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Life is a series of experience, each one of which makes us bigger
The practical training has enriched my student life as a B.B.A.
A BBA study is a bridge between the world of business
education and management and the world of practice. This
helps the student to move over to the professional life with
facility."Learning is born out of experience and
observation'. Learning is most effective when put into
practice. The management students can perform better in an
organization because of their familiarity with various
techniques of management, compared to those who merely
obtain the oreintical knowledge.
The practical training is an essential feature of business studies.
The current rapidly changing businesses demand for dynamic
youths and personnel. During the academic year 2012-2013, I
have under gone marketing research on FAIR & LOVELY”.


This e n c o u r a g e d u s t o b o l d l y s t e p i n t o w h a t w a s a t o t a l l y d a r k a n d unexplored expanse before us. Acknowledgement First an d foremost. I wou l d l ike to exp ress my Sin cere g ratitu d e to my p roj ect g u id e f o r g i vi n g m e t h e opportunity to do an interesting project like this. I would also like to thank to my project guide MR. . DHEERAJ GHANDHI who ready with a positive comment all the time and a special thanks to all those who took out time to fill our survey sheet without which our project would have been a failure. I would like to thanks to all those who help me in making the project. Last but not the least. I was privileged to experience a sustained. enthusiastic and involved interest from their side.


LIST OF CONTENT CONTENT PAGE NO INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPIC 1-14 Indian cosmetic market 1 About fair & lovely 2-4 Market share 5-7 Making of the brand 8-9 Fair & lovely variants 10-12 Negative publicity 13-14 COMPANY PROFILE 15-25 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 26 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 27-37 DATA PRESENTATION & ANALYSIS 38-52 FINDING OF STUDY 53-54 SUGGESTION & RECOMMENDATION 55-57 BIBLIOGRAPHY 58 APPENDIX 59 -62 .

9 million (Bhattacharya.If properly marketed and advertised. any cosmetic product will be successful within the Indian Market. According to the latest Euro monitor report the Indian color cosmetic market stands at $4113.4 million and skin care at $346.INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPIC Indian Cosmetic Market In India there is a large demand for cosmetic products. The overall beauty and wellness market that includes beauty services stands at about $2. $950 million and showing growth between15-20 percent per year. Total Indian beauty and cosmetic market size currently stands at U. 2007). (Bhattacharya. . 2007) One can easily see that middle and high class Indian people spend a large portion of their money in cosmetic product or service.S.680 million.

a branded product of Hindustan Unilever. Many Indians have come to view fair skin as the ideal – and a business opportunity (Perry. Skin color is important in India and many other Asian countries. could the reverse be true? . LTD (HUL) touted a cosmetic cream that supposedly lightens the skin “the miracle workers. B3 in the body could lead to pigmentation. If less vit. ABOUT FAIR & LOVELY Several decades ago. In those countries. a scientist working at UNILEVER’S research center in Mumbai. fair skin is associated with positive values that relate to class and beauty. FAIR & LOVELY Fair & Lovely. where lighter skin color represents a higher status.” This product is popular in many Asian countries such as India and China. India asked a question no one had before. 2005).

B3 could indeed lighten the skin. allantion (a skin benefit agent) and skin identical fatty acids (e. was born and launched in 1975. added spot lightening and healthy skin benefits.g. fair & lovely the world’s first safe and effective skin lightening product. Other activities. VIT E &VIT B6 boosts the core efficacy of the product by providing potent antioxidants. Today. These multiple ingredients work on different steps in pathways that are known to regulate and affect pigmentation and general skin appearance. And thus. . The key player in our active min is Niacinamide ( vitB3) along with vit C. After extensive research it was proven that vit. at the heart of this technology is unilever’s synergistic combination of Niacinamide and triple UVA+ uvb sunscreems (which give specturum UV protection). such as glycerin ( the world’s best known moisturizer). stearic acid ) also help to contribute to delivering overall great skin appearance.

