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[Semester Pattern]


Designed in– 2013

Government of India
Directorate General of Employment & Training
Ministry of Labour & Employment
EN-81, Sector-V, Salt Lake City
Kolkata-700 091


Sl. No. Name Office

1 Sri M.S. Lingaiah, Director CSTARI, Salt Lake, Kol. Chairman
2 Sri P. K. Roy, Sr. Envr. Engineer W.B.Pollution Control Board Member
3 Sri T.S. Ramanathan, Dy. Manager CSC Ltd. Kolkata Member
4 G.T.T.I. Sealdah Branch Member
Kashi Nath Karmakar, Sr. Faculty

Automobile Engineering
5 Maj.(Retd) D.K.Ghosh, G.M. Dewar's Garage Kolkata Member
6 Mr. Debabrata Halder, Works Manager Rolta Motor (Bajaj Auto) Member
7 Sri R. Senthil Kumar, JDT CSTARS, Salt Lake, Kol. Member
8 Sri T. Mukhopadhyay, DDT CSTARS, Salt Lake, Kol. Member
9 Sri A. Chakraborty, ADT -DO- Member
10 Sri P.K. Koley, T.O. -DO- Member
11 Sri A.B. Dhara. T.O. -DO- Member
12 Sri S.B. Sarder, T.O. -DO- Member

List of members attended the Workshop to finalize the syllabus of “MECHANIC REPAIR &
MAINTENANCE OF HEAVY VEHICLES” under CTS into held from 6th to 10th May’2013 at
CSTARI, Kolkata.
Sl. No. Name & Designation Organisation Remarks
1. R.N. Bandyopadhyaya, Director CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Chairman
2. K. L. Kuli, Joint Director of Training CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
3. K. Srinivasa Rao, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Joint Director of Training
4. L.K. Muhkerjee, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Deputy Director of Training
5. Ashoke Rarhi, ATI-EPI, Dehradun Member
Deputy Director of Training
6. N. Nath, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Assistant Director of Training
7. S. Srinivasu, ATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13 Member
Assistant Director of Training
8. Sharanappa, ATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13 Member
Assistant Director of Training
9. Ramakrishne Gowda, FTI, Bangalore Member
Assistant Director of Training
10. Goutam Das Modak, RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
Assistant Director of Trg./Principal
11. Venketesh. Ch. , Principal Govt. ITI, Dollygunj, Andaman & Member
Nicobar Island
12. A.K. Ghate, Training Officer ATI, Mumbai Member
13. V.B. Zumbre, Training Officer ATI, Mumbai Member
14. P.M. Radhakrishna pillai, CTI, Chennai-32 Member
Training Officer
15. A.Jayaraman, Training officer CTI Chennai-32, Member
16. S. Bandyopadhyay, Training Officer ATI, Kanpur Member
17. Suriya Kumari .K , Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
18. R.K. Bhattacharyya, Training Officer RVTI, Trivandrum Member
19. Vijay Kumar, Training Officer ATI, Ludhiana Member
20. Anil Kumar, Training Officer ATI, Ludhiana Member
21. Sunil M.K. Training Officer ATI, Kolkata Member
22. Devender, Training Officer ATI, Kolkata Member
23. R. N. Manna, Training Officer CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
24. Mrs. S. Das, Training Officer CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
25. Jyoti Balwani, Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
26. Pragna H. Ravat, Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
27. Sarbojit Neogi, Vocational Instructor RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
28. Nilotpal Saha, Vocational Instructor I.T.I., Berhampore, Murshidabad, (W.B.) Member
29. Vijay Kumar, Data Entry Operator RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member



2. N.C.O. Code No. :

3. Duration of Craftsmen :
1 year (Two Semester)
4. Power Norms : 6 KW
5. Space Norms : 504 sq. mtr.
(Vehicle parking in common garage)

6. Entry Qualification :
Passed in 10th Class Examination & Minimum 18 years of

7. Unit strength : 16
8. Instructors : a) Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile Engg From
Qualification recognized board of technical education with two years
experience in the relevant field with HMV Driving license
10th Passed + NTC/NAC in the Trade of “ MECHANIC (Heavy
Motor Vehicle)” with 3 Years post qualification experience in
the relevant field with HMV Driving license

b) Preference will be given to a candidate with Crafts

Instructor Certificate (CIC)

* Note: At least one Instructor must have Degree/Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile Engg. when
applied for 02 units.

