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Written By ‘Master X’
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We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success as there are

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In short, YOU the most influential person on your success.

If you’re reading this book, then you’re most likely searching for the truth.

However, truth can mean a whole variety of things – enlightenment, power,

knowledge, an alternative reality, ascension or maybe even all of them

Which one are you after?

Whatever the case, I hope this book will be a handy guide throughout your Ki
Energy training.

To Your Success,
- Master X.
Chapter 1:
Ki (pronounced 'kee') is the energy all around us - our inner power,
our breathing... our existence. Most people do not know of Ki. They see it
in their everyday lives but do not recognise it as Ki and prefer to walk blindly.

But here in this book, you are going to discover the secret ways of Ki Energy.

There are 3 paths to Ki - traditional, eccentric and radical. This book contains
radical techniques, mostly used in martial arts. The traditional method
involves just a few energy techniques, but radical involves a lot more.

However, the main excuse for Ki is "It is just your vision". This is not true.

With Ki, you can make energy balls, beams, or even enhance your
performance and even make objects with it. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s begin...
Chapter 2:
Starter Techniques
Please learn these techniques in order I have put them here. Once you have
completed these techniques, you may move onto the beginner techniques.

Note: All of the techniques with a star (*) in brackets next to the name are
necessary to proceed to the next stage of Ki training.

Ki Ball #1 (* - any method)

Step 1
Put your hands into a cupped shape. Do this by putting both wrists together,
both index fingers together and opposite fingers together. The other cupped
shape is this: put your hands over each other like a letter r. Put your most
dominant hand on the top and put your fingers together. Put your fingers on
the back of the opposite hand.

Step 2
Visualize a blue ball of pure Ki in your tan-tien. You can either do this by
looking down or picture it in your mind.

Step 3
Now visualize it turning to a soft, flowing mass of Ki. It no longer takes the
ball shape. Visualize it flowing around your tan-tien.

Step 4
Now visualize the river flowing up your chest, and splitting into two rivers
below your neck, and each river going down each arm and being stored in
your palm/hand.

Step 5
Now visualize it flowing out of your palms and forming a pure blue ball in the
centre of your cupped hands. At this point you may feel tingling, pressure,
heat or any other sensation.

If you feel a continuous sensation, you have made a Ki ball. If you just feel a
short sensation, keep training and practicing and your power will grow
Ki Ball #2
Step 1
Put your hands in front of your tan tien so they are facing each other. Do not
cup your hands. There should be a hand either side of your tan tien.

Step 2
Visualize a blue Ki ball with a white core in-between your palms.

Ki Ball #3

Step 1
Put your hands in a cupped shape.

Step 2
Visualize a ball of Ki in your tan tien.

Step 3
Visualize this ball splitting into two balls.

Step 4
Visualize these balls rolling up your chest and stopping at the top of each
shoulder. Just like you get stuck on the 'Apocalypse' ride at Alton Towers in
the UK.

Step 5
Visualize another two balls of energy in your tan tien.

Step 6
Do the same as step 4, but the two new balls knock the other balls down your
arms, out of your palms to form one ball in your cupped hands. Do this about
10 times.

This technique works well, but it may take too long to make if you are in a
difficult situation.

Ki Flame (*)

Step 1
Visualize a ball of blue Ki in your tan-tien. The more you want to power up,
the bigger the ball should be. The average is about 10cm X 10cm.

Step 2
Put your arms up in the air with clenched fists.
Step 3
Now you have to thrust your elbows downwards so it is you are elbowing
someone, but vertically. While doing this, visualize the Ki ball exploding all
over your body. So thrusting your elbows down is like a trigger or a

Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. It is your Ki, so it does not harm you.

If your sight goes a bit fuzzy and you feel energized, the Ki flame has worked.

Spirit Up (*)

Step 1
Visualize your body filling up with pure, blue Ki. A bit like a bottle gets filled
up with drink, if you like. Continue this until your whole body is 'full'.

This will improve the energy flow in your body making it easier to move
energy around.

Grounding (*)
Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Imagine you have roots coming out of your feet and going down into the

Step 3
Visualize energy flowing up the 'roots' and forming a ball of energy in your
tan tien.

You can make the roots whatever size you like. If you want more energy, but
less density, you could have the roots wide. If you want less energy, but
more density, you could have the roots narrow.

Gathering Energy (*) (any method)

Step 1
Put your palms out in front of you and totally relax.

Step 2
Visualize Ki flowing through the air, into your palms, going down to your tan
tien and finally getting stored in there.
Gathering Energy (Method 2)

Step 1
Close your eyes.

