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Galvo, Kian Caleb S.

10 Jeremiah
Silas Marner chapter2
Q1: Contrast Raveloe to Lantern Yard
Answer: Lantern Yard was hidden, unlike Raveloe that was placed within the sights
of widespread hills.
Q2: Describe Silas'spiritual state. What factors account for it?
Answer: There wasn't any spiritual faith left in him because of the incident in
Raveloe that led him to Lantern Yard.
Q3: What was the incident that almost linked Silas to humanity again? What
eventually happened?
Answer: It was when she saw the cobbler's wife suffering while seated by the fire.
He had a moment of pity and reminiscion.
Q4: Relate the water pot incident. What does it say about Silas?
Q5: Contrast Silas at Lantern Yard now at Raveloe's. What habits did he formed?
Q6: List some details showing Silas became stereotypical.