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In our future, where we will live with Christ, he will be our president, and we will be his
population, and he will take care for us, and he knows everyone individually, better than his

He loves, because he’s been watching you and knowing you even before you were born, he
stood out for additional good in your life, and he loves you like you love your own child. He’s
been watching you growing up, going through your evolution.

He will take care for all of us, because even before he met us, the Lord God loved us, as the
man loves his good child. Because the Lord God is giving him to see in a same way as he sees
it and doing it.

Man is doing like that, both good and evil and everything as it’s imagined for man to do now.
Then He show to the Christ how much He loves him, doing that through him, so the Christ
sees it, as the Christ and Lord God as the Lord God. For there are two people who understand
good in their own way, but it’s the same spiritual point.

307.) Government

Our government now is better than the others before this, but everyone thinks on their
personal material gain, and not on people for whom they need to take care. And when
someone comes with the good ideals, they corrupt him and that’s what happened to many

That’s how we will received Christ and with him the government that is not corrupted and we
will live in socialism and in democracy according to Lord God’s standards, everything will be
more normal and better in those thousand years, until in the end some will be given to the
evil, but not those ones who came from the sky. And the evil will end.

And we will approach to the heavenly kingdom. And everything will happened according to
the plan of Lord God same as it’s going on now, just it’s time of evil currently, and later will
be time of good.

That’s how the Jewish name of our president is Joshua, son of Joseph, Christ because before
the last name of people was the father’s name, and father of them both is Lord God, and they
are brothers.

308.) Lord God

Lord god is stability and I exist in Him, He’s the one person and I’m the second who’s inside
Him. And that’s how we get two people, one different from the other, who comes out of him.
That’s how He’s with you all the time, and the other angels or Christ, they all are watching
you, and you are here now knowing what the others think about you, and everyone knows
what you think.

You are born in ignorance, and you are discovering the world and yourself, without true
conclusion. That’s how we are fulfilling endless stability with our birth. First the eyes of the
Lord God need to watch somewhere in order to something be created there. And when He
creates something, His eyes stays forever with that person and when you die, because the
person do not exist only because of body, but the body exists because of the spirit.

Lord God could keep us only in His thoughts, and in His thoughts like in imaginary story
decide how one character will behave in a story. But by creating the body, He sees us
physically, that’s how He put spiritually in physically and He’s giving the life, because
without spirit, body is a just a flesh that will rotten, and the spirit will live forever until it
receive the new body that will never rotten.

309.] WISDOM

Sometimes when I look what is the real wisdom, it doesn’t look like anymore so wisely
elevated, it looks like the truth and the true answer; faith- you are doing nothing, nothing is
deep, everything is so small and simple.

When you are wise man you don’t feel like you are wise, because only think you know is to
listen. Because people are so deep, so when they are swimming through the life they don’t
have an orientation, where the bottom is and where is the surface. So when they hear
something wise, it sounds to them like the deep thoughts but they are not deep at all. People
who don’t have thoughts like that don’t talk about it, so it sound deep to them, but if they
would listen, they would see it’s interesting and they would admire to their thoughts, like the
wise men. That’s how the people having usually wise thoughts, but because of the lack of
interest, can’t hear more.

When it comes to them, it’s only for the moment, and then they return to the darkness where
they see and think – we can see so we are not in the darkness, because they still haven’t meet
the real light and live inside it.

You will see yourself later, how you’ve been, and now everyone is only sensing something,
but do not understands it completely. When people are listening wise words they sound tiring
to them and something about they shouldn’t think now, so they don’t like to speak about those
themes, because they are too busy. But this life is fulfilled them and everything happens so

In order to stop and take a look, that’s what the Lord God is doing, that’s how He’s making a
place for Himself in the evil and then one evil is missing, and when it comes to one evil that is
missing, the branches from the three of evil are smaller.
But during the life we receive the bad trees in us, that are woven and the best is when
everything is cut and suddenly make the new because when you make suddenly new you see
better than the old one.

Because we all lived now in giving the good and evil step by step and nobody still don’t
understands what’s going on. SO we live and don’t understand and that’s how is made so that
later we can see how everything is separated in us. And it’s connected because we are one
unity – soul. During the life everything started to get along inside us, the receiving the spirits
that are standing and going and coming back.

310.] The wisest proverb

Something like that would be most wisest proverb and the proverb to say the recognition to
the Lord God; I admit, it’s true that I don’t run my own will, but Your will is making my will,
in a way that Your will decided to be my will.

Or for example the Lord God said to the man: go and make the same bouquet as it’s in my
vase. Nobody knows what flowers He has in the vase, for some flowers they know but for
some they don’t know that are not part of that bouquet. So if He wants that someone has the
same bouquet as it’s in the sky, He will sit at your table, take your vase and start to throwing
out the bad flowers and to add the new, by making the bouquet arrangement, so it becomes
the same like in heaven.

There are so many wisdoms, and my hare still isn’t gray. I’m not yet the wise man, for the
wise man need to do, so he can be worthy of being called wise man. As it’s said in the Holly
Bible – even the Satan knows the truth but he’s not wise. So our spirits need to be connected,
the flower that doesn’t fall apart. And now I can tell to you, you can’t estimate the wise man
by his age.

311.]Do you believe it’s a beginning of the troubles and the time of punishment?

As well as you know, from the very beginning, when the people were given to the evil, they
thought it’s the last time and that the Christ is coming to save them from the future evil.

Jews waited for him, and they didn’t recognize him, because how they would recognize him,
nobody didn’t announce the reality of his existence, and what actually they need to wait for.
After him they were waiting for Him again, but he didn’t come, because it wasn’t yet the time
of his arrival. So everyone is waiting for him since his resurrection, and what do you think? Is
he coming? All that waiting, and the question should be waiting for it, it’s simply explained:
every one of us would be faced with his existence, and we all have one life and in that life no
matter how long it is, at the end of everyone’s life it will be there, because you fell asleep and
you wake up and he’s here, the man who represents us in front of Lord God.

312.]Progressive and regressive youth

By watching the television and the youth that is chosen, everyone loves the same, and
everyone enjoys while speaking, and they are wearing strange cloths and they are having
messy hair, like the Lord God didn’t invent the comp. The thing is that they can’t see, as the
older people can see, those one who were living and watching the changes and how
everything is falling apart.

The young people are living now and they think it’s not important how I look; it’s important
what kind of person I am. They don’t understand it’s something that is also considered, it’s
not the most important but everything is considered. Everything will change from the well
behavior, hair, cloths, music IT would be good for them to see the old movies and to start
applying the good from their lives.

When I’m thinking about myself, I also want to be changed, I can’t wait when will I get the
white dress. So it’s not about becoming better in your knowledge of commandments, but to
become better in every aspect.

313.] Cognitions and the homosexuality.

When people have the cognition about sin and they believe in, when they commit a sin they
understand it’s wrong and don’t want to do it again. But when they didn't want to confess the
guilt, and they don’t believe that something is forbidden, for example homosexuality, they are
not even trying to not commit the sin. Because they receive the small finger who said – we are
all people, don’t stone someone to death for their sins, because all of us are sinners. Based on
that the whole story was developed, that they want the whole hand now, and they declared it
as the normal, and those ones who disagree are not normal or democrats.

314.] Homosexuality

The democracy came from the Lord God, because He knows that all of us are the same. But
as it’s our law, the all other laws are His, which needs to come to the right conclusion.

Homosexuality existed even before, so we have the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, and we
know how it ends. Homosexuals don’t pay attention to that story which is telling to them how
the homosexuality is seen.

They think their feelings are natural and it’s not important sex of their partners, most
important is that you have the feelings for that person and that it’s natural. Natural is the only
according to the nature of the spirit.

And you need to use the cognition about the evil spirit to fight against it, it’s not easy but it’s
worth it. It’s like if you say that cheating in marriage is normal, because the two people love
each other.

Men and women are created so that the woman has vagina and the man have the penis. Her
organ is shaped like a hole, and his organ has the shape that comes inside the whole. The body
by itself tells us what is natural. Because the mankind wouldn’t exist if the man and woman
didn't unite.
315.]The king, the president or the Lord God

When the Jews came from the Egypt, their leader was the Lord God. Then they wanted to
have a king, and the kings on the Earth cannot compare with the Lord God.

Then they got king and kings who didn’t care about people, same as today our presidents and
the government do. That’s how we are all struggling today and see how we all need the Lord
God to take and form the government.

As we already know it, He already came up with the fact who will be a president, and who
will be part of the government. That’s how Sir Jesus will come to the earth with the
government made of sacred people, chosen from the other people who wanted justice and
confessions. In the Christians land everything is better now.

We are like spoiled children; we have a lot what the other people don’t have. We were already
moved closer to the kingdom as it would be. That’s why the first resurrection from the dead
was necessary, so that everyone who are determined go above and become educated for the
return so they can take their positions where the Lord God will put them, so that they can be
His represent and listen to Sir Jesus.

316.] Satan- Matrix

Satan-translated- MATRIX-translated =addition.

People are not aware that we are all living everyday in addition. What we hear and think is
what is added, and the final number is what we decide in the end. So our final number
depends on the spirits, or other things that affect our logic.

Let’s take for an example a Satan, he’s using his mind for the addition through the evil,
something reversed, forbidden, simple or anything else he knows it’s forbidden through the
Lord God.

It’s added through the evil. And because the Sir Jesus is matrix also, he is opposite from the
Satan and for him everything is added according to the good. SO we can see two different
persons with the same quality and addition through the spirit. Obviously for us everything is
added through the spirit, knowledge, logic, mercy, stubbornness, humor, consistency,
persistence and other similar or reversed things. For us, as a human beings is a problem that
we still didn’t received the perfect amount of spirit that will connect everything and give the
positive result – matrix.

Our source matrix is the Lord God, who counts everything through us and makes us. He’s
giving to everyone as much as He wants, and He achieves as much as he wants.

Some people see the future or the past, because He knows the future and the past, and
knowing it He speaks to us, what will be, then we are speaking to others what we heard.
People believes in stars and horoscopes, and they are not aware how crazy is that, because
stars don’t have the words and they are not speaking but the Lord God is the one who’s

One evening, when I was a girl, about 19 years old back then, I was returning from the
discotheque in Trogir and on the square one man stopped me, and ask for a cigarette. I gave
him the cigarette and he caught my hand and start speaking the future to me.

I didn’t trusted him, and I asked him how is possible so he can see that, and he answered me
that he’s been watching in my shape of the face, my characteristics and that’s how he’s
making the story. That’s how he told me the future that started to happen later.

I showed him my palm and told him to take a look at my lifeline is interrupted, or that I will
have two children. He told me first that doesn’t mean that I will die early, that my life will
continue and he agreed on my statement that I will have two children. What is interested- I
have three children, so what he told me based on my palm is not truth at all. But what he told
me first, that happened to be a truth.

In that time I wasn’t religious, and that’s why I asked him about my palm. Now I know that
neither the palm nor shape of my face or nose or birthmark does not represent the future; he’s
only looking at myself and hearing it, but while he hears about me, because of his backward
opinion he’s starting to make a story about my appearance; and he believes in it.

If he has the reasonable judging or faith to someone who knows the future and who speaks
whether to people or angels, he wouldn’t be in those delusions and he wouldn’t follow the
signs. When someone is telling you the future, you don’t know when it will happen. To me it
happened after 5 years.

When it came to my mind and when it started to happen what the gipsy man predicted me, it
was just before I became crazy and got the schizophrenia, and while I was sick from craziness
I was thinking all the time about some different versions of prophecy that were not truth
because I was crazy.

That’s why I don’t want to go to anyone to tell me my future, especially because of the way
they are telling it and the payment.

When people hear the future they don’t know when it will happen, and they think it will
happen now. Like when the angel told to Mary that she will conceive and the child will be
holly, that the spirit will come down on her, she said in her ignorance that she’s a virgin, not
knowing that the prophets are related to the future and that nobody knows the time, or to
whom she will marry. And the word virgin was used in the passed for the young girls.

And when the Lord God chose someone, then the spirit comes down to everyone, so that
referred to the Christ also. But Catholic’s didn’t understand it. In the same way that started
happening to me during the following years. To the David himself the Christ is predicted, and
sees how much time has pass between David and Christ.
Life in the family is both curse and blessing. Blessing because it’s easier in two, but the curse
because two is different one from another, if the one doesn’t give in it can only become

317.]The first one and the last one.

Revelation 1-17 ………………When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. Then he
placed his right hand on me and said: "Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. And the
living One; and I were dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of death
and of Hades.

According to those words, the Hades in the Bible represents the hell and the death is when
you die, so it would be logical so we are living hell- Hades when we die, and that we are
dreaming different traumatized dreams.

As far as I can see, the first would be the first one who is revived and the eternal life, the first
from the man. And the last one could have a meaning that all the people from the beginning
will be revived after him because he’s the first, and the last one everyone up to the last man,
so in that way he would be last.

He said also that owns the keys of the death and Hades. That would mean after his birth the
key was born, so we first have the key and after the key the doors are open. I can’t see any
reason why he wouldn’t open the door for everyone, because while he walks on earth, he was
preaching the forgiveness and understanding. I believe that he does understand everyone and
that he wants to forgive to everyone. But He and the Lord God is different person.

No matter that Christ understands us, because in the same way Lord God thinks the same, if
the Lord God decided to punish a rare individual, that’s how it will, happens.

As far as I can see it, those rare individuals are supposed to receive an evil no matter if they
did anything, and they will continue to receive during the life. That’s how everything comes
to the – you are born, and you didn’t want to be born, because you didn’t even existed yet,
and you are made and you receive evil only.

Now people who are receiving the evil and they can’t see what is done to them when they
were given to the evil, and it’s a problem for them like for all the others because they are in
delusion believing they are guilty and that they could do it better. They simply couldn’t do it
better, or not to be given to the evil because it’s decided for them to be given.

So if the hell- punishment happens, when they find out the truth that still they couldn’t be
better, they are sacrificed as innocent children to whom someone did injustice. When they
realize and suffer, they would wonder why me, what happened to me, I was receiving the evil
only, why the Lord God didn’t give me good as all other people received it. They will feel
like the injustice is done, and not as the guilty people who could do it better.
Considering all the versions and the logics, it wouldn’t be unusual that the eternal punishment
doesn’t exist, because the Lord God know it from the beginning and people don’t know it yet,
and the story about punishment is told for generations.

Although the forgiveness and understanding are announced to us, the mankind still doesn’t
see it like that. Because those ones who gave us those prophecies, when they hear the second
awakening from the dead, they according to their logical understanding, believing in the
punishment, say that a punishment will happen for some people.

The Lord God shouldn’t say it at all, He told them about the second awakening and didn’t
explained and because people didn’t receive new explanation, they interpret it as well as the
people from the beginning thought. You need to understand that people from the beginning
were living in ignorance and in delusions, when you know something and you think that you
believe, and then you add it also as an explanation.

The Bible is given to us by the Lord God, but only people are making mistakes in everything
and so in the writing the Bible. Let’s take for an example the story about Moses; we have two
different stories. In one story it’s told that when they were crossing the sea he was supposed
to hit with the stick so the sea open. Another one is saying that the Lord God told the Moses
to hold out hand toward the sea and that he spend whole night separating the sea with the
wind so the people can cross over.

When people are speaking one story that is transferred from one generation to another and
everyone changes a detail, like in the children’s game of the deaf telephones. You put a five
people in the circle and you whisper something to one’s ear and until that information comes
to the last one who is sitting in the circle, that information is completely misheard.

Ignorance about Lord God, sacrificing of the people and animals, everything is rejected
because it’s not true. In a same way punishment and eternal torture is idea that will be
rejected, because people still don’t understand well.

When the Christ started to announce Gospel, he thought that he only came there for the Jews,
although it’s written in the Old Testament that the alliance is for all people. He didn’t pay
attention to that. If all of us were equal, and that the Lord God do not judge people according
to their religion or color of the skin- he understood that later when he was elevated to the sky;
when he understood it, he announced it to the angels.

Although not to all of them at the same time, they disagreed about that question, believing in
the sacrifice from the beginning they were repeating that Christ was victim, instead animal.
And that’s how they interpreted to us the words of the Christ. When you are looking
considering the justice: how can be rightful that someone innocent is punished for my sins?

He sacrificed his life; he gave it for the preaching of the truth. In the same way we have a hero
from the war, who was fighting for the freedom. So whether it’s freedom or the preaching, the
both are good and the both kill you in the same way. They knew in the same way as Christ, if
they continue doing what they were doing they would be murdered. But they wanted good,
and they were murdered for the good. And people remember them according to that.
318.] Revelation 13-9 whoever has ears, let them hear! If anyone is destined for captivity, to
captivity he goes; if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed. Here is the
perseverance and the faith of the saints.

SO we are all living like it’s determined to us and not according to our own will, who would
want evil for himself? That’s how is predetermined before we were born, and when we were
born we started to receive during our life everything that is determined- decided for us to
receive it, and how to live. One received good and the other ones evil.

319.] Reborn or BORN AGAIN

It’s an expression used by Christians, so some of them who do not understand think that they
are born as the completely new persons, and actually it’s born only new holly spirit and you
receive something you didn’t have before or something that world don’t have yet. Only
chosen ones from the world receive first. So the Holly spirit is born, what is born from the
spirit – it’s a spirit, and what is born from the body is body. Body needs bread and one soul
for its food needs spirit.

That’s how more we eat food healthy for the spirit, more we become healthier. And the evil is
bad food and it makes us bad people. Although it can have a meaning as for Christ is told
first-born actually it would have a meaning birth in the eternal body. So it can mean both.

Saint John 6-6 What is born from the body, it’s body; what is born from the spirit; it’s a
spirit. You should be born from the beginning.

Saint Matthew 4-4 It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that
comes from the mouth of God.'"

Saint John 7-16 "My teaching is not my own. It comes from the one who sent me.

He didn’t mean it like he use to live in the heaven before and then came down; he want to say
that he came here to preach in all cities, and believed that he’s the representative, messenger
from the Lord God and that the Lord God send him in that way to preach. Now he’s above,
and here is with his spirit with every man.

Saint John 7-17 If anyone desires to do His will, he will know whether My teaching is from
God or whether I speak on My own.

320.] High positions

People are bad in general, and when you give them the power, they make more evil, because
of the lack of good. Many of them who were in high positions now will not be. But it’s not
their punishment, or a reward for the good people. It’s about equality, but it’s necessary to
have stairs to climb from the bottom to the end of stairs. Sir Jesus is on final stair, like our
final stair to success, and there is also the door; Lord God is behind those doors.

That’s how He speaks with him, and speaks to the chair below him. Because all the stairs are
equally important and worthy. Those stairs on the bottom are equally important because they
are on the foundations. And the foundations are an idea about creation of the mankind, which
consists from the different chairs, and every of it has its own purpose.

That’s how someone has to be the bottom stair, same as we need Christ to give us orders and
to coordinate the stairs. That’s how the one, who is down, doesn’t have to think that it’s not
fair to be down. Because someone has to be down, and there is the one who need to be. In a
same way it could be someone else. People in the future will be evaluated according to their
positions. Then the right democracy will happen, that all of us are equal no matter on their
position or the color of the skin. Or the past life, whether it was good or bad. The created

321.]How I imagine the angels as the souls without the body around us, and with it’s body in
the heaven

For a start, we have a Lord God and we are all inside of Him. Then He created angels and we
are all inside of them. Then He created Christ and we are also inside of him. That’s how He
would be the only man, who is the man in the body, and one soul in the spirit. In the end it’s a
spirit that only He has, and angels who are within Him, so He chose them for His company, in
the same way He has a place of honor where He resides with His body in the heavenly
kingdom. Although there is no statement that Lord God created a body for Himself. It’s
written –The sky is His throne, and the earth is below His feet. So even If we can’t see
literally his legs that mean that also in the Sky can’t see His head.

That’s how because He was firstly the Spirit, and after that He created the body and the
angels. And with His body He lives in one place, in the Sky, and with Holly spirit He lives
everywhere. He doesn’t need to be with His body in one place, because Angels can hear Him,
whether He speaks trough His mouth or mind. They know when He’s speaking. That’s how
he created us, but He doesn’t live with His body on the planet Earth but with the Spirit. He’s
the Whole world, and also some spirits who are part of Him.

Through them, He is controlling us, and they have Him only to directly rule them. Although
the both it’s directly, because He’s doing through them, so for that reason we don’t pray to
Angels or to Christ, but to Him because He decided to give to us.

The decision is on Him and both Angels and Christ, when they feel merciful, they ask for us
and for our good, and they don’t need the words, it’s seen in their spirit. What they are asking
and the mercy through they see it, it’s Him who showing them something in the most merciful
way, in that holly spirit, and according to that same spirit they see and feel through the mercy.

All people have their own measure of the mercy, that would be how much merciful we are to
our surrounding, what we see. In the same way the man exists and he is watching around him,
in the same way angels and Christ exists and they are watching everything.
They have different gifts from the Holly spirit, more than people. Although there are people
who can see future, past, dreams, they are healing, releasing from the evil. That’s how
everybody else who didn’t receive those extra spirits can see how everything is receiving and
they get to know Lord God, who owns everything.

That’s how people with the time received cognition who created them and who is ruling them,
and ruling around them. And how much He is and what can do, and with that cognition they
learned word ‘almighty’.

We learned the difference between good and the evil but although we know we are doing
again sometimes when we don’t see evil in the evil, thinking that looks different. As the
commandment – do not make the statues and kneel before them- some Christian’s churches
are overwhelmed with them, thinking that the commandment was related on pagans who were
living before them.
The pagans were thinking the same before, believing that people before them were pagans. So
globally watching people are from the beginning was pagans, and then the Lord God started
making them less superstitious.

That’s how we all have true religions, and those superstition religions. The more we would
see and the more we would experienced in the strict and serious way true religion, the false
religion would fade more. Because we all have cognitions about our superstitions but in a
different way we are rejected from the true faith.

We are not strong enough to resist the evil, because the evil is part of our tradition and
tradition is hard to change. Traditions will be changed and the religious holidays will stay,
that will be celebrated in the way they were made. Like some Christian’s churches recognize
a superstition, that’s how the other will understand it with the time.

And then one day the first one will be awake and they will learn the first, what the others will
understand later. Then the first ones will return to the earth and give their new cognitions to
the people on earth with the Christ in their body.

Everyone of us could be awake in the same time, but we are not for one reason, and the reason
is that the Lord God made a story about the final step of evolution that is final blessing on the
Earth, that one who all been waiting before and suffer, and those who will live in that time,
they will receive.

So people can see that the Lord God was could do that right away, but He waited until the end
so the more people could live in torments- evil-curse, so when they wake up later they can see
who give them, and who is giving to them, because people were superstitious from the
beginning believing in themselves and their own will, and when they see good, they will be
convinced where they lived and the reason for the evil they received.

They will no longer believe in they own will but they will think – we were silly, we lived
inside Him, He told to us that He created us, we were repeating that but we didn’t understand
it. Then will know who is giving a common sense, and who helps them to understand.
In this part of the life is unique time to receive the evil, because good is our eternity where we
will live. So all the evil that exists now, will not be concerned as complete evil, but as a good
that help in our construction, so we know because we lived to not control ourselves; if we
would control ourselves how come that we didn’t give a eternal life to ourselves, and eternal
blessing. Or why we weren’t better earlier?

Some people believe that Christ was here to save them, and that he’s a savior. They are no
aware at all about their delusion that is not even written in the Bible. He’s not their savior. He
works for the Savior and he represents Him.

Our savior is Lord God who announced to us through the Christ. He told him what will
happen, and he told us. There is no greater man according to his position than Christ, that’s
how I can’t see the difference why would people exaggerate something that is already great
and it can’t be greater. But people have the spirit of exaggeration, so they exaggerate
everything according to that spirit.

In Bible was always well know who is serving to whom, and that nobody isn’t equal
according position with the Lord God. Because He’s the only creator. Sir Jesus was giving his
glory to Him and not because of being polite, but because he understood who creates and who
is giving. That is said in the Bible, I’m not speaking from myself, or something that I came up
with. He was speaking what he heard and find out, and so he said it to the people, and Lord
God was deciding who will believe. The same thing is happening today. It is spoken and it is
given but only to some of people and to everyone in different measure.

If people don’t know about measure, let’s say they are in final measure of good, they
wouldn’t even know for other measure because they would live in one measure. So everything
is for watching measure in progressively giving, a step forward, and a step backward. That’s
how people can see the measure that the mankind can be repaired and then corrupted and

And the whole evolution that we all know is not enough of the evidence to mankind, that we
are making progress according to His plan. First He developed us physically, and later we will
be finished when we receive the physically eternal life.

We discovered a fire, a wheel, every discovery came in a different order and in different time
period, and old discoveries were used so the people can find out about new ones.

Because that is the journey; in a same way the three firstly get branches, then the flower then
the product. It has it own logical order. He is showing to us in order He made it.

He’s the first physician and chemist and every other science that came out of it. He’s giving
us the part of His own, and people still think- Look how smart I am; instead of – I’m so
Some Christians here in America believes that the man wasn’t the prehistoric man first, and
with his physical appearance similar to the monkey. They say the man wasn’t a monkey.
Nobody even don’t say that the man was monkey, he was the man since always but the
prehistoric man, and then with the time we started to straighten and to lose our hair that used
to protect us from the cold, because they didn’t have a houses. And considering duration of an
evolution, we could all be still prehistoric men if He only wanted that.

And that’s how long it lasted, enough for believing, to the one He wants to announce;
everyone else will be surprised later. But His plan for the mankind was that we are
progressing faster in the end, so everything that could be slower we believe it could be like
that still

That’s how all of us are progressive according to His will, in good and evil. Later, when He
decides to reduce the evil and increase the good, we will live in that. What comes next is
written in Prophets and in New Testament and Revelation.

Because it’s something He revealed to us, and with that revelation He made good to us,
because it’s better to know than to live in ignorance. And now even it’s been written so it’s
logical to know, we also don’t know, because He’s giving the logical conclusion, and when
the faith is questioned, people loose power of logical conclusion, the eyes and ears are closed.
And everything because of the conclusion that will come next.


Satan was always opposition from the Lord God, and his purpose is to corrupt the truth and
make an atheists from us. So the people because of their evil lately becoming even greater
atheist, with they way of life and lack of faith, or because of the wrong faith.

And Satan thinks that he is doing evil, by not understanding that he is in His hands and that
He put into his heart to do evil things. So the Satan is doing well to us, because in that way
you will better understand permanence of the man and from what is made a man.

And that the certain parts are making the one whole. As far as I see Satan, he doesn’t have a
parents, he only has Lord God who sees good and bad children so it’s best not to mock to
those who received evil, so the One who loves them wouldn’t offend.

Although He doesn’t speak about love about Satan, if you look at it logical neither do parents
kiss and hug their child when he does something bad, but they tells him – what did you do?

There is a time for everything. Who could love him more than his own father? To people is
scary to hear that Lord God loves Satan. Only because they don’t understand him. He doesn’t
love the evil he’s doing, He loves him same as He loves people. While we are bad now, he
loves the good inside of us, and what we will become, and He sees an evil as something He
cursed us with, so who would understand better the Reason of our evil, if not the one who
cursed us first, then it happened.
He knows if He blessed us, we would be blessed. But people don’t understand it yet, although
they say they understand, and when they are watching the other they are judging and not just
watching. People are not invited to be judges, there is only one judge. Angels and people
should be one community who thinks the same and looking the same one at another and
understands that how the good is received and how evil. And from that understanding we
need to watch on evil and good; to regret those one who received an evil and admire to anther
and see the Lord God inside of them, and realize that it is supposed to be like that.

That’s how because we are all having different goods, everyone can see the piece of Lord God
in everyone, and try not to do so; it’s like the cognition of good behavior. But it happens
sometimes, but not as much as it would be appropriate for being satisfied with progress of

All the creatures are imagined persons settled down in a body. It’s a different sparkling of
earth and different of the heaven. It’s similar to the fish; there are fishes from the freshwater
and those ones from the seawater. Fish is a fish, a soul is a soul. Because angel and man are
souls, as well as animals and everything alive.

All the creatures are imagined persons set in the body. The different is glow of the earth and
from the heaven. As the fish from the river and fish from the sea. A fish is a fish and soul is a
soul. Because angel and man are soul same as animal and everything else that is moving.


The technology, the robots who replaced humans in the enterprises, and the population is
growing and there are fewer jobs. That’s why the public property would be the best, because
the state needs money for all of us. Private owners destroyed the country and people because
it’s more useful for them to have the robots then the people. Although using robots in certain
situations is well, but when something is abused then it happening something abusive and
have great consequences.

One day when Sir Jesus comes, he will organize everything because he knows the plan of
working and the fruits that will come. So he will live in peace because everything what is
happening it will happen according to plan and it will be no surprise for him. So he
understands everything because he sees and knows everything before it happens.

He could work anywhere, in the story, a hotel or anywhere else where the man is, because
considering how people are working He’s learning how it should be, because he see how the
Lord God is doing. He knows to bake a cake, to iron the cloth and anything else what people
can. But He will not do jobs as those, it’s told only to people realize better because he’s here,
the reality and everything that comes out of it.

324.]Earthly prophets
Earthly prophets are when the prophets are not representing of the religion but they are telling
the prophets, then they are speaking only what they see but not as the Lord God sees it. For
example, we all know how the communism is atheism, and what is foreseen that after third
world war it will be peace and no wars, and a man will show up and everyone will admire to
him. And people will live well. But the question is if he is so good, how come that he do not
speak about the true religion. Because they are foreseeing that people will be even less

Because that man is, according to prophecy of Kremn, announced before the Christ arrival,
and the Bible say that before him the last antichrist will show. Those prophets think that some
invisible beings are speaking to them, instead of believing that the Lord God is speaking to
them, whether alone or through the Angels.

That’s how they see peace and the happiness, they are only speaking about that, and not what
the Lord God is thinking personally. It’s not important how communism is bad, because they
see people who are living in the public property, and state is taking care for them- socialism.

That’s how the socialism is good, but not communism – atheism. Or atheism without be
called communism. To call the people on peace because all of us are people and not pay
attention of religion, the similar thinking is making people atheists.

People are atheists even not, and it is predicted that it will be even more. That how before the
Christ’s arrival, the last antichrist need to show up, or to call it with the better name – Anti
Lord God, who will give peace to people, and late r will people see that he is not so good as
he looked like. So it can be related to communism, as the final evil, because they would
worried for the social needs of people, by jeopardizing religious.

And that’s how people will fall even deeper and deeper and the evil written in Revelation will
happen to them, and when it comes the arrival of the Christ, they will be converted because
that will be time of the good. The good will grow more and more and Christ will come and
the good will keeps growing.

That’s how people needs to be ready on arrival of the last man where they need to recognize
the Satan’s plan, so he could cheat people according to the good he spoke. People don’t take
for serious strictness of religion. Maybe it was related to the communism in democracy where
it’s democracy to be homosexual, for example uniting of the Christian churches is not good,
because if it were good, they would not be separated.

We all can be arranged according to our faith, and there is no more inquisitions to kills us.

So the Satan is like the seed, when he starts to growing you don’t know what will happen
next, and when it grows you don’t know how to get rid of it. Some religious people are able to
recognize the seed but they can’t do a thing because their party doesn’t have a power yet. So
those ones who knows what is coming can’t do a thing but to live in the world where they are
living, and to fight to not be a part of the world, and separate form it in every day, what
obviously is not easy and it’s temptation in a same time.
After the Christ come and elevate certain people, those ones who stay will cry and there will
be converting, but the problem is that the people will cool down with the time and keep going
toward they used to be. Somebody more, somebody less, and somebody completely.

And it will not affect on someone, beside notice that it happened. Like when you hear about
some accident in the world, first everyone speaks about it, and with the time like it didn’t
happened. The life goes on and it always was like that, so it’s good when something good
comes to stay although the life goes on.

Like we have the laws. So when Christ goes above, for the people it would be best to make at
least some law in Croatia, Christian’s freedom and to allow the other Christian freedom of the
faith because those ones will be elevated. They will fight against the homosexuality so they
avoid what happened in America. TO prevent nudity on television, and mention Lord God in
vain while speaking jokes, or vulgar words. The same goes for the saints, angels and Christ.
So at least something good remains.

When Sir Jesus come and elevate people above, what is positive for those ones who stay,
people will be able to find the jobs and to come on places of those ones who are elevated.
That would be possible solution to solve the crisis, if we consider how many chosen people he
brought to America so He can give them a better life. That’s how America would be improved
a little bit, and prepare for the third world war, and what is coming to them from the

That's how every written evil will happen, in a different places in the world in differetn time.
The world will probably still make the progress, we can see that people are changing for
better and for the worse. But the good that grows with time replaces evil, so we are having
one evil less. The best is when there is a progress, nobody loves stagnation.

Who would think it would be like that, and what will happen with the time? And the
culmination on Earth for a mankind will be when Christ comes back on Earth to stand and
rule and it will be finished in heaven.

Sometimes when I’m imagining the Heavenly kingdom, some children will be born above,
because they mothers were pregnant in the time of elevation. Or the small babies who died,
they are children of chosen, how will those children enjoy and be happy because they died as
a children, or they are born above. Speaking globally, it’s best to have in this life a lot of
children, because there are no more multiplying above.

325.] The fishermen

As far as I see, the expression – fishermen is mention in whole Bible. As far as I see, those
people who considered themselves fishermen are apostles and even apostles nowadays are
more feeders of the fishes – people.

Because when the man goes for fishing he doesn’t catch anything because of his fishing, Lord
God is catching fishes by himself, and his job is to do fishing – to choose. Or job that is
actually apostle’s job is more feeding the world with the words, so that the God is giving us
food, and we are throwing it all over the world so a large amount is thrown in vain. And He
brings those fishes to the food. Bible is nourishment, that’s why it needs to be available
financially to all people through the donations.

That’s how when I imagine myself as a fisherman, it’s boring when I can’t catch anything, on
the right sea it’s possible to catch something at least sometimes, and with the Gospel is like
I’m catching the golden fish.

Sometimes I feel that is in vain, but the feeling doesn’t last, because I know that I shouldn’t
be worried about fishes who don’t it. My job is to throw the food only.

And when it comes to the gold fish, I’ve already understood that there are rare, and all the
other version of the Gold fish, who are gold but they are not the one I’m waiting for.

When I come to the sky, all the fish will be gold, those ones who thinks now that are golden
still don’t know how they will actually look in the future, and be like the one I expecting now.

And it’s not that I’m expecting, I’ve lost my hope, and I don’t care anymore, as far as I can
see I control nothing, neither myself, neither the other people. There is no common sense; I
don’t have control over the other people’s thoughts, neither my own. I’m the imagined story
that exists in the mind of the Lord God, He made that story very well and I can’t convince
Him to change something.

He’s one strong person, because if He isn’t, He wouldn’t last through the evolution that is
slow to us, and all those evil that we felt, and lately He gave us so many good as in Heaven,
and then again He gave us to the new evil that are sprout, reversed from the normal.

That is a basic motto of the Satan and it’s not necessary to be smart for that. He’s considered
as smart one, and as far as we can see he is not very smart. I think that the Lord God probably
wanted to show to other angels, how He made the Satan as the name for an evil, from
someone who used to be an example to angels.

That’s how everyone can know that He’s deciding who will be above and who will be below,
and change their place if He wants, so they wouldn’t think it’s normal to be where they are.
I’m not saying that they didn’t know it, but now they know on example, on a deed, so not just
they are seeing it, but truly understand and see it.

I’m writing everything that comes to my mind. I’m not thinking about words order, because I
can’t. I forget. It’s not given to me different. And I’m repeating the sentences often.

326.]Aren’t we all from the same sheepfold.

Why would someone chosen thought that he’s better from the others. We were part of the
world and He took us from the world. Why would I think that I’m special when I know what I
hear and how do I preach, I’m the part of the world who received bread, so I’m not hungry for
a Lord God’s word. And the other ones who are hungry, in the same way that I was, they
don’t even know they are hungry, because it’s another type of hunger.
When you star eating that bread, you want more and you don’t even know how much you will
receive it later. That bread you eating are almighty Spirit who tells you what to do and who’s
working through you and single out from the world. Whether according to the deeds or as the
point of completeness of a soul. You don’t look from above those who didn’t receive the
bread. I came from the rock and the torture and bitterness, Peter and Mira and I’m living the
both, rock and the torture, and I’m shining with the well known light- that is what my name

327.]Coordination in space.

We are inside of Him, which means that He’s inside of us. He knows everything that is
happening around us, and we knows only what comes to our mind, what He decides that we
hear. So He knows what is behind us, and what is on our left and right side, then our body is
coordinated to not hit on something, because He’s inside us, and we are living through that, so
He’s living through us. He’s making us alive, and He’s fulfilling from His perfection what He

That’s why we have very capable people, and also those one who are not capable at all. That
would be a proof to people that He can do whatever He wants, and everything happens
because He decided to do so. Or musical genius, or scientists. That’s all He is.

That’s how we can se Him in other people, because He created us on His spiritual image, and
not physical, because He’s not human, doesn’t have the human body, nor body of angel or an

If He has a body it would be a unique body, because there is one Lord God only and one body
like that. How that body looks like, we probably couldn’t even imagine. But as far as I can
understand, He would have arms because arms are good body part, and they are serving us
well, and He would also have legs, because legs are also serving us well; but maybe He didn’t
create a body for Himself, because if He would need arms He could use arms of angels and
humans. He’s thinking, creating, love, but there is one thing only He doesn’t have – it’s anger.

People are angry because of lack of understanding, and anger comes out of it. If you are not
mad at the retarded man, then you should not be angry at any other human being, but when
you see the lacking on the man that are making you mad, you wouldn’t be mad if you would
had the mind like the Lord God. You would know what is going on and that the person simply
received bad, and that you should feel sorry for him and sympathy because probably you are
not perfect either. After that you receive the sympathy as the logical conclusion that is part of

Same thing is with children who are not listening and doing different from the normal rules;
you need to try to hold a discipline, but if you have obedient children then they are doing by
themselves what you want, and they are even better than you.

That’s how if the human spirit is not normal, neither man is fitting in normal world and its
own views. But if the world thinks that something is normal but actually it isn’t, then we are
all mad, and we don’t even know about it. And there are not much those ones who know, so
they don’t have influence on the world and basic population.

328.] the religious spirit disturbs peoples understanding.

Religious spirit is the spirit who said – my religion only is the right religion, and that spirit
doesn’t allow other religions to be involved. That’s how everyone is repeating only their
words, and don’t even read a Bible, thinking that know everything and that everything is what
he believes.

When you sad that two and two are four, but if in their religion it’s said that it’s five, they
would say it’s five no matter you prove them differently.

That how Holly Bible is full of evidences, and reasonably conclusions, and as far as I can see
it would be the best to take one intelligent atheist to interpret you what is written, that is
actually logical.

But there is a reason for everything, and people will be convinced one day, they will see who
is giving them reason and faith, because when they see how unreasonable they were in simple
examples, it would be an evidence for the spirit of understanding, and it’s not something that
you always have but it’s something that you need to receive.


If you think for a while, we have a Satan who makes us bad people, and does Satan has to
make him worse. Isn’t he made as he is by the Lord God? That’s how we are all guilty for the
evil Lord God gave to us, I’m not sure that the evil comes from Satan, maybe it comes from
our backwardness.

And some things that Satan is doing to us, things he’s obsessing us, and we can’t do
differently, because we don’t have almighty spirit shown through Christ. That’s how we are
left to him to torture us and destroys us. Because he’s made for that.

I think that people will not be guilty for what Satan is doing through them, because Lord God
knows that they are obsessed and can’t do differently from the thing they are obsessed with.
Although by the cognition that He’s here, and not living according to that cognition we are

When my biologically father tells me to do something, I’m doing it the same moment. But
when I’m alone and Lord God brings something to my mind to do it, I’m not paying attention
to that. I will do it later or I’m not feeling like I would do that now, or I don’t even have an

So if the people would live like He’s here, everything would be different. We simply have a
cognition that He’s here, but not spiritually experience that he’s here, so we don’t listen to it,
we are not living in the same reality, we only knows that reality exists.
That’s how everything depends from the spirit, if the spirit is good, you are good too. If it’s
bad, you are bad too. I think that Lord God doesn’t actually care too much for our sins as we
think, because He invented them, and He will not understand it as an evil from us, and He will
forgive because He understands what does it mean impossibility and to be in the spirit where
you are not.

But people no matter they should understand the sin as something bad, because in evil there is
nothing to be loved, only good is to see how people are not good at all because of their own
kindness, like they are existing for themselves, and not as the Lord God created them, and to
use it as an evidence so they can be who they want to be. But no matter how much evil He
gave to people, people are still living in the greater good; it’s more good people than the bad
people. Although those ones who are good enough are rare.

The most people have been ruined through their government and kings who were bad to them.
In the same way people are taking care for their children, the government has the same duty.

But as far as I can see in the Christian’s lands it’s been better than in the other countries
lately. Although their sins grew with the time. So many good happened in last 50 years and
also in my life, and you simply get used to new and what was before like it didn’t happen.

When people wouldn’t understand evil so seriously, and think – we can’t do it better anyway,
the new evil would originate from that. When people get the cognition about it, they should be
careful so the new evil doesn’t happen to them.

And that is said as the cognition about existence of something that can happen to progressive
Christians. And in the same time they need Lord God so He can take care of everything
through them and that will happened through paying attention in thoughts, and with the good
deed that comes out of that cognition. You can’t even think or do, unless He does it through

330.]How do I imagine existence of the punishment.

People used to sacrifice animal and people in first, now we all know it’s not normal and its act
of savage.

Then people believed that only good ones are going in Heaven. Then the forgiveness is
announced and showed to us. The good one are holding the world, but in that kindness and
giving of good they didn’t try not giving, and they don’t know what is like when you don’t
know what you will receive and when you are waiting to receive. Those ones who receive
later, they know how easy they received, and if they weren’t, they would be more evil.

