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People usually believe that people got spirit when Sir Jesus went in Heaven, so
they do Lord God’s will, preach and they don’t think only about everyday
needs, how to feed themselves, or about something that people usually think.

They get additional thoughts; they start thinking as preachers, religious

teachers, someone who remind people on Lord God’s existence and all His
directions how He thinks that we should live.

They begin to look like religious man, who is thinking about Lord God and Sir
Jesus, and they are saying to him things that aren’t announced, in everyday
situations on which they relate.

You start to think about yourself, how bad you are, and how positive, and how
you should be.

You can’t to talk others about these topics, and you have special pleasure and
love for words that are announced from Lord God, through chosen people.

Such people don’t need someone else to remind them. They have Lord God and
Sir Jesus, who reminds them, and they are saying better things than to rest of
world, someone more, someone less, but they’re here.

It is also the religious spirit, so that people, regardless of their religion, be

religious. Spirit which is sent and received from Lord God, spirit of truth.

Those are ones who are chosen from religious and non-religious people, to be
called saints or sons that are baptized with Holy Spirit.

Even though we are all saint because we are in Holy Spirit – Lord God and
sons and daughters, whole mankind.

Commonly, naming saint is used for those who are chosen from the beginning
of the world to take part in first resurrection and come back.

Such expressions and names refer to those who are uniquely different from
others; they will be eternal priests or representatives of Lord God, like state
officials nowadays.
So it is about something special; for example, when Lord God told Moses, take
of your shoes this is holy ground you are standing on. Even though that
ground wasn’t different from other grounds, until it was declared as holy
ground, such example we can apply on people.

Such are people, we are all sacred because Lord God is sacred, and He is in us
and we are in Him, but simply He chooses some and declare them special –
saints. Like state officials, they are above others by position, but they are same
by values as humans.

Such spirit had Moses and all those who are known to us from the Bible. That
happened before Sir Jesus, and how I understand it, he is working now and his
responsibility and honor is to be in us, and we in him, and we are all together
in Lord God.

It all comes down to fact that Sir Jesus is in charge for those who are chosen
to tell them and build them in truth, which he heard from Lord God.

People hear everything, and he, while he is in heaven, hear what is completely
and right truth, and what Lord God thinks, and sees and knows what is in
humans, and that knowledge he passes to chosen ones, as Lord God decided
for every individual how much advanced he will be and what amount of truth
he will get.

No matter there was exemplary sons who died for truth even before, Sir Jesus
will be above all of them and us, our president, king, pope, however you want
to call him, until Lord God with his body, whatever it looks like, lives in sky
who knows where, how far away is He.

Paradise is not in a place inaccessible to us, it’s just far away, because
existence doesn’t have end, and we don’t have hovercraft to come there.

Even He says that His throne is in Heaven, and that the Earth is His footstool,
it’s not written anywhere that He created body for Himself.

We can understand that because we know that angels are working for him
and that body is not needed for Him to be heard. So if we look like that it
doesn’t matter did he create body for Himself to be in one place, because He is
all around us, and He speaks to those who need to hear Him.
Like the Earth is ground and all other planets, it all exists because it’s created
to exist, so it is in sky.

It’s created and it has ground, trees, unique Heaven animals, and then we are
inspired by such idea, created how we are, we have beginning and we don’t
have end, so we are born and we grow up. Evolution of one soul is happening.

Only if story about second death is true – which is called Hell, and then
someone will be blessed with it, they will not know what happened to them.
They will be gone. And I say blessed and not cursed because when you are
gone, there is no suffering or anything.

You can call existence a curse if you want, because every day you lay down
and get up and so time goes on.

You are happy in Heaven. It look vainly but those who will live will not think
like that., and we are nice hobby to Lord God, so He has something to do in His
eternity and dark, there where nothing is created, like thoughts when you
close your eyes.

Every individual advances different in same evolution of given time, because

everyone have different plan of existence. With body and Holy Spirit in Heaven
and with spirit here, in our body it achieves its fullness, musicians,
mathematicians, physicists, chemists, architects, religious, philosophers,
psychologists, that’s all how He evolves world, through people, with His spirit
and He makes us alive and how we are.

If we take a look at man in Stone Age, you wouldn’t mock him because of his
backwardness, superstition, sins, you would think that they are wild, that they
aren’t advanced yet. We live in that.

How can you be mad at someone who can’t do better? He knows that we can’t
do better if He doesn’t do it through us. But people don’t know that, because
people believe in themselves, that they have their own will and that gives
them all wrong answers.

He created our will, to be like we are, different from one to another, but our
will depends on His will, what He will do through us, to be our will, will for
doing good and evil.
Later, when we are all awakened, we’ll get truth and all like saints, but we
will not get positions which are determined for those who are chosen to be

As it is now, everyone live in their position, that’s how we’ll live in eternity,
everyone how it’s determined to them, now, different injustice and evil are
allowed, and later it will all be rightful, all roads which are wrong now will be

They will have their positions, as they have it now. It always has been like
that, and it will be like that. Everyone is what is he determined to be. We will
all live in satisfaction, and not in this we are in right now, because we will be
happy because it passed and it will not come again because it’s written in the

178.] MARK 1-8 I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the
Holy Spirit.

John said with water, because he only could do like that and had power to do.
And we get from Lord God Holy Spirit. Someone would say that it started to
happen after Sir Jesus death, after he went on Pentecost, which is feast that
we celebrate Whitsunday.

But if we look at the Bible, we see that disciples were chosen before his death
and they wanted to hear them and they loved words that came out of his
mouth, or generally they were accustomed to it before, through prophets
before Sir Jesus.

Lord God invents and Sir Jesus and angels execute commands.

They were baptized by Holy Spirit, because by the same spirit we get
worshiping. But by Christ after his death they got knowledge and
understanding and they advanced in their cognitions.

But when he died and resurrected he got bigger pleasure when he would talk
through them, because he was more available to many as spirit; they fall, they
go out and in, and to be stable.

So he got while he was on the Earth. Peter denied him three times, because he
went out and he got back in. Then he was stable and he died but he didn’t
deny him.
In order to be strong, Lord God needs to hold you. Because to whom He is
speaking that one understands, and how much He wants to say to you it’s to
Him to decide.

Many people, chosen to hear or not, don’t believe what they hear because they
don’t know that He is speaking that to them – faith is gift – and decision – and
part of building the person. So for every man is first decided how much will he
believe, and how much he will hear and not believe.

To all of us, previous religions is wall, something insurmountable, in which we

are raised or in which we got wrong beliefs.

Lord God can free us and take away such thoughts and views by force of His
almighty spirit.

All that what is wrong and right is in us in form of spirit, and spiritual idea is
ours idea.

By the force of spirit every word is coming out and it’s manifested through us.

179.] MARK 1-7 after me comes the one more powerful than I, the straps of
whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie.

He only needed them to believe and listen that Lord God announces to world
through him, how much he wants to announce. It’s not announced everything
by him, because the Bible says that we don’t know everything yet.

In past, people were very religious, so they upraised their religious leaders
and they agreed with everything they’re saying, and they looked at them with
awe, even if it didn’t have sense at all.

Spirit of exaltation or love often disrupts reasoning in people. Sir Jesus didn’t
preach exaltation of himself and it wasn’t by his will when people would exalt
him and he showed it to them by example of washing legs.

He knows how it started in him, that he was common man like everyone else
to whom Lord God decided to say something. He knew that it wasn’t because
of his worthiness, he was simply chosen from people, or let us say he was
created to be what he is – messenger from Lord God.
All glory he persistently gave to Lord God, because he knew that it’s the true,
and people now simply don’t look at that and they give glory to Sir Jesus and

They give glory to all except to one that they should – to Lord God.

I understand same as him, who gives us all this good and who planned this
all. Everyone have their share of glory, so Sir Jesus have and no one can take
from him what he means to all of us, and to all those before him and after him.

People now don’t praise that people for what they were in this world, but one
day Lord God will give them glory by putting them in positions near Sir Jesus
and all others will be on lower positions.

People just sing and preach about Sir Jesus, so if you listen to preaching and
songs you can barely hear that someone is mentioning Lord God.

It so disappointing, Sir Jesus always told that and he said that he is not
speaking from himself, he speaks what he heard. He announced and published
how Lord God thinks.

And what he heard, it’s not just that he thinks that way, that’s how Lord God
thinks. When you listen to preachers today, you would think that good which
is happening to us is coming from Sir Jesus, and not from Lord God, like he is
not now what he was before, someone who serves and executes orders what to
do and what not to do, and not his desires but desires from Lord God. He is
there to persuade and pray for us, and to do only when he persuade Him.

Something different and against will of Lord God he wouldn’t do, because his
name is Sir Jesus, not Satan. He asks for mercy and for good.

He knew, when Lord God speaks through you, then you think like that, and
that becomes your view on world or whatever He says.

John upraised Christ, so we upraise him too, and Christ upraised Lord God, so
we all need to do the same. He didn’t upraise himself, so we shouldn’t upraise
him more than he deserves. Because it’s not true, and everyone’s ears hurt
when someone describes you, and you know that’s not true.
If it’s not enough glory to be first of all mankind, I don’t know is there any
man who is worthier than him. He is unique, like we are all unique, every on
its own way, and he is our representative before Lord God.

His glory is huge, he is more known than any other man and higher by
position than any other man, he is unique and we should look at him like that,
by what he was, and by what he is, and by what is going to be in eternity in

He is chosen from people, to be what he is. We are all chosen or determined to

be what we are. One is enough, who will give orders, which he gets from Lord
God, to those who are below him. Above all of us is Lord God and He is the one
who give us all of this.

Admiration, which you have for Sir Jesus, you should have for Lord God.
Admire to Christ in different way; he is praised to be chosen from Lord God to
think like Him.

How He made him interesting and clever person, in that way you can admire
him, blessed is the man who got, and to Lord God how He sees good or how He
is smart and wise.

Even Sir Jesus asks and gets for us, so that would be extra step in our life, and
it’s better to have that extra than if you don’t have it.

Lord God makes people wise, and evil which He gives to us you don’t need to
admire, because there is nothing admirable in evil, only in good.

All this evil is here for a reason, it’s hard for us because it should be like that,
and what can we say except it will pass. Between good and evil is lesson.
Lesson that we don’t make ourselves good or evil, that He can manage with us
how He wants, make us good or make us evil.

All of this is happening will be a proof for us. Now people experience good and
evil on themselves, but still don’t believe and don’t understand meaning of the
word – Creator. Same man will say I believe that but with his lifestyle he
denies it.

180.] MARK 1-12 immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go out into the
wilderness. And He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by Satan;
and He was with the wild beasts, and the angels were ministering to Him.
Lord God has custom to separate man from rest of the world and then to
speak to that man without interruption by environment. People are often
struck by some evil, when they say that they are alone and that they don’t
have will for anything, and then Lord God starts to speak.

Even though it’s not necessary, Lord God makes place with His presence, so He
is in you with His presence, and there is no place for others – because He is

No matter if you are alone or with people, if Lord God speaks to you, you will
hear. We don’t need to set forty days to us, and to fast thinking that is the
temptation from Satan, and that we are resisting him by our strength and

It looks so lame like we are playing a game of fasting, or we are doing it just
like that. If you see what is wrong with you, then you need to get rid of it every
day as you are fasting.

Starving will get you no good, not for you nor for anybody else, and from
different penances. We live in temptation every day, and it’s all written from
what we need to stay away.

It is blasphemy; it’s written that we don’t need to oath, because fast is our
oath. It’s forbidden for people to swear that they will do something because
they have no control over their doing, and it is fallacy.

They think, I am strong person and I’ll keep my word, and Lord God sees me
like that, and Lord God thinks that they are in delusion, he reads and he don’t
understands, and he don’t understands why he don’t understand.

We look silly to Him, but I said silly because He loves us and He understands
us, because He knows that He is the one who controls us, and people think that
they are managing themselves.

I don’t say that He literally thinks silly, but somehow like that. Some people
fall in penance, some don’t.

By human understanding and how people see those who don’t fall are strong
and exemplary in Lord God’s eyes and those who fall people think that they
are weak, tepid and without personality.
Lord God doesn’t look like that, people look like that. He looks at it like, I gave
to this one, and I didn’t give to other one.

One upraises himself from ignorance, and second one feels terrible because of

And if both of them read and believe in what is written, those who did will
think, it wouldn’t be if Lord God didn’t do it through me, and if He wasn’t
holding me to be done, and second one would think Lord God didn’t decide to
hold onto me, and now I see who is giving me because I simply can’t do
nothing without Him doing through me. Why would you swear to someone?

181.] MARK 1-15 the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand;
repent and believe in the gospel.

People don’t understand that this is applied to us too, on us now and on those
who are coming after us. Believe in what’s written, and not to what are you
learned and what isn’t written.

People simply listen to other’s interpretation and they believe that those
interpretations are right, and if would they read they would see that some
religious views aren’t part of the Bible, and that what is preached is not
preached in the Bible.

Every religion has its own interpretation, and more people believe to religion
than to Lord God, or to their thinking. Problem is that they don’t read and
they don’t think they don’t have their opinion or their faith; they have
someone other’s opinion and faith.

Because that’s the spirit which upraises Sir Jesus with words, and they are not
worthy to read what he died for, he died for words he said, he was humiliated
and mocked.

We are not better than those who did that, we only believe, and that what we
believe we easily got. These are a true word, that’s how I would say, I don’t
judge you, and your acts judge you.

I have a lot of acts which judge me, but with this what I am speaking to you, I
am speaking for just one reason, to not be judged for silence, constant falling
and different evils which are intertwined in my life. I can’t wait for time when
all of this will be behind us and when Lord God advances in my repair.
Read and believe. Read a little and think about what you red. When you read,
then stop and listen what you will hear. Pray and wish for understanding.

Those are all cognitions as everything else what is written. Lord God builds
individuals and world on those cognitions. Individuals corrupt and repair
through close ones and circles in which they are, to themselves.

World is harming us all, because we live in bad world in which we took part,
some more or less, and those who participated less they have children who are
going to live in this worlds and corrupt with world every in certain

There were always normal and those less normal people. Those who live in
bad world and they are normal, they become worse than they would be if they
lived in better world. Those who were bad, in bad world become even worse.

From this world you can only be separated through application of religion in
every day. You need to be like horse when they put him things on eyes in order
it can’t see sides. It is impossible for people and everything is possible for Lord

182.] MARK 1-17 Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.

There is fishing nowadays too, but people aren’t aware of their existence. They
think that only disciples fished. It is questionable who is fisherman and whom
to believe.

You should always question fishermen; by what is written in the Bible, and are
they from same species of fishermen who were those known to us from the
Bible. Fishing people can be boring as fishing on sea. It’s not interesting to fish
if you can’t catch anything, and when fish doesn’t pull.

Pulling wakes you up and gives you hope, but when you go fishing on sea or
on land, what can you do except praying. When I go fishing, I go like my father
told me; Go and fish, even though I now that in that place you can’t catch
many fishes.

So, regardless of caught fishes, you should only think on throwing bait,
because there is enough of it, and number of caught is determined by Lord
Because fishermen don’t catch fishes, fishes are already chosen, it only
depends will Lord God pull them on sight. Sometimes we only feed them with
those baits, we can’t see them eating because it is impossible to see below sea
level in depth, but bite they or not it’s most important that you feed them with
words from Lord God.

Some fishes will throw up what they eat, some will just pull and make us
happy, and some will feed themselves from us or from other fishermen, and
that fisherman who we don’t know catches them, and he actually didn’t catch
them, Lord God caught them.

People think that words which are feeding them, that they are crucial, and
that it is because of reasonable explanation or reasonable individual, and they
don’t understand that is not that, it is up to choosing, and those who are
chosen eat and it stays in them, and those who are not chosen, they eat and it
just goes through them.

They get good, but with time, because their taste is corrupted, they don’t
recognize what is good taste, interpret it with bad taste and they throw up.

When Sir Jesus called them to follow him, they would leave everything and
they followed him. If you look at it, you can see that people don’t have custom
of leaving everything and following somebody. Lord God did that through

From human point of view you can look a little bit crazy if you leave
everything and follow someone. It look crazy to people and those who follow
see that as exemplary behavior, if they follow. Even though they don’t do that
because of their eminence, they do it because simply they want to do it and
they don’t want to do something else.

They act and do how it’s determined for them to do. It’s usually better to not
get married, because then you have two obligations, and both of them are
tempting to you. Lord God – woman and children, parents. You got torn
between those two, and probably you do less. Even though it doesn’t need to
be in that way, but people get married, because they marry, others don’t get
married because they don’t.

You don’t need to bother, everything goes by plan. He is good and perfect
contractor. He does all how He imagined and planned, even though people
don’t understand. There are explanations, but they don’t hear them. So who
wants to get married, he gets married. Sometimes He can do more with those
who are married than those who are not.

So it is and that’s your life, and in such life you live in every day with all those
announced. So you don’t need to think “if I didn’t get marry, I would go to
Africa” or “I would preach gospel throughout the world”. That wasn’t planned
for you.

In your life you need to do the best what you can, and that’s given to you and
determined to be your life. Commands for every life, because He knew that
we’ll live different life, He gave us basic instructions which are wise to use in
every day, because His solutions in certain situations are always the best and

We need to question our life and every day what we do or what we speak,
what is right and what is wrong. Because that’s how people should live by
cognitions, but people haven’t got and they didn’t come to that part in
evolution yet.

Because that’s written, and people don’t do it or they don’t believe it, until
Lord God doesn’t decide to separate that from whole. Then when He does, to
everyone without faith it would be normal because it’s written.

Those who have faith, they know who speaks, separates and who gives to be.

Basic truth about Him who is, who created us and made us alive and believing
in His existence and that we all would be faced with those what we believe
and that it will be proved what is truth, and what is lie, truth about yourself
and about that what lives and makes us alive, through us; One idea, one
person, one soul.

Everything that moves under soil and sea, on surface and in air, what we see
under microscope, which move and live, invisible to naked eye.

Cloning is explained in that way, if people believe that Lord God gave spirit of
life to human, and if that spirit makes him alive, how then people clone. That’s
because those things under microscope are alive, life is in them, and from that
live part they make the same.
For example, if we imagine cloning as number seven, and then when we came
to that number 1+2+1+3=7. 1,2,1,3 we put under microscope and we see that
it’s alive, and that what is live, it’s live like we are. From spirit of life which is
in us and us in it, all lives, until it dies, and be created again in body.

From living matter, life, life from living matter.

People advanced in medicine and science from making mistakes, first they
stole from graves hungry for knowledge, and if they were patient they would
get knowledge in their time in legal way, by donating bodies for science. They
should obey the written and unwritten laws.

183.] MARK 1-22 for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not
as the scribes

Difference between scribes and Him is; scribes understand as people

understand and how it’s said, letter kills and spirit revives.

Sir Jesus had Holy Spirit, which revives letter in a way that you understand
what you are speaking, and not to say what is written, sometimes it goes from
one to other, who have ear to hear.

Some words and points in the Bible are opposed one to other if you speak
them, and if you have Holy Spirit then you understand both, and you know
how to explain to people that it is not contrary, but two different views, and
you come to conclusion if you listen to someone who understands.

He who understands can answer your question from understanding, and one
who doesn’t understand answers you what is written and he don’t understand.

Who understands, that one knows answers.

He can say to you negative view and he can say positive view. For example you
sin and your preacher tells you that you are done and that you will go to hell
and stuff like that.
And one who understands will say to you that you are guilty, but that
forgiveness exists and you need to sin no more. And that is cognition, said like
cognition, not something you can do. It is said to you that you know what you
need to do if you want better.

Even if it’s not mistake, it’s a letter which kills, because we know that it’s
written that we are going to sin. So we need to know the word, and we need to
get intellect from Lord God, to understand meaning, and not just one
interpretation or answer, which kills, something what is not needed to be

If you gather all cognitions, those are new cognitions to us and just fragments,
and He doesn’t speak by cognitions, cognitions are coming out of Him, because
He speaks what He thinks and He does what He thinks. People just don’t know
what He thinks yet. Lord God comprehended Himself and then He announced
to us.

184.] MARK 1-23 Just then a man in their synagogue who was possessed by an
impure spirit cried out, “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have
you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!” “Be
quiet!” said Jesus sternly. “Come out of him!” The impure spirit shook the man
violently and came out of him with a shriek.

So >Be quiet and come out of him< is command. It’s going to be as He says. So
is Satan, but Satan is not almighty, he is just mighty.

We live in what is created, through spirit in us, because soul is assembled from

We live in what is created and we don’t notice that we are spirits, but if you
get evil, and it goes through strength of spirit, and then you see through
angels and spirits, and you see it through faith, in yourself and around you,
and how all exists which exists and what is true, there we are going.

If you don’t believe, you see the same, but you don’t see who is giving to you.
Because you don’t believe, you think that you are like Lord God, one person
from whom it goes out, and not a soul which is created to be like that.
When exorcism is done then Satan shouts through man, that’s the spirit,
which comes from Satan. That’s one additional spirit which goes through
human. So if someone is releasing you from Satan then you need to fight urge
of cursing or throwing on the floor, don’t let yourself to every spirit.

When Lord God healed me from insanity, I didn’t feel nothing, when it came or
when it gone. We all live in Satan’s presence, and we see it on acts of torturing
and corrupting which are carried through ideas, so it be as it is, because that’s
planned for us, to feel, do or say that way.

185.] MARK 2-27 The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the
Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.

Everyone thinks it’s Sunday, and it’s written in the Bible that it’s Saturday.
Lord God has its days when He is working, and He has day for His hobbies,
when He doesn’t like to be disturbed.

So we have Saturday, because Lord God created us from His inspiration, by

Himself. Even though we are not completely like Him, so I said by His

So we have Saturday, because even Lord God has a day for rest. That would go
in amazing ideas about existence, if there is not that amazing idea we would
work every day and it would be normal to us. I would be hard, and we would
be in it, like we are now in this lifestyle and we have two days for rest.

They know for sure; Our Daily Bread. If you don’t pay attention on
interpretations about hell, reading the Bible you come up on three different
stories about hell, which are opposite, so some of those stories aren’t true. But
people don’t know yet. Torturing in fire, they would be thrown in lake of fire
and second death.

Torturing in fire people see as literally torturing their body in fire. As I see it
fire represents spiritual troubles. They were thrown in lake of fire because it’s
the same as spiritual torturing and they are given to evil.

Second death is death of spirit, you don’t exist and now they’re sleeping, and
when they die it will be nothing, because first one is physical.

So in one story they torture you, in second you disappear, and this one where
they are thrown in lake of fire can be true too, because it says how those
people were thrown, key word thrown, so it’s past, and you can look at it as
spiritual suffering in life.

In it we can see that Lord God won’t punish them at all, because people
understood their punishment. If they take a look how evil is created and from
what reason, they wouldn’t think that anyone will be punished. Same way you
can look if you suffer.

Lord God created evil, not to punish us, but to show us that He is our creator
and that He can make us however He wants, and that we are all different
because He has many different ideas, and you can be insane in evil if He wants,
so when you are normal you shouldn’t think that you live like that because of
your good reason, it’s decided for you to live that way.

One man can be reasonable and unreasonable, and he couldn’t see

unreasonable side. If you are both, why don’t you speak everything about
yourself, and not just good parts? But that’s ostensibly thinking, when they get
real mind later, they will see better how they were today, they will see that
they can be all kinds. Punishment will be, as it’s said in the Bible, judged by

So it will be everything forgiven to us, because those who can’t do better don’t
have control over themselves, they live in idea and will of Lord God, and they
don’t get punishment, because they couldn’t do better. Evil is created to
educate us, not to punish us.

Why would He create souls in order to punish them? Evil is here because it
helps us to understand ourselves and how Lord God manages with us.

Angels knew this, but He wanted to show them evil on examples of contrasts.
Just because of that. They all lived in kingdom of Heaven in abundance of
good, eternal body, without disease and without evil. They could continue to
live that way, if it wasn’t decided to stop that idea, making a way for Satan
and angels to get negative views and declare that they don’t want Lord God as
superior commander, that was start of their sinful thoughts which grew
through time and spread on those who were selected to think that way, from
highest to lowest angel.

We are all same to Him; He doesn’t look at position of soul. That is main point
to all of us and them, who controls them; He wanted to show them that.
Satan couldn’t imagine what he can do until he became what is he now, it
would sound crazy to him. In that way it’s proved to him that he is wrong.
Lord God knew what angels thought, because He created them and He knew
that even though they know who created them, they don’t understand,
because He didn’t give to them to understand. And if they understood, then He
made them unreasonable.

In that way they got seed of evil, which gave yield in humanity and it grew
with time. It wasn’t surprise to Lord God, He created seed and He gave it to

He knew that He will create people. Everything that is created has a reason
why it’s created. He made a way and they didn’t know what will happen to
them, someone who was good, He gave to evil. Without reason! He gave them
evil to show them, for their improvement as one living soul which truly
understands. All wisdoms are based on knowing yourself and how you react.
People are atheistic, so they don’t take a look on cognition through faith –
Lord God. Every man has time in life when he thinks about himself and his
reactions, people love cognitions about themselves.

People can justify themselves because Satan did that through them, they
don’t have power of spirit like Sir Jesus. What would Satan say? He doesn’t
have some other being which makes him evil; He would pass that to Lord God.

So it came from Him to all of us in that way. We are all guilty in same way, for
what we have done. Things that are good, it’s written in the Bible to praise
Lord God because He does that. If good is not our accomplishment then evil
isn’t our accomplishment too.

So, point is, if you gone to sleep at 10, you did it. So it’s all, point is that we did
something, and how we did it, we are like that. And how we are is equal to our
position in Heaven, which job we will have.

So firstly position was created, and then Lord God created same position
through different people in different ways. Those who got evil are in fact
sacrificed to evil, because nobody wants to be evil or illogical.

Some are so obsessed with evil that they say they don’t care, I will be evil. They
are taken with additional mercy, because they got additional evil, from those
who do evil, and they are sick of it, and they can’t do better.
Those who are normal look at those others who didn’t get good, and they are
happy that they weren’t in their position. In heaven we all will have big houses
and all things that others have, just jobs will be separated by importance like

We need someone to commands, and someone to obey. Like bees, queen and
bumblebees, ants etc. everything is organized and simple, and that’s how it
needs to be. If we all are in position to command, who would obey? I suppose
that we all would work alone.

People need to function like whole, because they have different talents. So if
you ask why I’m not in position, why I am lower, then Lord God would say if I
put you in higher position other would want it too, someone needs to be lower.

People will understand that it’s logical to be, and everyone will do their jobs
and go to store and they will not have financial difficulties, because in Heaven
everyone work and nobody is getting paycheck, they go to store and they take
what they need.

Everyone will have everything. As I see, males will have physical jobs which
are going to be easier because of technology, and females will do office and
precision work. It will be mixed. If you take a look how males treated females,
below themselves as they are privileged class and they have females to serve

All that is from misunderstanding, males never were higher, we all were the
same. They were physical more competent to do such jobs, and females were
there for detailed work and for those what males didn’t get. There are far
more skilled females than males.

As I see it, we are mixed, and it’s logical that people believe that every member
of family need to do what suits him. Give respect to which he belongs, friends,
parents, grandmothers and grandfathers.

Don’t argue with them, when you see that you can’t change their opinion, it’s
best to be silent and have opinion for yourself, and if it’s about children,
parents need to do what is their duty to do, give children the Bible to read and
continue with positive talk.
When you see how old humanity is, it seems that is very old. But if you look
closely, you will see that everyone live certain amount of years; and people in
past lived shorter than us. It all goes by very fast, you die-fall asleep and you
wake up in same time. Some get body in first resurrection and all others in
second. You don’t have feeling for time because you are sleeping.

186.] MARK 3-33 ……."Behold, Your mother and Your brothers are outside
looking for You."Answering them, He said, "Who are My mother and My
brothers?" Looking about at those who were sitting around Him, He said,
"Behold My mother and My brothers!" "For whoever does the will of God, he is
My brother and sister and mother."

This is proof in which he didn’t raise his mother, but equalized her. In the
Bible it’s written that Satan will be presented as angel of light. All, all people
sleep from the beginning of the world, and his name is the only-begotten,
because he is begotten from dead. Satan who presents himself to people in
shape of woman and speaks well known messages with whom he loses
nothing and something that people know already.

Even people in past believed in Joseph’s apparition, but it seems that it’s not
popular anymore, because people don’t know about that. And when Satan
appears, Maria always looks differently. To Spanish she is Spanish, to others
she is white. Satan is showing himself to people, some people see ghosts, and
all of that he does in order to get people in delusion with new faith which is
actually delusion and plan to trick people.

Satan knows how Lord God dislikes worshiping and praying to something that
doesn’t exist. People who see ghosts and communicate with dead, it’s
forbidden, because Lord God knows that is Satan’s trap and delusion.

Satan knows, like Lord God, what have you thought and did; he knows
important events in your life. So when people communicate with dead, they
don’t speak to their loved ones, they speak to Satan, and when he says
something which is true they get fooled because they think that they are
talking to their dead.

Everybody is sleeping. Is that enough to know that you can resist Satan
through faith? Everyone is fine and happy in their happy world.
Satan knows what are you going to ask him, before you ask. He is wise and
powerful, and people are naïve and easy to trick. They couldn’t be tricked if
they read that Sir Jesus is the only-begotten from dead, and all others are
sleeping, and if they are sleeping and they don’t have bodies to whom would
you talk? Satan knows what they were thinking and where they were and how
they lived.

In that way he fools people, makes them believe that they are alive somewhere
else, that they are not sleeping as it is written. That’s how Christians believe,
even though it’s written that they are sleeping.

Some even don’t know about sleeping, because they didn’t read the Bible, and
those who read repeat what they are told from their ignorance, not looking on
words from Lord God, they listen to the words from their parents and their

They believe to others, and they don’t believe to themselves or Lord God. Lord
God allowed existence of several religions, first is to believe in Him, and all
others are wrong combinations on basis of some truth or they are simply
made up.

No one can believe different from what they believe, you get faith, wrong or
good. There is no right faith yet. Real faith starts in Heaven, first Sir Jesus, and
then rest of us will be raised.

Then we all will come down and bring faith with us and talk to people stories
about heaven and they will dye happily. People will see all different, new
mind, new spirit.

187.] MARK 4-26 ….. "The kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon
the soil; and he goes to bed at night and gets up by day, and the seed sprouts
and grows

Kingdom is in man, and seed are chosen who bring chosen yield. Man don’t do
anything, Lord God grows in man in bigger presence in shape of spirit. How
his presence grows man gets better. With new cognitions, old ones are
forgotten, and with new cognitions we hear better and more accurate.
Generally with cognitions we can recognize what Lord God speaks to us, and
that defends us from delusions, which come from Satan. People hear stuffs,
and everyone needs to hear Him, because He didn’t want to announce to
everyone individually, He wrote us the Bible, so we have cognitions where we
can hear what is He speaking and what He thinks.

Those who read and then hear, they could hear like those who wrote, but Lord
God has different ideas about reaching the same goal, and it only depends
which idea will be decided. Like healing that He does through advanced
medicine, because people died from same diseases from the beginning and
they buried children and cried and prayed and they didn’t get. Now He gives
to us without praying, no matter if He does it with spirit or by science, it’s the
same thing.

188.] Death of children

When child dies people could find comfort if they think that child fall asleep
and it will awake and grow up in the Heaven, huge curse and blessing in one.
That child will never know this world full of evil. Born and raised in Heaven;
Determined for that. So death is not bad as it looks, because you go in heaven
instead being in this cursed world. There is nothing better than being born in
Heaven. When sorrow goes away people get better and they hope for meeting
with deceased. Even though people often say that people go in heaven right
away, and it’s not true, and that is not written in the Bible.

189.] Adrenaline, focus

When people get angry or they run or they lift weights their adrenaline grows.
When people are in some of these spiritual conditions if we look at changes
those conditions are spiritual = adrenaline.

When people play golf, billiards, darts, they are in focus and in those
conditions their mind is in state of peace, and we can see that how their brain
stops, and all around them stops, and you see only what you’ve focused on, like
when you are watching billiards ball and its way to hole before it happen, as
soon as you see it you react. It is scientifically proved by measuring brain

People often explain reasons of our actions on basis of changes in our body,
and they don’t give credit to spirit which does such changes in our body.
Scientists don’t look through faith; they look through those what are
physically proved. That what they see is true, but it’s base of spirit.

Sometimes, when people are in focus, and when it looks like they will score,
that doesn’t happen. It’s because we get to see through focus, but our hand is
guided by Lord God, so we get focus but we need to get positive outcome too.

We have supernatural power in risky situations when people see that car
pressed their child and they lift the car at that moment. We have such
examples in everyday life. It’s because of spirit who gives us strength; spirit is
our strength and weakness. It exists naturally and it exists when Lord God
make some miracles.

There is nothing in body; only with healthy body and exercising we can train
our spiritual boundaries of fitness. If your body is sick, then your spirit is
weakened and you lose strength. We all have our certain spirit strength which
can be higher and lower. People don’t understand that we are spirits, because
they don’t see spirit, and they see body, they see spirit only through faith.

People who are talented for music or geniuses, we can see on their brain that
they are different and that certain part of mind much more active. It’s
naturally like that and it’s not because of brain, it’s because of spirit who
makes brain more active and we can see bigger activity on brain.

190.] Word religion- It comes from Latin word religare which means tie
again, and if we look that religion grows with time and adds elements and
discards something, and then we are sure that it is the right word. Ties
something or adds something with new cognitions.

191.] What is philosophy? Philosophy is science through which study man and
his reactions and by those cognitions of man we need to live in every day.

Sir Jesus spoke about man; how to live and what to expect in life. He is
philosopher from Lord God, like other known philosophers, but they didn’t
know Lord God so well, and it’s logical that they made mistakes. But in basic
cognitions many philosophers and religions are right. We have prophets or
chosen ones which are part of our cognitions, Moses, prophets, Christ,
disciples. We have known chemists, physicists, and similar sciences. Generally,
there is one Lord God and it is about one planet which name is Earth and
about advancing of humanity.

Starting with discovery of fire, development of language; because early

humans weren’t eloquent as we are now. They expressed themselves by hands;
He gives it all in time which He decided.

It seems like slow progression, but Lord God lives in eternity and He
experiences time differently. It could be a proof to people, if they are clever by
themselves how they didn’t discover it earlier. Those who believe don’t need
proofs of His acts; it is enough to hear His name – Creator.

If you know history and how interpretation of evil started, it is proved by

letters that early humans believed in existence of Lord God and they believed
that He is good and that there is someone who is not good, and that he is
responsible for all evil which exists.