Semester Code:- MHV;SEM-I
Engineering Workshop
Trade Practical Trade Theory
Weeks Drawing calculation and
Familiarization with Introduction to Central
institute, Importance Outer Vehicle Acts & Rules.
of the trade- General introduction to the
Machinery used in course-duration of the
Trade. Types of work course & course content.
1. done by the students Study of the Syllabus
in the Institute-shop General Rules pertaining to
floor of the Institute. the Institute Facilities
available hostel recreation
and medical facilities
library working hours-time
Description of safety Importance of safety & Introduction to Common
equipment their use general precautions to be Engineering fractions,
safety rules to be observed in the shop, fire Drawing & Blue additions,
observed in an extinguishers used for print reading. Free substation
Automobiles repair different types of fire storing hand sketching of multiplication
shop. Accident & & handling of inflammable straight lines, & Divisions.
their causes-up keep materials elementary first rectangles, squares Applied
of fire extinguishers. aid. Different types of Fire and circles. workshop
Familiarization of the Extinguishes used for problems
tools and machinery different types of fires and involving
available in the shop. their location. Fire training fractions &
Their use and upkeep, & different vulgar fractions.
importance of types of Fire
cleanliness of
workshop, tools,
jacks, trays and
General servicing of General description of motor Free hand Properties of
vehicles washing, vehicles-major assemblies- sketching of nuts ferrous & non-
cleaning, oiling, description location and bolts studs with ferrous metals and
greasing and function of each locking dimensions from their uses.
lubrication of vehicle. methods and devices used in samples.
vehicles hydraulic and screw
jacks hydraulic hoist & air
compressor- their
description & uses.
4. Inspection of under -do- Free hand Brief
carriage of vehicle. sketching of description of
Tightening all loose solids and hollow manufacturing

bolts & nuts, use of bodies such as process of steel,
hydraulic jacks hoist square rectangular, copper &
and horses used in the cylinder, rings and aluminum.
shop, selecting cones.
materials for packings
- cutting packings and
gaskets, practice in
use of locking devices
such as lock nuts,
cotter and split pins-
keys, circlips, lock
rings, lock washers,
locking using wire
and location where
they are used.
Removing wheels Description of wheels and Explanation of Metric system,
from vehicle, tyres-types selection of simple met weight &
dismantling tyres and tyres, ply rating, inflation orthographic measurement units
tubes checking pressure and carrying projection 1 used, conversion
puncture assembling capacity, storage of tyres. angle. Free hand from FPS to
5. inflating to correct sketching of types Metric system &
pressure. Rotating the and wheels. vice versa.
wheels in vehicle
minor repairs to
wheels and tyres,
wheel balancing &
Inspection the frame Frames-description and Exercise in simple Exercise involving
checking alignment of function common troubles orthographic metric and FPS
frame servicing of conventional suspension projection. units.
spring replacing new system. Types of leaf
bushes in shackle pins springs used different types
changing hushes in of shock absorbers. Their
shock absorbers- description, operation &
cleaning & lubrication maintenance.
of wheel bearings,
adjusting wheel
Removing king pins Description of different Explanation of 3rd Shop problems in
and bushes replacing types of independent angle projection. metric system.
new bushes & plus suspension system, special Free hand
7. after removing bushes features in each system sketching of front
& rings, lubrication of maintenance and lubrication axle assembly.
king pin bushes in the of front suspension system.
front, independent
suspension system.

Inspection and The front axle, description Views of simple Meaning of
overhaul front & rear & functions types of steering hallow and solids tenacity,
suspension rear knuckle arrangement of bodies with elasticity
springs, coil spring steering knuckle joint dimensions brittleness,
torsion bars, check up general layout of steering sketching of hardness,
main axle for linkages. steering linkages. compressibility
alignment. and ductility
examples of
Inspect and adjust Description of different Free hand Effect of
steering linkages, types of steering boxes sketching of alloying
after replacement of ( latest type of steering different types of elements and
worn parts alignment boxes), special features of steering boxes properties of cast
of steering wheels each adjustments repair and iron and steel
with respect to front maintenance of steering and alloys.
wheel, check and boxes power steering
correct toe-in. description and its
Inspect and overhaul Description of Ackerman's Free hand Problems in
steering boxes angle, caster, camber toe-in sketching of steering geometry-
adjusting steering and toe-out on turns, caster, camber, calculation of
gear backlash, and purpose and effects of these king-pin angle. caster, camber.
end play check and angles. Ackerman's angle
adjust toe-in, camber toe-in & toe-out.
10. angles checking
kingpin angle &
caster angle with
special gauges.
Repairing and
Maintenance of
Hydraulic Power
Adjusting brake pedal Arrangement of brakes in Free hand Square root of
play dismantling cars and trucks-description sketching of break perfect square,
wheel break assembly of hand brakes, its purposes linings wheel square root of
cleaning and layout of mechanical and brake assembly whole numbers
inspecting adjusting hydraulic breaking system in sectioned views of and decimals
brake shoes for proper cars. master cylinder. relating to braking
clearances, bleeding distance.
hydraulic brakes &
Disk brakes.
12. Removing master Master cylinders including -do- Simple levers,
cylinder, dismantling the tandem master cylinder, problems related
cleaning and special features of each to as applied to
inspection of parts- function- common troubles motor vehicles.
assembling and & remedy.
testing bleeding the

braking system after
cleaning the pipelines.