Market share of fair & lovely Fair & Lovely (F&L) is the brand that revolutionized the Indian Skin care industry. This brand is World's first and largest Fairness cream brand with a presence in 40 countries and a value of around Rs. and thus have a gentle yet perceivable effect on darkened skin. thereby delivering expert treatment like fairness.and thus are known to regulate and affect pigmentation and general skin appearance. F&L is the product born in the Unilever research center. F&L commands a market share of 70% in the Rs 1000 crore fairness market in India. Launched in 1975. 6 billion Indian skin care market was dominated by conventional beauty care products like Besan. . In 1988 the brand went international. F&L changed all that. Multani Mitti etc. spot and overall skin tone.

F&L achieved such tremendous success because of careful branding and ad campaigns. F&L never allowed the competitors to gain an upper hand in the market which it created. When Fairever launched the soap. F&L virtually created and owned this category for long. Then came the competition from Ozone Ayurvedics with their brand No Marks trying to carvea niche. Initially HUL had to do some ugly talking about fairness. F&L sustained the pressure from the competitor by careful branding and new product launches. Some of the ads were controversial because of gender inequality and stuff like .When Fairever launched the ayurvedic variant. F&L launched a much better variant. In the fairness market. F&L enjoyed monopoly till Cavin Kare entered this lucrative segment with Fairever. The brand never failed to emulate and learn from the competitor . The success of Fairever prompted many players like Godrej to tap the market. F&L also responded with soap. HUL countered with F&L Antimarks and launched a controversial comparative ad that took the steam out of No Marks.

Now the brand has laddered up to more aspirational values like "Transformation of Women" The insight is that the transformation will be more than skin deep. Fair & Lovely was able to dominate the fairness market because of careful marketing and is a showcase of the marketing genius of HUL. HUL has also extended the brand to more aspirational values by launching Fair& Lovely foundation that works for Women Empowerment achievement and transformation which are the qualities for which F&L stands for.that. F&L have also launched a premium sub brand Perfect Radiance to tap the premium segment of the market. It was necessary at that period because the category was new and the brand should first talk about the need to be fairer. . The ads showing a girl achieving the ambition of being a cricket commentator ( a male bastion)were very much effective in connecting with the TG.

. the brand talked to a younger college going woman who is self -confident and more modern in her outlook and believes home remedies for facial care to be old fashioned. this further metamorphosed into a brand offering emotional benefits for achievers who actively seek solutions and do not look at marriage as the ultimate source of personal achievement. Phase 1 saw the launch of the product in 1976 on the basic premise that "younger women wanted to have fairer skin in order to attract a better looking husband. Fair & Lovely thus became a brand which communicated a message that Fairness leading to Beauty leading to Good husband to Fairness leading to Self-confidence leading to Good career. The value proposition lucidly communicated to the consumer base read.Making of the Brand Fair & Lovely Hindustan Unilever's star product in the fairness creams segment had evolved into one of the most successful brands over three decades in as many distinct phases." HUL marketed this brand as a beauty cream capable of providing fairness within 8 weeks." During Phase 2 of Fair & Lovely's evolution. "Get noticed by the man of your life. In Phase 3.

FAL ADVANCED MULTIVITAMIN New FAL advanced multivitamin target the same fairness problem as 5 expert fairness treatments. . It is designed to work from within your skin to give you to the glowing clear fairness that you have always desired for. FAL AYURVEDIC CARE The new FAL Ayurvedic care is carefully formulated by blending 16 ayurvedic ingredients such as Lodhra and Manjishtha.FAIR & LOVELY VARIANTS Different people have different skin types and that is why FAL has a range of variants to meet the different needs.

supply skin. . The cream has FAL tri-fair vit. Complex and active moisturizers that give you radiant fairness along with soft.FAL WINTER FAIRNESS New fal winter cream is a fairness cream with the goodness of a cold cream.

When you see a pimple do you fear that more will come? Once
pimple spot is an indication of more to come.
New fal antimarks has a break through spot- block system that
not just fades current pimple spot but also prevent them from
coming back.