That’s how believing that the Lord God is creating us, and that He knows we can’t do better
without Him, and in the same time He announced that to us in the Bible, and also say that
He’s the one who is giving good and evil, why would I believe to all of the people who were
writing Bible, with their backward opinion that comes from the past, and that was given from
one generation to another, because while watching Christian people and the way they
understand it now, and if I see that I understand it better, why would I believe to someone
who lived 100, 2000 years ago or even before it.

A man is a man.

So now everyone to whom I spoke and share my views that I heard according to decision of
the Lord God, everyone thinks that I’m stupid and I don’t understand anything, and that I’m
Christian in delusion.

I sometimes look scary, but also the Christ looked scandalous when he was preaching that he
is going above and that he will be inside all of us.

They would always judge and consider scandalously represents of Lord God, and seeing that
it’s normal for people to look like that on me, I don’t care because I know that the people are
watching and considering as well as it’s given to people to understand, and I understand in a
way it’s given to me.

So based on that understanding, I’m looking at them as someone who didn’t receive and I
think and I can see how much Lord God blessed me. If I lived in the Christ’s time, when we
would be together, Lord God would be between us.

I would say to him what the Lord God told me, and he would told me what the Lord God has
been told him, then the Lord God would decide whether I will agree with what he told him,
and would he agree on what I told him.

But I didn’t lived before, I’m living now and the Sir Joshua is here with me so he is telling me
what is determined to tells me and he’s holding what he’s said, and making to be power of
almighty spirit. So by watching me as the deed, something for what he died so the people will
become more progressive, probably he would prefer that there are more progressive people.
We are all having wishes that are not wishes of the Lord God to happen.

And evil or the punishment according to the logic is at the same time punish or redemption
and in the same time educational measure, and good, solid, shaped cognition, one soul.

In the Bible itself we are having an example when he refused to help women, because she
wasn’t a Jewish. She said to him – even dogs are eating the crumbs that fall from the master’s
table. That is an example how Lord God can be between two people and make them
reasonable, in the same way He did it with Christ.

I had to tell everything, because I believe it’s a truth, and I’m not ashamed, and I’m not afraid
to tell the truth about what I hear. It’s forbidden to people to be ashamed of Lord God or Sir
Jesus or angel, or anything else connected with them, and also is ashamed of friends.

When you read all of this, you will probably think that I’m a little bit crazy and that I’m
elevating myself, but it’s not about elevation, I’m just saying for all the good in my life only
Lord God is meritorious. It’s forbidden to lie even when you know that people will mock you,
even then you are not lying.
It’s better to please the will of Lord Gog than the will of man. So when people say for me that
I’m crazy Lord God will think they are crazy. He would be my justice and the opinion of
people isn’t important, while He’s on my side. And that is always in good and evil. He
understands everything. And people who are judging me are not really a problem for me,
because I know that I’m right.

It’s different when you are guilty and you bend your head down, and when you are innocent
and rightful then you are standing on your feet and do not pay attention, you are not alone in
the faith.

And he was speaking that he’s not speaking his own words, but what he heard, and he was
sent to walk from one city to another and to tell what he heard, as many before him who were
murdered. If he were equal, he wouldn’t have to ask. He would do without asking, and he
wouldn’t thank for anything, because the Lord God neither is thanking to himself. That’s how
the one who is receiving and who knows who is giving to him, will be thankful because he’s

He came from heaven once after he was resurrected and ascended to heaven and after that he
was coming 40 days and spoke with apostles. Although he’s also the bread that came out of
heaven- because what Lord God is telling us is bread that came down from heaven, because
what the Lord God is told us its brad, it’s something important. In that way He gave us
spiritual bread. And for physically He’s worrying in the same way He worries about birds.

Acts of apostles 1-3 After his suffering, he presented himself to them and gave many
convincing proofs that he was alive. He appeared to them over a period of forty days and
spoke about the kingdom of God.

Acts of apostles 1-4 ............... but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days
from now.

And that is the time of feast, seven weeks, if we count 50 days from Saturday, the holiday
Spirits. Christians now believe and celebrate that holiday right after Easter because they
believe that the received when he showed himself to them. And according to Bible it’s when
the feast starts.

Act of apostles 2-2 When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one
place............... And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit ..........

331.] Exchange of the spirits

The evil expelled good and the good expelled the evil. Mighty and almighty. We are living in
those two and we are not either powerful or almighty. That’s why people would say that we
are living in the mercy of the Lord God, what ever He decides. To give us to a Satan or to
release us from the Satan. Miserable are those ones who are waiting to be released, because
nobody knows when it will happen. Blessed are those who are not given to Satan.


As far as I hear from today’s Christians, when they received first, they thought they received,
they are chosen.

Then they started to think that actually is not they received but it’s like that because they are
simply more reasonable than the others, so that’s why they understand. Suddenly they started
saving themselves all of the sudden. It’s also what is preached to them in the churches, they
are looking at the others thinking that they are better than them, forgetting how they were part
of the world also, until they became separated from the world.

They claim to believe that He’s the one who is choosing them, but then again they say it’s
because of their serious points of views and consistency. In that way those ones who are
falling would be less consistent, and actually their fall can help them to see rightly from where
they fell, and not like those ones who are not falling, they think it’s because of their personal

Those who are not falling are preachers, and those who understand are in the last line, and
nobody listen to them. That’s how those preachers are spoiling those who are falling by
giving them disturbance, and taking them peace that the Lord God announced and gave
through the Sir Christ.

Satan got involved there, and he are spreading the disturbance through the preachers.

Blind people are led by blind people. Deaf who can’t hear the Lord God, but they are
speaking themselves. But when someone is both blind and death, he is an invalid, so nobody
hold anything against him. Because how to see or to hear when the eyes or ears are not open

He blinks with their eyes and speak a sound; but it’s important to watch and not to squint, and
turn sounds into the words. That’s how they know about eyes and ears, but they don’t know
about everything they can’t see, and everything they can’t hear.

When they come to the heaven, they will be healed, and they will see how sick they were
without even knowing that. They didn’t have cognition about evil, because He didn’t want to
give it to them. He left a lot for a later, because He didn’t care to improve present.

Everything belongs to Him, He’s the one who is judging that’s how if He doesn’t mind
backwardness of people, people don’t need also to judge one another, by burring the small
ones, like they are not sick enough in the fire; and they are elevating themselves above the
others instead of good they received; they speak – I wouldn’t do unless the Lord God did it, I
would be the same as you, poor you, It’s good that for me isn’t the same as to you.

Poor me, there are nobody to heal me, unless the Lord God wants it.
In the beginning it’s told that the husband is above the woman. As far as I can see it, there are
no logic in that at all, because you have women who are far better then the men, and also the
better men than the women.

I think it’s impossible that one is above the other, when both of them need the other, let’s take
for an example conception of a child. Every extremity has its own purpose, people are His

From the beginning men were abusing women, I wouldn’t be surprised if the women later will
have the better position. But then again it’s rightful and logical because better job would be
something like jobs in the offices and similar, and to leave a man physical work when they are
built for it.

And when the one start manufacture with the help of robots, then all of those who are using
the people will bankrupt or fire those people and buy a robot. You can survive if you join, or
you are out. That’s why there should be laws that allow only certain number of robots.


As far as I can see, women in certain age came to menopause with a reason, and men can’t
have an erection and their sperm dies, and there can be certain retardation, the same can
happen to an older woman.

Everything is logical; when you are young you can better take care for the children and later
for grandchildren. Because sex exists only for reproduction, and the spirit of people when
they get excited – it only exists that people want to have sex, if they don’t want to, there
wouldn’t be the world, or it would be smaller, because men could always rape the women,
because they are physically stronger.

And that wouldn’t be right. And so when your body fails, you have no more point to have sex,
because there will be no more children. And one day in eternity, sex will disappear totally,
and we will be like angels in heaven, who don’t married. That’s why people are little bit wild
because they should actually contain their spirit, and have sex only when they want to have
children. Now everyone is wild and they are surrendering to the spirit, where they are making
the act in vain.

That would be my logical opinion. Although I don’t know about example in the Bible that is
speaking about that theme. Although the Saint Peter preached celibacy when he was
murdered. Although he probably preached celibacy in the manner to not married so you can
serve better to the God. In other case you need to firstly take care about wife and children and
then for the Lord God.

That’s how you have two worries and you torn between them. That’s why it’s better to be in
one way. People still don’t have announced cognition about sex, so it might be allowed
although it’s better if you have sex only in order to conceive. That’s how I see, the better and
worse exists, who wants the better can try, and someone will be eventually be chosen for the
better. That would be logical conclusion.

When people are going to eat and they are thinking about the meat, and if there is no meat
they are missing it. When someone is a vegetarian he doesn’t think about meat and he doesn’t
miss it. In shortly – approach in the spirit is the same in food. When you are eating the
spaghetti you don’t miss the meat, because you are approaching them in the spirit- I’m going
to eat spaghetti. If you think – I need a peace of meat with spaghettis, then you are missing the

Satan is doing everything through the evil because the spirit of evil is added to him. If he
didn’t have spirit of evil, he would still be, as it’s written in the Bible, pleasant company for
the Lord God, with whom He could have pleasant conversation. Because He made him from
the best spirits and fullness, and from those fullness He made his reaction, words and
conclusions. So when He would speak to him, it would be closest by the intelligence, how the
Lord God is thinking, one more interesting point of view but through the different spirit than
He’s watching through it currently.

So when the Lord God is thinking, He’s thinking from the different approaches for the same
idea, through the different spirits, but in restrictions of good, justice and logic, everything that
is added in order to come for the good conclusion. When you are speaking with someone
about some theme, and that person doesn’t seem interesting to you, but when the Lord God
was speaking with the good Satan back then, his ideas and the views were interesting because
they were actually coming to the Lord God’s mind, but trough the Satan.

That’s how He would listen to His own different views as long as He is speaking with
someone else. But He has own opinion, and somebody else his own, which doesn’t have to be
wrong, but the Lord God decides something for His own reasons.

If you are made perfectly in the fullness, then everything is going well, and comes out well.
It’s like when you are watching the debates between two different groups of people. The one
are saying how they see it and the others how they see. Then you from everything that is
added and subtracted from both of them you come to the perfect conclusion.

In order to understand Him, you need first to believe in this statement: I’m giving both good
and evil. And evil that is given to us is not from the evil but from the idea about showing the
creatures what is inside them and also around them, so they can understand way of their
existence and different details from which are the made of.

It’s like when he took the body, revived it because He’s alive in us, and make it full of spirits,
so He decided for spirits to receive and to be full of the understanding of themselves, and
that’s how to become the improved creations.

It’s like when you are buying a car so you are adding additional equipment to it. The same
was before, part of one soul, then the evil came who showed us how good we have, and from
the evil came understanding, and that is another, and then the one become two from the
With the arrival of the evil, and watching the people now they know how that good they have
is not normal to be like that, and it’s not up to their normality, but normal is how the Lord
God thinks, and what He’s making is as much as he wanted to give to all of us to be. And it
will be good.

Take a look at what peace in the form of patience and consider the length of evolution,
because He knows that He is living forever and He experience years in a different way. So if
the people experiencing and believe in their eternal life, they would also experience now
everything differently, like if you now imagine yourself in a future, 5000 or 100000 years
after, this would be only beginning for you. That much of the good is coming later.

Like when you were in mother’s womb and you didn’t know for the better, you were just
standing there for a nine months. You didn’t even know how good is to stretch or to breath or
to speak or eat.

This life is like a womb; you are struggling, then when you are born, you are born in eternal
life, the one will be born first, and the other will be born second. And everyone will be born in
a same. Those ones who are sacrificed to the evil as a discipline lesson to us, it’s a question
will they be punished because they couldn’t do it better. Because they have no control. Or will
the sacrifices be known who Lord God scarified for the sake of everybody else and for their
own sake. And as a reward they will be better rewarded, because they will see the difference
between good and evil. And understand on their own life, and not only on the story of
someone else.

It’s when people said that can’t understand the Lord God’s mind, or it evil will be continued
and part after it punishment. About punishment we are thinking only because they taught us to
do so, and about non existence of the punishment we are hoping based on knowing what the
Lord God is thinking. Although He could decide to stop the evil but also to continue the evil,
for which is not logical at all to be eternal.

335.] is it boring to the Lord God to be alone in the eternity

He created bodies, and what is inside of body is only what the body needs. Because what is
inside hasn’t have need for the body because it’s alive even without body, and it’s giving to
the body to live.

Different spirits are making one soul. That’s how He creates everything and He thinks
everything, He doesn’t have anyone to speak with, but only with himself. It’s boring not to
have anyone else beside himself.

Maybe souls firstly existed only in His mind, then He created them body, and everything
around them, Earth for walking and everyday’s life. That’s how he creates a person, but not
always to speak but He imagines it as it will be and what it would think and think and create.

That’s how He created our communications. That’s how I see it, it is far better this way then
when He was alone without every good ideas that later come as a good hobby in the
Although people when receive good think they are punished by not knowing that is
determined to people to receive evil, and there are different types of evil that people receive
more or less.

We have Job himself, who was a positive man, but given to the evil. He didn’t know why as
well, but in the beginning of the story it’s written that the God gave him to the evil because he
didn’t try it before.

That’s how Job continued to think well even when he was in evil. He wondered what he have
done, and prophet told him that must been something he did, although the evil wouldn’t
showed up. And the beginning of the story, which represents Lord God, said that he wasn’t
punished but just given.

And when the prophets are talking, sometimes they are speaking from their own
understanding and that is not the same when the Lord God is speaking, when they are
speaking literary messages.


It’s not appropriate for grown up children to jump on their parents like they are small. Adults
can feel uncomfortable, and to act like it’s normal, because children can’t see an evil in that.
That’s why people usually tell to their children – don’t jump on my like you are a small child.

337.]Possibility of watching – noticing.

A man can sit in front of the wall like there is nothing on that wall, then the Lord God focus
your eyes on some detail and then you see, you are noticing. That’s how the same man could
notice it or not notice it. Ti would be proof for noticing, evidence. And when you are reading
the Bible it happens often.


Lord God seems like playing billiards alone, and then after He played it alone He decides that
white ball is good and the black ball is an evil. That’s how when the black one wins and fall in
a hole, and white stays where it is, then its even, because one player who was on the dark side
and one player on a good side played.

When the black ball falls in a wrong hole and the white ball also do not stay on the table, then
one evil is gone because it lost the game, and the good lose next time because after that the
new evil arrives, and that’s how everything is changed, both of them are losing and winning,
because one player is playing.

That’s how He wants good and evil, the mind is divided. Although it’s resolved for good that
is beginning and basic, he realized that need black also that would be light in a white.

When it came, everyone realize something new and understood that after the twilight comes
dark. And then all the whites were visible in the darkness. That’s how we are like the billiards
pool, white and black is controlling our lives, what the green table can do, it’s a place for

339.]Parsimony – Waste

A man can be frugal and extravagant. How it’s possible to be both. The question is what
would you be in that case – frugal or extravagant? You hear from your parents thought about
parsimony and you behave in a same way and then you hear thoughts on wasting. That’s how
you are saving sometimes and sometimes you are wasting. And what you would be depend on
what are you. When you grow up and become independent, your parents don’t support you

Although our parents were raised to be more humble than us, it would be their advantage.
Everyone who is spending a money hiding that from parents, in order they do not make a
comments that you disagree. And if it comes to that situation, it’s best to mumble decently.
That’s how every young man thinks he knows what he’s doing, and that’s how probably their
parents thought, because their parents were more patrimonial.

As far as it seems to me, for people the only hope is to learn on their own mistakes and hope it
will not repeat, not be like a donkey that keeps hitting his head against the same wall, and
who will be a donkey, that will Lord God decide.

340.]Keeping our children safe

People think they are keeping their children safe, they don’t understand that He keeps them
safe even when parents are not present. And we still have a Satan that can occupy you with
something and in a same way give an idea to the child to jump through the window and to try
flying like a bird, or anything that a child may see on a cartoon.

So many children fall through the window. I caught mine in the last moment, I didn’t know or
see that she was behind the curtain that was down to the floor. I simply turned around and
went to check and my daughter was a step close to fall out.

The same happened to one of my colleagues: the grandchild fell through the window and he
was seriously hurt.

Well known proverb is – take care of yourself and the Lord God will take care of you also;
but if it’s old and antique it doesn’t means that it’s true.

People keep repeating that from one generation to another and actually it’s related to the
cognition that you need to do certain things, and then He brings those cognitions to your mind
and makes it through you.

For example: not to put your hand in a fire, not cross the street with eyes open etc.

It’s not possible to people to preserve themselves, that’s why we have Him to protect us or
not, as He wants. Because what means to Him to preserve a men from the accident, you can
simple not to go somewhere and stay alive.
He wants us to die and to have different accidents, because He save the preserving for an end,
and He’s doing it with a purpose, so can show to us in eternity and how we could see who is
he and to understand that he’s with us all the time and inside us and He knows what we will
do next, because everything was already determined.

People thinks that when somebody dies in an accident, if he didn’t go on that place he
wouldn’t be dead now. They don’t understand at all it’s not about where someone went. It’s
all about simply true, Lord God decided that the person lived enough and that was a day to

There wasn’t anything to do differently, because there is only one judgment – a death.

And those ones who dies or dies in accident, they don’t lack anything because they are
sleeping, and those who stay after them are feeling bad. Lord God is giving reversed from
blessing to all of us, for we will live eternally in blessing and now it’s the unique chance to
release the evil on people and not preserve them from evil. Why would they, when his plan is
creation of an evil.

But He’s limiting evil given to the people and rare are the people who receive a lot of evil.
But those who receive it more are poor. Because extra evil is an extra torture. And who would
want extra torture? Nobody!

But as far as I can see it doesn’t happen to the people what they want but it’s happens to them
what the Lord God wants. And they don’t understand it completely. And that’s why evil exist,
so we can understand better later. Something they want and think to do, it’s normal to be like
that. That’s how the Lord God makes what ever He wants you to do. Those are His ideas.

He’s giving a relief from an evil and condolence in the spirit. People can’t see what good they
received in evil because they feel bad still, maybe they should meet those who received the
same evil and they are feeling even worse.

341.]the invisible manacles

People don’t understand that all of us are living in manacles. Someone is ironbound in bad
prison and someone in good. In bad prison you can’t even move or come in good and enjoy.
And in good prison are happy because they are ironbound and prevented so they can’t reach
the bad prison.

We have manacles in house, some people you can’t drive away from the home and the other
ones you can’t keep in there. It’s all about that the chain isn’t good if it’s too short or too long.

People need to have manacles: job, husband, children, family, Holly Bible. I didn’t mention
the church because as far as I can see it’s better for Lord God to preach you than the church,
at least for now. Usual normal things, and everything mildly. And He’s preaching when you
are reading the Bible. Everyone is holding onto their and not letting go!
That is given a practical! Lord God is giving because His own practical, everyone in a
different amount, by taking from His own perfect completeness. I’m living in the reality, yet
I’m not there.


When people arrive in heaven, the religion will disappear; the reality will stay behind it.
That’s how you are thinking daily about religion and later you will live, go to work, hang out,
do sport, everything you are doing now but better. Only think religion will leave to you will
be knowledge and understanding where you are living and in which way you are living. You
will receive the new words to express yourself in Lord God and in the truth.


Now our judicial system is made according to the laws that are protecting rights, those ones
who are defending themselves and those ones who are not. Everything is made according to
the cognition that there is someone always who is wrong and who is right.

In order to not come to injustice, its better that innocent does not go to jail. Later on hopefully
Lord God will put the judges and speak through them, what is a punishment for whom and he
will no need a lawyers but they will come to listen the judgment. So as He said so it will be.

If someone is unsatisfied with that system, he can leave the US that will have one president –
Sir Joshua, Emanuel Christ – Jesus.

Until everyone accept it. Everything will be easier because Lord God will make everything
like that, and in the same way release the people from the evil until the last evil, before
everyone else wake up. He will have a military for self-defense and for defending people in
injustice. They will help to all people from other states in their needs for food and mercy and
spread the truth and the Lord God will change them step by step. With His spirit and not with
military force. Until everyone do not bow.

Some Christians think it’s blasphemy when I say that not everybody will accept when He
send Sir Jesus with the saints on earth, but in Bible said that rain will not fall; currently I can’t
remember where is that in Old Testament...

Here, I found it, and I recommend reading whole Zechariah for it’s a prophecy.

Zechariah 14-17

If any of the peoples of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD
Almighty, they will have no rain.

But with the time all generations will bowl, it’s written also.

344.]The Lent –fast

As far as I see, the fast that is traditionally held before Easter for 40 days is not in accordance
with the Bible study. In the Bible is written not to swear on anything, neither with heaven nor
earth, because you can’t make a single hear to be black nor white.

The Lent can be only by the Lord God for He’s the only one who can do what He said, and
for people is unreasonable to sear to Him that will do something, because He doesn’t conduits
with himself, but He’s the one who is doing everything.

Many people do it, and many people fail it. And those who fail, according to the rules of the
Lent or religious rules, they should be punished for what they didn’t do, and they vowed to do

That’s how it’s really serious thing to swear, when you are aware what can happen if you
don’t do it. So you can improve yourself but not to vow to do it.

Because those who don’t fulfill and receive the evil because of it, that act will be remembered
in eternity, that they don’t rule themselves.

As far as I can see, raising children would be only to support them and to direct those in what
are they good, and you should be as a guardian for the bad things and take care of them.

You need to know if they are having the spirit that is strive toward the evil, they will have
success in making something, and nobody will blame you for that because it’s known; you
only need to reduce the amount of evil. Anything is not possible. Cognition.

But what children need, I’m the child that need to receive so to do what it is supposed to do in
a certain situation. Every day I see my impossibility and I feel displeasure. Although I know
and understand I don’t have relief, only when I’m just passing by not thinking about it.

As far as I can see, it’s good too.

When it’s spoken about evil that will come in Revelation, and behind every evil said that
people are not still converted- changed, nobody speaks about people who will not be chose,
and again their God is Lord God and they are believing in the existence of the Sir Joshua –

Lot of them will receive to be more awaken and those chosen ones will be more progressive
and opposite form this now will be preacher, because the real truth is opposite form this now,
and the old one is delusion.

It’s written – I swallowed book, and it was sweet as a honey in my mouth, and it embittered
my stomach. There is a need to preach it again. And that will be preached and now is what
embitters the stomach. As far as I can see I’m the much more progressive then the other
people in this time; later people will think the same as I.

If I’m wrong, some of them will receive better and the truth is that someone will receive the
Christ will out of nowhere announce when he comes with people what is the truth and how to
consider reality in the right way. He will not come to judge and to reprimand, but to make
peace, to be a leader to the people, a leader that people can listen in peace and not consider his
decisions, because he will know that have it own reasons, and if someone don’t understands it
will listen to him the same, because they will know that he really knows.

345.]About beasts.

When people are speaking in the spirit, what is bad in the spirit where they are speaking and
listening sounds like it’s in the same spirit. For example a curse with the animals. People
saying that, but they are saying it in cute way so it doesn’t seem like curse. But it’s so
scandalous, even in Bible it’s written to not mix people and animals, and it’s said in the curse.

Although the mouse and the man can’t go together it’s simple to say. When people are in
certain spirit they don’t think about what they are speaking because are inside of the spirit that
deceives you, and not in the spirit that is paying attention on the literary and the true meaning
of the words, for words are something that represents something or it’s related to something
and connect. They have their meaning.

When I was the most sinful, after that not in order to punish me but in order to bless me, I
would stop doing what I’ve been doing and I was converted. He was doing it by knowing that
He gave me to the evil, because He knew that and loved me and for the sake of mercy, He
decided to give me a blessing. That’s what He’s doing: He’s giving the people to the evil and
then people are doing the evil.

And when He bless you, then from the good comes out of blessing. By knowing all that He
chose the most sinful to be His represents – a servant in the government and administration,
social and economic system in eternity.

As far as I can see it would be best for America to divide, and those ones who want to have
state based on the religion to separate from the others. In a same way they were first making a
protest against the catholic, it would be best now to protest against the state that allows the
homosexual marriage and allows all of those evil on the television, Satanism and
superstitions. To keep the common army and make a law that people decides when their army
will go to war and not some individual to decide like the country belongs to him.

They are here to work for people and not to use the force for realizing their privates’ ideas and
wishes. That’s why is the best to vote for everyone and let it be as it is. And to separate
because this makes no sense at all, for the country is evil and perverted and it stands for the
other perverted against the Lord God and His commandments and points of views.

That’s how there are spirits of evil who are invented in advance in order to give people,
because they are idea about creation of opposite from the good, and the name for it is an evil.
Only that how Lord God could show us on example what is evil and powerlessness.

While the angels were in good, simply on day Lord God decided that something is missing,
they were looking like the dolls, they wasn’t real enough. They didn’t know well enough.
That’s why He decided to give them additional knowledge about Himself and His existence.
Then He took his first angel and made an evil.

If we take a look around us, on the people also all of us can be better build, because we will
understand on the opposition, when someone have an accidence, we see how it is when the
Lord God saves you from the accident. When you are sick how good is to be healthy and how
well made body is.

When your mind is slow and you can’t remember, who will tell you the past and makes a
communication, where does it come from. If we are different, it would be to show us, that
there are many different ideas.

There are many evils, and everyone will disappear when everything is finished and evil is
gone. Because this now is nothing, we are living in eternity, we fall asleep, we wake up and
we are continuing in the sky.

When you are a child you don’t have yet to think about how short life is. In the heaven we
will think same as the children. Who would live in eternity counting days, one more has
passed, only you will exist, when the stability of the soul made Lord God for a company, one
new person imagined and put in body. We all have one different spirit inside of us and that is
how we look like, and how the Lord God is experiencing our appearance, so our experience of
others are based on physical appearance.

The meditation is breathing; some people only can meditate because it’s something that you
need to receive. So those one who are defined for it, they are doing. And those ones who don’t
receive it, they can’t. That’s why not all of us are meditating. But problem is because
Buddhists are meditating toward their Buddha and Christian if they want to meditate just need
to think on breathing and on the Lord God.

We often call people crazy, but I’m the man as they are, it’s like that for one reason - the act
of craziness happened. We can’t see it now, but later when we are in the perfection of the
spirit of good and accordance, when we take a look at our previous life, we will think that we
lived in His presence and acting like He’s not there.

It’s made like that so He can show to us that He could do the well right away, but He decided
to do differently. He uses to give us step by step through the evolution until now and progress
is in different time frame. Everything is done for one reason, the proof of creation.

Permanence of the creator and creation, and the way that actually is ruled with us, and not that
we are ruling ourselves or that we are creating by ourselves.

We will know that all of us had the same impression, and this now will be slightly if we
consider the amount of good and eternal life. Nobody thinks about time spend in mother’s
womb, and the lesson will be inscribe in us.

346.] Sacrifices for the smell

As far as I can see, Lord God doesn’t like at all the smell of meat, it’s disgusting to Him.
Because how the Satan is doing, he’s thinking is based on opposite from normal. He’s
maddening the people because he can. People were sacrificing even other humans then the
animals, now it’s less of it but we are still pagans.

The word pagan comes from the thoughts when you have raised people, decent manners, and
common impolite people who are pagans. That’s how the Moses also was given to that evil,
and he didn’t know it, nor understand it what does the commandment – You shall not kill
means; or to not eat the blood, the soul is in the blood. Because the evil was made from
oppositions, that’s why we are enjoying the meat and its smell, and later everything will be
disgusting to us ass we are eating the people because we are all living souls, different
according to the amount and level of the spirit.


As far as I see it if you are considering yourself as a chair, then every chair will have it own
carving. It’s better not to think your chair with more carving, because when you come to the
sky and see your chair it is possible that the less carving will be, then between less or more is
when is sad: do not sit in the front line so they wouldn’t tell you to move back. Then you will
experience it differently then you imagined. But that would change understanding because all
of us are having cognition, they would be consoled.

Everything new about yourself, unique feeling in the spirit you will see how the sky is
experienced. Healthy, healthy nature and unique way of living. The fact that you thought that
you will be better, but you didn’t, that’s the Bible is speaking.

When man thinks – I remember, that’s actually Lord God is speaking the past to him. And
what he thinks, actually it came to his mind.

As far as I see, people understand life more tragically than it is. You start to think how is
considered instead to be as it is. And it’s often better then as considered.

Like when you are watching the movie, and if they want to show the point, they are
exaggerating so you can see it even better. In a same way it’s enough of the suffer as it is, we
don’t need it more.

Like when people are going to see a psychiatrist, and every time they come psychiatrist ask
them how they are feeling today, are you still thinking about that, how your family sees it etc.
if they don’t ask you all the time about it, it would be a lot better, for the Lord God is giving
the transitory, so you forget it and not thinking about it, and when someone reminds you all
the time, then the trauma keeps coming to your mind and you can’t go further, as it’s decided
according to your spirit to be better.

How many traumas I had in life, now I’m living in every day and daily events, but when
someone keeps bringing to your mind how it was in the past in certain moments, then you feel
sick in a same way it was before, and then you are living the same feeling today, day that goes
well until that from the past.
Or when the child dies, and after few years somebody stops you and start feeling sorry about
you, then you go home and you cry, and if weren’t like that, you would be in the day that is
good, because Lord God is giving you release with the time.

And everyone has it’s own moments when cry and when Lord God is consoling him. As
children we receive to cry, not because we want to cry but we want to receive something.
Children are smarter then the people think. People expect from the other certain emotion, and
if you don’t act like that, it’s not pleasant for you. As if you are lying to be sick and that you
can’t come to your work and you are coughing in the telephone.

People opinion is changing and that changing is happening all the time, good and evil.

When they declare a man crazy, then he doesn’t go to jail but in mental hospital. It’s because
they don’t consider him guilty but deranged.

That’s how I see al of us, we are all deranged because we are spirits and the madness is
decease of the spirit. In all of that insanity, nobody sees it, but on the heaven they know
what’s going on, same as we see someone who is declared as mad.

Because there are many different crazy stories, someone believes seriously in smaller
craziness and ends up in the mental hospital; the other believes in craziness of majority, so
they are fitting into the whole, where there are no one normal, only Lord God that is keeping
them and giving to the evil a little bit. So we are not surrounded by the walls, but He keeps us
on this planet, from where nobody can escape besides astronauts, but it’s the same galaxy.

Even to the mad people the food is given and the basic necessities. That’s how all of us are
like the birds, and the Lord God is feeding us all, someone receive it burnt, someone good,
and the other one uncooked, how he’s feeding us, that’s how we receive it. The death doesn’t
exist. You fall asleep and you wake up in better life. And then when you are awake and you
try food from the heaven and you see the real taste, you see what have you been eating earlier,
and what do you eat then.

As far as I see, when people speaking future or speaking the messages about what they hear,
they are speaking how we are looking when we are observed from outside, the deeds we are
living. And actually it doesn’t exist only from the outside, but part of us is from the inside.

Same when people are judging you and the Lord God is forgiving and consoling. Because if
the people don’t know that from outside, or those from inside, they can’t come to the real

And when they start watching inside it means that you can hear about something that exists,
about different themes, but conclusions are far away and often you don’t know are they
coming or are they existing.

I have a great doubt about eternal hell. I believe in justice more. In order so we know good
and evil, we need to know Lord God. And from that we are receiving new answers and we
recognizing what Is truth, and what is lie. What He announced and what He doesn’t.
Because when everyone comes to the sky and realize that nobody had the control over their
life, existence of punishment would make the Lord God unjust.

As far as I can see, it wouldn’t surprise me if people from their ignorance of Him and who is
doing everything, believing in themselves came to the conclusion with punishment and it’s
given from one generation to another. And how they wouldn’t when nobody can’t see yet or
believe in Him and their own will, like the people creates themselves.

If it’s so, He wouldn’t be called creator, and people creatures, or in the Bible there is an
expression they were thrown in the fire lake. And that lake represents evil and tortures and it’s
what happening now, and for some people even worse. I’m one of them.

The spirits are fire that tortures and burns man. Everyone will see the delusion they were and
they understood things opposite from reality, and it’s left like that for a reason, in order to
show even better an example about the opposite and proof of our existence and to receive
faith in Him and not in you. He’s the one who’s deciding, and not us.

Why would someone pray to have a good child, if he believes that people are created by
themselves? People believe both, and that is their problem. So they should keep one, because
both are not possible.

As far as I can see, we are all loved, no matter on our sins. Our family loves us, friends with
whom we are spending times, because they are the same sinners as we are. So if you are given
to the evil, still you have love. If everyone is moving in their own category, people worse
from them are scandalous, as they are scandalous to better from them, but then again, all of
them are loved.

People need to want to be chosen to receive the bread, because when they are chosen there is
nothing better than that to be better and progressive than you used to be. That should be a
wish of the people.

Baptizing with the water is not complete without baptizing with spirit, in order to be the true
Christian- true faith. That’s how watching all of these rituals were is nothing, for people
always were doing rituals, and actually the cognitions that you actually need baptizing with
the water, that happens without water because the spirit leads you to the water.

That’s how maybe it should choose to be baptized with the Holly spirit, then the same spirit
leads you toward the water, because the news is announced to you, when you realize from all
of people it was you who is chosen. The question is why me when there are better and worse
than me.

I think that sometimes He decides about man in a different way. Christ from the David, the
blessing and the curse in every family. Sometimes it can be decided three generations earlier,
to bless a man by choosing his descendant.

Your family tells you when the revelation is. The father, mother, sisters, brothers,
grandmothers, grandfathers; all of them are going although it wasn’t announced to them.
Sometimes He can match two people in marriage and chose and determine their child, in a
way family from both sides would be elevated in sky. That’s how it’s not up to those one to
who is announced, but up to the two families decided to be in first revelation. A special
religious in family can affect to the choosing, but also the great curse. Although I’m not really
sure how far it is going about you and your family.

Simply, someone has to be chosen, and those who will woke up in the first revelation, in a
some way it will be even worse for them because when they come back to the earth, people
will not be yet complete as they will be.

Those ones who will be awake in the second revelation, they will wake up straight into the
better world, and as far as I understand they will wake up in heaven, and they will live there in
eternity. And if there will be more people on earth they will live and know when they die
physically it’s not the end, it’s only continuation and final goal, and the beginning is their


Every cognitions and expectations are announced to us in order to know good and evil.
According to those cognitions He is building the world as He wants.

Like we see changing the individuals toward better according to the cognitions, the same
thing He’s doing for the world. Earlier people had the wrong cognitions, let’s take for an
example the Moses and all those killing, cutting an arm and finger for the theft. It’s written in
the Bible not to curve anything on the body and not to kill that is also referred to the tattoos.

But they were backward, as well as we no matter it was announced to them back then, as the
world was back then, although they received commandments, it isn’t given to them to change
the world according to those cognitions.

Based on those cognitions, people are better now, but same as they are, we are not improved
as much as it is announced based on the cognitions.

No matter on what is written and what we know it’s written, it’s deformed and not well
enough and people don’t understand it as it is but as the world understands it.

According to those cognition, the world will continue to progress in time, for time is an
evolution. The world is also corrupting, because the religious waters do not rule the world,
and if they are ruling the world still it wouldn’t be good, for even they don’t understand Lord
God enough.

For people everything is in vain, because only cognition for the better life is in future, it’s
impossible for that happened in the world until the time comes. Many people didn’t know the
plan as well as we know it, and what does it mean to live in the plan of the Lord God.

When you are living in His plan everything is happening and it’s in vain to worry about things
that you can’t affect on them. All we need to think, He will think for us. That’s how people
will receive the good, but not the good like its fine, end of evil is the final part of an evolution.
Let’s take for an example apostle John, to whom a revelation was revealed. We all know that
the other people were murdered and he lived. And he lived only because the Lord God had a
plan for him to announce something through him.

And those other ones who are murdered, they lived as much as the Lord God planned, and had
a plan of working on everything he want to do, before He give them to the death.

That’s how all are protected as the other people from the death, because for the Lord God is
not in plan for all of people to be dead but to be alive. He’s planning who will be born and
who will die, how the people will live now and how in eternity. He knows where people will
live in the sky, in what heaven in what part or what country and what job they will do.

That’s how we are living now. United States under one sovereign, the Lord God. And in every
country people will have supreme presidents, who will be responsible to the Lord God, and
His represent on earth will be Lord Joshua.

And the biggest of all people is Sir Joshua, Emanuel, Jesus, Issa- Christ, how ever you prefer
to call him, it’s all related to the one person. But one day we all will call him with the name he
will say to us.

As far as I can see, Lord God maybe thinks that we don’t need to speak like we know
everything already unless we are certain in that. If you hear two reasonable explanation of
interpretation and you can’t choose which is right, then it’s best to fight against one and
another, because you hear both of them.

And then you are in ignorance and you think like that and it is as the Lord God decides to be.
You are hearing your own thoughts because everything you hear, you don’t have to think. So
what you hear, you consider again. Same thing will happen when you hear something from
people, you will reconsider that also. That’s how listening, reconsideration and decision what
the Lord God wanted to be your opinion happens to you.

So everything happens not by itself but according to Him, and then when He decides to give
you certain opinion, nobody says it’s really right opinion. As far as we know He keeps giving
to people to think everything.

History of the star with five tip or six was used in a different ways, in different Satanism
ceremonies, and it’s not strange if He took the star with five tips knowing it’s the favorite
symbol of the Lord God and abused it from his own evilness. And the Lord God created first
live – the sea star with five tips.

Even man himself is made from the five tips – legs, arms and head. And most of the creatures
are made in the same way. That’s why you should go on the Internet and search the history of
the stars with five and six tips in religion and about life in ancient times.

How would I imagine His flag that would represent Him in a best way? If the star, simply
something is missing between the tips, like He’s only going in five directions, if it’s circle
then it’s closed and He’s infinity. White flag or black, because the dark was first until He
started to create.

Maybe His flag would be like those picture in two dimensions, when you turn it you see a
different picture. Maybe for Him the best would be a flag with more different dimensions, so
it can fly in the air. That’s how we would see different pictures of the different pars of His
consistency, from infinity to landscapes and galaxies. And when we would look up, we would
see Him because the flag belongs to Him also. Now people are giving the glory to the flag,
and imagine what glory it would be just to look that flag and stare to infinity, through the eyes
of the Lord God who is looking everywhere where He is. Those are just my imaginations.

As far as I can see the Lord God and the existence of Satan, he is chosen to be sacrificed to
the evil, and he didn’t have the control from that, simply he was given to be an example for
the others; because it was just example and he is a victim, why would God punish Him, isn’t
it more normal to make Him as he used to be, to release him from the evil.

But if He does so, how he would return on the same place where he was, because it’s
announced to us that deeds in our life will give a sum. That means that his deeds would also
give the same sum, because all of us received the evil, both him and us.

And he didn’t do anything more in order to earn it, and he received it, and the rebellion
started. I imagine it more like the lord God told them to have an elections and who ever loose
them is free to go.

So they have it officially on the paper who takes which side. So if the Lord God would release
him from evil, what would be his position in the sky? For he is so smart, as far as I see maybe
the Lord God will give him a new position.

In that way Lord God would have a good son and a bad son. Christ and him. Because Satan
was near the Lord God, and now Christ is near the people. So they received same blessings. A
new position it may be created for him, equally big, but with that creation it wouldn’t be taken
anything from those ones who were loyal to Him.

Same as in story about workers of the last hour, nobody will receive less, if he pay to the
others the same. Or the story about forgiveness. Why your eye is evil if I’m good? Nobody
got less good, by giving the good to the others.

And nobody should be angry because it’s forgiven to someone else; it was forgiven to them
also. It’s equally forgiven to both good and bad sinners, in the same way according to the law
that say – understanding that you couldn’t do it differently, but what you are and you didn’t
have control over your life because you are not ruling with yourself. That’s all what He tried
to show you, without wanting to punish you.

That’s why He announced to us commandments through the Moses and official good and evil,
and that He’s the one giving both good and evil. And through the Christ He reminds us on
understanding and forgives to sinners that come from our understanding of impossibility.
But people don’t believe that they are living in His will, but they are living in their own will,
and that’s why logical conclusion is that they will be punished. When we are receiving evil on
earth it comes to us so that Lord God can educate us strictly and thoroughly, because we are
still children.

As well as we know that our children knows what is forbidden, but they are still doing it,
that’s how He knows that we know but still doing that, because the children are like that and
with the time they are becoming even better, and the same works for us.

We are still in womb; we are still not reborn in the body of the man who never dies. That’s
how a new life and new spirit will be born in us, the eternal life. If people eat first from the
tree of life, then they would receive right away something that will receive later, the eternal
life and all the best.

If every one of us forgives to each other, nobody will go to hell. That would be the road that
Lord God makes it so. He will not judge us because He knows we couldn’t do it better, then
He will say that to people, when they realize they couldn’t do it better, they will understand
that the other people couldn’t do it better, because they were obsessed with the evil, but not in
the power of good.

349.] Friends connected for eternity

People who never had children and who never conceived, they will also be happy in heaven
and eternity, because they will realize that part of them are their parents and other ancestors
before, and not the children who will come.

Because children, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers, father and mother are the
same age, all of us will be peers and equal because all of us are living souls. There will be no
respect for parents and grandparents only, because everyone will have same respect and
politeness to all of people you know and you’ve just met.

Equal will sit at the table young and healthy, full of life, as a friends connected for eternity.
Neither Christ has no children, nor do we know how much Lord God loves him. Because his
brothers and sisters probably had the children and we are all sharing the same genes with
them, so the Lord God can, if He wants, from the part of genes that are the same with them
single out and connect with any other person, and children of your brother and sisters can be
the same as your children would be with their appearance.

Appearance is only the body, and personality is what is loved.

In my case, I’m having three children, and two of them are lookalike as the mother of my
husband, he also looks like his mother, and one is look alike on the father’s family; at the
same time his brother looks same as they are, because two of them are completely different,
and my children as well, you can their similarity with other siblings, my daughter is the same
appearance as her uncle.
All of them are having something similar to me, I would say jokingly – it is what makes them
prettier. I’m kidding in that way. Although that daughter of mine, who looks like her uncle
the most, most reminds me of me; the others are not so similar to me, because uncle and I
have some similarities. In my family my sister and I are totally different, whether it’s about
spirit or the body, and the brother and I are more similar.

