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Marketing Plan Suggested Format * TheCompany * Brief description of the company: location, siz: * The Product or Service type, ete ® Description of the product or service and any unique featuresthat will provide competitive advantages. 4 © Target Market * Who are you targeting specifically? Where can you find them? © Unique Selling Position * What makes your product or service unique? = Value to Customers © Why will your customer choose you? What value do you offer? * SWOT Analy: > What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? eo, (ese Competitors = Who are you top 3 competitors? What is their SWOT? What will you charge for your products or services (now and later) ? Why? Promotion Strategy = How will you generate interest, leads, and conversions? Marketing Goals What results do you want to achieve from you marketing activities (in 2 month, 3months, 6 manths & a year) SMART goals tips Budget © How much are you willingto spend per month an marketing? Action Items. = What will you do to promote your business (ina month, 3 months, 6 months and a year)? ‘Polytechnic University of the Philippines aeaiateiaio si himyicetor PEER’S. RATING Title Presenter: Group No. Date: item PARTICULARS strong Agree No. Agree Contents: Pl coerce 2 Relevance Presenter: 4. Expertise/Familiarity on the Subject 2 Clarity of Presentation 3. Effectiveness of delivery 4 — Ability to stimulate discussion Visual Aid: a Relevance 2 Clarity 3. Effectiveness Strongly Disagree > Disagree Rater ;Group No. jname