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CBCP Monitor. Vol. 22 No. 03 February 5 - 18, 2018 C1

By CFC Global Comm
JANUARY is always a special month for Homily of His Excellency
Couples for Christ top leaders. Aside from Archbishop Jose Palma
the fact that the community is coming
from a much needed break during the TODAY’S gospel reading reminds us of the
Christmas season, the first weeks of Janu- calling of Levi and the calling of Matthew.
ary is the time when CFC leaders come This is a reminder that before the Lord calls
us, we have nothing to boast (about).
together to receive directions for the new Like Levi and Matthew, we are all im-
year that is beginning. It is a time for perfect human beings. And yet, the joyful,
seeking inspiration from God's message, consoling and wonderful truth is - God
usually revolving around the theme for loves us. How beautiful it is to know that
the year that had earlier been discerned we are imperfect human beings and yet we
are loved. No wonder our Holy Father has
by the International Council. chosen as his motto: “Miserando atque eli-
Thus, in keeping with tradition, CFC leaders gendo” - “Miserable sinner and yet chosen.”
from the Metro Manila, Philippine and Inter- My dear brothers and sisters, the first
national Missions gathered for the Rekindle wonderful truth I share with you this day
Conference at the SM MOA Arena on January is that all good things come from the Lord.
13, 2018, during which time the directions and Many times, we believe we don’t deserve
inspiration for the year were given, and then (the gifts), but God in His goodness has
motored to Baguio City the following weekend given the gifts to us, out of pure love, out
for the annual retreat, this year called the Solemn of pure goodness. Good things are therefore
Charge Weekend Retreat. gifts from the Lord and if you think of that,
On both weekends, the leaders received pow- then you will have a better understanding
erful messages and mandates from the Lord of your theme, to “Rekindle the Gifts” that
through the sessions. you have received.
Twenty years ago, exactly on this day, I
Rekindle Conference was ordained bishop in Iloilo. So you may
The SM MOA Arena in Pasay City was packed wonder why I am here, and not in my dio-
with 13,000 CFC leaders from Manila, the prov- cese where some feast in celebration of my
inces and from the USA, Canada, Australia, the sacerdotal anniversary has been prepared.
Middle East, South America, and Europe, all Because I owe a lot to Couples for Christ!
eager to listen to the directives from the Inter- All good things are gifts from the Lord
national Council. and therefore today, I’d like to invite you to
His Excellency Jose Palma, DD, Archbishop recognize the many good things you have
of Cebu, was the main celebrant during the received because that is the basis for your
afternoon Mass, concelebrated by Msgr. Allen “Rekindling of the gifts”.
Aganon, Fr. Joel Jason, Fr. Carlos Macatangga, My dear friends, recognize the gifts. I
Msgr. Von Dito Parilando, Fr. Marco Coloma, Fr. say this again because we are now pre-
Ruber Martinez, Fr. Bruno, Msgr. Jay Bandojo, paring for a grand celebration in 2021
Fr. Cosman Siantury, OSC, Fr. Yusef Setiawan of the gift we received almost 500 years
and Fr. Ed Abaño. ago -the coming of Christianity to our
There were two talks during this confer- country. And so we thank the Lord for
ence—“Rekindle the Gift” delivered by Mi- the gift of faith. We thank the Lord for
chael Ariola, CFC President and “Fulfill Your the gift of Mama Mary. There are many,
Ministry” given by CFC Chairman Ermelo many more blessings we need to thank
Villaroman, Jr. The year’s theme—Rekindle the Lord for.
the Gift. Fulfill Your Ministry—is anchored Today as we reflect on the theme, we
on 2 Timothy 1:6 and 4:1-5 which state: are reminded by Peter, “Put your gifts at
"For this reason I remind you to rekindle the service of one another.”
the gift of God that is within you through the I know that’s what you’ve been doing
laying on of my hands." through the years. You have different
'Solemn Charge. I charge you in the presence gifts that you put for the service of the
of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the community, whether you’re teaching,
living and the dead, and by his appearing and his forming leaders, serving the church,
kingly power: proclaim the word; be persistent building houses, and many, many more.
whether it is convenient or inconvenient; con- In today’s Mass, we are asked once
vince, reprimand, encourage through all patience more to know our gifts and to continue
and teaching. For the time will come when people putting those gifts in the service of one
will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following another. HOMILY, p4
their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will
accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the
truth and will be diverted to myths. But you, be Photo credits: Arthur de Rio, Joey Tomas, Jerry Tanigue, Allen Manimog, Ian Talisic, Andrelene Veloso
self-possessed in all circumstances; put up with
hardship; perform the work of an evangelist;
fulfill your ministry.
“All of us in CFC are bearers of that gift, of that
Light,” Ariola exhorted. “And we have a mission to
CFC Evangelization and Missions
Ariola spoke of the gift of Light, Jesus Him-
self who is the light of the world, and proposed
fulfill. But somehow, the intensity of that light has
diminished. And so we ask, What is the communal meeting for 2018 held
ways by which each CFC member should act in gift which God gave Couples for Christ that needs
response to this gift from God. to be rekindled?”
Ariola explained that the Father offered Ariola continued, “God does not mince words
His only Son as a gift to mankind. However, when He calls us to REKINDLE THE GIFT. How
the offer came with the freedom to accept the do we respond? We look to 2018 and ask God
gift or refuse it. For CFC, the gift was offered for the grace to be able to prioritize and balance
and was accepted when each member, during our time with God, family, work and our role as
the Baptism of the Spirit, accepted Jesus as his evangelizers in building the church of the home
personal Lord and Savior. and of the poor.”
But for the gift to indeed bring transforma- He enumerated three areas in CFC’s jour-
tion to the receiver, each person must let go of ney of faith that will enable every leader and
vanities, pride and personal plans and allow the member to help rekindle the gift: personal
grace of God to work in his life, to in turn be the conversion, family transformation and leaving
bearer of the gift. a legacy to witness. CFC LEADERS, p3

