game? How could a traveler like
one was and probably from the same spacecraft as a perverse trick on me
try out? But now was not the time to discuss the perversity of a putative
consider traveling because a flock of wild screaming bats launched this
Moment an attack on me - some of them were so great that they may be vampires.
I squeezed myself into the bushes, tripped and fell, then I slipped further and rolled
down into a bottomless Abgund ...
In a stinking swamp I found myself again, covered with mud. I tried to mind
find out; It was clear to me that I had lost my whole attitude and I was in
a swamp, along obviously with any monstrous, unearthly beasts. So much for
this darkness could be seen here had probably many crocodiles and various
his huge reptiles in the area, or so it seemed to me, after the ugly figures to
Close that came here from the mud, or herumpantschten it. welcome to
Dragon Land, I thought bitterly, whereas I have brought me here? It had determined any
be misunderstanding, because this is certainly not a world only generated by thoughts -
it stinks so
realistic! Unfortunately, but not everything was so real and solid; to the whole thing
insult to injury, proved the strong tree to which I had clung, as part

Page 71
a small floating island, which is now pulled me into the more open areas of the swamp. I
just hoped not some weird beast would tear me or devour before it would day and
I would finally find a way out on to dry land. Some time later, when I a
strong exhaustion was pretty close already appeared from somewhere a dimly lit
Boat on which was rowed by a dozen hairy Wilder in ancient clothing.
At least they look like people, I thought, when they had stripped me silently in their boat,
but of course I would like to know, I was really saved or captured to the
to be boiled breakfast? A few miles further we came to dry land and climbed
out; I was taken to a large rocky clearing, near the ruins of a once
mighty pagan temple, which was carved into the mountain. The place was full of
singing savages dancing around a bonfire - obviously they were celebrating a
festival. you
put me on a bank serving as rocks, in the midst of a dozen nearly naked and
beautifully grown women; it seemed as if I was their "guest of honor". Soon it dawned
me that it had to be here to a fertility ritual, because the gestures and movements
were not misunderstand. Some beauties crowding at me as a particularly
in front of me aufführte a seductive erotic dance striking directly. Lust was in
wake me because I suspected this was a clear call, really serious here
participate - but how could the fold after I was sealed in my phantom skin?
Well, that problem was solved without saying, because a dramatic event raw interrupted
the scene:
An earthquake began churning the ground violently and the savages fled; also
I took the opportunity and ran uphill, higher and higher, soon no one was with me,
even I had left far behind me the quake, but I kept on running, just so safe
When I was walking around a boulder, I almost fell down a steep slope.
Panting, I stood at the edge of a fantastically large crater - was miles filled
all types of electrical lighting. I was overwhelmed by this sight of a night
gigantic space port! In the foreground figures running around a lot of
various spacecraft around, in the distance you could see on the horizon the futuristic
was and building a space city and the whole area of this giant crater
überkuppelt of a transparent vitreous material. I was really intimidated,
but also enthusiastic - most, however, the existence surprised me in such contrast
Environments, almost side by side. This time it was for me to look around long enough
to understand everything; I wanted answers have all these puzzles and the
Are in the course of these events, so I made up my mind to the spaceport
descend and try to talk with the staff. I climbed down and
not even thought of the possibility of a force field, which have the dome may
could until the sparks flew and the air began to glow around me - but still managed
me through. I was not injured, which was another mystery. I felt
kinda like "Frankenstein", maybe I now looked even that. Shrill Huplaute were now to
listening and a group of uniformed men stormed out of a building to meet me;
obviously my intrusion had caused the alarm and the guards alerted. they set
located in a semicircle around me - and without warning opened two of them the fire
on me for some "energy emitters". I only took a brief glowing of and something
Heat in the chest area true, then the discharge was over, leaving me unharmed; now
fired four other guards with a wider beam on me - again I glowed
little, but this had no effect. Instead, all fell four, writhing, to the ground as
they would have turned their energy weapon on himself. The other guards that seemed
as much a
to his riddle, they conferred in low voices, then stepped back and waited. soon after,
came three BULLDOZZER-like vehicles, and beat upon me; one grabbed me with his
mechanical grippers and drove away with me, as if I directly would be his trophy,

Page 72
through force field through which I had come. Then he went further uphill, over the
crater rim
and ever and ever - this crazy ride took a while, because in the meantime
It was slow day. The machine finally went still miles away in a desolate desert
into it, then they tipped me simply and drove back ...
I was relieved, but even more surprising, more than ever, because of all this crazy
Events. Physically I was, after all intact and not very tired. Since I currently
had nothing better to do, I just went around in this deserted area. Although there was no
Signposts or something similar here in this solitude, but I was not overly
scared. I imagined that I would come on somewhere, or a new one in,
unpleasant adventure crashed. I was hoping for my destination, the mountains, although
was no way then to look out - the view here was only one or two
Miles, because the horizon was either hazy or dusty. So I went all day
long without the country much changed; strangely enough, I did not feel
especially uncomfortable, despite the grueling midday heat. Later in the afternoon I
are, just so, to stretch myself and sit down, although I do not really there
had need. I was aware that soon I needed something definite and unconditional
had to reach out to non herumzuirren keep it up - so I took a nap and was then
refreshes enormously again. The daylight was gone when I woke up again, the
Landscape seemed to be illuminated by dim moonlight, though there was no moon to be
visibility had improved considerably and the horizon showed considerably expanded.
