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Mobile Jammer



Summing VCO RF

Amplifier ADF4351 Amplifier



Control Frequency

# Arduino Controller Jammer Block Diagram

Power Supply
We have added new 48Watt inverter card that charges battery faster. 48Watt inverter
contains IGBT which consumes less power. Because of this Battery drain is reduced. Even
the battery backup is increased up to 4 hours.

New battery added

New battery is of 5V, 10A that is used for three newly added frequency bands.

New Added Bands

New Bands are added in circuit design that are controlled by Arduino controller that control
the VCO Frequency.
Sweep generator and noise generator requires 5V, 5mA i.e. 25mW power. Summing
amplifier require 5V, 5mA i.e. 25mW. VCO operates on 5V, 10mA i.e. 50mW power.
Arduino requires 5V, 1A i.e. 5W power. RF amplifier requires 5V, 80mA i.e. 4W power.
To cover the distance of 100m for RCID, RF amplifiers are used.
Other two newly added bands cover 50m distance.
RCID Range Covering technique

Amplifier Clamper RF Amplifire


Fig. Block diagram of RCID Jammer


1. LM565 VCO IC
It will generate the sign waves that will apply to amplifier.
2. Noise generator
It will generate the noise signal and that applied to the mixer
3. Amplifier
RF amplifier will amplify that mixed signal so that it gives required frequency
4. Clamper
Clamper will give clamped waveform so that can be amplified by RF amplifier
5. RF Amplifier
RF amplifier is RF device that provide gain and we can applied this signal to
antenna so that we can jam all the signal in this range

Schematics of the new circuit

Updated Result
Frequency and Techniques Use To Jam the Frequency

Band Frequency Design

RCID 10 MHz to 500 VCO that provide wide range of frequency
MHz and Control By Arduino
walkie 27 MHz, VCO control by program using arduino
talkie 433MHz.
LTE 2400 MHz VCO control by program using arduino
Band 1 2100 MHz Programed VCO
Band 3 1800 MHz Programed VCO
Band 5 850 MHz Programed VCO
Band 7 2600 MHz Programed VCO
Band 8 850 MHz-900 Programed VCO
Band 41 2600 MHz Programed VCO