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Electrical Engineers’ Notebook

26th Edition
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You have been nominated as one of the top 2,500 specifiers / users of the products listed by the companies identified within the Index, who have jointly sponsored
this publication and have pleasure in presenting your free copy of the 26th Edition Electrical Engineers’ Notebook, Year 2017-18.
This is for your personal use to record Meeting Minutes and reference / action items throughout the working day, and for ease of specification during the design /
tender stage of construction projects. The Notebook includes useful conversion charts, rules of thumb, technical data and invaluable product / technical information
with contact telephone numbers, for access to Manufacturers’ representatives prior to and following specification. The publication has been possible thanks to the
Manufacturers / Suppliers who contributed to its compilation.
Furthermore, as a regular specifier / user of these products, we hope you will continue to support their equipment / services in the future. If during the following 12
months you develop a contact, or specify any of the products / services listed as a result of this Notebook, please ensure that you advise the respective company,
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Catalogue Request Email / Fax Back Form
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sections and scan / email or fax this to our office and we will advise the appropriate manufacturers of your needs.

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Pg  Pg 
01  ABB Electrification Solutions LV Switchgear/Motor Control Systems 47  Legrand Electric Cable Management
42  ABB Emergi-Lite Emergency Lighting / Fire Detection 07  Legrand Electric Transformers / Power Distribution
56  ABB Furse Lightning & Transient Protection 39  Lighting Styles Commercial / Domestic Lighting
34  ABB PMA Cable Protection & Management Systems 30  Marshall-Tufflex Cable Management
27  ABB Power Quality Power Factor Correction Solutions 12  Next Control Systems Building & Energy Management
35  ABB Wire & Cable Management Systems 37  PD Devices Overvoltage / Surge Protection
02  Advanced Generators / In-House Design & Build 52  Pentair Pyrotenax Fire Performance & Power Cables
03  Advanced Large Projects & Bespoke Solutions 44  Pentair Raychem Electrical U/F Heating / Surface Snow Melting
46  AEI Cables Total Fire Solutions 45  Pentair TraceTek / Aquilar Leak Detection
48  Andel Leak Detection Systems 09  PILLER UK Critical Power Module (CPM)
22  Bells Power Group Power Generation & Control 10  PILLER UK Rotary UPS
25  Carlo Gavazzi UK Energy Management / Smart Buildings 11  PILLER UK DeRUPSTM Solution
36  Contactum Wiring Accessories / Circuit Protection 06  Power Capacitors Power Factor Correction Equipment
32  Crabtree / Electrium LV Control & Distribution 14  Prism Power Switchgear / Critical Systems
33  Crabtree / Electrium MV Control & Distribution 50  Roxtec Cable & Pipe Sealing Solutions
21  Cummins Power Generation 05  Schneider Electric LV / MV Control & Distribution
43  Dimplex Renewable / Energy Efficient Heating 04  Schneider Electric Metering & Monitoring
26  EAE Busbars / Underfloor Busbars 24  SHM Metering Energy Monitoring / Meter Supply
38  EAE Energy Saving Lighting 53  Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security
31  Electropatent Cable Management / Underfloor Busbars 16  SOCOMEC U.K. UPS / Energy Storage
28  Eta-com UK Cast-Resin Insulated Busbars 17  SOCOMEC U.K. Switchgear / Metering / Power Quality
13  EURO-DIESEL (UK) Dynamic UPS & Generator Sets 23  The Generator Company Generators / Loadbanks / Switchgear
08  GE Industrial Solutions MV / LV Switchboards & UPS 40  TheisCraft Lighting Control Systems
29  GE Industrial Solutions ACBs / MCCBs / Power Electronics 49  Unistrut (UK) Cable Management Solutions
15  Hitzinger UK Battery-less Dynamic Diesel UPS 51  Unitrunk Rapid Installation Systems
54  Honeywell Gent Fire Detection & Alarm Systems 18  Vertiv Static UPS
55  Honeywell Security Solutions 19  Vertiv Emergency Lighting Systems
20  JCB Broadcrown Power Generation Products 41  Wieland Electric Structured Cabling / Modular Wiring

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2017 / 18 Electrical Engineers Notebook - Contents Page
LV Switchgear / Motor Control Systems ................ ABB Electrification Solutions ....................................... 1
Generators / In-House Design & Build ....................... Advanced ...................................... 2
Large Projects & Bespoke Solutions .................. Advanced ...................................... 3
Metering & Monitoring .................................... Schneider Electric ....................................................... 4
LV / MV Control & Distribution .................................... Schneider Electric ....................................................... 5
Power Factor Correction Equipment ........................ Power Capacitors .................................................... 6
Power Distribution .............................................. Legrand Electric .......................................................... 7
LV / MV Switchboards & UPS .......................... GE Industrial Solutions ................................................ 8
Kinetic Energy UPS Solutions ................ PILLER UK .................................................................. 9
UNIBLOCK Rotary UPS .......... PILLER UK .................................................................. 10
DeRUPS™ Solution ................................ PILLER UK ........................................ 11
Energy Management Systems / Performance Software  Next Control Systems .................................. 12
Dynamic UPS & Generator Sets ............................. EURO-DIESEL (UK) ................................................... 13
Switchgear / Critical Systems .................. Prism Power ..................................................... 14
Battery-less Dynamic Diesel UPS ....................... Hitzinger UK ................................................................ 15
UPS / Energy Storage ................................. SOCOMEC U.K. .................... 16
Switchgear / Metering / Power Quality ................. SOCOMEC U.K. .................... 17
Static UPS .......................................................... Vertiv ............................................. 18
Emergency Lighting Systems ........................................ Vertiv ............................................. 19
Power Generation Products ....................................... JCB Broadcrown ...................................................... 20
Complete Power Solutions ....................................... Cummins Power Generation ....................................... 21
Power Generation & Control ................................... Bells Power Group ............................................... 22
Generators / Loadbanks / Switchgear ........................ The Generator Company ............................................. 23
Energy Monitoring / Meter Supply ........................... SHM Metering .................................................. 24
Energy Management / Smart Buildings ........... Carlo Gavazzi UK ........................................................ 25
Busbars / Underfloor Busbars ................................. EAE Busbars ................................. 26
Power Factor Correction Solutions ................................ ABB Power Quality ...................................... 27
Cast-Resin Insulated Busbars ....................................... Eta-com UK ............................................................. 28
LV Distribution & Control Products .......................... GE Industrial Solutions ................................................ 29
Cable Management ..................... Marshall-Tufflex ............................................... 30
Cable Management / Underfloor Busbars .................. Electropatent International ................ 31
LV / MV Control & Distribution ..................................... Crabtree / Electrium ................................................. 32
LV / MV Control & Distribution ..................................... Crabtree / Electrium ................................................. 33
Cable Protection & Management Systems ............. ABB PMA .................................................. 34
Cable Management Systems ..................................... ABB Wire & Cable Management ................... 35
Wiring Accessories / Circuit Protection ............ Contactum ................................................................... 36
Overvoltage / Surge Protection ...................................... PD Devices ...................................................... 37
Energy Saving Lighting ........ EAE Lighting .......................... 38
Commercial / Domestic Lighting ....... Lighting Styles ................................... 39
Lighting Control Systems .. TheisCraft .... 40
Structured Cabling / Modular Wiring ....................... Wieland Electric ........................................................... 41
Emergency Lighting / Fire Detection .............................. ABB Emergi-Lite ....................................... 42
Renewable / Energy Efficient Heating ... Dimplex .... 43
Electrical U/Floor Heating / Surface Snow Melting .. Pentair Thermal Management / Raychem ................... 44
Leak Detection ............................................................... Pentair TraceTek / Aquilar ........................................... 45
Total Fire Solutions ........................................................ AEI Cables ................................. 46
Cable Management ....................................................... Legrand Electric ....................................................... 47
Leak Detection Systems ..................................... Andel ........................................................................... 48
Cable Management Solutions ....................................... Unistrut (UK) ............................................................ 49
Cable & Pipe Sealing Solutions ........................... Roxtec .............................................................. 50
Rapid Installation Systems ..................................... Unitrunk ................................................................... 51
Fire Performance & Power Cables ................................. Pentair Thermal Management / Pyrotenax .................. 52
Fire Safety & Security ............................................. Siemens Building Technologies .................................. 53
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems ................................. Honeywell Gent ....................................................... 54
Security Solution ................................................ Honeywell Security and Fire ............................ 55
Lightning & Transient Overvoltage Protection ................ ABB Furse ................................................................... 56
Technical Data Index ................................................................................................... 57
Acknowledgements / Useful Addresses ................................................................................................................... 58
Manufacturers Technical Data & Design Criteria ................................................................................................... 59-110
Useful Electrical Formulae / Metric Conversion & Conversion Formulae ............................................................. 111-112
Project Team Details / Addresses & Telephone Numbers ..................................................................................... 113-115
LV Switchgear / Motor Control Systems - 1
ABB Electrification Solutions
The MNS is an industrial low voltage switchgear and motor control centre
platform suitable for all applications such as metal, pulp and paper,
chemical, oil and gas, power plants, offshore and marine installations, as
well as where the requirement is to guarantee maximum safety standards,
together with plant availability, flexibility and maintenance simplicity.
Footprint optimisation is guaranteed by the possibility of having both front
and rear access configurations, with or without stacked air circuit
breakers. Wall standing and back-to-back installations complete the offer.
The MNS platform is designed to comply with maximum safety standards
in order to minimise personnel risks, even in case of incorrect operations
with both passive and active protections.
MNS Digital
MNS Digital is a scalable, modular, low-voltage smart switchgear with
connected intelligent features that enable remote operation, monitoring MNS Rear Access
and condition-based maintenance.
MNS Digital can connect to the ABB Ability cloud platform or to a local
SCADA system. Fully leveraging ABB Ability, MNS Digital offers
customers insights into their operation by making data and information
available to any connected device or plant.
MNS Digital can connect to the ABB Ability platform via the MNS Digital
smart devices in the switchgear. The uploaded signal data can then be
interpreted by applying Big Data methods. This will enable predictive
capabilities, so instead of post-mortem analysis, ABB Ability enables
higher availability and optimised operating cost.
MNS-Up innovation integrates uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and
switchgear technologies into a single and compact system. The system
comprises ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS and ABB’s MNS
switchgear with Emax2 circuit breakers. MNS-Up’s modular design
expands in 100 kW steps so that companies just pay as they grow. Each
frame of the system can support up to five 100 kW UPS modules and up MNS Front Access
to six frames can combine to provide 3 MW of backup power supply. For
more power, further systems can be installed in parallel.
ABB can install MNS-Up in whatever configuration works best in the
space available – L-shape, U-shape, straight lines or back-to-back – and
all without external bus ducts or cables. By integrating proven UPS and
switchgear technologies into a single, modular system, MNS-Up saves
space, time and money.
MNS-Up enables users to save up to 10% capital in electrical
infrastructure. It requires up to 30% less space compared to traditional
architectures and can be up and running as much as 20% faster due to
reduced installation and commissioning time.
Based on the MNS front access design, key to the success of the ABB PDU
is the flexibility it provides to the Data Centre Operator by allowing Single
Pole Solid Neutral (SPN), Single Pole Switched Neutral (SPSN), 3 or 4 pole
modules of different current ratings to be mixed and matched in the same
PDU. The safe working whilst live removes the need to power down even MNS-Up
when adding, removing or extending the number of outgoing ways.
When the process of the Data Centre changes, the PDU has the ability
to change with the process; this flexibility provides huge operational cost
savings. ABB PDUs have been in service for over 25 years and during
this time they have been re-configured to meet the ever changing needs
of the Data Centre Operator.
Commercial Switchgear
ABB is completing its portfolio with sub distribution switchboard solutions
designed to optimise cost and dimensions for all the lower performance
Package Substations
ABB places particular emphasis on packaging the key elements of an
installations power requirement such as MV Switchgear, Transformers
and LV Switchgear. By utilising low energy and compact devices housed
in systems that are tried and tested to the latest national and international
standards, ABB can offer solutions to meet the most stringent of power
requirements including Packaged and Containerised solutions. MNS PDU

ABB Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 191 514 4555

(Electrification Solutions) Fax : +44 (0) 191 514 5505
Hanover Place @ABBlowvoltage
Sunderland Email :
SR4 6BY Website :
2 - Generators / In-House Design & Build
Diesel Generators from 6 to 3000kVA
Our standard modular generators are mounted on heavy duty steel skids
and are delivered ready to run. Up to around 700kVA (dependent on the
model), our standard generators are supplied with an integrated base
fuel tank (day tank) which would provide 4-8 hours operation at 100
percent of the machine’s load capability.
Numerous control options are available including load sharing, remote
operation and synchronised/parallel operation. As standard, a key-start Control
or automatic-start control panel would be mounted on the generator to Panels
allow for manual operation or for integration into an existing control system.
A standard generator enclosure is not always suitable for a given project.
Here at Advanced we have a complete manufacturing facility, enabling
us to design and build acoustic and weatherproof canopies for almost
any model of diesel or gas generator. You can choose a generator from
our substantial stock, enquire on the availability of other generator models
or even free issue your own generator to enable us to manufacture an
appropriate noise control system and/or weatherproof enclosure.

Advanced Projects
At Advanced we are frequently faced with large-scale projects. Whether Acoustic
this is a one-off multi-megawatt project, or a multi-site high volume Solutions
contract, we have the experience and expertise to deliver your project to
your specification on time and on budget.
One-off multi-component: hospital projects demand a lot of attention and
specialist ability to meet the standards required. Every stage is carefully
monitored for time scale and performance; there is no margin for error.
Advanced has a proven ability to perform to the stringent criteria of this
market sector.
Single site multi-component: data centre projects require containerised
generators and fuel supply systems that are supplied by Advanced in a
coordinated and reliable manner. By producing everything in-house,
Advanced is able to provide a more organised and unified approach and
ensure that every stage is planned, controlled and delivered to the Data Centres &
highest standard. Multi-Megawatt
Multi-site multi-component: in the telecoms market, a single contract can Installations
cover a multitude of products within one specification and high volume
varied orders for call-off. Managing these contracts requires tight planning
and efficiency.
At Advanced, our spacious factory allows us to maintain a large
inventory of pre-prepared items, and our large and specialist workforce
is streamlined to increase productivity and reduce expense for our
valued clients.

In-House Design & Build Facilities

At Advanced we are specialists in ultra-low noise level packaging,
reaching 60dBA at one metre or below. With our design and build Diesel & Gas
capability, Advanced is the obvious choice for high quality products on Generators
demanding projects, serving sectors such as data centres, hospitals,
telecoms, media and broadcasting, military and emergency services.
To ensure a generator installation meets the demands of the consumer,
it is highly recommended that a professional generator company is
involved in the process from start to finish. Please call us now to find out
how our design and fabrication facilities can help lower the cost of your
generator installation.

Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd Tel : 01977 658 100

14 Langthwaite Business Park
South Kirkby
Pontefract @Advanced_Diesel 2D & 3D Design
West Yorkshire
Our Pontefract Works
Email :
WF9 3AP Website :
Large Projects & Bespoke Solutions - 3
Modular Enclosures & Bespoke
Acoustic Solutions
For over 20 years, Advanced Diesel Engineering has supplied diesel
generators for standby and prime power operation. From design and
manufacture to installation and commissioning, Advanced provides
generators for a wide range of applications including prison security,
hospital emergency power, and data centre standby systems.
Operating from our factory near Wakefield, we employ a large team of
highly skilled 2D and 3D design engineers who utilise a combination of
traditional CAD methods and the latest 3D CAD technology, with the aid Onsite
of DSS Solidworks™.
Large Projects
Specialising in large projects, we design and manufacture modular
substations and bespoke power plants for the most demanding and
power-critical applications.
An Advanced substation or power plant protecting the mains supply would
typically include:
Engine & Alternator (Generator)
High power, EU or GB manufactured, diesel or gas generator from our
substantial stock or purchased to order from our well established network
of suppliers. Services &
HV Transformer & Mains Integration Maintenance
Commonly an 11kV oil or resin filled transformer with a local switch
disconnector would be utilised to convert the mains supply to 400V.
Connected to the mains/generator change over panel, this supply is
monitored for inconsistency or failure and when required, the standby
generator will start automatically.

Control & Monitoring

Alarms and warnings include output rating, engine temperature, engine
over speed, common shutdown and oil status. Optional features for
remote operation and monitoring can include SMS text warnings and
procedural text messages reporting the current system status.
All of these features can be integrated with most existing building
management systems. Fabrication
Free-Standing Distribution Panels
Situated over pre-installed cable trenches, the outgoing fused panels
distribute the generator-protected mains power to site facilities.
Bulk Fuel Storage
A localised fuel supply, typically designed to allow at least 72 hours
uninterrupted operation.

Bespoke Silencing / Acoustic Modular

Reliability of power is the most important factor in power generation; Modular
however, the maximum noise level is a very important consideration
during any generator installation. Equipment
For many years, Advanced has specialised in the design and manufacture
of silenced and weatherproof containment for generators, pump systems,
rotary converters and other noisy machinery.
If you require an acoustic solution for noisy machinery, Advanced can
design, manufacture, install and maintain a weatherproof and secure
Advanced enclosures are designed to provide noise attenuation adhering
to all relevant noise pollution regulations at the site of installation.

Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd Tel : 01977 658 100

14 Langthwaite Business Park
South Kirkby
Box & Cylindrical
@Advanced_Diesel Bulk Fuel Tanks
West Yorkshire Email : Silencers
WF9 3AP Website :
4- Metering & Monitoring
Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric offers a full range of metering and monitoring products
and solutions, scalable from simple metering and analysis to remote
online enterprise wide power management solutions.
Whether you are an energy supplier or consumer, our integrated solutions
provide the tools to deliver fast and quantifiable payback by helping you
to manage the quality and cost of your energy.

Basic Multi Function Metering
The PowerLogic PM5000 series of power meters is the new benchmark
on affordable, precision metering. PM5000 is the ideal fit for high-end
cost management applications, providing the measurement capabilities
needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenet metering and sub-billing.
In addition to this, PM5000 can help you pinpoint energy savings, optimise
equipment efficiency and utilisation, and perform a high level assessment
of the harmonics in an electrical network.
This range of meters is also MID approved.

Intermediate Metering PM8000

New to this range is the Powerlogic PM8000 series offering compact,
cost-effective multifunction power quality meters, ideal for cost and
network applications on feeders and critical loads.
Reveal and understand complex power quality conditions and act on
insightful data gathered from your entire power system.
Designed for key metering points throughout your energy infrastructure
and with built-in ION technology, the Powerlogic PM8000 series meter
has the versatility to perform nearly every job you need a meter to do, in
addition to protecting the value of your investment and its unique ability
to adapt to your needs today and tomorrow.
The range offers standard and MID approved meters.

Software Solutions
Power management software is used to improve system reliability,
increase operational efficiency and enhance the performance of your
electrical assets.
We offer two power management software packages: Power Monitoring Expert
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) which is a complete supervisory
software package for power management applications. The software
collects and organises data gathered from your facility’s electrical network
and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via intuitive web
PowerSCADA Expert (PSE) software is the fast data-acquisition
monitoring and control software for improving the power availability of
electrical distribution networks. The software gives operators exceptional
knowledge and control of their network through an intuitive, interactive
and customisable interface.
All of our software is compatible with our extensive and versatile range
of metering products, offering you a complete metering and monitoring
solution for all applications.
PowerSCADA Expert

PowerLogic Toolkit
Our new PowerLogic Toolkit enables consultants and specifiers to select
the right metering solution based on your application, market segment or
metering requirements.
It also provides recommendations on which metering and monitoring
solution is the most suitable. For more information on metering and monitoring
Users have full access to single line diagrams, specification sheets and products visit SEReply and enter keycode 57909p
much more, all at the click of a button.

The toolkit can be accessed here:

Schneider Electric Ltd Customer Support Centre

Stafford Park 5 Tel : 0870 608 8 608
Telford Fax : 0870 608 8 606
TF3 3BL Website :
LV / MV Control & Distribution -5
Schneider Electric
Innovation at every level
Operating from a number of sites across the UK, we can offer you the
Innovation at every level
products and solutions that you need to make the most of your energy:
• Automation & Control
Monitoring Systems Energy Management
• Electrical Distribution > Reduce your energy and operation costs
> Increase your power reliability and availability
Cost effective solution implementation
Pre-developed energy management software
> Improve your power quality
Lighting > Implementation risk reduction

• Building Management > Optimise your equipment use

> Automated control: Energy Efficient
> Scene setting: Adaptable
Customisation ability
Fast ROI

> Controlled locally or remotely: Convenient

• Critical Power & Cooling Solutions

• Installation Systems & Control
• Medium Voltage Distribution & Energy Automation Metering HVAC Systems
Full range of metering and monitoring Frequency inverters for 3-phase

• Solar products and solutions, scalable from

simple metering and analysis to remote
online enterprise wide power management
asynchronous motors from variable
torque applications for building HVAC.
Open to the main building communication

Schneider Electric is committed to promoting a respect for the natural

environment. One of our main objectives as a company is to provide
systems and products to help people use electricity safely, efficiently and
in ways that conserve energy and other natural resources.
For more information

Low Voltage Equipment

Download SE Clicker
and scan this page

We have an extensive collection of electrical products for the distribution,

protection, control and management of electrical systems in low voltage
environments. World class, time-proven electrical products which enable
our customers to build and design electrical systems with superior levels
of reliability, flexibility and quality. Full control from your smart device

Single & 3-Phase Distribution

Acti 9 Isobar is a complete range of single and 3-phase distribution boards
for commercial and industrial applications.
• Standard distribution boards up to 24 ways Standard, meter
ready, split metered
• Multi service distribution boards up to 24 ways and multi-service

• Dual incomer distribution boards up to 24 ways

• Split load distribution boards up to 24 ways
• Split metered distribution boards up to 22 ways encapsulated

• Any outgoing way can be converted to switch the Neutral

Conversion of any
Smart Electrical Distribution outgoing way into

Smart switchboards can open up significant sources of data that can be

locally displayed and/or shared via communication devices; grouping Fully shrouded
neutral bars
most of the electrical protection, command and metering components. Wide range of add-on
auxiliaries e.g. shunt
trips, auxiliary switches,
Follow our simple 3 steps to unlock asset and energy management add-on earth leakage

information from your installation: Wide range of

1. Measure
2. Connect
3. Save
Low Voltage Switchboards Fully shrouded
connections when
main switch is
Non removable interlock
to prevent operation
unless an outgoing device
The LV switchboard is the intelligence of the system, central to the
electrical installation, the Schneider Electric solution:
• Specify switchboards that comply with standard IEC 61439-1 & 2
• Guarantee a level of safety that has been 100% tested, from the day
the switchboard is installed & throughout its service life
• Ensure a lasting investment through easy upgrading of the installation
in compliance with the standard
• Guarantee that the switchboard complies with the technical
Medium Voltage
Our innovative Medium Voltage Distribution and Energy Automation
equipment is designed to be high performing, efficient and reliable,
allowing you to be more productive and profitable.
Medium Voltage Transformers
We manufacture a vast range of medium voltage/low voltage
transformers which can be supplied in many configurations. In addition
to the option of fluid filled transformers, cast resin transformers are also
Ring Main Units
The complete indoor/outdoor ring-main unit is available up to 24kV. They
meet all the medium voltage application requirements from transformer
protection to remote control, select and install, backed up with a wide
range of features and options, making it the UK's most popular ring main
unit on the market.

Schneider Electric Ltd Customer Support Centre

Stafford Park 5 Tel : 0870 608 8 608
Telford Fax : 0870 608 8 606
TF3 3BL Website :
6 - Power Factor Correction Equipment
Power Capacitors Limited
Power Capacitors Limited is “Power Factor Correction” having specialised in all
aspects of power quality since 1973.
Power Capacitors Ltd supplies capacitors for Power Factor Correction,
Harmonic Filters and Power Electronics applications to Industrialists, Equipment
Manufacturers, Electricity Supply Companies and Contractors alike.

Quality – Second to None

Working within the policies of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 approval,
all equipment is manufactured and tested to all appropriate

Power Factor Correction – Multiple Benefits

Power Factor Correction, when correctly specified, completely removes the
charges levied on consumers with a poor power factor, and the savings
achieved can amount to many thousands of pounds a year. The reduction in
loading on electrical distribution equipment increases supply capacity, reduces
losses and also reduces CO2 emissions.

Capacitor Products – Total Capability

The comprehensive range of capacitor products available enables almost every
requirement for power factor correction to be satisfied by a standard product.
Where a solution does not already exist, our specialist engineers are able to
offer a custom solution, designed specially around a particular set of

Automatic Systems
To meet the diverse needs of ALL industries and applications, Power Capacitors
has developed three distinct ranges of automatic PFC systems:

PowerCab - BlueLine
Designed with unparalleled performance and reliability in mind, the BlueLine
range offers the most robust solution bar none for the most demanding
applications, with the emphasis on performance and extended lifetime.

PowerCab - GreenLine
Intended for the ‘Standard Industrial’ application, the GreenLine range provides
the simplest solution to whatever Power Factor Correction scheme is required.
With standard ratings available to over 500kVAr in a single cubicle, the compact
dimensions enable us to meet constraints our competitors cannot.

The EnviroCab range offers a technically compliant and cost-effective solution
to smaller equipment requirements. Ratings from 10kVAr to 75kVAr meet the
most cost-sensitive requirements in ways our competitors can’t match.

Better Components = Lower Losses

By using better specified components across the whole range of designs, Power Technical Support & Site Services
Capacitors’ equipment has lower losses than its competitors.
The services performed by the company’s specialist engineers include:
This difference can amount to a significant financial saving, for example, a
300kVAr detuned system from one of the ‘market leading’ PFC companies ● Power Factor Surveys performed free of charge on the UK mainland
would cost over £350 per annum more to operate than our BlueLine system. ● Load Profiling with report & recommendations
Where cost of ownership is more important than a low initial purchase price, ● Harmonic Surveys with full technical report & recommendations
Power Capacitors offers the optimum solution. ● Installation of Capacitor Equipment

Capacitor Maintenance – Total Service Surge Suppression – The Power Capacitors

Power Factor Correction equipment is a piece of capital equipment and regular ‘PowerSoak’ Surge Arrestor
maintenance is essential. Regular servicing ensures that the rated output is
There is no business today which would not suffer from the failure of a piece of
maintained, maximising the financial and technical benefits.
sensitive equipment as a result of a mains-borne voltage spike. The safe
Unlike our competitors, Power Capacitors Ltd is able to service and repair every attenuation of mains-borne spikes and short-term surges is an important part
LV capacitor installation, regardless of manufacturer. of any co-ordinated power quality strategy. Power Capacitors Ltd is able to offer
Our team of fully qualified and experienced specialist Capacitor Engineers a “one-size fits all’ approach, which is easily understood and simple to integrate
perform these services across the whole of the UK. into an existing distribution system.

Power Capacitors Limited Tel : 0121 708 4511

30 Redfern Road Fax : 0121 765 4054
Tyseley Website :
Birmingham Email :
B11 2BH Sales : Tim Brown Technical : Matt Robbins
Power Distribution -7
Legrand – Power Distribution
Zucchini Cast Resin Transformers
The Green T.HE range fulfils the requirements of the EU regulation
548/2014 for high efficiency dry-type transformers.
Zucchini cast resin transformers are a reliable solution for distribution
systems, energy power generation, rectification, traction and other special
requirements. The absence of inflammable insulating liquids, the
self-extinguishing materials exempt of toxic gas emissions and the low
noise levels and electromagnetic emissions all combine to present a
responsible solution to environmental protection and public security.

Zucchini SCP Super Compact High Power Busbar

Offering maximum versatility in demanding commercial and industrial
environments, SCP busbar is used to transport and distribute high power
from 630 to 6300 A and is a popular choice for rising mains.
SCP’s compact dimensions enhance its resistance to short circuit
stresses. Voltage drops can be controlled to reduce the impedance of
the circuit and enable installation of high power electrical systems in
confined spaces.

Zucchini MR Medium Rating Busbar

Available in sizes from 160 A to 1000 A, MR busbar is ideal for power
distribution in medium to large installations and for rising mains in
commercial buildings. MR is available with aluminium or copper
conductors and has a large range of tap-off boxes from 16 to 1000 A,
allowing the supply and protection of a wide range of loads using different
devices such as fuses, MCBs and MCCBs.
The latest addition to Zucchini's tap-off range is the distribution fuse board
tap-off. Plugging directly onto the busbar, it eliminates the need for
separate tap-offs and wall mounted fuse boards - providing a space
saving solution that meets the demands of high rise residential

Zucchini RCP IP68 Cast Resin Busbar

Ranging from 630 A to 6300 A, RCP is ideal for the distribution of high
power energy in external environments. It can be used indoors or
outdoors and provides high levels of mechanical strength, chemical
resistance, ingress and impact protection, and continuity of service in the
case of fire.

Electrak Powertrack, Floor Boxes & Grommets

With minimal parts and push-fit assembly, powertrack is easy to install
and minimises disruption as office layouts evolve. Complementing its
market leading powertrack system, Electrak offers a wide range of floor
boxes, floor access grommets and cleaner’s sockets. All ranges offer a
vast selection of power and data solutions, including RCD options.

Electrak Desk Power Systems

The modular under-desk Intersoc-R power system has been designed
with speed of installation and flexibility in mind. Modular configuration
enables thousands of different combinations to be made.
The on-desk range brings power, data and rapid USB charging to the
modern workstation. With clean lines and stylish aluminium and mirror
white finish, Intersoc on-desk’s ergonomic design blends in perfectly with
contemporary office design schemes.

Electrak Lightrak Lighting Control

Lightrak has the capability of controlling all types of luminaire, from
switching high frequency ballasts through analogue and DSI dimming to
full DALI control in addressable mode.
Based on the open KNX protocol, a multitude of gateways are available
to integrate with Building Management Systems (BMS) and other
monitoring and reporting systems.
The system is complemented by Buscom trunking – a unique power and
data backbone that incorporates an integral shielded twisted pair
communications BUS inside each trunking length.

Legrand Electric Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 345 605 4333

Great King Street North Fax : +44 (0) 345 600 6366
B19 2LF Website :
United Kingdom Email :
8- LV / MV Switchboards & UPS
GE Industrial Solutions
GE is known throughout the world for manufacturing innovative and
quality products and solutions focused on the needs of its customers that
are easy to install and provide flexible user-friendly features as standard.

LV Main Switchboards
SEN Plus is a flexible and robust system being able to offer a mix of
motor control and distribution within a single stack utilising MCCBs or
fuse switches. It has a fully rated 3 or 4-pole system up to 7,600A and
150kA-1s, fully withdrawable modules and front or rear access busbar
The SEN Plus offer now includes the EntelliPro motor manager which
provides excellent motor protect characteristics, local control and display
options, as well as a choice of Modbus or Profibus communication
protocols. The EntelliPro units are also SIL and ATEX certified.
SEN Plus also offers several arc mitigation and arc res solutions.

LV Switchboards
QuiXtraTM 630 is GE’s complete solution for low voltage distribution
boards up to 630A for commercial and industrial environments.
QuiXtraTM 4000 is GE’s complete solution for low voltage distribution
boards up to 4000A for high commercial and industrial environments.
QuiXtra is delivered as a flat kit to be assembled, equipped and wired
by a panel builder or installer.
The QuiXtraTM 630 range consists of both wall mounting and floor
standing sheet steel enclosures, as well as busbars and functional units
to easily integrate all types of low voltage electrical devices up to 630A.
The QuiXtraTM 4000 range consists of 11 floor standing enclosures,
combination of 4 different widths and 3 depths, as well as busbars and
functional units to easily integrate all types of low voltage electrical
devices up to 4,000A.

MV Switchgear
SecoGear is a range of metal-clad switchgear from 3.3-40.5kV 630-
4,000A. The range utilises the latest embedded Pole Vacuum circuit
breaker technology and has full segregation and interlocking of breaker
compartments and cable compartments.
SecoGear was recently upgraded with Full Front Access and an MCC
offering. New are the SecoRMU 36kV Ring Main Units up to 630A and
SecoCube CGIS up to 2,500A.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

From 30kW to 1,200kW single module UPS’s, providing up to 7.2MW in
parallel redundant architecture, with up to 96.5% on-line efficiency using
the latest 3 level technology, making the GE TLE SeriesTM UPS one of
the most efficient and reliable three-phase UPS systems, providing
best-in-class efficiency, output performance and critical power protection NEW
for your critical power needs.
The TLE SeriesTM offers true front access, facilitating all maintenance
tasks within a compact footprint which can be positioned up against walls.
Its unity power factor output eliminates the need for any de-rating.
The TLE SeriesTM also comes with BlackboxTM technology allowing
waveform capture for better diagnostics and trend analysis.
The TLE SeriesTM UPS range is optimised to provide low input current
harmonic distortion, best-in-class output voltage regulation and dynamic
response. Overall, these products help to reduce operational costs whilst
implementing environmentally friendly solutions.

GE Industrial Solutions Tel : 0800 587 1251

3 Oakland Road Fax : 0800 587 1239
Leicestershire @GE_IndSolutions
LE2 6AN Website :
Kinetic Energy UPS Solutions -9
Since its formation by Anton Piller in 1909, Piller has emerged as the
undisputed world leader in the supply of high-performance rotary UPS and
power conditioning products, providing peace of mind protection to leading
names in the financial, broadcasting, data centre and industrial sectors.
Piller occupies a unique position, being the only company to manufacture
both rotary and static UPS solutions as well as static transfer switches,
voltage stabilisers, ground power units and frequency converters. In 2016,
Piller acquired the business and assets of Active Power Inc extending further
its offering of kinetic-energy storage UPS solutions.
Piller UK provides Sales, Project Management and After-Sales Service to
the UK and Ireland. The strength and depth of our UK Field Service Engineers
combined with strategic spares stores across the UK ensures we continue
to provide our customers with unparalleled service and support.
Critical Power Module (CPM 300)
Products & Solutions Offered
• UNIBLOCK™ Rotary UPS/DRUPS and DeRUPS™ VI Conditioning Path

• PowerBridge™ Kinetic Energy Store

• Active Power Cleansource UPS VFI Conditioning Path

• AP Premium+ Static UPS LOAD

• APOTRANS Static Transfer Switches

• APOJET Ground Power Units
• Service & Project Delivery CENTRE
• Temporary UPS Rental
Piller CPM Simplified Schematic
Nothing Protects Your Reputation Quite Like Piller
Kinetic Energy Storage UPS Solutions
UPS technology, that deploys kinetic energy storage rather than conventional
battery technology is beginning to revolutionise power protection in the data
centre and mission critical marketplace. These solutions eliminate the need
for space-hungry battery systems and deliver substantially higher revenue
flows for the Owner.
Dramatic space savings and significantly reduced total cost of ownership
further improve returns on investment through the adoption of this technology.
In addition, modern diesel generators are ideally suited to kinetic energy
systems, providing the ideal combination of power protection and VFI - Voltage & Frequency Independent, VI - Voltage, ECO - Voltage & Frequency Dependent
Critical Power Module (CPM 300)
The Piller Critical Power Module (CPM) is a new concept in UPS Technology
destined to revolutionise power protection within mission critical facilities. The
CPM has been designed with the specific needs of the modern enterprise
data centre in mind, allowing designers to radically change their thinking for
the provision of continuous power conditioning.
The CPM concept brings together a highly efficient and reliable energy store
with a five mode uninterruptible power system which benefits from wide
environmental operating characteristics that allow the elimination of air
conditioning used in conventional battery systems.
By replacing batteries with an integrated energy store, up to 80% of the space
normally taken up can be saved. Additional building space for battery air
conditioning, switchgear and cabling is also eliminated.
Active Power CleanSource™ Product Range
Mission critical facilities are different than other environments and present
special challenges. Temperature, airflow, space and safety all need to be
Active Power CleanSource / PowerHouse
considered carefully before equipment can be deployed. The Active Power
CleanSource range is a great fit for these applications. Benefits of Active Power CleanSource Technology
Core products offered include: Smallest footprint - Active Power’s systems take up to less than half the
CleanSource XT 225 UPS: 225kW UPS modules with parallel online space of typical battery UPS systems.
architecture. Highest temperature range - Systems can support up to 40°C environments
CleanSource MMS UPS: Modular solutions providing up to 1.8MW. with no degradation in performance.
CleanSource HD 625 UPS: 625kW UPS modules with parallel online Most reliable - CleanSource UPS has been proven to be 12x less likely to
architecture and scalable up to systems of 4.3MW. fail than battery based systems.
PowerHouse™: Containerised solutions comprising UPS, switchgear and Less maintenance - Reduces disruption and risk 40% reduction in TCO
GenSets which are factory assembled, tested and delivered as an integrated compared to battery alternatives.
system with centralised control and monitoring. Green - Iimprove sustainability by 90% compared to battery-based systems.

Piller UK Ltd Tel : 01285 657 721

Westgate Fax : 01285 654 823
Phoenix Way
Cirencester Email :
Glos GL7 1RY Website :
10 - UNIBLOCK Rotary UPS
PILLER UK The ‘Heart’ of the
Piller is the undisputed world leader in the supply of rotary high-
performance UPS and power conditioning products, providing peace of
mind protection of mission-critical operations to some of the leading names
System fan
in the financial, broadcasting, data centre, industrial and aviation sectors.
Thrust bearing
Piller’s rotary offering, the UNIBLOCK™, provides high efficiency, greater
Brushless excitation
than 20-year service life and ease of maintenance, resulting in the lowest
overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), such that our solutions are equally Motor and generator winding in a
common starter
suitable for smaller installations where reliability is paramount. Common rotor with
Whilst Piller and Active Power have supplied multiple 20-40MW data damper winding

centres for Colocation and IT hosting, the market-leading capacity and Vertical arrangement
for bearing load
dynamic performance of our POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy store also
makes our products extremely suitable for critical process manufacturing
Unloaded guide bearing
and applications where grid stability and frequency control is of vital
Rotary Product Offerings Piller UNIBLOCK™
Piller’s rotary UPS solutions are built around the renowned UNIBLOCK™
system, delivering outputs from 150 kVA to 50 MVA in both independent The Piller POWERBRIDGE™ provides
and diesel-based configurations with a range of energy storage options. up to 90% saving in floor space when
The latest evolution, the UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ offers over 97% efficiency, compared with batteries
the highest levels of reliability and versatility, making it ideal for new and
existing installations utilising RUPS, DRUPS and DeRUPS™ topologies.
Piller also offers the POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy storage system, a
vertically-mounted flywheel which is electrically connected to the
UNIBLOCK™, providing the longest ride-through times available in the
industry today. This feature ensures assured handover to back-up
generation assets and significantly minimises the number of diesel engine
starts when deployed in a DRUPS or DeRUPS™ configuration. Top bearing
The unique operation of the POWERBRIDGE™ also ensures a dynamic Brushless excitation
performance which is unparalleled in terms of ensuring frequency stability
Main machine
for systems with fluctuating load profiles or gas generators with less
responsive regulations. Flywheel
Rotary Product Range Bottom bearing
• UBT+ 560 kW to 2,700 kW RUPS
• UBTD+ 560 kW to 2,700 kW DRUPS/DeRUPS™
• UBR 150 kVA to 1,300 kVA Hybrid RUPS
Energy Storage Options
• Battery (typically 5-20 minutes)
• POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy storage (up to 55 MWSecs)
• Wide choice of Diesel Engine (in either DRUPS or DeRUPS™ configuration)
Innovative Solutions
• DeRUPS™ Systems
• Isolated Parallel (IP) Bus
Why Piller Rotary UPS Technology
• Reliability levels are several times higher than those of static UPS
• Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
• No capacitors or fans, so ‘fit & forget’ technology
• Wide range of energy storage options (battery or electrically-coupled
POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy store)
• Ensures effective downstream discrimination in all modes of operation
• POWERBRIDGE™ offers the best available ride-through & recharge times
in the market
• Maintenance when needed is entirely in-situ with no factory returns required
Schematic of Piller UNIBLOCK™ with Kinetic/Battery Energy Store
• Small footprint providing high power densities & innovative configurations
(e.g. IP-Bus) Enhanced Operational Efficiencies
• Diesel options can be directly coupled (DRUPS) or electrically connected Piller’s UPS offering is truly best in class with a number of UBT+/UBTD+
(DeRUPS™) rotary and Active Power products being eligible under the UK Government's
• Highest quality after-sales support delivered through an extensive & Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, which rewards the adoption
highly-qualified service team of high-efficiency technology through accelerated capital allowances.
• Systems available at both low & medium voltage In addition, Piller’s in-built Power Economy Management™ feature
significantly increases the efficiency of an overall UPS system by reducing
• Containerised & water-cooled solutions offered
operational losses where load levels are cyclical or difficult to predict.

Piller UK Ltd Tel : 01285 657 721

Westgate Fax : 01285 654 823
Phoenix Way
Cirencester Email :
Glos GL7 1RY Website :
DeRUPS™ Solution - 11
DeRUPS™ - Intelligent Control, Secure Power
The System of Choice for Data Centre Operators + +
Piller’s unique DeRUPS™ system is proving to be the ideal UPS solution
for mission critical applications requiring a small footprint with high
reliability, flexibility, ease of maintenance and maximum return on UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ POWERBRIDGE GENSET
Unlike conventional DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS), DeRUPS™ electrically
connects generated power to the UPS rather than mechanically through Configuration & Integration
a clutch. This arrangement provides physical separation of the standby
DeRUPS™ / CPM Control
generator from the Piller UNIBLOCK™ UPS modules within an integrated
system offering great flexibility, improved ease of maintenance and a
more sustainable approach with an impressively low Total Cost of
As well as eliminating the space needed for batteries, DeRUPS™ offers
a wider range of configuration options including IP-Bus, a complete
freedom of engine choice and the flexibility to install UPS and generators + +
as and when the need arises. The benefits of this innovation can also be
adopted using Piller’s new Critical Power Module, CPM 300.
By eliminating batteries, the system reduces the space required by as CPM 300 POWERBRIDGE GENSET
much as 80% whilst improving reliability. DeRUPS™ uses
POWERBRIDGE™, a flywheel kinetic energy storage system which
massively increases power density per unit. Absorbing energy at the
same rate as it can dissipate, POWERBRIDGE™ stabilises and The Components of DeRUPS™
guarantees smooth operation between generator and UPS unit, with no
environmental battery disposal issues to manage. • High Efficiency UBT+ UNIBLOCK™ Rotary UPS option
The Topology of DeRUPS™
• Ground Breaking Critical Power Module (CPM 300) option
In its most simple form, a DeRUPS™ solution entails a single diesel
generator electrically connected with a Rotary UNIBLOCK™ or CPM • Assured Autonomy from the PowerBridge™
where the generator can be connected in the more conventional upstream Kinetic Energy Store
position, or downstream to the UPS, to provide additional security for the
• Standard GenSet (optimised unit size)
critical load.
However, with the removal of a mechanical connection between the diesel • Integrated DeRUPS™ System Controller
engine and the Rotary UPS/CPM, flexibility is increased considerably.
Ratings of the generators and the UPS no longer need to be matched
and individual ratings of units can be matched to optimise requirements
UBT+ Bypass
in terms of price and performance. Generators can be centralised in a
single power farm facility, with UPS modules distributed around a facility Coupling Choke
in a mixture of MV and LV configurations to suit individual circumstances.
The Benefits of DeRUPS™ ROTARY

Piller’s DeRUPS™ solution delivers an extremely flexible and versatile

solution, offering benefits at day-1 and during the lifetime of the facility.
Elimination of Batteries Increases Reliability
The replacement of batteries with a flywheel energy store eliminates the UTILITY

major cause of UPS failure, improving reliability and availability. VI Conditioning Path
Furthermore, the flywheel provides “guaranteed autonomy” which does
not change throughout the 20-year service life of the product. CRITICAL LOAD

Reduced Capital & Operational Costs

VFI Conditioning Path
A DeRUPS™ solution delivers lower day-one capital costs compared to
a battery-backed static UPS solution where the holistic costs of building
the facility are considered. (downstream)

The adoption of high-efficiency UBT+ technology, combined with the

energy management features provided through the DeRUPS™ CPM Powerbridge™

Controller, ensures optimised efficiency at all levels of load. Combine this

with the fact that DeRUPS™ solutions eliminate the requirements for DeRUPS™ with alternative standby GenSet Options
batteries, ensures these solutions offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
Space Savings to Enhance Revenue Potential
The adoption of a flywheel-backed solution eliminates batteries which
require a large dedicated air-conditioned space. Typically, a DeRUPS™
solution can generate a space saving of up to 80%, enabling the revenue
generating potential of the business to be maximised.
By way of example, adopting a DeRUPS™ solution in place of a
conventional battery-backed static UPS solution for a 2MW facility (N+1
redundancy and 10 minute End of Life battery) could easily result in an Indicative floor plan of a similarly rated Indicative floor plan of a flywheel-based
additional white space floor area that would deliver over £600,000 per battery-backed static UPS solution DeRUPS™ solution
annum in additional revenue to the business.