Spirituality of the heart LEADERS from the different ed the leaders to always feel Office Head George Campos
areas where CFC is present ‘blessed but not boastful’. (on the roles of CRO); and Fam-
THE MISSION Core of Metro Manila convened gathered to discuss updates Msgr. Allen Aganon, CFC ily Ministries Director Law-
on the third Tuesday of January, the 16th, to once and directions for 2018 at the Spiritual Director, concele- rence Quintero (on the 25th
again listen to valuable insights relating to the Evangelizations and Missions brated the Mass with guest year celebration activities of
community’s spiritual journey. meeting held on January 14, priests from the international the Family Ministries). Small
On this particular teaching night, IC member 2018 at the Unilab Bayanihan missions. Relating to the gospel break out groups for dialogue
and Pastoral Formation Office Director Rouquel Center, Pasig City. of that day which was about and consultation ensued to ad-
Ponte related and tied together the Rekindle Deng Lara, CFC Rizal Provin- following Jesus, Msgr. Aganon dress the concerns and answer
Conference of the previous weekend and the cial Area Head, led the open- affirmed that being a disciple the queries of the leaders from
Solemn Charge Weekend Retreat scheduled on ing worship. Afterwards, CFC and being a missionary are the different areas.
January 19 to 21, 2018. Ponte directed the CFC Chairman Melo Villaroman Jr. basic gifts that the community After the fruitful sessions,
Mission Core towards one’s identity and the welcomed the participants and has received from God. Pastoral Formation Office
spirituality of one’s heart. then gave the floor to Arnel Board of Elders member Director Rouquel Ponte led
Ponte began his talk with the story of St. John Santos who expounded on the Bong Arjonillo led the after- the empowering worship
the Baptist who asked Jesus, “Who are you? CFC International Statutes. noon worship, followed by which also served as an en-
Are you the Messiah? Are you the one who was Echoing the talk of Villaro- various updates and presenta- thusiastic reminder for the
prophesized? Are you the one who’s going to set man at the Rekindle Confer- tions from IC member James missionaries to continue to
us free?” These questions play an important part ence held the previous day, Solano (on CFC Chapters); IC persevere in the calling they
in realizing one’s purpose, meaning, direction, and Evangelization and Missions member Lito Tayag (on CFC have received from the Lord.
even one’s own identity. Director Arnel Santos remind- Finance); Church Relations (Yvonne Grace Dolorosa)
C2 February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 03 CBCP Monitor


PSALM 50:21
IN THE bitter U.S. political campaign lay the charge before you.” (Psalm ard Clarke, S.J., explains clearly the pricks and poisons the ear of those who name of the person slandered by “pub-
of 1884, Grover Cleveland was at- 50:16-21) Church’s teaching on slander: “He who hear him, and the reputation of him licly retracting his words.” All these are
tacked and slandered as an immoral God hates slander (Proverbs 6:16- has injured his neighbor’s reputation who is slandered.” necessary because, as Pope Francis says
man. Having suffered himself so 19). Slander is a restless evil. That is is strictly bound to restore his good St. Francis de Sales further explains in his April 2013 homily, “there is no
deeply through slander, the great why St. Paul considers it as a behavior name; either by apologizing, if this of- very clearly: “He who unjustly takes doubt whenever there is slander, there
American writer and preacher, Henry of those who hate God (Romans 1:30) fense was committed in private, or by away his neighbor's good name is is Satan, Satan himself.”
Ward Beecher, resolved to defend and why St. James calls it demonic publicly retracting his words, if they guilty of sin, and is bound to make A good name defines a person’s
Grover Cleveland with all his ability. behavior (James 3:15-16). were spoken before others. Those who reparation, according to the nature character. It is the most valuable thing
Thus on 22 October 1884 at Brooklyn Slander occurs whenever someone do not endeavor to repair the harm they of his evil speaking; since no man about a person’s identity. A good name
Rink he eloquently declared: “When says something untrue about someone have done by slandering their neighbor, can enter into Heaven cumbered determines who we are in the judg-
the gloomy night of my own suffer- else that results, intentionally or unin- cannot obtain pardon from God, nor with stolen goods, and of all worldly ment of others. Accordingly, a good
ing I sounded every depth of sorrow, tentionally, in damaging that someone absolution from the priest.” possessions the most precious is a reputation is an extremely precious
I vowed that if God would bring the else’s reputation. As such, slander is a In his book Introduction to a Devout good name.” asset. Thus, if we damage a person’s
daystar of hope, I would never suffer sin against justice and truth. And when Life, St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the The Catechism of the Catholic Church reputation unjustly, we steal that
brother, friend, or neighbor to go it occurs, particularly in a religious Church, writes: “Slander is a kind of is very clear about the absolute need for person’s good name. And this causes
unfriended should a like serpent seek community, it becomes a divisive, murder; for we all have three lives—a reparation in order for the sin of slander very real and often long lasting injury
to crush him. This oath I will regard discouraging, and confusing element spiritual life, which depends upon the to be forgiven and that “those who do not to people because it is very difficult to
now because I know the bitterness of that often affects numerous people. Grace of God; a bodily life, depending endeavor to repair the harm they have restore a devalued name. We cannot
venomous lies. I will stand against in- The Catechism of the Catholic Church on the soul; and a civil life, consisting done… cannot obtain pardon from God fully know what love, joy, comfort,
famous lies that seek to sting to death (No. 2487) teaches: “Every offense com- in a good reputation. Sin deprives us nor absolution from the priest.” and opportunities we take away from
an upright man and magistrate.” mitted against justice and truth entails of the first, death of the second, and As summarized in the Catholic En- people by slandering them.
The psalmist expresses nearly the the duty of reparation, even if its author slander of the third. But the slanderer cyclopedia, the only adequate way for But God knows fully. That is why
same sentiment: “To the wicked God has been forgiven. When it is impossible commits three several murders with the sin of slander to be forgiven is “to God abhors slander. And God will
says: “Why do you recite my com- publicly to make reparation for a wrong, his idle tongue: he destroys his own retract his false statement,” “to declare hold us totally accountable for every
mandments and profess my covenant it must be made secretly. If someone who soul and that of him who hearkens, as that he has made a mistake,” and “to slander we commit. There is therefore
with your lips? You hate discipline; has suffered harm cannot be directly well as causing civil death to the object unequivocally take back his untruth great need for us to “put away all
you cast my words behind you! When compensated, he must be given moral of his slander; for, as St. Bernard says, even at the expense of exhibiting malice and all deceit and hypocrisy
you see thieves, you befriend them; satisfaction in the name of charity. The the Devil has possession both of the himself a liar.” and envy and all slander” (1 Peter 2:1).
with adulterers you throw in your duty of reparation also concerns offenses slanderer and of those who listen to Not being able to obtain pardon from This is why, having suffered the bit-
lot. You give your mouth free rein against another’s reputation. This repa- him, of the tongue of the one, the ear of God or absolution from the priest, the terness of venomous lies like Henry
for evil; you harness your tongue to ration, moral and sometimes material, the other. And David says of slanderers, slanderer, as St. Francis de Sales clearly Beecher, we courageously “stand
deceit. You sit maligning your own must be evaluated in terms of the dam- ‘They have sharpened their tongues like states, “cannot enter into heaven” un- against infamous lies that seek to
kin, slandering the child of your own age inflicted. It obliges in conscience.” a serpent; adders' poison is under their less he/she restores the good name and sting to death any upright man.” And
mother. When you do these things The book The Catechism Explained: lips.’ Aristotle says that, like the forked, honor that he/she has “stolen” by com- this is why, like the psalmist, we ask,
should I be silent? Or do you think An Exhaustive Explanation of the two-edged tongue of the serpent, so is mitting the sin of slander. The slanderer “when you do these things, should we
that I am like you? I accuse you, I Catholic Religion edited by Fr. Rich- that of the slanderer, who at one dart is “strictly bound to restore” the good be silent?”