Step 2
Visualize a gigantic ball of pure white Ki in front of you. Breathe it in, visualize
it flowing through your body. On the 'out' breath, visualize black smoke being
breathed out. On the 'in' breath, visualize the Ki flowing from the ball and
getting breathed in by yourself.

After opening your eyes, you will feel refreshed.

Converting ‘Bad’ Energy Into Good

Step 1
Visualize a gigantic ball of black Ki that turns anti-clockwise in front of you.

Step 2
Visualize it slowing down. As it slows down, visualize the ball of black Ki
turning to white. As it turns to pure white, visualize it spinning clockwise.

Step 3
Visualize the ball of white Ki exploding softly and all of the bits of white Ki
falling down slowly and covering the entire room like pure snow.

Gathering Ki from the Wind

Step 1
Put your arms either side of you like a 'T' shape.

Step 2
Feel the wind clashing against your arms. Visualize Ki flowing from the wind
into your palms and down into your tan tien.
Chapter 3:
Beginner Techniques
Now that you have a basic understanding of Ki energy and how to use it, here
are some more techniques to progress your training onto the next level.

Please learn and practice these techniques in the order I have put them here.
Once you have completed all of the techniques here, please move on to the
intermediate techniques.

Note: All of the techniques with a star (*) in brackets next to the name are
necessary to proceed to the next stage of your Ki training.

Ki Shield (*)

Step 1
Visualize a Ki ball in your tan tien.

Step 2
Now visualize it getting bigger and bigger. Keep doing this until it is so big,
you are inside it. You can make it hollow for extra comfort.

Ki-Absorbing Shield (*)

Step 1
Make a Ki shield.

Step 2
Turn the Ki shield into sponge. It should now look like a hollow ball of sponge
in your head.

Ki Plate

Step 1
Visualize a Ki ball in your tan-tien.

Step 2
Now flatten it out into a disc or a plate. Do this by using your will power and
by visualizing it.
Step 3
Now bring it outside of your body. Do this by using your will power and by

Step 4
Move it around to the place you want it to go.

Spiked Shield (*)

Step 1
Create any sort of Ki shield.

Step 2
Put your index finger out. Like your pointing at something.

Step 3
Bring Ki to that finger by will power and visualization.

Step 4
Make the Ki in that finger engulf your finger in a Ki flame.

Step 5
Now visualize it spinning around your finger really fast.

Step 6
Put your other hand's palm out, right next to the 'drill'.

Step 7
Visualize a string connecting between the palm and the 'drill'.

Step 8
Move your palm around. The Ki drill should follow it.

Step 9
Move the drill around until it fits onto the shield.

Step 10
The drill will automatically merge itself with the shield making the shield have
a spike.

You can make more than 1 spike, or you can make the spike bigger.
Ki Beam (*)

Step 1
Put your hand out with your palm facing the target.

Step 2
Create a Ki ball inside of your wrist.

Step 3
Flatten it out will your will power and visualization.

Step 4
Move it along to just inside your palm. Again, do this with your will power and

Step 5
Now visualize a beam coming out from your palm and going through your

Power Level Sensing (*)

Step 1
Visualize some liquid Ki in your tan tien.

Step 2
Now visualize the Ki flowing out of your tan tien and touching the other
person's tan tien. You should get a 'thud' in your stomach. The harder the
'thud', the stronger the person.

Ki Object Scanning (*)

This technique is hard to explain, as it is a learnt sensory experience.

Step 1
Totally relax and stay calm.

Step 2
Close your eyes.

Step 3
Visualize the object you want to find in your mind.

Step 4
You should soon have a feeling or a picture of the object and it's background
in your head.
This technique is useful for finding lost items. It takes a while to master, but
it’s worth it.

Ki Information Scanning

Step 1
Totally relax.

Step 2
Visualize a bar of light scanning the person's body. Up and down, the full
length of his/her body.

Step 3
While doing this, think about the information you want to get out of him/her.

Step 4
You will now get a feeling or a hidden 'voice' in your head.

This technique might not work the first few times, but as you progress with
this technique, the more defined the information becomes.

Ki People Sensing (*)

Step 1
Totally relax.

Step 2
Let your Ki out and make it cover the whole room. You will get a feeling
where they are.

You will most likely do this technique successfully on your first try, but if not,
keep practicing.

Ki Healing (* - any method)

Step 1
Put your palm over the injured part.

Step 2
Visualize Ki coming out of your palm and covering the wound, filling the gaps
if there is any.
Step 3
Visualize the Ki sinking into the skin.