Piller UK Ltd Tel : 01285 657 721

Westgate Fax : 01285 654 823
Phoenix Way
Cirencester Email :
Glos GL7 1RY Website :
12 - Building Performance Solutions
Next Control Systems Ltd
Next Control Systems Ltd is a building performance company, specialising
in the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of award
winning integrated solutions for over twenty years. Enabling projects are
coupled with remote services to prevent performance or energy leakage
and maintain the estate standards for efficiency and performance.
Our cloud-based software platform is technology agnostic and acquires
data from multiple sources such as MOP/DC, ModBus, MBus or pulse
meters and building management systems.
All data can be visualised using vector scalable, HTML web-based
graphics to suit the associated stakeholder. Our objective is to make the
complex data available from your buildings understandable.
Operational, data purity and energy threshold alarms are defined and are
either escalated automatically or can be initially triaged by our Remote
Support Centre. All alarms are complete with a validated audit trail.
We are able to evaluate and compare the operational design specification
against the post-occupancy data to allow asset owners to check that the
buildings are performing to the agreed design specifications or estate
Our intelligent apportionment module enables complex utility billing
strategies to be applied to multi-tenanted buildings or campuses where
utilities and central services are required to be recharged on a ‘pay as
you use’ basis. The platform provides tenant billing packs and custom
data output files for financial invoicing packages. We can implement real
time ‘dynamic tariffs’ within our platform to ensure maximum recovery of
utility charges.
Our energy and building performance consultants work with your
stakeholders to analyse your building data, report operational and energy
exceptions to the estate standards and provide solutions to reduce
consumption and optimise the performance of your estate.

• Waitrose • M&S
• John Lewis • Ikea

• Broadgate Estates • Discovery Park
• Legal & General • Ark Datacentres
• Cushman & Wakefield

• Bournemouth University • Alton College
• Surrey University
• Institute of Cancer Research • National Health Service
• Wexham Hospital • Public Health England
• Warwick Hospital

• All England Lawn Tennis Club • Hilton Group
• Institute of Civil Engineers

Next Control Systems Tel : +44 (0) 1252 406398

93 Fleet Road
Hampshire @Next_Energy
GU51 3PJ Website :
Dynamic UPS & Generator Sets - 13
Secure Clean Reliable Power 4
Established in 1989 in Liège, Belgium EURO-DIESEL designs and 2 5
manufactures robust and resilient rotary UPS systems, the NO-BREAK
KS® series, traditional generator sets and when unforeseen events occur,
we have a containerised, trailered UPS fleet available for short or long
term hire.
Value engineering, customer service and quality are central to our
approach. We work with specifiers, contractors, consultants and end users
from initial concept to ensure efficient, fully integrated turnkey designs. We
provide a range of service and maintenance options to support the units
throughout their life cycle and maximise performance and longevity; our
dedicated service team are available 365/24/7.
The NO-BREAK KS® works in parallel with the utility power supply
providing stability, power factor correction and protection from out of
tolerance events whilst the incoming power is present and seamless
continuity in the event of a power outage.
• 100 kVA to 3000 kVA in any configuration to suit Tier I-IV
• 50/60Hz
• LV and MV options up to 33kV
• Single, parallel redundant, dual bus and IP Star or IP Ring system
• Compact; smallest footprint (m²/kVA) for lower build costs; maximised
space planning
• KS-VISION® – touchscreen HMI Control Panel with Dynamic IP
address for external web-based connectivity
• Plant room or containerised options
• Modular and scalable
• Ready assembled Monobloc design for easy delivery and installation
• Engine and stato alternator pre-aligned in factory – no complex
alignment, misalignment issues on site
• Smart design with low component count for low TCO – reduced
maintenance, repair and overhaul
• Dry type maintenance-free clutch – no lubrication oil
• Natural cooling
• High overall efficiency and performance characteristics
• Best voltage regulation and harmonic filtration (reduction < 2% THD)
• Highest harmonic (crest factor) acceptance and high peak currents
(up to 20x)
• Power factor improvement (cos Ø=1) as part of the unique inherent
• Reduced voltage distortion in case of upstream or downstream short
• 3x input short circuit capacity
• Up to 20x output short circuit capacity
• No battery banks, external rotating source, capacitor banks, inverters,
rectifiers or transformers required
• Intrinsic reliability due to simple design and low component count
• Extended bearing lifetime and reduced maintenance – low rotational
• Unique redundant starting system – the engine will start even if the
engine batteries or starter are inoperative
• Resilient system capable of handling mechanical loads
At EURO-DIESEL we pride ourselves on making the largest and smallest
rating Diesel Rotary UPS systems in the market.
Our tailored, turnkey solutions and project management expertise ensure
even the most complex projects are delivered on time, on budget and to
our clients’ satisfaction.

EURO-DIESEL (UK) LTD Tel : +44 (0)1285 640879

First Floor
101/102 Cirencester Business Park
Love Lane
Cirencester Email :
Glos GL7 1XD Website :
14 - Switchgear / Critical Systems
Prism Power Group
Prism Power Group is a leading worldwide critical power solutions provider
specialising in the design, manufacture and management of switchgear
and critical power systems.
With extensive mechanical and electrical expertise, the company’s team
of engineers have a firm commitment to developing the best performing
and energy-conscious systems that give the ultimate levels of security,
resilience and lasting value. Value-added engineering, quality and integrity
lie at the heart of Prism Power Group’s ethos, as is ensuring systems work
seamlessly to bring optimum levels of continuity, efficiency of supply and
security to their clients’ critical infrastructures.
The company’s continued investment into research and development has
led to its offering a range of improved power systems and solutions that
are sustainable, versatile and can meet ever-increasing business
demands. The four key divisions to the Prism Power Group make it a
comprehensive one-stop shop provider, with experience of supplying to a
number of key industries (including Data Centres, IT, Finance, Public
Sector, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Manufacturing, Utilities and
Transport) and a diverse portfolio of products that can satisfy the most
complex of specifications.

An extensive range of options is available depending on the client’s design
criteria and operational needs. Fully welded enclosures are built with the
very highest level of safety, strength and quality with component options
from a selection of leading manufacturers.
The option of off-the-shelf or bespoke engineered products guarantee the
most suitable solutions are available to match any requirement.
Switchboards can be pre-designed modular construction for ratings up to
3200A and custom designed switchboards, which are independently
certified up to 6300A/100kA.
• Switchboards: LV Distribution, Generator, UPS
• Distribution & Configured Solutions: Distribution Boards, Lighting &
Power Boards, PDUs
• Packaged Substations

Critical Systems
Prism Power Group designs and delivers reliable mechanical and electrical
solutions for a range of critical infrastructure environments. Working in
partnership with clients and end users, the team designs a system to the
right level of resilience, whilst achieving optimum efficiency and
engineering objectives.
• UPS Systems: Static & Kinetic Energy Storage
• Cooling Systems
• Generators
• PowerQube™ & DataQube™
• Turnkey Solutions

Intelligent Solutions
The Intelligent Solutions division focuses on smart energy management
technologies. Energy management is a key source of competitive
advantage and with Prism Power Group’s non-intrusive InTouch™ energy
management systems, clients can benefit from significantly improved
levels of efficiency and security, as well as reduced operational costs.
• Power Monitoring, Smart Energy Management Systems (SEMS)
• Prism Power’s InTouch™ Range of Intelligent PDUs & InRack PDUs
• BMS Control Cabinets
• Prism Power’s Intelligent Distribution Board Range eDB™

Maintenance Services
Prism Power Group’s comprehensive after-care service prolongs the life
of the systems they provide and protects their clients’ investment. Covering
both proactive and reactive maintenance, highly qualified engineers
minimise the risk of downtime, ensure equipment stays safe and optimise
system performance.

Prism Power Ltd Tel : 01923 296 700

Caxton Court Caxton Way
Watford Business Park @PrismPowerUK
Watford Email :
WD18 8RH Website :
Battery-less Dynamic Diesel UPS - 15
Hitzinger Secure Uninterruptible Power,
The Hitzinger Dynamic Diesel UPS System (DDUPS) comprises of four with a 25 Year Service Life...
major components: diesel engine, generator, kinetic energy storage Dynamic diesel driven UPS are designed and proven for 25 years
module and coupling choke. The kinetic energy module, generator and continuous operation and offer significant life saving over battery-backed
coupling choke work together to provide power conditioning and ride solutions including:
through energy for the UPS system, whilst the diesel engine provides the • >2x Service life of Static UPS
long term backup for a mains failure.
The input stabilising filter system and energy store ensure the critical load • Up to 3MVA UPS power from a single unit
receives a conditioned power supply whilst also providing power factor • Voltage range up to 11kV
correction to near unity and bidirectional harmonics filtration for the utility. • 10 year overhaul intervals
The security of supply is also the consideration of effects from other users
or indeed, the effects from faults and dirty loads within the mains • Battery-less system with no additional A/C
distribution. The purpose of the Hitzinger DDUPS is to guarantee the • High efficiency
supply within tolerance and to protect against the poor input supply and
• No input harmonic distortion
generate a high quality output.
• >0.98 Input Power Factor
1 2 3 4 5 Choke Pure Sine-wave
• Unlimited Autonomy
From Mains To Consumer • Exceptional load handling
1. Harmonic Distortion • No environmental conditioning required
2. Voltage Peaks
3. Voltage Drops • Dual output from 300kVA to 3MVA for both UPS & non-essential loads
4. Brown-out
5. Black-out

Diesel Rotary UPS vs. Battery Backed

with Additional Standby Diesel Generator
1 2 3 4 Critical loads demand exacting standards and innovative application of
proven systems to assure the infrastructure integrity.
Hitzinger diesel rotary systems provide proven reliability and offer many
advantages over the battery-backed UPS and Standby diesel generator
including: maximising available plant room space, minimising running
costs, eliminating UPS air conditioning requirements and addressing some
At standby of the system, the KIN flywheel is kept at approximately double
of the technical issues presented by large static UPS installations such as
the speed of the inner rotor by means of a small induction motor, this can
harmonic filtration, poor input power factor, no inherent fault clearing
be called charged if compared to a battery. In case of an emergency, the
capability and maintaining a controlled battery environment.
energy stored within the KIN flywheel is transferred to the rotor by using
a controlled electromagnetic field which will build up between the flywheel
and the shaft by injecting a controlled DC current in the winding of the
rotor. The electromagnetic field produces a torque being built up between
the flywheel and rotor resulting in energy transfer from the flywheel towards
the rotor in order to maintain a constant speed of 1500rpm.
The diesel engine is then started by the starters and at a speed of 700rpm
the electromagnetic clutch is energized, accelerating the diesel engine to
nominal speed within 1.5 to 2.5 seconds. After another 2 to 3 seconds,
the full load is supported by the Hitzinger DDUPS System running in diesel
In the event the diesel engine starters fail to start for any reason, the
electromagnetic clutch closes immediately and within 1.5 seconds the
engine will be brought to nominal speed (1500rpm) by the released energy
of the KINETC Module via high speed start.
r [rpm] FConsumer [Hz]

2600 1... Outer rotor speed of the KIN Module

2... Frequency consumer grid

50,2Hz 3... Inner rotor of the KIN Module

49,7Hz From 700rpm acceleration of the
engine by the electromagnetic
clutch up to nominal speed


0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5

4... Diesel engine speed

5... Redundant start curve through electromagnetic
curve at normal start
clutch in case of battery failure

These redundant starting systems guarantee the diesel engine will be

started, ensuring uninterrupted power availability for the critical loads ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality
driven by the kinetic energy of the KIN Module within guaranteed tolerances.

Hitzinger UK Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 1732 529 641

50 Churchill Square Fax : +44 (0) 1732 529 642
West Malling
Kent Email :
ME19 4YU Website :
16 - UPS / Energy Storage
Socomec is a family-owned Industrial Group specialising in uninterruptible
power supplies, control and safety of low voltage electrical energy
systems for the industrial and services sector.
We have a team of highly trained maintenance engineers and technicians
available to assist the installation and commissioning of equipment,
preventative and remedial maintenance, 24-hour availability and a remote
LINK-UPS service.
• Green power 2.0 range
• 10-800 kVA/kW
• Transfomerless UPS design
• Masterys / Delphys GP efficiency & performance are tested & verified
• 96% efficiency in VFI mode independently tested & verified
• Fully rated power: kW=kVA Masterys / Delphys Green Power 2.0 Range from 10 to 800 kVA/kW
• Parallel configuration up to 6 units
• Internal maintenance bypass
• EBS battery management system
• Net vision
• Green power 2.0 range from 200-2400 kW
• Scalable & high power modular UPS system
• Scalable in 200 kW power blocks up to 1200 kW
• Innovative operating mode
• Simple cable IN / cable OUT (I/O) architecture
• Hot swappable power blocks
• Fully online double conversion system extension or maintenance
• Manufactured in the EU
Delphys Xtend GP Green Power 2.0 Range from 200 to 2400 kW
• Green power 2.0 range
• 25-600 kVA/kW
• Modulys GP efficiency & performance are tested & verified by TÜV SÜD
• Up to 96.5% efficiency
• Modulys GP power module MTBF is calculated & verified higher than
6,000,000 hours by SERMA TECHNOLOGIES (IEC 62380)
• Fully modular system (UPS BATTERIES)
• Totally redundant design & enhanced serviceability performance
• Fully rated power kW+kVA
• N+1, N+2 redundant architecture
• Robust, high reliable protection for harsh environments
• Complete range from 10-80 kVA
• IP protection degree IP31 as standard, IP52 option Modulys GP Range from 25 to 600 kVA/kW Masterys IP+ Range from 10 to 80 kVA
• 10-80 kVA for 3-phase, 10-60 kVA for single phase
• Parallel up to 6 units
• High efficiency
• Optional internal transformer
• Operation at temperatures up to 50ºC
Energy Storage
Power Conversion System and Storage from 33 kW to MW
The solution for:
• Self-consumption maximisation
• Production profile management
• Grid stabilisation
Reduce the impact of increases in the electricity retail price. Manage the
intermittence of renewable energy production. Meet the challenge of
demand-response energy balance. SUNSYS PCS² Power Conversion System & Storage from 33 kW to MW

SOCOMEC U.K. Limited Tel : 01285 863300

Units 7A-9A Lakeside Business Park Fax : 01285 862304
Broadway Lane @socomec_UK
South Cerney Email :
Cirencester Website :
GL7 5XL Socomec Group
Switchgear/Metering/Power Quality - 17
Managing power and protecting people, equipment and installations,
Socomec’s expertise in this domain is unquestionable; the company is
an undisputed leader in power switching and changeover functions and
has been a specialist manufacturer of electrical equipment since 1922.
• Automatic transfer systems
• Load break switches, DC & PV switches
• Transfer switching equipment
• Fuse protection
• Electronic safety (insulation monitoring, ELR, surge protection
Load break switches SIRCO, SIDER, SIDERMAT, SIRCO PV; Fuse
combination switches FUSERBLOC, FUSOMAT, Fuses BS88, NFC/DIN,
UR; Motor protection; Manual, motorised and automatic changeover
switches SIRCOVER, ATYS; Differential protection RESYS; Protection
against overvoltage SURGYS; Busbar supports and Flexibar.
ATS No-Break Bypass System from 40-3200 A
Enclosed ATyS
• Automatic equipment from 40 to 3200 A
• Automatic transfer between two supply sources to ensure continuity
of supply to critical loads
• No break transfer to bypass during maintenance or commissioning
• IEC 61439-2, 60947-6-1, 60947-3, BS 60947-6-1
Metering & Power Quality
Improving the energy performance of buildings and installations.
• Measure power consumption, identify sources of excess consumption
& raise occupant awareness
• Limit reactive energy & prevent associated tariff penalties
• Use best tariffs, check supplier invoicing & accurately distribute energy
bills amongst consumer entities
Active MID approved energy meters COUNTIS E; Power monitoring and
energy management DIRIS DIGIWARE; Multifunction meters DIRIS A; DIRIS Digiware & DIRIS G
Energy management and power monitoring software suite VERTELIS;
Wireless meters DIRIS B-30; Comms gateway DIRIS G; Branch circuit
monitoring and retrofit metering.
• Monitor energy consumption & power quality whilst saving space in
the panel
• Plug & play: reduce commissioning time
• Common display: easily accessible
• Multi-circuit: reduce number of devices
• Flexible retrofit options: add to existing installations
• Easy to add additional measurement points: designed for future expansion
• Class 0.5 accuracy to IEC 61557-12 from 2-120% of nominal current (In)
Electrical network analyser identifies the sources of failure before they DIRIS Q800
reach a critical point for the application.
• Network analyser for the prevention of quality faults & optimising the
costs of electricity
• First analyser in Europe with IEC 62586-2 Class A certification
• Large colour touchscreen with display identical to the web server’s
• Compatible with all facilities
Lab Testing Facilities
• Short circuit test platform
• Mechanical: endurance & mechanical shocks
• Environment: functional or electric tests under extreme conditions
(temperature, salt spray, vibration)
• AC/DC endurance: in operation & under controlled temperatures
(arcs, LV/HV power cuts)
• Temperature rise, metrology & electromagnetic compatibility
A member of ASEFA and the LOVAG, it is also accredited by COFRAC,
UL (CTDP), CSA (shared certification) and KEMA.
Tesla Lab with 8440 kVA Transformers

SOCOMEC U.K. Limited Tel : 01462 440033

Knowl Piece Fax : 01462 431143
Wilbury Way @socomec_UK
Hitchin Email :
Hertfordshire Website :
SG4 0TY Socomec Group
18 - Static UPS
Vertiv protects and optimises critical infrastructure for data centres,
communications networks, healthcare and industrial facilities. Our areas
of expertise include solutions and services for:
• AC & DC Power Systems
• Thermal Management
• Racks & Integrated Solutions
• Emergency Lighting
• Gensets
• Infrastructure Management & Monitoring
The featured Vertiv UPS are designed to a high performance standard.
Offering leading efficiency to reduce operating costs, they also include
full lead/lag load power factor capabilities without de-rating and provide
the lowest levels of input current distortion. With some of the most
optimised footprints in the industry, these UPS are also ideal for
supporting applications where space is at a premium. Trinergy™ Cube
Trinergy™ Cube, Liebert® EXL S1 and Liebert® APM are all eligible for
the Carbon Trust’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) and have been
included in the Carbon Trust’s Energy Technology Product List (ETPL),
allowing businesses to write off a portion of the cost of the equipment
against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

Trinergy™ Cube from 150 kW to 3.4 MW

Trinergy™ Cube is the new generation of Trinergy™ UPS delivering
unsurpassed performance to enterprise data centres. It is the only unit
in the market which allows for hot scalability up to 3 MW in a single UPS
and up to 274 MW in parallel.
• Average operational efficiency of 98.5%, maximum efficiency up to
99.5% & power density per core running up to 400 kVA
• Predictive maintenance, event analysis, waveform capturing, harmonic
spectrum analysis & data logging
Liebert® APM
• LIFE™ remote diagnostic & preventive monitoring service embedded
in the UPS
The system can be configured in a vast range of layouts, whether it be
a straight row, L-shape or back-to-back, delivering unprecedented levels
of installation flexibility.

Liebert® EXL S1 from 100 kW to 1200 kW

Liebert® EXL S1, the new generation of 80-eXL UPS, delivers
unsurpassed performance to medium-large data centres as a result of
proven track record, successes, a reliable large installed base and more
than 10 years of acquired experience with the 80-NET technology.
The new Liebert® 80 EXL S1 is a monolithic product that features a
transformer-free design with a full IGBT three-level topology providing
extraordinary features, including a double conversion efficiency of up to
97%, plus intelligent paralleling to optimise efficiency at partial load, thus
achieving superior running cost savings as well as reduced TCO and
CO2 emissions.
Furthermore, its higher power density in a minimum footprint optimises
the availability of IT space and reduces related costs.
Liebert® 80 EXL S1, available from 100 kW to 1200 kW, delivers secure
power while providing first class load protection and maximum energy
saving for mission critical applications.

Liebert® APM from 30 kW to 600 kW

The Liebert® APM is a versatile, modular UPS designed for row and room Liebert® 80-eXL
applications with a double conversion efficiency of up to 96.3%. Its
modular and scalable design may house both power and battery modules
inside the same cabinet, allowing for scalability whilst delivering the ideal
balance of high availability, reliability and efficiency without increasing
the system footprint.
The in-built scalability of the Liebert® APM also allows for fast, simple
increases in system capacity through hot-swap modules. Each power
module combines scalable power with independent DSP control to
auto-regulate operation, thus enhancing overall availability. The Liebert®
APM is able to reach a total of 600 kW of active power in a single unit
and up to a maximum of 2.4 MW in a complete parallel configuration.

Vertiv Tel : 023 8061 0311

George Curl Way @VertivCo_UK
Southampton Email :
Hampshire Website :
SO18 2RY Visit our blog :
Emergency Lighting Systems - 19
Incorporating Emergency Power Systems, a name recognised throughout ELSX
the UK for its product innovation and quality for over 20 years. Static Inverter
Centrally Powered Systems
In this age of energy conservation, designers are returning to centrally
powered systems for their emergency lighting requirements. These offer
considerable energy savings, low life cycle costs and ease of
maintenance when compared to traditional self-contained luminaires.
Vertiv offers a full range of 3 phase and single phase systems designed
to meet the requirements of BS EN 5017, to support any type of lighting
load, including discharge lighting.
ELSX - Static Inverter Unit
The ELSX is a true 3 phase 4 wire system, with outstanding efficiency of
98%, utilising the latest in hot swappable modular technology for ease of
maintenance and peace of mind.
Gold Plus - Static Inverter Unit
The Gold Plus offers both traditional passive standby and the latest active
standby operation, providing design flexibility to suit all lighting loads.
Features include a power factor corrected charger for energy efficiency,
and front access only cubicles to reduce overall footprint and allow for
ease of maintenance.
ELBR - Static Inverter Unit
The ELBR is a compact single phase unit with ratings up to 5 kVA. With
the charger, battery and inverter housed in a single composite front
access only enclosure, it utilises hot swappable modular technology
increasing MTBF. The ELBR is ideal for floor-by-floor installations, or ELBR Gold Plus
where a limited amount of floor space is available. Static Inverter Static Inverter
Diamond AC/DC Central Battery Units
AC/DC Central Battery Units are available in 24V, 50V and 110V versions
with options of either non-maintained, maintained or a combination of
both. These systems are designed to the highest standards, providing a
secure source of emergency power. Floating DC systems are also
EPScan Plus - Intelligent Addressable Central Testing
EPScan Plus is an Intelligent Addressable Central Testing system utilising
Fibre Optic technology. Each Control Panel is capable of addressing 996
intelligent Nodes via 4 outputs which can be configured as loop and/or
radial circuits. Testing regimes can be tailored to the individual
requirements of the client, ensuring full compliance with BS EN 50172.
Simple to install and user friendly.
A full range of self-contained and slave luminaires designed and
manufactured to meet the requirements of BS EN 60598.2.22. For use
with our Static Inverter and Central Battery Systems, designed to SCM Panel
accommodate the particular needs of the installer and the specification Sub Circuit Monitoring EPSCan Plus
of the user. LED and fluorescent light sources are available throughout Monitoring & Test
the range.
Hold Off & Changeover Relay & Sub Circuit Monitoring Panels
Non-switching (Sub Circuit Monitoring) or switching (Hold Off and
Changeover Relay) panels to manage your emergency lighting system.
These remove the need for localised relays throughout the building and
are manufactured to your specific design requirements.
Emergency Luminaires
We offer a range of self-contained luminaires and slave luminaires,
suitable for use with our AC/DC or AC/AC systems, which are designed
to accommodate the particular needs of the installer and special demands
of the user. The range demonstrates a progressive acknowledgement of
the importance between practicality and aesthetics. A choice of LED and
fluorescent light sources are available throughout the range. All
emergency luminaires are designed and manufactured to meet the
requirements of BS EN 60598.2.22.
Product Design & Support
Vertiv’s technical sales team are available to offer guidance on technical Luminaires
design issues, ensuring that you find the most appropriate and long-term Mains & Emergency
solution for your project. Our nationwide team of fully trained, in-house Lighting
engineers ensure your systems are maintained at an optimum level and
you can be assured that in the unlikely event of a problem, technical
support is available 24/7 to respond to your needs.

Vertiv Tel : 023 8061 0311

George Curl Way @VertivCo_UK
Southampton Email :
Hampshire Website :
SO18 2RY Visit our blog :
20 - Power Generation Products
JCB Broadcrown
Trusted around the world to deliver projects
from Concept to Completion
JCB Broadcrown is a leading manufacturer of complete power generation
systems. Located in Hixon, Staffordshire, Broadcrown was established
in 1976 as an independent manufacturer of generators, and for over 40
years we have grown our experience, skills, technology and
manufacturing base. In 2015, JCB acquired the Broadcrown business to
significantly extend its range of power generators, engineering,
installation and commissioning capability.
Our elite team of engineers design, build, install, commission and
maintain a full portfolio of products, providing power solutions to a diverse
range of industries and sectors. Specialising in diesel generators and
power management systems, JCB Broadcrown designs and implements
power projects from start to finish, working closely with consultants,
contractors, data centre providers and property investment companies,
to undertake even the most complex of bespoke projects.
The product range is from 6kVA to 3.3MVA stand-by, with unlimited
combinations available to meet the requirements of any project, both
large and small. We only use the highest quality components throughout
our whole design process, minimising the risk of downtime and unwanted
outages, which coupled with our outstanding aftermarket care, provides
complete peace of mind to our customers.

Global Expertise
Since 1993, our global projects have gained an unrivalled reputation for
high quality design, best-fit procurement and an ‘on time, on budget’
commitment to construction management. Our project managers have
worked in over 50 countries, installing in excess of 750MVA of essential
power. Time and again, the division has demonstrated its breadth of
knowledge and application skills across the entire power generation
We work in partnership with our clients to determine the best approach
for each project. This not only includes the generator and its supporting
infrastructure of fuel, air flows, exhaust and sound but also the logistics
and installation process. We use the most up to date CAD modelling,
which can be included in a project’s BIM designs. This incorporates our
design with that of other site contractors and suppliers to ensure a smooth
build process and reduced assembly and installation costs. Our engineers
can look at a project and advise our clients of the best approach,
extending JCB Broadcrown’s personalised and detailed guidance, which
could prove crucial at the all-important initial tender stage.

Dedicated Project Managers

What sets JCB Broadcrown apart is our dedication to providing support
throughout a project’s lifecycle – from the initial design right through to
the comprehensive aftercare package. Our service includes design,
installation, testing and commissioning, with a dedicated Project Manager
appointed from the very outset to keep each and every project on track
to completion.
Our Project Managers are adept at integrating new equipment into
existing sites, as well as managing state-of-the-art solutions for new
projects, allowing our clients to expand their power capabilities as and
when their business requires it, and all with the very minimum of
disruption. Capacity is therefore ‘future-proofed’, avoiding costly and
potentially damaging outages.

Service & Support

JCB Broadcrown’s global network guarantees 24/7 service and support,
minimising downtime and keeping our clients’ power on. Our fully trained
engineers offer a constant level of support. We tailor the level of support
to suit each of our clients’ needs, with generator maintenance available
24/7 for extra peace of mind, once commissioning is complete.

For full details on all products and services please visit:
Or contact us for more information +44 (0) 1889 272200
Email us at:

JCB Broadcrown Tel : +44 (0) 1889 272200

Airfield Industrial Estate
Stafford Email :
Staffs ST18 0PF Website:
Complete Power Solutions - 21
Cummins provides turnkey solutions including:
• New engines, generator sets & equipment sales
• Installation & commissioning
• Full life-cycle aftermarket care & service support

The Power of One™

Cummins offers The Power of One™ solution by using its group partners
for the supply of engines, alternators, controls, exhaust filtration and
switchgear, achieving a proven, robust design of generator sets.

Product Range
(see Cummins entry within the Technical Data section)
Diesel and gas powered generating sets and generator-drive (G-Drive)
engines, 17kVA to 3750kVA single or three phase, low or medium voltage
available for a wide range of applications:
• Stand-by, prime & continuous power systems
• Mission Critical – Data Centres, Health Care & Water Treatment
• Private, commercial, mining & industrial
• Rental & construction mobile applications

NEW! Upgraded QSK60 Series Gas Generator Sets

The new C1540 N5CC, part of the upgraded QSK60 gas engine series
family, has been launched across all 50Hz regions. Supplying electrical
efficiency of up to 43.8% and NOx exhaust emissions as low as 0.5g/hp-h
(250mg/Nm³), the upgraded model can reduce total cost of ownership for
customers and deliver world-class power efficiency.

NEW! PowerCommand Cloud™ Remote Monitoring System

PowerCommand Cloud™ is the new robust and reliable remote monitoring
system that provides information to ensure your generator is available
when you need it – see Cummins technical pages for more details.

Generator Projects
Cummins Projects Team offers a fully comprehensive range of services
to customers, from initial advice at the feasibility and proposal stages,
through to project handover and lifetime aftermarket support. The Projects
Team incorporate individual requirements requested by the customer,
providing a tailor-made service.

NEW! Custom project specifications for Europe and the

Middle East with Cummins Power Suite™:
Cummins Power Suite™ GenSpec™ can now produce a custom-tailored
13 page editable project specification document (Microsoft Word format),
referencing codes and standards suitable for the Europe and Middle East
Power Suite™ is Cummins suite of tools to provide consulting engineers
with a one-stop comprehensive solution. Whether it be sizing the
generator or calculating the project requirements or developing
specifications, we have it all covered – see Cummins technical pages for
more details.

Service Support
Cummins dedicated Power Generation Support Team provide specialist
advice, technical support and assistance for:
• Full life-cycle aftermarket care & service support
• Service and maintenance contracts (rapid response/emergency 24/7)
• Maintenance (planned & unplanned) & repairs
• Genuine Cummins parts & consumables

For further information and to request a brochure, contact us at the following:

Cummins Distribution Europe Tel : 08705 32 92 02

40-44 Rutherford Drive Fax : 01933 33 41 98
Park Farm Industrial Estate @CumminsEurope
Wellingborough Email :
Northants NN8 6AN Website :
22 - Power Generation & Control
Bells Power Group
Bells Power Group has specialised in the design, installation and aftersales
support of high quality and technically challenging generator systems for
over 20 years.
We operate from offices in the E1 area of London and have a service depot
and new test facility within the M25 in easy reach of our clients.
Liaising closely with architects, consulting engineers and clients to interpret
the exact requirements, Bells offers expert advice, design and quality at a
competitive price to provide the very best solutions and service throughout
the life of the project.

Sales & Installation

Our Sales and Solutions team are located centrally in our London Office
with our Project Management team. Both teams work together from the
initial concept to the practical completion and project handover.
Since 1989, Bells has been an authorised distributor and service dealer for
FG Wilson, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar and one of the largest
generator set manufacturers in the world. FG Wilson is a truly global
company with over 3,000 employees and 50 years of experience in the
supply of diesel and gas powered generator sets.
Using our own in-house expertise, Bells can offer a complete standby power
system solution to suit your needs, including:
• Diesel Powered Generating Sets from 8 kVA to 2.5 MVA
• Synchronised Systems & Mains Paralleling
• High Voltage Installations
• Switchgear & Automatic Changeover Systems
• Control & PLC System Design & Installation
• Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems
• Noise Control & Exhaust Systems
• Mechanical & Electrical Installations
• Fuel Testing, Temporary & Permanent Fuel Polishing Systems
Bells MES also operates from our Belvedere/Erith depots, our own in-house
mechanical and electrical installation specialists. Providing services for
pipework fabrication, steelwork fabrication, LV switchgear and PLC/control
system installations.

Service & Maintenance

Bells Power Services, operating from our service depot and offices in
Belvedere, Kent is a specialist aftercare and service division on hand 24
hours a day, 365 days a year, to cater to any requirements you may have.
With our factory of trained and vastly experienced engineers, Bells can
offer the very best support and technical advice to ensure that your plant
operates as it should when you need it.
The services offered include:
• Planned & Preventative Maintenance Schemes
• Emergency Engineering Support
• Load Bank Testing
• Temporary Generator Systems
• Emergency Fuel
• Authorised Parts Stockist & Emergency Supply Site Emissions & Engine Flue Dilution Calculation
• PLC & Control System Maintenance & Health Checks
• On/Offsite Repairs & Overhauls
From conceptual designs through to planned maintenance, Bells offers a
comprehensive range of products and solutions backed with quality
engineering and experience to ensure that your power generator
requirements are fulfilled to the highest levels of satisfaction possible.

Bells Power Group Tel : 020 3259 0100

Unit 8 Belvedere Business Park Fax : 020 8310 0977
Crabtree Manorway
South Belvedere @BellsPowerLtd
London Email :
DA17 6AH Website :
Generators / Loadbanks / Switchgear - 23
The Generator Company
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide unique power solutions which
reflect the mission-critical nature of the industry that we serve. By working
with, and addressing the specific power requirements of our customers,
we are able to engineer and deliver dedicated products and services on
a site-by-site, national, or global basis. This dedication and commitment
has enabled us to significantly increase and retain our diverse and global
customer base each year. Our aim is to be the supplier of choice to our
customers, the customer of choice to our suppliers, and the workplace of
choice to our employees. All of these qualities enable us to execute a
successful and winning business strategy that results in our company
being able to offer an unparalleled service to our customers.
Generator Sales
Together with a wide range of standard products and a variety of diesel
engines including John Deere, MTU, Perkins and Volvo as well as a
selection of leading alternator brands, The Generator Company offers
bespoke project solutions designed to meet the most stringent of customer
Our products meet a wide variety of global applications which include
conventional Single or Paralleling Standby Generators, Base Load Power
and Utility Paralleling Systems. Our standard range of industrial generators
is powered by both diesel and gas engines from 8 kWe to 2,700 kWe,
utilising a single engine. Our solution will always embrace all of our
customer’s requirements, utilising the wealth of experience offered by our
own in-house technical resource.
Our Sales Team is complemented by an Installation Division that will carry
out work ranging from delivery only to meeting site-specific installation
requirements for specialist craneage, sound attenuation, fuel systems,
and associated control and power cabling for either new generators
supplied by The Generator Company, or a client’s own existing equipment,
perhaps where it is being relocated.
Maintenance & Parts
Our Service Division is staffed by a team of highly skilled Service
Technicians and Technical Managers with a comprehensive electrical and
mechanical knowledge of the Power Generation Industry. This experience
enables us to provide a professional and efficient service to all customers,
regardless of whether we are supporting a single standby generator
installation at a hospital in London, a national contract, or a multiple set
base load paralleling system located at a remote site in Tanzania, Africa.
The Generator Company provides Generator and UPS Service Contracts
for equipment installed both in the United Kingdom and overseas, offering
guaranteed call out response times where required. Our Service Contract
customers are extremely diverse, ranging from Data Centres, Hospitals,
Offices and Hotels in the UK and Europe to Mines, Hotels and Base Load
Applications overseas.
We offer a variety of innovative and cost-effective solutions for routine
maintenance of Power Generation equipment and will be pleased to
discuss and tailor a specific maintenance specification to a client's own
particular requirements.
Control & Switchgear Sales
Our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of Control
Systems and Switchgear for Power Generation related projects means
that we can offer a pioneering range of products for a wide variety of
applications and environments.
Customer satisfaction is achieved by listening to specific requirements on
a project-by-project basis and translating the information into a carefully
engineered solution that gives consideration to the equipment being
reliable, cost-effective and maintainable as well as flexible enough to
accommodate future requirements.
Each year we successfully design, supply, install and commission a wide
variety of Control Systems plus Low and Medium Voltage Switchboards
to a diverse and global range of clients that include Data Centres, Banks,
Hotels, Manufacturing Plants, Building Owners and Hospitals.
The Generator Company has Switchgear and Control System products
suitable to meet the most stringent of requirements and applications.
Rental & Bespoke Hire Solutions
Our Rental Division is branded as Powerhire and boasts one of the most Our rental services include Generator, Distribution, Cable, Fuel Tank and
comprehensive and extensive fleet of power rental solutions for any Load Bank Hire can be delivered by our own logistical team and installed
industry, worldwide. Powerhire has proven expertise in the provision of and commissioned by our fully qualified and experienced engineers.
power hire requirements on a multitude of projects from simple single unit Powerhire’s highly trained, dedicated team of rental engineers with their
rental to full turnkey systems for the Healthcare, Retail and Financial vast depth of knowledge are always available to offer advice on the
markets as well as Data, Construction and Manufacturing sectors along supply, design and installation of any temporary power system to meet
with Film, TV, Events and Festivals. the needs of your business or event to ensure power is never interrupted.

The Generator Company Tel : 01634 668090

Unit 12 Stirling Park
Laker Road @GeneratorCo
Rochester Email :
Kent ME1 3QR Website :
24 - Energy Monitoring / Meter Supply
SHM Metering for Mankind Earth Leakage Relays

SHM Meters & Systems

SHM specialises in energy monitoring systems and meter sales.
We stock all well-known meters from UK and worldwide. A wide range of
SHM outstations create complete energy monitoring, power quality, power
management and remote tenant billing systems.
Proprietary manufacturers’ outstations and systems are also supported.

SHM Online Meter Sales

Purchase online from the wide range of energy meters held in our
warehouse from

SHM Engineering Excellence

We advise consultants and clients impartially – we design, we deliver and
we install fully operational systems. We operate with on-site software, or
cloud-based services, needing only a web browser for access.

SHM Strength in Diversity

Our wide range of engineering skills means we have the flexibility to
engineer and operate any equipment, software, client interface, meter or
outstation type.

SHM Earth Leakage Safety

Our wide range of safety earth leakage relays is unique and includes core
balance relays with Modbus communication and 4-20 mA transducer output.

SHM Variable Speed Drives Mid Panel-Mount Meters Kamstrup Heat & Chill Meters
Our energy saving equipment includes Danfoss variable speed drives.

SHM Technical Support

Our website provides full technical data on all our products and systems.

SHM Meter Panels

SHM constructs and designs meter panels to client specification and
delivers within a week of order.

SHM Thermal Energy Meters

Heat metering is now a legal requirement for commercial building
operation. SHM is a specialist distributor for Kamstrup ultrasonic heat and
cooling meters.

SHM Billing Meters Multifunction Meters Meter Fitting Accessories

SHM focuses on supplying MID approved meters in line with the European
Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). We are leaders in the field with
meters from Circutor, ABB, Carlo Gavazzi, Landis+Gyr, EDMI, Elster,
Iskraemeco, Kamstrup, Lovato, TE Connectivity, Schneider, Socomec and
SmartProcess. Our MID Guide gives advice to landlords and facilities
managers on the legally enforced MID.

SHM Loggers & Systems

We supply a full range of analogue and digital data loggers for energy
monitoring and tenant billing via Modbus, M-Bus, GSM, GPRS, Ethernet,
radio and telephone. Systems range from a single metering panel to billing
management of a multi-tenant building or power management for an
energy intensive factory. As systems integrators, we combine SHM and
third party products to produce the optimum system solution.

SHM Current Transformers Meter Panels Tenant Meters

We stock leading manufacturers’ moulded case and split core CTs for all
current ratings, apertures and mounting styles. We have a unique SHM SHM Manufacturers
range of retrofit “Miniclip” CTs and special fused voltage taps. Ease of fit
and safety are our key concern.

SHM Services Hire & Survey

SHM operates a full range of engineering service agreements, tenant billing
bureau, data collection and delivery, power surveys and load survey
instrument hire. These diverse activities complete the SHM full system,
product and services portfolio.

SHM Metering Tel : +44 (0) 1962 865142

Valley House Fax : +44 (0) 1962 862451
6 Winnall Valley Road @SHM_Metering
Winchester Email :
Hampshire SO23 0LD Website :
Energy Management/Smart Buildings - 25
Carlo Gavazzi
Synonymous with quality and innovation, Carlo Gavazzi continues to
revolutionise and lead the way in the energy management and smart
buildings sector.

Take control of your energy consumption

Our unrivalled family of easy to install DIN rail/panel mount single and
three phase energy meters meet all the requirements of the Measuring
Instruments Directive (MID) and resolve the requirements for monitoring
energy usage laid out in part L2 of the Building Regulations.
The range starts from an ultra-compact DIN-rail mounted, single phase
32A energy meter, providing both active and reactive energy metering
and cost allocation functions, up to a three phase energy analyser offering
built-in hot/cold water, gas and remote heating measurements and load
Data Aggregation
The VMU-C and VMU-Y energy platforms have proved to be significant
solutions when managing and integrating data from either single or
multiple sites to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
The VMU-C EM gathers data from up to 32 energy meters, power
analysers and VMU Series I/O modules on a single installation. VMU-Y
allows the user to aggregate information from up to 10 VMU-C EM units
within a single centralised interface to provide monitoring of up to 320
All information can be viewed and accessed from any PC using a standard
web browser with no ongoing costs.

Bring your smart building to life with a building

controls solution that is flexible for the future
Dupline® provides a realistic alternative to traditional parallel wiring,
reducing installation costs by as much as 50%. As well as saving on the
cost of installation, the design and commissioning process becomes
much simpler and faster because of the implementation of a 2 wire bus.
The bus itself allows free topology and the use of just about any cable,
without the need for shield or twisted pair.
Dupline® is the ultimate remote I/O for your BMS controller. You can
implement the strategy in the BMS, with each point from the field
presenting itself as a BACnet object from the Dupline®/BACnet gateway.
Applications for Dupline® are where I/O points are distributed over a wide
area and are of low density. HVAC, under floor heating, natural ventilation
and alarm point monitoring are good examples, but there are frequent
opportunities for reducing costs within lighting control and energy

Car Park Guidance System

Carlo Gavazzi delivers an innovative solution to reduce the stress and
time taken for users to find vacant space, whilst other key features such
as speed of installation, lighting and ventilation control can make
significant cost savings.
Each parking bay is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor which will detect if
the space is available providing precise information on the exact number
of available parking spaces. Displays using directional arrows and digits
quickly guide the driver using the shortest route.
As a result, the driving in the parking facility will be reduced by 20% or
more, leading to reduced energy usage for ventilation. It is possible to
integrate other functions into the system, including the monitoring of
lighting, ventilation, CO levels and movement detectors.
Seamless integration into a building management system (BMS) using
the BACnet protocol is possible while lighting control to allow lighting to
be dimmed or turned off can be achieved by DALI protocol or relays. The
use of I/O modules for ventilation fans can also significantly reduce costs.

Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd Tel : 01276 854110

4.4 Frimley Business Park Fax : 01276 682140
Camberley @CarloGavazzi_UK
Surrey Email :
GU16 7SG Website :
26 - Busbars / Underfloor Busbars
EAE Busbars KX Compact Busbar

KX Compact Busbar Trunking

Designed for high current busbar installations from 400A to 6300A, a
“compact” structure, where tin plated, insulated conductors are tightly
placed into the aluminium housing, giving a high performance, robust and
space saving solution.
• 4, 4.5, 5 & 6 conductor options are available
• Tap off boxes can be installed into plug-in points or to bolt-on joints
• High fire rating (IEC 60331-1 & IEC 60331-21; 1000°C - 3 Hours IEC
60331-1; 830°C - 3 Hours)
• High short circuit & low voltage drop characteristics CR Cast Resin Busbar Trunking
• IP55 as standard 'Hybrid' insulation, with resin coated bars wrapped
in polyester B film

CR Cast Resin Busbar Trunking

Suitable for outdoor and hazardous areas. Ratings from 630A to 6300A
with copper or aluminium conductors. The cast resin body has an IP68
Complies with IEC 61439-6 and is fire rated at F180 to IEC 60331-1.
The CR Range has also been certified for use in seismic and explosive
area applications. The CR Range is compatible with the KX Compact
busbar range to give a complete indoor/outdoor solution. CR-KX
transition module offers the possibility of reducing cost and improving
available substation roof space.
KO II Plug-in Busbar
KO II Plug-in Busbar Trunking
KO II Busbar system distributes power between 160 and 800A both
vertically and horizontally.
For safety, tap off points have automatic shutters.
• 3-phase 4 wire, 3-phase 4.5 wire & 3-phase 5 wire conductor options
• Tap off points at every 25cm & IP55 degree of protection
• Continuously tin plated aluminium or copper conductors
• Sealable tap off points & single bolt block joint
• All ratings are tested in accordance with IEC 61439-6

MK Small Power Busbar Trunking KAM / KAP

Ideal for small power applications such as workshops, data centre rack Lighting & Small Power Busbar
supplies or roller shutter doors.
• Ratings from 100A to 225A
• 4 or 5 conductor versions in aluminium or copper
• Tap offs from 16 to 80A for fuses or MCBs

KAM/KAP Lighting & Small Power Busbar Trunking

The KAM range is specifically designed as a lighting busbar system.
The KAP range is designed as a lighting and small power busbar.
• 2, 3, 4 & 5 wire options DAB Underfloor Busbar Trunking
• Continuously tin plated electrolytic copper conductors
• IP55 degree of protection & tap off plugs with phase indication

DAB Underfloor Busbar Trunking

Used under raised floors to distribute power in office environments and
available at 63A or 80A. Tested in accordance with IEC 61439-6.
• IP55 with 3-6 conductors including clean earth
• 13A-32A pre-wired tap off units with flexible steel conduit

For technical information on Busbar Specifications see the Technical Section

ELBAGATE - EAE London ELBAGATE - EAE Midlands EAE Elektrik A.S.

1/F 139 Stoke Newington High Street Ardenfield House 197b Station Road Akcaburgaz mah. 3114 Sokak No: 10
London N16 0PG Knowle B93 0PU 34522 ESENYURT-ISTANBUL-TURKEY
Tel : 020 7254 9991 Tel : 01564 773312 Tel : +90 212 886 2000
E-mail : E-mail : Fax : +90 212 886 2420
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Power Factor Correction Solutions - 27
ABB Power Quality
ABB offers a complete power quality service for networks from low (LV)
to high voltage (HV), including site surveys and consultancy, power factor
correction (PFC) and active harmonic filtering equipment.