Dismantling wheel Brake lining types of uses Free hand Meaning of

brake assembly relining the brake shoes sketching of brake friction
removing old lining & precautions to be observed wheel cylinders examples of useful
fitting new lining on wheel cylinders description cam adjuster, and wasteful
the brake shoe function and types brake brake shoe friction in vehicles
removing, cleaning of fluids. Description and use assembly and co efficient of
brake drums types of fluids used. anchor pins. friction-simple
13. inspecting wheel problems on
cylinders & brake frication.
drums-fitting new
cups and brake
hosepipes, re-
assembling adjusting
wheel bearing ad
testing adjusting all 4
wheel brakes.
Bleeding of vacuum Description and advantages Freehand Properties of
assisted hydraulic of vacuum assisted sketching - the lay matter
brakes removing & hydraulic brakes - special out of vacuum molecules and
refitting of vacuum features -common troubles assisted. atoms-atomic
boosters-repairs to in vacuum assisted Hydraulic brake symbols and
pipelines-adjusting hydraulic brakes. system atomic number,
the brakes in vacuum simple chemical
assisted hydraulic formula.
Adjusting Air brake s- Description of air brake Freehand Definition of
repair to tank unit, air system. Major components sketching of the mass, unit of
compressor, wheel in Air brake system. lay out of Air force-weight of a
15. brake adjuster- Description and purpose of brake system and body- energy and
locating air leaks in each part - their care and sketching of power.
the brake lines and maintenance - troubles in slacken adjuster.
rectifying - general Air brake assembly and their
maintenance and care. remedy.
16. Trouble tracing in Brake testing efficiency of Freehand Applied
braking system of a brakes braking distance, sketching of the problems in force,
heavy vehicle weight transference during lay out of Air work done energy
adjusting brakes and braking a vehicle common brake system and and power.
balancing all four trouble in brakes & their sketching of
wheel brakes, remedies. slacken adjuster.
precautions to be Study about fail-safe brakes.
observed while testing
brakes points to be
remember while

preparing the vehicle
for brake certificate.

-do- -do- -do- -do-

Adjusting clutch Lay out of transmission Isometric drawing Applied

pedal play-removing system-description of single of simple objects problems in force,
gearbox and clutch plate clutch-different types such as squire and work-done, energy
18. assembly from Heavy of clutches used in Vehicles- rectangular blocks & power.
Vehicle. Dismantling their description, special with grooves-
clutch assembly, features and advantages. keyways.
cleaning inspecting
Removing & fitting of Clutch linings types Isometric view of Applied
new pilot bearing, materials used bonded & clutch pedal- problems in force,
removing & fitting of riveted lining clutch plate clutch release work-done, energy
ring gear in fly wheel constructions, purpose of bearing-fork and & power.
relining a clutch plate damper spring precautions clutch plate-free
checking condition of while relining a clutch plate. hand sketching of
flywheel and pressure clutch assembly.
plate surface for
Assembling of Fluid coupling description - do - Applied
pressure plate operation & advantage of problems in force,
adjusting the fingers using fluid coupling work-done, energy
checking run out of common troubles and & power.
fly wheel and aligning remedy.
clutch assembly with
Dismantling cleaning Lubrication of gearbox Free hand Applied
and assembling of constant mesh gearbox sketching of problems in
gearshift mechanism description and advantages. shifter mechanism horsepower
changing oil in gear and hear shift calculation of
box studying gear lever. speed ratios in 4-
ratios in the gear box. speed gearbox &
5-speed gearbox.
22. Dismantling a Synchromesh gear box Free hand Explanation of
synchromesh gear advantages description, sketching of the horse power and
box, cleaning, operation in different gear arrangement of indicated horse
inspecting parts positions common trouble gears inside the power electrical
replacing worn out and remedy types of sliding mesh gear equivalent of H.P.
defective parts synchromesh gearboxes box in different
assembling & testing their special features. gear positions.
for correct

identifying noises
from gear boxes and
Removing open type Universal joints and Use of drawing Ratios and
propeller shaft from propeller shaft-open and instruments T- proportions,
vehicle, removing closed type propellers shaft square and simple
universal joints types of universal joints, drawing boards- problems gear
cleaning replacing care and maintenance- construction of ratios in gearbox
worn out parts, re- constant velocity joints simple figures. & rear axles.
assembling & refitting special and advantages.
to vehicle-special
precautions while
removing torque tube
drive shaft.
Removing rear brake Description and purpose of Construction of -do-
drums and adjusting different types of rear axles simple solid
the wheel bearings in special features and figures with
full floating rear axles advantages in each type dimensions and
& semi floating axles, lubrication of rear axles- titles use of
replacing oil seals in reasons for oil in brake different types of
rear axles. drum. scales.
25. i) Project works
2 ii) Industrial Visit(Optional)