CFC-OSM COLLABORATES WITH Defining spirituality formed in relation to the CFC core values:
Pro-God, Pro-Family and Pro-Poor. CFC
Ponte described spirituality as the attention to
PNP CALABARZON the life of the spirit in the people and to contem-
plating the unspeakable beauty of the Lord. He
Chairman Melo Villaroman Jr., translated
these values thus:
also emphasized that it is important that one’s C -hrist our purpose, mover and center
identity be based on the calling that the Lord has H -ome (Family as our special gift and calling)
given in baptism, because that is something that R -espect for life
cannot be taken away from anyone. I -nternational (our calling is global)
Referring to leaders in Couples for Christ, S -alvation (serving the poor)
Ponte said that the role of every person or one’s T - ransformation to holiness is a journey, not
service can change and may even be taken a one-time experience
away, but he reminded the congregation about
one truth that is constant: “Our being sons and “When you put all of these together, it is a
daughters of God will remain because God con- beautiful way of illustrating what CFC is all
tinues to love us.” about.” Ponte underscored.
Spirituality therefore, looks at life by seeking
to experience and understand the movements of The Movements of the Heart
one’s own heart and the heart of Jesus. Ponte pointed out four points that allow a
In order to elaborate the spirituality of one’s person to grow in spirituality:
heart, Ponte explained and shared the three steps
to truth according to St. Bernard of Clairvaux. • Encounters with God or God-experience,
where one experiences scriptures, sacra-
1. discovering the truth about oneself, ments, prayer and meditation through
which begins with the virtue of humility; other people.
COUPLES for Christ’s Order ment Team, discussed “My were requested to provide as- • Deepening our intimacy and friendship
of Saint Michael (CFC-OSM), Brother’s Keeper”, the pro- sistance to cover the Values 2. moving through compassion, which
St. Bernard describes as the lens with God - a reminder that God’s love is
forged a partnership with the gram conceptualized by P/ Coach for every group. unconditional and we are loved because God
PNP Police Regional Office CSupt Ma. O. Rañada Aplasca, Volunteers from the CFC through which one discovers the
truth about others; chose to love us.
for Region 4a (PRO4a-CALA- incumbent PNP Regional Chapter within the vicinity • Conversion and transformation through
BARZON) in support of their Director, to reinforce the ICP. of the PRO4a were quick to 3. resting in the silence of attentive word-
less prayer, where one opens oneself to accepting God’s love
initiative on the Internal Pastor Adiel provided the answer the call to serve as • Transformation that impacts our re-
Cleansing Program (ICP). overview of the associated im- Values Coaches, and will join God's truth.
After a series of meetings, plementation plan (ImPlan) the other volunteers from the
and after agreement of both for the said program which different religious denomina- Ponte continued, “St. Bernard alludes to an
expanded heart, a heart that has given itself to “We only grow by taking up our cross and
sides, a joint orientation pro- is embodied in ImPlan 149: tions as well. Last January, following the Lord because this is the way to
gram was held last December Squad Time Enhancement “My Brother’s Keeper” was the love of God. It is an overflowing heart because
God’s love, by its very nature, gives itself away. It’s discipleship,” Ponte reiterates.
2017. The orientation was Program (STEP) of the “My extended outside the PRO4a He reminded CFC that life is a series of long
hosted by the PNP-PRO4a Brother’s Keeper” initiative. regional headquarters and not seeking for one’s own benefit but its intent
is to always give it away.” ‘letting go’ events and what is important is to be
in their headquarters. Forty This initiative is composed implemented at the Sta. Rosa prepared, to wait until the Lord comes to trans-
participants from various of a group of seven personnel, City Police Headquarters. form every person’s life. “For transformation to
chapters of CFC Laguna Prov- one of whom acts as the Val- By February, the directive Formation in Our Journey of Faith
Formation in one’s journey of faith begins with happen and for us to be instruments of salvation
ince and 20 participants from ues Coach, another acting as a would have been released and transformation, we need to deepen our rela-
Metro Manila CFC chapters Squad Leader and the remain- by the regional director for grace, centers on conversion and transformation,
and eventually, leads to holiness. Part of the chal- tionship with the Lord,” he said.
attended the orientation, ing five personnel as Squad implementation all over At the end of his talk, Ponte reminded ev-
together with the leadership Members. The said grouping the areas of operation of lenge of formation is learning to be patient with
the process. eryone of this year’s CFC Theme: Rekindle the
of the CFC-OSM Core. had been established since late PRO4a CALABARZON. Gift… Fulfill Your Ministry. “Rekindle the gift
The program started with a 2017 at the regional office with Despite the very full plate of Ponte revealed, “Beginning with God’s grace
which we receive in our baptism, and in our God offered, accept it, open it, use it and share it.
joint keynote address, with Col the vision of implementing it CFC-OSM, the program plans Fulfill your ministry by shining bright the light
Arturo Alabanza PAF (Ret), to all the different police offices to do more Spearheads training renewal movement, CFC, we realize that grace
of being loved by the Lord, and the beautiful of Christ, to transform and grow in holiness,”
CFC-OSM Program Head, under its jurisdiction. to assist the Values Coaches all Ponte recapped.
providing the overview for P/CSupt Aplasca has already over CALABARZON. experience. Because of this grace and one’s open-
ness to allow grace to work, then conversion and He ended his talk with a quote from Evan-
the CFC-OSM, followed by P/ issued a directive making According to CFC OSM, gelii Gaudium: “…all of us are called to mature
Supt Elmer B. Sillador PNP, every Tuesday, 11:30 - 12:30 this is a small price to pay, transformation happen.”
This ongoing conversion is an essential element in our work as evangelizers, We want to have
PRO4a’s chief for Regional AM, as “Squadding Time” considering the opportunity a better training (formation), a deepening
Police Community Relations for the entire police force to share God’s love to the men in spirituality. It is important to recognize that this
kind of holiness is really a quest, an aim and a goal love (a heart of God and God’s people), and a
Division (RPCRD) who provid- at the PRO4a headquarters. and women in the uniformed clearer witness to the Gospel (a life of holiness).
ed the overview of the Internal Being an inter-faith activity services, particularly in the in our day to day life, moving towards the future.
Cleansing Program (ICP) to be which pretty much tackles police force, and in shaping Ponte further shared how CFC can be trans- (Andrelene Veloso)
piloted at the regional office. the character enhancement them to become responsible
Pastor Adiel De Torres of a person, CFC-OSM can law enforcers of the country.
ThD, the Project Manager for perfectly complement the (LTC Roland J. Ong INF (GSC)
PNP-PRO4a Squad Manage- said program and thus, they PA (Res))

