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Light & Bite of Snacks

- Breaded Mozzarella Cheese (V)

(with spicy tomato sauce)

- Breaded Lemon Pepper Fish Finger

(with Wasabi Mayonnaise)

- Boneless Honey Soya Glazed Chicken wings

- Deep Fried Port Spare Ribs

(with black sesame and A1 Sauce)

- Potato Wrapped Shrimp

(with Raspberry vinaigrette Sauce)

Burger, Sandwich & Pizza

- Beef Burger
(Burger bun filled with lettuce, tomato, gherkin and beef patty topping with cheese and
bacon, Served with French Fries and carrot sultana salad)

- Crispy Fish Burger

(Burger bun filled with lettuce, tomato, picked onion and breaded Butter fish topping
with smoky ketchup, Served with French fries and green salad)

- Grilled Sandwich
(White Bread filled with Han, Cheese and Fried Egg, Served with cold slaw and potato

- Club Sandwich (the regency hotel style)

(Three slices of toast and two layers of filling Egg, tomato slice, Lettuce and Han & Slice
cheese. Served with French Fries Potato and onion & tomato Salad)

- Baguette Sandwich (Khao Jee Sandwich)

(Baguette is split in half and filled with lettuce, slice tomatoes, onion and cheese, chicken,
chopped ham and topped chilli sauce. Served with French Fries potato and pickled

- Pizza Margarita (V)

(Thin crust pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil)

- Pizza pepperoni
(Thin crust pizza topped with tomatoes sauce, mozzarella cheese, salami and fresh basil)

- Pizza Marinara
(Thin crust pizza topped with tomatoes sauce, mozzarella cheese, seafood and fresh

- Pizza Hawaiian
(Thin crust pizza topped with tomatoes sauce, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, Green Bell
pepper and homemade bacon.
Salad and Appetizer
- The Regency mixed salad (V)
(choice of dressing honey mustard, balsamic dressing 1000s Island dressing)

- Spicy Pork Neck Salad

(Thin slice of grilled pork neck toss with tamarind dressing with cucumber, cabbage and
roasted rice powder)

- Myanmar Tomato Salad

(Julienne of shan tomato mixed with onion, cabbage, crush peanut and toss with
seasoning dressing)

- Caesar salad
(Lettuce tosses with Caesar dressing and topping with garlic crouton and bacon bit)

- Greek Salad
(Made with slice tomatoes, cucumber, onion, Feta cheese, and black olives seasoned with
oregano, lemon juice and dressing olives oil.

- Fresh Tuna Niçoise

(Mixture of seasonal lettuce, French bean, quail egg, new potatoes tossed with bacon
Dijon mustard vinaigrette and topping with fresh seal tuna)

- Smoked Salmon Platter

(with wasabi mayonnaise, garlic toast & pickle onion)

- Lentil soup with glass noddle (V)

- Pumpkin Soup with beet root purees (V)

- Roasted tomato soup with pesto sauce (V)

- Tom yum Goong

- Cream of corn soup


- Beriani Chicken (Brunei Darussalam)

- Braised Butter Fish with Poneyegyi/traditional soya bean paste (Myanmar)

- Chargrilled eggplant with pork (Cambodia)

- Chicken Tinola (Vietnam)

- Famous Chicken Adobo (Philippines)

- Opor Ayam (Indonesian)

- Red curry chicken (Thailand)

- Sambal Udang (Malaysian)

- Satay Chicken (Singapore)

- Steamed Fish (Lao)

From of Asian Wok

(All the Asian Dishes Accompaniment with A Bowl of Rice the Side)
- Myanmar Red pork curry
- Kachin spicy stir-fried Chicken
- Stir-fried chicken cashew nut
- Thai style Green beef curry
- Pazon Kyaw Chat (Myanmar braised prawn curry)
- Myanmar Traditional Soya Bean paste with pork curry
- Stir-fried mini prawn with black pepper sauce
- Batter fried butter fish fillet with tofu in black bean sauce
- Sauté` mixed vegetables with oyster sauce
- Crispy fried kale (V)
- Vegetable Madras
- Wok-fried Kale with straw mushroom
Main Course
- Roasted Pork Tenderloin
(Oven roasted pork tenderloin with sauté` pumpkin, roasted potato wedge, butter carrot
& creamy horseradish sauce)

- Grilled Fresh River prawn

(Pan Grilled half shell cut river prawn and sauté` garden vegetables and new potatoes
served with white wine cream sauce)

- Pan Fried Sea bass

(Sea bass fillet marinated with lemon, Served with lemon brown butter sauce, vegetable
ratatouille and grilled potatoes)

- Fish Kebab with Butter Rice

(Grilled marinated cubed butterfish, tomato, and fresh lemon. Served with vegetables
and mashed potatoes)

- Grilled Beef Tenderloin

(Grilled New Zealand beef tenderloin, Served with baby carrot, parsley potatoes and
black pepper sauce)

Rice and Noodle

- BBQ Chicken Fried Rice

- Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried Rice)

- American Fired Rice

- Fried Vermicelli with Seafood Singapore style

- Nasi Lemak (Malaysia Nasi Lemak)

- Braised Egg noodle with shrimp

- Thai fried Rice with shrimp

- Spicy Malaysian-style stir-fried noodle (Mee Goreng)

- Lao fried Noodle (Kua Mee)

- Char Siew Fried Rice

- Home made Ice-cream

- Seasonal Fresh Fruit platter

- Crème caramel pudding

- Mixed Fruits Salad with Ice-cream

- Crêpe (served with choice of honey lemon sauce, chocolate sauce)