My sister has two children and her husband on the picture from school and me on my school
picture; we look like a brother and sister. When their child was born, in one picture with my
nephew we both laugh, you can’t believe that we’ve been completely the same; he looks like
me more then his mother. Although when you are looking him live, we are not that much
similar, but for a moment in life we can see similarities between the children.

350.]Spirit of suicide

You simply receive thoughts like that and you can’t think differently. I received it when I was
14 years and six months old. People who have that obsession with the spirit often receive the
others, such as drugs depression, anxiety, and schizophrenic disorder. That would be people
who are given to the fire, and Satan tortures them in that way and destroying them. Some
people kill themselves, some people don’t.

Some people maybe receive only that, and some people receive some of the others obsessions.
I received them all. When I was a child I couldn’t sleep at night, anxiety. Some people are
hyperactive that is opposite from the depression and some people has it both, but all depends
on the measure of it. I’m having both but in the good measure that allows me to have normal

That’s how I imagine, for people whose children commit suicide, who knows what else they
will receive to torture them through the life. That’s how maybe Lord God shows His mercy.

Someone maybe wouldn’t be sick anymore, but nobody knows how that would be. Simply
considered- children are dying always and that makes sad a lot of people, they don’t have
control over their life and death.

Same as from things that happens everyday, they have the impression of having control, but
they need to know it’s not them who are controlling, but the Lord God is controlling through
them. The bigger blessing is to die, then to live in the fire, although you can regard that in
another way, because those who are in fire are made more thoroughly.

People can’t even imagine how backward we are, and our expression and the spirit that comes
out from the wrong faith, and how the future that will come looks.

And how people will regard differently on life, because they will know themselves, and when
they see themselves or want to say something, a new cognition will come to their mind
because they will know how to react in a certain situation.

People don’t need to be merciful specially neither intelligent. For what it will be received it
will be something new and it will become par of them, and the old with generations will
disappear, as the people say: the young shall inherit the world. It is as the world is progressing
toward the better and people becoming more civilized.

People will be raised in school and the world will be prepared to them like it was prepared
this world now that everyone works not seriously enough. Later everything will be opposite
from it. Everyone will be good and look beautiful, but they will lack of what everyone before
them had and that is the evil.

So the evil will be realized to them to show them that they are not so good because they are
better but because everything is prepared so. That’s the reason of evil and every opposition
between good and evil. Just to see and to understand on ourselves. And then it will be no
more evil.

Everyone will look on past. There will be no more need to be bad in order to see, they will
have faith and knowledge.

Sir Jesus has the strength in spirit on his side in the form of trust in the Lord God that
everything is happening as He created, so all dilemmas are gone, for He knows that solution
will come. When the man knows what will happen, and what the plan is, and that everything
will happen, that gives you peace and stability.

I don’t know what a plan is for me, so I’m thinking a lot and listening different possibilities
and questions without answer. Although I probably hear the answers but I don’t have a faith.

It’s interesting how everything goes, sins from the past were rejected, and then Christ, then
Apostles, then those who came after them, isn’t it logical that is happening even today.

The proof for that is that’s written in Revelation where that answers is shown, and we need to
preach again with the answer.

351.] How Lord God is doing

He owns the whole world. Then He chose some from the world, to do something through
them. Christ was chosen to say to the Apostles, when Apostles said everything that was
planned to say they were murdered, for the Lord God didn’t have plans for them anymore to
live and to work.

Then those ones who were listening to the Apostles were doing the same.

To Him it doesn’t matter how much someone is progressive in the knowledge, because He
can made to someone else to be progressive also. That’s why people can think- why he died,
he knew so well…

And Apostles weren’t the only ones who were preaching the Christianity; in the same way
they were chosen, that’s how the other were chosen and Lord God Loved them and He was
with them. Small, not well known people, there are so many of those people.

352.] Communist countries

It’s interesting how the communism started in Russia. That is made by Satan because He
always goes where the people are dear to the Lord God. Orthodox Church separated from
Catholic, and it’s closer to the truth, they don’t have statues. That’s why they are left to the
evil. China was taken by the Satan with communism, because that’s how he is defending
religious freedom, as we know Christianity didn’t spread there enough, even torture them and
holding them in prison that are not like the ours. They are like hotels compared to theirs.

They are torturing to the Christian people, as well they tortured Apostles. We are living in this
century and actually we are still in the beginning, in murdering of Apostles. That’s happening
still, and they need help. It’s not over yet, still everyone is not Christians. Christianity spread
all over, it’s available to everyone because they can buy a Bible for free and also received it
for free for donations. If we consider it that why we came to the part when is written in the
Bible; it need to preach to all of the people. And then it comes.

353.] From- To

People are released to everything that’s why Lord God organized us from – to. That’s how
what is not from-to it shouldn’t be like that. When we go to school, we need to come on
certain time, we can’t speak during the classes, write our homework, have a break. Same is on
our job. We have the same rules and the punishment if we do not respect rules.

And its how Lord God is keeping us from-to. If would be as everyone wants it? That’s why is
written how to do it, and it’s given to be like that. One who can’t live according to the rules
has a lack in life.

We have the rule about restraint in alcohol, gambling, food, resting and overwork. In order to
everything works well it has to be in perfect harmony, and that’s from- to.

The good is, if you can’t hold onto some of those rules, you always can have a new beginning
and nobody knows how good you will receive in future. And someone receives the evil, and
to someone evil never stops to receive. That’s how those committed to the complete evil and
can’t participate in life and work, there is a social help for them, because they also need to eat.
Lord God is regretting them because, watching to those ones to whom He was giving the good
only, and how they are happy with their family in harmony, and those ones who are poor, who
wouldn’t regret them. They are falling and suffering and there is never end, and the other one
are just enjoying and receiving and want to live more and the other ones can’t wait for this life
to end, so they are receiving also.

In Bible we have cognitions of evil, and also of good. Those cognitions are showed to us on
people who in our eyes look exemplary and they are examples of the behavior of the religious
man. When you are looking at those people and how exemplary they are doing in life
situations, those situations are happening to all of us, some people are falling and not doing it,
the others are standing and doing it.

Then the ones who are doing are as well as those who used to do it. Whole point would be
that the Lord God made a man with all of virtues and imperfections. Those who see the
virtues on themselves they need to know they see it only because they received it to see, and
not what they created by themselves. Same goes for the evil.

Communism said there is no need for religion, its only way to have peace. People sell
themselves to the Satan for the peace. They should fight against Germans anyway, so they can
defend themselves and to hold their religions, as the many people did it. It’s hard to believe
they didn’t pray before the battle, in every day.

Parents believed and raised the children in communist ideology, because that was the world
where they lived, and children believed in ideology, and admire to it. They received the points
of views on life through the communism instead of watching well through the religion.

The good thing is parents didn’t become communists with spirit, and they were mentioning
the Lord God every day. And that communism disappears, because with time everyone will
become atheist.

It’s how Satan is working. He probably realized that Lord God has an intention to give good
to people, when he understood that can’t do physical evil anymore and torture people in that
way, evil- he did it wise to go trough his evil atheism.

People always believed in existence of the higher power, but they didn’t know much about it.
Back in that time he used to give them crazy thoughts and crazy religions, everything that
Lord God doesn’t love.

354.]Cognition about food

Animals are listening their instincts and don’t have similar cognitions- cognition how it was
in the beginning and how it will be in the end, it’s enough proof and logical and reasonable
conclusion it’s better not to eat anything alive that is moving.

Later everyone will stop eating meat, because they will understand that cognition. For being
more civilized in cognitions, Christians are having the best cognitions but people don’t
understand them and having different interpretations for the people, and that’s how the wrong
cognitions are made.

Nobody knows Lord God, Sir Jesus, and Satan, neither Apostle nor himself. In that
progressiveness and plenty of announcement in Bible and although people know to read,
nobody understands. They are reading one and having different explanation in their mind.

355.] To read as it’s written

Words always had meaning, that’s why need to read as well as it’s written, and how it’s
written is meaning. For some meaning the logical conclusion that we find out by analyzing
what we’ve red.

If people are reading as is written they would understand and wouldn’t speak crazy things,
because only crazy things can come from the delusion.
Based on basic consistencies because of understanding and wrong understanding, the new
understanding is starting on that.

And simply there is no end as long as people don’t receive new understanding that would be a
new cognition that is old cognition at the same time.

With that new cognition for those old bad it would be proven that they were wrong and people
wouldn’t think like that anymore. They would think we were stupid, as well as they are
thinking for those ones in the past. For people plan was always to be backward and
progressive in future.

If people could know how progressive they will be in future, they would do so. But people
didn’t hear it yet. And what they’ve heard they can’t believe in that, so they don’t have
cognition. We can’t be what we are not.

356.] Is Sir Christ died early?

Maybe to those ones who don’t understand it can sound scandalously but as far as I can see,
Sir Christ died too early. He knew when he goes above He will become spirit. But He didn’t
think about importance of his words that will affect and be important for our religion.

After he went above, he realized that he will be doing everything that Lord God announced to
him, but simply as he speak to someone what he heard above. To someone he is speaking
what he said here.

Man is now listening to him, every single word, and if I tell you something he announced to
me, nobody would believe to me. The same happened to him. He knew when will be
murdered, and he would be murdered before just he was avoiding to go there where he know
future and what will happen.

People to whom he preached and by seeing that they don’t understand you, as well as he
understands him, he decided to die believing that everyone will understand. When he came
above, he had a great disappointment by realizing that everything will not be perfect as he
imagined, and that imperfection we see in many churches, where everyone says that he said to
them that thing.

While he was on the earth, he made a progress with time and if he avoid the death willing to
preach longer, and understand that he actually making progress more and more, he would love
to live longer until the Lord God decides for him to die.

His fault was hearing the prophecy about himself, and going to fulfill it. He knew that he will
be murdered, but that was preached because it happened, and it happened just because he
couldn’t wait, and wanted to make a life according to his thoughts and understandings; it’s a
personally announced that he will become a spirit.

That’s how he didn’t have to go and make to become a spirit, it would happen anyway if the
Lord God didn’t give him to commit a mistake.
Lord God made it with intention and that was his plan, but if his plan is to do something, he’s
planning that we make mistake or not to make one.

My task is to transfer the message from Lord God to the world although nobody listening to
me right now but they will listen before Christ come back on Earth, if what’s I’m writing can
be available to the people, because it’s a time when the Lord God will announce to many
people what he announced to me.

I don’t know how much that church will be progressive, but it will be known who made them
and who is ruling them. Probably it will be different churches with a different level of
progress in truth, because this in what I believe I didn’t receive at once, but with time.

But the base to anyone who is creator, and what is the meaning of the word creature. His will
is our will, no matter what it is. No matter he died and he revived and elevated to heaven and
we don’t have more words, that didn’t matter because in the Bible there is enough that Lord
God make a story according to the Bible. As well as he made a story to me.

And if He wants something in addition, what isn’t written, He can tell you as well as He told
to the Christ that it will become a spirit. That was so scandalous for people back then, if the
Lord God didn’t give him to believe it would sound crazy. So if we understand that and the
man can believe in something that sounds so crazy, you can believe in everything. Because
the faith is receiving, you can believe in something that is really crazy and they place you in
the mental hospital, but still you believe. In the same way you can believe something that is
right from the Lord God and it would sound the same for you because it is like that.

So for everyone who hear the faith, only depends is it truth of not, and nobody can convince
you different. Only him.

You all know the story from the Revelation and book that embitters the stomach, and it need
to be preached again, for everyone are in huge delusion. Lord God decides in purpose on
delusion, because this is unique time to be in delusion, whole eternity we will be living in the
truth, and delusion will of the proof of the limit of human mind.

His plan for the world is was to live the people to greater and greater evil, to improve the
church and to convert the people, so they can wait Christ and accept it. If He doesn’t do that,
people wouldn’t accept it, but He planned that and that’s what will happen.

357.] True examples

By watching the television and remembering the movies from the childhood, for people
examples/roll models were good and showing evil and people’s reactions in one and in
another, so they will give you point right away how exemplary is to be good. Now everything
is reversed. Good became boring to the people, and intrigues and fights are most often on
television. Now the point is to glorify evil because that is interesting and cool. That’s how
from people is expected to be like that and those ones who don’t have place on television.
And the young people who watch all that takes it as an example and thinks it’s cool to behave
like that every day. The measure of normal changes the places.
Or by watching the movies and TV shows they show to us how strange people are, and how
strange are they whether they points of views, dressing… then those who are similar to them
it’s normal for them to do the same. And if that person doesn’t see it, maybe he would try not
to be like that and he would be better than it is when he devotes to it.

358.]Dressing without taste

Fat people wears short t-shirt and they don’t care because everyone can see their fat, and they
think we don’t need to judge people according to that, it’s modern so why I wouldn’t wear it?

They forget how was in past, and how everything was harmonic, people who are more fat
would wear their cloth in the creative way so they could look better.

Certain cut of the t-shirt or skirts and underwear of your physical shape. I’m not speaking
against the fat people, but I speak about dressing more appropriate and fine, that would make
their body more visual appearing.

I completely understand fat people because I’m having the trouble with weight, I’m extra
skinny and there is no doctor in America who can help me. It’s a spirit, and only God can
control it. Someone can’t eat and someone can’t stop eating.

When I’m driving here in America and by watching the house colors, I can’t believe when I
see the house in purple color. No taste at all.

Tattoos and earrings like we are living in a history, everything people use to do because of
their backwardness and their pagan customs. And the Bible says not to mark our bodies or
make a cut. Maybe if you watch it like that, Jews shouldn’t do circumcision on male children.
If you think how many children has died because of the infection or because they cripple them
so they can’t have children. That probably Satan invented. If they were holding on the
commandment about not cutting and understand it, they could be defended from Satan.
Cognitions are defending people from Satan.

359.] Right models

When you are thinking what is good or evil, imagine Christ, would he do that or what the
Lord God announced to us through the whole Bible. Or people who are considered as the
exemplary citizens, they are example where we can see Lord God. Because there are so many
different good deeds in different people, all good you see in other people need to be your
living ideals.

That’s how He is doing in everyone something good. And He’s giving to people to see and
hear that good, but not to do it, because everyone receives to make his own. I’m telling that as
cognition, you can pray.

That’s how when they see it can try to be like that, because it’s better to fall then not to try at
all. To want to be better because the cognition matters. In cognition like that should raise our
children and show them life as the need to have approach to the life like they are in race, and
actually they are racing with themselves.

As the game without barriers, where you are skipping the barriers and when you skip one you
watch were is the other one. The same barriers keep going with time, and you need to jump
them all over again. Sometimes you jump and sometimes you don’t, however at least you
know that you tried, and that is the most that is expected from a man.

But in order that man can’t be in full delusion it’s called cognition, in the same way the Bible
is full of cognitions and then the Lord God improves according those cognitions individuals
and mankind, every peace of the land as He wants. That’s how we can see that He’s been
doing everything.

To the modern scientists is showed the history of the beginning of the human creatures by
species and how some of them combined and permeate and change and evolutional in order to
become what are the today whether they went out of the water or not, fossils etc.

He never said that we’ve been as we are today, those are just human delusions, so now when
they understand more about birth of the life on the planet, I can stop thinking it’s not true God
created us, but started to think, this is how He created us, and make a guess and do research in
cognition that he’s the one making science more progressive and human cognitions about
existence whether it’s from outside or inside.

360.]Logical judging

As far as I can see, it would be more logical that people think according to what is spoken and
what would be true meaning and the truth, instead of everyone saying that knows. That’s how
everyone is thinking, they could speak one with another and convince one each other and
have approach toward the Bible, because current approach only prevents people from
objective judging.

361.]Satan and Sir Christ.

Christians preach today if you have Christ you can’t be possessed with the Satan. They don’t
know anything about Satan or Christ because don’t have them in greater shapes of the spirit.
Or they don’t recognize him, and makes it through the delusions and everyone who believes
that is in delusion.

I know how I doing and some other Christians who have spiritual problems that it’s not true.
Our ancestors are usually more normal members of our society and they never experienced it.

Satan is doing his own in the man, and Christ is doing what is his duty to do, to fix them with
time, so on that example of repairing we can see that we are not repairing alone, but we are
waiting to receive Him to repair us.

One preacher in Split told me if I can say that Christ is Sir that means that my schizophrenia is
not from Satan, because who ever has Satan can’t tell that. And why would I go to church
listening to him speaking some nonsense and to be my teacher when obviously he doesn’t
know what he is speaking.

It would be better to speak as a Catholics, to take the story from the Bible and try to move it
closer to the man’s mistakes and situations in life. And I can’t even listen to them, because
Lord God decided to teach me with the time.

So I can’t listen to both of them, but the one who has the power of Almighty spirit. If it’s not
so, and if He doesn’t speak to me I would go to church and listen what people are speaking,
what even Lord God didn’t say to them and I would be the part of chosen ones who are
backward in understanding of the message of Bible. I can’t believe them.

Christ already received to receive and we need to receive so we can receive later.

People in the past had the fear from Him and their everyday life was to go to field, on funeral,
wedding, birthday and to dress ceremonially on Sunday and go to church. They all have basic
sinners as we have them today. Our problem and excuse is that we are having additional evil,
so we are additionally bad. Our addition was their lack.

They will not be able to say we were better than you are, because they will understand what
does additional evil mean. So everything is adding and adding and as long as it last it will be
more and more worse. That’s why when we reach culmination of additional evil and when it
becomes bad as it haven’t been from the beginning of the world, we will start receiving good
and culmination of good will be when the Christ comes to the earth to rule.

Bible isn’t written as a book who tells that we can do something, that is a book of cognitions
that tells us how we need to think, what to do and what not to do.

I watched on television one educational program about birth of the living beings. It’s like you
are watching the past with microscope. How something was made from nothing and from that
something also was made. He criticized us and combined us knowing where He’s going.

He put us with his inventiveness rock by rock, so everyone can watch Him trough the
scientific notice where He thought us about our evolution whether in body or in spirit.

The imprudent and sophisticated are made, the first are created suddenly, and the others were
built step by step. So we all can see that He can go forward and backward if He wants and the
same plan is for creation of living souls.

Before and after in distant past, as far as I imagine, the animals didn’t look like they look like
now. The animal species were mixed so the new species can be made. And when the new
species was made, it stopped and they do not breed like that anymore because they are not
receiving it so. And their eggs and sperm don’t go with the other animal species so you there
can’t be fertilization, it’s a scientist proof, I watched it on television.

362 Old Testament, the words based on them this book is made
When you read book according to the words from the Bible that are marked here, you can be
confirmed in the content of the book that really makes sense according to the words from the

As far as I can see we are all here in different colors, then I think we weren’t separated with
the continents or it was easy to cross it. That’s how everyone went in different directions, and
walks and walks generations because people didn’t stand as we are standing now at the same

Where the black people were standing it was really hot, where the white people were standing
it was really cold, where the mulatto been it was warm, and where yellow people were
probably happened some kind of radiation, because they look like mongoloid children, that’s
why they are called mongoloids.

And the earth surface in the beginning could be smaller because as we know under the water
we have boards that are moving and when they move, the earthquake is made. In the middle
of earth everything is hot and it’s boiling and when it comes out in the shape of Vulcan it
becomes earth’s crust. Because those boards are sideling, one above the other, they are

It was smaller in the beginning, and when the crust cooled down, and it was hot in the middle,
that made the surface bouncy. If you take an example how balloons from glass are made. You
take something that is hot and blow in the middle and you make a balloon in the size you
want, all depends on how much you are blowing and what size of the hot mass you have. The
warmness that use to make in the middle the crust of earth more softer, when the crust cooled
off with time and become more steady, that’s why we have the old accumulated highlands
where is the less possibility of earthquake, because it’s more stable and steady and
thoroughly. It’s like when you are building the house and you make the good basics, and
where we have young accumulated highlands there are more possibilities for earthquake.

And when it comes to the hurricanes, people should build the cities far away from the sea, and
for tornadoes they could build the stone houses and not houses made from wood. But at least
they are having the basements, so in that way the number of dead is reduced. Although I don’t
know, maybe it’s even more dangerous from stone. As far as I can see everything here is wild,
whether it’s animals, the sea, or the climate, and the people too.

And Europe is so calm and opposite from here. We are having the Mediterranean Sea and the
well climate. Because the Lord God started to announce from the Jews, maybe in those
landscapes the first people were made, who were more progressive or it has a meaning to
Him, and we don’t know it.

Although I believe that the first people exist same as now in the different landscapes of the
earth that would be how I imagine it.

And all those seas are here to cool down the earth crust, and great deep to protect form the sun
and to hold the cold temperature. When you are going deep you have a pressure of the air,
when you are going in height you also have it. Because of that pressure everything that is
above stays above and according to the same pressure everything stands in the same way as
the tree floats in the sea; in the same way stars and planets are floating through the

The sea has it owns currents and moves everything with them, and the space has it owns and
he moves them in the certain part of atmosphere and everything stands in own place.

When you take large peace of tree and throw it into the sea, it sink at first and then rise to the
surface, and when you take the asteroid and he comes out of his track, or hit at the planet that
protects us, they are here for that reason. And if some pass them all and enters our
atmosphere, or explode in the air because of his structure where it’s made, probably it’s not
stable yet as the rock because they have gas and energy inside themselves. And if it’s stable
then falls on earth and then the nuclear explosion happens.

Eclipse of the sun is happen and the moon doesn’t shine because it’s made from the gas
invisible to the eye, and the gas comes out of it and kills our natural atmosphere and sun can’t
pass through it. It’s like when it’s fog and we can’t see the moon. It happened in Siberia when
the asteroid exploded.

To watch how to defend from asteroids with the advanced technology, nobody says that we
will not defend from some of them, and something will fall. In the time of the president
Regan, there’s been a plan about defense form the asteroid; something even was launched into
the space. But if they keep investing in that kind of experiments maybe it would be for our

In the same way, Lord God shows us that something is possible but He needs to give it. As
the mankind was corrupted after World war and also improved, it could only improve, but
maybe that is referred to the words in Bible when it say the evil happens that all of us can be
saved, and that –saved maybe means –so everybody can understand who is giving all to us, on
the difference between good and evil. And maybe even when the evil happens to us in this
part of the life, like in the sense of punishment or redemption, in the future when it will be
measured to those who are redeemed, evil they were doing will not necessarily affect bad on
the future life, in the meaning of the chair or what job will be doing, and all the other health
and happiness and well-being we will have the same.


Genesis 1-29 Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole
earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.


Genesis 2-6 But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground.

The rainbow existed from the beginning because sun and steam are making the rainbow.

Genesis 9- 3 "Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I
gave the green plant. 4"Only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.{The
meaning is to be well cooked and not eat meat with blood.}

I would say that He created carnivores and herbivores, but only for one reason. He made us
wild with purpose and from that savageness to make us civilized step by step. Somebody can
say some animals are big, they need to eat meat so they can maintain their body mass, and
that isn’t true at all. We have whales, elephants and some dinosaurs were vegetarians and they
were big anyway. As far as I can see, we are all going toward peace and vegetarianism, and
we are all souls no matter on our spiritual fullness, every soul suffer and enjoy, whether it’s an
animal or a man. If the people shouldn’t be tortured and murdered, why is that case with

People knows better and there are different expectations according to their cognitions, and the
animals are not doing according to the cognitions, but they will be changed and made
vegetarians in a distant future.

Isaiah 11-6 The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf
and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.. The cow will feed
with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The
infant will play near the cobra's den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper's nest.
They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with
the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

Now when you realized how He’s thinking, it’s not forbidden to make better and to be more
progressive than the one who are eating the meat. When the Christ comes, he will preach the
same. He will preach the progressive mankind and pay attention to everyone what is written
in the letter.

Because he will pay attention on the same thing that I’m trying now, and those are the words
and opinions from the Lord God that it would be the best not to wait for Christ or if you don’t
want to listen to me, listen to the Lord God as far as I listening to Him and the Christ also. It’s
not easy, so do it as much as is given to you to do it. It’s like you are fighting against yourself.

Genesis 2-7 Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed
into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

The man is breathing with his spirit (it’s the spirit when you die physically you are not in the
body yet, for the spirit is breathed into the body, and gave a life to it, and it’s the set of the
spiritual deeds.

And we are all living without a body, for that spirit is actually His mind and plan, imagined
person, like when you start imagining how your child would be, and you imagine the child
with virtues and imperfections, which school he would go to, and which sport he will play.
That’s how He do it first, and then put it in the body.
That’s why two deaths are mentioned. The death of body and the death of the spirit. If you die
with the spirit, then you really don’t exist, and you are not aware that you don’t exist, in the
same way you wouldn’t exist if you even are not born. And if He decides to kill someone with
the second death, if He wants He can revive you, because He knows you, because He created

He’s the spirit of life, for He’s the only living person that is different from us, because it’s a
source where life starts. Like you are imagining yourself in the children theatre, and you take
the marionette and start moving her arms, legs, speak, move eyes, pay attention.

We are all living like that. If He doesn’t want to move your arm or leg or to speak or to give
you to breath and move your lips, you couldn’t do it, for it’s impossible. Like when you say
the flower can grow without earth, or exist without being created.

Genesis 2-8 ……………… the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

To be clear, this is the allegorical story. The tree of life is our eternal life in the body that
represents life in blessing without cursing. The tree of knowledge of good and evil represents
the man who first received the spirit where he received firstly to cover himself, because that’s
how he felt more comfortable, to wash himself or to cover with something when is cold. Then
the cognitions in spirit come, when you know and you see injustice and justice. Those are
beginning cognitions. Later we started to receive the writing cognitions we still have, but we
are not living according to them, because we are not yet that much progressive as the

The tree of life is the eternal life in the body and from that tree only Christ ate. In order to eat
from that tree you need to come to the heaven and the Lord God gives you fruit from that tree.
Because the other trees existed in the garden, they are representing the other inside of us.

Genesis 2-16 the LORD God commanded the man, saying, "From any tree of the garden you
may eat freely; 17but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in
the day that you eat from it you will surely die."

If people eat from the tree of the life, they wouldn’t die but they would live eternally in
blessing. And this how we are dyeing in the body, we are suffering, so we could see how the
Lord God is making us. If we received the life right away we couldn’t understand our
consistency very well, as the creation and as the Lord God creates us until the smallest detail.
We would be finished creation. And this how we see the progress step by step and how it’s
possible to be in many ways. And that would be how our eternal lesson understands that
means anyhow, and anyhow is the reason of existence in the Satan and inside of us.

Genesis 3-4 "You will not certainly die," the serpent said to the woman. For God knows that
in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good
and evil."…
If that story is true, because in that story were be two first man they didn’t know what is
death, they obviously were alive.

Nobody spoke literally with the snake; snake represents only existence of the evil Satan who
is cheating as it’s written in the Bible.

Genesis 3-7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked;
so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

People knew from the beginning what they love and what they don’t love, the good and the

Genesis 3-21 And the LORD God made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife.

We can see that in the historical places of the historical people and the rest of their cloth, and
we can understand that the Lord God is giving to us ideas how to make something, whether
it’s a cloth or style or anything else through the science.

Genesis 3-22 And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing
good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life
and eat, and live forever."

People are more progressive then the animals.

Christ also ate the fruit from that tree, like in the story about Snowhite and the apple. He fell
asleep because Satan gave Him an apple, then the Lord God kissed him and he woke up and
receive the eternal life. That eternal life is special because when you receive the cognitions
about good and the evil you receive to do like that. That’s why people didn’t have a chance
for better life without that tree of life. That’s why all of us will live in the first tree, because
Lord God decided to feed us with that tree first. And the other we will receive later.

And when it’s said that the Satan gave us cognitions, if that’s a true how come that the Lord
God announced us cognitions through the Moses and Christ. Satan gave us something else
and that is delusion, because cognitions came with time, and Satan by knowing that we don’t
understand well yet, he cheated us and spoke to us wrong cognitions, and people couldn’t
recognize it because they didn’t received yet right cognitions.

Because Lord God is changing people in the spirit and build them, so when that happens you
don’t receive bad at all and you see everything well and you can judge it. Our cognitions are
in vain if we don’t do them and do not understand them, it’s in vain for whole mankind. And
good only when the Lord God is building the world and the individuals based on those

Cain and Abel

Genesis 4]………
As we can see, it’s also the story with allegorical meaning because Adam and Eve were eating
the vegetables, and animals are eaten since Noah. So they couldn’t do agriculture or
stockbreeding because it wasn’t possible in the beginning. People became all of that later.
Point of the story is how do you give. And that measure of giving that is also the spirit how
generous you are and how mean you are, how much dignity do you have is the story that is
mentioned in whole Bible.

Although it’s written they came up with their own customs, because the Lord God say, he
would say what is the person someone in the situation that are happening. That’s the spirit that
comes to someone. To someone comes everything the best, and to other only left-over’s and
something he don’t need. So the people who are better or worse are simply like that because
we are created different for now. And the point is cognition how it should be, because He
pays our attention to it, and that is the reason of existence of all those stories. Because He
knew and didn’t speak in vain. He knew that it will read that and that we will receive the

Cain was doing an agriculture and he gave an offering from his fruits. And Abel was shepherd
and he gave from his herd. Although it’s normal that everyone give how much he has,
probably Cain didn’t give enough.

That was the point of story that was made based on their faith because Lord never loved those
sacrifices and offerings. What He can do with the killed animal or food you left to Him. He
will not eat it. He always wanted, if we want to do something good to make it for other people
or to yourself, by trying to be better than you are, because those are sufferings. But people
receive good ending, someone before and someone after, and someone doesn’t receive it in
this world.

Genesis 4-7 "If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up?

That’s the cognition in life when they say what kind of man you are when you can look other
man’s eyes and lie. What kind of man is someone?

And so Cain, full of evil because he was jealous on his brother, and how Lord God loves him
because he was good, and he killed him because of that evil.

And Lord God asked him- where is your brother?

And Cain answered: I don’t know, I’m not guardian of my brother.

That cognition would be in answering impudently that makes people mad as well as lying.

Then the Lord God punished Cain by expelling him from the fertile country. You will wander
and run across the country.

Genesis 4-15 So the LORD said to him, "Therefore whoever kills Cain, vengeance will be
taken on him sevenfold."
In that story we can see how the Lord God loves even badly. Because not He said only he will
be revenged twice, but sevenfold. How much love is that? Because He knows it was given to
the evil and Abel was Abel and Cain was Cain. There are good and bad people and He loves
us all the same.

Sons of the Lord God

Genesis 6-2 The sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they
married any of them they chose.

You can see in that story that the sons always existed and they were since always common
people who were separated form the people, mankind or the world.

According to that story, Christ is also sun and the others are brothers and sisters. And when
the Lord God takes for example me from my family I belong to the sons-daughters and my
physically brother or sister wouldn’t be brother and sister but someone else who comes from
some other family would be my brother and sister with holly spirit.

As far as I can see we are all sons and daughters of Him, but those religious really understand
it and think about it. And those who are chosen from people they are special only because are
chosen for the first resurrection. Somebody has to be. We are all, no matter on religion, His
children, from our spiritual father and physically creator who is giving the life to us from his
life and existence and we are living from Him who’s living through us, as He imagines us. So
all of us are sons, but some of us are chosen.

Genesis 9-22 Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father naked and told his two brothers
outside. But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they
walked in backward and covered their father's naked body.

This story would be a point that can relate to different situations in life. If two other brothers
were bad, they could all come inside and laugh. We are having situations in life that are rare,
because evils as that rarely exist in people.

When it comes to the worry about friend or someone who you know or not know and
defending of his interest when he can’t do it alone. When the others are mocking at someone,
you can’t laugh. That is also mocking at the crazy people, old people, retarded people, and
religious people.

In that story, after his father woke up, he cursed him right away. I don’t really agree with
cursing because that one is already living in the curse. As far as I can see, the one who
laughed Canaan maybe didn’t even think badly, actually it’s not written that he laughed, that
you conclude with the point of story. Maybe he just said – look at the father, He’s lying naked
and drunk, and didn’t remember to cover him. He was irresponsible, not exemplary.
So he could be guilty because didn’t react right away to cover him because He didn’t
remember to do it. And that father shouldn’t drink and lay down naked, so the shame could be
his lesson not to repeat it. Because it’s logical to be ashamed and not do it again. Nobody
likes to se his father naked, so the father could think a little bit about his behavior.

Tower of Babel- Everyone spoke one language back then.

Genesis 11-4 They said, "Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will
reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered
abroad over the face of the whole earth."

Genesis 11 – 6 he LORD said, "Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same
language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will
be impossible for them.…

For a beginning you need to understand that the Lord himself tells us that He’s speaking
through those stories. So that event didn’t happen like that, but the point is the story as the all
stories in the Old Testament. First He created the man then He decided to give the people
different languages and to separate us in whole world. So living in different continents we are
having yellow, black, white people.

They all have their own languages and religions.

Everyone received certain amount of unique craziness in paganism. We were always

separated with the long distance everyone was bad, as well as the bad were people living in
that place. Because everything is given from one generation to another.

Then we are having the story about different languages that represents it’s better for us to live
separated. If we gather, everyone would gather some evil from the other and everyone would
be more evil.

And also the different languages are part of the evil, if we are speaking the same language it
wouldn’t be hard to live in any country. As far as I can see, maybe He left that good for the
heavenly kingdom. And it’s pretty impressive how the Lord God created all of those different

We can see that example in Europe, it’s visible. But also in America, because here is
everything from voodoo, white magic, black magic, Buddhism, Indians, Spanish, which
craft… there are superstitions even in our country and invoking the spirits.

When we put all of that in one place, people become even worse. That’s why the point of that
story is better not to speak, because everyone adopts evil from other. Everyone speak religion
is serious thing, and everyone is doing evil that is available in his surrounding. The more evil
it is, more evil is spread, because they are more bad people than those good and stable.

Genesis 12-19 Why did you say, 'She is my sister,' so that I took her to be my wife?
It’s a story about Abram who had a pretty wife Sara, and when they came to Egypt he thought
it will kill him to take his wife so he told her to lie. When the pharaoh saw her, he started
giving gifts to Abram thinking it’s his sister, but the Lord punished pharaoh in this story.

So we can see what consequences man can have in life when lying. When we are lying about
someone else, the person who listening to us believes us and we are making injustice to the
innocent. So when the evil happen to the innocent not just we are guilty for lying but for
injustice made to other person. It would be how the evil is multiply.

It’s good to listen to all of His commandments, because you never know what is coming. He
organized this world to stands and to people measure each other with the commandments so
when you are not making them you can only have additional problems because they are two
types of problem: when you make them and when the injustice is done to you.

So if you are listening commandments you don’t have those who come out of it. So it’s better
to be innocent in problems then guilty and make a problem. All problems of this world are
made by someone’s fault. And when you think- I’m bored to be rightful only in life, it’s better
to be like the other people, then you need to think that you will receive your money on
heaven, because on Earth you don’t need to put a lot of hope in it.

There is nothing better than to be rightful in the eyes of the Lord God. It’s better Him, who
doesn’t give you anything, then people who gives you what they acquire on deception. It’s
better to be stupid in their eyes, than to be like they are in the eyes of Lord God. Those are
cognition what is better, what is worse and where is your condolence.

Genesis 20…………

This would be the same point about Abram who lied that Sara is his sister. Different story but
the same point. Because Jews were speaking those stories and transferring them from one
generation to another, when they decided to write it, they wrote both stories that are different
one from another, but it’s the same point. That’s why the Lord God is speaking the stories,
because of the points where we can see cognitions about good and what is an evil.

Genesis 16-4 When she knew she was pregnant, she began to despise her mistress.

It’s a story about servant who gave a birth to the Abram’s son. As far as I can see, she
elevated herself more than she should. Because woman is a woman and she deserves an
honor. Father is a father, master is a master and everyone is above someone, so nobody can go
above the one who’s above him.

It’s good to raise the children in that learning, if they think like that; they will not be able to
keep their work anywhere, if they don’t recognize their boss as the boss. It’s like when the
one has too high opinion about himself.

When he falls, he falls lower than it was before and it hurt. And if he fell at the same place
where he use to be, he fell bad in his spirit, and out of that can come new evil, unless the Lord
God quiet that person down.
Genesis 16-9 The angel of the LORD said to her, "Return to your mistress, and submit to her

People usually say if the Abram didn’t chase away his son, they wouldn’t have a problem
with Muslims. But also if He didn’t create the Satan, there would be no evil. And what to say,
He came up with everything and He knew what it would be, and He decided for both,
Muslims and Satan to exist. Nothing happened to him, it happened only to people. He makes
plan for everything and plans it. But people don’t know why, and then from all of that
ignorance they think all of us are bad and that is the reason of evil, and that also He doesn’t
know what to do with us. They think the bad happened to Him; evil doesn’t happen to the
Lord God, He creates it and He decides when it will be. He can make things different when
ever He wants.

Genesis 16-14 So that well was named Beer-lahai-roi (which means "well of the Living’’).

Genesis 21-14……….She went on her way and wandered in the Desert of Beersheba.

Genesis 21-15 When the water in the skin was gone, she put the boy under one of the bushes.
And she was crying. 21-19…Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water.

Genesis 21-30 ……… I dug this well…. So that place was called Beersheba,

As far as we can see, this well is important because it’s mentioned in three different stories
that are opposite one from another and the only thing in common is the place of the well
Beersheba. For the Muslim that would be a special place, and for Jews in Jerusalem also. It
would be the best for everyone to go on their own cardinal point, and not what they did. They
built a mosque in the place of Jewish temple, and the reason is Muhammad who made discord
for what he announced, so they built the mosque on that rock.


Genesis 17 ……………………………..

As far as I can see circumcision doesn’t have a lot of sense although he said that the Lord God
told him, in Bible never said that He told them, and He didn’t. It makes a lot of people stupid,
especially after the Moses who said a lot in the name of Lord God.

It’s written not to make marks and not to cut ourselves. They needed to cut both slaves and
servants born in their houses, if they cut only Abrams posterity, because it’s important from
whom you are coming. And that membrane is special like girl’s virginity and that’s why
needed to consider it with the special respect because it’s proof of our pureness and evidence.
And that need to be gone naturally during the first sex.

Lord God always loved natural, so why would He tell to someone to go and to do something
that is not natural. And how many diseases and deaths and infertility was made because bad
hygienic conditions.
Leviticus 19-28 'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am
the LORD.

Satan is wise and he knows what Lord God doesn’t love. And if it’s so good, even Christians
would circumcise themselves. And then, they said when you are circumcised it can prevent
many diseases and infections who comes for the lack of hygiene. When you put those
cognitions one next to another you can’ know when you start to thinking and listening to both
of the stories what is the truth. So all of those who are chosen and want to hear the Lord Gods
voice, to tell them the answer now are confused, and later will live and hear; because what we
are lacking now we will receive later, so based on what we are lacking now we will receive to
see how special his every word is where we will live.

If we received that right away, we would think its normal to be it, like the habit, and we
wouldn’t have a measure how much is important to know. When you have it, you don’t notice
it, and when you want and you receive, then it’s special. It’s a reason for all of this
powerlessness and evil, to see it better. We see as it is.

Like when you take the words from the bible and write they on the paper and they seem so
wise. And when you are reading at once, it’s tiring and it’s you feel like you want to sleep.


Genesis 19 -5 ……. and they called to Lot and said to him, "Where are the men who came to
you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them." I have two
daughters who have not had relations with man;

As well we know, Sodom represented homosexuality, lust, perversity. And not just they were
homosexual, but it happened that everyone slept with everyone; if they were homosexuals
only he wouldn’t offer them his daughters.

It is also happening today; young people who are not homosexuals thinks it’s cool and ok to
have a sex with both genders, and here in America you can’t believe what you see in tram, or
in the bus. Young people are kissing with everyone and they don’t care about their

And not just they are kissing because of love, just to make something weird and scandalously
because it’s cool. When everyone starts doing it with everyone, it would be an additional evil,
because it isn’t supposed to be like that. Girls who earlier only fell in love with males, have
possibility to fall in love with both gender now. And we know it’s not supposed to be so.

So the angels take out Lot and his daughters and wife so they don’t die because of guilty of
the town. And they say not to look back, but when his wife turned, she became a column of
salt. The moral of the story would be to listen and not ask, because Lord God wants full
obedience. When you have commandment do it, because He knows why are he is speaking.
Later the daughters of Lot thought there are no more people, they are alone on this world, so
they slept with their father. When the evil starts happening in our time, those ones who Lord
God wants to save will be saved, and those ones who are for dying will die, and those who
stay will be deceived because the right and the wrong will change the sides.

When the evil happen, people became wild and think about killing in order to save their life,
to stealing the food, not to help to anyone because nobody will help them. When people are in
temptation and they need to overcome it and to be strong and to fight against that logic and
listening to the commandments, whether those are 10 commandments or the other, so they
don’t end up like the Lot’s wife and daughters.


People are not aware how much as a mankind we received with the announcement about
forgiveness and understanding. If people didn’t believe in forgiveness, they would be as they
are and those who are religious, who cares couldn’t be better. People are wrong, they would
suffer wanting to be better, and they are not.

Nobody can imagine good enough or appreciate announcement about forgiveness that Lord
God gave to us because of His mercy and kindness.

We are all living in it. It’s like when you think the happiness and sadness, two opposite
things, it’s same with this.

When you imagine Lord Good, He doesn’t reproduce with body, and we do. When we are
expecting the baby, we want to have certain kindness and virtues, but for us isn’t possible to
do it.

And when He imagining what His children will be, as He imagined it, that’s how it happened.

Isaiah 5-20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and
light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 7-14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give
birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.
He will eat curds and honey at the time He knows enough to refuse evil and choose good.…

People believe it was literally about virgin conceiving. According to the Bible, if he was the
son of man, and calls himself like that, when they told him it’s a blasphemy to call himself
like that, he told them – even Lord God is calling you the gods.

