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‫نموذج إصدار التعليمات‬


TO: Operation
Production planning
Form: Process Engineer
Date : 00/00/2018 Time:00:00

Subject: Drying-out of the UOP-R56 catalyst during the start-up steps of

the Second plat forming unit (121) the after turnaround


With respect to the above subject, please carry-out the


1. start increasing the reactor inlet temperature by a rate of

30oC/hr up to 370 – 380 oC.

2. at this temperature cut – in the feed at a rate of (30 – 35 m3/hr),

feed rate to be as maximum as possible (see process engineers).
Injection TCE must be started immediately.

3. TCE injection rate to be introduced at a rate 20 cm/min on the

sight glass and a concentration of 2%.

4. When you get a steady conditions after the feed cut – in start
raising the reactor inlet temperatures up to 470 oC by a rate of
30oC/hr, simultaneously with the feed to 43 – 45 m3/hr (system
pressure to be adusted. Depend on the conditions of the unit).
5. At steady conditions of reactor inlet temperatures 470 oC, start
measuring the moisture of the recycle gas every fuor hours.

6. When the moisture of the recycle gas has registered less than
200 Vppm at 470 C, start raising the reactor inlet temperature
up to 480 oC in parallel with feed to 45 – 49 m3/hr (feed to be
maximum as possible).
7. Maintain the reactor inlet temperature at 480 oC till the
moisture of the recycle gas reached a value of less than 50
8. At a moisture of the recycle gas less than 50 Vppm, please
carry – out the following:
a. Increase the feed up to the desired rate 52.5 m3/hr in
parallel with reactor inlet temperatures up to 506 0C on
b. Divert the reformate to run – down normal tank (5-6) at
reactor inlet temperatures 500 0C on TIC’S.
c. Octane number check sample of reformate to be taken at
these condition.
d. Water injection rate will be provided, which relates to the
moisture content of the recycle gas.

Reasons: to drying-out of the UOP- R56 catalyst after turnaround

. maintenance of plat forming unit

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