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Control unit for emergency gensets with analogue inputs


Application Technical data

The control unit KEA 071 ANL genset operation Design − 2 analogue inputs 0/4/20
is designed to control stand- - genset monitoring and pro- − unit for front-panel mounting, mA for e.g. oil pressure and
by gensets. There are two tection − dimensions (WxHxD): engine temperature.
analogue inputs for monito- - checking of mains voltage 260 x 170 x 80 mm,
ring of oil pressure and en- return, synchronized over- − weight approx. 2.2 kg, Digital inputs, outputs
gine temperature. The func- lap reconnection to mains − mounting position: any, − 14 inputs for alarm signal
tions of the output relays and supply, cooling and shut- − degree of protection contacts, selectable NO/
the relevant parameters are down of genset. (installed): IP 44, NC operation,
to be set by using a laptop. − ambient temperature: − 4 internal fault signals of
Furthermore, the control unit To monitor the assembly and storage -20 °C ... +70 °C mains:
is fitted with an optical fibre the genset, the control unit operation 0 °C ... +55 °C 2 x voltage, 2 x frequency,
connector by which a central is fitted with the following − standards/regulations: − 4 integrated fault signals of
control system (a protocol facilities: DIN EN 50178. generator:
converter might be required), − 3-phase voltage sensors, 2 x voltage, 2 x frequency,
an alarm extension or the for mains and generator, Power supply − 12 outgoing relays on
KUHSE Telemon monitoring monitoring under- and − selectable RZ 071-D, thereof 8 pro-
system may be connected. overvoltage, under- and 9..12..15 volts DC, resp. grammable,
overfrequency and asym- 14..24..35 volts DC. − 15 relays on RZ 071-E,
The software for stand-by metry of phases, thereof 14 programmable,
operation covers: − 14 externally connected Analogue inputs − optical fibre conductor
- mains voltage failure de- fault signals, thereof max. 4 − mains and generator vol- (OFC) interface as a con-
tection from analogue inputs, tage sensor, adjustable in nection to a PC in order
3 / 2 / 03 12 / 1.0 / 2 / 03 11

- checking of preliminary − 4 internally connected fault steps of 1 volt. to change settings, to a

starting conditions signals each, for mains and − mains and generator fre- supervisory system by ad-
- starting of genset and generator voltage, quency sensor 50 or 60 Hz, ditional hard- and software
change-over from mains to − DC battery voltage monitor. adjustable 40 to 70 Hz, and to a remote monitoring
generator supply continuously (<0.1 Hz), system.
- frequency control for island

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