So the sons and gods are the same because we are all sons the whole mankind. Just some of
them are chosen to be wake up first, and to work for a Lord God, for the country. If he was
really son conceived with the miracle- the holly Spirit, then he wouldn’t be equal with
everyone, but he would say – I’m, and it’s like that. The chosen ones are called the sons, as
well as the holly is called. Those are the expressions to single out, although all hollies and
The virgin or young girls, that’s how they called young girls. The old girl was a woman old
between 20 and 30 years. Before women were married earlier. So the whole Bible points on
that, and same as some parts are interpreted according the moral and logic, so the Bible is
interpreted according to the content and logical.

As far as I see, I don’t see how he was called, but when he went to preach, people called him
apostle, messiah, Immanuel, Joshua, Jesus and Christ. All of those names have religious
meaning, it’s when you said for Pop that the name is pop, it’s only how they call him.

All names have its meaning, it’s all about meaning and how he wants to be called we will find
out later. Immanuel means Lord God is with us, and as far as I can see, that was him, when
the Lord God is giving the name He’s giving according to what it means. So his duty was to
show to all of what he heard as the pupil and prophet, and to show to us what the Lord God
can, to revive the dead, to heal, to save the man from Satan, to create the food. The point
would be – almighty.

So the Lord God was speaking as He wanted through Him, and elevated him in the Sky in his
body and made him a spirit, and now he is speaking to the chosen ones, everyone as much as
it’s determined, as the Lord God commanded. That’s why we are having different Christians
churches that are in a different level of progress, because doesn’t everyone makes the progress
with the same speed. Everyone thinks that he knows everything, and when they realize
opposite they see how wrong they were.

If he was our creator, Lord God, it wouldn’t be written that the time has passed until he
learned to reject the evil. Or that he didn’t know the gospel was for all the people. He
announced it later when he went to heaven, because he found out then why he wanted to go to

Isaiah 14-24 The LORD Almighty has sworn, "Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and
as I have purposed, so it will happen.

Isaiah 29-11 For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll. And if you
give the scroll to someone who can read, and say, "Read this, please," they will answer, "I
can't; it is sealed."

That’s how became the announcement of all of these things as the content of the sealed book.
If it’s given to someone who can read and if it’s told: read that! He answers I can’t because
it’s sealed. And if it’s given to someone who can’t read and if it’s told- read that! He would
say I can’t read. This how Almighty is speaking: this people are close to me only with their
lips and their hart is far away from me, and his fear of me is only learned human

I will continue to do magnificent with those people, magnificent and wonderful.

The wisdom of his wise men, he will be ashamed, and understanding of those ones who
understand will have to be hidden.

Poor will be those who want to hide their intentions from the Lord, those who are making
their deeds in the dark and speak: Who can see us? Who can recognize us?

Oh what a backward! Would clay could say something against the potter, and the creation to
say against his creator ‘He didn’t make me’

And the pot to say to the potter: he doesn’t know me?

Jeremiah 22- 21 I warned you when you felt secure, but you said, 'I will not listen!' This has
been your way from your youth; you have not obeyed me.

Isaiah 54-4 "Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will
not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of your youth and remember no more the
reproach of your widowhood.

For your Maker is your husband-- the LORD Almighty is his name-- the Holy
One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth.

The LORD will call you back as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in
spirit-- a wife who married young, only to be rejected," says your God.

For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with deep compassion I will bring you
back. In a surge of anger I hid my face from you for a moment, but with everlasting kindness I
will have compassion on you," says the LORD your Redeemer.

Isaiah 55-8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"
declares the LORD.

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 61-1 The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed
me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to
proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,

So the Lord God chooses him to announce Himself.

Jeremiah 9 23 ……… but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the
understanding to know me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and
righteousness on earth, for in these I delight," declares the LORD.

Isaiah 63-… >> I’m the One who speaks rightful, who has the power to save.
Jeremiah 10-12 But God made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom
and stretched out the heavens by his understanding.

When he thunders, the waters in the heavens roar; he makes clouds rise from the ends of the
earth. He sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses.

The whole human race is foolish and has no knowledge! The artists are disgraced by the idols
they make, for their carefully shaped works are a fraud. These idols have no breath or power.

This is what Lord God is saying.

Zachariah 3-1 Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the
LORD, and Satan standing at his right hand to accuse him.2The LORD said to Satan, "The
LORD rebuke you, Satan! Indeed, the LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebukes you! Is this
not a brand plucked from the fire?"… Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and
standing before the angel.…

The point of this story is that filthy dress is representing the life on this world, and white dress
represents our future life when we will receive the white dress. There is no man who didn’t
receive first the curse of the dirty dress. So this story doesn’t have to be related to the Christ
only, it’s related to all of us, we will receive same as the Christ. We will come out of the fire
that is often interpreted in the Bible as Hell. So the hell would be now in the dreams.

363.] The words of condolence

Our life is made from the happy moments, everyday life and bad moments. So no matter on
the moment where you are currently, you know that everything is repeating and the good
always come.

Because it’s His plan for us. In the bad moments make yourself a condolence with the fact
that it will pass, and enjoy happy moments while you can.

He decided all of those moments because He thought about us. He organized our lives in that
way. The good and the evil.

To do parables.

It’s like when you take yes and no, and there is also a maybe that is in between. We are living
in ‘maybe’ and yes and no are changing.

We are all living our life in everyday we are there where we supposed to be. By watching the
others and their days, sometimes we want to be like them, and have parents like them. But it’s
not possible.
You don’t need to bother with thoughts like that because it’s in vain. If you want better, try to
do better. To someone life gets easier, and for someone harder, so it’s possible to have the
same goal, just depends on who is suffering more.

To be pretty or rich is not guarantee for the happiness in spirit. Something is good, but why it
matter to you if you are not happy. Some receive better, some worse, but in the end everybody
are happier than ever. That’s why everything will pass, and the better life will come.

364.} Like only good exists

Some Christians are preaching that the Lord God wants to give us only good. Many of people
who preach that belong to those who were receiving one good after another for whole life.

And what is with those who received evil on evil. Would anyone condescend to soothe them
and not judge them instead of that, it’s your fault, you are not good as I am, you deserve it.
There is neither mercy nor understanding although it’s the basic stone of the Christianity.

Lucky for them they have Lord God and Christ, and that He is soothing them and those who
represents as his teachers only giving them hard times, like it isn’t enough what they are

For those who are receiving whole life it’s normal they are optimistic and to see the world
through the pink glasses and those who don’t receive it of course are not, they understand that
is not given to them.

And if all of them believe that they don’t rule themselves and with their kindness, everybody
would have understanding in speech, if the Lord God would tell them so.

But the good in everything is they also receive the measure of good, maybe not like those
first, but what they receive it’s only good they have and they know He gave them. So who are
you to measure the other people’s good, and to say it’s not good enough when the Lord God
gave it.

By listening them and their success, you start wanting more, and it’s not determined to receive
more, it’s good to have the peace with what you have and the other if it’s determined, it will
be added.

Everyone should reasonably understand his own value, to watch the life as it is. To be
optimistic and try to be even better, so it will happen what is meant to be.

People should make peace with their material and spiritual life and focus their attention on
themselves as the souls to whom the evil is available. And to read a Bible to recognize it.

To try to be better, not to curse, not to speak against the others, because if you are in their
situation you wouldn’t like that is spoken about you, not to lie, not to speak His name in vain,
not to steal, not to cheat, to be on service to the others, to read the Bible because He’s
bringing everything to your mind. To forgive. So you need to compete with yourself. Not to
do it again and be happy you didn’t do it. And that is told as a cognition.
365.} Wrong teachers.

When you ask someone – how did you become religious – chosen, then they say – It’s
because Lord God chose me. And with the same man you start to speak about corruption of
the mankind, he said to you – because they didn’t have an open mind and understand it
seriously as I understand, because I’m better than they are.

They don’t understand that those are two things opposite one from another and they need to
say: it’s because I’m the part of the world too, then the Lord God has single me out of the
crowd with the purpose to repair me with the time, and if He wants, I would be again part of
the world.

The good inside of me is good only because the good is given. And while it wasn’t given, I
was as everyone else.

As far as I can see, Lord God has the people who are the part of the world, who are better than
those who are chosen. But it’s not important to Him, He’s choosing from the worst until the
best, it’s how the world goes. And as far as I can see it’s rightful. We are all the same to Him.

It’s interesting that the preachers nowadays are preaching that you can free yourself from the
Satan and that we are having that right in the Sir Christ.

Like it’s not written in the Bible there are gifts of Spirit, ones for the healing, the others for
the deliberation of Satan, one are teachers, and one are making donations, so those who are
working can rule with something and do good all over the world.

So if you can’t receive the power of the spirit, that you are more powerful than the Satan, you
can’t do anything against it. Lord God thinks about it, no matter are you a Christian or not,
and He is doing it always, as He’s doing, He showed it to us through the Christ.

And just how much there is healed and revived with the blessing of progressive medicine. It’s
known when the man receive Christ that he change something really big in man’s life. That
something stays like that until something new happen. People sometimes when they receive
that something, the releasing from the spirit, sometimes loose, so they are going forward and
backward. Until one day they keep something – good.

The sheep are representing the chosen ones no matter what they do, the door will be open for
them. Because Lord God gave us to Sir Christ, who went above so he can be inside all of us
and do that.

Before we were chosen, we used to be a great sinners, and that didn’t prevent Lord God, He
knew what we are before we did, what we will do in future, and He didn’t care because He’s
the first one who understands we don’t have the control over our lives. That’s how He
controls our lives, and fixing us with time and we are receiving evil because it’s also His plan
so we can see better, how He controls us.
All of those who are falling when they receive to standing need to understand they are
standing because Lord God is holding them, and when they fall because He stopped.

Then some of them are asking why do I have to fall and He would tell them – you are not the
only one to fall. Many people are falling, it’s time for falling now, and later for holding. It’s
life. When He will hold us all, we will know that He’s doing that. And the proof will be our
falling now.

He gave better to someone, because if we are all obsessed we would live in terrible world. So
those who are better are working and from their paychecks are deducted for different social

366.} mental disease

People who have mental disease are feeling oh dear, and nobody can imagine how they are
feeling unless he receives to. It’s simply you are given to the Satan to torture you, you are in

Then you hear optimistic messages, and you are sick of it, and listening of all of them by
knowing that nobody can help you besides Lord God and He doesn’t want to do it.

It’s not that He’s not doing anything, but what is bothering you, it’s what’s bothering you.
Time for tortures. When you are having all diseases it’s not important at all how rich you are.
You are suffering anyway.

Although it’s better if you have, because money can pay someone to helps you because it’s
hard to take care for yourself in that condition. But inside you are suffering equally. And the
poor ones are having additional suffer, they are lacking of the extra blessing.

367.} Material blessings

Same as our spiritual blessings are important, the material blessings are important as well,
also called prosperity. He’s planning also to give us that, because He will give us everything
the best.

Those are all goods destined to people, and He doesn’t hate rich people because He doesn’t
judge us according to our financials, but we are all one soul as it is.

Although from those who are rich, from them is expected to be more generous, and big
problem is that mankind understands similar certain amount of money. If someone has a
hundred millions, when he decides to give a million it sounds like a lot of money. With great
amount of money, criterions are changed, and if it’s measured than need to be more money.

People in America lives on average from a couple of thousands, so for normal life thousands
are required, and nobody expect from the rich people to give everything and to be poor,
although they can do it if they want, it’s best from them because they are creating additional
money with that money and it’s hard to be poor because they didn’t get used to it. So they
should give differently, higher amounts. And the best is to settle your own needs of the rich
man, invest something and give everything else. And it’s good to reduce the needs. It’s not
happening usually, lot of people who are high above now, will not be so high later.

368.} Measure in measure

Like we have the story in Bible about a woman who was poor and gave everything she had;
Lord God didn’t expect from her to do so, but because she did it, it’s consider as when
someone gives all he has.

When rich people give literally everything and become poor, it can be considered as
additional good, because they get used to the richer life, and they can feel more lost. When
you are poor and you never have anything, but you are still living, you don’t know for better,
so in that way it’s easier for you than for them. It would be additional measures that are going
only with basic measures announced to us. So the basic measures are considered, and those
ones are considered additionally. It would be called measure in measure. It’s different when
you fall from the greater height.

When you are feeling that you have mental illness, for you when you feel well is illness for
those with a sane spirit.

In this life it’s the best not to expect to receive all, and hope that you will maybe get
something. Our promise is in future, and here it doesn’t matter what happened.

369.} Who is larger

It’s interesting to me that to Americans is only Sir Christ in their thoughts, like he’s giving
them all. It’s not right and it’s not true, to all of us Lord God should be at the first place
because He’s the one who is giving everything and who is deciding about our lives.

They don’t have a clue how scandalous they sound. I do mind that because it’s not all right to
put the Lord God below the Christ, and they put Christ above the Lord God or equalize them.

And Sir Christ himself was always giving all the glory to the Lord God, by saying that He’s
saying to him what he hears, and when he was healing, he asked to receive. It was before and
it’s like that now.

They think the Sir Christ is saving them, and he only announced to them that the Lord God is
savior. They are doing it like that and speaking because they believe wrong, so they think the
Lord God created a body for himself and that’s Him actually.

That He came to try what is the feeling when people are suffering, and how crazy is to think
that; if He as the Holly Spirit doesn’t know how people are suffering, and someone who
understand suffering of the spirit, because He made us like that and measure for everyone, and
we are inside Him, it’s normal that He knows and see, because He’s giving.

Although that is forgiven to us, people should understand normal their sins. When people see,
or hear that can’t do better then they should understand it wasn’t in His plan to be perfect for
When you are reading the Bible and all cognitions of evil and when you see yourself, you
became sick. Who would make it all, only those one to whom is given to be like that? And
what is about us who are worse? We simply can’t better


When you are watching the birds flying in the flock, they always have the one who is first and
other are following her. How those birds come to the first place? I know how, Lord God
placed her there. It’s the same with us. Everyone is there where is placed, and simply it’s not
possible to move from that place.

Where ever we move, we are again on our place where He placed us. Then you are watching
all the other birds that are better than you and you think – I can’t be in their place, Lord God
needs to move me.

Then it comes to your mind and you can see on those birds they re not perfect although they
are on good place, and you think the race is not yet over, and you are trying to be better. If
someone is a preacher now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be better than him by carrying out

371.} SEX

When it comes to sex, as far as I can see, it’s most appropriate that mouth goes on mouth and
sexual organ on sexual organ and not reversed.

By watching the world as it looks, people should understand that everything will become even
worse and worse and the world will be left to young. They need to tell them how sin is serious
thing, that’s how they would look better in the eye of the Lord God. Because children have
their own mistakes and the parents their. From all of us is expected to be better.

372.} Rightful and sinners and all the same by the law of souls

We have a moral in the Bible that is given to the rightful, but then again we have the story that
the sinners are chosen. When you see it in the full truth, those who were good to them was
only good given, so to the people seems they were rewarded and actually is the giving only.

And to those bad, only evil was given, so what to expect from them than to be like that, when
they had it enough, Lord God knowing that He had the evil decided it’s right time to start
giving them good.

When you take a look how the life seems, we are all like we receive to be, nobody can make
himself neither rightful nor sinner, but we are as we are made.

So those ones who continue to receive they think they received because they were rightful and
that they are rewarded, and how can it be truth when the sinners are receiving also.

Everything is receiving and not earning. We are as we are and nobody needs to think take a
look at me, how good I am, but ‘I’m blessed for what I received’. It’s already announced to us
through the Sir Christ, for the Lord God has been doing the same always. People were
repeating that he’s giving to the good only.

For one He’s thinking – they don’t need a cure because they received it already, and for the
other think – they need it because didn’t receive it yet. In order that someone thinks how good
he’s and don’t need a cure, that would be a delusion because rare is the one who doesn’t need
cure. You don’t know what you don’t have until you receive it. Some people simply having
serious disease.

373.} Basic cognitions

So listening preachers nowadays and all of the sermons made from those what the Lord God
announced through the Sir Christ, all with the purpose that people can recognize how to live
and react in everyday situations.

When you are listening although it’s advanced preaching how the Lord God decided to speak
to us, there are so many and who would think about all of it. As far as I can see it would be
more simply to return to the basics, from where all of it came out use it to look in everyday.

Because people don’t have control over their thoughts and what will come to their mind what
is happening with the religious spirit and according to the spirit Christ is brining to us words
from the Bible.

Because he doesn’t always speak what would be good to hear, because Lord God limited him
for every individual, and according those limits we are progressing, every one individual.

But when it comes to the progress and when you hear, then it’s progressing according to his
determinations. If you consider your life with al events that are usually happening every day it
would be the best to write down some advices that would include our every day.

That’s how you will have a new cognition, and the Lord God would make everyone who does
so more progressive, than they would be without that cognitions.

It’s the best to limit your words on yes and no, and if it’s Lord God’s will to say it to people.
If you are not doing like that you will realize soon that it would be better that you stutter,
when it’s spoken too much then you are making more mistakes.

So cognition number one is stuttering and to speak only when you have to. Then you need to
have cognition to mention the others when you see them making wrong, what is written in the
Bible on that topic, in the way so they don’t think you are judging them, but only repeating
what you are thinking. That’s our light in this world.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of the Lord God. Then you need to not lie or half- lie. Then it
comes the defending of the others, because you know they couldn’t do it better, unless the
Lord God do that trough them, that’s how you will be defended.
When you are speaking about the others, imagine that you are in their place, and how would
you like to speak about you when you are wrong. Defend the other as you would defend

Do not swear and use anything from above in that cause – in vain. Do not lose your courage,
and because that cognition will probably leave you, write it on the paper and put it on the
wall, and read every night while you are lying awake.

Then the Lord God can bring to your mind your day and show from what to take care of, if He
wants it. And because people forget, leave it on the wall, so when the lord God decides to pay
your attention to it, it will happen.

Because you already know what is possible to happen to you, make yourself commandments
to read every night. So what ever happen? Do not argue with the other, because you will
understand then what does it mean to say yes or no, or to turn another cheek.

That’s why is recommended stuttering as the beginning – start. Not to start a long
conversations because then you will be in trouble and you will go out as a loser. Because you
will be wrong, and you can win the argue between the people and to think – I was right.

Because what happen after argue or usually conversations, when you come home and when it
comes to your mind, or while you are speaking, only will remain to you that you are wrong
and it’s what you don’t want. Because your goal is to make faults even less.

At the end of the day usually it’s add, and only faults are adding. Because the good that was
made, it was made b Him. And what it wasn’t it wasn’t even planned to be. It’s what you
want to be better and to be done tomorrow.

You should be satisfied with the good He’s doing through you, and what He’s not doing, pray
to be done. Because you can’t do anything, unless He does it. Everything you are doing is His
plan to be it, and everything is said as the cognition.


2.To light

3.To lie and half- lie

4. To justify the others because you understand.

5. Not mention His name in vain.

6. Don’t lose your courage, it’s like when you are stumbling.

You write it on the paper and you read it and that is your motto in every day, and you are
competing with yourself and it would be interesting because sometimes you will lose more,
sometimes you will won more battles in a day. As the proverb say – I lost the battle but not a
Although we will win the war, it’s better when you have more battles that you won. Life is a
battle between good and evil inside yourself. That kind of approach to life we all need to

We are all raised to know but it’s not enough. In my case Lord God is doing to me without
papers, so I hope that when He start doing it with a paper in humans hand that people will
become progressive for a step. For He would invent that. People simply don’t have control
over their thoughts. It would be cognition to try to be better.

374.} Cognition about drugs and alcohols

What is interesting and on what is paid my attention and people who are in that can’t even
notice, let’s take for an example alcohol or drug. When someone is drinking al the time, it
doesn’t have to be an alcoholic, he lose an appétit with the time and doesn’t feel well as

And because he’s drinking every day or night and continues the same every day, he forgets
how it was before he was drinking. It’s visible when you are seeing one day in a week and
tomorrow in the morning you feel worse, but when it’s every day you can’t see the difference

When I was using the drugs, I couldn’t stop although I knew it’s no good for me. When I
would stop, because my parents caught me and realize that I’m doing drugs again, they didn’t
know anything about methadone so the Lord God decided that I don’t need to tell them that I
need it. I would stop doing drugs without anything, I would suffer and lay down in bad and in
one week everything would be better, and I would receive an appétit soon and gain some
weight and look like I never do drugs, it wasn’t any thoughts about drugs or anything.

And methadone is really dangerous, and lot drug addicts become addict on methadone and
then become even worse and more dangerous addiction than the heroin. It’s better to try
without anything, your organism becomes clear earlier, although in some cases it’s necessary.
And place in commune is the best choice.

Because my parents were strict and that how hiding from them I couldn’t stop so they
wouldn’t notice it. But what would be if they weren’t strict, maybe it would be even worse, in
that case I would have more freedom. That’s how for those ones whose children are doing
drugs, it’s the best to ask for a help and put your child in commune because it’s really rare
that someone doesn’t repeat it. Every parent think it will not, my child is not like that I know
it very well, it’s smart and promise he will not do it again, sincerely. It’s how the parents are
wrong, usually parents think so.

375.} True Christian wishes

Don’t give up on your wishes. Some preachers nowadays are speaking about wishes related to
the better job and some hobbies they would like to have, but they are not succeeding it
because of the other commitments.
I would spoke to you about some other wishes that Sir Christ had, and it’s to fulfill the Lord
God’s will. As he had that wish, and also Moses, John, apostles, prophets; those ones baptized
with the spirit are having the same wishes, just they don’t have it in the same amount, because
they didn’t receive well enough.

No matter they are recognize it inside themselves, and knowing they don’t feel completely
like that, it’s what they will do in the future, then will receive it.

By knowing where it comes from, you need to start thinking about it, and start trying to fulfill
it; you can be more active in evangelist or to gather to do well.

When you know fullness of that wish, you need to go toward it, no matter what will happen.
It’s cognition. That should be our dream and wish, and all the other wishes that only are
taking your money and time to leave for later.

Now it’s time for doing, and later when everyone receive good and Christianity spread, and
when you come back with Sir Christ, he will rule with everything because Lord God will tell
him how to do, and whatever Sir Christ will do or speak, Lord God will do through him and
mankind, then if you still have that wish or in a distant future, you can do it then.

376.} Don’t forget how you received

It would be related to the part of the Bible – don’t forget how you received it, because all of
us when we receive and find out who we are and that we are saint and chosen from all the
people it’s a shock; it’s like you were thinking back then, and that changed, you cooled off a
little bit, you went outside. Now it’s time to come inside again and to try.

It’s about fight of the spirit, now it’s like you are in oblivion, and it was all clear in the
beginning. So remember that clearness, because you already know how you look impressively
converted. You are having cognition where you need to go, and this now isn’t good enough.
Although we are all falling now, for later we will stand in eternity.

377.} To believe more than it is

Christian preacher believe today more than they should and more than it is, and they are
telling their messages to the people, and claims for them that are coming from the Lord God.
They believe in story in their head – mind, and they don’t understand they are in delusion and
obsessed with the spirit of the faith as crazy people believe. And they are giving different
promises to the people in His name.

ELLEN G. WHITE was an Adventist, although that church is progressive, and her books are
held as an additional literature I’m not sure what she believed, maybe there was something
good that the Lord God said to her. It’s not that I’m talking against her. She is an obvious
example of faith and preaching the message from Lord God, same as Moses, because He told
them something it doesn’t mean that everything they hear in their mind is from the Lord God.
But they can’t see it all, because it’s not given to them to recognize. That’s how she used to
speak in the past dates of the return of Sir Christ and people were going and waiting but
nothing happened. Then she did it again, and nothing happened. When it’s proven to people
then they know it, and the problem is with everything those kinds of preachers are speaking
and it’s not yet proven.

In that way, they first attract people, when people realize that they see what they are like and
don’t want to listen them anymore. And here in America you have all the time different
preachers who are preaching the buying of blessing and actually they show it to you through
the words from Bible. They say: give us 100 and 1000 is even better. It’s not strange that
people look them repulsive and don’t love to hear them or to see them.

So when someone come to preach them well, and closer to the truth, they don’t even give him
a chance to listening everything he has to say, like when they see religion on television, they
change the channel fast as possible because they heard enough of evil. People know and don’t
allow the Lord God in that way, so why would they listening to them.

Many people preach as they know everything, our teachers or apostles from Lord God, and if
they hear the real truth, they would feel sorry because they said anything. Now they are high
and later would think – if at least nobody knew me.

378.] Last row

Sometimes I think is it possible for those ones in last raw that should be in first? Those in last
row can be people who have the Sir Christ, but they are also given to the Satan as well.
Because it’s well known from the ancient time, ancient Christians came up with that also, who
is cursed by Lord God, He’s also blessed.

And if they are blessed with additional truth, nobody will listen to them because they don’t
believe them. By looking at all this world and how backward it is, when it’s shown to me the
world started to look lamer. But soothes me the fact that we are not here by purpose, but that
our progress is made by Lord God and that His will was for everything to be as it is.

By watching all of those religious people in delusion they are living without even knowing it,
I know they are chosen no matter how backward, they have the love of the Lord God.

That’s how He told me how He sees them and loves them, and then He gave to me, so I can
look it in a same way. That’s how I’m not upset with backwardness, because He’s not upset
either. I’m looking at this as a plan that needs to be so.

I used to think positive. Firstly I thought well about Catholics, and then I saw they are wrong,
and then about the other Christians then he convinced me they don’t know it either.

So what was my first observation that everything is abnormal? Actually is not abnormal
because the mankind and religion in this level of progress and it’s how it should be for now.
Everything is as it should, until the change come.

379.] Since David

In history records he was named first servant of the Lord God, then the son of the man, then
son, and not son as it is, but son without physical father, and it’s not truth, His father is
Joseph, who came from David’s line, and it’s written that is his family tree.

People with the time moved away from the truth, because with time those who were teaching
people didn’t hear and Lord God didn’t speak trough them. And no matter how he was called,
he was always Messiah.

The spirit that is repairing us, in the past was called personal repair, because He chose
everyone and repair individually. Those who are not yet repaired can’t believe to the others
who are repaired, but when they become that, it happens when you gather in group of two or
three, I will be between you and speak to both of them makes them reasonable and the one
understands the other.

In that way both will come to the same conclusion. We are not living yet in perfect world and
it’s not going like that for now.

By watching the World War II, and how they threw bombs on Germany, and how the Lord
God blessed Germans later and gave refuge to many from communism and to the poor ones, it
doesn’t means that He agreed that they need to be bombed.

He is against killing the civilians and children. And when I saw what was their propaganda
and movies were showed to the Germans, they didn’t have an idea what is going on. They
thought they were defending themselves. Although to allow doesn’t mean to agree on that.
And death penalties.

380.] Americans fly high.

I’m watching America and what became from it. Americans all have high opinion about

Those who realized what America should be, and came to that conclusion, if that didn’t
happen and America wasn’t as it supposed to be. And opinion remains to people as it is. It’s
fault of wrong propaganda.

That’s how it’s shown to us what could be, and then it was done opposite from it, although
there are good also. That good is present from Lord God. He protected people from
communism and the other ones gave to him. He brought some of them from communism so
he can give them freedom of religion.

America made a progress like it had religion in power, those religions who don’t belong in
Christianity, to them it wasn’t even destined this freedom as they have today. And now those
who had refuge they say: eliminate the words from the Bible from the public places and
judiciary places because it’s not rightful according to our personal beliefs – democracy.

So democracy isn’t good only as a democracy but it should be democracy through the
Christianity. If the Lord God haven’t give me freedom of speech I couldn’t speak as someone
who is supporter of His announcement how we need to live and throw out of our lives
paganism, different religions, statues, satanic shops, horoscopes, to censure television
according to the commandments from the Bible. People can say now it’s not fair because they
mind is poisoned so they can’t see what is normal and what is not.

We could be state like that and nobody could do anything to us. At least we would be normal
and know about it, and it wouldn’t be matter what the other people think, and those who have
a problem with that don’t have to come either.

Take a look at Chine, how much injustice they are doing to their people, by limiting the
number of the children and similar, and they still standing although they are backward. People
always look strange those ones who are too kind. But same for people who are not. Because
they see you in that way it’s better to be rightful and it’s not important how they see you, but
condolence and support is how the Lord God is looking at you.

By having the country that would affect people like when you are having good, normal and
exemplar parents who are strict. It’s what people need. People are like apples. One that is
rotten spoils the others. It’s what is happening now.

Those who are rotten now, in the better America they would be taken out on time and make
them less rotten, and that would be for their good. Non existence of the rotten apples is not
possible for now, for those ones who are are good. If you are strict for their own good, like the

For now every one of us is given to the evil, so we can know how the evil is born, and when
Sir Christ comes that everyone is listening to him without displeasure, because he knows what
he is saying.

When he comes it would be the ones who are disagreeing but the world is left to the young,
and with every generation it would be even better. the apples will become less rotten. And
everything will be better because Satan will be prevented for a thousand years.

381.] My imagination

It’s how I imagine elevation of people. I’m not saying it’s true or not, it’s only my
imagination, just to be clear. Because they are chosen in whole world and every country so if
happened at once, lot of people would be moving. In order to happen in one day and one our it
would be one country after another, depending on the time zones and to all in same time.

This how those countries where are living people Christians who believe, you call the Lord
God, and He’s having mercy on them they will be elevated together with the chosen ones. It
would be last mercy. And then I’m thinking, when we are elevated together with our families
and when we are in heaven, Americans will be with Americans, Croatians with Croatians. In
that way everyone will be with their own family. And angels will welcome us and show
where we will live. Everything will seem so new. Reality will come to our head and spirit,
like when we realized that we are chosen and sacred and one of them.

382.] Does He hate us?

Sometimes people when the evil is happening to them think the Lord God hates them, and
instead of thinking it’s not up to the hate, but the it’s our life as the whole mankind, and the
plan was to give us to the evil.

So those ones who didn’t taste greater evil don’t even think how some other people are
feeling, and what evil are in their life.

When the same happens to them, they think –why me. And I would say – why not, when we
are all equal to Him. It’s simply should be like that, and our prayers are often not answered, or
they are answered after the long time.

Before He gave us to the evil, He knew how we will feel, and how hard it will be for us, so He
considers all of that, and made an evil in certain amount that will torture us in life. For that
reason He doesn’t help right away because He decided to be so.

By watching myself, I know He could made my whole life opposite then it is, and I could be
healthy, and have happy life and instead of sinking into the drugs I could spend my time in
sports and be satisfied and not knowing how good I am, because I wouldn’t know how bad it
is, because I would never taste the evil.

Considering that I didn’t ask for evil but I received it anyway, only positive thing is that I
have more understanding for people given to the evil, and I can see how actually is given. It’s
showed to me for one reason. So you can have the same and not to see because it’s not shown
to you. No matter how many evil is in our lives, if He wants to show it, you will see.

383.] We are all the same by the act of birth of one soul

That’s how imagining myself and by watching the whole world around me from the air, I can
see that all of people are the same to Him, and it’s simply someone has to be. He didn’t enjoy
torturing me, and that would be enough for me. Somebody has to be, so it seems that I’m from
that kind.

That’s how people can say –it’s personal, because it’s happening to me. But then again when
you see that you are one of many that personality is missing and the reason know it’s a life
and how it looks like.

384.] our beginning

When we started as a children, we were gathering everything we perceive, think how to play,
parents were thinking how to work and sometimes in life if we look in the past, it’s shown to
us and we understand how the life is divided from different moments, and we see what life
was determined to us. And then we receive the thoughts what are we like and how we are
reacting and we start to reveal ourselves, because He’s the one showing to us how to see the
world, because nobody thought as a child about world problems, war and starving, illness,

When your life is brief, you see that everything you need to think and do He will do for you,
and you lived according to His plan, and it will continue to do so.
If you start receiving some new thoughts or points of views it’s because He done it also even
before, just these are new thoughts. He’s thinking for us everything, and what he decided we
are doing and thinking also. That was always, even before we know He’s doing everything.
So we just realized know what happened all this time.

Everything happened in peace, because we didn’t think what will happen next. And when we
started to think about those themes we became restless and impatient and dissatisfied because
we are not good enough, as we want to be.

That’s why the peace is announced, and as He sad – I’m giving my peace to you; so all of the
people to whom is given, so they realize they don’t have control about themselves and
through that peace and understanding they are watching the others and don’t judge them but
understand as it’s given to them to understand himself.

It’s the same as you are in the submarine that is sinking. First you are fighting not to sink, but
when you realize that you’ve sank and you can’t do anything no more, you receive your peace
and you sit. You put yourself in his hands and pray to help you if he wants. And then when
you realize it will not, you understand He’s the one who is determining how you will live, and
how you will live, and it was the same since always.

385.] the spirit- routine- determined- measured

You see that message in your life by watching we all have some usually routine, and everyday
we are doing the same things. For some people the routine is to clean the house extra well,
and some just don’t clean it so well.

Then by seeing yourself how you are and how you should be, wanting to be like those who
are better, you are struggling to be more better, and those who are like that, it’s simply easier
given to them. You are going against the spirit.

Like you live without troubles in your routine, they were also lived in they own. They can’t
not to do less, because they are supposed to do more. To all of us is hard to do more and less
because everyone first received certain measure. Somebody can stand and relax, and someone
can’t move.

When the one or the another receive it would be better for them to do different, and they are
struggling and doing it for some time, sometimes they receive that it stops to be so easy for
them, and sometimes they are returning as it was. That’s how it’s falling, coming inside and
outside, because we all received certain amount. To receive different measure He needs to do
it. Because he’s the one giving us a measure.

You can receive easier or harder, but it’s most important to receive to do it. Our lives are
going in the different examples, because it’s measured everything.

Every bird is going to her flock, and it’s inside to fly to us as we were. To fly and to receive
the second flock you need to be changeable and to receive like that.
That’s how He know to turn our lives upside down, for someone toward the evil, and to
someone toward well.

386.] Temptations

By watching people in addictions, some are exposed to different temptations where they are
struggling but they don’t do it anyway.

In my case, I never struggled, because He would make my mind clear and it wasn’t thoughts
at all that I want to do it, or temptations.

That’s how He can give different.

Someone can receive temptations everyday and be saved from doing it. Someone can receive
it every three months and be preserved. Someone can receive the clear mind without
temptation, and when it comes to my mind after one year for the first time, I go and do it.

In order to someone not do the drugs, He should make His mind to be it so.

That’s why we have releasing from the drugs temporally, and for someone is for all the time.
Everyone has the time when it is and when it isn’t, and you never know what it will be next,
because you know that He’s deciding about it, will you or will you not. And you don’t know
what he’s thinking.

When someone asks me – will you do it again; I would say to them – I don’t know because I
don’t know what plans Lord God has for me. People usually don’t like to hear that, parents
especially, because they don’t understand it and they are expecting promises that I can give to
them. Because nobody didn’t tell me my future, so I can tell according that what will I do and
what I will not do.

When you realize that, and when they ask you about that, you need to be strong and not to lie
and say the truth, because it’s better that parents think bad about you then to deny the
cognition from the Lord God.

My family still thinks that I’m better than the other and I can’t convince them I’m not, but the
Lord God did it through me, and if He didn’t, I would keep falling as I was falling from the
beginning and giving up in the different time periods. Now it’s just longer, although it’s
longer I cannot be happy as if I will not fall again. I know someone who did it after longer
period of time and I understand that He’s the one deciding time and will He give me to it
again. My life seems normal now, I’m working, having children, house and how my life will
look in the future, I don’t know that. As far as I can see it I can end up on street and be worse
that it was ever been. I hope He will not decide so, because I’m scared of it, and I don’t want
to live that way.

I want to be happy and capable and fulfill my duties as a mother, woman, and have a life
through His commandments. Those are all my wishes I received and what are His wishes I
don’t know. And I still have schizophrenic disorder and according to that I can definitely end
u p on street. I’m having the path for living as I’m living, and the path for greater evil from all
of that. It’s up to Him.

Some people think I became religious because of the feeling of the guilt, and that’s why I
want to be better. They don’t realize that I wasn’t religious before, and the Lord God decided
to make me more religious.

That’s how I’m aware that no matter how good deeds I will do, it will not stop Him to give
me to the evil. It’s not about merits now, the merits are promised for later. Although when
He’s doing good through us, a mercy can be awaken by seeing how we are all looking good
and He doesn’t want to give us to some new evil. And to the one who are bad because they
didn’t receive good, He can also have mercy and suddenly start to do them good. And to
someone to whom He gave evil when He started giving good, it doesn't have to be up to the
woken mercy, but that's from His sensibiliness and justice and good and normality, He
planned it from the begining.

People sometimes when they are praying they think they received because they were praying.
Actually He intended to give them from the very beginning. By watching myself, I didn’t pray
for this, I didn’t know it exists. I didn’t pray to release me from drugs, although my parents
and Sir Christ were praying. So we don’t control who will pray to whom, and how much it
will pray. Everything will happen anyway. When people are religious they are praying for
everything good, and when they receive it they think it’s because of the prayer. And many
would receive it even without pray. Because He knows everything and understands, so He’s
deciding from it and giving to us. But if you want better, and you know he’s the existing
person made from feelings, I can’t see the reason why he wouldn’t receive to do better. He
knows all of our wishes and needs even before we ask.

When we are going to speak to the other people how bad we felt in our evils and problems,
it’s hard to find sympathy in people.

Either they are not merciful enough, reasonable, or they don’t have idea how you feel, or they
are surprised and they don’t know what to say.

It’s better to speak nothing to no one, because it’s hard and rare to hear the right answer from
people, the one you want to hear in that moment.

Sometimes it’s enough to listen and not to start speaking, it’s not your life miserably only,
you are overreacting. Because it’s not about overreacting, it’s about people want the other
people understand them. The other people have their own mind, and you are having your own,
so everyone understands himself the best. And we all have the Lord God and Sir Christ who
understand us the best and agree with us. Because if they were with us and showed us how it
was to us, and sooth us it will pass and it will be better and it’s better not to think about pass,
but to live in the present time that is His gift to us.

People need to conclude from their own past and to leave a past to be past. If you keep going
into the past, you can only be sick of it, and destroy with that suffer your present time that is
It would be a cognition how we receive additional evil based on something that passed, and
that’s why you need to fight against it by recognizing through this cognition what is going on
and pray to be released from thoughts like that.

Every one of us is sometimes given to the cry and regret of ourselves, and simply we want to
cry and we can’t do anything about it. And that’s how the evil is going and it pulls you, and it
would pull you so deep if the Lord God doesn’t prevent it. When you see it, you pray, ask and
not think – I don’t care, I will cry.

Those obsessions are happening sometimes because that’s how we are given, to be
sometimes, like when you see it’s rare, you can be thankful because it’s not often, because He
didn’t give you more often.

Some people think after they saw on themselves that are complaining, and then say – I will
not complain anymore and that happens. They think they won over complaining with that
thought, because they are strong, and they don’t have idea they were weak first, and they stay
weak, if the Lord God didn’t release them from it, and gave them positive thoughts, and did it
to be like that.

Then people like that, instead of having understanding for the others in the similar situation,
they think for them – Look how weak they are, they are releasing to those thoughts, and
feeling sorry for themselves, I’m better than them.

It’s how the evil comes into their mind, and it could be blessing, because they supposed to
understand and have compassion, and to know they need release from it, and they simple
can’t do it better. so they don’t understand those ones who are given to that evil that is
torturing them and chase them and make their lives miserable they are for feeling sorry, and
not for mocking and elevating yourself.

As it’s written in the Bible, TKO SE HVALI,NEKA SE U GOSPODINU BOGU HVALI,

and that means because He did every good in our life through us.

387.] to find or to be found.

Some people think they found the Lord God because before they were become chosen, they
started to read the Bible or to have religious thoughts.

They don’t have a clue it was their beginning that continued to build them even more. It’s
when He approached to us with the intention to have more plans for us.

As far as I can see, people followed Christianity as it was announced, and it’s who wants to
baptized in the Holly water to come benevolently, and then it comes to the baptizing the holly
spirit, because it’s the right Christianity, the bread that is given in the shape of the spirit.

And then the Lord God who is the spirit speaks and does through Sir Christ to everyone as it’s
Those who like Christianity pray for that bread, and some even don’t need to, because they
received before bread- Holly Spirit who took them into the water.

But it isn’t went like that. In past they baptized people by using the force, because they had
power, and they should leave it to those who want it.

388.] Come in force.

MARC 9-1 ..>> I’m telling you, some of those who are present here shall not taste the death
until see that the Heavenly kingdom came with force.

So many people who don’t understand can think, everyone died and wait for Him to come,
and He didn’t although He said it.

They don’t understand it was related to the Christianity that had beginning when they were
killing them and treat them as worthless, and later Christianity became accepted and growth
between the people and that is what means come with a force. And those in the beginning
didn’t taste death and they see how much everything growth.

389.] Beside with pray and fast

Marc9-29 He answered them: this can’t be expelled besides pray and fast.

It’s related to the certain obsessions, similar to the schizophrenia, large mental deceases, and
people usually never heal from them. In order to be healed, a lot of tears and wish and love
are needed for one person. Because it gives us possibility that the mercy of Lord God is
awaken, and with it to change the first decision to give a person to the Satan and to heal it.

Although Lord God can heal you without pray and fast.

390. To whom we belong.

MARC 9-37 who ever receive one child like this in the my name, he is receiving me. And
who is receiving me, it doesn’t receive me, but the One who sent me.

All us who received that the Sir Christ is our Sheppard and we are sheep, we all have one
master to whom belongs shepherd and sheep, so the sheep and the shepherd are receiving the
Lord as the Lord who is above all of us. So the shepherd is doing his job, and sheep are doing
as they managed.

So the shepherd is taking us to the different fields and chooses some sheep to go together on
one field, and the other on the other field so they can be together.

Their food on those fields is bread, and the churches with different level of progress.

MARK 9-38 "Teacher," said John, "we saw someone driving out demons in your name and
we told him to stop, because he was not one of us." "Do not stop him," Jesus said. "For no one
who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for
whoever is not against us is for us.
As far as I can see we all are having the same shepherd, but we come from the different field,
everyone admit the one from his field, and the other from different field doesn’t accept,
because of the lack of understanding. They think the only one field is true.