Later, by Jews, it is announced to us that angels and Satan are source of evil.
Even though in the Old Testament Lord God persistently speak to humans, I
give you good and evil.

As I see, and believing in existence of Satan even though he does evil through
people by help of spirit which he abuses, I personally, even though he ruined
my childhood, later I got suicidal thoughts, then drugs, schizophrenia,
depression and different additional evils through which he tortures me every
day, sometimes less sometimes more, I don’t blame him for that and I don’t
find him main in charge for that.

Even though he is guilty for what he had done, I forgive him, because I know
and I believe by position in which he was close to Lord God before he god
corrupted, that he was normal and amazing person who now needs
redemption of evil, and when it would happen and when he would look
around himself what he had done, that would be his punishment, if
punishment is needed.
He knows what is going on like we all know when we are sinning, and again
we are sinning. Main in charge for my life is Lord God and He is responsible
and guilty in my mind for everything He created for me to happen. When I
look at Him, and what He had done from beginning of the world, I can’t take
Him as good, but like He says about Himself, He gives good and evil.

All that evil, which is his plan, is from good idea by which we should be
confident on examples that He manages between good and evil.

He created Satan near Himself, and now he is so far from Him. Mercy is not
His strong suit, people would say. He knows that this will pass and how it’s
hard for us, it will be explained to us later, people don’t have completely
understanding of plan in which we live, and certain views which are part of
that same plan.

I am chosen to serve Him in eternity, and now how much He wants. By

prophet He told that He loves me and that He will never abandon me. I don’t
need to tell Him to erase me from chosen.

For people, it’s normal to look on evil like that no matter who does that evil.
Hitler or Lord God, who is guilty, no matter who he is. That is message that is
announced to all of us and that’s how we look on it.

I don’t feel guilty for my negative views on Him; because I believe that He
wanted me to know Him as He is.

No one likes when somebody don’t know you, because if you think that you
know someone who you don’t, you know someone other who isn’t that, and
not the one who is. Whole religion is about knowing Him.

We still need to know more about him, but some cognition we will hear later.
He is aware how He looks in our eyes, because He invented human eyes.

Plato told that love for philosophy pulls you and that’s how you progress in
knowledge and that can be applied to all areas in science. When you are
interested into something you advance in it.

When you are not interested in something you don’t advance or you don’t
even know that something exists. That’s logical. All those who know
something, they don’t know it because love for that, they know because Lord
God decided for them to know.
There are beginnings in every science that are basics. That’s why books are so
important and all what is announced to people in past. Those are our
foundations, that’s how we get cognitions and we expand our knowledge.

There is plan for every individual and his advance; just like that there is plan
for advance of humanity. Most interesting part is that nobody can slow down
or speed up that plan. All happens how it is determined.

Sometimes people think that they find out something too late, and if they
knew that earlier they would do better. It is futile to think that way. If I this, if
I that. If we heard earlier, we wouldn’t believe, and if we knew it doesn’t mean
that we would do otherwise.

People are constantly mistaking through life, usually it happens if you are
connected with people. If you are more exposed to people, you make more
mistakes. When you get old, your social life isn’t so active and that’s why you
are better.

Some sins you do when you are young. There is no turning back. People get
lesson about life, on account of their life and they think “if just they got that
lesson before”.

Lesson from life is, that bygones are bygones, and you did what you have done,
and that you were how you were. Now, you don’t do things that you did
before, but that doesn’t make you a better man, you are sum of your whole
life, how you lived and how you live now.

People don’t make big sins every day. Some sins happen rarely. So if
something happened a year ago, you don’t need to think how good you are
now, because it usually happens again in different time.

So you don’t need to make some picture of you in advance, especially because
you can’t see yourself. Mirror will not help you because mirror just sees what
is on the surface, and funny part is that I found out in twenties that I have
curved nose. I never looked at it from side, which was so funny for me.

By looking at some people and how they speak about themselves it’s obvious
that they can’t see themselves how they are. Even though people sometimes
speak one thing, and what we see they knew for themselves, but in that
moment they don’t talk about those topics.
It would be best for people to not talk about themselves; they should let others
to talk about them. Even when others talk about them, they can boast them
more than needed. When they speak against them, they still don’t know
everything. There are more truths and sentences to describe man, and you
don’t know yourself, or the others.

Let’s take laws for example. There are so many good and justly laws which
incurred after Sir Jesus. When you look how people live in world and how
retrograded they are, they don’t have roads, sewerage, water or food. When
they wake up in eternal life it will be far better life for them.

It’s interesting that it’s better to live where Christians live. We are not aware
that we already stepped into that better life. I knew that it all exists, but I
didn’t see as I see now. In USA you can see such views on life. Their Christian
religion is advanced in doing good and spreading the message from Lord God.

But all these laws somehow bring people to greater evil, in which everyone is
suing everyone for every little thing in their life which they should forget or
not do it if they know how much evil will come out of that.

It would be better to make peace, and to be silent if you are right. We are all
people and Christians in spirit. Message is brought to all people. Simply, Lord
God is wise and He knows philosophy of life, because it is His philosophy. It’s
better to do like that in such situation and in many others try to listen and
apply what we know. Peacefully bring peace, be silent and forgive.

People get, and then they think they did something and not got. Those who get
more, they think they are better and because of that they did more. Whole life
they get, and these giving served them well, and evil served them too, because
they don’t understand others and they can’t see how it is when you don’t get.

Everyone preach just good things and material values knowing that people
like that. They can’t see themselves and they can’t see how many poor are out
there, who didn’t get, because it wasn’t in Lord God’s plan for them to get.

Some people sin more, but when they get they can see how it is proved on their
constant falling who gives them. For wealth and material things it’s written
that we will get everything, like Lord God feeds birds that’s how’s He going to
feed us. People like to listen about such topics. So message comes down to
money, money, money and that’s all you can hear. They are trading and
promising to people things that aren’t promised. They speak what people
want to hear. There were always rich and poor, those who got with time and
those who lost with time.

But when people start to look at their life through Lord God they get slurred
savvy, what they see that they got they think that they got because they did
something good, and simply they start to look like that at everything. It’s like

I know by myself how sinful I was, I didn’t deserve nothing which I got, and I
got so much like when you are thankful for glass of water, and I feel like I got
pool of water. It is not always by credit. Credits aren’t only criteria for getting,
and it’s not about earning, it is about sequence of events which yields.

He has sown and He gives it to grow. There are different fruits and every
specie gives its own. All that you accomplished, you accomplished because
that was plan for you.

Like flower, firstly you are seed and then you grow until you see flower. We all
have cognitions what we have to do to make our life better, but simply some
people do less, and some do more, and those who do more don’t do it because
they know everything, just more than others. We don’t decide how much we
will do, we only can look at that what is our plan of work, and deeds we have
done, and we need to know that they are made up before they happened and
started in our mind. A flower life in seasons and in bad weather has its own
look, and in Heaven it will get its finish and glow.

192.] MARK 5-9 ……….. "What is your name?" And he said to Him, "My name is
Legion; for we are many." And he began to implore Him earnestly not to send
them out of the country. Now there was a large herd of swine feeding nearby
on the mountain. The demons implored Him, saying, "Send us into the swine
so that we may enter them." Jesus gave them permission. And coming out, the
unclean spirits entered the swine; and the herd rushed down the steep bank
into the sea, about two thousand of them; and they were drowned in the sea

On this example we see difference between man and swine. Man didn’t rush in
sea and drown, but swine is; same spirit, different reaction. So we can see that
people are more advanced in spiritual presence than swine.
Lord God saved man and not pigs. When possessed man thinks of running in
sea even though he can’t swim, then man stops and he don’t run into sea, he
discards that idea, and when pig thinks of it, it runs and drowns.

But, if you are possessed by spirit of suicide to jump into see and get drown,
you will do it. These are two different examples which exist. If Satan can, we
all would be junkies or any other evil and we would live in such world. But, he
can’t do that, and we can see that just few of them are left to him to torture
and destroys them. Because of people who don’t have Satan in their presence,
people love life and such thinking prevail as normal thinking.

But if you are possessed, you can’t wait when that part of life will finally end
and when you will get better life. When Sir Jesus healed and did miracles, he
did that from gift of spirit. He preached gifts of spirit, some to preach, some to
heal, some to revive, some to foresee future, see past etc.

People foresee future regardless of religion; obviously they don’t need faith in
Him who speaks to them. But if you have gift and you can see because you
understood that you got, then you believe.

Crazy people believe then they go to great height and they jump and get
killed. How crazy people believe you can’t even imagine what they believe, and
they are crazy without spirit and they don’t get spirit from faith. When that
one said help to my unfaithfulness; it didn’t matter he doesn’t believe, he got
the same. What to believe or not is philosophy which rules.

Conclusion would be that people believe right and wrong, so that one who
created us to have such faiths, decides what we are going to believe and how
wrong or how right. I know one person who told me that her bed shook and
moved while she was lying, and her husband was next to her sleeping safe and
sound. Then she told me another story that she get up from bed and in
hallway someone stood in front of her, big and black like he has armor, like in
SF movies, that was Satan in her head.

I didn’t know what to think about it at first. But one day, it wasn’t late, I was
lying in bed and watching TV, which is interesting because I can’t easily fall
asleep while watching TV, and even though I wasn’t sleeping something
happened to me, I saw myself getting out of bed and I was in different
atmosphere, something that wasn’t real and before I continued to walk in that
other reality which didn’t exist, I flinched and I realized that I wasn’t sleeping
or walking. All of that was in my head and it looked real, in certain state of

Some people are in such stories and they can’t differentiate reality. As I
understand it that was show to me in order that I can understand what is
happening to such people, even though some people don’t understand those
who get such experiences.

As I see it, it’s like stories about aliens kidnapping people and taking
experiments on them. It happens to people usually when they are in bed. Are
aliens real or not, I don’t know. But I understand, because I experienced. It
seems real, but it’s not. Like when some people see Virgin Mary, ten people are
standing in same place but just few of them see, because she is in their minds.
Visions, somnambulism, hypnosis are experienced just by few people; for
whom Lord God decided. You can’t do hypnosis on all people, it is wide known
cognition. They are at alert, they don’t faint, and hypnosis isn’t working on
them, such state of spirit-mind. As for UFOs, it is obvious that people see and
they record it, so in my opinion they exist. Who is in UFOs, Satan, good angels,
or some other creatures I don’t know. Who say that only we exist? Even
though some people believe that they communicate with aliens and they are
answering their questions, I would recommend them to not talk with anyone.

Mayan prophecy says that they beheaded one chief and other two chiefs
fought with them. That’s how game with balls was created, ball represent
head, they throw ball through circle, and when ball comes through circle it
means life, chief will get head back, and by our interpretation it may be

That’s just beginning of cycle which lasts for 5000 years, and I think that they
said 45, beginning of the evil which is written in the Bible, and eternally good.
So we are now at the end of our suffering, and we will enter in age that never
was on the Earth, natural disasters. A little bit terrifying but if people want to
avoid it they should go to less sinful country, with strong presence of
Christians who are more strict and who are more obedient to religion.

Even though innocent people will be killed, and they will suffer, and elders and
children. Today we have states in which people live like 2012 already
happened to them. Nobody is saying that something will happen 2012, it
actually represent beginning of new cycle. If Lord God wanted asteroids,
which were announced to Earth and to people it seems like their natural path,
if Lord God didn’t want to be like that He would change their path, because if
you noticed that asteroids fall where nobody lives, in deserts. Planets which
surround us are protecting us, and many asteroids hit those planets, like Lord
God is playing pinball, or billiards, when all balls are on table and game is on.
And we live that game in our galaxy.

Be proud of yourself! I simply can’t be proud of myself because I don’t control

myself. I see what is shown to me; my will depends on Lord God’s will, what he
will have for me to be my will. It would be like when you look at yourself what
are you, what will or thoughts or acts you have. You are what you are. You
can’t say that the Sun is not giving heat to us if it gives; so for yourself.

You are act, creation, something that is created, creature. All creatures are
different, because they are differently created. Praise the Lord God, some say
that He likes that and that He is jealous. I think that it’s not true, He is not
jealous, it’s like when writer of the book is jealous on characters in his book,
it’s all his. When He punishes people because they are wrong and they pray to
statues and they are superstitious, He is not jealous at something that doesn’t

Take parents for example, when their child does something bad, they get mad
and they can beat that child. He created parents by His inspiration, they like
you and they are strict, they get mad and they punish. Lord God loves His idea,
He is strict and He speaks like that, and if people were created good now, He
wouldn’t seem strict to them. When you do well you don’t need to be afraid. He
tells us how we are, if He is not telling us who would, we wouldn’t know for
cognitions of good and evil, and we would live in even worse world.

He has unique plan for certain states; they speak different language, different
dialects, different humor, different religions, different skin color, different
measure for good and evil.

193.] Wishes and burning desire for something We all have burning desires,
but it depends what we want. Addiction is bad. When human gets addiction to
drugs, he gets spirit of addiction. That spirit impacts his life and how will he
If he didn’t get that spirit, his life would be different, he wouldn’t be addict.
When people want something then they do it, good and bad wishes, it all
depends which wishes you got.

194.] Autism One true story about girl called Carla, she had autism and she
didn’t speak at all and she couldn’t take care of herself. Even though she
looked retarded and sick her parents treated her like normal person and they
learned her and they talked to her.

Then when she was 11, she sat at computer and started to write, and she
wrote to parents that she is normal person from inside and that she
understands everything and she thanked them on their persistence and care
about her, she wrote jokes and now she even writes a book. So she is in body,
and from outside she is just unusual; all other is same.

195.] Soul and body

When someone is blind, he uses ears, when you are forgetful you use your eyes,
they take your attention. We all exist through perfect harmony of soul and
body. Soul is our fuel which gives us life. And in beginning of existence it says
that Lord God breathed in the spirit of life. If we are not harmonized and
balanced, then we are sick, soul makes body sick, body makes soul sick by
weakening him, those two make whole which makes us alive and in what we
live. Body needs soul because it’s dead without it.

196.] MARK 6- 4 Sir Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except
in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his own household."

When someone comes and says to family that Lord God told him something,
and so he says to others, they think that he is a little crazy, and they mock him.
People would say, yes, he would say to you. But if he says to religious ones then
they trust him. Religious people believe that they hear and see Lord God
through themselves, because they hear and look through faith, and those who
mock him, they are not serious in Lord God’s eyes, and mock Him by such
speech and behavior.

They don’t look or listen through faith, and if they hear or see something, they
don’t believe that they hear because someone is talking to them, they believe
that they can exist on their own, without Lord God, who is in all. Those what
people hear and see or believe in accuracy of something, it doesn’t have to be
true and they can be wrong.

But people believe in certain logic, and you can’t convince them in other way.
Everyone gets to believe or to not believe, those are two opposites.

If you are not sure, then you are between, because when you hear two
different stories and both have their logic, you are not sure what right answer
is. For example, parents and child, children often find friends in those who will
understand them and look at them how they are. People often don’t know
their children, because when children talk to them they answer them badly on
their ways of thinking and they don’t have chances to know more about their
child, and with time children realize that it’s better to be silent.

Parents, of course, know something, but what they don’t know bring them to
delusions about how person their child is. My mother used to say that all bad
what I was doing, that I was doing that out of spite, or to draw attention,
because in her head, when I was little, I often drew attention and I was
cheerful and I told jokes, and for spite, she says that I was doing that when I
was a little, and I know that my drug abuse wasn’t from spite or because I
wanted to draw attention.

I used drugs because I tried and became junkie like every other junkie. With
friends you can speak freely, and you need to be silent about some truths
before parents. When man don’t know whole truth, without having all clues,
then it becomes wrong on basis of some conclusions, conclusions that you
based on lack of real truth.

197.] MARK 6-56 Wherever He entered villages, or cities, or countryside, they

were laying the sick in the market places, and imploring Him that they might
just touch the fringe of His cloak; and as many as touched it were being cured.

It wasn’t about cloak, when they touch it Lord God heals them. Sir Jesus say
and Lord God do. Sir Jesus felt that his strength is weakening. He didn’t look at
that person, when it happened he knew what happened. He speaks to them as
he heard. Some say they heard him, and in fact they hear themselves and you
can’t convince them in other way.
If people do all good which they hear and what they know, they would be real
opposite of themselves, so no matter how much wrong we hear if we do good
what we know we would be closer to angels.

We are bad, and in that badness we sometimes get good. Those who
announced to us, they announced from whole where no place for bad is. We
hear how it’s normal to live and do, but simply we can’t live that way. When
people start to think about it, they see obstacles and impossibility, to be better
than you are.

When you look at others, you want to be good as them in good, and when they
look at you they want to be in your good, and nobody can be like someone
other, because everyone is like they are. We can’t make step forward without
Lord God, because He does through us. Firstly you pray to get, and then when
you get you forget that you prayed, and by looking obstacles which you passed
until you got that way.

You think it’s like that because it went certain way, and not because it was
decided like that. For example, you go to other state by car and in order to
reach that country you need to pass certain places and towns. If you go by
plane or train or ship, you still get there but different way, because Lord God
will not teleport you there, He wants you to take certain way, when He decide
what is your goal. So it’s not because of road which you took, it’s about goal
you needed to reach by certain way.

198.] MARK 10-6 "But from the beginning of creation, God MADE THEM MALE
two, but one flesh

Two people, husband and wife or just two different people with different
spirit talents, for example, abilities or goodness or religiousness, when you put
them together and they have one goal, every does that part in which is better,
one organizes and second works or something like that.

Man, when gets married, mustn’t forget that he was part of other whole,
family of his parents, and that he is still part of that whole and he shouldn’t
neglect them, because they took care for him and suffered for the sake of
children, and now it’s their children to additionally suffer for sake of his
When you couldn’t take care of yourself, they did that and it wasn’t easy to be
young and raise child, they require a lot of attention, so parents when get old
and they can’t take care of themselves, then it’s your turn and then your
children take turn and so on.

It’s about giving everyone their share; behave in different situations in proper
way. Families of husband and wife became another whole, so it’s good when
they get along. Trouble is that they are all different, husband and wife and
whole family. In past family functioned without quarrels and argue it was
enough for everyone to behave decently, because when you behave decently
then there is no arguing, because you are polite.

You need to be wise and all other, because they are bonded together they
make more evil and more good and then we get better and worse families. We
all lack something, simply can’t do anything more, and that would be our life.
Everyone do how is determined for him, nobody less or more than it’s

We are all on our path, which is determined for us. We don’t know the road
and what we will find and discover on it, but people really shouldn’t bother
about that, because we are not stopping and that’s time of passing our way
which we can look and measure.

We live while we are sleeping; we live while we are awake. Two different
realities and same person in both of them. It is most important that we take a
look at every step and to want to do better, because no matter how much
good you get, there are some things that happen if we allow them to happen,
and who will watch if Lord God isn’t watching through him. It’s good to read
the Bible.

Reason of our deficiencies and good blessings is in nature of our existence,

and that is in Lord God who gives it all. So, on such examples we get proof for
it, but people are retrograded as humanity believing that they do, and that
Lord God just helps them sometimes.
They think that He thinks that they are good, and not “it’s normal that you are
like that because I made you like that”. There is no self-confidence, only
confidence in Him. He simply doesn’t want to give you every good, because it’s
not by His plan for humanity, plan is to give good and evil. In all troubles that
you are coming through and which are coming, you have comfort in things
that are announced to us; because we live forever it will not be always like
this. All of this will pass and good is coming.

199.] MARK 11-14 May no one ever eat fruit from you again!

As I see it, in this life, its bigger part is curse, it’s best not to swear, it’s better
to bless fig tree so when someone comes next year, let him take fruit and have
fun. We can see how terrible are consequences of cursing people, especially on
older generations which cursed and blessed.

I don’t believe in cursing someone who did you evil, because he is obviously
already cursed, and he needs blessing, but good part is that people when curse
or bless they don’t get what they speak, because they are not blessed to be as
they say. He was a man like every other, sinned and did well in his life. He
advanced with time and now he is most advanced man from beginning of the
world, only who continued to live, only one who is awakened from the dead
and he is with his body in kingdom of Heaven, and with spirit he is with us,
and we are in him and he speaks to us what he heard after he is raised in
heaven, but not all of it, to everyone of us how he is allowed to announce and
do through certain individual.

That is a reason why he accepted to be crucified, because he knew that only

after people see him dead, and then resurrected that he will be risen in heaven
and that we will be in him and that Christianity will emerge which he
preached, and it will blossom when he comes back.

Christianity is like wild strawberries now. People are walking through town
and they got new big strawberries, and they don’t know the taste of wild
strawberries, and they are lucky when they find it. Those which are brought to
city are in thorns, nobody wants to clean thorns, and cleaning would be
reading of the Bible, so if you read it and you don’t like strawberries, you don’t
like the Bible too. Love is a gift.

He is part of story, that’s why he was born. First, story was created and then in
certain time he was born. It could be someone else but Lord God loved David
and He promised to him that it will be from his ancestry. All these wars which
are fought because of religion or territory, all that is unnecessary. We are all
same to Lord God and we are all in same state to Him.

200.] MARK 11-1 For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the

As we all know there are places in the Bible where he say that he don’t live in
house, he is everywhere and in us. So if you want to pray you don’t need to go
to church. I think that it was allowed to them to build temple, maybe just that
10 commandments could be in one place, because they fought who will have
Ark of the Covenant, and it’s good for people to gather somewhere to hear

Muslims were similar to Jews, and they have same prophets in Qur'an, they
are different by place of praying. As I heard, by appearance of Muhammad
Muslims got corrupted with his announcements, though what is good it is
good but what is wrong that corrupts them.

When he told to them that they will have hundreds of women in next life, I
don’t know did he think it literally, because people when express themselves
through the Bible and they want to describe some good which they heard that
it will be, they show on examples of goodness in human eyes, in this case many
women. Ant these now believe it literally. People say what they like to hear
and by human measurements. Or when it’s spoken about Sir Jesus return in
body, in the Old Testament, that trays and pots will be golden. That is
expression on human examples trying to describe good to people, because
they had trays in their rituals and blood in it and stuffs like that.

Expression in spirit, something that represents something. When people

describe it they show you one general example. We know that when he come
back that there will be no trays or pots, it will all be extra polite and fancy and
elegant and organized.

201.] LUKE 9-22 "The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by
the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed and be raised up on the
third day."
As we see he calls himself son of a man, because he is son of Joseph and Mary.
Joseph was descendant from David.

MATTHEW 1-16 Jacob was the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, by whom
Jesus was born.

So in genealogy is that Joseph is from David, maybe Lord God took that
expression on purpose to tell all of us that Christ is not creator, that he is
creature, man from blood and flesh.

202. ] IVAN 10-33 The Jews answered Him, "For a good work we do not stone
You, but for blasphemy; and because You, being a man, make Yourself out to
be God." Jesus answered them, "Has it not been written in your Law, 'I SAID,
YOU ARE GODS '?"If he called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and
the Scripture cannot be broken), do you say of Him, whom the Father
sanctified and sent into the world, 'You are blaspheming,' because I said, 'I am
the Son of God '?


203.] REVELATION 1-8 "I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God,
"who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."

I am not so sure did Lord God say this in such words, because I know that He
said that there is no beginning or end, so if you put it from alpha to omega it is
limitation, and He obviously don’t have limits. Who is and who was is ok, but
one who is coming doesn’t sound like Him, because He is already here and
everything is in Him.

Alpha and omega can be watched in other way, that it represents Him as
everything, from beginning to end, and who is coming can be good which we
will get.

Alpha and omega, first and last, we can interpret that for Sir Jesus, because he
is first resurrected and last it is meant for all people that they will be
resurrected from beginning to the end, alpha and omega. It’s probably that
and that interpretation match the point of that story. That’s when they say,
letter kills and spirit revives – it gives correct meaning.
I, personally, don’t support words which don’t have completely true meaning,
and when you read those words they are not literally nor true. I prefer when
they have one meaning, I don’t like when you can interpret them in many

You need to understand that people was always like that, and what is given to
them they understand, and when they try to pass that knowledge on
somebody else they express them wrong, because Lord God doesn’t pay them
attention on proper expression which is based on truths which are announced
to us; different mind.

If man don’t know other testimonials about Him in the Bible, and when they
hear this one they would think that He is limited, that He has beginning and
the end, and that He didn’t come yet. Total delusion and lie about Him and in
what we live, but if that relates on Sir Jesus, then it’s ok, because he is alpha
because he is first revived, and last man would be omega. It is interesting that
we have disciples today, but because those people are not in the Bible their
words aren’t studied and they don’t have glory like disciples from the Bible.

People sin now, and they sinned always. When religious man speaks he will
always say Lord God tells me that, and that’s how they write it. People aren’t
perfect. They speak how they believe, and that what someone believes it
doesn’t mean it’s true. Presence of evil doesn’t mean that He is not here; He is
in same way here, no matter if that is good or evil. Lord God is always here, no
matter what He is doing. Even though evil was given to Satan and good to
good angels and Sir Jesus, Lord God manages it all.

204.] REVELATION 2-16 therefore repent; or else I am coming to you quickly,

and I will make war against them with the sword of My mouth.

When Christ was tempted in desert he fought war with sword of his mouth,
when he talked it was written. Lord God gave him thoughts, now He gives him
thoughts too, but he is the one who speaks to us. In the same way we need to
understand our life, like every morning we are going in war and pray every
day, that’s why it is good to read the Bible and know it, because that would be
our ammunition.
Even though many people have ammunition, they don’t have guns to shoot it.
Gun would be Lord God to bring us thoughts about what we read and to speak
and to defend, to put story for us, because He says for Himself that He speaks
to people through stories.

2-17 …………. and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he
who receives it.

How to explain to someone who can’t know. I believe that I can explain, but in
order that they understand they need to believe, and why wouldn’t they
believe when it’s written in the Bible. So, it’s about those who are sacred from
beginning of the world, they know they are sacred and they understand
chosen ones, and those who don’t know, those are ones who mock those who
say that they are sacred or children or sons.

REVELATION 2- 23 I am He who searches the minds and hearts; and I will

give to each one of you according to your deeds

Word ‘research’ people use when they don’t know something, then they
research to find out more. I think that Lord God doesn’t do researches because
He created everything and knows everything, so there is no need for

Even though it can be mistake in translation, maybe it’s right to say

‘researches like doctor or scientist’, and when it comes to heart it relates on
spiritually. With that story He wanted to say that He knows everything, I don’t
put additional weight on you, what you have hold on tight until I come. I
would say to people pray to Lord God to hold you.

Human simply can’t hold himself or manage with himself, you get all of it, but
sometimes it is enough to understand point or to express it in more proper
way, more like cognition what you need to do in certain situation, and not like
commandment which obviously you can’t do if He doesn’t do through you.
Good cognition. All that is announced are cognitions, He knows that we can’t
if He doesn’t do it through us, and He speaks that through the Bible, humanity
is advancing through cognitions.

Starting from discovery of fire, space, chemistry, physics, and philosophical

cognitions, cognitions of good and evil. People have cognitions but He decides
how much we will advance by cognitions. On foundations of such cognitions
we get new cognitions and new truths, sometimes new cognitions prove that
old cognition was wrong and untruth.

It all comes down to ‘what is truth’? So we live everyday in truth, every truth is
significant for our better life, on basis of knowledge we get new insights which
comes out of old or foundation knowledge.

205.] ROBOTS

We are all created to exist to seem like everything that comes out of us is
impression, like it’s ours. If we had real impression like it is in robots with
emotions and feel of pain, which have predetermined moves and thought
because that’s how we are managed.

You think that it is boring to be like robot every day, you get up, and you lay
down, knowing that He controls you. We will never feel like robots, but we will
know on examples of our previous life, that we lived in evil. We will learn a
lesson, because this life is lesson, just a beginning, eternity is where we will
live. We don’t live from ourselves, we live from Him, and Lord God manages us.

THE OLD TESTAMENT HOSEA 6-1 "Come, let us return to the LORD. For He
has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us.
"He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, so we
may live before Him

HOSEA 9-10 I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness; I saw your forefathers
as the earliest fruit on the fig tree in its first season.

He cheered up.

206.] New Testament MATTHEW 24-32 "Now learn the parable from the fig
tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you
know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things,
recognize that He is near, right at the door

Some people preach that this applies on Jews, since they got their country, and
that generation will not die before Sir Jesus comes. I don’t say this is not true,
or that is, but this parable relates to following prophecies, so when we see
that something foretold is happening, like we see fig tree and we know its
advance by seasons, and we know when it will give fruits, in same way we
need to look prophecy and believe in what is coming.
It is interesting that many evil happened before and that people of that time
believed that he is coming, but as I see it no matter when he comes, we all
have cognition that we will be faced to reality, those what we believed, but we
didn’t live in accordance with what we believed. If we lived in accordance with
our believing, all people have their lives which they need to lead by
instructions that are written. People didn’t live that way before Christ and
that’s why he told them all of that, and people don’t live like that after him,
because people are people. People think that they are fixed now, and that
those before them were bad.

All those who think like that are in delusion because they do same things, they
build statues and worship them, cheat and lie, they don’t forgive and they
don’t understand others, everybody’s looking others evils, and they can’t see

Nobody is blessed by understanding what means “do unto others as you would
have them do unto you“. Everybody sin, you don't need to sin like others to
have understanding for them. What is the worst thing, people sin in same
things and again they don't have understanding. We all look strict and good
how it's written, and through life our sins are collected, and after sins we still
think strict and we see others like that, and we can't see ourselves.

When it happens then we see, but how time goes by, all that which we should
learn on our mistakes, we didn’t, but that’s not the end of our education,
because what we don’t understand now, we’ll understand when comes time
for that. It is good to have right cognitions, and then when you get wrong
cognition and when Lord God repents you, you get right ones. Some of them
who don’t have right ones, they get. Right cognitions are for those who want
well and they don’t know what to do. Take a look at Muslims and how they
live with wrong cognitions.

World and those chosen from world continues to be in delusion, and why
wouldn’t they be, they are part of world we live in. We will get complete truth
when we get raised, and until that happens we all continue to be in delusions.
People aren’t aware that there are many delusions, so if you get one truth,
that’s just part of what we need to get.

Now it is vainly to speak about chosen from world or world itself, because
they don’t have ears to hear or eyes to see, but to feel a little better it is
impossible to not hear nor see. You don’t have control over it. One who will
hear or see firstly needs to be chosen to be told and shown. That what we see
is when we understand, and what we think is what we hear. Many hear and
don’t understand, and those who think that they understand, they don’t.

You can’t prove to anyone that they are wrong, everyone has their faith and
they are holding it tightly, no matter if it is wrong or right. Only almighty
Lord God can do better through us, so as I see it there are different shades of
delusions and truths in people. Nobody sees whole picture, just parts of puzzle,
and until you get whole picture, which name is truth that we live, everyone is
wrong, because they don’t know how picture needs to look. That is one special
picture which needs to be looked as whole, because delusions are born from
incomplete parts. Basic parts of picture are in the Bible, and people simply
don’t read the Bible and they don’t search for it. And when they do they can’t
spot it, they interpret it wrong, because they don’t have reasonable
conclusion. Lord God speaks reason through us, He is the one who makes
human reasonable.

When I look at myself and my sins, I am scandalous in everyone’s eyes and in

mine. What is good it is good, and what is bad it is bad, so good and bad are
separated in human? Everyone have their own good and evil and we are
assembled like that. When Sir Jesus comes those who are ready are those who
done all the planned for them to be done in this part of life, and those who are
chosen and they are not ready, they will be done more like it is planned in this
part of life. They will not be punished because they are left; simply He has
more plans for them. So those who are planned to go, they will go, and those
who are not planned, they will not go, yet.

You don’t need to be depressed, you need to courage yourself that you are
special because Lord God chose you in these hard times to shine and to be
light on Earth, preaching and doing how it’s written. One deeds we have to do,
others not to do, even though when it comes to resurrection and it happens,
nobody will know which faith is right again, because they will be people from
different Christian religions. Real faith comes in time which is written in
Revelation, I took the book, swallow it, and it was sweet as honey, and my
belly was bitter, it needs to be preached to people and nations. Speaks –
207.] HOSEA 12-11 I have also spoken to the prophets, And I gave numerous
visions, And through the prophets I gave parables. As we know, we have well
known stories about Adam and Eve, but we have stories that people made up,
trying to explain life. For example, in story about Adam and Eve it says that all
eat vegetables, people and animals, all living souls, and then religious people
wanting to explain to others why now we eat everything, make up story about
Noah, and how they say about historical writings they filled empties which
they didn’t understand in stories.

Bad in it is because there are stories from Lord God and stories from people. In
Noah’s story it’s noticeable, story about rainbow appearance, as we know by
logical conclusion, earth evaporated and it soaked land. Steam and Sun give
rainbow; rainbow is reaction when we combine steam, water and Sun. So
rainbow was there from beginning.

People from that time lived and ate animals and they knew that in begging it’s
written that people didn’t eat animals, they couldn’t explain that, they made
up story by which, after coming out of ark, Noah sacrificed animals and he
was told to eat animals. I don’t believe in it and I think that Lord God never
needed sacrifices, because those animals were His and innocent and
unnecessary for killing.

He doesn’t enjoy in smell of roasted meat or sacrifices that pleasures smell

feel, it is disgusting for Him to smell animals, just like it is to us to smell
roasted humans. People did sacrifices in that time, so they explained that too
in the story. People were pagan from beginning and from ignorance they
worshiped Sun, and natural disasters, and they had superstitions because they
didn’t know Lord God.

He is announcing Himself to people with time, but we are still pagan. We don’t
need to tell the story how he gathered all animals, like we don’t know that
there are different areas where different animals live, and they are all created
from beginning. Only positive conclusion from that story is that everything is
possible to Lord God. That’s how people understand that story, because it’s
noticeable that story is pure lie and there is no logic in it, and that all those
who keep repeating it and think by that logic are in awe of religion which
forbids them to admit that story simply doesn’t have sense.
Awe is big problem to humanity, because you are prevented from logic
conclusion in that way, so you repeat what you are told even though it’s
wrong, from religious awe.

It says that we all were vegetarians in the beginning and it says that we will
be in the end, it also says don’t eat blood, because soul is in blood. Just that is
written. Then on other places it explains further, don’t eat blood, when you kill
drain blood and all of that how people interpreted those simple words. I
believe that it’s announced to people but that people didn’t understand what
He wanted to say and they got it all wrong.

