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Published from Hyderabad, India.
Issue # 33 –SEPT 2010
|| hari shri ganapathaye namah||
|| Avignamasthu ||
"Gurur Brahma gurur Vishnu gurur devo Maheswarah
Gurur sakshat parambrahmah tasmayi sri gurave namah"

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Aum Bhur Bhuva Swa

Thath Saviturvarenyam
Bhargo devasyadeemahi
Diyoyona prachothayathe






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Interception Part IX

07 Train Accident in India Chart? Kanak Bosmia 22

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// Hyderabad //



Esteemed Readers:

At the outset the Editorial Board of ASTROVISION wishes its

respected Readers a happy and joyful janma ashtami.

Janma Ashtami is celebrated to commemorate the birth lord Krishna.

According to Astrologers, lord Krishna was said to have been born
at Mathura, near the modern day New Delhi, on a Krishna paksha
Ashtami with Moon was traveling in Rohini star when Taurus was
rising as per Niryana.

Speaking about New Delhi, I remember an advertisement released by

the Government of India with the Prime Minister’s photo, released
in the Hindu, the leading English Newspaper, appealing to citizens
of India to contribute generously for the flood victims at Leh,
Jammu and Kashmir.

But on the front page of the same newspaper on that day, there was
a news item, which says that India is contributing around 20 M US$
to Pakistan to cope up with the flood situation in their country.

It was also in the news in the last couple of weeks that our
“friendly neighbour” had refused to accept the donations from
India. Also there was a news item which showed that US Government
made a statement that Pakistan should accept the donations India do
give to them.

This gives an impression that we made US Government to recommend to

Pakistan to accept our donation. If it is true, these kinds of
twist of events and “donkey diplomacy” do naturally disturb the
minds of well educated people of India.

While giving away donations is always piety, when an affected

person refuses to accept a donation, why should we at all make
another person to prompt him?

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In reality, the conditions of millions of people of India, whether
one is affected by floods or not, is still perilous even after
India attained independence from the British in 1947 (63 years

Basic amenities like food, cloth and shelter along with education
and health care are still elusive to many of us. These basic needs
have to be taken care by the Government for their own people. The
taxes paid by us, the earning lot, should contribute to these
fundamental needs.

The deprived lot should have easy access to education and health
care, irrespective of their caste or religion.

But unfortunately we are deep-sunk in corruption.

Coming to natural calamities, whenever there is Saturn and Mars

conjunction or mutual aspect, there shall be devastating natural
calamities, accidents, etc. During this period, persons in whose
natal chart, such connection are established for 01, 06, 08 are not
spared during these periods.

Astrology is the only tool available to the mankind, which can

predict about the future.

Coming to predictions, your e-journal ASTROVISION has been

progressing well, and recent two predictions of our friend Mr.
Kanak Bosmia had come correct.

While once again wishing a happy and joyful Janma ashtami to our
esteemed readers, looking forward to meaningful articles from
respected Astro practioners,


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Daivagnya Siromani
O V N Murthy, M.Com. FCS.
Company Secretary
Nizam Sugars Limited,
I Floor, Shakkar Bhavan,
Hyderabad 500004 AP
Ph. Off. 23232212 Res. 27405975
Mobile : 94417-78427
& Sri Raghavender Kumar

Ascendant Sagittarius Cuspal Interception Part IX


All Horoscopes as per normal distribution will have 12 Cusps

distributed in 12 Signs under Equal House System. However in KP the
house division will be based on Placidius House division (Western
method) wherein the cusps/bhavas are not evenly distributed. As per
system a bhava starts in a Sign and extends upto the next Sign that
is the starting point of the next bhava. Further in some of the
cases the bhava ends and next cusp/bhava starts in the same Sign
because the birth time is near/end of Cusp in Placidius House
division two cusps may fall in one Sign, in higher latitudes like
Ireland/Dublin/Finland 3 cusps may fall in one Sign and
consequently another Sign may not get any Cusp. In such cases some
Signs would get more than one Cusp/Bhava representation
consequently some Sign may not get any portfolio.
Because of this cuspal interception the natural zodiac gets modified
with regard to bhavas in KP System. This would also result in change
in signification of the planets when compared to normal distribution.
Thus in all the 12 signs the Cuspal Interception is possible.

In Cuspal Interception the peculiarity that either the Cusp may go

anticlockwise to the previous Sign or next Sign Clockwise (e.g.
Sagittarius Lagna II Cusp in Aquarius and III in Pisces which are
Clockwise); In case of Sagittarius out of 15 cases we could found all
the charts are in clockwise and no Anticlock.
In normal distribution of cusps, KP gives wonderful predictions but
when coming to cuspal interception we have to modify some of the
rules for giving a accurate predictions.
During Anticlock direction cuspal shifting would lose its bhava
qualities by shifting the cusp to its 12th Sign, in Clockwise
direction the Cusp shifts to next Sign which is encouraging or
increasing like 2 is addition to 1. Normally in majority of charts
anticlockwise is more common except hardly one or two would be in
Clockwise direction in signs Aries to Virgo but when we see out of
our experience from Libra, now in this month Sagittarius are all
Clockwise but not even one chart which is in anticlockwise
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Basing on these series of Articles on Cuspal Interception the first

Article was on Aries Ascendant was published in this ezine in January

In this issue as Ninth article on Cuspal interception Dhanur Lagna is

taken up. The main characteristics of Ascendant are as follows:

1. Born under the Sagittarius sign, clearly denotes you will be a

graceful, charming person with a well-proportioned body which can
make a tremendous impression on others. Tall and lean, with a
prominent forehead on an oval face, displaying a pair of expressive
eyes, you can be termed as handsome.
You will enjoy sound health for the greater part of life, but after
crossing the midway mark, you will have to be cautious.
An optimist, you always look at the brighter side of things,
without adopting a negative approach. Jovial and generous, you take
life in its stride. You are very particular of enlarging your
circle of friends; especially foreigners for whom you have great
fancy. By nature you are not timid, but pretty aggressive. In the
face of adverse conditions, you will emerge with flying colours as
you relish meeting the issue squarely. Even while actively engaged
in worldly affairs, you have a desire to learn about religion and
philosophy about which you will be inclined to make a study.
There are, however, some negative aspects which you should attend
to. You are, because of your independent spirit, likely to fall out
with your parents, brothers and sisters. Since you spend a lot of
time in outdoor activities, you may not be able to devote adequate
time for your spouse and children. You will have to strike a
balance so that your family doesn’t feel neglected.
Due to these advantages, you will be able to catch the eye of
influential persons, especially foreigners who may invite you to
visit their countries and bestow honours on you. All these things
however don’t go to your head; you will continue to be modest and
religious and extend your assistance to others.
2a) Sagittarius sign in the 2nd cusp (Anticlock): At the time of
your birth, Sagittarius sign was rising in the 2nd house. Jupiter,
the lord of this sign, gifts you with self confidence and frankness
in expression. You are at your best when matched against obstacles.
You love truth. You will speak out what you feel is right, no
matter how others take it.

You do not like your close relatives. But you will be generous and
friendly with them, when they approach you. In your own family,
however, you are unsuccessful in many matters. Your sweet tongue
and amicable nature will win your many friends.

You have wealth, ornaments, precious jewellery and other material

wealth. You like sweets and rich food. You speak impressively. You
will celebrate auspicious ceremonies and will like to enjoy
festivals with your family members. Your mood varies. Your vision
is perfect, but you should guard against possible eye disease in
the right eye.

2b) Capricorn sign in the 2nd cusp: Saturn lord of 2nd house
indicates that you will not entertain any hope on others’ promise.
You will not spend your time in idle talk. It is not easy for
others to fool you. You appear to be modest and polite. As you are
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talkative, you make friends with anybody quickly. You will take
long time to test the individual and finally make a permanent tie
of friendship.

You will utilize everything to a material purpose. So you will have

wealth, precious jewellery, gems & other valuables with you.
You do love your family but you do not display your love. The
family members may mistake the fact that you treat them coldly. In
your family you hate noise and disturbance but like a quiet
atmosphere. Your family members may make a mistake in understanding
Being basically materialistic, you will acquire wealth, precious
jewellery, gems and other valuables. You are fond of good quality
sweets and variety of namkeens. You like rich and hygienic food in
your diet.

You will like to attend and celebrate auspicious ceremonies. Guard

yourself against ailments related to your eyes. You may suffer from
eye sores. The right eye may be afflicted in the later part of

3a) Aquarius sign in the 3rd cusp: Saturn, being the lord of this
sign indicates that you will be yourself most strongly when working
with others toward some collective purpose, because you derive your
own ideas of significance from what is significant for the people
around you.

You don’t automatically reject new ideas or go along unthinkingly

with the status quo. In fact, you are very interested in knowledge
and skills that would enable you to change the world around you.
But your ideal of change is of a systematic and orderly process.
You may put a great deal of effort into studying subjects that
bring about orderly change such as science, technology and
You have a good memory. You are bold, courageous and pushy. You are
optimistic. You stick to your principles. You are extremely

You have all communication facilities. Though you are fond of

music, cinema, movies, dance, good songs and operas, you believe in
working first and then only relaxing with such entertainment.

You will undertake frequent journeys for financial gains and to

call on friends and relatives. These short journeys will give you
friends and recognition. You like reading news papers, magazines
and other good publications to increase your knowledge. You are a
good orator. You are good at writing as well.

3b) Pisces sign in the 3rd cusp (Clockwise): Jupiter is the Lord of
this sign which indicates that you will serve others and in some
way put others interests before you own. As you get older, you will
develop a strong spiritual awareness, which may or may not surface
as an interest in traditional religion. However, it will influence
your perception of the world very strongly. Even if you do not
actively believe in a particular religion, you will be concerned
with an aspect of the universe that is higher than everyday
material reality.
It is a good idea to go off by yourself now and then and be alone
with your thoughts. You need a quiet atmosphere to find out what is
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really important to you. When you are alone you may have some of
the most important experiences of your life. Your mental abilities
are strong. Your memory is sharp. You have heroic and leadership
qualities. You are bold and courageous. You are also straight

4a) Pisces Sign in 4th cusp: The overall trend indicated for one
born when the Pisces sign is in the fourth house, is royal innings
of plenty and pleasure. Hence you won’t be off the mark if you are
optimistic of a cozy life without hassles.

You can be off to a sound start, thanks to your mother, whose main
ambition is the prosperity of her children. An intelligent lady who
won’t be conservative but will lap up progressive ideas, she will
encourage you to learn to stand on your own feet and pursue your
profession oozing self-confidence. She will maintain the home in a
tip top condition providing the atmosphere necessary for a
delightful time for the family.
There are bright chances of inheriting ancestral property, a part
of which you are either likely to dispose of or effect alterations
to suit your requirements. That you are fortunate in the matter of
accommodation will be confirmed by the fact that you will own a
fine house in a central locality. You won’t face any conveyance
problem, as you will have your own vehicle.
No doubt you are intelligent and can acquire a good academic
qualification, but the problem is that you are fickle-minded and
may tend to stray. Hence, it is necessary for you to seek guidance
from your elders to achieve a high degree in mathematics, accounts
or science, the three subjects in which you have interest. Side by
side, you will also make it a point to gain knowledge about
religion and the occult sciences. As age advances, you will be so
proficient in occultism that many people will become your disciple.

It is not unnatural for one enjoying a luxurious life to be tempted

towards alcohol and cigarettes. If you don’t yield to such an urge,
then you will not invite any health problem. Otherwise, you may be
afflicted by diabetes or lung trouble.

4b) Aries Sign in 4th cusp (Clockwise): Aries sign was rising in
the fourth house is an encouraging trend. The general pattern it
indicates is that the native will have an intelligent, dynamic
mother who will dominate the domestic scene and steer the family
members in a methodic, scientific way so that they may emerge as
respectable citizens. As her efforts start yielding results, she
will be so happy as to praise her offsprings before others.

Since it is not easy to control such a strong character as your

mother, you will have to tackle her with tact and patience to
ensure a smooth flow of events at home.

There are clear indications of your inheriting a portion of the

ancestral property and owning a sleek house in a posh locality. You
may also have the advantage of possessing a vehicle.
Evincing deep interest in education from childhood, you will study
studiously to acquire a high academic qualification. Maybe you will
even succeed in a competitive examination. You will also learn
something about occultism, which will help you improve your
intuitive powers.

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Your life of a luxury and pleasure may be affected in later years
if you don’t take steps to maintain sound health. The note of
caution is necessary as there is a hint that your may have
respiratory problems.

5a) Aries Sign in 5th cusp: Mars being the lord of your 5th
house indicates that you are an intelligent native. You keep your
interest in learning. Higher education will be blessing for your
career. You will desire to be head of all affairs.
You are externally frank and enthusiastic even in love. Your good
nature and charm attract the opposite sex. You take practical steps
and want freedom, adventure in love and ever lasting affection. You
will choose a beautiful, clever and good spouse.
You will have a limited number of children. You will be worried for
a male child. You love your spouse and children very much but you
may not find sufficient time for them in your routine life.
You are intelligent. You take interest in higher education. You do
not follow traditional customs and law blindly. It is believed that
virtuous acts previously done are the cause of your present happy
Guard yourself against stomach problems. You should take a balanced
diet to avoid the problems of the stomach and intestines. Avoid
oily meals.
5b) Taurus sign in 5th cusp (Clockwise): Venus, being the lord of
this sign indicates that you are intelligent and wise. You will
complete your higher education. You may take interest in occultism
and vedic knowledge. The key of your success is your strong will.
You are determined and firm.

Your are emotionally attached to your spouse. You do not like to

quarrel and you hate confusion. You will always fulfil your duties
and obligations to your spouse. You will always be affectionate,
warm and ever loving.
Regarding children, you will appear to be strict. Anyhow, your
children will, in due course, realize that it was for their good.
Thus you are conscientious and highly responsible parent, who try
to build up a happy family life. You should take care of your
stomach. You should take a balanced diet, to avoid stomach

6a) Taurus sign in 6th cusp: Venus is the lord of this sign. You
are a very warm person who forms lasting attachments to others.
Your affections don’t change easily, and even if you lose respect
for a friend, you will continue to like that person is spite of his
as her faults. People like you so much that they are willing to do
favours for you. You are very fond of beautiful things and luxury.
You like a good comfortable chair where you can relax and have a
delicious snack.

Your status, way of working and prosperity will be the cause for
jealousy among your enemies. You are tactful clever and
intelligent. You know how to motivate people and to achieve
success. So you will easily subdue your enemies and emerge
victorious in litigation.

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Appointment of servants is a necessity in your life as you are busy
and have no time to do all the work yourself. You will have very
good and reliable servants.

You earn sufficient money to lead life like a rich person. You are
from a good and reputed family. Your maternal uncles and aunts also
hold a good status in society. They like you. They show deep
affection towards you. They will fulfil their duties towards you.

6b) Gemini sign in 6th cusp (Clock): Mercury being the lord of this
sign indicates that you are very active, restless and fond of
change. You mentally process the world around you foster than most
people. This should make you a better than average student in

If you wish, you can become a fairly articulate speaker and you are
good at expressing your ideas clearly, in writing as well. You may
also be fond of travelling, and you do not like to tied to one
place for very long. Even if you don’t travel very far from your
immediate circle, you always want to move around, even if its just
getting out of your chair and pacing around.

Since you are intelligent, honest, secretive and clever, you will
subdue your enemies and overcome problems and difficulties. In
litigation too, you will be involved in criminal and civil suits.
In these, you will get victory and fame.

You will many servants at your disposal. Your servants are

obedient, reliable and honest. You will have cordial relations with
your maternal uncles and aunts. They will be kind to you. Your
maternal uncles will do everything within their means for you. In
short, you will benefit from your maternal relations.

7. Gemini sign in 7th cusp (Bhadhaka): Gemini sign rising in the

seventh that the native is slated to enjoy a happy and prosperous
married life. Your sweet smile and ready wit have such a magnetic
quality that they make not only your spouse but also your friends
adore you. It is probably because of your popularity with others
that you like to spend more time outside than at home.

You are adept in managing your family affairs. You don’t

unnecessarily interfere in your partner’s affairs and treat the
children like friends. If and when a controversy crops up, you
handle it tactfully and solve it to the satisfaction of everyone
concerned. Rarely, however, your spouse may be given to losing
temper and even becoming aggressive, but since you are not rigid
but flexible, you will adjust yourself according to the situation
and everything ends well. It is due to your smooth behaviour that
your spouse’s outbursts don’t last long.