About five miles away could be seen towering mountains; typical of me, I had to
but his all day long gone in parallel to them. but that surprised me actually do
not really, because deep inside seemed to me to be a strange coincidence -
in fact I gradually got a faint idea of what this tour of on this' level
could have shadows' for a meaning. I got up and went towards the mountains,
I soon came across gigantic rock formations with distinctive arches. The whole rock
was so enchantingly beautiful that I decided at the entrance to a huge canyon, middle
stopping between horsemen boulders; here I wanted to spend a little and the
Leave on for me magic of the scene. Incorrigible romantic? Yes, I am - and
besides, I was not in a hurry to get to a particular place. So I sat
on an embankment down and as I sat there in this wonderful silence, in this lonely
Place of creation: Here I liked it! Deep peace enveloped me in this solitude - yet
not quite, because after a while I began to intangible presences around me
feel, I felt curiously looking at me eyes; a few times it was me, I would
see some scurrying shadows at the edge of my field of vision. I knew that
was something going on, because my sensitive become sense could not become only
strange and friendly, but also decided unfriendly and malicious vibrations
record, but I was not impressed by what it might be me, because I
felt that they did not really want to hurt me - I also did not want me so easily have
embark again on any terrible adventure.
The day dawned with a magnificent cascade of colors, I was enchanted. I got up
and emigrated into the canyon which abruptly ended after about five miles. The walls
me were almost vertical and not to climb, smooth, red rock. I had to turn back
and to look for a better rock with columns and paragraphs out; there I began
to climb patient and careful, which is quite difficult and at times almost impossible
was - I took most of the day lead to finally reach the plateau. From
there I saw a way up auftürmendes Mountains, whose highest peak disappeared in the
After a short hike the Plateau ended by a sudden massive in another
Canyon dropped so low that you could not see the ground. I admired this great,
at least a mile wide canyon, but unfortunately separated me this deep abyss

Page 73
from the mountains behind it - and that was the mountains that I had to reach, whose
I'm sure. When I looked at a point on the other side, even in the mountains,
at least a mile above my level, I was one with turrets and terraces
account provided facade that was worked into the rocks and a fortress, or a
liked his monastery. On this other side was even a road to see that leading to it;
this was my destination, I felt down to my deepest heart. If I just kind of
may spill over! To my left, the Canyon seemed to narrow, so I went into this
Direction for several miles to a point where the other side is at most a few
was a hundred yards away. There was even a rock projection that deep into the abyss
protruded; I could not resist to get out there to the very end.
Unfortunately, my steps had to have affected the loose rock, for the part
the cliff behind me collapsed and fell thundering down the rounder! This
Incident made me a prisoner on a now completely isolated crag that of
both sides of the plateau about a hundred yards away was - a very pathetic situation! I
brooded about it hour by hour, but found no way to get out of there again. The
Monastery and access road were still too far away to from there even remotely
to hope for rescue. Nowhere something was moving and maybe it would be thousands of
Years remain so; I lay there on his back, staring up at the sun and cloudless
Heaven than I could hope from there for an answer, but I soon fell into a
Dream state, and for a while I slept quite firmly. When I awoke, it was the middle of the
Night; At daybreak, noon, afternoon - I was deeply depressed. I imagined I
would have to sit here for all eternity, if I were not already mad - that
here seemed to be worse than actually dying, or "Undead" in Limbo
round draw. But then germinated on a glimmer of hope in me, an idea started in my
accept head shape: It is not so long ago that I completely on this trip
was unharmed plucked out of the 'purgatory' ( he probably thinks his experience in
Vortex ' ), so I had to repeat this process yet and looking for a way to salvation
can - and indeed, as I change other than physical means my predicament
tried. After all, it had been called but that this entire landscape only thought forms
would be ...
So I sat down in a relaxed, meditative attitude, shut my eyes
this world and locked out all sensations. That was easy, but the turmoil of my
to calm mind, was something else; when I finally gave up, it was already night
become. For a while I looked at the clear night scenes, which I hoped me
would free some of my inner tension. I wanted my grief for a while
forget and take for the moment only these poetic scenery in me. after a few
purposeless hours "on-me-out-staring" was my field of IRG in dream-like fashion
endwie blurry, but that did really good to me; I thought of almost nothing - that were
suddenly everything by itself! I found myself like floating in black space, only a weak,
gelber Schimmer came out of my center. Although hardly distinguishable, I could
around me make long "threads" of a gray substance such as "frozen smoke"
seemed excessive. My eye, with the faint yellow glow, hovered over the
Surface of such a "silk" fabric - maybe it was the appropriate thought form
to the crag on which I was trapped; the other lines above me had the mountain masses
have meant. Curiously, this discovery has me at all excited. My
Consciousness was so far away, as if it did not belong to me. Dispassionate "forced" I
have a
Part of my own diffuse luster to a directed beam, which I over the abyss
could draw. But everything I managed after a few weak attempts were some
shaky, leuchtspur similar lines; they do not even promised to be half of what I
had hovered vague and so I gave morosely on. Although the light trails above

Page 74
seemed to solidify the rounder, they were only an irregular tangle of fragile Nothing.
