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Vol. I, Issue 2 • September 9, 2010

Tragedy strikes
Lynchburg 3

E.C. Glass alumn

builds successful
on Main St.
medical practice 6

Save money on your

cell phone bill 9

Push for Sunday

hunting 10

Indian tribes fight

for recognition 22

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The news
Page  • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010
at the Koffee Kup) Thu., Sept.. 9 from ty Sept. 10 from 6pm - 8pm at the The
5:30pm - 7pm. Drowsy Poet / Givens Books located at
Built in 1920 on the banks of Timber 2236 Lakeside Drive in Lynchburg.
Lake, this rustic tavern will provide a de- Come and go as you please. Drinks and
lightful setting for an evening of network- food available for order from The Drowsy
ing and socializing with other Chamber Poet. Guests are welcome. to enter a web tip, members.  Hors d’oeuvres and beverages Twenty-one-year-old Lynchburg na-
or text “CVCS plus your message” to provided, $5 admission for members, tive, collegiate and entrepreneur Tommy
274637. $15 general admission.  Bring your busi- Bryant has penned his first book, geared
ness cards and join us on the veranda!
Lynchburg City Schools Receive
Nearly One Million Dollars in 21st Crime of the week The Lynchburg Times
Century Community Grant Funds for
the 2010-2011 School Year

Three new 21st Century Learning Cen-

ters will be put in place this year and four
others will continue to operate thanks to
a grant from the Virginia Department of
Education. The new centers are located
Steven John Rowland at Sandusky Middle School, Heritage El-
ementary School, and Robert S. Payne
LPD makes sex offense arrest Elementary School. These schools will
receive a total of $418,791 to develop pro-
Detectives with the Lynchburg Police grams intended to decrease the achieve- The Lynchburg Police Department is
Department arrested Steven John Row- ment gap among students and increase investigating an armed robbery that oc-
land (D.O.B. 4/21/1961), after an inves- scores on standardized tests that measure curred in the 1400 block of Taylor Street Publisher & Editor:
tigation into several reported incidents Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP. on August 25, 2010 at approximately 8:00 Dan McDermott
involving offenses of a sexual nature. The The centers already in place are Link- p.m. The victim was walking in the 1400
alleged incidents occurred on August 13 & horne Middle School, Perrymont El- block of Taylor Street when he was ap-
18, 2010 in the Wyndhurst area of Lynch- ementary School, Paul Laurence Dunbar proached by two black males. One of
burg. Police detectives have identified fe- Middle School for Innovation, and Wil- the unknown suspects pointed a pistol at
male victims who have reported that this liam Marvin Bass Elementary School. the victim and began making verbal de-
individual asked them to work for him This year, those four schools will receive mands. The second unknown suspect re-
and then had inappropriate contact with a total of $560,000 to continue their pro- moved the victim’s wallet and took an un-
them. Rowland has been charged with grams. disclosed amount of cash. Both suspects
two counts of Sexual Battery, two counts The 21st Century Community Learning then ran on foot towards the area of R.S.
of Offering Money for a Sexual Act, and Centers are customized to fit the needs of Payne Elementary School. The victim de-
two counts of Abduction. the students and parents at each school. scribed the suspects as;
Rowland was arrested and released on Suspect #1 – black male, tall, muscular
bond from the Blue Ridge Regional Jail. Business After Hours build, wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans,
Anyone with any information regarding and white tennis shoes. This suspect had Advertising Sales Manager:
these crimes is asked to call Crime Stop- A Business After Hours will be held at a long scar on the right side of his face. Angie Buterakos
pers at 1-888-798-5900, visit the Central Historic Timberlake Tavern, 439 Tim- Suspect #2 – black male, short, muscu-
Virginia Crime Stoppers website at www. berlake Drive (turn off Timberlake Road lar build, “large eyes”, and braided hair. 434-535-6001
This suspect was wearing a green shirt.
Anyone with any information regarding
this crime or the identity of the suspects
is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-
798-5900, visit the Central Virginia Crime
Stoppers website at www.cvcrimestop- to enter a web tip, or text “CVCS
plus your message” to 274637.

Book release party

Lynchburg-native and author Tommy

Bryant will hold a Book Release Par- Advertising Sales Representative:
Lauren Satterfield
Murder on Main St. September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 

by Dan McDermott man kick Mr. Baker in the face after he

The Lynchburg Times had been knocked to the ground.
People rushed over and found Mr.
In the 22 years I have written stories, Baker non-responsive.
I have found many to be a fun experi- The Lynchburg Fire Dept. took Mr.
ence. Baker to Lynchburg General where he
This isn’t one of those times. later died.
As I walked on Main St. Tuesday I no- Investigators heard from witnesses
ticed that it hadn’t changed much since who said that a 16 year-old local boy an-
I last saw it in the 1980s. It is still quaint nounced to his group of friends that he
and reminiscent of a bygone era when was going to hit the first person he saw.
downtown was the center of commerce They said he was aiming to impress the
and a social hub. girls in the group.
There is still plenty to do there now So when Mr. Baker went for a stroll
and I met some very interesting and down a picturesque Main St. he had no
nice folks as I strolled the area, taking in idea what was about to happen.
the sights and sounds and noticing how One shopkeeper told us witnesses saw
clean it was for a city’s center. the boy cross the street and walk along
But the talk wasn’t about downtown side Mr. Baker. It was a little to close for
revitalization that afternoon. It was comfort and in an increasingly threaten- I saw a patch of a blood stain on Main St. Tuesday afternoon. The
about one George Leroy Baker III, an ing manner. last physical evidence of a thoughtless and non-sensical crime.
81 year-old Arizonan who was brutally Other witnesses told police they saw In a few days the stain will have washed away. But my memory of
beaten here, apparently by three local the youngster run across the street and that scene will not disappear so quickly.
kids, one barely in his teens. heard what sounded like a person being
May. And we don’t yet have the final casualty
He was in town for a wedding. struck.
Police executed search warrants for count.
According to police statements court My first thought was “Where are the
a number of items: hair, blood fibers, I feel for the Bakers and all of his
filings, Mr. Baker was assaulted late parents?”
bodily fluids, clothes and a pair of red friends and family who were devastated
Sunday night. A witness eating at the Court records say the youth was re-
and black Chuck Taylors, presumably by the act of some foolish teenagers try-
nearby Hash House says he saw a young ported as a runaway by his mother in
used to kick Mr. Baker when he was ing to impress some girls.
down. I also have sympathy for the couple,
I saw a patch of a blood stain on Main who will probably never get to celebrate
Employment St. that Tuesday afternoon. The last
physical evidence of a thoughtless and
their wedding anniversary.
To the families of the young men who
nonsensical crime. killed Mr. Baker, I have sympathy. I
The Lynchburg Times is currently looking for top-notch In a few days the stain will have washed can’t imagine what they are about to go
away. But my memory of that scene will through.
advertising sales representatives for the Lynchburg area. not disappear so quickly. And to the shopkeepers on Main St.,
As I walked to the courthouse late I will continue to be a customer. I may
The ideal candidates will be organized and self-motivated. Great people skills and a profes- Wednesday afternoon, I found myself double check that my car doors are
sional demeanor are key. These individuals should enjoy the freedom of setting their own moving quickly to and from my car. It locked for a couple of weeks but I’ll be
hours and meeting new people. Previous advertising sales experience is a plus. The can- was much like the uneasiness I felt when there for you too.
didates must be dependable, reliable and self-starters. Successful applicants must be able walking into a Walmart in Northern Anyone with any information con-
to learn to use our customer relations management software, be creative in ad design, able Virginia while the DC snipers were still cerning this crime is asked to contact
to track customer payments, work well with others and be customer oriented. If you want a on the loose. Detective T.A. Rodes with the Lynch-
position where you can set your own hours and earn great commissions, please send us your I felt better when I learned that police burg Police Department at 455-6176 or
recent work experience. Start selling immediately. Only serious inquires please. had arrested two 16 year-olds and a 13 Central Virginia Crime Stoppers. 1-888-
year-old–or at least I felt a little safer. 798-5900.
This is a commission-based position with excellent earnings potential. But I found that as I looked on this
street that I wasn’t standing in a Nor-
If you are poised and ready to take the next step in your sales career, email us!
man Rockwell painting. Letters to the Editor are encouraged:
Something terrible had happened here.
Page  • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

Rock and Roll keeps you young

Kent leaned back to find the groove into songs are categorized in different genres ville, and Lexington. He promises to liter-
the old familiar story. “She dropped her from oldies and classic rock, a nine- ally go the distance to make your event as
necklace, a locket actually, with a picture ties section, country from the 1940s to fun and hopping as he possibly can. You
of her children in it and while I was help- present, big band swing, and contempo- can reach Richard Kent on his email at
ing look for it, we just ended up under rary Christian. “I am one of the only djs, check out his
the same table. After meeting and talking around the Lynchburg area that has con- web page at, or just give
more we just hit it off,” he said. They will temporary Christian,“ he added. him a call at 434-528-3553.
have been happily married for 27 years on Richard covers events in Lynchburg,
September 10th. Danville, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Farm-
Solid Gold Time Machine began in 1990
as Kent was making the switch from radio
to his own business where he would be THE NEWS, from  The day before, wave after wave of cou-
rageous Federal troops had charged
the only DJ playing hits from the 20s up toward “Generation Y.” Bryant has been
into the deadly massed fire of the Army
to present day music for various events active in direct marketing since 2006
of Northern Virginia, which was en-
and parties. Richard and Peggy ran the and has built a residual income to last
trenched on a sunken road, behind a
business together, him flipping through a lifetime. While he respects and appre-
stonewall. The results were dreadful,
the songs and Peggy right beside him, ciates higher education, he re-examines
and had left a sea of bloody, blue-uni-
helping find songs, talking to custom- what it takes to make a living in today’s
formed dead and wounded on the slope
ers and just trying to keep her husband stressed economy, the difficult job mar-
leading to Marye’s Heights. Hour after
straight and out of trouble. But over time ketplace, and he sorts and sifts through
hour, the cries of the dying filled the air
SGTM became Richard’s job and Peggy many of the scams and pitfalls that can
with a nauseating symphony of suffer-
moved on to a 9 to 5, leaving Richard to confront someone desiring to earn and
ing. What happened next stopped the
his shenanigans. build a legitimate residual income —
by Lauren Satterfield entire Civil War in Virginia, if only for
“What is the most difficult part of your one that lasts a lifetime.
The Lynchburg Times a moment. This amazing tale has been
job,” I asked.
captured in a new 30-minute short by
Richard had no complaints about his
Imagine you are standing in front of filmmaker Clint Ross and Right Stripe
business–he loved being his own boss
your entire family and many friends. Media. Noted historians, dramatic rec-
and he was around music, something
Beside you is the new spouse of your reations, 3D animation and period pho-
that has made him happy since child-
dreams. You are living in the happiest tographs all combine to tell the story of
hood–but he did have just one complaint.
moment of your life about to start out on a southern Samaritan who risked his
“People call me up and ask me only one
a brand new adventure with someone you own life for the comfort of his enemy.
question, how much? That is not the right
love and care dearly about. What do you In addition to the showing of the vid-
question to ask. Consider it like buying a
do next? eo, several members of the production
car, you don’t call up the dealer and say
You put on your boogey shoes and let company and cast will be present.
how much, you focus on what the car has
Solid Gold Time Machine take you back a The price of admission is $5 for adults
to offer, what it’s features are, and so on,”
few years and dance the night away. and $3 for students.
he said.
Richard Kent, owner and DJ of Solid The producers of the video are gra-
When providing the music for events
Gold Time Machine, is a man who knows ciously donating the premiere’s pro-
Richard is always open to anything the
his music. ceeds to the National Civil War Chap-
customer requests. “I will get more songs
Kent grew up just outside of New York lains Museum.
for a customer, just as long as the lyrics
City, and listened to the AM top 40s sta- I encourage all of you to come to come
are non-offensive,” he said. If the custom-
tions throughout his childhood. “The Djs and bring your friends and family mem-
er has a CD with a certain song on it that
on there had me hooked, when I was just bers to enjoy this moving story of Chris-
Richard does not have, then he is happy
a kid. Twelve years old, and I knew that I tian compassion and personal honor in
to oblige–that is if you can find a song
wanted to be on the radio,” he said. the midst of the Battle of Fredericks-
that Richard doesn’t have. His collection The Angel of Marye’s Heights
Richard and I sat down for coffee this burg, one of the most horrific scenes of
of music is huge!
week and he told me the long winding carnage during the Civil War.
“I can now brag that I have one of the A dramatic documentary on the life
road to his success from starting his own For more information, please call 434-
largest most complete collections of old- and legacy of Richard Kirkland.
pirate radio station out of his basement at 582-2087.
ies and classic music in the US,: he said. On a cold winter’s morning in 1862,
seventeen, to working as a radio dj full-
Richard pulled out his huge binder Sergeant Richard Rowland Kirkland of
time and finding the love of his life under
which is his catalog of music that he has the 2nd South Carolina Infantry looked
a table. I stopped Kent to ask the obvious, Send your news tips and briefs to:
on display when he entertains, so that out over the battlefield at Fredericks-
“Just how do you meet someone under a
people can look through it and request burg and was appalled by what he saw.
different songs. It is very neatly kept, September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 