After the age of 30, your skin changes and starts looking dull,
dark, and patchy with spots.
That’s why you need a special fairness cream. The new fal
forever glow has a unique vita-AHA complex with powerful
antioxidants that remove related dullness, patchiness and

darkness to give you glowing fairness forever.

f al

For fairness with every wash.

Do dark spots keep reappearing around specific areas of your
face? This is because over a period of time, skin around certain

areas of your face gets damaged from deep inside causing spots
again and again.
Presenting the new fal antimarks spot eraser pen with a
best every formula of vit. Aloe and fruit essentials, its unique
pen tip releases the formula around problem areas so that it
penetrates all 5 layer of skin.

several companies have launched fairness creams in the hope of securing a piece of the growing pie. Ltd) or those that claimed to erase marks (to fight No Marks by Ozone Ayurvedics). In the late1990s. The early 1990s saw the brand take on the role of enabler of t dreams. Fair & Lovely managed to launch variants that matched. with women’s groups calling the ad regressive. and in . With the fairness cream business accounting for the lion’s share of the skin care products industry here. So. Fair & Lovely was quick to take on competition—with variants. The ads. which focused on the mass aspiration of “marrying well”. soon moved to more progressive ones in the 1980s. Negative Publicity The brand has had its share of negative publicity. In 2007. whether it was unique offerings such as ayurvedic formulations with saffron (to combat Fairever by CavinKare Pvt. they did start eating into the company’s market share with unique offerings. the brand tweaked its approach to the Power of Beauty platform. While none were able to challenge HUL in terms of numbers. the brand message was that a woman could make her own destiny—a thought that was carried forward in all its campaigns.

The popularity of the brand and category can be gauged from the fact that today.some cases even topped. . it even has a variant for men. To tap the premium segment of the market. the promise touted by the competitor. The company had highest market share and to retain that they had to change their advertising strategies as they were going against the society. Fair & Lovely also launched Perfect Radiance. Now there advertisements emphasize more on empowering women.



Pepsodent.206 crores (financial year 2012 . Axe. Fair & Lovely. and water purifiers. one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods with strong local roots in more than 100 countries across the globe with annual sales of €51 billion in 2012. Kissan. Brooke Bond. Sunsilk. skin care. tea. Kwality Wall’s and Pure it. Its portfolio includes leading household brands such as Lux. COMPANY PROFILE HUL works to create a better future every day and helps people feel good. Pond’s. coffee. detergents. Lifebuoy. the Company is a part of the everyday life of millions of consumers across India. Closeup. Dove.000 employees and has an annual turnover of around Rs. ice cream. toothpastes. Clinic Plus. look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.25. cosmetics. It is owned . Surf Excel. The Company has over 16. HUL is a subsidiary of Unilever. Rin. deodorants. Knorr. packaged foods. Vaseline. Unilever has about 52% shareholding in HUL.2013). Lakmé. Wheel. Bru. shampoos. With over 35 brands spanning 20 distinct categories such as soaps.

keeping their homes fresh and Anglo-Dutch company Unilever which owns a 67% controlling share in HUL. or by enjoying a great cup of tea. satisfying meal or healthy snack. . VISSION Unilever products touch the lives of over 2 billion people every day – whether that's through feeling great because they've got shiny hair and a brilliant smile.

Our history In the summer of 1888. followed by Lever Brothers India Limited (1933) and United Traders Limited (1935). HUL offered 10% of its equity to the Indian public. These three companies merged to form HUL in November 1956. Unilever now holds 52.10% equity in the company. Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company. Vanaspati was launched in 1918 and the famous Dalda brand came to the market in 1937.675 individual shareholders and financial institutions. began an era of marketing branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). visitors to the Kolkata harbour noticed crates full of Sunlight soap bars. Soon after followed Lifebuoy in 1895 and other famous brands like Pears. The rest of the shareholding is distributed among about 360. embossed with the words "Made in England by Lever Brothers". being the first among the foreign subsidiaries to do so. In 1931. Lux and Vim. . With it. Unilever set up its first Indian subsidiary.

Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL). which markets Huggies Diapers and Kotex Sanitary Pads. HUL's entry into Bread is a strategic extension of the company's wheat business. In January 2000. HUL has also set up a subsidiary in Nepal. always in line with Indian opinions and aspirations. It joined the Unilever fold through an international acquisition of Chesebrough Pond's USA in 1986. thereby beginning the divestment of government equity in public sector undertakings (PSU) to private sector partners. HUL formed a 50:50 joint venture with the US-based Kimberly Clark Corporation in 1994. Since the very early years. .Pond's (India) Limited had been present in India since 1947. the government decided to award 74 per cent equity in Modern Foods to HUL. in a historic step. HUL has vigorously responded to the stimulus of economic growth. Kimberly-Clark Lever Ltd. and its factory represents the largest manufacturing investment in the Himalayan kingdom. HUL acquired the government's remaining stake in Modern Foods. The growth process has been accompanied by judicious diversification. In 2002.

2010. at Backbay Reclamation. a leader in value added Marine Products exports. In March. the HUL head office shifted from the landmark Lever House. Mumbai to the new campus in Andheri (E).000 crore sales mark the same year followed by Wheel which crossed the Rs.2. the Company name was formally changed to Hindustan Unilever Limited after receiving the approval of shareholders during the 74th AGM on 18 May 2007. . HUL completed 75 years of corporate existence in India. Brooke Bond and Surf Excel breached the the Rs 1. On 15th November. In January 2010. Mumbai. the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan was officially launched in India at New Delhi. Mumbai. HUL acquired the Cooked Shrimp and Paste urised Crabmeat business of the Amalgam Group of Companies. 2012 HUL’s state of the art Learning Centre was inaugurated at the Hindustan Unilever campus at Andheri. In 2007. On 17th October 2008 .In 2003.000 crore sales milestone in 2008.

the Customer Insight & Innovation Centre (CiiC) was inaugurated at the Hindustan Unilever campus at Andheri. Mumbai. 2012. .In April.

. • To study on the side effect of using fairness cream. Objective • To study on the purchase pattern and level of satisfaction. • To find out the brand preference for fairness cream among female.

This is done through evaluation of the strength and weaknesses of each method. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. including research development. Research methodology Selection of type of method for data collection is one of most critical parts of any research. The federal definition of research by Messian college as defined in the federal policy is “Research means a systematic investigation. In it we study the various step that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with he . designed to develop or contribute to generalize knowledge”. especially in order to discover (new) information or reach a (new) understanding” Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problems. This is all about discussing the different techniques and method for data collection and selection of the most suitable method for the particular study. testing and evaluation. Definition of Research “A detailed study of a subject.

All this means that it is necessary for the researcher. Appraisal forms were made.problem behind them. the mode. Researcher not only to needs to know how to develop certain indices or the tests. how to apply particular research techniques. The methodology used for the study was very rigorous. Random selection procedure was used . what would they mean and indicate and why. are relevant and are not. but they also need to know which of these methods or techniques. how to calculate the mean. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only the research methods/ techniques but also the methodology. Researcher also need to understand the assumption underlying various techniques and they need to know the criteria by which they can decide the certain techniques and others will not. the median and the standard deviation or the chi square. interviews with employees were held and websites were checked for any type of information related to the study.

TYPES OF RESEARCH DESIGN The research design is formulated after the formulation of objectives and according to the requirement of the study. . • EXPLORATORY RESEARCH DESIGN This is used to formulate a problem for more precise investigation or for developing hypothesis. The success of the project depends on the soundness of the research design. The following types of research design are used for the purpose of study with different objectives in frame of mind. specific method of data collection and analysis and time required for the project. it also clarifies the concepts and making analyst familiar with the problem. which includes problem definition. and a sample of 50 employees was taken. It is also a used for establishing priorities for further research. The methodology so applied is briefly discussed below step by step. RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is the overall description of all the steps though which the projects have preceded forms the setting of objectives to the writing of the project report.

• EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH Experimental research is also called experimental or casual research. experimental is defined as a process where events occur in a setting at the discretion of the researcher and the controls are used to identify the resources of variation in subjects’ response. The following are most common design for the marketing experiments. • “After only design” • “Before after design” • “Before after with control group design” • “After only with control design” • “Ex post facto design” • Continuous dairy panel design” • Factorial design” .

DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGN Descriptive studies undertaken in such a circumstances where researcher is interested in knowing the demographic characteristics of the consumer of when he is interested in knowing the proportion of people in the given population who behaves in the particular manner making projection of the certain thing or determining relation between two or more variable. The population taken for the purpose of study comprised of people from middle class. The descriptive research in the research as the name implies are design to describe something besides the emphasis on description it. it is relatively easy to start a descriptive study with the vague thought that the data collected with interesting. Unfortunately. upper class. should it or should not be conclude that such studies should simply fact gathering expeditions. Hence we have used descriptive research design. .

Appraisal form was the instrument used in the study as a primary source of data. Main source of the data was a primary source of the data collection for determining the performance appraisal process of the employees and to study the factors upon which performance of the employees are appraised. . secondary source of data were used. The one has to gather primary data a fresh from the specific study undertaken by him.SOURCES OF DATA There are types of data secondary and primary data. On the other hand. primary data do not exist already is record and publication. The secondary data refers to those data which are gathered for some other purpose and are already available in the firm’s internal record and commercial purpose’ magazines and who sites. PRIMARY SOURCE The Data required for this stage was regarding the detail of fair & lovely about the level of satisfaction and the side effect of it.

. For the purpose of collecting information from customers a structured questionnaire was formulated and was contacted directly. It was designed with due guidance of my mentor. Research Design • General Methodology The methodology adopted for this project was completely based on primary and secondary information. The questionnaire was design keeping in mind the objective of the study. It comprised of determining the objective of the study and drafting the questionnaire. primary sources were considered for the collection of data. Hence. • Data Sources The research called for gathering primary data only. The locate of the study was NAGINA District BIJNOR of Uttar Pradesh.

• Research Approach The research conducted was exploratory in nature and the goal was to gather preliminary data to shed light on the real nature of problems and to suggest possible solutions. It included direct communication and feedback from the customers. • Information complied for some purpose other than the current investigation. A survey technique was used to collect the . a questionnaire was designed to collect data the consisted of close ended questions & open ended questions. • Research Instrument • Personally administered questionnaire • Unstructured interview For the purpose of the project. • Statistics not gathered for the immediate study at hand but for some other purpose.Primary Data • The primary data is gathered for specific purpose and is collected by the researcher himself.

The areas covered were as following. This method is also sometimes reffered to as accidental or convenience sampling. data. .convenience Sampling method. Sampling Procedure I tried to contact customers almost from all the places of Nagina region. • nagina district bijnor Sampling Unit The study was restricted to Nagina only.I personally visited most of the customers after seeking prior appointment and randomly. Method of sampling:. During the project survey of customers using personal interview was done at random and predetermined locations in Bareilly and a predetermined structured questionnaire was administered to them. Sample Size The sample size taken for the purpose of study was around 50 respondents from the Nagina region. Keeping in mind the objective of the study we sampled. Contact Method: . Convenience sampling is a method of choosing subjects who are available or easy to find.

Do you use fair n lovely cream? If no please specify? yes 50 no 0 60 50 40 30 50 20 10 0 0 yes no Series1 Analysis: Out of the total 50 respondent 50 respond YES and 0 respond NO.Data presentation and analysis 1. .

.e. The least rank is fragrance 5 i. The second rated is sunscreen with 8 respondent laying importance to it. 10%.e. Which factor influenced you in buying fair n lovely? if no specify Fairness 37 Sunscreen 8 Fragrance 5 None 0 Series 1 Series 1 37 8 5 0 fairness sunsceen fragrance none 37 i. 2. 74% of the respondent considered fairness Analysis: provided as the prime factor in making a choice of fairness cream.

