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ey I Dyubatite tn) Different Poivgineives conc) and Situations Chapter 9 Driving in Urban Traffic Chapter 10 Driving in Rural Areas chapter 14 Driving on Expressways Chapter 12 Driving in Adverse Conditions Chapter 13 Handling Emergencies ‘You Are the Driver! Wilcome to San Francisco, one of the great international cities ofthe world. ‘When you drive in this and other cites, you wil encounter a wide range of wehi- cles and numerous pedestrians. In addi- tion, you will have to manage your vehicle Jn new, unfaiia, and crowded stua- tions. How will the driver ofthe red car in this picture have to adjust to 2one and line-of-sight changes in thie situation? ‘This chapter will show you how to use the IPDE Processn urban aess. You also will learn how tohandle special driving ‘Swations so thatyou can become alow: risk driver in any ity Chapter 9 yeas TRON a Ty Bieta oa Adjusting to Urban Traffic Following and Meeting Traffic 93 ‘Managing Space in Urban Traffic a4 Special Urban Situations