So in that wrong understanding we see all wrong and we are not aware how
we are retrograded and abnormal by measurements of normality, what we
will be like one day when evolution of mankind comes to end, and when we all
take eternal body, like Sir Jesus. He doesn’t eat animals, he knows every
animal and its problems and he likes it. Like when you have animal for pet,
then it’s disgusting to eat it, so he sees it. Lord God made animals and people
carnivores, but when He announced don’t eat blood, because soul is in blood,
or generally how it was at the beginning and how it will be at the end, I
believe that was time when it was announced to people to stop eating living
souls, because we are all named living souls, animals and people, we are
different by language and way of communication and advance. Angels are
more advanced than people, and people are more advanced than animals, and
animals are more advanced and differ from one to another.

When Lord God created bread for Jews in desert and He said that they eat
everything they have, and that they don’t save for tomorrow, isn’t it enough
proof what He approves to us for eating. After that we have a story about
birds, how they strayed in their tents, then they believed how He gave them
those birds. If people say that He did something, it doesn’t be the truth. Then
we have Sir Jesus who created fishes and he blessed their catch by telling them
where and when to throw fishing nets, it is interpreted and it is logical by
human understanding that it is allowed.

But if we take a look at Christ and at his beginning of preaching, we can see
that he is a man like every other who advanced with time, because he listened
and he understood as man, which is written and he believed that he
announces Lord God only to Jews, and we can see that on example when he
turned down to do good to woman who wasn’t Jewish, she said to him that
dogs eat crumbs that fall off the table of master, after those words Lord God
brought him to reason.

Generally speaking, while he was alive, he didn’t understood completely what

is preached now, from which whole it comes, that he should preach gospel to
all nations, because we are creators from the same creator.

Jews and disciples thought same after his death, because he didn’t tell them
different while he was physically with them, but when he was raised and
found out the truth then he told to Peter slay and eat, he then said how can I
eat when it’s impure, and then he said to him don’t call impure what I’ve
cleaned. Then he met non-Jew who was Christian and he understood meaning
of vision that it should be preached to everyone and not just to Jews. He
understood, because he was told, and many in that time who were chosen
didn’t understand, they followed example of Christ how he gave them whole
his life on the Earth.

First popes were Jews, and that is proved in historical writings, now we all
know how scandalous and untrue is that, and that we are all equally worthy.
You are Peter the rock, and I’ll build my church on you. That is announced,
rock and foundation stone, without it house couldn’t be built. There are more
important foundation rocks which are part of that same church, and that is
all what I am writing. If some new or old rock doesn’t belong to foundation
rocks, we need to discard them because they are not part of that house.

208.] Vegetarianism and Religion

I don’t eat meat, even though eggs which are not fertile are ok, because as I
see it, hens lay eggs definitely, but just from fertile ones chicken comes out.
Milk is good too, because cows have milk when they don’t have youngling. It’s
how I see it, and you can see it however you want. I am not your teacher who
you need to listen, I am equal to all of you, friend that speaks how he
understands, and not one who is responsible for your understanding. One
period I don’t eat meat, and then again I start to eat meat, then Lord God
helps me and I don’t eat it again, all until one day when I will stop eating it at
all. With every advance you must fall a little until you get to solid ground. I
would say better anything than nothing, at least I am going somewhere, so for
now, one day I eat, on day I don’t eat meat.

It’s not easy to separate yourself from world and decide for Lord God’s side,
because in that way I couldn’t have a job, because I am expected to do some
things at job which are not good. I make sandwiches for children and I
participate in distribution of meat, and I cook meat for my husband and my
children, even though I know it’s bad, but simply I can’t resist world and be
strong for that step, I tried it once, but I failed, and started same again.

I hope that Lord God will do again, because in this part of life I need to do
everything what is right, no matter of consequences. Will I lose house, because
we are already in debt and we barely can manage it, and there is huge
unemployment rate and it’s not easy to find different job, and I can’t even
think of jobs where I would need to decorate for Halloween, Easter or
Christmas, those are full of paganisms and superstitions which we are
dragging from the past and many continue to do that, they who know history
and they who don’t. Thinking that it’s not very serious, children enjoy etc. I
would like more that Lord God makes me handicapped and that I stop
working. At home I don’t apply pagan customs.

So what to eat, what not to eat, there are two logics in the Bible, I know both
of them and by what is written it’s more logical not to eat animals. You can
trust whatever you want, after you heard both stories. I write as I understand,
and if you were with me, we could discuss it, because this is conversation too.

As I see and how I understand the Bible, and how will you see it and
understand that is in hands of Lord God. This is all interesting to me, I didn’t
know that you can look in different ways earlier and interpret like that.
Because people are raised in one interpretation, and who can say that it is the
right interpretation. Even though I don’t celebrate such customs, and from the
last writing passed a couple of months, I stopped cooking meat for husband
and children again, and I will find out how much Lord God will hold me now.
That’s how He does it, you fall, fall and then one day you don’t fall anymore
and it gets better. I don’t celebrate pagan customs and everyone accuse me
because of that, they think that I am too strict or extreme, and it’s not like that
at all, it’s completely normal and logical conclusion against pagan
superstitions. People before believed in fairies who come to people, and now
we have different stories for children inspired by such delusions which were in
people, and that was their faith, wrong faith which doesn’t exist.

I watched on History channel how people separated good and evil, they
couldn’t believe that Lord God can give evil, so they created two gods, one for
good and one for evil, one for love etc.

So we all believed in many gods in past, then from Abraham it is announced

that there is only one Lord God who has angels which are spirits and He
manages through them. There are different angels, one for winds, one for
stars, prophets, through they send messages, and so many angels are all
around where He put them. While they are everywhere, in Him, they can all
communicate like we communicate. That happened to Sir Jesus who becomes
representatives of people in front of Lord God, so he is representing our
interests for way of life, good and evil, truth, in knowing Lord God and how He
thinks and usually decides.

When we talk to Him we have no idea what He thinks, for example, Lord God
has a plan for you and He says it to you, and when you hear the plan and how
He explains to you, you would ask Him for better, or maybe you wouldn’t,
conversation would take different course, as I see there are mercy and pray.
Even though people usually don’t get what they pray for, or want without
praying, because Lord God is not words, He is spirit and He knows what we
think and want without asking Him. When He makes plan for human, He
knows exactly how hard it will be for you, or good, because He will do it by His
plan. So we usually live, and this second is possible to get. Sometimes people
think that He had mercy or that He answered their prayer, and in fact He
thought like that from beginning, to give you evil, and then to give you good,
and that would be good that you think you prayed for it, no matter how much
evil He can give you, He gives you good too. So we could say it’s good that it’s
not worse.

We are all called creatures, something that Lord God created and all
creatures are His best idea which made existence interesting to Him. As for
evil in this world or Satan or bad angels, all we should be sorry for such
creatures. We should be sorry that they are made bad, and we are happy
because it’s not given to us. Evil is here to teach us who manages us! Who can
make us like this, black, white, yellow, good or evil. People didn’t get to that
phase of evolution. It’s not possible to go step before Lord God. On all
differences we can see that it can be anyhow. Body is home to soul, which is
assembled from many spirits. Spirit in spirit, spirit in spirit of body. Sometimes
we have mental and physical illness, mental in spirit tortures you in many
ways, and physical, your body changes your spirit and you don’t have normal
measure, you are sick. In healthy body – healthy spirit; in healthy spirit-
healthy body.

210.] who is older, man who lives now or Christ?

I would say that you can have different answers on that. His body doesn’t get
old, and our do, and if we look like that people are bodily older than him. Soul
– one person doesn’t get old, time passes by and you just exist in different
periods of life, now until you get old, child – old man. Later you will not be
child or old man. You days will just pass by and you will not get older, you will
be at certain age in which body gets finish of development, and now when
body gets mature it starts to dry and die.

If you imagine yourself, out of body, and all events just like events, let’s say
your mind, in space and around you is nothing, you are alone and everything
happens in you, for example, you close your eyes and you imagine voices of
people you talk with who gives you questions, and you answer them by your
voice, you imagine events, if it is sorrow, then you notice that it only hurts in
you. Without space and time, in same way you live now, talk everyday same
things. Now is going on just one part of life, after that, second part of life when
you are physically dead, but you sleep, then you wake up and continue to live
in eternity, which began when your eternal life began, and that’s not day
when you were born, it’s the day you were conceived.

So our birthday is the day when we are conceived, and not the day when
someone saw us. You get eternal body, like Sir Jesus got it; soul doesn’t get old,
so when we are conceived, that is time from which we exist.

211.] Dirty robes of Christ

ZECHARIAH 3-3 Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and standing
before the angel. He spoke and said to those who were standing before him,
saying, "Remove the filthy garments from him." Again he said to him, "See, I
have taken your iniquity away from you and will clothe you with festal robes."
Then I said, "Let them put a clean turban on his head."
Dirty robes represent this life which is full of sinful acts, imperfectness, and
later we will all, like Sir Jesus, because he is called son of a man, because he is
from two men. We will all follow his example and get clean robes like him.

He wasn’t perfect, like now, and like that we are not. Everyone gets their robes
dirty, some may find this blasphemous, but it’s written like that. He advanced
and in the Bible it’s written that he was filled with knowledge and grew in
mercy of Lord God. If he was perfect from beginning it wouldn’t be written like

REVELATION 3-5 He who overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments;

and I will not erase his name from the book of life.

212.] Winner, first reached goal, first

Winner is someone who reached first, as I see it they could think of first ones,
and in translation it was winner. We have firsts who will be resurrected in
first resurrection so that would be my argument for that. People don’t win;
they are chosen to be first, determined for that.

213.] Angels and swords

How I see it people don’t understand meaning of swords, there are no

weapons in Heaven, or police, or army. There is peace. Angels with swords can
see people in visions, and visions can’t be interpreted literally, they have
allegoric meaning.

When Satan lost in rebellion which was like some kind of voting, then those
who voted for him they are removed from kingdom of Heaven, and I suppose
they lost body and they exist here between the Earth and kingdom of Heaven,
and they don’t know what is going on in kingdom of Heaven or what
somebody thinks.

In the Bible it’s written “not by military force, but with my spirit”, humanity is
changed by spirit. He changes people and improves their views on world, and
He gives that those views happen and become laws and opinion of humanity,
with His spirit. Angels lived in peace, they didn’t know for weapons or prison,
because they can’t die, why would they need swords?

214.] JOHN 1-1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into
being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has
come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light
shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

So He says “let there be light” and it was like that, whole seven days, and what
happened in every of these days, He said let it be like that, and that’s how each
day lives because He makes it alive. Light is alive, almighty spirit, to whom
Satan can’t do anything, that’s why it shines in darkness and darkness don’t
comprehend it.

215.] Jews and promised land Before Egypt they were nomads, when Lord God
promised them land, and why they were in desert they didn’t go out to explore
land, and that’s why they were for 40 years in desert, it is promised to them
but it wasn’t said when. Even though they thought they will get it right away,
prophecy doesn’t need to have time, it’s enough to believe that it will happen.
Maybe they fought war and got it on lots of blood, as part of their curse.
Everyone think it’s going to be now or fast, because people are impatient and
they don’t know how to live with given prophecy.

As I see it, while they were in Egypt they took male kids from them, because
they realized that they could rebel one day. Lord God kept them in desert and
after some time He gave them land, Jews were always in trouble because their
land. Especially after Sir Jesus, every nation attacked them and wanted to
conquer them, because it is important in Christianity. Nobody thought that he
was Jew too, and that they are attacking his people who are not responsible
for his death, and those who are responsible they were dead for ages.

People today are not in favor of Jews, Serbs and Muslims and generally the
people who aren’t like them. All those who don’t know or don’t believe like
you, they are not bad, they are cursed and they are without blessing, which
you have. People who are not Christians, they just call themselves by that
name. Christian simply can’t be filled with evil and revenge and punishment of
others. Behavior of Christians should be peacefully, they need to have
understanding what means to have blessing and curse, so all those who are
cursed and do evil to you and to others, you should pray for them, but people
who are not Christians are not perfect and they sin, they talk to people about
the Bible, because they got that love, and they go on everyone’s nerves and
they don’t want to hear preaching of someone for whom they know that he is
imperfect or sinful.
They don’t understand that those who are preaching that it’s part of their
improvement, because there is commandment that we need to talk to others
what is written because people don’t even think about Lord God. They still
didn’t get to be improved in other categories evil which takes part in every
man. Everyone have their evil and good.

All those who are angry, now can understand and stop being angry because
they speak to them for their own good and because they have to. Someone will
find it condemning, but one who is speaking didn’t want to sound like that. If
someone is guilty, he is not guilty because someone says so; he is guilty
because he is. Sir Jesus told “I don’t condemn you, your acts condemn you”, so
when your guilt cross your mind, don’t be angry, take it seriously and you
don’t need to think about your good and evil.

Good serves you for gratitude and counting of blessings, evil serves you for
understanding others and prayers and counting curses. So when you realize
that everyone has one and another, you write on a paper to better look at
yourself. Those are all cognitions how to act in certain situations, because 10
commandments are most significant and comprehensive cognitions.

216.] Paganism and sacrifices All those sacrifices and how it began, we all
were pagans, then Lord God makes us with times less and less pagans, people
are making states and pray to them even today. All that spilling of blood over
Altair, I can surely say that Lord God didn’t tell them that.

He told them that they invented that customs; they had that from their past
and when they got cognition from one Lord God that was just beginning of
their advance. All that what was bad in that time, they didn’t get cognition on
time, so they sacrificed in His name, as they sacrificed earlier in everyone’s

Jews chose Levi’s to be priests and they couldn’t posses lands, others gave
them in certain percentage or number of what they got.

They had law that forbids them to kill outside of tents, because they knew how
people are and by that they had control over killing. As I see and understand
life, I don’t believe that Lord God told them to choose Levi’s, because it is
widely known that when He choose man He don’t look from where he is, in
every family we have good and bad apples. So if someone is bad in Levi’s
family we should listen to him, and not to one who is chosen and have
knowledge, because he isn’t from Levi’s family. That’s just one view, nobody
knows what’s real truth, people wrote the Bible and people often exaggerate
and they make mistakes not knowing that they are mistaking.

He says in the Bible “I didn’t tell you that, you fathers thought you that”, or
your customs etc. Even though with basic Jewish customs is nothing wrong,
and our Christian customs are timely coincided with their customs, so we all
can celebrate at same time, because Lord God told them when to celebrate,
month and dates, and what it represents.

216.] It’s best to understand Bible as educational book in which credibility of

some events doesn’t matter, messages which are taken from such events are
what matter, and this is particularly important for the Old Testament. We
have two stories in the New Testament which are opposite to each other, in
which Sir Jesus allegedly says to one who was crucified, that he will be in
kingdom of Heaven with him today, and we know that he resurrected after
three days, or other story, which is story that goes through whole New
Testament, that actually all are sleeping and that they will be awakened in
first resurrection, they who are chosen. So that story seems to be true.

217.] thousand years

At the end of thousand years Satan will be released on people again, so that
people of that time can understand how they are better than people before
them, and that it’s not because of them, it’s because of Lord God who planned
to be that way, like He planned all evil and evolution through man.

People usually believe that when they die or awake that they will stand before
Lord God who will sit on throne and that He will tell them how were they.
Maybe He’ll show and say to everyone what He has to say and when we come
up there angels will welcome us like people who need hug, who lived in this
world, there where is peace, nature, clean air, good which wasn’t in that
measure on the Earth. When He decides over our fate, he firstly makes a plan
after He plan it, then He look at future to see what He will change in our life
and then assemble it all and that’s our fate which needs to happen and which
will happen. For example, He decides that someone will get AIDS, and then by
looking into future and seeing that someone is crying because he can’t marry
her, or have children and He feels sorry for that and then He decides that
person will not get AIDS.

Lord God, as we know, has book of life, He is organized person and He

probably has book in which are written only saints – chosen ones. Then He’ll
have book in which are families of chosen ones, and then He’ll have one book
in which are people from beginning by date of birth written with surname of
mother and surname of father and their social number. Nobody will open
book and read, and people will be raised in Heaven, Lord God will do that in
who we are all and He is in us. So He is with all and He knows who are they,
and whom He chosen and He will raise them, and dead ones who He uses to
create dreams, He will raise them too, He’ll give them body because He can do
anything, He is almighty.

218. Is it forbidden to wish absolution for yourself and punishment for others?

Some people preach that later those who are good will laugh to those who are
not, that is crazy because people will not mock other people, they will feel
sorrow for them, because we’ll understand that we could be the same if we
were left to evil. So we are not there because of our goodness, but because it is
decided that way. Lord God chooses big sinners and those who are worse than
good ones.

Those who are worse become better in the end and better built, and they were
sacrificed to evil, because of them who aren’t, in order that we could learn a
lesson that Lord God can do with us whatever He want, because He manages
us like puppets, and we’ll be forged in fire, like gold and we will have greater
value and better built, because we’ll understand on examples from our life,
and we’ll be those who truly understand and we’ll express ourselves with our

Others will talk the same from understanding and believe in truth that they
will find out. Without that truth there wouldn’t be anything and that is in fact
enough for anyone, but because truth was earlier and angels lived in it, before
Satan and angels were left to evil, and after them we, and all for the same
cause, just one of them started to show us, so we can see difference how it can
be, between good and evil, because when there was just good there wasn’t
measurement. He thought something better; show us how He manages us
from good to evil.

There must be measurements to measure truth about our existence and how
we function. He chose Satan to show everyone that we are all same to Him,
Satan was on high position, and he was smart and exemplary and all knew
him like that, then He gave him evil and by spirit of evil He made him
different, all that intellect started to live through spirit of evil.

Satan has idea to work opposite of normal, thinking that you do that through
me, I don’t care, pure spite, so he uses all intelligence for opposite to good, and
he have good ideas in doing evil. And from his spite he can do good, for
example, tell man what Lord God didn’t want to say to him, because his motto
is to do things which Lord God doesn’t like. Officially speaking, he doesn’t live
with body or spirit in kingdom of Heaven because he is kicked and he doesn’t
need to know what is going on there. He is discharged from his responsibilities
and now he is forbidden to work anything, good or evil.

Measure of good and evil is determined by Lord God and He gives

commandments, and then those who are responsible for commandments they
do it, and that’s their job. He doesn’t need any of them, angels or Sir Jesus, but
when He created them he gave them to exist like spirits with body in sky, and
with spirit where they are determined to be. These stories are here in search
for logic on basis of written things. It could be this way, it could be that way.

220.] His coming to the Earth

Everyone is speaking that he is coming, many of them don’t even think about
that, so when he comes he will raise people from different Christian religions,
so people will not understand what they need to believe and who is right.

I would recommend to all who read that you pray to be chosen for telling the
truth, because all we have now are fragments, and those fragments are
different in religions and nobody trust other religion because they didn’t get
that certain fragment. In Revelation it is written that it will be needed to
preach again, and I believe that this what I wrote is what angel says in
revelation: it needs to be preached again, so people can get the truth, even I
am not sure in everything, and I don’t say that I know everything.

Why would I say, I believe and that’s like it, why wouldn’t I say I am not sure,
because I am not sure about some versions of truth, now they suppose, and
later will be faith in what you know because you will know. I am completely
sure that Lord God created us all and that our will depends on His will, and
that Sir Jesus is son of man, like we are all, and that he is determined to be
first resurrected, in us and we in him, our representative who prays for our
good, and Lord God decides.

So for everything they say it’s real truth, so it’s up to Lord God to decide what
He will say to you, and what He will keep for Himself, and what He will
discard, and even when you are wrong it will sound good to you and you won’t
know that you are wrong.




As I see it people usually call supernatural, for example, Sir Jesus walks on
water, or he knows past and future, healing, freeing from Satan. I would say if
people don’t call creation of man and managing of him in every day
supernatural, then this first is not supernatural. We are all in Lord God and
it’s normal to Him to do all of that, if someone goes deaf and can’t speak, then
Lord God heals him and he speaks, that they call supernatural.

People speak, walk, breath, they don’t call that supernatural, and if it was
given then taken back they would call it supernatural. Natural is something
that is by His nature, how He is assembled normal- natural. Then He gives us
Himself how much He wants. I would call Him almighty, and if I would call
Him super then it would be supernatural=existence=interesting, or something
that is simply super.

Supernatural is something that belongs to body, healing or resurrection,

something opposite to nature. He invented our body which heals, you cut your
finger, then you bleed, and gradually you get new skin and you heal in that
way. For some body parts there is no healing or diseases, so when He heals
you it would be against the nature, anti-natural.
Reason of many diseases and their outcomes is way of life and diet, even
though it’s normal for people to have incorruptible body and live eternally,
now it’s taken from them to better understand. So He with way of life and diet
bring someone’s body till perfect possibilities and in that way life can be
extended or shortened.

Some get sick and then He heals them with help of our advanced medicine
which is welcomed by us, and He gives it to us, and they live! Others don’t get
sick and live. You live how you live, and it doesn’t matter how He decided for
you to live, if He wanted you to live longer then He would give you different
body at conception, He just merges sperm and egg, and from inside you would
be the same because it’s a spirit, which is not part of body or genes.

222.] How to pray When you pray you should jump over explanations,
because He knows what happened. He is spirit and He knows what you think,
then you should use combination of words and thoughts, you say some by
words and some by thoughts. What you think is what you hear, because He
gives you thoughts. He knows what you want before you ask.

People hear and think all kind of things, and believe and they don’t know that
they are wrong in those which they hear. To hear well, Lord God needs to
decide how you will hear. People are mistaking and they don’t know they are
wrong, they don’t know in what they live, they don’t believe that it applies to
them, because they don’t believe and they can’t do different, until Lord God
decides that they believe other way.

Every man have certain shape of head and determined quality of skin, but no
matter of their outside, spirit decides about your lines, how you care about
skin, spirit of anger, laugh, spirit of Satan or spirit of health, and in that way
we get what we are, spirit shapes us.

223.] Fear from Lord God – and how He looks like?

As we all now we have awe, and everyone agree that He deserves it, that is
true, but people have fear and they pass it on next generations like be good or
I will punish you, and it comes down to everyone repeating it and life doesn’t
go through fear, everyone lives and work how it comes, and fear is not in

We all live how it is, and it’s good until temptation come, sometimes you
notice it and sometimes you don’t.

No matter did you notice or not, you fall, those who read the Bible they usually
see better, but when you need to do something better you will do the same just
like those who are not religious. It’s because one reason, we don’t think what
we will do or what we will sin, He is the one who thinks for every man, we just
hear. No matter if you are Christian or not. While He lived with angels in
Heaven and there were no people there was just good, they didn’t know about

They all were good, and when you do well you don’t need fear. So all this evil is
He giving us to show what He can, if He wants, then logically fear comes out of
that, awe, who is creator and to whom belongs all, who have full power for
doing good and evil, if He wants that way. We and angels and any other living
soul, we can’t do anything against Him, it’s crazy to rebel against someone
who you can’t win. All this evil that we met through our life we see how strict
and ruthless person He can be, if He wants.

But, to comfort you, all this evil will pass and we will live in His good, full of
understanding personality and we won’t live in fear because we will do good.
Simply, like now bad is coming out of us, good will come out.

As we all know punishment, punishment could be described like someone who

wants to tell you something seriously. That’s how I see Him, He, if He wants,
can punish us, and just like that He can spare anyone, people or angels. It’s all
up to Him, so both outcomes are logic, on basis of truth that nobody could do
better or worse, because He determined all, and created sky and earth and
everything that’s in it. I don’ believe that I will be punished when all this is
gone; I like the version of total amnesty. When He would do like that, I could
give myself to Him completely and say justice, wisdom, you are amazing
Inaccessible mind of Lord God and His thoughts to people, but how it looks
like, by all what’s written in the Bible, it’s not like that. I will be sure of it when
I enter Heaven, and until that happens I’ll believe that He is justly, because it’s
not yet proved that He is not. It is proved that He lacks mercy, so I don’t
believe that is all mercy, that is disappointing and I would like that it’s not
true, because He is mine and ours Lord God, and it hurts me if there is
something to say against Him, like thorn, but what can you do. Sometimes
when something is true, you simply have to make peace with it and stop
negating and justify certain person because of love, position or power.

He gives man to evil, then that man gets evil on evil and there is no end. Then
people logically think that they are punished with second evil for first evil, and
then new evil would be punishment for some other evil and there is no logic in
it. If He didn’t let you to first evil, He wouldn’t punish you with second. Even
though I see suffering in evil as redemption and evil rebuilds you.

Big problem for people is because they don’t pray that He does like that.
Everyone is passing on generations hate for Satan and people who are
obsessed and did great evils, because it’s good to hate evil and run from it.
They couldn’t do better, it’s a key word, Sir Jesus understood that and he
prayed to forgive them because they don’t know what are they doing and he
wasn’t saying that to Lord God, Lord God told him that. People and angels
should unite and pray for amnesty, because He knows and we know that they
couldn’t do better, He announced that.

I believe that if you believe in His justice you don’t need to pray for amnesty,
because you believe what He thinks.

Why does He need punishment, it’s enough to change everybody and make
something better than it is. Punishment and prisons have sense because in
that way you prevent certain man to continue doing evil, some do evil whole
life and they don’t stop, and some change to better.

If Lord God gives punishment on this world, some would be better to lock up
for whole life, and some would be better to release earlier. As we know, those
who He changes have extenuating circumstances, by which they get out
earlier. Sometimes He changes people after first jail time, some after few. All
are worthy and by Him they have right to be pardoned and changed on better.
We have example in the Bible, when He blinded Saul, who killed and hunted
Christians, and He didn’t just forgive him, He chose him to serve Him in
eternity. He chose him before many good people who did good whole life, He
chose killer and torturer of Christians, who represented and spoke to world
about Him.

Is there justice by human justice! No, but there is justice which people don’t
know, and because they don’t know it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and that
it’s not justly. I was big sinner, scandalous to myself and to people, I hope that
they will never find out of some of my sins, because I am ashamed, I still sin
but it goes on better. I don’t like being like this, but how it’s written in the
Bible; I stand and fall before Lord God. I don’t expect from people to have
understanding because I know they can’t understand and I don’t blame them
for that.

So when they are yelling on me, I can be in Lord God’s understanding, and
from that understanding I understand people and world we live in. When He
brings you to reason, He calms you down, He limits your words, and you start
to look realistically on life and what life brings. Treat people how you want to
be treated. That is message of Christianity which people repeat and admire
but they don’t live through it.

224.] How do we come and wasn’t He always here?

Sometimes people think that they came to Lord God, because they started to
pray or read the Bible, and then they begin to understand, because they are
not stupid, they started to understand better, how would they understand if
they weren’t reading?

Pope and all other religious people read, and they understand differently, it
seems like I am very smart person. They live in delusion and from that
delusion new delusions come, and misunderstanding of yourself and others
and world. Start of your religiousness is start of announcement and your
progression. You probably think that what you think is right, and that is what
everyone think, and if they read in Revelation when it is said that it’s needed
to preach again to people and nations, that applies on all Christians and those
who are not Christians yet.

People, in their wisdom, who believe that possess, don’t get the meaning of
word creator, and meaning of word creature, because wisdom of this world is
delusion, and wisdom of that world is truth in which we live. How much man
thinks that he is intelligent and obviously he is stupid. I am human, I was more
stupid than many, now I am going to better, and I am still stupid because if I
am wise I wouldn’t sin no more knowing that He is here with me and that He
watches me.

Wise man is not just one who wise speaks; he is the one who does wise. He
created wise man, and that is Sir Jesus, because he is finished. When man or
child want to do something bad, and if their parent or boss is present, they
don’t do while they are watching, and Lord God is here and we ignore Him.

That is a proof how Lord God makes us unreasonable and totally crazy when
we do all of this when He is here. That is lesson for us, that He manages us like
robots. One who is wise, he is wise because just one reason, Lord God speaks
wisely to him and does through him, and that is applied to everything. If He
wants He can make people to look in white color and to say that it’s black
color, but He didn’t want to show us example on colors, He announced to us
example of creator creating a creature, and people again think that they
manage themselves, and that they create and that they deserved it as they

Those who understand, they understand, because it’s determined to

understand, and those who don’t, they are determined to misunderstand. So
those who understand, understand those who misunderstand, because they
didn’t understand until they get understanding. One of basic foundation
understands and everything that goes through understanding is peaceful,
good and reasonable.

And about these wars and sorrow and destroyed families, young and old, they
should all stop, in the name of peace give someone what is yours, for price of
peace, and then when Sir Jesus comes then we will get justly borders, actually
there will be no borders, we will have same president, Him.

225.] Name of kingdom

When you look, states and planets have a name, which name would be ours
known kingdom of Heaven. People had kingdoms and kings before, then it is
kingdom of Heaven, but up there they have Lord God, maybe it’s called by
Him, or who know what it is its name. Maybe eureka, because when He
thought of it He said eureka, eureka means found, discovered. He is not king,
He is Lord God, and He is more like deity of heaven. That’s just me little
philosophizing, I am playing with words, it actually doesn’t matter.

226.] Existence of evil

Chosen angels, chosen people, chosen to be, from himself sacrificed for all
those who got good. Those who are forged in fire, these others simply got
everything easy, chosen to be exemplary to all, more to themselves than to
others, because they will understand a lot, and others will just hear. They will
experience, and others will just know about that. All people will have life in it,
and it wouldn’t matter which religion you were, people are people, all equal in
getting good and evil, and it just depends how it will be balanced.

Because it is written punishment, then punishment would be something to

show that He is serious and that we need to take Him seriously, that would be
raising at act. You must think of Him as He deserve whole glory and rules of
behavior intended to Him, He will convince you in it, when you think to get to
think and understand. He showed you that on examples from the beginning of
evolution, through your life and world and surrounding where you live.

People are not aware how states differ from one to another. That’s all in order
you can see that He can do however He wants, it’s just because He decided for

People live in one century, and in that century evolution is happening like
world in that century, in different degrees of advance, and we individuals too.
Angels didn’t experience evolution like we, they got at beginning, and we get
by time, steps forward, steps backward, so we see that it can be in anyway.

Goods that exist today, especially in Christian countries doesn’t exist in non-
Christian countries, people suffered a lot in the past in the name of
Christianity from Christian leaders, popes. Now it’s better but leaders are not
so good, as I see it, people hold them for leaders and they believe more to them
than to themselves, Lord God or Sir Jesus.

People raise them, and they are students as themselves. If someone is the
same, you do not need to believe everything what he says, and you don’t need
to believe everything that crosses your mind. We live in a world in which every
leader has its like-minded and from those like-minded leaders come out, same
Bible, different interpretations.
It’s clearly written, but people don’t see with their open eyes, don’t hear with
their ears, don’t believe, He limits us how He wants and we live in it and again
we don’t see. What is yes what is no, who has mind? Those who are
determined to understand! Punishment doesn’t matter at all, because it’s
enough said in the Bible about that topic.

Because everyone believes in relief from sins, they don’t get upset, and those
who don’t think they don’t care. Punishment didn’t happen yet, thousand
years after Sir Jesus be in charge on Earth, he will tell to living about that, and
those who will be dead will not hear about it, they didn’t bother with that.
Everyone believes in punishment and they are not doing better, even though
they talk about punishment like saving through fire, torments in this life,
obviously suffering in evil will count for punishment.

Imagine situation in which people who don’t pray get the same amount of
good and evil, and then when they start praying and when they get good, they
think that’s because they prayed. I don’t say it’s in vain asking for good, but
it’s good to know good as cognition.

Lord God thinks of us before we pray, He knows all human torments and how
we are experiencing them, because He created people and how would they
feel. As He said in the Bible, whips son who He loves. There are different
whipping intended for people, he got his measure of evil, and all other theirs.
That whipping and evil is here as part of our education, what is in us and
around us.

As for existence of punishment, this doesn’t seem logic to me because people

don’t have control over themselves. Maybe He invented it to give us cognition
of eternity when we take part in eternity in good and we will do good, that we
have cognition somewhere in mind, that no matter He controls us, we should
know good, that it can be worse or better, and that our acts and thinking and
beliefs always need to tend to being better, and not to do what is easier.

Punishment could be good point, act which He gave us like credit for good and
positive thoughts that we will have, so all we have in eternity we deserved on
ourselves or on evil intended for humanity. We will all get good to think and
do, because that will come out of us.

Like He makes us living souls, like we are real, even we are not real like Him,
because we are created and we get from Him to feel and be real and then all
that evil makes you more realistic, like you earn with evil and torments to
exist and be one person who is real, because we are, but in other way, He is
real. It all comes out of Himself and He is real, and we are just made to look
real and to feel like that. We live and we are real by spirit which is in us
because Lord God is person by whom we got life and He lives from us, through

He could be, if He wanted, with spirit through one man like He is Himself, but
He didn’t want to take human body and to be it, He created body and gave life
with spirit, piece of Himself and made us and imagined every person to be
different how we are and that we have certain fullness which are part of Him,
and in the end we will be finished and finally get good.

As we know everyone is speaking about Sir Jesus coming, in Armenia 2007

they saw light in sky in shape of cross with crucified body, it is interesting that
Armenians are first Christian community, in few days it will be 2010, they
announced third world war in November. Will there be a war or not, it would
be my first date to wait, because I saw other prophecy online, in which one
good old Christian woman had vision and she said that he will come before
that war.

Nuclear and chemical weapons will be used in that war, and it will start like
common war. I guess that Sir Jesus will come before those explosions. Will
there be explosion and will he come before greater evil, someone could be
killed, like they are killed in every war, chosen and non-chosen, but before it
happens evil where are chosen ones, and they are all around the world.
Sometimes they interpret prophecies literally, and sometimes letter kills, that
old woman was from Norway, Valdarez, and page on internet is called Jesus
coming soon, suddenly.

I didn’t intend to believe to any prophecy when it will be, because many lived
and died before us, so if that needs to be, let it be like that with me, I would
have chance to preach gospel during my life, and if it comes I said to Lord God
that I have nothing against that He leaves me to work for Him, even though I
really want to go in Heaven, because I need healing which only He can give
me, because I constantly suffer, I want to work. Now I’m in process of
translation my documents in English, so I can share my views on world and
religion with all people, for what He decided to give me, share with world, so I
can see how I hear, accept what Lord God decides for them to accept.

I have different thinking and some versions of truth, for some I am not sure, so
I’ll wait until I go upstairs, to find out real truth, if not, maybe Lord God will
give me to believe just one, from what I think in other versions. But one
version is true, He is creator, we are creatures together with Sir Jesus, who is
with his body in heaven and by spirit in us, and who represents our interests in
truth by which he knows Lord God and he knows when to ask, when to agree,
and when persuade Him for better.

I hope that I will translate it in English, and if I don’t, you can do it, I don’t
want to profit after my death or leaving, but however it will be what it will be.
As it’s said in the Bible, who is for exile in exile he will be, who needs to be
killed, he will be killed, that is faith and existence of saints. For everyone it’s
determined what is determined. That is our life that we live.

