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Syllabus for the trade






Designed in: 2013


Government of India
Central Staff Training and Research Institute
Directorate General of Employment & Training
Ministry of Labour & Employment
EN -81, Sector-V, Salt Lake City,

List of the Members of Trade Committee Meeting for the trade of “Plastic processing
Operator” held on 26.03.2012 at ITI, Panvel, Raigardh, Maharashtra.

Sl. No. Name and Designation ,Shri Organization Remarks

1. Mr. R. K. Pathak, Director ATI, Mumbai – 400 022 Chairman
2. Mr. R.N. Bidnur, Ex.GM Reliance Industries Member

3. Mr. Vikash Rane, Plant Incharge Reliance Industries Member

4. Mr. Shenoy, Director Indian Plastic Institute Member

5. Mr. N.P.Shinde Dipak Fartilizers, Taloja Member

6. Mr. Kulkarni Godson Electronics, Panvel Member

7. Mr. Thomas Joshep Kisan Group, Boieser, Taloja Member

8. Mr. Pankaj Gore Weener Plastic, Boieser, Taloja Member

9. Mr. D.S.Jagtap, Principal I. T. I, Panvel Member

10. Mr. R.S.Sankhe, Vice Principal I. T. I, Panvel Member

Mr.S.W.Kale,Training Officer, PPO Member

11. COE Wada, Thane.
Mr. M. T. Tamboli, Instructor, PPO Member
12. I. T. I, Vangaon
Mr. P.G. Chavan, Instructor, PPO Member
13. I. T. I, Ambarnath

14. Mr. V.K. More, Instructor, PPO I. T. I, Panvel Member

15. Mr. G.M.Pachbhoi, Instructor, PPO I. T. I, Panvel Member

16. Mr. Abhinoy Nandi, Dy. Director ATI, Mumbai Member

List of members attended the Workshop to finalize the syllabi of existing CTS into
Semester Pattern held from 6th to 10th May’2013 at CSTARI, Kolkata.
Sl. No. Name & Designation Organisation Remarks
1. R.N. Bandyopadhyaya, Director CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Chairman
2. K. L. Kuli, Joint Director of Training CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
3. K. Srinivasa Rao, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Joint Director of Training
4. L.K. Muhkerjee, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Deputy Director of Training
5. Ashoke Rarhi, ATI-EPI, Dehradun Member
Deputy Director of Training
6. N. Nath, CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
Assistant Director of Training
7. S. Srinivasu, ATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13 Member
Assistant Director of Training
8. Sharanappa, ATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13 Member
Assistant Director of Training
9. Ramakrishne Gowda, FTI, Bangalore Member
Assistant Director of Training
10. Goutam Das Modak, RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
Assistant Director of Trg./Principal
11. Venketesh. Ch. , Principal Govt. ITI, Dollygunj, Andaman & Member
Nicobar Island
12. A.K. Ghate, Training Officer ATI, Mumbai Member
13. V.B. Zumbre, Training Officer ATI, Mumbai Member
14. P.M. Radhakrishna pillai, CTI, Chennai-32 Member
Training Officer
15. A.Jayaraman, Training officer CTI Chennai-32, Member
16. S. Bandyopadhyay, Training Officer ATI, Kanpur Member
17. Suriya Kumari .K , Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
18. R.K. Bhattacharyya, Training Officer RVTI, Trivandrum Member
19. Vijay Kumar, Training Officer ATI, Ludhiana Member
20. Anil Kumar, Training Officer ATI, Ludhiana Member
21. Sunil M.K. Training Officer ATI, Kolkata Member
22. Devender, Training Officer ATI, Kolkata Member
23. R. N. Manna, Training Officer CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
24. Mrs. S. Das, Training Officer CSTARI, Kolkata-91 Member
25. Jyoti Balwani, Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
26. Pragna H. Ravat, Training Officer RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
27. Sarbojit Neogi, Vocational Instructor RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member
28. Nilotpal Saha, Vocational Instructor I.T.I., Berhampore, Murshidabad, Member
29. Vijay Kumar, Data Entry Operator RVTI, Kolkata-91 Member



2. NCO Code No. :
3. Duration : one year ( 2 Semesters)
4. Power Norms : 13.6 Kw
5. Space Norms : Adequate space need to be decided

6. Entry qualification : Passed 10th Class under 10+2 system

7. Unit Size : 16
8. Instructor’s/ Trainer’s Qualification: a) Tenth Class Passed + NTC + NAC
: b)Preference will be given to a
Candidate with Craft Instructor

