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Botswana International University of Science and Technolgy. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Semester 1
1; 2017/2018


Figure below shows a layout of an office floor that is made of a 6 m x 10 m x 200 mm thick pre-cast slab.
The slab is continuous supported on three beams; at the ends and in the middle. RC beams at the ends fully
rest on a strong wall whilst the beam at the centre only rest on the wall at its ends. For architectural reasons
as well as to avoid excessive deflections (table 3.9 of the code) the depth of beams is limited to 600 mm; for
fire safety the width of beams is limited to 200 mm (Figure 3.2 of the code); and for durability C30 concrete
is used with a cover of 25 mm. Design tensile steel reinforcement required for the centre beam. Use high
tensile steel and assume self-weight of concrete is 24 kN/m3.

Strong wall

5m 5m

Strong wall

200 mm Strong wall

600 mm

200 mm
200 mm 200 mm

Strong wall

Course code: CIVE 412

Lecturer: Prof. Goitseone Malumbela