You will need to use this technique on a wound a lot to make it heal faster. It
will not heal instantly like in DBZ, it takes time. But the time it takes for a
wound to heal with Ki healing is significantly less than without using it. In
short, it speeds up the healing process.

Ki Healing #2

Step 1
Put your hand over the wound.

Step 2
Visualize all of the black energy flowing out of the wound and disintigrating in
the air.

Step 3
Fill the wound with your pure white Ki.

The pain should have stopped and the cut will heal faster than normal.

Ki Shower Healing

Step 1
Create a Ki ball.

Step 2
Put it on the shower head.

Step 3
Turn the shower on.

Step 4
Take a shower. As the water comes out of the shower nozzle and through the
Ki ball, visualize the Ki energy drifting down with the water and flowing all
over you.

When you come out of the shower, you will feel refreshed.

Mind Training (*)

Step 1
Close your eyes and totally relax.
Step 2
Imagine you are fighting someone who is about the same Ki level as you. You
could be in a martial arts tournament or a field. Try to be realistic. That
means no big explosions and doing stuff you couldn’t normally do. This will
only slow the training process down.

After training for about 20 hours (spread out), you will begin to notice
differences. Like when people walk past you, you will sense them. When
someone tries to punch you, you will sense it coming and thus be able to
defend yourself faster.

Ki Healing #3

Step 1
Put your hand over the wound.

Step 2
Put your pure white Ki into the wound. The black Ki will start to try and
overpower the white Ki, so keep adding white Ki until the black Ki is
COMPLETELY vanished.

Quick Dash

This is not so much of a Ki technique, but it will help you in an energy-fuelled


Step 1
Cross your feet over while standing up. If you want to dash to the right, cross
your right foot over so the right ankle of your right foot touches the left ankle
of your left foot.

Step 2
Jump to the right as hard as you can. You should go further and further with
practice. The feet position helps to streamline the air.
Chapter 4:
Intermediate Techniques
Welcome to the Intermediate Techniques. These are designed to be more
advanced and will therefore need a greater understanding of Ki and a higher
concentration level for them to work, so only attempt and practice these
techniques if you have completed the beginner techniques.

Note: All of the techniques with a star (*) in brackets next to the name are
necessary to proceed to the next stage of Ki training.

Kamehameha (*)

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Put your hands in a cupped shape to the side of you. As if you were doing a
Ki ball to the side of you.

Step 3
When you say and think these syllables, do the thing next to it.
Ka: Visualize a mass of pure blue Ki in your tan-tien.<br />
Me: Move this energy to your palms. Do this by visualization and will
Ha: Visualize the Ki flowing out of your palms and forming a ball in
your cupped shaped hands.
Me: Visualize the Ki ball getting more dense and larger.
Ha!: Thrust your hands forwards and visualize a gigantic beam with
the Ki ball on the end of it emerging from your palms and zooming
through your target.

Masenko (*)

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Place your most dominant hand over the other hand so the fingers of the
most dominant hand go in-between the fingers of the other hand.
Step 3
Place Ki in both palms.

Step 4
Put your hands above your head.

Step 5
Thrust your hands down towards your target and visualize a Ki beam coming
out from the front palm. This should be like two Ki blasts in one because one
palm is backing up the other.

Ki Weapon

Step 1
Get a stick or a pole.

Step 2
Hold it in your hands so it is vertical.

Step 3
Bring your Ki out of your tan tien and fill the stick or pole with Ki.

Step 4
Drop the solid weapon, and you should now have a Ki version of the weapon
you were holding. You can swing it about as you would normally do with a
solid weapon. You must concentrate on it all the time though, or else it will

Burning Knuckle (*)

Step 1
Bring the fist you are going to punch with back.

Step 2
Fill the fist with Ki. Do this until it is engulfed in a Ki flame.

Step 3
Punch your opponent and release the Ki in your fist as a blast.

Step 4
Keep your fist digging into your opponent. Keep pushing harder and harder,
with the blast still going.

Caution: This move will cause vomit of blood and maybe even paralysis. Use
this technique as a last resort.
Body Duplication (*)

Step 1
Fill your body with Ki as you would with the 'Spirit up' move.

Step 2
Step two steps to the side.

Step 3
Concentrate on the figure of Ki which is next to you. Make it stronger and
more dense.

Step 4
You now have a duplicate of your body, but in Ki. It will do everything you do,
but opposite e.g. You punch left, he will punch right. Like a mirror, if you like.

Gigantic Ki Blast

Step 1
Put your hands in a '<' shape. The larger the angle, the more Ki needed to
perform the attack and the more damage it does.

Step 2
Bring Ki from your tan tien and store it in each palm.

