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Drilling Solutions
Blue LightningTM Piston
The National Oilwell Blue Lightning'" - Today's piston
solution for tomorrow's drilling environments. \
This super premium bonded polyurethane piston is designed ,i: '" ,
for operation in extreme drilling environments.
The Blue Lightning'" Piston is manufactured from an ~
~ '. '" "

engineered elastomeric compound that delivers excellent

resistance to tear, abrasion and extrusion while maintaining
high mechanical properties. A unique anti-extrusion feature,
coupled with the premium elastomer, improves service life
while reducing downtime and allowing for reduced pump
Features and Benefits White Lightning'" Bonded Piston

The anti-extrusion feature is a significant feature of the Blue

Lightning'". Manufactured from a proprietary bearing White LightningTM Bonded Piston
material that expands upon installation, this feature reduces The National Oilwell White Lightning'" Bonded - The
friction by reducing or eliminating contact between the steel premium multi-durometer solid bonded
piston body and the liner wall. Additional benefits include polyurethane piston for today's hostile drilling
reduced extrusion of the urethane and dramatically environments.
increased run times, even in pressures above 5000 psi. The
bearing even reduces liner wear and liner damage over other Features and Benefits
piston designs. Blue Lightning'" can be operated in White Lightning'" Bonded is manufactured from a highly
pressures of up to 7500 psi. engineered elastomeric compound. The compound
delivers excellent resistance to tear, abrasion, and"
Super Premium
This advanced
proprietary chemical formula provides
extrusion while maintaining superior mechanical' .I
increased resistance to water, oil and synthetic drilling fluids,
while providing increased temperature, abrasion and particle Benefits include: Increased resistance to water, oil and
embedment resistance. synthetic drilling fluids, while providing increased
temperature, abrasion and particle embedment.
Application Additional benefits include dramatically increased run
The Blue Lightning'" is capable of operating in fluid times even in pressures above 5000 psi.
temperatures up to 220°F. The fluids can be water, oil, or Application
synthetic based fluids.
White Lightning'" Bonded is capable of operation in fluid
Blue Lightning'" adds value through consistent run times, temperatures up to 220°F. Pumped fluids can be water, oil,
reduced cost per operating hour, and reduced maintenance and synthetic based muds.
and downtime.
The National Oilwell White Lightning'" Bonded Piston adds
value through increased run times, reduced maintenance,
and reduced cost per pumping hour.


L =

BlueLightning'"Piston Hydra-GEL'" Lok-GEL'"
Blak-"AKTM Retention Systems
The National Oilwell Blak-JAK'" Liner retention - A
unique highly developed design that delivers
solutions today and for tomorrow's operating
Using our proprietary reciprocating pump technology we
devised a distinctive two piece component design to
simplify liner removal and re-installation. The Lok-CEL'M
assembly retains the liner in proper orientation while the
innovative Hydra-CEL'" has a dual purpose:
. Establishes the liner into its proper place by pre-
tensioning the Lok-CEL'" assembly during the

. installation process
Used to remove the tension from the Lok-CEL'" during
the liner removal process
The single Hydra-CEL'M design is very simple to maintain
and does not require individual hydraulic assemblies for
each cylinder as in competing designs. The structural body
is manufactured from high strength aerospace aluminum
alloy for lighter weight and is anodized for resistance to
corrosion. The large internal hydraulic ram easily delivers
the proper forces to assure metal to metal liner clamping
while the internal relief valve prevents over pressuring of
the system. PremiumL-7500'" FluidEndModule