227.] Calendar signs of prophecies

Bible and his coming we can interpret in two ways, when it is said that Sun
will go dark and moon will shine no more, and that generation will not die
until he comes. That relates to his coming together with saints or coming
before that when he raised and awakened dead. Before that second coming
there will be people preaching, but evil will continue to happen, until Lord
God repent them and prepare them for coming of Sir Jesus who will be
accepted, and then it will be better.

All that prophecies, starting with the Old Testament have same basic truths,
and then with new prophecies we get more additional explanations how it
will be, but we don’t understand everything. Prophecies are like clock or
calendar, you follow them when they happen and then you know where you
are, and what is coming and how much is left until good and peace, but you
don’t know how much time is in between.

228. Eclipse

When asteroid or comet hits the Earth then day looks like night, and probably
night and Moon look different. Sun will go dark and Moon will shine no more,
it can relate to asteroid in Siberia 1908. Some people live over 100 years now.
Even prophecies do not have timely meaning, so you wait one generation to
pass and you measure from eclipse Sun and Moon.

As I see it, regardless of the prophecies and not knowing when they will be, we
all will have day when we will be faced to existence of Lord God. It will happen
to all of us in certain time, and those who are died centuries before, they don’t
have sense of time, they had life like we have which passed when they fall
asleep. They all awake like they awake every night and they know what
happened in dreams but they don’t have sense of time, they just wake up and
continue they life in body.

229.] Mother, child and father peers

In kingdom of Heaven mother, child and father would be peers, they’ll spend
time in relaxation and joy, and everyone will understand everyone, and
everyone will be reasonable. In eternity, in Heaven, we will probably stop
working for wage and nothing will cost, all will do their part and live like one
community. We all will be same aged and we’ll get along as peers, go to store,
and take what we need. There is no police or army, because it’s peace, even
though we will have departments which do their job, which will be opposite
from this now – organizing. All will be like now, without evil. Organized and
harmonized and all have their reason of existence. Health will be in lungs, you
will be like lucky child in nature.

230.] Water and fire

Preachers of gospels, we call water, and world to which they are preaching is fire, water extinguishes
fire. On extreme temperatures we get ice, it is scientifically proved, I watched on television. So when
the water wins over fire then we all will be Christians by spirit. Christians are forged in fire, and you
come on that extreme temperature when Lord God finishes you, in the same way as he finished Sir

Dirty robe you wear now is dirty because you live in this world, which is starting part of life, and dirt
from robe fire will turn in ashes, which you will shake from yourself. Then you will be white and you
will understand that such robe requires belt. Then Lord God will give you belt, and each hole on that
belt will represent your virtues. Then you will get watch, and you won’t experience time anymore, like
you have end, you will live in eternity, and eternal life is experienced differently, and in new
experience it lives.

People now, even though they live eternally, still didn’t get watch, and they need hat which in this
story represents faith. Faith in what it is, to see how it is. Live in reality, by spirit who is logical to
come out of that reality, and it’s logical by health of spirit. Because we now live and Lord God is here,
and if we have healthy spirit, then we wouldn’t do this what are we doing, because spirit would do by
reality in which we live, and that is He is here, with His directions how He wants us to live, by
cognitions- by what He is speaking to us.

232.] LIGHT If you imagine yourself as light, light which lights like in Heaven, and people in this world
have different lightings which lures them and light through them, because they are in them and they
are in that bad light. There are so much new lights, amazingly blasphemous in every way, in which
they shouldn’t be. This old, basic light people don’t notice, because of so many lights in dark.
Darkness is existence and light came after because it’s needed for life.

People didn’t like true light, but they will later, they don’t know what to watch, and when they know
they can’t to not watch in forbidden direction, and some of them think that they have right light, and
they don’t even intuit that they look in wrong light, everyone thinks that bad light is light from other.
Like stars in the sky and every has its glow. We need Sun to live, but looking in the sky you don’t know
what Sun is and what is star in galaxy.

233.] Light is born from vine So people, light was born from vine and started to smolder, but people
didn’t know how to get fire. Then embers wished that it want to become big and best fire and that
firewood could only be found in sky and fire from sky warm us and gives us good in this life, and it
shines through people with all intentions.

Everyone knows just theirs glow, so what is good in others, they refuse and they don’t give hands to
that person in order to get war, so many fire and they are freezing. They got hypothermia and all is
upside down in them, but good in all that is that He who created and gathered woods, gave her life,
to smolder, He is our oxygen, in which fire lives, and that would be our life.

I He is not giving oxygen, there wouldn’t be wood or embers or fire or light, but people would say it
could be like this, it could be like that, Lord God would say that you don’t live in could be, you live in
how it is. Could it be different, it could if I wanted! All this in which you live, and what lives through
you, that was final decision, and could only be one, and that is what it is.

234.] How world advances?

Religion is part of it, all advances same. Every generation discover something new and it becomes
cognition, and then on basis of those cognitions we get new cognitions, we discard some cognitions
and some are still here, and they advance until they purify people’s eyes, so they see where they
should go forward and where to stop. Our eyes are full of sand, ears are deaf, brain is poisoned,
hands and legs dirty, it’s not surprise that it is how it is. We wash ourselves in water of baptism, but
water isn’t what purifies us, Holy Spirit does that, clear ears, open eyes, we get perfect mind, and
hands and legs are ready for every good deed. Legs bear you and lead in one, and only one good
direction, and with hands everything you work is perfect as it is.

Baptism is ritual, act in which you declare your affiliation in front of people, act in which you openly
admit existence of Lord God and dedication to Him, that’s from outside. In this world we have so
many rituals, so those meaningful lose glow, everyone swear in one and get other, Christians will be
like non-Christians , and non-Christians will be like Christians, level of civilization.

We are all baptized when we are conceived and when we came out of water. In sky our name will be
people, who want to get to end, had to have beginning. All that begins and ends, and then through
what is finished, that is through what you live eternally. I feel sorry for people who will suffer
eternally, because I understand how it is to be big sinner, and couldn’t do better. So I imagine myself
in Hell, and all others happy in Heaven. All they think that I’m guilty and that it needs to be like that,
and I think I am not guilty, I couldn’t be better. All that happened to me, every evil in own time.

Then, when I saw what is happening, that those what showed up when I didn’t know, that it show up
now when I now, all come in vain, I understood that I don’t have control over my life, and my false
cognition of my free will was shot down, because why would I want my life to be like this. I feel like He
don’t care for me, and then again I know it’s not true. He is simply strong person who doesn’t take
care of mercy, on His plan, because plan is hard for reason, and because of reason it’s like this.

We are all determined and we can’t be where it isn’t decided for us to be. They don’t understand that
we need to pray for those who got evil, some simply started to gain new evils, and others gain good, I
am sorry for those who got evil, because I understand them. I don’t believe in eternal suffering, even
though it’s written in the Bible, when I come in Heaven and when Lord God says to me, then I will
believe, and for now, stories about hell are contradictory.

When I write, it’s not because I want people to know what I think, I am fine personally and I don’t
care for sharing thoughts with people, only reason because I write is that Christians need to preach
what they hear, to share their knowledge and cognitions with others, so it is only reason for existence
of my books.

I can’t wait for time when I’ll be purified, because now when I notice dirt, glow and feel of cleanliness,
I am eagerly waiting for that day, which will come. Before, when I wasn’t looking, I had bigger peace,
and now when I look, I have peace and turmoil. Even though my turmoil is not because of my many
sins, because I haven’t control over myself, and I have peace in Him. It is best to live in loneliness and
don’t bother about what people think, it is important what Lord God thinks. He is always with you and
He is only who knows you, because He created you. You alone, exist and you don’t know yourself, you
get to know yourself piece by piece, as He announces you.

When I say to someone what I think or believe, it’s so discouraging that it hurts me bad. People come
to me as I am the stupidest person in the world; they look me from highness and hold me lectures. I
always lose and when I know that I’m right, I go out as loser, I feel bad later and I don’t like to talk to
anyone, all I get is sermon and outrageousness, but that doesn’t matter, because I know why those
people think like that, because I thought like that before, and it’s logical for them to think like that
considering their faith.
Simply, I don’t see anything positive coming out of that, so I don’t argue with people, because we
can’t get to reasonable conclusion. Maybe that is what Sir Jesus said, “don't throw your pearls to
pigs”, so to whom we can preach, they all turn out to be pigs. Because I believe different, that pigs
will get human shape and mind, because their ears and eyes will open, all that I write, I write for
future generations because it’s not like they need me to tell them, they’ll believe the same as I.

They will read the Bible and it will be shown to them. Even though I didn’t get to believe immediately,
it comes with time. As I see new generations will pass through that phase, they will maybe be
different in fullness through different churches until they all unite and start believing in same.

It will start before coming, and we know when it will be definitely, when Sir Jesus comes back with
chosen ones to make peace and to say everyone what is truth. So many commandments, and it says
that we need to keep up to them, and then again it says that we can’t if He doesn’t do it through us.
Those commandments are announces of good and evil. Something that is known that we can’t but we
have commandment and we have to try be better, cognitions of good.

We are all different, and because we are different, we sin in different categories. Simply said,
everyone should try to do everything and make a list what need to improve, and tend to do. It all
comes to that, people can’t control themselves, because they don’t have control over themselves and
their spirits from which they are assembled, every in own way.

236.] Coming in and out

And find grazing, it relates to periods in your life when you feel more religious and you hear
something new and interesting. So when we are in, He feeds us, and when we are out that is when He
releases us in world and saves us how much He wants and He decides to put you in and feed you with
words and spirit. When you are wounded, He looks at you in pain and thinks how happy you will be
later, all evils are educational measures, not just to believe, you need to see and understand on
yourself and on others.

So how He feeds you, which is how much you grow up. When you see your growth doesn’t think that
you are smarter than others, because for truth you don’t need to be smart, it’s simple, but you should
get to understand. Lord God makes a story, show Christianity to you. Word religion is what bothers
me, because we don’t call this life religion, and truth is which we live in, and life we will live in.

We live now in truth, but we don’t believe or we don’t know. Later it will not matter which religion
you are, we will all live and work, but we’ll be happy, healthy and immortal. I would take word reality
instead of religion, but that word obviously serves us well right now, because that how we differ one
from another, every in their religion.

237.] Spirit of music

As we know, people got music, but certain people got drunk, abused drugs and believed that they are
in Lord God in that way. Every in their superstition, possessed by spirit of evil, which gave them
thoughts, which Lord God didn’t give them, He gave allowance to Satan to do that. He knows for
good and evil, but he is obsessed with evil and he possesses us, it is in his heart. In same way we are,
and good and evil, and everyone do how it is determined for individual to do, light and dark, black
and white, warm and cold. All have their reason of existence. People gradually discover reasons and
good and evil world still don’t understand.

238.] Mental - spiritual processes

Are basic views of mental-spiritual activity? They can be cognitive, emotional and conative-

Cognitive are filling with knowledge, building, it happens through whole life, family impacts that.
Those who like good and admire it have well exemplary and go to them. So everyone goes in their
own direction and when they go they don’t know which direction it will be, so you know or you don’t
know you have same way.

That’s how old saying goes: every bird to its own flock, some fell and die, some get sick, and some sick
get healthy. There will be no more that shepherds take care for their own; there will be shepherds
from sky, incorruptible and capable. They all will live for thousand years, without Satan, but just like
before them, they will need to be left to evil, for their own good.

> Asparagus <

Thorns were evil, and asparagus was good. You can hardly spot asparagus in thorns, so those who
seek for asparagus when they find it they cheer up, and those who are crazy and walk bare foot they
get stabbed.

239.] Crazy and world

People didn’t blame crazy in beginning, because they know they are crazy, what is crazy it is
considered crazy. So they are all crazy like in craziness, and crazy speak to other crazy that they are
crazy and they laugh like crazy. Crazy people don’t go to jail; they go to mental hospital because it’s
forgiven to them, because they are crazy. Because there is no place for all of us in mental hospital, we
live in crazy world, and Lord God takes care of us. He made us crazy, to be wise later, because if we
weren’t crazy we wouldn’t know in which way we could be crazy.

Then, one day, we will see something on ourselves, something on others, how different craziness
there exist, and we’ll stop to believe in our prudence, because we will know then who gives it. When
people think about Him, they say He gives me prudence, and when they don’t think they say I have it
without Him giving it to me. Crazy but true. Crazy people don’t believe when someone says to them
that they are crazy, that’s why you don’t argue with crazy people.

240.] Emotions

Next part of building human is emotional. It is interesting that man doesn’t believe that emotions are
learned, they come from themselves. That is one true, but there are other, if you are raised in family
which doesn’t show their emotions it can impact you. Then we have people who experience emotions
but they don’t show them in same way.
When you listen to someone who is emotional, you become emotional. We all live in society which
expects emotions from us, so when our emotions aren’t like others, people often feel guilty, then they
let themselves to spirit in order to look more emotional, and that is lie in fact.

We all get our way of experiencing and we need to be in peace with it.

241.] Motivation

Motivation is next category in which we live depending how we are motivated. Imagine Lord God, He
always thinks of something and works, how He would feel if it’s other way round.

It’s good to people when they work, and they are active, when they come to retirement they feel
boring without activity. Even though we all don’t want to work and we want free days, when we get
that we see that it’s better to us while we work, and we get additional blessing – money, which allows
us better environment of living and better start in life for kids.

242.] Mental, spiritual qualities, marriage Character, temperament, those are categories which are
manifested through us. They are very important in our life and there are oppositions like good and
evil, light and dark, everything is separated, and then again, they make whole.

More spiritual in any kind of spiritual saying, often your reactions are excessive, they corrupt your
judgment, and spirit of love is known to all of us which blinds us. It’s only good if you are blind and
stupid and you are in love with good person.

When people are in love, they don’t care about anything, all evil and good advices they hear from
others, people would say it doesn’t come to their brain, and then when it comes it is late and they
look at person they loved, and they don’t know why they fall in love with such person, explanation is
that they were possessed by spirit of love.

They see how they were stupid, and they didn’t even think that they are so stupid. Then they find
themselves in spirit of marriage in which they think and can’t think differently, now I am married and
that’s how it needs to be. They don’t think as they thought when they were free; I don’t love this
person, now I’ll leave her.

All those which they don’t like now they live with it, and that’s how Lord God with spirit of marriage
holds us in marriage, if there is not that spirit nobody would be in marriage after they meet each
other. If you think that you are right, then it’s best to stop being clever and escape commenting
something, when you know how it will finish, because it always finishes the same. Two different
persons, when in marriage, it is not surprise that they don’t get along, so it’s best when people have
some common interest, education or something like that.

Spirit of marriage is left to evil, so we have many divorces. Even though divorce is given to people like
mercy, people take more than it’s given to them. So those who are in marriage and feel like that, they
should know that people felt like that since always, and they lived even worse, and that it’s nothing
new to them, simply marriage looks like that. You should approach it in a way in which you want to
have peace in house and family.
That is often possible by forgiving, understanding, and obeying, because it’s better than fight all the
time, because when people start to fight, they are found in spirit of anger and from that spirit new
evil is born, and if you are doing peacefully than peace is born.

And then life passes, and people often calm down during life and start to appreciate the other person,
so they are happy in old days. Husbands that were bad to their wives look at them how they were
good and they are aware of their injustices which they done and they get better to them.

When to speak and when to keep quiet?

It all happens in our life and we are all slaves of our spirit. We are all raised how it should be, and we
think like that until we do something opposite from what we thought it should be. Then when we do
how strict it should be, it doesn’t seem strict, and so on through our life we destroy strictness and in
the end we look what have we done, but then is late.

Then man would realize that how it should be are basic cognitions which we broke, because it wasn’t
our personal cognition, it was general cognition, cognition from someone else which became
accepted because that is decided to be. So all those to whom is proved by those cognitions weren’t
good, that’s how they should look at themselves, they couldn’t be different.

We all think good about ourselves, but simply it has proven that it’s not like that. People are simply
stuck with some image about themselves and like love you don’t hear and see how are you, but in
order to ease you, you aren’t only one like that, it happens to many. Everyone think he is clever or
that he has good intelligence, but life proves other.

If you noticed when you talk with someone and that person explains you about some place, and you
create image in your head, and when you come at that place you see that place doesn’t look like
place in your head, or when you read a book they get different voices and they form in your head like
imagines persons. I wanted to say with this example that similar pictures in our head can get us to
wrong conclusions.

Let’s take this example, two friends talk and one says to another how her friend did her something,
and she is really mad at her. This other who listens doesn’t know that person, but she creates bad
image of her in her head. And this first one has two cognitions about that person, good and bad, good
are good moments that she spent with her, and this second one knows just bad about her, and who
knows how much time will pass until she meets good side of her.

No good will come out if we speak just bad things of someone, so it’s best if you must say something
bad, start think to say something good. Because if you just say bad it’s not in harmony with life we
live, and it’s not balanced and it’s missing something. And as we know it’s never good when we miss
something, in order to get to right conclusion about someone you need to know him more.

I often did, when someone on work does something bad to me or says something bad to me, and I
come home and start to talk to husband what happened, and when I hear how bad he looks at it, I
start to defend that person, because I don’t look at that bad way at it, as he does, so I got cognition
that it’s better to be silent, because I am sick when I see how big evil can get from that.
People sometimes, when they say about somebody they don’t know how this other person will accept
it, sometimes people talk how they understand, and not how it is. For example, it happened to me, I
work in deli-bakery, and we have a table there and chair because we need to fill papers and orders,
and I am force, and this other person passed the door, she works at cash register, and she doesn’t
know what my duties are.

When she saw this other one next time, she told her that I am sitting, and that one went to shop
manager to tell that I am sitting. When I heard that, I felt bad, and I couldn’t not to think about it
because that was injustice, then I talked to shop manager and I tell her what happened, and she likes
me how I do my job, and she told me to not bother about it, that she doesn’t care what that other one
told, she knows how I do my job.

This first who started it all by telling this other that I am sitting, I didn’t tell her anything, I acted like
nothing happened. I know that she didn’t see what I am doing because she was far away, and that
she didn’t mean anything bad, simply things are bad sometimes.

Once I had boss who is homosexual, I don’t care what he is, I treated him like boss and very capable
and amazing person and I admired his work. Because I am religious when I have a chance I discuss
with people about religion.

So I discussed with him common religious views, without mentioning homosexuality, which I consider
abnormal, he got insulted. I didn’t tell anything to hurt him, his conscience and cognition of good and
evil touched him, and homosexual exaggeration, hypersensitivity.

Then when I heard from someone else that he experienced talk like that, I told him that I was big
sinner and that he is probably better in life than I, and that I didn’t talk to him with intention to hurt
him. Those are all cognitions that I share with people, nothing personal. I didn’t write Bible, I agree
with that opinion, and accept it like my opinion.

When I tell the world, before I say it, I know that there will be some disappointing reaction and that it
will look to me that I spoke in vain, but I speak only because two reasons, because of cognition that
we should remark people on written, what Lord God said, and second is crucial, I wouldn’t say if Lord
God didn’t decide for me to say.

Sometime when you know that it would be better if you wouldn’t say anything, because of fear and
feel of obligation you speak, because you feel you have to.

243.] Growing up

Childhood is divided on first childhood, early childhood, middle childhood and late childhood and it
lasts till twelfth year. With growing up man gets separated from parents. Starts with being close to
them and later they want to be far from them. With growing up we get new cognition and views on
life, and because we are all different that is what separates us. Kids don’t agree with parents, and
vice versa. In such cases both can be wrong and right, no matter if it is child or parent.

244.] Adolescence or young adulthood

In that time, child enters new phase of development which separates him more visibly, he wants to
fly, full of life and will for freedom, but problem is that life and freedom starts in adolescence, but
young people don’t understand that they can’t have it fully.

Various rebellious outbursts and fights, especially if kids compare strictness of their family, with
instability from other families, where children have more freedom, more freedom means more time
outside of home and hanging out with their peers or older kids who already got more freedom or they
have it from before and they start to corrupt in contact with youth left to their own and they tend to
something that other have in shape of freedom or their relation with parents. So, young people
usually love someone’s parents more than their own. That is not surprising because parents usually
treat him friendly when he come over or they are more modern so kids want the same for their

They are not aware of problems that families have and which flaws, but with youth come to reason
and they understand that every family has positives and negatives. But however, we all have our
parents and we can’t change them, like they can’t change their children, we are stuck with each

Children want more, and their parents wanted more than they do, we live in this world which began
to change significantly after WWII and we are getting new evil and new good.

We live in such world because people now are generally not good to say no, and when they see that
others allow something to their children and that youth lives like that today, they do like that
themselves. So we are all getting slowly corrupted through generations and every generation gets
additional evil.

There is so much evil which shouldn’t exist and which should stop, but evil is spread like weeds, if you
don’t destroy it, it grows and it gets strong root. Problem is that people don’t notice and they don’t
see how bad weeds are, so weeds become normal, like it’s now. People who see all that evil find that
they can’t separate children from it, children live in such world.

Bad family or bad world is important factor to every individual, they corrupt them and it becomes
worse. When Sir Jesus comes, he’ll change world and families, and with every new generation will be
better. And I say with every new generation because who got later and those who are raised in it and
they didn’t hear for different, good stays as part of them, but it all unite in certain manner.

As I see it, we all can just surrender ourselves, and say it is simply impossible to change world and us.
It will have social-democratic state, ruled by religion, and people who come with him back on the
Earth will be in education, psychology, sociology, justice system, and in government and in all places
where corruption happens now.

All will accept him, because all will wait for him knowing that when he comes, everything will be
better. Now when you look, you see evil how it grows and you can’t stop it by yourself. Lord God
changes people to better and to worse by spirit. Our presidents and government and private owners
are capitalists and nobody thinks about health of state, they just think about their interest.
When Sir Jesus comes, he will think about that. People will have their companies, those who are
capable for work and who are very enterprising, but there will be new laws which will hold public and
private holdings in harmony and justly in order to function properly.

We are all bad now, but if you put in power someone who is bad then he is bad on that position. So
everyone does its measure of evil, if someone thinks good, he gets corrupted or if got mind, he quits,
he sees that he will ruin everything if he does by moral principles, he’ll choose wrong side, and he will
become worse for its material interest and success in career.

Everyone depends to each other, and they do services to those who are in power because they tend to
higher position. That would be like when people sell themselves for material goods and they get
corrupted. As I see it, in life, we all should be good, don’t get corrupt, be poor but better.

245.] Adulthood

In that age, people get their mind cleared and they look back and how they thought before, they
would like to change past, but they can’t. They should look and think as they thought when they were
children and were raised to think well, and see that they were taught well, and that those who
learned, didn’t do as they were learned. So they became as their parents, they teach you well but they
simply can’t do it like that, like you can’t.

They have high expectations from us by commandments, but we are not such good, so all of those
who are chosen could comfort themselves and how they simply weren’t good enough, nobody said
that serving is happening right now.

Now we get chosen, and in eternity we will work for state – Lord God. Now we learn on mistakes,
relapsing, because when we start to serve it will be preached to people who will fail like we failed,
and they will get new understanding from their failing. You need proofs to believe in truth, and
nobody can do different, so believing you look at all through faith because you will understand

246.] Ages

In that time comes decrease of physical and spiritual abilities. Negative accompanying phenomenon
are withdrawal into yourself, distancing from friends, weakening of interest, feeling of rejection and
redundancy, intolerance towards others.

When people get old, most of their peers are dead; spirit weakens like depression or like peace. As I
see it it’s better for people to be alone, it’s bad to participate in world from which nothing good
comes out.

There are some different people that think differently than their generations, some get corrupted
through life, and some find out what life is, and what is going on. Considering it all, it’s not miracle
that they distance from world.
You notice when you speak with people, that they simply don’t see like you, and it becomes
discouraging to talk, words are in vain and arguments, regardless how wise and proper they are,
people don’t hear them. Everyone thinks that he knows the best.

If people feel redundant, they wouldn’t because they are not, they are where they should be, part of
life. That is time when you need to hang out with one person who is Lord God who understands you
and who will say something clever to you, because you will not find it in world. So, with your family
it’s best to talk less, and dedicate your attention to Lord God more and more.

It’s not that young people don’t like grandpa and grandma and that they reject them. They simple are
preoccupied with their life; same like grandpa and grandma were when they were young. Even
though they lived in different world, which had less events, so they were better connected between
them and they are raised in bigger respect towards adults.

Considering fact that they can’t change anything it would be best that understanding replaces
disappointment. They are to blame because it started from them; they started to allow children what
they shouldn’t, and their children to their children. Some wire more strict but they haven’t chance
comparing to world which is stronger that individual family. They are justified because nobody could
do different, against plan of Lord God, world got curse instead of blessing.

247.] Emotions

Subjective joy-sorrow, both of them are spirit, one raise your soul and make you active and closer to
evil and second one makes you more peaceful, sadder and less active in joining different life events.
But no matter for which emotion you decide, we don’t have control over it, what will happen it will
happen. Through life we experience both, and how I see, sorrow separates you from world, and how I
hear Lord God often speaks to you in such situations, but people probably don’t know that He is the
one who is speaking. When people knew that He is speaking, they could go towards what they hear,
like they get seed which needs watering with word – the Bible. Get interest for one who speaks to

248.] Philosophical changes - Spiritual

Fast heartbeat or sweating palms. That is also the spirit as everything else that is called physical,
psychological, social and philosophic. Those four take place through the man who is one soul made of
different spiritual gifts and defects, the spirit who is shaping our life and makes us what we are, and
we are divided in those categories. Something that is not normal, well balanced, it’s simply a surplus,
and even more than we need it. From that surplus the new spirits are coming out making our lives
even more and more miserable. We need to lack that spirit, and be rich with the good one. When you
have the good spirit that means you have almighty, but when you have bad spirit you have mighty. So
the mighty can’t do anything against almighty. But what we need and what we have is giving its own

Primary emotions- joy, anger, fear, sadness.


Emotions with observation, evaluation of your own behavior, sense of success, sense of failure, pride,
shame, guilt and remorse.

Success usually brings people in spirit, and that often is not a good idea. It’s always better to be
stable, then in trance. When people are receiving all the time, they think everybody around them is
bad and they are better. Although they are better and nobody can say it differently. The point is – it
happened to them, they started receiving and they don’t care. And the other people didn’t received or
they care too much.

That’s why is necessary for every man to have religious foundation, according to that everyone should
live their life, think and speak, then everything is better. But people don’t have it and those ones who
think they have, they don’t have as much as exist and how much they are lacking. And those ones
who would like to have don’t get it.

The failure can be both good and bad. From failure you can see that you simply can’t do something,
and the others can because they received it. So you understanding that you would have it that would
be given; and the one who receives cannot see how it’s given, because he received it suddenly. The
solution for that is regarding through the faith, so the successful one and the unsuccessful can be
more progressive for that. The one who is successful is grateful to the Lord God and do not elevates
himself, and the unsuccessful can think how Lord God gives everything.

The pride is what comes out when you lack in knowing Lord God and your own stability. The pride is
something that needs to disappear. Only person who can have the pride is Lord God because He’s the
one doing everything.

Let’s take for an example me in the past, while I didn’t know what I know today, that I’m living in His
will, and that He’s talking to me; by regarding myself I would though – It must be that I’m one of the
people dear to Him; He’s blessed for having someone who is thinking in a same way as He does.

And now when I know everything, I can’t feel a thing because I know that He’s the one telling me
everything, and I’m the one who writes only. There is no glory in writing, many people know to write.

And the time that I spend writing – for that payment would be useful and interesting hobby, and the
important one. I didn’t even know that hobby can be so simply but important. That’s how with that
new cognition I do not experience myself that I’m the one of the rare people who understand Him,
and that’s how His eyes are turned to me, as a one man kind for him.

I thought that I’ll be great in heaven, and now I think – I’m only writing, as the servant, and in my
opinion I’m not doing anything special, like those ones who are struggling while preaching or while
doing good in whole world or as those ones who are murdered and tortured because of their religious
But anyway when I come to the sky no matter what I would do and where is my chair, I will always be
in eternity someone to whom He announced this, and nobody will be able to take it away from me. I
will know that He also loves those ones who are sitting on smaller chairs. Although there is possibility
of better chair considering that I’m preaching now, and that I’m small, as the Christ who was mocked
by men, because they are laughing at me too.

And by watching those preachers today and halls full of people who are giving a glory to every word
they say, and when I’m listening to them I can hear the delusion and they are not learning anything
new, but they are continuing the delusion and they are preaching it.

I know that the Sir Christ is has a power on Earth, how it will be later, He would move them and He
would bring me, unimportant from the last and scandalous lines, drug addict and sinner and He
would say – Listen to her!

Although those preachers want to do good, but they simply don’t know better, because they can’t
hear. Many of them chose to serve their life to Him. They are all chosen ones, because they are
sinning equally, all of them would be similar.

When I’m looking myself from the time when I wasn’t religious, I had a love for law and psychology
and human sciences, and I’ve received the love for the word, although when I received it I didn’t know
that He’s giving that, because I was still young child in the childcare of heaven, and now I’m in the
school and soon I’ll be in college, when I come to the sky.

Then when I come down on Earth, I will come with diploma, and because of the Christ’s arrival that
diploma would be recognized by people, because that is the time when the Lord God decided for
those ones who were above to put them up.

That’s how every one of us will live in the blessing and enjoy everything that we will have then:
justice, progress of the mankind, watching how the blessing is growing and to admire the Lord God
how he imagined it well and harmonically.

Because everything here now belongs to Him, He still haven’t decided to show people everything like
it’s living in the sky, where everything is created as He sees it from Himself and experience something
as normal. Because He doesn’t have the commandments on the paper, He’s only saying what He
thinks and how He feels and that how He feels and how we see Him doing, we are meeting him as He
is, and admiring to Him. Emotions in the relations with the other people – love that has the most
different shapes of expressions, or you are good from the love or you are violent. Then the gratitude,
jealousy, hate, envy, contempt defiance.


Satisfaction/ pleasure is important, but how to have it if you don’t have it? If you are pleased with
some aspects in your life, you are still disrupted by those you are not satisfied with. What is most
interesting, let’s take two person and give them same amount of things they are pleased and not
pleased with. One will live trough the satisfaction/pleasure, and he will know for a pleasure. Those
spiritual feeling that you are living can make your life better or worse.
People should have access to their life, and to be raised in similar knowledge, ???

And then when it happens, you don’t think about what happens, and how and why it’s happening,
and how you should prevent it if you were approaching to your life.

As far as I see although we are living in the Lord God, and He is building this world for well, we still
are not built as a mankind that according to the knowledge about man and good and evil accessing
the life as individuals.

People should be raised in similar knowledge, so they can recognize what is coming, when it’s
happened something we know, we simply do not stop and do it, but we fall in front of temptation.
And because we didn’t even think that was the temptation and forbidden, because If we believe in His
severity, nobody think that we need to live based on that fact.

The other will live, and the life is passing and coming through us, and the only one who can stop
everything is the Lord God, but He will not. He decided to give us to the evil, so the people see one day
that, according to their own will in which they believe, if they would rule themselves, nothing would
happened; maybe it would be even worse, if He didn’t decide to give some good in our life

So all of this evil and the evolution is a proof for people to believe that He’s the one preventing us
from the evil and He’s the one who is giving us to the evil. Although everyone says – I believe, actually
he has two faiths that are opposite one from another.

As long as people say that they have their own faith, and that the Lord God is only helping them
sometimes, that means they are in delusion. And based on that delusion, that we will call the wrong
stone, on that stone nothing true cannot be build because everything is a delusion, and the source of
the new interpretations full of delusions.

There is a part of truth like in every other delusion; that truth is preached wrong because of the
delusion. Because all of this philosophy and psychology and science about the man and his
surroundings are just the roots where the people paste the wrong fruits.

And then they are watching the roots, and think it’s true, but then again they are watching the pasted
flower that didn’t come out of the root, but only stands on the root. They all say – I believe, and
actually they are true atheists.

But as we can se, Lord God is very patient; take a look how much is passed since He created the first
man, and everything what people believe in. He announced Himself officially trough the Muslims and
Jews, and later was the turn of everybody else.

But nobody yet came on the level of evolution to believe in Him like he is, and what He is actually; we
are still regressive, although nobody understands that. So by looking the world around you, and every
delusion that people lives, I’m not concerned at all with the people’s backwardness because I know
it’s the part of the plan that everything progress with time.

Nobody can overtake it. He is the one who is writing new cognitions, whether it’s chemistry, physics,
or the new one that comes out of those. The whole planet belongs to Him, and He has the plan for the
whole planet, and what is around us. Some of us are chosen to speak basic cognitions who is He, and
how He understands that we need to live, and how not to live. Some of them are chosen to be
scientists, so the world is progressing, and some of us are humanitarian and they are chosen to do

No matter what is the science you are observing/ taking into consideration, if you don’t have the
basic cognition to whom everything belongs, who’s idea is this, and who is realizing everything that
exists, and that He creates everything and nothing is natural, and everything happens because He
wants it to be, and we are just observing the things, whether inside of us, or around us; and nothing
have to be like that, it’s because He decided to be so.

250.] Observations of other people

When we are in the company of another person, we see only what we see, and what we don’t see is
what we are lacking in order to come to better understanding of that person. Even the parents who
raised their children don’t know and don’t see everything. We meet the people while we talk, and
even better if they are sincere and do not important things keep as a secret.

People often pass over because of the shame, fear of consequences, or opinion, those are my private
things. Or they don’t want another explanations, so they express themselves in general. And when
they express themselves in general, they are wrong. In order to understand them, they need to
express themselves specifically. So everyone has it own thoughts, and not well known thoughts. In
estimation of the other people, the facial, vocal and postural observations can help us.

251.] Facial expressions

They are helping us to have conclusion when the man is lying, when he’s overreacting, when he is
happy, sad, disappointed, when somebody is died, cheating etc. Some of the expressions for example
when the man speaks the truth, and he thinks that other people will not believe him, his face looks
like he’s lying and he sounds unconvincing.

Someone is lying better, someone worse, so you can’t always be sure who’s lying and who speaks the
truth. Sometimes even if we are not lying or cheating, we notice that our face tells to other people
that we do.

And I thought that’s happening to me because of my sinful life, they I spoke with my chief, and she
told me that she always paying on the main cashbox, because if she doesn’t pay there, the other
employees (that are below her) will think she didn’t pay.

