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set word wrap to ON to read this file properly.

this program should not be distributed anywhere else than or
other gtanet sites such as if you distribute this prog
on any other website your server shall crash and burn in flames and your
girlfriend will leave you next evening if you don't always update the program
to latest version, please read the informations about distribution on
GTA Garage Mod Manager 2.3C build: 070207
This program is only for PC version of Grand Theft Auto games.
Copyright 2005-2007 Delfi - Jernej L.
always get latest and up-to-date copy of the program at
this program is a fully featured car packager / installer / renderer (3D) and he
lps creating custom cars.
program is freeware, you may NOT gain any money with using, redistributing, copy
ing, changing this file unless you have my permission!
the program comes with no warranty and the author is not responsible for anythin
g the program or his user do under any circumstances, if this is against your lo
cal laws or you don't agree to this then you are not authorised to use the progr
extract the archive files into your gta installation directory (gta3, vice city
or san andreas), this enables you to use the program with several games at once.
the ggmm.exe, gtainterface.dll and ggmm.txt should be IN exact same folder as gt
a3.exe, gta-vc.exe or gta_sa.exe
after you install it, click the help "?" button on program and set file associat
ion for .GGM files
important note !!
!!!!!!! only one program can control the file asociation at once !!!!!!!
program requirements:
- this program requires at least geforce3 class graphical card (but older may st
ill work)
- a decent graphical card with DXT/S3TC support for gta-vc and gta-sa
- GL_EXT_texture_env_combine driver extension for displaying reflection maps cor
rectly in opengl graphical driver
- gfx card should have at least 4 texture units for multitexturing
- one MB of disk space per installation
- windows 2000 or xp or 2003, win98 untested (may work, maybe not..)
- currently no testing was made on windows vista, if it doesn't work don't use v
- should run under linux / wine

added: when viewing models.added: you can change heading of car's front wheels. Version 2.1 build: 25030X: . but it is not availible in this release.fixed search box.added: + and . this is done so that people dont think that cars are just pictures . Version 1. Version 2. .added: shows cars in custom colors you wish .7 build: 270805: . only first object that it finds. this is also how gta does it. .fixed: carmods. it will now only use so many cpu cycles as it needs to. Version 2.3 build: 200107: .fixed: changed tractor and combine big wheel hack so now only tractor and comb ine have big wheels ..3C build: 070207: .dat issuse should be fixed altrough i was unable to reproduce t his error.3B build: 050207: .) ________________________________________________________________________________ Changes ________________________________________________________________________________ Version 2.added: car view by default rotate and animate until used.reactos is not yet at stable enough version for ggmm to work .3 build: 200107: . it automaticly selects ideal zoom .5 build: 140805: .fixed installer drag&drop bug and wrong work in progress tab being shown by de fault accidently .fixed: various internal bugs have been fixed which have not caused specific la rge-scale troubles .fixed: SA BMX now renders properly .for car designers .0 build: 11020X: . .fixed text parsing routines to handle tab characters properly.) you can right click and click animate to put it into animate mode at any time.added: visually improved car list & find box to blend with interface .added: detects and warns about corrupt txd files .numpad keys now also control zoom (for those without mouse whee l and notebook users) Version 1.added: some work was done on internal data editor.fixed: vicecity and gta3 wheels now again work properly .fixed calculation of zoom level for models created with zmodeler Version 2.added: file dialogs in manual car installer are now resizable (thanks to Scuan or for noticing it) Version 2.fixed: VC Flatbed now renders properly . .added: program now doesnt use 100% cpu usage.fixed vice-city and gta3 wheel rendering .fixed: program will no longer render additional objects under hirerarchy root.

this works with dummies too.added: if you on manual car installer enter colors data for car that has no co lor information the color information will be ADDED to colors file.added: hirerarchy items now have checkboxes which you can uncheck and ggmm won 't draw that object branch. Version 1.4a (070805): . now it doesn't do that anymore.added: refreshes data after manual car installing .fixed: vicecity bikes now have proper wheel sizes .added: propeller blades and bike wheels now also animate .fixed: vicecity helicopters no longer have wheels on them . also a note that this w on't work right always. but the packages don't contain weapon. there could be still glitches if your car happens to have transparent wheels.added: in san andreas now shows chrome reflections (used by Linerunner. . some c ars and some boats) (requires GL_EXT_texture_env_combine opengl extension to loo k properly) .) Version 1.fixed: solid faces no longer cut through transparent faces (and opposite). Version 1.added: shininess specular sphere-maps are now displayed (in san andreas) but n ot in vice city yet (requires GL_EXT_texture_env_combine opengl extension to loo k properly) .4 (060805): . etc.x cars show their normals correctly now.fixed: zmodeler 1.added: additional handling lines like for helicopters and bikes are now suppor ted in GGMM packages and manual car installer .added: you can now do a little car "show-off" using object rotations in model information window (open doors.added: the program checks if it is installed properly... now it doesn't do this anymore. . .4b (080805): . . and sometimes ATI cards couldn't handle it properly) .added: option to disable reflections completely (sometimes the chrome is too s hiny.added: you can make backups of weapons .added: option to show dummies (best viewed in wireframe mode because dummies a re always drawn solid) .added: manual car installer has a validate button.added: you can now package weapons.added: in san andreas mode you can now view second uv map (may be little glitc hy) (requires GL_EXT_texture_env_combine opengl extension to look properly) . the configuration is also v alidated when you click install button. sometimes special rules apply on how gta draws things (l ike san andreas wheels) and so for some objects it might not work ..fixed: you can no longer "edit" text displayed when installing ggm mods .added: new improved program look / skin by Tank .fixed: in gta3 some cars had a dummy named "steeringwheel_dummy" and GGMM acci dently drawn a wheel on the dummy because it thought it is a wheel dummy.dat information . if not it gives you hin ts on how to install it. .fixed: if you left some data to the manual car installer empty the validation mistakenly cleared some fields.added: you can now control orientation of misc_a and misc_b objects . the program now draws model in 2 passes.

