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The guest lecture last week was very enjoyable and very memorable for me. Because
it was the first time I attended a discussion forum, where the material is a lecturer who comes
from outside Indonesia, named Mr. Davin H.E. Setyaarga Ph.D. What is interesting is not
only the giver of material, but the material discussed in it is also more interesting. Why
interesting? because the discussion concerns the lives of living things, such as: the
classification of living things, the pictures of ancient times, comparing animals to one
another. Not only that, there are also materials that level is far above that may be quite
complicated for new students like me this, namely: Sampling of DNA from the water which
then inserted into the data base to be in every living creature what is there under the sea.
although the material is foreign to my ears, but it does not matter because it is very interesting
and adds new insights to me. Not only about chemistry such as atomic structure, covalent
bonding, Ionic ties, etc., but we can also increase our welfare about Biology and our insights
about the learning system in other countries, where there are modern tools that support the
learning system there that is not owned by Indonesia. and from here the impression is very
beautiful to me, from here I can take the positive side, that learning chemistry alone is not
enough, we also have to learn other science to perfect our science, studying in Indonesia
alone is also not enough, we need to increase our insight with study abroad, and take
knowledge from there. The point is that last week's guest lecture experience was fun. and my
hope for next year's guest lecture to be better is, by adjusting the topic or the material
discussed therein. Because the topic discussed yesterday is more inclined to the material in
biology, while the audience is a chemistry student. I think there should be a match between
the material and the audience. why do I think like this? because in the last week many
audiences who do not understand what is conveyed. Unless the audience is willing to think
broadly, thinking "no matter the material is different from the science I am studying, as long
as the science adds to my insights." But in fact the audience of chemistry students yesterday
many commented that the material presented would be better if adapted to the science of
what they are in, so that the audience can ask what if they do not understand, either about the
material presented or the problems that have chemicals while in lecture hours.