The News Supplement

of Couples for Christ

Michael C. Ariola
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Zenaida A. Gimenez Alma M. Alvarez Andrelene D. Veloso
Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Editorial Assistant

Yvonne Grace J. Dolorosa Deomar P. Oliveria Evangeline C. Mecedilla

Staff Writer Layout Artist Circulation Staff

The Ugnayan News Supplement is published by the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc., with editorial offices at 156 20th
Avenue, 1109 Cubao, Quezon City. Editorial trunk line: (+63 2) 709-4868 local 31 Direct line : (+63 2) 709-4856 The CFC Migrants Program, in its advocacy to uphold the family, not only includes spouses, but now also invites parents and siblings in the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars (PDOS), as practiced by manpower providers like JM International, Inc.
CBCP Monitor February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 03 C3

ANCOP USA Meets with VP’s Angat Buhay ANCOP USA goes on mission to
Talibon Diocese
ACTING on the request of Arch-
bishop Bernardito Auza, D.D,
Permanent Observer of the Holy
See to the United Nations, AN-
COP-USA Executive Director
Roger Santos assembled a team of
CFC doctors, dentists and nurses
from the United States to con-
duct a medical-dental mission in
the Diocese of Talibon in Bohol.
The municipality of Talibon,
OFFICIALS of CFC ANCOP USA, led by Roger poor families around the Philippines, in the areas where Archbishop Auza was
Santos, met with the staff of Vice President Leni of food and nutrition, livelihood opportunities, patients or a grand total of 2,721 patients.
born and raised, is where the Most Holy Trinity The mission ended with a fellowship night
Robredo to discuss the VP’s Angat Buhay initia- classroom construction and teacher training, water Cathedral Parish, the seat of the diocese, is located.
tive. The meeting, held on February 5, 2018 at pumps and clean water systems. sponsored by the LGU and CFC Bohol as a sign
The 39-member team, led by Elizabeth Macaraeg, of their gratitude to the dedicated volunteers.
the VP’s office in Quezon City, discussed possible During the meeting, the team from ANCOP USA arrived on January 31, 2018. Their first order of
areas of collaboration in addressing the needs of also turned over boxes of medicine for an infirmary CSP scholars and Cornerstone tutees sponsored
business was a Holy Mass presided by Most Rev. by ANCOP USA/ Canada performed different
poor communities. in Calabanga, Camarines Sur, following its inaugu- Daniel Patrick Parcon, D.D., Bishop of Talibon.
Angat Buhay, a pro-poor program, was launched ration recently. Santos likewise proposed to the VP’s intermission numbers for the volunteers.
On the first day, February 1, a short program The LGU gave each volunteer a certificate
by the Office of Vice President Robredo in 2016 and office the donation of hospital equipment for the preceded the start of the actual mission. Talibon
parallels ANCOP's poverty alleviation initiatives. community health center later this year. ANCOP of appreciation for their love and service to
Mayor Restituto Artiaga, SB member Junith the people of Talibon. Leftover medicines
According to Johnahkirza Aglupus, Program USA hopes to conduct medical/ surgical and dental Loma (chairperson, committee on health), Di-
Officer of Angat Buhay, after one year of imple- missions in the municipality in the near future. and supplies were turned over to Dr. Mike
onisio Neil Balite (CFC ANCOP-Bohol head), Jayoma, CFC Talibon cluster head, and Hospi-
mentation, the program has helped over 83,700 (ANCOP USA Communications) Lorenzo Flores (CFC - Bohol Governance Team tal Administrator of the Pres. Garcia Memorial
member and event head), and Macaraeg wel-
Provincial Hospital.
comed the team and the beneficiaries. The mission team expressed its gratitude to
On the first day alone, the volunteer doctors CFC in Talibon, as well as CFC Bohol for making
SEN. ENVERGA MARKER and nurses attended to a total of 1,018 patients
(Medical - 898; Dental - 120).
On Day 2 (February 2nd), people from the
the mission memorable, enabling them to help
uplift the lives of those in need through brotherly
love and care.
ON JANUARY 22, 2018, the nearby towns, hearing about the mission of the The medical-dental mission was made possible
Philippine Canadian Charitable day before, started to come early, just after the through the support of Bishop Daniel Patrick
Foundation (PCCF) team, repre- team had said their morning prayers. Many of Y. Parcon, DD, of the Diocese of Talibon, Rep.
sented by its President Romy the patients were senior citizens from far and Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado, Atty. Dionisio
Rafael and Rosemer Enverga, nearby barangays. Dajalos Balite, PhD, Mayor Auxtero and Vice
Executive Vice President, and The total medical patients attended to on Day 2 mayor Cleto Garcia of LGU Talibon, Dr. Mike
widow of Senator Tobias En- were 520 adults and 224 children for a total of 744 Jayoma of CPGPMH, and the Buhing Inambitay
verga Jr, came all the way from patients. The dental mission treated 289 patients og Tinabangay Foundation, Inc.
Canada for the unveiling of carried over the previous day and an additional 46 Last year, ANCOP - USA also sponsored a
the marker of the Sen. Tobias patients, for a total of 335 patients. Total patients surgical-medical-dental mission for three days