. The high strength Lok-CEL'" Body and nut is manufactured
from alloy steel and the sturdy design provides the Premium L-7500TM Fluid End Module
ruggedness required for high stress environrnents. The heart of your 7500 upgrade.
The Blak-JAK'M Liner Retention System adds value through National Oilwell's Prerniurn L-7500'" Fluid End Modules are
reduced hydraulic loading on the liner face, irnproved designed as an upgrade solution for mud pumps equipped
safety procedures during liner change out, uniform liner with original fluid end modules and discharge equipment.
clarnping around the liner circumference, and reduced The rnodules can also be specified as original equipment
liner change out times by as much as 70%. for new pumps from National Oilwell, and as original
The Blak-JAK'" is available for specific National 'M, Oilwell'M , equipment on new pumps from competing purnp
and Continental Emsco'" pumps equipped with OEM or rnanufacturers.
Mission'M style fluid ends. It can be ordered as original National Oilwell "t...:'modules are at the core of upgrading
equipment on new pumps, as an individual systern, or it specific 5000 psi systems to 7500 psi capable. National
can be specified as the liner retention on your replacement
modules. Oilwell's engineers took advantage of our proprietary
reciprocating pump technology by making efficient use of
space on existing power frames. The result is a value rich
product with all module assemblies offering preferred
design features.
Design features include modules that bolt to existing
power frames, metal-to-metal valve covers, tapered valve
cover gaskets, and utilization of existing expendables and
Blak-JAK'" Liner peripherals such as suction manifolds. Other features
RetentionSystem include cartridge valve assemblies and our new
proprietary corrosion resistant fluid module material
included on the new Hex'MPump.
Creating value for contractors and operators by increasing
the operating range of the mud pump, these new designs
offer superior operational procedures, reduced
maintenance, and decreased pump down time. As an
added upgrade, the L-7500'" can be ordered with the
() Blak-JAK'M Liner Retention Systems, Ceramic Liners and
Roughneck'" Valves and Seats. National Oilwell's L-7500'"
is available for specific National'", Oilwell'M, and
Continental Emsco'" pumps.
Ceramic Liner RoughneckTM and RoughneckTM HP
Time Tested - Field Proven - Globally Accepted Valves and Seats
National OilwellCeramic Liners - the super premium The design solution for drilling pump valve and
liners field proven to run, on average, 8-10 times that of seat applications.
premium chrome iron sleeved liners. The Roughneck'M family of continuous duty drilling valves
National Oilwell's Ceramic Liner is field proven in virtually and seats is made up of two types of valves: the
all geographical drilling areas around the world in all Roughneck'M and the Roughneck'M HP. Both valve types
types of drilling fluids and conditions. From the U.S. to share many design features and the same valve seat.
Canada, Mexico, South America, Central America, North Features and Benefits
Sea, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast
Ceramic Liner is constant in performance.
Asia, the
. Design
Full open valve seat design for full flow areas and low
This proprietary liner and manufacturing technology has fluid velocities through the seat. Additional benefits
been developed in house for twenty-three years by our include even loading of stress during pump operation
expert engineering and sales staff, with input from for even wear of the valve seat taper.
customer representatives.
technology has become the standard
The Ceramic Liner
performance . Valves
Manufactured from alloy steel forgings for strength,
criteria for reciprocating pump liners.
with inertia welded precision cast guide to the bottom
Manufactured from highly engineered materials, the
of the steel forging. Then we heat treat the one piece
alumina composition ceramic sleeve provides excellent valve body for maximum valve life.
wear and abrasion resistance, and is honed to a fine
surface finish for improved piston life. In addition, it is
extremely corrosion resistant and highly resistant to
. Seats
Manufactured from alloy steel forgings for strength,
chemical attack by CO2, H2S, and salt solutions. The then heat treated for maximum life and strength.
external steel hull is manufactured from alloy steel,
where applicable, to improve run times by increasing
. Inserts
The Roughneck'M family includes two families of
fatigue and yield properties, and to safely retain the
ceramic sleeve in place. polyurethane valve inserts. The standard insert is
highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, oil base and
National Oilwell's Ceramic Liner adds value through less water base drilling fluids up to 1800 F while the
down time and lower costs per pumping hour. The premium white lightning material is resistant to
decreased frequency of piston and liner change out chemicals, oil base and water base drilling fluids up to
translates into greater safety through reduced risk 2000 F.
exposure, safer operating practices and improved
maintenance procedures. The Roughneck'M valves and seats add value by allowing
the contractor to select the valve and seat that best suits
National Oilwell's Ceramic Liner can be ordered as an their operating needs.
option to your new or refurbished mud pumps.
Contact your National Oilwell sales representative with
your drilling conditions to determine which valve and
insert combination is best suited for your current


Ceramic Liner Roughneck'Mand RoughneckHP'MValves and Seats
corporatemarketing@natoil. com

Self-Aligning Piston Rods

A unique solution for increased piston and liner
Designed especially for Single Acting pumps, National
Oilwell's Self Aligning Piston Rod assembly reduces piston
side loading and increases liner life in both ceramic and
chrome liners.
Features and Benefits
Dual Cooling Tubes deliver liner coolant behind the piston to
carry away heat. Major components are manufactured from
corrosion resistant 17-4 stainless steel. Also featured is an
Alloy Steel piston rod for increased strength. The piston rod
can be manually rotated without requiring any clamp
removal. The unique polyurethane flex joint design allows for
up to 0.090" side load displacement. The unique covered rod
nut provides thread protection.
The National Oilwell Self-Aligning Piston Rod assembly can
be ordered as an option for mud pumps or sold separately as
an upgrade to your existing pump.
Self-Aligning Piston Rod

HexTM Fluid End / Cartridge Valve

New Lightweight Compact Design
National Oilwell's Hex'" Pump Fluid End Module Assembly
changes the conversation about 7500 psi fluid end module
assemblies. The Hex'" assembly is approximately one-half
the weight of a comparable horsepower pump module
assembly, and employs unique features currently not found
on other drilling pump fluid ends.
Features and Benefits
The valve and seat is secured into a cartridge assembly that
allows rapid installation and removal. No special tools are
required for assembly or removal as in other designs and the
valve and seat change out time is significantly reduced. The
cartridge assembly uses elastomeric seals rather than a
metal-to-metal fit valve seat taper. This virtually eliminates
fluid cut valve seat decks and significantly reduces
downtime. The innovative Hex'" fluid end design utilizes the
valve seats in a horizontal plane rather than a vertical plane.
This fluid end eliminates an intersecting bore and also
reduces weight. In addition, the fluid end is engineered and
manufactured from a proprietary alloy steel that is highly
resistant to corrosion and fatigue for extended operational
Leveraged Technology
National Oilwell engineers leveraged existing and our
proprietary technology to achieve the breakthrough Hex'"
technology. The breakthrough Hex'" delivers the solutions
required by drilling contractors and operators for today's
global requirements. Hex'" FluidEnd/ CartridgeValve Assembly
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