McDonnell aides reveal plan to sell state liquor business

ginians can buy hard liquor from 332 from new business licenses. The
to around 1,000, but they would see government would also levy annual
“new shelf space in stores, not new license fees that range from $500 to
stores.” $2,000.
The governor’s officials also recom- But new “fees” may be a sticking
mended considering added security point for a governor who pledged to
measures such as electronic identi- not increase taxes. McDonnell’s aides
fication to prevent under-age drink- insisted there are no tax increases,
ing. just new streams of money as the in-
They also made it clear the new dustry transforms.
stores would not have neon signs or McDonnell hopes to push his
excessive advertising. The process privatization model through quickly,
would be completed by “Virginia tra- and is planning a special legislative
ditions and values,” said aide Melissa session in November. His aides said
Luchau. privately owned stores could be seen
Another point of contention is that a year from now.
the plan will wipe out a steady source But the members of the committee
of money from the general budget. responsible for evaluating the plan
By Stephen Groves censes to large grocery stores, 150 li- ABC currently brings in about $230 say this is the first time they’ve seen a
Virginia Staehouse News censes for specialty alcohol and wine million every year. written version of it. The committee
stores, and 250 licenses for conve- The governor plans to make up the was originally scheduled to vote on
Details emerged on Wednesday as nience stores. Minimum bids would money through new fees on the newly the plan today, but the vote was de-
to how Gov. Robert F. McDonnell be calculated on the local population, privatized industry. There would be a layed because they had not had time
plans to get Virginia out of the hard the profit that ABC stores make in $17.50-per-gallon excise tax on hard to review it.
booze business. that area, and the number of stores. liquor. Wholesale distributors would “This is, in some respects, the be-
McDonnell’s officials revealed the In places like Virginia Beach with a be taxed 1 percent of their gross re- ginning of the process,” Whipple
details of his plan at the Simplifica- high population, minimum license ceipts, and restaurants would have said.
tion and Operations Committee of bids would range from $477,681 to a 2.5 percent optional tax on their Committee members said they
the Governor’ Commission on Gov- $191,072. But in rural areas like Page annual collections. They can avoid would consult constituents, evaluate
ernment Reform and Restructuring County, license bids would run from the tax if they buy their liquor from the plan, and reconvene in late Sep-
at the state capitol. The governor $257,114 to $154,266. retailers, as they do now, instead of tember. They are expected to vote
hopes to privatize the 76-year-old A company would not be allowed directly from distributors. then.
monopoly the Commonwealth holds to purchase more than 25 percent The expected increase in wine sales “This is the first time we’ve had a
on distilled spirits, create a one-time of the licenses on any of the levels. could also add $700,000 to the bud- chance to hear the presentation,” said
windfall of cash for transportation, Also, McDonnell’s plan suggested get. Sales tax could increase by $14 Del. Glenn Oder (R- Newport News).
and still maintain the revenue that that special provisions could be put million from the boosted liquor sales, “This is a lot to digest.”
hard liquor currently brings into the in place to ensure that even smaller and $5.8 million could be garnered
budget. districts and rural areas can have ac-
The plan calls for auctioning off cess to stores selling alcohol.
licenses to sell hard liquor to raise But a major concern surrounding
$458 million for transportation costs. the issue is that the plan would put “a
The money would come from three liquor store on every corner.”
sources: $265 million from auction- “Kids are going to be able to get
ing off retail licenses to the highest their hands on distilled spirits, and
bidder, $160 million from the sale of not just beer or wine,” said Sen. Mary
wholesale licenses, and $33 million Margaret Whipple (D- Arlington).
from selling the state-owned Alco- McDonnell’s aides pledged that
holic Beverage Control warehouse their plan would actually reduce the
and 19 state-owned stores. number of stores that sell hard liquor.
In the retail license auction, the Eric Finbeiner said that the plan will
state would put up for sale 600 li- increase the number of places Vir-
Page  • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

E.C. Glass & UVA grad respected family physician

(Bellfield Place) for encouraging him to study ding.
medicine. They were Jack Schewel, Tom Lee- Otherwise, Dr. Ball doesn’t have a deal of
brick, and William Barney. By coincidence, time to himself -- he works long hours at the
Barney, who retired back to Lynchburg, grad- Family Practice which he owns and operates
uated from Front Royal’s Randolph-Macon in partnership with four other physicians. He
Academy before going on to university and chose Front Royal to settle in 2001, first prac-
med school. ticing medicine in South Carolina. He want-
Apart from rehabbing their old house, Tom- ed to stay as close as he could to home - his
my and Christy are kept busy by their family of roots.
three dogs, Eva, Elvis and Sophie In fact, Eva Tommy Ball’s heart is rarely far away from
is more part of the family that most canines Lynchburg, the place he was born on June 28,
-- she was the “flower girl” at the couple’s wed- 1958.

in taking it back, Democrats won independents

by 18 points. In the latest Gallup survey, Repub-
licans lead among independents by 11 points, a
trend that puts at risk Nancy Pelosi’s misbegotten
Since 1992, according to Gallup, ideological
opinion has been roughly constant: self-described
moderates have been 40 percent or a little lower;
conservatives in the high 30s (although they’ve
spiked to 42 lately); liberals in the high-teens to
low-20s. Both sides need the center, but espe-
cially liberals. It’d be foolish to try to govern on the
Dr. Ball steps outside to his Front Royal Family Practice, inter-
The Rump Majority strength of only one-in-five people. But such has
been the Obama-Pelosi project -- with unsurpris-
rupting Labor Day weekend duty at the adjacent Warren County The frustrations of minority status can drive a ing results.
Hospital. Barr photos. political party batty. The average of Obama’s approval
By Malcolm Barr en years ago working for Habitat for Human- The temptation is to substitute belligerence for rating among independents is a dismal 37.9 per-
Special to The Lynchburg Times ity. thought, insist on a self-destructive purity, lash out cent. This meltdown should have launched a
Most every year, he spends time in Hon- at the American public and question the wisdom thousand agonized liberal op-eds, conferences
Dr. Thomas A. Ball, M.D., who operates a duras treating the less fortunate people free and viability of the country’s institutions. Indulg- and strategy papers on how to win back the cen-
family medical practice in Front Royal, Va. of charge in what is called the “Shoulder to ing in these tendencies almost always makes a ter. If, that is, liberalism had any realistic sense
and regularly travels abroad to treat the poor, Shoulder” program, and has done the same party’s position worse rather than better. of its limits. In the midst of a catastrophic loss of
stays close to his roots in Lynchburg where his in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The Obama Democrats may be the first party to the middle, Obama’s supporters exhort him to get
parents, Russell and Ruth Ball, both in their He leads groups of medical students and resi- engage in this self-defeating behavior -- borne of more angry, insistent and ambitiously liberal.
eighties, live in retirement. dents on these trips. a frustrated desperation -- while holding the presi- There’s little acknowledgment that the country
Dr. Ball -- “Tommy” to his friends and many Dr. Ball is regarded in Virginia and South dency and both houses of Congress by substantial is in a different place than they are. To the extent
of his patients in Front Royal -- regularly visits Carolina, where he once worked, as one of margins. Through an accident of timing (a national there is, so much worse for the country, which is
with his parents, well known for their activi- the few “go-to guys” for most anyone afflicted election coinciding with a financial crisis) and the condemned for its backwardness and intolerance.
ties with Lynchburg’s First Unitarian Church, by the AIDS virus. Two years ago, he was sa- exhaustion of the Bush-DeLay Republicans, liber- The majority is not just wrong on immigration
and looks back fondly on his upbringing in luted for his work among people living with als took the commanding heights of the federal enforcement and the ground zero mosque, it’s
Lynchburg. He graduated from E.C. Glass HIV/AIDS and their families, receiving the contemptible. Who knew that the American pub-
government while remaining a minority disposition
High School in 1976, then from Swarthmore “Serving in Silence” plaque at a Winchester lic would get accused of bigotry more often after
in our national life. In short, they became a rump
with a philosophy major, and later from medi- ceremony. Serving in silence is what Dr. Ball
majority. electing an African-American president than be-
cal school at the University of Virginia (1990). does very well, according to wife Christy who
Through President Barack Obama’s alchemy, fore?
At high school, he was a member of the track told me in 2008 that “Tommy doesn’t often
these temporarily enlarged congressional num- As former Bush speechwriter Peter Wehner
team, and the E.C. Glass High School Band. talk about what he does outside the office.”
Asked if he had a favorite teacher at high More recently, he was named “Teacher of bers were supposed to be transformed into a writes, liberals “are expressing deepening alien-
school, he recalled history instructor Marie the Year” by the Virginia Academy of Family permanent realignment. It hasn’t worked out, ob- ation from our nation and turning on the American
Waller. “She was the first teacher to treat me Physicians at the organization’s annual confer- viously. In the past 20 months, Democrats have people with a vengeance.” They thought they
as an adult. I respected her for that,” said the ence in Virginia Beach. had the power to do almost everything they want, had a mandate from heaven in 2008, and can’t
amiable physician husband of Christine Hart- Dr. Ball, who also helps out in Front Royal at except command the allegiance of the public. That bear the thought that they deluded themselves.
man who works in the mental health field, and a medical facility for the poor and needy, calls has made them feel embattled, isolated and per- They’ve gone from triumphalism to a petulant and
who, with Tommy, is rehabbing a 150-year-old his volunteer work a way of “giving back” to petually aggrieved. uncomprehending tantrum in less than two years.
house during weekends, weather permitting, the community and, indeed, the world, pro- The ultimate source of the Democrats’ discon- The rump majority looks more exhausted by the
in the Front Royal area. viding, as he does, health care to the indigent tent is quite simple: They’ve lost independents. day.
This isn’t the first house Dr. Ball will have on two continents. In 1994, in taking Congress, Republicans won
built, either. The last was in Botswana, Africa, As much as anything, he credits three doc- Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.
independents by 14 percentage points. In 2006,
where he spent his annual vacation a half-doz- tors who lived in his Lynchburg neighborhood © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 

The Lynchburg Times

• On Sept. 25, 1789, the first Congress of the
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United States approves 12 amendments to the
U.S. Constitution, and sends them to the states
for ratification. The amendments, known as the COLOR
Bill of Rights, were influenced by the English Bill
of Rights of 1689. 52x 26x 13x Open Ad deadlines
Center 1150 1440 1545 1650
• On Sept. 23, 1846, at the Berlin Observatory,
Back cover 940 1210 1305 1400
German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle dis-
IFC/page 3 890 1150 1240 1330
Reserve space
covers the planet Neptune. The blue gas giant,
which has a diameter four times that of Earth, Full page 690 930 1010 1090 5pm Friday
was named for the Roman god of the sea. It 3/4 page 520 700 760 820
completes an orbit of the Sun once every 165
1/2 page 350 470 510 550
3/8 page 265 355 385 415
• On Sept. 21, 1938, without warning, a powerful 1/4 page 180 240 260 280 5pm Friday
Category 3 hurricane slams into Long Island and
southern New England. All told, 700 people were 1/8 page 95 125 135 145
1/16 page 50 65 70 75
killed by the hurricane, nearly 9,000 homes and
buildings were destroyed and nearly 3,000 ships
Camera-ready PDF
were sunk or wrecked.
Black & white Noon Monday
• On Sept. 26, 1945, Lt. Col. Peter Dewey, a U.S.
Army officer with the Office of Strategic Services 52x 26x 13x Open
(OSS) in Vietnam, is shot and killed in Saigon. Center 1150 1440 1545 1650
Dewey was the head of a seven-man team sent Back cover 940 1210 1305 1400 • Guaranteed placement 25%
to Vietnam to search for missing American pi-
lots. He was the first of nearly 59,000 Americans IFC/page 3 890 1150 1240 1330 additional fee
killed in Vietnam. Full page 680 920 1000 1080
3/4 page 515 695 755 815
• On Sept. 22, 1953, the first four-level (or • Visa, Mastercard accepted
“stack”) interchange in the world opens in Los 1/2 page 345 465 505 545
Angeles, at the intersection of the Harbor, Hol- 3/8 page 260 350 380 410
lywood, Pasadena and Santa Ana freeways. It 1/4 page 175 235 255 275
• All ads pre-paid per issue
consisted of 32 lanes of traffic weaving in eight
1/8 page 90 120 130 140
directions at once. Today, the interchange’s cost
of $5.5 million would pay for just 250 feet of ur- 1/16 page 50 65 70 75 Rates effective Aug. 2010
ban freeway.

• On Sept. 24, 1969, the trial of the “Chicago

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Seven” begins. At the height of the antiwar and
civil-rights movements, young leftists had orga-
nized protest marches at the 1968 Democratic
National Convention and were thus accused of 21.5 x 10 10.25 x 10.25 10.25 x 10 7.625 x 10 10.25 x 7.4375 5 x 10 10.25 x 4.875
conspiring to incite a riot. In 1970, the convic-
tions and contempt charges were overturned on

• On Sept. 20, 1973, Billie Jean King defeats

Bobby Riggs, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3, in a widely publicized
exhibition tennis match dubbed the “Battle of the
Sexes.” The match was set up after the 55-year-
old Riggs routed Australian star Margaret Court 5 x 7.4375 7.625 x 4.875 2.375 x 10 10.25 x 2.3125 5 x 4.875 2.375 x 4.875 5 x 2.3125 2.375 x 2.3125
four months’ earlier on Mother’s Day.