Enverga Jr. multi-purpose hall served for the second day was 1,079. in the Diocese of Tagbilaran, also in Bohol, par-
(MPH). Sen. Enverga, a Filipino- All in all, the two-day mission benefitted a ticularly in the municipalities of Maribojoc, Loay
Canadian, was a staunch sup- total of 2,266 medical patients and 455 dental and Panglao and Tagbilaran City. (Neil Balite)
porter of ANCOP Canada. COP Tala Community for five Teen Philippines Canada 2017),
In her emotional message to consecutive years. Together Raeshan Saeed (PCCF Miss Phil-
the home partners, Mrs. Enverga with ANCOP, and other ANCOP ippines Canada 2017), and Laila
mentioned the kindness of the
late senator and how he champi-
partners like Fr. Paul Foulon, the
Holy Rosary Parish, and the Dr.
Elcano (PCCF Mrs. Philippines
Canada 2017).
Tele-Edukasyon launched, pilots in Quezon
oned work with poor, especially Jose N. Reyes Memorial Hos- Ricky Cuenca, ANCOP Can- ANCOP USA Executive Di-
in the Philippines, through pital, the institution has been ada President and member of rector Roger Santos and Fr.
his untiring support for the trying to battle the social stigma the CFC International Council, Martin Mroz of the Payatas
programs of CFC ANCOP. Mrs. brought about by leprosy. said, “This is a great day for us Orione Foundation recently
Enverga pledged to continue the Aside from Rafael and Enver- to honor and glorify the Lord. signed the Memorandum of
work by providing more houses ga, the PCCF entourage included And this is a great day for us to Agreement for the ANCOP
for the families in need. the winners of the PCCF beauty give back to the community.” Tele-Edukasyon Tutoring
PCCF, which funded the near- pageant - Marian Barcase (PCCF PCCF pledged to build 15 more Program. The program was
ly-completed multi-purpose Little Miss Philippines Canada houses by the end of this year. (Di- launched during the inau-
hall, has been visiting the AN- 2017), Jenna Ramos (PCCF Miss ana Mendoza & Romy Medina) guration and blessing of the
newly-renovated St. Rafael
DON BOSCO TVET, ANCOP SIGN MOA Parish, Dalahican, Lucban,
Quezon on February 4, 2018.
According to Santos, the
reduction in the country. ANCOP Tele-edukasyon tu-
Through the TVET Center, the students’ skills and toring program is one way to
capabilities will be honed through proper training help the CFC-ANCOP schol-
and hands-on practice, giving the students excellent lessons with accompanying Vice President Leni Ro-
ars who are in the elemen- videos,” Santos said. bredo was not able to at-
skill sets that will make them readily employable tary, secondary and collegiate
in a shorter amount of time. CFC ANCOP hope to He added, “The students tend the event, but sent a
levels. This program aims to can also post their questions video message for the schol-
establish wider networks among institutions with provide academic support
TVET programs in order to create opportunities in related to their assignments ars and sponsors of ANCOP
through tutoring/coaching and get help through the USA in Dalahican. The Vice
aligning towards that direction. and reinforcing concepts
Some of the courses offered in Don Bosco TVET teacher or tutor volunteer as- President encouraged all the
and subject matter learned signed for that subject area.” stakeholders of the Tele-Edu-
are Office System Management, Hotel and Restau- in schools.
rant Management, Automotive Service, Electrical The ANCOP Tele-edu- kasyon Program— benefac-
“The students will be able kasyon tutoring program tors , implementors, as well
Installations and Maintenance, and Refrigeration to access an on-line address
CFC ANCOP, fully embracing programs that will and Aircon Repairs and Maintenance. is manned by volunteer as the scholars—to continue
that would link them to the teachers/educators from the work of empowering the
support the development of skilled individuals, One of the ANCOP scholars from Don Bosco ANCOP TELE-EDUKASYON
partnered with the Don Bosco Technical and Vo- TVET, John Henrich Malazarte, expressed his CFC-Maryland who are youth through quality educa-
website. From this, the stu- certified and are expert in tion and values formation.
cational Education and Training (TVET) Center gratitude to both organizations for helping him dents can proceed to the
to cater to scholars who will take up technical and and promised to do his best in studying. Later on, their respective subject areas. After the launch, ANCOP
various subject areas that Initially, the subject area/ USA distributed gift packs
vocational courses. Malazarte intends to pay it forward by sponsoring they need help and receive
Don Bosco TVET rector, Rev. Fr. Gaudencio a scholar as well. contents are Math, English, to their scholars in the area.
on-line modular or topical Science, and History. (A. Alvarez)
Carandang Jr., SDB, CFC ANCOP President Rudy Fr. Carandang extended his gratitude to ANCOP
Gaspillo and ANCOP Education Program Head Canada for the sponsorship, highlighting that the
Efren Tompong forged the partnership via the sign- support in education can change the lives of poor CFC LEADERS, p1
ing of the Memorandum of Agreement on January families after the scholars have graduated and
26, 2018 at the Don Bosco TVET Center in Tondo, become employed. Ariola challenged CFC, “Let us examine our for reflection and for renewing commitment to