Why poor power factor (PF) matters to you

Your site’s Power Factor (PF) is the relationship between the active and
reactive power on the network. It measures how effectively you use the
electricity you buy. In an ideal world, it would be one (unity). In many cases
it is much lower – sometimes down to 0.5
When you have a poor PF you are effectively burning money. And high
energy bills, with the added risk of financial penalties, are only part of the
problem. Power Factor also impacts network reliability and its capacity to
add new loads when your business expands.
ABB’s complete service can help address your PF issues. This includes
a free, no-obligation, site survey, recommendations and the manufacture
and installation of the ideal PFC (Power Factor Correction) equipment
based on our new APCQ automatic capacitor banks that offer:
• Proven technology
• Wall & floor mounted options
• Complete auto set-up
• Easy to install & operate using our RVC & RVT power factor controllers
• Safety & reliability
For panel builders we also provide individual capacitor shelves that enable
panel builders to incorporate our PFC technology within their own low
voltage panels.

Detuned Installations & Network Studies

The presence of harmonic currents can cause unacceptable disturbances
in your supply network and adversely affect the operation of other electrical
equipment, including PFC.
ABB’s power quality specialists can carry out a harmonic study of the
network. If harmonics are present, we offer suitable capacitor and active
filter solutions.

Active Harmonic Filters

ABB PQF active filters offer the following system benefits:
• Reduced power system downtime to avoid expensive losses of
• Increased system efficiency & reduction of CO2 emissions
• Compliance with the strictest power quality regulations thanks to a
unique control concept, avoiding penalties and/or refusal by utilities
to connect installations to the electrical grid
• No detailed network analysis required, with rapid & easy solution
• Not over-loadable, thanks to the active concept, hence well adapted
to LV installations where loads are upgraded frequently

ESI Energy Storage Inverters

ABB’s range of BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) now includes
the ESI range of bi-directional inverters designed specifically for small to
medium size renewable energy installations. As well as being suitable for
both LV and MV applications (with a step-up transformer), the ESI can
address power quality issues such as harmonic mitigation, load balancing
and reactive power compensation.

Purpose Built Facility

ABB’s power quality services for the UK are coordinated by our purpose
built facility at Bromborough. This now includes a new test bay with the
latest computerised testing technology. Before products are shipped, the
new facility ensures consistent high quality by testing in an automated bay
to the highest levels of repeatability and accuracy, including systematic
data storage. Testing includes high voltage, insulation and continuity tests.
For up to date news about all of ABB’s products and services, please
subscribe online to our customer newsletter at

ABB Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 151 357 8400

Unit 6 Riverview Business Park Fax : +44 (0) 151 355 9137
Riverview Road
Bromborough Email :
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28 - Cast-Resin Insulated Busbars
Eta-com UK
The ‘betobar-r’ busbar, produced in Belgium, consists of copper or
aluminium conductors embedded in an enclosure of a non flammable, Product
self-extinguishing and homogeneous insulation mix, based on epoxy
cast-resin with mineral fillers, ensuring high mechanical strength and
chemical withstand. Standard types are available for current ratings + Available
6300A and voltage ratings up to 17.5kV. Systems for higher current
ratings or DC applications are possible on request. From Our
The busbar line consists of a number of prefabricated elements. The
electrical jointing of the conductors is achieved by means of double fish Website
plates and high tensile steel bolts. The junctions and the element ends
are overcast with the same insulation mix as used for the elements. In
this way, an integral insulating enclosure IP66/IP68 is guaranteed over Cast Resin Insulated Busway System
the full length of the busbar run. Straight junctions and elbow junctions
are available, each facilitating installation adjustments of 0-20mm per
standard junction. Applications for:
• Transformer stations in: industrial plants, off-shore platforms,
Element Shapes public buildings, hospitals, hotels, banks, power stations
The ‘betobar-r’ busbar system is available in a wide range of standard • Data centres
element shapes, forms and lengths fabricated to suit the typical project
• Rising mains in high-rise multi-storey buildings, with tap-off
• Straight elements
• Energy distribution main feeders
• Elbow elements, horizontal & vertical
• Machine (motor) feeders
• Z (double elbow) & T elements
• Main busbars in power stations
• Flanged terminal elements (AC & DC connection generator)
• Tap-off facilities & phase-transfer elements
• Thermal expansion compensation elements
• Tailor-made terminal elements for transformer, generator or
switchboard connection

The most important advantages of the ‘betobar-r’ system are:
• High short-circuit withstand
• Non flammable, self-extinguishing insulation to IEC 60332-3-10
& DIN 4102 part 1
• Electrical continuity E30 – E120 to DIN 4102 part 12 available
• Fire-proof wall bushings, A60, H60, S60 to S180 to DIN4102
part 9/EN1366
• Fire resistant to IEC 60331-21 (LV)
• Excellent resistance to atmospheric pollution & a wide range of
chemicals (list on request)
• Integral insulation & a high degree of protection up to IP68/IK10
• Suitable for tropical climates (withstands rodents, insects, fungi)
• Easy assembly & short installation times - supervision team available
• Maintenance free
• Explosion proof: ATEX & IEC Ex certified on request

The ‘betobar-r’ busbars can be supplied in the following standard types:
For Low Voltage:
Up to 1000 V AC 50-60 Hz, following IEC 61439-6 – 3 phase conductors
• Protective earth 50, 100, 150 & 200% neutral
• Alu-conductors range up to 5000 Amps
• Cu-conductors range up to 6615 Amps
• For DC applications up to 8000 Amps & 1500 V DC
• Models with 3 phase: 3- & 4-wire with full size neutral & earth conductor
For Medium Voltage:
Following IEC 62271-201:
Type Current rating Voltage rating
SH up to 1885 A up to 7.2 kV
PH up to 6140 A up to 17.5 kV
• To IEC-62271-201
• In compact types for 3.6 – 7.2 – 12 & 17.5 kV – 50-60Hz
• Higher current/voltage ratings on request

Eta-com UK Preedcrete Ltd Tel : 01403 265767

2nd Floor Afon House Fax : 01403 254131
Worthing Road
Horsham Email : Part
West Sussex RH12 1TL Website : of
LV Distribution & Control Products - 29
GE Industrial Solutions
Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
EntelliGuard™ G, T & L
A comprehensive and global EntelliGuardTM range of ACBs.
Designed to optimise component density within equipment manufactured
in the EU.
New compact frame further expanding the EntelliGuardTM G family with
a 30% space saving, ratings from 400-6, 400amps and fault ratings from
50kA-150kA Icu.
• Leverages the entire offering of the EntelliGuardTM Trip Unit (TU)
• Common accessories throughout the range of EntelliGuardTM G
• Complies with IEC 60947.2-2009/GB 14048.2-2008
• Complies with EN 60947-1 through IEC, UL approvals
The EntelliGuardTM Toolkit, App and Gateway are designed to make
managing and monitoring trip units easier and safer by leveraging NEW
digitisation and decreasing exposure to dangerous arc flash zones.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

UL, IEC, CB, CCC and more, plus Marine certificates means a global
multi-standards circuit breaker line for simplified inventory management
and maintenance. Highly versatile trip curves, extensive metering
capabilities and industrial communication protocols to meet the needs of
demanding industrial applications.
Predictive maintenance capabilities: advanced contact wear calculations,
mechanism timing, and event logs allow connectivity and insight into the
health of the breaker to help detect a problem before there is one.
Reduced internal circuit breaker parts means fewer potential failure
points, built in a highly automated assembly facility for maximum quality
and durability.
ArcWatchTM safety technology with combined Instantaneous Zone
Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI) and Wave Form Recognition (WFR)
provides proper trip sensitivity together with reduced risk of arc flash
exposure. Advanced PremEonTM trip units with Reduced Energy
Let-Through (RELT) mean a safer interaction while in maintenance mode.
GuardEonTM – Built to keep the world working.

Power Electronics – Variable Speed Drives

Designed for general purpose applications for both constant and variable
torque, comprising of a broad range from 180W to 1.4MW.
The AF6 range of drives is part of the GE Ecomagination range looking
to conserve as much energy as possible. Fitted with built-in DC Chokes
to increase the lifetime of the capacitors.
The drives have a low energy consumption with up to 98% efficiency.
There is less energy required for cooling and fitted with an Automatic
Energy Optimiser (AEO) potentially, saving a further 5% of energy
compared to standard drives.

Power Electronics – ASTAT Soft Starters,

Improving the Energy Efficiency &
Productivity of your Motors
Broad range of voltage from 200 to 690Vac, from 18 to 1,600A.
The GE ASTAT XB, XBm and XL series are designed specifically for
applications like pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, mixers, grinders,
centrifugal, etc. They optimise a sequence of starts and stops, increasing
the productivity, allowing both energy saving and maintenance costs,
while also protecting the motors.
Thanks to the built-in bypass and other features, you will save time,
money and space, giving you the ability to start and stop your motor
whenever it is required.

GE Industrial Solutions Tel : 0800 587 1251

3 Oakland Road Fax : 0800 587 1239
Leicestershire @GE_IndSolutions
LE2 6AN Website :
30 - Cable Management
Marshall-Tufflex is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cable
management solutions for commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational
and domestic markets. Products include trunking systems, underfloor to
desk solutions, wire basket systems and GRP tray and ladder for
transport, industrial or marine environments.
Trunking Systems with a choice of features
Trunking Systems are available in PVC-U, steel and aluminium with a
market leading choice of features including data and Part M compliance,
EMI screening, antimicrobial properties and pre-fabricated wiring options.
Sterling Curve
Sterling Curve is a sleek, three compartment trunking featuring curved
data compartments to stop clutter, avoid dust traps and to make cleaning
easy. Suitable for dado and skirting application, the 167 x 50mm system
includes single piece moulded fittings and flat tees/angles with integral
bend radius control.
• Compliant up to Cat 7a
• Comprehensive range of flush power & data accessories
• Standard bend radius 25mm
• Data fittings available for bend radius up to 50mm
• Adjustable data box 32-40mm
• Screened data boxes
• Steel screening divider available
Wire Basket Systems
A fast-coupling wire basket system featuring strong and lightweight
sections that are simply joined together for super-fast installation using
integral couplers.
• Two heights available: 65mm & 105mm
• Integral couplers for fast & easy connection
• Unique rippled design to enhance strength
• Maximum cable ventilation & a high level of resistance to cable movement
• Safety edges to prevent cable damage & personal injury
• Simple manipulations to the wire basket can overcome complicated changes
in direction
• Electro-Zinc finish as standard
• Corrosion resistance, can be used in harsh environments
• Fire resistant to E90 DIN 4101 section 12
• Cablelay available to protect power & data cables
GRP Cable Management Systems
Glass Reinforced Polyester Systems are a range of cable management
solutions well suited to industrial and aggressive environments where there
might be extreme weather or high temperatures. They are extremely
robust, considerably lighter than aluminium or steel, and have excellent
resistance against fire and corrosion, resulting in a very long life span.
Products include cable tray, cable ladder, ground ducts, cable troughing
and all the associated fittings and supports.
Underfloor to Desk Solutions
A comprehensive range of products for the distribution of power and data
services from beneath raised access floors and in-screed systems to desks.
• Powertrack – Standard & CE (Clean Earth) 63 Amp Powertrack. The
Series 507 Powertrack and fittings is the first system to achieve ASTA type
test certification for short circuit testing to BS EN 61534-22:2009 clauses
15.4, and The testing regime was conducted by global
specialist Intertek.
• Raised Floor Boxes & Grommets – 3 & 4 compartment un-wired and
pre-wired boxes and grommets.
• In-Screed System – PVC-U or steel ducting with 3 & 4 compartment boxes.
• MT32 Pre-Wired Underfloor Power Distribution – 32 Amp, fast-fit and
flexible, interconnecting, pre-wired and tested underfloor to floor box power
distribution system.
• Desk Modules – Pre-wired, pre-tested power and data modules, ideal for
under desk mounting. Desk modules can be used individually or linked to
serve multiple work stations using Wieland GST18/3 connectors. RCBO
modules offer additional circuit protection and can connect direct from
Powertrack up to single or multiple configurations of under desk modules.

Marshall-Tufflex Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 1424 856600

Churchfields Industrial Estate Fax : +44 (0) 1424 856611
Hastings @MTufflex
East Sussex Email :
TN38 9PU Website :
Cable Management / Underfloor Busbars - 31
Electropatent International
Powertrack Busbar System
Electropatent’s Powerfloor track system is renowned for its flexibility and
Underfloor Power
ease of installation. The system has been designed to be installer friendly,
requiring minimal parts to assist the contractor fitting out on site. It is
ideally suited for uneven floors.

It is a true “plug & play” system featuring only three main parts.

Mains Connection or Starter Module with integral Feed Unit/Chamber

with 16mm² terminal blocks. No separate Feed Unit is required.

Extension Module has an integral ‘pigtail’, which connects to a

socket on the Mains Connection Module to extend the circuit length. Dual Track Mains Connection Module Stainless Steel Grommet
Tap-offs can be rated to 40 Amps, without the need for fuse in the plug.

Floor & Slab Boxes

We have a range of Premium quality floor boxes with a wide variety of
accessories and box depths to cater for almost any installation. Floor Boxes
The floor box range includes:
• Raised Floor Boxes – Polycarbonate & Metal
• Screed Floor Boxes – Polycarbonate & Metal
• IP67 Floor Boxes – Stainless Steel
• Slab Boxes
We offer a huge range of outlets incorporating Power, Data and AV
outlets, including options for national and international socket outlets.

Grommets: Access, Power & Data

Available for a range of hole sizes with options for brushes and foam
inserts for underfloor AC systems. Manufactured from flame retardant
polycarbonate plastic or stainless steel with multiple lid options, including
fix/lockable lids. Cleaner grommets including RCD socket option.
Access – Power – Data – AV – Cleaners – Data Centre
The grommets can be supplied fully wired and tested for quick and easy
“plug & play” installation, saving time and labour costs.

Desk Power
Our unique robust and reliable all-steel construction modular desk power
system uses the same patented multipoint busbar as our ASTA licensed Desk Module & Rack Module in Various Colours & Finishes
Powerfloor track system. We can offer Desk/Rack modules with rating of
up to 40 Amps. Desktop, in-desk or under desk, we have the solutions.
• Trading Floors, Commercial Offices, Data Centres, Schools & Colleges
• Busbar based modules – all steel construction with options for stainless steel
• 6 socket colour options with a variety of module colours, textures & finishes
International Socket outlets:
Euro, Schuko, French, Italian,
• Options for Power only, Power & Data or Power, Data & AV combined Swiss, Danish, Indian,
Chinese, Australian, IEC
• Large range of protection devices, switches, fuses, MCB/RCDs, filters, etc Data / GOP Boxes - 2 to 96 Outlets Desk Module with International Sockets
• Pre-wired & tested with leads & tap-offs (options for Data & AV leads)

GOP & GAP Boxes for Voice, Data & AV

• Reliable & cost-effective solutions for structural cabling installations
• Offices, Data Centres, Trading Floors & Comms Rooms
• GOP/Data boxes, Panel Plates Sub floor boxes (GAP)
Vast range of products available, including bespoke boxes. Table Modules Desktop Power Module incl. USB Chargers

Bespoke Solutions
We have always looked at challenges as a means to create and innovate.
We have designed a vast range of bespoke products which can be applied
or adapted to suit most building services or architectural applications. An
Desk Power
example is our ‘Multi-port Fireguard’ stainless steel grommet which
carries a two-hour fire rating.
If you have a project, then please contact our sales or technical team
and we will be happy to assist.
Please visit our website for further details
Certificate No. 2034

Electropatent International Limited Tel : 020 8867 3500

30/32 Blyth Road Fax : 020 8573 9090
Middlesex Email :
UB3 1BY Website :
32 - LV / MV Control & Distribution
A name confidently specified by building designers, offering one of the
widest ranges of Commercial and Industrial Circuit Protection Devices
and Wiring Accessories, including Distribution Boards, Panelboards and
Enclosed Fuse Switch Switchgear and Capital Wiring Accessories for
local delivery and power control.

White Moulded
Crabtree white moulded wiring accessories offer a complete range of
tested products which meet the diverse needs of commercial installations.
The range has a modern, sleek curved plate style with matching plate
depths across the range, including flex outlet and grid products.
New and innovative features include full contact cable clamps, discreet
integrated LEDs integral to the switch rocker and inline and upward facing
The product portfolio has been designed and developed to meet all the
requirements of the commercial buildings market, including socket outlets
with integrated USB charging points that meet the new BS 1363-2:2016
product standard. In addition, there is an extensive range of Part M and
medical solutions that offer all the various colour requirements, as well
as true clean earth facility on socket outlets.
The offer also includes three solutions for data installations, one being
the first angled keystone solution, as well as a full mono-block range and
finally the traditional Euro module. A customised laser print facility is also
available for a permanent marking to your specification.

Increasing demands for flexible, modular switch products are met by the
Crabtree range which offers a wide selection of modular switches,
dimmers, keystone data and other items which in turn are complemented
by a wide selection of moulded and metal plates matched with the white
moulded range in both style and finish.
Grid plates and grids are available in 1 to 24 gang versions with multi-use
yokes reducing part numbers count. Switches are fitted to the grids from
the front and also have the additional safety feature of a screw fixing to
ensure that switches are securely retained.
Suitable for flush or surface mounted boxes, Crabtree grid switch modules
offer large, accessible inline and upward facing terminals for ease of
The wide choice of metal plate finishes and matching metal switch rockers
provides a fully coordinated product.

The durable metalclad wiring accessory is designed specifically for use
in challenging industrial, commercial and residential locations.
The hard-wearing finish is resistant to premature ageing, discolouration
and corrosion and the range includes a selection of sockets, switches
and fused connection units, together with a comprehensive selection of
grid products.

Decorative Metalplate
Crabtree decorative metalplate wiring accessories come in a wide
selection of standard finishes featuring both white and black interiors.
The products are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential
applications and, as well as standard wiring accessory items, there are
USB solutions in addition to a selection of data and communication
modules. Multimedia plates are also available to meet the requirements
of bespoke installations.

Flat Plate Range

Crabtree flat plate is a unique range of power, control and lighting wiring
accessories offering a choice of clip-on, screwless low profile plate or
screw-fit flat plate styles. The unique grid yoke and plate assembly
provides secure and reliable fixing combined with enhanced style. The
range is available in a wide selection of plate finishes and matching
rockers with a choice of white or black inserts.

Electrium Sales Ltd Tel : 01543 455010

Commercial Centre Lakeside Plaza Fax : 01543 455011
Walkmill Lane
Bridgtown Email :
Cannock WS11 0XE Website :
LV / MV Control & Distribution - 33
Sivacon S4 to 3200A
As type-tested switchgear, SIVACON S4 stands for maximum reliability
and a high degree of safety. High quality, perfectly matched switching
devices facilitate an easy integration in the building control technology
concept thanks to the system’s outstanding feature: built in intelligence.
During operation, an efficient ventilation system prevents heat
accumulation and heat pockets, thus assuring long term system
availability. A fast and easy access to the devices for setting purposes is
facilitated through doors with central locking, swivel frames and quick
release locks. Thanks to the enormously powerful locking system,
maximum personal safety is even guaranteed in fault cases.
Forms of internal separation 1, 2b, 3b, 4a, 4b (type 6 and 7) are available.

Powerstar VM160 MCCB Panelboards

The new Powerstar VM160 range of Panelboards offers both three and
four bar distribution solutions for commercial and industrial applications
with prospective short circuit currents up to 65kA.
The four bar system allows for Form 4b type 6 Group Mounted separation
to meet more stringent applications where enhanced forms of separation
are required.
VM160 is suitable for wall or floor mounting and has been designed for
ease of installation with open cableways to give full access when cabling
and fast fit copper connections.
VM160 incorporates a new range of outgoing MCCBs utilising the latest
Siemens technology, rated up to 160A with a breaking capacity up to 55kA.
These devices are available as SP, DP, TP and 4P MCCBs with an
enhanced range of ‘easy fit’ accessories, for example; auxiliaries, shunt
trips and UVRs.
Integral incoming metering, overvoltage protection, outgoing metering and
add-on service modules can all be easily selected and swiftly installed.

Powerstar 250 MCCB Panelboards

The Powerstar 250 range of panelboards is suitable for wall/floor mounting
and are available in two busbar ratings; a 400A 35kA busbar system and
a 630A 50kA system, both are Form 3b Type 2.
Outgoing 250A MCCBs consist of a TP switching unit available with a
breaking capacity of 36kA or 65kA and a choice of overcurrent or switch
disconnector modules, to provide a range of circuit protection
characteristics. In addition, GG frame MCCBs with fixed magnetic/fixed
thermal characteristics can be used in Powerstar 250 add-on units to
provide both SP and TP options of between 15A and 125A.
Integral Meter and overvoltage protection kits are available with fuse links,
fittings, cable looms and the device itself. Outgoing Metering cableways
are also available. Powerstar 250 panelboards are complete with fixed
busbar assemblies, incoming switching unit and are fully type tested to BS
EN 61439-2.

Polestar Compact to 250A

The Polestar Compact range of distribution boards offers the contractor
and specifier a comprehensive package to address the demands of
modern commercial installations.
Type B three phase distribution boards are available in two busbar sizes,
rated at 125A or 250A. Polestar Compact is also available as a Type A
Single Phase distribution board rated at 80A or 125A. They are suitable
for use as sub or final distribution boards within both commercial and
industrial buildings.
All type B distribution boards offer an integral metering facility. This means
no increase to the overall footprint whilst retaining generous cabling room.
Polestar Compact distribution boards accommodate even the tightest of
riser cupboards. Both Type A and B distribution boards are suitable for
wall mounting and supplied complete with fixed busbar assemblies. They
are fully type tested to BS EN 61439-3, utilising a sheet steel enclosure
finished in light grey paint (RAL 7035).
Ingress Protection is IP3X throughout the range. MCBs are 16kA protective
devices which have an 18mm modular width and are available as SP, DP
and TP devices with tripping characteristics B, C or D. RCBOs are available
as SP, single module with tripping characteristics B or C (Type AC).

Electrium Sales Ltd Tel : 01543 455010

Commercial Centre Lakeside Plaza Fax : 01543 455011
Walkmill Lane
Bridgtown Email :
Cannock WS11 0XE Website :
34 - Cable Protection & Management Systems
The ABB PMA cable protection range offers more than 6,500 products
and is tried and trusted by UK electrical installers, electricians and
electrical contractors to protect end user’s critical power and data cabling.

As a result, our high-quality products have an excellent reputation,

particularly for building installations, automation, railway, mechanical
engineering and marine applications.

Each solution is tested way beyond industry standards, including IEC

61386 and UL 1696. This means that not only do we know and understand
entirely the breaking point of each conduit, the amount of pressure or Single piece fitting, simple push-in assembly Overextruded non-porous smooth jacket conduit
extremes of temperature they can withstand, but also how they behave
under these pressures. Testing our products to breaking point means we
can continue to produce conduits perfectly suited to all conditions and
situations of the highest quality.

Cutting-edge materials are used to produce our conduits, ensuring

prolonged resistance from the most common causes of damage to cables,
including: vermin, deterioration from age and static in hazardous areas.

Unique Benefits
• Over 35 different types of conduit: light to heavy, flexible to highly flexible, Retro-fit divisible solution Highest sealing fitting system
conduit size from Ø 6mm to 125mm, mono-layer & multi-layer

• A safe, reliable system that is easy to install

• Vibration proof connectors

• Conduits specially approved e.g. CSA, UL Recognition, NFR, SNCF, DB

Conduits to Protect Humans & Cables

• PMAFLEX Pro - conduits for previously unattained performance levels
Rail Solutions
• PMAFLEX Multilayer - conduits (X-Series) based upon advanced
multi-layer extrusion technology allowing the manufacture of three layer
corrugated conduits combining the best characteristics of different
materials on inner & outer layers

• PMAFLEX - offers more than 30 mono-layer conduits for a variety of

cable protection applications

• Divisible System - divisible conduits for repairs, retrofit & pre-loomed


• Smart Line - conduits with an excellent price/performance ratio for Food & Beverage
various applications

• Fire Barrier Solutions - single & double-sided fire barrier solutions for
cable protection systems

• Light Rail - conduits & fittings offering a high mechanical performance

& fire safety certification up to EN45545-2 HL3 internal

• NEW Food & Beverage - To meet ever more stringent demands for
rapid and effective washdown, the new JFBD conduit, incorporates for
the first time an overextruded non-porous smooth jacket

Connectors with Patented Safety Clip System

• IP69K - Highest sealing through a fully closed system

• IP68GT - Single piece fitting with integrated sealing cap & pre-installed
locking clip. Simple push-in assembly (as with the proven IP66 system)

• IP68 - Recommended for the highest dynamic applications. Fits any type
of conduit profile (T&G) with excellent pull-out strength

• IP66 - One piece fitting, conical sealing method, easy “push-in” installation
with pre-installed clip Mechanical Engineering

ABB Ltd Tel : 0333 999 9900

Tower Court Fax : 0333 999 9901
Foleshill Enterprise Park
Courtaulds Way Email :
Coventry CV6 5NX Website :
Cable Management Systems - 35
ABB Wire & Cable Management
Fastening Solutions
ABB Wire & Cable Management offer a complete fastening solution
to improve the quality and speed of installations and aesthetics.
With an integral steel locking barb where extra strength is required.
The high quality, all nylon tie for a variety of applications.
Quick and easy to install – no tools required! Wrap the cable tie around
the bundle of cables, bend the excess tail in two directions and twist. The
tail breaks off leaving no sharp edges.
Stainless steel cable ties specifically designed for hazardous areas, such
as petrochemical, food processing, power stations, marine and offshore
industries. Now with range extensions, features include:
• ID System – pre-embossed easy to read & mounted on carrier strips
• Ball-Lock Type – easy application, strong self-locking mechanism
• Ladder Type – low profile & flat head
• Releasable Type – unique buckle design allows re-use
• Tensile strengths of up to 1000N
• Temperature Ranges: -80ºC to 53ºC
• Flame retardant, UV resistant, weatherproof, radioactivity & chemical
• Extensive range of sizes & widths
• Various approvals including UL E49405 & Lloyd’s Register

Comprehensive range of tensioning and cutting tools are available for
use with all cable tie ranges:
• Economy tools for low volumes
• Semi-automatic hand tools for medium volumes
• Pneumatic tools, powered hand tools for high volumes

Insulate, Protect & Identify with Shrink-Kon®

A full heatshrink product range, including thin wall for general electrical
applications, medium and thick wall for external and utility applications,
preformed shapes such as end caps for sealing cable ends and breakouts
for cable joints.

Termination Systems
Sta-Kon® & Color Keyed® Termination Systems
Terminals for wires and cables from 0.25mm² up to 500mm². With a
choice of various insulated and non-insulated rings, forks, disconnects,
splices and copper tube terminals.
Dragon Tooth® Insulation Piercing Connectors
Range of insulation piercing connectors and installing tools designed to
splice, tap and terminate copper magnet wires in motor and transformer
They penetrate the magnet wire insulation during application, eliminating
the need for stripping, brazing, welding or other methods of joining
magnet wire.
Shield-Kon® Shield Connection Systems
Permanent, repeatable, safe and quick connection of the braided shield
when shielded cables and wires are fitted. Avoids the conventional
connection soldering method which is time consuming and expensive.

Electrical & Mechanical Spring Steel Fasteners

E-Klips is the market leading spring steel fastener brand, delivering
robust, flexible and easy to install fixing solutions for a wide range of
applications, including: cables, pipework, trunking, ducting, cable tray,
light fittings, conduit and suspended ceilings.
E-Klips are also protected with our revolutionary, environmentally friendly
Z600+ coating to provide ultimate corrosion resistance.

ABB Ltd Tel : 0333 999 9900

Tower Court Fax : 0333 999 9901
Foleshill Enterprise Park
Courtaulds Way Email :
Coventry CV6 5NX Website :
36 - Wiring Accessories/Circuit Protection
Contactum began life in 1936 and is one of only a few remaining UK
manufacturers of electrical wiring accessories and circuit protection
products, with its headquarters in Watford and factory in Cricklewood.
The company has an ever increasing range of products to provide a
one-stop-shop of over 6,000 catalogue items, including Made in UK Aspire
moulded range, new stylish decorative ranges, British Standard USB
charging solutions up to 4800mA rating, as well as comprehensive range
of AMD 3 consumer units and circuit protection offering.
Product Range
White Moulded Wiring Accessories
Aspire range: elegant curved edges and softly rounded corners, the
Aspire range from Contactum offers a modern and stylish solution for the
home or office.
Traditional range: square edge classic profile, our Traditional range offers
the highest quality finish and durability.
Decorative Wiring Accessories
Offering a blend of style, choice and functionality, Contactum’s inspirational
decorative designs cater to all tastes and properties, from discerning
homeowners to commercial property installations with 5 style profiles:
Reflect - 9mm depth plate
Signature - 7.5mm depth plate
Screwless Lyric - 6mm depth plate
iConic - 4.5mm depth plate
Flatplate - 1.5mm depth plate
Square, round, slim, super slim and clip-on profiles. Lacquered to reduce
fingerprint marks. Non-magnetic. 13A USB sockets up to 4.8A rating.
All ranges available in 4 stylish finishes – brushed steel, polished steel,
brushed brass and polished brass.
Georgian & Edwardian
Made from quality solid cast brass, the Georgian and Edwardian ranges
bring together the elegant design and feel of polished brass for that
classically understated look. An extensive range is available.
13A USB socket outlets, 4.8A rating
Contactum’s range of 13A USB sockets are tested and approved to new
requirements BS 1363-2:2016. Available in all new decorative finishes –
brushed steel, polished steel, brushed brass and polished brass with USB
socket ratings 2.1mA, 3.1mA and 4.8mA.
For either commercial or domestic installations, the Contactum Metalclad
range offers the best solution for the tougher environment. An extensive
range including switches, sockets and a Red Key Switch range.
Defender AMD 3 Metal Consumer Units
Robust British design dedicated for domestic household premises in
accordance to BS EN 61439-3. Flexible board configuration to enable
optimal combination of RCD, MCB and RCBO use. Breakers tested in
accordance to BS EN 60898.
Safety & Protection Products
Disabled person emergency alarm kit, RCD single socket, RCD twin
sockets, RCD switched spur, lockable sockets, red surface mounted
metalclad key op switch spur, MCB toggle locking device, surge protection
retrofit kit, shower enclosures and key locking kit for steel enclosures.
Product Types
• Wiring Accessories
• Ceiling Accessories
• Installation Accessories
• Floor Sockets
• Splashproof
• Metalclad
• Media & Grid
• Circuit Protection
• Consumer Units
• IP65 Steel Enclosures

Contactum Limited Tel : 0208 208 7419

Victoria House Fax : 0208 438 0281
2 Blackmoor Lane
Croxley Green Business Park Website :
Watford WD18 8GA Email :
Overvoltage / Surge Protection - 37
PD Devices T1SP Type I Class I
We are a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of Single Phase Three Phase
products and custom-designed solutions to protect against damage from
lightning and transient overvoltages.
With over 50 years of experience as a UK manufacturer of surge arrester T1SP3-12.5-50-230R
elements, our product range has continuously expanded and we now
supply surge protection components, arresters and modules for
applications in numerous markets including Rail and Tram Transport,
Buildings and Construction, Office and Home Protection, Telecom and
Data Networks, Defence and Security.
We believe that we are unique because we: T1SP1-12.5-25-230R

• Are the only UK MOV manufacturer & one of a very few in Europe
• Have our own UK based research & test laboratory
• Have our own design & manufacturing capabilities T1SP1-25-25-230R

• Offer customised product design & manufacture at standard product prices

• Respond speedily & positively to customer needs
A diverse, worldwide customer platform, supported by local Sales and DSP Series Type II Class II
Distribution organisation has been vital in the development of our global
supply capability. Three Phase
Single Phase
We ensure that our product designs, test and manufacturing processes
and facilities comply with all relevant International Standards and
Qualification Procedures:
• All our products are RoHS compliant & we are WEEE registered
• Our design, manufacturing & quality assurance systems all meet ISO
• We supply products to meet National & International Standards &
Recognitions including UL, CEE, BS & IEC

T1SP Type I Class I DSP3

Designed for use on the boundary between LPZ 0 and 1, the T1SP range DSP1 DSP1A DSP1N

of surge arrestors are a Class I and II protective device available in both

single phase and three phase configurations. For use on installations
such as commercial/industrial premises, schools, hospitals and anywhere
else where there is a perceived risk from lightning strikes and transient
voltages (10/350µs). SPM Series Type II Class II

DSP Series Type II Class II

The DSP Series surge arrestors are a robust Class II arrestor (8/20µs)
available in single and three phase configurations. The units feature a
two stage arrestor that gives your system double the protection of normal
“plug in” surge arrestors. This allows identification of the possible lack of
protection to be caught early and preparations made for the replacement
unit to be installed (all while the system is still protected). Suited to all SPM-40-230
SPM-NE-40-230 A1SPM-40-230N A1SPM-40-230NR
commercial/industrial projects as well as schools, hospitals, etc.
SPM Series Type Il Class Il
Featuring a pluggable surge protection module, the SPM Series of
arrestors are ideally suited for most commercial/industrial applications.
The pluggable aspect allows the replacement of the modules without
having to disconnect cabling. The units are rated at Class II protection
levels (8/20µs) and can be configured in various formats to cater for most A3SPM-40-230 A3SPM-40-230N A3SPM-40-230NR
earthing systems (TNS/TNC). With a DIN rail mount and each module
being DIN width, placement of arrestors in consumer units and Type B
distribution boards is easily achieved. T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S Type III Class III

T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S Type IlI Class IlI

A Class III surge arrestor that is a flexible solution to protecting individual
pieces of equipment. Perfectly suited to protecting ring mains and
individual sockets, switch fuse spurs, lighting, fire alarm panels, CCTV
cameras, etc. Its small size means that it can be mounted in confined
spaces and the audible alarm will indicate if the arrestor needs to be T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S

replaced. The T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S will offer 10m of protection either side

of the device it is installed on. SPLB1/13 Type III Class III

The ‘Spur Protector’ SPLB1/13 provides an economic means of

preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment on individual ring
mains from the dangers of transients, which can occur as the result of a
nearby lightning strike or surges derived from the switching of inductive
or capacitive loads.

PD Devices Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 1364 649248

Unit 1 Old Station Yard Fax : +44 (0) 1364 649250
South Brent @pddevices
Devon Email :
TQ10 9AL Website :
38 - Energy Saving Lighting
EAE Lighting
EAE Lighting was founded in 1983 and is a member of the EAE Group,
one of the leading manufacturing groups in the Turkish electro-
mechanical industry.
It is the company’s policy to supply state-of-the-art products, together
with specialised professional pre/after-sales support to minimise
ownership, energy and maintenance costs, while maximising visual
comfort, manpower efficiency, safety and environmental conformity.

LED Energy Saving Luminaires

A complete range of quality energy saving LED Luminaires.
• High Bay/Low Bay Industrial luminaires (SmartLOG)
• Luminaires for car parks (SmartPARK)
• Floodlights for ports, airports & various large open spaces
• Architectural lighting for interiors
• Street lighting
• Building facade lighting

Energy Saving High/Low Bay Luminaires

EAE Lighting has unique lighting solutions as well as “Concept Solutions”
that are ready to be used at any kind of industrial sector from food and
beverages to iron and steel and automotive.
SROUND for industrial applications -35°C to +75°C with efficacy
up to 162 lm/w
REVOLED S for industrial applications -40°C to +60°C with efficacy
up to 148 lm/W
CAMINO for applications in food industry, street & park/garden
lighting with efficacy up to 141 lm/W
GPRONA for ports & airports with efficacy up to 142 lm/W
LINA ETANJ for car parks & low ceiling workshops with efficacy up
to 130 lm/W

For more information on our lighting ranges visit

ELBAGATE - EAE London ELBAGATE - EAE Midlands EAE Elektrik A.S.

1/F 139 Stoke Newington High Street Ardenfield House 197b Station Road Akcaburgaz mah. 3114 Sokak No: 10
London N16 0PG Knowle B93 0PU 34522 ESENYURT-ISTANBUL-TURKEY
Tel : 020 7254 9991 Tel : 01564 773312 Tel : +90 212 886 2000
E-mail : E-mail : Fax : +90 212 886 2420
Website : Website : Website :
Commercial / Domestic Lighting - 39
Lighting Styles

Integral Lighting - Clean Lines without Frames,

Bezels & Joints
Not so long ago, electrical engineers had to pay a lot of attention to paint
colours, finishes and materials. It was very easy to get it wrong; the wrong
colour white, the wrong percentage of gloss and the wrong metal finish
often proved problematic for the engineer and client.
Another frequent bone of contention was the positioning of light fixtures
in an area. Architects often make engineers aware of their disappointment
when the clean lines of their space are interrupted by light fixtures.
Add to this the discomfort glare associated with direct lighting and the
problems can seem insurmountable.
Lighting Styles can solve the issues associated with using traditional
lighting by offering a variety of integrated lighting.
Simply put, these plaster light fixtures become part of the building fabric,
and once painted, disappear into the walls or ceiling, whilst still providing
the accent lighting or task lighting required in the space.
What is more, linear integrated lighting allows the designer or architect
to play with light and shadows to enhance the design rather than detract
from it. However, offering this flexibility does not have an impact on the
engineer’s work because this solution can still provide the lighting levels
the space requires.

One size does not fit all...

The ideal solution with a wide range of plaster profiles specifically
designed to be plastered in place to provide the clean, knife edge finishes
every designer or architect would like to achieve.
Forming angles with a plaster product that can be cut on-site is great
when working with those spaces where everything is not quite square.
For those who want something out of the norm there are also products
that offer the ability to make curves, circles or simply great shapes to
build upon.
All profiles can be used with a number of different LED tapes with a wide
range of light outputs and we will work with you if you need design help,
or if you would like us to achieve a specific project requirement.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

In addition to white LEDs and RGB chips (that offer colour mixing
facilities), we can now offer white LED products that change the colour
temperature of the white light on-the-fly.
This facility mimics natural light, allowing the user to have cooler white
light during the middle of the day and warm white light when the long
shadows form on the ground outside.

Technology leaps ahead...

Our LED solutions push aside the bulky, inflexible and inefficient
fluorescent, cold cathode or xenon festoon systems that have dominated
this market.
These LED solutions offer the engineer higher efficiency and colour
required, and when used with the latest dimmable power supplies, give
the true versatility that your design requires.

Lighting Styles Ltd Tel : 01780 767617

9 Glen Industrial Estate Fax : 01780 767651
Essendine @LightingStyles
Stamford Email :
PE9 4LE Website :
40 - Lighting Control Systems
TheisCraft Lighting Controls
TheisCraft manufactures and supplies lighting control (smart lighting)
products, modular wiring solutions and emergency lighting to commercial
and high-end residential sectors.
In today’s demanding building and construction market, the need for expert
lighting control has never been more important. Building Regulations,
BREEAM and green credentials dictate that consideration is given to
energy conscious lighting and energy proven control.
Commercial Lighting Controls
Fully addressable and networkable industry leading RAPID meets the
most demanding lighting control and energy management applications
Control your lighting environment to ensure the building is as energy
efficient as possible whilst providing a comfortable and efficient
environment through use of daylight linking, presence/absence detection,
scene setting and fully addressable DALI/dsi or 1-10v dimming.
The new Cloud-based Tablet Control has been designed in response to
the increasing demands from clients for wireless WiFi tablet-based control
of their lighting by mimicking the ability to turn lights on and off, up and
down and call scenes and individual lighting circuits and channels.
Architectural Lighting Controls - ARCHIE
From boutique hotel lobby, intimate restaurant, high-end residences to
corporate HQ boardrooms, our ARCHIE range provides ultimate flexibility
and control, enabling you to personalise the lighting to create visual impact
which supports your client’s corporate brand style, values and personality.
Human Centric Lighting
Tunable White (Human Centric Lighting) balances the artificial light in our
daily environment to simulate the natural daylight cycle. A person’s natural
circadian rhythm can benefit from a low intensity warmer light in the
morning/evening and a cooler more energising light during the main part
of the day. This helps to improve energy levels, mood, performance and
even a better night’s sleep.
Tunable White provides improved well-being for patients in hospital,
students in education and employees in offices by varying the colour
temperature to any value, which makes it the next most exciting technology
in lighting control.
DALI Pluggable MDB Systems - New
DALI64 and DUAL DALI64 (128) pluggable MDB systems are now
available from us, so you can specify a modular wiring system with MDBs
and plug in either one or two DALI 64 modules at any time from the start
of the installation, or at a future date.
So the first truly pluggable DALI modular system has arrived! The new
DALI switch interface features seven volt-free switch inputs that can be
activated by the contact closure of push-buttons, switches or relays.
Activating an input causes the unit to transmit a scene, raise or lower light
levels and communicate with the DALI system.
EmergiCraft DALI Emergency Monitoring System
A stand-alone scalable emergency self-test monitored addressable
system capable of monitoring DALI emergency fittings via an iPad™ app
and run on one or more devices. Each tablet can run up to 10 hubs and
each hub can run 2 x 64 DALI emergency fittings. This means a total of
1,280 DALI emergency fittings from one touchscreen and a total of 8
touchscreens can be networked together giving 10,240 DALI emergency
fittings. For more information, please contact our technical department.
Modular Wiring 2 - New for 2018
We are about to launch an exciting new modular wiring system which will
encompass modular wiring with a new range of circular 32A connectors
along with interchangeable panels that accommodate DALI control
products. The design will allow for greater flexibility to have any size and
number of circuits for both lighting and power configurations.
Home runs typically wired in 2.5mm², 4.0mm² or 6.0mm² BASEC approved
cables. Armoured leads, extender cables, switch fuse spurs are pre-wired
and tested at our factory in Surrey then supplied tamper proof to site where
its plug-and-play format makes it quick and easy to fit, improving onsite
efficiency and providing cost benefits.

TheisCraft Ltd Tel : 01252 560800

16 Riverside Industrial Park @TheLTGControl
Farnham TheisCraft Lighting Controls
Surrey Email :
GU9 7UG Website :
Structured Cabling / Modular Wiring - 41
Wieland Electric METALYNX² - New, compact, safe!
With its pluggable gesis® installation system, Wieland Electric
revolutionised the traditional electrical installation industry over 40 years
ago. Apart from installation and maintenance cost savings of up to 30%
and installation time reductions of up to 70%, the numerous benefits also
include flexibility and reusability of the components.
The gesis® electrical installation system consists of 2 to 6-pole, coded
plug connectors, ribbon and round cables, as well as a large number of
distributors, couplings, in-feed adapters and device terminals in addition
to electronic components and assemblies for building automation.
All components are industrially prefabricated and tested. They are
designed for mains power supply, extra-low voltage, BUS systems or
signal voltage.
Customers can choose between the standard gesis® CON system and
the gesis® MINI and gesis® MICRO systems for small installation spaces
and LED applications.

Electrical Installation System

Metalynx² is the new 6-pole circular structured wiring system by Wieland
Electric. It is designed to fulfil the needs for installations in the UK. With
a wide range of codings for different applications, it allows simple, fast
and failsafe installations.
Power distribution, lighting control, DALI and KNX installations can be
realised. Metalynx² components can be customised for special projects.
System changes are easily accommodated with minimal downtime. The
concept of structured wiring is increasingly being adopted as the most
efficient approach to power distribution within a building and has become
the fastest, most cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional wiring.
Round connectors allow minimum space requirements and are easily Metalynx²
installed through fire walls, partitioning and beams.
The system is designed to meet IEC 61535:2010 and BS 8488.

Weatherproof Electrical Installation System

gesis® IP+ is suited to installation where the standard electrical installation
is unsuitable due to varied or extreme environmental conditions.
The IP+ range is IP65, 66, 67 and 68 rated and available as a 20, 25 or
50 Amp system.
gesis® IP+ offers incoming supply, distribution, routing and connection
to the device in 2, 3, 4 and 5-pole options.
gesis® Flex Room Automation gesis® RC

Intelligent Electrical Installation System

gesis® ELECTRONIC is a range of components that when installed will
provide you with an intelligent building control solution for now and for
the future of the building, whether you use KNX, LON or Ethernet BUS
topologies or radio controlled devices.
This type of installation not only reduces the amount of cables required
but will increase the flexibility of the building for the future.

Flexible Busbar Installation System gesis® IP+ gesis® NRG Flat Cable
A flat cable installation from Wieland provides flexibility, quick and safe
installation as well as time savings of up to 70%. Huge cost savings can
be realised when compared with conventional busbar systems.

Technical Literature
Further information on the Wieland Electrical Installation System,
Metalynx², gesis® IP+ and gesis® ELECTRONIC ranges are available
on request.
Also, please see Wieland Electric’s page in the Technical section for
specification details and relevant IEC standard compliance.
gesis® RST Mini gesis® CON

Wieland Electric Ltd Tel : 01483 456270

Riverside Business Centre Fax : 01483 569783
Walnut Tree Close @WielandElectric
42 - Emergency Lighting / Fire Detection
ABB Emergi-Lite
As a renowned manufacturer of innovative emergency lighting, fire
detection, alarm systems and safety equipment, ABB Emergi-Lite has
served the safety market in the UK for two decades.