I wanted to leave all this subconscious scene and this strange condition for a while
interrupt, to get back into the "real" world. When I opened my eyes I saw that
something incredible happened: In physical reality, a tangle there was now coarse
Ropes over the abyss excited, like a primitive suspension bridge!
Obviously, this was the result of my mental experiments that materializes here
had grown into firmly embedded ends as if they were the rocks. I got up to
To test this cable arrangement by pulling and tugging - everything was real and
solid. waves highest
Joy came over me! Apart from the opportunity now to escape from here, I was
deeply moved by the evidence of the "principle of thought-shaping", as well as from the
umphalen result of my rudimentary Pfuschens this procedure. Then I went
without further delay of this rocking and twisting, comic device of a
Bridge approach, as best I could: Prostrate I struggled carefully over the abyss and
soon reached the ledge on the other side. I felt an almost hysterical
Relief that only slowly subsided. I took a last farewell look at the
escape lonely crag, which I had on so whimsical way and turned
then my whole focus the way to advance. A sudden movement caught my
Attention: To my great surprise rose a giant from the depths of the canyon
Butterfly and flew upward in the direction of the mountains; he came quickly out of
sight, far above
my location. The body of the butterfly had been of human shape, the
External to close undoubtedly a woman; she was in a phantom-like skin
my wrapped - but unlike me she was a wiser fellow travelers who flew prefer, instead of
climb! Why do not I hit something?
I now began to rapidly go towards the monastery and after a few miles I came to the
curvy, uphill road leading. After endless sweep of the march brought me to finally
the emergence of a carved into the mountain stairs walkway. That's it! My pulse
when I put my foot on the first step - I knew that I now my loading
stimmungsort was very close. After a long climb up the stairs led me to a
crescent-shaped terrace; over a wide door opening was in the rock wall. It was
late in the afternoon when I took one last look at the canyon behind me. Then I came
through the door and came in a torchlit passage round me in a
Rock Appeal stated; Here, the path branched into seven different directions. Along the
Wall of this round rock chamber were five old armchairs facing a fireplace with
burning logs. Somehow I found this scene very erfurchtgebietend. a single
human figure rising from a chair and turned to me: The figure radiated a
so wonderful and celebratory mood that I shuddered and it was aware now
To be in the presence of "size". Suddenly the hood of this priestly figure fell back
revealing a familiar face, but holy in me so far unknown species "
Shimmer "that shook me to the deepest core. I could only marvel: The man was
For a while we remained in silence are so; finally he started with a friendly smile
"Welcome, hikers! I knew you would not let me wait too long. "
I barely got out of my shocked surprise out and began to do everything possible to
stutter, most of it were questions. He raised his hand, as the flood of my words
"As you are now arrived at the last point of your journey, I can say it now: You were
it determined to come here to this place, like the rest of you 7 traveler. "
"I have expected anything like it." I could not shut up. We sat in the
old armchairs, the flickering fire half an eye; Quentin continued his speech continued:

Page 75
"To say you welcome here, I came much earlier, but in a different way than you.
For example, I do not need a spacecraft, I travel prefer to 'Spectron-type', in cosmic
Shape, that's it. ( Quentin has just teleported there, without technical assistance. This
Ability can be learned when one reaches a very high spiritual level of development
Has. ) By the way, was known to some earthly personalities, this process, which in
contact with
stood the ancient mystery schools. "
I swallowed hard; I guessed he was anything other than a purely human, as I
"Who or what are in reality? A kind of 'Angel'? "
"Well, hold me what you want," Quentin replied, "do not hang 'now names and phrases,
Under no circumstances - counts only the essentials and what it stands for. But in
general, my
Art 'COSMIC TRAVELER' called; I'm something of a "freelance force"
wanders through different dimensions and universes, while volunteering for the Council
of the Guardians
is working. My current job is to guide you since your first UFO encounter was,
to you to finally bring together with the six other fellow travelers here. "
"Are the others here? What about the butterfly woman? "
"Two others have yet to come. Yes - this woman has already arrived! She was
ingenious with this change of shape by mental concentration; but your
Solution with the rope bridge was just as interesting in its extreme simplicity. By the
way, this
Mrs ground, just like you; one day maybe will cross your path, but without
there you will be aware of being formerly been traveling companions. I find all these
types of
smiled surprises and mysterious "accidents" very amusing. "Quentin.
"And why now all these charades and mysteries? Sure you would have me but a simpler
can bring way here! "
"With guide, first class? No. As it was, you've learned more about you. There are
no substitute for personal experience, nor for personal resolving potential
Problems. This is the only way to real progress. "
"This is very true, I think. but I could not make sense in my unpleasant
For adventures down there in the 'level of Shadows. Everything should only solidified
his thought forms and yet it seemed like "rock solid" reality. Was because now
really real - or not? "
"In relative reality here a pristine landscape exists in pure thought form, as
it wishes to take as usual, Earth-like sensation Your ego - and this in
Basically untouched, archetypal form is continually on one's perception of analogies
modified. This can be done by yourself, or you can in the imagination of others
get into - assuming that you 'mitschwingst' and your subconscious "nourishes" the scene.