Manila. ANCOP Canada President Ricardo Cuenca Aside from the existing program, CFC ANCOP hearts and ask God to enable us to wisely use the the mission.
and wife Irma also graced the event. is looking at catering to the education of parents gifts He has bestowed upon each and every one.” Tribu de Cristo, a boho-themed fellowship,
The MOA embodies the commitment of ANCOP through TechVoc education. The project, named followed. After the party, it was time for quiet re-
Canada to increase the number of scholars to 50 TVETP (Technical and Vocational Education Shine bright! flection the following day, Saturday. But first, as
from the 16 existing scholars in the center. Training for Parents) will be offered to the parents While Ariola’s talk was inspirational, Villaro- is usual with all CFC conferences, the day would
CFC ANCOP sees the TVET Center as a tool for of ANCOP scholars, whether CFC or non-CFC mem- man’s talk was directional as he spoke of the great not begin without the recitation of the Holy
productivity enhancement, and ultimately poverty bers, aged 40 years old and below. (Diana Mendoza) responsibility that rests on each leader’s shoulders Rosary and the celebration of the Eucharist. The
as a modern-day apostle. He urged everyone to keep Saturday Mass, as well as the Mass on Sunday, was
the light alive by preparing the next generation of celebrated by Bishop Wenceslao Padilla of Mon-
Vickar Family visits leaders and to indeed charge forth to be a light to
all nations.
golia, together with the priests from Mongolia,
Indonesia, Ecuador and Peru who had gone up
ANCOP site in Bulacan Citing St. Paul, Villaroman reminded the
congregation “to stir into flame the gift of God
to Baguio with the CFC delegates.
The weekend featured five talks, four on Sat-
that is in us.” urday and one on Sunday, all of them given by
He said, “All of us may be falling short of God’s members of the International Council.
bright glory, but something is at work in us that The message of the first talk, given by Ricky
is much greater than our weaknesses, our blind Cuenca (“The Gift Within Us”), revolved around
spots, our guilt, our regrets!” the gift given to each member through the
The fire within each person is the fire that Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Baptism, which
transforms even the toughest, the fire that over- opened up for each one the door to spiritual
comes suffering and persecution, the unchanging life. Cuenca exhorted everyone not to let the
fire that will shine the light of Christ brightly. gift remain within but to give the gift to others.
How then, can one rekindle this fire? He also reminded the delegates that CFC’s re-
Villaroman exhorted, “We must honor God’s sponse to the gift is gratitude for the gift-giver,
vision for us, stand firm in our values, do what God Himself.
the Lord asks of us, and express love and kindness The second session, “Called and Chosen”, was
in all our personal encounters.” given by James Solano, who explained that a
Christian’s first calling is intimacy with Christ.
Solemn Charge Weekend This intimacy opens each person to the gifts
Recharged from the Leaders Conference, the available to him, and enables him to strive not
Metro Manila Mission Core, joined by delegates only for personal holiness, but to build up the
from the provinces and abroad, motored to body of Christ, the Church, and community.
ANCOP donors Larry Vickar Before proceeding to the site, their excitement as to what the Baguio City for the Solemn Charge Weekend Solano explained that being called and chosen
and his wife Tova, together with the Vickars paid a courtesy call outcome of the project would be. Retreat. The retreat was held at the CAP Conven- means each CFC member has the mandate to
their family, recently visited on Mayor Ferddie Estrella at After the site visit, the Vickar tion Center in Camp John Hay. keep the fire in his heart burning and to mentor
the rising ANCOP Site in Bgy. his office. The mayor thanked family visited a nearby orphan- The Friday activity began with the celebration the next generation so that the mandate remains
Piel, Baliuag, Bulacan and met the family and CFC ANCOP age, the Bethlehem House of of the Holy Eucharist, presided by Rev. Fr. Bene- fresh. Solano used the example of the mentor-
with some of the home partners for helping build homes for Bread Orphanage. They inter- dict Jason P. Lopez from the Diocese of Baguio, mentee relationship between the apostle Paul
in the community. The said site the poor families of Baliuag. acted with the children, shared and concelebrated by Fr. Ronald Magbanua, and the young Timothy.
will house 145 families and He said, “I believe that this is gifts and had fellowship with CICM, from Mongolia, Fr. Marco Coloma from “Regardless of age, we have to set a good ex-
will be named the Larry Tova the continuing work of Jesus the people supporting and Ecuador and Fr. Rober Martinez of Peru. Fr. Lo- ample and witness to our members. Let us be
Vickar CFC ANCOP Winnipeg through CFC ANCOP”. working for the said orphanage. pez’s homily was a fitting reminder that the next salt and light to them,” he emphasized. Solano
Starville IV. The family could not hide (Diana Mendoza) two days would indeed be a holy retreat, a time likewise reminded CFC LEADERS, p4
C4 February 5 - 18, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 03 CBCP Monitor