In spite of your unbounded affection for your family, you are an

individual who loves to retain personal freedom, more so in your
activities beyond the walls of your house. This is probably the
reason you attain maturity rather late in life.

Seeking change in everything all the time is part of your basic

nature. So, you are apt to switch jobs and professions which will
fortunately turn out to be fruitful.
8a) Cancer sign in 8th cusp: Moon, being the lord of this sign
indicates that you have an inborn talent and love for the occult.
You have a psychic medium faculty and are interested in anything

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pertaining to the occult. All your difficulties can be lightened by
the occult.

You are naturally intuitive and will conduct many psychic and
occult investigations. You may involve yourself in occult
You will make many friends with people who are interested in the
occult because of your common interest in it. It is quite evident
that you will benefit from the occult science.

You will gain through ancestral property and be wealthy and

comfortable because of this. In the latter part of life, you will
gain much more of property, land and even a house. You will
probably gain because of legacies through friends.

At the time of marriage too, you will receive a lot of dowry. This
dowry may consist of money, jewels, property, household goods etc.
If you wish, you and your spouse can comfortably live on dowry

You will very wisely go in for insurance since you do not want to
take any risks and want to ensure that in case anything should
happen to you, your family should not suffer an account of this and
be comfortable. You will probably benefit through the insurance of
dead people.

Your chart does not give any indication of robbery. But that goes
to your credit and shows how careful you are. And even if minor
thefts do occur you will have no cause to worry since you have
already insured everything.
Your 8th cusp does not show accidents either and if ever by chance
you are involved in one you will not sustain any injuries possibly
only a few scratches and nothing more.

You will enjoy a long life. Your death will be quick and sudden and
so the suffering will not be prolonged.

8b) Leo sign in 8th cusp (Clock): Sun is the lord of this sign. You
will be interested in the occult science. You will probably have
great interest in psychic research and conduct experiments of an
occult nature. You will have many spiritualistic experiences. You
will also have interest in matters of the future life. You probably
had an inherent interest in the occult and later on, you cultivated
it. Spurred on by your success with the occult, you might have
devoted more and more time on it. You will become famous because of
your achievements with the occult.
You will have property of your own. You will also inherit ancestral
property and also be the proud owner of palatial residences and
houses. You will gain through handling the estates of other people.
Because of your vast amount of property, many people will envy you.

Even though you will not ask for any dowry at the time of marriage,
your in laws will force dowry upon you and seeing their eagerness
to please, you will find it difficult to say no. This dowry will be
of immense help to you and your spouse. You will benefit in terms
of insurance of dead people. You can afford to insure yourself and
your possessions and you will find it a safe investment, to do so.

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Hardly any accidents will occur and those that will occur will not
be of a very serious nature. There will be no threat to your life
and hardly any damage will be done.

You will enjoy a long life. Your death will be quick and sudden so
you will not feel much pain.

9a) Leo sign in 9th cusp: Sun is the Lord of this house. You are a
famous native. People like you because you are basically warm and
affectionate. You are reluctant to compromise yourself or lose
other people’s respect. Being respected by others is very important
to you, and for this reason you are less likely than others to tell
lies. You feel that everything should be out in the open. Once you
have made up your mind about a particular course of action. You are
very persistent. You select a goal and follow it through to the
bitter end. When you are older, You will play this role whenever
possible, which should work out very well, because you also want to
be worthy of being a leader. For you, self-respect is as important
as the respect of others.

You are very wise and prudent. You have leadership qualities. You
love freedom and like to live in a free style. You do not like
anyone ordering you. You cannot work under reservations. You do not
follow rules and rights. Luck will favour you and people will have
faith in you. In fact what you did in your previous life, you are
enjoying in the current life.

You are a religious native. You will probably worship the sun and
other Gods and follow religious rites, family customs and
traditions. You believe and follow preceptors. You will visit
spiritual places, temples and pious holy places relating to your
religion, as a routine. You will like to visit some places of other

You will also visit pilgrimages. You have faith in God and will
read and learn from various books on religion and occultism. You
have faith in meditation, Tantra, Mantra and spiritual science. You
will like to go through the literature on these subjects.

You will develop your intuitive power with spiritual support. You
can see into the future and can also forecast for people and on a
national level. You present yourself to the public in a very
attractive way.

You are blessed with the comforts and pleasure of grand children.
Your later life will be very happy and full of prosperity. One of
your grandsons will be the source of success in your old age. You
love kids. Long journeys are indicated for professional and
religious purposes.

You will get money and fame by these tours. You believe in
donations to get a fortunate re-birth. You will do various pious
9b) Virgo sign in 9th cusp (Clockwise): Virgo sign in the 9th Cusp,
indicates that you are noble and kind hearted. You follow family
traditions and customs. You have faith in god and the supreme
power. You take interest in religious rites. You will go to temples
and other holy places of your religion. You will like to perform
worship of God or pooja as a routine. Sometimes you will like to
keep fasts and go on pilgrimages.

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You are devoted to the preceptor and God. You well take interest in
meditation, spiritual and occult sciences. You will also read some
books on religion and occultism. You will study holy and pious
books of your religion like Vedas, Bible, Kuran, Geetha etc. You
have a well develop intuitive power. You can see into the future.
If you make predictions, they will prove to be correct. You are a
pious native. You will take interest in Dharmic kirtan or pooja.
You are regular in your pooja or worship after your middle age to
get mental satisfaction and for your next life. You experience
peace and feel calm after you perform worship.

You are a charitable native. You like to donate your time and
labour. You are not a miser. Long journeys are indicated for
financial assistance and domestic affairs, you will undertake long
journeys, also for pleasure. Some journeys for religious purposes
to holy places are also indicated. You are blessed with the
comforts and pleasure of your grandchildren. They will be healthy
and learned. In fact, whatever you are enjoying in this life is
because of your noble and pious karma done by you in your previous

10 a) Virgo sign in 10th cusp: Virgo sign is tenth house indicates

politics is the best profession. Even if it is not preferred as a
full time occupation, the native can hope to secure substantial
benefits from politicians.
Not that it is the only area that suits you. There are many others
from which you can have your pick. They include being a public
orator, bank employee, teacher, editing and publishing books,
establishing close links with educational and religious
institutions, or occultism. Company law, engineering, foreign
assignments or civil contracts can also be pursued.

It would be in your interest to do business instead of service as

there are hints of your making good profits in business like
trading, import, export or valuable or engineering items.
You can be optimistic of securing favours from governmental
agencies. If you prefer it, you can also take up a government job
in which your worth will be recognized, yielding rewards. In case
you are forced to enter into a litigation, you needn’t despair as
you will emerge from it unscathed.
It seems you have inherited quite a few of your father’s qualities.
He is an active, brisk individual who approaches issues with an
alert mind and goes about his job in a methodical manner. At the
same time, he is an expert in finding fault with others and
castrating them for their shortcomings. You have many of these
After middle age, however, you will manage to earn substantially
which will enable you to live comfortably.

10 b) Libra Sign in 10th Cusp (Clockwise): Libra in tenth cusp to

take up service than having a fling at business. In keeping with
this broad outline, the native can opt for a job from a wide range
of suitable professions. The list includes teaching, engineering,
dealing in scientific instruments agricultural and mine products.
One can also shine brightly as head of a religious institution,
writer, musician, playback singer, architect or salesman.

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As you are a native of power and authority, it will be in your
interest not to behave arrogantly with your superiors but toe a
mellowed line. Otherwise, they will try to manipulate things in
such a way that your service record is tarnished and your progress
blocked. If you conduct yourself modestly with government
officials, they will extend their co-operation and assistance to
you, which will be beneficial.
You are lucky to have a good father who will be gentle and
affectionate towards you. Endowed with an artistic bent of mind, he
will evince a keen interest in the finer things of life and be a
popular figure.
11 a) Libra sign in 11th cusp: Venus being the lord of this sign
indicates that you excel other people in reasoning, and judgement
and with the help of these qualities will be able to fulfil all
your desires and aspirations. Those of you who are actors and those
dealing in perfumes should do very well financially.
You are a friendly, outgoing person who likes to have fun with
others. You don’t like to be alone, because you feel lonely very
easily. Fortunately, people usually, like you so you should not
have trouble finding company. Since you are generous and honest in
your affections, you will be a very good friend. It will be
impossible for you not to have many friends. Your friends will
include ladies and actors. Your friends, like you, will be

Social gatherings please you. You have charming manners and since
you are affectionate and gentle will be popular in society. People
in society will be rich and intellectuals. You will mix with actors
as well.

On the whole, you enjoy good health. But you are prone to
infectious diseases. Diseases of the kidneys, spines, pineal glands
and lumber vertebrae can be expected. Appendicitis, lumbago,
polyuria, etc. are the diseases indicated.
In addition to these, left ear troubles are indicated which should
be treated in time to prevent it from becoming serious.

11 b) Scorpio sign in 11th cusp (Clock): Scorpio sign was placed in

the eleventh cusp. Mars is the lord of this sign. This indicates
that you are tenacious and fight till the end with the result that
you are able to achieve all your desires and aspirations. You are a
self made native.

You are fortunate regarding financial gain. Your income will be

substantial as you know how to make and earn money. Financial gains
are indicated for those employed in the hotel industry and employed
in the gold work business. In addition to this, your brother may
help you financially.

You may not have any elder sisters and even if you do have any, you
will not be as close to them as you will be to your elder brothers.
You will share a very good rapport with your elder brothers who
will support you in every way; not just financially. They will
probably give you very useful advice and this will be a real
turning point in your life.

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You like to be around people who are active, vigorous and

independent. For you, it seems much easier to do your chores and to
keep on working when others are with you. It isn’t that you lack
independence, but you prefer to work with other people.

If you choose a friend, that relationship will last throughout

life. Your friends will comprise of learned people and people who
are very independent as well. You prove to be a very good friend to
others. In society you will mix mainly with businessmen.
You may suffer from diseases of the pelvic bones, bladder,
enlargement of the prostrate glands etc. (scorpio anatomy)

Disease of the left ear is possible so guard against such a

possibility by taking timely medical help even in case of a minor
ailment of the left ear.
12a) Scorpio sign in 12th cusp: Mars is the lord of this sign.
Your indifference to material wealth makes you unconcerned about
riches. But your concern for the needs of others can lead you to
raise large sums of money for their benefit. So there should be no
doubt about your abilities either as a wage earner or as a fund
collector. Your financial dilemma is rooted not in your skills but
in your will. Once you make up your mind to be prosperous, once you
want to enjoy economic security, you will do so.

Spending money will be mainly for charity, donation and to help

friends who may need it. You will be a particularly tempting target
for those who want to exploit your good nature. While you can
continue to be kind you must learn to be careful, too.

You have the urge to travel. Because of your determination and need
for new horizons to explore, you enjoy travel and engage in it.

In another age, you would have been one of those daring adventurers
who discovered new lands, always ranging further afield than was
considered wise. In today’s world, you might be a researcher in a
laboratory, always looking a few steps ahead of the latest
scientific data or the volunteer fireman who is always first on the
scene of a fire. Whatever your occupation, your venturesome sense
of discovery keeps you a little out in front of your colleagues.
You would be unhappy any where else.

Travel however, for you will be in connection with some disease and
for medical care.

Hospitalization is possible but it will not be for a serious reason

since you enjoy good health.

12b) Sagittarius sign in 12th cusp (Clock): This indicates that

you are desirous of name, fame, money and reputation. You will not
mind difficulties, handicaps and hindrances, but will work
continuously to gain success. You do not miss any chance and
opportunity and do not speculate. Knowing the value of money you
will invest carefully and save slowly and steadily. You are
economical and trustworthy and as you do not take risks you do not
expect a windfall.
You have a great liking for money and great ability in handling it
profitably, usually turning it to noble purposes. You therefore
make a superb manager for investment companies and administrator of
Page # 16 / 63
Frugal and cautious in money matters, you may never be in debt in
your entire life. Your sense of independence abhors borrowing,
although your habit of helping others may make you a too generous
lender. These traits will be especially beneficial in your early
career, for it isn’t likely that you will have much money then. And
so you will plod along your course slowly but surely accumulating
the capital which many others earn early and spend even earlier.
When substantial cash does come to you in your middle years, you
will be the most prudent investor ever known.
Your simple tastes will not be replaced with luxury. You will look
on your wealth as a source of security, not of ostentation. That’s
why you will enjoy it more in the long run, than those who are
fantastically rich and always uneasy.
Spending money on useful things like on charity and helping needy
people will be your way of contributing to society and on sons if
you happen to have any.
You are an extremely mobile person, both physically by travelling
and intellectually by restless searching for new ideas. You hunger
for change, for innovation, for things you’ve never seen or heard.
Journeys will be in connection with your business or job.
The Theory and importance of Cuspal Interception can be better
understood by analysis of the following 15 charts.


1 London Michael:
Date 31/10/1936 Time 12:12:00 EST Place Jamaica Day Saturday;
Lat 40:41:00 N Long 73:48:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time Corr
0:04:48; KP-NA 22:52:51 Birth Star: Kritika-3 Rasi: Taurus; Asc. :
Sag 29:27:18
American actor, writer, director and producer, best known for his
roles in TV's long-running "Bonanza," "Little House on the Prairie"
and "Highway to Heaven" and for being a dominant figure and shaper
of prime-time television family fare for over three decades.
CI 2,3,4,5,6 (8,9,10,11,12) Clockwise has improved the houses
relating to 2,3,5,6,9,10,11 and given to lot of popularity name and
fame through media as best actor.
2 Harrison Rex:
Date 05/03/1908 Time 05:00:00 GMT Place Huyton, England Day Thursday,
Lat 53:25:00 N Long 2:51:00 W TZ 0:00:00 E Time Corr - 0:11:24,KP-
NA 22:28:52 Birth Star: Birth Star: Revathi-3 Rasi: Pisces Asc. : Sag
British actor, internationally known on stage and film, the winner of an
Academy Award, three Tony Awards, New York Theatre Critics Award, A Golden
Globe Award, and Order of Merit of the Italian Public.
CI 2,3,4,5,6 (8,9,10,11) Clockwise had improved the Cusps of 5,10
through film industry and got awards from the highest authority.

