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Lesson Plan

Date : 23th August 2017 (Wednesday)

Class : 3 Delima

Time : 7:45 – 8:45a.m. (60minutes)

Enrolment : 30 / 30

Focal Skills/ Focus : Reading and Writing / Grammar

Integrated Skill : Listening and Speaking

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Unit 13: I See Numbers

Content Standards : 3.2 : By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to write using appropriate language, form and

style for a range of purposes.

Learning standards : 3.1.2 : Able to write numerals in neat legible print with correct spelling :

(a) Numeral form

3.2.1 : Able to complete :

(a) linear text

(b) non-linear text

3.2.2 : Able to write with guidance :

(a) simple sentences
(b) compound sentences

2.2.2 : Able to read and understand phrases and sentences in linear and non-linear texts.

2.2.3 : Able to read and understand simple and compound sentences.

Previous Knowledge : Pupils have been exposed to different types of costumes and cultures in Malaysia.

Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

(i) Complete a sentences with correct answer.

(ii) Rearrange words into correct sentences.
Stage Content Teaching and Learning Activities Notes / Remark

Set Induction 1. Teacher gives instructions to the pupils. Preparation phase

2. Teacher asks the leader of each group to rationale :
(5 Minutes) come out and take one …… .  To attract the
3. Teacher asks the students to complete the students’
task given. ( picture puzzle ) attention.
4. Teacher explains about the pictures. ( puzzle )  To introduce the
topic of the day.

Teaching aids :
Picture puzzle

Presentation Imagination Phase

(15 Minutes) 1. Teacher explains about the public holidays and  To explain the
festivals in Malaysia to the pupils. ( Power point public holidays
presentation ) and festivals.
2. Teacher read out the information in the slides and Teaching aids :
pupils repeat again after teacher. Word cards, board and
3. Teacher randomly gives word cards to the power point
students. ( Public holidays, festivals and dates ) presentation.
4. Teacher asks the students to sit according the
divided groups. (Public holidays, festivals and
5. The student with “Public holiday”/ “festival” card
will come out and paste it on the board.
6. Then, the student who is holding the date card
which matches the above “public holiday”/
“festival” card will come out and paste it.
7. Step 5-6 repeats until all the cards pasted on the
(10 Minutes) 1. Teacher divides the pupils into 6 groups and Development phase
assigns a group leader. rationate :
2. Teacher distributes jumbled word cards to each  To engage pupils
group. actively in the
3. Each group will rearrange the word cards to teaching-learning
make correct sentence. process.
4. Group leader reads their findings loudly in front of
the class. Teaching aids :
5. Pupils will read the answer together and write Word cards and manila
down in their activity book. card.
1. Teacher paste the cross-word puzzle board in Action phase :
Production front. To apply the knowledge
(25 Minutes) 2. Teacher randomly calls the pupil and asks him / of building simple
her to read the question and then give the correct sentences.
3. If the pupil gives correct answer, teacher will ask Teaching aids :
the pupil to write the answer on the board. Cross-word puzzle,
4. Step 2-3 repeats until all the questions finished. worksheet.
5. Then teacher distributes worksheets (crossword
puzzle) to the students. Educational
6. Pupils write the answers on the worksheet. emphases :
Contextual learning.

Closure Closure phase :

(5 Minutes) 1. Teacher asks the pupils what had they learn  To revise what
today. had been taught
2. Teacher asks the pupils the date for public and reinforce
holidays in Malaysia. ( revision ) pupil’s learning.
3. Teacher gives token to those give correct