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Page  • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

Kaine to push loyalty as Democrats kick off national election season

Chuck Smith in the third district. a competitive race with Republican
But Kaine’s message of standing be- state Del. Morgan Griffith.
hind the party leadership may not be Yet Kaine will attempt to unify Dem-
a popular notion for all Democrats in ocrats with the message that the stim-
this year’s election. In several of Vir- ulus is working, and voters need to
ginia’s close races, Democratic candi- stick with them to see it through. But
dates have bragged about their inde- confidence may be waning. A recent
pendence from rather than loyalty to Gallup generic poll of registered vot-
the party. ers showed Republicans leading Dem-
“[Rep. Tom Perriello (D) is] an in- ocrats by 10 percentage points at 51
dependent. He’s taken the adminis- percent to 41 percent. This is the larg-
tration on very strongly,” said Jessica est lead Republicans have had since
Barba, spokesperson for Perriello’s Gallup started tracking the midterm
campaign. generic ballot of Congress in 1942.
The freshman Democratic incum- “I will admit to you, the polls are
bent is in a neck-and-neck race with challenging right now. They’ve been
Republican state Del. Robert Hurt challenging for other Democratic
that has attracted national attention leaders in the past,” Kaine said on “Fox
for the 5th district. News Sunday.” “We believe that if you
Even 14-term incumbent U.S. Rep. just do the right things, over time,
Rick Boucher (D) has shied away from they’re going to work.”
some Democratic hallmarks. A re- Whether or not that message sticks
By Stephen Groves ic progress that the country has made cent ad brags about his vote against will be seen on Nov. 2.
Virginia Statehouse News as a result of the bold actions taken by the health care bill. Boucher is also in
President Obama and Congressional
Momentum in the mid-term elec- Democrats despite the Republican
tions might appear to be swinging Party’s politically motivated opposi-
away from the Democrats, but not
if Democratic National Committee
tion to these efforts,” stated the DNC
This space is reserved for you. To help your
Chairman and former Virginia Gov.
Tim Kaine has anything to say about
Kaine already discussed the Demo-
crat’s prospects in the election on the
business grow.
it. “Fox News Sunday” show this week.
He will have plenty to say this week, He said it would be “foolish” for Dem-
making a speech at the Democratic
party’s official election season kick-off
ocratic candidates to run away from
the party leadership’s actions in pass- We really do care. And it costs a lot less than
in Philadelphia on Wednesday, as well ing controversial bills like health care
as numerous media appearances. and the stimulus. you think.
Kaine’s speech “will frame Novem- “People ought to be proud to be
ber’s elections and explain the choice Democrats right now. We’re a happy
the American people have in front of warrior party, and this Congress has
them–a choice between Democrats,
who are moving America forward and
every reason to be very, very proud of
the heavy lifting they have done,” he
Advertise in The Lynchburg Times.
Republicans, who want to take us back said.
to the failed policies of the past that Kaine brought that message to his
brought our economy to the brink of
collapse,” said a news release from the
home-state, attending a rally on Sun-
day for U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D), We’re in every Kroger, Food Lion, McDonalds
Democratic National Committee. who is in a tight race with Republican
He will defend the success of the fed- Keith Fimian in the 11th congressio- & more than 200 other places.
eral stimulus and make a case that the nal district. The next day, he traveled
economy is heading in the right direc- downstate to a barbecue party for U.S.
tion, even if it is has a long way to go. Rep. Bobby Scott (D), who is running
“Kaine will also discuss the econom- for re-election against Republican • 434-535-6001 September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 

Saving you money on the things you buy: Cell Phones

What features do I need with my invest in a phone by talking to other
phone? people and by going to the prepaid
phone websites.
I decided that I wanted to have tex-
ting and possibly Internet. Internet What service plan would be the best
would be a nice luxury, but texting was fit for me?
a definite.
I then spotted the new and sensa- This is one of the better questions
tional phones from Straight Talk. I that everyone should be asking them-
could pay $30 a month and the plan selves.
would include 1000 minutes, 1000 As consumers we all tend to get excit-
texts, 30MB of Internet and free calls ed about the best new thing out there,
to 411. but just because people are calling it
Or I could pay $45 a month and re- the best does not mean that it is the
ceive unlimited minutes, texts, inter- best product for us personally. In re-
net and 411, Unlimited everything. view of the phones that we mentioned,
This sounded great, but I still need to the Straight Talk phones sound great
answer all of my questions. to me, because I would use the calling,
texting and Internet features enough
I need to find a phone with good to justify paying $45 dollars a month.
coverage in my area. “The Net 10 phone plan is perfect for
me because I mostly make a few phone
by Lauren Satterfield providers’ cool new phones. It was This is a deal breaker. If I decided to calls and very seldom text, the phone
The Lynchburg Times very flashy display and I found myself buy this great phone, I need to know plan is paid for by the minute, so test-
playing with the fun phones. When I that I can use it everywhere that I am, ing is deducted in that by half a min-
Let’s replay a certain scene that I have was assisted and the sales lady started especially living in Lynchburg, deeper ute. That way I don’t have to pay extra
had happen to me many times in my showing me the prices I gently laid the though I am into the mountains, the for a feature that I barely use,” Moldvay
life. “Hey mom, I wanted to call and tell phone I had down and decided to look less my service is. I started to look at agreed.
you about my day.” “...” “Hello, Mom. elsewhere. While Major cell phone brochures and saw that Net 10 has Each prepaid phone plan is different,
You there?” “...” “Mom?” “BEEP BEEP companies do have fun and flashy amazing coverage in the Lynchburg offers different features and different
BEEP Your call has been dropped.” phones, this one was not in my bud- area. Seth Moldvay of Hurt, VA held prices. When looking at them do your
After paying well over seventy dol- get. up his Net 10 phone with a smile, “This research. Ask yourself the main ques-
lars a month so that I can talk to my Across the aisle another rack caught phone is great! It has excellent cover- tions as I did and then get your an-
mother, who is constantly flying from my attention: the prepaid phones. age even at my home which is deep in swers.
state to state as a flight attendant, it is I will admit I had heard of pre-paid the boondocks!”
very frustrating to be paying so much and shunned my father for the use of Prepaid phones are a great way to
to talk to her and not being able to. I them, thinking that plans and con- Can I transfer my old number? save money and to not have to use a
know that dropped calls are sometimes tracts were better. contract. It is a great way you can de-
unavoidable, but paying more than $70 I have learned that I was wrong. For some people transferring a num- cide how much you want to pay and
a month for service is avoidable. As I started to study the phones and ber is not important, for others it is a avoid the extra charges.
Recently I have been looking to save what they have to offer my main ques- big load of stress because of how many A good website to check out is, www.
money on my monthly phone bill, so tions came up again. people they stay in contact with. I The site has
I started asking the right questions. have had my same phone number for all the prepaid phones and what the
What are the monthly charges that I What are the monthly charges that I 4 years now and I have made a lot of pros and cons are for each plan. Also
am okay with paying? What features am okay with paying? contacts that I do not want to lose, nor check out the prepaid phones personal
do I need with my phone, Texting, do I want to have to give out my num- website: and www.
Internet? I need to find a phone with I figured up my budget and decided ber to them all over again. I have come
good coverage in my area. Can I trans- that at most I wanted to pay no more to find that most prepaid phones will
fer my old number? What service and than $50 a month, my current ser- allow you to transfer (port) over your
plan would be the best fit for me? vice plan is costing me $70 and up. I old number. Just make sure your num- Have a great Saving Money tip? Email
My first stop was into the local Wal- wanted my charges also to be a set rate, ber is not cancelled from the previous
Mart to look at the cell phone counter. no higher, no lower, no hidden service wireless handler that you were using. I
There I saw many of the top service fees and no over or sur-charges. would however make sure before you
Page 10 • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

Hunting groups push for Sunday hunting

ginia’s neighboring states have bans,
opening Sundays to hunting would at-
tract out-of-state hunters who would
spend money in the Commonwealth.
For many, it simply comes down
to using their land for whatever they • It was existential psychologist Rollo May
want, seven days a week. who made the following sage observation:
“It’s perfectly legal on my own private “It is an ironic habit of human beings to run
property six days a week, and illegal faster when we have lost our way.”
one day a week,” Crain said.
He also argued that the ban limits the • Two countries are tied for the nation en-
next generation from getting involved compassing the most time zones. It’s no
in the sport. The average age of mem- surprise that Russia is one of them, but it
bers of his organization is increasing seems odd that the other would be France.
because teenagers must choose be- It’s true, though; once you take a look at a
tween traditional sports or hunting on map of French territories around the world,
Saturdays. you’ll see. There are French Polynesia in
But Sunday hunting does not have a the Pacific Ocean, the island of Reunion off
consensus among hunters. Within a the east coast of Africa, various holdings in
sport that attracts many who value tra- the Caribbean, and New Caledonia off the
dition, change can be a tough sell. Sledd east coast of Australia, among others.
said there is a divide between northern
and southern Virginia, with northern • If you had to choose, would you rather be
By Stephen Groves man of the Northern Virginia chapter hunters in favor of Sunday hunting. bitten by a skunk or sprayed by one? The
Virginia Statehouse News of Delta Waterfowl, a group lobbying The Virginia Deer Hunters Association creatures can’t do both things at once.
to have Sundays open for hunting. does not endorse any legislation al-
In Virginia, even the animals get a day So far, McDonnell has promised to at lowing Sunday hunting because many • Yes, there’s a word for it: The plastic
of rest. For now. least consider Sunday hunting. of their members like the “day of rest” tips you find on shoelaces are known as
Hunters in the Commonwealth have “I know for most people who are concept. aglets.
been barred from hunting on Sundays working five days a week, Monday to “A lot of people in the Bible-belt feel
since the days of John Smith and Poca- Friday, that takes 50 percent of your that this is the worst thing we could • If you’re a professional flute player, it’s
hontas says Gov. Robert F. McDonnell. possible hunting time away so I know do,” said Tex Sadler, president of the likely that your instrument is made from
But the governor has promised to con- we’ve had some discussions, we’ve had Virginia Deer Hunters Association. sterling silver, 14-carat gold or platinum.
sider pushing legislation to lift some some support to start hunting on pri- In their poll of members and hunters
restrictions on Sunday hunting. vate property. That ought to be a prop- from across the state, only 40 percent • A snail’s teeth are located in rows along
“I don’t know any of us remember it erty right of the land owner,” the gover- are in favor of Sunday hunting, while 60 its tongue.
not being in place,” said Charlie Sledd, nor said this week. percent think it should be banned. But
the Department of Game and Inland The issue comes up repeatedly in the the percentage of hunters in favor of • It’s a commonly held belief that the Corio-
Fisheries outreach director. General Assembly, but so far, nothing Sunday hunting has steadily increased, lis effect causes water to drain out of sinks
“Blue laws,” statutes based on tradi- has changed. said Sadler. Several years ago, just 25 and toilets in one direction in the Northern
tion and religion, still restrict hunters Hunters in favor of Sunday hunt- percent thought hunting on Sunday Hemisphere, while it drains in the opposite
in 11 states from loading up their fire- ing recognize the restriction probably was a good idea. direction in the Southern Hemisphere. As
arms and heading into the woods on won’t be repealed completely but are “It’s a gradual thing,” Sadler said. it turns out, this isn’t true. Drains are so
Sundays. Virginia’s law mandates Sun- arguing that it should be allowed on “Ramming it down the throats of our small that the Coriolis effect has no mea-
day as “a rest day for all species of wild private property, in certain areas with Virginia culture would not be a good surable influence at all. It’s the shape of
bird and wild animal life, except rac- over-run deer populations, or with re- thing for business.” the sink and whether or not it’s level that
coons, which may be hunted until 2:00 strictions on firearms, such as limiting The Virginia Deer Hunters Associa- determines the direction of the drainage.
a.m. on Sunday mornings.” Sunday to bow hunters. For the first tion is careful to keep a positive image
Individuals have repeatedly asked time this fall, hunters in North Caro- in the community, and believes this Thought for the Day: “Electricity is actually
McDonnell if the law, or at least a part lina will be allowed to hunt with bows could damage that. made up of extremely tiny particles called
of it, could be repealed. on private lands on Sundays. “There ought to be a time when a electrons, that you cannot see with the na-
“It’s hard to get out. It’s hard to find a The state could also profit from re- man, his wife, and child ought to be ked eye unless you have been drinking.”
place to hunt,” said Mark Crain, chair- pealing the ban. Because many of Vir- able to walk through the woods with- -- Dave Barry
out seeing blaze orange,” Sadler said. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 11

McDonnell defends $17,000 for road signs

By Stephen Groves a double-standard because he Pioneer Spirit Flies in Iraq
Virginia Statehouse News wanted to see money going to
Virginians in both cases.
Gov. Robert F. McDonnell de- “The purpose (of the signs) is
fended the $17,000 price tag of not clear … We’ve been the best
his “Virginia: open for business” state for business for several years
signs Aug. 26 as an investment without the signs,” Englin said.
to bring jobs and money to the But McDonnell painted the
Commonwealth. Commonwealth’s economy as a
The governor spent the money business that is competing in a
on 17 blue signs that are attached global market.
to cardinal welcome signs in key “I’m in a global, competitive,
locations around the state. Fund- economy. I’m competing with
ing for the signs came from the North Carolina, Tennessee,
Department of Transportation’s Maryland, Hong Kong, China, In-
operations and maintenance ac- dia. I want people to know we’re Captain Joshua Bell with the 110th Combat Sustainment Sup-
port Battalion showed his Pioneer spirit by flying Heritage
count. open for business,” McDonnell
High School’s colors high above Camp Adder in Tallil, Iraq.
“It’s a modest investment that said. The 2001 HHS graduate is stationed there with the Georgia
I think, along with all the other Virginia Department of Trans- National Guard. Heritage High School sent the flag to Captain
things that we’re doing to adver- portation finished installing the Bell at his request. Now the flag is on its way back from Iraq
tise our great, pro-free enterprise signs earlier last month. along with a note that will tell the students when it flew above
the camp. His mother, Karen, works at Heritage High School.
system here in Virginia, that’s go-
ing to contribute to Virginia job
creation,” he told WRVA radio on Technology). tion and inspiration along the way.
Thursday morning. One of the first things to learn is whether To learn more about the author (and see
But the governor, who prides self-employment is really for you. Are you Babb’s impressive list of credentials) go to
himself on fiscal conservatism, motivated enough? Babb doesn’t hold back her website at
has received criticism for spend- with the truths, one of which is that running Not only does she make multiple appear-
ing the money when the budget is your own business is hard work. A lot of that ances on television, but she teaches online
work comes at the beginning when you: courses and has written a number of books.
so tight.
Her website says, “I am an enthusiast for de-
“I’d always rather see money • Write a business plan. Who will your cus- mocracy, the economy, capitalism, people,
like that going to improving qual- tomers be? How will you get through that first and living one’s dreams and realizing one’s
ity of life for Virginians,” said Del. year when many new businesses fail? How passions in life.” Dr. Babb is someone to
David Englin, D-Alexandria. “It’s
Starting Your Own Business will you expand and grow the business? watch.
a fairly minimal expenditure, but Some people who are unemployed and • Evaluate your ideas to determine whether You also can get quite a bit of information
those minimal expenditures add haven’t found a job have taken another path they’re suitable for the market. at the website -- click Resources, then En-
and started their own businesses. If this • Determine how much money you’ll need trepreneur, then choose from Entrepreneur
up.” to get started and explore where the money Tools, Business Plan Basics, Gathering In-
Following suit with his prede- is your situation, or if you’d like to explore
the possibility of having your own business will come from. formation, Marketing Plan Basics and oth-
cessor, Democrat Tim Kaine, • Know your competition. Is there room for ers.
because of the shaky employment scene,
McDonnell refused to spend there’s a book you should read. you? Will your business be just different
hundreds of thousands of dollars “The Accidental Startup: How to Realize enough that it can be successful? David Uffington regrets that he cannot per-
to put up signs to let passers-by Your True Potential by Becoming Your Own • Determine how will you advertise and bring sonally answer reader questions, but will
customers to your door. incorporate them into his column whenever
know a project is funded by the Boss” (Alpha/Penguin Group, $18.95) leads
readers through all the steps to successful possible. Write to him in care of King Fea-
federal stimulus, but explained “Accidental Startup” is a book you won’t tures Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475,
“open for business” signs as an entrepreneurial ventures. Author Danielle
Babb has both a Ph.D. (in Organization and read just once if you start a business. It may Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
advertising investment. well become your go-to source for informa-
Management) and an MBA (in Information
Englin said this struck him as © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Page 12 • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