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3 Reasoner Harry:
Date 17/04/1923 Time 00:10:00 CST Place Dokata city USA Day
Tuesday, Lat 42:43:00 N Long 94:12:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time
Corr - 0:16:48,KP-NA 22:41:31 Birth Star: Bharani-1Rasi: Aries,
Asc. : Sag 6:26:05
American journalist and news anchor, one of the original anchors on the
popular TV news shows, "60 Minutes."
CI 4 (10) Clockwise has given the opportunity with regard to
profession and on the media as 4 / 10 cusps entered into 5 & 11
4 Ted Kennedy:
Date 22/02/1932 Time 03:58:00 Place Dorchester MA US Day Monday, Lat
42:17:00 N Long 71:04:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time Corr 0:15:44,KP-NA
22:48:56 Birth Star: Pubba-1 Rasi: Leo Asc. : Sag 18:01:18
American politician, member of a noted family, the fabled Kennedy clan and
the youngest member of U.S. Senate. The youngest son of Joseph and Rose
Kennedy's nine children, Ted Kennedy was a privileged child. He had the
benefit of a Harvard education that was abruptly interrupted in 1951 when
he was suspended for cheating on an exam.
CI 2,3,4,5 (8,9,10,11) Clockwise has improved the Cusps 2,3,10,11 by
entering into the next sign given him the popularity, name and fame
through parents and political success.
5 Heineken Alfred:
Date 04/11/1923 Time 12:00:00 Place: Amsterdam Day Sunday; Lat
52:23:00 North Long 4:54:00 East TZ 4:50:00 East Time Corr 0:00:16,KP-
NA 22:41:59 Birth Star: Pubba-3 Rasi: Leo Asc. : Sag 15:33:04
Dutch industrialist who built an Amsterdam brewery into one of the world's
biggest brewing companies. His name, Heineken, was synonymous with his

CI 2,3,4,5 (8,9,10,11) Clockwise has given all-round success in

entrepreneurship as industrialist through breweries in Amsterdam.
6 Enrico Caruso:
Date 27/02/1873 Time 02:10:00 GMT Place Naples Italy Day Thursday, Lat
40:51:00 N Long 14:17:00 E TZ 0:00:00 East Time Corr 0:57:08,KP-NA
21:59:33 Birth Star:Shatabisham-3 Rasi: Aquarius Asc. : Sag 9:36:30
Italian opera singer with a brilliant voice, world known as one of the
greatest tenors in history. Noted for his strong, romantic voice, he
captivated audiences with his musical range and depth of feeling.
CI 3,4 (9,10) Clockwise has given the opportunity as a great singer by
virtue of entering of 4,9,10 cusps into next signs.
7 Hargitay Mariska:
Date 23/01/1964 Time 05:58:00 PST Place Santa Monica CA Day
Thursday, Lat 34:01:00 N Long 118:29:00 W TZ 120:00:00 W Time
Corr 0:06:04,KP-NA 23:15:39 Birth Star:Kritika-1 Rasi: Aries
Asc. : Sag 22:06:47
American actress and noted family, one of three kids of actress Jayne
Mansfield and her husband Mickey Hargitay, along with two half-siblings.
CI 2,3,4,5 (8,9,10,11) Clockwise has given the opportunity to be a
successful actor; however 11 cusp entering into 12 Sign has given
her some disadvantages in her early childhood by way of Step
8 Somayajulu
Date 19/11/1936 Time 10:00:00 Place Vizianagaram * Day Thursday,
Lat 18:07:00; North Long 83:25:00 East Zone 82:30:00 East

Page # 18 / 63
Time Corr 0:03:40, KP-NA 22:52:54 Birth Star: Uttarashada-1
Rasi: Sagi Asc. : 26:50:35
CI 2,3,4,5,6 (8,9,10,11,12) Clockwise has given him a successful
married life and elevation in education as well as in professional
carrier as Leader of the Team.
9 Ketharaju:
Date 24/08/1936 Time 15:53:25 Place Tiruvur * Day Monday; Lat 17:06:00
North Long 80:38:00 East TZ 82:30:00 East Time Corr - 0:07:28, KP-
NA 22:52:42 Birth Star: Visakha-3 Rasi: Libra Asc. : Sag 27:21:24
CI 2,3,4,5,6 (8,9,10,11,12) Clockwise has improved majority of the cusps
by giving him long life with good education and professional success
through CA. In the childhood he lost his mother and grown up with mother’s
younger sister who happens to be the stepmother. He owns lot of prosperity
and popularity in his City.
10 Jayasimha:
Date 16/06/1984 Time 20:10:00 Place SECUNDERABAD * Day Saturday; Lat
17:25:00 North Long 78:30:00 East TZ 82:30:00 East Time Corr -
0:16:00; KP-NA 23:32:44 Birth Star: Uttarashada-4 Rasi: Capricorn Asc.
: 21:13:46.
CI 4,5 (10,11) Clockwise has given physical disabilities through
congenital factors. However he is good at his studies.

11 Sona:
Date 04/03/1980 Time 03:17:00 Place Hauz Khas ND Day Tuesday; Lat
28:33:00 North Long 77:12:00 East TZ 82:30:00 East Time Corr -
0:21:12. KP NA 23:34:34 Birth Star: Hasta-1 Rasi: Virgo Asc. : Sag
CI 3,4,5 (9,10,11 ) Clockwise has given a wonderful family life, marriage
with wealthy person and birth of children. Although she got all the
comforts still she feel some deficiency because of 11th cusp entered into
12th Sign.
12 Kommaraju:
Date 18/01/1965 Time 06:41:00 Place Delhi Day Monday; Lat 28:39:00
North Long 77:13:00 East TZ 82:30:00 East Time Corr - 0:21:08; KP-NA
23:16:29 Birth Star: Pushyami-3 Rasi: Kataka Asc. : 24:31:28.
CI 2,3,4,5,6 (8,9,10,11,12) Clockwise has given her the opportunity in
higher education and jobs in aboard as well as in high-tech companies in
india. However the native remains as spinistiser. 6th cusp entering in to
7, 12th cusp entering into 1st has given lot of challenges in her life.

13 Anil: (Courtesy: Sri VSN Murthy, KPAF Kurnool)

Date 12/01/1978 Time 06:34:25 IST Place Velidurthi Kurnool AP Day
Thursday Lat 15:34:00 N Long 77:54:00 E Zone 82:30:00 E Time Corr
- 0:18:24 KP-NA 23:27:21 Birth Star: Sathabisham Rasi: Aquarius Asc. :
Sag 23:42:36
CI 2,3,4,5,6 (8,9,10,11,12) Clockwise has given him good education and
settlement in life, but 3rd house entering in to 4 has given Ent problems.
14 "R.M": (Courtesy: Sri M.C.Appa, KPAF Hyd.)
Date 19/04/1992 Time 23:50:00 Place Calcutta. Day Sunday; Lat 22:34:00
North Long 88:21:00 East TZ 82:30:00 East Time Corr 0:23:24; KP-NA
23:39:18 Birth Star: Anuradha-2 Rasi: Scorpio Asc. : Sag 26:30:36.
CI 2,3,4,5,6 (8,9,10,11,12) Clockwise has given birth in a well-to-do
family and with lot of riches. Recently he took his father’s car and made
an accident. Survived though the four wheeler completely damaged.

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15 Siva
Date 17/06/1981 Time 20:20:00 Place New Delhi * Day Wednesday. Lat
28:39:00 North Long 77:13:00 East TZ 82:30:00 East Time Corr - 0:21:08;
KP-NA 23:30:13 Star: Mula-1 Rasi Dhanus Lagna: Dhanus 17:37:11.
CI 3,4,5 (9,10,11 ) Clockwise has given her good education and financial
success. She is appreciated by one and all because of her spiritual /
homely nature.

Pranams to Guruji Prof. KSK.

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Beauty Parlour

Sarovar Centre, Secretariat road

Hyderabad-500 004

Tel: 2323 0894

Skin rejuvenating facials

Skin whitening and firming

Hair coloring, streaking and


Hair styling and perming

Bridal make-up

Ear piercing

Tips and toes nail care

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By: Kanak Bosmia (KP Astrologer/Editor KPEzine)
Sahakar-2, Flat No: 28
Jagabhai park, Ram baug
Ahmedabad 380 008,
Phone 079- 2543 1165 Mobile: 98251 31165

From last some month we have seen many train accident; in this
regards I have try to look India’s chart. (Chart is attached with
this article).
In mundane astrology Train signify by 3rd House. As per KP rules,
Accident signify by 8 (Accident / Danger), 12 (Hospitalization),
6(Injury). If Maraka and Badhaka involve it will fatal.

This rule is for Natal chart, in nation chart, 3rd is Train so we

have to check 8,6,12 from 3rd. in other word if DBAS signify 2 (12th
from 3rd), 8 (6th from 3rd), 10 (8th from 3rd) and 4 Maraka (2nd from
3rd), 9(Maraka and Badhaka 7th from 3rd). There is a chance of Train

Running Dasa is Sun.

Sun is in the star of Mercury and sub of Saturn.

Sun is in 4th and Lord of 5th. in the star of Mercury is in 3 and

Lord of 2,3,6. In the sub of Saturn is in 3 and Lord of 10, 11.
Sun signifies 2 (12th from 3rd), 10 (8th from 3rd) and 4 Maraka (2nd
from 3rd). Indicate train accident.

This dasa run up to 27 July 2015.

Running Bhukti is Mars.

Mars is in the star of Rahu and sub of Rahu.

Mars is in 2 and Lord of the star and sub of Rahu is in

12.Rahu is agent of Venus is in 4 Lord of 1, No planet in the star
of Venusus and Venusus is Cuspal sublord of 1,2,3,10.
Mars signifies 2 (12th from 3rd), 10 (8th from 3rd) and 4 Maraka (2nd
from 3rd).

Mars Bhukti run up to 21/9/2010. During this time there are many
chance of more train accident.

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Again in Venus Antara during 13 August 2010 to 4 September 2010.

Venus is in the star of Mercury and sub of Moon.

Venus is in 4 Lord of 1, No planet in the star of Venus and Venus

is Cuspal sublord of 1, 2, 3, 10. in the star of Mercury is in 3
and Lord of 2,3,6. in the sub of Moon is in 3rd and lord of 4th.

Venus Antra signifies 2 (12th from 3rd), 10 (8th from 3rd) and 4
Maraka (2nd from 3rd). So in my opinion we can see more train
accident during 13 August 2010 to 4 September 2010. During this
time there are many chance of more train accident
Next Sun Antra run from 4 September 2010 to 10 September 2010.

Sun is in the star of Mercury and sub of Saturn.

Sun is in 4th and Lord of 5th., in the star of Mercury is in 3 and

Lord of 2,3,6. in the sub of Saturn is in 3 and Lord of 10,11.

Sun Signifies 2 (12th from 3rd), 10 (8th from 3rd) and 4 Maraka (2nd
from 3rd). During this time there are many chance of more train
Last Antra is Moon from 10 September 2010 to 21 September 2010.

Moon is in the star of Saturn and sub of Saturn.

Moon is in 3rd and lord of 4th, in the star and sub of Saturn is in
3, Lord of 10-11, Moon signifies 10 (8th from 3rd) and 4 Maraka (2nd
from 3rd), during this time there are many chance of more train

From above analysis we can see that (A) during Sun dasa till 27
July 2015 high chance of train accidents. (B) During Mars Bhukti up
to 21/9/2010 very high chance of train accidents.

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Name : India
System : Krishnamurthy Ayanamsa: 23° 1' 18"
Place : New Delhi
Date : 15-8-1947 Friday
Time : 00-00-00
Longitude : 77-13-0 East
Latitude : 28-39-0 North
Zone : IST 5.5
Settings : Universal Time
Sid.Time : 21° 8' 12"
Latitude : Geographic
Cusp System : Placidus
Sun Rise/Set Upper Ray : 5 - 49 - 29 | 7 - 1 - 32
Sun Rise/Set Lower Ray : 5 - 53 - 27 | 6 - 57 - 35
Lagna : Vrisha Krittika 4
Birth Rasi (Moon Sign) : Karkata
Birth Star (Nakshatra) : Pushya 1
Lunar Half (Paksha) : Krishna Paksha (Declining Phase)
Lunar Day (Thithi) : Apara Thriodasi 28
Yoga : Siddhi
Karana : Vanija
Dasa at DOB / DOQ : Saturn
Dasa Balance : 17 Y:11 M:9 D
Bhukti at DOB / DOQ : Saturn
Bhukti Balance : 1 Y:11 M:12 D
Current Date : 8/30/2010
Current Dasa running : Sun-Mar-Sun
: Sun Dasa upto: 21-Jul-2015
: Mars Bhukti upto: 14-Sep-2010
: Sun Antara upto: 01-Sep-2010

Planet Longitude Star KP Pointer

Sun 28° Cn 5' 20.8763" Aslesha Moo-Mer-Sat-Sat
Mercury 13° Cn 46' 27.8523" Pushya Moo-Sat-Rah-Mer
Venus 22° Cn 39' 40.8146" Aslesha Moo-Mer-Moo-Jup
Moon 4° Cn 5' 1.2615" Pushya Moo-Sat-Sat-Ket
Mars 7° Ge 33' 22.8302" Ardhra Mer-Rah-Rah-Mer
Jupiter 25° Li 58' 40.1887" Vishakha Ven-Jup-Ket-Sun
Saturn 20° Cn 34' 23.3071" Aslesha Moo-Mer-Ven-Jup
Uranus 2° Ge 9' 12.4036" Mrigasiras Mer-Mar-Ket-Moo
Neptune 15° Vi 48' 26.6714" Hastha Mer-Moo-Sat-Sat
Pluto 20° Cn 12' 29.8931" Aslesha Moo-Mer-Ven-Rah
Rahu 5° Ta 10' 21.1174" Krittika Ven-Sun-Mer-Mer
Ketu 5° Sc 10' 21.1174" Anuradha Mar-Sat-Sat-Jup
Lagna 7° Ta 51' 31.2358" Krittika Ven-Sun-Ven-Ven

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Cusps Longitude Star KP Pointer

I 7° Ta 51' 31.2358" Krittika Ven-Sun-Ven-Ven
II 3° Ge 27' 37.4872" Mrigasiras Mer-Mar-Ven-Mar
III 26° Ge 39' 39.0837" Punarvasu Mer-Jup-Ven-Ven
IV 21° Cn 33' 39.4081" Aslesha Moo-Mer-Sun-Sun
V 21° Le 43' 15.3738" Poorva Phalguni Sun-Ven-Jup-Rah
VI 28° Vi 48' 14.0184" Chitra Mer-Mar-Sat-Ven
VII 7° Sc 51' 31.2358" Anuradha Mar-Sat-Ket-Jup
VIII 3° Sa 27' 37.4872" Moola Jup-Ket-Sun-Mer
IX 26° Sa 39' 39.0837" Poorvashada Jup-Ven-Ket-Mer
X 21° Cp 33' 39.4081" Shravana Sat-Moo-Ven-Rah
XI 21° Aq 43' 15.3738" Poorva Bhadra Sat-Jup-Jup-Rah
XII 28° Pi 48' 14.0184" Revati Jup-Mer-Sat-Ven
Fortuna 13° Ar 51' 11.621" Bharani Mar-Ven-Ven-Moo

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Daivagnya Siromani
O V N Murthy, M.Com. FCS.
Company Secretary
Nizam Sugars Limited,
I Floor, Shakkar Bhavan,
Hyderabad 500004 AP
Ph. Off. 23232212 Res. 27405975
Mobile : 94417-78427
Smt. Geeta Vani Dhagay

Astro Diagnosis Libra – Part B

This Article on Astro Diagnosis is continuing from Jan 2010 issue as a
series of 12 Zodiac signs till December 2010 in this Astrovision. Medical
Anatomy of the Body & Natal Charts (Courtesy: Dr. TSS Lakshmi, MD Supdt.
Of Osmania Medical Hospital, Hyderabad & Dr. Bhamidipati Satyanarayana, MD
– KPAF Member & Source: Astrodatabank). Smt Geeta Vani Dhagay,
B.Com.PGDCA. Member of KPAF Hyderabad was extended his assistance in
preparing this article.
In Medical Astrology 7th Cusp of Natal Chart represents
Libra rules the Lumbar Region & Skin, Kidneys & Bones of Lumbar Regions,
Ovaries, Uterus of the Lady Polyuria, Suppression of the Urine,
Inflammation of the Uterus, Brights disease, Lumbago.
Venus as Lord of Libra represents Face, Vision, Genital Organs, Semen,
Urine, Luster of Body, Throat, Water in Body, Glands, Ovaries, Gullet,
Chin, Cheeks, Navel, Left Bar & Productive Organ.
Eye troubles, Venereal diseases, Disease in face, Urinal disease, fading
away of Luster of body, Indigestion, Throat troubles, Diabetes, Dropsy
fever and disease concerning glands, carbuncles, structure Urethra, Stone
in Bladder and Kidneys, Kidney troubles, Cataract and weakness of sexual
organs, tonsillitis, disease of Ovaries, Mucous disease, skin disease,
gonorrhea. Syphilis, goiter, gout and anemia and Brights disease Cysts
Physiologically this sign rules the kidneys, the lumbar region of the
spine, the skin, the ureters, which are the tiny ducts running between the
kidneys and the bladder, and the vaso-motor system. The affliction from
with the Libran is most likely to suffer are Bright's disease, lumbago,
and disturbed urine. The disease depends greatly upon the planets
afflicting: if Saturn, there is a scarcity of urine; if Jupiter, an
excess, etc. Nephritis, Eczema, and diabetes are also diseases from which
the Libran is likely to suffer.
VENUS-Throat, kidneys, thymus gland, venous circulation.
MOON-Esophagus, Uterus, Ovaries, lymphatics, sympathetic nervous system
synovial fluid, alimentary canal, lymph, chyle, nerve sheaths.
JUPITER-Liver, glycogen, suprarenals, arterial circulation, fibrin of
blood, disposition of fats.
MARS-Iron in blood, red coloring matter in blood, genitals, motor nerves,
left cerebral hemisphere, muscular movements, desire body, rectum.
Airy signs rising (Libra) give a nervous temperament and make the person
liable to disorders of the lungs, heart and kidneys. Many planets in these
signs give people literary and artistic inclinations.

