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International Bartenders Association

Long Drink Competition

World Cocktail Championships 2017
Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
15 October - 19 October 2017 DEADLINE: AUGUST 1, 2017

Country: Montenegro Association: UBCG Montenegro

Competitor ( Mr Miss Mrs): Vukota Kažić
Email competitor: Date of birth:
Place of employment: Restaurant Per Sempre - Podgorica
Competitor’s inspiration for recipe
(this may be utilized by the speaker on stage during
Name contact person: Nikola Merdovic the competition)

Email contact person: Just as the cocktail itself says "Feeling of
Freedom" , that is exactly what I want to show
to you, this connection of freedom of life and
Assigned product(s): Flor de Cana soul, connection between my country and
Nicaragua , because I really feel it in this
Name of Long Drink: Flower of Freedom cockta

No cl Recipe Product (brand name)

1 4 Rum Anejo oro 4 Anos Flor de Cana
2 2 Creme de Cassis liqueur Monin
3 2 Elderflower syrup Giffard
4 1 Raspberry puree Monin
5 2 Lime juice Fresh
6 4 Green apple juice Fresh

Decoration: Beetroot, White Radish and Lime peel
Build Stir Shake Blend Glass: Durobor Gem 832/34
Checked and approved by Guild President (name): Rajko Mijač
Tel: Fax:

WCC 2017 entry forms must be sent (prior to August 1) to:

Each entry must ALSO be accompanied by a picture of the competitor, to be sent to:  as a SEPARATE FILE:  Click to
load your image!
- Filename (use your full name for naming the file!)
- Close-up (portrait, no “action shot“)
The uploaded picture cannot
IMPORTANT !!!! - Full color and in high resolution (at least 1Mb, but preferably higher)
be used for the WCC 2017
Official Magazine, you are
required to sent a separate
picture as well!