Sometimes I found it uncomfortable when I speak with somebody and I know that I speak the truth,
but my eyes looks like I’m lying, it’s so unpleasant experience to see other people who thinks I’m lying,
and I didn’t lie. Then I realize the evil Satan is doing that, because He’s enjoying that I feel


They are spirit as well as everything else. We can distinguish mood of people. And what is interesting
for me, that the environment where you live can affect the tone of your voice. Let’s say that the
hearing is what you can hear in that vocal note, what comes out of your mouth and what is your
voice same as when you are singing. For example I visited one village near Sinj and I’ve noticed how
people, women to be precise are speaking with squeaky voice, and they are transferring it from one
generation to another. That is probably dying and passing by, because the world is changing. It’s not
modern or cool in the world. Then we have accent that everyone understands, because all of us
usually speak like we spoke in environment where we lived, and then decided how to speak. Although
we are speaking according to our environment, we had more options how to speak, but Lord God
decides to be as it is.


We would call it the body language and it differentiate what we heard and what we didn’t. Because
nobody hears everything, it happens to us. And then when you start looking back and now and who
knows what will happen in the future. Are you from those ones to whom it will be better, or you are
from the one that will not be better, or those ones who will experience both worse and better.

And when you are in that, what is currently for you just a future; you will find it out about that. And
when you find it out, count your age and think what the average length of the human life is, and what
your future will be like, will it be better, same or worse. And when the future comes, and the number
of the years looks closer to death, you can start be happy, because no matter how much of the future
is coming, the good is close to you, because older you are closer you are to sleep, and to wake up in
the continue of your eternal life in the body.

258.] Fictional story.

Start to think; all of us are regressive, and nobody still understands anything. Firstly, the existence of
the Lord God was announced. Then it’s announced that He created us, and that He’s giving good and
evil. Then the official cognitions of good and evil are announced, although people knew it already. But
it’s been written. Starting with the Jews and Muslims, they first started walking toward the truth,
Christians continued to do so, but some of them are still regressive because didn’t believe, because
didn’t get to believe.

Since the beginning of the time, everyone believes in what is written, as if the prophets exist only in
the past. Religion changed with time, in the beginning was many outrageous things. At the same way
the prophets and Apostles were murdered and Sir Jesus. Because they were speaking what people
don’t want to hear, and something new. What it’s new it not accordant to the way how people
believe. Everyone believes what he wants, and there is no way to believe different.

People always believed so, no matter what religion they belong to. Then the forgiveness is announced
trough the Sir Jesus, and that was also done officially. Because it’s written; He’s been always fixing
the worst, and had understanding for them. So trough the Christ understanding is announce as well.

Definition of understanding goes: He understands because He came up with everything, and make it
to be so, so He knows who’s the one making the man good, bad, merciful, capable, skilful or anything
else what the man is, whether it’s good or evil.

But the man is the one who doesn’t understand, but he’s still trying to explain what he thinks, and do
not pay attention on what He announced to us, what need to pull together and make logical
conclusion, and with that conclusion understand Him and to interpret Holly Bible in a way that it is,
and not in a way how someone before us interpreted it.
People earlier didn’t even have available Bible, or it was preached to them in Latin. They understand it
only when someone else would interpret to them, and didn’t have possibility to read, so someone
would do it for them. People today read but don’t understand.

The reason for that is gradually development of the world, and the world still didn’t come to that
period when it will be closer to the truth. When the time comes for that, the eyes and ears will be
opened, and it would be possible to understand and to see Him.

When you are reading the Bible, especially the Old Testament, everything you read is an evil, blood,
bad people, and He’s telling them how bad they are. And who else would tell that us if not him. He
created the world from Himself and His mind and imagined the world and announced to us how He
sees the good and evil and how it’s supposed to be.

You can see Him through the people, how He wants people to be, and what they are supposed to be.
He changes people with His spirit, and makes them to be as they really are. In the beginning of the
religion people believed that He’s giving the good only, because how it’s possible for someone good
and merciful and everything else positive, because that’s how people saw Him, to give an evil. That
was simply impossible, so they distinguished individually and gave it superstitious names, made
statuses to the so called gods of love, evil, rain, sun, or everything given in the individual categories.

Then according to Jews, what was distinguished, the Angels becomes. And there was the story about
bad and Evil Angels, and how to know to whom to believe. Still it was just a man who gain the story,
in order to understand it’s not important at all is it Satan, and evil from him comes and exists.

We are creations of the Lord God and He decides how evil and good will live trough us. Those who are
bad, are not bad because they were much worse than the others, that they couldn’t fight against it,
they are in possession of the spirit who lives trough them, and that is the additional what they had
and what is different from the other people. And then again, obsessions like that are not just in one
man, but there are a lot of people obsessed with similar forms of evil.

Nobody understands those people, and often they don’t understand themselves, because nobody is
preaching to them obsessions that were preached before, but it’s preached to them that they are bad
and that’s the reason. People like that are, for example jealous husbands who are beating their wives,
they are paranoid and think that the woman is cheating them, and they go crazy and do who know
what. Later they regret it all, when the obsession is passed, but they know it will come again, because
it keeps returning all the time.

And they are kind to their wives, they love them because of that, but the problem is because they
gained good also with the evil. That’s how trough one man lives both good and evil. When the evil
comes out of man, we see from what he is made. Everyone hates good and evil normally, but they
don’t have understanding, as well as the Lord God understands them.

Because He said – it’s bad. But He said also that He understands because He created it as well, and
make it to be. And people say –it’s bad, but they don’t understand. Through the Christ He showed to
us that He’s forgiving to those one who were judged and hit with the stone, and did different
punishments in His name, although they knew and they know it now for the commandment – You
shall not murder. Every man is His property, and the man is good and evil for Him, and the rest of
people can forgive that it’s up to them to establish the order and to punish and to judge. He’s our
judge, and there is no other judge in the Earth who has the power to speak from the place of the
judge. And neither to be jury, because He’s the jury as well.

And about punishment what is preached to all of us, I’m not sure as well is there any sense in that.
Because, by seeing the evil that I did, if I was punished, I will never be better. And the good and
freedom from the evil would always come to me after I would be left to the evil and did something

That’s how when I was bad, I would received good, and when I was good I would received evil. If you
look the beginning of the one’s life, He gives a man to one evil, but He’s righteous. He knows if He
leaves you to the one evil, you would according to that logic received the other evil, because of the
first evil you did, and there will never be end of evil.

As far as I can see, it’s all about leaving someone to the evil; you start with good and with the time
you receive more and more evil. The Bible says- For whoever has, to him will be given, and he will be in
abundance. And whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.

Although He marks off some people so that can receive good after evil and to be free from the evil
and fix them. Some of them who were better in life to become worse. That’s how everyone can see
how He can, and do what ever He wants.

Here on earth we have need for punishment, because people obsessed with the evil stop only when
they are in prison. When they comes out, many of them continue to go at the same path, and some of
them He releases or (well known expression to us) He converts them from the evil, although people
believe that they are converted by themselves.

It’s interesting that in past people who were obsessed, mentally ill, today it’s called depression and
anxiety and different other spiritual forms that are torturing the man, and making him incapable to
take part in life, because this life is like a clock. You need to go according to the needle and you can’t
fall behind, if you are falling behind you are not fast or capable enough, and you are behind other
people, and you are missing what they have.

What they had is certain fullness that needs to be higher in order to create better totality. Some of
the people simply live in the totality that needs to be somehow, but it’s interrupted. Where it’s
interrupted, a new evil are created and consequences that comes along. So for people who lived
interrupted, a new beginning is always possible. And to make a step into the new day, what is also
your life. And when the lord God decides to fulfill fullness, the man loses the emptiness. Because
where He skipped and put evil instead good, now in the same way he put good.

That’s how people with the same kind of problems understand each other. And something that didn’t
happen to them, they don’t understand as well. So we are all in this evolution where we are going
through the good and evil, and it will finish with the good, and every evil will be forgiven. It will not
even be taken for evil, because we couldn’t control it, and make it that the spirit obey to us. He’s the
only one who can do it.

People are not almighty; they are only receiving what is given to them. Not everything what they
want, but what He wants to give them. If He does not want to give you or to help you, you can’t do
anything unless suffer. I have a problem with spiritual deceases and someone who didn’t have it can’t
even imagine what the terror is and what kind of suffering that is. But there is also lot of good as well.

With the years it becomes even worse and what is most interesting, it never stops, it goes even worse.
But by looking backward, and that and in that way realizing how the Lord God has the habit of
working thorough me, I have a hope that it will pas, and that I will have certain time when will feel

It's better for someone, but I don’t know how it will be for me. But because I’m speaking about evil
and the tortures that I had in my life, and the goods that were taken away from me, that lot of people
have, He started to do good in my life, so the good started to multiply and to make one unity. I didn’t
decide what good or evil will have, simply it happens to me.

A life happened to me, and as far as I can see I don’t decide even whether I will live or when I will die.

I believe completely, and not just believe, because the religion is not complete if you don’t know, and
in order to know you need to understand. So I know, and I also know that the other people cannot
know, because it didn’t showed to them, or decided to know. From that cognition the understanding
and forgiveness are preached.

As far as I see, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day people understands and believe that maybe
punishment- eternal hell would not exist for no one, because people has their mind, and what is
logical to them comes out of the logical judgment now comes out of the logical judgment based on
the cognitions that are wrong or incomplete.

Later all of us will be changed, now the bad is imprisoned, because it’s known that’s how they will be
stopped, and later people will be repaired, so there is no reason for the punishment. What people
think when they say that we will be judged according to our deeds, and how they interprets
everything, they don’t understand at all that our evil deeds will be forgiven to us, and our good deeds
will be rewarded, and bad will have an influence as well. And those one who are bad, for lot of people
are bad in a same way. So everyone will be similar like they are now, and for everyone will be the
same price for the evil.

Because it's happening what He imagined. Because it’s well known to all of us our eternal life where
we will live, and what is announced to us, how it will be watched on us. And that is something in
addition, what the Lord God wanted to announce to us. And according to that announced he created
one new spiritual expression according to which people want to be better, so they are better. Every
one of us when is born and start with life is like we are supposed to be, and that’s how we live.

Those who received good, whether that are doctors or they are just received only good in their life
didn’t deserve it, because they didn’t existed before. So it’s not about deserving it, but what is
determined for you. Later on, those who are determined to be in better positions will be like they are
now in those positions. Those who are in the lower position, the same thing will happen to them.
People are mostly the same, some of them are better, some of them are worse. So it will be later, it
wouldn’t be much different from now. The good and worse will be more different. All those different
positions are not for measuring, or for Him to show who does He love, because He loves everyone in
His own way. But simply it is impossible for all of the people to be bosses, or presidents; it goes as the
food chain. We don’t understand as the injustice our life now, although many people suffer and they
are disappointed or think like that sometimes.

As far as I see people, it is determined for someone to receive the evil, so that can be anyone, and
everyone thinks- Why me? And the answer is: would it be more right if it’s somebody else? Everyone
starts as one soul, and stays one soul. Soul that doesn’t have neither good nor evil, until it start giving.
Somebody has to be, it’s like that.

As far as I see everyone now hates and judge people. And has no mercy or understanding for them.
From those Christian churches in the Catholic Church is more preached mercy for the sinners. The rest
of them are only judging. It's like the man doesn’t need both.

Later when everyone goes to heaven, then will be understand how guilty were those ones on which
people watch scandalously. They were sacrificed by giving them to the evil, and it’s been taken away
from them, because it wasn’t given to them, what the other ones has, and with what they missed in
the life by missing the good that makes life harmonious and smooth

Better you receive, better you live. You live like you received it. So those ones were sacrificed for the
others, chosen to show on them the difference between good and evil, and most important lesson,
because everything is made, to see that He can do through us what ever He wants to. And the good
doesn’t come from us, but from Him. For every one of us is one new soul and through the new soul’s
different combinations of good and evil are realized. Some people can be convinced that we are living
in the combining and not in our goodness, because some of us are better.

Those who are better, are better for reason, because He didn’t want to give more people to the evil,
because then we will live in a greater chaos. And just to see how people live in some parts of the
world. There are people that are still walking naked and live in the wood. There are the people where
great hunger rules in their countries. They don’t have even clean water for drink. Then the different
religions. There are so many different combinations, so that everyone who lives in a specific place-
country- their country could live as they poor countries and those people who live in better countries –
for them it could look better.

Because every one of us will be made like the first of the people was made, as he call himself Son of
the man. What is the man? Man appeared from two men, and he’s called son of the Lord God, and
the others were called like that, because the Moses existed. All of us are sons, and like the Bible says
because we are spirits in the body. When the Pharisees ask him- How do you call yourself son of the
Lord God, you are blaspheming, He answered to them – Even the Lord God calls you gods in letters.
How can you even tell me that I’m blaspheming? Everyone is a son because we are connected with
the spirit, like we are now physically connected with our parents. With that connection, our parents
are our brothers and sisters, because we all have only one Father. Because the Father is same for
everyone, and all of us are brothers and sisters, like they are helping and loving our family on Earth,
they need to do to everyone. But there people are better in that, especially because it’s deducted from
the check for everyone.


Son of the man- He tried to tell us something with this phrase, that’s why it’s repeated in the bible.
People call the names such as Joshua, Christ, Firstborn, Emanuel, Son of the man, Isa, Jesus. Every one
of those names has a meaning, and their meaning tells us what they are representing. He’s the son of
two men, the only way he can be Son of the men, and when his genealogy is mentioned, it starts with
David who got the promise that Christ will come out of him, and it finishes with Joseph – it’s a logical
conclusion because it’s his physical father.

Existence of angels, whether the good ones or the bad ones, as far as I see it’s probably the truth, and
for some truths in order to proof is it truth or lie, they needs to be written. As far as I can see the
angels or the Lord God, it’s not important at all because they are not doing anything what is against
His will. He is simply doing everything trough them. And everything goes according to His plan
Nobody needs to pray to the angels nor the Sir Jesus to do something, you can only ask them to
intercede in front of the Lord God what you want, and then if they want, they ask.

Satan was in the Bible made beautifully and it’s written, for the company of Lord God. 'For the
company' means that he was so smart so they could have interesting conversation together. He is
inside him, and he speaks to him, so he wouldn’t feel like he’s speaking alone with himself he came up
with some characters in the story, and every one of them get different spiritual blessings and some of
them curses. And so He decides from that, and trough those spirits, what would one soul said in the
certain moment, from the spirits every unique soul – spirit.

Those are the rules, and everything happens according to them, in order to be more interesting for
Him. He’s writing the rules, and has the right to Change them. He had the right to leave to the evil
and do good to anyone. That’s how all of us are made, and Lord God has many different
combinations. The name of Satan means Matrix; Matrix means addition. That addition is about
intelligence, because intelligent persons counting what they know and they are making the decision.

Because he obviously received the evil, when He thinks or what does he knows about the man,
whether it’s the body, or the spirit, or the Lord God, from the cognitions like that he makes decisions.
Problem is that someone with so impressive intelligence is left to the evil, reflected in the shape of the
spirit, and all of us can see it. Because all of us are made from the different spirits, and he has its own
evil, his comes out in his way, and our evil comes out in our way.

He was very respectable person in Heaven near the Lord God. In order to everyone see that all of us
are the same He gave him to evil. As soon as He created him, He knew that will give him to the evil,
But the Lord God give us all to the evil for that reason- to see the spirit that we live. When you are just
living, and not watching yourself as the set of the spirits, it’s the same thing like if you are going on
the mountain climbing and you are going up the hill and you have different obstacles.

The same thing is with the spirit when everything is as usual. Then it’s like you fell asleep. But you
notice it in the better examples. So every our evil is the educational lesson – to see. Because
everything is educational and there is no person who could do it differently, because everything is
deliberate. So because He gave us to the evil in order to see, maybe for that simple reason the
punishment doesn’t exists, just it’s not known yet. Because the evil exists so we could see.

Everyone will be surprised, those who think that the Satan will be punished as well as people, because
then would everyone of them see what is wisdom, prudence and justice, and mercy and disgrace,
because all of us believes that He is the mercy and we see everything that the mankind has been put
through the beginning of the world. Evolution through the evil. We are all forged in fire. So we will
understand why did He do everything and everything will be past.

He didn’t care for the evil, because He made them by Himself. He is giving them and He’s the one who
forgives, and everything is up to Him. He knows what is happening, because He created it to happen...

If the punishment would exist, then it would exist to understand only punishment, how serious He is.
Although I prefer this version without punishment, because punishment is not necessary, we can learn
everything in this evil, how strict can He be.

Every angel looked at Him well in the beginning, and the people see Him in the same way, but if they
don’t see it they will not do it. To see it and to do it is two different spirits. What you see is like He
want you to see, and what you are doing is what He wants you to do it.

So you are doing what you know you shouldn’t do, and you don’t want it to do, but still you are doing
it. Simply you see Him and how you should get to do what you see. But the mercy according to our
standards doesn’t look big, but the mercy that we see in some people is given by Him. There are no
measures that are the more merciful, because He’s the one who speaks the mercy. So the answer
would be – Him.

When people are reading the Old Testament and all of those strict words, they think they should look
like that as well, and do the punishments. They don’t understand that it is how He looks on evil, and
we should look each other merciful, and to pray for our enemies, and to not curse them. And
sometimes when you see how someone is given to the evil, it’s the best to move away from that
person. SO the people are not supposed to judge the people, but to give Him to judge and to be
merciful. He takes the worst man, the one despised by everyone, and make His chosen one from all of
the people. There are not much the chosen ones, regarding how many people have been since the
beginning of the world. Who would dare to speak to Him against the man, knowing that He loves the
man, it’s like when you start speak to the parent against its child, like you know that child better than
his parent.

People only know to speak about the other people, and He knows everything. People do not know
even themselves, so it’s best thing to say while praying – You know everything, and I know as much as
you say to me, and I know same how much there is about me that You didn’t tell me, so I can’t know
or thing about something that still hasn’t got in my head. You don’t even have to tell him that you
want good only for yourself, because He made you to think so.

People conversation with Him could be made with the breath only. What to say when He came up
with everything. If He doesn’t want to help you, nobody else will. That’s why the people get an extra
mercy in these last days, since the humanitarian help became better organized and different social
laws and help are there. SO the people are suffered more and more and now He is helping to the one
who suffered before.

Lot of people suffered from the physic diseases and now we have great medicine trough we gain more
mercy. As far as I can see, all of us will be living in complete mercy one day. And now we are getting it
with the time. When we live one day so well in the mercy we will know that didn’t have to be this
way, that’s because He wanted to give us good.
We are living in the hard decisions that He decided to hold, and made a plan for everything and it’s
happening right now. As we can see how well is now in the christen lands, because you can see the
progress on them, it’s decided to happened now in and not before. As far as I can see, He really needs
lot of time to start multiplying good. But He has eternal mind, and people their mind. So it’s not
unusual for people to see it like that. Because what would He do in eternity if the story is spoken fast.
This way He has a story that was stretch in the time, that is filling and something even erasing.

260.] The first one and the last one

I wonder what does it means first one and the last one. It’s not that I’m asking myself, I simply don’t
know it and I’m waiting the Lord God to tell me. Will I hear the truth or He would leave me to lie? But
as far as I heard, seems that the first and the last one would be expression in the spirit that actually
means that all of the people will be with Him, from the first one until the last one.

The Bible says the same, because in the beginning we had the story about two trees in the garden,
the tree of the knowing and tree of knowledge about good and evil. And that we are repealed from
the Garden so we couldn’t eat from the tree of the life. In that case we would have the eternal life
right away, and it wasn’t a time for eternal life yet and in eternal life we will received complete

When we are born we know the good and evil, and with the time we are growing in our cognitions.
And what we are guilt for, no matter on a way we did it, we are guilty for doing it, and justified for
the way we did it, in a spirit, because it is what it is. It’s forgiven because it’s understood.

Sir Jesus is the first man who ate from the tree of life, and when he received the life, he was finished
with that, and built completely in the main spirits of blessing. But if you can imagine the story: what if
people didn’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Both of the trees existed.

In that case, story would go like this: firstly Lord God gave them tree of life, and then cognition. So
that everyone was in a good spirit- blessing, and they were doing well because of the cognitions. But
the question is how they would know the difference between the good and evil. They wouldn’t know
how to estimate what they have. We do not live in the delusion and limited mind, but our mind is a
branch of good and evil, and every one will stride to good.

261.] Story about oppositions

Every evil is created as the imagined story about oppositions. When Lord God thinks He thinks good,
and the Evil is when He is thinking what evil will allow, do, or imagine through someone. Nobody has
to be as he is; we are like this only because it’s decided. Every one of us could be someone else, and
someone else could be us. Many don’t even suspect where they live, and that is good, because later
they will be surprised when they see where they lived before, and didn’t understand it. Then will
realize who the one is making the man reasonable.

People do not think about sin, that’s how they’ve always been. That’s why is good to go to church and
read a Bible. And how I see it, I’m not going to church because there is no church, at least the church
that I know for it that believes the same as I do, and the way I do believe.
Lord God is teaching and speaking to me through the Sir Jesus, with the cognitions that is possible to
believe in something false, not even knowing it’s false. That the Christians are obsessed with evil and
sin, no matter they are chosen. The same thing is happening to them, only thing different is that they
will wake up first, and because they are hearing parts of truth that many people do not hear.

When He approach to every one of us He will say a different truth, and we understand that what we
believed before was false. Many people do not understand that there is so many different truths that
He didn’t even say and that you are still in delusion, and you don’t even know it. Different Christians,
different untruths, and there is some truth in every one of them.

262.] one bonbon

When man wants a bonbon and then he finds one, he enjoys it in a unique way, and when he has
whole pack the pleasure is changed. When a man is suffering different illnesses and heals one of
them, he’s happy. And when he’s healthy and never even wasn’t ill he doesn’t even realize how sweet
his bonbon is, bonbon symbolizes his life.

Like when you are standing in the room full of smoke, you don’t even notice that smell if you are
smoking. That’s how we would live if we haven’t taste bitter, salt, sour and peppery. Like the meals
have names and the recipe how to make it, in a same way we are made.

Like when you are building the house and you made the drafts, then you make the foundation, then
start to build it; your friend asks you how will your house look like and you say – beautifully. And
when he see incomplete house, he can’t even anticipate what would this house look like, and he
thinks it’s nothing interesting, and you are building your own house and know every plank and the
reason of its existence.

In a same way when the Lord God is building- first we are born, and that would be foundation, then
when people is looking at us and they don’t have a single idea what kind of a house we will be. In a
same manner He knows ever plan, not just because He sees it, but He measured it and carved it by

263.] SIN

By reading the prophets of the Lord God on the internet, He speaks through them today what kind we
are. He says that nowadays in churches is preached success in a material way, and not how sinful we
are, and how we look like in His eyes.

Because the blessing isn’t just what is given. It is important to preach receiving the evil and how to
look at the evil, trough the mercy and understanding, and how to behave in situations like that, when
to reprehend and when to console. Children will be disobedient to their parents, says New Testament,
for the times that are coming, from that disobedient children that we were also we have this crazy

Young people are walking around like they are crazy, with the trousers to the knees, or one sock red
and the other one yellow, torn tights, young girls are dressed so anyone can see their underwear.
They are half naked. Or they are wearing the torn jeans; I wore it as well because it was modern. Or
when the fat people wear same things as those ones who are skinny. Isn’t it more logical, if you are
overweight to wear something that will cover or lessen your lacks, and makes you look better, and
not to wear something that seems opposite from the well taste.

If the well dressed were popular, everyone will wear like that. That’s why is important that the –well
is popular, and everything that is preached, and not this, reversed from the good. That is how the
Satan works, that is his basic principle. He saw good and normal inside himself, and now he’s doing
the opposite.

And the language spoken is full of the words that are not polite, and mentioning His name in vain,
and what is the part of Him. They are using Him on the television in order to have good humor, and
the good humor is according to the opposite measures become good.

It wasn’t always like that on the television. Somebody has to say it first, and then the everybody
others were thinking how he said it, something different, remarkable, then everyone else started to
speak like that by noticing how people pay attention on that, and that’s how we came to this today.
Everyone got used to this way of speaking, can’t even see it, because it’s not scandalous for them, but

I remember how everything began, personally I used to say the joke and in it say something related to
the Lord God. It sounds funny and in the same way like you are saying don’t make fun out of that and
you are laughing at the same time.

Evil comes into the well, and then it’s there. Like the dark that is spreading all around and the sun is
disappearing. To many divorces and unforgiveness. As far as I see the mankind, everything is worse
now. It’s left to the evil that is growing in a different categories of the man’s life, then it comes to us
everything written in the Revelation, last Satan’s creation towards the man, delusion speaking well to
people without strict religious opinion, so we will say good in general, why would we make war, we
are all the same, let’s not fight about religion and similar. Like the communism, but the moral
unstable, homosexual marriages and similar. Every evil is based on democracy, people’s rights. Like
it’s a right to be a homosexual. Only thing that people need to be polite and to love that people like
the person no matter on sin, and at the same time say that it’s not normal and that the obsession and
the disorder of the spirit of the sex, that shouldn’t be encouraged, but to see and to approach better
and fight against it. The homosexuals would suffer life without live, like they are no people who are
already suffering because of love or the mental illness, because they should really be in the mental
pains. Or not think about the Lord God but to start to censure the television.

People should be more strict, not labile. Everything is happening now, and how much that evil will
grow. It wasn’t so much evil 50 years ago, and see what it’s like today, and what will come I don’t
know really, because who would know the music that will be popular in next decade, and it’s similar
with everything.

According to the Bible you can you can estimate how it is, because Lord God announced to us, even
disobedient children. It’s cool to have sex with everyone, to have fun, because the most important is
to be happy. Old people if they were good while they were young, other people often tell them – do
wild things now because you didn’t do it earlier. And in vitro insemination is supported for those ones
who are not married if they are opposite sex.
When children bring their partners home, instead of refusing them, they accept it, because that’s
things are considered in this century. It’s normal that you will always love your child, whether it was
homosexual or a criminal, but you don’t have to accept it or support him in that.

Criminals are brining home to their parents gifts they’ve stolen, and the parents are taking and that’s
how they are becoming thieves as well. Drug dealer are giving money to their parents. It’s possible to
bribe anyone like in communism that is the last creation of Satan, apartments and positions, if you
refuse Lord God.

That’s why we have in Bible all the time word whores, because that immoral bribing is real meaning
of that words that is used today for prostitutes – whore, because they are selling themselves, they are
desecrating their spirits for money and humiliating themselves for the money.

So everybody who is doing that is low on the Lords God measure, according to the deeds they are
doing. When you are righteous, then it’s a right deed, and when you are not it’s like that. I was drug
addict, and I know what I’m speaking because I was on the bottom and didn’t love myself, because
who can love evil. I felt sick of myself and my life.

The pain comes when you start to look, and when you start to look you can be somehow better, and
sometimes not, because in order to do good, you need to receive to do good, it’s not enough just to
think. That’s how people should watch themselves, whether they belong to that category in some
places that are less visible. Although we look like the certain deed sounds, and His love is the same
like we are the best. Because He doesn’t measure us according to that measure, just speaks what it is.
And what sounds bad it is bad.


In the past people were living simple lives, and that’s how it’s been until the after the World War II.
Even then in the war evil of that time existed...

Then the women started working in the factories, because men were in war. That the life standard
went high; earlier it was enough that the man only is employed, but now both of them need to work.

Then the rock n roll came, and brought the wild youth, and the woman in short dresses and mini
skirts. Drugs and free sex, and think that don’t have to work, because the country is deducting from
the salaries, so they don’t want to work for the country, they want to be free from the usual humans
habits and organizations, and feed in shelters, like the people who are working do not pay for that.
Psycho music, techno, hip-hop songs where they are elevating criminal deeds, and young people think
it’s cool and that’s how they should act.

Young people nowadays don’t want to help to older people to bring the bag. They don’t want to stand
in the public transport and everything is becoming more and more wild. How wild it will be, we will
find out when it’s happened. Nobody can even imagine what will happen next, like we weren’t able to
imagine it until now. And what they are predicting that will happen, it’s good for those who die,
because they will be blessed with the death.

Nothing bad will happen to them, because the pain is happening to those ones who are alive. They
will fall asleep and then wake up in good. It’s better to die early than to live long. But as the evil is
growing the good is growing also. The solar energy, recycling, vegetarian, religious freedom, laws and
social help, medicine, internet, everyone of us is equal no matter on the color of the skin or the

All those goods are ruining the evil in that good. That’s how later everything will be good only. Earlier
for people it was a ceremony to go to church on Sunday. Everyone will dress well, later they would
watch the stars in the evening and sing and they would dance. They played in nature.

To those generations new evil are added that’s why they are worse then those one before them. They
can’t see it could be better, that only good is given to us, and not evil, because what you get, that’s
how it is. We are simply not disciplined according to commandments. Although we all know
commandments according to our knowledge to get well, we would thought it’s well because of our
knowledge, and not because we received it with the strength of spirit. For good to be and stand and

Everybody can see now that people could be better and also worst, and that they simply don’t have
control over it. Now when people start seeing where we are living and how simply they don’t have
control over their life, they can’t do anything else but to pray to get better and to wait.

265.] Through the spirit

Through the spirit everything will become better. People say that it’s important to forbid things to the
little children. They are like the rope when you put it down to the sea. If they are calm, fish starts to
catching, and you are killing the spirit. That’s how you are becoming the dark more and more, on the
disobey. Somebody less and somebody more. But when you see how corrupted the world is, just
because it was left to the rain of evil, which kept coming. The rain turns to ice, and then when we take
a look how actually we are we see the new iced figures that we gained. When the rain started nobody
didn’t think how everything will be, and where are they heading. and what kind of ice figures will be
made. When you connect all of those ice figures you see what the all is about.

How to melt the ice, and what we would do, it’s foretold what will happen, people will be more and
more evil, and gain the new evil, falling of the comet and everything written in revelation, and then
the Lord God will convert them, it will be less evil and everything will be better, and the good will be
added, so people can wait again for the Sir Jesus to come. And when he comes, it would really be
good, and it will be even more and more better. Then again they will be left to the evil, but nothing
would comes out of it, because after that everybody will wake up since the beginning of the world
and then everyone will discover his own future and the past.

When all of those evils start to happened, police and army lose control, people go crazy and start
doing what they didn’t do in the time of peace, then those one who don’t care about opinion of Lord
God should follow His commandments and do not evil to the other people. Help the others who need
help. And not steal and kill.

266.] Forgiveness

When you take a look at the people, they were forgiving to the mad people,
because they understood their obsession with the mad spirit, and that’s
what makes them mad. As far as I can see, all of us are crazy. But because
we are all crazy, we don’t even get to notice it in that madness.

So you can’t prove to the mad people their madness, because they believe in
their crazy stories. Until they pull themselves together, and understand that
they were crazy. But at least Lord God knows what’s normal and what is
mad, and crazy world cannot notice that.

Those ones who are crazy, they have some mad story in which they believe
and doing according to it. Those ones who are considered as normal and
that would be all the other people, they don’t believe in it, because they are
living in the different reality.

Generally speaking their stories are not part of the life of mankind that is
also crazy. But if you are crazy you can’t notice that you are crazy, if
everybody are mad as well as you are.

If the madness isn’t to do evil knowing that the Lord God is watching you,
then I don’t know what is. I’m talking from my own experience, because in
the year 2001 I got schizophrenia and I became mad. I was crazy for about 4
months, I believed in crazy common stories for example; after 4 months
Lord God made me healthy again and started to learn me and to interprate
the Bible.

The proof of the world madness is that the people are living in the Lord
God, and He’s there, He's listening to them and watching and they are doing
different things, and speaking His name in vain. If they are normal, they
wouldn’t do so.

By looking at my own life and the evil that I was obsessed with, and those
one around me, it’s showed to me that we all think good, because they are
raising us to think good. And evil is something that’s happened to us, it’s
obsessing us. And we become so much different. Opposite from normal.

So knowing that all of us are one soul, that is set of different spirits who are
making it alive, and what we are like. So many of it is in madness, and in
using of that word, just because it’s the logical conclusion if you are
measuring how people are living. Then when you think that the Lord God is
here, that’s what it looks like.
We all know that, so does that mean to understand the others, as well as we
understand ourselves? Sir Jesus preached to us understanding and spoke to
us that we can’t do anything unless it’s done through us.

Releasing people from the evil is showed to us by Lord God, what He’s been
doing everyday. People are obsessed end when they come to the clear mind
they regret it, because they don’t understand it, and I see it – why would
they regret it when they can think instead of regretting – why this evil is
happening to me again and to be evil because it’s happened to you, and
what have you done, and to pray to the One who has the power to keep you
and save you from the evil again.

People simply have the backward mind, and without believing that they are
living in His will, and that their will depends what His will be like for all of
them, everybody will look at it differently and express in the Lord God.

People expressed like that more in the past, although didn’t believe
completely, same as we do believe, both of it. So when they say now – I’m
thinking later would say – I’m listening. When they would say- I will do
something, later would say – if the Lord God’s will is I will do it.

They would look on the criminals – poor are those ones who received the
evil, it’s good that it wasn’t me. To feel regret for them, but to continue
doing the punishment. To imprison them so they cannot harm themselves
and to the other ones, to be kind to them, to understand.

Not to have death penalties, because that is forbidden in the 10

commandments. To not swear in the court of law with the Bible, because
Bible says – do not swear on Sky or Earth because you can make any hair
neither black nor white.

Or we have a common expression – I don’t want to bother with that. That

means what it says – you didn’t want to bother with that. We all have
similar expressions in language but loosing them with time.
And the communism didn’t do anything well. Like the making short
expression, from the salutation May the Lord God be with you, we now only
have God 1that means goodbye

267.] Pentecost and Jewish holydays.

Pentecost, the holyday of spirit that is in Jewish tradition also called Holiday
of the Picking the fruits you are counting seven weeks from the Saturday.

The holyday that starts before it, 14. April is called Passover when the Jews
cross all over the water from the Egypt. Then it’s 15.april the holyday of
Unleavened bread, when the last meal way eaten.

Although the dinner is usually celebrated the night before, so it would be on

Passover because Bible says that they were preparing to celebrate day of
the Unleavened bread and what is important to add – for Jews the day is
finished with the sundown, and not in the midnight.

As far as I can see it is possible if the Sir Jesus was conceived in the time of
Passover, then he could be born in the time of Hanukah in December,
because they were travelling so he could be born month earlier. That is also
date for 21.12.2012. and the prophets are speaking about that day, and the
scientific that are also finish of the one cycle and the new beginning. The
date of Hanukah is changing.

In a same way the Jews do crossover, he also crossovers. Maybe we will also
in the same time cross over, it comes the time that they are celebrating 40
days behind the bread, when the Sir Jesus came to them in the body.
Actually we are having the holyday of seven weeks that is started to count
from the beginning of the harvest. That is count from the beginning of it,
and it’s written that from the first Saturday it counts 50 days, and that’s
where it’s written that the Apostles on the Pentecost received Ghosts. That
holiday usually starts in the middle of the July, when the harvest begins.
And not right away after the death and Resurrection Actually there is only
one holyday after Breads. And Christians usually believes that the Spirits
are right away after the Resurrection because Apostle achieved the spirit
and the knowledge so they believe that the Sir Jesus told them when he
arrived in the body.
In the Croatian language there is an expresion ''bog'' that is shorten from May the Lord God be with you ( Bog
means God in Croatian language) that is often use with a meaning 'bye'.
It’s written that the harvest will be harvested, and that is referred to the
people who will be raised on Heaven.