Step 3
Block up the palms and add more Ki so it is pressurised. Do this for ages.

Step 4
Remove the blocks. The Ki should shoot out of your palms like a rocket, and
there should now be a beam of Ki that is a < shape, depending on the angle

This attack will take a lot of energy out of you, so be careful. This attack is
very powerful and may destroy the target altogether if practised enough.

Ki Group Healing (*)

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Get all of the people that want to be healed to stand around you in a circle.
Step 3
Visualize yourself as a water fountain, but instead of water coming out,
visualize Ki coming out. This Ki flows like a river and goes into the peoples
bodies via their tan tien.

All of the people who were standing around you will feel refreshed after the

Dragon Bite (*)

Step 1
Focus your Ki to your palm.

Step 2
Visualize a Chinese-style dragon coming out of your palm, flowing over to the
opponent and biting a part of his body really hard. This attack must be done
on skin to take effect. This attack does most damage on the wrists.

If done correctly, the opponent will feel a really strong shock in the part of
the body that was bitten.

Thanks to Ryan for submitting this technique over email.

Flame Ball (*)

Step 1
Put your palm to the side of you with your arm outstretched and your palm
facing upwards.

Step 2
Make a Ki ball but visualize it as a flaming ball. It will not hurt you, as it is
your Ki.

On the first few times, you will probably see some flashes of red, but nothing
too much. As you progress you will see more.

Healing Touch (*)

Step 1
Point the index finger and the middle finger to the sky.

Step 2
Draw Ki from all around you to the fingers. Shut your eyes if need be. This
should look like waves of energy drawing in like a radar sends out.
Step 3
When you think you have enough energy in your two fingers, place your two
fingers over the pain and let the energy flow out in waves.

Step 4
See in your mind (eyes shut) the colour red as the pain, and the colour yellow
as the healing energy.

The longer you apply the healing, the longer the pain will be gone.

Thanks to Halo for submitting this technique.

Long Range Healing (*)

The difficulty of this technique varies depending on the distance of the person
who needs to be healed. If the person is about 700 miles away you will
definitely need high willpower.

Step 1
Make the person place both hands on the source of where the pain is. If they
have a pain in their chest, put them on their chest.

Step 2
Make them shut their eyes and let them see you as a ghost-like form in front
of them placing your hands in front of theirs. Both people should imagine this.

Step 3
Now see the energy passing through your hands and through theirs to the
source of the pain. While you are doing this have the other person keep in
mind the colour red (pain) slowly being faded away by the colour yellow

You must have a good focus or else the technique might not work as well as
it should.

Thanks to Halo for submitting this technique.

Ki Matoshi (‘Destructo Disc’) (*)

Step 1
Raise your hand in the air with your palm facing upwards.

Step 2
Visualize a vortex of yellow Ki in your palm spinning over 400 times a second.
This is your palm chakra.
Step 3
Create a Ki ball above your spinning palm chakra. The Ki ball should start
spinning with the chakra. So now you should be holding a Ki ball that is
spinning over 400 times a second.

Step 4
Flatten the Ki ball out into a disc with your will power and visualization. The
spinning itself will flatten it out by itself, so that should help you.

Step 5
Throw your hand with the disk in forwards as fast as you can and visualize
the spin disk leaving your hands and going through your opponent.
Chapter 5:
Advanced Techniques
If you have reached this point in your Ki energy training, then you will not
need any further explanation of these techniques. Feel free to adapt them
and make them your own.

Only attempt and practice these techniques if you have successfully

completed the intermediate techniques.

Final Flash

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Clench your fists and put your arms straight, either side of you. Like a letter T.

Step 3
Visualize liquid Ki in your tan tien.

Step 4
Bring your arms up above your head so your fists are touching above your

Step 5
Visualize a blockage in your wrists. This can be anything solid. Like a piece of
wood or a coin.

Step 6
Bring energy up to the blockage. Keep doing this until your arm is shaking
rapidly because of the pressure.

Step 7
Bring your arms down and shout "Final...Flash...ATTACK!!!". Open your
clenched fists so your palms are facing the target. Visualize the pressure
getting too much for the block and pushing the block out of your palms to the
target at amazing speeds with the Ki blast following it. This beam should go
through the target to cause any damage.

This attack will leave your opponent gasping for air.

Genki Dahma (Spirit Bomb)

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Raise your hands above you with your palms facing upwards.

Step 3
Create a Ki ball above these palms.

Step 4
Ask and think "Plants, earth, animals, spirits, please give me your power".
Some things will help you, others won't. Don't force them to. Do this until
your whole body vibrates vigorously. The Ki ball will grow and grow.