The scene with the dancing fairies, for example, was the thought construction of
other things that you have intentionally aborted. In the castle scene you also have a
Passengers mutual fears replaced, the you in turn for a nasty, ugly creature
held. The nightmare with the bottom, however, was only the product of your oppressed
The subconscious; fertility rite was a long past, already forgotten
Thought form, but your lively, excessive resonating she filled with new life - but
Your doubts and guilt broke the scene abruptly by the earthquake
caused. The opposite happened in the desert, where you have preferred not to many
to address possible materializations. The space airfield was a very strong and active
Thought construction, which was created by a group of "rebellious" thoughts that you
probably just not could change, but on the other hand could change you - the only
Solution was to remove yourself physically.
In each scene, but your psyche answered in various ways, your character
accordingly predictable; sometimes you were the defenseless victims, sometimes you

Page 76
openly intervened and gave rise to a whole series of scheduled events. All these scenes
served as a test situation to be informed of your current state of development to
be in terms of your mental abilities and your intelligence - and for the Council of
Guardian and hopefully for yourself. You and your traveling companions all came on
own ways to split their time day and night according to its own habit and experienced
that were created by their own souls their own adventures. Your you allocated
Amount of energy to keep you going in this vibration level was exhausted and so was
Your visit now (to an end , if it matters, one must of 'outside' intervention
have been to the people in time for from their partially hopeless predicaments
to free. Then what is still worth the whole experiment? ). It may surprise you that your
all your
Hike have finished exactly at the same place and at the same time, despite the great
Differences in the apparent direction and duration: Well, the factors 'space' and 'time' are
this world is not important; in our case is the planned participation in the ensuing
Event here alone governs the 'centering' and 'Synchroniserung' of travelers. "
A crazy idea came into my mind: If the normal time had no meaning here came
My traveling companion was perhaps from a time period that years earlier, or years later,
when it
this was "my" in 1975? ( Not on this trip game, but as it still clears, there was
a total of seven such trips, scattered in the second half of the 20th century. When here
evident fondness for the number '7' would have the tour groups from the years 1954,
1961, 1968,
Have come in 1975, 1982, 1989 and 1996 ) Quentin drove his statement continued:
"Because this is a timeless and spaceless world for you is nevertheless a certain"
biological "time
passed when she was only briefly, according to the conversion difference to the higher
Vibratory rate. If you have returned to the 'Chaos barrier' and the phantom ship
will, seen from that point barely an hour have passed between your
"Suspension" and your "re-on-board go". The events to their participation you here-
you come here, now begin soon. There are also some other to be there in attendance. "
Quentin pointed to a bundle of clothes that were hanging over a chair, "Please put a robe
on and
then follow me; the others are wearing the same thing. "
So I put on a gray robe and pulled the hood over his head, as he told me, then took
Quentin a torch from the wall and asked me to follow him. We walked through the door
in the middle, which led into a maze of paths and passageways. I stayed Quentin on tight
the heel, the snaked tirelessly through this maze, with safe and solid
Step - all the time went on it upward, higher and higher, but still within the
Mountains. We finally had to be already climbed well a mile since we round
had left the reception room when I noticed a front light - apparently we approached
an exit to the outside. Now Quentin said for the first time something since we in us this
Mazes had to pass
"We are about to enter the 'garden'. When we are first of all there is, all
explain things by yourself, or you will get the answer to important questions on mental
way. The
takes place at this high level, which is also the lowest, due to the guardians
natural laws can descend in its entirety yet. "
We went out on a kind of ancient terrace, as Quentin waved me again toward you
and declared:
"This is the garden where the event participation called 'FEAST' , will take place. This
there twice in a hundred years the earth; it is even in certain circles of your distant earth
celebrated ( Oscar Magocsi even brought it at a UFO conference with the Buddhist
'Wesak' in combination ) and some of the participants of which are here in a short physi-
be present perlosen state. Now go, and go to the other, here in their
can participate in physical wholeness, just like you. Go down and - have a good

Page 77
A breathtakingly beautiful sight met my disbelieving eyes: I was on a
marble terrace between artfully shaped, huge pillars. The terrace offered a
View of a fertile valley nestled between the mountain peaks, which in
unimaginable heights extended; how high up this summit ranged well, I wanted to know.
Below me is a semicircular plateau spread; It was several miles long and certainly some
hundred yards wide; it looked like a botanical garden, full of incredibly diverse
Flowers and shrubs. The faint scent that reached me was indescribable, the ozone-rich
Air almost bewildering. Everything was from such an unearthly, almost unimaginable,
Quality - that had to be heaven, I thought. A completely dramatic contrast to the
terrible ferocity of the canyon and the labyrinth in the mountain , which I have just left
behind me
would have. A series broad marble steps led down to a further terrace level, resulting in
colorful paths and stairs continued, which in turn further down to the actual,
crescent-shaped garden Plateau led - and there were hundreds, perhaps even thousands
People in monk's clothes, sitting on benches, or were staying on the lawns.