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The main indicators of health and disease are the Sun, Moon and Ascendant,
together with the planets in the First House or just above the Ascendant.
The twelve signs of the Zodiac confer a vitality of differing degrees and
when there are no planets near the rising sign it is of much greater
importance than otherwise. The signs may be classified as follows:
Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius are strongly vital signs.
Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius are moderately vital.
Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces are signs of weak vitality.
The afflictions from Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn,
indicate acute ailments which usually run their course and leave no
particular trace.
The afflictions from Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius,
indicate organic or hereditary tendencies which are difficult to conquer
and usually become chronic.
The diseases indicated by Common Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and
Pisces, are convertible. They may be entirely overcome or run their course
until they become chronic, according to the mental temperament of the
person in whose figure these are found.
Libra contains Chithra-3-4, Swathi & Visakha 1-3 pada who rules the
following anatomy of the body:
Chitra 3-4: Kidneys, Loins, Hernia, Lumbar Region of Spine, Vase Motor
system. Polyuria, Inflammation of Urethra connecting Kidneys & Bladder,
Brights diseases, Lumbago, Kidneys troubles Excess of Urine, Hemorrhage of
the kidneys, renal stones, Reflux to Aries Sunstroke, Brain fever, pains
in head.
125 Ma-Me Lumbar last rib (12th) Tuberculosis
126 Ma-Ke Inguinal ring, the Pain/swelling at this part
right at abdomen and
thigh Hernia
127 Ma-Ve Cocicys muscle Pain at this region
128 Ma-Su Hypo gastric part below Pain/swelling in stomach
the stomach
129 Ma-Mo Capsule (enclosed to Failure of adrenal

Swathi: Skin, Kidneys, Urethra, Bladder, Polyuria, Urinary troubles,

Urethra Ulcerated, Pus Formation, Brights disease, eczema, skin trouble,
130 Ra-Ra Inguinal ring (abdomen Pain/swelling Hernia
and thigh duct) Sweating
131 Ra-Ju Lumbar Trig on Tumor and extra growth
triangular area
132 Ra-Sa Pelvis-bone below Chronic ailment in pelvis
abdomen bone
133 Ra-Me Cortex-external layer of Infection of the layer -
adrenal Adrenal
134 Ra-Ke Medulla- Inner most Falling of hair
portion of hair
135 Ra-Ve Pear shaped muscle Pain and swelling
136 Ra-Su Pyramid renal part Burning and shooting pains
in pyramid
137 Ra-Mo Kidney Ailment of kidney
138 Ra-Ma Mesenteric (membrane Sudden intestinal problem
attaching to intestines
wall )

Visakha 1-3: Lower Abdomen, Parts near Bladder, Kidneys, and Pancreatic
Glands. Deficiency of Adrenal secretion, Renal abscess, skin eruption,

Page # 27 / 63
diabetes, kidney sluggish, insulin deficiency. Congestion of Brain, Coma,
139 Ju-Ju Appendicular Shooting pain Appendix
140 Ju-Sa Renal Chronicalment of kidney
141 Ju-Me Nipple like duct Convulsions in this duct
142 Ju-Ke Urethra (urine track) Complications
143 Ju-Ve Portal (nervous Puss and swelling in
structure around urethra
144 Ju-Su Spleen Swelling and pain
145 Ju-Mo Appendix Swelling appendix

On account of her rulership of Taurus and Libra, Venus is responsible for

a number of affections of the throat and kidneys, also maladies due to
gastronomically indiscretions, lack of exercise, sedentary habits, poor
circulation of the venous blood, excess of amorous indulgence and
dissolute living, hence she brings obesity, tumours, cysts, poor
circulation, venereal diseases, tonsillitis, and various other disorders.
Her general effect when placed in the twelve signs may be classed as
Venus afflicted in Aries gives a tendency to catarrh in the head, mucus,
and, by reflex action in Libra congestion of the kidneys.
Taurus gives a tendency to mumps, headaches affecting the occipital
region, goitre, tonsillitis, and glandular swellings of the throat. By
reflect action in Scorpio this also brings venereal diseases or other
troubles peculiar to the genitals.
Gemini gives a tendency to corrupt blood, pulmonary inefficiency,
whitlows, warts, and dropsy.
Cancer gives a tendency to distended stomach, gastric tumour, and nausea.
Leo gives a tendency to spinal affections, backache and enlarged heart.
Virgo gives a tendency to weakened peristaltic action of the intestines,
tumors, tapeworm, and worms in children.
Libra gives a tendency to urernic and polyuria; by reflex action in Aries,
Scorpio gives a tendency to varicocele, venereal diseases, uterine
prolepsis or tumours, painful menstruation and other female complaints,
and by reflex action in Taurus, throat affections.
Sagittarius gives a tendency to tumours and kindred diseases in the hips,
and by reflex action in Gemini, bronchial and pulmonary affections.
Capricorn gives a tendency to gout in the limbs, and, by reflex action in
Cancer, digestive troubles, nausea and vomiting.
Aquarius gives a tendency to varicose veins and, by reflex action in Leo,
heart trouble.
Pisces gives a tendency to tender feet, bunions, chilblains, gout, and, by
reflex action in Virgo, abdominal tumours and intestinal disorders.
The Sun afflicted in Libra gives a tendency to Bright's disease and
eruptions of the skin through overheated blood, for Saturn rules the skin
and Libra is his exaltation sign.
Mercury afflicted in Libra gives a tendency to suppression of urine, renal
paroxysms, lumbago, and, by reflex action in Aries, vertigo, nervous
headaches and eye trouble.

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The Moon afflicted in Libra gives a tendency to Bright's disease, abscess
of the kidneys, uremia; by reflex action in Aries, headache or insomnia.
Saturn in Libra gives a tendency to locomotors ataxia, renal stones,
gravel and sand, Bright's disease, suppression of urine, malnutrition,
and, by reflex action in Aries, headache, toothache, and other disorders
of the head.
Jupiter afflicted in Libra gives a tendency to melancholy due to
diminished adrenal secretion, renal abscess, and diabetes, skin eruptions
due to sluggish action of kidneys; by reflex action in Aries, congestion
of brain, coma and vertigo.
Mars in Libra gives a tendency to inflammation of the kidneys, excess of
urine, haemorrhage of the kidneys, and renal stones; by reflex action in
Aries, brain-fever, sunstroke, pains in the head.
Uranus in Libra gives a tendency to intermittent action of the kidneys and
venereal eruptions of the skin; by reflex action in Aries, sudden and
violent headaches, shooting pains in the head, and hallucinations.
(Source: Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel)
In this issue we are discussing elaborately the concerned medical anatomy
and diseases that are connected with Libra Sign (Tula Rasi). As this sign
is 7th in Natural Zodiac Ruler Venus represents.

Five different varieties of Diseases (Ovarian Cyst, Uterus, Hysterctomy

and Lumbar) were taken up with supporting natal charts both from the
Members of KPAF, Hyderabad and Astrodata Bank. Hence the Article seems to
be very elaborate like a Research Paper and readers are requested to offer
their suggestions and also any natal charts to the email id: to include their views also in the coming articles on
this medical subject and the natal charts given by them would be included
at the appropriate topic.

I Libra Ailments:
a) Adrenal Gland (covered in the previous issue) b)Kidney Failure, Cancer,
Renal Problems(covered in the previous issue) c) Kidney Transplantation
(discussed in the previous Article) d) Ovaries Cyst/Cancer e) Uterus
Cancer f) Hysterectomy g) Lumbar Eczema
d. Ovaries Cyst/Cancer:

An ovarian cyst is any collection of fluid,

surrounded by a very thin wall, within an
ovary. Any ovarian follicle that is larger
than about two centimeters is termed an
ovarian cyst. An ovarian cyst can be as small
as a pea, or larger than an orange.
Most ovarian cysts are functional in nature
and harmless (benign).
Ovarian cysts affect women of all ages. They
Ovarian cyst occur most often, however, during a woman's
childbearing years.

. Some ovarian cysts cause problems, such as bleeding and pain. Surgery
may be required to remove cysts larger than 5 centimetres in diameter.
Functional cysts:
Some, called functional cysts, or simple cysts, are part of the normal
process of menstruation. They have nothing to do with disease, and can be
treated. These types of cysts occur during ovulation. If the egg is not

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released, the ovary can fill up with fluid. Usually these types of cysts
will go away after a few period cycles.
Signs and symptoms:
Some or all of the following symptoms may be present, though it is
possible not to experience any symptoms:

 Dull aching, or severe, sudden, and sharp pain or discomfort in the

lower abdomen (one or both sides), pelvis, vagina, lower back, or
thighs; pain may be constant or intermittent—this is the most common
 Fullness, heaviness, pressure, swelling, or bloating in the abdomen
 Breast tenderness
 Pain during or shortly after beginning or end of menstrual period.
 Irregular periods, or abnormal uterine bleeding or spotting
 Change in frequency or ease of urination (such as inability to fully
empty the bladder), or difficulty with bowel movements due to
pressure on adjacent pelvic anatomy
 Weight gain, Nausea or vomiting, fatigue, infertility, increased
level of hair growth, increased facial hair or body hair, headaches,
strange pains in the ribs, which feel muscular, bloating, strange
nodules that feel like bruises under the layer of skin.

For more serious cases where cysts are large and persisting, doctors may
suggest surgery. Some surgeries can be performed to successfully remove
the cyst(s) without hurting the ovaries, while others may require removal
of one or both ovaries.
Ovarian cancer:

Ovarian cancer is a cancerous growth arising from different parts of the

Most (>90%) ovarian cancers are classified as "epithelial" and were
believed to arise from the surface (epithelium) of the ovary. However,
recent evidence suggests that the Fallopian tube could also be the source
of some ovarian cancers. Since the ovaries and tubes are closely related
to each other, it is hypothesized that these cells can mimic ovarian
cancer. Other types arise from the egg cells (germ cell tumor) or
supporting cells (sex cord/stoma).
In early stages ovarian cancer is associated with abdominal distension.
Ovarian cancer causes non-specific symptoms. Early diagnosis would result
in better survival, on the assumption that stage I and II cancers progress
to stage III and IV cancers (but this has not been proven). Most women
with ovarian cancer report one or more symptoms such as abdominal pain or
discomfort, an abdominal mass, bloating, back pain, urinary urgency,
constipation, tiredness and a range of other non-specific symptoms, as
well as more specific symptoms such as pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal
bleeding or involuntary weight loss. There can be a build-up of fluid
(abscises) in the abdominal cavity.
Diagnosis of ovarian cancer starts with a physical examination (including
a pelvic examination), a blood test (for CA-125 and sometimes other
markers), and transvaginal ultrasound. The diagnosis must be confirmed
with surgery to inspect the abdominal cavity, take biopsies (tissue
samples for microscopic analysis) and look for cancer cells in the
abdominal fluid. Treatment usually involves chemotherapy and surgery, and
sometimes radiotherapy.
In most cases, the cause of ovarian cancer remains unknown. Older women,
and in those who have a first or second degree relative with the disease,
have an increased risk. Hereditary forms of ovarian cancer can be caused
by mutations in specific genes (most notably BRCA1 and BRCA2, but also in
genes for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer). Infertile women and
those with a condition called endometriosis, those who have never been
pregnant and those who use postmenopausal estrogen replacement therapy are
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at increased risk. Use of combined oral contraceptive pills is a
protective factor. The risk is also lower in women who have had their
uterine tubes blocked surgically.

A benign tumor of the ovary, discovered during a C-section; this is a 4 cm


Women normally have two ovaries that store and release eggs. Each ovary is
about the size of a walnut, and one ovary is located on each side of the
uterus. One ovary produces one egg each month, and this process starts a
woman's monthly menstrual cycle. The egg is enclosed in a sac called a
follicle. An egg grows inside the ovary until estrogens (a hormone),
signals the uterus to prepare itself for the egg. In turn, the uterus
begins to thicken itself and prepare for pregnancy. This cycle occurs each
month and usually ends when the egg is not fertilized. All contents of the
uterus are then expelled if the egg is not fertilized. This is called a
menstrual period.
Most ovarian cysts are functional in nature, and harmless (benign).[1] In
the US, ovarian cysts are found in nearly all premenopausal women, and in
up to 14.8% of postmenopausal women.
Ovarian cysts affect women of all ages. The vast majority of ovarian cysts
are considered functional (or physiologic). In other words, they have
nothing to do with disease. Most ovarian cysts are benign, meaning they
are not cancerous, and many disappear on their own in a matter of weeks
without treatment. Cysts occur most often during a woman's childbearing

In an ultrasound image, ovarian cysts resemble bubbles. The cyst contains

only fluid and is surrounded by a very thin wall. This kind of cyst is
also called a functional cyst, or simple cyst. If a follicle fails to
rupture and release the egg, the fluid remains and can form a cyst in the
ovary. This usually affects one of the ovaries. Small cysts (smaller than
one-half inch) may be present in a normal ovary while follicles are being
formed. Ovarian cysts can be categorized as noncancerous or cancerous
growths. While cysts may be found in ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts
typically represent a normal process or harmless (benign) condition.
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28 Bangaru: Date 11/11/1982 Time 02:35:00 IST Place Challapeta AP* Day
Thursday; Lat 18:18:00 N Long 83:20:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr
0:03:20; KP-NA 23:31:24 Birth Star: UttaraPhalguni-1 Rasi: Simha Asc. :
Vir 5:47:21;
VI CSL Mo (11,12) in Su(12,2); VIII CSL Ma(3,8,4) in Ve(2,9,1); XII CSL
Ra(10) in own star; Lib CSL Su(12,2) in Ju(4,7,2). During Ra-Ju
(30.1.2009) Moon in Aslesha, the native has undergone Operation Cyst on
ovary in NJ US.
29 Kim Rogers Gallagher: American full time pro astrologer--Date
26/11/1957 Time 11:57:00 EST Place Waterbury CT Day Tuesday Lat
41:33:00 N Long 73:03:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time Corr 0:07:48 KP-NA
23:10:30 Birth Star: Sravanam-1 Rasi: Capricorn Asc: Cap 27:41:22.
VI CSL Ve(4,9,12) in Su(9); VIII CSL Sa(1,9) in Me(5,8,10); XII CSL
Mo(7,12) in own star; Lib CSL Ju(2,11,8) in Ma(3,10,9). During Ra-Ju (30
May 1976) the natives right ovary was removed.
30 Elliott Anne : Australian Astrologer-Date 07/07/1946 Time 07:00:00
Place Melbourne AU Day Sunday Lat 37:49:00 S Long 144:58:00 E TZ
150:00:00 E Time Corr - 0:20:00 KP-NA 23:00:58 Birth Star: Chitra-2
Rasi: Virgo Asc : Gem 11:12:20.
VI & Lib CSL Ve(4,5,12,2) in Me(1,2); VIII CSL Me(1,2) in own star; XII
CSL Ke(6) in Me(1,2). During Ju-Ve (Oct 1978) the native had ruptured
ovarian cyst, surgery.
31 Dennis Sandy: American Actress--Date 27/04/1937 Time 19:17:00 CST
Place Hasting NE Day Tuesday Lat 40:35:00 N Long 98:23:00 W TZ 90:00:00
W Time Corr - 0:33:32 KP-NA 22:53:16 Birth Star: Anuradha-3 Rasi:
Scorpio Asc : Lib 13:48:20.
VI & XII CSL Ve(1,8,6) in Me(9,12,7); VIII CSL Ra(2) in Me(9,12,7); Lib
CSL Me(9,12,7) in Su(12,7). During Su-Ju (1 Mar 1992) the native had
Ovarian cancer.
32 Madeline Kahn: American Actress-Date 29/09/1942 Time 18:07:00 EST
Place New York Day Tuesday Lat 40:42:00 N Long 74:00:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W
Time Corr 0:04:00 KP-NA 22:57:48 Birth Star: Rohini-2 Rasi: Taurus Asc :
Pis 25:36:38.
VI CSL Sa(11,12,2) in Mo(5,2); VIII CSL Ra(6) in Ke(12); XII CSL
Ju(1,10,4) in own star. During Sa-Ve (3Sep 1998) the native was diagnosed
with ovarian cancer.
33 Diana Dors: British Actress--Date 23/10/1931 Time 06:00:00 GMT Place
Swindon England Day Friday Lat 51:34:00 N Lon 1:47:00 W TZ
0:00:00 E Time Corr - 0:07:08 KP-NA 22:48:39 BirthStar:Purvabadhara-1
Rasi: Meena Asc : Vir 27:31:28.
VI & XII CSL Me(12,1) in Ra(6); VIII & Lib CSL Sa(4,5,3) in Ve(2,9).
During Ve-Mo (4 May 1984) the native had Cancer Ovarian at age 52.
34 Mythili : Date 06/03/1971 Time 06:15:00 IST Place Rai Bareilly Day
Saturday Lat 26:16:00 N Long 81:16:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr -
0:04:56 KP-NA 23:21:37 Birth Star: Arudra-3 Rasi: Gemini Asc. : Aqu
VI & XII CSL Ra(12) in Ma(3,10,); VIII CSL Ju(2,11,9) in Sa(12,1,2); Lib
CSL Ve(4,9,11) in Su(7,1). During Sa-Ra the native has undergone
Hysterectomy/Uterine Ovaries Spleen.
e. Uterus Cancer
The uterus is located in the lower abdomen between the bladder and
the rectum. The uterus is also called the womb. It is pear-shaped, and the
lower, narrow end of the uterus is the cervix. When a woman is pregnant,
the baby grows in the uterus until he or she is born.
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In women who have not gone through menopause ("the change" or "change of
life"), the ovaries produce the hormone estrogens at the beginning of
the menstrual cycle. Estrogens help to prepare the lining of the uterus
(called the endometrium) for possible pregnancy. When the uterus is ready,
one of the ovaries releases an egg. The egg travels down the fallopian
tube where it waits for possible fertilization.
If the woman becomes pregnant, the fertilized egg travels to the uterus
where it attaches to the endometrium. If she does not, the endometrium and
the unfertilized egg are discharged through the vagina during the woman's
next period (menstruation).
Some of the problems that can affect your uterus are:
Noncancerous growths in the uterus, called fibroids, which can cause pain
and bleeding. Endometriosis, a condition in which the tissue that forms
the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. Heavy bleeding each
time you have your period or between periods. Hormonal imbalances.
Unexplained pelvic pain.
Uterine cancer Classification and external resources

