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Motor Starting Relay

All position, current-type

Designed for all position operation, the Stable calibration values are achieved by
Klixon® 2CR is a current-type motor start- biasing the armature with a stainless steel
ing relay which can be used on both split- torsion spring having a large number of
phase and capacitor-start motors. It has turns and low spring rate. All parts are fully
broad application versatility which includes enclosed in a rugged phenolic case.
KEY BENEFITS business and computing machines, power
tools, food machinery, portable appliances Operation
and dishwashers. The 2CR relay coil is in series with the main
All position performance - balanced
winding of the motor and the normally open
armature allows mounting and opera-
tion in any position The 2CR can be mounted and operated in contacts are in series with the start winding.
any position, either in the motor, or at a When voltage is applied to the motor, the
Wide range of pick-up and drop-out convenient location away from the motor. in-rush current of the main winding through
ratings This allows motor size to be reduced since the relay coil creates a magnetic force
Small size for installation in compact a space-consuming centrifugal switch is not which instantly rotates the armature. This
equipment required. action closes the relay contacts and ener-
gizes the motor start winding. As motor
Clean, positive contact “breaks” and Construction speed increases, the current in the main
“makes” with wiping action - high con-
tact forces developed by magnetic cir- The 2CR relay utilizes a rotating balanced winding and relay coil decreases to a point
cuit with more iron and copper armature which is held normally open by a where the armature biasing spring force is
biasing spring. Rotation of the armature, greater than the decreasing magnetic force
Stable operating values - continuously which carries the movable contact arm, is and the armature rotates back to its original
open magnetic circuit eliminates resid-
caused by the magnetic field produced by open position. This opens the relay contacts
ual magnetism
motor current in the relay coil. Large “make” and disconnects the start winding.
Rugged, all welded construction, fully and “break” contact forces are developed
enclosed in phenolic case by using a large iron cross-section in the Mounting and terminals
magnetic circuit and a high number of Standard relays are furnished with either
ampere-turns. A beryllium copper contact type A or B mounting brackets as shown
arm of high conductivity assures excellent below. Quick-connect terminals are used on
current carrying capability. standard relays. Screw and solder type ter-
minals are also available.

2CR3 2CR4

Open view of 2CR relay

(All brackets are 1,57 mm thick. Mounting hole 3,94 mm dia.)

Pick-up and Drop-out ratings
Ratings indicate maximum pick-up and minimum
drop-out current limits. Pick-up is the current
through the relay coil required to close the relay
contacts. Drop-out is the current through the relay
coil at which the contacts open. A production
relay of a given rating will have a pick-up and
drop-out current within the rating limits.


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