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NGCP Laoag Substation

NGCP is a privately owned corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and

developing the country's state-owned power grid, an interconnected system that
transmits Gigawatts of power at thousands of volts from where it is made to where it is

The company performs its mandate as transmission service provider with the full
awareness of its nature as a public utility, and in full compliance with the rules and
regulations of the regulator, and existing laws governing its transmission operations.

The possibilities are endless for a developing nation backed by a strong power
transmission network. By delivering bulk power in the most efficient and best way
possible, NGCP empowers the people. NGCP provides every Filipino the opportunity of
enjoying safe, efficient, and affordable electricity. With their vision “To build the
strongest power grid and maintain the best power utility practice in Southeast Asia, with
the collective efforts of a world-class professional work force” and mission “To
contribute to the nation's social and economic development and satisfy our
stakeholders' needs by efficiently developing and adequately operating the power grid
to provide reliable electricity transmission service.

The NGCP Laoag Substation is NGCP’s northernmost facility that transmits

electricity generated from new renewable energy projects, such as the Burgos Wind
Project of Energy Development Corp. and North Luzon Renewable Energy Corporation.
Laoag – Bangui 230 kV transmission line is an integral segment of the Northern Luzon
230 kV loop project which aims to consolidate the individual 115 kV connection line
projects of several wind farm proponents in the Ilocos region into a unified 230 kV
transmission corridor thereby, optimizing the right-of-way to be acquired and improving
reliability of the Luzon Grid.

NGCP Laoag substation has components of four Power circuit breakers including
associated equipment installed at vacant bays 83 and 84 accommodate the termination
of the transmission line from the proposed Bangui 230 kV Substation. This development
of the new 230 kV Switchyard in Laoag is part of the implementation of the ERC
approved San Esteban – Laoag 230 kV T/L project.

Its transmission operation is very critical because NGCP has the crucial role of
linking power generations and distribution utilities to deliver electricity where it is most
needed. Its network of interconnected transmission towers and substations serves as
the highway where electricity travels from various energy sources to the smaller through
fares of distribution utilities and electric cooperatives until it reaches the households.