se c.dat file packaging support.added: gta3 and vice city cars now show with wheels .added: model details window now shows amout of triangles and vertices rendered .fixed: no more missing cars and wierd objects. cars are displayed the way they should without need for reloading .added: drag & drop on main window.fixed: cars with 4 colors in carcols. packages and program are ofcourse b ackwards compatible just that older versions will not know how to handle carmods line and will skip that data when installing ggm files .ggm mods .dat now show 3 colors correctly (prim..added: more checking when installing . .added: program can read gta-vc speca and san andreas reflection maps (altrough i don't know how to use them properly so they would look like ingame) .note that when using manual car installer no backups are made because program doesn't kno w which car you are installing (because you can for example install data line fo r landstalker.3a (050805): .3 (040805): . silver a re geometry objects) . color 4 is never used afaik so i don't know how to use it .fixed: sometimes you could see thru cars where transparent objects were.fixed: window flickering while resizing has been eliminated .Version 1.fixed: sometimes if you didn't enter IDE line into manual car installer the sa n andreas game wasn't properly detected Version 1.).added: right clicking on car list now selects the car before showing popup men u .added: icons to menus and hirerarchy viewer (blue things are dummies. dff file for infernus and txd for tank.added: carmods.added: search box.2 (030805): .fixed: if san andreas wheel object was not named wheel or wheel2 then it was n ot rendered. you can drag & drop a ggm file into main wi ndow to install it. when you first time install a package the original car w ill be packaged and put into CarBackups folder which will be created .ggm mods .added: more safety checking when installing .added: cars are shown shiny using normals from the cars themseles . now i n those cases the transparency is not displayed so the view is better altrough t his needs a proper object sorting fix opposite of the features added & fixed this version of program is now actually s maller than before! Version 1. while you type text the text the program automaticly search es the list and selects first item that contains the searched text . now the program uses object under wheel_rf_dummy for san andreas wh eels just like the game does..added: car popup menu has a item for instant backup creation for any car .fixed: every time you reloaded the car list was filled with doubles.fixed: gta3 car rendering now works properly .) .1 (020805): .added: backup system. ter. Version 1.added: several checks for detecting if gta game is running in background which may cause problems .fixed: zmodeler2 dffs now load properly . now it do esn't do that anymore . wheels are rendered in vice city and gta3 mode. (Delfi) for www. just reload the model (may take sev eral times) .altrough main window is oddly-shaped it is resizable . especially these people: Tank for the program''s design Steve M. .mods are packaged together with description / readme text . if dff already has a coll chunk it wil l replace my website is: http://www.3D renderer's background sometimes doesn't look nice when the window is resize d . .________________________________________________________________________________ Tips ________________________________________________________________________________ . ________________________________________________________________________________ Known problems ________________________________________________________________________________ . you will see red boxes inst can also view weapon models (no packaging availible yet) .the program works for gta3. ________________________________________________________________________________ Credits ________________________________________________________________________________ The program was programmed in 2005 by Jernej L.when resizing the window the model is not displayed until you drop the sizing grip. so you shouldn't double compress the gg m files to archieve better compression (rar might gain approx 10 kb) or to inclu de a readme' Tech support: jernej@gtatools. this problem is not too serious but i hope to fix it one day. for his patience and help on dff format Kcow for his DFF / TXD loader! And big thanx to Fred for GTAGarage!! .com' + #13 + Big Thanks to everyone that supports my work.the browser doesn't work yet but it will download and install mods one day .the GGM files are already pretty well compressed and contain a readme.txt text that is displayed when installing mods. if you do that it will be merged with dff model.The mod browser doesn't work (yet) .you can specify coll file in manual car installer for san andreas too. vice city and san andreas .the model is sometimes not rendered right.