The term uterine cancer may refer to

any of several different types of
cancer which occur in the uterus,

 Uterine sarcomas: sarcomas of

the myometrium, or muscular
layer of the uterus, are most
commonly leiomyosarcomas.
Malignant tumour of the uterus  Endometrial cancer:

 Cervical cancer arises from the transitional zone of the cervix, the
lower portion of the uterus and connects to the upper aspect of the
 Gestational trophoblastic disease relates to neoplastic processes
originating from tissue of a pregnancy that often is located in the


The uterus (from Latin "uterus" (womb, belly),

plural or uteri) or womb is a major female
hormone-responsive reproductive sex organ of
most mammals including humans. One end, the
cervix, opens into the vagina, while the other
is connected to one or both fallopian tubes,
depending on the species. It is within the
uterus that the fetus develops during gestation,
usually developing completely in placental
mammals such as humans and partially in
marsupials such as kangaroos and opossums.

Two uteruses usually form initially in a female fetus, and in placental

mammals they may partially or completely fuse into a single uterus
depending on the species. In many species with two uteruses, only one is
functional. Humans and other higher primates such as chimpanzees, along
with horses, usually have a single completely fused uterus, although in
some individuals the uteruses may not have completely fused. The term
uterus is used consistently within the medical and related professions,
while the Germanic derived term womb is also common in everyday usage in
the English language.

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The uterus is located inside the pelvis immediately dorsal (and usually
somewhat rostral) to the urinary bladder and ventral to the rectum. The
human uterus is pear-shaped and about 3 in. (7.6 cm) long. A female's
uterus can be divided anatomically into four segments: The fungus, corpus,
cervix and the internal os.

Schematic frontal model of a
Uterus and uterine human
view of female tubes. pregnancy
35 Mythili : Date 06/03/1971 Time 06:15:00 IST Place Rai Bareilly Day
Saturday Lat 26:16:00 N Long 81:16:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr -
0:04:56 KP-NA 23:21:37 Birth Star: Arudra-3 Rasi: Gemini Asc. : Aqu
VI & XII CSL Ra (12) in Ma(10,3,); VIII CSL Ju(9,2,11) in Sa(2,1,12); Lib
CSL Ve(11,4,9) in Su(1,7).
During Sa-Ra the native underwent operation of Hysterectomy/Uterine
36 Shari Lewis: American Puppeteer--Date 17/01/1933 Time 22:57:00 EST
Place New York Day Tuesday Lat 40:42:00 N Long 74:00:00 W TZ 75:00:00
W Time Corr 0:04:00 KP-NA 22:49:41 Birth Star: Hasta-4 Rasi: Virgo Asc.
: Vir 16:58:41;
VI CSL Sa (4,5,6) in Mo(1,11); VIII CSL Ve(3,2,9) in Ke(11); XII CSL
Ju(12,4,7) in Su(4,12); Lib CSL Me(4,1,10) in Ve(3,2,9).
During Me-Ve (June 1998) the native underwent operation for Uterine
37 Bancroft Anne: American Actress Date 17/09/1931 Time 11:50:00 EST Place
Bronx Day Thursday Lat 40:51:00 N Long 73:54:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time
Corr - 0:55:36 KP-NA 22:48:34 Birth Star: Anuradha-4 Rasi: Scorpio Asc.
: Sco 1:34:45,
VI Sa (2,3,4) & XII in Ve (10,7,12 conj. Ke); VIII CSL Ke (11-
10,7,12/Ve) in Mo (1,9 Bh); During Ra-Sa (6 June 2005) the native
underwent operation of uterine cancer in NY, age 73.
38 Condoleezza Rice : Former US Secretary of State--Date 14/11/1954 Time
11:30:00 CST Place Birmingham AL * Day Sunday Lat 33:31:00 N Long
86:48:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time Corr 0:12:48 KP-NA 23:07:57 Birth Star:
Punurvasu-2 Rasi: Gemini Asc. : Cap 10:00:46.
VI Me (9,6) in Ra (12-6/Ke); VIII CSL Sa (9,1,2) in Ju (6,3,12); XII &
Lib CSL Ve (10,5) in Ju (as above); During Ke-Ju(19 Nov 2004) the native
had uterine fibroid embolization.
39 Eva Peron : Argentine actress Time 05:14:00 LMT Place Buenos Aires
Argentine Day Wednesday Lat 34:36:00 S Long 58:27:00 W TZ 64:15:00 W
Time Corr 0:23:12 KP-NA 22:38:13 Birth Star: Ashlesha-4 Rasi: Cancer Asc.
: Ari 9:26:17.
VI & XII, & Lib Ju(3,9,12 ) in Ra (8- 4,10,11/Sa); VIII CSL Ve (2,7) in
Ma(1,8); During Su-Sa (July 1952) the native underwent operation of
Uterine cancer, age 33.
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f. Hysterectomy

A hysterectomy is an operation to remove a woman's uterus. A woman may
have a hysterectomy for different reasons, including:

 Uterine fibroids that cause pain, bleeding, or other problems

 Uterine prolapsed, which is a sliding of the uterus from its normal
position into the vaginal canal
 Cancer of the uterus, cervix, or ovaries
 Endometriosis
 Abnormal vaginal bleeding
 Chronic pelvic pain
 Adenomyosis, or a thickening of the uterus

Hysterectomy is usually considered only after all other treatment

approaches have been tried without success

A hysterectomy (from Greek hystera "womb" and "a cutting out of") is
the surgical removal of the uterus, usually performed by a gynecologist.
Hysterectomy may be total (removing the body, fundus, and cervix of the
uterus; often called "complete") or partial (removal of the uterine body
while leaving the cervix intact; also called "supracervical"). It is the
most commonly performed gynecological surgical procedure.

Removal of the uterus renders the patient unable to bear children (as does
removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes), and changes her hormonal levels
considerably, so the surgery is normally recommended for only a few
specific circumstances:

Types of hysterectomy

Schematic drawing of types of hysterectomy

Hysterectomy in the literal sense of the word means merely removal of the
uterus; however other organs such as ovaries, fallopian tubes and the
cervix are very frequently removed as part of the surgery.

 Radical hysterectomy: complete removal of the uterus, cervix, upper

vagina, and parametrium. Indicated for cancer. Lymph nodes, ovaries
and fallopian tubes are also usually removed in this situation.
 Total hysterectomy: Complete removal of the uterus and cervix.

40 Kim Rogers Gallagher: American full-time pro astrologer Date 26/11/1957
Time 11:57:00 EST Place Waterbury CT Day Tuesday Lat 41:33:00 N Long
73:03:00 W TZ 75:00:00 W Time Corr 0:07:48. KP-NA 23:10:30 Birth Star:
Sravanam-1 Rasi: Capricorn Asc: Cap 27:41:22.

Page # 35 / 63
VI CSL Ve(4,9,12) in Su(9); VIII CSL Sa(1,9) in Me(5,8,10); XII CSL
Mo(7,12) in own star; Lib CSL Ju(2,11,8) in Ma (3,10,9). During Ra-Ve (2
Feb 1987) the native had total hysterectomy.
41 Apaa: ate 03/06/1955 Time 05:30:00 IST Place Bapatla AP Day Friday Lat
16:22:00 N Long 80:27:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr - 0:08:12. KP-NA
23:08:25 Birth Star: Visakha-1 Rasi: Tula Asc: Tau 16:25:35.
VI, VIII, XII & Lib CSL Me (1,2,5 Conj. Ke ) in Ma (2,7,12):
During Me-Ra the native underwent Hysterectomy operation in Nov. 2001.
42 Parvathi : Date 29/09/1956 Time 14:20:00 IST Place Bapatla AP * Day
Saturday Lat 16:22:00 N Long 80:27:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr -
0:08:12 KP-NA 23:09:32 Birth Star: Pushyami-2 Rasi: Kataka Asc : Cap
VI CSL Sa 10,1,2 ) in own star; VIII CSL Ve (7,5,10) in Me (6,8); 12
Me(8,6) in Su(8); Lib CSL Ju(8,3,12 ) in Ve (as above):
During Ve-Mo the native underwent Hysterectomy operation in June 1997.
43 Saraswathi : Date 23/09/1945 Time 15:30:00 IST Place Bhimavaram Day
Sunday Lat 16:45:00 North Long 81:43:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr -
0:03:08 KP-NA 23:00:18 Birth Star: Revathi-4 Rasi: Meena Asc :
VI & XII CSL Me (8,6) in Su (8); VIII CSL Ra (5-10,11/Ma) in own star; Lib
CSL Ve (7,4,5,9) in Ke (11-8,12/Ju);
During Ra-Ra the native underwent Hysterectomy operation in Aug. 1997.
44 Surya Mukhi: Date 28/08/1939 Time 00:58:00 IST Place Kakinada AP* Day
Monday Lat 16:57:00 N Long 82:14:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr -
0:01:04. KP-NA 22:55:13 Birth Star: Sravanam-3 Rasi: Makara Asc. : Gem
VI & VIII CSL Ra(5-3,12/Ve) in own star; XII CSL Ju(10,7,8,11) in
Sa(11,9,10- Conj. Ke ):
During Ju-Me the native underwent Hysterectomy operation in Aug. 1975.
45 Pushpa: Date 09/08/1966 Time 23:25:00 IST Place Vizianagaram AP * Day
Tuesday Lat 18:07:00 N Long 83:25:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr 0:03:40
KP-NA 23:17:47 Birth Star: Bharani-4 Rasi: Mesha Asc. : Ari 24:56:40.
VI & Lib. Me( 3,6) in Sa(11,10); VIII CSL Mo(1,4 Conj. Ra ) in Ve (3,2,7);
XII CSL Ke (7) in Ju (3,9,12):
During Ra-Me the native underwent Hysterectomy operation in May 1999.
46 Rajee: Date 06/10/1951 Time 02:05:00 IST Place Bapatla AP* Day Saturday
Lat 15:54:00 N Long 80:30:00 E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr - 0:08:00.
KP-NA 23:05:21 Birth Star: Jyesta-2 Rasi: Scorpio Asc. : Can 22:10:12.
VI,XII & Lib CSL Sa (2,7,8) in Mo (5,1); VIII CSL Ma (1,5,10) in Ke (1-
2/Su); During Mo-Mo native underwent Hysterectomy operation in June 1997.
47 Roseanne Barr: American comedian --Date 03/11/1952 Time 13:21:00 MST
Place Salt Lake City UT Day Monday Lat 40:45:00 N Long 111:53:00 W TZ
105:00:00 W Time Corr - 0:27:32. KP-NA 23:06:16 Birth Star: Rohini-1
Rasi: Tau Asc : Cap 14:10:20.
VII CSL Su (9) in Ra (1-12,3,10,11/ Ma); VIII & Lib. CSL Ju (3,2,12) in Ve
(10,4,5,9); XII CSL Ma (12,3, 10,11) in Ve(as above);
During Sa-Sa (2003) the native had hysterectomy.
48 Mora Mirka: Date 18/03/1928 Time 15:00:00 GMT Place Paris Day Sunday
Lat 48:52:00 N Long 2:20:00 E TZ 0:00:00 E Time Corr 0:09:20 KP-NA
22:45:38 Birth Star: Sravanam Rasi: Capricorn Asc : Leo 3:21:08.
French-Australian artist, a Melbourne painter and textile sculptor held in
affectionate public regard.

Page # 36 / 63
VI CSL Me(7,4) in Ra (10-6,12/Mo ); VIII, XII & Lib CSL Sa (4,6,7,8) in Me
(7,3,11); During Me-Ve (1993 Cancer of the cervix and uterus) (1994)
49 Una Chiodini : Date 21/11/1936 Time 10:58:00 CST Place Chicago IL US
Day Saturday Lat 41:51:00 N Long 87:39:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time
Corr 0:09:24. KP-NA 22:52:54 Birth Star: Dhanista-3 Rasi: Aqu. Asc : Cap
American numerologist, palmist and astrologer with a dramatic private
VI & XII CSL Ju (11,3,12) in Ke (5-8,4,11/Ma Bh); VIII CSL Ra (11-Conj.
Ju) in Ke (5-8,4,11/Ma); Lib CSL Ve (12,5,10) in Ke (5-8,4,11/Ma);
During Sa-Sa In (Sep 1973), she had a hysterectomy.
h. Lumbar:

In tetrapod anatomy, lumbar is an adjective that means of or pertaining to

the abdominal segment of the torso, between the diaphragm and the sacrum
(pelvis). The lumbar region is sometimes referred to as the lower spine.
In human anatomy the five vertebrae in the lumbar region of the back are
the largest and strongest in the movable part of the spinal column, and
can be distinguished by the absence of a foramen in the transverse
process, and by the absence of facets on the sides of the body.

The actual spinal cord (medulla spinals) terminates between vertebrae one
and two of this series, called L1 and L2. The nervous tissue that extends
below this point are individual strands that collectively form the cauda
equina. In between each lumbar vertebra a nerve root exits, and these
nerve roots come together again to form the largest single nerve in the
human body, the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs through the back of
each leg and into the feet. This is why a disorder of the low back that
affects a nerve root, such as a spinal disc herniation, can cause pain
that radiates along the sciatic nerve (sciatica) down into the foot.

There are several muscles in the low back that assist with rotation,
flexibility and strength. These muscles are susceptible to injury,
especially while lifting heavy objects, or lifting while twisting. A low
back muscle strain can be extremely painful but will usually heal within a
few days or weeks.