Congressional delegation, gov’s office to attend JFCOM closing briefing

By Stephen Groves the Secretary’s decision, and seek transparency in the pro- vigilant against backsliding on this front,” Gates said, as he
Virginia Statehouse News cess going forward. In addition, they will request to review the announced the closing.
cost savings analysis of closing JFCOM. Overall, Mrs. Suit Virginia’s congressional delegation and McDonnell imme-
Staff from Virginia’s congressional delegation and the gov- will reiterate the Governor’s strong opposition to the proposed diately objected to the closing. Webb, Warner, Nye, Scott,
ernor’s office will attend a briefing tomorrow by Department of closure and try and find ways to work together to find other Forbes and Wittman wrote a letter to Gates arguing that the
Defense officials to learn more about the decision to close the options and ultimately keep JFCOM open,” said Stacey John- base should only be closed under the BRAC process, which
Joint Forces Command Center (JFCOM). son, spokesperson from McDonnell’s office. requires a review by Congress. The Senate Committee on
The briefing will be attended by officials from the offices of McDonnell and the congressional delegation have been Armed Services and a subcommittee of the House Committee
Sens. Jim Webb and Mark Warner, Reps. Glenn Nye, Bobby outspoken in their defense of the command center. The on Oversight and Government Reform will also hold hearings
Scott, Randy Forbes and Rob Wittman, and Gov. Bob McDon- Hampton Roads military center has 2,800 military and civil- on Gates’s decision to close JFCOM in the coming months.
nell’s office. It will be the first time the Department of Defense ian positions and 3,000 contractors. It is designed to have McDonnell also assembled a Commission on Military and

Arthur’s Ashes
can clarify its proposal to close JFCOM after Secretary of De- members of all branches of the military ready to work together National Security Facilities to investigate the closing and other
fense Robert Gates made the announcement on Aug. 9. when other combatant commands need them. military installations in Virginia. The commission will have their
“Terrie Suit, the governor’s senior advisory for military rela- “The U.S. military has largely embraced jointness as a mat- first meeting on Thursday.
tions, and her team will inquire about the process that led to ter of culture and practice, although we must always remain
“Anybody can count the seeds in a single apple, but
it’s impossible to know how many apples came from a
single seed.” -- American Folk Saying
sionally. I don’t think I’ll change a lot when I come
back, but I do think I will change some. I’m prob- It is 1968, and some of the most traumatic and turbu-
lent events in human history are occurring on a near-
ably going to tolerate a lot less, but at the same daily basis. The year begins with the Tet Offensive,
time there will be areas I will tolerate a lot more moves on with the twin assassinations of Martin Luther
-- just depends on what it is. I have a new appre- King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, and ends with Richard
ciation for life. I’m looking forward to it. I feel great Nixon’s election and the Zodiac killer on page one.
and can’t wait to race.” But 1968 was also the year of the Civil Rights Act,
Vickers, from Thomasville, N.C., expects to be the “White Album” and Elvis Presley’s comeback spe-
off blood thinners by January, at which point he will cial. And it was a leap year, and in the world of sports,
nobody was taking bigger strides than dashing Arthur
get back in a race car and begin testing to prepare
Ashe of Norfolk, Va. For 1968 was the year that Ashe
broke the color barrier in tennis, ushering in the “open
era” with his win at the U.S. Open.
Years after walking down the center aisle at his col-
lege graduation, as a black man he was still barred
1. Name two of the four players who recorded fewer from the center courts of the world, despite having a
Vickers Sets Return After at-bats than the Nationals’ Adam Dunn (4,145) in NCAA championship trophy on his shelf. But as hate-
reaching 300 career home runs. fueled racial divides began to extinguish, Ashe rose like
Heart Surgery 2. When was the last time before 2007-09 that the a phoenix, becoming the first African-American man to
Chicago Cubs had a .500 or better record for at least win grand slam events (the 1968 U.S. Open and 1970
Brian Vickers, who made the Chase for the three consecutive seasons? Australian Open) and earn a No. 1 ranking. Perhaps
Sprint Cup in 2009, competed in only 11 races 3. True or false: Dan Fouts holds the San Diego most famously, Ashe engineered a win over Jimmy
Chargers record for most TD passes in a season. Connors -- seemingly unbeatable at the time -- for the
this season. After a 10th-place finish at Darlington
4. How many consecutive regular-season Big 12 1975 Wimbledon crown.
Raceway on May 8, he fell ill. It was to be his last major victory on the court. Sad-
Doctors discovered that Vickers, 26, had devel- titles has Kansas won in men’s basketball?
ly, he suffered a heart attack in 1979, leading him to
oped blood clots in his left leg, left finger and lungs. 5. In 2010, the Boston Bruins became the third NHL
retire. Then, after corrective heart surgery in 1983, it
team to lose a seven-game playoff series after being
A regimen of blood thinners made it impossible for was learned that he had received a blood transfusion
up 3-0. Name either of the other two teams.
him to compete in his No. 83 Team Red Bull Toyo- tainted with the AIDS virus.
6. Who was the first driver in NASCAR’s Nationwide Tennis players are notoriously individualistic. They
ta. Series to win three consecutive races at the same
Recently, Vickers underwent successful surgery play singles; they aren’t coached during matches.
Brian Vickers, center, fell ill in May track where he also started from the pole. Ashe admitted that he wanted nothing more than to
to repair a small hole between the two atriums of and had to cut his season short. 7. Name the first Italian female tennis player to win stay close at home during his later years. Now answer-
his heart. He also was diagnosed with May-Thurn- Now, the driver plans to be back a Grand Slam title. ing to a higher calling, Ashe went on to develop dozens
er Syndrome, in which blood flow is restricted in 2011 after heart surgery. (John of foundations like the Safe Passage Foundation for
because a vein and/or artery are pinched. After Clark/NASCAR This Week photo) poor children; the Black Tennis & Sports Foundation;
surgery, a stent was placed in a vein on July 13 to and 15-Love, a substance abuse program. His early
Answers foundation work led to the beginning of today’s U.S.
open it.
for the 2011 season. Tennis Association youth programs -- now boasting
Now, however, Vickers expects to return to full- 1. Babe Ruth (3,830 at-bats), Mark McGwire (3,837),
“What I love to do is race,” he said. “It is not only 500 chapters running programs for 150,000 kids.
time competition next year. Ralph Kiner (3,883) and Harmon Killebrew (3,928).
my job, but my passion. I’ve been missing that Today, many years after his death in 1993, a new
“Not only did we figure out what the problem 2. It was 1967-72. generation of athlete plays in the shadows of Arthur
need for speed, the competition, my people and
was,” said Vickers, “but we were able to fix it. ... I’m 3. False. Philip Rivers tossed 34 TD passes in 2008. Ashe Stadium at the U.S. Open, many of them un-
friends in the industry, but at the same time, it has
going to be back in the No. 83 and very excited to Fouts’ high was 33 in 1981. aware of the court’s namesake.
been nice to take a break.”
be back with Red Bull.” 4. Six consecutive titles either won or shared (2005- Ashe would have it no other way.
Vickers, who has mostly stayed away from the 10). “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramat-
Monte Dutton has covered motorsports for The Gaston
track, has spent off time traveling and working 5. The 1942 Detroit Red Wings and the 1975 Pitts- ic,” Ashe once said. “It is not the urge to surpass all
(N.C.) Gazette since 1993. He was named writer of the
burgh Penguins. others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at
out. year by the National Motorsports Press Association in
2008. His blog NASCAR This Week (http://nascar.rbma. 6. Joey Logano completed the feat in 2008-10 at whatever cost.”
“My main priority is getting back to racing next
com) features all of his reporting on racing, roots music Kentucky Speedway.
year,” he said. “I’ve been given a gift. Things hap- Mark Vasto is a veteran sportswriter and publisher of
and life on the road. E-mail Monte at nascar_thisweek@ 7. Francesca Schiavone won the 2010 French
pen for a reason. I’ve had some time to think back The Kansas City Luminary. Open.
and look at my career, both personally and profes- © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 13

Master your fear of public speaking with Chamber Voices

example using the recent Virginia Tech akin to giving the speaker a compliment
game entitling their recent defeat against and good words of wisdom attached.
Boise State as nadir. The challenge for the Near the end of the meeting Vice Presi-
next hour was to use the new word in our dent Amy Overstreet stood up and did
sentences and test it out. what she calls “Table Talk.” It’s an on-
The speeches began next and there your-feet quick question and answer
were two to be presented. Toastmasters time. Overstreet asked a question and
groups are very serious about teaching then called on a random member of the
each other how to properly conduct a group–members only I was very relieved
speech. There are various people in the to know. Those called upon must answer
group that are accountable for one item immediately. The question at this meet-
each. One person times the speeches, one ing was “If you were stranded on a de-
person picks out the grammar and there serted island for a year and you were able
is one person assigned to each speech to to bring two items other than your essen-
review it and give a brief overview at the tials what would you bring?”
end of the meeting. At the end of the meeting president
The first speech came from Vice Presi- Fischer stood and thanked everyone for
dent of Education Roxy Dickinson. She coming and congratulated the speakers.
works at Lynchburg General Hospital and The meeting ended shortly before 1pm.
is very acquainted with medical informa- The meeting was extremely organized and
tion. Dickinson did research to come they are on a tight schedule since many of
up with a very intriguing and effective the members use their lunch break as the
From left are Chamber Voices leaders VP Education Roxy Dick-
speech called “Why Do I Get Sick.” The time to come.
enson, VP Members Lorri Girling, VP Public Relations Amy Over-
speech was categorized as a Visual Aids I must admit I was very worried walking
street, President Dave Fischer and Treasurer Malcolm Miles. (Not
speech and Roxy did an excellent job with into the Toastmasters meeting but walk-
pictured is Secretary Chad Mooney and Sergeant at Arms Joe
some hand drawings on a large board to ing out I felt like I had really learned a few
show us what cells look like and to bet- things. I told Amy to look for me to re-
By Lauren Satterfield The president Dave Fischer, CC took the ter explain free radicals and that we need turn because this was a lot of fun but very
The Lynchburg Times stand first and welcomed every one and to eat more antioxidants. It was amazing educational in a relaxed atmosphere.
also reintroduced me. Fischer then read information and Dickinson really nailed Fischer said he too had a dramatic im-
As I met Amy in the parking lot of the off some announcements and they voted this speech. Her evaluator said the same pact from the club. “For me, Toastmasters
Chamber of Commerce building at Lan- two new members in today. “It was a very and applauded her for another really good has given me the confidence to act like
horne Dr. and Memorial Ave. and made hard vote” he announced when the new medical speech which had very good ex- a leader. I am not an “out in front” kind
my way inside, I could just feel my throat members came back in and took their planations of some of the trickier facts. of guy yet I have always found myself in
closing up at the thought of having to do seats, “But you both made it in!” Later I The second speech was delivered by leadership positions throughout my life.
public speaking. I took a class for it a few am sure they will be told that everyone Greg Sepesi and entitled “Walls.” It was I have coached, mentored, led commit-
years ago at Liberty University and I was wanted them voted in, and there were no a vocal variety speech and he chose to tees and been in management positions.
so thankful to have lived through it and oppositions, other than Dave joking with share two poems with us by Robert Frost Make no mistake, people judge you on
now here I was going willingly into an- Vice President Amy Overstreet. but instead of just memorizing and re- how you present yourself and the words
other class. After the opening duties were taken peating the poems, Greg decided to play you choose. The Toastmasters program
Scared or not, I held my head high care of, club treasurer Malcolm Miles us the poems on his guitar. “When you has given me poise, confidence and skills
and walked into the room where a light- stood and gave us all ‘an Educational Mo- put a poem to music it just locks right to communicate effectively,” he said.
hearted and good spirited group of mem- ment’. It was literally a moment but some- in. Especially with poets like Frost and The Chamber Voices club meet ev-
bers they each took the time to shake my times that is all it takes to get really useful Emily Dickens.” he said. Sepesi sat down, ery 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesday of the
hand, say hello and welcome me to sit in information out. Miles spoke on a trouble plucked his guitar and softy sang us the month. It is always free to come and be
as a guest during their meeting. he had with public speaking known as poems using the height of drama in the a guest. If you join it costs $54 dollars for
Despite being a four year resident of ‘double-clutching’ which in short is word song to either raise or whisper the words the first six months and $34 dollars every
Lynchburg I must admit that I had never repetition. using a vocal variety. The evaluator for six months after that. When you become
heard of the Chamber Voices of Toast- “Find the thing that you are focusing on Greg was all smiles, stating that Greg a member you are enrolled and start to
masters International. Looking back, it the most and practice that more in your had once again surprised them all by tak- do your speeches, learning how to better
certainly would have saved me a lot of daily life,” he said and went on to mention ing the assignment and doing something speak in public whether you are address-
heartache and headache with doing my “I tell my children to help me with it, to completely different with it, giving it a ing a meeting, at a wedding or just talk-
public speaking if I had! This was unlike help correct me in my speaking when I nice variation. ing in front of a lot of people. Chamber
anything I had seen before, everyone was am wrong.” Both of the evaluators were very en- Voices will prepare you and make you a
very kind and encouraging, talking and Andrew Youngs stood up next and read couraging to each speaker and even when wiser public speaker. You can visit their
carrying on like they had known each us the word of the day, ‘Nadir,’ which they criticized the speech they did it in a website at for
other for years. means lowest point. He then gave a witty gracious a way. Their critiques were more more information.
Page 14 • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