The true field is on the heaven and we are all going there. And for now on earth there is no
real field yet. Rare are those who has it as individuals, and because they are rare and there is a
lot of sheep and they don’t know where are the sheep from their field, but because they have
shepherd e gives them all attention, as the favors of the Lord God. They are not alone because
they are having all of His attention, and they don’t like to be with other sheep. Because who
would choose the sheep between the Lord and shepherd. Who has the ear, let him hear?




It’s related to the church and active Christians who are very exemplary and capable and they
are having the normal life without visible sinful way of life. And the small are drug addicts,
alcoholics, spiritually possessed who don’t have a life and can’t participate in normal life or
church activities.

Those who are more normal are the ones who received it, and the other ones are who didn’t
receive very well, and all together are received to be called sheep and the chosen one.

While the Lord God and Sir Christa re with them, they are looking at them struggling and
they have mercy for them, so the same is expected from all the other.

Those who don’t understand because didn’t taste how weak is the man, unless the Lord God
makes him strong, and they didn’t received to believe in Him , but they are believing in
themselves instead of doing what they see, they believe He’s doing it trough them. And out of
that faith understanding comes.

392.] Deeds of apostles

Deeds of apostle 1….

Here is written about time after Sir Christ after resurrection and revelation use to come 40
days and spend with them time and teach them. And they were seeing him how he’s elevating
with his body up to the heaven, then the saw two man in white dresses who tell to them in the
same way they are seeing him now to elevates, he would also come again.

Maybe in the previous texts I mentioned that the angels maybe not showing themselves in the
body of a man, now I would say maybe they are. Although it’s rare and it’s not necessary
because Lord God does everything as the Holly spirit through us over the prophets or pupils.
Who knows what their shape is, but it’s not important, we know it exists.
It’s interesting that the Jewish holidays are celebrated when the moon is full and only Rosh
Hassana is celebrated when the moon is young- new. So it can represent something new.

Some call it Passover, some call it Fiest, and some say it will happen on Rosha Hassana
because to them it’s the celebration of the trumpets, when the virgins were lighting the
candles as a tradition, and have the weddings by setting the groom on the chair and closing
the door. The same way the door will be closed for one who stays.

As far as I can see there are different logics, and every one has its own logics to be in certain
time. But in the time of Feast, seven weeks after starting and from the Saturday you are
counting 50, when the apostles received the spirits, progress in the Lord God because they
were chosen earlier. Then they received additional, maybe all of us will receive additional.

That would be only holyday without a specific date, so the Lord God in those seven weeks
can do it when ever He wants it. If it’s Passover, it’s only one day.

After Rosha Hassanah comes Sucot, when they were making tents, and it can represent to us
that we will receive houses on the sky. So maybe can be considered as one whole.

About Passover, before in Egypt were marking with the blood, maybe his capturing on that
day would represent what it comes next.

Passover and the bread that is given to us on that day and His showing to Apostles 40 days
after resurrection.



It can represent commandments given to the Moses because he went two times on Sinai.

I was just reading on the internet about paganism, how people would jump over the young
children or jump over the fire for the luck.

393.] 10 catholic commandments.

And what surprised me the most; when I red 10 commandments from the catholic church and
10 commandments from the Bible that are similar but different, because they throw it out
those about statues and as far as I can see they adopted commandments to their religion.
Instead of change their religion according to the commandments.

A great problem to people is they don’t even know it, and they don’t read the Bible. They
believe in everything like the small children. Like when you have a man who has a nice suit
and you say- you must be smart, lead me. And we all know that wisdom is not coming with
the suit. So many paganism in the churches and nobody sees himself in that way. Mankind is
so backward and it’s not even aware of it.

People preach in the churches like it’s something new and like we don’t have that cognition.
They say when you wake up in the morning think how the good only will happen that day,
because it’s an optimism, if you are not optimistic and when you are pessimistic you stand
and go nowhere and it’s true as far as I can see it. But the truth is also that is the right delusion
to think that only good happened to you, because if it’s true we wouldn’t have the need to
pray to He makes us the day good and to save us from the evil.

As far as I can see it’s better to be objective and real and to have cognition that you actually
don’t know how your day will look like and to be careful, because if you are too much in
optimism, people would say with your head high above the clouds, you can hit the ceiling. As
far as I can see, there is no need to think that the evil will happened to you, and not good only,
but to think- I don’t know how it will be and ask Him to bless you and when you need it, your
day couldn’t be better than it is, because obviously you asked for the good.

Because I don’t have control of myself or the others, why would I be optimistic with
everything and with the cognition that He’s giving the evil to us? Isn’t it better to live in His
will, so whatever He wants to give me. Because people loves more to be in optimism and in
delusion than in the realism and stability.

Similar is given to all of us. Usually good and sometimes even greater evil. Remember that
He’s the gone giving you when it’s good, and while it’s evil, you need to know that He’s
giving it also, because it’s true. And not based on the opinion that the Lord God is giving
good only to speak stupid, it’s how you look. Lord God doesn’t need someone to defend Him,
He admitted to us that He’s the one giving good and evil, so we will agree with him and think
like that.

When people are doing good so when they see on someone else something bad, they see it in
really bad light, as it’s writing in the Bible because the evil looks like that. But when they did
it, to them it stopped to look so bad.

394.] Satan is inside us and the doubt

People are not aware how Satan can make a place in their mind, people start hearing the
stories, the thought I didn’t see the Lord God or Sir Christ, how could I know if they exist?
Come to their mind.

Or how could I know does heaven or hell exist. It would be the start and it’s also possible to
come to the losing of faith and your mind becomes empty and thoughts like that are main, and
you start really to think like that.

It’s important when you see it’s happening to start speaking everything you believe in and to
say Satan leave me alone, He exists! Open the Bible and start reading no matter what is on
your mind. You know He exists and the Satan exist and start praying that the Lord God
release you from thoughts like that.

People are imagining Satan as they see him in the movies or they don’t think about him at all.
People are not aware how He is with them in every day, because it was like that always.
Sometimes it doesn’t even start like a thought, but simply do it through a man.
Mankind doesn’t stand a chance, He has a power to do it, and so unless the Lord God defends
us from him we can’t do anything. Looking at that with my life experience we can’t do

When people are sinning even when they fix what they did wrong they still can have a
thoughts that are charging them. He is corrupted, only wanting to torture people, he does
something through them and then he is accusing them as really evil person. In that case it’s
best to tell him – leave me alone you Satan, you villain.

What do you think, who are you to judge me, nobody cares what you are thinking, you don’t
have any position in Heaven, you are a creature as I am, and you have only power to torture
me, but it will come to an end, soon or later.

But it’s not relater on first thoughts Lord God is saying about us, because when He speaks, He
is saying what you like are and what is good and what is bad.

So in order to understand yourself and see what are you like because everything happened
before, and passed by, but one day he approaches you and start learning you about yourself
and your deeds, and how are you reacting in certain situations, and then from those cognitions
you realize it and in the next similar situations he does that you don’t react same as before.

Because it’s beginning and people don’t change so easily because He doesn’t want to fix us
all at once, because in that way we see how actually He is managing our lives.

Christianity is wisdom and philosophy about knowing the man, and it’s the best to do
according to the instructions because it’s more wise, even when it doesn’t look so, you need
to be obedient to the Lord God because like every father of Lord He required obedience.
Although you have a boss on your job and you are listening to him, when you are in between
two of them, or any man, you should decide for Lord God because it’s wiser.

Everyone prefers to be wise than to be crazy, if you are not doing so, you are not wise at all.
However, obedience is the best choice always. Sometimes you can think – I’m really
obedient, why evil is happening to me then?

Well what to say, it’s the same for everyone, it’s the life and Lord God when announced
Himself to us He knew it would be like that, because He created our lives.

It’s better not to wait for rewards in this world; it’s the best to focus on obedience. And it’s
said as the cognition. We don’t control on what we will be focused. It’s the reason why is said
cognition. Everything is written are cognitions.

Whatever you see in your life, whether it’s good or evil, you need to know that He decided
first to be so, and later happened. The world is his, because He created earth firstly and
everything that gives her life, and then the living souls. He created the evolution of the
mankind to go with the certain speed, and also our personal evolution that is also going with
the planned speed. He has an eternal mind. If you look it that way, He doesn’t hurry to fix us,
if He does so at once, then He couldn’t carry out the idea to give good and evil. Because both
good and evil are His ideas, this is how it should be.

People Christians often, like the truth lightened to them, one day it lights that preachers are
not so bright as they were thinking, considering what they preach wrong.

By listening to them and all the illogicality they speak, it’s not a reason to reject the Lord God
because our preacher and teacher is Lord God who puts everyone in certain class according to
their progress, and then in that class Sir Christ preaches to everyone how it’s determined.

He’s listening to the Lord God although he would like that everyone is progressive as he is.
He will not do it because he’s obedient.

I just found out on the internet about a man called Arije, and he understood because it’s
showen to him that the Christ was born from two man Joseph and Marrie and that's why he is
called son of the man. And in the begining it was belived in that, and the genealogy when is
listed it's written from David to Joseph. And he had 20 supporters on his side, and when they
were called to vote in parliament they changed their opinion, probably they were not so strong
to resist to the world and to those one in power. Everything could be different if the Lord God
intendet to, but He didn't.

395.] Abortion

Many people don’t understand serious enough, they kill but don’t consider themselves as
murders. There are so many murders in this world. They don’t understand if you want to be
big in the eyes of Lord God or a hero, you need to pass through certain sufferings.

It’s not easy when you already have some children and bad financial status, so it’s simply
harder sometimes. But when you look the life, there is always place for one more child, and
when you see it, you will do anything to live. Just because you don’t know it you think like

396.] the righteous

Many people do something and regret it later. Why would you do it if you know that you will
regret it? Some people when become religious feel terrible about it, but forgiveness because
of the understanding exist and what can you do, you can’t go back in time.

He knows you would do right in any life situation; it’s possible only if He does that. And that
is the reason of forgiving, He know we are not managing ourselves. He is creating the
righteous. When you are reading in the Bible about all the righteous or when you are looking
some people how they are satisfying during the life, it’s only because He made them like that.

We are all having written and announced cognitions in Old Testament, and when you are
reading you think about an evil made by Jews. But it’s not about Jews, it’s about all people
are like that and it’s written for people, so when people are reading can recognize themselves
and evils. Many people think – I’m not like that, but every one of us is something from it,
some on the most simply situations but they still belong to the category of an evil.
We are having the evils that we call the sinful life, criminals, drug addicts, thieves, prostitutes,
president, and church. So those in the sinful life are making more evil than the common
people, and the are exposed with their way of living to the greater temptations that usually
they break.

It’s better to be far from those people because you will also be in temptation and break. We
are all bad but some people are worse, and some people are extra bad.

He took one soul and showed to us that He can made it in any measure of good or evil.

397.] Parable of mountain

When you give soul to mountain and then cooling comes and snow starts to cover mountain
and it kills life on mountain, and those who come close to mountain are affected by cold.
Then in certain time ice starts to melt and mountain begins to yield, one tree here, one there,
until sky and earth are joined and mountain experience eternal spring.

There are different mountains and climates, and every mountain is same as one which is
covered in ice. Every mountain can yield if it is affected by sunshine from Lord God.

So while you are that mountain which is covered by ice and without life, you live and you
don’t notice the cold because that is in you, and when it starts to melt you see what you don’t

Then you notice cold and you begin to get cold and you look in the distance at other
mountains and you think that you will be such mountain one day, but certain time needs to
pass until you melt.

Then mountain, regardless of cold, has faith and knows what is coming and that is its comfort
in cold, because it’s proved to mountain that it should be that way.

Mountain now knows that it hasn’t control where ice and snow would be, and where sun
would be. So mountain sees, while it is melting, with every melted layer it sees what is in it,
and it knows that others who don’t watch that gradually warming on itself can’t see, because
like those who lived in ice and they weren’t cold, so those others live in sun and they don’t
notice how Sun is good to them.

So those who are in ice have eyes and they watch through them mercy and love which give
greater emotion, and those who have love, it’s all they have.

398.] Silence

It would be the best for people to remain silent, because even then when you don’t speak
against someone, someone else hears that and transfer it like that, like deaf phone. I noticed
that something like that happens it’s the best to tell truth to such person and all you were
thinking. Sometimes what you say sounds bad, but you didn’t mean anything bad. Then it’s
the best to explain to such people that you have nothing against them and say something good
to them. Everyone can understand that because it happens to everybody.

Here is one example what happened to me, I have one friend who I know since we were kids
and she always was so good to everyone and full of mercy, goodness and happiness and I
didn’t notice evil on her. We were always laughing and enjoying, and then one day I liked a
boy, and she hang out with him often, I didn’t tell her that I like him, and she didn’t tell that to
me, it looked like they are friends, because she is great friend and she is honest.

I concluded that he doesn’t like me because nobody says that he has to like me, and so it
passed and it was summer, and then one day, I bumped onto his friend and he told me that I
have aids, and I told him that I don’t have aids and that it’s not true, I even went to test

He told me that my friend told that guy that I have aids and that it’s better to keep away from
me. So, knowing my friend it hurt me, but I didn’t trust that she had bad intentions because I
know her my whole life.

That’s how I forgot it, because one of my friends has aids and I supposed that she thinks that
way about me. Then I asked her is that true and she said that she was embarrassed to ask me
and that she told that person from her goodness because she didn’t want to get him infected.
Then we continued to hang out like nothing happened, because that was misunderstanding,
she was told by someone in who she trusted.

Once, I had a good friend, we went in high school together, and one day she had one nice
picture in 3D and I told her that she needs to give it to me, I never treated her like that before,
we were good to each other and we got along. I didn’t want to let it and I lost a friend. As
time passed we started to talk again when we meet, but our communication was dead. What is
the worst part, she told everyone how I treated her and everyone thought that I am bad, and
that happened only once. But what can you do over such stupidity, and because couple of
words which went out of my mouth I lost a friend. So watch out what are you speaking,
because from mouth big consequences can come.

Once when I was child I stole something from house of my parent’s friends and they found
out. After years, when I grow up I felt uncomfortable in their presence even though they were
good to me, I thought that they look at me as child who is thief and bad person.

That’s how Satan get people in awkward situations, and he tortures you later because of that.

When I grew up I worked for some people, and when I quit I took silver necklace from them,
and some stuff, and when I did that I didn’t thought about it, how it’s bad, I just took it
because I liked it and I wanted to have that necklace, but from this perspective I see it
different. Someone accepted me in their home and I robbed them, their private memories,
some things don’t have monetary value, they have sentimental value. It was terrible act by
When you are doing drugs then usually you take gold from parents and you sell it, but I didn’t
have to steal because I had enough drugs for my own needs.

Once my cousin came by and I stole his money from his wallet. I am sorry for that now even
though he didn’t tell nobody, I know that he knew, probably because he loves me and he
knew that I did drugs and that I did it because of drugs and he didn’t want to make troubles
between me and my parents, because my father was very strict.

While I was high I slept with someone and then when I got sober I was ashamed, and usually
I avoid that person, I didn’t want to see him anymore. Even though when that happened it
wasn’t because of drugs only, I was crazy and I had drugs. Now I see how Satan made me
look stupid to sleep with someone whom I don’t like and after that I was ashamed, like there
were two persons in me, one did evil, and other one felt sorry.

Those are punches which one soul calls, which is committed to evil, so all you who judge
those who are left to evil, you should know that evil happened to us and that we were left to it
and separated from everyday people and we were left to evil to kill our souls, because soul
hurts, you are always guilty and you can’t complain to anyone because you know you are
guilty and nobody will feel sorry for you, they will say that you are guilty and that it should
be like that.

We all have feelings and evil punches us, and we can’t avoid punch, we are made to burn in
evil, and many don’t know what is burning. I would like that I was healthy and reputable girl,
I know that I could be, but I didn’t.

While all those evils happened to me, I didn’t know that Lord God left me to evil, I didn’t
think about Him or Satan. I didn’t think that He could made me reputable and He decided to
make me like this and that I will be shame to my parents, and that they will suffer while they
watch me as I collapse, from one cheerful child full of life to ruin.

Now, when I found out that it was His will to happen like that, I am not disappointed at all,
because I realized that He loves all people equally and that He simply had to chose some and
leave them to evil, and that I am one of such souls.

I realized that in this part of life I don’t need to expect nothing good, even though good
advances in my life and when I see what He announced to me and how He improved me and
how much He tell me and how much He learn me is above limits, but even it is so high and so
rare it proves His love and dispassion regarding my sins, I don’t feel well because I have
mental issues and this Satan is torturing me, but it goes day by day. Usually if one part of day
is bad, then later it is good, if it’s good for months then evil is shorter.

He advances in all of that in my building and by His advices and views on people and life. He
learns me because I’m His student. All that is written in the Bible is happening through me. I
am living proof of Christianity, real one, and that would be baptism by spirit.
All that He announced by Christ I see and understand because I’m Christian. I love
Christianity because when you hear Him, who wouldn’t love it? I love everything that He
announced because all of it has sense and there are no gaps in it.

I didn’t know for baptism by spirit before until I went through harsh period, when I had 18
years old until today, when I’m 35. When my addiction peaked at highest level, there was
Him. My knowledge since then and know can’t be compared, and that is something different
from Catholicism is shown to me when I was 26.

As you see, He stretches advancement through time and simply He doesn’t give it all right
away. Coming in, coming out, and yield to find, it is applied on every improvement and His
presence when He approaches to me with something new and when He holds me in.

And all is repeated and you never know when He will decide for me to not coming out,
because it’s nothing unusual to happen for Christians after years.

Regardless of my going out, when He approaches, He doesn’t show anger because of my

coming out, someone thinks that He should give me punishment, and He gives me additional

As I see it, I’m the one who needs to be disappointed because He allowed me to exit, because
I don’t want to come out, I want Him to hold me and protect me. I don’t need evil, I want
good and to do well and do all His commandments, but for now it’s not possible, because man
needs to rise in Heaven and to wear white dress in order to achieve that.

When you are born, you get white dress, and with time it gets dirty, and it gets darker and
darker, then He starts to bleach that dark dress and it becomes cleaner than it was, and one
day you get eternal white dress, and everyone can see your dress and belt on it which is given
only to chosen ones.

Now, I’m humiliated and mocked and later people will admire me when they hear words that
Lord God will speak through me, they will respect my opinion because everyone thinks that
I’m heretic and blasphemous now.

It doesn’t matter to me because I know that they don’t understand because He didn’t give
them to understand, and when time comes they will think like me, because I thought like

When I say to others what He has told to me, I realize what means to be deaf and blind, like I
am talking to the walls.

I know that He wants me to speak and every time I see that it’s in vain, but when I speak, I
speak because I don’t want to be guilty because I didn’t speak, even though my logic tells me
why do you speak, I speak when He gives me to speak.

When you talk to people they don’t care because they don’t have love for words, and if they
have love for words they don’t have love for interpretation of words, all my logic
explanations are in vain because Lord God is the one who needs to give logic to people, when
He does that then man thinks like that because that’s what he hear.

Many hear different wrong logics and think that He is speaking to them, and I know that He
doesn’t, that they are in delusion and they have wrong interpretations which they built on bad
foundations, and that it will be demolished when it’s planned to be demolished and to be

399] Watch yourself and He will watch over you

People don’t understand how blasphemous is that sentence, it is about cognition that you
know He has a power, that you can walk on water or you can fly, it doesn’t mean that you will
jump off a building or walk on sea because He can do it through us if we have faith, we don’t
need proof, we have faith.

That “watch yourself” is referred to similar examples which are cognitions to us, for example
if you have small child close your windows, remove knives, poisons, cables, don’t leave your
child in bathtub, close the door and similar, those are cognitions that He revealed to us, and
they are passed from generation to generation or we read it in child’s book, He does through
us, so we can do it, so it’s blasphemous to say watch yourself, because He totally watches
over us even when we don’t do anything, He is here and keeps our children from things that
Satan could do through child, because seconds are enough for evil to happen. That’s how He
keeps our children and us. Sometimes He does it through us and sometimes He does it without

When you get some new spirit, then it becomes part of you and lives through you. It can be
evil and it can be good.

When we become chosen spirit starts to live through us and we get different, because we got
something new. Spirit advances because it is seed in start, and with time fruits of that spirit

We become students and it changes us with every new good we get better every day, we get
because if we didn’t get it would be different.

400.] Speak

He speaks through man like through prophet, and He speaks even better through His disciples.
When someone is disciple he constantly hears and advances through Christianity, which is
rare, and prophets hear what they hear, and if they don’t hear then they hear less.

So it’s all about who hear more. When prophet speaks what is good, that’s what he passes on
us from Lord God, and He speaks to them only when He wants, so if they ask Him something,
and He doesn’t want to answer them, He doesn’t answer them.
So it’s a big problem to prophets, because they are common people who are in lack of truth,
so when they speak, they speak what they hear, and they are wrong in believing like everyone
else, they don’t know that it’s wrong, and they think if they believe that Lord God told them

We have example in the Bible when it is said that Satan knows letters, he is immoral and he
doesn’t care for rules, he can say whatever he wants, good or evil, in order to get people in
delusion, or to make them do what is forbidden.

For him, most important is to accomplish more evil, he will break all rules, private or general
normal rules from Lord God.

401.] Who has and who hasn’t, and white dress

When Lord God looks at us and sees on who has faith and other one who hasn’t, He doesn’t
think look at that who has faith, I like him, and look at that who hasn’t faith, I hate him.

People are in delusion thinking that they are doing it good, that He thinks that they are better
from others. Those who think like that don’t understand that it’s funny to Him.

That’s how people exalt themselves in their mind and in their prayers, not understanding that
He does everything through them. So if people would believe in that they would be different
toward themselves and others. It would be like they get new mind, by help of truth. That’s
how He builds us, by changing our mind.

We are all part of world and He is the only one who can separate us from it. When He starts to
separate us, we are still part of world, because we aren’t fully separated and we didn’t get
white dress which represents tree of life, because tree of life and dress waits for us up there,
so until we get there, we will be part of world and we will fall like world falls and sins.

So when you fall you need to know that you fall because it’s time of falling and He let you
fall, and you seek for meaning in falling and you learn to it. That is cognition. If He wanted us
to be normal and exemplary like angels on His side, we would be like that, now is decided to
be like this, and later we will be like angels.

When He started to build me in truth, I didn’t feel guilty for some things from past, for
something that I didn’t know, or understand or believe.

He decided that I don’t feel guilty for something that I wasn’t in control of it.

He explained everything to me, that He left me to evil and that it needed to be that way, that I
couldn’t do better without Him doing through me and that’s preach about peace which He

That’s how Sir Jesus understood and he didn’t judge those who killed him and who mocked
him, he knew that they can’t do better and he didn’t want that they be punished, he understood
that he didn’t want to be punished for something that he can’t do better, because Lord God
announced him that and He gave him to look at the world that way, because that’s how He

Regardless of his views and understanding of everybody, our chairs will be shaped by good
and evil in us, it’s not really about shaping, it’s about that He imagined us in our eternal life
with white dress, regardless of our sins, we all will get same dress in Heaven, and now this
good and evil is just plan of our acts in life.

He announced to us how He will measure it. It’s like you imagine that He decided number 4
for us and then we get born and through life we get 1+1+1+1=4, so it’s about eternity, this
now is only birth and womb in which we struggle, and then we get born like new in eternal
life, and they give to us white dress and we walk in it with clear and healthy mind and healthy

402.] Hear and believe

From those two measures which are announced to us, He actually made us a favor, by letting
us know about Him and in what we live, because we all have questions and we want answers.

Before we asked ourselves we knew answers. Those before us asked themselves and they
didn’t know answers and that’s why they hear wrong, because Lord God didn’t talk to them.

People hear everything and believe in everything, and they don’t know that it’s everything
and that it’s not truth, because they didn’t hear it from Him. Many can hear, but if they don’t
get to believe, then it’s in vain what they hear.

403.] Trees

As for two trees, one is cognition of good and evil and second is cognition of life; it’s obvious
that people didn’t have chance without tree of life. I ask myself sometimes is there
punishment at all. Maybe it’s something which left from beginning and something that isn’t
showed to people yet.

Take a look at chosen, Abraham or Moses, if they were wrong then what disciples did wrong.
People believe that they have their own will and that they are in control of themselves, if it is
different Lord God wouldn’t be just.

I wouldn’t be surprised when I come in Heaven and they tell me that, that this is just womb in
which we struggle and burn and we get shaped in fire.

In Revelation it is written that they were thrown in Lake of Fire, so because it’s written in the
Bible it means that we were in it, not that we will be. We can prove mistake in Revelation,
because people who preach don’t preach it literally, sometimes they add something how they
understood it.

So if John believed in punishment, when he heard about second resurrection, it was logical to
him, because all will be resurrected in that resurrection, to say that there will be punishment,
because sometimes it needs to be by his faith.
I know that prophets are firstly humans like all, advanced in some measure, but not fully, truth
is just those things which came directly from Lord God.

So they when preach, they say what He said, and because they believe they think that He also
said that, they say to you that He thinks like that because that’s how they preach in faith to
know that is truth.

Nobody preaches wrong on purpose, they don’t know that it’s wrong. I know one prophet
who is truly a prophet and I came to that church first time and he is standing there preaching
something and he pointed finger at me and he said Lord God says that He loves you and that
He will not leave you.

I know that chosen ones aren’t left, and when assumption comes maybe he thought on that,
and if he didn’t think about that maybe he thought like support that He will always be with me
on my side. When he said that, I felt unknown emotion which I never experienced before, like
he melted me, like some emotion that is not known to people in this world, like it’s referred to
something merciful and good which we will get in future; an emotion which isn’t from the

404.] One domination

As for his preaching like other preaching’s from different dominations, I can’t agree with any
because I have one domination which is centered in sky and its preacher is Lord God and Sir
Jesus who loves me as I am and they teach me and they change me to better.

What is bad now, they don’t judge me, they think how they will improve me, and all that bad
is fire in which they forged me like gold, so when I come back with Sir Jesus on the Earth I
can preach to people with cognitions that I learned on myself, because He brought them on
my mind and to be there where He places me to speak or do what He imagined and how He
imagined me.

All this evil is educational nature, and it will pass and lessons will stay from it. Why would I
believe to one man, that he knows better than me, if I am human like him and baptized by
spirit, and I can’t believe to him because they can’t do anything against almighty spirit.

Lord God keeps me and all that attacks from others aren’t important to me, because He made
it that way. If He shuts up, I would be silent too; if He isn’t giving me I wouldn’t know what I

So when I speak it’s from Him, and if He is not saying to me I don’t speak, because there are
so many good views which He showed me, so when I talk to someone about some topics, if
He doesn’t show me that views, I would be silent.

Don’t be afraid of spoken a word, that is the spirit from your Father speaking in you, because
He is spirit and we are in Him and we are spirits, but it comes from Him. That is the
difference between Creator and creature, He thinks for himself, and we get from Him.
He is Holy Spirit, He speaks for us, moves our hands and legs, coordinates us in space,
decides where we are going, looks left and right when we are crossing the road, reacts when
we are driving, speaks about future or about past, revives dead ones, walks on sea, it’s all
same to Him, and He can do it without effort because He is almighty and very intelligent,
scientist, He made Heaven and everything in it, because everything that exists is in Him, He
hasn’t end, depth, width or center, He is infinity, so wherever He looks, He looks in infinity.

We have a story about Joshua when he says that Lord God stopped the Sun because of one
man and his faith for whole day, and we all know that Earth revolves around the Sun.
Generally, stories from the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally, they are spiritual messages.

It’s a belief that He can if He wants, and it’s up to you will you believe it or not, and that is
cognition. When I say that is cognition it’s because we can’t do nothing, cognitions which are
announced serve us to know Him, what can He do and what can we expect.

If everything is possible it doesn’t mean that it will happen, that is also cognition, we need to
know it because we can be disappointed, because when you think and believe in just one,
when it doesn’t happen you get disappointed. When you think both, then you know that is up
to Him, you are prepared for everything.

When people think about Him they have sometimes unreal expectations, so look at yourself
and around yourself and then you can see what He gives to people.

As I see it, believe in Him or not, He does the same through people. Human can be sinless if
He wants and he can think that he does it alone and he will find out at the end who did that.

That happened to me in the beginning, I just knew and watched as I advance and that
something is happening, and later He announced to me that He did that. Even though in my
case He gave me good thoughts, I didn’t think that I do it, I thought that it simple happens,
and I thought what can happen next and will it happen. It is happening, with time.

405.] You will want more than you will get for now

Many people ask for and expect more, and they are not aware how good what they have is.
Simply it’s not for everyone determined to have many material things, so it’s often in vain to
look at others and wish such success, because having job and being healthy, feed your family,
have a house or rented apartment, it’s all good and majority live like that.

Those who have more are rare, and those who have more than them will expect more, by
measures that are announced to us. In this world it’s better to have less because humans are
humans, if he has he doesn’t invest it in good, and he, who doesn’t have does the same
because we are same, it’s not expected from him because he doesn’t have enough for himself.

As I see it, we all need to understand His desire to help others because in that way we satisfy
Him, because He is with others in their poverty, and with you in your abundance.
So it’s better if you look miserable and not wasteful. Regardless of our wealth, He all loves us
the same because the way He loves us is His idea how He created us, everyone loves their
ideas, so He does.

In eternity it will be good for everyone, and how He says, He will clear every tear. We all will
have what we need no matter what good we did. Some will have better jobs, because we
always need someone to manage it all, it’s not about punishment or about reward, it’s about
need and organization of our lives.

406.] By whose plan we live

People usually have different wishes and plans for their life, and in the end it will be how
Lord God planned to be. So when something happens which we thought about before, people
think that it happened because they planned it.

Things happen to us which we didn’t think about and we didn’t wish for it, so when they
happen, we know that He wanted it to happen. So when it happens everyone thinks that things
happen regardless of our thinking about it.

People usually don’t think about everything that is happening, it simply passes by them, like
everyday night and light alternate.

Everything is going on and the time goes by, and in that time is going on what he's decided
that's going on. So we did not have control of our conception or of our death, and also from
life. All of us are given good and evil, and everything passes with time.

407.] Evil must be, but how experience it is second hope

When we are in trouble, we get sick and we can’t do anything, but in such cases it’s best to
ask Lord God to give you, that you can experience trouble in extra good way, because
everything that happens need to happen, but how you experience all of that is what makes it
better than it is.

He gives you some special peace in evil, and that peace minimizes evil and prevents it to
grow in your mind and additionally troubles you. That is cognition. Evil should happen, and
because it should, we are left with second prayer that He additionally blesses us in
experiencing of evil.

For example, when something bad happens then your family member can yell and make tense
situation and situation get worse, and if Lord God gives them to be calmer then you get
opposite to yelling and everything gets better. So is to you, how He gives you to experience,
because He can give better or worse to same man.

It’s like when you were a child and you did something bad and you knew that it will be bad
when you come home and you are feared. Then you pray, and when you come home you are
surprised because they didn’t react how you thought that they will react, because He is in
control of everything.

Sometimes you think that it will be good, and when you come home it is not good, something
that you didn’t expect. You never know for what kind of reaction He will decide.

In all that problems we simply see that we don’t have control over ourselves or others, and
when problems pass, we need to hold on to that cognition. It is how it needs to be. If people
are normal their biggest wish would be how to be better.

408.] Do we all have same opportunities

Sometimes people say that we all have same opportunities in world we live in, we can go to
school, get a job etc. So those who don’t do that, it’s their fault because they didn’t use all

It is true that we have such opportunities, but things inside us aren’t giving us same
opportunities, things inside us are what make our lives.

Someone wants to go to school and learn and some people don’t want that. Then they say to
you that it’s your fault for everything, and they don’t have idea how people don’t have control
and they can’t be someone else.

You are what you are; nobody wants to be bad, you are simply worse than others. School isn’t
only good thing, we all have some good and bad in ourselves, some have more good and some
have more bad.

His wishes for us

Some people preach that Lord God doesn’t want that we have common lives, He wants best
and only good for us.

I would say to them that it’s not true, because He created our lives to be like they are, and in
future our lives will be blessed.

Now He wanted like this, and when He decides that it will be better, it will be better. That is
what is told to us, and like it was comfort to disciples and many after them, it’s to us now.

People have no reason to be disappointed like they didn’t get something that is promised to
them, because it wasn’t promised to them that they will get now.

409.] Guilt that tortures

When people measure themselves by His commandments they are disappointed because such
persons can be only chosen from Him.

When people start to think about Him and His commandments they feel bad, but then is time
for cognition to come in that place, He made us like we are and no matter how bad we are He
chose us from all people who are better than us, and He chose us to change us.
It’s like when you go to a doctor, doctors deal with patients, He treats us the same way, He
knows that we are sick and He plans to fix us, and heal with time.

He will not say that it’s your fault, He will approach problem and make a plan for your
healing, and end is in the Heaven. When you become religious, you start to look at yourself
detailed and you get sick when you see what you are, and you are what you are. Everybody is
sick of something, because we all make mistakes, so in those situations you shouldn’t quit and
say who can be religious, it’s best to think, He knows who I am and that’s why He chose me
to fix me.

He would say to you that you don’t need to bother about it, forgiveness is up to me and if I
say that I’ll forgive you, then stay in peace in faith and in my words and don’t listen to people
or Satan, because I know who you are, I decided to be that way, I don’t want to fix you right
now because I don’t have to, I plan to forgive you everything. Forgiving is up to me and plan
of your recovery. Regardless of truth, you should beware of evil, and you should stay away
from it.

Sometimes people say that it’s good to have opinion about you, and I would say that it’s
better to have true opinion about yourself. If you complain to people about yourself, they
often say that you don’t need to bother with sins, why do you read the Bible, you don’t need
to take it so seriously, you are not priest and we don’t need you to say to us or others what is
written etc.

People think like that because they belong to world, and if someone doesn’t belong to world,
he knows that it’s not like that and those aren’t good advices, even though they can get you
feel better, that is not solution.

You ignore it all then, and in that ignorance you go back or you are stuck in one place. It’s
better to make sacrifices and advance, even though Lord God doesn’t give us torment from
Himself, He only gives us cognitions about Him, and Satan gives us torment on that

410.] Disappointment

It’s very important to see yourself how you need to be, best examples are when you see
yourself compared to other people who got good.

In everyone you see some good and evil, and from everyone you take good, and evil will
serve you for understanding and comfort, that nobody is perfect. When you see it you know
what you want for yourself, you should set up some goals. When you have goal, when Lord
God gives it to you, then He decides will He leave you on just seeing the goal, or He will
continue by plan, making you better.
He changes something in us, but not all, knowing His plan; you don’t need to bother about it,
because you only get sick from it. You are His plan, and how He wishes so it will be.

When He shapes bowl, He shapes it how He wants, and when bowl take a look in mirror it
gets disappointed, but it doesn’t need to be that way because bowl isn’t finished yet.

We don’t have picture about ourselves and how we will be after He finishes us, but we have
cognition that is announced about white dress, and everything what is part of it, so when you
feel bad, think about what you will become, and not about present condition.

411.] Blessings

People still believe that when you bless someone, that person gets blessed. They don’t
understand that Lord God needs to bless you to say that and to be like that, if He doesn’t do it,
then those are good wishes, like prayer.

Then He decides what is going to be. Some bless and believe that it will happen all they are
saying, and they don’t understand that they got in delusion. Only those who got gift of spirit
can bless, and only then faith comes together with them. When you have it, He convinces you
that you have, and some who think that they have, they don’t, He doesn’t convince them that
they have, and He lets them to delusion. Truth and delusion are His plan for us; both of them
need to be part of our lives.

412.] Aren’t we all spirits

When He thinks about us, He decides how much evil and good we will do to others, and how
much others will do to us. Sometimes people do more good to other than others to them.

Then they can feel disappointed about that, and they aren’t aware how that is good for them, if
they weren’t doing well to others they would be worse.

In such situations it’s good to be satisfied how Lord God does through you.

They would say in the Bible that they got their salary, so you shouldn’t expect to get some
additional good on that account, because you actually got it with it.

You can look at evil in that way too, they already got bad and they don’t need more.
Sometimes when He does good through people, He is satisfied when He see just man and He
gives to him additional good, and sometimes He gives him a little evil because He already
gave him a lot of good. And we have opposite examples when He gives good to some bad
people, and He gives them less evil. And why not, aren’t we all spirits?

413.] His limbs

Considering how people behave, they should often be encouraged and supported and
sometimes we need to help them. For example when someone is sick, and doesn’t want to see
a doctor, you should say to that person I will come tomorrow at you and we will go together.
Or when you seek for job, and don’t want to do something about it, then you take a look at job
ads and call them by phone and you go to interview.

Considering that we are all in Him and He is in us, He simply doesn’t do anything through
some people, but He does through other person and by your help you get that person to a goal,
it’s irrelevant through who He did, most important is that you succeed. We are His limbs.

414.] Two

Some preach that because you have Sir Jesus in yourself, Satan can’t do anything to you. That
is not true; they are separated, good and evil. So if your good advances and with that advance
He releases you from evil. Lord God can release man for good, and temporary, it all depends
to Him.

We all live in that and it alternates through our life. Some people have evidently evil in shape
of jealousy or addiction. It all depends how long it will last, and when it will come back to be
part of you.

415.] Olives

People like olive grove, they are weak at beginning, and you cultivate them every year and
you water them during drought and you wait for fruits. Sometimes, olive tree that was weaker
and smaller, bring more fruits in the end, and those which were strong all time break and fall.
So actually you never know what is going to be, because how is now doesn’t mean that it will
be like that always.

He is gladden and cheerful when weaker olive starts to be better, because He knows that it
wasn’t well for someone who didn’t received good, then He is glad when He cheer somebody.
Do well.

416.] Health

Many young people have problem with conception, or they took pills and pills ruin their
natural balance of hormones, or when they had things they washed hair and exposed
themselves to water more than they needed and regardless of that take a look how medicine
advanced and there are far more children on earth because of that and many families are
happy and many lives are changed.

417.] All begins with His plan, or He lets to Satan

Some say that Lord God respects people who respect Him, and in fact He respects through
them by giving them to see Him how He is. So it starts with Him, and not from people. So
people shouldn’t start with themselves, because they see on themselves, they should start from

When Sir Jesus came back in body, they say it was happening for 40 days.

When disciples got additional spirits it was in time of Pentecost.

Pentecost is feast for seven weeks and with Saturday it makes 50 days.

Moses went on the Sinai two times.

Exodus 24-16 The glory of the LORD rested on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it for six
days; and on the seventh day He called to Moses from the midst of the cloud. And to the eyes
of the sons of Israel the appearance of the glory of the LORD was like a consuming fire on the
mountain top. Moses entered the midst of the cloud as he went up to the mountain; and
Moses was on the mountain forty days and forty nights.

First time he said that he will be forty days, but when they saw that 40 days passed and that he
is not coming, they got mad and they built golden statue.

Later he went again on Sinai and he rewrote commandments, because he broke first ones, then
he stood there 40 days, because he got commandments after he broke first ones.

When he went first time he said that he will stay 40 days, maybe Lord God told him that, and
he told it because of that.

He didn’t know that he will break first ones, he knew prophecy and that’s why he told, he
didn’t know when it will take place. He thought that it will be at that moment, but we all
know that he went twice, and he didn’t know that it will be that way.

Maybe those first ones which he broke are related to us who represent preaching of wrong
Christianity and paganism.

That’s how we need Sir Jesus to come back with commandments, like Moses came second

People got 50 instead of 40 days, because they celebrate Pentecost after pasha, and it is
actually when harvest begins.

So if they wait for him to come at Pentecost, they wait at wrong time.

Lord God tells us through stories, and when He says that He will collect wheat into his barn
and chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire.

They had two feasts for pasha which represents the same, when they marked door with blood,
when angel passed and when they left Egypt.

They have feast Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) when they make arbor like tents, and in the
Old Testament it is told that all will celebrate that day and who don’t come to bow to him will
not get rain.

At this moment I’m watching on TV about KKK and when they take pledge they have to hate
other nations, races and especially Jews, and cross that they burn, they burn in Jesus’ honor,
like he wasn’t a Jew. It’s so crazy.

418.] Cassiopeia’s – Satan, so called angels

I just found out something new on internet. They say that we are not only creatures, we,
angels and Lord God; He created other types of living creatures. People ask Cassiopeia’s and
they reply to them. They reply how they understand in their professional river, which as I see
only bring people in delusion, because they don’t understand it right, and they just tell them
that they need to know the truth.

So you need to understand in order that you can understand what they are saying. As I see it
they answer on questions and there is some truth in that, but people shouldn’t question our
constancy and who created us = Lord God.

They explain ways of our origin by different cross breeding, and if we look at it, it’s right, we
still cross breed and from two people we get one new person with different body and we are
determined by spirit. We don’t look like this by accident, before we got our bodies we were
created and our bodies were drawn, as final goal, and then Lord God started from beginning.

Whoever reads their writings must not question persistence of one Lord God who created all.

Even though I think that they in fact present angels as Satan and they say some truths, in order
to deceive people to believe in their lies and delusions and to posses your mind, so they
always want to talk to them.

They didn’t say that it’s Satan in fact, which is not unusual because Satan is creator of lies,
and their goal is to deceive us, they don’t speak directly against Lord God, but they aren’t sure
about His existence.

They know that people will believe in Lord God and Sir Jesus anyway, and that they can’t go
against their faith, and because they know that they preserved truth about existence, but they
bend it and they want to get people in delusion. They maybe know something that we don’t
know, but that doesn’t mean that our believing is incorrect. We should stick to science and
announcements from the Bible and not question His existence.

They are here like they are in war, and their goal is to deceive people, presenting themselves
as aliens who wish well for us, so they could tell us various scientific dilemmas and find
solutions for diseases or similar questions, in order to get people believe them that they are
doing well, they can extend our lives, who wouldn’t like them if they do that.

In that way they would try to do evil, knowing that Lord God determined certain life span for
us, that we can die, fall asleep, wake up and live eternally.

Most important thing for Satan is to go against wishes of Lord God, when he couldn’t do evil,
he will do well and he will improve world, and maybe he is doing that now. He knows Lord
God, who decided for us to live through evolution, which is gradually giving and finish of
man in Heaven, and on Earth more advanced and better in good or evil, until Sir Jesus comes
back to manage. And how it is said, every knee will bow to Sir Jesus, which is told like
All those who are in delusion about Cassiopeia’s and who is listening to them and who is
listening to other religions which don’t believe, one day they will find out in what delusion
they were.