Also on the opposite side of the garden plateau of the mountainside in a semicircle was
further terraces similar to that on which I stood, covered some populated with individual
The coming down the stairs. As daylight turned quickly into dusk, decided
I am still surprising a look around and move on. I turned around, so Quentin
to speak, but he was gone - just disappeared. So I started on your own
the marble stairs to go down and explore the festival grounds, looked as if it would be
once "vibrant" Acropolis from ancient times. I felt overjoyed with anticipation;
No one spoke to me as I walked through the garden, to the opposite side of the plateau.
There I sat on a grassy slope that offered a good all-round visibility. The
People remained all by itself, but I felt in friendship associated with them, even
family. Night fell over the valley in and began the opposite mountain ranges
wrap, fog lay on the summit. When darkness had fallen, seemed from
descend the slope to light dots in orderly rows - it looked like a
Procession torch-bearing, singing monks. It was solemn, heart-warming and sounded
like a
coming from the sky, pentatonic Choir; My whole being was filled with peace,
Solemnity and reverence.
Then appeared on the terraces between the columns pastel-colored, softly glowing and
pulsating balls of light, "sentinels" the same; there were about 50, all vital and
powerful beings: "The 'SWITCH' are here!" - I heard an excited "telepathic
Marbles go "through the assembled crowd. So these were impressive, nichtphy-
Saxon forms the great 'COUNCIL OF THE GUARDIANS'!
The sky above the valley now slowly filled with thousands and thousands of tiny
Points of light that you saw a flash in the darkness everywhere - at that moment I knew
the living souls were who had somehow come here to 'astral' way, magnetically
attracted by this teifgreifenden experience while their bodies far away in the comparable
most varied dimensions were. Sporadically a much stronger light spot came up
bright in sight and trickled down from above, like a landing spacecraft; the sewing
erkommen seemed their lights almost as strong as that of the Guardian, however, were
tinted. Do not ended, but remained hovering above the scene at low altitude; somehow
I knew again without doubt: these were the 'COSMIC TRAVELERS' who voluntarily
assisting entities that own the multidimensional universe in their own
Mission wandered how the biblical "worker in the vineyard of the Lord" for the Council
Guardian. This cosmic travelers were this time appeared in their 'pure form of energy'
but they could also take another form, according to their respective task - just
as Quentin did it! I already felt intimidated at the mere thought of it, of
whatever nature they really were.

Page 78
Now the type of music changed completely - suddenly it sounded like it was coming
from all
Directions simultaneously and in many different ways, but all resulted in a large
Harmony: I heard the thoughts fast cross-connections of all guards and travelers
at the same time, though not of course to my ears in detail, but einmündend in something
a played by many orchestras symphony possible. I suspected that this "symphony" of
individual calls, and exchange reports on the state furthermore worlds
existed and the interaction was celebrated with great joy and exuberance -
and although I only mitbekam a small part of it, I felt the story
away continuous waves of joy and inclusivity. Even the flickering light of the points
Consciousnesses who were present with their astral bodies, seemed in a sort of joyful
resonate rhythm.
Then suddenly illuminated the whole, is towering in front of us, mountain wall, as if she
were in
bathed the rays of a rising sun; the light spread rapidly up to the highest
Heights of, in this way a radiant collection stunning palaces and peaks antique
acting, golden cities revealing. A highly dramatic sight of the real view of essential
Grace and beauty of a completely different world! Then came slowly from these far
remote heights down 7 different, massive and powerful beings; their wonderfully
Auras showed all the colors of the rainbow, like a comet's tail - and again
I had without asking a question, the answer to my excited consciousness: THE
'MASTER' are going to come to us! They came from the way down from the highest
Heights of the still manifest creation, a trip that my distance from the earth to
was compared. They came to this lowest limit point of their world to meet directly,
a comprehensive exchange in so many ways, I like it to me in my current
evolutionary state probably could not imagine. After all, I was
happy to have at least an inkling of the nature of these events. With the
Arrival of the Master I was filled with a fantastic "lift" and triumphant
Farsightedness, as if all of a sudden many, many veil on me and I could
on a dizzying number of dimensions and worlds of different existences without
look end; all of these areas swarmed with an infinite variety of life, whether in
physical or non-physical environment! This sudden explosion of knowledge with
Information on almost all had "blows fuses in me" - I felt an ecstatic
Expansion of my consciousness, which now seemed to embrace incredible cosmic areas.
I felt a triumphant joy that an outsider can not imagine. I was
believed the "bursting" and close, "go along" forever and ever; I felt it was completely
impossible even longer sustain this vision in me, especially with this amount
countless details that did not even place in a thousand human brains.