Emergency Lighting
• Emergency Luminaires (LED & Fluorescent)
A comprehensive range (exit sign and surface/recessed products) is
available for any application, from hospitals and schools to
warehouses and offices.
• Serenga 2 LED Emergency Lighting
Serenga is a stylish, recessed or surface high performance
emergency lighting solution. It is designed to provide illumination with Guideway & Serenga 2 Aqualux
models for use up to 12m above floor level. Escape route and open
area applications are catered for.
• Guide-Way
A new, highly versatile LED emergency lighting range, available in
two size formats for escape routes with medium to low ceiling heights.
• Hy-LED
Energy efficient, high output LED luminaire with a 360 degree
turnable lamp unit suitable for high ceilings in industrial environments.
• Horizon Low Energy, High Output Lighting
A cost-efficient, low energy LED exit sign and emergency luminaire
range, combining enhanced light optics and modular design for easy
installation and harmony across the entire design scheme.
• Aqualux Heavy Duty, High Output Lighting
Aqualux is a high performance, heavy duty product line designed to HyLED PrimEvo
deliver exceptional light output and excellent spacing, even in large
scale open areas such as warehouses, car parks and sports halls.
• Escape Line – LED Emergency Lighting
An LED range, with product variety that covers both general
emergency illumination and escape route sign requirements.
• Testing Systems
Naveo is an internet based, addressable central testing system of
extensive capability (backward compatible with ‘Centrel’). IR2 infrared
testing suite is safe, fast and easy to use. It is a cost-effective solution
for maintenance and offers a simple walk test procedure via a hand
held transmitter or handset.
• Central Battery Systems
ABB Emergi-Lite manufactures both AC/AC and AC/DC central
battery products. EMEX Power is the advanced range of modular
AC/AC static inverter ranges, BSI certified to BS EN 50171, which Naveo EMEX Power & EMEX Test
can also be supplied with the EMEX Test testing system.

Fire Detection Systems

• Conventional 4-Wire & 2-Wire Fire Detection Panels
Available for either 2-wire or 4-wire applications, with 2-8 zone panels,
offering an effective fire safety solution for smaller to medium sized
• Analogue Addressable Fire Systems
With enhanced capabilities for installations where extra intelligence
and flexibility are required, ABB Emergi-Lite provides analogue
addressable fire systems with an array of user and installer-friendly
features. Systems are available with extensive networking, complex
sounder and control functions. • Maintenance Support & Servicing
From commissioning new systems to servicing existing ones, full
sales and technical support is provided to ensure full working order
Support, Maintenance & Technical Literature within appropriate British Standards.
• Scheme Design • Renowned Publications
Expert assistance is available in emergency lighting and fire alarm ABB Emergi-Lite publications include the Emergency Lighting product
scheme design to the latest British Standards. ABB Emergi-Lite is catalogue ‘Emergency Lighting Guide’ – an authoritative guide to
accredited for the design, supply and commissioning of fire detection emergency lighting systems and design techniques – as well as Log
and alarm systems. Books for both Emergency Lighting and Fire Detection.

ABB Ltd Tel : 0333 999 9900

Tower Court Fax : 0333 999 9901
Foleshill Enterprise Park
Courtaulds Way Email :
Coventry CV6 5NX Website :
Renewable / Energy Efficient Heating - 43
The UK Heating Marketing is Changing
Electricity is the obvious choice for our future needs due to its many
benefits, both at national and local levels because it can be produced in
the UK, allowing for continuity of supply at a steady price and it is
increasingly being produced from renewable sources, neutralising its
carbon intensity. Specifically, electric heating:
● Is 100% efficient at the point of use
● Can be controlled to a fine degree of accuracy
● Is quick & easy to install Ecodesign Compliant Logo
● Can operate as standalone heating or a complete system
● Has a low lifetime cost as it requires very little, if any, maintenance
● Is not limited by planning issues associated with flue requirements
The future of domestic and commercial space heating is electric. As the
world’s largest manufacturer of electric heating products, Dimplex has
the capabilities and knowledge to remain at the forefront of these

New Regulations - Lot 20

From 1st January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in
the UK which use electricity must comply with a new minimum efficiency
standard. The aim of this legislation is to remove inefficient technologies
and reduce the energy used by the products that heat our homes, helping
to achieve our overall carbon reduction targets. To comply, electric space
heaters will need to have a seven-day electronic timer and temperature
control, plus one energy efficiency feature, such as open window sensing
or adaptive start technology.
Look out for the ‘Ecodesign Compliant’ logo (pictured) for peace of mind
that a product complies with this new regulation.
Contact us for further information or visit
Q-Rad Panel Heater

Q-Rad Electric Radiator

Q-Rad combines the latest, most advanced technologies to give
maximum control over heating. Q-Rad monitors the effect of its actions
on a room’s temperature, knowing precisely how long it takes to get to
the desired temperature and when to turn off as it approaches that target
temperature – minimising the energy that it uses while maximising comfort.
A low thermal mass allows Q-Rad to heat up more quickly and react more
responsively to changes in room temperature. This means improved
control, comfort and energy saving. Combining good looks with simple
controls, Q-Rad is ideal for use in many applications, including in place
of conventional convector heaters or electric radiators.

Air Curtains
Our extensive air curtain portfolio, with electric or hydronic options,
includes surface and recess mounted air curtains. We offer a range of
bespoke architectural units that are perfect for applications where AC3N Recessed Air Curtain
aesthetic requirements are of particular importance. We also offer a range
of heavy duty industrial products designed for larger openings.
All Dimplex air curtains are supplied as standard with energy saving
controls and a BMS/BEMS connection.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Staying up to date with the best practises and technologies the industry
has to offer is important. That is why we provide a wide range of CPD
titles. Our CPD presentations will help you to collect accredited hours
whilst giving useful, relevant and up-to-date information on how to
improve the way that you specify heating systems.
We can support you with:
● Technical CPD on a wide range of relevant topics
● Technical design support
● Product selector tools to outline potential solutions
● BIM modelling data CAB Cutaway Diagram
● Previous installation case studies
Speak to us today to find out how we can help you.

Dimplex Tel : 0800 028 6122

Millbrook House
Grange Drive Hedge End @DimplexUK
Southampton Email :
Hampshire SO30 2DF Website :
44 - Electrical UFH / Surface Snow Melting

Raychem Underfloor Heating

Innovative Products, Installation Services and Extended Warranty.
In modern floor heating design, one product does not fit all. The Raychem
range provides the right solution for all floor types:
• T2Red & Reflecta - Self-regulating heating cable solution with heat
reflector, developed for use under wooden floors
• T2Quicknet - The ultra-thin (3mm) heating mat for under tile heating
• CeraPro - The 3mm heating cable for under tile heating
• T2Blue - The flexible heating cable for in-screed
• Raychem Green Leaf Thermostat - Stylish floor heating control for
increased energy efficiency
Raychem trained “CertifiedPRO” installers are available to
ensure the quality designs and products are correctly installed
and commissioned to the highest standards. CertifiedPRO
installations also benefit from a 20 Year “Total Care” Warranty.

Raychem Surface Snow Melting Systems

Personal Safety In & Around Buildings
Ice and snow on paths, loading bays, driveways, ramps, stairs and other
access ways can cause accidents, delay, litigation and significant
financial loss to businesses and building owners.
Raychem provides a complete range of ground heating solutions to
prevent snow and ice formation.
Solutions include products for:
• Concrete surfaces
• Installation directly under hot poured asphalt
• Tyre track & pavement heating mats & cables
• Heating cables for installation in sand under block paving
• All solutions are controlled using multi-sensor control devices for
maximum energy efficiency

Control & Monitoring for Surface Snow Melting Systems

Raychem ACS-30 has become the specifier’s preference for surface
snow melting and ramp heating systems due to its modular scalability,
opportunities for load management, energy monitoring and centralised
user interface terminal. Critical benefits include:
• Electrical current in-rush management with phased switch-on capability
• Multi-sensor (ground temperature, moisture & optional ambient
temperature) inputs with additional sensor capabilities for maximum
surface temperature cut-off
• Heating circuits can be disabled to manage power at peak load times
directly from a centralised user interface terminal (UIT) remote from the
power & control module

Practical Design Services & BIM Families

Raychem Surface Snow Melting Systems can be modelled on the actual
proposed slab profile using the Raychem “Slabheat” software. For more
information about this free service contact
Revit Users can provide BIM content using the Raychem BIM families
for ramp heating and surface snow melting. The easy-to-use content is
developed for both flat surfaces and stairs. Once installed into the model,
a content data schedule can be produced quickly and easily.
The Raychem surface snow melting BIM families can be found at Autodesk
SEEK and via

Using Raychem BIM Families for Surface Snow Melting

Pentair provides training videos for its range of BIM families for surface
snow melting and roof and gutter de-icing. These videos can be found
on YouTube at the Pentair Thermal Management channel or by searching
with “Pentair Revit Electromelt”.

Pentair Thermal Management Tel : 0800 969 013

3 Rutherford Road Fax : 0800 968 624
Stephenson Industrial Estate @PentairThermal
Washington NE37 3HX
Leak Detection - 45
Pentair’s Building Solutions’ TraceTek brand leak detection technology
provides systems that are simple, reliable and flexible. Our digital control
panel provides you with a pinpoint accurate location of any leaks. No
matter what your liquid leak detection need is, TraceTek leak detectors
are available to suit your application.

Use TraceTek leak protection in 
• Office buildings
• Specialised data facilities
• Internet data centres
• Banking & insurance buildings
• Hospitals
• Museums, libraries & archives
 to monitor & protect:
• Overhead piping above operating rooms, intensive care facilities,
executive offices, high value space & other sensitive areas
• Communications equipment
• Computer rooms: under raised floors & around HVAC equipment
• Lift pits & lift motor rooms
• Valuable artwork, data archives & documents
• High value “Up Time” applications
• Transaction processing systems (ATM, credit card, etc)

• TT1000 sensor cable for water detection in commercial applications
• TT1000-POINT-PROBE for spot detection of water in commercial
• TT3000 sensor cable for aqueous chemical detection
• TT-FFS Fast Fuel Sensor, detects liquid hydrocarbons, fuels & oils
(not water)
• TT5000 sensor cable for detection of oil, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel &
other fuels
• TT5001 sensor cable for detection of organic solvents such as
acetone, ethanol, MEK & xylene
• TT7000 strong acid leak cables
• Float switches, level switches & other contact closing devices can
also be utilised with TraceTek systems
Alarm Modules
• TTA-SIM single zone, commercial grade wall-mount alarm module
• TTC single zone, industrial grade DIN rail mountable alarm module
• SZA/MZA/multiple zone alarm module
Alarm & Locating Modules
• TTTSIZ touchscreen alarm & locating module
• TTDM-128 alarm & locating module with digital communication
• TTSIM sensor interface module with digital communication capability

Please refer to the Technical Section of this Notebook for further details.

TraceTek Leak Detection Systems are available in the UK & Ireland through:

Authorised Distributor: Tel : 01403 216100

Aquilar Ltd Fax : 01403 216109
Weights & Measures House Email :
20 Barttelot Road Horsham Website :
West Sussex RH12 1DQ Website :
46 - Total Fire Solutions
AEI Cables
At AEI Cables, we provide custom-engineered designs for some of the
most demanding projects in the world and we continue to develop the safest
and highest quality cables across the board for fire performance needs. FIRETEC STANDARD

We offer the full range of Fire Performance cables, including Mineral

Insulated, the ultimate cable and the only true fire survival cable.
Firetec Singlecore
Firetec Singlecore is designed to be installed in metal conduit. For use in
alarm and emergency lighting circuits for new installations, or upgrading FIRETEC FRF2
existing conduit systems to fire performance standards.
Elastomeric insulation gives high mechanical strength, excellent flexibility
and resistance to abrasion.


Firetec Standard cable is suitable for fire alarm systems and emergency
lighting circuits. It meets the standard grade of BS 5839 26.2d and Category
1 Control as defined by BS 8519.
Firetec Impact Power FIRETEC POWER
Firetec Singlecore
Firetec Enhanced

Firetec Standard

Fire Performance
Firetec Power
Mineral Cable

Firetec FRF2


Cable Selection Guide

Firetec Enhanced
Codes of Practice Firetec Enhanced cable is suitable for fire alarm systems and enhanced
BS 5266 Emergency emergency lighting circuits. The mica glass tape is applied directly over
Emergency Lighting
Lighting Cable the conductor to ensure the best possible enhanced fire performance from
BS 5266 Enhanced a soft skin cable. It meets the enhanced grade of BS 5839 26.2e and
Emergency Lighting Cable
Category 1, 2 and 3 Control as defined by BS 8519.
BS 5266 Emergency
Lighting Cable System
Firetec FRF2
BS 5266 Enhanced Emergency Firetec FRF2 is a flexible enhanced fire performance cable suitable for fire
Lighting Cable System
alarms, enhanced emergency lighting circuits and voice alarm systems.
Fire Alarm BS 5839 Standard Grade
BS 5839 Enhanced Grade Firetec Power
Smoke, Heat & Exhaust BS 7346-6
Firetec Power cable is a fire resistant armoured cable and is suitable for
Ventilation Systems (SHEVS)
use in fixed installations for power circuits, fire alarm systems and
Power & Control BS 8519 Category 1 Control enhanced emergency lighting circuits. This cable is robust, flexible and
BS 8519 Category 2 Control suitable for use inside and outside buildings. It meets the enhanced grade
BS 8519 Category 3 Control of BS 5839 26.2e and Category 1, 2 and 3 Control as defined by BS 8519.
BS 8519 Category 1 Power
Firetec Impact Power
BS 8519 Category 2 Power
Firetec Impact Power cables are similar in construction to armoured cables
BS 8519 Category 3 Power but provide additional protection to smaller cable sizes to ensure the best
General BS 9999 possible mechanical protection from a polymeric cable. Designed to meet
Manufacturing Standards the application of fire, direct impact and water jet as specified in BS 8491,
BS EN 60702-1
making them suitable for use as 120 minute rated Category 3 power cables
under BS 8519.
BS 7629

Gen BS 7211 Mineral

BS 7846 AEI’s Mineral Insulated cable is a small lightweight cable, easy to install
Fire Resistance Tests and exceeding the requirements for an enhanced grade cable defined by
BS 5839 26.2e. It is the ultimate fire performance cable, combining
BS 6387 C W & Z
excellent fire performance with inherent mechanical protection. It
BS EN 50200 PH30
guarantees the integrity of data transmission and security of both power
BS EN 50200 PH60 and control circuits during and after fires at temperatures up to 950ºC.
BS EN 50200 PH120

BS 8434-2 Full Product Range

BS 8519 Annex B • Fire Protection Cables • Oil & Gas Cables
BS 7846 F2 • Screened Wiring Cable (Protec) • Defence Cables
BS 7846 F30, F60, F120 • Industrial Cables • Power Cables
BS 8491 • Mining Cables • Rail Cables
IEC 60331-3 • Specialist Cables
Fire Reaction Tests Email us now to get your FREE Total Fire Solutions guide, including Codes
BS EN 50267, (IEC 60754) of Practice complete with applications, conformance information and
Low Smoke Zero Halogen BS EN 50268, (IEC 61034) requirements for installers in each application. Visit our website for full
Flame Propagation
BS EN 50265, BS EN 50266 technical information, data sheets and details of our products and our range
(IEC 60332)
of BASEC and LPCB approvals.

AEI Cables Tel : +44 (0) 191 410 3111

Durham Road Fax : +44 (0) 191 410 8312
County Durham Email :
DH3 2RA Website :
Cable Management - 47
Legrand – Cable Management
Faster By Design
Legrand’s Cable Management products have been designed with the
installer in mind. Not only are they faster to install, they’re also easier to
handle and require fewer components - reducing the total installed cost
of your project.
Swifts Cable Ladder
This comprehensive system of slotted rail cable ladder enables the
coupling of lengths and fittings without the need for drilling. With fewer
components and a wealth of innovative time saving installation features,
Swifts cable ladder remains the market leader.
Swifts Cable Tray
The distinctive slot pattern on Swifts cable tray provides installers with
total flexibility. Swifts cable tray is a complete system with a range of
accessories that lower the cost of your installation – from an integral
coupler system on all fittings to unique adjustable bends, risers and the
Swiftclip and universal bracket.
The fast-fit alternative to conventional nuts and bolts that seamlessly
connects lengths, fittings and supports, making light work of any
• Four times faster to fit
• Strength tested to British Standards
• Compatible with the existing Swifts cable tray system
• Galvanised options
• Cuts total installed cost
• No tools needed
Cablofil Steel Wire Cable Tray
Cablofil steel wire cable tray is supplied in straight lengths from which
sophisticated installations can be created without the need for additional
fittings. Simply cut and shape lengths to form bends, tees, crosspieces,
etc and secure quickly and easily using a range of ‘slot and tab’ fixings
that do not require nuts and bolts.
Salamandre Distribution Trunking
Salamandre distribution trunking sets the standard for fitting speed. With
its unique pre-fitted coupling system, integrated shake-proof screws and
a clip-on lid, fitting times can be 50% quicker than any alternative.
Together with a smooth safety edge for easier handling, the extensive
Salamandre range is the ideal fit for anyone focused on reducing
installation times.
Floor & Perimeter Systems
Legrand’s floor and perimeter systems provide power and data in various
environments from commercial, to public access and industrial
applications. The range includes steel perimeter trunking, cavity floor
boxes, powertrack 63A busbar, the Soluflex cavity floor system and a
range of floor trunking.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

As part of Legrand’s ongoing commitment to supporting
construction, a number of ranges have been integrated into
the Building Information Modelling environment to assist all
areas of project activity, from design and construction, 3D Modelling
through to facilities management and beyond.
Legrand’s overhead cable management ranges are integrated into the
These include: following plant design modelling systems:
• Swifts cable ladder • Intergraph’s PDS & SmartPlant 3D (including SmartMarine 3D)
• Swifts cable tray • AVEVA’s PDMS & Everything3D (E3D)
• Cablofil steel wire cable tray • Bentley Systems’ BRCM
• Salamandre distribution trunking • Autodesk’s Fabrication CADmep
Autodesk Revit files are available to download at See for more information

Legrand Electric Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 345 605 4333

Great King Street North Fax : +44 (0) 345 605 4334
B19 2LF Website :
United Kingdom Email :
48 - Leak Detection Systems
Andel, formed in 1992, has emerged as one of the global market leaders
in water, oil and refrigerant gas leak detection systems.
Andel’s award-winning FLOODLINE leak detection system covers all
possible leak detection requirements, from stand-alone, single zone
systems, up to comprehensive multi-zone systems, with the capability to
protect the largest of buildings, both old and new.
Andel offers a complete environmental service from initial site survey to
equipment selection, system design, supply, installation, commissioning
RGD1301 Gas Sensor Multi-8 Leak Detection Cable
and full service backup for any size of project.

Control Panels
• Leak 1 Mk II: OEM DIN mounted for fitting in A/C units,
alarm/monitoring systems, BMS
• Groundhog Mk II: Self-contained single zone controller & sensor
which can be mounted vertically or horizontally
• One Zone: Single zone, low cost, stand-alone control panel which
can accept multiple Floodline sensors
• Multi Zone (4-32 zones): Leak detection alarm panel suitable for small
to medium projects. Includes battery back-up for mains fail Vertical & Horizontal Point Sensors
• Floodline 128: Leak detection alarm panel suitable for medium to
large projects. Includes battery back-up for mains fail
• The new Andel ‘Ranger’ Sub-panel: Providing local meterage
detection for longer areas, stand-alone or in conjunction with other
• As standard, all panels can be connected to any control/BMS that
has the facility to accept volt-free contacts
Water Leak Detection Panels – 1 Zone & 4 Zones

• Multi-8 Cable: Floor voids/drip trays. LSF-0H, 8 cores per length

multiple leak & reset, no earthing problems
• Multi-4 Cable: Absorbent, sensitive sensor for critical areas, reacts
to drips, suitable for pipe work
• New Andel ‘Ranger’ long line distance measurement sensor:
Functions as a zone in its own right, suitable for longer areas up to
1500 metres, detects the presence of water at any point along its
Solenoid Control Panel Remote Alarm
• Single Zone Tape: Absorbent single zone sensor tape
• Point Sensor: Vertically or horizontally mounted, reacts to build-
up/flood of water
• Flexi-Pad: Designed for pipe joints or narrow/inaccessible areas
• Pipe-In-Pipe: Leak detection in double contained water tanks &
• Tundish: Overflow alarm sensor designed for tank overflows &
cisterns Breeameter®
• RGD1601: All refrigerant gases detected as a stand-alone alarm
system or as part of a Floodline leak detection system
• Individual calibration required per gas
• Available as industrial surface mount ABS enclosure or flush mounting,
brushed aluminium plate for standard 2-gang mains cavity box
• DP01: Designed with DURAPIPE for use in double containment pipe
work systems, optical sensor fitting into interstitial gap Floodline 128 Leak Detection System Andel ‘Ranger’ Sub-Panel & Long Line Sensor

• Oil Sensor: Optical sensor used in oil tank bunds, generator rooms & Accessories
trenches • Solenoid Valve Panels: Dedicated solenoid valve control panels to turn
• Available in vertical or horizontal configuration, multiple re-use, wipe off water supply if leak detected preventing greater damage
clean & return to use
• Auto Dialler: Sends voicemail or SMS message if leak detected, good
BREEAM for unmanned or rarely visited sites/areas
• Breeameter®: Incoming mains water monitoring for underground pipe • Remote Alarm: Provides secondary audible & visible warning of a leak
leaks in accordance* with BREEAM WAT02/WAT03 or system fault
• Controller plus 2no flow meters • Humidity/Temperature Sensors: Humidity and/or temperature sensors
can be installed as part of a larger water/oil detection system or
*not affiliated, endorsed or certified by BRE Global Ltd stand-alone alarm

Andel Ltd Tel : 01484 845 000

New Mills Fax : 01484 845 222
Brougham Road
Huddersfield Email :
West Yorkshire HD7 6AZ Website :
Cable Management Solutions - 49

More Than You Imagine

For over 90 years, Unistrut’s original metal framing solution has
supported industry across the globe.
We continue to provide engineering solutions to structural and first fix
elements of projects, and with the inclusion of a comprehensive range
of cable management products and our technical expertise, provide an
unrivalled solution capability.
With a diverse range of finishes available, Unistrut can supply solutions,
no matter how harsh or aggressive the environment.

Proven Experience
Unistrut brings confidence through experience in demanding sectors
such as rail, nuclear, oil and gas and London Underground, having been
specified and installed on projects for over 40 years.
With an experienced and dedicated project team, we continue to
promote innovation and offer environmental and sustainable solutions.

Through Unistrut’s design and business ethics, we have been able to
not only help safeguard the environment through utilisation of material
recycling and advanced manufacturing processes, but also show the
customers significant energy, material and time savings through
innovative product design and user friendly design tools aimed to give
you the most economical design.

Product Diversity
To compliment the Unistrut ranges of support and fixing products, the
Atkore International group of companies bring together a wide variety
of cable management solutions that enhance the product offer.
Cable ladder, tray, wire basket and trunking, combined with the
renowned Unistrut metal framing and support products, provide our
customer with well proven and high quality solutions for the first fix
element of any project.
With our wealth of experience and engineering support, Unistrut sells
solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Pre-Fabricated Solutions
Unistrut continues to strive to bring innovation into the scope of our
product ranges to help our customers not only get the range of products
that meet the high demands of the industry, but also help you to solve
problems and bring efficiencies to your business.
With this in mind, Unistrut has created a dedicated facility for the
production of pre-fabricated building services modules, including the
population of mechanical and electrical services if required.
The facility can not only take your pre-designed configurations and
provide a solution, but our engineers can also work with you to come
up with a bespoke cost-effective solution to meet your specific
application needs.
Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your application
requirements, from concept through design, to fact.

Unistrut (UK) Ltd Tel : 0121 580 6300

Delta Point
Greets Green Road @Unistrut_UK
West Bromwich Email :
B70 9PL Website :
50 - Cable & Pipe Sealing Solutions
Roxtec seals are more than a firestop. They protect against multiple risks
such as water, gas, rodents/vermin, EMI, EMP and lightning strikes.
Use them to seal around cables and pipes in a quick, easy and efficient
way. When additional installations are required, you just open up a seal
and add cables, pipes and conduits without making new holes.
Operators benefit from continuous operation, designers save time and
installers can experience easy handling and the ability to provide certified

Multidiameter™ by Roxtec
The Roxtec sealing system is smart, safe and flexible. Our invention for
adaptability is based on sealing modules with removable layers and
ensures a perfect fit, regardless of the cable or pipe size.
Fill a frame selected for the application with multiple cables, pipes and
modules or use a single service seal with adaptable inner and outer
The system simplifies design, installation and inspection. Avoid surprises
onsite due to late changes – and reduce the number of stock items.
With spare modules in openable seals, you are ready for upgrades and
high cable density.

Roxtec Sealing Solutions

Multi-Cable / Pipe Transits
Ensure safety with our flexible and configurable multi-cable and pipe
transits. The transit devices are available in different designs and
materials and can be attached through welding or bolting. The seals are
certified for use in areas requiring protection against fire, gas and water.
Plastic Pipe Transits
Ensure operational reliability with our plastic pipe penetration seals. The
transits are available in a wide range of types and sizes as well as for
single or multiple pipes. The seals are certified for use in areas requiring
protection against fire, gas and water.
Single Cable / Pipe Transits
Ensure safety with our flexible entries for single cables or pipes. The
transits are available in different designs depending on application and
can be attached through welding, bolting or expansion in the structure.
The seals are certified for use in areas requiring protection against fire,
gas and water.
Transits for Enclosures
Protect your equipment with our cable and pipe entry seals for cabinets
and enclosures.
The transits are available in a wide range of sizes and materials and
minimise the amount of space needed for cables entering enclosures.
The seals can be used in hazardous locations and to ensure EMC.
Underground Seals for Single or Multiple Cables & Pipes
Protect your assets against constant water pressure and flooding with
our underground seals for cables and pipes. The transits are tested to
IP68 and according to our extensive testing procedure.

Roxtec Transit Designer™

Over 15,000 users worldwide use our free, online tool to select the right
sealing solution and design thousands of cable and pipe transits in just
a few minutes.

Continuing Professional Development

As the market leader in cable and pipe seal solutions we have
built up years of industry expertise, placing us in an excellent
position to pass on our knowledge and experience through our
accredited CPD seminars.
To arrange a free CPD seminar worth one CPD point please contact

Roxtec Ltd Tel : 0161 761 5280

Unit C1 Waterfold Business Park @RoxtecLtd
Bury Roxtec UK & Ireland
Lancashire Email :
BL9 7BQ Website :
Rapid Installation Systems - 51
The development of the RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) has been
engineered to enhance the speed of installation.
In a market place where efficiency of time is imperative, having cable
management systems which are easy to use can provide a real
commercial advantage.

The UniKlip® system for cable tray offers light, medium and heavy duty
profiles in pre-galvanised mild steel to BS EN 10346:2009.
Available in widths from 50mm up to and including 600mm, cable trays
conform to BS EN 61537:2007, meeting all performance and earth
continuity requirements.
The unique UniKlip® system negates the need for nuts and bolts, enabling
it to be installed 3 times faster than traditional nut and bolt tray systems.
To ensure that the full benefit of the Klip is available, Unitrunk now supply
couplers and accessories with the Klips attached.
With a full range of accessories and unique product features, UniKlip®
provides the ultimate cable tray solution.

Installation Cost Calculator

Unitrunk are committed to the installer deriving the greatest benefit from
using UniKlip®. Unitrunk has, in testing, calculated that UniKlip® is 3 times
faster to install than traditional cable tray systems.
By applying this factor to the rates published in the Luckins Electrical
Installation Times, we can substantiate this statement.
The installer can insert the quantities of cable tray from any project to the
calculator and see at a glance the time saving that UniKlip® offers. Inserting
an hourly rate for labour provides this saving as a monetary value.

Adding further innovation to the RIS range is EasyConnect Basket.

The unique patented design allows more cable baskets to be installed with
confidence in a shorter period of time.
There is no requirement for additional components or special tools to join
lengths of basket together. Its innovative design reduces the number of
components necessary, yet still meets all the earth continuity requirements
of BS EN 61537:2007.
With a full range of accessories and brackets for high level, underfloor or
wall mounting, EasyConnect Basket provides a quality solution to meet
your cable basket needs.
Available as standard in 30mm, 60mm and 100mm depths and widths
from 50mm to 600mm. Other sizes are available on request.
Finishes available are:
• Electro-Zinc ISO 4520:1981
• Hot Dipped Galvanised ISO 1461
• Stainless Steel 304L & 316L (Marine Grade)
To reduce the speed of installation still further, Unitrunk has added the
“basket to channel” clip to the range. Reducing components and time, the
UFC41M is a must-have product for the contractor.
RIS products, supported by training, estimating tools and value
engineering, provide a formidable and unique cable management solution
from Unitrunk.

Unitrunk Tel : 02892 625100

Blaris Industrial Estate Fax : 02892 625101
Altona Road @unitrunk
Lisburn Email :
County Antrim BT27 5QB Website :
52 - Fire Performance & Power Cables
Pyrotenax (Pyro) Wire & Cable Systems provide an unparalleled standard
in performance cables for fire survival, communications and power
applications – Fact!
The product portfolio comprises the Pyro MI (Mineral Insulated) cables
for critical building systems, including fire alarms, emergency lighting and
other vital power applications.
Pyro MI cable systems achieve the highest standards in fire safety and
exceed the requirements of “Approved Document B” of the Building
Regulations (Effective April 2007).

Fire Survival in Fire Alarm Applications

(BS 5839)
Pyro MI cables are the only true fire survival option.
During a fire, even BS 5839 approved polymeric alternatives burn,
significantly reducing their structural integrity, mechanical strength and
resistance to mechanical impact from falling debris.
1 Fifty Cheapside, London (Photo courtesy of Virtual Artworks)
Pyro MI cables do not, making them the safest choice in every application,
regardless of approvals.
Pyro MI cables hold BS 5839-1 approval from the LPCB and are listed
Remember – not all manufacturers have this quality listing.

Critical Power Applications

(BS 7346-6:2005, replacing BS 6387)
Pyro MI cables continue to provide the ideal solution for supplying power
to critical systems.
Consider BS 7346-6:2005 Components for Smoke and Heat Control
Systems – Specifications for Cable Systems; MI is the only cost-effective,
performance cable for life safety, fire-fighting and property protection
Significantly, many polymeric power cables (previously compliant with BS
6387) do not reach the minimum performance requirements of BS 7346.
Those that do are large, heavy, cumbersome, and expensive to install.
Smaller, lightweight MI cables are the only solution and do not react to,
or contribute to, a fire (important in the impending Euro classification of
cables within the Construction Products Directive (CPD).
With the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, Pyro
MI cables offer a reduced risk option when compared with all electrical
“standard” compliant alternatives.
Pyro MI = Peace of MInd.
Other benefits of Pyro MI:
• Bare cables are 100% recyclable (copper is completely re-usable)
• Product is non-ageing, offering the longest life expectancy
• High temperature resistance, without reducing life expectancy
• Useful in mitigating “harmonic” loads from a buildings electrical products
• High current carrying capacity

Pyrotenax Track History

• T5 Heathrow Airport
• Channel Tunnel
• Dubai International Airport
• 1 Fifty Cheapside, London (pictured)
• Dublin Airport, Ireland
• Louise T Blouin Institute (Art Gallery), Olaf Street, London
• Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon
• 1 Finsbury Circus, London

Pentair Thermal Management Tel : 0808 178 1858

3 Rutherford Road Fax : 0808 178 1859
Stephenson Industrial Estate @PentairThermal
Washington Email :
Tyne & Wear NE37 3HX Website :
Fire Safety & Security - 53
Siemens Fire Products
Cerberus PRO - True Open Protocol
Without False Alarms
Cerberus PRO provides innovative fire safety and emergency evacuation
systems, delivered through our Solution Partners. We are known as a
market leader in fire protection and were the first manufacturer to offer
automatic smoke detectors. Our products are backed by over 160 years’
experience and know-how, ensuring the most reliable detection of real
fires and with the highest immunity to false alarms.
Cerberus PRO is available exclusively from our Approved Solution
Partners. Companies who have gained “Solution Partner” status are fully
trained in the application, engineering and commissioning of the Cerberus
Pro fire detection system.

True Open Protocol

Cerberus PRO offers its clients True Open Protocol, allowing easy
connection and integration of the system with 3rd party systems using
industry standard communications protocols via BACnet, OPC and ModBus.
Cerberus PRO also offers the end client a choice of service providers from
our partners that have invested in training on the product and its unique
advantages, therefore enabling the end customer to make an informed
decision about the competence of the individuals and organisations
employed to look after their life safety system.

ASAtechnology™ -
Virtually Eliminate False Alarms
Cerberus PRO virtually eliminates false alarms, yet offers the earliest
reliable smoke detection with ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal
Analysis). It is able to distinguish between real fires and deceptive
phenomena (e.g. cigarette smoke, steam, aerosols, exhaust fumes, dry
ice, dust2 even burnt toast) providing reliable, fast detection and ensuring
no possibility of false alarms.

Cerberus Remote
• Servicing the system from anywhere
• Faster reaction to fault conditions
• Increased efficiencies
• Audit trails
• Reduction of CO & carbon footprint

Smart & Safe Fire Safety Systems

• Fire detectors increase safety thanks to their distributed intelligence:
important decisions are made on the spot in the detector
• Remote servicing & diagnostics built into every panel
• Turbo isolation in every device, ensuring disruption-free alarming
when you need it most
• Full CPR approvals for all EN54 product standards including EN54-13
• Degrade mode functionality is integrated throughout the system
• Only EN54 compliant IP based network
• Full compliance with BS 7273 Part 4 Category A
Industry Seminars & Training Partner
To further support our customers, Siemens holds regular training courses
at The Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh.
Delegates can view live fire demonstrations and gain greater understanding
of fire safety and risk assessment and the impact of the RRFSO and CFOA Building
policies on reducing false alarms. Technologies
We are also able to offer our clients BS 5839 courses accredited by the
IFE to ensure that your personnel are up to date with the latest standards.

Siemens Building Technologies Tel : 01276 690207

Fire Safety Products - Cerberus PRO
Brunel House Sir William Siemens Square
GU16 8QD
54 - Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Honeywell Gent
Honeywell Gent is synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire
detection and alarm industry. Through our broad education programme
and our approved system integrators, we are committed to delivering safe
environments and peace of mind.
Gent’s philosophy is to work in close partnership with its Approved System
Integrators to support the fire system through every stage of a building’s

The Vigilon System is the most comprehensive life safety system
available in the market today. The combination of the powerful software
in the control panel and the intelligent loop powered devices delivers a
flexible, easy-to-use system for all types of buildings.
The Vigilon System offers a complete range of control panels that can
be installed as standalone panels from 1 to 6 loops or as part of
multi-panel networks. It’s a system that can meet the needs of a building
today and in the future.
The Vigilon System from Gent:
• Is suitable for all building types & sizes
• Responds quickly to real fires whilst minimising the risk of false alarms
• Is cost-effective to install & provides peace of mind
• Is flexible & simple to use

Our LPCB approved S-Quad sensor range for Vigilon is the most
innovative solution to the detection and signalling of fires available on the
market today. This advanced sensing technology is coupled with an
integral sounder with speech capability and EN54-23 certified visual
alarms in the same device.
Offering the most advanced solution for the early detection and signalling
of fires, S-Quad is a ground breaker in fire sensing expertise.

Disabled Refuge Systems

Honeywell Gent offers Disabled Refuge Systems which are designed to
be fully compliant with BS 5839 Part 9. Our range can be used as an
emergency telephone system, disabled refuge call system or as a
combined system along with toilet assist alarms when both fire telephones
and disabled refuge points are required.

Paging Systems
The Response Paging System offers the latest innovations in wireless paging
and monitoring. It is a cost-effective and flexible paging system that offers
the ability to quickly respond to activated alarms. The solution consists of a
wall mounted transmitter and antennae that can send customised messages
to designated pagers and are powerful enough to cover large areas.

Aspirating Technology
FAAST Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems can detect fires at a very
early stage, often before visible smouldering takes place, before an open
fire occurs and before intense smoke develops.

Voice Alarm Systems

Our complete range of Voice Alarm Systems are integrated with the
Vigilon System to suit a wide range of sites and applications. Voice Alarm
is increasingly important in the safe management of buildings in an

Gent Approved System Integrators

Honeywell Gent’s Open Protocol approach means providing customers
with competitive choice as to where they purchase and who they select
to install, commission and maintain their system.
Gent is as open as any other fire company, as we offer customers all of this
through our Gent 24 Approved Network of over 90 System Integrators who
have been fully trained and approved to use the Gent commissioning tools.

Visit the website for your local Approved System Integrator

Honeywell Gent Tel : +44 (0) 116 246 2042

140 Waterside Road Fax : +44 (0) 116 246 2300
Hamilton Industrial Park @Gent_Honeywell
Leicester Website :
Leicestershire Email :
LE5 1TN Honeywell Gent
Security Solutions - 55
Honeywell Security and Fire
Honeywell Security and Fire, now incorporating Xtralis, Videofied and a
number of leading Fire brands, is a leading global supplier of electronic
security products and solutions helping to keep people, possessions,
assets and intellectual property safe and secure.
We focus on delivering innovative security products and value added
solutions to suit customer needs, now and into the future.
Our innovative product range covers intrusion detection, video
surveillance, access control, electronic visitor management and integrated
security solutions.

Access Control
Our access control, visitor management and time and attendance systems
provide you with the technology you need to deliver simple or sophisticated
security solutions, from single or multi-door systems up to enterprise-wise,
networked systems containing thousands of entry points.

Video Surveillance
The reliability, integrity and dependability of our video systems ensure that
you can meet all of your existing and future security challenges with
complete confidence.
Our solutions range from IP and analogue cameras and domes, and digital
and network video recorders, through to intelligent video analytics and
sophisticated video management systems.

Intruder Detection
Our intrusion product range protects residential and commercial properties,
no matter how complex.
As industry pioneers, Honeywell has developed many groundbreaking
advances, shaping today’s residential and commercial security systems.
Our systems are easy to install and use; we developed the industry’s most
reliable supervised wireless products and the most flexible hybrid control
panels on the market.
We are also at the forefront of advancements in long range radio, internet
alarm communications and sensor technology.

Integration with Business Systems

Our solutions are developed according to the concept of ‘integration by
design’. By this we mean that integration is not an afterthought and
products are not simply ‘connected’.
Instead, from the very beginning of the development process, we listen to
our customers and ensure that our world class security products are
designed from the ground up, to function seamlessly as an integrated
security management system.
Our security management solutions can also be customised to the needs
of any facility, no matter how complex.
Whether the solution encompasses logical access control, visitor or car
park management, our offering is extensive.

Honeywell Specifier Programme

We value our specifiers and want to provide you with the highest level of
support possible, using our strengths as a recognised leader in integrated
security solutions.
We can help you to deliver the most cost-effective, value-added solutions
to your customers on time, every time.
For more information

Honeywell Security and Fire Tel : 08448 000 235

Aston Fields Road Fax : 01928 754 050
Whitehouse Industrial Estate
Cheshire WA7 3DL
56 - Lightning & Transient Protection
ABB Furse
Total Solution to Lightning Protection, Earthing &
Transient Overvoltage Protection Requirements
From design advice to innovative, solution-oriented products, ABB Furse
has the expertise, experience and excellence to provide a Total Solution
to your individual lightning protection, transient overvoltage and earthing
Lightning Protection Standards
BS EN 62305 replaced BS 6651 in 2008 and, following on from the IEC
(World) and CENELEC (European) versions of IEC/EN 62305, is the
recognised standard for lightning protection.
BS EN 62305 is a four part standard consisting of general principles; risk
management, physical damage to structures and life hazard, and electrical
and electronic systems within structures. Additionally, it includes the Total Solutions Service
requirements of the BS EN 62561 series of standards, which is the ratified
European standard relating to the capabilities of lightning protection
BS EN 62305 Part 1 is an introduction to the other parts of the standard
and essentially describes how to design a Lightning Protection System
(LPS) in accordance with the accompanying parts of the standard.
BS EN 62305 Part 2 risk management is a very detailed approach to the
risk of lightning inflicted damage to structures, their contents (electronic
equipment) and living beings. It identifies different risk components that
collectively are compared to a tolerable risk. It is a very long-winded process
when carrying out the assessment long hand. A computer program is
commercially available from ABB Furse to considerably reduce the time to Design & Support Services FurseWELD
implement the risk procedure.
BS EN 62305 Part 3 relates directly to the major part of BS 6651. It differs
from BS 6651 in as much that it has four classes or protection levels of
Lightning Protection System (LPS), as opposed to the basic two (ordinary
and high-risk) levels in BS 6651.
BS EN 62305 Part 4 covers the protection of electrical and electronic
systems housed within structures. This part essentially embodies what
annex C in BS 6651 detailed, but with a new zonal approach referred to
as Lightning Protection Zones (LPZ). It provides information for the design,
installation, maintenance and testing of a Lightning Electromagnetic
Impulse (LEMP) protection system for electrical/electronic systems within
a structure.
To assist with customer concerns, we offer a design and advisory service Surge Protection Earthing
for lightning protection to IEC/BS EN 62305.
Structural Lightning Protection Electronic Systems Protection
It is vital that buildings are designed and equipped with a lightning protection BS 6651 had an informative annex C giving the reader recommendations
system that will ensure the safety of the structure and its occupants. Given on the implementation of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs). BS EN 62305
the importance of bonding and proper connection of the components of the now has transient overvoltage protection as an integral part of the standard
Lightning Protection System (LPS), just one faulty or poor quality (BS EN 62305-4), governed by the single risk assessment of BS EN
component can lead to costly damage, even fatalities. 62305-2. Where required by BS EN 62305, SPDs shall be selected and
ABB Furse lightning protection products are designed and manufactured installed in accordance with the IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008
to the highest standards. Primary in our range are our conductors – in flat +A1:2011, Section 534).
tape, solid circular and stranded format, copper and aluminium, many of Even with the best available structural lightning protection, the electrical
which can be PVC coated for greater aesthetic appeal. and electronic contents of a building are at risk from the secondary effects
ABB Furse also offers a large range of air terminals, fittings, bonds, clamps of lightning – transient overvoltages. Lightning activity can create sub-
and lightning current/equipotential bonding Surge Protection Devices millisecond transient overvoltages of up to 6,000 V on power, data, signal
(SPDs). In accordance with BS EN 62305, these SPDs are required where and telephone lines. Transients destroy, damage or degrade the electronic
direct connection with bonding conductors is not suitable, for example, components of the equipment through which they pass on their route to
metallic power and telecommunication lines. earth. Transients can also occur on mains power supplies within the
building through electrical switching events. Any piece of equipment
Effective Earthing incorporating electronic components is at risk: from computers and PBX to
The dangers posed to both life and equipment by poor earthing make fire alarms and even Uninterruptible Power Supplies.
effective earthing essential. Given the complexity of national and To prevent transient damage, SPDs should be fitted on all metallic power,
international standards in earthing system design, material specification data communication, signal and telephone lines where they enter or leave
and installation, it makes sense to talk to ABB Furse. a building. The ABB Furse ESP range includes SPDs for most applications,
ABB Furse designs and models earthing electrode systems in compliance including mains power, data or signal lines, telephone lines, CCTV/CATV
with BS 7430, IEEE standard 80, BS EN 50522, ENA TS 41-24 and other video cables, coaxial RF lines and Ethernet networks.
accepted standards. The comprehensive ABB Furse range of earthing
equipment includes solid copper, stainless steel and copperbond earth rods Technical Assistance
and accessories, high copper alloy bonds and clamps, earth pits, solid Detailed technical guidance is available from ABB Furse engineers in
copper plates, lattice mats, earth rod seals, and the FurseWELD exothermic Nottingham, and our field-based engineers can provide site surveys and
welding system. protection proposals.