Regardless of their existence and because they are new, it doesn’t mean that something new
should discourage or undermine our faith, something new should be accepted only if it is
proven as truth, and search for logic in religious announcements, and what is not logical we
should discard.

They are called lights and truth and they say that our knowledge protects us. That is truth, if
you don’t know truth and you don’t have knowledge then their announcements can get you in
delusion, you can get to wrong conclusions without previous knowledge.

They say that they speak knowledge from their various standpoints and announcements and
those we need to get to new conclusions in order to multiply our knowledge. As I see it when
they explain something they use technical terms in measuring various energies, like when
people explain spiritually, and they look at physically, and it is seeing spiritually on

So they speak to us in spirit, which they measure and experience by their energetic
measurements which they discovered, and we still don’t use such measurements because we
don’t know, we still have that measuring unit in spirit. So I don’t know does such measure

Those people who have energy of healing, it’s revealed to them that they have some magnetic
energy or when it touched Sir Jesus he said that he felt how strength came out of him, as I see
it maybe just Lord God made it happen, it’s all up to Lord God, will you feel it or not.

Considering all, Lord God made healing, she touched and Lord God answered her prayers and
healed her, how it looked, Sir Jesus went that way, so only those who contacted him got
healing, and there were many who couldn’t reach him because there were too many people.

People like aliens (angels) speak that it is up to energy or body, and not to spirit who is
manifested that way. In order to understand you should know spiritual and general truth –
basic truth. Angels are made by spirits, and that’s how they got knowledge and we don’t have
that, so they can’t fool us.

Reading about those people who tell such stories they start to see ghosts in the house and their
children too, and they become obsessed with asking, it can affect their mental state and
separate them from reality they live in. As I see it it’s best to quit communication with them
and you should know that on credit of such satisfaction can come evil too, I don’t say that it
happens regularly, but it looks dangerous to me; obsession.

We all live in different shapes of evil and by spirit, but we don’t get the same. It is determined
who will be obsessed. They tell stories to people, about existence of different creatures and
that some kidnap people and kill them and torture them and that we are their food and that it
happens to people who are enlisted as missing and that they especially love children, torture
them and eat them, and that’s their food, so those who read that think that is their physical
food, instead of thinking that it’s their spiritual food to Satan who love to do that in spite of
Lord God.

Like every evil that he does, he enjoys it. What is interesting part, in big countries people
gone missing and they have weak connections with family and many go away from home,
they die or end up in street or they find new life and forget about family.

In our case, children mainly live with parents and we are better connected. So if there are
kidnapping how doesn’t it occur in whole world? It’s spirit given to people, so people are
taken in themselves in shape of mental disease, and there is a lot of it, corrupted reality,
paranoia, jealousy, you are not present in reality.

So is schizophrenia, somnambulism, aliens. They tell people that they have chips and
implants in their head or limbs, and when I got schizophrenic attack and was crazy literally
around 4 months, I also thought that I have implant and that I can see future and ghosts
around me, that I can talk to dead and stuff like that.

That’s how they mix people with some new people unknown or deductible form of
schizophrenia which is combination of Satanism, because they hold boards like astrological or
ghost-talking boards, and we all know those are strictly forbidden by religion, because it’s not
for our good and that is warning for us and strictly forbidden.

We know that people sometimes see flying objects and similar, nobody says that it doesn’t
exist. Evil will always be evil, insidiously and unpredictable, it fools you.

NLOs are maybe new guns that American government is testing, and maybe it is Satan made
flying object, he is intelligent, he was first angel, or maybe it is some other form of life
outside of our galaxy visiting us. People see objects and it would be unreasonably to say that
it is not truth.

It’s best to think about Lord God knowing that Sir Jesus is in him. If He wants to tell us
something, He will tell. So we live in the world as it is, and not in how it could be. In the
Bible it’s written that they will come and they will introduce themselves as angels of light.
That would be like new religion, communication with spiritual world, someone who gives you
answers. So they can answer people’s questions, and people without knowledge can
understand differently and pass on differently.

Sometimes when somebody wants to harm you, he firstly needs to get your confidence, and
he tricks you at the end. That’s how looks last antichrist, that’s how they describe him, he will
give good to people, and they will then understand and recognize him.
For Sir Jesus they say that he had three children with different wives and I think that’s a lie. In
the Bible it’s written for him that he was full of knowledge and he told us that we shouldn’t
abandon wives, if we look that way, if someone makes one mistake, he will not make three
mistakes, especially not him.

They said that because two things, one is to trick people, and second they know that people
will understand in future that his father was Joseph, and that he is son to Lord God, because
we are all his sons, brothers and sisters, religious people are called sons through the Bible, or
they say that Joseph is his father, which I believe is true, and some other creature.

People will understand real Christianity because Christianity will be far more advanced than
today, it’s written in Revelation, it should be preached again. They tell people about some
unusual creatures, lizards and stuff, and it is actually about good and evil.

They can tell us what they want, like we know is there somebody else besides angels of good
and evil. They say that Americans found space ship and that robots were in it, but it wasn’t
announced in public. So if aliens can come here, why wouldn’t they come like that?

They are angels of evil, who can’t be on earth physically; they are here by spirit in people. If
they have body, if Lord God didn’t take them away then they live on some planet far away
where people didn’t come yet and they are very smart, and it wouldn’t be impossible for them
to make space ship and robots. As we understand computers and applications and we had
none of that before, we are programs in some way which is made by Lord God, and spirits are
in our words and acts.

Although government doesn’t admit contact and ship, they could easily examine ship which
would contribute to advance of our technology, and if that’s not the case then Lord God
simply gave it through Himself, like He could gave it through Satan, but in that case we
would call that evil.

As for alien’s existence, it’s obvious that people see NLO’s, angles good and bad, if there is
something else and why it wouldn’t, it doesn’t matter, it all existed before, commandments
are always the same and there is only one Bible.

Evil is torturing others, that is how mainly evil look starting with KKK, Ivan the Terrible,
Adolf Hitler, Count Dracula, or Christianity how it was long before evil and killing from
those who were Christians in power.

Some who lived then didn’t see evil, and we all see how evil it was. It simply posses’ people
and they are in it. That’s how we are all in something, it just depends how normal it is.

Like Sir Jesus freed man from evil, Lord God freed us and we live no more under ruling of
such villains. Communism oppressed people but it goes on better now.

Considering how much evil I got, I wouldn’t let myself into something new, as I see it,
regardless of evil, Lord God advances in my life. So slower looks better to me, than faster
with curse. Sometimes we should resist to our wishes. It’s better for me that Lord God tells
me than Cassiopeia’s or however they call themselves, they are Satan’s angels in fact, or other
creatures who shouldn’t communicate with us.

I recently thought about people who are obsessed by dark thoughts, wear dark dress, have
depressive thoughts about life, often wear crosses in Satanist way, they think that they are
misunderstood by world, and they don’t understand that we are misunderstood, and what is in
them people understand, but they don’t understand that they are obsessed by spirit of evil, and
that is the only thing we should understand about them.

They should fight against it, and not let themselves and say I am like this. That is cognition.
Black hair, white face, like living dead, or half hippie with dyed hair. They enter different
Satanist rituals like white and black magic, talking to ghosts, foreseeing future and stuff.

They drown in that, they live in that spirit, depression, cutting with razor blades, and they
need light. But we don’t have all what we need, some get worse, it all depends how much evil
you will get in all of that. So you need to recognize evil and don’t enter it, and if you enter it
you should find way to get out, to heal, and go back to previous light, and that is said like

When people exit spiritual obsession like drugs or something deeper, they often have nothing
in common with normal people and they are bored, but it’s not like that just to them, many
people have lonely moments, when your peers get married, it isn’t easy to find new friends
when you want, friendships come with time, spontaneous, something that doesn’t require
effort, like breathing, if you start to think how you inhale and exhale your rhythm changes
because it’s a spirit.

Friendship should happen like breathing, spontaneous, when it comes, and it comes when it’s
sent to you, you simply get it.

Those who are lonely should go to gym or to start chasing some hobbies, because we are all
different by our spiritual views when we separate from similar people because we know that
it’s not good for us to be like that, rest of people are boring to you.

We have a story when he cleaned somebody’s house, and house represents us, and later all
dirtiness comes back and it becomes worse, that is addressed to people who get something
better but they get something bad with time.

People who enter hell of drugs, then they stop for some time, and they get back to drugs
again, because their spirit is in addiction, addiction-Satan-spirit.

So when you clean your house, it’s not enough to just say go out, you need to say go out and
don’t come back, shut the door. Lord God is the one who decides when evil will end; many
people constantly fall, until He holds them and preserves them from spirit of Satan. We all get
more evil with time, but amounts of evil differ by acts.

We have stories about aliens, who kidnapped people, but in fact their condition is stopped and
they get different reality, like we have sleeping for example, hypnosis, schizophrenia. It is
mental condition in which all looks real. It happened to me once, I was sitting on bed and I
got up and I walked through room towards door, like in different reality and then suddenly
Lord God woke me up and ended that, and I saw myself just sitting there, I didn’t walk even
though it was real, it is shown to me and explained what happened and that was my example
which convinced me.

Like I teleported from middle of the room to the bed, in same position as I were before
walking. I was awake and I watched TV and it suddenly happened, I didn’t even notice it
when it started, I noticed it when it suddenly stopped.

Like when you go to sleep, and you can’t sleep, and when you fall asleep and you wake up
tomorrow you can’t remember the moment you fell asleep. I watched my children before they
fall asleep, they play, laugh and turn around, and suddenly they are sleeping, spirit of sleep
acts and that’s how you sleep.

Those kidnapping are abductions, because that’s how Satan removes you from light and
reality, you are abducted and released. Like schizophrenia is obsession, so people believe in
that reality which is not real, and it looks real to them. Or somnambulism is also state of mind,
people can’t remember after and who know what they can do while they are sleeping.

I knew one person who replied only truth while he was sleeping on full moon, and after he
awakes he didn’t know what he answered. That is happening to other people, they just don’t
think that they talk to aliens, something else happens to them. One woman said that her bed
was moving while she was sleeping, her husband was beside her and he didn’t feel anything,
because bed wasn’t moving at all, and she said that she woke up and she saw Satan in front of
her, bigger than her in armor like from Sci-Fi movies. It happened to me when I lived in her
house. In Christian’s circles that obsession is called house’s spirit, which obsesses family
members. It’s better to not call Cassiopeia’s to talk to them, because in old times it was called
forbidden talking and the invocation of spirits. They also say that some aliens have
underwater bases and they work on our tectonic plates and they control earthquakes, so they
know how Satan works, he is spirit and everything he does, he does through spirit and not
physically underwater. Cassiopeia’s say that they go in future and past and in that way they
harmonize our present.

It’s not about physical leaving, it is simply about knowing our past because they were in it
and our future because they have spirit that foresee and knows future, so they know what to
do in advance. If they were in that future which would be present for them, past would already
occur and pass and if something passed and gone there is nothing of it and you can’t do
nothing. So they start doing something in past which they won’t regret in future.

In such conversations with creatures called Cassiopeia’s people always ask them for name
and they tell them their names, and in the Bible we have stories when people ask angels for
names and they don’t want to say, because they didn’t want you to call them or to ask them.
They approach people when Lord God tells them to approach, so we all should ask Him for
answers. It looks like angels from Lord God don’t tell their names, except known Gabriel and
Michael, who maybe didn’t tell their names but people called them like that. Their name
means Lord God, Lord God has different angels who do different jobs, through them He
realizes His plans decided for us. So by duty they do, their name is description of their duty,
every name has its meaning.

Then we have story in which they say that Sir Jesus is spirit, and they don’t mention body,
like he wasn’t raised in body and will come back in body, and he will be with spirit in us no
matter where his body is.

They lie and deceive people and by their spirit they change their thoughts and their beliefs
that Sir Jesus is revived and raised with body. He doesn’t live in some imagined story in sky
like some reality without body, he is physically present up there and spiritually he is in us. He
has both. Or when they say that evil is from people, and it is widely known that evil is in form
of spirit in body and that Sir Jesus freed people from Satan. From us is only what we do to
each other, because Satan achieve that with power of spirit, so if he wants us to behave in
such way, he does that when he can, when Lord God allow him.

So Sir Jesus has body and we will get such incorruptible body, why would Lord God create
body which is good idea, and then took it away from us. Eternal life in body is preached,
because we live in spirit from our conceiving and then we die physically and we fall asleep
with spirit, then we wake up and we get our eternal body.

They say that aliens created man, and it’s widely known that Lord God created us, and what
Satan or alien creates it is adding of evil spirits to man and in such manner it changes man.
Even though they can affect our body, because they know our physical flaws and virtues, so
we are sometime affected to such evil too.

They say that people were vegetarians at the beginning and the Bible says that too, because it
was peace on the Earth, and by adding of evil it became worse. When they are speaking they
say some truths because they know they can’t go against some general truths and they lose
nothing like that, but they talk what people don’t understand, in order to get people to bigger

So when Satan, or so called alien, contacts people it’s by spirit in human mind which Lord
God decides to left them, certain evils, to everyone something. People who have mental
illness usually it’s not just one illness, even it’s called one, so affected by it have similar
spiritual obsessions because some got more and some got less.

In that way we categorize certain groups and everyone have something similar with their

We have story about Elijah when disciples vigil with Sir Jesus when they saw vision, and
story when they waited for him and he told them that Elijah already came. So he came
literally before or it is referred on incumbent spirit, for example prophetic spirit, so when
somebody is prophet, he has same spirit like some other prophet, and who speaks from such
spirit, that spirit lives in other people in different time, because it is what is given to people.
As I see it, it would be best for people to live in their reality which have everything we need,
and that is Lord God, in that way there is no need to ask someone else, only if you ask Sir
Jesus and good angels to pray for you, because they don’t do nothing if Lord God didn’t

Words are spirit. When you are in some bad situation you get such spirit who from such
spiritual situation comes to life of other spirit. If someone is shy person and other stronger, on
him that new spirit is differently experienced. It is like load.

When someone has spirit of humor, and when he says something it sounds funny, so he who
laughs be in spirit of humor.

As for spirit of humor, he can trick people, because sometimes what is funny to somebody it
is not funny to someone else.

Like when someone is making jokes about religion, religious people find that blasphemous
and strictly forbidden, because we have commandment do not mention my name in vain, and
other find it funny because they don’t see evil in it, as it is.

Spirit often corrupts judgment, spirit of laugh, anger, jealousy, addiction, prejudice. It is best
when man is calm.

When I found out that I am chosen to light to Lord God and that He left me to Sir Jesus to fix
me and to learn me what is true, and what lie and delusion, it was one unique experience,
something new, I never thought of it before, because I didn’t know that it exist.

So when it starts to happen pray to one who has power, Lord God, and you can pray to Sir
Jesus to pray Lord God for you, and not virgin Mary, because she is delusion from Satan,
because the only begotten of the dead is Sir Jesus, and that’s why he is called only begotten.

His mother will be born with other people in first resurrection.

Before third world war it is destined, or before great trouble which will be let on people in
that war. So go and Google for Jesus coming soon suddenly Valdarez.

419.] Jewish feasts

I am hearing about logic again how it could happen, and if you take a look our Christian feasts
match with Jewish feasts and maybe we all should search for logic in that.

They had commandment when to feast, 14. April by our calendar is Pasha, day is finished
with dusk, so they gather to celebrate feast of breads – last supper, our bread is captured on
breads, killed on breads, revived on breads after three days and raised on breads, became
spirit and bread which Lord God gives to people, our daily bread.

He came to disciples in body during those forty days, and that’s written in the Bible, deeds of
disciples. After breads come weeks which counts for seven weeks from beginning of harvest,
and after weeks comes Rosha Hashanah, and by the Bible it is 10th day of their seventh
month, our October and that’s the day when they needed to repent and correct what they’ve
done during year, last day.

From the beginning Jews wore white dresses by their tradition on that day, which represented
purity, and to us is said that we will get them in Heaven.

They exiled Egypt on Pasha, and in that time they celebrate feast when they were told to
mark doors by blood, when angel of death comes by, those who did that were spared, we are
now marked with spirit and he knows everyone who is chosen because he is with him.

They celebrated breads when Lord God sent breads from sky to eat them in same day, and
when they mingled unleavened breads. I suppose that Pentecost represents when Moses
climbed the Sinai for the first time and told to them that he will stay for 40 days, they began to
build golden calf, and they were punished and he broke commandments and went back on

So we have forty days, first commandments broken and showing of Sir Jesus forty days, they
say it was on Pentecost.

Moses 50 days it’s like Pentecost. It is in fact 47 days but if you count day for climbing up
and day for coming down it would be 49 days + Saturday = 50 days.

Feast which Christian don’t celebrate because they believe that 40 days passed after east and
not on beginning of harvest which starts in middle of seventh month, it is called Pentecost.

Like Sir Jesus didn’t tell them when he came first time in that 40 days, and didn’t tell them
everything he knows.

When he comes second time, people will know, at the same time it is when they contribute

So I listen to different versions, it is logical that it is Passover, because it would be pass-over

upstairs and it is logical that harvest is coming because we have story about harvest in the
Bible, and it is logical to be before 10th of October, so people who are not raised have time to
correct themselves, and if war starts in November it is also logical, and if it is in time of
harvest then nobody would know date or time, because it lasts for 7 weeks. Even though those
7 weeks can mean that it is collected already. So if you pass in pass-over, because it doesn’t
have sense to refer to second resurrection because it is about marked ones, and in second
resurrection all will be there from beginning of the world. So is Passover harvest, it will be
what it’s going to be, sooner the war starts, sooner it will be.

Those are just my thoughts in which I try to come to logical conclusion but this is not of great
significance for our development.

In Kremna prophecy is also talked about this, and grandma Vanga is only one who told date
of war and her name means cheerful news, and as we know she didn’t talk about anything
cheerful. In order to know more about her, her writings were at Russians who are
communists, and people who translated her prophecy they explained how they understood,
because she talked with poor language and looked even though she was blind, which is shown
on TV. Maybe she saw something but she didn’t explained it well, and I wouldn’t be
surprised if she was watching movies about future which are just like her prophecy, and
communists changed everything in order to trick people. So who needs assuring, go and read
Kremna prophecy. When people have visions it is very hard to explain what you see, so
artificial Sun and new energy can be solar energy etc.

Regardless on his returning time and what people are speaking, read and believe in the Bible
and don’t bother about anything, except to be better. Try to be better that is said like

I often repeat myself, but when I repeat myself I often add something new, so I don’t delete it.
You need to have patience and you need to continue further down the road.

420.] Peers

In Lord God’s kingdom, parents and children will be peers, and like you hang out with people
of your age now, we all will be peers.

We will not get old, time will pass by. Pray for justice, because there is nothing better than
justice. When something is justly, all reasonable can agree, and we all will be.

By justice big sinners are picked up, because He knows that they couldn’t do better, without
Him doing through them.

That’s how He experience us like spirits, without judging us and without praising us, what is
good in man He did it, so thank Him and praise Him for what He did, and you should feel
sorry for bad because He thinks that too, because He knows that He didn’t do good through
them, He left them to fire and sin.

They are chosen from people to be sacrificed to evil, to show us all, that He can make good
man and sinner from us.

That is how Lord God raise us, so people can forget about their own will, because they live in
His will, which He had, and that’s why they couldn’t do different, they just could do by His

That’s why forgiveness is announced and understanding, how Sir Jesus hears and pray
because he knew; forgive them because they don’t know – they can’t do better.

He knew how Lord God thinks, because those who suffered because of their sinful life, it will
not be taken to their account for chair, and those who weren’t they will.

It’s not like our chair is creating right now, it is firstly imagined up there before we were
born, and now it just need to happen.
If someone thinks it’s not fair to those who have lower chairs, it’s not like that because in
every organization we need those who command and those who carry out actions.

That’s how angels are divided, some work in stores, others grove vegetables, some work in
parks, some in office, some state affairs, like chosen from people will do.

Everything is for free, because everyone work and take how much he needs. Animals aren’t
eaten because they are living souls too, they are behind people by spiritual advance, because
that’s how it was in the beginning, and it’s written that it will be like that later, child will put
hand in snake’s hole and won’t get bitten. I gave you all vegetables and yield for food; if it
wasn’t like that in the beginning we would eat each other.

Later we became carnivores but it’s decided that everything will be wild and that it advances
in evolution, that would be a proof to angels and us how He manages with our physical
development and spiritual, humanity advances by determined order.

We have different states today, with different advance; rich and poor, point is that it can be
anyway, how He decides.

People have limited mind, because it’s determined how they will think and live, we are all left
to evil now, which grows constantly, but we have promise that it will be better in future after
Sir Jesus comes back on Earth to set peace and clear paganism, injustice, censure TV and
improve schools by setting up chose on all important places, because they will be
incorruptible and they will build new world, world is left to young.

421. Jealousy

Romans 11-11 I say then, they did not stumble so as to fall, did they? May it never be! But by
their transgression salvation has come to the Gentiles, to make them jealous.

As I see Jews can be jealous because they don’t know what they don’t have, and when they
find out it’s not normal for them to be jealous, they should admire Lord God how just He is
and how we are all similar to Him, because He created us.

Jews didn’t get before others because they were clever; they got it because it suited Lord
God. So by choosing rest of us we can see that He has no prejudices about color, faith or

In the Bible often say for Lord God that He was jealous, that is not possible because all
belongs to Him and He manages all. When He gives evil to people, they say that it is because
of His jealousy, instead of saying that they did something forbidden, or it is just continuing,
evil on evil.

People interpret it by their own experience. When someone acts bad and thinks that someone
hates him, when he is punished he says it’s because He hates him.
When child go to school and teacher sees that he got potential then she pushes him
additionally and watches over that child, and child thinks that teacher hates him, and she does
it because she loves him, in order he gets better.

Nobody loves to be pushed, it’s always the best when it comes easy – you get. But for car to
get to goal when it is uphill, it needs pushing, and when it’s downhill, then it goes by itself.

So when someone pushes that car that is when Lord God pushes for our own good. Parents
should have that cognition, they can have two children, one child is pushed by Lord God, and
other is pushed through parents.

There is so much in this world what we need, and we don’t get, and like we need something
what we don’t have, that’s how someone else doesn’t have what he needs.

It could be said that humanity overall is not good for now, because we all have same
commandments in certain situations to act in right way.

If child is sick, you take him to doctor, if he is not religious you give him the Bible to read, if
he is junkie you get him to such institutions, if he needs psychiatrist you get him to
psychiatrist, if he wanders after school, you go in front of school and wait for him and take
him home. You forbid him late going out, smoking, drinking, listening to crazy music,
extremely haircut and dyeing, inappropriate clothing, tattoos, harsh talking etc.

We all know for those commandments, even though they are not written literally. We all
know that and that are passed through generations, because Lord God created it that way.

422. Fight and not be left

Humanity is in big delusion now, and they are tricked by thinking that it’s not so serious,
other children are like that, that is how nowadays youth looks like, we were crazy in our way
and we are fine now.

So we need to fight, and not to accept. Often when you fight you simply understand that you
can’t change child, but we are not expected to change the child, we don’t have power of spirit
to do that, we need to do what is good, so that good we do will make equally good for child,
and without it, it would be worse.

Those are all cognitions how it should be, and then Lord God decides to whom He will do
like that. It is important to get with this, because if you think that it’s not important, then you
are stuck in middle, and you need to go in one direction.

Sometimes when we go in one direction in our mind, we see that we think well, but we don’t
do it. You get to think right, but you didn’t get to do it. Positive in all of that is that is better to
think and do nothing, than think bad and do nothing, at least your children will think like you,
they will have right opinion even though they act bad.
So when they get to themselves and become normal because Lord God frees them from bad
deeds, they can look at that bad doing as you told them, and they can pass such opinion on
next generations.

If you thought badly, your child would think badly and his children would think badly, if
Lord God doesn’t decide to give good thinking to one of you, regardless of their family
thinking or how they thought before.

Let’s look at this unemployment which we import from other countries instead of building
factories and making new laws that we don’t import cheaper things from others, that we buy
our things.

That is because of privatization, and if government builds factories than we could think about
our people. It is good to give opportunity to those who have possibilities and money to be
private owner, they can be allowed to do that but within law which would protect country’s
interest and we would give additional laws to private owners which would repay to them so
they don’t have reason to protest.

People simply obey laws and think by them. So we all got into this unemployment and
changing people for robots, which don’t make sense, because humanity is growing.

In time of communism factories were there because there was need for it, now world
advanced so we all need to have advanced technology in order that we can progress and not to
be hold in time and poverty.

Government should give benefits to those who want to invest in industry in our country, for
well-being of people and their employment. It’s better to lose something and start to gain
something, because you actually don’t lose anything.

So employment of people is your main task, they pay taxes. If there is no employment, you
can’t take taxes, and it should be given to those who don’t have. Look how much people come
in Croatia ready to invest and they were chased away, instead of accepting them by open
hands and giving them some benefits.

People can have two life philosophies, one based on religion, second based on religion but it
moves away from it and that’s not good.

Philosophy of life and how to live is announced starting with one Lord God through Moses
and then by Sir Jesus, Lord God is smartest person from who all intellect is coming out
announced to us philosophy of life and that is Christianity.

460.] Was he here from beginning of the world

Some people believe that Sir Jesus was here from the beginning of the world, in shape of
They don’t understand that reason of his death is his believing; I am going up there in order
to be in all of you. He was like idea in Lord God’s mind, and that’s all what he was and
become and what he will be.

First man in Heaven, in physical form, with body.

So if he was from beginning of the world, he didn’t need to die to be in all of us. To help us
and defend our interests, so he became spirit later, that’s why he wanted to die.

Isaiah 61-1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, Because the LORD has anointed me To
bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim
liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners; To proclaim the favorable year of the LORD
And the day of vengeance of our God.

461.] He is not Lord God, there is only one Lord God

People believe that he is God and that he created all and made the world. If that is so, he
wouldn’t need to upraise in body, and become spirit, and speak what he hears in heaven, new
truths, because he would already knew that, if that is so.

People are in great delusion, and speaking like that, they deny existence of one Lord God.

462.] Advanced, so he didn’t know everything in beginning

It’s written for him, that he learned through life and grew in mercy of Lord God.

So, by the Bible, he was man like every other, who is special because he was chosen.

Who advanced with time, and that serve us to get to logical conclusion that he died to become
spirit, and that he wasn’t spirit from beginning of the world and that he knew everything.

Before healing or resurrecting from dead, he asked and he gave thanks. So if he is God, he
wouldn’t ask himself or thank himself, he would do what he likes. He always prayed and

463.] Confrontation with evil

People often in life, when they get disappointed or get some evil, they turn against Lord God,
like He promised to them that He will give them only good.

Some think that maybe Lord God doesn’t love them. They don’t understand that in this world
we have rich and poor, better and worse, and that He is Lord God to everyone.

When you see others around yourself who got better, there is nothing to say, life is like that,
some gets better and some gets worse.

So it’s not up to you, it is about general decision to be diversity among us, and He isn’t giving
all He can to people now, He left it for later.

There is something which is called family curse, so every family has their black sheep.
464.] Making of money

I am watching on TV how one preacher preaches about money and that Lord God can’t create
money from sky, it would be illegal, and that is true of course.

But what crossed my mind is that He can if He wants, if He uses His almighty spirit to collect
all lost money and to give to a man if He wants, so it is actually possible.

Objectively speaking people shouldn’t expect that, all money you have, regardless of how
much you have, is what He gave you, when you are poor you have a lot, because what would
you do if you don’t have even that. That’s how people should do, and not whine and wait, and
pray of course!

In order to work they need to get.

465.] Lord God takes care for sick sheep too

Those who are incapable because of their mental obsessions, government should take care of
them, with help of those who are working and collect share from their salaries.

So we already got that, because Lord God has mercy and understanding for junkies,
alcoholics and mentally ill.

Those who are healthy shouldn’t object that matter, they need to be happy because they can
work and because they are not affected by such destiny. Destiny is what is determined for us
to be.

466.] Misunderstanding reasons of evil

I am listening to observations given to me about one person who was on swimming, and she
jumped in shoal and became handicapped. She had consequences because of that; she was
unsatisfied and disappointed in what she got.

She thought, why didn’t He save me, what happened to Him, He could easily do it. Later she
became chosen and she got spiritual gifts which made her life better.

It all depends of man, does he live in past or he accepted new present and stepped into it like
it is.

Many go through better past, and when evil comes that is their first touch with it.

He saved us from evil all the time, but simply sometimes He has to do differently, people
need to understand educational lectures about Him and us, who makes us alive and who
thinks how our day will be.

There are people who get good all the time, and rarely evil, and opposite, they get all time evil
and rarely good.
Their life is full of torments and problems, and people judge them, and they think that they are
responsible for their life, and if they have true faith then they would know that they are not in
control of their life.

There is measure. When you get evil, all are left to Satan and then he tortures them, all of
them by their own measure. Evil can be hard and easier. You get evil and then you fall in
depression and some handicapped are more active than healthy people.

467.] Hug for big sinners

When big sinners come to Heaven, they think that they will be in big trouble, and then Lord
God comes to them, gives them a hug like spirits for whom He feel sorry.

So they are surprised at first, but then they understand that they wasn’t in control over their
life, they were left to Satan to torture them. That is point.

468.] It will pass

I had many bad experiences in my life, and simply you get them and when you have them you
can’t do anything. So it is in vain to comfort people while they are in evil, only comfort is to
tell them that it will pass.

It is applied to all those who get in similar situation or when their child dies. We all live in
evolution in which we get partly for now, later He will give us all.

469.] Life is example and proof

Later we will not experience loss, our ways will be flattened. Many have flattened roads now
but He bends it on purpose.

How man could have a proof that Lord God keeps him, if he constantly gets good and thinks
that it’s normal.

Lord God gives us physical and spiritual evidences, and we will get faith later. We will all
believe because we believe, and proofs are here to show us on example, and example is our

470.] Like He isn’t here

It’s like He is pretending that He is not here, and again, we are pretending that He isn’t here.
When He starts to do all He can, then it will not be like that.

Lord God needs to do all to show man that He is here. He gives us different goods now in
order to make our lives possible and to show us how it looks.

It is decided that our lives get crossed with evil and insufficient good, because that was His
plan for this part of life. We are blasphemous and immature now, but we still don’t see it, but
later we will see it.
Our mind is limited by what is in it, so everybody are in what they are standing, we didn’t get
yet what is decided to get later.

Now we hear this much and this is how it is, later we will get more and we will be limited in
what we have but everything will be better.

We have what we get, from that we live and do.

471.] Maidens and riches

It’s written in the Bible that maidens will easier go through eye of a needle than riches
through Kingdom of Heaven. People don’t understand point of that story which refers to those
who have, and it’s hard to give up on what they have.

It’s about kingdom which is in us, because Lord God says that He is in us, and we are home to
a spirit who lives in us.

It’s not about getting to kingdom because kingdom is in us. When we are doing well we are
getting closer to him, and when we are not getting closer to Him we are getting closer to

472.] He measures us like people

We get temptations in which we usually fall. Lord God is not racist; He doesn’t look people
through riches or faith. We are all same to Him.

Some people got born in rich families and He loves them like every other man. It’s not just
riches need to give up on their possessions, we all need to have measure in us, everyone
should give up to their measure, how much he gets from that spirit.

One who is richer, if he was born poor he would be the same. As I see it many rich people
today give more than rich people before them.

I would say that it’s the same to maiden and rich man, and everything is possible to Lord
God. As I see it He is in us, and by that we are in His kingdom, because He rules in us.

473.] Government

He decided to have partly control of power, in order to get us in troubles, and later when He
takes full power, we all will be happy because He is ruling with us and nobody will want to
do bad, because it will be impossible, all will be by His will, like now, but opposite from now,

Everyone will accept His decisions, because we all will know that He is such persons, who
demands without objections, obedience will not be hard for us, we will not just work from
obedience, He will make that we think as Him.

Even though we experience Him like that now, but without Him coming to full in us, we can’t
be better.
He does well how much He wants, and even though He gives us evil, it is by His plan and
everything is under control, how He decided.

He made up evil, all that exist is His idea, and we are His idea too.

It is interesting that we can’t think on our own, when we think, we think how he decided for
us to think. Some people in first part of life are criminals, and in second part of life they are
chosen to be saints and converted. Converted are those who got evil, and He decided to give
them good.

474.] Our control is illusion

There is no living being or Satan who can say I control and create myself, and I have power
over my destiny, because it is illusion, and delusion, because that is not possible.

He made us, at first it was in His mind, He looked at our life forwards and backwards before
He decided, He thought about everything, amount of evil and good, when it stops and when it
starts, and He came to conclusion with our eternal life, where will we live and who will be our
neighbor. First He thinks up everything and then it happens.

Many people don’t understand how it is possible if there is evil, not knowing that evil is here
temporarily, because we will live in eternity which is only good.

So you can look at this as something thrown in, to show us, that we can be however He wants,
He showed us huge evil by creation of different evils who are so frightening for those who
don’t have it, later it will be frightening for those who did it too.

When they look at themselves how they were before and how Lord God created one spirit as
two different people, now and later, they will truly know that He creates them.

475.] Written in hearts

While people or Satan does evil, they know that it is bad, but they do, and if they talk to Lord
God and they know that He is here, they do. How He says, I will write you my
commandments in your hearts, so until it’s written, it can’t go out what is not written. That’s
how we have cognition of ourselves and evil, how it is written.

When it’s written, it’s not written firstly in us, it is firstly decided in Lord God’s mind,
decides – writes down, and because He is spirit, and we are creation in His mind who gave us
body in order to see us in body, so what He thinks that we are, placed in body, which is our
home, which is home to Lord God.

476.] Physical and spiritual

Like angels are spiritual and physical, while spirits exist like they are physical. While they are
physical they do their physical assignments, and while they are spirits they do their spiritual
Spirits can’t see each other because they are everywhere, like Lord God is spirit and nobody
can’t see him, and to everybody is possible to hear Him and to see His plan for themselves, on
themselves, but if they talk to each other they can hear.

477.] Catatonic state

You imagine Lord God as spirit and there is nothing around Him, then you imagine plastic
doll and because it is in Him because everything is in Him, what He decides for that doll that
is how it is going to be.

If He wants, He could make human to stand in front of wall whole day, and he couldn’t move,
if Lord God doesn’t decide to move him. We have example of mentally ill who are called
catatonic, they just look in emptiness and their brain has no activity.

It is because we are assembled from spirits, because we live in Holy Spirit, so if He doesn’t
do anything then we don’t react.

He decides every day, how will we walk, will we trip over something, fall, hit our head,
laugh, He created perfect body to doll, which feels and hurts by spirit.

We are alive and we exist, He gives life to us from His life, because He is in us and we are in

It is scientifically proved that there is disease at rare people who don’t feel pain. You can tear
of their arm they will not feel anything, that’s because it’s spirit, and all those pains make us
more real, of course it is connected with body, it all works as one whole.

When you are dead and your spirit separates from your body, you don’t feel pain, body is
dead without spirit, or when they give you narcotics and you fall asleep, you don’t feel pain.

State of mind, deep sleeping, all changes on us, we can see it in brain activity, but it’s not up
to brain, it’s up to spirit, spirit and body are part of one whole.

478. Illusion of yourself and your own will

It’s the best to imagine man when he is dead and man when he is alive, because spirit is what
makes body alive, so Lord God is first alive, and by that He created all what exist because He
had different ideas.

We all depend to His ideas for us, and we can’t do anything, because all that exist or what is
changed, He change and does through us, and we have illusion that we do that.

479.] Ship, sailors and captain

It is a delusion, which will go away and we will understand that we were in delusion and that
we were unreasonable, because we couldn’t understand what Creator means, and what is
So if you make ship, and when ship is done and sails the sea, everyone knows that ship isn’t
made by itself, why would then people think that they made themselves, when they know that
they can be alive or dead body.

Ship needs sailors and captain, and we need Lord God and His angels and Sir Jesus, who are
employed by Him, even though He could do it all alone, but they are His company since
beginning He gave them that honor and they feel honored by that attention.

Angles and Sir Jesus are good and it’s not easy for them to look at this evil that is happening
to us, as I see it they are suffering because who get big honor with that honor goes big
responsibilities with consequences.

They are strong angels, who are in pain when they look how we are going into evil, and they
can’t do anything, because angels and Sir Jesus works only then when Lord God tells them,
and they hold to themselves their private thinking, because humanity isn’t their personal idea;
it is Lord God’s idea.

But they pray for us, by words and by their existence.

480.] Opposite to good

As we know we have here Satan and his minded-like, whose life wish is to do what is
forbidden. They know what is normal and they do opposite to it. They don’t work for Lord
God, and with that cognition it is forbidden for them to work anything.

It’s like we have Lord God with two ideas. One is His opinion about good and advance, and
second is about creation of evil. This second is maybe confusing to people, but it’s His too.
That’s why He says in the Bible that He gives good and evil, so we should accept what He
says for Himself.

He created spirits, and how He is one person, every spirit is one person. He has plan for every
spirit, and some got evil obviously.

So for those souls who got evil, when He thinks about them He thinks through evil. That’s
why we have bigger and smaller evil.

Anybody here, no matter if he is angel or man could be replaced with other, if Lord God
decides that.

Because of that cognition we shouldn’t hate souls, who are obviously evil, because we could
be like that too, and then we would think that we need justice and freeing of evil, I am living
soul, why did I get evil; I shouldn’t be judged and hated.

They suffer and pray but they don’t know if they will get.
So to understand, that’s how we see those who are obviously evil, with understanding and
mercy for soul who got like that, but we should carry out lawful punishments by which we
stop them to do more evil, and we need to separate of them if we don’t want to live with evil.

Many convicts come back in prisons because they don’t change, Lord God didn’t change
them from their previous life, but for those who He converts we have benefits about releasing
convicts before time because of good behavior.

Those negative have benefit of it and they use it.

Lord God loves more to give mercy by converting them from wrong road, and because He
knew that they will not do again, it would be in vain that they are left in prison.

481.] Distancing from good

That point could be made in different situations because we are His house, and we all sin in
something, and those sins are distancing us from Him who is in us. We distance from good by
doing bad, because we stop being in good.

482.] Taxes

One day, when Sir Jesus comes it will all be organized like it’s today; just he will be in charge
of everything. Taxes will be here, and they will be deducted from our salary for social help
and other country needs.

Riches are taxed from their wealth and we are taxed from ours, it is about percentage of
giving up. We stepped into what is going to be later, and justice that is promised to people and
which is happening right now.

We are already in advanced Christianity and when Sir Jesus comes back on the Earth that
will remain the same, and all other will be managed better for our sake as humanity or country
in which he will be accepted, and in countries where those who accept him are not in

483.] Mercy – normality

He will help to all in basic needs, regardless of countries who will not accept him, because he
looks with mercy on people, because Lord God looks like that. Simply when you see
somebody suffering, you feel sorry for him and you don’t ask him what is his religion.

Riches and those who have surplus should give up on that now because they would get
everything back later. Human life is like long term investment, for what you know that will
not fail.

It is based on faith about announcement of our eternal life and in what ways we are measured,
and in way of forgiving and understanding.
And what it is, what justifies us and what we need to say to be justified, and that would be, I
don’t have my own will, I live in your will, what was your will to be my will. He will say and
we will think.

And then because He is just, He can’t say I don’t forgive you, because I didn’t take your evil
seriously. I always knew that you don’t have control over yourself. And you, even though you
knew, you aren’t believed fully, and if you believed in me as I am, then you would live in
peace, and not in fear of death.

Every deed has its own written measure, good or bad. It is about consequences on life which
you get doing evil or good.

When will idea about evil end, and when we all will live in good, I don’t know, but I hope
that it will come sooner than later. People judge and rebuke, He understands us and brings us
to reason, by telling that we couldn’t do better, but because you did and you know how people
look at it, and obviously it is your fault, you should act accordingly to that guilt. When you
are punished by parents or world, you need to understand that it is how it goes.

Lord God experiences us as one big family which includes all living on planet Earth, and we
as that need to take care for other members of our family who need help.

He creates more successful and less successful. Those more successful could be less
successful and if he was in that place he would be glad if someone helped him.

All living creatures are His best creation. We are here in order He wouldn’t be alone in
eternity. He imagined us as person but without body at first, persons which goal was to make
them to look real, and because He tell us, to not feel like He is talking to Himself.

He created us in diversity, like spiritual ideas about our reactions on certain situations, and
then those ideas are implemented in different situations. He has some rules to which He sticks
to be more interesting.

People have different views and opinion in life and what comes out of man is on basis of that.

483.] Prayers

Someone can say that He doesn’t answer prayers, and I noticed that when I am in fear before
sleeping and Satan starts to scare me with all craziness, shows me scary pictures in mind or
scary thoughts as someone is there to show me ghosts, because I had night terror whole life,
since I was child.

When I got voices in my mind first time, and it’s rare, and it lasts short, because when it
happens I pray and I say to myself why this need to happen constantly, whole life I had that
evil and then it stops.
I suppose, because it’s not happening so often as before, that evil abandon man when Lord
God decides to keep man away from it, He is obviously aware of His grace, and even though I
got some new evils, some old are advanced and with that advance I am satisfied.

484.] Family

As I see it, because He is our father and we are His family, He raised us good and managed us
to be better. Same point is for our parents and generally all of us. Even though people don’t
have full control over their children, they pass guilty on Lord God.

He decided for us like that, and one day when we get fullness, we will know that everything
can be achieved and our proof will be all those which we didn’t get before.

For our better life, family is invented, parents take care for children, and children for parents,
and brothers and sister for each other. Friends are often changed through life, because we live
different lives, and family is always there, so we should help each other, because every one of
us has something good in himself, and if someone is sick and he can’t contribute then others
should take care of him.