Either you’re a Shopaholic, or you’re not admitting it!

dresses and other wedding paraphernalia.
Gorgeous dresses that have been worn
once or twice are left to sit, waiting to be
admired once again, to make the person
wearing the dress feel just as beautiful as
the last.
There are purses of every shape, size
and color that reside in many different
nooks and crannies of the store: purses
with polka-dots, bright fun colors and
Coach bags. There are many designer
bags and all of them are real. Shopahol-
ics Outlet strives to have the best and to
offer the customers good items for good
budget prices.
The best little helper anyone Sarah encourages people to bring in
could ask for, Shawna is on their old clothes and items that are still
top of all your needs when you in good condition and sells them on con-
come to Shopaholics Outlet. signment. A breakdown of the consign-
Looking for a ring, she will let ment process is when a person brings
you know which one tastes the in items to the shop, Sarah sets them up
best, or which necklace is best with an account and starts to sift through
for throwing distance. Let this items, picking what she wants to sell in
little wonder help you with your her shop based on the season and the
A wall of shoes is any woman’s dream and the best part? They
shopping needs today! condition of the items. Once she has gone
are all discounted to good low rates that you can’t find anywhere
else! toys, clothes, shoes, board games, VHS through the stuff, she will set prices and
tapes of cherished childhood movies and display them in the store. When the item
By Lauren Satterfield you today?” I blinked back into reality is sold Sarah split’s the profit 50/50 with
plenty of newborn and toddler accesso-
The Lynchburg Times although it was not the lady behind the the person who brought the item in. Pay-
ries. There is a boutique room that is filled
counter that caught my attention but the ments are made every other week to the
to the brim with bridal dresses, prom
“Oh yea, that new little shop by the most adorable little girl in the world, play- person whose items have been sold.
Christian book store over on Ward’s ing with a box full of large colorful rings.
road? I’ve always wanted to stop in and Shawna, 16 months old, and the best sales
check it out.” This is a quote that I have lady I have ever met, is the daughter of
been hearing an awful lot lately when I Sarah and Shawn White, the owners of
have mentioned Shopaholics Outlet. I Shopaholics Outlet. “Shawna is our little
will admit that I was one of those people mascot! She plays, naps, watches Shrek,
who see it as they pass by and don’t stop. and helps mommy juggle all the needs
I do that with a lot of places these days, and wants of the customers,” said proud
but finally I decided to put my foot down, mom Sarah White.
to stop procrastinating and go ahead and Mrs. Sarah’s parents helped her open
take a peak inside of Shopaholics Outlet her store in January. They knew quite a lot
and I am so very glad that I did. about running a store and how to get one
Walking into the cool AC of the shop set up and well known. Shopaholics Out-
was enough to get me to stay for a few let was born with the idea to ‘go green’ and
minutes to escape the monstrous heat but recycle clothes that had been gently used
as I started to look around I was dazzled and give them new home rather than let-
by all the items that the shop had to offer. ting them just be tossed out. The mother
A huge counter full of jewelry that was of 4 children–12 year-old step-son Slate,
begging to be tried on, purses of every daughters Hannah, 11, and Shawna and
color, and a wall of shoes that demanded a 6 year-old son Jacob–Sarah knows all
attention. about recycling clothes! With her chil-
As my mind gave over control and my dren outgrowing toys, clothes and shoes
body started moving forward, still try- she had accumulated a lot of items in the
ing to decide which section in which to past few years.
begin, a voice called me back to real- The items in the store are completely At Shopaholics Outlet you can have any item monogrammed to fit
ity. “Welcome to Shopaholics! How are endless. The children’s room is home to you. Just ask! September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 15
When seasons change and certain cloth- Sarah also has done a Spa party, where off. You can make weekly payments or
ing and items have been in the store too she has had different spa and body prod- pay all at once.
long, they are returned to the customer ucts out for testing and buying. “I am al- Shopaholics Outlet is located on Wards
who brought them in. If the customer ways open to new party ideas, and love to Road, to the left of the New Life Chris-
does not want them, Sarah donates the host them,” she said. tian Book Store, on the corner of the strip
clothes to charity. The Miller Girls Home Shopaholics Outlet also has a layaway mall. The hours of operation are Mon-
and the Presbyterian Home, both located program for people who are tight on Wed 11-6, Thurs and Fri 11-8, Sat 11-6
in Lynchburg, are two of the main places money but have found some great stuff. and Sun 1-5. The phone number is (434)
that Sarah and Shawn donate to and they With the layaway program you have to 239 7467. You can look them up online at
are always open to new places in need of put 20 percent of the purchase down that
clothing and shoes. day and then you have 60 days to pay it Happy Shopping.
Most of the items in the store are used,
but Shawn and Sarah go to various jew- • “Use a lightly dampened washcloth to
elry and purse shows, buying new unique remove pet hair from upholstery. You can
items to go along with the other treasures even spritz it using a spray bottle of water
in the shop. “About 30 percent of the to which you’ve added a couple of drops of
shop’s items are new, everything else is essential oil -- then it will remove the pet
used. We are really wanting to promote hair and make it smell good, too. Be sure
going green and reusing items more, you check to see if the fabric allows contact
rather than buying everything new” said with water.” -- G.S. in Wisconsin
Sarah also hosts parties at the store on • Use pretty photo albums for holding reci-
occasion. She told me about the Gold par- pes. The recipes will be protected in the
ty she recently had, where ladies brought kitchen, and these books prop open for
in their old and unwanted gold jewelry viewing better than most books do.
and liquidated it into cash. “It was a lot
of fun, and the women felt more at ease, • “I store my sleeping bags in the garage
knowing they were in good shopaholic with my tent. The tent is in a bag to keep all
company.” Getting married on a budget, NO PROBLEM come and see the amaz-
ing selection that Shopaholics Outlet has for your special day! the pieces together, but the sleeping bags
are just rolled up and secured. To keep
them dust-free, I store them in pillowcases,
Q: Two years ago, my husband purchased a Lena which allow the material to breathe so it
Liu Butterfly mobile in the Fancyful Flights se-
won’t get musty, but it keeps them clean
ries. It was manufactured by Bradford and came
in sets. I received the first four sets, but the se- and ready to use.” -- C.A. in Florida
ries was retired before I was able to complete it.
Where might I find the final set? -- Monika, South- • Use the plastic lids from large coffee cans
bury, Conn. underneath bottles of cooking oil or syrup
in kitchen cabinets. This way, anything that
A: Your best bet would be to check eBay. I contacted

Postage stamps several dealers who specialize in Lena Liu items, but
drips down the side goes on the lid, not on
none had the butterfly mobile. You aren’t the first per- the cabinet.
son to contact me about the Bradford Exchange and
1. Is the Book of Mark in the Old or New Testa- Q: I have been trying to find someone who knows
ment or neither?
issues the company has discontinued and which are • Too much soap in the washer? Sprinkle
the value of older postage stamps. I do not want no longer available. suds with salt to disperse, and then re-
2. From Genesis 32, who was “greatly afraid and to leave this collection at someone’s house or
distressed” about a reunion with a brother he had business. I would not want to be cheated out of
Q: I have a collection of old baseball cards of
wronged? Joseph, Jacob, Cain, Peter any money that would be due to me. How expen- major-league players from 1944 through 1958. Do
3. What city was beat down and sowed with salt? sive would it be to insure this collection? -- Su- they have any value? -- Albert, Dillwyn, Va. • If you live in an area where it is humid and
Shechem, Caesarea, Gaza, Berea san, Port Orange, Fla. your outdoor light bulbs are susceptible to
4. From Numbers 20, who died on a mountaintop A: There are several excellent price guides for base- rusting, give the bulb threads a light coat of
after being garment stripped? Moses, Abraham, A: Let me begin my answer by stating that most es- ball cards. One of the better ones is The Standard
Noah, Aaron petroleum jelly before screwing the bulb in.
tablished stamp dealers are not dishonest crooks. In Catalogue of Baseball Cards edited by Don Fluck-
5. Who lost all his horse-drawn chariots in a sea? fact, many will gladly provide you with references. If inger, which features information about 15,000 sets
It will keep the metal from rusting and will
Ornan, Balaam, Pharaoh, Benaiah you’re still hesitant to deal with an expert in the field, and more than 1 million card values. This 1,848-page make it easier to remove the bulb when the
6. Where did Abraham meet angels? River, Tent your next move is to purchase a good price guide. guide is published by Krause publications and avail- time comes to change it.
door, Juniper tree, Prison Two I think are superb and basic are The Official able for $39.99 through
Stamp Collector’s Bible by Stephen R. Datz (House Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King
ANSWERS: 1) New; 2) Jacob; 3) Shechem; 4) of Collectibles, $22), and The Blackbook Price Guide Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475,
Aaron; 5) Pharaoh; 6) Tent door to United States Postage Stamps by Marc Hudgeons P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail
to Due to the large volume of Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e-mail JoAnn at
and Tom Hudgeons (House of Collectibles, $7.99). To
Wilson Casey’s trivia book “Know It? ... or Not?” is available from
insure your collection, you need to consult with the mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer
all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring
insurance agent who insures your home. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. return mail. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Page 16 • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010


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8. Repo Men (R) Jude Law
9. Brooklyn’s Finest (R) Richard Gere
The Lynchburg Times is currently looking for top-notch 10. The Losers (PG-13) Jeffrey Dean
advertising sales representatives for the Lynchburg area. Top 10 DVD Sales
1. Date Night (PG-13) (20th Century Fox)
The ideal candidates will be organized and self-motivated. Great people skills and a profes-
sional demeanor are key. These individuals should enjoy the freedom of setting their own hours
2. Death at a Funeral (R) (Sony)
and meeting new people. Previous advertising sales experience is a plus. The candidates must 3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) (20th Century Fox)
be dependable, reliable and self-starters. Successful applicants must be able to learn to use
our customer relations management software, be creative in ad design, able to track customer Top 10 Video Rentals 4. Kick-Ass (R) (Lionsgate)
payments, work well with others and be customer oriented. If you want a position where you 1. Date Night (PG-13) Steve Carell 5. Clash of the Titans (PG-13) (Warner)
can set your own hours and earn great commissions, please send us your recent work experi-
ence. Start selling immediately. Only serious inquires please. 2. Death at a Funeral (R) Chris Rock 6. Avatar (PG-13) (20th Century Fox)
3. Clash of the Titans (PG-13) Sam Worthington 7. The Bounty Hunter (PG-13) (Sony)
This is a commission-based position with excellent earnings potential.
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) Steve Zahn 8. Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure
5. Kick-Ass (R) Aaron Johnson (NR) (Paramount)
If you are poised and ready to take the next step in your sales career, email us! 6. The Bounty Hunter (PG-13) Jennifer Aniston 9. Dora The Explore: Save The Day! 7. Cop Out (R) Bruce Willis 10. The Shawshank Redemption (R) (Warner)

