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About us Key Features
Laboratory-On® is a software designed to make labs Economically priced for increased ROI
which process large quantities of samples for research Pay per use/ subscription model

Laboratory onon
and development (R&D), manufacturing and clinical
Clinical sample management using cloud

Laboratory on
research more efficient and effective.
based system
Role-based access for Lab users
Compliance with21 CFR part 11 and
HIPAA regulations
Communication Management

Medical Lab Practices Contact us “AN E-LIMS RUNS

Laboratory-On efficiently manages patient reports,
commercial records and the administrative +91 044 42054229 EASY LABS”
activities of a pathology laboratory. Laboratory-On
is unique which helps increasing smart reports of # 96-99 Greeta Tech park Phase-1,
pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound &, ECG & echo. 2nd floor, Perungudi Industrial Estate,
Pathology Reporting Software enables patient Perungudi, Chennai-600096. INDIA
management and management of other operations
in a Pathology Laboratory efficiently.
Our Services Unified Solution System Design
Laboratory-On ®
provides end to end solutions for all A thin-client LIMS is a more modern cloud based
“Unlike other commercial Laboratory Information
diagnostic and pathology laboratories. Assay data online architecture which offers full application
Management Systems(LIMS), which focus primarily
management, data mining, data analysis and functionality accessed through a device's web
on chemical analysis and healthcare, Application is
electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) integration have browser. The actual LIMS software resides on a
designed to address the image-intensive nature and
been added to many LIMS by enabling the realization server (host) which feeds and processes the
complex reporting requirements of failure analysis
of translational medicine completely with in a single information without saving it to the user's hard
and materials characterization labs”.
software solution. disk. Any necessary changes, upgrades, and other
modifications are handled by the entity hosting the
server-side LIMS software, meaning all end-users
Laboratory-On® encompasses a range of integrated see all change.
solutions, designed from ground up for any kind of
laboratory across multiple industries or domains like
“Laboratory-On supports automation of
pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, food &
laboratory operations such as managing data
beverage, dairy, contract research, clinical research, samples, lab users, instruments, reports,
diagnostic pathology & public health. communication and other resources.”

Why choose us: Feature Compliance

Laboratory-On Methodology Cost free Legacy system Migration Audit management
Bar-code handling
IoT Enabled and Monitoring
Laboratory-On® has the following essential Integration with ERPs(Microsoft Dynamics, Chain of custody Compliance
medical lab sacraments; Salesforce, SAP, etc.) Customer relationship management
Information Security Flexible and customizable commercial plans Document management
Test Ordering Customizable, scalable and flexible solution Instrument calibration & maintenance
Specimen Collection, Accessioning & Remote anytime & anywhere access Inventory & equipment management
Processing Improved turn around time Manual & electronic data entry
Analytic Phase Well organized, accurate study data Method management
Result Entry & Validation Trouble-free integration with third party applications Personnel & workload management
Result Reporting Security and confidentiality of data Modules Quality assurance and control
Notification Management Role based authentication & authorization MIS Reports
Data Mining & Cross-sectional Reports User specific log-infor pathologist, technicians, Work-flows
Method Validation physicians,institutes & patients Time Tracking & etc...
Quality Management Master lists for referring institutes & physicians
Administrative & Financial Issues Modules for specimen, cases,patients & reports.
Other Operational Issues Email/SMS notifications.