Passover is time when the people also should celebrate Easter and not to
change days and moths. He’s murdered in the time of Passover, Unleavened
bread. Pentecost is the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, when it
started to happened what the Sir Jesus were preaching, I’m leaving above so
I can be in all of you. And so I could help you. What I hear, I will tell to you.
He was born on Hanukkah, caught in Passover, died on Breads and
resurrected, he came back for 40 days in the body, 7 weeks Spirits, Apostles
received spirit of knowledge and power, the next one is Rosh Hashanah, the
fist of the Trumpets, like it’s written in Bible – on the sound of Trumpets the
dead will wake up, and the live will be raised in heaven with them.

It’s not necessarily referred to the time of the holyday, fist of the Trumpets,
because they would blow the trumpets for every holyday.

In October, and that would be seventh moth for them, is the day when the
Jews should pay their dues for the year in front of the Lord God.

Other Christian holydays are coinciding with their holydays and we are
celebrating them all, and we are not celebrating Rosh Hashanah still,
because none of the Christian’s holyday coincides with that holyday or we
don’t know if it is.

And that holyday represents their beginning of the year, and to us can be
new beginning when the people would be elevated, then the period of
waiting when everybody will come back and finally the coming of better
world for 1000 years and waking of the others and what will be later we
can only guess.

ROSH HASHANAH begins on September 30th.

Then the next holyday comes, called Yom Kippur on the 9th October. Day of
atonement and the repentance. October 13th Tabernacles, the chest with the

October 14th Sucot – the day of the building tents like before people lived in
the tents. This holiday is usually celebrated after finished fist and picking of
the fruit. So that could be interpreted maybe that the grape will be picked,
with the meaning of the first resurrection. According the trumpets that are
the part of their tradition and picking the fruits and atonement it wouldn’t
be strange that comes in that time. October 20th it’s the Hoshana Raba,
seven scrolls of the Torah are bringing, every scroll is bringing particular
with a finished circle. That day is finished trial of every man, started from
Rosh Hashanah and finished on Yom Kippur.

On the October 22nd Torah is celebrated, it is also the seventh day from the
Sukkoths and than Jews is starting to read the Torah all over again through
the whole year. And every scroll is bringing honorably and separately in the
circle. Like there are seven scrolls of Torah, so we can find in Revelation
seven churches and there something positive and something negative to say
about all of them. Those churches could be one whole like Torah that has
the seven parts. Seven churches with the different level of the

On the October 10th, two candles are lighten, one for dead and one for living.
Mother of the family is lighting them. On that day they are visiting the
tombs. And since the time of the Temple the white clothes is wore like the
symbol of the pureness like the angels who are serving Lord God. Or it’s
referred to the coming of the Sir Jesus or to the trial that will happen 1000
years after years after kingdom of the Christ in the body. Those first one
will not go to the trail because to them it’s forgiven, they’ve already been in
the Heaven. To one of them it will be forgiven, and the other ones will go on
the trial, then all of those who received forgiveness will be asked if they
want to forgive to those ones who tortured them, and then we will find out
will they be judged. Like He forgives to us, because He understands,
shouldn’t we follow His example? As far as I see in the Bible is mentioned
two sorts of punishment, the other death and torturing in the fire.

Both of it can’t be true, it’s more logical that we all forgive each other.

But as far as I can see, the mankind is not really bother with the
punishment, because the punishment should happen 1000 years after
coming on Earth, maybe the Sir Jesus will tell us more about that.

Beginning of the seventh month, and it’s September to us, and the Rosh
Hashanah is celebrated as the beginning of the year and the time of repent.
So they have two days that are representing the beginning of the year, and
two that are representing picking the fruits, so the Bible say that their year
is beginning from the Passover, and that is related to the beginning of the
Jubilee year, and Rosh Hashanah beginning of the year like the January for

I see that people could be elevated during the Sevenths and those one who
stay have more time until Rosh Hashanah, 10th day to pay their dues, to
convert. But we know it will not happen right away. So many will suffer
who are predetermined to suffer, and those who are predetermined for
Heaven will be up and be happy more than ever in their life. So the many
people combine his return according to the Jewish holydays and they are
making the guesses when he will come. And nobody knows when.

Exodus 12-1 Now the LORD said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, 2"This month shall be the beginning
of months for you; it is to be the first month of the year to you!

Leviticus 23-5 In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at twilight is the LORD'S Passover. 6'Then
on the fifteenth day of the same month there is the Feast of Unleavened Bread to the LORD; for seven days you shall
eat unleavened bread.

The question is should we count the Jewish or general calenderer?

Deuteronomy 16:1
Observe the month of Aviv and celebrate the Passover of the LORD your God, because in the month of Aviv he brought
you out of Egypt by night.

{APRIL 15th} 16-8. Six days you shall eat unleavened bread, and on the seventh day there shall be a solemn
assembly to the LORD your God; you shall do no work on it.

DEUTERONOMY 16-9 "You shall count seven weeks for yourself; you shall begin to count seven weeks
from the time you begin to put the sickle to the standing grain. 10"Then you shall celebrate the Feast of Weeks to the
LORD your God with a tribute of a freewill offering of your hand, which you shall give just as the LORD your God blesses

Leviticus 23-16 Count off fifty days up to the day after the seventh Sabbath, and then present an offering of
new grain to the LORD.

Deuterenomy 16-13 Celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles for seven days after you have gathered the
produce of your threshing floor and your winepress.
Leviticus 23-24 Again the LORD spoke to Moses, saying,24"Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, 'In the
seventh month on the first of the month you shall have a rest, a reminder by blowing of trumpets, a holy
convocation. 25'You shall not do any laborious work, but you shall present an offering by fire to the LORD.'

Leviticus 23-27 "On exactly the tenth day of this seventh month is the day of atonement; it shall be a holy
convocation for you, and you shall humble your souls and present an offering by fire to the LORD. 10th October.

Leviticus 23-34 "Say to the Israelites: 'On the fifteenth day of the seventh month the Lord’s Festival of
Tabernacles begins, and it lasts for seven days.

Leviticus 23-43 so your descendants will know that I had the Israelites lives in temporary shelters when I
brought them out of Egypt. I am the LORD your God.'"

Leviticus 23-39 So beginning with the fifteenth day of the seventh month, after you have gathered the crops of
the land, celebrate the festival to the LORD for seven days; the first day is a day of Sabbath rest, and the eighth day also
is a day of Sabbath rest.

YOM KIPPUR is the 9th day, one day before 10- seventh month (October)

Then they had a habit to wear white clothes that represent pureness like
the angels. That’s also the time for be reconciled and forgiveness.

If you are wondering how the Jews manage to go out of Egypt, it’s written
that all of them are dead

Exodus 12-12 „On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and
animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the LORD.

Maybe all of them were murdered in that part of the town where the most
of the people lived. And when it happened, they were going across the sea,
sea of Reads, as the lake between the Red sea and the Mediterranean and if
the wind is strong and it’s blowing towards those lakes, they become dry
and almost as swamps. They say for that ground it was well known to
Moses, because his wife was born there.

Exodus 14 -21 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD swept the sea back by a
strong east wind all night and turned the sea into dry land, so the waters were divided. 22The sons of Israel went through
the midst of the sea on the dry land and the waters were like a wall to them on their right hand and on their left

When they were crossing it, maybe Egyptians were able to reach them from
the wide range, after they found out what is going on and drown in the end.

I heard the story about sea or a lake, and it’s not important is it sea or lake,
we all know the point of that event, what happened and how it happened.
Exodus 14-1. between Migdol and the sea;

Or we don’t have a story at all when it says that the Moses hit the ground
with his stick. Two different stories for one event. It’s happening because of
the oral tradition. However that happened, it’s obvious that they are carried
out from Egypt. On the history channel I watched the show where the
scientist proved according to the geological researches that the Vulcan
exploded in Egypt in the time when they are supposing that the Moses lived.

When that happened, the gas methane usually shrug on the ground, and in
Egypt was custom for the firstborn men to lie down, so that they could
drown. It’s proven scientifically that happened on the other places. We have
a story in the Bible when Moses didn’t even use his stick. There are two
different stories. So people when they are transferring the story from one
generation to another story is usually changed and exaggerated. Like the
Lord God couldn’t get them out in a more simple way. Because He’s the one
ruling the sea and wind and Vulcan. He’s in control of everything, so why
wouldn’t He combine everything in order to achieve one goal.

And when the volcano comes, every fish in water dies because of the sulfur
where the gases are showing.

268.] People were bad always

People were bad always, like we are today. That’s why we have the same
commandments. IF the people don’t take care about children, then the
children make a big mess. If they are small, you can’t let them out of your
sight as well as when they are older.

As the children growing and becoming older and they were individuals
from the very beginning, and when they are grown up, they lose what is
childish in them – spirit, and simply you become same persons that are set
of the spirits. Then the Lord God decides between those two different
person, who will win, who will be right or wrong, who will lose, and how
much will lose, when will lose and how. By watching my children how they
are growing you can see how they are getting every word, and their
progress, and every one has its own progress in a different time. By
watching received words, when they hear some new word and it looks
interesting to them, and they say it in the spirit of the words, that can vary
at everyone of them in her own special way. They are repeating it with the
love for new word. Later the experience of love is changed and simply like
you get used to it, you forget that you’ve received the words in a same way.

Problem is that we can’t go back in the childhood and meet ourselves, and
during the life we are receiving more spirits and our judgment is deranged
because it’s hard to judge and when you have less, and even harder is when
you have more. And it’s easily simple when the Lord God shows it to you (
To remember and to understand your existence) because people later in life
start thinking about their actions in that way they are learning about
themselves, and then waiting for the Lord God to show them during their
childhood in order to understand themselves.

While we lived in the childhood in that kind of present, we knew why we

did something. And when you grow older you know that you did something
because the parents are talking about that, but often you don’t know why
because you can’t even remember. Lord God is the one who is telling us our
memories because he’s the one who created memory and who remembers.

Although all that knowing can be solved more easily, because sometimes
you simply can’t hear what did you think or it can be lie. Or something that
your parent were telling to you that you were thinking, so with the time you
forget quickly what have you personally thinking, and you remember only
what they were telling you that you are thinking, and that can be untruth.

All of those are the spirits, and they are repeating during the life in the
certain time periods, it can be every 5 or 10 years, and then when it
happened you can see what you think now. Because only purpose to know
yourself is to know from what you need to protect yourself and not repeat
it. That’s how you get a new approach to that, and not like when you were
child and simply abandoned. Although you are always in abandoning, it’s
the difference because sometimes you see and not do it, and sometimes you
see and you do it anyway. Everything always depends is the Lord God
decided in which direction you will go.

My parents have created an image about me, and how they understand me
and my deeds. And I know what did I thought, and I know it’s not true what
they think that I think. When the child is born, it started to received usual
spirits, defiance and similar. You can’t notice it on the children that are
really good, but on the most of the other people you can see, even on those
ones who are slightly worse than the other. Everything that you received as
a child, later it do not happen so often, because you are also receiving the
other normal spirits so it’s harder to notice. And thoughts like that are not
given. Because if the child receives that he wants to go to school, wants to
go on sport, that rebellious spirit you can’t see because he is doing every
usual thing that are expecting from him. So the man’s life depends on what
will he received later. And this from the very beginning doesn’t have to have
any influence on our life.

Because if the man is fulfilled with the goodness and kindness, everything is
up to what you have more, good or evil spirit. Because we are all from the
spirits made. And everyone is the same, that’s why we have basic
commandments how to live. Everyone is getting angry and resisting. That
person can be right. Because it’s not as you wish, it may sound like the
resisting. What we didn’t received and what we had, and didn’t even know
that is there, because it was long time ago, Lord God decided not to give us
the spirit of repeating so we know it in that way.

What I’ve also noticed, how we are getting impressions about some other
member of the family, and it’s interesting that some other spirits are
repeating few times in a year and sometimes they skip. As well as you all
know event that people often repeats same stories, and you can see that at
the older people, even on yourself If your attention is paid on that.

That’s how everything is repeating; sometimes you have pain in the ear,
sometimes in the tooth, sometimes in the lag. Sometimes you’re laughing,
crying, drinking, disputing, you are acting in the different situations on your
own way. If the Lord God is raising you now you see that He’s the one
deciding about your reactions, and He doesn’t exist people would tell: It’s
normal that I did it.

269.] Paganism

RAMAN Babylon so called god of the air, Ramadan the Muslims holyday. So
even our Christian holydays are having the roots in the paganism and deeds
that are repeating even now. Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, so called gods
of the fertility, Christmas tree- the same things people did before as the part
of the paganism, Halloween in America, druids and making the sacrifices.
People were offering firstborn sons as sacrifices before the Abraham
When they would build the homes, they would kill the man and burry him
on the foundation of the house believing it’s good for the home. They would
sacrifice so they can show that it’s possible to renounce something they
love. Like the Lord God doesn’t know how they are feeling, the only sacrifice
that is expected form people is to try to do good, and to try not to do evil.
Then you will see what the problems are when you start falling and can’t be
any better or worse.

270.] Honesty

Honest people are not afraid of critical test of their true believes and ideals.
Because if you are honest that means you are not lying, then nobody will tell
did you say that, and you said that you did, and that is what you actually

But in life it’s hard to speak the truth, because sometimes it brings you in
trouble, so you are lying and trying to get out of the situation. So those one
who are sincere are also strong, because the commandment to not lie is
hard commandment where people are falling, even not thinking they are
falling. Because it’s not given to them to see every word.

For example when somebody asks you how much did you paid for that, that
could cost 1.99$, and you say 2.00. So you need carefully to regard
everything. When they ask you did you steal, you might think –maybe
several times, and you are not even aware how many times you’ve stole,
because even on the job taking the paper or anything what is property of
the firm, picking the fruits on the road or flower that grows on somebody’s

When the people watch from the air it’s called bird’s-eye view. And when
the Lord God is watching the land He’s watching it from the Galaxy
perspective because there are more galaxies so in our He’s been watching
the planets and the stars that are part of our galaxy. And He’s watching us
from the inside and outside, because he’s there. That’s how He’s watching
every possible was and perspectives, and angels, people and all living souls
where their eyes are fixed.

271.] Messiah – prophet

Jews believed that they will get Messiah who will release them from the
Romans, more like military leader. They knew that they would receive good
but didn’t know in what way. Later when the Christ showed, they didn’t
believe to him because to say a story like that, that he’s going up to heaven
and that will be inside of everyone sounds like a blasphemy, and they never
heard anything like that.

So the Christians believe now that they have, and they don’t understand
what they have and how come everything is got. Because they were
messiahs before him, and after him. And we call them apostles. In order to
be messiah or prophet doesn’t mean that you have to be sent from the sky.
You are already here, and because you are there, you are getting the
message either in the story or the prophecy and you are sharing it with
other people.

Angels are also His prophets, who are not present with their body, but they
had their own tasks, that are part of their job, and they are doing their own
part, and people are doing their part, and the Lord God is ruling with
everything, as He wants. And everything is going according to His plan,
because He’s not like the man who waits to receive but has already
everything and can do everything and change it differently.

272.] Repent, convert

John preached – repent! That also means convert. They thought that the
Lord God is only to them, and then He showed them trough the Christ, that
He’s our Lord God- He belongs to all people. He loves every nation, and He
invented their languages, virtues and flaws. Meditation is good, but what is
good is toward you are meditating.

The cognition is preached, but the man does not rule that cognition but
everything is the part of one whole, that you call differently with three
different names – cognition, repent, and convert. We receive that and we
don’t have control, because the Lord God is the one who convert sinner
from his sinful way, He’s the one who put him on that way as well.

That’s how He can do to us whatever He wants. People don’t understand it

yet. It would be the time for people to stop believes in their own will, and to
let themselves to where they are living in. And that is the will of the Lord
God. Because the world belongs to Him, and people inside it, it’s his idea
that everything is like this, and later will be better for mankind.

If we are looking globally, there is a lot of that behind us, what was the plan
to happened, now the more evil is coming and the Christ will be send before
that. And when he comes back, every wrong road will be right, because even
before his coming back, there will be a man who is the last antichrist who
will speak the peace to people and the solutions for the better life. But He
will not say it from the Lord God but from the lacking of the Lord God, that
lack is the root of the atheism where all of us are living even today. I
wouldn’t be surprised if he preaching that all of the Christians should be
united as one religion. When we are all disunited at least someone believes
more right than the other.

All believers that believe in their own will are half atheists, because that is
not related to the Lord God and needs to disappear. When it disappears
with the Christ appearance, that basic path will be straightened and we will
get new roads where we will walk, and those old ones will be history. As far
as we are watching people in the history, like they are backward and
savages, that’s the same way we will watching ourselves, but now no one
can see himself because to see you have to believe.

In a same way those who are living now when will be wake up, this would
be their history, where their lived. That will be for all of us. Lord God gives a
faith, and the reasonable judgment. Because everything is written, and
nobody has the mind although they say opposite.

People are usually deceived by watching; looking themselves how during

the life they are brining reasonably decisions, then think that their all
decisions are reasonable. Sometimes when it’s proven, they agree that they
are not. But the reason in the faith is rarely proving in this part of the life.

There is what happened – reason and how it happened – Lord God did it so.

When the people wrote the Bible they heard the words and they were
interpreted how they understood it. So if someone believes in a wrong
truth, what he heard understands in a wrong way. For example cognition
about punishment, when you hear how people are bad you are speaking to
them today that represents what the Lord God sees. And if you believe in
forgiveness from understanding ones incapability and the limit given by
Lord God, then you would say – they are bad as they are, I don’t judge them,
I understand, I just speak what is evil in them. And those ones who find
themselves guilty, they prove their guilt, and they simply can’t do better,
and you are praying for them.

You don’t judge them, but their own deeds are judging them. If somebody
did something, it’s normal for you to think he did it. It’s the same for every
one. SO it’s all about deed that happened, and through the Bible cognition
we understand if it’s good or bad.

If they would tell us that the wrong is right, we would think so. Let’s take for
an example commandment – You shall not murder. And the Jews were
murdering as a punishment for everything, because of the wrong cognition
that is rightful to kill according to the many parts of the law, they were
doing the wrong because they believed that the wrong is right.

It’s only allowed to murder if you are defending yourself and you are trying
not to kill, accident. If you are in war, only if you are under attack or you are
defending someone who is. But for those ones who are chosen it would be
the best if they could not to go in army but to try to speak about peace and
preach the Gospel, because it’s their duty. That would be my opinion only,
and everyone is free to judge for himself, as well is given to him. And there
is a lot of wars that weren’t suppose to happen.

When you do not believe that people can’t to better without Lord God, then
you are cursing them and you think that nobody blames you.

And actually you don’t understand how crazy you sound and wild and
regressive because they’ve been cursed already, you need to mumble and
be happy because you didn’t received that evil, and when you see an evil on
somebody else you will pray that do not happened to you .

Because in Old Testament they were cursing your Grandmothers and

Grandfathers, even the Christ, that doesn’t mean they should be a model so
you continue with cursing, and when you heard already that people needs
blessing and not cursing, because they did the evil because of the curse


People believe that they will one day travel into the past, and they think it
based on the glory of the stars, because now we see how that star looked
like in the past.

As far as I see, and how I understand I don’t know how people could travel
in past when the past happened already, and the people are dead and
everything is gone. And the future didn’t happen.

The star is broken into peaces and spread the light all over and the man is a
man and that is not good example for the possibility of man to travel in the

Maybe the star is spreading the light so we can see her light only that she
threw before, and what is left of that star before it’s exploded we can’t see.
And who know how it’s broken, because the light is shining our eyes. The
stars are made as the atomic bombs so they have their specific explosion,
and that nuclear energy is a fuel for that specific explosion. They say that
the energy is used with time.

An atom, a nuclear energy, the sun energy or any other energy is something
that existed before, and lately that existence is announced to the mankind. If
the sun would stop shining, we would understand it after 8 minutes.
Because people don’t know if it’s travelling of the light or it’s more light. I’m
thinking about everything.

Atomic bomb

As well as we know, since that announcement an evil happened to us, and

the future prediction is not any better. Because if the one person is crazy
enough to fire a bomb, although all nation is against, because it’s logical that
someone will return it to them. And those ones who are returning it
shouldn’t adjudicate to all the mankind, common people didn’t want it, but
a single person only. Without understanding there is no forgiveness as well,
and it’s enough to have the understanding so when you understand you
don’t have will for forgiveness, because you didn’t understand it as an evil.
Or to know that the people is not guilty, but the individuals only.

People can travel in the past or future, in one way only, to get the spirit of
the prophet so the same spirit that comes out of the Lord God what was
before, and what comes after, and what is happening now around you in the
world. Lord God knows everything, and then it happens to whom He wants
to tell and to show.


How I see it, He wanted to show to angels and people that He’s the better
and also worse than they are. Because people can’t be neither better than
him and neither worse because it’s written He gives good and evil. That’s
why is written in the Bible if you are bragging about yourself, brag in the
Lord God.

He showed us all what He can do, so we can all experience Him as a person
from whom we have fear, by seeing what He’s able to do. He made a people
criminals, and sinners, and He didn’t care about the sin they are
committing, because He knows that He's been doing it all by himself. And
because He's been doing it by himself, that means He needs not to forgive
people because obviously they coudn't do better.


Why the forgiveness is important, so you can carry on without traces of evil
in a new day, as well as in new life. People should leave a past to past, and to
understand the other, and every day will be a new day for them.

Forgiveness from the understanding is something that we all need to live,

because for everyone can be understood, if the Lord God can understand
because He knows everything and He understands everything, then it’s
what He knows, then His knowledge and understanding people need to take
for their opinion and to look it in a same way.

Because before and now people perceiving as the Lord God is with them,
and according to the Sir Jesus it’s announced to all of us that it’s not true
and He’s with those one who are bad and He’s repairing them and love in a
same way as creatures, not like man, women, child, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist,
because he gave the same patient for whole people, thinking how He want
to create them.

He thought about all of us, and every man is His idea, as well as the angels.
He loves His ideas, because He created them very well, and decided for
them, in those ideas He share so many good, and the same amount of evil,
and how man will live during the life now and how he will live later

Everyone will see that He’s dispassionate, and He showed it to us by

choosing the closest angel Satan to give him to the evil, although they were
often in the company of each other.

And He gave the Christ as well to the tortures and suffers. Because all of us
are in His company, but here on Earth people do not understand His voice
and the way He speaks, and they don’t know when He speaks and when He
speaks not, and what they hear as a thoughts, do not pay attention on it,
that it comes from Him, but it only goes through them, and in the end they
do bad thing that were intended to do in the first place.

He chose and created Satan, sacrificed beloved creature that was so

intelligent and strong in support and adoring His thoughts, in order to show
to all of us that He can make the most unreasonable person from the most
reasonable person and inversely. Those bad are victims and good ones were
simply happy because they didn’t determinate to be sacrificed.

When you are among the many people and the picking start, it’s miserable
one who will be sacrificed and blessed are those who are not separated for
sacrificing that is surrender to the evil, so that every other can learn on that
example. That’s why those who are not chosen for sacrifices would feel
sorry for those ones who are, and pray for them to their evil be reduced.

Later everyone will understand just like the Sir Jesus and pray, although if
He announces that they shall not be punished with the eternal hell, they
wouldn’t have to pray for the other one. And if He left them unknown, then
they will have pray and have hope in justice.

In that situation everything would be undecided in their mind, but for Lord
God it wouldn’t be undecided because He would know what will happen,
just He wouldn’t announce that to people, because He simply doesn’t
announce everything, but as much as He wants.

In that way people will receive the spirit of incertitude, and the joy when
they find out. After that uncertainty and expectation of the good, how would
He look like to us if He doesn’t do it?
If He ever thought about conducting the actions, maybe He preferred the
idea to not conduct it. Although He wanted punishment and He couldn’t
decided whether to be or not to be, he choose some people only to come
back to the earth and build new world in better knowing of the Lord God
and based on that cognition they receive a new mind, + what comes out of
Him. And with their new mind and their stability, and the other people who
will live would think the same, in that way everyone would pray with their
stability. Because our stability in torments prays for us without speaking,
wakes His mercy and He stops giving us evil, He converts us from the evil.

We are all living in the cognition to be left to the 5 great evil in life for
example. And then when it starts to happen different, they think it’s because
of the first one, it must be punishment, and actually is just decision about
releasing to the evil.

As far as I see, I know that exists, and when it comes to the punishment that
would be revelation according to the Bible, it looks like that happened
often. But He knows always and understands what it means to be left to the
evil, and impossibility to be what you are actually.

Why do I have to be bad, and that is what I am? As far as I can see –
somebody has to, so somebody is me. I’m not enjoying to be human sacrifice
really, on which will be shown to the world that there is no control of your
life. And yet, somebody has to do that as well.

The sinners are for mourning and for happiness because you are not the
one who received it. Although, as far as I can see, many of them would like
that they were victims as well, because then they would be more
thoroughly built, forged in the fire, all over again, the longer it better
because the iron is more firm. Both good and evil will be scored; everyone
has in his own way positive scored but negative also.

That’s how Lord God could build the path that would affect on His mercy
and save everyone from the punishment. Because in Old Testament is
written that the Christianity was intended for everyone, and then it’s
decided on the other story to be intended firstly to only few of them.

If all of us were Christians everyone would wake up at the same time and
couldn’t pray for those one who will receive a punishment, and that path
would never happen, that the people would urge to do so, believing in His
justice, knowing that He thinks that nobody can’t do better.

And this how, those who are awake first can pray for those one who will
come next. Maybe He never intended to enforce the sentence but people
don’t know it yet.

Then will be announced to people that we are praying and forgiving the
sinners because they couldn’t do differently, although that was already
announced, I think rather that lot of it will be understand, and people starts
thinking Him for what they’ve heard, because think that they are thinking
and not that He’s thinking. Actually it was always He who thought that, and
told them hat.

From that ignorance they had unnecessary and wrong interpretation,

because when you know something you can’t think about other possibilities
but you have the one you know. Now people are suffering whether it’s
physically or mentally, so when they received good they should know that
they could receive it both good and bad. Because everything is in receiving
and not in that people are deciding what it will be.

If the Lord God would ask a man- do you think that Hitler should go to hell;
according to your knowledge, by knowing that the punishment exists you
would say –yes and believe that’s the right answer, because you would
think that the Lord God thinks the same and He’s only testing you.

But if you would believe in forgiveness, and see how He forgave you, and if
you were only knew how Hitler was obsessed with evil and he didn’t had
the control over his life, same as you; if you had the power who know what
would you do. Because everyone is sinning in his own, but what is most
important we are all sinning from the same reason. Because of that reason
you will be forgiven, but that’s the only reason why. So isn’t then logical that
it’s forgiven to Hitler for the same reason.

That would be trial according to law, that should sound like that, if you
want to judge according to it. To someone need to forgive more, and to
someone less, and to everyone is forgiven in a same way. And everyone
needs and deserves the forgiveness.
If the law sound that someone should be punished, so everyone would
know for the existence of the punishment, that would be last educational
lesson, it would be because of the lesson and not because of the
punishment, as well as the existence of evil at all- because of the lesson.

Although everyone might think that the Lord God is not fair, because they
couldn’t do better. Watching in that way His mercy is proven as not much
big, mercy was always perfect, and He took responsibility Himself to give
both good and evil. How would He else condemn someone, if He says
himself that He’s giving good as well as evil?

As far as I understand Him – as a person He would say in my mind – Don’t

you know me yet, my acts come out of me, from the person who came up
with everything and organized everything; I explained to you every reason
for existence of evil, and everything is logical, and everything is accordance,
believe in rightfulness and truth because truth will set you free, from the
believing in the punishment because in the truth nobody can do it better
than he’s already doing.

That’s why I decide to believe in Him as the person to whom I admire, who’s
doing everything harmoniously, and not to listen everybody else and some
apostles who are common people, because I’m apostle too, He is speaking to
me as well.

There are also apostles in my time, I know they are, but the truth in them is
poor, and they don’t understand anything. Why would I believe to someone
else, I would rather believe Him?

About the punishment in this world: many people when they receive the
evil think they are punished, and those ones who are receiving the good
that are rewarded all the time. Actually it’s about being left to the evil that is
always brining more and more, and the same goes for good.

If sometimes He’s punishing in this world for example – people do the oath
to do something, and later don’t do it, of course they didn’t have to give an
oath because they don’t manage their own, if He punish them the reason is
only to remember in eternity to not vow because they don’t control their
That’s written in the Bible too, He is whipping the son He loves. That how
He is raising us, in our mistakes. Although people don’t understand really
why He’s punishing them or leaving to the evil, everything will be clear
later. That wasn’t because of the lack of love, but to build you even better.

By watching those ones who are rightful, who are making mistakes also and
something bad happen to them. Evil is happening to someone just because
of the educational punishment, and to someone just to receive the evil.

By watching myself and the other drug addicts, and all the evil we’ve don,
and He chose us to be the first one awaken and something that everyone
would like what’s all about and that exists. In that way, the punishment
doesn’t make sense much, but maybe those one who are left to the evil
more, maybe He doesn’t punish them because they received enough evil as
the educational lessons who is ruling them.

And they were all punished, they lost their children because of the drugs,
people watched them with disgust and despise, they were suffering in the
chains of drug and they didn’t receive better life as those one who are not
doing drugs.

Although some people also having worse life, if you are doing drugs you are
having the same and even worse. So those ones who were left to the evil
and punished with the suffer and redeemed, maybe that will not affect on
their seat in eternity. Although it’s not about that our seat is making now,
it’s been already made before even we were born, and now just need to

The ways of realization of seat – plan is spread from the evil until the good
done through us, creating us as the deeds we are, and what we are is the
equal to the plan what we should be, and how to look, by looking to our
draft, our place.

When you see yourself as the one spirit that is as every other, and has the
emotion and suffers because it’s the only one responsible for their own

By doing evil I was hurting myself, and continue to do that and to hurt, in
the eyes of the others I saw mocking, instead of admiring me as the
respected girl, by doing the sin in the world organized to think and act
normal, I couldn’t belong to that world anymore. And if you don’t belong
you are surplus, something that isn’t good.

While all of that hurting were happening I just felt vulnerable and nobody
knew that, and He was there and He didn’t have boundaries to stop.

Later on I found out that He took away my joy and freedom, knowing that I
will have it both in eternity. And that was all to show me that I don’t have
control over my life. For people like that Bible says that it will be saved with
the marriage, because He did it to many of problematic persons.

Someone stays pregnant, parents are mad, the entire neighborhood speaks
about it, and the one is saved. Later everyone forget, like nothing happens.
When you got married you start to belong to that world right away, you find
the job, not doing the drugs, but they are happy for you living your life.

Some people who doesn’t know you since the childhood, and with whom
you didn’t spend some time, you they didn’t received the love for you like
for one living soul, they are still watching you with evil, but they are not
important, because you are not friend with them as well.

You are going to work, to visit your parents, you have children and the
family, mother in law who loves you, and you come to the road you didn’t
even think that you will find again. You became the normal member of the
world and the whole organization because in order to belong to the world
you need to live as the world is living.

First you are going to the kindergarten, then in school, then you find the job,
get married, become grandmother and die, and that’s how everything looks
like. There are additional rules that you should respect in order to have
more harmonious life. If you don’t respect them, you will have the problems
that would be also punishment. That’s how the life whipped me took my
youth that is gone for good, unfortunately it’s not possible to go back now
and to be happy in the past and if I go back, unless the Lord God decides to
do different, everything would be the same, no matter that I know now.

People with common life don’t know how happy they are. Those ones, who
are given to Satan to torture them and destroy, sometimes are not even
aware of everything they don’t have, because they are so much in that evil
so they can’t see the light, and they are not aware of what they don’t have
and how derivate they were for the Lord God’s good, given to torture.

To some people when one pain passes, the other one comes. That’s what
happened to me as well: when He released me from heroin for now, I’m
saying for now because I don’t know if He planning to let me again to that
evil, because from the beginning He left me and hold me in different times,
but now is longest. He also gave me schizophrenia disorder, where Satan is
torturing me trough the thoughts, I’m experiencing thoughts in a way that is
not normal, that’s have I came to the conclusion that some people are given
to Satan, no matter that Lord God’s love them and chose them to give them
to the Satan.

In this part of the life, by watching backward and receiving the new evil all
over again, I’m not expecting anything good. But no matter on receiving
many evil, I’m receiving the good also, that are so impressive, and many of
those ones who know what good I’ve received would trade with me. He
reduced me many mistakes in speech.

He forgives a lot through me, and there are so many impressive things that I
can’t even describe it. Bringing to the reason, the way he’s speaking to me
and giving me peace, point of view on the world, peace while I’m restless.
Blessing and the capability on my job, freedom in spreading Gospel, He’s
holding me all the time not allowing to the world or Satan to have influence
on all of that.

Everything is going according to His plan, no matter what happened, I know

it’s His decision and expects nothing from me, so I can be peaceful,
whatever happens He will never leave me. Parents, husband and children –
all of them can turn against you, but He’s always with you, the one who
understands you.

You can see yourself as He sees the man, because you think like He does,
like you’ve heard.

Satan understood that the Lord God is ruling with him also, and that he is
outsmarted, and realizing this he’s saying – speak and do now when you are
ruling me, I will do the evil things! But because Lord God loves him as well,
He finds him funny, because Satan sounds like a little, disobedient child.
But he doesn’t think about it, because He’s fulfilled with hate and evil,
because if he would think for a while how much Lord God loves him, he
would love Him as well; because everyone loves when see how much some
one loves him.

Like it’s written in the Bible- it is placed in his heart to do that evil, and he
simply can’t the find the way out of that evil, and to convert and to
surrender, to be reasonable. Everyone of us needs to pray the Lord to
release Satan from the evil because then he will be beautiful person as he
was before, without evil. One of the most stunning angels, so I hope that one
day Lord God will not punish him, but to embrace him, and he will melt in
His love, and find the condolence and full cognition.

How Satan feels, does he suffer, and will he suffer, we will all find out later.
In the Revelation is written that they were thrown in the fire lack, Satan and
his last man who will come before Christ.