gets the bright idea of adding a new spin or twist to the

legend and fails miserably.
This time it’s director Ridley Scott falling on his face
with this dour, overly self-important origin story of how
Robin Longstride transforms himself into the mythic hero
10. John Mellencamp entry of Sherwood Forest. Gone are the Merry Men. Gone is
Top 10 Pop Singles “No Better Than This” (Rounder) any sense of swashbuckling fun and adventure. Instead,
This Week................................................. Last Week we get boring speeches about the rights of common men,
1. Eminem feat. Rihanna . .............................No. 1 convoluted political machinations, and after two hours of
“Love the Way You Lie” (Web/Shady/Aftermath) this drudgery, we’re rewarded with a battle scene that’s a
2. Taio Cruz ....................................................No. 2 pale rip-off of “Braveheart.”
“Dynamite” (Mercury) If you’re in the mood for a good Robin Hood movie that
3. Katy Perry ..................................................No. 5 PICKS OF THE WEEK isn’t the Errol Flynn version, but is still a pretty good flick,
“Teenage Dream” (Capitol) I recommend 1976’s “Robin and Marian” starring Sean
“Modern Family: The Complete First Season” - Connery as Robin, Audrey Hepburn as Maid Marian and
4. Enrique Iglsias feat. Pitbull ......................No. 4
- Winner of this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Robert Shaw as the Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s much
“I Like It” (Universal Republic) Series, “Modern Family” is one of the best comedies to more faithful to the 14th and 15th century tales than most
5. Usher feat. Pitbull . ....................................No. 7 debut in the 2009-2010 season. If you haven’t yet discov- Robin Hood films, has marvelous performances and is
“DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” (LaFace) ered it, this is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed. filled with good humor and bittersweet romance.
6. Lil Wayne feat. Drake entry The show is shot in a mockumentary style (a la “The Of-
“Right Above It” (Cash Money) fice”) and centers around Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill from
7. Mike Posner ...............................................No. 6 “Married With Children”), his uberhot and much-younger
“Cooler Than Me” (J) new Colombian wife (Sophia Vergara), her son and Jay’s
8. Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg . ..................No. 3 neurotic extended family. The episodes are consistently
“California Gurls” (Capitol) hilarious and heartwarming, and the ensemble cast does
9. Bruno Mars ..............................................No. 16 Blake Shelton a brilliant job.
“Just the Way You Are” (Elektra)
“Community: The Complete First Season” -- I had
10. B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo .................... No. 11 pretty low expectations for this series, but after giving it
“Magic” (RebelRock/Grand Hustle) Top 10 Hot Country Singles the ol’ college try, I have to admit I’m hooked on this sit-
com -- even more so than “Modern Family.” “Community”
Top 10 Albums 1. Blake Shelton . ...........................................No. 1 stars Joel McHale as Jeff Winger, an ex-lawyer who’s
“All About Tonight” (Reprise) forced to attend a community college to get the credits
needed to be reinstated to the bar. He hooks up with Russell Crowe
1. Eminem ......................................................No. 1 2. Keith Urban ................................................No. 2
“I’m In” (Capitol Nashville) a crew of misfits and deeply disturbed people when he
“Recovery” (Web/Shady/Aftermath/Interscope)
forms a fake study group in order to hit on a cute co- TV SERIES
2. Kem . entry 3. Billy Currington .........................................No. 4
ed (Gillian Jacobs). Throughout the course of the school
“Intimacy: Album III” (Universal Motown) “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer” (Mercury) year, the gang find themselves embroiled High Weird- • “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” The Complete First
3. Ray Lamontagne & Pariah Dogs entry 4. Lee Brice ....................................................No. 5 ness; from sinister chicken fingers to paintball battles and Season
“God Willin’ & The-Creek-Don’t-Rise” (RCA) “Love Like Crazy” (Curb) Great Debates. What’s surprising about “Community” is • “30 Rock” Season Four
4. Iron Maiden entry 5. Lady Antebellum .......................................No. 6 that each episode is funnier than the previous one. I don’t • “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 3 Raw & Uncensored
“The Final Frontier” (Sony) “Our Kind Of Love” (Capitol Nashville) know how they do it. It’s positively brilliant television. • “Desperate Housewives” The Complete Sixth Sea-
5. Trace Adkins . entry 6. Zac Brown Band ........................................No. 3 son
“Cowboy’s Back In Town” (Show Dog-Universal) “Free” (Home Grown/Atlantic) DOG OF THE WEEK: • “Castle” The Complete Second Season
6. Lady Antebellum .....................................No. 12 7. Uncle Kracker ............................................No. 8 • “How I Met Your Mother” Season Five
“Need You Now” (Capitol Nashville) “Smile” (Top Dog/Atlantic) “Robin Hood: The Unrated Director’s Cut” -- I truly • “Two and a Half Men” The Complete Seventh Sea-
8. Kenny Chesney .........................................No. 9 hope that “Unrated Director’s Cut” means “This Version son
7. Arcade Fire . ...............................................No. 2
“The Boys of Fall” (BNA) Doesn’t Suck -- Unlike The One You Saw In The The- • “The Mentalist” The Complete Second Season
“The Suburbs” (Merge) ater.” Goodness gracious what a bloated sad mess that
9. Josh Turner . ............................................No. 12 • “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Season Elev-
8. Justin Bieber . ............................................No. 5 was -- and I’m not just referring to Russell Crowe. You
“All Over Me” (MCA Nashville) en
“My World 2.0” (SchoolBoy/Raymond Braun/Island) would think that after nearly 75 years, Hollywood would • “Bored to Death” The Complete First Season
9. David Gray entry 10. Easton Corbin . ...................................... No. 11 realize there’s no way to outshine the classic Errol Flynn/ • “Mythbusters” Collection 6
“Foundling” (IHT/Mercer Street) “Roll With It” (Mercury) Olivia DeHavilland epic. But no. Every decade someone
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 17

Judge rules against Cuccinelli’s climate change fraud case

By Stephen Groves he charged that Mann had stolen money Mann and other scientists were trying to “It is a victory not just for me and the
Virginia Statehouse News from the Commonwealth’s taxpayers by manipulate data. But several probes of the university, but for all scientists who live
obtaining the government grants. emails and an investigation at Penn State in fear that they may be subject to a po-
A Virginia judge Aug. 30 ruled that At- “While this was not an outright ruling in cleared the professor of academic forgery. litically-motivated witch hunt when their
torney General Ken Cuccinelli failed to our favor, I am pleased that the judge has Peatross also ruled Cuccinelli can only research findings prove inconvenient to
prove why his investigation should be agreed with my office on several key legal investigate Mann for one out of the five powerful vested interests,” he said in a
given the documents of former University points and has given us a framework for grants he obtained for climate research. statement.
of Virginia professor and climate change issuing a new civil investigative demand The other four were funded with federal Cuccinelli isn’t convinced. He said he
scientist Michael Mann. to get the information necessary to con- money. will try to get information related to the
Albemarle County Circuit Court Judge tinue our investigation into whether or Mann applauded the ruling as a victory grant now that he knows what the judge
Paul M. Peatross Jr. ruled against Cuccinel- not fraud has been committed against the for academic freedom. wants.
li’s “civil-investigative demands” because commonwealth,” Cuccinelli said in a state-
the attorney general did not clearly state ment.

Local pet of the week

what Mann did that was false or fraudu- But the judge ruled that “It is not clear
lent. what [Mann] did that was misleading,
But Cuccinelli said he saw a small victo- false, or fraudulent in obtaining funds
ry in the ruling. The judge wrote that “the from the Commonwealth of Virginia.”
University of Virginia is a proper subject Mann, who was a professor at UVA from
for a CID, and the Attorney General may 1999 to 2005 and now serves at Pennsyl-
investigate grants made with Common- vania State University, is the author of the
wealth of Virginia funds to professors such “hockey stick graphs” that show the global
as Dr. Mann.” temperature over the last 1000 years, with
The attorney general, who is known to be a sharp spike in recent years. Controversy
a climate change skeptic, pledged to con- broke out over the graphs and other cli-
tinue investigating Mann for manipulating mate change science after emails between
data to obtain government grants. Under Mann and other scientists were leaked in
Virginia’s Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, November. The emails seemed to show

DEAR TERESA: Thanks! Those are great sug-

gestions, and I hope Kay will give them a try.

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: In regard to the let-

ter about an owner’s spayed female cat that
was spraying over the edge of her litter box:
I have two male cats and one female, and the
males do that sometimes. My solution was to
buy regular, no-lid litter boxes (I have three)
because they’re much easier to clean. Then
I bought three 29-pound plastic tubs and
turned them on their sides so the litter boxes

fit right in. I put one sheet of newspaper un-
der the litter box, and one sheet against the
When Pets Can’t Shoot back of the tub. This way the pee overspray
Straight doesn’t puddle under the litter box. At clean-
ing time, I replace the paper, scoop the litter,
Rocky came to live with us one day left alone or unattended for long, he cries
DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I have a tip for Kay, quickly wipe down the sides of the tub ... and
when we found him roaming the streets. until we come and get him and hold him.
who wrote that her 9-month old Dachshund everybody’s happy. -- Lisa P., via e-mail
My husband and I already have two other And now, he won’t go outside in the rain
is trained to use a wet pad but tends to miss
DEAR LISA: Great idea! That’s a fast solution for dogs, so we were giving him a temporary without an umbrella and being carried
to one side. She could try using standard
cleanup as well. Thanks so much for sharing it! home until we found his owner. I started from the porch to the yard.
kitty-litter boxes, which have high sides. If
calling him Amigo, for friend, and the I must admit, for a spoiled dog, Rocky
they are too small for “Betty,” another op-
search began to get him a home. is an amazing lap dog. We just sit in the
tion is large plastic storage boxes. I have a
10-pound Chihuahua, and the storage boxes Have a question about your pet? Contact Sam A week later we found the owner and recliner most days, he sleeps and I read.
work perfectly. I keep an extra storage box so at, or write to Paw’s Cor- he very bluntly told us that we could just He has really turned into a true amigo,
that I can wash the other one when it needs ner, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box keep Rocky. and a little blessing from God.
cleaning. I hope she gives it a try! -- Teresa P., 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. And visit www. So here we are, a year later and this Got a great story & photo of your pet?
Manchester, N.Y. for more pet advice and re- once rough and mean pup is now the
sources. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
most spoiled dog in Lynchburg. Rarely
Page 18 • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