The lumbar portion of the spine bears the most body weight and also
provides the most flexibility, a combination that makes it susceptible to
injury and wear and tear over time. This is why low back pain is so

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Lumbar vertebrae
These five (5) vertebrae are very robust in construction, as they must
support more weight than other vertebrae. They allow significant flexion
and extension, moderate lateral flexion (side bending), and a small degree
of rotation. The discs between these vertebrae create a Lumbar lordosis
(curvature that is concave posteriorly) in the human spine.
In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) 6th House Virgo represents
Lumbar Spondylosis & Libra of Kidney Region represents Lumbar and Abdomen
region where the Five Lumbar Vertebras are existing (L1–L5) which are
representing Lumbar Spondylosis.
Saturn is Karaka for bones & Lord of Virgo Mercury Libra Venus represents
Nervous System and Discs.
Any afflictions to these two houses from Natural Zodiac/ Ascendant would
lead to Lumbar Spondylosis Problems.
Saturn is Karaka for Bones, Gem/Vir / Lib & 6th/7th Houses from Lagna if
afflicted and connected to evil houses 6-disease, 8-chronic, 12-
hospitalisation would lead to Spondylosis
50 Dhanam (L4): (Chart Courtesy Sri OVSN Murthy) Date: 19/11/1968 Time:
13:10:00 Place: Kovvur WG Dt. Day: Tuesday Lat: 17:15:00N. Long:
81:44:00E. KPNA: 23:19:42; Birth Star: Swathi-4 Rasi: Thula: Asc: Aqua
During Me-Me the native was born in Aquarius Lagna. 6th sublord Jupiter
as lord of 2 n 11 in 7th cusp Virgo in Su/Ke. The 3rd sublord Kethu who
is in Virgo in conjunction with Mars in Moon star (Moon in 8th) has given
severe lumbar (L4) Spondylosis and advised to take bed rest for relief
instead of surgical intervention. Kethu and Moon connection Libra Sign
made the L4 Disc Problem without much relief.
51 Padmanabhan: (L4 Operation) Date: 05/08/1966, Time: 14:32:00 Place:
Bhilai * Day Friday, Lat: 21:13:00N Long: 81:26:00; KPNA 23:17:46 Birth
Star: PurvaBhadhra-4, Rasi: Meena Asc.: Sco 19:23:17.
During Ke-Sa Operation (8/2008) L4. The native was born in Scorpio Lagna.
6th CSL Mercury is in 8th bhava in Sa-Ke. Saturn as l/o 3 n 4 in 4th cusp
indicating cervical problem. 3rd CSL Venus who is in 8th in the star of
Jupiter l/o 2 n 5 in 8th indicates problems through house Gemini. The
native underwent L4 Lumbar disc operation during Kethu/Saturn. Kethu is
connected to Jupiter Venus who are in 8th cusp and Bhukthi lord Saturn is
in Sa-Me who is connected to 6th CSL has given a successful operation of L4
disc. Now the native has regained his free walking.

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52 Atul: (Chart Courtesy: Sri Shivendra) Date 12/04/1979 Time 04:50:00 IST
Place Hospital Kasturba ND Day Thursday Lat 28:39:00 No Long 77:14:00 E
TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr - 0:21:04 KP-NA 23:28:24 Birth Star: Hasta-4
Rasi: Virgo Asc. : Pis 1:58:16
VI & XII CSL Ra (6-Conj. Sat- Leo-Spinal Colum) in Ve (12,3,8 conj. Ke);
VIII & Lib CSL Ju (5,10,11,1) in Sa (6,12 Conj. Ra/ Leo );
During Ra-Su (Feb 03, 2002) his L – 3 was broken in three pieces. Both
Rahu & Sun are connected to Lumber & spinal Colum hence the native had
injury in the work spot . Saturn /Rahu combination in 6th house has given
this problem. However present Ju-Me from 07/2010 Mer 08/10/2012 is well
connected to I n X Lord in V would give complete recovery from the ailment
occurred due to accident.
Conclusion: From the above 3 charts for Lumbar Spondylosis problem we can
make out the following connections are strongly indicating the above
6th CSL Jupiter prominently and also Mercury and Mars. In zodiac Leom
Virgo & Libra 5th and 6th cusps connection to 6,8,12. Kethu involvement,
Moon/Venus is planets which are karakas for soft jelly type discs which
plays a major role in Vertebra movement and the spinal nervous system.
Moon, Mars, Mercury Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, Kethu’s role is very
a. Eczema Classification and external resources

Eczema is a form of dermatitis, or

inflammation of the epidermis (the outer
layer of the skin). The term eczema is
broadly applied to a range of persistent
skin conditions. These include dryness
and recurring skin rashes that are
characterized by one or more of these
symptoms: redness, skin edema
(swelling), itching and dryness,
crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking,
oozing, or bleeding. Areas of temporary
Typical, mild dermatitis skin discoloration may appear and are
sometimes due to healed

injuries. Scratching open a healing lesion may result in scarring and may
enlarge the rash.
In Medical astrology Natural Zodiac (Kalapursha) 6th House Virgo represents
Mercury and Ketu are Karakas for skin diseases & Lord of Virgo Mercury
Libra Venus represents skin related ailments, particularly swathi star in
Any afflictions to these two houses from Natural Zodiac/ Ascendant would
lead to Eczeme.
Mercury is Karaka for skin, Gem/Vir / Lib & 6th/7th Houses from Lagna if
afflicted and connected to evil houses 6-disease, 8-chronic, 12-
hospitalisation would lead to Eczeme.

Page # 39 / 63
53 Animika: Date 16/04/2002 Time 08:46:00 IST Place undisclosed Day
Tuesday Lat Undisclosed N Long Undisclosed E TZ 82:30:00 E Time Corr -
0:16:08 KP-NA 23:47:40 Birth Star: Krittika-4 Rasi: Vrishabha Asc: Tau
The Baby is suffering with chronic skin problem since birth as Moon at the
time of birth is in Su-Ve-Sa; Sa is I CSL connected to congenital defect
of skin problem. At the time of birth Sun Major is in Kethu star, Venus
karaka for beauty is in own star 12th cusp, Sookshma lord Saturn is in
Moon, VI CSL Mercury is again in Kethu star indicating the problem and
Kethu/Mercury plays significant role in this issue.
54 Kenneth Lee Adelman: (American government official) Date 09/06/1946
Time 10:51:00 Place Chicago IL * Day Sunday Lat 41:51:00 N Long
87:39:00 W TZ 90:00:00 W Time Corr 0:09:24 KP-NA 23:00:54 Birth
Star:Chithra-2 Rasi: Virgo Asc : Leo 15:29:36.
VI CSL CSL Me(10,2,11) in Ma(12,4,9 Leo); I CSL Ve(11,3,10) in Ju(2 Virgo
5,8); Lib CSL Ra(10- conj. Sun 1,10) in Ma(as above):The native suffered
chronic eczema VIII CSL Venus connection indicated congenital skin
problems. Venus karaka for beauty and lustre, Mercury is karaka for many
disease including skin ailments.
55 Jean Didier Wolfromm: French writer, a journalist, critic and author of
three novels; Date 21/05/1941 Time 21:00:00 Place Paris Day Wednesday Lat
48:50:00 N Long 2:20:00 E Zone 0:00:00 E Time Corr - 0:50:40 KP-NA
22:56:40 Birth Star: Purvabhadra-3. Rasi: Meena Asc : Sco 13:39:11.

VI CSL Su(6,9) in own star conj. Ju; I CSL Ra(10 Vir) in Su(6,9); Lib CSL
Mo(4) in Me(7,8,10) and Ve another Lib CSL due Cuspal interception
(7,11,12) in Mo (4); VIII CSL Moon connection to Libra and Mercury has
given congenital problem of this skin disease as always involvement of 8th
indicates defect from birth.

Conclusion: From the above 3 charts for Eczeme problem we can make out the
Venus, Mercury, I & VIII Cuspal sublord are responsible for this ailment.

Pranams to Guru Prof. KSK.

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Dear Friend,
Please check my prediction on singing competition in ASTROVISION August
2010 issue. My rule continuesly works this time too. If I remember
correctly, it was my 5th sucessfull prediction for singing competition.
Ms. Bhoomy lost this singing competition.
Of cource, it is not sufficient number for prediction, but bcoz I always
choose advance prediction, so it is not possible for me to give lot of
examples now, but as I get chance I will try on it.
If you know about any singing or dancing competion, kindly inform me. I
will love to work on it.

Kanak Bosmia

Note: Both the predictions given by Mr. Bosmia i.e., with regard to Rwanda
Presidential Elections as well as the Indian Idol came correct. We take
this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Kanak Bosmia on this wonderful

Dear Sri Kanak ji,

At the outset let me congratulate you for the wonderful Horary Predictions
given in the Astrovision August 2010 issue relating to the matter
connected with Indian Idol winning.
In this connection you have discussed very clearly the KP Horary
principles relating to 5th cusp of Singing talent and Success in
competition. You have clearly mentioned about your desire to know the
outcome of the Results of Indian Idol conducted by Sony TV through SMS
method. You have categorically mentioned about the winning chances of Ms.
Bhoomi Trivedi and chances of success to opponent. In the conclusion you
have given that Ms. Bhoomi's winning chances are not strong when compared
to the opponent success.

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Yesterday I am before the TV Sony Channel at midnight 11.30pm Sri Amitabh
ji has declared that Sri Sreeram Chandra has won the Indian Idol Award. I
am really happy to note that KP Horary Tool has given amazing predictions
in advance by Sri Kanak Bosmia from Ahmadabad.

Mumbai: Hyderabad-based Sreeram Chandra has won the fifth season of music
reality show "Indian Idol". He was announced the winner by megastar
Amitabh Bachchan.
The 24-year-old singer pipped Rakesh Maini from Agra and Bhoomi Trivedi of
Baroda to win the contest. Sreeram has been consistently performing well
on the show and receiving compliments galore from the Who's Who of the
Indian music industry.


Dear Viswanath
Thank you sir for sending the ASTROVISION mag.However I want to write my
views on this.
Shri OVN Murthy’s Scorpio lagna matter doe not match with many. As KP
every individual is completely different nothing matches with common
predictions like rasi phalams.
All examples are foreign natives. Why no Indians? Why at all for
generalised predictions and so much write ups let us have concrete case
study and convince in advance.
Shri vivekananda write up is however if not known as an individual life
history can any one declare and write so much on an individual in advance
foreign journey death sage etc.
All are post mortem of known case.
There are many Indians with vast experience in life if anything done in
advance and things to come in future if described and confirm it shall be
useful to all.
There are certain points noteworthy. Also if first sub lord indicates 3,
12 with karaka Saturn and Ketu one will be a sanyasi, which is very nice
Malefics in Libra or Scorpio shall definitely bring in kidney trouble.
Please do not mistake me for writing this.
With my high regards

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Dear Sri Sairaman garu,

I have gone thru the email forwarded by Sri MK Viswanath ji,

Regarding Scorpio Cuspal Interception article, first of all, I try from Indian Charts
only which I am possessing during the course of consultancy for the last 3
decades. Some times I do possess 1 or 2 charts of Indians but from whom I am
unable to get feed back since they met me somewhere in 1990s.

Hence I go on internet to get some practical charts from Astrodata Bank and use
them for my article. I request you in future to plz send if u do possess any charts
with feed back for the Lagnas Capricorn to Pisces for my future writing articles to
be published before Dec. 2010.

Relating to the general write up on each Lagna with all 12 cusps in detail as per
Vedic (not KP) both for Anticlock/Clock wise cusps and their ruler and probable
general nature and behaviour of the bhava would give some information to the
readers about that Ascendant in discussion.

Plz send any suggestions on Medical Astrology / Charts, so that I will incorporate
the same before concluding the article for that particular Rasi and area of

OVN Murthy Hyd

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Vaastu Consultant
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 Surya/Sun transits to Simha/Leo rashi/sign on 16.09.2010
 Mangal/Mars is in Kanya/Virgo rashi/sign and will remain in this
rashi/sign till 5th Sept 2010. It will transit to Tula/Libra
rashi/sign on 6th Sept 2010
 Budh/Mercury has transited to Simha/Leo rashi/sign on 23.07.2010. It
will remain in this sign till 30th Sept 2010. It will get
Vakri/Retrograde on 20th August and will get margi/in direct motion
on 12th Sept 2010.
 Guru/Jupiter is in Kumbh/Aquarius rashi/sign. On 02.05.2010 it has
entered Meen/Pisces rashi/sign. It will get Vakri/Retrograte on
23.07.2010 and will enter Kumbh Rashi/Sign on 01.11.2010. It will get
Margi/in direct motion on 18.11.2010 and then transit to Meen/Pisces
rashi on 6.12.2010.
 Shukra/Venus transits to Tula/Libra rashi/Sign on 01.08.2010
 Sani/Saturn is in Kanya/Virgo rashi/sign. It is Margi/in direct
motion since 30.05.2010
 Rahu is in Dhanur rashi & Ketu in Mithun rashi
 Natives aspiring for foreign travel for job, vacation, business,
ventures will see success in their foreign travel. This will be valid
till 1.11.2010.
 Natives who are diabetics need to be cautious in their diet; else
sugar levels can increase. Non diabetic natives can also get
 Transit of Venus & conjunct Mars to Tula/Libra rashi/sign will give
results as under
o Illicit relationship and extra marital affairs will increase
o Sex related scams will get reported
o Two men in living relationship with one common women under
same roof will get reported
o Sexual related crimes, rapes will increase
o Marital conflicts & divorce cases will increase
o Failed love affairs will increase suicidal cases
o Elopement marriages will increase
o Share market globally will be very aggressive with sudden rise
and fall or swing trades will increase
o Inflation will get out of hand
o Terrorism through women will rise
o Air & Road accidents will Increase

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o Natives in top secret positions at any level will leak secret
information for financial favours. These scams will be

 Health in general will improve after the 6th. Teething health issues
will remain like problems related to stomach, kidney, sexual organs,
pain in shoulder & right hand.
 Finances will improve. Expect financial gains through female mates.
Loans and funds will be available at a higher price. Expenses on
spirituality will increase.
 Career hard work is not ruled out. Aggression at work with increased
energy & possibility of conflicts at work will remain. Promotion,
change of job is a strong possibility. Overseas job opportunities
will come but with less lucrative contracts. Natives in defense
army, air force, police and security establishments will see sudden
growth in career.
 Business loans and funds will be available. Natives in foreign trade
can expect sudden growth in business. New contracts and contacts
will boost business. Foreign trips will be lucrative. Hard work will
give certain results.
 Romance will not be stable and steady. You could get involved into
extra marital affairs. Unmarried natives in love will also get
involved into sexual affairs.
 Share Market will give good gains after the 7th. Aggressive trading
will also give gains. Investments in share broking houses,
information & Technology, private banking sectors, Hotel, fitness
sectors will give good gains.
 Miscellaneous this month you will have an aggressive approach. With
booming and lucrative opportunities available you will be fully
charged up and also on the move. Men can expect financial gains
through female mates. Pregnant women need to be careful with their
pregnancy. Natives planning for progeny can expect twins in their
efforts. Your enemies are active and aiming at your downfall.
Married natives need to be careful for the next 45 days when
travelling together. Sudden accident to the spouse can be fatal.
Fortunes are favourable, rift with father will be difficult to
resolve. You will be keen to visit places of worship, donations;
charity to spiritual institutions will increase.
 Lucky Colours Blue & maroon & Avoid Black & Red
 Lucky Numbers 1, 2 & 6
 Unlucky Numbers 7 & 9

 Health will not be to your expectations. Ailments related to

stomach, kidney, appendix, diabetes, blood pressure, bones, heart,
sexual organs, uterus & menstruation for women will keep bothering.
Expect surgery to the body. Your right eye vision can also get
affected. Pregnant women need to be careful.
 Finances will be good and excellent, but expenses on health
maintenance will increase. Loans & funds will be available.
 Career will be stable. Natives aspiring for overseas contacts will
see miracles happening in their career. Visa clearances will easily
be got. Promotion, overseas assignment with higher perks is
indicated for the eligible. Government officials aspiring for
foreign postings will get promoted and also transferred to the
foreign location. Natives in media, film, music, art will see
unexpected gains.
 Business will be good & stable. Overseas business is promising &
gains will be good to your expectations. Foreign trips will give
positive results. Frequent foreign trips will increase revenue.
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 Romance will not be good. Married natives should expect separation
from spouse due to professional commitments. Even though you will
show an extra love for your spouse extra marital affairs cannot be
avoided. You need to be careful in your communication with your
spouse. You can expect sudden arrival of your past love mates in
your life. Break of confirmed marital alliance is possible.
 Share Market trades should be avoided this month. Compulsive traders
should be careful on the sudden change of mood of share market.
Investments in hotel, textile, alcohol, aviation sectors can give
good results.
 Miscellaneous your mood in this month will not be stable. Your work
will involve lot of travel and physical movement, whereas your
choice for a desk job can cause fatigue due to excess travel stress.
Your desire to own new vehicle and also buy new house will increase.
You can also expect sudden sickness of your spouse. Fortunes are
favourable, work pressure will increase but ill health can work on
your slow success & progress. You will also be busy overcoming
enmity in your career. Conflicts within family members will also
give anxiety. Overall an stressful month.
 Lucky Colours Maroon & Black Avoid grey and smoke colour shades
 Lucky Numbers 5 & 6
 Unlucky Numbers 3 & 9