Maybe it’s referred to the evil that angels or men are doing, that’s the
people call punishment. So the punishment maybe isn’t punishment but it’s
just evil, to achieve the better good that will build us all better as the living
souls. That’s how Satan, although he knows everything or he’s guessing or
he hopes, he will continue doing the same, because that’s the power of spirit
that he knows; knowing that maybe punishment doesn’t exist, he will
continue doing the evil, and hitting his head against the brick wall.

Who knows if the Satan even came to that conclusion to say – why you don’t
do that I stop hitting my head against the wall. If he said it, he could say it
from disobedience, by knowing that the Lord God still haven’t decided for
him to stop hitting the head against the wall.

Sometimes are creatures obsessed with evil so badly, it’s impossible to say
that they want to stop to be bad, and that would be the path of conversion
according to the sequence of thoughts that Satan would had, and how the
Lord God would convert him, and his evil would be quieted down, and his
evil would be more and more quiet until he wouldn’t wake up from that
madness and saw how mad he was.

And that is all the truth, how man after being obsessed with the evil and
madness see clear after that, and you’ve become as you were before – a
Then you are looking at your madness by reminding yourself what have you
been trough, what have you done, what have you believed and thought, and
you understand – I was crazy, I was mad, mentally incompetent. Because
someone is mentally incompetent and that would be perfect measure
balanced spirits that are making one whole of the sanity, which means that
you can bring sane decisions. IF you are not like that, people will forgive
you because you were not sane, angels would be like they were before, and
people like they weren’t. And angels were firstly sane and then became
insane, in order to become sane again.

That’s how we can come to the conclusion that both people and angels can
be different. Every one of us can go backward and forward.

They are made so that received right away good, and we are made trough
the evolution and we didn’t received yet good like that. That’s why it was
taken away from them, because somehow it’s taken away from us also,
something we didn’t receive yet.

Lord God didn’t create us in order to suffer in eternal punishment, because

why would He create the living soul and then made it to suffer eternally.
That is not logical at all, if you take a look how sane He is, and we can se that
through His good commandments and our well organized life.

But we are not perfect yet in that organization, but angels of the light in the
Kingdom are living in the same organization where we will live.

People could ask – why is forgiven to them, and He could tell them – why is
your eye evil if I’m good? Because when it’s forgiven to you, and you receive
all, you don’t receive anything less if it’s given to the others. And if you are
thinking on the position why would someone receive better than you, then
he could be anyway on that position.

It’s bad to want evil for others, to be punished, because it’s forgiven to you
or didn’t consider as the evil. If you want something good for yourself, than
it’s best to struggle in the life, and to good, and not to do evil, renounce

275.] Lost sheep

We all know the story about lost sheep and the joy when it was found. It’s a
same if people has three children and one of them is bad, when the Lord
God repair them, they are happy, and on those kids who received from the
beginning – you can’t see the joy on them, although they deserve it as well.
So when you are obsessed with the thoughts about child who is bad, you
shouldn’t forget to commend those ones who are good from the very
beginning. No matter who is the child who is bringing you joy, with time it’s
becoming more quiet and people live in the new what they received.

Evil destroys your everyday routine, same as if you have mill on the water
and his wheel stops. It was normal for you every day when he was spinning,
and you were not worried with anything, but when it stops the troubles

Maybe we should watch on this life as when we were in womb, now we are
in this womb until we born again different and complete. When we were in
the womb our body was developing, growing, in a same way we are living in
this world until we don’t become developed spiritually.


While watching the others, people often see their disadvantages, but they
don’t see theirs in a same way. It’s like they are trying to justify themselves
and to judge the other.

Let’s consider one example: people often going through different phases,
different spiritual changes in life, men sometimes want to have long beard,
and others see them as unkempt, but they consider themselves differently.

When they meet that acquaintance people usually think how the beard
doesn’t look good on him, but simply say nothing. Sometimes someone says
something, but people often in situations like this do not say everything
they think.

Maybe if everyone would speak the truth in a decent and diplomatic way
that would have an influence on people, to see themselves as they are truly
looking, and not like they saw themselves in certain spirit.

Bible predicts, as a prophecies, that their Jewish temple will be crashed and
build all over again, and that Antichrist will sit inside of it, what would be
actually Anti Lord God, and also it’s written that exist many of Antichrists.

As far as I can see it, the temple is built in a same place, and honored place
belongs to Muhammad, according to him in that place Lord God announced
him something, and that he was elevated into the skies.

So the temple is built on that place. Muslims and Jews believed in one Lord
God and they are having the same Letters whether in Torah or Qur’an.

As far as I see, Muslims were progressive in a similar way, until they started
to believe to Mohammad. He spoils them and absolutely against the Lord
God or against what is announced through Sir Joshua.

It’s been written about many women, and how they will have in heaven
many women, it’s been written about the violence and not about peace, nor
one woman and that in heaven women are not married. Although there are
same letters in Qur’an as in the Old Testament and it’s always interpreted
that you need to fight for your own religion. The problem of the Muslim is
that they are still fighting.

He loved Lord God but simply he wasn’t Christen. I think that Satan
obsessed him with purpose, and madden him exactly on that spot, so the
Jews couldn’t have their temple.

As far as I see, they could built their temple on some different place, and
have meetings there. And same thing I could say about Mohammad, because
he didn’t think everything bad. He also red the prophets and the words of
Lord God and had some good points of view.

Some people interprets him peacefully and the other violently. I heard that
he introduced many women, take away the glory from the Christ by calling
him prophet only, and we know he’s more than that. And he ordered them
that will above have many women, virgins, that is also opposite from the
Christ, we all know that above are no weddings, every one is like an angel in
heaven, like the Lord God told him.

But as well as all religious people, everybody is lacking the truth and
nobody is aware of that lacking. Although everybody agrees that still do not
know everything, because it’s been written in Bible, they think on
something else and they are not even aware of their delusion.

They are overreacting everything, turning the Christ into the Lord, Creator,
and he was just one common person who understood one day, like we also
understood who we are and where are we going. He’s the greatest by his
position, but as the man he’s equal to us.

He became the spirit, and that is new thing He announced to us. But that
was scandalous to people back then. Now it’s not scandalous anymore but
the people elevated him and make him equal with our Lord Creator God,
like he didn’t have enough glory from what he is.

He was always turning all his glory and everything he says or speaks to
Lord God because He understood who created him, and who speaks him,
and who is speaking through him and releasing from the Satan.

Same thing is with Jews. As far as I can see, I wouldn’t even cross my mind
to write the papers – letters or to pray in front of the wall, knowing that
Lord God is here, why would I write to Him, or pray to the wall?

There is only one way to pray the Lord God and that is with your spirit that
says everything is yours, you’ve created everything, you are ruling my life
and giving me to live. My life isn’t my plan, but yours. I can’t neither live nor
die unless you decide so.

I can’t neither breath, nor speak nor walk, neither to hear the thoughts or
the logical conclusions. I’m your creations, and you are my creator. Bible
says that it’s true to pray with the spirit and to the truth.

And that’s the spirit and truth. The truth of the way we are existing. And
with obedience because He’s here, and not ignoring Him, because that’s
happening when nobody listen to Him, and you know He’s here but living
like he isn’t. And that will also be forgiven. It’s all how we are, bad in a
different ways but for the same reason, we are not made still like we will be
make still. We are just babies and not the adults.

278.] To receive to do.

We all know and have cognitions about good and evil, but simply when you
receive to know, you need to receive to do. We also have a story when the
Lord God announce to a man through the prophet not to take a path
because animal will attack him. Then the other so called prophet came and
told him differently. Then the man listen the advice of second prophet and

So all of us are living in the same, He tells us what to do, but He will not let
you to do it. We have cognitions because we hear it, but we don’t live as we
hear it.

It’s best when you are praying for something to pray that isn’t enough that
He tells you to do it, but you need also that He does it. It’s worthless if He
announce something if He doesn’t let me to do it. He shouldn’t tell me if He
didn’t plan to do it.

I suppose it’s good to see your incapability.

When you are praying, you are praying in a way. You should not think – I
can do it. Always speak – I cannot, even then when it looks like that you can
do it. What looks like to you, and it’s logical for you if you thinking that you
creature and He’s the creator who creates you, it’s normal that you can’t
unless He makes you.


People often get’s in delusion that they simply receive to hear – think and
what they hear in their head – to do. And what they didn’t do, but they’ve
heard, to that do not pay their attention.

People think they are doing what they heard, and what they didn’t do they
didn’t care. Although what they didn’t hear they couldn’t do, and they
wouldn’t care.

What comes to our mind – we want it, but simply we don’t do it. So you
always want the same, but simply you don’t do everything you want, but
only what Lord God decided to do.

Same thing with those two prophets, He’s giving you to think, to hear and
only something to do. We are all living in that. But we do not look at
ourselves and our deeds, but everything goes by. What goes by it’s
connected, and part of our life, what we are doing and what we are
speaking, simply what’s good, and that is something He added to our life
and He also could not to do it. But simply He wants to do something good to
us, and evil is added in a same way.

Actually you are listening to your thoughts, so it’s all about listening. That’s
why we have proverb2 Bake before you say it. But the problem for people is
when they get ingredients for the cake, Lord God needs to give them recipe,
and to bake it. If you are missing something it can’t be baked as the original
recipe says.



In future as the Bible according to John says, the Revelation needs to be

preached again, against the people. Now it’s not preached, and to those ones
to whom are preached is not given to be accepted in society, like the Sir
Jesus wasn’t accepted.

They don’t have title of the teacher, but those who call themselves teachers
think for them that are obsessed and that are blasphemy. People simply
don’t have opened eyes and ears. And when they opened, people will preach
that also and it would be part of the progressive faith that will be spread as
they do believe in everything now, so later will believe in something new.

Then Lord God will create and do. Currently He speaks only to the rare
ones, and He do to those ones who are more rare. So in future in order not
to come into delusion, and to people not think they are smarted from those
one in past and that they understand for that reason, they should believe to
what is written to be preached, that’s why He decided that time of
progressive preaching comes, and not the mind of a man.

People will be more reasonable because it will be given to them to

understand. But as well as everybody else whether it’s kindness or mind,
He’s the one good who makes the man more reasonable. Because if man
understand something, his name isn’t reasonable yet, his name is –
understands something. It’s all part of the evolution.

We all know while we are watching prehistoric man how regressive he was,
nobody judge him because of his backwardness and say – they were stupid,
but –they were regressive.
In Croatian language (Ispeci pa reci)
Same thing is with us, we are not stupid but regressive toward good, and we
do not control evolution and can’t hurry that process or slow it down. We
are powerless.

That’s how I see the man and mankind, and what the Lord God’s plan is for
all us, how wise and educational and fundamental it is. He could make us
progressive right away, like the angels but we wouldn’t see then. Because
the evolution exists so that people could see the progress and the process of
building that goes slowly and step by step and that you discover and not it’s
normal to everything be as it is.

I can see that we would be better built and educated than the angels
because we experienced that. And we are educational example to all of
them, who is making them alive and what good they have.

People just have the spirit like everything they are speaking or thinking –
listen doing all by themselves. If the people have spirit that they are
listening, that He’s the one who is moving their arms and legs, they would
feel like robots and wouldn’t be happy. We are like the robots, but living

They can continue to think like this as if they were alone, although besides
that they need to build themselves in addition, because He’s the one who is
ruling them, all this evil would be educational for them so they could feel
like they are alone, but they could had cognitions based on this life that He’s
the one who controls them.

Human conversation with the Lord God would change significantly because
in the future everyone will understand that He’s not just Lord God of the
word but of the thoughts also. So what you heard- think you don’t need to
repeat and to tell whole story because He is the one brining that story to
your mind, while you are listening- thinking. You just need to agree on what
you hear.

When you look the angels were receiving good only, or when you imagine
the man who’s good only to you, and giving you good only, you don’t even
feel the fear but respect.

In a same way He was good to angels only, and decided to make the spirit
on the deeds, so they are having veneration to Him men because it’s
different type of fear that you feel for your parents or bosses, but unique
toward Creator Lord God.

I personally think that the fear is not the right word to express, but I simply
can’t find better, it’s just nearly so you could understand what I want to say.
The special way how you understand Him.

Although Angels experienced but now simply see how strong He is. It must
be a torture for someone so good and kind to carry out plan with terrific

You need to be strong in order to carry out all of that. But obviously He
resisted until now, soon we will be able to tell finally it’s over. Let’s take us
for example, because of the kindness we can’t resist our children because
they are so lovable and we love them. Because we are all in delusion. 148

You should understand that the children are person who know what they

They are good actors and know that can achieve something, and to express
anger and disapproval with the tears and yelling. Nobody can listen to
children crying, not just because of the mercy, but simply it’s not pleasant.

And we all know if you simple let them to cry is not good for them and it’s
hard to calm them down, although doctors say that its good for them to let
them cry, because it’s benefit for their lounges.

Those ones who are good are run over with children, if they get the children
who want to run out. And those ones who are sick with the illness of anger
and bad temperament, children are afraid of them and they run over their
children and kill their spirit.

Some people are neither sick nor it’s up to their kindness, but they imply
receive to obtain serious how to proper severe with the children, so they
are doing that. It’s not the guarantee for success, but what was your part as
a parent to have an influence on them.

Everything is in vain, no matter in which group you belong, if the Lord God
didn’t give you children to listen and to do. My father was so strict, not only
family members were afraid of him, but the locals as well.
And I was always disobedient, so if he wouldn’t look at me I would do, what
ever I wanted to do. So it came to my mind, how good would be, because my
father obviously couldn’t check up on me all the time, if I were religious and
If I thought how to Lord God is watching me and doing the same.

But knowing the truth where I live, although people have religious spirit,
and receive to think about it, they also need to receive to do the same. I’m
thinking now, but still I’m not doing anything, and something that I’m doing
I’m doing even more. It’s because He’s doing by Himself as the plan of the
good progress in repairing.

When you are reading the Bible, starting with the Old Testament and all of
points and people who apper exemplary, it's not possible to be someone

Because those one who are exemplary, they are like that because it was
made up for them to be exemplary. And although we all see them as an
example, they were not such example because if they were, they wouldn’t
curse their enemies and search for the revenge, but they would pray that
enemies receive good.

And how much Moses was famous, after he came down from the Hill, with
the commandments, besides 10 commandments he started speaking them
new commandments; they were: kill everybody for every reason, rituals of
the spilling blood and spraying the altar as real savages.

Even the Lord God Himself, through the Sir Jesus announced us that He
didn’t tell them all of that what the Moses said, but they were speaking how
they see it with their backward mind, because they didn’t meet enough Lord
God, so if they would heard as we hear it now, they didn’t know it, and
didn’t come into their ears, they were saying what their fathers were
teaching them.

Or they didn’t understand the story as a one whole from what He said to
them, and that whole would be like the full person. They were thinking
good, but they were speaking something that isn’t good.
It was good enough according their backward cognitions, but not up to the
how really it was. So if you are reading the Bible as the one unity, you need
to read it as the book of points, and also as the book that people were bad

That they are living in the revelation of the Lord God with the new
cognitions and for all of them is same, everyone believes in one truth, until
they don’t receive it that He changes everything; that also happens but not
so often, so they are rare, those are the one who wake up first and their
beloveds and the living ones were ascended.

So from all of the points about Him the unity is created, and from the new
unity the new stories comes out that are possibilities of His thoughts and
points of views on your everyday life.

That’s how you need to be held to stand in that story, and He’s doing that by
telling you all the time, and while He speaks what is from your mind, in that
way you are receiving different mind then you had while you were part of
the world.

281.] Food

We all receive in the shape of spirit started from the childhood that wee can
eat the animals. So that we are raised and the other people that is bad, that
is scandalously or forbidden, we all receive spirit like that. When people
have pets or animals around the house, they love them with time, and it’s
hard for them to kill them or to eat them. In that way every new generation
gives to their children when they kill animal and the child don’t want to eat
it, they tell him – eat, you are not looking that from the right point of view,
this is normal.

That’s how everything bad comes from our parents, and we are spoiling our
children, If we were listening to love and disgust, we wouldn’t eat animals,
but we didn’t listen to our spirit but to our parents. And they were listening
to their parents. That would be a chain reaction that is successful.

People feel nausea while eating, and they are telling to themselves – it’s
normal to eat an animal; that’s how they are encouraging themselves and
killing the spirit with the new spirit, and that is normal.
As far as I see it, the animals we don’t know are not causing the nausea
because we didn’t were connected with them, get to know them and love
them. That is the same when you see children in Africa, you feel sorry for
them, and if they were close to you who would even refuse to feed them.
You would accept to be hungry yourself, but to feed them.

But because they are far away from you, you simply do not react the same,
and you receive the spirit of transiency that comes after mercy. So that
spirit of transiency kills the mercy, and there is no any mercy but you can
only feel it inside of yourself. You stop to think how to make donation.

Because the Lord God knows that you have mercy, and everything you have;
He can’t see you better or worse from anybody else because He’s the one
speaking mercy through you with His spirit, so you can feel it.

Prehistory people and their language. Firstly they’ve communicated with

the body language and certain sounds. Then our language with the time
became enriched, and we could express ourselves better, we received new
expressions – addition, new spirit given to people so they can have
something in addition. It’s like when you speak only good or bad. And with
the building you receive new spirits with them – new feeling and with the
new feeling you receive words that are meaning something. That’s how our
language become more and more rich and we are persons with more

The thing is that we have even words that are killing spirits and our
language too. The jargons, so we all are full of the jargons, for example – OK.
With that word you can answer different types of questions. And that word
is killing spirit, the proper expression or culture in speech; you can’t
remember any other word with that meaning that you could say if there
wasn’t the word – ok, because it’s replaced with the word ok, and that word
is here by the power of the spirit.

Jargons are maybe not completely bad, but if there number is too large then
they are becoming bad. People always overdo everything, as it said – one
finger is given to you, but you want whole hand3. Gambling is well, but it’s
not if becomes addiction, a vice.

Expression in Croatian language
282.] WORDS

We also have some other categories of the words that are included in well
behavior. Simply they are learning you to say – thank you, how are you etc.
As far as I can see, everything is well, but here, in America, I’ve noticed that
people are using those words when they don’t need it to use.

For example- when I’m going home from work, my colleagues always say
thank you to me, and I have no idea why are they thanking for, because I
didn’t do anything for them, only I did my job that I’ve been paid for. Or
people who come to order something, although they don’t know me, they
ask me how I am, and I don’t get an opportunity to answer them, or to ask
them how are they. They answer – well although I didn’t ask them anything.

Simply people are telling alone, they don’t even think what they are saying,
or what I’m saying to them. Sometimes I get into trouble because I’m not
saying them how are they, but why would I ask them if I see they are ok and
also I don’t even know them.

If I see that someone doesn’t feel well and looks very bad, I will not ask him
but I will tell him – I see that you look pale today, so everything belong to
the category how are you, every one is going his own path and everything
goes by fast.

They ask me how I am, and they don’t even care about listening my answer.
They are doing it because of politeness. It would be enough just to say –Hi;
they also have greeting – See you later, and actually nobody knows when
we will see again.

They could say see you later, or according to the new way of speaking – If
it’s His will see you later. People use to speak like that earlier, but simply
that manner of speaking is gone, so it became abbreviation, and people just
can’t say how they were speaking before, because they received wrong
when they are raised, someone of them were heard good but they corrupt
with time.

So what you received wrong- it’s important that the Lord God heals you
from the wrong, and to speak with the body and spirit of the word, and so it
is. I’m having those problems all the time, simply I can’t speak although I
know and I hear in that moment what I need to say, I simply can’t.
For example, I’m raised to call Him God, and that’s how they called Him in
my home. Now when I started to read the Bible and He showed me
obviously – My name is Lord Name.

That’s how when I’m writing He’s giving me to write properly, although I’m
having problems sometimes and I barely write it, but when I’m speaking
with the other people I’m trying in all the ways not to name Him, but simply
when I want to say to someone something that He said, I have to name Him,
and then the troubles began. Sometimes I’m not saying but sometimes I say,
and every time I’m in the problem what to say.

That’s how I came to the conclusion that I need release from the word God
and with the receiving of the word Lord God that I would use instead of
God. Release or the exorcism , because what we saw in the Bible, how Sir
Jesus expel the evil out of man, that’s how exists categories less obvious to
people, the same point works for them and it’s happened in the same way
with the strength of the Holly Almighty Lord God.

Sometimes is enough to insert the word Lord, and so it be. In order to man
be better, sometimes you need to throw something, and sometimes to
throw something in; sometimes to throw in is a way of throwing out.

And that is where people are living. But if they are not looking, they can’t
see either. And if they are looking, they don’t see who the one is giving them
to work and to speak and not see it well.


He told us Himself in the Bible that’s He’s the one who speaks to us through
those stories. The stories have the point and the meaning as well as the
parables spoken through the Sir Jesus. It’s a big problem to people that they
are speaking from the fear that is given from one generation to another,
they are persistently speaking the same story and believe that the Satan
was speaking through the snake.

The snake was representing the evil, because it’s dangerous for the people.
And the fact that Satan trick, or simply do through the man evil, then it’s
considered that the man did it by himself. That’s how we are to blame for
what we did, because we did it. And we are justified because it’s
understandable why we did it and we simply can’t do anything against the
Satan and that the only Lord God can stop him. People don’t have almighty
spirit like the Sir Jesus received it. We are left to the mercy or disfavor of
the Lord God so as He decides.


If you imagine that people are living in the reality where they really are, and
that is He’s here, right here. It would be much better then, at least in the
points of views on life and expressions.

So we are living with enough cognition, some of them we know because

they are written and it’s decided to know and some of them it’s written that
we don’t know or don’t believe in it. So by knowing everything, that He’s
present, we look very bad according to our deeds we are doing. And if we
were having understanding as He can see, so that we can see like that,
everything would sound better.

And sometimes we believe both, that it is and that isn’t, that He has control
over our lives, and that we are having control over our lives. But from all of
that it’s possible to have only one right conclusion: cognition + to receive to
do = deed. That’s how we already have cognitions and waiting for Him to

285.] HABIT

I remember when I was a child, while growing up in Croatian people were

living humble. If you would obtain a pretty pen, you would keep it well. I
remember some children, whose parents were in Germany, they had very
pretty bags and pencil cases for school, or gummy bear that wasn’t available
to buy in Croatia.

That looks so special to me, and now there are plenty of pencils, and bags,
and gummy bears and they don’t look the same. We are having so much that
we can’t even enjoy, or admire, that becomes a habit, and everything is
going in the transience.

We are getting used on good, and forget about evil. The past becomes past,
and what good should happened from the past it’s = how we are
experiencing for the first time with admiration and happiness because of
gaining something. We would have much more happiness in life to enjoy in
everything we obtained.

Let’s take for an example yogurt, before you had only plain yogurt, you
didn’t even know for the yogurt with fruit, and when you get it, it was
something special. Now there are so many fruit yogurts that you don’t care
to buy it, or how my children were crying because of shampoo that tingles
their eyes, and now they are having the one that doesn’t tingle.

Lord God gave us lot of gifts, although you can preach ungratefulness, and
not appreciates what you have, but as well understanding, because He gave
us the transience, and later we will get the gratitude and appreciate what
we have and admire to it, the same He admired when He was creating.

Everyone admires when made something good. And when he shows it to

the others, they don’t really understand it in that way. Same here, we do not
understand His ideas, that He gave to us. And everything He gave us. But He
understands everything.

All roots are here, but everything is still incomplete. Everything we don’t
have now, He left so we can have it in the end. When we see it, we will see
difference, how we were before, and love ourselves like the opus and
admire to the Lord God how creates us.

286.] Injustice in life

When someone is doing good, people start look at him through that, even
when he do something bad. When someone is bad, you need to wait twice
as many in order to people watch him better.

When I was a child, I used to be so joyful, and I would listen to the adults
and helping my mother with chores and cooked. Everybody remember me
as such person.

Now I’m worse than when I used to be a child, although I progressed in

religion. Considering that I didn’t have earlier religious thoughts. That’s
how when I say to people who knows me how I’m bad now, nobody
believes me, and everybody sees me even now, like He used to see me
They used to laud me, and now if they see me by knowing how I were
before, it would be great disappoint, to believe me in what I’m telling about

Although I didn’t love to go to school or to write my homework, those were

my problems as a child. Justification for my currently lacks is that I’m
simply mentally ill, and I feel terrible. But still by watching myself no matter
how bad I am, I’m guilty for what I’m not doing. Good people are looking
each other, like it’s been written in Bible, good mother, grandmother,
happy, capable, so everyone who is not like that is guilty for everything he’s
not doing, and that’s how everybody sees him.

In a same way I used to look the others, and now I receive the
understanding by watching myself before and now, so I can understand
now what’s happening inside of others. So I can understand thoroughly
what I see.

Although we understand now, we are guilty in a same way. We are all made
with different lacks, so when we later receive it, we will understand that we
could be any, and we were as we were, in a future we will be completed.

The bad thing will be gone, and the good will come. And we will live in
eternity and the evil will never again happen to us. And that is written in the
Bible. So the Lord God is looking at us, as we are, and He understands, and
people from Him have only as we are now, and they don’t have that kind of
understanding. And you need to have it both, because a solution will come
out of those two and the new conclusion through which we need to live and
to speak, and understand ourselves and the others.

286.] DREAMS

Same as we are having dreams and every night we are dreaming, when we
die physically we will have only one night, when we fall asleep without
body, and when we would aware that we are dead, and then we fall into the
dreams. And everything will seem so real, but we will dream. Even now our
dreams seem so real. And then we will wake up, cross from a dream to
eternal life in the body. And live forever in a body.

When Christ Sir Jesus represents himself as the represent of the Lord God,
who they need to listen, the one loved him, because they recognized the life
truths in his words – parables. And the other ones found him scandalous;
they didn’t want them to take their power.

This time everyone will accept the Christ, although they never see him, and
those ones who saw him before, they were the one who killed him. But
when they woke up, he will be accepted by every man from the beginning of
the world. Everyone will wait for him eagerly, because they will know that
only then will be better.

His acceptance will be made this time by the Lord God, because if He
doesn’t do that, and give them a faith, nobody would believe him, because
nobody knows how he looked.

Also what is interesting about the death of Peter, He also left the town
where he preached the celibacy, and then the men turned against Him.
While he was leaving the town, he had a vision in the shape of Christ who
told him to go back, and he believed to that vision, and go back happily
knowing that they will kill him, and he was crucified upside down, and
everything because he taught that he is expressing the respect.

As far as I can see, I don’t believe at all that the Christ showed to him and
tell him to go back; I think it was Satan that showed himself as the Christ. I
thing that the real Christ brought him out, and that he didn’t want that peter
be killed or to suffer.

If he judge by knowing the Christ and his kindness he wouldn’t believe, and
the same would be a proof to recognizing Satan who presenting himself as
the angels of the light, because which friend would do that?

That’s why Christ didn’t have understanding, He could think – He doesn’t

even know me when he thinks that I would tell him that. He thinks that I
want him to suffer. People don’t understand that his opinion should be
judged by the truth, justice, mercy, kindness, reason. Satan tricks us all,
that’s how it’s decided.

Nobody needs to brag to the Lord God – look at me, how good I am. Lord
God did it Himself, through Him, so that makes no sense at all. Like when
you are swimming in the middle of the ocean, and there is no one to save
you, and than the lifeguard service came, and you are rescued.
Then you say to them, that you are saved by yourself. And it’s obvious that
you are not, but they saved you, actually that shouldn’t be them, but the
Lord God who decides to throw you in the accidence, but He didn’t decide
for you to die, although you thought that you are done, He knew that you
are not, because He organized for you to be saved.


Two or three days so it becomes better. And it doesn’t have to be two or

three days, it can be more or less. So that is going according to the way He
imagined. The normal doesn’t exist, but what He thinks it’s normal. What He
thinks it’s what He is. So we get to meet Him, Lord God and our creator who
created Christ and came up with how we will live now, and how later.


When someone has the evil mind, then the things that are happening
around him, and conversation he interprets and sees in a bad way. Someone
who thinks a lot receiving different combinations and someone who is kind
see the world without bitterness and anger.

289.] The chosen one

When somebody all of the sudden became religious and start thinking
about religious themes and starts to love Bible, and starts to look the world
through the Bible and experience Christ as the hero. And the words start to
come to his mind and he loves to speak about those themes with others.

They need to know that are probably chosen, as Christ and the apostles
were chosen, and if they want they can pray to be, if they can. Then after
realizing that they are apostles of this time, they should behave as the
apostles of the ancient times. That is said as the cognition.

To shine bright in your life and remark people with the understanding what
is written in the Bible and to share new points of views that you received by
reading the Bible.

With understanding you are telling to people, you need to understand them
because you used to think in a same way until the Lord God changed you.
Because it’s what they are chosen for, and that will do when they come back
to the earth.
Now because they know who they are, they can start doing their job right
now. To want to be better. To help the other. That’s how what you have and
it’s not still repaired, that would help you to understand the people better
once when you come back to the earth and when you will work with people.

That’s how you will understand because everything happened to you, and
you will speak through the understanding, and not through the judgment. IF
the people were not guilty, there wouldn’t be need to speak. Now when it
speaks, the world seems to be deaf. Everyone ignoring and thinking
religious are under pressure.

Later eyes and ears will open to the people, and everybody will have more
blessing, so the world will progress even better and better because it’s
determined that better happened in that time.

Currently, it’s determined this way, and that’s the reason for situation like
this. Although it’s better than it’s used to be before and better in the
countries where there is no Christians. The problem for the Christian lands
is if you are observing them from outside they don’t look thankful enough
for what they have, because they think it’s normal to be like this, and if you
look the world and how the others are living that are also people as they
are, they would be more grateful.

We are living in the plenty and the surplus and spreading, and they don’t
have even basic needs. I think that surplus and spreading should be send to
them, to renounce in order to help the other, because we would feel the
same if we didn’t received.

That’s how they are looking miserable and dissolute, and that is not good.
It’s like we are spoiled and they are whipped. And nobody should brag – we
are Christians because we are deserving; we simply received it, and they

We are not Christians by our own merit, and because it’s not with our merit
we shouldn’t brag nor speak about it, as our excuse. He blessed Christians
with purpose, because He decided to close them more to the heavenly life,
as the angels are living.

That’s how he achieved in the evolution some of them were more

progressive and grow more and faster, and the other ones stayed where
they were, and they will progress when the time comes for that, as well as it
was determined to us the time to progress.

Although we are Christians, we are not Christians as was preached, but the
false based on the false preaching, they were like that because of the lack of
understanding. Because Christianity need to Spirit to tell you, that is the
rightful Christianity.

But the thing is that people are not ungrateful, everyone are listening the
same story since the childhood and we are knowing the cognition of
gratitude when you are living in the moment and you don’t think, because it
doesn’t come to your mind any way. And when it does, it’s normal for you
too agree with that. It’s like you are living in the habit. When it comes
something new and it becomes impressive, with time the impressiveness is
not so strong and you are living in that and it’s normal for you. That is the
same for everyone that would be with the time to those ones who don’t
have it, because our ancestors lived like that, it happens to us- to be short.

As far as I see, I understand all the points, and what is actually missing to us
to be normal, and to be the part of everyday’s life, or because we all have
the bills that we are paying monthly, although they are commitment to us,
we have donations that we shouldn’t observe as the commitment, but as
something that is normal and natural for man to do it.

There is so many people out there who are trying and wanting to do
something similar, but simply can’t achieve it, because if the Lord God
thought that evil be less and that people are having more help, that would
be like that. People need Him so He do it trough them, although considering
ancient history people are going toward better and they are organized
better, but it needs to be even better and so shall it be.


I’ve heard a story when a Christian woman was scold by other Christian of a
different domination. That happened in America where the domination had
the supporters from whole town on his side.

Then the woman who was scold said to the other guy that Bible says - Rejoice
and be glad when you are scold for my name, because great is your reward in heaven,
Then she thanked to him because he did that, because she felt like she didn’t
even knew that she will be cold, and that didn’t have to do anything and she
felt like she obtained something easily.

I would like to note that everything we gained without putting effort in that
is what we received before, when we didn’t even knew where everything
starts. Then we understand that we are chosen and started to wish for more
and wanting to be right away.

That’s how something that is coming, and what we are waiting, and what is
not happening we understand that we are getting harder. And then again
when something new happens, that we didn’t know that it will come and
then we feel like we gain something. So no matter whether we were waiting
or not, we will get.

While you didn’t know it, it’s coming to you, and that’s how it continuing.
Everyone of us when we understand from where it coming, by seeing
ourselves how we are supposed to be indeed, we want to be in everything
like that, but simply is not possible, and we are sick because of our
mistakes, it’s all about that Lord God decides for now to gain only
something, and later we will received the other.

That’s how, not knowing His plan, people are disadvantaged for the part of
the peace, but if you really know His plan, and He tells you- I will change 3
things in your life, then for the other bad things you would understand that
you will not change yet. You would have a peace, knowing that He decided
what it’s decided. Lord God chooses sins that you’ll repair, and recognition
you will gain.

You have to reconcile with the truth that His announcement doesn’t mean
He started to think about you now. He’s been doing it for whole his life and
He’s been thinking what you would do and think, whether it’s right or
wrong. He’s deciding how bad you will be, and how good you will be.

It’s new to you only, and for Him it’s a sequel, a sequel that gained religious
building. Because you are living according the plan from very beginning,
and you can’t go toward him. His plan is happening trough you and it’s not
possible to do differently.
Everything will happened no matter if something bad is happening to you
now, you need to know that His plan will give you good later. And times
pass by, and ‘the later’ is coming; you will live in ‘the later’ as well as you
are living today, and that ‘later’ will be today, and you will be happy because
it comes to that.

291.] TO admit or to agree on your guilty

As far as I see, the man doesn’t have to say – I’m sorry for my committer
sins, he simply need to admit them when he hears them. Lord God is the one
who need to regret for it, if He feels sorry. Because He’s the one who made
you bad now, and later you’ll be better.

Everything you will regret, although it’s said by Himself that we couldn’t do
better, If He doesn’t do it through us. As far as I see He doesn’t feel sorry for
making people sinful; He thought well and decided that is part of our
evolution backward.

We are made to go toward better, and angels are created to receive good
and then to go toward worse. They are created first, and because He’s
having well mind, He gave them good right away as it’s normal, then when
He gave them normal after certain time He decided that they don’t look well
while are so normal, because they weren’t built more perfectly. They didn’t
know for evil at all because they were receiving the good only, and the good
comes out them. Lord God decided to show them what they had, and how
they are actually, it’s not quite normal to be without any other possibilities,
and that their good doesn’t come out of their kindness, but because it’s
imagined like that.

Than He asked them a question and decided to give them an answer.

