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Biology Practice Paper 2018 CLASS - XII

Time Allowed:3 hours Maximum Marks:70

(i) All questions are compulsory. 11. Identify the type of the given ecological pyramid and
(ii) This question paper consists of five Sections A, B, C, D give one example each of pyramid of number and
and E. Section A contains 5 questions of one mark each. pyramid of biomass in such cases.
Section B contains 5 questions of two marks each, Section
C contains 12 questions of three marks each. Section D
contains 1 question of VBQ type with four marks and
Section E contains 3 questions of five marks each.
(iii) There is no overall choice. However, an internal 12. Name the type of pollination taking place in coconut
choice has been provided in one question of 2 marks, one plant. List five characters of the flowers of coconut plant
question of 3 marks and all the three questions of 5 marks favouring this type of pollination.
weightage. A student has to attempt only one of the 13. Refer to the given structure of an antibody molecule
alternatives in such questions. and answer the following.
(iv) Wherever necessary, the diagrams drawn should be
neat and properly labelled.

1. Which cell organelle is modified to form the acrosome?
Also name the chemical secreted by it.
2. Name two basic amino acids that provide positive
charge to histone proteins.
3. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is known as a natural genetic
engineer. Give reason to support the statement.
4. Name any two organisms which can occupy more than (a) Identify the regions marked as A, B, C and D.
one trophic level in an ecosystem. (b) What is the role of region A and C in an antibody
5. What causes swelling of the lower limbs in patients molecule?
suffering from filariasis? (c) Name the two most abundant antibodies found in our
body and mention their location and function.
SECTION-B 14. When a garden pea plant with violet flowers was
6. State the role of ethidium bromide and UV-light during crossed with another plant with white flowers, 50% of the
gel electrophoresis of DNA fragments. progeny bore violet flowers.
7. What is a transgenic crop ? Name the plant which is (a) Work out the cross.
used to produce blood anticoagulant protein. What is this (b) Name the type of cross and mention its significance.
protein called? (c) How does the inheritance pattern of flower colour in
8. What are turions? What is their significance? snapdragon differ from the above?
9. Curd is more nutritious than milk. Justify. 15. (a) When does the corpus luteum degenerate? Explain
10. Identify a, b and c in the table given below: the immediate consequences of its degeneration in human
(b) Mention the sites of action and function of the
hormones GnRH and FSH during spermatogenesis in
human males.
16. A and B are the two different cloning vectors in two
OR different bacterial colonies cultured in chromogenic
What does the comparison between the eyes of octopus substrate. Bacterial colonies with cloning vector A were
and those of mammals say about their ancestry and colourless whereas those with B were blue coloured.
evolution? Explain the cause
of the difference in colour that appeared in two colonies.
Biology Practice Paper 2018 CLASS - XII
Time Allowed:3 hours Maximum Marks:70
17. MOET programme has helped in increasing the herd (c) Name the organs where gametogenesis gets completed
size of the desired variety of cattle. List the steps involved in human males and females respectively.
in conducting the programme. OR
18. (a) Discuss the causes and effects of carbon dioxide Give reasons for the following.
fertilisation on plants. (a) Most zygotes in angiosperms divide only after certain
(b) Define accelerated eutrophication. Mention any two amount of endosperm is formed.
consequences of this phenomenon. (b) Micropyle remains as a small pore in the seed coat of a
19. (a) Identify the instrument shown seed.
in the given figure and correctly label (c) Integuments of an ovule harden and water content is
its parts P, Q, R, S and T. highly reduced as the seed matures.
(b) How is it used in gene transfer (d) Anthers of angiosperm flowers are described as
methods? dithecous.
(c) State its significance in r-DNA (e) Organisms produced due to sexual reproduction adapt
technology. better to the changing environmental conditions.
OR 25. (a) Why are herbivores considered similar to predators
How is gene therapy being used in in the ecological context? Explain the relationship
treating ADA deficient patients ? between the two.
20. A childless couple has agreed for a test tube baby (b) Differentiate between the following interspecific
programme. List only the basic steps the procedure would interactions in a population :
involve to conceive the baby. (i) Mutualism and parasitism
21. (a) What do you mean by regulation of gene (ii) Commensalism and amensalism
expression? (c) Define brood parasitism.
(b) State the different levels, at which regulation of gene OR
expression can be exerted in eukaryotes. (a) Define alien plant species. Name three alien plant
22. (a) Show graphical representation of species area species introduced in India.
relationship as given by Alexander von Humboldt. (b) What are endangered species? Give two examples of
(b) What do steeper slopes mean in the context of Indian endangered animal species.
biodiversity? (c) In an era where the use of fossil fuels has been proven
to be harmful to the environment and humans, alternative
SECTION-D sources of energy are sought. Mention briefly any two
23. Rahul, 14 years old teenager is good in academics. such non-polluting sources of power generation.
However, there are few boys in his class who go to pubs 26. (a) Rahul, a 3 years old child suffers from a
for late night parties, consume alcohol and also take chromosomal disorder with the following features : Short
drugs. From stature with small round head, furrowed tongue and
last few days, Rahul’s mother noticed his drop in partially open mouth. His palm is broad with the
academic performance, lack of interest in personal characteristic palm crease.
hygiene, aggressive and rebellious behaviour, his loss of (i) Mention the name and cause of the disease from which
interest in hobbies, and Rahul is suffering.
changed sleeping and eating habits. (ii) Who described this disorder for the first time?
(a) What do you think may be the possible reason for (b) A non-haemophilic couple was informed by their
Rahul's changed attitude? doctor that there is possibility of a haemophilic child be
(b) What are the different measures that should be taken born to them. Explain the basis on which the doctor
by parents to protect their children from substance abuse? conveyed this information. Give the genotypes and the
phenotypes of all the possible children who could have
SECTION-E born to them.
24. (a) Give a diagrammatic representation of OR
spermatogenesis in humans. Explain how does the process of natural selection affect
(b) At which stage of life does gametogenesis begin in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. List the other four factors
human males and females respectively? that disturb the equilibrium.