 Health in general will be fluctuating & aggressive. Expect problems

related to brain, stomach, pancreas, intestines, abdomen, and
jaundice to happen. Surgery to stomach or abdomen is also possible.
A paralytic stroke is also on the cards.
 Finances will be steady. A financial gain through inheritance is
possible. Travel related expenses will increase, loans & funds are
available. Expenses on children will increase.
 Career is good and stable. Expect sudden promotion. Natives in
Government service, teaching will do well. Overseas transfer &
promotion is indicated for the eligible. Natives in information &
technology sector seeking for foreign location job will get positive
news. Natives in media, film, and music, acting will see good
progress. You can also focus on change of employment. Travel related
to official work will increase. Natives in management, accountancy,
finances, IT sector will excel this month.
 Business Businessmen will see improved gains. Foreign trade business
will be smooth.. Natives in foreign trade will experience sudden
gains. Foreign travel will increase. Time to sharpen your business
skills and cash them also. Loans & funds to meet the excess capital
requirements will be available.
 Romance fights, frictions, misunderstanding will make romance dull &
exciting. Expect more frictions. Your efforts to have companion in
extra marital affairs will succeed. Expect sudden appearance of ex
love mates. Relationships & intimacy with the opposite sex will
increase. Unmarried natives in love affairs will get involved into
sexual relationship.
 Share Market trades will give good returns. Investments in oil,
petroleum, gas, power, information technology, pharmacy sectors will
do well. You will also be aggressively trading in share market.
Short term trades will give good yields.
 Miscellaneous this is the best time period for progress related to
growth in career & finances. You will be fully charged to make good
roads towards growth & prosperity. It is your skill and new contacts
that will add growth to your career. Relationships at professional
level may soar, but tactful handling will give opportunities where
sky is the limit. Children’s sudden illness can give anxiety. This
Page # 47 / 63
month you will experience increase in your enemies. Natives related
to research, water sports activities will excel in their field.
Fortunes will be favourable. Natives who are single will find their
soul mates. Expenses in pleasing the soul mates will increase.
 Lucky Colours Blue & Maroon Avoid red & grey
 Lucky Numbers 3 & 6
 Unlucky Numbers 4 & 9

 Health will be excellent & stable. Teething problems can come

related to lungs, cold, cough etc, but if ignored can result into
severe lung issues like swine flu or TB. Pregnant women need to be
careful with their pregnancy. Overexertion can lead to miscarriage.
 Finances will be excellent & stable. Expect expenses on friends,
siblings, relatives to increase.
 Career will stable and excellent. Promotion to natives in armed
forces, police force and government service. Natives in media
related industry will excel in their career. Foreign journeys, job
placement in foreign countries will keep happening. Time to cash on
the available opportunities.
 Business will improve. Lucrative contacts and contracts will be
signed. Natives in foreign trade will do better on available
opportunities. Increased foreign trips are stressful but not the
lucrative financial gains.
 Romance improved understanding with spouse will relax you and any
conflicts will be taken into one’s stride. But many will also fall
in for extra marital relationships. Some may also go for living
relationships on understandings.
 Share Market trades will be good and profitable. Investments in
Hotel, Airlines, Power, Information & Technology, Textiles, Chemical
& fertilizers will give good returns. Avoid intraday as greed can
give losses.
 Miscellaneous you will be on the move, dynamism & eagerness will
rule your mind & intelligence. You will love to hate any desk job.
Hard work will keep giving you returns. This is the right time to
buy new house, vehicle, and move into new office. Any super effort
will always give rewards and gains. Children will make you feel
proud of their achievements. You should not ignore and underestimate
your enemies. Natives in research field will excel. Fortunes are
shining so are debts. Relationships with father will improve. Expect
expenses on family to increase.
 Lucky Colours Red & Blue, Avoid yellow & grey
 Lucky Numbers 6 & 9
 Unlucky Numbers 3 & 5

 Health will be steady & stable till the 16th. Teething health issues
after the 16th will cause anxiety. Injury to right hand or shoulder
can lead to surgery. In severe cases can also disable right hand.
 Finances will improve and be steady. Mars is yog karak and place in
the house of efforts. Your efforts and hard work will make you
financially strong. Loans & funds are available.
 Career natives aspiring for overseas job placement can look forward
for their chances. Natives in media will do well. It is your
influential contacts that can get you good lucrative offers.
Overseas options and travel is wide open. It is you hard work &
diplomacy that can give results.

Page # 48 / 63
 Business will be good and steady. Fortunes will smile on natives in
foreign trade. Natives in media related business will get sudden
gains. Excellent financial gains are predicted in any business.
Funds for growth are always available. Opportunities need to be
accepted and cashed.
 Romance marital life improves. Temptation for extra marital affairs
will be there. Natives having love affairs will cross the barriers
and get involved into sexual relationships. Wedding bells for the
eligible are ringing.
 Share Market investments will give good results. Investments PSU,
Banks, Oil & Petroleum, Infrastructure sectors will give good
results. Intraday trades can also be lucky for the lucky ones.
 Miscellaneous this is the right time to cash on name, fame, contacts
and contracts. Even though the speech is erotic, financial gains are
destined in any efforts. The Midas touch will be there. The sixth
sense will rule the mind and will give results. Pregnant women need
to be careful for any miscarriage. Research in your work area will
give amazing results. Loss or theft of valuables is a strong
possibility. Enemies will be handled with skill and diplomacy.
Fortunes will shine and be blissful. Expenses on spirituality and
charity to religious institutions will increase.
 Lucky Colours Blue & Grey Avoid Black & stone shades
 Luck Numbers 3 & 5
 Unlucky Numbers 7 & 8

 Health will not be steady. It can worsen after the 16th. Any freak
accident can affect the right eye or give dental problems. Surgery
can disfigure or spoil vision. Acne and pimples problems will
 Finances will be steady. Loans and funds will be available at a
higher price. Expenses on self health care will increase. Finances
will come by fortunes.
 Career natives in advisory and consultancy service will experience
hurdles in their career. Career in general will make you feel
aimless without any proper direction. With no appreciation expect
pointed fingers and unpleasant remarks made against you will disturb
your peace of mind and will also give job insecurity thoughts. Some
of you may change job also. Foreign job offers will not be
 Business will be steady but the fear phobia of stability will
prevail. Natives in foreign trade will do well, but finances will be
a hurdle. Unexpected expenses will affect profitability. Foreign
journeys can be favourable.
 Romance will be steady and smooth. Your spouse will be supportive.
Natives in love may get involved into sexual relationships. The
select will get into living relationships.
 Share Market fortunes will favour share market deals. There will be
a Midas touch in selection of scrip’s. Investments in Information &
Technology, Financial, education, infrastructure sectors will give
good results. Day trading may cause embarrassment.
 Miscellaneous you will lack the ability and capability to handle the
routine and also important affairs of career. Excess talk will be
taken as a gossip. Your efforts will also not be to your mark and
expectations. Excessive expectations greed can affect your job
prospects. Intelligence level will be good but you will strike the
hammer when the iron has lost the heat. Your creditors and debtors
will give you a run for your money. But fortunes will smile and
logical approach will save you from the haste’s. Expenses to
maintain your esteem & image will increase.
 Lucky Colours Blue & Cream, Avoid Green & Red
Page # 49 / 63
 Lucky Numbers 6 & 7
 Unlucky Numbers 4 & 5

 Health will be good but aggressive. Energy level is good. Freak

accident can give injury to any part of the body. Surgery is not
ruled out. Backaches are not ruled out.
 Finances will be good but unsteady. Expenses will increase on family
affairs. Loans & funds are available.
 Career fortunately will be stable. Growth will be static, but
natives aspiring for overseas job posting will get good breaks.
Natives in media will see sudden unexpected gains in their
profession. Natives in high positions will be burdened and trusted
with more secret affairs. Their reliability will increase. The
greedy will get involved into scams & bribes.
 Business will be excellent. Some hidden problems can pop up after
the 16th. Foreign travels, trips, new foreign contacts, contracts
will perk you up. This is an excellent opportunity to cash in.
Foreign trade natives will excel in the business ventures. New
lucrative contacts & contracts will be profitable. Business foreign
travel should be done after the 16th.
 Romance will be steady & improved but the greed for extra marital &
sexual affairs will not stop. You may also get involved into living
 Share Market trades will be profitable. Sudden unexpected financial
gains can happen. Lady luck will support day traders. Investments in
PSU Banks, PSU Industries, Capital Equipment industries, Oil &
Petroleum sectors will give good financial gains.
 Miscellaneous this month will be a stable and steady month for
career & business. Lady luck will favour. You will be on the move.
Energy level will be excellent. Mind and intelligence will not
support. You will love to gossip & chit chat. Theft or loss of
valuables is not ruled out. Your children can make you feel
embarrassed. As a trusted lieutenant, greed can involve you in
leaking information for financial favours. Expenses on maintaining
or repairs at home, office, vehicle will increase.
 Lucky Colours Red & Blue, Avoid Maroon & Green
 Lucky Numbers 6 & 9 Unlucky Numbers 3 & 8

 Health will not be good & steady. Freak accident can fracture your
legs or feet. Beware of losing any of the limbs. Surgery is not
ruled out. Blood pressure & diabetes can increase.
 Finances will be like a rolling stone. In & out will be the mantra.
Money will hardly stay in hand, but inflow will be maintained. Loans
& funds are available at high rates.
 Career will be excellent & stable. Promotions and transfers with
increased perks are foretold. Government service natives will gain
the most. Natives aspiring for overseas jobs will be fortunate.
 Business will be steady, especially foreign trade and a desire to
sense enjoy will increase. Foreign travel will give good results.
Research in foreign trade will give you new clients. Natives dealing
with Government agencies will get hefty new offers & contracts. You
may be tempted to bribe for increase lucrative contracts. Be
careful, there are hidden eyes keeping a tab on your movements.

Page # 50 / 63
 Romance will be variable. Extra marital affairs will increase. This
can bring distance and separation in marital life. Select may be
tempted to settle for a living relationship.
 Share Market trades will not be profitable. One should avoid any new
trades. Compulsive traders should avoid day trading. Delivery based
trades with one month outlook will give fair profits. Investments in
Infrastructure, Capital products industries, PSU Banks & PSU
Industries will be a good investment.
 Miscellaneous body, mind and intelligence will not be synchronized.
Mind & intelligence level will be good, but body not supporting can
make you lose lucrative contracts. Efforts will be there but all
wasted with low or no gains. You will force yourself to take work
which has excessive body movements. You love fixed type of work.
Property matters will show good gains. Pregnant women need to be
careful. You will also be tempted to gamble on cards or horse
racing. Gains will be average. Research work will give good results.
Fortunes are favourable but fluctuating. Expenses on extra love
affairs will increase.
 Lucky Colours Blue & Maroon Avoid Green & Red
 Lucky Numbers 4 & 6
 Unlucky Numbers 5 & 8

 Health will be mixed and fluctuating. You need to be careful for any
injury to the ankle or legs or even your left hand. It can give
temporary disability.
 Finances will come from hard work. Sudden financial gains are
foretold. Loans & funds are available.
 Career will be steady. Transfer, change of job, will give good
results. Your work will be appreciated and also equally rewarded.
Foreign jobs for the aspiring natives are waiting. It is sheer hard
work that can win laurels for you. Natives in defense service will
see sudden unexpected gains. Transfer with promotion is foretold.
 Business will be good & steady. Natives in foreign trade specially
related to media, liquor, traditional products will do well. Foreign
travel will increase. Fortunes will favour all business deals. Your
desire to increase business will lead to increased borrowings. It is
a healthy sign.
 Romance conflicts in marital life are a long term affair. You need
to keep your cool, else separation and divorce is on the cards. You
will be thinking in terms of settling in extra marital living
 Share Market trades can give sudden financial gains. Day trades
should be avoided. Investments in PSU Banks, PSU Industries,
ancillary industries and Education sectors will give good returns.
 Miscellaneous this is a stable month for career & growth. Normally a
moveable sign, but this month both travel and desk job will be
preferred. Educationists will see a steady growth in their career.
New property deals should be postponed. Even marriages should also
be postponed. Travel will not be a satisfying experience. Extra
unexpected expenses are foretold. Your intelligence and support from
women will be instrumental in your career growth & progress. Married
natives will see unexpected positive change in fortunes. Support
from father will boost your moral. Controversies & conflicts at work
place should be averted else will be harmful for career. Expenses on
mother’s ill health will increase.
 Lucky Colours Green & Blue Avoid Red
 Lucky Numbers 5 & 6

Page # 51 / 63
 Unlucky Numbers 7 & 9

 Health will be average. Consistent back ache and also possibility of

back injury can give surgery to the spine. Appendix, diabetes, blood
pressure is a possibility.
 Finances by your good fortune will be there. But mounting expenses
will not let money stay in hand for long. Loans and funds are
available. Expenses on sibling & friends will increase.
 Career improves. Conflicts fights with colleagues cannot be avoided.
Overseas job opening will be good and favourable. Foreign travel
will give good results. Change of job will not be a right decision.
Natives in media will experience sudden gains in their career. You
will be clueless on how it is happening Promotion is on the cards
for the eligible.
 Business will be stable. Foreign trade business will be good and
steady. Foreign business travel will yield good results. Foreign
travel will be hectic. Beware of accidents when travelling. New
contracts will be lucrative.
 Romance is stable & steady. A desire for extra marital affairs will
be low. Support from spouse will improve relationships.
 Share Market trades are set to give you the best returns of the
investments. Investments in banking, airlines, share brokerage
house, information & technology sectors will give excellent returns.
Intraday trades will also excel.
 Miscellaneous fortunes will be good and shining, so also stability
in this month will improve. Acceptance and appreciation at work will
give sudden promotion & gains. A desire to have own house and
vehicle will increase. Children will give financial gains, happiness
and sense of pride to the parents. Enemies will be handled with
skill. Possibility of misfortune after the 16th will be handled
skillfully. Legal matters need to be handled with care and
efficiency. Any wrong moves can lead to legal complications.
Expenses on visit to hospital, court, lawyers, doctors, prison will
 Lucky Colours green & red Avoid grey & yellow
 Lucky Numbers 6 & 9
 Unlucky Numbers 1 & 2

 Health will improve. Teething problems will be there but you need to
be careful with your back. Any fall can cause serious back injury &
possible of surgery.
 Finances will see sudden improvements and gains will be steady.
Loans & funds will not be required. Sudden financial gains are
foretold. You will seriously think on repaying your debts.
 Career improves and gets stable. Your past hard work gives the
required promotion and appreciation. Natives aspiring for foreign
placements will get the required opportunity. Natives in media will
do well. Foreign travel related to job responsibility will increase.
 Business will be steady for next one year. Foreign trade will also
improve. Frequent foreign travels will increase expenses but will
also give good yields. You will also give a serious thought on
expanding your business. Any business investment will yield good

Page # 52 / 63
result. Natives in foreign trade in liquor, photography equipments,
and leather will flourish.
 Romance will get settled. A compromise and understanding settles all
marital issues. Health problems of spouse will require extra
 Share Market this month will be excellent. Stocks in power,
technology, textiles, banks, export houses, jewellery sectors will
give good results. You need to be selective in buying or shorting
your positions.
 Miscellaneous a spiritual sense will prevail in your speech. You
will love to judge rather being a mere observer. Trusted people will
be given more secretive information. Greedy natives will misuse for
financial gains. Married natives with children will see unexpected
fortune gains. Your mind will be busy engaged in thoughts of
improving fortunes. Relationships with children and young siblings
will improve & be cordial. A theft in your house is possible.
Fortunes will be good and favourable. Relationship with father will
be a compromise. Visits to lawyers, courts, hospitals, doctors,
prisons will increase.
 Lucky Colours Maroon & Red Avoid Grey Lucky Numbers 5 & 9
 Unlucky Numbers 2 & 4

 Health will be steady but variable. Allow for some teething problems
related to rectum, piles. If ignored can result to serious illness.
Women need to be careful for problems related to uterus.
 Finances will improve and your financial gains will see steady rise.
Avoid any guarantees to anyone. Loans & funds are available and easy
to come also. You need to be careful with your wallet while
travelling. Pick picketers are waiting for you. Married natives will
see sudden financial gains through their spouses.
 Career will be excellent. You will see sudden gains in your career.
You will be in demand and wanted & also command good respect. But
jealousy attitude of colleagues, mixed with politics can stress
relationships. Conflicts at work place are inevitable. Natives
aspiring for foreign job postings can get good & lucrative offers.
Foreign travels will increase. But at times bad luck will prevail.
 Business will be good and also steady. Expect sudden gains in
business. Natives in foreign trade will do exceptionally well.
Business relationships will be on fire at times.
 Romance will have a low profile. Fights, quarrels, separation due to
professional commitments will deprive your romantic charm. Natives
singled due to widowhood or divorce can expect another marriage
happening. Your spouse can get involved in extra marital affairs.
 Share Market trades will be excellent. Windfall gains can be got
from unexpected or past investments. New investments can also give
sudden windfall gains.
 Miscellaneous your relationships will come under some stress. Even
though stability is there in career & finances, quarrels is
inevitable. Fortunes are not favourable. Bad luck will prevail. Your
father can have health issues. You need to be tactful and show some
diplomacy in relationships. You will have an increased desire to own
your own house. Loans & funds are available. Natives aspiring for
foreign journeys for pleasure will travel. Enmity with Government
officials can get detrimental and affect your future record. Your
spouse will spend money more than is required.
 Lucky Colours Blue & Green Avoid Red
 Lucky Numbers 4 & 6 Unlucky numbers 5 & 9
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The ASTROVISION is soon catching popularity. It is available at
various web sites and yahoo forums. It has been sent to many
astro followers, practitioners and students.