YFC Oceania Sets Sail for a Great Adventure

TWENTY-FOUR young people from Christ in the ANCOP Taysan Com- attending the CFC Leaders Conference
Oceania, members of Youth for Christ, munity. Each GAT-ter was hosted by at the Mall of Asia Arena where the
came to the Philippines to experience a family with whom they lived for the team witnessed first-hand the bigger
the Oceania Great Adventure Tour (OC- entire week, soaking up local culture. mission they belong to.
GAT) 2018. The two-week Jesus Experi- The young people experienced pump- The GAT-ters, still bearing the new
ence ran from January 5–19, 2018 and ing water from the deep well (poso) for fire in their hearts, flew to Iloilo on the
saw the GAT-ters immersing themselves their bath water, washing their own last leg of their tour, where they shared
in ANCOP areas in Manila, Albay, and clothes, washing dishes, cleaning the the love of Christ with the elderly at
Iloilo. During their immersion, they house, eating with their bare hands, Asilo de Molo. It was a heartwarming
underwent training from, and bonded and embracing the simple lifestyle, afternoon, with young people serenad-
in fellowship with, the CFC community with Mt. Mayon providing a majestic ing the lolas and lolos and listening to
and YFC ministry in the areas. and glorious backdrop to their day- their stories.
OCGAT heads Ira Juntereal and Mac to-day life. It was not all work for the team as
Quinto did the orientation and setting of The whole week also saw the youth they also saw the grand beauty of the
expectations at the CFC Global Mission conducting a Kid’s Assembly at the Gigantes Islands and other famous
Center in Cubao, Philippines together ANCOP Community, attending the tourist spots in Iloilo.
with YFC leaders Abi Halal, Alvin Gen- Mission with the Poor Weekend Re- As a fitting end to their tour, upon
ese, Dar Manalo and Jep Calumag. treat, getting engaged in various team their return to Manila, the GAT-ters
After their GMC orientation, the building activities, prayer sessions, were treated to a surprise farewell kid-
team organized a fellowship night at and getting to know His Excellency die party at Jollibee.
the Pastoral Center of Pinaglabanan Bishop Bong Baylon of Albay. The With the theme Novus Ignis, a Latin
Church, with performances by YFC delegates also did a G-Project immer- term that means “New Fire”, the 24
Central A Band and Chorale. sion through a tree planting activity at delegates of the YFC Oceania Great
The great adventure tour continued Sto. Domingo, seven kilometers from Adventure Tour 2018 experienced a
with a week-long ANCOP immersion the foot of Mayon. rekindling of the fire in their hearts,
in the province of Albay, made all the The Manila leg of the tour included making them grow further in their
more memorable because of the ten- meeting the YFC Fulltime workers spiritual life and giving them renewed
hour bus ride which strengthened the and Metro Manila YFC Leaders and vigor for the mission ahead. (Text by
group’s bond and geared them up for Couple Coordinators, experiencing Sarah Abigail Halal; photos by Ken-
a week of sharing and experiencing other YFC advocacy immersions, and neth Santos)

New Mission Appointments

IN A memo issued last January 18, 2018, the CFC • Jun Waga - Davao
International Council announced the following
appointments, effective February 1, 2018: International Missions:
Regional Coordinator:
Philippine Missions: • Steve Maningat - South Asia
Regional Head:
• Bong Bautista - Western Mindanao Country Coordinator:
• Caloy Subang - Southeastern Mindanao • Alan Baiño - Australia
• Noel Dacalos - North Central Mindanao • Rhodie Nidea - Austria
• Pempe Deguilmo - South Central Mindanao • Dodong Banaynal - Bahrain
• Hector Simplicio - CFC Northeastern Min- • Heiko Junge - Germany
danao • Cesar Cardenas - India
• Danny Simangan - New Zealand
Provincial Area Head: • Raffy Ballesteros - Thailand
• Bobby Mercado - Camiguin • Eric Bostre - Vietnam