ABB Ltd Tel : 0333 999 9900

Tower Court Fax : 0333 999 9901
Foleshill Enterprise Park
Courtaulds Way Email :
Coventry CV6 5NX Website :
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Power Surge Protection & Regulations ................................ PD Devices ...................................................................... 94
Structured Wiring Specification / BS 8488 / BS 61535 ................ Wieland Electric ............................................................... 95
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Underfloor Heating & Ramp Heating - Product Selection .......... Pentair Thermal Management / Raychem ..................... 98
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Cable Management Systems - Technical Issues & Standards ... Unitrunk ........................................................................... 105
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Fire Alarm & Extinguishing Systems ........................................ Siemens Building Technologies ...................................... 107
Fire Sensor Application Guide & System Design .................... Honeywell Gent ........................................................ 108
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58 - Acknowledgements & Useful Addresses
Technical Data : Design Criteria : Checklists : Specification Guidelines
Compilation Useful Addresses
The information contained in the following sections has been compiled Association for Consultancy & Engineering
to assist Electrical Engineers, Technicians, Project Managers and Alliance House 12 Caxton Street London SW1H 0QL
Specifiers in the United Kingdom at all stages of design. Tel : 020 7222 6557
Email :
It is not intended to provide a comprehensive design manual, but to assist
experienced Engineers and Specifiers by providing recognised data in
an accessible format. Building Research Establishment Ltd T/A BRE
Data has been obtained from many sources based upon advice from Bucknalls Lane Garston Watford WD25 9XX
active Electrical Engineers within the industry, which has been added to Tel : 0333 321 88 11
Email :
by selected Manufacturers.
British Safety Council
Applications 70 Chancellors Road London W6 9RS
Tel : 020 8741 1231
The main purposes of Rules of Thumb are in: Fax : 0844 583 4731
Simple repetitive designs
Design parameters and costs can often be provided by simple rules rather BSI Standards
389 Chiswick High Road London W4 4AL
than detailed estimating.
Tel : 020 8996 9001
Fax : 020 8996 7001
Preliminary assessments
Producing guideline parameters for alternative options at project
conception stage. BSRIA Ltd
Old Bracknell Lane West Bracknell RG12 7AH
Tel : 01344 465 600
Fax : 01344 456 626
Outline design
Deriving approximate dimensions and size implications at the sketch plan
stage of a project.
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
222 Balham High Road London SW12 9BS
Final design Tel : 020 8675 5211
Email :
To check that the final design parameters are of the right order. This is
to avoid major errors passing unnoticed in detailed computations.
Design Council
Handing on experience Angel Building 407 St John Street London EC1V 4AB
Tel : 020 7420 5200
To assist junior engineers to develop a feel for Common Sense Parameters.
Email :
Software error traps
To question the calculated results obtained from a computer programme if Electrical Contractors’ Association
it appears to be unreasonable in the light of known parameters. This could ECA Court 24-26 South Park Sevenoaks Kent TN13 1DU
Tel : 020 7313 4800
be due to an error in the software or, more likely, an error in inputting data. Contact :
Rules of thumb built into software as common-sense checks are known as
Heuristics. They perform a checking function and send a warning message
to the operator, if detailed calculations provide a “nonsense” answer. Health & Safety Executive
Redgrave Court Merton Road Bootle Liverpool L20 7HS
Contact : http:/


The publishers acknowledge with thanks the contributors to the technical

The Institution of Engineering & Technology
sections and the permission granted for including the extracts during its
Michael Faraday House Six Hills Way Stevenage SG1 2AY
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Chartered Institute Of Building Services Engineers

British Standards Institution The Lighting Industry Association
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LV Switchgear MNS Technical Data - 59
MNS Platform Operational Safety & Availability
ABB is the worldwide leader in the production of low voltage switchgears, The MNS low voltage switchgear system has been subjected to extensive
with more than 1.5 million cubicles of the MNS system installed since the type tests in compliance with global standards. In order to ensure the
introduction to the market of this technology in 1973. highest possible degree of safety, ABB continues to conduct tests as part
Due to strong application of the modularity concept either for the of a continuous development program. These tests are based on the
mechanical or electrical development, together with the use of unified most critical applications of the entire product or performance range. The
components, it was possible to realise flexible and compact solutions at results of these tests are applicable to the various low voltage switchgear
the same time. and control gear assemblies in accordance with IEC 61439-1 & 2; DIN
Over the years, the MNS system has become a reference for this EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 Part 500).
industrial market with regard to safety, reliability and overall quality. In addition to these specifications, ABB adopted, as a standard, IEC
ABB’s comprehensive know-how of the design and construction of low 61641 for testing under conditions of arcing due to an internal fault. There
voltage systems comes from its experiences in both local and global are five criteria observed for the test and, in line with its ‘Safety Plus’
markets. This extraordinary knowledge, together with an extended statement, ABB ensures that all five are met. In addition to these criteria,
network for support and assistance all around the world, makes the MNS ABB also meets the additional plant protection criteria as detailed in VDE
Platform the best choice. 0660 Part 500.
To integrate the LV switchboard in the electrical and automation control Operating Procedures
system of modern process plant on service 24/7, ABB switchgear can be The company’s operating systems and procedures are fully certified to
equipped with multifunctional protection relays able to perform protection, ISO 9001 requirements, the stringent environmental standards of ISO
metering, data collection and exchange the information with the plant 14001 and to OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety requirements.
using the industrial communication protocol like Modbus or Profibus. After Sales, Service & Maintenance
Safety is one of the key points for the development of the MNS Platform
Routine servicing and maintenance of LV installations by the company’s
– indeed all MNS systems can be supplied in “Arc Proof Version” up to
highly qualified engineers will ensure that equipment remains safe to
100kA along with Seismic testing, making the ABB MNS System suitable
operate – and will minimise the risk of unexpected breakdown and
for installation in critical, harsh and extreme conditions.
interruption of supply. Cost-effective packages, carefully tailored to
clients’ individual needs, can cover an extensive range of requirements.
Standards & Testing
Verification by testing * IEC61439-1/-2, CEI 614391
Test Certificates ABB SACE, ACAE LOVAG, SINAL, Cesi and Ismes
ASTA: Great Britain (resistant to accidental arcs according to IEC 61641 & IEC 60298, Appendix AA)
DRL German Research Institute for Aerospace e.V., Jüllich, Earthquake Test for Security Areas in Nuclear Power Station
IABG Industrieanlagen Betriebsgesellschaft, vibration and shock tests
Complying with Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg

Electrical Data
Rated Voltages
Rated insulation voltage Ui 1000V AC, 1500V DC **
Rated insulation voltage Ue 690V AC, 750V DC **
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp Up to 6 / 8 / 12kV **
Overvoltage category II / III / IV **
Degree of pollution 3
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Rated Currents
Main busbars:
Rated current Ie Up to 8000 A
Rated peak withstand current lpk Up to 264 kA
Rated short-time withstand current lcw Up to 120 kA
Distribution bars
Rated current le Up to 4000 A
Rated peak withstand current lpk Up to 264 kA
Rated short-time withstand current lcw Up to 120 kA

Arc Proof
Test according to IEC 61641 Up to 100 kA 0.3s
Criteria 1 to 5 and 6 to 7

Mechanical Characteristics
Degrees of Protection (IEC 60529, EN 60529)
With door open IP20
With door closed IP30 standard up to IP54
Normal Conditions
Installation Internal for service
Ambient temperature min -5ºC, max 40ºC, average 24h 35ºC
Relative humidity max 50% at 40ºC
Height <
– 2000m
Form of Separation
According IEC 61439-2 Up to 4b
According BS 61439-2 Up to 4b type 7

Busbar Systems
Main and branch busbars Sheathed busbars, treated busbars (Ag/Sn)

* Design verification by testing: where an assembly has previously been tested in accordance with IEC 60439-1 and the results fulfil the requirements of IEC 61439 1/-2, the verification of these tests need not be repeated.
** Depending on the electrical equipment.

ABB Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 191 514 4555

(Electrification Solutions) Fax : +44 (0) 191 514 5505
Hanover Place @ABBlowvoltage
Sunderland Email :
SR4 6BY Website :
60 - Power Management & G59
Common Generator Related Questions
Why do some sites or buildings have more than one What is G59, G59-1 or G59-2?
generator running in parallel? The proper title is ER G59 or Engineering Recommendation G59. G59
The most common reason is redundancy; if one generator fails the other is a generic term, G59-1 is the old recommendation and G59-2 is the
is capable of supporting site load. This is described as N+N redundancy current requirement. The document refers to the recommendations and
where N=site nominal load and the number following the ‘+’ sign is the guidelines for connecting embedded generation to utility supplies for long
level of redundancy, in this case also nominal. Where multiple units are and short term duration. Power distribution was traditionally one way,
required due to other factors, X number of units could be required to cope from the power station source at high voltage and distributed in lower
with nominal load. voltages to end users.
Some redundancy could be afforded by an additional unit to cater for a Government policy, environmentally friendly power sources and
single unit failure. For example, 5 x 400kVA units would be required to supply advantages to the national grid balancing mechanism, led the way to it
a theoretical 2MVA load, an additional 400kVA unit would give immunity to being desirable to allow small embedded generation sources to be able
a single unit failure (effectively a spare unit), described as N+1 redundancy. to feed and contribute power into the grid infrastructure, an infrastructure
Space factors and noise also dictate to a certain degree if multiple sets almost exclusively controlled upstream by the national grid.
are to be used in lieu of one single large generating set but often load If an unpredictable and non-controlled quantity of wind turbines and
profile is overlooked. It is highly undesirable that a diesel generator should embedded generation were to be allowed to feed into the grid, some
run at below 30% of its maximum capability as engine degradation regulated basic protocols would be needed.
becomes evident; similarly, overloading is to be avoided. Schematic diagram of a typical G59 system
Generally a 70% duty average over any 24hr period, with a maximum MANUAL
single load step of 60%, is recommended and accepted as being the FUSING CONTRACTOR

norm, giving spare power headroom for motor starts and system inrush
whilst maintaining demand well above the 30% low power damage


threshold. If the site is such that power demand falls to little or negligible
load during the night or at weekends, a long term outage could lightly
load the generator for a similarly long period.
A site with the intention of joining the STOR scheme may match
embedded generation capability to the maximum allowable site export
capability (usually the substation rating) to maximise STOR revenue. The FUSING

site may only have a site demand of 25-30% of substation capacity due
to expansion allowance resulting in an oversized generator. Multiple BATTERY
G59 Control
& Monitoring
generators with lower capacity, which are intelligently brought online to Unit

match demand in these scenarios, will better maintain gen-set utilisation.

What is STOR? ER G59 attempts to specify basic functionality requirements to protect
both the grid and the embedded power generation.
Short Term Operating Reserve is a strategy whereby a site, which has
embedded generating equipment of 3MW or above, can offer to provide One of the recommendations within the requirement is for mains failure
additional active power to the National Grid distribution infrastructure to detection whilst the generator system is in parallel with the mains.
reduce demand or even contribute to the power available on the Grid. A traditional phase failure relay, sensing voltage only, may not detect a
This is typically required at certain times of the year and would be required mains failure due to the generator operating in parallel and supplying
to provide power within four hours of instruction by “the Grid”. To qualify power at the detection point.
for STOR status, the power would also have to be maintained for at least Many manufacturers have specific G59 detection relays that will
a two hour period. A generator-to-mains synchronising (no break transfer) supervise the system when in parallel, constantly monitoring the
system is required if site disruption or energy exportation is required. mains/generator common voltage and generator output current to detect
rapid changes in characteristics which would identify that the mains is no
What is “Island Mode”? longer present and a mains failure has occurred.
Any site and electrical load system can be considered “islanded” when
A common misconception is that the G59 relay protects workers upstream
no mains utility supply is being used to power the site electrical load, just
if they isolate at MV/HV and commence to work on the network, assuming
as if the site was on an island. The generators supply all customer loads
several downstream generators will keep the equipment live and in a
and neither the load nor the generators are connected to the utility supply.
dangerous condition.
What is “Embedded Generation”? Firstly, any planned outage, where possible, would be re-fed via an
Embedded generation (also referred to as “distributed generation”) alternative path on the grid to minimise outage and as a minimum you
enables the user to generate and use their own electricity via renewable will be informed if this is not possible. Secondly, a robust, safe working
sources, green energy and other on-site power generation equipment. If practice will test and ensure the bus is dead before commencement of
you do produce surplus electricity, this can be sold back to the local work and thirdly they will earth the power rail at the point on the network
provider and then distributed back into the National Grid. on which they are working.
Predominantly the G59 relay protection guards against unplanned system
failure for both parties (grid and generator owner).
The mains disconnection has to occur quickly for two reasons:
1. If the dead utility network is not disconnected quickly, the site
embedded generation will attempt to supply the local surrounding network
Renewable & Green Commercial & Industrial Domestic Generation and fail on over current, making the point of having the generators useless.
Wind, Hydro, Solar & Gas Wind, Solar, Gas & Diesel Wind & Solar
2. Depending on where geographically the site is on the distribution
Whether utilising embedded generation for self-sufficiency to lower bills, network, an attempt to bypass the network fault will be made or auto
or as a method of providing power in a mains failure, the Engineering re-closers on the network will attempt to reconnect power a number of
Recommendation G59/2 provides guidance and technical requirements times to see if the fault was temporary (a falling tree for example).
for allowing producers of surplus electricity to make this power available Either way, power would reappear on the utility mains causing a crash
to other Grid users. synchronisation if embedded generation was still attached.

Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd Tel : 01977 658 100

14 Langthwaite Business Park
South Kirkby @Advanced_Diesel
West Yorkshire Email :
WF9 3AP Website :
Acoustic Enclosures - 61
Generator Noise Control
The table (below) and the graph (opposite) illustrate typical sound
pressure levels in various familiar locations (plots 1-5). Also shown on
the graph are two darker plots (6 and 7), these lines are indicating the
sound pressure levels of a 250kVA diesel generator before and after
silencing at Advanced.

Comparing the unsilenced values with the silenced generator values it is

clear that the higher to mid-range frequencies have been attenuated
effectively. This drop in sound pressure level is made more clear by
comparing the silenced generator plot line to the ‘familiar location’ plot lines.
Above 200Hz, the silenced generator levels are below those of a typical
loud stereo player, moderate ocean waves and even a typical library.
The peak sound level of the open generator (plot 6) is around 103dB at
125Hz, this obvious peak is indicative of the engine firing and is typical
of all combustion engines. Frequencies below 200Hz are more difficult
to attenuate, but it is still clear that the sub 200Hz frequencies of the
silenced generator are much lower than those of the open generator.

Container Size vs Maximum Power Output & Noise Level - from 700 to 2250kVA

All values for both tables are based on Cummins’ manufactured engines TABLE 2: All system features, except for the extended attenuation, are
utilising Stamford alternators. Roof mounted exhaust silencers are installed within the length and width dimensions of the ISO high cube
assumed present. Noise levels listed in both tables assume an end container. The ISO footprint (lifting/locking blocks) of the container
inlet/outlet type, for the cooling air and noise attenuation. remains unchanged, however, if the extra attenuation extruding from the
TABLE 1: All system features are installed within the length and width container end is above 700mm, extra support legs may be required. The
dimensions of the relevant ISO high cube container. The footprint of the length of the extra attenuation varies and can be dependant upon any
container remains unchanged. ancillary generator features installed within the container.

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62 - Schneider Electric MTZ
Standard IEC/EN 61557-12: Electrical safety in low voltage distribution Operating Uncertainty
systems up to 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c. - Equipment for testing, IEC/EN 61557-12 definition states that “Operating uncertainty is
measuring or monitoring of protective measures - Part 12: Performance uncertainty under the rated operating conditions”.
measuring and monitoring devices (PMD) covers both devices with For Masterpact MTZ with Micrologic X, the main influence quantity is the
external sensors, such as current or voltage transformers, and standalone temperature Tº; Masterpact MTZ is designed to carry high current and
power meter and devices with embedded sensors like circuit breakers. so the self heating combined with the ambient temperature induces a
The introduction to this Standard is quite interesting and makes the reader wide range of operating temperature.
understand the importance of metering in today’s world: as a complement In Masterpact MTZ, the measurement has been designed to offer high
to protection measures, it becomes more and more necessary to measure stability within this range of temperatures. The outstanding result can be
different electrical parameters in order to monitor required performances seen in the picture below.
in energy distribution systems due to:
• Installation standards evolutions, for instance over current detection, is
a new requirement for the neutral conductor due to harmonic content
• Technological evolutions (electronic loads, electronic measuring
methods, etc)
• End-users needs (cost saving, compliance with aspects of building
regulations, etc)
• Safety and continuity of service
• Sustainable development requirements where energy measurement,
for instance, is recognised as an essential element of energy
management, part of the overall drive to reduce carbon emissions and
to improve the commercial efficiency of manufacturing, commercial
organisations and public service Overall System Uncertainty
Masterpact MTZ equipped with Micrologic X and its own embedded IEC/EN 61557-12 definition states that: “Overall system uncertainty is
sensors is a Class 1 full chain measurement device for active power and uncertainty including the instrumental uncertainty of several separated
energy metering according to IEC/EN 61557-12. instruments, external sensors, external wiring between devices, etc.
The benefit of avoiding uncertainty and variation due to external sensors under the rated operating conditions”.
and wiring is one of the key factors that helped Masterpact MTZ in For Masterpact MTZ, the overall system uncertainty is non-existent
reaching this exceptional result. thanks to its design with the embedded sensors.
In fact, IEC/EN 61557-12 standard defines three levels of uncertainty: Additional Disturbances: Behaviour Under High
intrinsic uncertainty, operating uncertainty and overall system uncertainty,
that need to be checked to ensure accuracy class. The uncertainty is the Harmonics
estimated amount or percentage by which a measured value may differ Thanks to other functions such as protection functions, Masterpact MTZ
from the true value. with Micrologic X offers by design a high level of immunity to disturbances.
Operating uncertainty is very low, ensuring a Class 1 in a wide range of
operating conditions. The table below summarises standard requirements
and Masterpact MTZ performance regarding Harmonic disturbances:

Influence quantity Table 9 IEC/EN 61557-12 PMD DD CI 1 Masterpact

Additional uncertainty variation tolerance MTZ

Harmonic in current & voltage 10% Un 5th 0.8% <0.1%

20% lmax 5th

PMD-D - Embedded sensors
Odd harmonic in current 3% <0.1%

Sub harmonic in current 3% <0.1%

One Application: Compliance with IEC 60364-8-1

PMD-S - External sensors Clause Requirement
IEC 60364-8-1 provides requirements and recommendations for the
design, erection and verification of low voltage electrical installations
Intrinsic Uncertainty Under Reference Condition including local production and storage of energy for optimising the overall
IEC/EN 61557-12 definition states that “Intrinsic uncertainty is uncertainty efficient use of electricity.
of a measuring instrument when used under reference conditions”. It introduces recommendations for the design of an electrical installation
For Masterpact MTZ with Micrologic X, the main influence quantities are within the framework of an energy efficiency management approach in
the current and the power factor. order to get the lowest electrical energy consumption and the most
The effect of all other influence quantities are less significant. acceptable energy availability. It also specifies the accuracies of the
measuring instruments involved in the functions of energy management
The accuracy level reached is shown in the following table:
such as:
Masterpact MTZ1 MTZ2 MTZ3
Lowest value of the current at which the MTZ starts & continues lst = 0.04%lb 1.6 A 1.6 A 3.2 A
• Energy usage analysis & optimisation
to register
• Contract optimisation
Lowest value of the current to ensure accuracy for Active Power 5%lb 20 A 20 A 40 A
& energy ≤ 1.5% • Cost allocation
Lowest value of the current to ensure accuracy for Active Power 10%lb 40 A 40 A 80 A
& energy ≤ 1% with PF = 1
• Efficiency assessment
Lowest value of the current to ensure accuracy for Active Power 20%lb 80 A 80 A 160 A • Energy usage trends assessment
& energy ≤ 1% with PF = 0.5 Ind to 0.8 Cap
Value of current in accordance with which the relevant lb 400 A 400 A 800 A
Masterpact MTZ with Micrologic X complies with the requirements of IEC
performance of a direct connected Power Meter Device is fixed 60364-8-1 dedicated to the optimisation of energy efficiency. It provides
Highest value of current at which the MTZ meets the uncertainty lmax 1600 A 4000 A 6300 A a range of measurements with accuracies required for complex energy
requirements of this standard x1.2 x1.2 x1.2
efficiency approaches.

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Metering & Power Monitoring Software - 63
PowerLogic PM5000 Series
The Value You Want, The Benchmark Metering Accuracy You Need
• Accuracy class 0.2S (PM5500 models) & 0.5S (PM5100, PM5300 models) for active energy metering
• Compliance to regulations EN50470-1/3 (MID), IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC 62053-23
• Dual Ethernet ports (PM5500 models) to daisy chain meters together – less wiring, simpler installation
• Onboard web pages (PM5500 models) for viewing real-time & logged information
• Data logging (PM5300 & PM5500 models) locally in non-volatile memory ensures that information is not
lost during a power or communications outage
• Multiple tariffs (PM5300 & PM5500 models) give you flexibility in your billing structure
• Individual harmonics in addition to THD & TDD to help locate the source of disturbances
• Graphical display with intuitive menu-driven navigation makes information easy to locate & read
• Compact design, two clips for mounting
• 4 current inputs (PM5500 models)
• Extended voltage range (direct connection up to 690 V L-L)
• Real-time clock with battery back up
PowerLogic PM8000 Series
Simplifying Power Quality, Maximising Versatility
• High-accuracy energy metering: IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S, IEC 61557-12 PDM-S
• Time synchronization
• Multi-tariff support
• WAGES metering support
• PQ compliance monitoring: IEC 61000-4-30 class S, IEC 62586, EN 50160, IEEE 519
• PQ analysis capabilities: dip & swell detection, waveform capture, disturbance direction detection, trending
& forecasting
• Protocols: Modbus, DNP3, IEC 61850
• Ports: RS-485, dual-port Ethernet, Ethernet-to-serial gateway
• Graphical, colour display
• Onboard, customisable web pages

Power Monitoring Software

Power Management Software Helps Maximise System Reliability & Optimise Operational Efficiency
• Highly scalable, flexible & open architecture • Intuitive, customisable web client interface:
• System-wide data acquisition & interoperability • Dashboards – Present any measurement from the power monitoring
database in an attractive kiosk display or slideshow
• Fully compatible with ION technology
• Real-time monitoring through a secure, multi-user web portal • Diagrams – View system diagrams to monitor network status
• Tables – Compare multiple devices for at-a-glance status of your network
• Enhanced support for WAGES monitoring
• Alarms – Simplifies the management of alarms & events with intelligent filters
• Power quality analysis & compliance monitoring
• Trend graphing & aggregation • Reports – View critical information exactly how, where & when it is required
• Multi-language support
• Alarming & event logging
• Preconfigured & custom reports • Supports PowerLogic ION Enterprise software & System Manager software
• Manual or automated control
For a free demo visit

PowerSCADA Expert
Combining SCADA & Power Monitoring Softwares
The Synergy of SCADA with Power Monitoring
PowerSCADA Expert software combines Schneider Electric’s proven expertise in power monitoring with the functionality of a high-performance SCADA
system, creating a highly flexible, operator-oriented offer that can meet the unique needs of each and every customer. The software integrates seamlessly
with your electrical system and has the scalability to continue meeting your needs as they evolve over time.
Why not attend our CPD approved sessions on: Part L and Metering / Power Quality by contacting

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64 - Power Factor Correction
Under normal operating conditions, certain electrical loads draw not only active - Building Regulations compliance.
power from the supply (kilowatts kW), but also reactive power (reactive kVA, Part ‘L’ of the Building Regulations 2010 details reductions in the effective
kVAr). This reactive power has no useful function but is necessary for the carbon dioxide emissions of a building, which can be applied if a properly
equipment to operate correctly. Loads such as induction motors, welding designed and implemented Power Factor Correction scheme is installed and
equipment, arc furnaces and fluorescent lighting would fall into this category. monitored. The optimum Power Factor Correction system can attract a
Power Factor Correction - Definition reduction of 5% in the total CO2 emissions for the building.
The Power Factor of a load is defined as the ratio of active power to total Reactive Power Penalty Charges
demand, that is to say kW divided by kVA. In layman’s terms, Power Factor The Reactive Power charge is the means by which consumers with a poor
is the percentage of the burden on the supply which is actually doing real, power factor pay more for their electricity than consumers with a good power
useful work. Power Factor Correction (PFC) is the application of properly factor. A common charging method is in force across all UK Electricity Supply
designed, manufactured and installed equipment which will compensate for Companies and applies to ALL half-hourly metered consumers. By installing
the ‘useless’ yet essential part of the demand on the supply, leaving only power factor correction equipment and ensuring that the average power factor
‘useful’ power to be drawn from the mains. The nearer Power Factor is to unity, is better than 0.95 lagging under ALL load conditions, no “excess” reactive
the less reactive power is drawn from the supply, the lower the demand, and power is consumed. Smaller capacitor stages ensure that these charges are
the greater the overall efficiency. avoided under almost all load conditions. This means that ALL excess Reactive
Commercial Benefits Power charges can be avoided.
Financial penalties imposed by the supply companies can be avoided by Contact our team of sales engineers to discuss existing or imminent Reactive
maintaining a Power Factor better than 0.95 lagging under all load conditions. Power charges and how to avoid them.
Power Capacitors Ltd will typically select a target Power Factor of between Total Power Quality
0.96 and 0.98 lagging, depending on the specific requirements of each Power Factor Correction is now an integral part of a co-ordinated Power
installation. By maintaining an improved Power Factor: Quality strategy, which should also include Harmonic Distortion and Surge
- Excess Reactive Power charges are avoided. Suppression. Power Capacitors Ltd has the products and experience to
Half-hourly metered consumers are charged for ‘excess reactive power’, which identify, manufacture and supply the right solution for each application.
is defined as occurring when the power factor is lower than 0.95 lagging. These Active Filters
charges vary between tens of pounds to thousands of pounds per month In addition to the extensive range of PFC equipment, Power Capacitors Ltd
depending on the loading. Installation and proper maintenance of a well- can offer Active Filter solutions for 3 and 4 wire systems. Filter systems start
designed PFC system can remove the charges completely. at 50A and are available up to 400A in standard designs.
- The Overall Demand on the supply is reduced. Surge Suppression
A chargeable item on all half-hourly metered supplies is ‘Authorised Capacity’. Correctly integrating Surge Protection Devices (SPD) into electricity
By improving the power factor, less supply is required to do the same amount distribution systems is now a key part of any co-ordinated power quality
of work. This may permit a reduction in the authorised supply capacity required, strategy. The three types of SPD are broadly intended for application nearest
with an associated reduction in charges from the supply company. the supply (type 1), along the distribution system (type 2), and close to the
- System Losses are reduced. sensitive devices (type 3). The optimum solution would involve a lengthy and
Losses in distribution networks increase exponentially with the load. Doubling costly survey, with the use of all three types of SPD at various key points in
the load quadruples the losses. By reducing the demand on the supply the distribution system. Power Capacitors Ltd is able to offer this service to
network, the losses in all network components are reduced. Depending on its clients, but much more popular is the ‘one-size fits all’ approach, which is
the installation, this reduction may be between 0.5% and 3% of the total kWh more easily understood and is far simpler to integrate into an existing
consumption. These additional hidden savings can amount to many thousands distribution system.
of pounds over the course of a year.
Maintenance & Service
Technical Benefits Most Power Factor Correction equipment works invisibly in the background,
By improving and maintaining the Power Factor at an optimum level: but as capacitors deteriorate, it easily goes unnoticed until long after the higher
- Power Quality is improved. bills arrive. Responsible companies acknowledge the cost-effectiveness of
The ‘voltage drop’ evident on an increasing load is greatly reduced by avoiding unnecessary downtime and maintenance. Power Capacitors has a
maintaining an optimum level of Power Factor. The improvement in this aspect team of skilled and experienced engineers available throughout the UK
of Power Quality has numerous benefits, not least that any load connected to providing regular servicing and maintenance to ALL makes of power factor
the network will be presented with a clean and consistent supply voltage. correction equipment, regardless of manufacturer. This ensures that the rated
Reliability and performance are improved when compared to less well- output is maintained, maximising the financial and technical benefits.
regulated supplies.
- The Demand on the supply is reduced.
Technical Support
Whether you need a quick telephone consultation or a full set of surveys and
A significant reduction in the demand for any given loading can release
specifications, we are always willing to make ourselves available to customers,
additional supply capacity. This can then be used to connect additional loads
old and new. As undisputed experts in the field of power quality, we relish the
to the existing distribution network. Otherwise, supply reinforcement is the
challenge and are always comfortable in sharing our wealth of expertise with
only option, often costing many tens of thousands of pounds.
you. Contact us to arrange one of our recognised CPD sessions on Power
- Network Reliability is increased.
Factor Correction and Power Quality.
The reduction in demand as a result of improvement in Power Factor affects
all components of the upstream distribution network. The resulting reduction Capacitor Sizing
in losses means that transformers, cables and switchgear all operate at lower To obtain capacitor sizes (in kVAr) for a given power factor, multiply the kW
temperatures. This reduction in stress on the distribution system increases load by the number shown at the axis between the existing and the required
both the reliability and useful life of these components, resulting in a more power factors.
reliable and longer lasting network.
- Harmonic Distortion is reduced. Starting
Power Required Power Factor
When a properly-specified ‘Detuned’ Power Factor Correction system is Factor
installed on a network subject to significant levels of Harmonic Distortion, the
levels of distortion are reduced. The amount of reduction varies according to 0.85 0.90 0.94 0.95 0.96 0.97 0.98 1.00
the particular characteristics of each system. This reduction in distortion
0.60 0.71 0.85 0.97 1.00 1.04 1.08 1.13 1.33
increases the reliability and lifetime of any item of equipment and is a
significant improvement in Power Quality. 0.65 0.55 0.68 0.81 0.84 0.88 0.92 0.97 1.17

Environmental Benefits 0.70 0.40 0.54 0.66 0.69 0.73 0.77 0.82 1.02
The increasing focus on environmental issues is supported by maintaining an 0.75 0.26 0.40 0.52 0.55 0.59 0.63 0.68 0.88
optimum level of Power Factor: 0.80 0.13 0.27 0.39 0.42 0.46 0.50 0.55 0.75
- Carbon Dioxide emissions are reduced. 0.85 0.00 0.14 0.26 0.29 0.33 0.37 0.42 0.62
The reduction in demand, losses and loading, which is achieved by properly 0.90 - 0.00 0.12 0.16 0.19 0.23 0.28 0.48
improving the Power Factor, is accompanied by a reduction in Carbon Dioxide 0.92 - - 0.06 0.10 0.13 0.18 0.22 0.43
emissions. The exact reduction will vary according to each particular
0.94 - - 0.00 0.03 0.07 0.11 0.16 0.36
installation but studies have shown that reductions in the region of 150kg of
0.95 - - - 0.00 0.04 0.08 0.13 0.33
CO2 per kVAr of PFC equipment are readily achievable.

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Green T.HE High Efficiency Transformers - 65
Eco Design
Green T.HE high efficiency transformers meet the latest European Commission's Ecodesign Directive, which outlines the parameters transformers must
adhere to in order to meet efficiency requirements, defined by the maximum load and no-load losses a transformer can record.

The classification of a cast resin transformer depends on the value of the no-load losses (Po), as well as the load losses (Pk), characteristics of the machine.
More precisely, Po losses are independent from the load and remain constant for the whole period the transformer is connected to the electric power
network. On the other hand, Pk losses only occur when the transformer is connected to a load and are proportional to the square of the load itself.

Certifications & Acceptance Tests

Prior to Legrand cast resin transformers being supplied to the customer, they are individually inspected and must pass the acceptance and, when necessary,
type tests, if they are required at the time of order.
At the end of the acceptance tests, a specific inspection certificate is delivered with each transformer.

Acceptance tests
Measurement of winding resistance IEC 60076-1
Measurement of transformation ratio and check of polarity and connections IEC 60076-1
Measurement of short-circuit voltage and losses due to load IEC 60076-1
Measurement of no-load losses and no-load current IEC 60076-1
Insulation test with applied voltage IEC 60076-3
Insulation test with induced voltage IEC 60076-3
Measurement of partial discharges IEC 60076-11

Type test (on request)

Atmospheric impulse test IEC 60076-3
Temperature rise test IEC 60076-2

Special tests (on request)

Measurement of sound level IEC 60076-10
Short-circuit withstand test IEC 60076-11

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66 - Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Energy Efficiency
GE’s TLE SeriesTM UPS is one of the most energy efficient double- TLE 200kW UPS EFFICIENCY
conversion UPS in the industry and provides world-class energy efficiency TLE SeriesTM delivers efficiency up to 96.5% in double conversion (VFI)
mode and 99% in eBoost operating mode
across the operating load range. The TLE SeriesTM delivers efficiency
up to 96.5% in double conversion mode and 99% in eBoost operating
mode. This system efficiency substantially reduces operating and cooling
costs, thus providing a reduced cost of ownership and improved power
usage effectiveness (PUE) compared to conventional UPS.
GE’s UPS performance is optimised at 50-75% load operation, as this is

operating load
the most common operating range. The optimisation of the TLE Series 92
includes selecting all major power chain components based on
maximising the component efficiency at part load conditions. 89
High Efficiency TLE SeriesTM UPS Provides:
• Substantial reduction in operating cost of UPS
• Reduced energy loss minimises air conditioning requirement 83
• Energy savings from reduced cooling
25% 50% 75% 100%

True Redundancy with Distributed Control & Bypass TLE VFI Mode TLE eBoost Mode


TLE Series Power Capability

Unity output power factor, full power for critical load without de-rating for
actual and future IT loads.
Critical Load
Comm Bus


Configurable up to 6 units in parallel PO ER

RPA (Redundant Parallel Architecture)

Input Performance
Clean Input Performance
The TLE Series IGBT based rectifier and innovative control algorithm
ensures an input Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) of less than 3% and
draws a pure sinusoidal waveform from the mains. This also provides a
UPS input power factor of 0.99.
• Saving in the sizing of upfront equipment e.g. emergency generators, Output Performance
cabling & circuit breakers
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
• No disturbances to nearby equipment; eliminate perturbation & outage A distorted output voltage waveform can affect the proper function of
on upfront electrical equipment, avoiding also any investigation & analysis equipment. The TLE SeriesTM has very low output voltage THD, even
cost due to malfunction when connected to 100% unbalanced or non-linear loads.
Programmable Soft Start Output Power Factor = 1
The programmable soft start allows the rectifier to ramp up in a
• TLE Series with unity output power factor provides more output power.
programmable time period (0-15 seconds), thus eliminating in-rush
Output power factor diagram symmetrical with respect to zero. 100% kW
current. This feature reduces the need of oversizing the input power
– no de-rating with any load
system (gensets, feeder cables and overcurrent devices).
• Suitable for modern power supply applications with unity or capacitive
Generator Compatibility power factor (e.g. new generation servers) or up to 3:1 crest factor loads
User-programmable features such as slew rate, phase angle rate-of-
change and voltage rate-of-change allow the UPS to quickly sync to a Transient Response
genset during emergency back-up. Transient response is very fast due to control algorithms which ensure
very high dynamic stiffness. This reduces the need to oversize the UPS
Unity output power factor, full power for critical load without de-rating for
for pulse load applications.
actual and future IT loads.

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Piller - CPM & Static UPS/STS Application Guide - 67
Piller Critical Power Module (CPM)
Technical Data - CPM
Power Rating: 300 kW Operating Modes
Mains Generator Frequency Voltage Suppression
Voltage: 380-415 V
Operation Operation Stabilisation Stabilisation
Efficiency: up to 99%* VFI     
Frequency: 50 Hz VI    
Dimensions (mm): 2450 w x 900 d x 1900 l VFI2    
ERM** applies to all above
*According to IEC 62040-3 **Enhanced Redundancy Mode

Piller Active Power CleanSource® UPS

CleanSource® XT UPS CleanSource® HD UPS
50Hz 225kW 380/400/415V 50Hz 625kW 380/400/415V
Efficiency up to 98% @ 100% load Efficiency up to 98% @ 100% load
Flywheel Runtime - 100% load 24.5 secs 50% load 47 secs Flywheel Runtime - 100% load 16 secs 50% load 31 secs
Dim (mm) 1981(h) x 1488(w) x 865(d) Dim (mm) 2032(h) x 3353(w) x 991(d)
Weight (kg) 2,086 Weight (kg) 5,796

Piller AP Premium+ Static UPS

Technical Data - AP Premium
Input Output General
Voltage: 380-415 V 50 Hz Voltage: 380 - 415 V 50 Hz Operational Altitude: Up to 1000m ASL
Voltage Tolerance: ± 15% Voltage Tolerance: ± 1% Steady State Ambient Temperature: 0-40ºC Daily Average ≤ 35ºC
Power Factor at Rated Voltage: > 0.99 Frequency Tolerance: ± 1% Relative Humidity: 5-95% Non-Condensing
THDi (Normal Op.): < 3% Overload Capacity: Up to 2000% for 100ms (switching to bypass) Ingress Protection: IP 20
Efficiency: Up to 96.0% Up to 188% for 10mins

Piller AP Premium+ Static UPS Guide to Dimensions & Weights

100 kVA 120 kVA 160 kVA 200 kVA 300 kVA 400 kVA 500 kVA
Static UPS 800 x 800 x 1900 800 x 800 x 1900 1200 x 800 x 1900 1200 x 800 x 1900 1600 x 800 x 1900 2000 x 800 x 1900 2000 x 800 x 1900
Weight kg 600 660 895 895 1335 1715 1715
5 mins Batt. on Stand 1080 x 630 x 1195 1080 x 630 x 1195 900 x 800 x 1315 1430 x 630 x 1590 1595 x 800 x 1600 1610 x 800 x 2390 2970 x 830 x 1249
Weight kg 914 971 1575 1715 2516 3450 3850
10 mins Batt. on Stand 1070 x 800 x 1205 900 x 800 x 1315 1430 x 800 x 1600 1595 x 800 x 1600 1595 x 800 x 2390 3005 x 800 x 1600 2970 x 830 x 1649
Weight kg 1260 1575 2096 2516 3775 5035 5300

Piller APOTRANS Static Transfer Switch

Technical Data - APOTRANS Design Type Fuse-less
Rated Voltage: 380-415V Transfer Times: <2ms Manual; <3ms Automatic:
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz ± 5% Short Circuit Current: Up to 50kA
Power Factor: Overall Locus Diagram Noise Level: <65 dB(A)
Overload: 120% - 10 min, 1505 - 2 min Operational Altitude: Up to 1000m ASL
Crest Factor: >5 Relative Humidity: 20 to 90% Non Condensing
Efficiency: >99.0% Ingress Protection: IP 20 (Standard Enclosure)

Piller APOTRANS Static Transfer Switch Guide to Dimensions & Weights

Standard Enclosure with Service Bypass Chassis Unit for Integration into Switchboard / PDU
APOTRANS Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) APOTRANS Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
25A - 63A 500 436 557 34 100A/160A 560 527 1120 120
100A/160A 800 800 1900 309 250A 560 527 1120 144
250A 800 800 1900 333 400A/630A 618 527 1620 240
400A/630A 1200 800 1900 572 800A/1000A 618 527 1620 272
800A/1000A 1600 800 1900 767
1600A 2400 823 2158 1300

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68 - Piller – UNIBLOCK™ UPS Application Guide
UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ Rotary UPS - Operation UNIBLOCK™ UBR Hybrid Rotary UPS - Operation
In normal operation, the load is supplied via the choke, with the Piller Normal operation is through the static switch (thyristor) path (Mains 2). The
UNIBLOCK™ machine operating in parallel via the central tapping of the thyristor switch is controlled so that active power flows only in the direction
choke. The generator winding of the UNIBLOCK™ machine supplies the of the motor of the UNIBLOCK™ machine. The generator of the
load with the same dynamic characteristics as an AC supply system. UNIBLOCK™ machine supplies the load with the same dynamic
In the event the supply falls outside the input characteristics, the input characteristics as an AC supply system.
contactor opens and the module is supplied from the energy store via the In the event of a fault in the thyristor switch, the UNIBLOCK™ machine is
UNIBLOCK™ machine. supplied exclusively by the rectifier and inverter circuit (Mains 1). Similarly,
The choke acts as a filter preventing the transmission of harmonics to the during a failure of the rectifier/inverter circuit, the UNIBLOCK™ machine is
mains from the load and vice versa. The UNIBLOCK™ generator windings supplied by the thyristor switch. In the event of a mains failure, the
are used to supply reactive current, improving the UPS input power factor. UNIBLOCK™ machine is fed via the battery and inverter with the input
contactors opened.
The generator of the UNIBLOCK™ machine can supply peak currents
without being limited by the current ratings of additional semiconductors. The generator of the UNIBLOCK™ machine can supply peak currents
The impedance of the generator – which is similar to that of the AC line – without being limited by the current ratings of additional semiconductors.
delivers a short-circuit current of up to 18 times the rated current without The impedance of the generator which is similar to that of the AC line
switching back to mains (even when operating in energy storage mode). delivers a short-circuit current of up to 18 times the rated current without
switching back to mains (even when operating in battery mode).
The UNIBLOCK™ machine generates a sinusoidal voltage so no power
capacitors are necessary for commutation or filtration. The brushless The motor voltage provides natural commutation for the inverter and the
excitation of the motor/generator is provided by an exciter mounted on the UNIBLOCK™ machine generates a sinusoidal voltage so no power
shaft and the generator voltage is electronically regulated. capacitors are necessary for commutation or filtration. The brushless
excitation of the motor/generator is provided by an exciter mounted on the
The technology, combined with no capacitors and control redundancy, shaft and the generator voltage is electronically regulated. The internal
makes the UBT+ Rotary UPS one of the most reliable UPS available. redundancy combined with no capacitors and control redundancy makes
In addition, since the UPS operates via the choke, it achieves efficiencies the UBR Hybrid Rotary UPS one of the most reliable UPS available. In
up to 97% and improved efficiencies at partial loads. addition, since the UPS does not normally operate through the double
conversion path, it achieves efficiencies in excess of 95%.

UBT+ Input Data UBR & UBT+ Output Data UBR Input Data
Input Output Input
Voltage: 380 – 415 V 50 Hz Voltage: 380 - 415 V 50 Hz Voltage: 380 - 415 V 50 Hz
Voltage Tolerance: +10%/-20%; -50% short term Voltage Tolerance: ± 1% (Steady State) Voltage Tolerance: +10% / -20%
Power Factor at Overload Capacity: 110% for 1 hour Power Factor at
Rated Voltage: 0.97 125% for 10 minutes Rated Voltage: > 0.95
THDi (Normal Op.): < 3% (Meets G5/4) 150% for 2 minutes THDi (Normal Op.): < 2% (Meets G5/4)
Power Factor: 0.8 Lag to 0.8 Lead
General Efficiency (UBR): Up to 95% General
Operational Altitude: Up to 1000m ASL Efficiency (UBT+): Up to 97% Operational Altitude: Up to 1000m ASL
Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40°C Short Circuit Up to 18 x Rated Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Daily Mean <35°C Capacity: Current (no bypass required) Daily Mean <35°C
Relative Humidity: 0 - 95% Non-Condensing Load Crest Factor: Unlimited Relative Humidity: 0 - 95% Non-Condensing
Ingress Protection: IP 20 Ingress Protection: IP 20
Reliability: >860,000 hours MTBF Reliability: >600,000 hours MTBF

Piller UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ Rotary UPS Piller UNIBLOCK™ UBR Rotary UPS
Guide to Dimensions & Weights Guide to Dimensions & Weights
150 kVA 220 kVA 330 kVA 420 kVA
POWERBRIDGE™ (Flywheel) Backed UPS
560 kW 1000 kW 1500 kW 2250 kW 1905 x 865 2438 x 865 2438 x 865 2740 x 985
x 2200 x 2200 x 2200 x 2200
Weight kg 2510 3725 3725 5285
UNIBLOCK™ 1320 x 4110 1320 x 5300 1320 x 5300 1320 x 8990
UBT+ & PB x 2300 x 2700 x 2700 x 2700 5 min 2010 x 480 1630 x 722 2880 x 480 3050 x 755
VRLA Batt. x 1581 x 1617 x 2371 x 1617
Weight kg 11910 19700 22170 24750
Weight kg 1370 2390 2920 4760
Battery Backed UPS 10 min 1630 x 722 2880 x 480 3050 x 755 2 x (3360 x 480
VRLA Batt. x 1617 x 2371 x 1617 x 1984)
560 kW 1000 kW 1340 kW
Weight kg 2390 2920 4760 5560
LxWxH LxWxH LxWxH 500 kVA 625 kVA 800 kVA 1100 kVA
UNIBLOCK™ 980 x 2710 1320 x 4600
1320 x 4600 x 2700 LxWxH LxWxH LxWxH LxWxH
UBT+ x 2300 x 2700
2740 x 985 2860 x 985 3662 x 1320 3662 x 1320
Weight kg 5810 14240 15340 UNIBLOCK™ UBR
x 2200 x 2200 x 2353 x 2353
1 x (3578 x 700
Weight kg 6235 6235 12440 13150
5 min 3050 x 755 x 2395) +
2 x (3680 x 700 x 2395) 5 min 3050 x 755 2 x (3360 x 480 2 x (3360 x 480 2 x (3040 x 755
VRLA Batt. x 1617 2 x (3578 x 700
x 1605) VRLA Batt. x 1617 x 1984) x 2379) x 2012)
Weight kg 4760 15000 17050 Weight kg 4760 5560 6660 11960
10 min 3090 x 755 4 x (3578 x 700 10 min 3090 x 755 2 x (3050 x 755 2 x (2410 x 755 2 x (3090 x 755
4 x (3680 x 700 x 1605)
VRLA Batt. x 2407 x 2000) VRLA Batt. x 2407 x 1617) x 2092) x 2407)
Weight kg 7200 20000 24350 Weight kg 7200 9520 10140 14570

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Piller - IP-System™ & DRUPS Application Guide - 69 .