1 respond cold cream. 2 respond emami. 2 respond recova. 1 respond simple fairness cream. 2 respond olay. . 1 respond vivel. 3respond garnier. 1 respond charmis. 5 respond fairone.3. 13 repond ponds. 1 repond Johnson’s baby cream. 17 respond none which they use before fair & lovely. 1 respond vicco. Which fairness cream did you use before it was introduced? ponds 13 emami 2 fairone 5 olay 2 johnsons' baby cream 1 recova 2 garnier 3 vivel 1 charmis 1 vicco 1 cold cream 1 simple fairness cream 1 none 17 18 16 14 12 10 8 17 6 13 4 2 5 3 0 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 Series1 Analysis: out of 50 respondent.

4. 5 through friends. 7 through retailor opinion and 2 through others. . 32 are aware through advertisement. Who recommend you to use fair n lovely for the first time? Friend 5 family/relative 5 retailer opinion 7 advertisement 32 Others 2 35 30 25 20 15 32 10 5 5 5 7 0 2 friend family/relative retailer opinion advertisement others Series1 Analysis: out of 50 respondent. 5 through family.

19 buys 1-3 month. 7 buy 3-6 month. How often do you buy it ? less than 1 month 21 1-3 month 19 3-6 month 7 more than 6 month 3 25 20 15 10 21 19 5 7 3 0 less than 1 month 1-3 month 3-6 month more than 6 month Series1 Analysis: out of the total 50 respondent. 21 buy in less than 1 month.5. . 3 buy more than 6 month.

6. . How many times do you use fair n lovely in a day? once 19 Twice 23 Thrice 6 more than thrice 2 25 20 15 23 10 19 5 6 2 0 once Twice Thrice more than thrice Series1 ANALYSIS: out of the total 50 respondent. 6 prefer thrice in a day and 2 prefer more than thrice. 19 prefer only 1 time to use fair & lovely in a day and 23 prefer twice in a day.

.7. will you recommend it to others? Yes 46 No 4 50 40 30 46 20 10 0 4 yes no Series1 Analysis: out of the total 50 respondent 46 prefer to recommend fair & lovely to others and 4 say “no”.

.8. in every respondent house 26% mother use fair & lovely and 42% sister use fair & lovely and 17% cousin use fair & lovely and 15% are the non. Who else in your house use it? mother 14 sister 23 cousin 9 none 8 25 20 15 23 10 14 5 9 8 0 mother sister cousin none Series1 Analysis: Out of the total 50 respondent.user of fair & lovely.

e. How long does this cream take to make your face to look fair n lovely? less than 1 month 29 1-3 month 15 3-6 month 3 more than 6 month 3 35 30 25 20 15 29 10 15 5 3 3 0 less than 1 month 1-3 month 3-6 month more than 6 month Series1 Analysis: more than half i.9. 58% respondent consider less than 1 month to make face to look fair and 30% respondent considered 1-3 month and 6% respondent considered 3-6 month and 6% respondent considered more than 6 month. .

10. . What is the packaging size of it that you are usually buy? small packet 12 small tubes 13 large one 25 30 25 20 15 25 10 12 13 5 0 small packet small tubes large one Series1 Analysis: out of the total 50 respondent. 25 prefer large packaging size while 12 prefer small packet and 13 prefer small tubes.

. At what times do you use it? Intervals 18 simultaneously 25 occasionally 7 bar graph Series1 25 18 7 intervals simultaneously occasionally Analysis: 25 respondent use simultaneously. 18 respondent use at interval and 7 respondent use occasionally.11.

What rate will u give to the following? particular Excellent Very good Good Average poor Sweat control 8 11 13 9 9 Smoothness 10 10 20 7 3 Colour 15 9 19 6 1 Packaging 12 14 6 15 3 Protecting 5 10 17 14 4 From overall uses 11 19 13 2 5 bar graph excellent very good good average poor 3 1 3 4 5 9 7 6 2 15 14 9 13 19 20 6 13 17 9 14 19 11 10 15 10 8 10 12 11 5 sweat control smoothness colour packaging protecting from overall uses .12.