On 26 January 2018, CFC Greece leaders met with the New Papal Nuncio to Greece, His Excellency Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai,
who is also currently Vatican Secretary of Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The CFC leaders informed the nuncio
about CFC Greece activities and mission work. During the meeting, the nuncio accepted CFC Greece’s invitation to celebrate the
Alan Baiño Bobby Mercado Bong Baustista Caloy Subang
Thanksgiving Mass Celebration of the community on February 25, 2018.
everyone to rediscover the fire of passion and underwent many hardships but endured every
not let the passion cool down. suffering, confident that God will give him the
Passion was the highlight of Session 3 titled strength to go on.
“Proclaim the Word” delivered by Reggie Rago- Yamamoto encouraged everyone: “The pain
jos. He emphasized that evangelization is passion and suffering might be difficult to comprehend,
but this passion must be proclaimed to the whole much less accept, but in the end, with God’s grace,
Cesar Cardenas Danny Simangan Dodong Banaynal Eric Bostre world. “In order to continue to proclaim amidst that sacrifice will be meaningful to each one of us
the challenges, one should be witnesses by being a and becomes bearable because we are beginning
good Christian, by witnessing through action, not to understand. And when we understand, we
simply words, and not just within community know that we are not far from the face of Christ.”
but even outside it.” The session ended with a pray over ceremony
Ragojos underlined that no matter how dif- of the ‘Timothy Generation’ or the next genera-
ficult the mission becomes, one should continue tion of CFC leaders, symbolizing the preparation
to serve, whether convenient or inconvenient, of the front liners in the battlefield.
and rekindle three things: In the last session on Sunday morning, Arnel
Santos reminded, “The journey continues—new-
Hector Simplicio Heiko Junge Jun Waga Noel Dacalos • Rekindle the love for God. “We should ness itself must be renewed. May it be in our lives
rekindle our love for God, so that we can as an individual, in our families or in the Church.”
share His love to others,” Ragojos empha- He called the next generation of CFC the
sized. ‘Timothys’ and exhorted them that “The call is to
• Rekindle the 'What'. CFC proclaims journey some more. Let us pray to the Lord that
the beauty of faith through community. his journey may happen in every minute of our
Ragojos said, “The beauty of our commu- lives. The empowerment that we need is written
nity comes from our household where we in 1 Peter 4:10: ‘As each one has received a gift,
love and care for one another. CFC is not use it to serve one another as good stewards of
Pempe Deguilmo Raffy Ballesteros Bong Nidea Steve Maningat a fading community, but the community God’s given gifts.’”
becomes more beautiful through time.” The session ended with the Solemn Charge
• Rekindle the 'How'. “We proclaim with rites, with Santos reciting the Solemn Charge
joy—this is our ‘how’,” Ragojos explained. for the Mission Core, citing the annual themes
SCHEDULE OF CFC EVENTS FOR 2018 He added, “Christian joy is not simply a
pursuit of an emotional satisfaction, but it
is a profound joy born out of serving others.”
as clear directives from the Lord to CFC.
Responding to the solemn charge, the Metro
Manila Sector Heads led the assembly in
proclaiming the new Mission Core Covenant,
The next session—Put Up with Hardships— taking to heart “this deeper commitment to
given by Joe Yamamoto, expounded on the dif- CFC’s vision and mission, dedicating myself
ficulties every missionary must face in trying to to the Lord, to my family and my life and
proclaim the Word to all, including distractions service in CFC.”
coming from community leaders themselves. Almost to a man, the delegates expressed their
Yamamoto cautioned: “Do not be distracted thanks to the speakers for the powerful messages,
by the imperfections of your leaders. Focus on commenting that these sessions were among the
Christ and you will never fail.” best they had ever experienced. Everyone drove
The session, actually a refresher on leadership, back down to Manila exhilarated and indeed
provided a few pointers for leaders, all of them refreshed and renewed by the solemn charge
culled from the example of the apostle Paul who they had received.
My dear friends, this year’s of Sienna said, “Be who God The Lord will rekindle the
theme in preparation for 2021 - meant you to be and you will gifts that we have received so
the year of priests and religious set the world on fire.” that even in our little ways, we
persons - means that all the We ask ourselves, “What does can use the gifts for the service
servant-leaders, including all of God want me to be?” When we of God and the Church.
you in Couples for Christ, must know, when we recognize what This year and for the years
put your gifts at the service of God’s desire is for us, then we to come, Couples for Christ will
one another. We are leaders, strive to live up to that desire. continue to rekindle the gifts.
but we are servant-leaders. One of the great lessons I May you truly become God’s big
“Rekindle the gift.” How learned when we hosted the family that will spread through-
beautiful these words are! The International Eucharistic Con- out the world to proclaim that
fire is already there (in you) gress has to do with our receiv- even if we are imperfect human
because of the laying of hands ing communion. When the beings, the love of God and the
and because of your com- minister says “the Body of mercy of God are so great. He
mitment, and because of the Christ” and because we know calls all of us to holiness. He
sacraments you have received that this little bread is the body calls all of us to mission. He
through the years. of Christ, we say “Amen.” When calls all of us to spread His mes-
As the great St. Augustine we say “Amen”, we are also say- sage of love.
reminds us, “You touch me ing, “Yes, this is the body of Praise God for this gathering!
and I am set on fire.” It is when Christ, but yes, we are also the May the Lord indeed rekindle
the Lord touches us that we body of Christ because we will the gifts that we have received
understand what St. Catherine become what we receive.” for His glory!