Between the question and the answer millions of years went by. The
question was asked in that way by giving an angel to the evil, so the other
ones found out the answer, how He actually is ruling them until the smallest
detail, and that became their educational lesson and they became souls who
understands how He is ruling them, and not just to believe.

And Bible says that the good angels do not think bad words to those evil
ones, but just they say – You are prevented by the Lord God. They believed
from the very beginning and knew who created them.
We are different and reversed, we don’t know yet well enough who created
us, because people still believes that they have their own will. Later when
they make sure, they will understand that they had question and answer,
the question He asked by our life, and it will be answered by our life.

People believe both, that He’s conducting them, because it’s written in the
Bible, but again that they are having their own will, and that was never said
in the Bible; people understand like that, and they are transferring from one
generation to another, but nobody pays attention to His word, and they
can’t see importance. Through the words and announcing He’s making the
world better and more progressive, but only to those ones to whom He
decides to announce Himself in His fullness.

Because when the angels are created well and with faith, they seemed to be
hollow, like they are lacking something. Because they couldn’t understand
it, they saw good only and nothing else. When He created them, He knew
about that additional building understanding – knowledge, or He was
thinking about it, or later came to his mind, but He sees the future and what
He will think in the future, so He knew it from the beginning.

There is a possibility that came to His mind right in the beginning, but He
wanted to give good first, and later evil, and it was reversed for us. So both
of us can see that it can be any how. He wanted to understand what is going
on inside of us, and that we understand how He creates us.

If He wants, we could be every day a new person, but that’s not practical.
We are changing toward evil, and something towards better. One day if
there is no punishment for us, it would be logical to us, because why would
anyone be punished for something he couldn’t control and make it better.

Then everyone will think how rightful He is, and how wise and they will
agree with his lesson and our building as the living should. Because as the
strict parents are raising their children strictly, that’s how we will be
raised- build as the gold is forged in the fire. Those ones who are not given
to the greater evil I would call them 14, maybe even 18, and those ones in
the greatest fire I would call 24 carat gold.

Both will have the same lesson. I’m suffering clearly because Lord God
doesn’t want to release me from the suffering completely, it’s positive to
think that He will at least consider me as the well built.
Although I’m asking Him for mercy, He doesn’t mind it; He keeps going His
own way and doesn’t stop. As far as I see all of those suffering there are no
any sense. No matter whether I’m suffering 3 years, or 20 I will have the
same conclusion. Because on the day when everything stops, when I’m
healthy, I will make a step into a new day and suffering from the past will be
not part of my life, only cognition will remain.

That’s how I’m getting up every day by knowing that I could get up healthy
and in new day it’s not important how many days I’ve been suffering before,
because I’m living in eternity, and the eternity continues, every day is
finished and the new day comes.

By watching myself I did I do drugs, and every problem, and watching now
it’s not important what was before. I’m waking up in a new day like
anything didn’t happened before, so by watching my own life I understood
to what category of people I belong. And that I will be saved but trough the

In every part of my life I had problems that most of the people didn’t
experienced, and they were making my life miserable and it didn’t stop yet.
I found out that He decided for me to suffer and to think about my suffering,
and to those who are better He’s thinking about their blessings.

Although I have to say that the blessings He gave me are more good then I
found in anyone.

That’s the good He gave me, by watching the evil, it’s not in the same
measure but the good overwhelmed me, and evil only stands there.

There are people who are suffering more than I, and they didn’t received
what I received. So by not knowing the true reason why did I gave such a
blessing, in short everything comes to that He wanted like that. It can be
that my ancestors received lot of evil, or they had love for justice. That's
how I hope that I will find out that later. Because from the David's posterity
we got Sir Jesus.

Zechariah 13:9
This third I will put into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will
answer them; I will say, 'They are my people,' and they will say, 'The LORD is our God.'"

People might think that to Him only matters spiritual building. The whole
world belongs to Him, and every science is important to him, and every of
those are progressing with time.

People although know for the evolution and they see how long we are
existing still don’t understand, that what belongs now shouldn’t be even
now, that He didn’t decide so. They think that they are more clever from
those before, and not that He’s making the mankind more progressive. All
those delusions are here, because the mankind didn’t received fundamental
building and that is religion, according to religions we need to believe that
every knowledge is given by Him.

That’s how evidences for what is written in Bible and what is announced to
us, and we still don’t understand, because He didn’t want us to understand
with purpose, because He left everything for the end when we understand
how wrong we were by believing in ourselves, and not believing that He’s
creator. That’s how we will see how backward we were.

Right now many of religious people and Christians and others are living in
delusion as well as scientists. And nobody can be reasonable unless he

Everyone says it’s not true, and different atheistic ideas that are part of
every Christian religion, because they believe in their own will.

They are going on the stage full of faith to speak what the Lord God is
thinking and actually they are preaching the same what the worlds is
thinking. They are measuring among themselves and judging and insulting
those who didn’t received, and those poor ones who didn’t received are
those who understand because Lord God and Christ are consoling them.

Our preachers are insane, because they are making other people insane,
and those one who need condolence are judged.

When they are making mistakes because all of us are making mistakes Lord
God understands me, because He’s also hearing the understanding and
condolence, and when they are watching the others sins, they think – it’s
unacceptable, I didn’t do and that means he will judge it.
They think they are better from the other, and the other is not good as they
are. They are regarding their life and the path of Lord God where He started
to give them good and continued to do so, and in a same way have the evil
to the other.

They are praying Lord God to help them, because they believe in their own
will that sometimes needs a little bit of help to do something. Instead of
regarding that the Lord God decided with purpose that they stuck, so when
they receive to believe that He gave them. And that He gave them to have it
whole their life, without major obstacles.

Different ideas coming to their mind, when preaching becomes truth that
something is happening sometimes, and why people love to listen how to
improve, but without that part of truth everything is interpreted wrong and
at the end of preaching they come to the wrong conclusion.

Or preaching about success only, and that Lord God is giving good only, but
that some of them are not so good so they can’t accept what is given to

They are preaching what people love to hear – material success like you can
buy blessing with money. They understood it wrong. In the Bible is written
that if you are good you will be blessed and the same we can see that His
prophets were murdered always, Christ and apostles.

But again we know if you are criminal that you will be blessed anyway and
turned into the better, and not punished. Those who are good, it’s not that
the reason for their next blessing is reward only, but it’s to whom is given
good, it keeps receive good, and to whom evil, it will be continued to receive
the evil.

And among the first ones and the second ones, those who are better can
receive the evil. Then they are asking the question – why me? And those
who are evil know why. Because Sir Jesus showed to them examples of
forgiveness to the great sinners, as the Lord God is doing everyday and

So why those ones who are good wouldn’t receive the evil too, and why
those bad ones wouldn’t receive the good. Because all started the same, just
some of them first received good and the others evil.
So everyone can see that those ones who received evil didn’t less worthy
from those who received good. They are for regrets and that would be basic
spirit of the Christianity.

When you have spirit like that then you understand, because you really see
bigger sinners in that way. They chosen ones are obsessed with the evil and
they need his deliverance. Because He was doing it before, and He’s been
doing it today.

Through Christ is told to us – a year of mercy: he walked around and

showed us the Lord God and everything He does. So he's releasing the
people from evil even today. Some people think that christians could not be
obsessed with the evil, and I know it's not true.

It’s well know story, when He approaches to the man in the sense of
announcing to deliberate them from something. There are so many drug
addicts and different criminals, those ones to whom He wanted to give
better life, and to stop the way they were living before. For He’s giving to all
good and evil, just some receive more of one or of another.

They say we receive the gift of spirit and that is up to us how to use it. Those
who don’t live well are incapable etc. That’s not true. We receive both. So
we looks like the Creator created us.


Jealousy, somebody is paranoid and think that his wife is cheating on him
and we are calling it jealousy, and actually is the spirit of the madness
where you believe that your wife is cheating on you, you think that
something is happening. If that repeats sometimes it would be like the mini
schizophrenia, because in a same way they believe, just they are crazy for
the longer period of time. And they believe in different stories, religious,
someone wants to kill them, conspiracy, something that is not actually
going on. It’s called paranoia and actually it’s wrong reality.

When someone takes your boyfriend from you, then they call it jealously
and actually it’s possessiveness

When someone is prettier than you they call it jealousy and actually it’s you
taking the defending attitude because you feel threatened. So you don’t
actually be jealous on the appearance of that person because you can’t
transfer the beauty with the jealousy. If you had some pretty friend, you
wouldn’t be jealous but you would love her. But you can feel sorry for not
being more pretty. And many people feel like that.

So the jealousy would be possessiveness and defending to keep something,

to have something. The war. And when you go to war you are acting like
you wouldn't act in the peacefull times, and you do something crazy.
Because when it's peace, people get along, when it's war the first negibour
would kill you.

294.] WARS

As far as I can see that the Muslims, Jews, or Christians stick to the
commandment to not murder, there would be fewer wars. So if the others
would attack us, we would defend, and not as we are doing currently. If the
people are more reasonable, they would understand where the true
borders are. When the Sir Jesus come, he will tell us all where the borders
are, because he knows what the Lord God think.

So we would have borders, but also everyone would have the same
president- Him. We would need borders so we can control migrations of
people so everybody wouldn’t come to one place. We will keep every good
law, and improve it, and we will have new laws.

As far as I understand the churches will be purified from the statues to

whom people prays. Satanist shops will be closed as everybody else who
were obviously scandalously according to the measures of the
commandments and how actually should be. We will have government that
is not corrupted, and there will sit those ones who are elevated and woke
up in the first resurrection, because they will be non corrupted. The
corrupted ones will become uncorrupted. They will have paycheck, they
will be in every position, education, jurisdiction and that’s how new world
will be build and made more progressive than this one today.

The world will stay to the younger generations, because new generations
will receive better and to those old ones will be better because first they
had previous mind, and young generations will have new mind, that will
receive in the schools and the world will change, like all of those bad
generations change for the worse.
In the Bible is written –with my spirit and not with the military force. He’s
changing the people, and through them the world. So the people are voting,
having strikes, and in the beginning it’s not good for them, but when their
generations come to the power, everything becomes better.

Although it’s possible to do same even if those generations are still on

power, older generations do the right because it’s given with the spirit to
them, so they can see it’s good like that. As well as we see 70th and hippies,
those generations received evil, but they received good as well for wanting
the peace.

He’s changing the world through the people, we could live now in the world
that is civilized by commandments, but we received something reversed,
we are given to the evil and we are all in problems and not in every day

It’s said that the wisdom will help to improve us, and the point is not to be
promoted on the work, although that could happen also if you improve
yourself, but that is referred to us being more progressive as the individuals

To be repaired in addition, because for those ones who know how the Lord
God is doing, they know how to experience new wisdoms and points of view
on life. And they see how much that new made them differently and better
then they used to be


When someone asks an angel for a name, they don’t want to say it, because
as I suppose they didn’t come to represent themselves, and people tend to
worship the angel more than it’s necessary and that is a superstition. That’s
why they don’t want to say their name, because they don’t want people to
make them statues and pray to those statues, like they are having power to
bring such decisions.

Prophecy from Kremna says they are waiting for Michael to save them
instead of waiting for Sir Jesus. They are just working for the Lord God,
same as we will work for Him. They are more progressive than us, and it’s
not strange that they are living in truth, and the truth is revealing to us
during the years. And I shouldn’t even mention that is hard enough for us
that is, especially in Old Testament sometimes written that the Lord God
something that He didn’t say at all.

And people are afraid to admit it, and they are speaking all over again their
delusions, although by looking at the Lord God announced by Sir Jesus we
see that He was always same, and didn’t make progress with the people.

He was always more civilized, and no one can prove to me that He told them
to do all those rites with sacrifices that were full of spilling blood, like He’s
some kind of savage or barbarian. He was the Lord and He’s Lord as well.
Mercy is not His stronger side, by watching all of those evils, but there is
still justice and that is His strongest side.

People then as well as now didn’t understand that everything they believe
is not complete yet. Every one started as the pagan, and since that they are
making progress with new cognitions.

The more tragic is that people are still pagans, although they know better.
All those statues, good luck charms, paganism in Christian holydays,
summoning the dead who are actually sleeping, everything is forbidden but
nobody see himself doing that, but they thing those before were pagans

For those ones who are coming they will think they were pagans, because
mankind will go for the better, when Sir Jesus comes on earth again.


When someone chosen start to preach something new, then people of that
time find it scandalous and they mock him and reject him. But with time
Lord God start to spread that message and it become well acceptable. That’s
how when they accept something that the other people kill and mock and
consider it foolishness, the new generations understand it as good example
and they are worshiping it.

When something is true and if He doesn’t do well people are feeling

pessimistic to preach, the best is to write and let Him to decide when people
will believe.

Because when something is announced to you, you need to try share it with
the others, to share your cognitions, so that can be cognitions from
somebody else. Those ones who had cognitions, were able to had them
because that is given to them; and the other people to whom you are
speaking but they don’t understand you they never could do it because Lord
God is the one who’s giving the cognitions.

When He gave them the wrong cognitions like we all had, until something
new came. Something new inside of us that is changing the old one. That’s
how the old one sometimes is gone completely because the new is better.


When He elevates Christians, and those ones who will not be raised see the
raising of the people different dominations, they will not know what to

Then people should approach the Bible as the book where everything is
written, and to put behind everything that people taught you, and to read,
so the words teach you. People will receive the evil, one evil after another
and then one day Lord God will decide for them not to hit their heads
against the wall anymore, and He will turn them away from that wall-
convert them. Because He’s the one who is converting, and it’s impossible
for every man to convert himself. That converting and coming good will not
be because people understands finally, but they will start receiving one
good after another just like they were receiving evil.

Speaking globally, mankind is same as the individual. He just left you to the
evil and free from it, and He showed to us what He’s been doing through the
Sir Jesus.

Christ himself said that he’s been doing like he saw Lord God is doing. And
He showed him and gave him to meet him and to believe.

298.] Faith

Everyone says now – I’m right, that’s how I could say as well, but because
you consider yourself as the person with basic reasonable conclusion listen
to me and say, if your reason allows you.

Everything is written and everything is logical and I’ve explained

everything to you. What is stopping you is the same thing that were
stopping mankind from the beginning, previous religion that is living inside
of us with the strength of spirit, and that’s the only way to be gone.

Nobody can believe something else, because Lord God is giving faith,
whether it is bad or worse. So everyone believes that His faith is right and
from other is wrong.

I cannot believe what someone else believes but believe what they believe
personally. He thinks what we will think, what life would we have before
we are even born.

299.] REBORN






That’s how the only thing they received or didn’t have is the birth of the
spirit of religious so the Lord God is not something that happened to them
suddenly; they had it for whole life just He didn’t work on their religious
progress, but built them in some other way and made them alive.

Like if I’m the ghost and in the center, and I don’t know nothing what is
around me and I’m starting to know. As the earth and planet that are
revolving around.

Satan, evil angels and their deeds, Sir Joshua Christ, good angels, some of
them in charged for winds, the other for the stars and who knows what, for
people, and the Lord God in charge for all of them.
So the Lord God would be moon, good angels and Christ would be a sun and
we would be an Earth that is just revealing cognitions about moon and sun.
In that way we have a flight to the space, and landed on the Moon and think
how we are smarter from those ones before us, and put some flags of
Christianity and by watching the Moon via satellite we see the flags, and we
are proud to our Christianity.

And in Revelation is written that again need to preach against the people
and the many of the kings. And when the John received to understand the
vision- prophecy that embittered his stomach, when he saw what Christians
are doing. And it was sweet because He received from the Lord God, And He
said that need to preach again.

And only when it starts preach again, things will be better.

REVELATION 10- 9: So I went to the angel and asked him to give me the little scroll. He said to me,
"Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but 'in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.'"

10-11 And they said to me, "You must prophesy again concerning many peoples and nations and
tongues and kings."

Lord God wrote that to us on the flags, but people are reading backward, so
they don’t understand. Because if they would believe what is written, then
they would know that everybody are wrong now, and they would tent to
consider others interpretations.

When someone make you to believe, you need to keep it and everything
other coming trough that and impregnate. He’s the starting point, middle or
circle – one mind. And then He started creating the world around Him.

The center of existence. The center inside of us. And every individual in
center of His attention because that attention is what makes us alive.

Can someone do something reasonable if he doesn’t want it? Can someone

believe if he doesn’t believe?

300.] Somebody you just need to meet

He’s somebody you need to meet. It’s all about that. It’s not just how you see
him in spirit, but also the person with the sense of humor and different
virtues. And when we all meet Him by His virtues and strength in
Implementation of difficult decisions, then we will watch through all of it,
and have spiritual cognition what He looks to us, and what’s He like as the

Currently people see Him as a dangerous, strict, someone who’s forgiving,

because forgiveness to the great sinners is announced by Christ, because
People didn’t understand earlier that He’s doing like that.

There was an opinion in mankind that He’s with the good ones only, and
those good ones were in positions and regarded so, and those bad ones
didn’t understand it, because those with power thought them wrong. And
those who believed knew that the other ones are right, but they will not
listening them because they don’t have any power.

Like when you give to a crazy person to take care of other crazy people.
That’s how the one who’s taking care is crazy and he doesn’t even know
that he’s crazy. But as always, crazy people are not to blame, or to criticize,
because they are mad and they don’t know it better. Lord God is the one
who makes man a sane again from the madness. This life is backwardness
and delusion, and later is the truth.


Zechariah 11-7 So I pastured the flock doomed to slaughter, hence the afflicted of the flock. And
I took for myself two staffs: the one I called Favor and the other I called Union; so I pastured the
flock. 8Then I annihilated the three shepherds in one month, for my soul was impatient with them, and
their soul also was weary of me. 9Then I said, “I will not pasture you. What is to die, let it die, and what
is to be annihilated, let it be annihilated; and let those who are left eat one another’s flesh.

Zechariah 11-10 I took my staff Favor and cut it in pieces, to break my covenant which I had
made with all the peoples. 11So it was broken on that day, and thus the afflicted of the flock who were
watching me realized that it was the word of the LORD. 12I said to them, “If it is good in your sight,
give me my wages; but if not, never mind!” So they weighed out thirty shekels of silver as my
wages. 13Then the LORD said to me, “Throw it to the potter, that magnificent price at which I was
valued by them.” So I took the thirty shekels of silver and threw them to the potter in the house of the

Zachariah 11-14 Then I cut in pieces my second staff Union, to break the brotherhood between
Judah and Israel.

15The LORD said to me, “Take again for yourself the equipment of a foolish shepherd. 16“For
behold, I am going to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for the perishing, seek the
scattered, heal the broken, or sustain the one standing, but will devour the flesh of the fat sheep and
tear off their hoofs.
I understand this fragment – the shepherds were Jews, the other Arabians,
and brother according to the Abraham that were torturing people with
different kinds of taxes, and gathered wealth and preach wrong. Then we
have broken alliance with all people and on that example we can see that all
of us are same because He could do it if He wanted to keep the alliance
among all people. He decided to break mercy and the concordance. As far as
I can see, the stick of mercy is less broken but the concordance is still
broken. People are much better when it comes to the doing good, but
concordance is still broken because who could agree with the other when
everyone believes different.

Complete mercy and the concordance we will receive as the mankind when
the Christ come back on the Earth with those two sticks, and give
instructions to the good shepherds to take care about their sheep. Sheep
will not be so crazy as they are now, because Satan will be unable to do
through the people.

And Christianity is preached to all people, and the same problem exists as in
the past.

But right now is not time for that, because sticks are not yet glued, and the
people don’t know how to glue it, only the one who broke it knows how
they should look, and that is our creator Lord God, who transferred His
points of views to the Christ, and Christ and those ones who come to the
Earth will transfer everything in His name.

That’s how all creatures and the Christ who is the man and the creature,
although most of the Christians believe that he’s something more,
something that he isn’t and that doesn’t exist in reality but in their
delusional thoughts only. Because there are no man who received more,
why the people overreacting with everything.

Like when you want to bake a cake, first you make it to be elegant, and then
start to consider how many of decorations do you have, and you start
adding, thrown without style.

He’s elegant, simple, true as well, every other decoration will disappear, and
only will left that he was the first and only man living in the heaven, who
speaks about our interests in truth where he lives, the truth that is telling
him according to the knowing the Lord God that’s how from that cognitions
comes out devotion for our good. And as well His communication with Him.
So to all of us eyes should be toward the Lord God, and not toward the
Christ as the equal with the Lord God.

He will always be His represent, as he was before when he lived in the

earth, and all glory were giving to Him, by knowing who is above Him, but
people don’t understand it, although it’s written, they are not paying
attention on words written, but they are listening and watching everything
according the interpretations that their church gave. They are blinded and
numb in it, and they can’t see what is obvious, because they are in evil, and
only Lord God can release you from the freedom.

Because the thoughts and regards on life and the Bible is something that is
evil and lives in the people, that’s why they need revelation with the
almighty spirit, to say them reasonably or to be silent.

Some people are imagining Satan, as they see him in the movies or some
well known examples, and they don’t know that he’s inside them and all
around them and that you can see it on the world and even on yourself.

When Lord God say out loud, and the word become spirit. The same way as
the evil words and ideas are standing with it spirit, that’s how the good one
are standing.

MALACHI 1-6 ‘A son honors his father and a servant his master. Then if I am a father, where is
My honor? And if I am a master, where is My respect?’ says the L ORD of hosts to you

That’s how we all know for fear and for every good gift that lives through
us, how the man fill with the deeds of the spirit, and how more progressive
are we as one soul – a man, and we are lacking that he’s doing good trough

Because if He would do the good trough us, plus every other spirit that lives
through us, everything would look more normal. That’s how the conclusion
would be that everything is given in particular. If you want to have
obedience you need to receive it, to have a mercy you need to receive it. In
order to have the evil you need to receive it, because you wouldn’t have it
We are respecting parents, bosses, and we are fulfilling their
commandments, we are searching the was to please them because their
opinion is important to us. So where the fear is, respect, consideration? It’s
not here. As far as I see, He’s not yet give to people spirit of understanding
the reality were we are living.

First he announced us the words about constancy. And now we need Him to
do it, so that words become a unity with the spirit of reality. Because we are
creations created in particular from every word and spiritual blessing, so
when we receive all spiritual gifts like the angels had, then our reaction will
comes out of that unity where are no place for negativity.

Like when you imagine one soul that is made from spirits, or imagine a man
as one circle, in a same way although we should be circle and our deeds are
measured according to that, we are not what we are supposed to be, we
know only what we should be and how we are supposed to live and how the
circle is spinning. In a same way in our head is circle, but when you look at
it from the distance it’s not circle but it’s interrupted. Where it’s interrupted
there is a Satan, lack of good and ignorance is standing.

That’s how every one of us is spinning and living in the ignorance and the
illusion, because as the people used to think that the Earth is flat and that
everything is spinning around her, we are living in delusion like that, we all
see something is going on, but we don’t know and don’t understand because
it’s not given in that way to see, as it’s shown right now that the Earth is
spinning. Until we weren’t convinced, we thought that everything is
spinning around us, and it looks like that. Everyone needs Him to show and
to give also, to be.


As far as I see testament is called pact – something that is always as it is. So

the pact was always the same and its rules of behavior and regulations, but
the people didn’t know it officially, although they had basic cognitions and
they received it. Then it’s officially as the part of that pact announced
existence of one Lord God and everything else was superstitious, something
that doesn’t exist.

So it wasn’t anything old or new made, because all of us had it, and we will
live in the measure of it. So it’s more about announcing himself and as it’s
seemed, and not about testament. It’s been written to us, so we have it in

As well we have law that became official, and every one knows about it, this
is the similar. His commandments are related to all people, so no matter
what is their religion, all of us are measuring the same.

The importance of commandments is about not making the statues and the
Saturday, that are don’t exist in the other religions, but only Muslims, Jews
and Christians have it. Although everyone knows, the statues still exists,
that’s how we are equal with the other people that still believe in existence
of more than a one god.

If He wants that someone complies to those commandments, He gives it to

their mind, and they stop doing it. And for those ones he doesn’t want to be
repaired in that commandment, there are continuing to do it.

That’s how everyone makes a progress according to His wishes. What kind
of ruler and almighty and capable He would be if that is not happening
according to His wishes. That’s why everything is as it is, He wanted to be
like that, and that’s why He announced to us that the condolence will come

That announcement was one more proof that He’s ruling the world, and it’s
told to us when will that be, because He wanted us to know, He did a good
to us. It’s easier for everyone to know then don’t know, He did well to us.
When you don’t know it, you are thinking and assuming, and there are place
for the wrong religion. And when you know you think it would be as it’s

According to the Sir Jesus we didn’t get the New Testament, people had it
before and they will be wake before the beginning of the world. According
to Him something new appeared and that he appeared with spirit, and
everything else is as before. Only He made us pay attention on what was
written in the Prophets and Letters.

Because when the man is created, He’s created to develop in evolution until
he meets Him and until of our completeness. Everything is a part of a plan
according to the plan we are even closer to the better life as the mankind.
It’s like when you are in uterus and that you are born from this world in the
world that will come, eternal life in body. Labor pain.

He was more progressive than the Moses, so he have to us many additional

points of view, how the Lord God is, and how He sees the people, because he
meat the Lord and gave the knowledge to us.

Because Lord God is speaking strict as a parent, but also He loves as a

parent, and understands better than the parent. The same way you see
gentle side and the words of mercy and forgiveness that comes out of the
Christ, it’s how the Lord God showed to him, and showing through him
what he’s like, and how He see the creations, and everything is as he

And as He imagined so it is. He understands as it is, and we still don’t

understand what is like. So we hear His reaction in particular, anger and
punishment, forgiveness and understanding.

And about the anger, I don’t believe at all that it’s possible for Him to be
mad on people, only on himself, when He came up with everything.

Like when you are mad on the child with special needs because he doesn’t
understand. He’s also not mad at us but commandments are strict, but if we
are normal it wouldn’t be strict to us, but they would be by default.

We need someone to speak to us what we are like, because those are our
cognitions that we wouldn’t know if He didn’t spoke to us. They wouldn’t
come into our ears. When someone is a criminal the law sounds him so
scary, so as we are all criminals in some way, the judgments are hard for us,
as it’s heard it need to be. We are stumbling and falling and people need to
understand that they can’t be better than they are, because of that is
forgiving, because you couldn’t do better without Him.

No matter people know that can’t do better, they need to know that need to
do better. because if they were only thinking that can’t do better, then they
would be given to it and the more evil would come out. And if you think that
need to be better, according to that sometimes can be done better.

So first of all you need to think that need to be better, then when it happens
that you couldn’t do better, then you think – I couldn’t do it better.
When He speaks to us strictly, He’s speaking from the strictness so we know
and in that way when He’s speaking to us how bad we are, he’s giving us
cognitions of good and evil, and with the time special in Christian lands we
had many goods.

If he wouldn’t give the cognitions to the man, then the people would have
wrong cognitions and those wrong would be right in their heads. That’s
why is good when He speaks there are no man nor angel who could say
different, unless it’s His decision.

Our Testament was from the very beginning, just it started to reveal to us
with the time. Our testament that is called His plan, it’s revelation of His
plan where we are living and He wanted to tell us how everything is
watched and measured in that plan.

In a same way we got this life now that it happened to us. That’s how will be
also later. Those who will receive better later, they will not be as the
persons who are more spiritually advanced in basic blessing from the other,
because every one of us will be satisfied, that is what the Sky represents.

That’s how you don’t need to bother with something you can’t affect,
because you can’t neither ask nor wish nor do, or not to do unless He
decides first. We have cognitions how we should, so He’s repairing
according to those cognitions the ones He decides. The mankind is receiving
the same in every country in its own measure, like the man. This is past like
the bad dream, and we will wake up one day and we will not sleep never
again in this life full of tortures and sins and weakness, and backwardness,
lacking of good dream and life.

Everything existed, but it was revealed to us. According to the Christ we

received repeated commandments and something new that was the part of
that plan that people didn’t know before. He was created to be born from
two men, and to be first of the man, first one who is revived and the first
one according to His position and only of people who became spirit that is
among us. So according to that same plan that has the sequel. He will
elevate the people and then repair them and reeducate them, renovate
them, and improve them and prepare them to come to the earth again, to be
his represents, and Sir Jesus their shepherd or president who’s telling them
right and how they should live and work. That’s how every one in his
special position transferring his knowledge to the people, and we are
receiving the better generations. That0s the same when you tell someone
that first of all you will tell him the bad news first and then the good also.
The bad one is that you are to blame and the good one that it will be
forgiven, and good and evil both maters in case you were suffering.

303.] Faith

When we see people who believe, you can ask yourself what I believe
wrong. So there are two stories that are opposite one from another. In the
first story you need to put an effort not to believe in everything, to fight, and
if the Lord God decides, it will be. And the other opposite form that is to
take into the consideration and to listen what the other people believes. As
far as I can see we don’t have control from none of the versions. But it’s
promised that the Christ will speak to us, in that way he speaks to every one
in the measure that is determined. And those other ones, to whom He
doesn’t speak that much, as much as he has, they don’t know what is not
told to them and what they don’t have and what they are lacking now. They
don’t know and not understand better.

304.] THE RED CROSS is famous organization that is going to help

everywhere where is trouble and people respecting it. They are going
through the military and helping to those ones who need help. As far as I
can see, when someone is religious and wants to give money to the charity,
and usually there are Christian domination that are doing the same and
they are collecting for different causes, the problem is when you don’t
believe and you are not agreeing with any of them. And if you giving them
for the spreading the good, and in a same time giving for spreading the
Gospel that you really don’t believe in, you are really sinning in that way.

For all of those who are thinking the same, there is a red cross. They are
everywhere where the help is needed. The red cross is given by the Lord
God, because He wanted to civilize us in addition, and to do well through
red cross to those one who need help. They are our rock and helping and
they are not judging no matter whose fault it is, but who needs a help.

305] Punishment

In the Revelation is written about the second death, and also about
suffering, so I don’t understand it really, because those are two things
opposite one from another. So it’s best to wait for the Christ when he comes
on 1000 years and explain to us what comes next. Not it’s thinking about
the forgiveness because it’s true that all three is written in the Bible it
would be explained in addition, if the Lord God wanted to explain to us
meaning of those words as the unity. Because you need to know how
everything began. From the very beginning, people believed in punishment
because they believe in their own will. It’s how we judge to each other. So
to us it was logical that the same things happen in heaven. But now
according to Christ to us is announced the understanding and choosing the
great sinners to be wake up first. There are so many people that are
religious and good and will not be elevated to the Sky in the first
resurrection. When that happened those who don’t be elevated will cry, and
Lord God will have understanding for their tears but no matter of knowing
there will be tears, that would not make Him to change the plans because
He’s strong personality.

Nobody can brag to Him - look how good I am. Nobody can show like that to
Him. In a same way they gained good as the others gained evil. Because He
could give them evil as well, everyone would be one soul that is receiving
and has no control of your life, so those ones who received bad, he chose
them from the mercy and justice and for some of them decides to leave
them to the evil so they can see that do not control and can’t be better
unless He decides.

Those are educational measures. Justice is that all of us are valuable, and
that’s why is chosen like that. All of us will be changed, some of them
received good now, and we all receive more later. Someone soon someone
later. And everyone is lacking what doesn’t have yet. So the people from the
beginning were sacrificing innocents, children and animals. Like He’s the
some kind of weird Lord God so you need to sacrifices. It’s written for Jews
that they invented by themselves some of their laws. Now nobody even is
thinking about sacrificing because that would look barbarian.

Mankind progressed and knows Him better now. Because people started as
the barbarian, and they were regressive in good spirit, but the Lord God is
always the same, so He doesn’t go up to date with the people but simply
people are becoming better with the time. People in the beginning knew
nothing. We know more, but not yet everything. With the time things are
becoming revealing to us, and the punishment is the story they believed
from the very beginning. Everyone thinks as he’s learned, until the Lord God
reveals more to us. Peter use to forgive, Christ use to forgive and also to
show how the Lord God is doing that.

The understanding is announced to us, and that the Lord God admit in the
Old Testament that He’s the one doing both good and evil, because people
obviously didn’t understand it, and they don’t understand it now. He said
that we can’t do anything without Him, to make the hair neither black nor
white, why would He judge to us when is announced to us that he’s merciful
and we can see according to His judgment about people.

Then we have a story that we all know, when man forgive to the other man
who owed him, and expected the same from him. As far as I can see because
we all did the evil one to another, and all of us are sinners. And Lord God
will forgive our sins, only because He knows that we couldn’t do it better
without He’s doing that through us, so it’s expected from us to forgive
because of the same understanding.

Because we also understand that they couldn’t do it better, and to be happy

because He didn’t give us that amount of evil that they received.

I understand and forgive to everyone, even to the Satan because He’s the
reason for my suffering, knowing that he will be changed as he was before,
until he was left to the evil. Because he was kind and then he was left to the

In that way so the angels could see who is giving them good, because good
shines brighter when you put him next to the evil. You understand better, in
that way everyone will understand that actually He’s the one who is ruling
us. Angels believe and understands by watching the others who received
evil and evolution, and how mankind goes according to his plan and not
with time becoming smarter, even if it’s a plan that is only because of the
plan to be in certain time.

But because people still believe in their own will, although that is
announced to them differently, so the logically they can conclude that, and
start to believe that He made us, and created us, as He created us, and that
all of us are different so we can believe that He has a different ideas. And
people don’t believe so they can’t go further and get to know Him better, he
left it for the end that everyone can see how backward they were in normal
judgment, although they knew and speak – I believe that, and in the same
time in their will.

Simply it’s not possible to have its own will, if you live in His will that create
your own will. Your will is His will. You have no control over your will, you
simply believe and people always believed wrong.

If the people don’t believe and don’t know Him good enough, then with that
lack hear and speak wrong. Everybody understands himself and judge the
others. So for the people are preached – you can do better but you don’t
want to do so. I’m better and the Lord God loves me more. They are bad
because they are weak. To those ones who are received worst, their peace is
taken. People speaking from the judgment and not from the understanding.
It’s enough to preach to people to see the evil in their life and the following
comments in the name of Lord God need to sustain. Luckily the forgiveness
is announced from eternal punishment, so many people live in peace now.

As far as I see, the greatest understanding I had in the catholic church, ne

matter on their other delusions, when they are speaking with people they
are speaking with the words from Bible and they have such opinion, and
they speak to people and giving them a condolence, and they are here to
understand, not to judge you.

When the man is guilty, he know that he’s guilty, there is no need for
somebody else that make your life miserable in addition. When you are in
trouble you go to speak with those ones who are kind to you and without
judgment, and not to those ones who will judge you only and not help you.

That’s why people when they are in trouble they say to the friend, if they
say it to their parents they will be in bigger trouble. They speak as it’s
written that need to look at the people. Christians look strictness and