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Add a new page: (Alternatively called the kirin, but there needs to be more monsters that start with Q, don't you think?)

By Faolyn (Wolfwere)

new page Note: This creature was originally published (as Kirin) by the Pathfinder SRD, but contains elements of the creature of the same
name listed in Oriental Adventures.
Membership These noble creatures are distantly related to unicorns. Their very large, deer-like bodies are covered in fine golden, turquoise,
How to join this site? jade, or copper scales that gleam even in low light. Their mane, tail, and feathering around their ankles and down the back of their
calves is of a deeper gold, and they have violet eyes and rose-tinged hooves and horn. Unlike unicorns, their horn is curved and
Site members sometimes branched. They roam the skies looking for good deeds to reward and evildoers to punish—they are mostly peaceful
creatures, though, and only start fights with the most evil of beings. It's unknown whether they are natural creatures or creations
Forum of the gods. Qilin sometimes make lairs high on mountain plateaus; their homes are luxurious inside. For the most part, though,
Forum they simply ride on the wind.

Recent posts ST: 25 HP: 25 Speed: 7.00

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DX: 14 Will: 12 Move: 14
IQ: 11 Per: 13
Page tags HT: 13 FP: 13 SM: +1
Dodge: 11 Parry: n/a DR: 8
animal barsoom boss cer-1 cer-
13 cer-19 cer-29 cer-35 cer-36
Bite (16): 2d-2 crushing. Reach C.
cer-42 cer-48 cer-52 cer-56 cer-61
Fiery Breath (15): 2d burning in a cone, 10 yards long by 5 yards wide. Takes Recharge, 5 seconds. Costs 2 FP.
construct cp150-199 dark_sun
Hooves (16): 2d+4 crushing. Reach C, 1.
demon dinosaur dire_animal
Horn (18): 3d+3 impaling. Reach 1; Straight ahead only. Its horn is considered to be a magical weapon and as such does more
dnd_conversion damage than would be expected (although it stops working if it’s removed from the qilin).
dragon earthdawn_ability
Traits: Acute Detect 4; Acute Hearing 4; Acute Vision 4; Combat Reflexes; Detect (Thinking Minds; Vague); Energy Reserve 20;
elder_thing elemental elf
Flight (Air Move 56); Empathy; High Pain Threshold; Honesty (12); Insubstantiality (Switchable); Night Vision 6; Peripheral Vision;
epic_boss faerie fodder force
Quadruped; Resistant to Disease (+8); Scales; Sense of Duty (Good entities); Striking ST 5 (Horn; ST 30); Striker (Horn,
generic giant giant_animal goblin
Impaling); Telescopic Vision 2; Telesend (Universal; Reliable 5); Voice; Weak Bite.
goblin-kin greater_worthy human
Skills: Aerobatics-14; Brawling-16; Detect Lies-18; Diplomacy-16; Flight-13; Hidden Lore (Spirit Lore)-15; Hidden Lore (Sacred
hybrid keepers_of_the_way
Places);-15; History-18; Innate Attack (Breath)-15; Observation-17; Psychology-16; Singing-15; Survival (Mountains)-13;
lesser_boss lesser_worthy magic
Thaumatology-18; Theology (Varies).
mundane nazi offense or- Spells: Bravery-20; Clouds-20; Create Food-20; Create Servant-20; Create Spring-20; Create Water-20; Detect Magic-20;
11 or-12 or-13 or-15 or-16 or-17 Exclude Evil*-20; Essential Food-20; Essential Water-20; Fool’s Banquet-20; Hail-20; Illusion Disguise-20; Illusion Shell-20;
or-18 or-19 or-20 or-21 or-23 or- Independence-20; Lightning-20; Perfect Illusion-20; Plane Shift-20; Plane Shift Other-20; Predict Weather-20; Purify Food-20;
24 or-26 or-27 or-28 or-30 or-33 Purify Water-20; Rain-20; Regeneration-20; Repel Evil*-20; Season-20; Sense Evil*-20; Sense Good*-20; Storm-20; Sunlight-20;
or-34 or-40 or-9 orc plant pr-10 Sunbolt-20; Suspend Magic-20; Walk On Water-20; Water to Wine-20; Wind-20.
pr-11 pr-12 pr-13 pr-14 pr-15 pr- Class: Servitor of Good.
17 pr-18 pr-19 pr-20 pr-21 pr-23 Combat Effectiveness Rating: 144 (OR 88 and PR 56).
pr-25 pr-26 pr-27 pr-28 pr-30 pr- Notes: Truly good. Spells marked with an asterisk are from GURPS Thaumatology
32 pr-37 pr-5 pr-7 pr-8 pr-9
ritual ritual_path_magic rpm
slime supers trap troll undead Variants
worthy wwii
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cer-144 dnd_conversion or-88 pr-56 servitor_of_good

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