26. Examination

Semester Code:- MHV;SEM-II

Wee Practical Trade Theory Engineering Drawing Workshop

k calculation and
No. science
1 Removing rear axle Description & functions Free hand sketching Calculations of areas
assembly from of final drive assembly- of different types of of square,
vehicle, dismantling, crown wheel and tail rear axles. rectangular,
cleaning, inspecting pinion hypoid gear, Bevel triangles, circles &
parts for wear and type and worm & worm regular polygons.
damage, cutting wheel and its lubrication
packings/gaskets- descriptions of differential
removing tail pinion and its principle of
and bearings cleaning operation.
and inspection of oil-
seals and bearings.
2 Checking tooth Description and function Free hand sketching Calculations of areas
contact in crown land of differential gears types of universal joints, of square,
pinion and adjusting tooth contact and back silencer brackets and rectangular,
back-lash-assembling lash, preloading spring shackles. triangles, circles &
the rear axle assembly adjustment. Common regular polygons.
on vehicles and troubles and their remedy
testing. in rear axle assembly.
3 Trouble shooting in Description and function Free hand sketching -do-
the transmission of differential gears types of universal joints,
system of vehicle, tooth contact and back silencer brackets and
detecting noises from lash, preloading spring shackles.
clutch, gear box, adjustment. Common
universal joints and troubles and their remedy
rear axle assembly in rear axle assembly.
4 Dismantling of Description of internal Free hand sketching Calculation of
unserviceable engine and external combustion of 4 stroke cycles. volumes and weight
of heavy vehicle- engineers, different types of cubes, hexagonal
cleaning studying the of I.C. engines. Important prisms- shop
parts in the engine working parts in the problems.
and reassembling the engine, the 4-stroke cycle
engine- practice in the of operation.
use of correct tools
and right procedure.
5 Dismantling an un- Description of valve Free hand sketching Calculation of
serviceable engine, operating mechanism & of 4 stroke cycles. volumes and weight
cleaning of parts in valve timing description of cubes, hexagonal
the engine, measuring and function of valve prisms shop
of cylinder bore-crank spring guide tappets, problems.
pins main journals valve seals and locks.

pistons studying

6 Checking Description & function of Drawing of 3 views Calculations of

compression pressure cylinder block-cylinder of stepped, taper & cylinder wear
& vacuum in a head cylinder liners Cylinder blocks in 3rd -ovality- taper and
running engine of reconditioning of cylinder angle projection. compression ratios
heavy vehicle heads. problems on
dismantling the compression ratios.
cylinder - head from
the engine,
deearbonising the
cylinder head,
removing the valves,
cleaning, and
reassembling and
adjusting tappets.
7 Removing pistons and Description & functions Drawing of 3 views Center of gravity
connecting rods from of different types of of stepped, taper & Examples problems
engine, dismantling, pistons & connecting rod Cylinder blocks in 3 involving center of
cleaning, inspecting, attachment, piston rings rd angle projection. gravity in vehicles.
checking clearances and piston pins common
installing rings and troubles and remedy.
pistons pins.
8 Removing connecting Description & functions Drawing of plan, Heat and
rod assembly, of connecting rod. elevation and side temperature
cleaning & checking Materials used for views of tapered thermometers
bearing clearances, connecting rods-big end hollow objects. centigrade &
replacing bearing and main bearings shells Fahrenheit scales
shells, setting correct piston pins and locking their conversion.
clearances. Measuring methods of piston-pins Use of temperature
wear in crank pins crank shaft description measuring
and main journals in function & types common instruments their
crankshaft. trouble & remedy. description & uses.
9 Assembling Firing order of the Drawing of plan, Heat and
crankshaft, main different types engine and elevation and side temperature
bearings, connecting crankshaft balancing views of tapered thermometers
rods and piston description of the hollow objects. centigrade &
assembly in the flywheel and its function Fahrenheit scales
engine, fitting crankcase and oil sump. their conversion.
cylinder head and Use of temperature
starting the engine measuring
and tuning up engine instruments their
for smooth slow speed description & uses.
running with the help
of using torque
wrench, at proper

torque & sequence.