13. Does it have any side effect? If yes what are they pimples 3 rashes 5 irritation 3 skin allergy 1 others 2 none 36 40 35 30 25 20 36 15 10 5 3 5 3 0 1 2 pimples rashes irritation skin allergy others none Series1 Analysis: fair & lovely wins by clear majority of 72% where 36 out of 50 respondents feel that fair & lovely does not have any side effects. .

14. .Are you satisfied with this cream? If no please specify yes 47 No 2 average satisfied 1 50 45 40 35 30 25 47 20 15 10 5 0 2 1 yes no average satisfied Series1 Analysis: 47 respondents are satisfied with this cream. 2 are not satisfied and 1 is average satisfied.

15. What changes do you the manufacturer to make in their brands? packaging 6 price 2 fragrance 2 quality 1 attractive 1 conversion of dry cream into oily cream 2 fair n lovely lotion 2 work for 12 hours 1 nothing 32 introduce new types of fair n lovely cream 1 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 Series1 0 .

 63% i. 94% of the respondents are satisfied with fair & lovely while 4% are not satisfied and 2% are average satisfied.  Fair & lovely wins by clear majority of 72% where 36 out of 50 respondents feel that fair & lovely does not have any side effect. FINDINGS OF STUDY  More than half i. The second rated is “sunscreen” with 16% respondents laying importance to it. .e. 29 out of 50 respondent considered less than 1 month “take to make face to look fair”. 10%.e.  As per the packaging size 50% of respondents prefer fair & lovely in the “large size”.  More than half i.e. 32 out of 50 respondents feel that fair & lovely advertisements attract users towards the product.e.  58% i.e. 74% of the respondents considered “fairness” provided as the prime factor in making a choice of fairness cream. The least rank is fragrance i.

.  As per the respondent fair & lovely cream is dry so changes should be made accordingly to remove the dryness of the cream.  Price of fair & lovely should be decreased. It should introduce fair & lovely body lotion.  Quality should be improved.Suggestion & recommendation  Packaging should be improved.  Fragrance of fair & lovely is low and it should be increased.

com www.BIBLIOGRAPHY .fair& www.

Appendix Q1 Do you use fair n lovely cream? If no please specify a) yes b) no Q2 Which factor influenced you in buying fair n lovely?if no specify a) fairness b) sunscreen c) fragrance d) none Q3 which fairness cream did you use before it was introduced? a) ponds b) emami c) fairone d) olay e)johnsons' baby cream f) recova g) garnier h) vivel i) charmis j) vicco k)cold cream l) simple fairness cream m) none Q4 who recommend you to use fair n lovely for the first time? a) friend b) family/relative c) retailer opinion d) advertisement e) others .

Q5 How often do you buy it ? a) less than 1 month b) 1-3 month c) 3-6 month d) more than 6 month Q6 How many times do you use fair n lovely in a day? a) once b) Twice c) Thrice d) more than thrice Q7 will you recommend it to others? a) yes b) no Q8 who else in your house use it? a) mother b) sister c)cousin d)none Q9 How long does this cream take to make your face to look fair n lovely? a) less than 1 month b) 1-3 month c) 3-6 month d) more than 6 month Q10 What is the packaging size of it that you are usually buy? a) small packet b) small tubes c) large one Q11 At what times do you use it? a) intervals b) simultaneously c) occasionally .

Q12 what rate would you give to the following? excellent very good average poor good a) sweat control b) smoothness c) colour d) packaging e) protecting f) from overall uses Q13 Does it have any side effect? If yes what are they a)pimples b) rashes c) irritation d) skin allergy e) others f) none Q14 Are you satisfied with this cream? If no please specify a) yes b) no c) average satisfied Q15 what changes do you the manufacturer to make in their brands? packaging price fragrance quality attractive conversion of dry cream into oily cream fair n lovely lotion work for 12 hours nothing introduce new types of fair n lovely cream .