Introducing the Piller IP-System™

The Piller Isolated Parallel System (IP-System) reflects a new design Coupled with energy storage and the ability to configure a massive UPS
concept in the area of UPS topologies, which overcomes certain system of up to 20 MW in low voltage, the IP-System is particularly suited
disadvantages of the conventional UPS configurations (i.e. N+x & N+N), to applications where minimising space and maximising return on
yet merges their advantages into a highly reliable system topology. This investment are high priorities. Reducing the number of redundant units
topology is available at both LV and MV and allows repeated paralleling to the minimum and avoiding units running in standby makes the
of UPS modules with the benefit of automatic load sharing and high IP-System a green solution and a good choice, if an environmentally
operating efficiency, while ensuring sufficient fault isolation between the friendly and ecological power supply is desired.
individual units.
In such an IP-System, each UPS is connected to a common bus (IP-Bus) Mains
by a 3-phase choke (IP-Choke), designed to limit fault currents to an
acceptable level but provide sufficient load sharing at the same time.
Each load is related to an individual UPS and is directly connected to the
output of the UPS.
Due to its load sharing capability, an IP-System is typically designed in
an N+x redundant configuration, reducing the number of redundant units
to a minimum, whilst keeping the operating point of the UPS at a high
level on the efficiency curve. The Isolated Parallel System provides an IP- Bus
exceptional method of combining the features found in Isolated-
Redundant and Parallel-Redundant UPS configurations: shared IP- Choke
redundancy among UPS modules and output bus fault isolation in a large,
multiple output, paralleled UPS System. What also distinguishes the IP- Return Bus
IP-System is the excellent maintainability and the outstanding fault
tolerance, ensuring a highly reliable and robust power distribution for
various power critical applications. Load 1 Load 2 Load N

UNIBLOCK™ UBTD+ Diesel UPS - Operation Piller IP-System Schematic

In normal operation, the load is fed via the coupling choke. The special
design of the coupling choke allows a high level of decoupling between Bypass
the input and output, and blocks all harmonics and transient events
between the input and output. MV / LV
Coupling Choke
The coupling choke is tapped with the UNIBLOCK™ machine. The
UPS Load
generator winding of this synchronous machine ensures the output Mains
voltage is kept constant irrespective of the mains voltage. The generator
winding feeds the loads with dynamic response similar to an ideal AC
supply. Peak currents and high short circuit current (up to 18 times Typical S.B.
nominal current) can be supplied by the UNIBLOCK™ machine, even in Connection
the event of a mains failure. In the event of a mains failure, power flows
from the POWERBRIDGE™ (rotating kinetic energy store) or battery to UNIBLOCK™
the load via the UNIBLOCK™ machine. Machine
If the mains does not return then the diesel starts and comes up to speed.
The overrunning clutch then closes and the load is ramped on to the Isolated S.B.
diesel from the POWERBRIDGE™ / battery providing a soft load transfer. Connection
The POWERBRIDGE™ is then fully recharged and thus enables the full Essential
stabilisation function (i.e. the POWERBRIDGE™ will stabilise the output
frequency during load steps on and off the diesel by providing power or Alternative Connection
absorbing power as required). On restoration of the mains, the output
voltage is synchronised to the mains and the input breaker closes and Piller UNIBLOCK™ DRUPS Configurations
the diesel is shut down.
Dual Output Operation (largest available)
In the basic form, the Piller UNIBLOCK UBTD+ provides 100% of its
available output as continuous Uninterruptible Power. However, it is Maximum Output Critical Bus Emergency Bus Combined Load

available in alternative forms whereby the power can be split between

UPS (Critical Bus) power and Essential Bus, like a standby generator – UNIBLOCK™
50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
this form is known as Dual Output Bus. UBTD+

Depending upon the particular design requirements, it is sometimes 2500 3000

Single Output Diesel UPS (LV or MV) N/A N/A N/A N/A
necessary or desirable to electrically isolate the short break loads from kVA kVA
the Critical Bus – this is known as Dual Output isolated bus. In this
2500 3000 2500 3000 2500 3000
configuration, the generator winding provides the Critical Bus source and Dual Output Diesel UPS (LV or MV)
the motor winding of the UNIBLOCK™ machine becomes a generator
for the Essential Bus. Dual Output Diesel UPS 1670 2000 1100 1300 2770 3300
(LV or MV)
(Isolated Bus) kVA kVA kVA kVA kVA kVA
The two circuits are isolated by virtue of the transformer action between
the windings and so the two outputs are electrically isolated. In other Smaller ratings available.
circumstances, it can be preferential to use the same alternator for both Combined power, lower UPS and higher emergency possible.
supplies, particularly in MV solutions. This flexibility is uniquely available
All units available in low voltage to 600 Volts or for any medium voltage level.
with the UNIBLOCK™ UBTD+ system.

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70 - NO-BREAK KS® Mechanical / Electrical Features
System Construction Parallel Redundant N or N+1
The external appearance of EURO-DIESEL’s NO-BREAK KS® rotary Parallel LV or MV solutions can be configured to allow redundancy and
UPS system is similar to a conventional generating set. It consists of a capacity, expansion and modularity.
diesel engine coupled by means of an electromagnetic clutch to a Dual Bus N or N+1
stato-alternator, which is the combination of a synchronous machine and In higher tier requirements and to remove the single point of failure in a
a kinetic energy accumulator. Tier II solution, a double busbar design can be provided. This allows for
A choke and 3 circuit breakers are also included. isolation and maintenance of individual machines and output switchgear
sections. LV or MV alternators are available.
Control Panel Touchscreen
2N or 2N+1 High Availability
Power Panel Two totally separate parallel redundant systems can be configured to
(Switchgear & Choke)
meet Tier IV and 2N or 2N+1 requirements. The output busbars are
synchronised, allowing seamless load transfers.
Isolated Parallel
This arrangement enables multiple LV systems to be paralleled with an
interposing choke limiting the short circuit of the output. This removes
the need to have special output switchboards. EURO-DIESEL has
developed both IP Ring and IP Star configurations, allowing for multi MV
installations meeting Tier III and Tier IV requirements.
EURO-DIESEL’s IP system provides significant advantages over
conventional configurations: higher loaded units at all times; higher
Diesel Engine overall efficiency; improved fault tolerance; simple load sharing; reduction
Kinetic Energy in the number of modules; isolation between units and simple

Electromagnetic Clutch
Synchronous Machine maintainability. The KS-VISION® control system is configured to match
this solution without the need for a master controller and therefore
removing single points of failure.

NO-BREAK KS® IP Star-Bus Configuration

Operating Modes
In conditioning mode, when the mains is within tolerance, the stato- Mains 1 Mains 2 Mains 3

alternator is acting as a synchronous motor, driving the kinetic energy QDA/1 QDA/2 QDA/3
accumulator and storing kinetic energy within it.
In independent mode, on mains failure or voltage deviations, breaker QD1/1 QD1/2 QD1/3
QD1 opens and the stored kinetic energy is retrieved and transferred to
CH/1 QD3/1 CH/2 QD3/2 CH/3 QD3/3
the synchronous machine, which is now acting as a generator. This occurs KS5/1 KS5/2 KS5/3

without any interruption to the downstream load.

QD2/1 QD2/2 QD2/3
Shortly after mains failure, the diesel engine is started and coupled to
the synchronous machine by closing the electromagnetic clutch. QDB/1 QDB/2 QDB/3
The energy is then provided to the synchronous generator by the diesel
engine for a period only limited by the amount of fuel available on site.
Critical Load 1 NC Critical Load 2 NC Critical Load 3 NC

NO-BREAK KS® Conditioning Mode QBP/1 CH/1R QBP/2 CH/2R QBP/3 CH/3R




NO-BREAK KS® IP Ring-Bus Configuration

Mains 1 Mains 2 Mains 3


QD1/1 QD1/2 QD1/3

CH/1 CH/2 CH/3

KS5/1 QD3/1 KS5/2 QD3/2 KS5/3 QD3/3

QD2/1 QD2/2 QD2/3

Single Stand-Alone Unit QDB/1 QDB/2 QDB/3
For simple low component count reliability. CH/12 CH/23
Dual Output QDC/12 QDC/23
Critical Load 1 Critical Load 2 Critical Load 3
A dual output design can be configured to provide site critical and
non-critical loads, removing the requirement for gensets. There are QDC/L1 QDC/R3

variations of this design to suit isolated or non-isolated schemes. QDC/31

EURO-DIESEL (UK) LTD Tel : +44 (0)1285 640879

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NO-BREAK KS® Mechanical / Electrical Features - 71
How is Kinetic Energy Stored?
The kinetic energy accumulator consists of two rotating parts; the outer rotor (or accurotor) runs mechanically free around the inner rotor.
The inner rotor, driven by the central shaft, rotates at 1500 rpm (50Hz) or 1800 rpm (60Hz). It is provided with two sets of windings: a three phase AC
winding and a DC winding.
In conditioning mode, the AC winding is energised to generate a rotating magnetic field that accelerates the outer rotor to approximately 3000 rpm. The
net relative speed between the inner and outer ring of the bearings is only 1500 rpm, since the shaft itself is rotating at 1500 rpm. The outer rotor (accurotor)
stores kinetic energy more effectively than a design with an inner rotor, since the amount of kinetic energy increases quadratically with the distance from
the centre of rotation.
In independent mode, the DC winding is energised and the outer rotor is coupled to the inner rotor by induction. Its kinetic energy is transferred to the
inner rotor with the result of driving the inner rotor and connected generator rotor. The energy transfer is regulated by accurately controlling the current
injected into the DC winding.
Note: The stato-alternator is a totally brushless machine.

EURO-DIESEL can offer class leading control and monitoring as • Touch screen HMI
standard. The HMI is simplicity itself for the operator to not only control • Ethernet link with a network or PC
the NO-BREAK KS® systems but also to instantly retrieve and review • Dynamic IP address for external web-based connectivity
historical system information as well as critical events. • USB plug-in for downloads of events history and data logging
A master control panel is not required, saving additional space and • Automatic recognition of single or parallel configuration
interfacing requirements providing the advantage of enhanced resilience, • Intelligent diesel start reduction and ride through
no single point of failure and robustness with a EURO-DIESEL
• Peak-shaving and STOR/FDCM/FFR economy options
• Energy saving features in conditioning mode


OUTPUT CAPACITY (kVA) DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Units can be built in to standard or custom containers with or without
50Hz 60Hz Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
control room space with attenuation as low as 57 dB @ 1m.
100 120 3675 1100 1750 4650
150 180 3800 1100 1850 5100 ISO HiCube kVA dB ( A ) @ 1m dB ( A ) with extended acoustics @ 1m

200 220 3900 1100 1950 5700

20 ft 100-300 75 –
200 200 4300 1700 2163 6560
250 250 4600 1700 2163 7256
30 ft 300-700 85 75
300 300 4600 1700 2163 7256
400 400 5000 1700 2147 10227
40 ft 700-1500 85 65
500 500 5000 1700 2147 10227
630 630 5500 1700 2087 13966
45 ft 1700-2000 85 75 with remote radiators
700 700 5500 1700 2087 13966
800 800 6000 1700 2124 14181
The above is indicative only – for individual specific module data, please contact us
900 900 6000 1700 2124 14181
1000 1000 6000 1700 2124 15200 Full turnkey plant room build packages available incorporating acoustics,
1125 1125 6700 1950 1989 17942 exhausts, fuel systems, cooling systems, fire protection and detection,
1250 1250 6750 1950 2390 22638 control and power cabling, switchgear, transformers, building works and
1500 1500 7100 1900 2390 22678 complete power house building (design and build).
1700 1700 7100 1900 2235 22678
2000 2000 7500 1950 2377 26068
2500 2500 9300 2000 2430 34175
2750 3000 9600 2000 2430 37000
All the above are open configurations with prime rated fuel or emission optimised engines

EURO-DIESEL (UK) LTD Tel : +44 (0)1285 640879

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72 - Power Infrastructure Systems & Monitoring
Switchgear Critical Solutions
Prism Power Group’s switchgear products are designed and manufactured
in-house to the strictest of standards for quality, reliability, safety and Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (RUPS)
performance. • Single or multiple UPS modules for small & large sites
• Full range of standby diesel generators
Key Features of Switchgear Systems
• 400 kVA to 10 MVA systems
• Fully welded construction as standard
• Single module, N+1, N+N IP BUS or MBS configurations
• Form 2 to Form 4 Type 7
• Containerised & indoor solutions
• Paint finish to any RAL colour
• IEC 61439 Compliance Static UPS
• Flexible design • Single & three phase UPS modules & multi module
• Monitoring & thermal imaging options • Modular & scalable
• Bespoke configurations/components • 10 kVA to 6.4 MVA systems
• Standardised products available • Up to Tier 4 requirements for the highest availability needs
• Servicing & 24/7 response Generator Systems
• Single or multiple generators for small & large installations
LV Switchboards
• Range of system configuration options for N, N+1, N+N & dead bus
• Ratings from 500A to 6300A
sync, etc
• Up to IP65 rating
• 100 kVA to 10 MVA systems
• Fully integrated changeover or PLC controls
• Standby diesel generator engines installation/commissioning
• Comprehensive monitoring & integration to BMS system requirements
• Bespoke internal or external acoustic treatment designs
• Integrated active harmonic filtering & de-tuned power factor
• Configured bulk & day tank fuel systems
correction options
• Exhaust systems
Generator Switchboards
• Ratings up to 6300A
Modular Containerised Solutions
• Steel construction with optional underbelly fuel tank storage
UPS Switchboards • Single or parallel configurations
• Ratings up to 6300A • Switchgear, UPS, generator systems fit-out
Lighting & Power Boards Turnkey Packages
• Modbus & pulsed output metering • Fully co-ordinated design of critical equipment
• 3 x 125A TP switch disconnectors • Project management & on-site project delivery
• Single or split metered arrangement • Builders works package
• Single phase and three phase options available • Selection & co-ordination of principle items of equipment
• Extensive outgoing ways & metering configurations • Detailed installation programmes
• 250A options available • Routine testing & verification of all elements of project
PDUs & Intelligent PDUs • Comprehensive client training & operations documentation
• Fully intelligent with branch level circuit monitoring via BMS • Ongoing support of critical equipment post completion
• Modbus output protocol or standalone cloud based software
• Range of incoming options including isolators, circuit breakers & static
Energy Monitoring Management
transfer switch Smart Energy Management ‘SEMS’
• Pre-wiring to BS 4343 sockets or terminal marshalling points Built as a new intelligent system or easily retrofitted to your existing
• Comprehensive enclosure safeguarding equipment making it instantly ‘intelligent’.
• User-friendly metering, status monitoring facilities & alarms
Key Features of SEMS Products
• Real-time local & remote access management
• Easy installation & convenient data reporting
Packaged Substations • Early detection problems & risk reduction
• Full range of liquid filled & dry type transformers • Improved reliability & operational savings
• Copper & aluminium windings • Use SEMS as part of your environmental strategy
• Low loss & super low loss transformers to meet the European • Reduce energy consumption & carbon footprint
Directive for energy efficient products • Trend data for identifying changes & forecasting usage
• Naturally cooled or forced ventilation for increased transformer output • In-line with ISO 50001 Compliant Management System
• MV incoming arrangements including Ring Main Unit (RMU), MV The InTouch range of purpose-built intelligent products are built with
Isolator or Circuit Breaker energy efficiency as a core guiding design principle:
• LV output options of direct connection, ACB or integral distribution • InTouch PDU™ • InTouch eDB™
switchboard • InTouch MediaHub™ • BMS Control Cabinets
• Complete range of LV & MV metering options & communications,
such as BMS output protocol via Modbus

Prism Power Ltd Tel : 01923 296 700

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Dynamic Diesel UPS - Technical Data - 73
Available Standard Specification (*The DUPS solution can be tailored to site specific requirements)

Input Voltage: 380-415V, 50Hz General Altitude 300m AMSL*

440-480V, 60Hz Ambient 40 Deg C*
Up to 11kV direct connection (via Tx to 33kV) Relative Humidity 0-95%*
Voltage Tolerance: +/- 10% (+/- 20% option) Protection IP23*
Power Factor: >0.98 0-100% load Reliability >1,000,000 hours
THID: <2% (Meets G5/4)

Output Voltage Static: +/- 1.0%

Voltage Dynamic*: a) + 10% Load Change Maximum voltage drop + 1.5%
+ 30% Load Change Maximum voltage drop + 3.0%
+ 50% Load Change Maximum voltage drop + 5.0% Recovery Time
+ 100% Load Change Maximum voltage drop + 10.0% <0.2 sec
b) Short circuit on incoming feeder +/- 10%

Frequency: a) During mains operation = mains frequency

b) Mains failure to diesel engine operation with 100% active load +1%
c) Static - during diesel engine operation +0.2%

Overload Capacity: 10% of rated load for a period of 1 hour

25% of rated load for a period of 10 minutes
50% of rated load for a period of 2 minutes

Power Factor: 0.8

Efficiency: up to 97%
Short Circuit Capacity: >15 FLC
Load Crest Factor: Unlimited

Unbalanced Load Capability: 100%

The input stabilising filter system also includes the coupling choke; this connects the input grid supply with the UPS high quality output supply. It allows
large voltage differences between both AC systems by means of reactive currents for any direction, independent of the active power flow. The special
design of the choke provides a high degree of decoupling in both directions between the input and output.
The input current consists only of the sinusoidal fundamental waveform required for power transfer. Likewise, harmonics and transients in the input voltage
have no effect on the quality of the output voltage. This independence is achieved through the calculated combination of the coupling choke high impedance
characteristics to harmonic currents and the special design synchronous machine windings and selective damper cage representing a short circuit to
these harmonics, preventing reflection to the mains supply.

Hence the coupling choke provides: I Real I Load (apparent)

• Static & transient voltage decoupling of the input mains & the UPS Bus
• Harmonic filtering
I Fundamental
• Input load levelling irrespective of 100% unbalanced output load
I Harmonic
I Reactive

3rd, 5th...

• Input power factor correction >0.98 from 0-100% load at nominal voltage

In the event of input short circuit, the current flow towards the grid network Vin +/- 10% V Alternator V Out
is limited by the choke at <200% I nominal until the input is disconnected.
During this transient situation, the coupling choke maintains the UPS bus
voltage, ensuring all kinetic stored energy can be fully utilised for
supporting the critical load.

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74 - Static UPS & Transfer Systems
SOCOMEC For High Quality Power Supply
Our UPS systems, static transfer systems and AC/DC converters (inverters and rectifiers, respectively) comprise the most complete range in the world
and cover a very wide range of applications for every sector of activity.
For further information and technical data sheets, please contact our office on 01285 86 33 00 or email
IT & Networking / Server Rooms / IT Infrastructure / Data Centres
kVA 0.5 1 2 3 5 10 20 60 100 150 200 300 600 1000 kVA
Desk Top / Tower UPS NETYS PI 600-800VA
1+1 desktop

NETYS PL 600-2000VA
1/1 Tower

1/1 Tower

ITYS 1-10kVA
1/1 Tower

Convertible 19” NETYS PR 1-1.5kVA

1/1 19” Rack
Rack & Rack / Tower
NETYS PR 1.7-3.3kVA

NETYS RT 1.1-11kVA

Single Unit & 1+1 MASTERYS 8-120kVA

3/1 & 3/3
Configuration UPS BC
DELPHYS 160-300kVA

Single Parallel UPS MASTERYS 10-120kVA/kWA

3/1 & 3/3 up to
Systems GP
720 kW

DELPHYS 160-800kVA/kWA
3/3 tp to 4 MVA
GP transformerless

DELPHYS 250-900kVA/kW
3/3 transformer based
MX up to 5.4 MVA

Modular & Scalable UPS MODULYS 1.5-24kVA

1/1 & 3/1

MODULYS 25-600kVA/kW
GP fully modular

Non-IT Applications - Industrial & Manufacturing Processes / Transport Infrastructure / Medical Equipment / Emergency Systems
kVA 0.5 1 2 3 5 10 20 60 100 150 200 300 600 1000 kVA
Industrial Rugged UPS MASTERYS 10-60kVA
for Harsh Environments IP+


Transformer Based UPS DELPHYS 80-200kVA

3/3 up to 1.2 MVA
MP Elite
DELPHYS 250-900kVA
3/3 up to 5.4 MVA

Industrial Modular DC SHARYS IP 24/48/108/120v

Power Rectifiers up to

Centralised Power Emergency 3-6kVA

Supply for Emergency CPSS

Emergency 10-20kVA
Emergency 10-80kVA
Emergency 80-500kVA

Solutions for Specific NETYS RT-M 1.1-3kVA

1/1 for marine

ITYS ES 1.1-3kVA
1/1 for electrical

PHASYS 1.5-18kVA
Modular invertor
for telecom

DELPHYS 160-500kVA
3/3 seismic

Scalable UPS for IT & Networking / Server Rooms / Data Centres

DELPHYS XTEND Number of Xbays 4 5 6 12
single cable in / single
cable out with Number of Xmodules (200
2 3 4 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 6 12
distributed or common kW)
Power kW
N 400 600 800 400 600 800 1000 400 600 800 1000 12000 24000
Power kW N+1
200 400 600 200 400 600 800 200 400 600 800 1000 1000
configuration redundant

SOCOMEC U.K. Limited Tel : 01285 863300

Units 7A-9A Lakeside Business Park Fax : 01285 862304
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GL7 5XL Socomec Group
Static UPS - An Overview & Application Design Guidance - 75
Static UPS systems provide continuous AC power protection by powering the system load via the inverter. This ensures that the voltage and frequency
supplied to the system load remain within close tolerances. In the event of a mains failure, the inverter continues to support the system load, drawing its
DC power from the system battery, many types of which are now available. Many developments have recently occurred by using IGBT semi-conductor
technology, providing improved efficiency, self-monitoring, touchscreens and modular construction.
By using IGBT rectifiers, Vertiv static UPS systems draw power at near unity power factor. This minimises the input current required for any given load
power and enables more real power to be drawn from an AC supply of a given current rating.
UPS systems are rarely operated at or near to full load, therefore the fact that the efficiency of Vertiv static UPS systems is maintained at almost the
same high level from 100% load down to as low as 15% of system load becomes very significant to the overall running costs. UPS modules can be easily
paralleled for increased power or for N+1 redundancy.
By using the modular approach, the ‘+1’ is a relatively small capacity enabling a high ratio of load to UPS capacity to be achieved. Modules can be
incorporated with internal static switches and isolators to form 10kW to 3MW+ systems, with “hot” swappable systems which are able to service units
without going to bypass.
Vertiv UPS systems with IGBT inverters can support any leading or lagging load power factor and all non-linear computer loads.
A modern module UPS incorporating switchgear enabling online servicing and hot swappable options

QS4-3 QS4-2
3-PH 3-PH
QS4-4 QS4-4
3-PH 3-PH



QS1-3 QS1-1
3-PH 3-PH
QS1-4 QS1-2
3-PH 3-PH
QS9-3 QS9-1
+/- +/-
QS9-4 QS9-2
+/- +/-


+/- (3)
+/- (4)

+/- (2)
+/- (1)

Typical physical data for modern modular UPS systems

Electrical Output Electrical Input Battery (MinVDC = 396 Max VDC = 700
Physical Heat
(400V 50Hz) (400V 50Hz) End of Discharge = 1.65VDC/Cell)

No. of VRLA CellsMax

Min Input VAC = 200
Max Input VAC= 460

Available Batteries
No. VRLA CellsMin
Cable SizeMax per

Battery Charging
Max. Module Size

Max Efficiency %

Heat Dissipation

Output AmpsNom
No. of Modules

Phase & Earth

kVA OutputMax

Input AmpsMax
Input p.f.=0.99

kW OutputMax
Weight excl.
Dims (mm)

Lug Size



@ kg (incl.
Model kVA kW kVA VFI VI VFD VFI VI VFD H W D mm mm² kW kW kVA A kW kVA A Amps Ni-Cd
25ºC I/O box)
Liebert EXL S1 100 100 1 100 96.7 n/a 98.7 Y N Y 1950 500 900 M10 1x95 430 4.4 100 100 144 108 109 158 240 300 27 Y

Liebert EXL S1 120 120 1 120 96.7 n/a 98.7 Y N Y 1950 500 900 M10 1x95 430 5.3 120 120 173 130 131 189 240 300 33 Y

Liebert EXL S1 160 160 1 160 96.7 n/a 98.7 Y N Y 1950 750 900 M10 1x185 510 7 160 160 231 173 175 252 240 300 44 Y

Liebert EXL S1 200 200 1 200 96.7 n/a 98.7 Y N Y 1950 750 900 M10 1x185 510 8.8 200 200 289 216 218 315 240 300 55 Y

Liebert EXL S1 300 300 1 300 96.7 n/a 98.7 Y N Y 1950 1000 900 M12 2x240 725 13.1 300 300 433 324 328 473 240 300 82 Y

Liebert EXL S1 400 400 1 400 96.7 n/a 98.7 Y N Y 1950 1000 900 M12 2x240 725 17.5 400 400 577 432 436 630 240 300 109 Y

Liebert EXL S1 500 500 1 500 96.7 n/a 98.7 Y N Y 1950 1250 900 M12 2x300 990 21.9 500 500 722 540 546 788 240 300 137 Y

Liebert EXL S1 600 600 1 600 96.6 n/a 98.6 Y N Y 1950 2000 900 M12 4x300 1550 27.4 600 600 866 648 655 945 240 300 162 Y

Liebert EXL S1 800 800 1 800 96.6 n/a 98.6 Y N Y 1950 2000 900 M12 4x300 1550 36.1 800 800 1155 857 866 1250 240 300 204 Y

Liebert EXL S1 1000 1000 1 1000 96.6 n/a 98.6 Y N Y 1950 2650 900 M12 6x300 2275 45.6 1000 1000 1443 1080 1091 1575 240 300 270 Y

Liebert EXL S1 1200 1200 1 1200 96.6 n/a 98.6 Y N Y 1950 2650 900 M12 6x300 2275 54.3 1200 1200 1732 1289 1303 1880 240 300 312 Y

Trinergy Cube 200 200 1 200 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1910 1675 910 M12x50 1x240 1310 8 200 200 289 216 218 315 240 300 42 Y

Trinergy Cube 400 400 2/1 200/400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1910 2300 910 M12x50 2x300 1805 15 400 400 577 432 436 630 240 300 84 Y

Trinergy Cube 600 600 3 200 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1910 2975 910 M12x50 2x300 2470 28 600 600 866 864 873 1260 240 300 127 Y

Trinergy Cube 800 800 4/2 200/400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1910 2975 910 M12x50 2x300 2470 38 800 800 1155 864 873 1260 240 300 169 Y

Trinergy Cube 1000 1000 5 200 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 4175 910 M12x50 4x300 3575 47 1000 1000 1433 1296 1309 1890 240 300 211 Y

Trinergy Cube 1200 1200 6/3 200/400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 4175 910 M12x50 4x300 3575 56 1200 1200 1732 1296 1309 1890 240 300 253 Y

Trinergy Cube 1400 1400 7 200 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 4850 910 M12x50 4x300 4240 66 1400 1400 2012 1728 1746 2520 240 300 296 Y

Trinergy Cube 1600 1600 8/4 200/400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 4850 910 M12x50 4x300 4240 75 1600 1600 2309 1728 1746 2520 240 300 338 Y

Trinergy Cube 2000 2000 5 400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 7175 910 M12x50 8x300 5725 94 2000 2000 2887 2161 2182 3150 240 300 422 Y

Trinergy Cube 2400 2400 6 400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 5400 1820 M12x50 10x300 7375 113 2400 2400 3464 2593 2619 3780 240 300 507 Y

Trinergy Cube 2800 2800 7 400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 5750 1820 M12x50 12x300 8040 150 2800 2800 4041 3025 3055 4410 240 300 591 Y

Trinergy Cube 3200 3200 8 400 96.7 >99% >99% Y Y Y 1950 5750 1820 M12x50 12x300 8705 188 3200 3200 4619 3457 3492 5040 240 300 676 Y

Note: Always check latest brochures for up to date information

Vertiv Tel : 023 8061 0311

George Curl Way @VertivCo_UK
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76 - JCB Broadcrown Premier Range

Premier Range kVA Hz Premier Range kVA Hz Premier Range kVA Hz Premier Range kVA Hz

Perkins 800-2500 50 Cummins 700-2750 50 & 60 Mitsubishi 750-1800 50 & 60 MTU 700-3200 50 & 60
G800SPE5 800 50 G700SCU5 700 50 G850SMI5 850 50 G715SMU5 7155 50
G800QSPE5 800 50 G700QSCU5 700 50 G850QSMI5 850 50 G715QSMU5 715 50
G850SPE5 850 50 G850SCU5 850 50 G1100SMI5 1100 50 G860SMU5 860 50
G850QSPE5 850 50 G850QSCU5 850 50 G1100QSMI5 1100 50 G860QSMU5 860 50
G1000SPE5 1000 50 G1000SCU5 1000 50 G1400SMI5 1400 50 G1100SMU5 1100 50
G1000QSPE5 1000 50 G1000QSCU5 1000 50 G1400QSMI5 1400 50 G1100QSMU5 1100 50
G1100SPE5 1100 50 G1005SCU5 1005 50 G1530SMI5 1530 50 G1240SMU5 1240 50
G1100QSPE5 1100 50 G1005QSCU5 1005 50 G1650SMI5 1650 50 G1770SMU5 1770 50
G1240SPE5 1240 50 G1100SCU5 1100 50 G1900SMI5 1900 50 G2000SMU5 2000 50
G1240QSPE5 1240 50 G1100QSCU5 1100 50 G2090SMI5 2090 50 G2200SMU5 2200 50
G1380SPE5 1380 50 G1105SCU5 1105 50 G2200SMI5 2200 50 G2360SMU5 2360 50
G1380QSPE5 1380 50 G1105QSCU5 1105 50 G2360SMI5 2360 50 G2500SMU5 2500 50
G1480SPE5 1480 50 G1410SCU5 1410 50 G2500SMI5 2500 50 G2750SMU5 2750 50
G1480QSPE5 1480 50 G1410QSCU5 1410 50 G750SMI6 750 60 G3050SMU5 3050 50
G1650SPE5 1650 50 G1540SCU5 1540 50 G750QSMI6 750 60 G3350SMU5 3350 50
G2000SPE5 2000 50 G1540QSCU5 1540 50 G1000SMI6 1000 60 G700SMU6 700 60
G2250SPE5 2250 50 G1650SCU5 1650 50 G1000QSMI6 1000 60 G700QSMU6 700 60
G2500SPE5 2500 50 G1650QSCU5 1650 50 G1200SMI6 1200 60 G701SMU6 701 60
G1700SCU5 1700 50 G1200QSMI6 1200 60 G701QSMU6 701 60
G1700QSCU5 1700 50 G1350SMI6 1350 60 G800SMU6 800 60
G2000SCU5 2000 50 G1600SMI6 1600 60 G800QSMU6 800 60
G2000QSCU5 2000 50 G1800SMI6 1800 60 G1000SMU6 1000 60
G2250SCU5 2250 50 G1000QSMU6 1000 60
G2250QSCU5 2250 50 G1200SMU6 1200 60
G2360SCU5 2360 50 G1201SMU6 1201 60
G2500SCU5 2500 50 G1600SMU6 1600 60
G600SCU6 600 60 G1760SMU6 1760 60
G600QSCU6 600 60 G2100SMU6 2100 60
G800SCU6 800 60 G2101SMU6 2101 60
G800QSCU6 800 60 G2300SMU6 2300 60
G801SCU6 801 60 G2250SMU6 2250 60
G801QSCU6 801 60 G2251SMU6 2251 60
G1000SCU6 1000 60 G2500SMU6 2500 60
G1000QSCU6 1000 60 G2501SMU6 2501 60
G1005SCU6 1005 60 G2800SMU6 2800 60
G1005QSCU6 1005 60 G2801SMU6 2801 60
G1001SCU6 1001 60 G3200SMU6 3200 60
G1001QSCU6 1001 60 G3200SMU6 3200 60
G1275SCU6 1275 60
G1275QSCU6 1275 60
G1500SCU6 1500 60
G1500QSCU6 1500 60
G1501SCU6 1501 60
G1601SCU6 1601 60
G1876SCU6 1876 60
G1876QSCU6 1876 60
G2000SCU6 2000 60
G2000QSCU6 2000 60
G2001SCU6 2001 60
G2500SCU6 2500 60
G2750SCU6 2750 60

JCB Broadcrown Tel : +44 (0) 1889 272200

Airfield Industrial Estate
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Staffs ST18 0PF Website:
Bells Generator Size Selection - 77
FG Wilson Prime Rating Standby Rating Prime Rating Standby Rating Length Width Height Weight Fuel Consumption Cooling Duct Combustion Standard Canopy Dimensions Standard Canopy / Container
Model Reference kVA kVA kWe kWe @ 100% Load Airflow Restriction Airflow (l x w x h) (mm) Noise Level
dBA @ 1m @ 75% Load
P33-3 30 kVA 33 kVA 24 kWe 26 kWe 1570 mm 760 mm 1229 mm 701 kgs 7.7 l/hr 1.04 m³/s 125 Pa 0.036 m³/s 2120 x 970 x 1525 79.4 dBA @ 1m
P50-3 45 kVA 50 kVA 36 kWe 40 kWe 1680 mm 760 mm 1330 mm 810 kgs 11.7 l/hr 1.44 m³/s 120 Pa 0.052 m³/s 2300 x 1120 x 1525 78.5 dBA @ 1m
P55-3 50 kVA 55 kVA 40 kWe 44 kWe 1680 mm 760 mm 1330 mm 768 kgs 12.7 l/hr 1.84 m³/s 120 Pa 0.065 m³/s 2300 x 1120 x 1525 79.2 dBA @ 1m
P65-5 60 kVA 65 kVA 48 kWe 52 kWe 1680 mm 760 mm 1330 mm 779 kgs 14.9 l/hr 1.84 m³/s 120 Pa 0.065 m³/s 2300 x 1120 x 1525 80.8 dBA @ 1m
P88-3 80 kVA 88 kVA 64 kWe 70 kWe 1870 mm 840 mm 1333 mm 977 kgs 19.8 l/hr 2.02 m³/s 120 Pa 0.09 m³/s 2300 x 1120 x 1525 77.4 dBA @ 1m
P110-3 100 kVA 110 kVA 80 kWe 88 kWe 1980 mm 890 mm 1374 mm 1065 kgs 23.8 l/hr 3.13 m³/s 125 Pa 0.11 m³/s 2300 x 1120 x 1525 81.3 dBA @ 1m
P150-5 135 kVA 150 kVA 108 kWe 120 kWe 2450 mm 1010 mm 1544 mm 1350 kgs 33.2 l/hr 3.81 m³/s 125 Pa 0.14 m³/s 3520 x 1120 x 1815 79.2 dBA @ 1m
P165-5 150 kVA 165 kVA 120 kWe 132 kWe 2450 mm 1010 mm 1544 mm 1469 kgs 35.1 l/hr 4.32 m³/s 125 Pa 0.18 m³/s 3520 x 1120 x 1815 78.3 dBA @ 1m
P220-3 200 kVA 220 kVA 160 kWe 176 kWe 2510 mm 1010 mm 1640 mm 1614 kgs 49.5 l/hr 5.12 m³/s 125 Pa 0.22 m³/s 3520 x 1120 x 1815 81.8 dBA @ 1m
P250-3 230 kVA 250 kVA 184 kWe 200 kWe 2662 mm 1030 mm 1754 mm 2084 kgs 51.9 l/hr 6.83 m³/s 125 Pa 0.25 m³/s 3988 x 1208 x 1779 85.0 dBA @ 1m
P275-3 250 kVA 275 kVA 200 kWe 220 kWe 2662 mm 1030 mm 1754 mm 2084 kgs 57.0 l/hr 6.80 m³/s 125 Pa 0.25 m³/s 3988 x 1208 x 1779 85.2 dBA @ 1m
P300-3 275 kVA 300 kVA 220 kWe 240 kWe 3300 mm 1100 mm 1771 mm 2426 kgs 63.1 l/hr 7.30 m³/s 125 Pa 0.27 m³/s 3988 x 1208 x 1779 85.0 dBA @ 1m
P330-3 300 kVA 330 kVA 240 kWe 264 kWe 3300 mm 1100 mm 1771 mm 2546 kgs 68.9 l/hr 7.30 m³/s 125 Pa 0.31 m³/s 3988 x 1208 x 1779 85.2 dBA @ 1m
P400-3 350 kVA 400 kVA 280 kWe 320 kWe 3800 mm 1131 mm 2156 mm 3241 kgs 79.0 l/hr 6.64 m³/s 125 Pa 0.39 m³/s 4930 x 1658 x 2147 81.4 dBA @ 1m
P450-3 400 kVA 450 kVA 320 kWe 360 kWe 3800 mm 1131 mm 2156 mm 3253 kgs 89.2 l/hr 6.64 m³/s 125 Pa 0.44 m³/s 4930 x 1658 x 2147 81.8 dBA @ 1m
P500-3 455 kVA 500 kVA 364 kWe 400 kWe 3800 mm 1131 mm 2215 mm 3734 kgs 103.1 l/hr 7.94 m³/s 125 Pa 0.51 m³/s 4930 x 1658 x 2147 80.0 dBA @ 1m
P550-3 500 kVA 550 kVA 400 kWe 440 kWe 3800 mm 1131 mm 2215 mm 3858 kgs 108.6 l/hr 7.94 m³/s 125 Pa 0.61 m³/s 4930 x 1658 x 2147 80.3 dBA @ 1m
P605-3 550 kVA 605 kVA 440 kWe 484 kWe 3900 mm 1461 mm 2156 mm 4217 kgs 118.4 l/hr 6.22 m³/s 125 Pa 0.66 m³/s 5320 x 1920 x 2177 82.2 dBA @ 1m
P660-3 600 kVA 660 kVA 480 kWe 528 kWe 3900 mm 1461 mm 2156 mm 4322 kgs 131.4 l/hr 6.22 m³/s 125 Pa 0.60 m³/s 5320 x 1920 x 2177 82.4 dBA @ 1m
P715-3 650 kVA 715 kVA 520 kWe 572 kWe 3900 mm 1461 mm 2156 mm 4332 kgs 143.0 l/hr 6.22 m³/s 125 Pa 0.66 m³/s 5320 x 1920 x 2177 82.4 dBA @ 1m
P730P1/P800E 730 kVA 800 kVA 584 kWe 640 kWe 4280 mm 1912 mm 2371 mm 6045 kgs 163.4 l/hr 16.30 m³/s 250 Pa 1.18 m³/s 6058 x 2438 x 2591 83.0 dBA @ 1m
P800P1/P900E1 800 kVA 900 kVA 640 kWe 720 kWe 4280 mm 1912 mm 2371 mm 6245 kgs 183.5 l/hr 16.30 m³/s 250 Pa 1.22 m³/s 6058 x 2438 x 2591 83.0 dBA @ 1m
P910P1/P1000E1 910 kVA 1000 kVA 728 kWe 800 kWe 4976 mm 2046 mm 2158 mm 7408 kgs 217.2 l/hr 14.50 m³/s 250 Pa 1.00 m³/s 9000 x 2438 x 2591 83.0 dBA @ 1m
P1000P1/P1100E1 1000 kVA 1100 kVA 800 kWe 880 kWe 4976 mm 2046 mm 2158 mm 7408 kgs 241.0 l/hr 14.50 m³/s 250 Pa 1.28 m³/s 9000 x 2438 x 2591 83.0 dBA @ 1m
P1125P1/P1250E1 1125 kVA 1250 kVA 900 kWe 1000 kWe 4789 mm 2257 mm 2069 mm 7753 kgs 266.3 l/hr 19.00 m³/s 125 Pa 1.58 m³/s 9000 x 2438 x 2896 83.0 dBA @ 1m
P1250P3/P1375E3 1250 kVA 1375 kVA 1000 kWe 1100 kWe 4788 mm 1895 mm 2450 mm 9079 kgs 284.9 l/hr 18.60 m³/s 250 Pa 1.82 m³/s 9000 x 2438 x 2896 83.0 dBA @ 1m
P1350P1/P1500E1 1350 kVA 1500 kVA 1080 kWe 1200 kWe 4888 mm 1895 mm 2450 mm 9447 kgs 313.4 l/hr 27.00 m³/s 250 Pa 1.90 m³/s 9000 x 2438 x 2896 83.0 dBA @ 1m
P1500P3/P1650E3 1500 kVA 1650 kVA 1200 kWe 1320 kWe 5095 mm 1900 mm 2435 mm 10385 kgs 326.3 l/hr 20.20 m³/s 250 Pa 2.13 m³/s 9000 x 2438 x 2896 84.0 dBA @ 1m
P1700P1/P1875E1 1700 kVA 1875 kVA 1360 kWe 1500 kWe 5259 mm 2192 mm 2453 mm 11207 kgs 390.2 l/hr 32.00 m³/s 250 Pa 2.25 m³/s 12192 x 2438 x 2896 84.0 dBA @ 1m
P1750P/P1925E 1750 kVA 1925 kVA 1400 kWe 1540 kWe 5799 mm 2298 mm 3068 mm 12451 kgs 399.9 l/hr 34.30 m³/s 250 Pa 2.30 m³/s 12192 x 2438 x 2896 85.0 dBA @ 1m
P2000-1 1850 kVA 2000 kVA 1480 kWe 1600 kWe 5839 mm 2176 mm 2605 mm 12528 kgs 410.8 l/hr 34.69 m³/s 250 Pa 2.75 m³/s 12192 x 2438 x 2896 85.0 dBA @ 1m
P2250-1 2000 kVA 2250 kVA 1600 kWe 1800 kWe 5839 mm 22176 mm 2605 mm 12528 kgs 470.8 l/hr 34.69 m³/s 250 Pa 2.92 m³/s 12192 x 2438 x 2896 85.0 dBA @ 1m
P2500-1 2250 kVA 2500 kVA 1800 kWe 2000 kWe 6038 mm 2180 mm 2900 mm 13380 kgs 528.4 l/hr 36.40 m³/s 250 Pa 2.92 m³/s 12192 x 2438 x 2896 85.0 dBA @ 1m

Emissions Treatment Techniques & Comparisons

Straight In-Line 6cyl Engine
Based on 4006-23 TAG3A as example.
Effect as % Reduction
Full Load Partial Load (Approximately 50%) Running Start-Up
Black Black White
Treatment NOx CO HC PM Odour NOx CO HC PM Odour Other Effects
Smoke Smoke Smoke
Baseline - No Treatment 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% Baseline
Flue Dilution 89% 89% 89% 89% 89% 93% 93% 93% 93% 93% 89% 93% 93%
Spill Timing Adjustment 71% 48% 134% 0% 0% 71% 48% 134% 0% 0% 0% 5% 0% Modified Engine Slot
Twin Actuator Arrangement NOT AVAILABLE AS SINGLE BANK OF CYLINDERS (Straight 6 Arrangement)
Flame Start Kit 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 50% 60% Only Planned Start
Fuel Governor (Lean Run) 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 15-20% 15-20% 15-20% 15-20% 15-20% 20% 40% 0% Initial Start Time
Load Management* 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% < 50% < 50% < 50% <50% < 50% 40% 0% 0% Loading Scheme
Oxidation Catalyst 0% 60-70% 60-70% 10-15% 70-90% 0% 25% 30% 10% 50% 10% 5% 0% Increase Silencer
may may
Catalysed Soot Filter / Diesel Particulate Filter 90% 80% 90% 90% 90% 80% 90% 90% 80% 30% 10% Increase Silencer
increase increase
Selective Catalytic Reduction 75-98% 90-99% 50-90% 0-40% 0% 65-75% 70-90% 40-60% 0-30% 0% 10% 4% 0% Increase Silencer
*dependent on number of Gensets

16 Cylinder V-Form Engine

Based on 4016-61 TAG2A as example.
Effect as % Reduction
Full Load Partial Load (Approximately 50%) Running Start-Up
Black Black White
Treatment NOx CO HC PM Odour NOx CO HC PM Odour Other Effects
Smoke Smoke Smoke
Baseline - No Treatment 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% Baseline
Flue Dilution 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 96% 96% 96% 96% 96% 90% 96% 96%
Spill Timing Adjustment 96% 120% 129% 0% 0% 96% 120% 129% 0% 0% 0% 5% 0% 109% Max Rating
Reduced Fuel
Twin Actuator Arrangement 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 60-75% 60-75% 60-75% 60-75% 60-75% 15% 60% 15%
Flame Start Kit 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 50% 60% Only Planned Start
Fuel Governor (Lean Run) 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 15-20% 15-20% 15-20% 15-20% 15-20% 20% 40% 0% Initial Start Time
Load Management* 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% < 50% < 50% < 50% <50% < 50% 40% 0% 0% Loading Scheme
Oxidation Catalyst 0% 60-70% 60-70% 10-15% 70-90% 0% 25% 30% 10% 50% 10% 5% 0% Increase Silencer
may may
Catalysed Soot Filter / Diesel Particulate Filter 90% 80% 90% 90% 90% 80% 90% 90% 80% 30% 10% Increase Silencer
increase increase
Selective Catalytic Reduction 75-98% 90-99% 50-90% 0-40% 0% 65-75% 70-90% 40-60% 0-30% 0% 10% 4% 0% Increase Silencer
*dependent on number of Gensets

Some of the treatments included above can be offered with other additional treatment, such as Flue Dilution and Twin Actuator arrangements. However,
some can only be offered as an individual technique which cannot be combined.