10 Checking cooling Engine cooling methods Drawing the 3 views Geometrical

system for air & water-cooling& in 3rd angle projection Properties of angles,
overheating cleaning coolants radiators, pump, of curved objects. triangles, circles
radiators, dismantling, thermostats and fan, their
cleaning, assembling description, function care
and testing water and maintenance reasons
pump, reverse for engine overheating.
flushing the system
and adjusting the fan
belt tension.
11 Studying the Need for lubrication of Free hand sketching Geometrical
lubrication oil flow engine parts-friction of oil filters oil flow Properties of angles,
system in engine, lubrication oil and its circuits oil pumps triangles, circles
overhauling oil filters; properties, lubrication
oil pump and setting system types full flow and
the pressure release by pass flow system,
valve for correct oil components in lubrication
pressure maintenance system oil filters and
and repairs in the pumps, types their special
lubrication system in features and uses.
12 Practice in joining Simple electrical circuit, Free hand sketching Electricity and its
wires and soldering series & parallel, circuits of electrical symbols effects static &
forming simple identification of and drawing of dynamic electricity -
electrical circuits alternating current and simple electrical AC
measuring of current, direct/current meters circuits & DC
voltage & resistance insulators conductors differences.
cleaning and topping types of resistance- ohm's
up of a lead acid law and its application
battery testing battery common electrical terms
with hydrometer-cell and symbols primary and
tester, connecting secondary cells lead acid
battery to charger. battery description
construction common
troubles and remedy.
13 Studying different Description of different Free hand sketching Magnets natural and
electrical circuits in a electrical circuits in a of different circuits of artificial types poles
heavy vehicle- heavy vehicle. a vehicle-sketching of magnets Magnetic
checking loose open the circuits. fields.
and short circuits.
14 Removing dynamo Description of charging Free hand sketching Definition of
alternators from circuit operation of of charging system. ampere, volt and
vehicle, dismantling dynamo alternatives ohm-units current
cleaning, checking for regulator unit ignition potential different
defects, assembling warning lamp troubles resisters, ampere,

and testing for and remedy in charging volt ohm, ohm's law.
motoring action of system.
dynamo & fitting to
vehicles. Study of
wiring harm ness of 1
or 2 E.C.M. system
(Euro - II vehicle),
Octane No. & Ucten
No. Studying
electrical circuit in the
engine assembly
checking loose open
and short circuits
cleaning and testing
spark plugs
overhauling of
distributor assembly
checking and setting
ignition timing.
15 Removing starter Description of starter Sketching starter Calculations based
motor from vehicle motor circuit motor circuit and on Ohm's Law.
and overhauling the constructional details of solenoid switch
starter motor testing starter motor solenoid circuit.
of starter motor. switches, common
troubles and remedy in
starter circuit.
16 Practice on History & Development Free hand sketching Lubricants types
unserviceable diesel of compression ignition of combustion special purpose
engine-removing engines classification of chambers of different viscosity effects of
jammed nuts, broken C.I. Engine Advantages types. temperature on
studs and and disadvantages over viscosity high
reconditioning petrol engines, detergent oil and
damaged threaded constructional details of its applications.
holes-removing single and multi-cylinder
cylinder head engines.
connecting rods, and
pistons cleaning,
inspecting and
refitting them
-do- -do- -do- -do-

18 Practice in starting The four stroke and two Free hand sketching Lubricants types,
& stopping of vehicle stroke diesels- Engine- of four stroke cycles viscosity and effects
engines, general unit-flow and loop and two stroke cycle of temperature on
maintenance of scavenging constant engines. viscosity high
engines-checking oil, volume cycles the detergent oils and
fuel, water levels and diesel cycle, indicator- their application.

accessories of diesel diagrams. Study about
engines. Working of various components
each components used used in conversion of
in CNG engine. Diesel Engine to CNG
19 Bleeding fuel lines for Fuel used in diesel Free hand sketching Gears & belt
air locks repairing engines, specification of of diesel fuel feed drives,
fuel leaks in the diesel fuels, and system and fuel problems on gear
pipelines and unions importance of clean fuel, filters. and belt drive.
cleaning of oil and air Air fuel ratio, and general
filters in diesel layout of the fuel feed
engines. system in diesel engines.
20 Cleaning and Types of CRDI system Free hand sketching Gears and belt
servicing of primary fuel injection systems of diesel fuel feed drives,
fuel filters and air injection & airless system and fuel problems on gear
pressure stage injection fuel feed pumps filters. and belt torque
filters, removing description, operation- definition its relation
feed pump common troubles and to forces on engine
dismantling remedy. mounting, steering
cleaning, re- gear box and torque
assembling, re- wrench.
fitting and testing the
feed pump.
21 Dismantling an Fuel injection pumps Free hand sketching Inclined plane its
unserviceable fuel description & operation of components from uses examples and
injection pump, types adjustments in the assembly's fuel applied problems.
cleaning inspecting, pumps phasing and pumps.
studying parts and calibration of pumps
reassembling. checking and fixing
Removing F.I. pumps injection-timing governors
from running engine types their description and
changing oil and operation starting and
fitting back to adjusting slow speed.
engine, testing the
governor & setting
injection timing. Start
and adjust the slow
speed of the engine
do do do do

