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Name: Lindsay Mennen Cohort: C1

Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Christmas Wreath Craft Grade: one Location: Classroom Date: Dec. 1st, 2017
Subject/Strand: Art/ Visual Arts Unit: The True Meaning of Christmas Times: 12:20 – 1:00pm
Lesson Plan Description (What are you teaching? How does it fit into the context of the unit? What are the big
ideas/essential/enduring understandings?)
Today I am teaching the students how to make a Christmas craft, a wreath. This fits into the context of the unit by getting
students thinking about the true meaning of Christmas. The big idea is that students in Grade 1 will develop an
understanding of the concept of textures of familiar objects and changes in texture through participation in a variety of
hands-on, open-ended visual arts experiences.


Ontario Curricular Overall Expectations (numbers from documents and details)

D1. Creating and Presenting: Apply the creative process (see pages 19–22) to produce a variety of two- and three-
dimensional art works, using elements, principles, and techniques of visual arts to communicate feelings, ideas, and

Ontario Curricular Specific Expectations and Achievement Chart Categories

(numbers from documents and details) selected & listed from the Ont. Curriculum, (refined when necessary) : realistic
number of expectations (1 or 2), connect to assessment. Indicate category in brackets beside specific expectation
:Knowledge and Understanding( K ) Thinking (T); Communication (C); Application(A)

D1.4 - Use a variety of materials, tools, and techniques to respond to design challenges (e.g. mixed media: torn paper and
textured materials)

A.C. – Thinking: The use of critical and creative thinking skills and/or processes

Assessment – Peer assessment

Learning Goals Discuss with students: What will I be learning today? (clearly identify what students are expected to
know and be able to do, in language that students can readily understand.)

Today we will learn how to mix medias to make a Christmas wreath.

Purpose of the lesson (indicate purpose for this lesson/assessment) [ ] FOR [ x ] AS [ ] OF
Success Criteria Discuss with students: How will I know I have learned what I need to learn? (Clearly identify the criteria
to assess student’s learning: evidence of learning students will provide to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and
thinking, in language that students can readily understand). Indicate the Achievement Chart criteria.

- I can make a Christmas wreath using mixed medias. T

Assessment Mode- Written, Assessment Strategy and Task for Assessment Tool - Instrument used to
Oral, Performance (Write, Say, Students- assess; Record Keeping format
Do) What are the students doing to show their
performance Students will make a mixed media wreath Peer assessment
and then do a peer assessment.
Prior Learning: Prior to this lesson, students will have
Students have had previous experience making crafts and discussing Christmas.
I.E.P. program implications: Accommodations, Modifications
No accommodation is required for this lesson.
Differentiation: Content, Process, Product, Environment, Assessment
Process – Students requiring help cutting with scissors will receive it.
Environment - Students requiring extra time will receive it.

Learning Skills/Work Habits: [ ] responsibility, [ ] organization, [ ] independent work, [ ] collaboration, [x] initiative,
[ ] self-regulation

The student:
• looks for and acts on new ideas and opportunities for learning;
• demonstrates the capacity for innovation and a willingness to take risks;
• demonstrates curiosity and interest in learning;
• approaches new tasks with a positive attitude;
• recognizes and advocates appropriately for the rights of self and others.
Vocabulary: (for word wall addition or reference and/or to develop schema for this lesson. To be addressed in lesson)
Mixed media, texture
Resources and Materials /Technology Integration: List ALL items necessary for delivery of the lesson. Include any
attachments of student worksheets used and teacher support material that will support communication of instruction.
Include the use of Information Technology (ICT) in your lesson plan where appropriate.

- Paper plates
- Two shades of green construction paper
- Glue
- Red construction paper
- Scissors
- Crayons
- Holiday fruit loops
- Story for M.O.
- Craft prototype

Three Part Lesson Identify what the students are expected to think about or do.
What Teachers Do: Write the lesson description with What Students do: Identify what the students are expected
enough detail that another teacher could replicate the to think about or do (in terms of learning processes).
lesson without a personal discussion. Prompts and
guiding questions are required in each section.
Minds on: Motivational Hook/engagement /Introduction (5-15 min)
Establish a positive learning environment, connect to prior learning, set the context for learning, pre-determine key
questions to guide lesson.
Time: __12:20__-_12:30___ (Indicate time breakdown of
instructional elements)

Grade ones. I have a story that I would like to share with

you. Please listen.

Teacher will read the story: The Meaning of Christmas. Students will listen to the story.
(Teacher will mix up the order of the gifts in the story)

Who can tell me what the last thing mentioned in my story A wreath

A wreath. Today, each of you will make your very own

wreath. (Teacher will hold up a prototype). Students will listen.