Note : At Least One Instructor must have Degree/Diploma in Mechanical Engg

Syllabus for the Trade of
(Semester Code No. PPO-01)



1. Familiarization with the Introduction about Free hand Introduction to Iron & Steel –
institute, importance of safety ,fire fighting sketching of its properties & uses.
trade training , equipments its straight lines Difference between Iron &
machinery used in the precautions observed rectangles, Steel.
trade, types of jobs in the section. circles, polygons,
made by the trainees in Introduction about simple solids,
the trade : introduction occupational health cubes etc.
to safety and fire hazards followed in
fighting equipments plastic industries
and their use related to
plastic processing

2. Marking, Hacksawing, Linear measuring Free hand Definition of Various heat

Filiing on mild steel flat tools. Introduction to sketching of hand treatment processes of Steel
as per required hand tools used for tools used in the and its alloys.
dimensions using steel marking, punching, section.
rule, calipers, punches sawing, filing etc.
etc. marking table.

3. Practice of drilling Bench vice-its types Introduction -do -

(through & blind holes and parts. about Lettering –
)on flat surfaces . Files – its description its practice –
Forming internal types of lettering
types, grades & cut.
threads with taps to (single stroke &
standard size and Hacksaw - its type use gothic letters)
preparing studs and and care.

4. -do- Introduction to dies Introduction to Decimal & fractions. Algebra

and taps its use and Engineering – addition, subtraction,
care. drawing, drawing multiplication and division.
Introduction to board, T- square,
precision measuring set- squares,
instruments - varnier scales, French
caliper, micrometer, curves and its
height gauge, bevel uses.
protector. Least count
calculation and its

5. Safety precaution and Safety precaution and Free hand -do-
first aid about first aid while working sketching of nuts
electricity while on machine. bolts and screw
working on machines. threads with
Basic knowledge about Drilling machines-its dimension.
fixing and connecting of type – (portable,
electrical accessories bench type, pillar
like switches, holders, type), parts & working
fuse, plug sockets on procedure.
electrical board.

6. -do- -do- Dimensioning – Algebra - solving of simple

its types, terms, equations, quadratic
notations, placing equations.
of dimensions,
unit of
dimensioning and
its general rules.

Scales - its
introduction, types
and application in

7&8 Testing of various Identification of Introduction of -do-

plastics material. various plastics Projection - its
material principle and
(Thermoplastic & method of
Thermosetting projections.
plastic), its properties Draw
and applications. orthographic
projections in I &
III angle (simple
components to

9 - Injection Moulding Injection Moulding -do- Definition of heat &

11 temperature and their
Familiarization with the Introduction to differences. Relation
basic idea of Injection Moulding between Fahrenheit, Celsius
mechanical electrical Process. scale.
and hydraulic system of
injection moulding Introduction about
machines in IRO and injection moulding
its different parts and machine – its types
their respective (plunger type, screw
functions. type).

Operating and Description about

controlling of injection different types of

moulding machine in injection Moulds and
IRO & TRO (fitting of its parts.
mould ejector, locking
and cooling of mould, Processing defects,
adjusting feed of screw causes, remedies.
or ram, temperature
controlling, fitting and Trouble shooting of
adjusting nozzle, injection moulding
controlling of injection machine.
pressure and speed).

12 & Microprocessor Microprocessor - do - Square root – the square root

13 Controlled & PLC Controlled & PLC of perfect square of a whole
Injection Moulding Injection Moulding number and decimals.
Machine machine.

Machine setting Introduction to basic

procedure, setting for concepts of Micro-
process-parameters. processor control,
comparison of Micro-
processor controlled
machine with
conventional machine.

Introduction to basic
principles & features
Thermoset Injection
Moulding Process,
All electrical Injection
Moulding Machines,
Multi injection
Moulding Machines

14. Oiling, lubrication and Introduction about Drawing of Temperature measuring

preventive Oiling, lubrication and Isometric views instruments used in the
maintenance of preventive from orthographic workshop – their description
injection moulding maintenance of projection and and use
machine injection moulding vice-versa.

15 Compression Compression - do- Definition of mass & weight,

Moulding: Moulding their units and differences.

Familiarization with Introduction to

basic idea of Compression
mechanical electrical Moulding Process.
and hydraulic system of Compression
compression moulding moulding machine –
machine and its (Hand operated &
different parts and their Semi automatic) its

respective functions. description, different
parts and their
respective functions.