23 Testing injectors for Injector nozzles types Free hand sketching Screws and screw
missing on the vehicle description, operation of fuel injectors of jacks problems on
removing testing of injector's special different types. screw jacks.
dismantling, cleaning, features of pintle nozzles.
inspecting replacing
defective parts

reassembling the
injectors and testing

24 Demonstrating Emission standard, Revision Revision

retrofitting of vehicles Catalytine converter, noise
CNG & LPG system pollution, Battery
Euro II, III, IV, operated vehicle,
Hy-bride vehicle
25 Revision
26 Examination


Sl. Name of the items Qty.

1 Rule Steel 30 cm 17 nos.
2 Divider Spring 15 cm 17 nos.
3 Prick Punch 15 cm 17 nos.
4 Chisel cross cut 3X8 cm 17 nos.
5. Hammer Ball Peen 0.5 kg 17 nos.
6. Hammer copper 1 kg with handle 17 nos.
7. Engineering square 15 cm blade 17 nos.
8. Scriber 15 cm 17 nos.


1. Rule Steel 60 cm 1no.

2. Rule Steel 100 cm 1no.
3. Scriber block Universal 2 nos.
4. Surface Plate 500X500X10 mm 2 nos.
5. Surface Plate high quality steel hardened and tempered 60X60 cm 1no.
6. Hacksaw frame adjustable 20X30 cm blade 2 nos.
7. 'V' Block 75 X 38 mm pair with clamps (for inspection of crankshaft) 2 nos.
8. Punch Hollow (6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5 and 12 mm set) 2 nos.
9. Punch figure set 3 mm 1no.
10. Punch letters set 3 mm 1no.
11. Hand vice 37 mm 2 nos.
12. File, flat 35 cm bastard 1no.
13. File, flat 25 cm second cut 1no.
14. File, flat 20 cm smooth 1no.
15. File, flat safe edge 25 cm smooth 1no.
16. File, triangular 15 cm second cut 1no.
17. File, half round 20 cm second cut 1no.
18. File, round 30 cm 2 nd. cut 1no.
9. File, square 20 cm second cut 1no.
5. Twist Drill, metric 3 mm to 12 mm (1 mm step) 1no.
10. Tape and dies complete set in box B.A., B.S.W., B.S.F & metric with handles 1no.
28. Hand reamer, adjustable 10.5 mm to 11.25 mm, 11.25 to 12.75 mm, 1no.
12.75 mm to 14.25 mm, and 14.25 mm to 15.75 mm
29. Scraper flat 25 cm 1no.
30. Scraper triangular 25 cm 1no.
31. Scraper half round 25 cm 1no.
32. Sets of Morse socket MT 0-1, 1-2, and 2-3 1no.

