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1- What is the reason for the following actions ?

a- Adrian tells his father the dog broke the stereo .

b- Mr Lucas helps Adrian’s mother all the time .

c- Nigel tells Adrian that Pandora’s father is a milkman .

d- Adrian smiles when people ask him how many Valentine’s cards he received .

e- Adrian wants to start a newspaper round .

February/March /April

2- Answer these questions

a- What happened when Adrian’s father went fishing? What happened when he
arrived home ?

b- Where does Pandora live ? How did Adrian discover this ?

c- How did Adrian find out his parents were separating ?

d- Why did Adrian suspect his mother was having an affair with Mr Lucas?

e- Why did Adrian’s mother have to drive Mr Lucas to Sheffield ?

f- Why did Adrian hide his father’s shaving razor ?


3- Answer these questions

a- What did Adrian realise after his weekend visit to Nigel’s house ?

b- Why did Adrian’s father cancel his date with Doreen Slater ?

c- How did Adrian get his money back from Barry Kent?

d- How does being in love affect Adrian’s health?

e- Why did Pandora suggest that she and Adrian stop seeing each other?

f- Why did Bert move back into his own house? How does this affect Adrian?

October-End of diary

4- The story changes as a result of certain events or situations. What is the result of
the following?
a- Adrian’s mother wants to come home.

b-Adrian’s mother finds the phone bill.

c- Adrian invites Bert and Queenie for Christmas lunch .

d- Adrian tells Nigel he likes Barbara .

e- Adrian sniffs glue from the model aeroplane .

5- Find examples to support the following pairs of statements.
1.(a) Adrian’ behaviour is typical of someone his age . 1.(b) Adrian behaves responsibly and with wisdom
Examples : beyond his years . Examples :
Adrian is obsessed with his spots. He hides behind a plastic
plant in the bank. He hides and burns the phone bills. He
leaves his sports clothes at home because he does not
want to do sports at school. He tells his father that the
dog broke the stereo when it was really his own fault. He
leaves his new bike outside. He hides Big and Bouncy
magazines under his bed . These are typical situations
which adolescents usually undergo .

2.(a)Adrian’s grandma shows love and understanding to 2(b) Adrian’s grandma is narrow-minded and intolerant .
everyone . Examples : Examples :

3(a) Nigel is a godd friend to Adrian . Examples : 3(b) Nigel is a bad friend to Adrian . Examples :

4(a) Adrian’s parents are childish and irresponsible. 4(b) Adrian’s parents behave like adults and caring
Examples : parents . Examples:

5(a) Bert is helpless and senile. Examples : 5(b) Bert is alert and full of life . Examples:

Answer these questions

1. Adrian begins writing his diary on January 1st, New Year’s Day. Less than three
months later, he writes, “I don’t know how many more problems I can stand.” Suggest
what situations are possible sources of stress for a 14-year-old boy.

2. What were Adrian’s main objectives in life and what did he do to achieve them?

3. What do you admire and respect about Adrian? What weaknesses do you think he’s

4. Do you think that Adrian was loved by his family? Give reasons for your answer.

5. What kind of adult do you think Adrian will end up being?


1- Write your own new year’s resolutions for this year as Adrian did at the beginning
of the book .

2. Write a review of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole for an English school newspaper.

9. Write your own diary for a week or more .