16 & Operating and Description about - do - Forces – definition its unit,

17 controlling of different types of compressive, tensile and
compression moulding compression Moulds shear force. Newton’s laws of
machine in IRO & TRO, and its parts. motion & gravitation.
movement of platen top
or bottom adjustment Processing Defects,
and its control. Causes,and
adjusting pressure in Remedies etc.
terms of per square
area and total tonnage, Trouble shooting of
fitting and heating of Compression
moulds, controlling Moulding Machine.
temperature, checking
of bulk factor/density

18 Oiling, lubrication and Transfer Moulding Draw third view Definition and calculation of
preventive Process. from the given speed, velocity, acceleration
maintenance of two orthographic & their units. Difference
compression moulding Introduction about views. between speed & velocity.
machine Oiling, lubrication and
maintenance of
compression moulding

19 & Fibre Reinforce Plastic Introduction abut fibre - do - -do-

20 (FRP) process (hand reinforce plastic
layup process). process method.

21 to Revision

25 i) Project Work
ii) Industrial Visit

26 Examination

Syllabus for the Trade of
(Semester Code No. PPO-02)


1-3 Blow Moulding Process Blow Moulding Sectional views – Calculation of areas of plane
Process introduction, figures formed by the
Familiarization with application, combination of standard
basic idea of Introduction to Blow section line, full figures.
mechanical, electrical, Moulding Process and sections, half
hydraulic and its latest processing sections, aligned,
pneumatic system of techniques. section, revolve
blow moulding machine section, remove
and its different parts Blow moulding section.
and their respective machine (Hand
functions. operated & Automatic)
–its description,
different parts and
their respective
functions. Sequence
of operation.

4-6 Operating and Description about -do- Calculation of volumes of

controlling of blow Blow Moulds and its standard solids prisms,
moulding machine in parts. cylinder, spheres, cone,
IRO & TRO (setting of pyramid, frustum of cone and
die, adjusting mandrel, Processing defects, pyramids.
controlling Parisian, causes, remedies etc.
adjusting thickness
uniformity). Trouble shooting of
Blow moulding

7 Oiling, lubrication and Introduction about -do-

preventive maintenance Oiling, lubrication and
of Blow moulding preventive -do-
machine maintenance of Blow
moulding machine

8-10 Extrusion Process Extrusion Process Reading of Definition of work, Power &
assembly drawing energy – their units’.
Familiarization with Introduction to for Injection Calculations of work, Power
basic idea of different extrusion Moulding Die & energy.
mechanical, electrical process and its latest Assy. Draw
and hydraulic system of processing different parts with
extrusion machine and dimensions, fits
its different parts and

their respective techniques. and tolerance.
Extrusion machine –
its description, use of
different parts and
their functions.

11- Operating and Description about . -do- -do-

13 controlling of extrusion extrusion dies and its
machine in IRO & TRO. parts.
(changing and cleaning
of screws in extruder, Processing defects,
adjusting and causes, remedies etc.
controlling temperature,
adjusting screen pack Trouble shooting of
arrangement, adjusting extruder machine.
variable speed, setting
and adjusting die head
for pipe, profile,
reprocessing and blown
film etc).

14 Oiling, lubricating and Introduction about Reading of Friction its definitions, and
preventive maintenance Oiling, lubrication and assembly drawing component its effect. Laws of
of extruder machine. preventive for Compound friction, angle of friction and
maintenance of Moulding Die its related calculations.
extruder machine. Assy. Draw
different parts with
dimensions, fits
and tolerance.

15- Operating and Thermoforming & -do- -do-

17 controlling of vacuum forming – its
thermoforming & brief description and
vacuum forming use.
machine in IRO & TRO.
Processing technique
of different plastic

18- Demo about rotational Introduction about Reading of Electricity – definitions,

19 moulding machine. Rotational Moulding assembly drawing Ohm’s Law, electrical work,
process. of Blow Moulding power, energy and units.
Die Assy. Draw
different parts with
dimensions, fits
and tolerance.

20 Practice for Annealing, Post Moulding -do- -do -

Stress Relieving, Operaions:
Warpage Control, De- Annealing, Stress
flashing and Printing of Relieving, Warpage

finish products. Control,
De-flashing and

21 Practice of Pre-drying Importance of Pre- -do- Ratio, proportion and its

of Plastics Materials drying of Plastics problems.

22- Fabricating acrylic Brief description of Reading of -do-

23 sheet ABS- sheet, machinery used for assembly drawing
HIPS sheet, HMHDPE buffing, sanding, of Extrusion Die
blocks etc. involving, welding and their Assy. Draw
drilling screwing buffing application. different parts with
sanding. dimensions, fits
and tolerance.