Fortunately arose at this point a new development that far outshone and
the frightening grandiose cosmic panorama that my poor human mind
had collected repressed: About me literally opened the middle of the indigo-blue
Heaven, poured out a bright light, white-golden light over everything and everyone of us,
a gentle, almost tender way. My heart, my whole being was imbued with an almost
not unbearable joy when I am together with all other attendees of a
touched great love and wrapped felt. "He is it! He's coming! "- telepathically I heard the
Cheers of the crowd. Strangely, but no name was mentioned, but I then quite
naturally appeared. A wave of strong energy sensed my teifstes affairs - suddenly it was
I would look with a thousand eyes in the white-goldene Licht, incomprehensible way in
a comprehensive collection indescribable spheres and great harmonies looking. And the
sum total of all this was in this summarized one, all-encompassing entity in
'HIM'. This appeared to be the last chance 'to be' too - beyond which there was only one
Note weak to even higher areas and opportunities that come after that

Page 79
would and behind the "fused" my whole being formally would with this original
union "source" of the white-golden light. Just as I myself looked into this grandiose
scene so
I felt to be also considered me to the core of my being analyzed and
assessed where I and my earthly humanity would have their place - yes, I was able to
see this moment as if through her eyes. A tiny moment crossed
my "Out Look" and her "Into eyes" and both merged into each other, so I do not
could say more, who now was who. It was also irrelevant, because we were all 'one' and
was inside or outside only a matter of opposite viewpoints. I finally gave it
on, my little 'I' of the mighty 'you', or whatever they were to separate, I gave it
on to compare and categorize. Somehow I knew that everything had its meaning, all
Differences were based on a much, much higher and allumfassenderen perspective
dissolved and it was not for me to understand all this already full, precisely because of
obvious limitations. Beyond this highest point of my knowledge, I just felt
a great relief and I knew mathematical sciences, everything was really good - and for me
and my
State enbenso meaningful, as for the higher beings around me. We were all
a large family, from the simplest to the most highly Developed; we all
belonged to the same great human family, regardless of shape and dimension. In
distant future, I would be like them, and eventually they were such a simple GR
ence as I have been - it was all a matter of experience, through many forms of existence,
a matter of learning and growth of knowledge and skills. But each phase of this great
Adventure of evolution was important in the same way and should in its totality
savored and are fully experienced in every moment. The only important thing was in the
"here and
to live now, "because that is the always valid advice of being and growth for everyone -
would you pass to the true meaning of existence.
Forms, modes and levels were only the product of consciousness; space and time
actually exist not to say those in the true sense, but are only side effects
our self-limiting systems. Less developed beings as I can only
there are certain time in a given system, but the higher Developed can
exist simultaneously in different systems, in any form or no, as it
find appropriate. For example, the master preferably live in their 'essence', without any
particular form or shape, but they may take a suitable shape as needed in order to
to manifest for a reason - a figure that their appropriately
Being symbolized.
Of course I could not manufacturers of the possibilities without my sense amplifiers
arrive to capture everything, let alone to even understand a fraction of what
I might have been possible in my enhanced state - and even then I would be the
come actual truth anywhere near close, as on the sensory perception
based psychological structure of the human being only this best type of
Interpretation allowed. All these insights and a lot more fulfilled as "automatic"
my being, what form of 'essence' I might have ever been at this time.
Although my consciousness like that of all other expanded mightily in the garden
must have, I suspected but that I / we are only in a large 'COLLECTIVE FIELD'
had united of consciousness, only with individual aspects that so many abstract 'ego'
had remembered. After some time things have become increasingly blurred, as
I tried to penetrate more into the essence of all these manifestations, rather than only in
mere outer shape. Then, when some part of me further into groped in the essence, felt
I dragged myself with my whole being literally in the white-golden light while
Waves to waves ecstatic bliss across flooded over me. The last shreds of loading
knew thought, really told me that now everything was really unimportant and nothing
but nothing else meant anything - because I was at home, in the only home that

Page 80
you can ever have ...
How long do I "but me" was like that, I have no idea; when I again "normal" in my
State came back, everything was dark and quiet around me. The whole garden was
deserted, but
still friendly and peaceful; I felt overjoyed and extremely "light".
Except me and six other monks in their hoods, who were nearby, no one was
more. Fog riser up from the valley and obscured the already limited in itself run. A
Figure in the Habit broke away from the fog and stayed with our small Group of Seven
stand; the man was easily recognized by his bare blond hair: It was Quentin; he
It was indeed, but with one big difference - a quiet charisma was now around him,
it was a gentle shimmer of light, who gave him a really extraterrestrial appearance. what
"Greetings, brave travelers." He began to speak, this time obviously equal to all of us:
"The party is over, you may accompany his seriousness and its beauty for a long
time! The whole
Event seemed to you only take a few hours, but for others it was more than a month -
It's all relative, depending on the level of understanding of each individual. With the end
of the festival
also your visit to this world coming to an end now to: The purpose of your 'Odyssée' is
fulfilled my mission is finished. You had a memorable trip. You saw the Council of the
and the Ascended Masters. They saw you and so learned first hand what level
Your cosmic evolution and the aliens are and what your realizable
are possibilities for the future. They have individual with each of you on a
Bassis connected, but at the same time with all the others in the set; some parts of this
were conceived of you in a wonderful way, also All of you have the whole Odysée and
Participation experienced in your usual wholeness on hard and learn and have
everything by your
objective sense perceived, not only in a dream, or a vision. This 'total'
Participation was the other purpose of this mission, which is why you were brought here
means of space travel and more elaborate molecular processes. But technology is not
the last answer, as necessary and beneficial it may seem; completely in the area of
Possible is to carry out similar trips by his own will, in the direction of your own
Inside - without the physical body, of course, alone with your consciousness that the
true travelers and the only true "spies" is. The more your consciousness developed
the more real your journey into the various dimensions will be; the process is removed
from the
similar to what the Earth people 'ASTRAL'- or ' SOUL TRAVEL ' call ( it seems to me
to be exactly the same ). The ability can be developed through special meditative and
other related methods. These methods can be very helpful to start with, but
Finally, you must itself learn through ingenuity and resourcefulness - otherwise you will
get stuck.