Meantime, advertisements are invited to be published in

ASTROVISION, and the tariff is given below:--

1) Full Page : Rs. 1000 ( Per Issue)

2) Half Page : Rs. 500 ( Per Issue )
3) Quarter Page : Rs. 250 ( Per Issue )

1) Full Page : Rs. 2000 ( for 3 Months)

2) Half Page : Rs. 1000 ( for 3 Months )
3) Quarter Page : Rs. 500 ( for 3 Months )

Those who are interested to place advertisement in ASTROVISION,

may kindly contact the Editor at

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Editor: Nakshtrache Dene

Many times it happens that when we purchase the shares from the
market and willing to take the profit from it, but due to some
downfalls in market prices of such shares goes down and unwillingly
we have to keep these shares in our portfolio.

Same incident happened with me. I had bought shares of “Nitin

Spinners” at the rate of Rs. 8/- and as usual share price went down
to Rs.7, and was standstill for many months. Now I was anxious to
know when the price of these shares will go up and will get the

The query was put on 17th May 2009 at 18:14:13 PM at Thane and
random number from Dr.Karekar’s SW was 194. The horary chart for
the same is appended.

Short term gains are decided from cuspal sub of 5th and long term
gain is decided from sub of 12th. It should signify 2-6-11 houses.
1-10-3 houses are supporting houses. The profit will be gained
during the chain of these houses during period of DBAS.
In this horary chart sub of 5 and 12 are same and it is Saturn.

The signification of Saturn as per 4 step theory is as follows:

(the houses shown in bracket are strong ones).
Itself :-------------- Saturn:- 8 1 2
It's N.Swami :-------- Venus:- (2) (5) (10) Cusp Yuti: (3)
It's Sub :------------ Jupiter:- (1) 3 (12)
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Mars:- (3) 4 (11)
Cuspal sublord is signifying 2-10-1-11 houses, which is indicating
profit from short term as well as from long term.

But Jupiter conj with Neptune and cuspal sub Saturn is a planet of
delay indicated that the gain will be in long term duration.

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Now coming to DBA. At the time of query Mars dasa was operating
upto 30th Jan. 2010.

Dasa lord Mars signify as follows:

Itself :-------------- Mars:- 3 4 11
It's N.Swami :-------- Mercury:- (4) (6) (9)
It's Sub :------------ Rahu:- (1) Cusp Yuti: (1) Rashi-
Swami Saturn (8) 1 2
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Sun:- (4) 8
Mars signify 1-6 houses which are favorable for gains but its
duration was very short also Bhukti lords were not completing the
chain, so moved to next Dasa of Rahu who signify as follows:

Itself :-------------- Rahu:- (1) Cusp Yuti: (1) Rashi-
Swami Saturn (8) 1 2
It's N.Swami :-------- Sun:- (4) 8
It's Sub :------------ Venus:- 2 5 10 Cusp Yuti: (3)
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Mercury:- (4) (6) (9)
Now dasalord Rahu signify 1-6 houses so it is favaurable.
Rahu bhukti was upto 12th Oct.2012,so decided to check next Antara
of Jupiter and it signify as follows:

Itself :-------------- Jupiter:- (1) 3 (12)
It's N.Swami :-------- Mars:- (3) 4 (11)
It's Sub :------------ Mercury:- 4 6 9
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Sun:- (4) 8
Here Antara lord Jupiter signify 1-3-11 houses and 6 thr.Conj of
Sun with Mercury. So major houses are indicating gains and duration
of this Antara was from 27th June to 5th Nov.2010.

To shorter the period we have to look at Sookshma lord.

As we have seen signification of Saturn as a cuspal sublord and it
was indicating major houses 1-2-10-11. So Saturn Sookshma will be

And its period was from 15th July to 4th Aug.2010

In actual the share price of this share start picking up from 2nd

And on 3rd Aug.2010 it rose to Rs. 13.15 and immediately I sold 50 %

shares from my portfolio hoping that it will rise further on next
day, but on next day it was down and remaining shares were sold at
Rs. 11.75.

Thus I gained handsome profits.

Credit goes to 4 step theory.

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Query : "Nitin Spinners"

System : Krishnamurthy Ayanamsa: 23° 53' 29"
Place : Thane, Maharashtra
Date : 17-5-2009 Sunday
Time : 18-14-13
Longitude : 73-02-0 East
Latitude : 19-12-0 North
Zone : IST 5.5
Settings : Universal Time
Latitude : Geographic
Lagna : Makara Utrashada 4
Query Rasi (Moon Sign) : Kumbha
Query Star (Nakshatra) : Dhanishta 4
Lunar Half (Paksha) : Krishna Paksha (Declining Phase)
Lunar Day (Thithi) : Apara Ashthami 23
Yoga : Indram
Karana : Koulavam
Dasa at DOB / DOQ : Mars
Dasa Balance : 0 Y:8 M:17 D
Bhukti at DOB / DOQ : Sun
Bhukti Balance : 0 Y:1 M:14 D
Current Date : 8/30/2010
Current Dasa running : Rah-Rah-Jup
: Rahu Dasa upto: 30-Jan-2028
: Rahu Bhukti upto: 12-Oct-2012
: Jupiter Antara upto: 04-Nov-2010

Planet Longitude Star KP Pointer

Sun 2° Ta 51' 14.7185" Krittika Ven-Sun-Jup-Rah
Mercury (R) 4° Ta 13' 25.3414" Krittika Ven-Sun-Sat-Moo
Venus 18° Pi 41' 55.0995" Revati Jup-Mer-Ket-Ven
Moon 5° Aq 19' 31.1259" Dhanishta Sat-Mar-Sun-Mer
Mars 25° Pi 16' 36.4914" Revati Jup-Mer-Rah-Mer
Jupiter 1° Aq 50' 3.9985" Dhanishta Sat-Mar-Mer-Sat
Saturn 21° Le 1' 12.6515" Poorva Phalguni Sun-Ven-Jup-Ven
Uranus 1° Pi 56' 26.4739" Poorva Bhadra Jup-Jup-Rah-Sat
Neptune 2° Aq 32' 56.6762" Dhanishta Sat-Mar-Ket-Sat
Pluto (R) 8° Sa 57' 47.6181" Moola Jup-Ket-Jup-Mar
Rahu 9° Cp 50' 11.1105" Utrashada Sat-Sun-Ven-Mer
Ketu 9° Cn 50' 11.1105" Pushya Moo-Sat-Ven-Sat
Lagna 7° Cp 46' 40.36" Utrashada Sat-Sun-Ven-Ven

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Cusps Longitude Star KP Pointer

I 7° Cp 46' 40.36" Utrashada Sat-Sun-Ven-Ven
II 13° Aq 27' 25.708" Sathabhishak Sat-Rah-Mer-Moo
III 18° Pi 49' 27.4356" Revati Jup-Mer-Ket-Moo
IV 19° Ar 40' 34.294" Bharani Mar-Ven-Rah-Ven
V 16° Ta 9' 54.1898" Rohini Ven-Moo-Sat-Mer
VI 11° Ge 1' 5.483" Ardhra Mer-Rah-Sat-Mer
VII 7° Cn 46' 40.36" Pushya Moo-Sat-Ket-Jup
VIII 13° Le 27' 25.708" Poorva Phalguni Sun-Ven-Ven-Ven
IX 18° Vi 49' 27.4356" Hastha Mer-Moo-Mer-Mar
X 19° Li 40' 34.294" Swati Ven-Rah-Mar-Mer
XI 16° Sc 9' 54.1898" Anuradha Mar-Sat-Jup-Moo
XII 11° Sa 1' 5.483" Moola Jup-Ket-Sat-Rah
Fortuna 10° Li 14' 56.7673" Swati Ven-Rah-Jup-Rah

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Since I am arduous student of Hindu system of Astrology, so as a

habit I keep noting the valuable points discussed by learneds time
and again for gaining personal experience. I wish to share some of
them with astro lovers.

Dr Raman Thakker (Reputed astrologer of Bombay) once discussed the

following. Fortunately one of my friends noted them and shared with
A: In case of Kumbha (Aquarius) lagna (ascendant) and if Saturn is
posited in 6th house, avoid taking even legal money from him, since
such money will siphon out your money too. (also remember Aquarious
is a sign of collective).
B: Jupiter when transits over natal Jupiter or transits in 5th, 7th,
9th house (from moon) it gives good results.
C: In case adverse bhukti is operational but when Jupiter transits
over such Bhukti lord or by aspect Jupiter influence bhukti lord,
the adverse results of such bhukti lord are checked.

D: When natal Jupiter comes under the aspect of Transit Saturn or

vice versa the profession / business take new mode/ new turn. The
Jupiter considered as Jiva and Saturn considered significator of
Ajivika (livelihood). The potential impact depends upon the basic
strength of Jupiter and Saturn in natal chart.

E: Natal chart position of Venus (i) in Capricorn (ii) in Ashwani

1st pada (iii) Kritika 3rd pada gives disturbances in married life??
Mars in Libra Natal chart also gives disturbed marriage. These
conditions have nothing to do with what bhava (house) Venus or Mars
is posited. With due regards, I add that I am not satisfied on
these points coz in every such case, it does not hold good.

F: When Karaka planet transits in debilated position and Karaka in

natal chart is weak the adverse results are faced.

Page # 59 / 63

The following is in my diary noted some 10-12 years back, but sorry
I do not remember the source.

Retrograde Jupiter in a native chart:

(1) gives an inner sense of propriety and righteous ; (2) God
loving /God fearing, so making to believe in fate/destiny to will
, rather than work assiduously at long term project ; (3) gives
tremendous courage and optimism ; (4) mostly non humorous ; (5)
A split social / religious background. (6) A revolutionary
parent/guardian. (7) Unsatisfied home background. (8) either
positive or negative (depending upon other factors) but an over
inflated sense of valour. (9) tunnel vision about education i.e
single focus education and passionate with research. (10)
enthusiastic identification with tribalism. (11) Instinctive
sense of justice. (12) One at odd with the familys’ idea of
proper behavior. (13) somewhat easy going type of persons . (14)
frequently gifted in some way. (15)

Retrograde Jupiter and Sun in opposition in a native chart : (1)

manifests inflation of the Sun’s power as a vehicle for ego
magnified . (2) Genuine allegiance to an omniscient organizing
principle based on secret but natural laws. (3) Sense of personal
destiny. (4) Difficult person : Dogmatic (authoritarian) and
obsessive (infatuated) . (5) Little patience for boring tasks.
(6) Meticulous organization of details. (7) At times Bipolar
moods (8) At times Outrageous visions (during malefic planets
major / sub periods. (9) Source of inspiration. (10) Arm chair
philosophers with great inner wisdom at ease. ( in contrast to
lonely wanderers) . (11) if Sun is in Leo the natives personal
identity will bound up with purpose of life, enacted in an
admirable way.

I quote the following what I gathered from Astrological Magazine

way back in 1976. That really materialized in my family horoscopes
which were meticulously prepared and stands the time testing :

PARIVARTAN YOG: Exchange of houses / constellations by planets :

Exchange Phenomena reveals that either it is Houses exchange or
Constellations exchange between two planets, the 1st planet in his
own sub period will give the result of the 2nd planet .and the 2nd
planet in his sub period in the major period of the 1st planet will
give the result of the ist planet. Additionally in a Planetary
house exchange one planet will delegate his power of lordship
involved in the exchange to other planet. Also in the exchange if
some how any trik house (6th,8th,12th )is involved then that would
materialize as Vipreet Raj Yog.

Another quote from Astrological Magazine. By Mr. A.S Murthy: Life

over the earth is Gods’plan! The horoscope is his secret time
No man can find out all the secrets there! But our great sages
could unravel many of them!!

Varahmihira Quote: It is not possible for a non sage to reach even

mentally the other shore of Great Ocean of astrology. (pity on the
number of charlanters now a days predicting what not !)

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Page # 61 / 63


Sunaparantha Kalyan
KP Astrologer
Sri Lanka

Om Ganeswaraya Namah;

What ever the direction you have selected for your main entrance, there are another
18 rules known as Dvaara Vedha Dosha to be followed for fine tuning the exact point.
The aim is to avoid from the evils of environmental influences.

They are:

No. Name of Dosha Signs with reference to Main Result

01 Maarga Vedha A road towards the door, A road Distress, Hardship,
bend in front calamity
02 Vruksha Vedha A Large tree opposite to Evils for children
03 Kadhima Vedha A bog/slough/wallow in front Sickness,
04 Jala Nirgamana A hannel, a Water course with Poverty
Vedha bends towards
05 Koopa Vedha A well in front & close to Nerves
06 Devatha Vedha A statue of God/a Pooja place very Destructive &
close to unexpected troubles
07 Sthambha Vedha A single post madeof Abuse to
meatal/concrete or wood women,Sickness
08 Susaana Vedha Cemetry,tombstone opposite to Loss of wealth and
09 Kona Vedha A corner of another house, a corner Danger from
of a fence, Junction of ¾ roads Thieves, Sickness
opposite to
10 Dvaara Vedha A door of another house, a Gate Evil eye/mouth
opposite to dosha and sickness
11 Marmasthan Vedha Lavatory, midden in front of Insult, Shame,
12 Thirashchana Veda a place of animl husbandry like loss of qualities,
poultry, Sty in front of tending to dishonest

Page # 62 / 63

13 Rajaka Vedha A fuller's place in front of Demotions and

14 Kumbhakaara Vedha A Tile/Bricks/Pot (Clay) factory in Disputes on lands
front of and Litigations
15 Ganika Vedha A brothel in front of Loss of children &
16 Milecha Vedha Upper/Lower Cast family in front Loss of prestige
17 Raaja Vedha Living place of higher Jealousy, Anger
authorities(Headman, president, PM minded
18 Brahma Vedha Top wall in font o =f and Main Loss of prestige,
entrance of self house is in the proudness,
midst of the wall supportless

Note: The above Vedha signs located within the range of the distance equal to the
twice of the height (Minimum Height of the self house x 2) of the self house are
worst. If they are beyond this limit, it is not harm.

If you have already constructed a house, but having any of above Vedha Dosahas, you
may experience various evil effects in your house as described above. In such cases,
try to eradicate those evils by chanting this Vaasthu Nara Pooja.

Om Vaasthu devam mahakyam

vinchabhootha astha disham
Lokaa roopinam Lokaa Shaakshinam
Likaa pitinam Lokaa rakshanam
Sarva kaarya kaaranaanam
Vaasthu Devam namasthuthe
Sarva dosha nivaranam

Sabbe Saththa Bhawanthu Sukhithaththa

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