485.] He gives wealth and poverty

There is so many material wealth on the Earth for people and what would be problem for Him
to manage that, but He doesn’t want that. So when you see all those poor and hungry children,
He doesn’t have mercy to do better for them, because it’s against His idea and point which He
tries to achieve on account those who have and who don’t have.

One day when we all will be finished and we get so good and exemplary and all what is
preached through Christianity then we all will see how bad we were and we will see that we
weren’t reasonable and normal. And those poor will be act on which we are proved that even
though we knew, we didn’t do well.

Even though we consider ourselves good, justly and merciful, we failed at acts.

486.] How we should be

Christian would be one person who is like that, and who gets to do like that. Because we are
all different and have just part of Christianity as part of us, it is not surprise that we live like
this, and that we fail trying to be someone else. Something is good and what is missing is
cause of evil.

One day we all will be Christians because that’s how human needs to be in order to consider
him normal. We should live like it’s written, one day when we will be like that we won’t
think how we need to be, we will look at ourselves as we think and do and we will say it
needs to be like this.

487.] All are one - chosen

We are called Christians now, and first will be awakened those who were not called
Christians before and after the Moses, because there was no Christianity. But we have
baptism in spirit in common, spirit of choosing first will get eternal life, and work for country
in eternity, and in power is Lord God, and all other are below Him, by needs of harmonized
life, and how He harmonizes through us. To make everything work and function.

488.] Meaning of word Christian

Meaning of word Christian comes from word Christ, which means messiah in Jewish,
messenger, and in Greek it means anointed, and in fact it could be explained as holy, chosen,
given special blessing.

489.] Sign of fish

In the beginning Christians took fish for their sign, which they draw on soil, and that was their
secret symbol, by which they recognized each other.

As I see it, sign of cross came later, and I am not sure should we use that sign considering it
was torture instrument.

Imagine yourself, innocent and then they judge you and say to you that you will be crucified.
When you look like that you get sick and it looks blasphemous and savage, something you
don’t want to think about because you died and were tortured by it.

It is a question does Lord God look at that in that way or that torturing represents memory of
all killed because of preaching truth.

They always killed chosen ones, because chosen were always more advanced than official
religions, while they were alive they were humiliated, and later when world changed they
became heroes and they were upraised.

490.] Do not deny

When someone is chosen, he usually can’t talk about it, because it’s better to deny the world
than Lord God. So everybody should start to think about it, because people deny Him, and
they don’t know that they are doing that, because sometimes evil is not seeable.

For example, when someone is chosen then he fall in love in catholic, then his family pushes
him to marry in Catholic Church.

It is probably ok to do wedding in different Christian domination but that is all what is

allowed, all other rituals we should refuse.

When you talk to someone and then something religious crosses your mind and you say to
him and then you are ashamed or you are in fear to say and in that way you sin. Like we have
commandment about silence, we have commandment about speaking.

World doesn’t have such thoughts, and we are chosen from people to be light to the world and
we need to bring them words of Lord God.
Even though we are often misunderstood and it seems in vain and discouraging, especially
because we were part of world and we know how world thinks.

So sometimes we need to speak just because it’s written that we need to speak. So what is
expected of us to say, that we don’t be guilty for not saying, and we can leave world to Lord

491.] Pearls and pigs

In one place in the Bible it is written don’t throw pearls in front of pigs. We have pearls, and
world would be pig, even though I don’t like to call people pigs, it is said just because of

We were part of pigs and we got pearls. When man speaks to someone and that one looks
like pig, get mad and similar to that. You don’t know what he will think about it when he
comes home. Many people first get mad and then Lord God bring them to reason.

We have domestic and wild pigs, domestic are those who are decent and think for themselves,
and wild are those who attack and speak what they think.

Moral from this story is that we don’t need to talk, and there is moral through the Bible that
we need to talk, and how I see it, sometimes you need to talk and sometimes you don’t need
to talk.

If you already said something to your family, you don’t need to do it again, because you will
only get into fight with them, it is not unusual that some members of family become

In my case, only I know out of my family, and my mother in law, her brother and his wife,
and from husband’s brother daughter, but they are all of same domination like all American

What is preached today, in my case, in any Christian religion nowadays I look like
blasphemer, and they all have attitude that they know everything and they look at me like I’m
lower than them.

When I talk to my people or them or any other man, I feel like stupidest person who doesn’t
know anything and doesn’t understand anything, even though they are decent they kill my
spirit, but Lord God holds me and doesn’t allow me to fall. I stand and remain silent without
additional comments, because I told what I have to say, I explained everything, showed where
it’s written and I found out that there is no difference between them, and that He is not
between us, He is only with me.

I don’t judge them like they judge me, because court I hear is reasonable and justifies them by
bringing me to reason, I understand them.

492.] Possibilities of multiplying sermon

When we preach we can say one person who don’t agree with us, but it’s given to that person,
that when he talks to other person about Christianity that subject crosses mind and then he
says to that other person, like something he hear or something he disagree and speaks against

Then that other person hear what he says and accept what that person said in negative manner,
and doesn’t see it as negative, he sees it as it is, understand and sees in that way..

493.] We are all equal

Those who have greater value, have same value as those who are below them, because we all
give life to each other and we are need of life. Someone has to be at top, and someone down,
if you change their position answer would be the same, they are all the same but someone has
to be at top.

We all will have big houses, job and everything will be for free, we all will work, but we
won’t have salary, everyone will take how much he needs, it is unthinkable now, but in
Heaven it is normal. All will be peers and full of understanding. Families will be eternal
friends. Harmony and unity, and people say you are crazy, you don’t work in Heaven. I say to
them then, who will give you food, make your houses, who will build cars, you think that
angels will serve you? Heaven is real like Earth is real, it is just located in galaxy for which
we don’t know now, and it is impossible to reach it now.

494.] Condemnation

We have a story which is against Pharisees, and story when prostitute is defended, and stories
in Old Testament when they say about bad prostitutes, customs officers etc.

It’s about, we are all people and simply there are different evils, which are given to different
people, so if you go and talk about every evil individually and how it is, how it is looked on it
then it is bad.

Isaiah 54-4 Fear not, for you will not be put to shame; And do not feel humiliated, for you
will not be disgraced; But you will forget the shame of your youth, And the reproach of your
widowhood you will remember no more

For your husband is your Maker, Whose name is the LORD of hosts; And your Redeemer is
the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth

For the LORD has called you, Like a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit, Even like a wife of
one's youth when she is rejected, Says your God.

For a brief moment I forsook you, But with great compassion I will gather you

In an outburst of anger I hid My face from you for a moment, But with everlasting
lovingkindness I will have compassion on you, Says the LORD your Redeemer.
495.] Understanding

You turn things around! Shall the potter be considered as equal with the clay, That what is
made would say to its maker, "He did not make me"; Or what is formed say to him who
formed it, "He has no understanding "?

But when you say about those which justify everybody the same, on which basis is our
forgiveness built, is understanding our impossibility to be better, because all good that is in
the man is given by Lord God and proof to that is when He says, who praises himself let him
praise Lord God.

So when you preach, you need to tell what was good or evil, and in all of that you need to
include understanding of truth.

Man is not assembled just from one part, he has good and evil. So when you speak about
someone, and you have to speak about his evil, it is good to say something good about that
person, look to do it that way and include truth that person couldn’t do any different, it is

496.] It is good to evaluate, but it’s not good to judge

That’s how we look at others when they do something we don’t like; we look at it in very
special bad way. And if it is something that we do too, we don’t measure it same. People
aren’t what they think it’s up to their strength or goodness, and others are weak, so they are
judging them.

They were happier than others because they got. They would act like they got, and when you
got something you know that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t get, and when you get you are
happy because you got, and you are happy with spirit in that way.

Second good from that is that in your mind you don’t judge those who didn’t get, you
understand them and you feel sorry for them. You put yourself in such situation.

We can see from where Christianity is made, from looking through truth in what we live in
proper, normal way. It is all what Lord God sees and thinks, and He passed it on us through
stories and messages, through Sir Jesus, secured and confirmed, because He talked about that
through the Old Testament.

In the Old Testament He had different words which He didn’t say, so He said basics in short,
in the New Testament.

All that came out, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, Satan turned the truth and that is basic truth.
Isaiah 14-24 The LORD of hosts has sworn saying, "Surely, just as I have intended so it has
happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand“

People don’t really understand it like that, because they still believe in their own will and their
goodness, and that Lord God is here just to help sometimes, and all other they do from
themselves, and what He helped in their mind they turn out to be better because if they
weren’t so good He wouldn’t help them if they weren’t such strong persons- souls. If you look
at it like that you can’t see from what mind those messages are coming out, how He is and
how He wants us to live; Christianity.

497.] Love for souls

If we meet some sinner as person and don’t look him through sins, let’s say prostitute, then
our general view change and it’s not like it was when we looked through sins, we get love for
that person.

Love for people is protecting us from many things and give us many things, that we love
others like we love our children, that we love them as Lord God loves every individual, then
we would live in better world.

We would forgive better, we would have understanding, we would do well for others; love
covers many sins.

If somebody is thief and someone steals from him, he gets mad and looks at him as thief, and
he is thief too. That’s how we all have same view on evil, even though many through life do
the same.

498.] Sodom and Gomorrah nowadays

As we know story about Sodom and Gomorrah which represents homosexuality and how it’s
said to them go out or evil will struck on you, go out and don’t look back which means run
away and don’t ask for reasons and don’t wait for answers, simply go out; Pillar of salt, which
turned around.

As I see it, it may refer to San Francisco considering it is major city for homosexuals, or
California in general considering that there is Hollywood which corrupts many nations with
movies, and generally in bigger cities evils are more exposed.

Story about flood and Noah and sign on sky, rainbow, when Lord God said that He will not
flood people anymore. Generally speaking rainbow colors are colors on homosexuals flag,
now question is what does that mean, does that represent that evil will happen again or it
represents that it will not happen again. Considering all, flood is coming.

We know that rainbow existed before because it is written in the Bible, when He created
Earth, it vapor from it, so Sun and vapor make rainbow, especially if you are in jungle or
generally rain and Sun.
Story about Noah is allegorical story because there is no way that he gathered all animals
because in every part of Earth different animals live.

That is story which is made up in order to explain people why we eat meat, because after it
happened it is written that Lord God told to them to start eating meat, because before that
story about genesis clearly says that He gave grass to every living soul and vegetables with

That’s how I understood that story, His wish was that we eat plants, He left us to evil and
decided to make us opposite to normal and all wild, people and animals, to eat among
themselves, and they are all living souls, different by advance.

So by that story we eat and sacrifice animals, and we do like that even though it is said to us
DO NOT KILL, or do not eat blood because soul is in blood, or that we will be vegetarians in
future and that child will put its hand in snake’s hole and will not be bitten.

Or what is part of that story, sacrifices, from then sacrifices started and that is story about
beginning of sacrifices. When people started to sacrifice animals, children and loved ones it
represents Satan in fact because it is said for him that he was killer from the beginning.

That’s how I experience Lord God who was civilized from the beginning and who is civilized
today, and who says for Himself that He doesn’t change and that He is always the same,
people change, so when Moses announced all laws about sacrificing and spilling blood on
Altair, just imagine how it look savagely today, as we see it today that’s how Lord God
thought always.

People don’t advance with Lord God, they advance toward him. 10 commandments were
announced to Moses and rest of list he thought how it looked good to him, because people had
been different then, they had sacrificing from old times and that represented their
communication with Lord God or so called gods. Everyone knew that something exist, some
higher creature, but they didn’t know him.

So when He announced to Jews faith in one Lord God, they had sacrificing from before,
because they didn’t get cognition that is unnecessary and savagely. All stories in the Bible are
stories with point. So we need to look for good point in them.

Regardless of people being wild before, we don’t need to mock them about that, because we
aren’t advanced like those who come after us.

He announced to all of us through Jews and some letters are part of Muslims faith, and now
through Christianity.

499.] Point of bread

He told us story about bread that is coming out of sky and that it is what we need.

That bread represents what we need and bread is point, our bread is spiritual, so when you
have it satisfy your spiritual and physical needs, from good spirit comes out good.
500.] Right cheek and commandments

He always thought like Christian, if someone hits you in right cheek, turn the other towards
him. Because he knew that is wiser to forgive or to be silent than to return with evil, because
evil later comes back.

It can last for generations between two families who raise their children in hate because of
that, and they hinder them from love for their neighbors. As I see it he always thought like
that, just people didn’t know that and they didn’t understand commandment do not kill.

Commandments are given to us to protect us and that we can recognize what we need to do in
certain situations, to prevent Satan to trick us.

As people never loved for their children to take revenge and do evil to others, that’s how He
thought always. We love our children with measure we get, and He loves fully.

501.] Everyone is sick and needs a doctor

There are people who don’t need doctor, but no matter how much good they got, everyone
lacks in truth in religious spirit which would purify and advance them. We have harder
diseases of evil and lesser, and we have too many wrong faith.

All commandments are referred to us, and to Him, because He is real person who is here,
same like physical people that surround us.

502.] Preparation of the Bible

If you noticed, when you read the Bible you always have the feeling like Lord God is
speaking, so when He doesn’t say anything, because it is written that He is, people experience
it like that.

No matter how much people prepare, Lord God prepared it too, it is the only our book in
which is He speaking and it is enough to read it to know the truth, if He wants to show you,
and when He shows you truth, He shows you what is not true that He told.

It is big blockade to religious and they are feared that He didn’t say something. So if there is
truth in some story there can be lies too.

But that doesn’t matter to Him, because He revives words with His spirit, and to those who
He wants to show He will show what He said and what He didn’t, because He always can
speak through man and give him faith.

So when He revives word with spirit, He gives you to understand, and what you understand
He assembles in one whole, and when you have that whole it protects you against additional
lies and good comes out of it.

When you hear something that other people believe, you have in mind what is determined to
believe and because it is not according with your faith it means that it is lie.
It’s a big problem to people because all believe that they know everything, and they don’t
know what they don’t know, so when they hear real truth from people, they thing that it is a
lie because it is not in harmony with their faith.

Lord God decides how much truth will prevail in people; people can’t be more advanced than
He decided for them to be.

503.] How to perceive chosen Christians from other domination

That’s how Christians on other active Christians who got chosen, but have different beliefs,
should look as they are chosen and they have same spiritual changes which happened in all of
them, and not by truth and your faith judge who is chosen.

Like Lord God is your strength, support and comfort; that’s how it is to others, you ask and
want that all and you don’t give to others. How to judge that, what would be justly, His justice
is the same as ours because He gives it to us. That’s why He says treat like you want to be

When I meet someone, no matter if he is catholic pope or Jehovah’s Witness, I love them at
the moment because I know that Lord God loves them and that they love Lord God. They are
people that I admire, because that is what separates them from the world, like me. It’s good to
see there are such people in this world.

We are not perfect, that’s how I when see some Christian who is not perfect, I know that Lord
God chose him as me to change us to better.

So much sinful and chosen from those who were less sinful and much better. He doesn’t
improve people fully right now, He does it over time.

If we look that way, why would I judge him because he sins, when I know that I sin
sometimes and that I don’t take part in my improvement, I depend on His plan for me.

Even though as I see no matter in what way we have stories, they still have points; it’s all
about points of stories. Sir Jesus himself says that he speaks through stories. If we look like
that on all stories, they get us closer to life reality and they say to us about measure how it
needs to be looked.

Every story has its meaning, but when you bring them together then they have whole
meaning. In one story it is spoken about forgiveness for sinners and in other is speaking about
punishment for sinners.

As I see it, all of that Sir Jesus preached to us, forgiveness to those who are not chosen, but
how I see it those who are chosen ones aren’t different from other people, they are only
chosen to be first awakened.

Lord God changes people on better and does them good regardless of their believes and how
advanced they are in their faith in Him, in Him who is.

504.] We are all the same

Sir Jesus thought it is only about Jews, then after death it is announced that it is about all
nations, because we are all His children, brothers and sisters.

So He chose only few people to be raised and to be fulfilled of knowledge, in order to get
back on the Earth and to pass on their knowledge on youngsters and in that way Lord God
would give him to people to rule over people through Sir Jesus, he would have his
government on the earth, because now is everything wrong. Jews chose their king and He told
them they have it now, in that point.

People will not want anymore to have king or to choose presidents, we will have Lord God in
power, through Sir Jesus who will tell us what to do and to tell us about plans of Lord God
through subordinates, and they will pass it on humanity.

So what he thought that is applied only on chosen, that only they have love from Lord God,
that is not true because He loves us all. Those people who are chosen will be in future like
doctors now, you think how it is good and they will live in their occupation like we live today
but with eternal body and healthy and normal spirit. All this evil we do now will look to us as
something crazy, because we are crazy now, we aren’t normal enough; we are at certain
evolutionary level.

We are all going on better now, and one day evil will disappear, and only good will be left.
People will not be afraid of death because they will understand that life goes on.

So we are going a little bit forward and little bit backward, but considering how our past was
and how future looks bright it is obvious that we are moving and going towards something.

Lord God did us a favor by announcing what is coming after death of body and what is
coming to humanity. Even though we will firstly pass through big evil, what would be with us
if we didn’t know that better future is coming? We wouldn’t have hope or knowledge.

Even though people regardless of all that knowledge speak about end of world, instead to talk
about beginning and ending last evil and good that is coming to humanity after that.

505.] Man is like unrelated story

If you look at man it reminds you on unrelated story, which is because evil and good are part
of us. What is good it is separated from what is evil and because we are one soul when you
look at whole we are like unrelated story. When you are for example in spirit of good deeds
you react differently on situation when you are in spirit of evil.

506.] Spirit is not evil nor good, are acts achieved through them like that

It is called spirit of good deed, because it is not about spirit, it is about what is achieved by
spirit. So if you are Satan and you have power of spirit, then you use that spirit for evil and
you abuse it.

Until we do any evils we do it against one soul, so evils happen to us, and we do it to
ourselves alone because we have no reason or spirit to do differently.
In order to man think and do reasonably, Lord God needs to do it through him. Because He
wanted to harmonize our lives, He gives us sometimes reason to achieve that, but it is about
what He gives, and if He is not giving you can’t do anything.

It’s like one created soul; firstly you need to give it to breath and all functions which are
called spirit of life, because it is spirit. Then all other comes and when it assembles it makes
one whole, and those are we.

You get during life and you do how you get, even though you know there are reasonable
conclusions you need to know that they exist only when they are given, and they are not part
of you, it is something that comes out of Lord God in who you are, so only when He thinks
through you, He is part of you.

I don’t believe in evil spirit, I believe in achieved act. When Satan makes up evil, how he
imagine it that’s how it will be for us, but only when Lord God allows him that.

Evil idea is achieved by spirit, spirit is not evil, and it is idea. Spirit is power.

We are all different and generally speaking we know for existence of certain evils which live
in some people, but not in all. Only few are left to something rarer, and all rest are in general
evil, which often looks meaningless, and it’s not, because we all do same mistakes, just some
do it in bigger proportions or bigger evil by law, and by law of our Lord God we are all guilty.

Everyone should pay attention and seriously look on most meaningless evil or lack which
sound like that in their mind, and we are breaking our commandments and who does and
breaks them in less measure of evil, he is guilty too. That would be cognition how to look on

We all know how we should look, but simply we don’t look in that way, because those who
looked like that they got by their words and lifestyle we know and we have cognitions how it
should be.

So we actually need to be like that and to get like them, because only then we will truly see,
because it will be our personal opinion in which we were assured and got that logic of

Logics or views on world are what everyone gets and then when we get that and what is
decided to be given to us is commonly giving.

We think positive and how it should be and we raise children how to think and do well, and if
we think we do different and so children. We are all part of humanity which is destined to be
like this. When time comes it will be different.

507.] Human delusions

People think that it’s normal for them to walk, think or breath, they have no idea that every
breath Lord God breaths through them and that every step He makes for us and that He is the
one who looks over and in front of us and shows us and coordinates us in space in order we
don’t get stuck. We are alive because He makes us alive.

508.] Reason of clumsiness and dexterity

We all hear for clumsy people, so those who are clumsy are like that because Lord God
doesn’t manage their hands how He can.

We have people who write with left hand, that could be a proof to us, how Lord God can
manage left and right hand.

It would be best to imagine man like doll or dead body, and all what is live and when you
move, is when He is alive through you. When He breaths in life and accomplish idea through

We will never feel as dolls even though it’s like that, we will have cognition about our
existence and we will live as we live today but improved by that cognition.

We are alive because He is alive, we are alive by creation and He is alive by nature.

He will change our language and views because we will all experience differently. So we will
talk in Lord God because it starts with Him, and it can be viewed on us.

Not like now that we think because we listen, like people say it crossed my mind. Some
people already talk in Lord God, and many of them still believe that they manage themselves.

So if you take a look at one man and how opposite thinking he has in himself, it doesn’t seem
logical, because if you look at whole it’s not logical, and nobody is noticing that, because as
for reason like everything else, now you have it and second moment you don’t.

Like when you put good and evil one to the other and it is separated, that’s how we are
separated in us, and we give whole.

So when we speak from evil we talk like that, and when we talk from good we talk like that,
and those could give us conclusion and decide to better and more logical, and that is good.

People don’t look at themselves at all in that way, but that’s how we look like. Later we will
understand because it would be shown to us, and what is now it is decided to be like this.

Let’s take one example when someone expects child then he prays to Lord God to creates
better child for him, and when he get child and child look at him as Lord God created him,
and sometimes think that child is better than others because it is better.

If we look like that, we should always look in one way, that child or man got, and not both.
That would be logical conclusion, with good you recognize something what is bad or it is not
true or evil and you refuse it. That’s how Sir Jesus was saved from temptation in desert
because he spoke what is written.
Because we are all same guilty, some less than others, we are still guilty for committed evil,
we were left to evil. For what we were, that word is what justifies us; it is written they were
thrown in Fire Lake.

That fire lake sometimes represent hell to people, and because it is written in the Bible and
how I experience fire it reminds me on mentally illness, schizophrenia and similar, because
you then really feel like you are burning in fire, torturing without pause, even though it gets
better and worse, and what is good is not by measures how it is to be normal and healthy in

When Sir Jesus comes and people get upraised and saint from beginning of world revived,
those people who are left on the Earth and are still religious, and those good who weren’t so
religious, but they believed, they will feel bad, because they will think that Lord God doesn’t
love them, I would say to comfort them, He likes us all the same, but He wanted to upraise
some because He needed only certain number of people for His next idea.

509.] Cold shower

If we look like that someone has to be, and it is not because of sins, He equalized with
choosing sinners and less sinners. They are called chosen from people, common name for all.
When that happens or a lot time passed since it happened, it would be cold shower to all of us
who need to be drawn from life.

There are many ideas, and what is cold will not look like cold to some, and some will get
used to cold with time, and some will be cold until end of life, if He decides like that.

Coldest will be in the beginning, because we have determined level of losing, so all who get
will lose in certain measure. Like when some tragedy happens, earthquake or terroristic
attack, that’s how is with upraising, in the beginning everybody talk about that and then
people lose interest, it affects someone’s life and it doesn’t affect some.

510.] Converted or to be converted

It is about upraising, it is written that people will not be converted yet; He will continue to
give them evil until they get good.

When they get good it will look like they are converted by themselves and in fact He
converted them, He converts idea of evil into idea of good, and that’s how we get.

Everyone who did some evil to others, or to Lord God by not supporting His Saturday, and by
supporting paganism, superstitions, Satanist rituals, praying to statues.

So if we forgive people what they did to us, and someone else forgive us what we did to them,
we could end up in peace, and not in evil. What is good in all of that is that world doesn’t
depend on people, it depends on Lord God.
Christianity is preaching of forgiveness and understanding for others, how you want to be
understood, or how Lord God understands us. He is the one who understands all and shows to
people, so they start to look like that and understand how He understands.

Those are all cognitions how it is normal to think, it is not about orders, it is told by reason
which is His, and it will be ours.

Normal people sometimes find it hard to understand others because they don’t know how it is
to be bad, even though they are bad, but they are not very bad, it gets them to delusion.

Even though problem is same for everybody, they believe in themselves!

Looking at my life and my hanging out with sinners, junkies and criminals and looking at me
as child how I started to be part of that and by meeting people who are bad in world’s eyes,
and between themselves they are good as others.

You can expect more evil to happen to you, but when it happens you understand why that
person did that. Looking at yourself as one soul who started innocently and was thrown to
Satan and wolves, it all went by little and I didn’t see what is coming in future, and one day I
got knowledge about myself because it was shown to me and I understood as part of that
cognition what means when they say in the Bible that Lord God can make same bowl
honorable or dishonorable.

I don’t like what I am, but I don’t have choice, if I was strong I would ask for evil, to be
forged in it like iron, but I am not strong and now when I know evil, I am afraid of it and I say
that it was enough for me. I am aware that He will decide will He forge me more, He will not
kill me but it will hurt, and when it ends, and when I see myself as finished act, I will like
what I see, even though I didn’t have courage to want. It is not easy to Him when He throw us
in fire, which man is strong enough to throw his child in fire, so you can see how strong He is.
All decisions are for our good, even though we don’t see it like that now.

511.] I am bowl

That’s how I understood that honorable part of me is what Lord God created and He measured
my amount of clay, so in fact I am bowl which is not dried yet, I have starting form and Lord
God shapes me with idea to make dishonest bowl who started to look like honest. He still
didn’t finish me, He will later add details only known to Him.

Because I hear about plan and idea of choosing and towards what people are coming, even
though I am still dishonest, I know where I am going and what bowl I will be, after I go in
Heaven and get white dress.

As I see it my prayers are in vain, and wish to be better because I know that only He can make
me better, when I know and hear that for now it should be like this. I can’t make myself more
honorable or better, I need to live through this evil in comfort that good is coming and it will
stay forever.

512.] Ikebana
When Lord God puts flower in that bowl and makes ikebana, every flower will be picked and
will represent my views on world. Water which will give life to flower is Lord God who is
speaking; white tablecloth which represent purity and simplicity of spirit and truth.

513.] Two witnesses

In revelation we have story about two witnesses who preached and it says that fire came out
of their mouth, and they were killed and many stood around them waiting to see if they will
resurrect. When I read that story and think what could be meaning of that story, it’s logical to
me that after first resurrection those who are chosen on earth will be revived and upraised in
sky, why would someone wait before them, so we could see if they are from Lord God or not.
Or it has allegorical meaning like we interpret our dreams or visions.

When that happens, Christians will recognize to whom it refers.

What is interesting, Christianity will advance by knowledge and listening to true Christianity,
because now it’s wrong. Like today is world and there are those who are separated from it.
That will be later too. World will still get evil but in different shapes. Christianity will
continue to exist and advance, because real Christianity doesn’t depend on people, Lord God
achieves it in chosen from people for that.

We have different sciences which tell us truth and by what humanity advances, so we have the
Bible and our revelations about world we live in. There is no need to go to church, because
we all can read now.

Even though church is good for organized doing of good, and people sing there and they can
cheer up. Those churches today are wrong and as I see it Lord God better talks through the
Bible than people interpret it.

We all have our mind and Lord God and His words are so simple and His stories have points,
so you don’t need to be super smart to understand what is expected from us. It is enough to
read, believe and apply, but Lord God needs to have that plan in order to make it happen. I
don’t go to church; my teacher is Lord God, through Sir Jesus and angels. I read and He
explains me words, when He says revives by spirit.

Like when someone gets to deserted island, he gets hungry and he eats people and he think I
had to, otherwise I would be dead. Point of that story is if something is forbidden, you mustn’t
do it you’re your life is in danger.

That is point, if something is bad or forbidden, even it is smallest lie which can cost you life,
it is lie and you need to say truth, even though you know that you will die. That’s how saints

It’s like when Muslims take you as prisoner and ask you will you convert to Muslim faith,
many would say I will, and they would think inside I only said to him, and I’ll believe what I
believed before. That is forbidden.
That is basic example which is shown to us through Sir Jesus and disciples and prophets,
because they all were murdered because of truth which they spoke and they didn’t agree with
others, they didn’t abandon their religion in order to save their life.

Many died for their thoughts and religion, which could be proof for us; we can die sometimes
by doing well.

I read somewhere that some people celebrated Wednesday as rest day, and we have Saturday.
Wednesday is in the middle of the week and it is not surprising to me that people had such

We have clean Wednesday, Ash Wednesday.

Maybe it refers to first resurrection because it is in fact first rest, and second is Saturday.

Ash Wednesday – Lent invites you to grab opportunity, to give your life new direction,

After first resurrection some will be converted, but not in such measure and glory how much
is given to one unique event, later, how it is written in revelation. When all evils happen and
like preparation for coming of saints with Sir Jesus back on the Earth and humanity will
progress then.

Until then, humanity will continue to fail, and individuals will advance.

514.] Creation of world

When world was created, it is written that in first day came light, then same story is repeated
in fourth day. About Sun and Moon, even though they added stars on fourth day. As I see it, it
is logical that Sun is made in first day because it gives warmth. I think that He made planets
on fourth day because stars are mentioned, because they protect planet Earth from asteroids
and comets, like Lord God plays pinball. I would say on fourth day He made planets, because
Sun was on first day. Look that up in the Bible.

If you look like that, it is written that Saturday is seventh day; it means that Sunday is first
day. In USA they count like that when they make schedule for work and in calendar.

515.] Different logics

Hanukkah light came to world, when we are destined to it. Then in Passover we are marked
by spirit, then we begin to get breads and Sir Jesus showed up for 40 days, which is maybe
referred on commandments by Moses. When he went on Sinai and went down, then again
went up. That will be like with Sir Jesus who will get down, and get up and again come down.
First time for 47 days because it lasted more than 40 days, and second time for 40 days I
guess. First panel is broken, as Christianity is broken, like world will be broken. When we get
second panel it will be when he comes back to earth to rule in body. But before it happens,
evil will come. And we have feast of picking up fruits, seven weeks with Saturday is 50 days,
and it starts counting when harvest begins. 47 can easy be 50 while he gets on mountain and
comes back.

516.] Skeptics

Reading forum, many people are skeptical about existence of prophecies. Like prophecies
aren’t here from the old times. They are widely known, many prophets are proven today when
we see that something happened what they foreseen, Kremna prophecy is one of my favorite.

As I see and experience hunters that go to woods and kill animals, people before had nothing
to eat and they did that. We should leave animals to live like we have our towns where we
live, they should have their forests. Planet Earth is not only ours, it belong to animals too.

517.] Prophecies from internet

Stop with clearing and burning down of forests, and stop with taking animal’s living space.
Get back their living space, forests, fields and meadows, or your destiny, which you brought
on yourself, take away your houses and possessions, and your sources of food, by
catastrophes around the world – prophecy I read on internet.

It would be best for people to hang out with like-minded, when two people think different
they can’t agree over anything.

Wisdom is something that happens in human’s lives. We usually experience it through older
people, because they saw their life backwards and how it changed over time, so from that they
speak wiser how to act in life.

Even though when I listen to elder I have feeling that they are too negative and they are very

It’s better not to think that everyone wants to harm me, because from that nothing good can
come out.

On day like thousand years, what He decides in one day, we need thousand years to happen,
or He experience time differently because He live eternally, even though we live eternally too
and that is announced to us, people don’t experience time in that way. You fall asleep and you
wake up.

518.] Good and evil are separated

In life you sometimes get evil on evil, and in every evil new evil, and then one day you get
good. Is that punishment or example of His understanding, that you actually just get all and
when you get you have it, and that is what it is.

519.] Stones

When you get spirit of truth, and he starts to tell you truth in certain order, like he puts stone
on stone, and every stone is story for itself – truth, and something which stands.
So when you talk to others about different topics, every stone give you answers.

In that way, man can find out what Lord God thinks about certain topic, because He hears
through himself when He gives you answers.

When you get evil through spirit which makes it alive in man and through man, on that evil
you get new evil, because you are in surrounding where many evil temptations are, which
don’t look like temptations, it is simply something you do. I would say it is like you are in
company of Satan’s angels every intended for certain evil.

Like we sometimes hear something about messages of prophecy, sometimes they say if you
get better you will get better and sometimes if you don’t improve yourself and you stay bad
you will get evil. It is about more possibilities, and it will be the one for which He decides.

Now we are in such spirit who doesn’t have love for man, except those loved ones. If we
know one man who is bad, and we know that Lord God loves him, then we would be good
with him and we would look him like Lord God looks him.

Evil that is now in man, it would be unthinkable that man can do that, because there will be no
more evil in man.

By looking at myself how I think now and how I thought before, and having cognition how
will I think good in future. I understand Christianity by myself and by my views on other
people and that’s why I have hope for forgiveness, because I understand what forgiveness is,
because I see how Lord God looks through me and show me other people, and by truth He
brings me to reason.

I know that how I think now, that everyone will think like that later, when they are resurrected
and upraised, and when Sir Jesus comes with saints.

Even though that Christianity that is in me, and in the Bible, that is not in churches nowadays,
because they didn’t hear it as I hear it. They hear parts, but in fact they don’t understand from
what mind it comes out, that is mind of Lord God and His views on humanity, for which He
knows that He manages them and gives those, good and evil, they still think that they have
control over themselves and that He only helps them sometimes.

So majority is left to that evil, so later when they understand how they thought that they know
and they didn’t know anything. They thought that they judge with reason, and they didn’t
know that it didn’t happen all the time.

520.] Reason

We often lose reason on basis of religious views in which we are raised. So if they hear real
truth, they turn it into lie by their measure of truth, and they represent it as something
blasphemous and they say that it is from Satan, and in fact it is from Lord God who would
prove them that with reasonable words through another man, but not through them.
Such speaking, Christianity today and how it was, is not what it will be. Now we are all left in
delusion and wrong interpretations. That’s how He divided us, to unite us later.

521.] Lust for life

People have big lust for life, so if they die, they are sorry because of it. So that lust for life
stays, because we all will live eternally and we will love to live, how could we feel in
eternity? So comfort is sleeping and eternal life.

522.] He is who He is

I am who I am. I am like I am, so He is who He is, and that is Lord God, almighty – Creator.
Description of Him as one Lord God; words of existence which means that all what exist exist
in Him.

Who created all and creates and gives life and manages with measure of good and evil, which
He created to show us, and fire which represents evil like evil which forges us, like gold, so
we come finished in Heaven, we will see difference how we were before, and how we are in
the sky and then we will realize what is fire, and what is gold, because gold will come out of
fire. We are like we are now, and we are going to like we are going to be later, what it is, it is.

523.] All sorts

We are from all sorts, some kind of, we are more of all sorts or we are of some kind, and all
together we are from all sorts.

524.] Immature behavior of Satan

Satan thinks that he does evil in spite of Lord God, like he isn’t aware that Lord God created
evil. Even though he is intelligent, I think that he knows that Lord God left him to evil and
with that cognition, it is logical that he will stop doing evil in spite of Lord God, but he can’t
do any smarter because like us he doesn’t have control over himself.

Lord God is such person that no one can anticipate by act or word, because He firstly created
it all while soul didn’t know that, and then He did.

Lord God does what Lord God decides. We have a story in the Bible when He says that
nobody can anticipate Him with present, because He gives good through man, and we don’t
need to brag with good in front of Him, and then by that logic we shouldn’t be convicted
because of evil, even though we will always be guilty for what we did, because we are, and
that goes for good too. So if you did something, it is obvious that you did something.

525.] Speech of children

People noticed that nowadays children start to talk later and they say it’s because they always
watch TV, so they don’t have need to communicate.

Even though it is not referred to all children, because before TV we had children who talked
earlier and later. I don’t know what statistics they have and is it because people started to pay
attention on that, because all believe that children start talking earlier, and everyone expect
that from their child, but let’s say some truths that to some children it is determined to hinder
their development, so that would be additional evil.

So when you get child who doesn’t speak you think it is something especially bad, and in fact
it is something that is always present. As for my kids, I have three of them and youngest
speaks better than two older ones.

She has spirit who wants to be in center of attention and she is very happy. My first daughter,
what she knows to speak, if I say her to repeat she wouldn’t want to on purpose. She even
wouldn’t want to call me mama when I said to her to repeat, we could see on her that she
doesn’t want to repeat on purpose. That’s how hers spirit of persistence hinder hers
development. Even though she is better know, and what is interesting she loves to sing, so you
hear her speaking while she is singing and you realize that she is stubborn. My other daughter
is very quiet, but she started to get better after third year, what is interesting about her, she had
one little laptop which learns children and I noticed how she is improving. When they are
looking cartoons, it’s always educational cartoon, so they had video that shows movements
for deaf people and they repeated it. Watching them as 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, they
are different, even though they live in same house. I am correcting books right now, and they
are 6, 7, 8, it is 14th of July, 2013. My oldest daughter has autism, middle one has processing
problems, and third one is completely normal, just a little bit hyperactive. They are intelligent,
especially the oldest one. Now again I run through what I wrote before because I am in
process of translation on other languages and they have nor 8, 9 and 10 years. It is all good,
similar to before. Every daughter has its own virtues and flaws without new changes.

It is like that because they all have different presence of spirit, and different plan from Lord
God. By watching them and their progress, I see how Lord God starts to give and decide at
what rate, because when child starts to speak every word it need to get, and every word is
spirit, because it comes out from spirit and that is Lord God who is sacred. He decides for
what word that they hear will stay and when to stay, then it depends how much words did He
remembered, and by that words child expresses itself, because He brings words to them.
When we get more words, our language becomes richer. Sometimes one of parents started to
talk later and his child can inherit that. My husband started to talk later; it is called spirit of
inheritance, like we have various mental illnesses that stay in family.

Even though from my father’s side, children are very advanced. As I see it as world advances
differently in certain states, so are people. We have same Lord God who, when thought how
much evil and good, and how it will look like, He came up with different ideas, so He realizes
all of His ideas where He decided to realize. That would be proof to all of us that we aren’t
advancing by our intellect, all good which comes to us we get by His plan.

As for cognitions, some people aren’t aware how cognitions about good and evil are
important, looked by the Bible and since commandments are announced to us how we are
more advanced than those who were before.
That’s how He gives cognitions to people to know, and then because they don’t manage
themselves, with His good from that cognition they can’t get to part where human life starts
colliding with cognitions. One day we all will understand what is value of cognition of eating
meat, and nobody thinks it’s bad. We had various recipes.

People would hear for vegetarian recipes, so it is all decided to be like this and that people
don’t know how wrong they are. And then one day when we are upraised or awakened, and
when we see that they don’t eat living souls in Heaven just because they don’t communicate
in same way or because their lifestyle is different. Then we will understand value of

Sometimes I think that cancer exists maybe because we eat meat, even though I don’t say it is
like that. I just think, listen about that topic. Maybe our genes are changed and who knows
how many generations needs to go in order we get purified.

Some people are surprised by Satan doing evil, they think he has power, and he does it by that
power, or general how intelligent he is and what evils he can think of, so we look at it as Lord
God made us as one soul in which He gives certain amount of good and evil.

Satan is proclaimed as intelligent, but he has evil spirit, so when he combine those two, you
get perfect evil ideas which Lord God gives him, and He gives to him because of rule of
existence of created souls. In future our spiritual state will improve and make us normal, it
will be good because none of evil will exist.

526.] Superstitions

People have a lot of superstitions which they pass from generation to generation, we have one
known about black cat, if it crosses your road, you should turn back and you shouldn’t take
that way, because something bad will happen to you, or to spit 3 times. As I see evil happens
to you when you do that because you broke commandment about superstitions.

We all learned that from our elders who was full of superstitions which have roots in old
times because of their backward mind.

Many spirits are creation of Satan, so you look evil through evil. Our life depends of measure
of good and evil, which is manifested through us by spirit. What is manifested is what we see,
and what we see we understand it by faith.

Because if you don’t have faith, you are in delusion from which everything new becomes new
delusion, and this is referred on many sciences who believe in it to be closer to real truth.

527.] External and physical

Lord God improved world a lot, and problem in world is that they look external and physical
and they see explanations in that. They don’t understand that what they see is truth, but how
they understand it, it is not truth, because they don’t have faith.
When man is obsessed with schizophrenia, if you take picture of his brain you can see
different activity and chemicals are changed to some, so they have belief in obsession and
who gives it, then what they see physically they would see spiritual manifested on physical

Our brain and all organs are created to be balanced together and to give one whole healthy
man. If something is not normal, physical or spiritual, then it is noticeable on physical part.

528.] Love

People preach love and how it is good to watch on world through love, and how I see it, in
order to love; first Lord God needs to give look through love. So love which we give, it is not
ours, we got it and we get it, so all good actions come from Lord God.

He decides how much love will He give to us and how it will be manifested through us, and
we see it by faith.

Love which we don’t have is love for one soul. Simply you get spirit of love and you love all
living creatures. We can understand it on example of our children, boyfriend or girlfriend. If
we had such love we would help to everybody in trouble like we help to our loved ones. But
people don’t have such love. We only have love that we got, because love is spirit and we
can’t do anything about it, sometimes we love those who treat us bad, bad husband or
boyfriend or girlfriend.

As I see real love exists and it is part of Lord God. He loves His creations and He
understands, creations don’t understand themselves, only when He shows them they
understand. What He said to us through Sir Jesus, it came out of love, understanding and

I experience Lord God as someone who is full of love for His idea and who loves every soul,
bad angels and all others, people and animals. People can’t understand His love for bad ones,
I am in that group of bad ones and I experienced love, justice and understanding. From what
is shown to me, it is shown that He loves bad ones too.

529.] Satan sacrificed to evil

If you think about it, Satan was good at firs and he was exemplary and Lord God made him so
good, it is written in the Bible. And He decided one day to sacrifice loving angel to evil.

He did it gradually, like we gradually become worse and worse. That’s how we feel like we
have control and in fact He is the only one who has control.

That is because we don’t have faith, angels and all of us, we could live in eternal good,
without evil, how angels lived before, but He got idea how to make living souls even better.

It is interesting what we get for free, He decided that we will get it later and He chose some
people and angels for evil.
So angels and people serve that purpose about creating evil which is made that we make evil
to each other, that’s how evil is spreading and there is more of it.

Reason of evil was idea how we could truly understand that He runs all and thinks about all.

Satan probably had that cognition, but we see example on him that regardless of normal
cognitions and intelligence he did evil, which was invented through him.