Your visit is now over. You will be returned now in your respective native
Surroundings. Soon a will 'ETHER SCHIFF' land here and you through the 'eye' in the
bring barrier '; This ship, which is about to come, is more than just a thought form
- it was created by the Council for the occasion; once it has completed its task,
it will dissolve. The driving force is your own, expectant severe physical vibration
his clothes, the direction is given by the affinity of your phantom skin with the Phantom
Ship -
simple and ingenious! Thanks of your still very high state of consciousness you will all
recognize the important technical details of your return; this is done by loading a
wußtseinsverbindenden process of the ship guiding intelligence. You will
wholeheartedly in
be able to understand this 'brain' of each vessel it was the coming ether ship that
Ship, saucer, or whatever. It is a fact that you will learn in this way,
to control each such vehicle itself and is in line with the Council of the switch - it
namely really want that you learn the taxes, because that was another purpose of this
Odyssey. On your way back to Earth you will adept, even more types of

Page 81
"Rescue ships" to use, where hundreds of people can be accommodated
and also you will be trained to control the 'SPACE ARK' where actually the
same time, thousands of people could be taken away. can through this training
Your help in many respects, the operation "saving the earth" should be in the event of
extreme comparison
ratios are necessary. The Council would like your extreme prudence let exercise when it
comes to the rescue of the people on Earth - and also in controlling the central
the spaceship, if should require the local conditions. And of course, this all only
under a condition: In agreement with the intentions of the Council of the guard, referring
to the
establish harmony with the 'COSMIC LAW', which you be fully aware at the time
will. Knowing how the spacecraft to be controlled is much too complicated in your
to be present consciousness as long as you you "normal" ground state in your -
but it is preserved in you, until it is triggered by a vibration increase specially. in the
Emergency, we will contact you, provided that your in the public interest
are willing to cooperate; until then it is up to you if you remain silent, or
want to report your experiences. but it will take a while in your normal state until
You yourselves can recall a useful reminder of all these events in your memory;
also has partial amnesia normal. To return the memory to
strengthen, it will be helpful to meditate, especially in a group of like-minded people
because the results in the use of 'group power' can be astonishing, especially,
if a member knows how the total amount of energy in a particular direction to
to steer. You would find it useful to form a corresponding 'core group' or you
join already existing, which seeks a re-orientation towards a
more rational system of values and a better lifestyle, a new consciousness - towards
on the "light" so to speak ( Equivalent to fully meet the objectives and the strategy of
MOVE' ), because this type of procedure is commonly known as' the light yourself
turn '. There are on Earth for many 'centers of Light and much more will be opened
are, through joint efforts - where like-minded people informed, supported and
can be developed; for the coming 'AQUARIUS ERA'. Soon you will
get an idea of what extrasensory connection means at all: On the
different stages of your return will you all each in the same spaceship to be, however,
in isolated compartments, in order to preserve the anonymity; but by means of a natural
telepathic exchanges everyone will know the essence of the other. This process is about
all the words or images, but on some level, all your senses together
merge - what other insights you can gain from this process depends on
the skills from each individual; Also it is an interesting experiment in terms of
his sense of orientation and cooperation.
In the future, perhaps your paths will cross, or you meet people who are different
Travel, other contacts with us had; In these cases you will a kind of dawning How-
those knowing feel, thanks of your "sixth sense". Sometimes it will be worth a little too
follow and get in touch with such people; by joint effort is
easier to put together your different "puzzle pieces" and it then may again
brighten some obscure aspect of your own Odyssée. You will find that the individual
Reports vary slightly, depending on how one came here as the ER-
eignisse realized and what interpretation he gave everything. "
A faint glimmer of light appeared at the starless, indigo blue sky to hit directly
us; as he approached and was preparing to land, he proved to be a "diamond-shaped"
white and blue and delicate translucent spacecraft - it really looked more like a
brechliche thought form.
"Here is your essential transportation, ladies and gentlemen! Get the same and go into
respective compartment - the rest is automatic ", informed us Quentin.

Page 82
"And now it's time to say goodbye and to wish good trip. It was a privilege and an
Pleasure to work with all of you. After you returned to Earth you will find that the in
whole amounted to about 3 days since your departure from there elapsed time. on re-
see, till we meet again! "Quentin waved us warmly on parting.
All seven of us travelers now walked toward the already landed and waiting äthe-
innovative "diamond" of spacecraft. The return journey had begun and the end of my
SEN UFO adventure was near - but strange to me it did not seem as approached my
Space Odyssée its end. I was more like a new beginning: I was very excited, as
I would embark on an even bigger upcoming adventure ...