This is what it will look like, but you can decorate it

however you wish.

I want you to look closely at my wreath because I have

used mixed medias or mixed materials to make it. Can
anyone tell me one of the materials that I have used? Students will say paper or fruit loops.

Right. So all mixed media means is that I have used two

different types of materials – paper and fruit loops. The
paper makes the base of my wreath and the fruit loops are
my decorations.

Can you tell me, do you think that my materials feel the Students will say no.

No, they feel different or have different textures.

Let’s review our learning goal for today:

Today we will learn how to mix medias to make a

Christmas wreath.

Our success criteria is:

- I can make a Christmas wreath using mixed medias.

Action: During /Working on it (time given for each component, suggested 15-40 min)
Focus is on student interactions with task/peers/teacher. Identify students/groups receiving teacher direction.
Time: _12:30 - 12:55 (Indicate time breakdown of
instructional elements)

We are going to start with the outline for our wreath,

which is the white part. (Teacher will give instructions Students will listen.
while handing out material packages to each student).

Please flip it over and write your name on the back.

The first step is to tear up, not use scissors, your green
paper, both colours, into pieces about this big. (Teacher
will model).
You will glue them on, mixing up the greens, just as I have
done. (Teacher will hold up the model). Try to stay within
the white part so that it keeps the shape of a real wreath.

While you are doing that, I will be coming around to trace

your handprints on the red paper. You can cut them out
once you have finished your green part. Students will begin the craft.
You may begin. If you have any questions, please raise
your hand and I will come around.

Teacher will answer questions and give assistance where

needed and trace students’ hands for the bow.

After students have completed the green part and cut out
their hands. “Next, you will glue your hands on the bottom Students will follow instructions.
of your wreath right here (teacher will point to the model).
They will act as your bow.”

Now, you may begin decorating your wreath with your

second media or material, the fruit loops. This will give Students will follow instructions.
your wreath another texture. You may also colour on some
decorations with crayons if you wish. Colour first, then
glue on your fruit loops.

When the wreath is complete, teacher will ask students to Students will clean up their materials.
put away their pencils and crayons. They will be told to
discard their remaining fruit loops.

Consolidation & Connection (Reflect and Connect) (5-15 min.)

Help students demonstrate what they have learned, provide opportunities for consolidation and reflection. Close the
assessment loop.
Time: _12:55_-__1:00_ (Indicate time breakdown of
instructional elements)

Well done, grade ones. You did a fantastic job mixing your
medias. Now, what I would like to do is review our Students will listen.
learning goal, which was:

Today we will learn how to mix medias to make a

Christmas wreath.

Our success criteria was:

- I can make a Christmas wreath using mixed medias.

Who can remind me what our mixed medias were? The paper and the fruit loops.
The paper and the fruit loops. What I would like you to do
now is take a minute and look at your elbow partner’s Students will give the thumbs up sign.
wreath. Please give me a thumbs up if your partner used
the two different medias that we talked about.

Well done. If you could please place your wreaths at the Students will do as instructed.
top of your desk and take out your religion folders.
Extension Activities/Next Steps (where will this lesson lead to next)

The next art lesson will consist of making another holiday craft.

Personal Reflection - Choose at least one question from each area that best allows you reflect on this lesson.
Questions should vary over the week and specific plans.
Learner Empowerment
1. How did students show understanding of
2. How did my lesson transform students
from “passive listeners” to ”active
3. Was my behavior management
technique effective? Why?
4. Were students able to transition to the
next activity successfully?
5. How does the lesson provide a meta-
cognitive opportunity for students to
address their own learning?

Instructional Strategy
1. Was my motivational technique (hook)
effective? Why?
2. What will I do to improve questions?
Was a balance between teacher and
student talk evident?
3. How did the task provide a Rich
Performance opportunity or other way
of actively demonstrating knowledge?
4. How did I provide modeling, guided &/or
independent practice?
5. Was my behavior management
technique effective? Why?
6. Were students able to transition to the
next activity successfully?
Professional Educator
1. What factors may have influenced the success
of this lesson? Did I note and respond to these
elements appropriately?
2 How might I improve the effectiveness of my
teaching for my next lesson?
3 What additional proactive management
step(s) should be considered for subsequent
lessons? Why?
4 What did I learn from this lesson about my
own effectiveness as a teacher (strengths and
areas for future improvement of communication,
planning, differentiation, implementation and
classroom organization, management,
5 How is my growth as a professional being