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Adjectives you identify with:

Balanced: I like to make time for all different aspects of my academics,

extracurriculars, social time, family life, and health.
Enthusiastic: I put myself wholeheartedly into everything that I do.

Honors course you want to take:

DNA & Evolution: I am very interested in biology and the idea of where we came
from, so this would be a good class for a non-bio major to get a taste of that.
Science, Magic, and the Passage to Modernity: this just sounds super interesting, like
a cross between history and science and how these have affected people over the

Other courses you want to take:

Philosophy 100: I have gotten a taste of philosophy from What We Know and How
We Know It, and it has made me want to take an intro to philosophy class.
Economics: I think that an introductory econ class could be very helpful to just get a
bit of background in business/economic topics.

People you want to get to know:

I would like to better get to know my professors, especially those who teach my
smaller, more personal courses. They are the best connections for research and
other opportunities.
I would like to get to know some people in my classes and make that transition from
‘class friend’ to real friend.

Campus resources:
I will use the Honors advisors to help me get through the registration processes, as
well as for extra help with internships, experiential learning, and research
I hope to study abroad, so I will reach out to the study abroad advising offices to see
if a study abroad program will be a possibility for me.

Methods for achieving balance:

I run almost everyday either by myself or with a friend or two, and this helps me to
clear my head while also getting a bit of exercise in.
I have a whole house of girls to lean on when I need support for things, so they are
great for academic and social advice, as well as just to hang out with when I need
some quiet nights.

Goals for the first year in Honors:

I hope to maintain a high GPA (especially in my CS pre-req’s) so that I can apply to
CS by the end of this year and turn in my application with confidence.
I would like to make friends in different environments: in my sorority, in classes
(honors and non-honors), in clubs and in other places, so that I can get a diverse
network of friends.