We don’t live from cognitions; we live from what is in us. Cognitions are here for our
advance as humanity.

He probably though, I don’t care I will do evil, you manage yourself, you do it through me.

That’s how Lord God looks at them in love that He had from beginning.

So when Lord God frees all those who were left to evil, we will see then in what evil we were.

Because humanity is still in delusions and in lack of good when they get it, they all
understand everything that they passed through evil and evolution in order to get good.

From good spirit good comes out.

Our life is example to us at which is explained and shown to us. He gives and He takes away
and again He gives, sometimes we get easy, good or evil, but it all comes down on that is not
our credit, it is about getting – giving.

530.] Self-control is delusion

Although people know that He created them they still think they have control over their life.
It’s like that because as He says He gives it all. People think that they have reason and they
don’t understand that He sometimes gives them rational judging, but reason is given only
sometimes. Reason doesn’t belong to man; it is something what man gets. So what we get
bring us to delusion because we know that we have reason, but we don’t know that we don’t
have it because we don’t have such good reason, and we don’t know to listen.

531.] Thoughts

What we hear is our thought, through the life we are exposed to various views on world, but
for every individual is decided what our views will be like, what stays to you, it is yours, even
though people have wrong views because we live in good and evil.

532.] Duration of evolution

When you look how long does that evolution lasts, so much for one man, and when you look
how long average man lives, and that people lived less before because of various diseases and
wars, then evolution doesn’t look so long lasting, it is lifespan of man.

533.] Renunciation of own will

I would say what I need for own will which is preached by people, when I have will for doing
evil. I need to get good will, to do well.

People believe that He always knows the best, so what is the best, we get good and evil, both
for our good, but people can’t accept that because they are not comfortable in evil.

People aren’t strong, and later they will see that. People don’t want to get better, they live as it

Religious people see like that, but problem is there is not enough of religious. Even though
you are religious you are still sinner, but with religion you sin less.

When we get goal, then it looks to us like whole.

534.] Message

That’s why you need to suffer and let your vale in my hands, live every day without worries
but don’t throw me out of your thoughts, then I’ll guide you and your life will not be in vain.

One day you will be grateful for hard hours because they are good to your soul. I know that, I
know degree of maturity of your soul, I know your will, your weaknesses and your faith, and I
let all of it to happen so a single day will not be wasted, so you can mature and get to
perfection for short time and reach your goal while you are on Earth. I heard Lord God
speaking this once, but it is not from the Bible.

Sometimes it seems to me that hell and purgatory is here on Earth. Hell is when people suffer
in different mental illnesses and when Satan tortures them through other people, and when we
are bad and sinful, and purgatory is when He converts us, and fixes us, and when suffering is
part of evil. Maybe that’s the idea about purgatory, which actually doesn’t exist after death of

When we find ourselves one day in the sky, and we get incorruptible body, and that would be
when body fully develops, so it is logical to think that you will feel young, but what is
interesting we all will have special feelings, different than we have here, because when we get
up there, we will be changed by spirit, healthy with clear mind which didn’t exist here, and
that’s how we will feel.

Something new, different than we are now, because in this life when we change, we get
something new and you feel like you had it always and in fact it is something new. So when
you look at it you can’t notice it, and when you remember how you thought when you were
young then you see it.

535.] You can’t see until you lose

You love and until you lose you don’t feel what love is, and what spiritual experiences are in
it, like when you miss what was part of spirit of love, child, man or animal.
You love it so much, and you don’t know how much, until you lose. So you have children and
you get used to them, you hug them, and when you lose them, you would love that you
enjoyed more with them, it all would be better if we live through love.

We are all unhappy in love now, because we will live later from it and we will have it, we will
not lose and we will be happy and with that we will not see depth of love which hurts, so we
are knowing it in this part of life, so we can see later how happy we are and how we live well
when we don’t lose.

We will see life in better light, because if we weren’t losing then we would be in problems,
we wouldn’t appreciate what we have. Like when see somebody who is happy, and when you
are alone in it, you don’t see how it looks from eye of a viewer.

536.] Heaven isn’t imagined spiritual world, it is physical

When you sleep and you have dreams, and when you wake up you see how real it was and
that you were in some situations, different reality and you in it.

That’s how it is when body dies, you fall asleep. People who wake up from dreams they say
that they saw family, or they were in front of Lord God, and that happens to people from
different religions, and how I see it if they were in front of Lord God, He would say to them
which religion is true, so it is not true, those are all dreams, because when we get revived it
will be with body, like Sir Jesus is physically up there, so Heaven isn’t imagined spiritual
world, it is physical.

Those who are spirits, Sir Jesus, angels and all in Lord God, because He is main spirit from
which all comes out, and He created body for souls.

If it is world of ghosts, then Sir Jesus would be alone there. Like in story when Paul is alone
in the world. That’s why it is shown to us and we believe in his resurrection and leaving up
there with body, in order that we know about existence of physical world which looks like

537.] Lack of fullness

What we get now is like Lord God pretends that He is not here, because He is almighty and
He can and knows all, and He can protect us from evil. We live like He isn’t here, because in
order to live He needs to manage with us with fullness like He is here, because obvious is that
He is here.

So when He starts, all will be good.

Then we will see and understand what means and how much He is here. Because He will
announce that to us.

So those two opposites, now and then, will be our proof of His existence from what we exist
by what He does through us, now bad, and later it will be good, that is our proof on act, it can
be however He wants.
It all will be opposite to now, but in fact it is not, it will be right, and now is opposite to

Like when you take religion in past, those who were killed they called them heretics or
Protestants, and in fact they were that.

538.] Friendships

It is important to keep friendships, but it often doesn’t go like that. When we meet someone,
after long time he gets our friend, it all happens in peace, you don’t put effort in it, you only
hang out and with time you get to know that person.

When man starts to think that he needs a friend, and then when he meet someone he thinks,
this one can be my friend, and you meet many people, but simply it’s not it. You try to talk,
but it is boring, and real friendship is when you can sit with somebody in silence.

It’s like breathing, when man starts to think how he breaths, he loses rhythm, and when we
don’t think about it, and then we don’t notice it. Our breathing is determined by spirit and we
don’t control it, we get it.

539.] Trial

How I sometimes think about so called hell or punishment, and because we are obsessed with
ourselves, I think that because of that obsession we don’t have control of ourselves, that
obsession is spirit who controls us.

Like when you imagine story about innocent boy and force of evil, and then force comes and
possess boy and he does evil, and when force abandon him, boy looks at himself and he
regrets what he had done, and because he doesn’t know about force of evil, he thinks that he
did it, and Lord God feels sorry for him, because he hadn’t control over himself. We are all in
that obsession and backwardness of spirit, and we don’t control ourselves, and I think that we
will not be judged as the Bible is interpreted now.

So we have a proof of spirit because He created us by spirits now, that’s how we will be later
created better. So speaking, how we will look, we will be how it comes out of spirits.

Why would He judge us, I think that we wrongfully judge ourselves, from ignorance and
belief in our will. People feel guilty, because they think that they control themselves, and
when they would belive that Lord God controls them, then they would feel like sacrifices and
they would think why Lord God gave them that.

People should weight themselves, and not judge to themselves, get knowledge about their
sins, so what we weigh is what we actually see on ourselves, and by cognitions of good and
evil, we weigh how we got and how we are.

So when you get knowledge about yourself, it is best to pray to Him to give you better, who
want s to be bad? And when it happens you see it before it happens and when it happens.
You look at yourself and power of spirit and you understand that you have no control over
yourself, what you thought that it was your control was Lord God’s control through you, how
much He wants.

So because we are all created to be our own, because we have always those basic spirits and
we get more over time, when we see what is ours and because there is evil, we don’t like what
we get.

But that what we don’t like will not disappear and it will be part of us, only with freeing of
spirits it will no more be part of us, which is shown to us by Sir Jesus when he released man
from Satan’s possession.

Then we don’t like ourselves, because bad in us is not for love. We can’t be better, because
Lord God decided to give us this measure of good and evil.

Our improvement depends on His wishes for us, and often our wishes are in vain, like
unreturned prayers. Even though He think about our wishes, which He decided to fulfill, but
not yet, because it was His plan from beginning, that it be bad now and later good.

Good in all of that is because He gives us good and He freed many people from evil. So
people think a lot how they look in His eyes, and they don’t understand that they are often
worse in their eyes than in His, because we don’t have understanding for ourselves, He does.

You can look at evil through understanding. Lord God created sins and He thought well about
every sin, He gave it through Satan and our backwardness. I experience myself as I am not
belonging to myself, I am His act, and how He created it, that’s how it is.

I don’t like myself, who would love evil? I know that I don’t agree with evil I get, it is
something that is added. Because I am His act, it is His decision about my good and evil, I am
creature of His mind, He decided to let me to evil, and He will forgive me because of that.

So when I need to do now, evil will obviously happen how was it decided to happen, so I
need to live through all of it, until plan about doing good comes, and when it all comes to end
it will be forgiven.

So I don’t need to think about eternal crisis, because it is written in the Bible, I stand in Him
and I fall in Him. Religious and normal people can judge me by His announcements about
evil and how it needs to be looked, people without understanding, while they judge me, He
gives me understanding and tells me that I couldn’t do better without Him, but they don’t
understand that.

His understandings which He tells me, it becomes my understanding for others, and that’s
how you get it, so if you have understanding for yourself, when you are guilty you should act
according to guilty. When you are child and they punish you to stay in sentence, when you
grow up you nudge your head and you suffer and you accept guilty, you can try to explain,
but others don’t understand it.

540.] Respect
We should respect parents and elders and those who are like them, because respect isn’t
decency and well-mannered, when you are like that you respect every living creature, because
it comes out of upbringing with right views on humanity.

Christian churches think that you need to be baptized in water to go in Heaven, and they don’t
understand how wrong it is. In order to get to Heaven you need to be baptized by spirit, first
resurrection and all other people, baptized in water or not, will go in second resurrection.

541.] We are all the same

It is how is preached in Christianity, like they are higher creatures than others, we are all
same, it just depends who will wake up first.

Like when you say that Lord God loves doctor more than someone with weaker job, so those
first will work for government and that is Lord God, for whom Sir Jesus works. Because Lord
God didn’t plan to send him back on earth alone, He started to choose people before Sir Jesus,
and after him, to resurrect them first, and those others who will be resurrected later will get
like first, but they will not work for government.

It is about preaching of equality of one soul, because we are all one soul, and then we are
different because Lord God had different ideas.

Those who are religious they think that Lord God is only with them, and in fact He is with all
of us, He just gives us differently.

542.] Giving lasts for whole life

Before He showed me truths, He was with me and He gave to me, but without religious spirit
who told me that He has given me all, I didn’t look in that way. So this new giving I don’
experience as Lord God approached me now, He was here whole time and was giving me
something different.

By looking at people who are not religious, how I was before, I understand what is happening
to them, and I can’t hate them or judge them, because I know that Lord God is with them and
that He loves them.

I can’t judge them, I only can feel sorry for them, because I understand I was happy to get
now, and they are not so happy to get now.

543.] It is not about deserving, it is about determinacy

As for measure by which it will be measured to us, people simply don’t experience it, we
already stepped into blessing of eternal life.

We advanced closer to sky, like we have different jobs now, which is how it is going to be

It all will be deployed as it is now, it is not about deserve, because we didn’t deserve it now,
and we get. It was first determined where we will work.
In heaven, all work for free and they have houses, which they want, everyone does what is
need for life, to be better harmonized. Like we are now assembled from limbs which give us
better life, when we get married we get additional limbs because we still have life which is at
same life in marriage.

So you are improved in marriage because you got more blessings through other person and
you act like one person, and that’s how two become one. When you live in family then mother
cooks, father works, child cleans up the house and similar. Everyone is doing their job, or
something that somebody is better at, and all take yields from same treasury because they all
full it. That’s how world looks, it has many different limbs, one take care for justice, other for
nature, politics, food, health and similar.

That’s how it is going to be in heaven, what our needs will be, and because needs now we are
better and worse, and Lord God manages with us. He doesn’t want to manage better now on
purpose, to show us in eternity when He will manage well, that our good is by His doing, and
not to us or reason, even though everyone lacks something, but that is just for now.

Someone can say that he did evil in life, he will get bad, it is about that it doesn’t has to be
that way, because when it is measured, good and evil are measured.

So when evil is forgiven to you, good is adding to. Sometimes they say if you went through
some punishment in this life, it will be taken in account for later.

It is about that people will not think that they didn’t get justly, because they will be reasonable
and from that reason they will understand that simply we have to have different jobs and that
is not because of lack of love it is about needs of life.

544.] Disliking school

Reason of our disliking school is Satan, so when Satan is stopped children will go to school,
and they will learn more advanced things in school by measure of science for students, and
then Lord God will decide how much of lectures kids will understand, and they will learn, but
they will not understand the same, or they will have love for different subjects. Everyone will
learn what it likes, it will be like now.

545.] Rebellion

As I see it, Satan and angels rebelled against something, something that they thought it has to
be, if it obviously can’t be. They got reason to see, but they didn’t understand even though
that reason could seem something simple and practical to them.

I imagine sometimes that they wanted to change physical work with power of spirit or
technology in some situations. So maybe Lord God cursed them by taking their body away
and they were expelled from Heaven and they lived in spirit among people, those who had
that power of spirit.
They had beginning, middle, and end of their evil they left to people, so while they are doing
evil they are automatically punished because they lost body. We lose body like that, too. So
on judgment day, how people like to call that day and it is the end in fact.

They don’t need to be punished because their punishment was dead of their bodies, and what
justifies them is that they were righteous until they are chosen from Lord God to be forged in
fire and that is evil, and they were sacrificed, so those who love them feel sorry for them, and
those who don’t know Lord God they judge them instead to look like Lord God and to
understand and to love.

Just imagine how we will be in sky one day and we all will love each other and we will live in
such world.

He loves us and if there is law about punishment, there about understands too, His
understanding brings righteous conclusion.

We all think about punishment that is happening here on Earth, our punishment is that we are
left to evil, like when you hit the child before it commits evil, maybe this is from before, from
eternal life.

Those who aren’t experienced evil, you can look at them as on angels who didn’t get evil, and
they remained unchanged, like those who were left to evil, if they weren’t left they would be
unchanged. Idea came to life.

546.] There was word in the beginning

There was word in the beginning, so words are words and thoughts, what He thinks it
happens. That is how we all exist, why would He judge us when He knows that we don’t have
control over ourselves, we exist by certain logics.

He made us more interesting to Himself, like when you make basic program that does
addition, so He made it all different to add up so it can be interesting. Like when someone
plays cards with himself, and is bored, that’s why people play cards in pairs and sometimes
with more people or angels.

It would be interesting when it happens, many thought that they will get eternal evil as
punishment, and they will find out that they already were punished, then they will get relief,
it’s good that it already happened, good idea.

People don’t understand how to see and get to know Lord God; He is around us and in us and
you see Him through people and what life is considered as normal, because that is He.

547.] Measure

Cognition about measure that will measure us is said because of reason that we all will know
one day that we knew, and that we couldn’t do. Because later when we come to reason, we
will see ourselves now as irrational and we will understand that Lord God gives rational
judgment, and makes us to do.
Addiction is big evil, because while you are in it, other evil stalk you, then you start to get
with time and you are not as naïve as you was when you started.

548.] Words of future

Sir Jesus told through Kremna prophecy that he didn’t come to judge us; he came to bring
peace among us.

Maybe our suffering will serve us as excuse – redemption.

So in revelation we got announce of evil that will come before Sir Jesus and he will come
before that and upraise chosen for that, and when evil finishes, good is coming which will
continue in time of existence of planet Earth.

It is written in the Bible that people will not convert, then again they won’t convert and after
that they will be converted. It must be like that in order that people could understand who is
converting them, and that would be Lord God.

Junkies will understand it best, because they don’t know when they started, then they knew
and they did evil to themselves, again and again, stopped and started, and then one day they
didn’t have wish for that, they get something new.

It was something new, mercy for them, they weren’t punished, they were chosen from people
to be called saints, to be upraised, and those who had been righteous they are left, it is not
about amount of sins it is about choosing. As I see it, we should all give up on our free will.

549.] Disciples and prophets

When prophets speak through them Lord God speaks directly, as He is through disciples.
They have something more than disciples, but they are still disciples, so if they are not
advanced disciples then they talk wrong, what is their personal opinion, and they don’t know
that they talk that, they think that Lord God speaks through them.

They know that He did it sometimes, but they don’t know when He doesn’t do it. We all have
thoughts-hearing but what we hear isn’t all the time from Lord God, we have Satan and we
have our regression in truth, more truth you have, less evil you have and you speak better.

So when you look at good in others, it is proof in fact how He gives and our cognitions of
good and how we should be, because that is right to live, and we should look up to Him. More
similar to Him we are, for that much we will be better.

550.] Speak in truth

Now He gives us something from his fullness, and later we will get all and we will see how
regressive we was, with truth we change the speaking.

You start to talk in Lord God because He assured you that you don’t control your tomorrow or
after, so when you say to people, if it is Lord God’s will, we will see tomorrow.
We got such expressions in past, but generations after shortened it only on God, when they
say goodbye, other would say and with your spirit, so those are not common words, those are
words which came out of truth, so by shortening truth you don’t preach about it and you don’t
speak in truth, and you make mistakes. Even though people in past spoke well and they
expressed themselves in truth, they thought wrong by believing in their own will.

That’s why he say do not take pledges, because you can’t make hair on head black or white.
People should live through truths.

Lord God needs to give truth to man, in order that man could speak the truth, so Lord God
fixes our expressions, and you speak only when you should speak, when to remain quiet and
when to speak.

So in every our situation in life there is right decision, but it depends on Him how much right
decisions He intended to do through man.

551.] Glory

Lord God doesn’t want from us words I praise you Lord God, He thinks that we should praise
Him for what He is, our Creator and one who manage us, we need to agree with His views,
strictness or goodness. We don’t need to glorify Him through words, and we should minimize
His role, by speaking that people have their own will.

It is written in the Bible that He wants that we bow to Him in spirit and truth. Truth is truth,
and spirit is how you experience faith, how it comes out of that spirit, and it is called spirit of

Man loses self-confidence and thoughts about confidence how much Lord God gives to him,
and He can give how much He wants, so we live with not knowing of tomorrow, we live in
hope for goodness of Lord God and with cognition that He sometimes gives good and evil.
People should pray that He saves them from evil.

552.] Hell

When man is in evil, he often enjoys and it’s good until it stops, so when enjoying stops and
he gets to problem, then he is sick.

So on account of those thought I don’t know are we all got amount of evil, which our
accounts are equal in basic combination by what is judged in our favor and against. So it all
depends when this evil will stop, if it was decided to start, it will be decided to stop.

You punish children when they are not good in school, because in those way evil stops when
you found out for it, that’s how Lord God frees them. Many children do the same, now they
are good, and again they are bad, because that is their measure.

553.] Dexterity

Considering that man is firstly in good spirit, and that is from Lord God, even though people
are retrogressive or they have various virtues by degrees of goodness or dexterity, because it
is part of our evolution and how we are distributed to different jobs which requires different
dexterity, so those who are not so good they have easier jobs where dexterity is not needed.
Generally speaking they are not withheld.

When man tortures, rapes, or abuses, when you look at him you can see in his eyes that he is
not normal, because that is reflection of spirit. So Satan who does it all, he is not actually like
that, and he doesn’t look like people, because he makes up sins. It is different when you make
sins and when you do sins.

Because people are obviously obsessed with something additional and they don’t represent
sacrifices. People don’t have power of spirit, so because we live in two forces of spirit, one is
good and other is evil, we all live by His mercy – decision, and will He let us to Satan to
torture and destroy us.

We can’t do anything, we depend on those two. It wouldn’t surprise me that all people end up
in Heaven, Hitler and Stalin, or religious people who killed Christians because they were also
left to Satan who turned their faith, instead of fighting with good against evil, they did it as
Moses or Muslims.

They had good intentions to prevent people from divination and various sins and generally
belief that their faith is real faith and that all others are wrong. Actually every religion thinks
for other religion like that.

Moses went that way by divining evil for evil, because he though because it seemed logical to
him and what could affect people. So they rip people’s hands for stealing and killed for
everything, they didn’t know what commandment do not kill means, and generally speaking
people were wild then and they didn’t know how much Lord God is civilized.

All of this that we have now and civilized laws and thoughts, that didn’t cross people’s mind
then. They lived in their limits from their known good and evil, and we live now in our limits
and we don’t know for better, only when we get more good, our limitations will expand.

554.] Our obedience

People just look obedient in their human measures, and it is in fact that when man gets normal
life and reacts good during the life and he doesn’t feel like he is obedient, it is normal to him
to do so. And when the same man becomes religious then he thinks that he does that because
of his obedience, and in fact Lord God is doing that through him.

It is about that you get only good, and when you become religious with that religion Lord God
improves you, so that is new good that you got.

It is about getting, and it all depends how much good and evil you will get. When you look at
yourself through human eyes and cognitions of evil, you look like you should look, because
that is how it needs to be.

When Lord God looks you through His eyes then He has additional view which can see how
it came.
Because He knows we can’t do better, when people judge us by His court by commandments,
they don’t see how it came, they see how it is. How it came is in fact what gives us mercy and
understanding of people, which they often don’t have because they can’t see inside, and they
have no love except for loved ones.

Like we have our loved ones, all people are His loved ones. We know that He is not only with
us, He is with bad ones and He looks at them with mercy as one soul which got evil instead of
good, because of that we should look at people as Him. It is unthinkable to us and crazy, but
when we get love for all living souls He softens you and He wants you to do good towards
them, mercy. But love isn’t all we need, we need strength too, so if you love someone, you
should say no sometimes, because it is for his good.

It would be good that we ease sometimes and sometimes we hold, that we always understand
and according to that understanding that everything comes out of us. In that way everything
should happen when it needs to happen, Lord God needs to coordinate it all.

In my family we had strict views on evil, do not smoke, do not go from house before you get
marry, do not sleep with opposite sex before marriage and all other. That’s how I experienced
my father, like those were rules of behavior, strictly forbidden, because he was very strict and
he consider himself strict and everyone who knows him say that he is strict.

People have strictness and they see themselves like that, so when I started to smoke, it was
logical to me that I will be in trouble if that’s found out, when my father found out I was 15,
he asked me which tobacco do I smoke and it was some cheap because I only started to learn
how to smoke, and he bought me cigarettes until I left house.

He always wanted to be in good relations with me, because we weren’t very close, so he
always gave me extra presents, and he told me that he forbids me to ask for cigarette from
others. He didn’t liked me to look poor so he bought me Marlboro in beginning.

When he found out that I go to clubs, he didn’t forbid me that, what was unusual too because
he was always against girls in club, because in that time only problematic girls went to club.

When my sister found boyfriend, he let her to go from house before marriage, what was also
strictly forbidden in my upbringing, so it’s about that you need to be strict all the time, even
though they married soon.

Someone who looks totally strict and everyone is feared in its presence and you need to watch
what you speak or how you behave, in moments when he had to be strict, Lord God didn’t
give him strict reaction.

So sometimes you are strict, and sometimes you aren’t. You think that you are strict and when
you are given all the time you look like that, and sometimes you think that you are strict and it
is not given to you. All good virtues are given, and in order to have it you need to get.
But because he was strict in my mind because Lord God showed him like that and he had plan
for me to save me from evil, my evil was lesser than others evil, so nobody is perfect, but just
for one reason, because it is determined now what will world get.

555.] Experience of cognition

As far as I can see it’s possible that people didn’t hear literally yet, so we need to conclude
based on cognition of Lord God about the question of hell.

556.] Wrong religion

First Jews thought that Lord God only loves them, and so the Sir Christ so he was learning
like that, that’s how opinion exist that only Christians are his Jews, so later will be proved that
all of us are same, and He doesn’t measure us according to our progressiveness in religion,
anyway He gives it by Himself.

Then that He loves only without less sin, and it’s not true, He loves us all. Because the one
who received everything is going daily well for him, and to those ones to whom He’s giving
evil, He’s feel regret based on the initial love. Sometimes I think that the evil sounds worse to
us then to Him, considering that He imagined it.

But it’s only related to the fullness of the experience of evil because every deed is as it is.
Lord God experiences it completely full and out of that fullness His opinion comes. He knows
everything what must be known in order to come to the right decision.

And people don’t own completely fullness and for that reason they only experience as it is,
and it’s very bad, because they still don’t know enough of fullness, although knowing isn’t
right word, the know because they heard it, but all that they heard didn’t make one whole, out
of it they couldn’t come to the same point of view how the Lord God is watching.

As far as I can see the life and our cognitions, if we would life as someone is shooting video
and measure words according to the normal religious standards, we all would be better.

It’s always good to speak the truth what you really think, if you are not doing so, you can say
different things on the same subject then everyone will know that you are lying and people
notice it. So people who are lying became discovered.

But in order to be easier to everyone, we don’t need to be tired what we will think, because
we all think what He wants us to think.

As it’s written in the Bible, to whom is exile, in exile will go, to whom is to be killed by the
sword, it will be killed; in that point.

So actually everything is happening according to His plan that we get to know when it’s
happened. For example I’m planning to move, and I’m thinking Croatia, Chicago, Texas or
somewhere else in California.
It would be logical to me to go where I am, and actually He’s planning where I will go and
will I stay here where I am. And not to speak about those things that only He knows, and that
I think the Sir Christ is coming, it wouldn’t be strange if my next destination is actually a

And as far as I can see if He leaves me, He would probably do that so I can speak to people
how is in heaven because the hear many things that I hear now. People will listen in heaven
because rare are those who hear and speak now.

As far as I see what I will do in heaven if it’s more necessary to stand here. Although the
people are blind and deaf for now, later when their eyes and ears are open and the would think
as I’m thinking now, until they would read my books they will be able after reading it to come
to knowledge that were given to me during the long time.

No matter that nobody has eyes and ears for now, and I’m aware of it, it’s not important
because it’s my only cognition is to transfer what I’ve heard and it’s up to the Lord God how
will He manage it.

I would be as Jonah if He wanted me to be like that. I wrote it only because He decided for
me to write it.

It would probably be convenient to Him that sometimes I decide on one opinion, for example
about the hell, I don’t want to make mistake or speak wrong to the people and guide them to
the wrong conclusion, so I’m speaking them different logics based on the words. I wouldn’t
be surprised personally if the people will not go to hell, and I wouldn’t be surprised for Satan
as well.

Speaking about different logics what is hell, it’s all it’s written and what people believe into,
than I based on that explain different versions that would be my personal conclusion out of it.

It’s really interesting how the whole world hates Satan and I don’t hate him at all, all the evil
that comes through him, I don’t count as his, but all of my perceptions of evil in my life are
related to Lord God, same as goods.

As far as I can see He’s my creator, I’m His duty and responsibility, I’m living in His will in
fullness, all my addressing are related to Him because He’s responsible for my life and about
Satan, I’m wishing all the best to him and it suits me more to bless him than to curse him.

What would I have that one living soul is suffering, spirit that was first angel and all the best,
that was given to the evil, to be example to all of us and sacrifice given to evil so all the
creations whether it’s angels or people would be built in that fullness that He imagined that
we need to have in order to have full cognition in understanding of our existence forged as the
gold in fire of evil; it burned us and it burned the fire as well, in order to people realize
spiritual feeling when you are in evil because in heaven and in healthy spirit and body that we
will living, we couldn’t know that sense of the spirit of those moments, although to order the
truth and our existence we shouldn’t have evil, we could know it because it’s intelligence of a
small child.
Because people can’t speak about evil today and those who experiencing it can’t transfer their
part to another person, to understand in same way. Only roughly.

We can measure our good in two way, one is from outside and the other is inside, inside of us.

557.] Illusion

I think it’s here about final test for everyone who knows Lord God better. If He is perfect, and
everything imperfect is our illusion. Because it’s about him who loves us all, and knows us
completely, because He created us, and why would creator of the bowl try to deform the bowl.
Isn’t he made it?

We are all living in eternity, and everything that is now will be distant past. He created evil,
and by giving us evil that is called personal will, although we would be smart persons and
think that something can be done in a different way, because even when He is creating, He’s
thinking about different versions, but He chose one for the personal reasons because we are
His idea.

Everyone can see that our will can be different, from good to bad. for we are all made to
continue our life in eternity in good will, so the evil is given to us, and same as it’s given it
will go away.

558.]Good or evil

It sounds unusual that Lord God would create in His existence to see with His eyes eternal
evil. To create a living soul, that perfect, real with emotions, to give her life and torture it

As far as I can see maybe all of us will continue. Because our final goal is in heaven and
everything we are heading for, we are just babies that are not born yet.

559.] Immature behavior

And Satan and angels are grown up wise, who settle down on a childhood in the measure of
the spiritual maturity and health of the spirit. That’s how He can start from the beginning and
from the end, back and front, how ever He wants.

All of us are in abnormal state of the spirit, from what we live so when we receive good that
will stand with the strength of almighty spirit, we will be released from the evil with good
because good will rule trough us and evil will disappear. Expelling the evil.

Even Sir Christ by himself showed us what Lord God is doing daily. I know, whether
according to myself, whether according to my family and friends who are changed for better.

In that way Satan knew He’s ruling with him, and people know it and don’t know it. They
think the both are happening because that’s the only way they can explain existence of the
Evil will be gone one day, and all the living creatures, no matter when it will happened they
can’t judge in their own mind the other souls, because they are thinking the Lord God is
regarding so, because He’s considering everything. We know that He knows we don’t
managing ourselves, it’s important to admit it freely and to dispose the responsibility for sins.

Because we know that Satan is father and creator of lies, and we know about all pagan
religions and rituals from the beginning of the world, He give delusion to people intentionally,
by saying and by giving them wrong religion where they believe the Lord God is controlling
them. Two different points of view that are opposite, everyone is defending both, instead of
accepting one.

560.] Everything is determined

So He takes the strain off and He is resting us. To consider yourself how the power of the
spirit is going inside us, and no matter what we are thinking, that always will be how it’s
judged to be. To consider the evil and to want to be better. Because we are doing, as well as
Satan what is determined to be, and we think what is determined to think. And from that, no
matter what we are thinking in addition and we think that we are doing because we are
thinking, actually we are doing because it’s determined to do.

561.] Jumping over the barriers of evil and leaving the good.

By watching myself and strict education and points of views on evil, with the time I jumped
all that one barrier after another, and then I stopped and took a look back and when He
stopped me, He show me what’s He deciding.

My good thoughts weren’t important at all, because everything comes out of the spirit, so the
good points of views are belong to the good points of views and evil I’ve done wasn’t
according to my points of views. But it’s good to have good points of views, because if you
don’t have them you have less good, and this how you are loosing with the time, like the time
is longer.

We are living from what comes out of us, and not from everything that is inside us. When the
people would look on themselves from outside they wouldn’t seems so logical, because they
are having the good logic and bad logic. We can see it in addictions or the other well known
obsessions, because who would, if has logic, all the time break the habit and start all over it by
knowing it’s destroys him.

When we are in that and we take a look at ourselves from outside, we see that we don’t
control ourselves, it posses our mind and we are in the spirit of the addiction. It depends were
we are, and so it is to us.

If you take any man and obsess him with it, he would be an addict. Someone think – it came
to me and I tried but I was smart and stopped on time, not like the other ones, I’m stronger.
They don’t understand at all that actually Lord God held them, and everything they were
thinking it wasn’t up to their positive thoughts because everyone regards drugs the same, and
those ones who are left to fall will fall.

All of us are having some basic well known consideration and some with that receive not to
do according to those opinions, but to have cognition about themselves and to see they are the
ones who are given to the evil, the villains in this world. And what can you when you see
yourself in that way, but to say, yes, that’s me.

In heaven people will live according to the periods of times, divided so everyone could be
around their acquaintances. And of course to meet the others.

As well as your grand father lived in his time and had their own acquaintances, the same goes
for us and every generation. I imagine it one day when we all went to heaven, the whole
mankind be together, the first, second. Because we all lived in the same town, our town will
be bigger and in every part of the town will live mostly the population from the same
generation. And if someone wants to come there to live, he can do it.

That’s how everyone would have old acquaintances and the new ones.

562.] growing up, becoming mature, growing old

People usually watch growing older or growing up according to the physical appearance. And
actually man needs to grow up and with the time to develop him in the spirit. When you are a
child you think as a child etc.

People sometimes grow up with their body, because we are actually the spirits and spirit
doesn’t grow old, but to grow old with the spirit, you need in every part of the life receive
new spiritual points of vies on life and stand in there.

When you are 40 years old there is no logic to fall in live with someone who is 18. Because
young people understand the world differently. So you receive the love that is a spirit and then
the love disrupts your spiritual progress that you’ve made when you are older.

As far as I can see there is a forbidden fruit.

It’s more logical as the many people look and consider young people, they think – they are
young and they shouldn’t be in our choice of love. Loves like that doesn’t make any sense
because they will not succeed. People usually don’t have anything in common, because we
usually have it with our generations. So if you take a look mostly it happens like that. Of
course there are also exceptions.

Mans are usually older than a women because it’s told for the women they become mature
earlier than their male peers. So they peers are not very interested to them.

It’s not necessary that everything is doomed, but to me seems that we shouldn’t go back and
to descend to the level of young generations but our points of views should go forward. For
males it’s not unusual to be older than the females, but for females only in smaller age
differences seems so.

Females have possibility to stay pregnant in short period of life, and males can make children
almost double that period. In a way we see children as children, we need to see and we
usually see young people. There are extreme cases that end up well. But there are many of
those who get disappointed and suffer. Then it comes the feeling that you’ve became a little
bit silly.

But there are also cases where the people are happier like that than if they are with some of
their peers. Sometimes you will meet young man who is more serious than your peers,
because after all we are spirits and body is what is getting old. According to that we can
understand love between generations.

As far as I can see our economical situation that seems to be helpless, and what solution might
be? Some prophets say – you need to return to village and cultivate the land and live like
people used to live. I think they actually saw us in towns and according to their opinion it
wasn’t right, because they got used to cultivate the country and work hard so we seems so
weak to them.

When in Ex Yugoslavia were build factories, everyone had the job and apartments and it
wasn’t odd they were going to the towns to live there, because who would like to live in
insecurity, because it’s hard job and you live difficult.

It’s not that we need to go back on village now, but our factories need to be improved with
technology. There is great unemployment, and many people are starving so it might be better
for someone on the village.

It would be best that every country opens new progressive factories in their country and not
import the products from other countries and everyone takes care for itself. To make and sell
own products.

So where more people there are are more factories and everything is going forward.

It would be the best that country take over and take care about people by opening factories
and invest in that. So if there is profit, let it be in state safe so they can take care about our
different interests.

563.] The country doesn’t take care well about people

Now statesmen don’t think at all as they should, they are here to take care for people. They
think democracy, privatization, and they should think – religious democracy and to be social
country because Lord God is socialist. It’s Christianity to take care for social matters.

Maybe we should keep the old that was good and what wasn’t we should change it. The
private entrepreneurs are taking care for their private interests, that are why we need country
in power to take care for their own state interests that are related to all of us.
Although there are so many goods that country is doing, and that good is part of the progress,
mercy, understanding for those ones in need, that the God gave them in that way. Because all
of us are people, not good enough, those who are in power and those who are not, everyone
lack of better, and that’s why situation is as it is.

Prophecy from the revelation doesn’t speak about punishment but about adding of the evil
that is also punishment in the way of education. The educational lessons.

Sometimes I think maybe Lord God left us to the evil and announce over the prophets what
evil will happened, then the prophets said that in a way as it’s punishment and not as they saw
it or heard it.

There are no way that I believe that Sir Jesus or saints when come to heaven that will enjoy
and speak –let them suffer, they were bad.

They will not regard like that people who live on the planet Earth in the other countries, how
could think so people who came to the heaven full of mercy, kindness and understanding?

I think that prophets always say in their own personal way as they see, and when you read
what is personally their, you can’t notice because it sounds always like it’s from the Lord

But according to the truth you can see what doesn’t have logic. To people is added good when
is time of good, and when is the time of evil, then evil. As a man you start doing, same as I,
firstly evil like a child, with the time you are doing it even more and more until it comes to
some culmination and you are receiving the good all that time. It’s the same for individuals
and individual countries and whole world.

564.] Disorder and weakness

It’s also interesting what is happening trough the people when something bad is happened to
them, they see it in one way and when people regard it, it sounds different to them, more

I’ve noticed that it happens now that people sometimes start to measure themselves by how
they seem to other people, according to some human observations and complaining. Then it’s
even worse to them than while they had their own personal observation and feelings.

In that way we are becoming weaker. And to be weaker is not good, because all of us should
become stronger and it would be our natural state. So all of these psychiatrists do sometimes
more evil to people than good. Although they are here to do good, they didn’t progress
enough in it, so they need to progress.

Let’s take for an example when something tragic happens to you, if you speak about it all the
time it’s only worse to you because when you say it you are going back to it. You should
jump with time and to be in new present time. Of course the great tragedy change everything
so it can’t be as it was before, but it becomes easier with time.
People are measuring others according to the words of the Lord God and actually they are
those measured and He’s the only one measuring.

565.] A bowl

Because they are in a bowl that is measured and the bowl is planet Earth, He’s looking in
bowl and bowl doesn’t look inside itself; same as we don’t notice that the earth is spinning
while we are walking and it’s seems flat to us.

In that way we can’t see what we are because we see only one perspective and He sees both,
so people are watching only one, because they believe in one, and He is evaluating –
measuring from both measures.

The other is our existence as the set of the spirits, and that set is what part of one soul is. So
while people do not look and judge in that way they can’t accomplish the real measure. And
that is understood, to understand it really. Until you are able to understand although are alone,
how could understand the others for we are all the same.

Children are not imprisoned with some adult’s point of views because they still didn’t hear
about them, so they don’t have fear. Negative cognitions about people around us according to
them you see the life pessimistic because you think that everyone is bad.

That’s how bad situations are happening sometimes only. Let’s say in my situation I have
schizophrenia disorder that is visible in the conversation between the thoughts and words.
Thoughts are asking the words, word asks thoughts and it happens all the time, but while I’m
talking to the other it’s hard to notice, although it happens even then.

That’s how I’m successful in my job, and I know Lord God healed me from madness and
gave me to participate in life and to work and have children and more peaceful life around
me, but also unease and trouble inside myself and to be disciple of the Lord God.

My life goes on, it didn’t stop. As far as I can see there are many people as I am, and other
people don’t even know it. So nobody judge me although is knows, but I’m accepted same as
I’m not that. As far as I can see when people meet someone as I am for the second time and
they learn about their disease, they could think- I knew one person that worked with me and it
was completely ok. And accept better that person and lessen their judgment.

With that illness I watch everything that comes through me, because before it was different
like you are living in the past, and now when you see it more in detail so actually Lord God
pay attention about the man to me, because people would also should considering the thoughts
as something you hear and considering there is Lord God and His angels, souls spirits and so
the Satan and also the Sir Jesus.

566.] The life cognition

In that cognition what you hear estimate what Lord God wants you to do it or how to think.
You reject something and something you accept. And that’s all how we should live in that
cognition and in spiritual understanding of it, because it’s only possible with spirit.
That’s how we are in Lord God who is Holly Spirit and He’s only like that doing through us,
as one Holly spirit. In that way He speaks through us, considering He’s Holly spirit the word
or deed are one as one spirit.

That’s how He doesn’t feel like the set of the spirits but as one, one person, but also His
different abilities are called spirits, to be almighty, future, past, the words.

That’s how He’s the one Holly spirit who has different possibilities that are part of His
existence and that’s Him. When He’s saying prophets through the people it’s the spirit of
prophecy, because the words comes out of us with the spirit, everything is a spirit, we are in

Maybe we should watch differently evil, like something how Lord God is building us and
showing the opposites to us and how we are existing with the spirit and to have good
cognitions and then no matter that evil happened, you watch yourself how is happening
through and what plan He has for that moment to be for you whether it’s good or evil.

When you are having good cognitions you know you couldn’t do it better, because you knew
it and it was up to Him will He do it so. We all know well enough, and when He does it as we
know it happens depending on decision and not on knowledge.

By watching myself when I’m doing something, I’m doing because I know and sometimes
although I know it I’m not doing like that. So we are all living in different examples, that are
mostly that every your thought or deed is in advanced thought-out because He’s creating you
and they what He decided for you to do, it happens.

Because this world is made from evil too that He created because everything comes out of
Him, and for everyone He thinks so. He imagined us all with the amount of evil and that evil
we are doing to ourselves and to the others. Because of that decision the world looks as it is.
But in the past it was more troubles and we started new evolution where we are receiving
great advance.

567.] Set up with His mind

When you look at the past of the mankind from when we are existing and how long we were
backward and how suddenly we made progress in short period of time it would bee also the
poof that we couldn’t be progressive before, because if we could we would be!

Many people think that we are smarter and actually we became progressive and if they
religious they would believe in Him who created Earth and set everything in heaven with His
mind, every man or the living soul to be exactly as it is, like when the poet starts to write the
story and then thinks about every character as it will be and what will do and speak, we are
the same.

568.] State of spirit, balanced with the body

Our state of spirit is changing, when we are sleeping we are in one reality and when we are
existing in the other and if we don’t go to sleep then our state of spirit is changed and you
start to hallucinate or to be in some sick physical condition because the body is made in
perfect balance with the spirit. But if you are not giving to the body what need, your spirit
changes as well. As the child comes to the world from male and female person, the body and
the spirit are one.

569.] Prophecy of future

When somebody is telling you the future, who is not educated about that spirit, Satan
interrupts him and man start to believe that he’s watching the cards or marks on the faces or
palm, and to see that.

And actually is about two things, one is spirit and the other is how you think you see. That’s
how it’s about that Lord God, when the see one person, He’s the one who’s telling them
because He knows and He’s probably doing it through the angel in charge for that. Because
it’s written – angels are made ghosts. That’s how what the man would hear anyway the Satan
is their with cards or palms, so man thinks that he see according to that. That’s why we are
having Christianity here so that could be gone, but people are so backward and it’s not
decided yet to progress according to what is cognition about Him.