33. Set of Garage tools (Piston ring spanner-60 mm to125 mm double bend, 1 set
set of pliers, spanners screw drivers, bush removing kit, plug spanners, tapped
spanner set, box spanner set, tap and die set-6 to 24 mm, piston ring expander
- 50 mm to 125 mm, kit for electrician fitter, tool kit for scooter car, steel
- Punch set, body repair tool kit, circlip pliers, wheel spanner set etc.
34. Micrometer outside 25 - 50 mm 1no.
35. Micrometer outside 0 - 25 mm 1no.
36. Micrometer outside 50-57 mm 1no.
37. Micrometer outside 75 - 100 mm 1no.
38. Micrometer inside 50 to 75 mm and 150 mm and 25 mm to 50 mm 1no.
39. Vernier Caliper set 250 or 200 mm inside, outside and depth 1no.
40. Vernier Height Gauge (stainless steel with fixed based carbide scriber, 1 no
accuracy 0.02 mm, Ranges - 150 mm with base size 45 X 45 mm and 300 mm
with base size 85 X 125 mm)
41. Feeler gauge (set of three - 0.01 to 1.00 mm with 10 blades 0.03 to 1.5 mm 1 no
With 10 blades and 0,5 to 2.5 mm with 10 blades.
42. Set of Dial gauge (reading 0.01 mm with range 10 mm, 1no
graduation 0-100 mm, Reading 0.01 mm with range 1 mm
graduation 0-100 mm as with stock proof Arrangements and
tolerance indicators -IS: 2002-1985)
43. Dial bore gauge (with dial reading 0.01 mm size 50-160 mm 1 no
number anvils-11 number of space pins -4 L.C. = 0.001 mm
contact point carbide Tip)
44. Safety goggles- clear glass (pair) 1 no
45. Hammer, planishing 1 no
46. Setting hammer 1 no
42. Mallet (Wooden) 1 no
43. Trammel 30 cm 1 no
44. Blow Lamp 0.5 litre 1 no
45. Soldering iron 12 watts 1 no
46. Soldering iron Copper 125 cm (fire heated) 1 no
47. Pliers nose (round and straight) 150 mm and 200 mm 1 no
48. Snip straight straight and bend 250 mm 1 no
49. Mallet pot 1 no
50. Poker 1 no
51. Spanners double ended set of 12 metric sizes 6 to 32 mm 1 set
52. Spanner offset double ended set of 7 W/W (3 mm to 13.5 mm) 1 set
53. Double open-ended ignition spanner set (of BA-0X1to 8X9 set of file) 1 set
54. Spanner Clyburn 15 cm 1 no
55. Spanners adjustable 20 cm 1no.
56. Spanner Ring off-set of 6 (SAE) 1no.
57. Spanner for sparking plug 14 mm 1no.
63 Magneto spanner set of 8 spanners 1no.
64. Turbo changer or Super changer 2 nos.
65. Spanner socket set 6-32 mm sockets (complete set) 2 sets

66. Spanner T.Flocks for screwing up and unscrewing in inaccessible position 1
67. Double open ended Tappet spanner set(10.5 mm X 12 mm to10.5 mm 1 set
to 18 mm set of four).
68. Drift copper 10 mm dia. X 150 mm 1 no
69. Paraffin pressure gun 1 no
70. Grease Pressure Gun 1 no
71. Chain Pulley Block - 1 ton capacity 1 no
72. Tray cleaning 45 X 30 cm 1 no
73. Drilling machine (bench) 12 mm dia 1 no
74. Oil can 0.5 litre 1 no
75. Lifter, Valve spring 1 no
76. Tool, Valve grinding, suction type (consumable tool) 1 no
77. Valve seat cutting tools complete with Guides and Pilot
bar (all angles) in Box 1 no
78. Extractor, Stud EZY out type 1 no
79. Compression gauge to read 17.6 kg/Sq cm 1 no
80. Stone, Carborandum 15 X 5 X 3.75 cm rough and smooth 1 no
81. Cylinder Dial Gauge 1 no
82. Ring expander and remover 1 no
83. Torque wrench (0-67.5 kg/sq. cm 1 no
84. Work bench 240 X 120 X75 cm with 4 vices 12.5 1 no
85. Lockers with 8 drawers (standard size) 2 nos.
86. Metal rack 180 X 150 X 45 cm 2 nos.
87. Fuel feet pump 2 nos.
88. Fuel infector pumps 2 nos.
89. Carburetor (two different types) 2 nos.
90. Water Pump and Oil Pump each 1 no
91. Filing jig for adjusting the piston ring gap 1 no
92. Steel almirah 180 X 90 X 50 cm 1 no
93. Black Board with easel 2 nos.
94. Desk or table 90 X 60 cm (for Instructor) 1 no
95. Fire Extinguisher 1 no
96. Fire buckets with stand 4 nos.
97. Clutches of different types such as cone type, disc type 1no each
98. Stator motor axial type, pre-engagement type Co-axial type 1no each
99. Infector different types 2 nos.
100. Battery 12 Volt (lead acid and alkaline) 2 nos.
101. Chair 1 no
102. Distributor assembly 2 nos.
103. Pulley set universal for bearing and buses 1 no
104. Hydraulic jack (trolley type 5 ton capacity 1 no
105. Hydraulic car lift (3 ton capacity X 175 cm lift) 1 no
106. Hydraulic mobile crane (1ton capacity, above ground level 4 mm,
out reach 3.5 mm, IS ; 4573/1982 1 no