Bells Power Group Tel : 020 3259 0100

Unit 8 Belvedere Business Park Fax : 020 8310 0100
Crabtree Manorway @BellsPowerLtd
South Belvedere Email :
London DA17 6AH Website :
78 - Cummins Diesel Generators
Cummins Genset Range: 17 to 550kVA – 50Hz Range (60Hz Range Available)
Model Standby Rating Prime Rating Standard Standard Open Dimensions (mm) Enclosed Dimensions (mm) Wet weight
Engine Model Emissions
Name kVA kW kVA kW Alternator Controller ** LxWxH LxWxH (kg)*
C17 D5 16.5 13 15 12 X2.5-G2 PI044G PS0500 1667 x 930 x 1282 2082 x 987 x 1525 752
C20 D5R 22 17 20 16 V2403-M-E3BG SIIIA PI144D1 1.1 N/A 1700 x 780 x 1250 N/A
C22 D5 22 17 20 16 X2.5-G2 PI144D PS0500 1667 x 930 x 1282 2082 x 987 x 1525 776
C28 D5 27.5 22 25 20 X2.5-G2 PI144F PS0500 1667 x 930 x 1282 2082 x 987 x 1525 799
C33 D5 33 26 30 24 X3.3-G1 PI144G 1.1 1753 x 930 x 1238 2253 x 969 x 1616 860
C38 D5 38 30 35 28 X3.3-G1 PI144H 1.1 1753 x 930 x 1238 2253 x 969 x 1616 872
C40 D5R 44 35 40 32 4BTAA3.3-G11 SIIIA UC224C 1.1 N/A 2500 x 1100 x 1800 N/A
C44 D5e 44 35 40 32 4BTAA3.3-G14 IIIA UCI224C PS0500 2050 x 967 x 1510 2270 x 975 x 1920 1010
C55 D5e 55 44 50 40 4BTAA3.3-G14 IIIA UCI224D PS0500 2050 x 967 x 1510 2270 x 975 x 1920 1010
C60 D5R 63 50 60 48 4BTAA3.3-G11 SIIIA UC224E 1.1 N/A 2500 x 1100 x 1800 N/A
C66 D5e 66 52 60 48 4BTAA3.3-G14 IIIA UCI224F PS0500 2050 x 967 x 1510 2270 x 975 x 1920 1107
C90 D5 90 72 82 65 6BTA5.9-G5 UCI224G 1.2 2268 x 1094 x 1576 3151 x 1142 x 1714 1555
C100 D2R 110 88 100 80 QSB5-G5 SIIIA UC274C 1.1 N/A 2900 x 1100 x 1900 N/A
C110 D5 110 88 100 80 6BTA5.9-G5 UCI274C 1.2 2268 x 1094 x 1576 3151 x 1142 x 1714 1574
C150 D5 150 120 136 109 6BTAA5.9-G6 UCI274E 1.2 2537 x 1090 x 1846 3460 x 1090 x 2387 1650
C150 D2R 165 132 150 120 QSB7-G5 SIIIA UC274F 1.2 / 3.3 N/A 3900 x 1100 x 2200 N/A
C170 D5 170 136 155 124 6BTAA5.9-G7 UCI274F 1.2 2537 x 1090 x 1846 3460 x 1090 x 2387 1650
C175 D5e 175 140 158 126 QSB7-G5 IIIA UCI274F 1.2 2656 x 1100 x 1822 3904 x 1142 x 2276 1572
C200 D5e 200 160 182 146 QSB7-G5 IIIA UCI274H 1.2 2656 x 1100 x 1822 3904 x 1142 x 2276 1670
C200 D2R 220 176 200 160 QSB7-G5 SIIIA UC274H 1.2 / 3.3 N/A 3900 x 1100 x 2200 N/A
C220 D5e 220 176 200 160 QSB7-G5 IIIA UCI274H 1.2 2656 x 1100 x 1822 3904 x 1142 x 2276 1670
C250 D2R 275 220 250 200 QSL9-G3 SIIIA UC274K 1.2 / 3.3 N/A 4370 x 1430 x 2500 N/A
C275 D5 275 220 250 200 QSL9-G5 4g UCDI274K 1.2 3135 x 1100 x 2018 4259 x 1424 x 2349 2181
C300 D5 300 240 275 220 QSL9-G5 4g HCI4D 1.2 3135 x 1100 x 2018 4259 x 1424 x 2349 2404
C300 D2R 330 264 300 240 QSL9-G7 SIIIA HC4D 3.3 N/A 4370 x 1430 x 2500 N/A
C330 D5 330 264 300 240 QSL9-G5 4g HCI4D 1.2 3135 x 1100 x 2018 4259 x 1424 x 2349 2404
C250 D5e 250 200 225 180 QSL9-G7 IIIA UCDI274K 1.2 3135 x 1100 x 2018 4259 x 1424 x 2349 2181
C275 D5e 275 220 250 200 QSL9-G7 IIIA HCI4D 1.2 3135 x 1100 x 2018 4259 x 1424 x 2349 2181
C300 D5e 300 240 275 220 QSL9-G7 IIIA HCI4D 1.2 3135 x 1100 x 2018 4259 x 1424 x 2349 2404
C330 D5e 330 264 300 240 QSL9-G7 IIIA HCI4D 1.2 3135 x 1100 x 2018 4259 x 1424 x 2349 2404
C350 D5 350 280 320 256 NT855-G6 HCI4E 2100 3549 x 1100 x 2078 5110 x 1563 x 2447 3386
C400 D5 400 320 360 288 NTA855-G4 HCI4F 2100 3549 x 1100 x 2078 5110 x 1563 x 2447 3563
C440 D5 440 352 400 320 NTA855-G7 HCI5C 2100 3549 x 1100 x 2115 5110 x 1563 x 2447 3683
C450 D5eB 450 360 409 327 QSZ13-G7 IIIA HCI5C 2.2 3686 x 1160 x 2266 5093 x 1564 x 2446 4053
C500 D5 500 400 455 364 QSZ13-G5 II HCI5C 2.2 3686 x 1160 x 2266 5093 x 1564 x 2446 4053
C400 D5e+ 400 320 364 291 QSX15-G8 II HCI4F 2.2 3427 x 1500 x 2066 5106 x 1553 x 2447 3878
C450 D5e+ 450 360 409 327 QSX15-G8 II HCI5C 2.2 3427 x 1500 x 2066 5106 x 1553 x 2447 4121
C500 D5e+ 500 400 455 364 QSX15-G8 II HCI5C 2.2 3427 x 1500 x 2066 5106 x 1553 x 2447 4121
C550 D5e+ 550 440 500 400 QSX15-G8 II HCI5D 2.2 3427 x 1500 x 2066 5106 x 1553 x 2447 4271
* Wet weight for open sets without fuel + DCC rating available, please ask for further details ** Multiple controller options available, please ask for further details

Cummins Genset Range: 706 to 3750kVA – 50Hz Range (60Hz Range Available)
Standby Rating Prime Rating DCC Rating Standard Standard Open Dimensions Wet weight
Model Name Engine Model Emissions
kVA kW kVA kW kVA kW Alternator Controller (mm) L x W x H (kg)*
C700 D5 706 565 640 512 640 512 VTA28-G5 HCI5F 3.3 3934 x 1468 x 2179 5839
C825 D5A 825 660 750 600 750 600 VTA28-G6 HCI6G 3.3 4047 x 1609 x 2179 5844
C825 D5 825 660 750 600 750 600 QSK23-G3 HCI6G 3.3 4318 x 1856 x 2148 6335
C900 D5 900 720 820 656 820 656 QSK23-G3 HCI6H 3.3 4318 x 1856 x 2148 6487
C1000 D5B 1000 800 900 720 900 720 KTA38-G14 HCI6K 3.3 4470 x 1785 x 2229 8380
C1000 D2R 1110 880 1000 800 – – KTA38-G14 HCI634K 3.3 N/A N/A
C1100 D5 1100 880 1000 800 1000 800 QST30-G4 HCI6K 3.3 4417 x 2000 x 2387 7621
C1100 D5B 1132 906 1029 823 1029 823 KTA38-G14 HCI6K 3.3 4470 x 1785 x 2229 8380
C1250 D5A 1250 1000 1125 900 – – KTA38-G9 PI734A 3.3 4722 x 1785 x 2241 8569
C1400 D5 1400 1120 1250 1000 1250 1000 KTA50-G3 PI734B 3.3 5105 x 2000 x 2238 9613
C1675 D5A 1675 1340 1500 1200 1500 1200 KTA50-GS8 PI734D 3.3 5811 x 2033 x 2330 10967
1400 DQGAN 1400 1120 1275 1020 1275 1020 QSK50-G4 T2 PI734B 3.3 6381 x 2285 x 2474 12184
1700 DQGAG 1700 1360 1540 1232 1540 1232 QSK50-G4 T2 PI734D 3.3 6381 x 2285 x 2474 12484
1825 DQGAM 1825 1460 1650 1320 1650 1320 QSK50-G7 T2 PI734F 3.3 6381 x 2285 x 2474 11926
C1760 D5e 1760 1408 1600 1280 1600 1280 QSK60-GS3 2g PI734D 3.3 6175 x 2494 x 3422 16040
C2000 D5 2063 1650 1875 1500 1875 1500 QSK60-G3 PI734F 3.3 6175 x 2286 x 2537 15945
C2000 D5e 2000 1600 1825 1460 1825 1460 QSK60-GS3 2g PI734F 3.3 6175 x 2494 x 3422 16560
C2250 D5 2250 1800 2000 1600 2000 1600 QSK60-G4 PI734G 3.3 6175 x 2286 x 2537 16160
C2500 D5A 2500 2000 2250 1800 2250 1800 QSK60-G8 LVSI804R 3.3 6175 x 2494 x 3201 17990
2000 DQKAH 2000 1600 1825 1460 1825 1460 QSK60-G11 T2 PI734F 3.3 6759 x 2479 x 3096 16882
2250 DQKAG 2250 1800 2000 1600 2000 1600 QSK60-G11 T2 PI734F 3.3 6759 x 2479 x 3096 17526
2500 DQKAJ 2500 2000 2000 1600 2250 1800 QSK60-G18 T2 LVSI804S 3.3 6759 x 2479 x 3096 18537
C2750 D5B 2750 2200 – – 2500 2000 QSK60-G22 LVSI804X 3.3 7101 x 2635 x 2186 22070
C2750 D5 2750 2200 2500 2000 2500 2000 QSK78-G9 MVS1804R 3.3 5691 x 2305 x 2798 19145
C2750 D5e 2750 2200 2500 2000 2500 2000 QSK78-G15/G16 T2/2g MVS1804R 3.3 5670 x 2989 x 3197 18311
C3000 D5 3000 2400 2750 2200 2750 2200 QSK78-G9 MVSI804S 3.3 5691 x 2305 x 2798 19560
C3000 D5e 3000 2400 2750 2200 2750 2200 QSK78-G15/G16 T2/2g MVSI804S 3.3 5670 x 2989 x 3197 18590
C3500 D5 3500 2800 3125 2500 3125 2500 QSK95-G4 LVS1804W 3.3 7902 x 3028 x 3663 31194
C3500 D5e 3500 2800 3125 2500 3125 2500 QSK95-G10/G5 T2/2g LVS1804W 3.3 7902 x 3028 x 3663 31194
C3750 D5 3750 3000 3350 2680 3350 2680 QSK95-G4 LVS1804X 3.3 7902 x 3028 x 3663 31194
C3750 D5e 3750 3000 3350 2680 3350 2680 QSK95-G10 T2 LVS1804X 3.3 7902 x 3028 x 3663 31194
* Wet weight for open sets without fuel. NOTE: Above units are fitted with standard combinations. Bespoke configurations also available as we offer cost effective turnkey solutions for a wide range of applications. Please ask for further details.

Cummins Data Centre Continuous (DCC) Rating

Cummins has developed a diesel generator power output ratings category for data centre applications to ensure total reliability and dependability for data
centre operators. Data Centre Continuous (DCC) is defined as the maximum power which the generator is capable of delivering continuously to a constant
or varying electrical load for unlimited hours in a data centre application.
The ratings greatly simplify the engineering design process and make it easier for customers to achieve site certification from the Uptime Institute.

Data & Specification Sheets, Project Capability, White Papers & Case Studies available at

Cummins Distribution Europe Tel : 08705 32 92 02

40-44 Rutherford Drive Fax : 01933 33 41 98
Park Farm Industrial Estate @CumminsEurope
Wellingborough Email :
Northants NN8 6AN Website :
Cummins Gas Generators & Digital Power Systems - 79
Cummins Gas Genset Range: 995 to 200kW - 50Hz Range (60Hz Range available)
Continuous Rating Standard Standard Open Dimensions (mm) Wet weight
Model Name Engine Model Emissions
kVA kW Alternator Controller LxWxH (kg)*

C995 N5C 1244 995 QSK60 1/0.7/0.5 TA Luft Capable P734F 3.3 5211 x 2189 x 2776 16272
C1160 N5C 1450 1160 QSK60 1/0.7 TA Luft Capable P734E 3.3 5261 x 2231 x 2972 14440
C1200 N5C 1500 1200 QSK60 1/0.7/0.5 TA Luft Capable P734F 3.3 5111 x 2189 x 2776 16272
C1400 N5C 1750 1400 QSK60 1/0.7/0.5 TA Luft Capable P734G 3.3 5211 x 2189 x 2776 16506
C1540 N5CC 1925 1540 QSK60 1/0.5 TA Luft Capable LVS1804S 3.3 5116 x 2226 x 2837 16801
C1540 N5CB 1925 1540 QSV91 1/0.7/0.5 TA Luft Capable LVS1804S 3.3 6168 x 2101 x 2939 18565
C1750 N5CB 2188 1750 QSV91 1/0.7/0.5 TA Luft Capable LVS1804T 3.3 6168 x 2101 x 2939 18976
C2000 N5C 2500 2000 QSV91 1/0.7/0.5 TA Luft Capable LVS1804T 3.3 6170 x 2160 x 2960 20617
C2000 N5CB 2500 2000 QSV91 1/0.7/0.5 TA Luft Capable LVS1804T 3.3 6168 x 2101 x 2939 18976
* Wet weight for open sets without fuel. Bespoke configurations are also available as we offer cost effective turnkey solutions for a wide range of applications. Please ask for further details.

NEW! PowerCommand Cloud™ Remote Monitoring System

PowerCommand Cloud™ brings together a flexible remote monitoring system, cloud-based data storage and transfer, and convenient 24/7 access to your
backup emergency power generator sets through easily accessible apps.

Performance & Access

PowerCommand Cloud™ allows you to monitor multiple sites and generator sets through a single interface.
The robust and secure cloud-based data storage and transfer capability coupled with user-friendly mobile and web apps provide remote access to information
at a moment’s notice and give you the freedom to make decisions related to the operating state of your generators.
The apps send real-time notifications and warnings related to the generator, alternator and sensor. With a few taps and clicks, anyone who has access
permissions can stop, reset or restart the generator if necessary.

PowerCommand Cloud™ offers the ability to share information with your service provider, saving valuable time and money. Your service provider can handle
routine issues remotely and mitigate potentially serious situations by scheduling proactive service calls based on the data available. As the system stores
historical data, it allows you to monitor and report on critical trends.

With PowerCommand Cloud™, the data and operations are safe and provided on a trusted secure platform that adheres to regional privacy laws. Your
emergency backup power will be operation-ready and your data will be available when you need it thanks to our leading-edge cloud services.

Digital Paralleling Systems & Switchgear

PowerCommand® Digital Master Controllers are designed and manufactured around standardised control blocks - delivering increased reliability, flexibility
and performance. Digital Master Controllers (DMC) provides seamless interface between the generator(s), PowerCommand® Controller (PCC), the site
switchgear and distribution systems.
Furthermore, the DMC is a fully automatic controller suitable for unattended applications. DMCs are configurable for use in many power systems architectures,
including isolated bus paralleling and infinite bus (utility) applications.

Automatic Transfer Switches

PowerCommand® automatic transfer switches optimise performance and simplify operation and service. Transfer switches provide all necessary supply
sensing, generator starting and supply transfer functionality in one convenient unit.

Create Bespoke Project Specifications:

Power Suite™ is Cummins suite of tools to provide consulting engineers with a one-stop comprehensive solution. Whether it be sizing the generator or
calculating the project requirements or developing specifications, we have it all covered. It is a suite of tools comprising of the following:
GenSize™ – Sizing tool to optimise sizing and recommendations.
GenCalc™ – Tools to calculate a range of project parameters including ventilation, short circuit, exhaust back pressure, remote cooling and fuel pipe sizing.
GenSpec™ – Specification development tool to provide a basic set of specifications in English for Generator Set, ATS and Paralleling.
Library – Provides the technical literature for Cummins commercial and industrial global product portfolio such as Generator Sets, Transfer Products,
Paralleling, Accessories and Networking, filtered based on local sales regions.
Continuing Education – Programs including educational seminars and webinars to grow your technology and fulfil your continuing professional development
For any questions on Power Suite™, please email with subject/address titled “Power Suite”.

Cummins Distribution Europe Tel : 08705 32 92 02

40-44 Rutherford Drive Fax : 01933 33 41 98
Park Farm Industrial Estate @CumminsEurope
Wellingborough Email :
Northants NN8 6AN Website :
80 - The Generator Company - Model Specifications
50Hz 50Hz Open Soundproofed
Fuel No.
Model kVA Regulator / Weight Fuel Tank Weight Fuel Tank
Consumption Cylinders Dimension (mm) Dimension (mm)
Standby Governor (kg) (L) (Kg) (L)
75% (Lit/h)

TGC-009 9 1.83 3 M 1300x580x1298 420 80 1600x950x1132 500 47

TGC-014 14 2.6 2 M 1300x580x1220 420 80 2000x950x1253 980 85

TGC-033 33 6.5 4 M 1700x730x1634 680 105 2000x950x1253 980 85

TGC-044 44 8.5 4 M 1700x730x1615 780 105 2500x1100x1455 1230 85

TGC-066 66 10.2 4 M 1900x900x1955 860 192 2500x1100x1455 1420 85

TGC-083 83 12.7 4 M 1900x900x1947 1080 192 2500x1100x1455 1680 85

TGC-095 95 14.4 4 E 1900x900x1969 1100 192 3000x1200x1614 1740 220

TGC-110 110 16.2 4 E 1900x900x1966 1400 192 3000x1200x1614 1940 220

TGC-140 140 23.2 6 E 2360x1035x1933 1440 320 3000x1200x1614 1970 220

TGC-165 165 29 6 E 2360x1035x1933 1460 320 3000x1200x1614 2400 220

TGC-220 220 35 6 E 2360x1035x1938 1608 320 3600x1350x2040 2475 360

TGC-300 300 47.6 6 E 3000x1300x2294 1950 531 3600x1350x2040 3575 360

TGC-330 330 53.7 6 E 3000x1300x2310 2770 531 4200x1600x2120 4300 534

TGC-385 385 57.3 6 E 3000x1300x2420 3295 531 4200x1600x2120 4660 534

TGC-440 440 72.5 6 E 3000x1300x2445 3295 531 4200x1600x2120 4740 534

TGC-475 475 75.8 8 E 3000x1460x2406 3700 550 4800x2000x2580 6000 1000

TGC-550 550 93.2 8 E 3000x1460x2406 4030 550 4800x2000x2580 6380 1000

TGC-680 680 90 6 E 3500x1300x2097 4240 558 4800x2000x2580 6600 1000

TGC-720 720 97 6 E 3500x1300x2380 4440 558 4800x2000x2580 6900 1000

TGC-825 825 121 6 E 4000x1600x2405 4900 1000 4800x2000x2580 7100 1000

TGC-880 880 130 6 E 4000x1600x2000 7000 1000 6500x2200x2636 10500 1000

TGC-940 940 196 8 E 4500x1700x2200 7400 1000 6500x2200x2636 11000 1000

TGC-1005 1005 143 8 E 4500x1700x2200 7600 1000 6500x2200x2636 11500 1000

TGC-1135 1135 160 8 E 4500x1700x2200 7800 1000 6500x2200x2636 14500 1000

TGC-1400 1400 189 12 E 4800x2000x2200 10100 1000 12161x2432x2614 20000 1000

TGC-1430 1430 211 12 E 4800x2000x2200 12500 1000 12161x2432x2614 20050 1000

TGC-1650 1650 227 12 E 5500x2100x2400 13000 1000 12161x2432x2614 20500 1000

TGC-1905 1905 260 12 E 5500x2100x2400 13700 1000 12161x2432x2614 21000 1000

TGC-1980 1980 275 16 E 5500x2100x2400 14000 1000 12161x2432x2614 21000 1000

TGC-2280 2280 313 16 E 6500x2100x2400 15000 1000 12161x2432x2614 23000 1000

TGC-2500 2500 368 18 E 6175x2494x3115 16690 TBC RFQ TBC TBC

TGC-2750 2750 438 18 E 5668x2313x2300 19996 TBC RFQ TBC TBC

TGC-3000 3000 438 18 E 5668x2313x2300 19996 TBC RFQ TBC TBC

The Generator Company is a well established independent supplier of standard and specialised generator packages.
A full quotation can be obtained by contacting our sales team as detailed below.

The Generator Company Tel : 01634 668090

Unit 12 Stirling Park
Laker Road @GeneratorCo
Rochester Email :
Kent ME1 3QR Website :
The Generator Company - Completed Projects / Case Studies - 81
The Generator Company has established itself as a leading Supplier, Installer, Hire Specialist and Service Provider, for industrial generators and related
equipment throughout the world. Our success has been built upon delivering excellence in design, innovation, quality and commitment to our customers.
Our standard range of industrial generators is powered by both diesel and gas engines ranging from 8 kWe to 2,700 kWe utilising a single engine. For larger
power requirements we utilise digital multi-set paralleling control systems from a range of manufacturers including; Cummins, Deep Sea, DEIF, Megacon
and ComAP that are integrated into our own Single Generator or multi Paralleling Control Systems.
Our experience and expertise also extends to the design and manufacture of Control Systems and Switchgear for Power Generation related projects meaning
that we are able to offer a pioneering range of products for a wide variety of applications and environments.

City of London Investment & Asset Management Company Leading UK Bank in the City of London
2 x 2000kVA prime rated generator sets and associated plant delivered, The Generator Company were asked to design, manufacture, install and
installed and commissioned for a commission a 550kVA standby generator to be installed at roof level on a
leading Development, Investment and nine storey building to support two separate banks. This included the design
Asset Management Company with a and installation of a common basement fuel storage facility and fuel transfer
diverse portfolio in the UK, Europe, system to roof level generator ‘day’ tanks. A large 16,000 litre bulk storage
Australia and Asia. Each generator had facility was installed to supply both sets within an existing basement with
a set mounted control panel to facilitate limited access via a vehicle lift and narrow pedestrian corridors. Six
‘set to set’ parallel operation. Each set individually bunded tanks were linked and a common fuel line installation
was also supplied with a free standing was welded pipe-in-pipe and a spill return was created in the interstitial
motorised 3200 Amp ACB cubicle. space between the pipes. Unimpeded access also had to be provided to
drainage inspection manholes in the floor of the tank room.

Petbow AP600 Paralleling System Control Upgrade at Leading

Property Investment Company New Backup Generator Installation at London Family Court
Design challenges included interfacing the new Generator Control System The Generator Company were contacted by a regular FM client for the
with the existing Generator LV provision of new backup generator
Switchboard containing 10 Motorised installations for several Royal Courts of
Air Circuit Breakers and 20 sets of load Justice across the London area. We
shedding switchgear located throughout were asked to design and install a new
the building, as well as interfacing the backup generator system to incorporate
new control system with 4 x Petbow into existing services and facilities,
Standby Generators fitted with Dorman replacing like for like with a bespoke
12 SET Diesel Engines and a built automatic mains failure diesel
combination of alternator types. powered Volvo 165kVA generator.

Remote Baseload Power Stations 3MVA Bespoke Generator System for new UK Distribution Centre
3 separate remote based power stations, all situated in areas with limited The customer asked us to design and install an upgrade back-up generator
vehicular access. The generator sets power system package, from 2000kVA
had to provide the sole source of power to 3100kVA, to support a new £50
on site. The Generator Company million logistics and distribution centre
supplied 4 x 500kVA Prime rated for one of Europe’s leading retailers.
powered generator sets with a set Some of the challenges for them and us
mounted control panel and local included complying with Vibration and
protection circuit breaker. The generator Emissions requirements, working within
set was supplied with a set mounted tight space constraints and meeting a
control panel suitable for facilitating tight programme within budget.
single set operation with parallel
function and synchronising onto a common bus. This worked in conjunction
with the supplied Master Control Panel, the LV switchboard and building
management system. Switchgear & Generator Paralleling Control System at Luxury
Resort & Spa Hotel Complex located on the Island of Antigua
The customer required The Generator Company to design, manufacture,
deliver and commission 3 new 975KVA
Generator & Utility Paralleling Control System Upgrade at a (60 Hz) generator sets for parallel
Leading Internet Supermarket Company in the UK operation, daily service fuel tanks, inlet
A generator was required to supplement an existing unit at the main and discharge attenuation and exhaust
distribution hub near London in order to accommodate expansion of the silencer(s) to limit the noise level outside
site. The customer required The Generator Company to design, the plant room to a level of 75 dBA @
manufacture, install and commission a new 1500kVA PRIME Rated 1m. A bespoke switchboard inclusive of
Standby Generator for parallel operation with one existing generator and all system and generator controls and
two utility power supplies. cabling and installation kits.

The Generator Company Tel : 01634 668090

Unit 12 Stirling Park
Laker Road @GeneratorCo
Rochester Email :
Kent ME1 3QR Website :
82 - SHM Metering - The 2006 Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)
What is MID? Frequently Asked Questions
The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) was introduced by the European
Commission to promote free trade of measuring instruments throughout Europe. Q. Can MID meters be used for supplies over 100kW?
The European Directive 2004/22/EC came into force throughout the EU on 30/10/06. A. In the UK, MD meters are only able to be used as Primary meters for sites not
The purpose of the directive is to create a single market in measuring instruments exceeding 100kW. Above 100kW, meters must be approved under UK National
for the benefit of manufacturers and consumers across Europe. Approval to MID is legislation because Code of Practice 5 (COP5) meters must be used for settlement
required for meters used in any fiduciary (i.e. billing) application. National rules that in the half-hourly market. As Secondary meters (sub-meters) installed after the
deviate from MID are not allowed. With the MID European Type Approval Certificate, Primary supply meter, MID meters can be used for any internal supply above or
an instrument may be freely sold and used in any European Union (EU) or European below 100kW.
Economic Area (EEA). Instruments must meet the general essential requirements
of the directive, plus one of ten instrument-specific annexes. For electricity meters, Q. Can I use a panel-mount meter for billing?
this is MI-003 (Active Electrical Energy Meters). A. Yes. 96mm x 96mm and 72mm x 72mm MID approved panel mount meters are
Billing Applications now readily available. As long as the meter is an approved billing meter, it is
Prior to MID, meters were approved under UK National legislation and statutory immaterial whether it is wall mounting or surface panel mounting. There are very
responsibility for the Electricity Act 1989 was held by OFGEM. From 2009, few 96mm x 96mm panel mount meters approved under UK National regulations
responsibility for legal metrology and implementation of MID and its dependent UK and these are highly specialist and expensive. Any panel meter used henceforward
regulations passed to the National Measurement Office (NMO) in Teddington. The for billing or sub-billing should sensibly be specified to be an MID approved meter.
Electricity Act remains in force, but MID requirements are implemented by a new
Statutory Instrument (SI). The SI published in 2006 is the Measuring Instruments Q. Can a DIN rail meter be used for billing?
(Active Electrical Energy Meters) Regulations SI2006/1679 and details the A. Yes. There are several panel-mount meters which have MID approval. There are
requirements for MID approval. no DIN rail meters which were approved for metering under the old pre-2006
The word ‘approval’ now includes meters fulfilling the requirements of MID regulations. So any DIN rail meter used for billing must be an MID approved meter.
regulations by a Notified Body (i.e. a testing laboratory); this body need not be a
UK organisation. The Electricity Act 1989 is still in force in the UK and directly Q. Can I use meters with just Annex B for billing?
legislates for those meters approved prior to October 2006. Meters that meet the A. No. Annex B is a design acceptance and the meter has not therefore completed
requirements of 512006/1679 are deemed to be ‘approved’ in accordance with the the full MID approval process. A meter cannot be used for billing until it has
Electricity Act 1989 and for MID approved meters, the 2006 Statutory Instrument completed the full conformity process and carries the B+D or B+F approval and is
applies. Approval now means approval as to both design and individual testing at clearly identified by the use of the full MID approval mark.
manufacture according to the MID 2004/22/EC directive instrument specific
annexes. For electrical energy meters, this is Annex MI-003. Q. Why do manufacturers sell meters that are only Annex B?
Meters manufactured under pre-MID UK legislation may still be used and even A. A manufacturer may design and produce a meter to the specification standard
continue to be installed. Under these regulations it is possible to install meters for and requirements of MID, but may decide not to complete the full approval process.
commercial billing which are approved, but not individually certified for accuracy, This meter cannot be used for billing. Annex B is a procedure that ensures meter
provided there is an agreement between supplier and consumer. From 2016, all accuracy and quality. It allows the manufacturer, should he so chose, to complete
new meters installed for billing purposes must be MID approved. Meter the full MID approval process at a later stage.
manufacturers are now ensuring that any current designs of meters which have
only UK approval are being submitted for approval under MID, so as to increase Q. What about the billing system, does it need to be MID approved?
the market for and the longevity of their products. MID approved meters may be
A. No. Only the meter itself is subject to MID. The data collection system, whether
sold and used throughout the whole EU, irrespective of their country of origin.
it is manual reading, remote reading via data loggers, BMS, EMS software or any
Certification: Certification under UK National legislation refers to individual testing other, means is not covered. If there is a dispute over the accuracy of a meter, it is
of a meter manufactured with an Approved Pattern of Design. Exemption from important to emphasise that the meter register remains the ‘prima facie’ evidence
certification only applies to meters approved under UK National legislation. MID for consumption and a data logger or other item of equipment or software has no
does not recognise Certification as a separate process. Meters are either MID influence whatsoever over a dispute decision.
approved or they are not.
Approval: MID meters can only have approved status and approval refers to design, Q. Are current transformers covered by MID?
followed by individual testing at manufacture. Certification is not a recognised term
A. No. Only the meter itself is covered by MID. Good practice requires that current
under MID. Meters must have approval according to Annex B+ Annex D, Annex B+
transformers should have accuracy consistent with the meter and the load to which
Annex F or Annex H1. All MID approved meters MUST carry the full MID marking and they are connected. The 1989 Electricity Act states only that the CT and the meter
it is having this full marking which denotes whether a meter is MID approved or not. are to be installed in an approved manner. MID makes reference to instrument
Meters Covered by MID transformers (CTs), but does not cover any aspect of their performance or accuracy.
If you are a residential, commercial, industrial landlord or property manager in any
of the following situations, you must employ an MID approved meter or a UK National Q. I am billing people only for a small amount of electricity on a caravan site,
approved meter (which will have been approved prior to October 2006). However, can I use low cost non-approved meters?
if the latter type of meter is already installed, so long as it is measuring accurately, A. No. All meters used for billing at ANY level of consumption must be approved.
you may continue to use it indefinitely. Since any new billing-approved meter is
almost certain to carry MID approval, for new electricity supplies it is best to fit MID Q. Are there MID meters with current and voltage indication?
approved billing meters. From October 2016, only MID approved meters can be A. Yes. SHM supplies MID approved kWh meters that have full, multi-function
fitted. These are a few of the sub-billing applications commonly encountered: capability, including Harmonic Distortion if required.
• Multi-use commercial building • Caravan parks
• Industrial estates • Data centre server supplies Q. Do I need to replace meters approved under UK National legislation?
• Sub-let shops or concessions • Sports facilities A. No. Meters approved under UK National legislation can be used up to the end of
their certification life. The initial certification period may be 10, 15 or 20 years, but
• Residential flats • Any charging of electricity by meter may be extended for as long as the meter continues to meet the stipulated accuracy
• Marinas reading
requirements. Any replacement meter installed after October 2016 must be MID
For these supplies, any meter fitted after October 2016 MUST be MID approved. approved. If meters approved under UK National legislation are installed prior to
Any meter approved solely under UK National legislation CANNOT be installed for October 2016, they can remain ‘on the wall' indefinitely, as long as they are accurate.
use after October 2016. From October 2016, the only legal option for newly metered
supplies is to fit an MID meter. Q. I am specifying meters under Part I of the Building Regulations to be used
The use of unapproved meters does not meet the requirements of the only for energy management purposes, do I need MID Approved meters?
Electricity Act 1989. To bill electricity with a non-approved meter is a breach A. It is not necessary to install MID approved meters for purely monitoring purposes,
of the 1989 Act and is classified as a criminal offence. On conviction, the but if it is likely that in future they may be used for billing, it is wise to specify MID
person committing the offence is liable to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the approved meters throughout.
standard scale. This fine is currently set at £1000 per each offending meter,
so for a multiple meter site, the fine will be substantial.
Landlord Obligations
Landlords, estate managers and property developers should check that they have The above is an excerpt from the SHM “Guide to the MID”.
legally acceptable meters fitted throughout their premises. The use of unapproved
meters for billing carries the risk of prosecution. A tenant is within his rights to refuse A full copy can be obtained FREE OF CHARGE
payment if his electricity bill is based on readings from a non-approved meter. In by contacting SHM below.
our experience we have found that around 90% of meters presently fitted in
commercial buildings are not approved for billing. SHM will be pleased to undertake
a survey of all installed meters within a building or estate to determine whether or
not the meters comply with current legislation.

SHM Metering Tel : +44 (0) 1962 865142

Valley House Fax : +44 (0) 1962 862451
6 Winnall Valley Road @SHM_Metering
Winchester Email :
Hampshire SO23 0LD Website :
Energy Management - 83
Energy Management WM30 & WM40 Smart Power Energy Management Integrated Web-Based Solution
Quality Analyser for Energy Management Type VMU-C
WM30 and WM40 offer fast communications for building automation VMU-C is a combination of modules which performs the monitoring of an
networks using BACnet over RS485, TCP/IP or MS/TP, MODBUS TCP/IP. Energy Management installation.
The LCD touchpad screen is easily configured by the user, with all of the The core unit is VMU-C gathering data from up to 32 energy meters; the
most critical parameters available at a glance. meters can be both AC or DC meters.
Easy navigation through the comprehensive parameter list includes In addition to the data-logging, it also performs the management of local
energy, currents, voltages, frequency, power, power factor and harmonic or remote (via VMU-M) VMU-O “I/O unit” and/or VMU-P “Environment
analysis, all in a compact plug-and-play modular unit. variable unit” and provides an FTP push functionality.

Main Features VMU-C can also provide, by means of the VMU-O modules, relay alarm
contacts and digital inputs (e.g. for status indication to sense the tripping
• Accuracy ±0.2% RDG (current/voltage) of an automatic switch).
• Variables readout: 3x4 digit The VMU-W unit has the task of transmitting, with wireless modem
• Energy readout: 10 digit technology, all the data when a wired LAN or Internet access is not
• Current & voltage THD (up to 32nd harmonic)
The FTP push function enables an FTP based communication from
• Optional module for data communication: Modbus & BACnet (both VMU-C to an external FTP server (owned by the enduser) to transmit, in
RS485 or Ethernet) Profibus DPV0 & EtherNet/IP a simple and standard way, a predefined set of data (using CVS format).
• Front protection degree IP65, NEMA4X, NEMA12 In this case, data is gathered and logged by VMU-C from the energy
meters and VMU modules in the field and, following a schedule or a
• Optional analogue & digital outputs
trigger, is grouped into a file and uploaded to the defined FTP server.
• Optional analogue & digital inputs (WM40)
The upload action is repeated in case of failure.
• Built-in data logger for instantaneous variables, dmd profiles & events In addition to the protocol, VMU-C can communicate data in M2M
(WM40) (machine to machine) scenario also via HTTP protocol.
• Optical front communications port for software programming & data
logging (WM40) Main Features
• Integrated modular local monitoring system for Energy Management
plants based on Webserver & FTP/push capability
• Up to 8 DIN modules configuration equivalent to 140mm width
• VMU-C EM can manage on RS485 bus up to 32 Energy Meters or
Power Analysers
• VMU-C EM can manage on local bus 1 VMU-W modem unit
• VMU-C EM can manage on local bus up to 4 VMU units & up to 10
VMU-M based arrays on RS485 bus
• Any VMU-M based arrays can manage up to max 1 VMU-P unit &
max 3 VMU-O unit

Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd Tel : 01276 854110

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84 - EAE Busbar Systems - Technical Characteristics
Busbar Code 2 3 4 6 8
Rated Current A 25 32 40 63
Rated Current In A 250 315 400 600 800
Standards IEC 61439-1/6 Standards IEC 61439-6
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui V 1000
Insulation Voltage V 500 500 690 690
Rated Operational Voltage Ue V 1000
Frequency Hz 50 Rated Frequency f Hz 50

Protection Degree IP 55 Protection Degree IP 55

Rated Peak Withstand Current Ip kArms 36 36.00 52,5 73,5 73,5
Short Circuit (Peak) kA 5 6 7.5 9
Rated Short-time Withstand Current (1sec) Icw kA 18 18 25 35 35
Short Circuit (1sn.) kA rms 2.27 2.72 3.4 4 Rated Peak Withstand Current (N) Ip kA 21,6 21,6 30 44,1 44,1
Rated Short-time Withstand Current (N) Icw kA 10,8 10,8 15 21 21
Resistance R20 mΩ/m 5.31 4.67 1.70 1.45
Rated Peak Withstand Current (PE) Ip kA 21,6 21,6 30 44,1 44,1
Reactance XL mΩ/m 1.37 1.11 0.69 0.14 Rated Short-time Withstand Current (PE) Icw kA 10,8 10,8 15 21 21

Impedance Z mΩ/m 5.49 4.80 1.84 1.45 R20 20ºC R20 mΩ/m 0,150 0,012 0,100 0,060 0,040
Direct Current Resistance R mΩ/m 0,164 0,141 0,127 0,066 0,059
Fault Resistance RO mΩ/m 8.58 7.60 3.48 3.22
Impedance Z mΩ/m 0,238 0,209 0,193 0,134 0,102
Fault Reactance XO mΩ/m 1.53 1.22 0.90 0.49 Losses at Rated Current 3I²R1 W/m 33,75 48,82 69,12 84,24 130,56
Resistance at Steady State Temperature R1 mΩ/m 0,180 0,164 0,144 0,078 0,068
Fault Impedance ZO mΩ/m 8.69 7.69 3.59 3.26
Reactance (Rated Current & 50 Hz) X1 mΩ/m 0,173 0,154 0,145 0,117 0,083
Joule Losses At In W/m 3.23 4.66 2.68 5.68
Impedance at Steady State Temperature Z1 mΩ/m 0,254 0,235 0,207 0,144 0,110
L1, L2, L3, N (Cross Section) mm² 3.20 4.00 6.00 12.50 L1, L2, L3, N mm² 120 150 180 300 450
PE (for 5 Conductors) mm² 120 150 180 300 450
PE (Housing) mm² 18.30 18.30 18.30 18.30
PE (for 4½ Conductors) mm² 60 75 90 150 225
PE (Conductor) mm² 3.20 4.00 6.00 6.00 Housing Cross Section (Steel Sheet) mm² 583 593 603 643 693

Weight (4 Conductors) kg/m 1.13 1.17 1.33 1.42 Conductor Size mmxmm 6x20 6x25 6x30 6x50 6x75
Weight - 4 Conductors kg/m 10,0 11,0 12,5 16,0 18,0
Weight (5 Conductors) kg/m 1.17 1.19 1.41 1.48
Weight - 5 Conductors kg/m 11,0 12,5 14,0 19,0 21,0
Fire Load (3 Plug-in Points) kW/m 6,46 6,46 6,57 6,66 6,66

E-Line KX Copper Conductors

RATED CURRENT In A 550 650 800 1000 1250 1350 1600 2000 2250 2500 2000 2500 3300 3600 4000 4250 5000 6300
Busbar Code 5 6 8 10 12 14 17 23 21 25 22 26 32 36 40 43 50 63
Standards IEC 61439-6, IEC 61439-1
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui V 1000 at Cat IV
Max. Rated Operational Voltage Ue Vac 1000
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp kV 12
Rated Frequency f Hz 50
Pollution Degree III
Protection Degree IP55
External Mechanical Impacts (IK Code)* Bolt-on Busbar IK09, Plug-in Busbar IK08
Protection for Safety Basic Protection (HD 60364-4-41, Clause A1)
Rated Short-time Withstand Current (1s) lcw kA 24 24 40 50 60 60 80 80 80 80 70 100 120 120 120 120 120 120
Rated Peak Withstand Current lpk kA 50,4 50,4 84 105 132 132 176 176 176 176 154 220 264 264 264 264 264 264
Rated Short-time Withstand Current for Neutral Conductor (1s) lcw kA 14,4 14,4 24 30 36 36 48 48 48 48 42 60 72 72 72 72 72 72
Rated Peak Withstand Current for Neutral Conductor lpk kA 28,8 28,8 50,4 63 75,6 75,6 100,8 100,8 100,8 100,8 88,2 132 158,4 158,4 158,4 158,4 158,4 158,4
Rated Short-time Withstand Current for PE (Housing) Conductor (1s) lcw kA 14,4 14,4 24 30 36 36 48 48 48 48 42 60 72 72 72 72 72 72
Rated Peak Withstand Current for PE (Housing) Conductor lpk kA 28,8 28,8 50,4 63 75,6 75,6 100,8 100,8 100,8 100,8 88,2 132 158,4 158,4 158,4 158,4 158,4 158,4
Resistance at a conductor temperature of 20°C R20 mΩ/m 0,123 0,100 0,074 0,055 0,044 0,038 0,032 0,024 0,019 0,016 0,028 0,019 0,014 0,012 0,011 0,009 0,008 0,005
Resistance at an ambient air temperature of 35°C R mΩ/m 0,162 0,137 0,097 0,071 0,057 0,050 0,044 0,033 0,026 0,021 0,036 0,025 0,019 0,016 0,015 0,012 0,010 0,006
Reactance (Independent from Temperature) X mΩ/m 0,044 0,034 0,028 0,023 0,019 0,016 0,015 0,010 0,010 0,008 0,012 0,009 0,007 0,006 0,005 0,005 0,004 0,003
Positive & negative sequence impedances at an ambient air temperature of 35°C Z mΩ/m 0,168 0,141 0,101 0,075 0,060 0,053 0,047 0,034 0,028 0,022 0,038 0,026 0,020 0,017 0,016 0,013 0,011 0,007
Positive & negative sequence impedances at a conductor temperature of 20°C Z20 mΩ/m 0,130 0,106 0,079 0,060 0,047 0,041 0,035 0,026 0,022 0,018 0,030 0,021 0,016 0,014 0,012 0,011 0,009 0,006
Rated Power Loss at 35°C W/m 143,5 166,8 185,5 213,6 264,8 274,5 325,1 383,3 388,8 384,4 436,8 461,3 604,4 633,7 705,6 666,5 772,5 750,1
DC Resistance at a conductor temperature of 20°C for Phases Rphdc mΩ/m 0,118 0,097 0,072 0,053 0,041 0,036 0,031 0,022 0,017 0,014 0,025 0,018 0,013 0,012 0,010 0,009 0,007 0,005
DC Resistance at a conductor temperature of 20°C for Neutral RNdc mΩ/m 0,120 0,099 0,074 0,054 0,042 0,036 0,031 0,023 0,018 0,014 0,026 0,018 0,015 0,012 0,009 0,009 0,008 0,005
DC Resistance at a conductor temperature of 20°C for PE (Housing) RPEdc mΩ/m 0,036 0,034 0,027 0,029 0,024 0,028 0,028 0,039 0,034 0,031 0,019 0,022 0,018 0,023 0,021 0,021 0,021 0,011
L1, L2, L3, N mm² 150 180 240 330 420 480 570 750 976 1200 660 960 1320 1500 1680 1952 2400 3600
PE (4½ Conductors) mm² 75 90 120 165 210 240 285 375 488 600 330 480 660 750 840 976 1200 1800
PE (5 Conductors) mm² 150 180 240 330 420 480 570 750 976 1200 660 960 1320 1500 1680 1952 2400 3600
Aluminium Housing Section mm² 1449 1509 1686 1788 1842 1894 1770 2128 2314 2518 3340 3600 3912 4068 4224 4411 4848 7128
Aluminium Housing Section (Cu Equivalent) mm² 911 950 1058 1122 1155 1188 1113 1338 1452 1579 2095 2258 2454 2552 2650 2767 3041 4471
Conductor Dimensions mmxmm 6x25 6x30 6x40 6x55 6x70 6x80 6x95 6x125 6x160 6x200 2(6x55) 2(6x80) 2(6x110) 2(6x125) 2(6x140) 2(6x160) 2(6x200) 2(6x200)
Busbar Weight (4 Conductors) kg/m 10,7 11,9 14,4 18,3 22 24,5 27,7 36,2 44,6 54,7 35,9 48,5 63,5 71,1 78,6 886 108,8 162,8
Busbar Weight (5 Conductors) kg/m 12,2 13,52 16,8 21,5 26,1 29,2 33,7 43,8 54,1 66,5 42,4 57,9 76,5 85,8 95,2 107,5 132,4 198,2
Zero-sequence impedance at a conductor temperature of 20°C Z(0)b20phN mΩ/m 0,585 0,489 0,393 0,295 0,250 0,198 0,168 0,130 0,109 0,086 0,148 0,101 0,073 0,067 0,060 0,051 0,038 0,029
Zero-sequence impedance at a conductor temperature of 20°C (Housing) Z(0)b20phPE mΩ/m 0,365 0,338 0,268 0,281 0,229 0,209 0,154 0,153 0,170 0,146 0,144 0,139 0,091 0,090 0,100 0,094 0,086 0,061
Zero-sequence impedance at an ambient temperature of 35°C Z(0)bphN mΩ/m 0,750 0,646 0,499 0,371 0,309 0,251 0,221 0,167 0,138 0,107 0,189 0,127 0,092 0,034 0,077 0,064 0,046 0,034
Zero-sequence impedance at an ambient temperature of 35°C (Housing) Z(0)bphPE mΩ/m 0,442 0,419 0,324 0,345 0,286 0,259 0,197 0,193 0,213 0,181 0,176 0,172 0,113 0,033 0,128 0,121 0,106 0,075
Resistance at a conductor temperature of 20°C Rb20phph mΩ/m 0,248 0,206 0,159 0,119 0,091 0,077 0,066 0,050 0,040 0,033 0,059 0,040 0,029 0,025 0,023 0,020 0,016 0,011
Resistance at a conductor temperature of 20°C Rb20phN mΩ/m 0,256 0,214 0,167 0,126 0,097 0,083 0,071 0,054 0,043 0,035 0,063 0,044 0,031 0,027 0,025 0,021 0,017 0,012
Resistance at a conductor temperature of 20°C (Housing) Rb20phPE mΩ/m 0,176 0,155 0,123 0,112 0,137 0,083 0,065 0,059 0,068 0,053 0,061 0,053 0,035 0,034 0,044 0,039 0,032 0,023
Resistance at an ambient air temperature of 35°C Rbphph mΩ/m 0,328 0,283 0,209 0,154 0,118 0,103 0,091 0,067 0,053 0,043 0,077 0,052 0,038 0,033 0,030 0,026 0,020 0,013
Resistance at an ambient air temperature of 35°C RbphN mΩ/m 0,339 0,294 0,219 0,163 0,126 0,110 0,098 0,073 0,057 0,046 0,083 0,057 0,041 0,036 0,033 0,028 0,022 0,015
Resistance at an ambient air temperature of 35°C (Housing) RbphPE mΩ/m 0,233 0,213 0,161 0,145 0,178 0,111 0,089 0,080 0,091 0,070 0,080 0,069 0,047 0,044 0,059 0,052 0,041 0,028
Reactance (Independent from temperature) Xbphph mΩ/m 0,079 0,069 0,052 0,043 0,036 0,032 0,026 0,022 0,018 0,014 0,022 0,015 0,012 0,011 0,010 0,008 0,008 0,005
Reactance (Independent from temperature) XbphN mΩ/m 0,105 0,094 0,071 0,059 0,050 0,045 0,037 0,032 0,028 0,022 0,029 0,022 0,018 0,015 0,014 0,013 0,011 0,008
Reactance (Housing) (Independent from temperature) XbphPE mΩ/m 0,101 0,093 0,070 0,061 0,054 0,050 0,036 0,035 0,036 0,028 0,033 0,028 0,020 0,018 0,018 0,015 0,014 0,010

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Power Factor Correction & Active Harmonic Filters - 85
Comprehensive Solutions – Harmonic Active Filtering Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction Solutions
Modern electrical equipment imposes stringent demands on voltage ABB’s ABBACUS is a packaged reactive compensation system which
stability and power quality. The power network has to be free from combines both primary components and secondary control and protection
harmonics and other electrical disturbances. systems within a compact modular enclosure. The system can be
By installing harmonic filters several benefits are obtained: configured as either a fixed or switched capacitor bank. The switched
• Higher power factor, improved voltage stability & network losses bank consists of single or multiple steps, automatically controlled to
improve power factor.
• Filtering of harmonics in the system
ABBACUS has been developed to provide effective power factor
• Reduced resonance problems/amplification of electrical disturbances correction for both electrical distribution utilities and large industrial power
A “clean” network also imposes much less strain on equipment and users including mining, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, wind
lengthens its lifespan. This means lower maintenance costs and lower farms, plastics and heavy industrial applications.
costs for replacing worn-out equipment. The ABBACUS is available in a range of MECB (Metal Enclosed
What problems can harmonics cause? Capacitor Bank) models and is suitable for voltage ranges between 1kV
• Increased losses, with machinery & cabling operating at increased and 24kV – for higher voltages please contact ABB.
• Resonance between inductive & capacitive parts of the power network
• Malfunctioning of control systems since electronic meters, relays, etc
are matched to the fundamental frequency
• Overloading of capacitors, leading to malfunctioning & premature ageing
• Interference with telecommunications & computers
• Disturbances in ripple control systems
• High currents in neutral conductors
Harmonics are not only found in industrial networks, they can also spread
into the distribution network and cause problems for other power users.
The ABB Power Quality Filter (PQF) eliminates the harmonics present in
the supply system. It is insensitive to large network impedance changes
due to change in network topology such as paralleling of sources, or
switching between mains supply and generator operation.
An ABB PQF active filter is designed Design Configuration
Fundamental Only
for installation in parallel to the polluting The ABBACUS design consists of an incoming module and/or connecting
loads. It monitors the line current power modules housing the primary equipment with optional secondary
harmonics, as well as the requirements and ancillary equipment kits. This modular approach allows future
icompensation Load
programmed by the user. It then expandability.
generates for each harmonic frequency
Active Filter
a compensation current in perfect
phase opposition that effectively
Clean Feeder Load Active Feeder cancels it out. This is achieved by
Current Current Current
monitoring the line current in real time
and processing the measured
harmonics as digital signals in a high-
Harmonic Order Harmonic Order Harmonic Order power multi-DSP (Digital Signal
Processor) based system.

