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Risk Risk Description Mitigation Plan Contingency Plan Impact (what Likelihood
Id. (what to do to avoid (what to do if the the impact will of
the risk occurring) risk occurs) be to the occurrence
project if the (e.g., %, or
risk occurs) high /
medium /
1 The server capacity Capacity analysis will Purchase and install Cost of disc High
initially defined may be be done during the additional disc space plus
inadequate. design stage, if this space at the installation effort
shows a problem customer site. & travel.
design issues will be
2 Misunderstood Multiple checkpoints Open discussion More time during Medium
requirements during with end users and with client about requirements
bid, unambiguous, client project issues raised, phase, and
can't recover money manager, delivery of prepare for change maybe reworking
for this from client. early drafts. request, may need during
to absorb some cost development.
impact. Could be difficult
times during
testing with
3 System integration Early development of Expend more Delays to project Low
more complex than integration plan, with development effort, and higher costs
estimated. formal entry try and minimize this of development.
requirements for by regular meetings
components entering between
integration. development and
integration teams.
4 Client requires more Project organization Escalate in client's Distracted High
interfacing to manage setup with a organization. project manager
than planned development may result in less
manager to focus on efficient working
the team's work, of project team
leaving project resulting in
manager time to higher cost and
focus on client. some schedule

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