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Lesson Plan in

Media and Information Literacy

(January 10, 2018)

I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the learners must be able to:
 Identify codes, convention, and message and how they affect the audience, producers, and other stake
 Reflect on how important information can be conveyed to create the desired impression.
II. Subject Matter
A. Topic: Media and Information Languages (Lec)
B. Code: MIL11/12MILA-IIIf-15
C. Time Frame: 1hour
D. References: CG, TG
E. Materials: manila, pens, board and marker, postcards
III. Procedure
A. Review of the past lesson
 Review key points of previous lesson (Media and Information Sources)
B. Motivation
1. Read his sentence after writing it on the board “Language may be a source of misunderstandings by
Marshall McLuhan, 1964”
2. Ask learners to analyze the quote, then, let them share what they think to the class.

3. Does the user’s/audience’s own background or experience affect the interpretation of messages?
4. Is it possible that a different individual derives a different meaning from the message? Explain.
Lesson Proper
1. Activity
Discuss with the learners the following definitions:
• Language - pertains to the technical and symbolic ingredients or codes and conventions that media and
information professionals may select and use in an effort to communicate ideas, information and
• Media Languages - codes, conventions, formats, symbols and narrative structures that indicate the
meaning of media messages to an audience.
2. Analysis
 Direct learners to identify five (5) signs and symbols in their community that are used to convey
information (ex. For directions, locations of attractions, others).
3. Abstraction
Discuss with the learners the following:
 How are symbols usually being presented?
 What is the importance of using symbols to convey a message or information?
 How these symbols are presented in terms of fonts, images, colors, design and others?
4. Application
Say “The first step in becoming media and information literate is to understand how information,
ideas and meaning are communicated through and by various media and other information
providers, such as libraries, archives, museums and the Internet”.

 Present different Philippine postcards.

 Instruct the learners to accomplish MIL Design Framework matrix below.

C. Generalization
 Define information appropriately through codes, conventions, and messages.

IV. Evaluation
Instruct the learners to write a reflection paper about the previous activity using the following guide
• What information codes, conventions and messages about our country is communicated enthuse
• If you are to create a postcard for a place or organization of your choice, what technical and symbolic
codes would you use to convey important information and create the desired impression? Why?
• How is understanding of the technical and symbolic codes contribute to media and information
• Others reflection that they may want to share.

V. Assignment
Explain, how the same information is being conveyed in different media.

VI. Remarks:

Bread and Pastry: _______________________________________

No. of learners with in mastery level: ______
No. of learners needing remediation: ______

Masonry & Dressmaking: _______________________________________

No. of learners with in mastery level: ______
No. of learners needing remediation: ______

CSS A: _______________________________________
No. of learners with in mastery level: ______
No. of learners needing remediation: ______

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