24 Statistical Process Introduction to -do- -do-

Control (SPC) Statistical Process
Statistical Quality Control (SPC),
Control (SQC) Statistical Quality
Product Dimensions Control (SQC).
Measurements Product Dimensions

25 i) Revision

26 Examination

SI. No. Name of the Items Quantity
1 Steel Rule 300 mm in English and Metric combined 17 nos.
2 Engineer’s Square 150 mm with knife edge 17 nos.
3 Hacksaw frame adjustable with pistol grip for 200-300 mm blade 17 nos.
4 Centre punch 100 mm 17 nos.
5 Prick punch 150 mm 17 nos.
6 File flat Medium 250 mm 17 nos.
7 File flat 2nd cut Medium 250 mm 17 nos.
8 File flat safe edge 200 mm 17 nos.
9 File triangular smooth 200 mm 17 nos.
17 nos.


SI. No. Name of the Items Quantity
1 Caliper inside spring type-150 mm 17 nos.
2 Caliper outside spring type-150 mm 17 nos.
3 Divider spring type – 150 mm 17 nos.
4 Odd leg caliper firm joint 0- 150 mm 17 nos.
5 Screw driver – 150 mm 17 nos.
6 Screw driver – 200 mm 17 nos.
8 File card 17 nos.
9 Hammer Ball Peen 0.5 kg with handle 17 nos.
10 Workbench 240 cm x 120 cm x 75 cm (Each bench fitted with 4 4 nos.
12 Bench Vice of 150 mm 17 nos.
13 Outside micrometer 0-25 mm, with 0.01 mm least count 4 nos.
14 Vernier caliper-Range 200 mm, with 0.02 mm least count 4 nos.
15 Vernier bevel protractor-Blade range 150 and 300 mm, dial 10, 2 nos.
least count 5’ (min.) with head, Acute Angle attachment each
16 Vernier height gauge - Range 300 mm, with 0.02 mm least 2 nos.
count each
17 Surface plate 300 x 300 x 80 mm 2 nos.
18 HSS Twist Drill with St. Shank Ø5 to Ø12 mm in steps of 0.5 2 nos.
mm each
19 HSS Twist Drill St. Shank Ø5 mm to Ø12 mm in steps of 1 mm 2 nos.
20 Portable hand drill (electric) 2 nos.
21 Drill Chuck with key with 12 mm capacity 2 nos.
22 Taps and dies complete set in box M5, M6, M8, M10 2 nos. .

23 Steel lockers for 8 trainees each (Pigeon Cup Board) 2 nos.
24 Steel Almirah 180 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm 2 nos.
25 Fire Extinguisher 2 nos.
26 Fire buckets with stand 2 nos.
27 Electric switches, fuses, holders, lamps, wood boards, plug As
sockets, solder, flux, wires and cables, battens, and other required

 General Machinery Shop Outfit ( as per the table)

SI.No. Name and description of Machines Quantity

1 Pillar Drilling Machine 0-20 mm capacity. 1 no
2 Bench Pedestal Grinding machine (General purpose) D.E. with 1 no.
20 cm dia. capacity
3 Test Equipment for plastic (MFI & Hardness Tester) 1 no
4 Plastic scrap grinder 1 no.
5 Pre heater 12 trays of 25 kgs. of 20 minutes capacity. 1 no.

Injection Moulding (SEMESTER –I I)

1 Hand operated Injection Moulding machine with 1 no.
(a) 13 grams capacity each
(b) 30 grams capacity
2 Automatic Injection Moulding Machine with moulds and 1 No.
accessories as required 40 T capacity (with Microprocessor/PLC

Compression Moulding (SEMESTER –I )

1 Hand operated Compression Moulding Machine with moulds – 40 2 nos.
T. capacity
2 Automatic compression moulding machine with moulds and 1
accessories as required – 40 T capacity (with Microprocessor
/PLC controller)

Blow Moulding (SEMESTER – II)

1 Hand operated Blow Moulding Machine with moulds and 1 no.
accessories of 1/4 liter capacity
2 Auto Blow Moulding Machine with set of moulds and accessories 1 no.
1 liter capacity (with Microprocessor/PLC controller)

Extrusion Process (SEMESTER – II)

1 30 mm extruder with downstream lines such as film pipe with 1 no.
re-processing unit.
2 Pipe extrusion machine of 30 mm capacity 1 no.
3 Extrusion for Blow film single layer of 30 mm capacity 1 no.
4. Printing Machine with oxidizing Treatment nut 1 no.