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Product Information

Date: December 17th , 2013

Product: BabyWare (Installer PC software)
InField (Firmware Upgrade Software)
Subject: New version BabyWare release, V2.4.29
New version Infield release, V3.6.1
Downloads: To download BabyWare V2.4.29, click here*
To download Infield V3.6.1, click here*
*requires login name and password to download

New Features: EVO192 Support

BabyWare version 2.4 is now compatible with EVO192 version 2.1 and higher. The
software allows complete panel programming.

EVO192 Modules Support

BabyWare supports all existing modules of the EVO192 control panel, as well as the
following products:
• NVX80
• NV780 v2.5 or higher

Control Panel Support

BabyWare now supports the following control panels:
• SP5500/6000/7000 v2.0 to v 4.9
• SP65/4000 v2.1 to v5.1
• MG5000/5050 v2.0 to v4.7
• MG6250 v1.0 to v 1.5

Added EVO and MG/SP Keypad Support

BabyWare is now compatible with the TM50 v1.2 or higher.

Communication Modules
• PCS250G
• PCS250
• IP150

InField v3.6 is now available via BabyWare.

Resolved Programming zeros into the IP receiver password

Issues: BabyWare now transfers any zeroes in the IP receiver password to the panel.

Infield version 3.6.1: Upgrading through GPRS

Firmware upgrading via GPRS is now fully functional. With the previous version of
Infield, upgrading through the GPRS channel would occasionally stop functioning.
Online status of IP or PCS module
The status of an IP or PCS module will now be properly displayed in BabyWare. With
the previous version of BabyWare, IP or PCS modules would show up as offline, but
were actually communicating with the control panel and were online.

Reset to factory defaults transfer

The reset to factory default of the panel programming is now transferred in all cases.
When attempting to transfer the ‘Reset to factory Defaults’ to a control panel with
previous versions, it would not transfer anything down to the panel.

Zone labels sorting

BabyWare now offers a more precise sorting of the zones by zone labels. When
sorting the zone labels from the event list, the previous version would not sort them
accordingly by zone #.

Modem connection settings applied to all accounts

When modifying the modem connection settings of an account, only the modem
settings will be applied to all accounts in BabyWare. Previous versions of BabyWare
also applied the account phone number to all accounts.

Improvements: Option for SMS arming/disarming in the MG6250 has been added
BabyWare now includes the option to activate SMS arming/disarming in the

Default IP port set to 10000

We have adjusted the default IP port to 10000 as this is more in line with the majority
of panels that are supported by the BabyWare, as opposed to 11000 with the
previous version.

Added the GPRS module end-user password

We have now added the GPRS module password in this new version of the software.
Event ID added in the event list
In the MG/SP panel line, we have added the feature to be able to view the Event ID
of each event in the event list. The event ID provides details to the exact event that is
referenced from the PGM table in the programming guide.

Live Events programming section added

BabyWare now includes section [2008] (Live events) options 6, 7 and 8 which was
only available through keypad programming.

Option 6 = Live events on external serial port

Option 7 = Live events on modem (when connected)
Option 8 = Live events on GPRS (when connected)

Known issues Programming Wireless keypads and sirens

not resolved: The programming of wireless keypads and sirens need to be done through the
keypad as they are not programmable through the software at this time.

Full event buffer upload only

In the EVO panel, you have the choice of uploading a partial event list or the full
event list, the only function that currently works is the “All the event buffer”.

Many “Packet Timeout” events

When connected to the MG/SP panels with a US Robotics Sportster modem, you
may receive multiple ‘Packet timeout’ events in the connection screen; this will affect
the transfer time and take longer than expected.

Zone showing N/U even if programmed

In certain cases, on the main page of the software you will see the zone as n/u even
if it is programmed and functioning in the panel. This has mainly been noticed on the
SP7000 zone #4.

Event upload freezing

In certain cases, the event upload stops and needs to be canceled and restarted for
it to complete, this has mainly been seen with the MG5050 in direct connect with the

2-Wire smoke detector input

When activating the 2-wire smoke input on the MG/SP panel, the software applies
the modification to the ZX8 programming as well.

Switching between wireless to ZX8 input

If you program a zone of the ZX8 as a wireless zone, it is not possible to change it
directly back to the ZX8 input, you need to select “not used” and then close and re-
open the programming sheet, the ZX8 input will be available from this point.
Contact: If you require any additional information or if you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to contact our Support department.
Phone: 00.1.450.491.7444 (International)
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