While I wouldn’t want to have been a test der a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue -- No. 103W,
subject in this particular bit of research, I do Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a
like the conclusions they’ve come to. check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6
Dilation of the blood vessels, along with the Canada with the recipient’s printed name and ad-
potential for increased muscle building, oc- dress. Please allow four weeks for delivery.
curred in the study because of the high blood
DEAR DR. DONOHUE: As you can see from
pressure drug that was given. The drug -- sodi- my address, I live in the Deep South. I coach
um nitroprusside -- causes dilation of the blood high-school football as well as teach two history
Blood Pressure Drug vessels, which sends nutrients to the muscles. classes. I worry about heatstroke in my players
Participants in the study had to be dedicated because of the high temperatures here. Any sug-
Helps Build Muscles to get through the research. They had to en- gestions on preventing this? -- L.P.
dure catheters being inserted into leg muscles
A common drug for high blood pressure can so that insulin could be dripped in, mimicking ANSWER: Your concern is justified. Between
help build muscles in seniors, according to re- the insulin increase that would normally take 1995 and 2007, 25 high-school students and
searchers at the University of Texas Medical five college students died from heatstroke while
place after eating. The test subjects who were
Branch at Galveston. I saw one quote from a Heart Failure Patients Need Activity, Not Rest practicing football. These fatalities occurred in
also given the blood pressure medicine along the first week of practice. It takes a good two
researcher that indicated a 70-year-old could with the insulin ended up with increased mus-
DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I carry the diagnosis of weeks for people to acclimatize to heat. My best
end up with the muscle building power of a 30- cle-building protein.
congestive heart failure. Medicines have made advice is to consult these Web sites for defini-
year-old. Additional studies are needed, of course, tive tips: (NATA is the National
Here’s how it works: In those who are young, me feel pretty good. My wife thinks that I should
to check their results. I hope they hurry up. do nothing. If I do much more than sit, she is all Athletic Trainers Association) and www.acsm.
eating a meal releases insulin, which then Imagine how beneficial this would be. No more org (the American College of Sports Medicine).
over me. A little bit of activity isn’t dangerous, is
opens blood vessels, which then make amino struggling to climb stairs, no more balance dif- it? If I don’t do something, I am going to turn into I’m positive your school has a computer.
acids available for muscle building. In seniors, ficulties. a blob of fat. -- R.K.
that dilation doesn’t happen -- and often there DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My son is married to a
is muscle loss because the right nutrients aren’t Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer ANSWER: You’re in a boat with 5 million other woman who has thyroid problems for which she
getting to the muscles. Muscle loss equals reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column Americans who have chronic heart failure. Heart takes medication. I think it is the type where not
whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features failure means the heart doesn’t pump enough enough thyroid hormone is produced. He is 32,
weakness, and we know what that means: loss
Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853- blood with each beat to supply the body with and she is 34. They have been married for four
of mobility, loss of balance and the resulting 6475, or send e-mail to years. They both want children. Is the thyroid
falls that can lead to broken limbs. oxygen. Shortness of breath on slight exertion
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
is a principal sign. problem preventing them from having children?
Rest used to be the rule for heart-failure pa- -- J.J.
tients. Too much rest, however, deconditions
and thought it meant he should shred all the the body and makes it even more difficult for a ANSWER: It shouldn’t. If you are correct and
documents in his custody. Which he did. heart-failure patient to do things that are part of your daughter-in-law takes thyroid hormone in
How many thousands of documents are gone everyday life, like walking and a few household pill form to correct the hormone deficit, then the
is impossible to tell. One veteran with serious chores. problem -- hypothyroidism -- is taken care of. It
You have to ask your doctor what limits you shouldn’t affect her fertility.
medical issues first learned of the problem
should be bound by. If there’s a supervised ex- Many other thyroid problems exist, so I can’t
when he went to the VA and looked at his own say this with absolute assurance. It depends on
file. At least a hundred different documents -- ercise program for heart-failure patients in your
area, join it. Many hospitals sponsor such pro- her thyroid condition and what kind of medicine
sent by the VFW -- were missing. she’s taking.
grams. I encourage you to become active. You’ll
The VFW claims the VA must have lost find that regular exercise permits you to do more Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual
them. than you believed you could do.
The VFW Also Shreds
letters, but he will incorporate them in his column when-
Whether you use a Veterans Service Offi- Congestive heart failure -- a common conse- ever possible. Readers may write him or request an order
cer, the VFW or any other person to help file quence of heart disease -- is discussed at length form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475,
Back in 2008, someone high up the chain of your claims, take responsibility. Keep a copy of in the pamphlet on that topic. Readers can or- Orlando, FL 32853-6475.
© 2010 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved
command in the Veterans of Foreign Wars was each piece of paper for yourself. If your home
quoted as saying the claims-shredding debacle situation isn’t necessarily the best, rent a bank
at the Department of Veterans Affairs was “a box. You can fit a couple hundred documents
disgraceful management failure.” or more into even the smallest box available.
Well, now the VFW has its own shredding is- That’s where the originals of your DD-214 and
sues. birth certificate should live anyway, as well as
The VFW has long been authorized to han- any marriage and divorce documents, birth
dle submission of veterans’ claims. Among its records of any children, and any other original
many services, the VFW helps with original piece of paper that’s important in your life -- in-
claims, reopened claims, follow ups, claim cluding copies of your claims forms.
denials, forwarding documents to the VA and
more. In other words, it’s trusted with a lot of Write to Freddy Groves in care of King Features
paperwork. Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL
Now it seems that one VFW employee doesn’t 32853-6475, or send e-mail to columnreply@
understand the phrase “going paperless” ...
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She attended East Carolina University and the Neighbor- 3. The Other Guys (PG-13) Will Ferrell, Mark
hood Playhouse. ... Did you know her role in “While You
Were Sleeping” was originally meant for Demi Moore? But
Demi’s salary demands were too high, and the role went 4. Inception (PG-13) Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken
to Sandra. ... Sandra can chalk up some interesting ac- Watanabe
tivities in her life. She spent time in a rehabilitation clinic to 5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (PG-13) Michael
prepare for her role in “28 Days.” She also took a job as a Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead
waitress to pay the bills till her career took off. (Many young 6. Despicable Me (PG) animated
HOLLYWOOD ... Lets have a look at some of your favor- actresses and actors are doing the same.) 7. Step Up 3D (PG-13) Adam G. Sevani, Sharni
ite stars: George Clooney was born in 1961 in Lexington, Ky. He at-
tended Northern Kentucky University. Can you believe one Vinson
Julie Andrews was born in England in
1935. She only attended high school, no of his original jobs was cutting tobacco? 8. Salt (PG-13) Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber
He also sold insurance door to door. His 1. The Expendables (R) Sylvester Stallone, Ja- 9. Dinner for Schmucks (PG-13) Steve Carell,
college. Her stage debut was in a play titled
“Starlight Roof” in 1947. Her film debut was father is a former newscaster, and his aunt son Statham Paul Rudd
in “Mary Poppins” in 1964. At age 8, she had was famous singer Rosemary Clooney. 2. Eat Pray Love (PG-13) Julia Roberts, James 10. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
a fully formed adult throat and a four-octave As you know, he got his big break as an in- Franco
tern on the TV show “ER.” “Gorgeous” has © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
(PG-13) James Marsden, Nick Nolte (voices)
voice. “The Sound of Music,” in which she
played Maria, was the highest grossing film had one marriage, many relationships and
of its day, and today it is still pulling in the a potbellied pig named Max (who sadly
big numbers whenever it is rerun. For those passed away several years ago).
Palm Beach, Fla.
of you who have never seen this magic, find BIZARRE THINGS STARS HAVE
it and enjoy. ... And here is something you DONE: Emilio Estevez has seen “Jaws”
A: As usual, the lineup of competing celebrities is quite
might not know: Andrews and her husband more than 70 times. ... Warren Beatty has
Julie Andrews memorized the complete works of Eugene
diverse this year. We have: singer/songwriter Michael
Blake Edwards adopted two Vietnamese Bolton, R&B singer/actress Brandy, comedian Margaret
girls during the Vietnam War. This multi-talented lady also O’Neill. ... Madonna once dyed her hair a different color Cho, ex-Laker Rick Fox, actress Jennifer Grey, actor/
has written two children’s books, “Mandy” and “The Last every day of the week. ... Larry Hagman has spent several
Independence Days parading along the beach in a gorilla singer David Hasselhoff, actress Florence Henderson,
of the Really Great Whangdoodles.” AND I betcha didn’t
Kyle Massey of Disney Channel’s “Cory in the House,”
know that she tried to shed her Mary Poppins image by suit banging a drum. ... Anthony Quinn ran backward
baring her breasts in “S.O.B.” in 1981. She won the Oscar for half a mile every day. ... Robert Redford has booked former first daughter of Alaska Bristol Palin, “The Hills”
for “Mary Poppins,” so that was a hard image to shake. whole rows of seats on a plane so he doesn’t have to speak star Audrina Partridge, reality-show star Mike “The Situ-
Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington, Va., in 1964. Her to fellow passengers. ation” Sorrentino and ex-quarterback Kurt Warner. Given
mother was a European opera singer, so as a child Sandra BITS & PIECES: Phyllis Diller once said, “My photographs that Jennifer Grey had an excellent dance teacher back
was shuttled back and forth between Austria, Germany don’t do me justice. They look just like me.” ... And would in 1987 (the late Patrick Swayze for “Dirty Dancing”),
and the U.S. In high school, she was a cheerleader and you believe a casting director once told Cary Grant that his
was voted “the person most likely to brighten your day.” neck was too thick and he was bowlegged. Q: I’m a big fan of “Ice Road Truckers” on the His-
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. tory Channel. I am especially fascinated by Lisa, the
young female driver who manages to keep up with
the “big guys” and do her job as well as any of them.
week. You should find others more receptive to your What can you tell me about this gal? -- Bernard B.,
suggestions, and also more likely to act on them. Palm Springs, Calif.
LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) All work and lit-
tle play could wear the Libra’s usually positive attitude A: Lisa Kelly, 29, is in her second year of traveling on the
down. Take some much-needed time off. Perhaps a dangerous, icy roads of “Ice Road Truckers.” The former
short jaunt with someone special is the way to go. motocross champion and pizza-delivery driver certainly
can hold her own within this “good-ole-boy” occupation,
SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) This is a
but she does have to constantly prove herself to her
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Careful, Lamb. Taking good time to expand your view from the known to
peers. The self-proclaimed tomboy was born in Grand
on too many tasks at one time can cause you to cre- the unfamiliar. Confronting new situations could be
Rapids, Mich., and attended one semester of college at
ate more snarls each time you try to work your way challenging, but ultimately also could be extremely Cornerstone University until circumstances led her to
through the tangled mass. Best to handle one job at satisfying. driving the big rigs. She has been married to husband
a time. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Giv- Traves since September 2008. David Hasselhoff
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Making bold moves is ing advice to those who just want validation for what
what Bovines do. But the best moves are made with they’re doing can be unsettling. So back off and save Q: I am so excited for the fall movie season to be- she might have a leg up on the competition. Of the men,
lots of data to provide backup just in case you charge your counsel for those who really appreciate it. gin, as I am getting a little tired of all these high-ac- my money is on “The Hoff.”
into an unexpected complication. A new relationship CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Cultivat- tion, shoot-’em-up summer blockbusters. Which fall
shows promise. ing a more positive attitude not only makes you feel movies are you most looking forward to? -- Renee Q: Has “Happy Town” been canceled on ABC? I got
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Sharing credit for a job better about yourself, but also has an upbeat effect on G., via e-mail hooked on it with the first episode, but it has been
well done is easy for you to do, but not necessarily for those around you, especially that certain someone. replaced with “Castle” in the same time slot. -- Josie
your partner. But fair is fair. Don’t let yourself be de- AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Keeping the A: Without a doubt, No. 1 on my list is “Harry Potter and H., via e-mail
nied the right to have your contributions recognized. lines of communication open and accessible is the the Deathly Hallows -- Part 1,” which opens Nov. 19. I’m
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Communication is key to establishing the right foundation on which to also looking forward to “Nowhere Boy” (Oct. 8), “RED” A: Citing the ever-popular reason of poor ratings, ABC
build an important and meaningful relationship. Stay (Oct. 15), “The Company Men” (Oct. 22), “127 Hours” canceled “Happy Town” at the beginning of the sum-
important to help bridge a gap that can lead to prob-
(Nov. 5), “Love and Other Drugs” (Nov. 24), “How Do mer, despite a stellar cast that included Steven Webber
lems at home and/or at the workplace. Find a way to with it.
You Know” (Dec. 17), “TRON: Legacy” (Dec. 17), and Sam Neill. ABC didn’t even let it stick around long
get your points across before the breach becomes a PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Before agreeing
“Somewhere” (Dec. 22) and “Blue Valentine” (Dec. 31). enough to air all eight episodes on TV; the final two epi-
chasm. to act on a request, consider using your perceptive Pi-
What movie(s) are you most looking forward to? Go to sodes can be watched online at
LEO (July 23 to August 22) Relationships, whether scean talents to see what might lie hidden beneath its and let
business or personal, need to be watched carefully surface and could possibly cause problems later on. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O.
your voice be heard!
for signs of trouble. Any negative indications should Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at
be dealt with before they become too burdensome. BORN THIS WEEK: You’re a friend who, if you err Q: Who are the celebrities on this season of “Danc- For more news and extend-
VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Congratulations. at all, does so on the side of concern for those you ing With the Stars,” and who do you predict will walk ed interviews, visit and
A more positive aspect highlights much of the Virgo’s care about. away with the mirror ball trophy? -- Edna J., West
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Page 20 • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

press into a 9-inch pie pan. This is a perfect job for until the water stays clear. For oil-based paints, pour solvent
your child to do. Simply set the ball in the middle of the into a paint tray and stroke the brush through the solvent until
the solvent dripping off of the bristles remains clear. Shake the
pan, and press the dough out in all directions to extend
brushes well to clear them. You also can try using something
slightly over the rim. Flute the edges with fingers. Re- called a “spinner tool,” which centrifuges liquid off of brushes
frigerate for an hour or more. and rollers, available at paint stores. Finally, comb through
the clean bristles with your fingers or with the spiky side of a
Ingredients for filling: cleaner tool (also available at paint stores) to straighten them.
Store your paintbrushes by wrapping brown paper around
the bristles and holding in place with a rubber band secured
• 4 eggs around the metal ferrule. Hang them up so the bristles face
• 3/4 cup half-and-half downward; this way they’ll dry properly and won’t bend.
• 1/2 teaspoon salt Paint rollers should be cleaned by first rolling them across
spare newspaper sheets until the excess paint no longer trans-
• 1 1/2 cups cooked chicken, cut or shredded into
fers to the paper. Next, use the curved side of a cleaner tool
• 2 cups frozen, chopped broccoli, cooked and Cleaning Up Tools After Painting
Chicken and Broccoli Quiche drained well
Q: Do you have any suggestions for faster, easier cleaning of HOME TIP: Paint solvent can
• 1 1/2 cups grated Swiss cheese*
for Weekend Brunch • 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese*
brushes and tools after painting? -- Tim H., Austin, Texas be reused: Let it stand in a
sealed container until the paint
• Nutmeg (optional) A: There are quite a few ways to clean painting tools more sediment has settled to the bot-
What came first: the chicken or the egg? Both of them, efficiently and well enough to keep them in shape between tom, then carefully pour off the
in this hearty quiche! It’s a twist on the continental clas- paint jobs. It will always be somewhat of a chore, though. clear solvent into a new con-
1. Preheat oven to 450 F. When you’re just stopping for a few hours or overnight on tainer. Dispose of the sediment
sic with the surprising addition of chicken and broccoli. 2. Beat eggs and mix with the half-and-half and salt in according to local hazardous
a paint job, some maintenance of the tools is necessary, al-
Your kids will want to get in on the action when you let a small bowl. though a complete cleanup isn’t. If you’re going out to lunch, waste regulations.
them prepare the easy flaky crust. Yes, easy. Cream 3. Layer chicken, broccoli and cheeses in the pas- for example, just immerse the tips of the paintbrush bristles in
cheese is the secret ingredient that makes shaping the try-lined pan. Pour egg mixture over the ingredients. cleaning solution (plain water when using latex paints; solvent
when using oil-based paints). And if you’re breaking overnight, to squeegee remaining paint out of the roller. Wash in soapy
wrap paint rollers in something that will keep them from dry- water (or in solvent if you used oil-based paint) and rinse until
ing out -- like plastic wrap or aluminum foil -- and store in the the water runs clear. Shake or spin to remove excess water
refrigerator (away from food items or out of children’s reach, and open up the roller bristles. Store standing upright so the
please). roller keeps its shape.
To fully clean brushes after a job, squeeze as much paint as
you can out of the bristles (wear a plastic glove or use a sheet Send your home repair and maintenance questions to ask@thisisa-
of paper as a barrier). Then stroke the brush back and forth, or write This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly
across spare newspaper sheets until no more paint transfers Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Remember,
onto the surface. when in doubt as to whether you can safely or effectively complete
Next, start deeper cleaning. If the paints used were latex, a project, consult a professional contractor.
wash the brush in warm, soapy water and rinse with clear water
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dough into the pie pan a breeze. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Invite friends over for a late-morning weekend brunch, 4. Bake 10 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 300
and serve this unique quiche with fresh cantaloupe F and bake an additional 30 minutes, or until knife in-
slices and your favorite pumpkin or banana bread. serted comes out clean.
You’ll have a perfect combination for an easy and tasty 5. Let stand 10 minutes before cutting. Makes one 9-
meal. inch quiche cut into 6 servings.

CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI FAMILY QUICHE * Substitute low-fat cheeses, if you prefer.