The biggest I have got this to is as big as a truck or a lorry. A large spirit
bomb is extremely hard to move, so be cautious.

Ki Halo

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Clench the fist of your most dominant hand.

Step 3
Hold it in the air so you can see it.

Step 4
Visualize liquid Ki in your tan tien.

Step 5
Move this Ki into the fist which you are holding up in the air. Do it until your
fist is engulfed in a Ki flame.

Step 6
Move your fist around in the air to make a circle. Do this three times. When it
moves, visualize it leaving a trail of Ki. This should make the halo.

Step 7
Clench your other fist and put it the other side of the halo.

Step 8
Think and say "Ki halo controlled by fists".
Step 9
Move your fists around, always making the gap in between equal. You now
have control of the halo.

Step 10
Move it forward to your target by visualization and will power.

Step 11
Bring it down over the target. When you want it to decrease in size, decrese
the gap between your fists and visa versa.

Step 12
Slam your fists together so they make a 'clip' sound. The Ki halo will of now
cut the target's Ki in half. You can just crush the target's Ki for a while to
make more damage.

Nova Ball

This technique needs to be done outside in the sunshine, as it uses light

energy directly from the sun.

Step 1
Put your hands in a cupped position as you would normally do with a Ki ball.

Step 2
Get energy from the sun. Visualize the energy flowing in multiple streams and
forming a ball in your hands. The energy must flow really slowly, like honey,
that is what gives this technique it's power. This energy from the sun is called
'Light matter'. It is particularly useful for fighting evil.

Step 3
Put some of your own Ki in it, so you can control it.

Step 4
Shoot it as you would normally would.

This technique is very powerful, so please be careful.

This technique was submitted by ‘Halo’.

Ki Magnet Blast

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing the opponent.
Step 2
Put both of your hands next to each other, with your palms facing the
opponent. You should now look like a letter 'r'.

Step 3
Make a Ki shield in front of your palms.

Step 4
Programme this shield to attract Ki, like a magnet. Do this by thinking in your
head and directing your thoughts towards it.

Step 5
Visualize Ki flowing towards the magnet and hovering in front of it.

Step 6
Use your will power and visualization to make the magnet spin around
clockwise. This will cause the Ki attracted by the magnet to spin aswell.

Step 7
Bring Ki up to your palms.

Step 8
Fire the Ki out of you palms like a Ki blast. The magnet will move with the
force of the Ki blast, and the Ki attracted by the magnet will move aswell.
When the attack hits the opponent, the magnet will hit first, causing damage
and attracting more Ki from him/her to join the Ki behind the magnet. Then
the attracted Ki will hit, causing more damage. Finally, the Ki blast will hit
him/her causing EVEN MORE damage.

This attack will most definitely make your opponent unable to get up, never
mind fight back.

Warning: Do not let the magnet attract too much Ki or else the attack might
damage the internal energy system of the opponent.

Pillar Drive

Step 1
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2
Put your hand up so your palm is facing the opponent. Your body should look
like a letter 'r'.

Step 3
Bring Ki up from your tan tien and store it in your wrist.
Step 4
Visualize a sort of circular tunnel the size of your palm in your palm.

Step 5
Push all of the Ki that you stored through this circle so the Ki takes form as a
pole. You can make the pole as long or short as you like.

Step 6
Make the pole hover horizontally in front of your palm.

Step 7
Put your other hand up so the palm of that hand is facing the pole. Your
hands should now be next to each other with your palms facing the pole.

Step 8
Programme the pole to move with your hands. Do this by directing your
thoughts to the pole.

Step 9
Move your hands round so the pole is vertical.

Step 10
Now move it above the target's head.

Step 11
Now the good part... Slam your hands down really fast. The pole will slam
down through the target's body and hurt like hell.

You can make the pole as wide or as long as you want, but keep in mind that
if you make it bigger in any way, it will be harder to control.

Abyys Ball

Step 1
Power up with the Ki flame.

Step 2
Make a block at your wrists.

Step 3
Make a LOT of Ki behind the block at your wrists so it builds up pressure.

Step 4
Make one part of liquid Ki stay near your chest, and make the other part into
5 Ki balls in each arm.
Step 5
Make the Ki balls into Jing.

Step 6
Put a lot of pressure on releasing the Ki balls, then finally when you can't hold
it any longer - shoot them.

Step 7
Use the Ki in your chest. Bring it up like a spirit bomb, only make it black and
think of a black hole. When you do it, visualize it annihilating the target. Put
your Ki flame around the ball, then shoot it.

This attack is VERY powerful so please do not use it just for fun.

Thanks to Alex for providing this technique.

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