107. Pulley puller 2 nos.
108. Bearing pulley set (100 to 300 mm, for extracting both outer and inner races,
it should be supplied with a box containing,(i) 8 internal extractors,
(ii) 2-counter stays, (iii) pulley chuck of capacity 5 to 32 mm,
(iv) 2 arm coolers, capacity 80 to 160 mm and (v) slide hammer) 2 set
109. Piston ring compressor 2 nos.
110. Valve key inserter 1 no
111. Connecting rod alignment fixture 1 no
112. Valve refacer 1 no
113. High rate discharger set and operated 1 no
114. A.V.O. meter / Digital Multimeter 1 no
115. Injector cleaning kit set 2 nos.
116. Glow plug set 1 no
117. Nozzle holder jigs set 1 no
118. P.T injector 1 no
119. Alternator 1 no
120. Cir clip pliers 1 no
121. Piston groove cleaner 1 no
122. Thread pitch gauge 1 no
123. Fillet radius gauge 1 no
124. stud remover 1 no
125. Starter test benches 1 no
126. High pressure hose pipe (with plain nozzle 2X10 mts.,15 NB size 7 kg/cm. Sq.) 1 no
127. Spring tension tester 1 no
128. Spark plug scope ( to check the spark plug in running engine) 1 no
129. 4- cylinder 4 – stroke diesel engine
(in running condition) it should include transmission and clutch assembly 2 nos.

130. Drilling Machine bench to drill up to12 mm 1 no

131. Dynamo and voltage regulator 1 no
132 Growler 1no
133. Battery Charger 1 no
134. Timing light 1 no
135. Hydrometer 1 no
136. Continuity meter 1 no
137. Tyre Changer 1 no
138. Sound Meter 1 no
139. Gas Analyzer 1 no
140. Smoke Meter – with Engine r.p.m. & Temp. Sensor 1 no
141. 4 - gas analysis with temp. & Engine r.p.m. Sensors. 1 no



1 Air compressor Pressure gauge (1.5 cfm two stage, compressor, 1 no
working, pressure 12 kg/cm sq. receiver 250 lts. Motor 5 HP. Complete
with switch safety valve, pressure gauge non return valve, air cooled,
after cools, inter cooled & air delivering valve & others slandered

accessories - motor starter etc.)
2. Gas cutter with acetylene & oxygen gas cylinder 1 no
3. Valve grinding & refacing Machine 1 no
4. Arbor press & operated 2 ton capacity 1 no
5. Morse test apparatus or Diesel Engine (engine with 1 no
dynamometer & tachometer)
6. Morse test apparatus or Petrol Engine (engine with 1 no
dynamometer & tachometer)
7. Spark plug cleaner & testing machine with air compressor (bench type 1 no
with build in dry abrasive air blast to remove conductive deposits a &
compression chamber with pressure gauge
8. Operating pressure 8( bar power I phase 50 w) . Armature testing 1 no
bench (glower) (for teaching armatures of generators, starters
motor heated with ammeter).
9. Commentator Checking bench lighting circuit 1 no
10. Regulator cutout checking circuit 1no
11. Thermostat Test bench 1 no
12. Water pump test bench 1 no
13. Radiator pressure test bench 1 no
14. Exhaust gas analyzer for petrol engine (for CO range 0-10% resolution 1 no
0.1%. For HC Range 0-10,000 ppm, Resolution 10

15. Exhaust gas analyzer (for diesel engine for CO. Range 0-10% 1 no
Resolution 0.1%, for HC Range 0-10,000 ppm, Resolution 10

16. Clutch assembly of any used engine (petrol/ diesel) 1 no

17. G-clam or valve spring compressor 1 no
18. Stock absorber testing bench 1 no
19. Air pressure gauge (for checking air pressure in the tyre) 1 no
20. Tyre remover/opener (manual type) 1 no
21. Tyre remover/opener (pneumatic / hydraulic type) 1 no
22. Diesel fuel pump calibratating and phasing machine 1 no
23. Brake testing equipment (to test efficiency of vehicle where motion after 1 no
braking is plotted)
24. Engine compressor gauge (Petrol engine) 2 nos.
25. Engine compressor gauge (Diesel engine) 2 nos.
26. 6 - Cylinder 4 -Stroke Diesel Engine 1 no

1. Four Stroke petrol engine model on polished wooden base 1 no
2. Model of fuel supply system of diesel engine 1 no
3. Model of fuel supply system of petrol engine 1 no
4. Various types of horns 1 each
5. Demonstration kit for Retrofitting CNG 1 no


Sl. Description Quantity

1 Discussion Table 1 No.
2 Tool Cabinet 2 Nos.
3 Trainees locker Required to accommodate 16 lockers
4 Book shelf (glass panel) 1 No.
5 Storage Rack 2 Nos
6 Storage shelf 2 Nos
7 Computer table 1 No
8 Computer chair 2 Nos
9 Printer table 1 No
10 Online UPS 2KVA 1 No

NB. :- The syllabus for the subject of Social Studies is common for all trades.