Ingredients for Easy Crust: Tip: Prepare the crust and put it into the pan the day
before. Cover and refrigerate.
• 1/2 cup butter, softened
• 4 ounces cream cheese, softened Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day”
• 1 cup all-purpose flour is airing on public television nationwide. To find more
• Pinch of salt of her creative family recipes and activities, visit www. and link to the NEW Donna’s Day
Place the butter and cream cheese in a large bowl. Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erick-
Add flour and salt. Work together with a pastry blender. son’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.”
Gather the soft dough into a ball with your hands and © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. September 9 - 15, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 21

First woman chief justice elected to Virginia Supreme Court

Virginia Statehouse News Justice-elect Kinser will serve the Court in 1997. She graduated from the Univer- lated Kinser in a statement, saying, “Jus-
as Chief Justice with the highest distinc- sity of Virginia Law School in 1976 and tice Kinser has always demonstrated she
The Supreme Court of Virginia elected tion.” served one term as the Commonwealth is a fair minded professional who con-
its first woman chief justice Aug. 31. The other justices on the seven-mem- Attorney for Lee County. At the time, ducts herself with the utmost integrity
Justice Cynthia Kinser will succeed ber Supreme Court elected Kinser to her she was only the second woman in the and acumen. I have the highest confi-
Chief Justice Leroy Hassell, Sr. on Feb. post. As the chief justice, she will over- state to be elected to that position. She dence that she will uphold the rule of
1. Hassell, the first black chief justice, see the state’s courts and legal system. also practiced law at a private firm for 11 law and Constitution of Virginia in her
served two terms and was no longer eli- Kinser resides in Lee county, where years, and started her career as a justice new position as chief administrator of
gible to serve in the role. she was born. Former Gov. George Al- in 1990 as a U.S. magistrate judge. the Supreme Court of Virginia and serve
Hassel said he is “confident that Chief len appointed her to the Supreme Court Gov. Robert F. McDonnell congratu- the Commonwealth well.”

1. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: Who once said,

1. Which one-name singer released “Ev- “There is nothing more exhilarating than to be
erybody’s Talkin” in 1968? Bonus: Name shot at without result”?
the Oscar-winning movie that used it as a 2. GAMES: What five sports are included in the
theme song. modern Olympic pentathlon?
2. Which male artist released the song 3. GEOGRAPHY: What is the name of London’s
“Danke Schoen”? What does it mean? square-mile financial district?
4. MEASUREMENTS: How many furlongs are in
3. Name the song most associated with
a mile?
The Count Five. 5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: How many eyes do bees
4. Which group had hits with “Car Wash” have?
and “I Wanna Get Next to You”? 6. MOVIES: What was the first X-rated movie to
5. Who was the first act to play at the four- win an Oscar?
day Woodstock Festival in 1969? 7. TELEVISION: What was the name of the pet
6. Name the three songs by the Hondells chimpanzee on “The Beverly Hillbillies”?
that charted in the mid-1960s. 8. FIRSTS: What famous women’s-rights leader
was arrested for voting illegally in the 1872 presi-
dential election?
Answers 9. LITERATURE: How old is Harry Potter when
1. Nilsson. The movie was “Midnight Cow- he discovers he’s a wizard?
boy.” 10. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: How many colors
2. Wayne Newton in 1962. The title is Ger- are represented in a rainbow?
man for “Thank you very much.”
3. “Psychotic Reaction,” which hit No. 5 in Answers
1966. The group was inducted into the San 1. Winston Churchill
2. Freestyle swimming, cross-country running,
Jose Rock Hall of Fame in 2006.
show jumping on horseback, pistol shooting and
4. Rose Royce, in 1976 and 1977. “Car ŽpŽe fencing
Wash” was the theme song for the movie of 3. City of London
the same name. 4. Eight
5. Richie Havens was the opening act, 5. Five -- two compound eyes and three simple
playing 10 songs. eyes
6. “Little Honda” (1964), “My Buddy Seat” 6. “Midnight Cowboy”
7. Cousin Bessie
(1965) and “Younger Girl” (1966). “Little
8. Susan B. Anthony
Honda” was written by Beach Boys Brian 9. 11
Wilson and Mike Love. 10. Seven
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© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Page 22 • The Lynchburg Times • September 9 - 15, 2010

Virginia Indian tribes fight for federal recognition

By Stephen Groves “It’s more than just dollars and cents,” said sponsored by Rep. James Moran (D), has already ing that comes with being a federally recognized
Virginia Statehouse News Wayne Adkins of the Chickahominy tribe located passed the House of Representatives. Gov. Bob Indian tribe.
in Charles City County. “It’s a matter of pride for McDonnell has leant his support to the effort. Presenting the right documents could be diffi-
They were here before Virginia was called Vir- all the discrimination our elders faced. This is a “Support for these six Virginia tribes has been cult for Virginia’s tribes. Many of the courthouses
ginia, but the federal government still doesn’t way to restore that pride.” voiced many times during the 15 years since they that kept these documents were burned in the
recognize them. Adkins said federal funding would allow them began seeking federal recognition,” said Sen. Civil War. Also, the 1924 Racial Integrity Act led
The Chickahominy tribe even met John Smith, to run a museum or visitor’s center and educate Jim Webb (D) after the bill passed committee. to state records trying to wipe out Indians on pa-
helping the early settlers grow corn. Now they are about their heritage. “I strongly believe that recognition for these six per. Indians were forced to identify themselves as
fighting to be recognized as an Indian tribe by the Tribes have been petitioning the federal gov- Virginia tribes is justified based on principles of “colored.”
federal government. ernment for recognition since 1921, when Chief dignity and fairness.” Walter Plecker, the registrar of Virginia’s Bu-
If they are recognized, the Chickahominy, George Nelson of the Rappahannock tribe went But the Senate bill may have hit a snag. It was reau of Vital Statistics from 1912-1946, replaced
Chickahominy Eastern Division, Nansemond, to Washington to ask for sovereign rights. And cleared by the Subcommittee on Senate Indian “Indian” with “black” on many of the birth and
Rappahannock and Upper Mattaponi tribes, as the tribes may soon get their wish, if a vote on a Affairs and was slated to get a vote on the floor. death certificates that came through his office.
well as the Monacan Indian Nation would be eli- bill to give them recognition can get to the floor But Sen. Tom Coburn (R- Okla.) put a hold on the So for now, the tribes see the bill in the Senate
gible for federal health care and education fund- of the Senate say advocates for the tribes. vote because he believed the issue of recognition as their best bet. But as the Senate’s session draws
ing through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Lindsay Robertson, a professor of federal In- should be handled by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to a close, time may be running out.
tribes are currently recognized by the Common- dian law at the University of Oklahoma, College rather than by Congress. Coburn’s office did not Adkins is concerned that it could be voted
wealth, but want sovereignty as a tribe from the of Law, said that the Virginia groups have a good return calls for a comment on his concerns. down in the unpredictable politics of an election
federal government. case to be federally recognized. They can prove Virginia’s Indian tribes decided not to go year.
It would provide “funding for things that are they have been here since English settlers made through the Bureau of Indian affairs because the “We’re kind of up against a wall,” he said.
desperately needed in a rural and low-income first contact. process can take several years. All the tribes have They recently received support from some
community,” said G. Anne Richardson, chief of While many of the larger Indian tribes have filed a letter of intent to petition the Bureau for friends in the religious sphere. The Virginia
the Rappahannock tribe, which is centered in In- achieved federal recognition through treaties recognition, but decided to put their efforts into Council of Churches sent an open letter to Sens.
dian Neck, Va. with the federal government, smaller tribes must gaining recognition through Congress. Webb and Mark Warner (D) and the governor,
But it is also important to the tribes that their go through the recognition process because a In order to be approved by the Bureau, groups pressing for federal recognition of the tribes.
status as Native Americans is remembered. treaty was never made between the U.S. govern- must pass seven requirements that qualify them “We are deeply concerned that if this bill does
“We’ve been forgotten … Everybody’s forgotten ment and the tribe, said Robertson. as bona fide Indians. Groups must present his- not pass this session, the recognition of Virginia’s
us,” Richardson said. Thus the need for legislative action. Both Vir- torical records, birth certificates, and censuses to tribes will be lost,” read the letter, signed by thir-
Recognition as a tribe would allow members ginia’s senators are sponsoring the bill, which make a case. This can be expensive and time-con- ty-two of Virginia’s religious leaders.
privileges, such as rights to the remains of their gives federal recognition to the tribes, but would suming. But it is also necessary to ensure people
ancestors, which are now owned by museums. also bar gambling operations. A partner bill, are not just taking advantage of the federal fund-

recent scholarship, addressing such issues as

the Texas Declaration of Independence, early
roads, slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction,
Texas-Oklahoma boundary disputes and the
tideland oil controversy.
What gives “Texas: A Historical Atlas” its legs
is the accessibility to its contents. This is no dry
historical text. In fact, much of the book reads
like a well-written novel. Stephen’s research is
meticulous, and the expanded essays are ac-
companied by multiple maps, each in full color.
“Texas: A Historical Atlas” According to Stephens, a retired history pro-
by A. Ray Stephens with cartography by Carol fessor and director of the Texas History Insti-
Zuber-Mallison tute, he chose the topics he would cover after
(University of Oklahoma Press, $39.95) a lengthy examination of the surface terrain,
Reviewed by Larry Cox geological features and vegetation of the Lone
Star State. The book is basically divided into
When A. Ray Stephens wrote the “Historical three parts: Natural Texas examines the geol-
Atlas of Texas” more than two decades ago, he ogy, aquifers, native plants, precipitation and
was convinced that the relationship of history weather. The Texans divides the settlement of
and geography could not be separated, so his Texas into six sections, ranging from pre-1528
book was a seamless blend of both. Texas to the late 1800s. Modern Texas docu-
Now a new edition of Stephen’s landmark ments the years from 1900-2009.
work, thoroughly updated and expanded, has This is, without a doubt, one of the most com-
been published. With 175 newly designed maps prehensive, state-of-the-art works ever compiled
-- more than twice the number in the original about Texas. It is more than just a reference,
volume -- and illustrations in full color, the rich however. It is nothing less than a striking histori-
history of Texas is brought into sharp focus. cal visual overview served up by one of the most
The essays also have been expanded to reflect accomplished historians in this country.
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The Lynchburg Times Crossword: GREAT SCOTTS! The Lynchburg Times The Lynchburg Times

Sudoku! Hocus-Focus
ACROSS 75 Column style DOWN 62 “Farewell!”
1 Piglet’s papa 77 Flicka’s food 1 Conifer covering 66 “I - Rock” (‘66 hit)
5 It’s up your sleeve 78 Lohengrin’s love 2 Bassoon relative 67 Museum piece
8 Waugh’s “The Loved -” 80 Actress Mia 3 Singer Lane 70 Clarinetist Artie by Henry Boltinoff
11 Vapor 81 Reject 4 Heavenly sight 71 Hot spot?
14 - check 82 Periodontists’ org. 5 4 Down’s shape 72 “Comic Dictionary” by Linda Thistle
18 Eban of Israel 83 Wander 6 Zimbabwe, formerly author
19 Geometric figure 84 With 120 Down, Bowz- 7 Grimace 73 Dack of “Dallas”
21 Hibiscus garland er’s group 8 San Luis -, CA 74 New Jersey city
22 Commedia dell’- 86 Uproar 9 TV’s “The Flying -” 76 Baseball’s “Master
23 Scott Hamilton’s rival 89 See 55 Across 10 Slalom curve Melvin”
25 Chemical ending 91 Scott Glenn film 11 Merriment 79 Bud’s buddy
26 Obtains 96 Liechtenstein’s cont. 12 Vergil’s vagabond 81 Sail with Sinbad
27 New Hampshire campus 97 Command at a corner 13 - Leone 85 - Simbel
28 - ex machina 99 Iridescent stone 14 Give in to gravity 87 Kennel features
29 Jury members 100 Atmosphere 15 Scott Turow novel 88 Cen. segments
31 “Ready! -! Go!” 101 Hotels 16 Furry fisherman 90 Stocking stuffers?
32 Ordered 102 Shortstop Pee Wee 17 Try out 92 Horrify
34 Gilpin of “Frasier” 105 Vatican virtue 20 East Lansing coll. 93 Brad, for one
37 21st President 107 99 and 007 24 Tidy 94 Role for Liz
39 Chews the scenery 109 “The Producers” star 29 Damascus dish 95 Prophetic
41 Annual award 110 - vera 30 Normandy site 98 Wilson of “La Femme
42 Bewitching location 111 “Fantasia” frames 33 Tyrant Nikita”
43 Dealt with a dragon 112 Prohibit 35 Spanish river 101 To such an extent
44 - -Japanese War 113 On - (doing great) 36 Shorten a sail 103 Restaurant employee
How to play: Place a number in the empty boxes
46 Harvest 115 Vittle statistics? 38 Olympic first lady 104 Plaza Hotel kid
48 Hurler Hershiser 118 “April Love” singer 39 Director Kazan 106 Tone down
in such a way that each row across, each column
50 Rock’s - Supply 122 Riyadh resident 40 Scott Carpenter’s pro- 108 Isle near Corsica down and each small 9-box square contains all of
51 Scott Wolf series 124 By means of fession 109 Mrs. Phil Donahue the numbers from one to nine.
55 With 89 Across, “Bat- 125 Scott Joplin composi- 41 “. . . say - do” 112 Baroque composer
man” star tion 43 Fool 114 Certain Finn Difficulty this week: Moderate
57 Al of “Insomnia” 128 Hint 45 New Deal agcy. 116 Pipe connection
60 Bond rating 129 Sixth sense 47 1492 vessel 117 “I Remember Mama”
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61 High-flying agcy. 130 Varnish 49 Hawaiian island character
63 Claire or Balin 131 Pavlova or Paquin 52 Applauds a bore? 119 Sarah - Jewett
64 Component 132 Table d’- 53 Self-smitten 120 See 84 Across
65 Nab a gnat 133 Dem.’s opponent 54 Language suffix 121 “My word!”
68 Adjusted an ascot 134 Predatory fish 56 Not fem. 123 Hum bug? This space is reserved for you. To help your business grow.
69 Mil. base 135 Theater sign 58 Shiba - (Japanese 125 Flavor enhancer: Abbr.
70 Show indifference 136 “- my lips!” dog) 126 “Gotcha!”
72 Scott Baio co-star 59 Neighbor of Mali 127 System starter
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