( On his return, it took four more years before Oscar his experiences in book form
published. 'My Space Odyssey in UFOs' was released in 1979 in Canada, later joined
Portuguese, Japanese and German added. )
Contrary to my previous lack of interest in UFO sightings and the like, I began
Since my first UFO contacts in 1974/75 with psycho-metaphysical and esoteric loading
rich to deal with. After all these years of my alien friends continue to hold
Contact me; they have their own ways of understanding, including monitoring
of people and events. Meanwhile, I understand the full meaning of our mission
extraterrestrial friends and I have decided to, that contribute to my order
here to help ( he speaks later even by a 25-year contract, from 1975 to 2000, he with
had completed them and signed him as a writer and assistant ). My intention is
to publish my experience and the fact of the existence of intelligent extra-
rule to all life redistribute, who are interested in earthly matters,
comply and their persistent urge to spread their word whenever new home
come formations on me - because I am now a part of their team. I also feel that
has my involvement in this area now only just begun and that me yet
Experiences and encounters to come. We live in a world of enormous forces, visible and
invisible, which exert a very strong influence - and it is a fact that the majority of
these forces but others are angry and hostile towards us good and benevolent.
Not in the main text mentioned materials;
List of Text and image components not used
From 'My space odyssey in UFOs'
P. 7, foreword by Oscar Magocsi:
It is no coincidence that you hold this book in your hands. Again, this is not just any
but rather a coded transmission, directed by space creatures to you. I'm convinced of it,
that they have taken it upon themselves for the most part, to speak through me. There are
Views and clues carefully miteingewoben in the overall pattern and hidden in many
- especially by the strange and exciting last three chapters ( here a chapter: 'visit to the
summarized the watchers' ) through. You can decrypt dramatic findings
lead, and even personal notes about your own future role in the impending
provide cosmic events. The reading of certain parts can trigger an empathic resonance
and connect so directly with the circle of space creatures. In any case, you embark
yourself one at a
new voyage of discovery. So keep your senses open! Good Trip...

Page 83
S. 8-9, preface to the German edition of Ventla-Verlag.
S. 218-220, Event over the Bermuda Triangle; Response to a request of a UFO
magazine; April
Herewith I answer your letter of 30 March 1985 on my weird experience of a
'Time Stops' over the Bermuda Triangle, the on board a non-stop charter flight of the
'North-air' on 19th
October 1974 3:20 to 3:40 pm local time, took place. The plane had to because of a
make hip storm a detour to the northeast. About 50 miles from the coast
removed over the open sea, all the passengers were still strapped in, I noticed that all the
suddenly were motionless, as if they were "frozen". This condition lasted 17 minutes,
after all behaved as if nothing had happened. During these 17 minutes the air was in
Aircraft such as electrically charged and it seemed as if we were flying through layers of
dark clouds.
My memory does not go on. But my extraterrestrial friends of the
'GALACTIC FEDERATION' were ready, the events recently requested in a,
to explain telepathic connection. This was done from a spaceship that over the
Ontario was near Toronto. This compound was made possible by Fleet Commander
Han-Sen. the message was spoken by my 'voice activated' and from my friend Les
Cherni added. By administration of Han-Sen:
As Oscars airplane chance in an always go drifting and suddenly activated 'window' of
the Bermuda
Triangle was drawn into space of another dimension, hurried a left near
Spaceship, which was alerted by the Federation to help. At this time were already all
Passengers 'frozen' in a lifeless state, caused by the transit effect of the window.
(Oscar was also in this state when it also was not aware of. He, like all
other passengers, had at no time the feeling of missing something, except that it might
be a
felt slight discomfort.) Fortunately, came the alarmed spaceship just in time to
from his amnesia, the aircraft - in the dimension distortion - tear out by the machine
detected with the protective force field a 'tractor beam' and held. Due to rapid Com-
computer on review of the auras of the occupants of the aircraft was found that an
envisaged new UFO
Contactee named Oscar Magocsi on board was (that was a month before him one of our
Space team on the occasion of his first UFO sighting kontaktete). So we took the liberty
the plane ten to fifteen minutes longer than it would have been necessary to hold them
laid them
even in the open, but sheltered dock a half a mile long spaceship, where even staff
the fleet physically boarded. This was done so to Oscars Aura and bio-fields from up
Check, particularly with regard to possible, future contacts and space travel. Meanwhile,
were also
all other passengers routinely checked ...
It seems to me that the above incident, my space Odyssée in 1975 was useful - perhaps
he was
even intended - as well as many other contacts with my friends from space ever
since. On
renewed encounter took place in February 1985 at the pyramids of Teotihuacan near
Mexico City.
S. 222 card from the landing site of the UFOs and route to Toronto.
S. 223, the author of 1975 and 1980, photos, b / w.
S. 224, The article on the landing site of the UFOs, photo, s / w
S. 225, map of the world flight of the author in the 1975th
S. 226-228, freehand sketches of UFOs, the carrier ship, the Phantom Ship and etheric
Ship in
which the author is flown.
S. 229-230, newspaper articles of the 'Sunday Sun newspaper about the threatening' Men
in Black ', the professional one
Writers initially harassed and eventually could disappear.
P 231-233, to the UFO Ontario, area map and a local Sichtungsbeschreibungen UFO
S. 234, The Pickering nuclear power plant, photo, s / w.
S. 235-237, UFOs over Pickering - an article of the 'Toronto Sun' newspaper about UFO
sightings in the area
S. 237, Oscar Magocsis car, photo, s / w.
S. 238-240, UFO photos, b / w, only light spots and streaks of light.
S. 241-242, UFO position over Lake Ontario and photo, s / w.
S. 243, the author on his Muskoka terrain, photo, s / w.