The use of a closed loop control system

in combination with the capability to Closed Loop Distortion
select individual harmonic components Source
makes the ABB PQF active filter the
most precise active filter on the market. Active
Incomer Module
800 The incomer module facilitates connection to the customer network. It
Un-filtered Line Current (100 A / Div)

comprises a high voltage compartment and a control cubicle allowing for

The use of active harmonic filters
a single point termination of power cables and control wiring.
enables installations to comply with
0 the most stringent of harmonic Power Module
regulations and guidelines such as The ABBACUS power modules, when energised, generate the reactive
IEEE 519, G5/4, etc. power. They are designed to be interconnected to each other and the
-800 Unlike other active filter products incomer module. An appropriate power module can be selected
TIME (5 ms/div) on the market, the ABB PQF active depending on the required application.
filters make it possible to set
individual harmonic target limits as Total Service Approach
Filtered Line Current (100 A / Div)

imposed by regulations. ABB is committed to a total power quality service approach that goes well
The PQF also offers Modbus RTU beyond supplying just the equipment. Thanks to the unrivalled technical
communication facilities with the backup of the global ABB organisation, we support our customers through
customer’s existing communication every step of the project, from establishing the problem, identifying the
network, enabling the PQF to be ideal solution and then installing and commissioning your power quality
easily monitored and controlled equipment. For complete peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive
TIME (5 ms/div) from a remote location. equipment maintenance and repair service anywhere in the UK.

ABB Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 151 357 8400

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86 - Betobar-r / Technical Specification
betobar-r – High Quality Production Routing Example
The “betobar-r” busbars have been developed as a modern, all-purpose
means of efficient and safe transmission of electrical energy. It has been
in manufacture for more than thirty-five years. The “betobar-r” system
complies with all the requirements for current distribution at low and
medium voltage.
The busbar consists of copper or aluminium conductors, embedded in
an enclosure of a fire retardant, self-extinguishing and homogeneous
insulation mix based on epoxy cast-resin with mineral fillers ensuring high
mechanical strength and chemical withstand.
Standard types are available for current ratings + 6300 A and voltage
ratings up to 17.5 kV. Systems for higher current ratings or DC
applications are possible. The busbar line consists of a number of
prefabricated elements. The electrical joining of the conductors is
achieved by means of double fish plates and high tensile steel bolts.
The junctions and the element ends are overcast with the same insulation
mix as used for the elements. In this way, an integral insulating enclosure
IP66/IP68 is guaranteed over the full length of the busbar run. Straight
junctions and also elbow junctions are available each facilitating
installation adjustments of 0-20 mm per standard junction.
“betobar-r” busbars are suitable for application in large buildings,
industrial plants, power stations, sub-stations and data centres, such as:
• Factory distribution of low & medium voltage power Example of betobar-r connection to transformer

• Rising mains with tap-offs to sub-distribution boards in high rise

buildings Major Advantages
• Transformer switchboard connections • Compact dimensions
• Main switchboard feeders to distribution panels • Simple installation
• Generator & large motor connections • Low voltage drop & high short-circuit withstand capacity
• Long lines with low voltage drop • Degree of protection IP66/IP68 for Low Voltage & IP66/IP67 for
Medium Voltage busways as per IEC 60529
• 400 Hz distribution systems
• High mechanical impact strength of IK10 as per DIN52453 & IEC
Extensive Element Range • Fire proof property: tested for 750°C for 3 hours as per IEC 60331-21
The “betobar-r” busway system is available in a wide range of standard : tested for 850°C for 2 hours as per pre-BS 7346
element shapes, forms and lengths, all of which are fabricated to suit the
typical project requirements. • Self-extinguishing insulation as per IEC 60332-3-10
• Fire wall bushings of S90 & S120 in accordance with EN1366-3 &
• Straight element
NBN 713.020
• Elbow elements, horizontal & vertical
• Fire retardant bushings A90 for normal fire
• Thermal expansion compensation elements
• H60 for hydrocarbon fire in offshore applications
• Tailor-made terminal elements for transformer or generator &
• Electrical continuity E30-E120 finishing available under fire conditions
switchboard connection “betobar-r”
as per DIN 4102-12
• Z (double elbow) & T elements
• EMC compatible (for sensitive environment)
• Flanged terminal elements
• Insulation level of Class ‘B’, 130°C
• Tap-off facilities & phase-transfer elements
• Explosion proof: ATEX & IEC Ex certified on request
• Excellent resistance to atmospheric pollution & a wide range of
Maximum Voltage chemicals
PH-types are designed for a maximum voltage of 17.5 kV. In areas open
to the public and if the type has no screening, the voltage level is limited
to 7.2 kV.
Medium Voltage

All technical data specified, such as current ratings and temperature rise,
insulation resistance, voltage and short circuit withstand, have been Low Voltage
certified in accordance with international standards (IEC, VDE or BS) by
the independent testing stations KEMA, LABORELEC, LCIE. Assembled
elements with cast junctions were submitted for typetesting.

Eta-com UK Preedcrete Ltd Tel : 01403 265767

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LV MCCB Switch / Panel / Distribution Boards - 87
Leading Safety Technology
Everyday Compromise
Personnel & Property Protection vs. Selective Trip Settings
• High set or non-instantaneous circuit breakers sacrifice people & property
protection for selective coordination
• Current limiting molded case circuit breakers are quick to respond & provide
excellent protection, but are challenging to coordinate for selectivity
• Maintenance switches sacrifice coordination for protection

Your power distribution system can be selective without sacrificing arc flash protection. ArcWatchTM = A balanced solution

ArcWatchTM is powered by Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI) and

Wave Form Recognition (WFR).

I-ZSI allows intelligent communication between circuit breakers like traditional

ZSI, but adds interlocking of the INST protections of the trip units. This allows
more sensitive and fast-acting circuit breakers to be selective when responding
to a fault.

Each circuit breaker will only operate when needed and act as back up only when

System Reliability System Protection

GE’s I-ZSI capability provides the fastest interlocked protection in the industry.
You can get instantaneous protection, selectively, regardless of the size of your Selective Arc Flash
Coordination Mitigation
system or main circuit breaker.

WFR provides current limiting devices with the intelligence to recognise the
operation of downstream devices. An instantaneous algorithm allows a feeder GE
circuit breaker to be set very sensitive and still provide selectivity, while providing
instantaneous protection where you need it.

What’s more, the setting is not dependent on a complex coordination study; it

simply depends on the device with which you are trying to be selective. When
paired with GE current limiting molded case circuit breakers, WFR allows lower
INST pick-up settings while maintaining full selective coordination.

Only GE’s ArcWatchTM solution provides arc flash protection and instantaneous selective coordination – simultaneously!

With Short-Time &

Instantaneous ZSI
Enabled: Selective
to 85kA

Curve Overlap
Shows Selectivity

Curve Overlap
Shows Selectivity

Normal Operations: Sensitive Response; Short-Time Protection Limits Selectivity to less than 6kA
Maximum Instantaneous Selectivity that May
As the curve overlap illustrates (see lower right diagram), zone selective interlocking (ZSI) is effective, but has be Achieved Using I-ZSI = Limited Only by
limitations. With no ZSI, selectivity is limited to <6kA. With ZSI, it improves to >10kA. With Instantaneous Zone
the Short Circuit Rating of the Downstream
Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI), shown in the upper right diagram, 85kA selectivity is achieved and instantaneous
protection still provides reduced arc flash energy to maximise both system reliability and protection.

GE Industrial Solutions Tel : 0800 587 1251

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88 - Cable Management
Sterling Curve
Sterling Curve Profile 1 – no box 50
1 & 3 = 1170mm² total area 1 • Lid/trim: flame retardant polypropylene grey RAL 7011
1 & 3 = 527mm² 45% space factor • Box assembly: galvanised steel
2 = 3858mm² total area 16 • Load plate: 3mm zinc plated steel

2 = 1736mm² 45% space factor • Accessory plate: galvanised steel
With Box in Comp 2 GRP Ladder & Tray
2 = 1376mm² total area 3
2 = 619mm² 45% total area GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) has good stability to UV, great
Sterling Curve Profile 2 – no box mechanical strength and is 40% lighter than steel. It is a non-conductive
1= 1170mm² total area 50
insulating material, resistant to temperatures from -80ºC to +130ºC and
1= 527mm² 45% space factor has excellent resistance to fire and corrosion being self-extinguishing and
1 zero halogen.
2= 3858mm² total area
2= 1736mm² 45% space factor Approvals
16 BS 7671:2008+A1:2011

3= 1542mm² total area

2 EC Directive 2014/5/EC
3= 694mm² 45% space factor
Low Voltage Directive
With Box in Comp 2
2 = 1376mm² total area
3 Mechanical Behaviour
Breaking point to NEMA FG1
2 = 619mm² 45% total area
IEC 61537
Cable Capacities
Tensile strength to ISO 527-5
All calculations allow for a 45% space factor
Accelerated Ageing to ISO 4892-2 & ISO 9227
Compartment 1 Compartment 2 Compartment 3
No box With box No box With box No box With box Electrical Behaviour
PVC power cable 1.5mm² stranded copper Surface Resistivity to IEC 6079-0
Sterling Curve Profile 1 66 – 217 77 66 – IEC 60093
Sterling Curve Profile 2 66 – 217 77 87 –
Breaking voltage to IEC 60243-1
PVC power cable 2.5mm² stranded copper
Sterling Curve Profile 1 44 – 146 52 44 – Density
Sterling Curve Profile 2 44 – 146 52 58 – Density to DIN 53479
PVC power cable 4.0mm² stranded copper Linear thermal dilation to DIN 53752
Sterling Curve Profile 1 32 – 105 37 32 –
Water absorption to ISO 62
Sterling Curve Profile 2 32 – 105 37 42 –
Data cable: Ø5.5mm² Fire Behaviour
Sterling Curve Profile 1 22 – 73 26 22 – Inflammability to IEC 60695-2-12 / UL 94 / UL 723
Sterling Curve Profile 2 22 – 73 26 29 –
DIN 5510-2
Data cable: Ø6.0mm²
Spread of flame to BS 476 part 7 class 2 / ASTM E84
Sterling Curve Profile 1 19 – 61 22 19 –
Sterling Curve Profile 2 19 – 61 22 25 – Fire propagation to BS 476 part 6
Data cable: Ø6.5mm² Smoke emissions to BS 6853 App B53
Sterling Curve Profile 1 16 – 54 19 16 – Fire standard to DIN 4102 part 12
Sterling Curve Profile 2 16 – 54 19 22 –
For further advice on standards, please contact the technical team on
Data cable: Ø7.0mm²
01424 856688.
Sterling Curve Profile 1 14 – 45 16 14 –
Sterling Curve Profile 2 14 – 45 16 18 –
Wire Basket
Data cable: Ø8.4mm²
Sterling Curve Profile 1 10 – 31 11 10 – Material
Sterling Curve Profile 2 10 – 31 11 13 – Wire basket is available in Electro-Zinc as standard. Other finishes are
available for selected systems but subject to longer lead times.
Powertrack Dimensions
Powertrack is an underfloor busbar system rated at 63 Amp maximum

Height 35mm

available in Standard or CE (Clean Earth) versions.

Lengths Standard Wire Basket
100 H
Powertrack lengths of 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.6m with tap-off outlets at
Height 65mm

Raised Floor Boxes Fast-Coupling Wire Basket

Raised floor boxes are third party tested to comply with: 25
100 H
BS EN 61534-22:2009 65

BS EN 60670-1:2005 Load Testing Height 105mm

BS EN 60670-23:2008 Load testing of floor boxes to:

Fast-Coupling Wire Basket

BS EN 50085-1:2005 BS EN 61534-22:2009
BS EN 50085-2-2:2008 BS EN 50085-2-2:2008 100 H

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Underfloor Track / Floor Boxes / Floor Grommets - 89
Powerfloor Powertrack System
Multipoint Powerfloor is a single phase powertrack system rated at either
32 Amps or 40 Amps. Extension module can be connected
at any point on the circuit allowing
It is typically used under platform floors in commercial and industrial considerable flexibility in the layout

premises and distributes power from the distribution board to the final Extension Module
socket of the fixed wiring installation.

Mains Connection Module includes

the terminals for the supply cable Dual-Earth and Clean-Earth
No separate feed unit required systems, require external
Mains Connection Module earth to be terminated
Terminals for 16mm² Cables

Example Floor Layout

Dimensions Socket Configurations

Standard Earth Non-Standard Earth Keyed Earth

Gazelle Floor Boxes

Features - Raised Box
Dimensions - Raised Floor Box Recommended floor tile cut-out size = 337mm x 217mm
Tolerance = ± 1mm
Lid locking feature available
Robust outlets with foam Left hand and right hand offset
Carpet Recess = 323 x 167
inserts to protect cables power plates allow for moulded
66mm deep box has 3 compartments plug strain relief
20mm diameter knockouts
75mm deep box has 16mm diameter 4mm thick steel Cable retainers included as
holes filled with domed plugs load plate in lid standard

Fast fit installation

Lifting handles on mounting


Comprehensive range
of power, data and AV
plates available

Standard floor box has 2 separate back

Carpet recess
Standard Floor Box - 4 Compartment - 75mm to 153mm Deep 4mm thick steel load plate boxes that allow the data to be connected
without interfering with the power supply in
most configurations
Version available with 4 separate back boxes

8x 20 diameter and 10 x 25 diameter knockouts

(except 75mm deep Floor Box – see table)

Busbar system means

fewer internal connections
Available with and greater reliability
double pose switch
with neon indicator

Electropatent Desk Module Different colours and

numbers of sockets available.
Also available in 100mm
This range of desk modules is designed to be used in electrical Earth bonding pitch socket spacing
installations to BS 7671. point for desk
metal work
Robust all metal housing
Modules are available with data compartment including versions with a
deep data compartment to allow for Cat 6 cabling.
A range of connector options are available including 16A Wieland, 32A Different options for circuit
Neutrik and 40A Harting connectors. protection including fuses
MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs

Sockets for other countries available.

Hard wearing epoxy power coat
black finish. Alternative colours
available on request

Metal fixing flanges

Available pre-wired to supply leads

including powertrack tap-offs,
Certificate No. 2034 13 Amp plug leads and Wieland leads

Electropatent International Limited Tel : 020 8867 3500

30/32 Blyth Road Fax : 020 8573 9090
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90 - Polestar Characteristics / Wiring Accessory Standards & Finishes
Polestar Compact Grid
Rockergrid plates and grids are available in 1 to 24 gang versions,
System including both 1 gang and 2 gang architrave products.
• TPN distribution boards rated at 125A & 250A Standard plate finishes; Satin Chrome (SC), Highly Polished Chrome
• SPN distribution boards rated at 125A (HPC), Polished Stainless Steel (PSS), Polished Brass (PB), Bronze (BR)
• Paint finish, epoxy powder, light grey RAL 7035 and White Moulded (Up to 6 gang).
• IP3X (door closed) White metal plates available in 8, 9, 12, 18 and 24 gang versions.
• BS EN 61439-3 10AX and 20AX switch modules to BS EN 60669-1. Other modules to
BS 5733 where applicable.
Rockergrid dimmer modules to BS EN 60669-2-1 and BS EN 55014-1.
• MCBs 6A to 63A
Module panel cut-out dimensions 35mm x 18mm. Fixing centres 40mm.
• Type B, C & D characteristics
• Single, double & triple pole
• 18mm modular width Decorative Metalplate
• 16kA - BS EN 60898 Standard decorative metal plate finishes:
• RCBOs 6A to 50A • Stainless Steel (SS)
• Type C characteristic • Satin Chrome (SC)
• Single pole • Highly Polished Chrome (HPC)
• 18mm modular width • Polished Stainless Steel (PSS)
• 16kA - BS EN 61009 • Polished Brass (PB)
• Bronze (BR)

Flat Plate Range

Standard Crabtree low profile plate finishes; White Moulded (WH), Satin
Chrome (SC), Highly Polished Chrome (HPC), Polished Brass (PB), Black
Nickel (BKN).
Standard Crabtree Platinum flat plate finishes; Stainless Steel (SS),
Polished Stainless Steel (PSS), Polished Brass (PB).
Platinum cover plates and grid yokes available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 gang
variants for both, in low profile and flat plate versions.

Product standards, recommended terminal capacities and box depths;
10A switches to BS EN 60669-1. Suitable for 4 x 1.0mm², 1 x 2.5mm² or
3 x 1.5mm² cables, 16mm box depth.
100W (LED), 250W, 400W, 500W and 1000W Dimmers to BS EN
60669-2-1 13A sockets to BS1363. Suitable for 3 x 2.5mm² or 2 x 4.0mm²
cables, 25mm box depth.
13A fused connection units to BS1363. Suitable for 3 x 2.5mm² or 2 x
4.0mm² cables, 25mm box depth.
20A switches to BS EN 60669-1. Suitable for 3 x 2.5mm² or 2 x 4.0mm²
cables, 25mm box depth.
32A switches to BS EN 60669-1. Suitable for 2 x 6.0mm² or 1 x 10.0mm²
or 1 x 16mm² cables, 35mm box depth.
45A DP control switches to BS EN 60669-1. Suitable for 2 x 6.0mm² or
1 x 10.0mm² or 1 x 16mm² cables, 40mm box depth.
50A DP control switches to BS EN 60669-1. Suitable for 2 x 6.0mm² or
1 x 10.0mm² or 1 x 16mm² cables, 40mm box depth.
45A DP cooker control units to BS4177 and BS1363. Suitable for 2 x
6.0mm² or 1 x 10.0mm² or 1 x 16mm² cables, 40mm box depth.
45A cable outlet to BS5733. Suitable for 2 x 10.0mm² cables, 35mm box
6A TP isolator to BS EN 60669-1 and/or BS EN 60947-3. Suitable for 4
x 1.0mm², 3 x 1.5mm² or 1 x 2.5mm² cables, 25mm box depth.
Shaver Socket to BS EN 61558-2-5.

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LV / MV Distribution Products / Forms of Separation & Application - 91
Sivacon S4 Additional Information:
The Sivacon S4 energy distribution concept consists of full galvanised • Paint finish, epoxy powder, light grey RAL 7035
chromed sheet steel frames, of sturdy self standing design, flush or wall • IP3X (door closed)
mounted. Sivacon S4 low voltage power distribution are constructed in • Designed & manufactured in the UK to BS EN 61439-2:2009
accordance to a modular design system by means of flexible assembly kits
and can be combined to meet a wide range of power distribution needs. Powerstar 250
Assembly Kits with SENTRON 3WL Current Ratings:
• Rated Current 630-3200A • 400A & 630A Panelboards
• 3 Pole & 4 Pole • Main units are available with 2, 4 or 6 outgoing ways suitable for 7T2
• Withdrawable and fixed mounted design
• 8-way add on unit suitable for 250A MCCBs
• Copper assembly kits
Assembly Kits with SENTRON 3KA & 3KL • 4, 8 or 12-way add on units suitable for SP & TP 7PBGG 125A MCCBs
• SENTRON 3KL5/6 (LBS) switch disconnectors. Rated current up to 630A Device Technology:
• 7T2 250A MCCBs up to 65kA
• SENTRON 3KL7/3KA7 (LBS) switch disconnectors. Rated current up to
1250A • 7PBGG MCCBs up to 25kA
• 3 Pole & 4 Pole • MCCBs utilising Siemens technology
• Fixed mounted design Additional Technology:
• Std or MID metering options
• Copper assembly kits
• Earth leakage kits
• Door coupling rotary drive
Assembly Kits with SENTRON 3VL & 3VT MCCBs • Overvoltage protection
• 3 Pole & 4 Pole Forms of Separation:
• Form 3b Type 2
• Plug in & fixed mounted design
Environmental Considerations:
• Copper assembly kits
• RoHS Compliant
Assembly Kits with built in installation devices
• WEEE Complaint
• Modular spacing – 24 with 600mm cubicle width – 36 with 800mm cubicle
width Additional Information:
• Paint finish, epoxy powder, light grey RAL 7035
• 150mm or 200mm matrix
• IP3X (door closed)
• Depth-adjustable multi profile busbar (AL 35mm)
• Designed & manufactured in the UK to BS EN 61439-2:2009
• Siklip raid wiring system
Forms of Separation
Crabtree MCCB Panelboards As described in BS EN 61439-1 & -2. the Forms of Separation comprise
Powerstar VM160 four levels as detailed above. The various methods of achieving separation
Crabtree are pleased to introduce the next generation of their UK designed can involve sleeving the busbars inside a separate box or a combination
and manufactured Powerstar panel board range. The new addition to the of both methods.
family, Powerstar VM160, includes a number of new innovations and user Cost Effective Specification
friendly features. In order to gain maximum benefit from the standard, it is necessary to
New Current Ratings: consider the application for which the switchboard is required as well as
• Incoming ratings are expanded to 800A the appropriate level of separation for the environment in which it is to be
• Standard outgoing circuit breakers have been increased to 160A installed.
• Additional add-on units are available to carry oversized devices up to For example, a Form 4 switchboard may be appropriate where general
250A access is permitted to the switch room. However, where the switchboard
New Device Technology: is in a locked substation with access restricted to qualified personnel, a
• New Powerstar ‘VM’ range of MCCBs lesser degree of separation may be more appropriate.
• Increased current ratings & breaking capacities up to 55kA @ 415V Typical Applications
• Enhanced range of easy fit accessories Form 1 – No separation
• MCCBs utilising Siemens technology Typical applications are places where the switchboard is in a secure
Additional Technology: location and where failure of the switchboard will cause little or no additional
disruption to other areas being fed by the switchboard.
• Easy wire meter options
• Std or MID metering options Form 2 – Separation of busbars from functional units
Applications may well be the same as Form 1, but where it is important
• Earth leakage kits that a fault in the switchboard need not affect all functional units being fed
• Overvoltage protection from the same busbar system.
Forms of Separation: Form 3 – Separation of busbars from functional units and the
• Form 3b Type 2 functional units from one another but not their terminations
• Form 4b Type 6 Group Mounted Should be applied where it is important to provide protection from internal
Key User Benefits: live parts and where failure of functional units being fed from the same
• Easy product selection busbar would cause unacceptable disruption.
• Reduced on-site assembly times Form 4 – Separation of busbars from functional units and the
• Open cableways to provide greater access when cabling functional units from one another including their terminations
Environmental Considerations: Should be applied where it is important to provide protection from internal
• RoHS Compliant live parts and where failure of functional units being fed from the same
• WEEE Complaint busbar would cause unacceptable disruption. Because all the terminations
are separated, it is possible to isolate and work on a single functional unit.
• BIM data available

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Divisible PMA
PMAFLEX Pro PMAFLEX PMAFLEX Multilayer System Smart Line















Application area
Machine building General applications static        
Heavy loads static   
Outdoor applications static      
Traction vehicles Outdoor applications with sunlight exposure static     
Outdoor applications static          
Indoor applications static      
Rail infrastructure Outdoor applications with sunlight exposure static       
Indoor and tunnel applications static        
Automation/Robotics Moving systems dynamic             
Systems with extreme movements dynamic   
Ship + Off-shore Outdoor general applications static         

Email :
Tel : 0333 999 9900
Fax : 0333 999 9901

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Indoor applications static           
Passenger area static         
Energy Outdoor applications with sunlight exposure static       
Indoor applications static             
92 - Flexible Conduits

Exposed to radiation static  

Others Vehicle building static      
Telecommunications indoor          
Building constructions indoor        
High temperature applications static   

Foleshill Enterprise Park

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 suitable (application details to be considered)
ABB Wire & Cable Management Systems - 93
Fastening Solutions
Cable Tie Material Selection Information


PA 6.6. 0 -40ºC to +85ºC 1.14 2.5-3.1% Transparent 2000 2-20


PA 6.6. X* -40ºC to +85ºC 1.14 2.5-3.1% Black 2000 2-20

UV-stabilised TY...MX V2

PA 6.6. H -40ºC to +105ºC 1.14 2.5-3.1% Transparent 2000 2-20

Heat stabilised TYH...M V2

PA 6.6. FR -40ºC to +85ºC 1.16 3.0-3.5% White 1400 3-25

Flame retardant TY...MFR V0

Nylon 12 C...X -55ºC to +85ºC 1.02 0.7-1.1% Black 1600 3.5-13

Nylon 4.6 C...MT V2 Beige

Polypropylene P...X -40ºC to +100ºC 0.90- 0.01-0.03% Black 1100 3-17

TYP...MX HB 0.91 1300

ETFE Z -55ºC to +165ºC 1.75 0.02% Aquamarine 1000 o. B.

Ethylenetetrafluorethylene TYZ 23 M/TYZ V0 1.67-
28 M
27 M
TCZ 223 - TCZ

Stainless steel YLS -80ºC to +538ºC 7.95 0 0 1.93 x 105 122 J (IZOD)
(-80ºC TO 150ºC
for coated

UV- Flame Heat Weatherproof Flexible at low Chemically Resistant against

resistant retardant resistant temperatures resistant radioactivity

Termination Systems
What is crimping?
Crimping is a method of permanently joining wires/cables to connectors Optimal deformation is the compromise between electrical
whereby the conductor is inserted into the barrel of the connector and requirements against mechanical specifications. Our graph
compressed about the wire to form a solid joint. Technically, the two shows that the optimum crimp compression for many types
parts are deformed at such a high pressure that a cold flow of the of connectors lies between 10% and 20% of the initial
material is accomplished, oxide layers are broken up and a high quality cross-section. The amount and type of deformation must be
gas tight connection is obtained, the mechanical and electrical engineered to provide the optimal electrical and mechanical
properties of which exceed those of the wire itself. characteristics required for a particular application.

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94 - Power Surge Protection & Regulations
High Current - High Voltage - Short Duration
Impulses - Power Surges! Surge Protection Device Co-ordination
These are all terms to strike fear into the minds of electrical and electronic BS 7671 and BS EN 62305 require the co-ordination of SPD, where the
system designers and installers. It is time, and more importantly, it is a latter standard considers the installation of the correct device to limit the
requirement to act to reduce or eliminate these risks. However, it seems transient overvoltages at the appropriate location within the building.
that cost and competition are significant factors in ignoring the need for To facilitate this, the building is partitioned by areas or zones (Lightning
effective and co-ordinated protection. These rarely seen or often Protection Zones) for which the SPD with the recommended overvoltage
undetected threats originate from many sources: suppression is intended for installation. Zones are based on the degree
• An indirect Lightning Stroke, some kilometres away is looking for an of risk and to provide a method that ensure the protection of the equipment.
easy path to earth and will find a route through a building Zone LPZ 0 is outside the structure of the building and subject to the
• A direct Lightning Stroke, where a portion of the discharge current severest threat of lightning currents and electrical fields.
into the lightning protection system or other conductive materials will Zone LPZ 1 is the first zone within the building and prone to the induced
attempt to flash over into the internal installations fields and flashover into the building.
• The effect of Electrical Switching, caused by utilities, isolation arcing, Zone LPZ 2 is the second zone within the building where the risk to
electrical motor cycling or sudden changes in electrical flow electrical equipment is still high.
There is little we can do to ensure that faults are not created and certainly Zone LPZ 3 is the third zone and subsequent areas of diminishing risk
nothing to prevent the randomness and unpredictability of lightning to the equipment.
strikes. However, although we cannot eliminate the many and varied
causes, we can certainly reduce their effects. SPD Selection
Surge Protection Devices are designed to specifically protect electrical In the main distribution board and as close to the service entrance as
and electronic equipment from these spikes and transients. They can possible, this will probably only be possible after the meter.
improve reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, all resulting in Structural Lightning Protection System (LPS) installed (or overhead
the reduction of lost production time and fewer repairs, together with less mains supply) a Type 1 device is fitted typical to PD Devices’
data and information loss, thereby improving productivity and profitability. T1SP3/25/100/230 for critical buildings i.e. hospitals, schools, etc. For
The extra cost may be a fraction more, but with a significant reduction in less critical buildings T1SP3/12.5/50/230 are recommended. Single
ongoing expenditure, the savings more than make up for the initial outlay. phase versions are also available.
The Power Utilities external surge arresters provide good primary Structural Lightning Protection System (LPS) and metal services
protection however, long lead length, installation mistakes and supply installed a Type 1 device similar to the PD Devices’ Enhanced DSP
variances can cause a problem to the user that is not necessarily Series can be utilised. Although these are of a lower current impulse,
recognised by the utility. Surge Protection Devices within the facility are they offer an all mode protection.
therefore necessary. Without a structural LPS fitted and underground mains supply feed
The Lightning Protection Systems where fitted offer good protection, a Type 2 device is fitted similar to the PD Devices’ DSP Series or SPM
provided the earth bonding is good throughout the facility. series. The T1SP Series devices would offer the same levels of protection.
Standards and Regulations make it a clear requirement for Surge Critical Equipment – Here it is advisable to install Type 3 devices to
Protection Devices. ensure the protection level is kept to below the recommended 1500 volts.
The PD Devices’ DSP Series being Type 2 and 3 can be fitted. In cases
BS 7671:2008 IET Wiring Regulations 17th Edition where the protection needs to be at the equipment itself, then devices
Section 443: Existing protection against overvoltage of atmospheric similar to the PD Devices’ MBP type of products are advisable.
origin or due to switching Telecommunication and Data Equipment should be protected by
Section 534: Deals with the installation of surge protection devices additional devices similar to PD Devices’ TLP and DBP ranges. The panel
(SPDs) where required is the best place for surge protection when dealing with transient
overvoltages. There are many reasons for this:
BS EN 62305 Series of Standards defines the Protection against Lightning
Part 1 - General Principles for Protection of Structures against Lightning • Multiple circuits can be protected by one device, rather than the
multiple ‘at equipment’ devices that would otherwise be required
Part 2 - Risk Management
• Limits the electromagnetic propagation of the overvoltage. Surge
Part 3 - Physical Damage to Structures & Life Hazard
protection in the panel limits the inductive coupling to other
Part 4 - Electrical and Electronic Systems within Structures conductors by minimising the size of the conducting ‘loop’ (e.g. phase
to earth) during an overvoltage event
BS EN 61643-11
Requirements and tests for Low Voltage Surge Protection Devices • Electrically ‘noisy’ equipment is usually supplied by its own ring or
connected to low voltage power distribution systems. spur, so a surge protection device in the panel is effectively between
the ‘noisy’ source and the equipment that requires protection
BS EN 61643-12 • Maintenance and monitoring of the surge protection is centralised
Selection and application for Low Voltage Surge Protection Devices and simplified, as many panel products have options for automatic
connected to low voltage power distribution systems. monitoring and pre-failure warning
BS EN 61643-21 • As panels are normally located at the entrance to an installation or
Requirements and tests for Low Voltage Surge Protection Devices area, the installation of surge protection at the panel fits well with the
connected to telecommunications and signalling networks. Lightning Protection Zone concept of BS EN 62305
• Lead lengths can be controlled and kept to a minimum, loops can be
BS EN 61643-22 eliminated
Selection and application for Low Voltage Surge Protection Devices
• Ensures a good co-ordinated approach
connected to telecommunications and signalling networks.

PD Devices is a UK based in-house manufacturer of Surge Protection Devices offering a full range of products, including the key Metal Oxide Varistor element.
This allows full customisation at standard product pricing.

PD Devices Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 1364 649248

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Structured Wiring Specification / BS 8488 / BS 61535 - 95
Typical Structured Wiring Specification
Armoured & Unarmoured Systems
General: System: Unarmoured
A prefabricated wiring system shall be utilised for the distribution of lighting The structured wiring system shall comprise of LSOH flexible cable
and power circuits. assemblies, steel enclosures (MDBs) and polyamide enclosures.
The system shall offer a high degree of flexibility comprising modular The structured wiring system is rated at 230V/20A.
subcircuit distribution, which is entirely prefabricated off-site.
Connector System:
The system will provide a complete installation from the respective
The connector system used throughout the entire structured wiring system
distribution board to the furthest point of a circuit. shall incorporate a connector system manufactured and tested in
The wiring components for lighting and power systems shall be colour accordance with BS EN 61535: Installation Couplers intended for
coded and polarised in such a way that one system shall not plug into the Permanent Connection. Connectors shall be 3, 4, 5 or 6-pole type and have
components of the other systems. fully shrouded female (live) contacts.
The connector used throughout the prefabricated wiring system must be
manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 61535 - Installation RST Specification IP66 / IP68
Couplers Intended for Permanent Connection.
RST 20i2/i3 RST 25i3 RST 20i4/i5 RST 25i5
System: Armoured Rated Voltage 250 V 250 V 250/400 V 250/400 V
Unused connectors shall have fully shrouded (live) contacts.
25 A (L,N)
The connector system may only be disconnected by means of a key or tool. Rated Current 20 A 25 A 20 A 1 - Contacts (1,2)
The system comprises 6491B LSOH BS 7211 cables enclosed with a metal 10 A
flexible conduit. Number of Poles 2 or 3-pole 3-pole 4 or 5-pole 5-pole
Connectors will be rated at 20A for Lighting and 32A for Radial Power.
The connector system shall be circular to allow for ease of installation Ambient Operating
Connectors 55ºC
Temperature 55ºC 55ºC 55ºC
through fire barriers and stud walls. Under Full Load
Distributor 40ºC
The cable termination of the connectors should be screwless and therefore
maintenance free during the life of the installation. Temperature Range: 40ºC to +100ºC
The system and all components must meet the relevant British and
European Standards for Prefabricated Wiring Systems - BS 8488 Part 1. Material: Contact parts: brass. Surface-plated housing
System Components: parts: thermoplastic material PA 66, halogen-
The principal components of the structured wiring system is as follows: free, V2 sealing material: NBR.
• Home Run Cable • Master Distribution Box (MDB)
• Extender Cable • Fused Spur Unit Regulations: DIN VDE 0606 T200, DIN EN 61984 (VDE
627), VDE 0110 IEC 60999: UL 2238 CSA:
• T Connector • Switch Module
C22.2 No.182.2-M1987; LR Type Approval
Home Run Cables: System.
Home run cables comprising 2.5mm², 4.0mm² or 6.0mm² LSOH singles
(number dependent on number of circuits) in metal flexible conduit (up to Approvals: Pending VDE; UL; CSA; LR; GL; DNV.
40mm diameter) complete with gland and lock-nut.
If the structured wiring system is to be integrated with a lighting or BMS Degree of Protection: IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 (3m; 2 hours).
control system, the home run cable generally comprises a Belden type 8719
fieldbus cable or DALI control pairs. These are to be run internally off the Glow-Wire Test 850ºC, 30s: For connectors, distribution units, cable
conduit with the power conductors, not separately. assemblies and appliance couplers.
Length of the home run cable will be determined by position on site and
can be supplied pluggable for direct interface with the Distribution Board. Coding: Mechanical coding symbolised by colour
Master Distribution Boxes (MDBs): code. Grey and black with the same
MDBs generally comprising a solid galvanised steel enclosure with a mechanical coding. Other codings are
removable lid and provision for earthing. available.
Output ports shall be positioned around the perimeter of the MDB. Number
of outputs will be determined by the project by standard configurations of Note: Protection against shock generally
6 or 9 port/circuit. guaranteed even when disconnected.
Protective conductor leading. Connection to
Extender Cable: the live cable must be made with a female
Extender cable assemblies of up to 4.0mm² LSOH singles in a metal flexible connector according to the regulations. It is
conduit and pre-wired male and female connectors. therefore not possible to have a ring circuit
Fused Connection Units: arrangement. Only pluggable in the correct
Fused connection units (for connection to fan-coils or similar loads) pole configuration: one pole cannot be
comprising male and female connectors, suitable rated switch and fuse and connected. Contacts protected against
provision for earthing. strain on the cable. All components can be
interlocked. DIN VDE 0606 T200 requires
T Connector: the use of a locking device. Dangerous
The T connector comprising male and female connectors and tails, flex or mismating with installation connector
conduit drop lead for connection to luminaire/lighting control module (LCM) systems of other suppliers is not
fan coil unit (FCU) variable air volume unit (VAV). automatically excluded by compliance with
Switch Module: DIN VDE 0606 T200. Installation connectors
Switch modules shall allow for a local switch within the system. This can do not replace national connector/outlet
control 1-way, 2-way, intermediate, PIR or dimming switching requirements. systems for home applications.

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96 - Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting is vital to help people escape from a building. It must Points of Emphasis
illuminate the escape route to a regulatory level and light clearly any The following places have been identified at which emergency luminaires
essential fire equipment en route permitting safe evacuation. should be located near (within 2m):
ABB Emergi-Lite will now discuss requirements for designing emergency • Stairs
lighting systems. • Changes of direction
Requirements & Standards • At an exit door
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Statutory Instrument • Changes of level
No. 1541 became law on 1st October 2006. ‘Fire Risk Assessment’ • Intersection of corridors
became the responsibility of the building owner, occupier/employer or
user, superseding the previous Fire Certificate regime. • At each first aid point
Originally the requirement for emergency lighting was set from the Fire • Fighting equipment or manual call points
Precautions Act 1971. This was further enforced by the Fire Precautions Additional Areas & High Risk
(Workplace) Regulations 1997 and amended in 1999. Certain areas are not part of the escape route but still require illumination
The Fire Safety Order and other related documents introduced the if people could be located there. This includes lifts, escalators, moving
concept of ‘Risk Assessment’. Risk assessment is a multi-stage process, walkways, toilets larger than 8m², toilets smaller than 8m² without
which guides the assessor or ‘competent person’ in identifying the risk borrowed light, disabled toilets, small lobbies, motor and plant rooms and
and the need for fire precautions, to reducing those risks down to pedestrian routes within covered car parks.
acceptable levels. In reducing those risks, the need for emergency lighting Other additional areas which require special attention are high-risk task
is established. areas, places of entertainment and open areas greater than 60m².
Once a decision is taken to install emergency lighting in premises, then Stand-by Lighting
BS 5266 Parts 1, 7, 8 & 10 should be followed. When designing a scheme, If stand-by lighting is used as emergency lighting, it should conform to
the luminaires should conform to the general product standard BS EN all the requirements of emergency lighting.
60598-1 and standard BS EN 60598.2.22 for emergency luminaires. Mounting Heights
Central power supply systems should comply with BS EN 50171. Certified Emergency luminaires should be mounted at least 2m above the floor.
products show a compliance with good quality and safety. There is no upper limit but luminaires should be fitted below smoke level
Internally illuminated exit signs should also comply with the product if there is a significant risk of floor illumination being affected. A low-level
standard. The format of the legends should comply as noted in the Exit ‘way finding’ lighting system could be installed as a supplementary to
Sign section below. An installer will have more confidence and be less high-level emergency lighting, where appropriate.
at risk with the work performed, by using products certified to the product
Luminaire Failure
standard and marked with the approval of the national test house.
Certified and approved emergency lighting has an enhanced level of The possibility of emergency luminaire failure should always be
safety compared to general lighting, which is only required to be ‘safe in considered in the scheme design. A minimum of 2 luminaires should be
use’. ‘Safe in use’ in the general lighting context, means that it is neither allowed for in each lighting compartment.
an electric shock nor a fire hazard and that non-operation of the fitting Luminaires & Emergency Lighting Systems
would be an inconvenience. In the emergency sense ‘non-operation’ of A varied range of emergency lighting is available to suit different budgets,
an emergency luminaire is a safety hazard. decors, building requirements, colours and specifications. ABB Emergi-Lite
The Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) has a registration can help the Specifier with the selection or possibly consider a special
scheme for luminaires and conversion modules. luminaire to a particular requirement.
General Requirements for Emergency Lighting Types of Emergency Lighting
BS 5266 Parts 1, 7, 8 & 10 • Self-contained: Each luminaire contains a battery and is a micro-system
Emergency lighting must: in itself
• Indicate the escape routes clearly with exit signs so there is no doubt • Slave: Luminaires that are powered from a central battery AC/AC or
which is the way out AC/DC system
• Illuminate open areas used in an escape route so that obstacles such as • Conversions: Most mains fluorescent luminaires can be converted for
equipment or furniture can be avoided emergency use. ABB Emergi-Lite has specialist conversion centres for
this purpose. The Morley site is third party certified to ICEL-1 004
• Ensure fire alarm call points and fire-fighting equipment are readily located
Categories of Emergency Lighting
• Provide illumination for high-risk areas to allow machinery processes to
be shut down safely • Non-maintained (NM): Luminaires operate when the mains fail
Exit Signs • Maintained (M): Luminaires operate when the mains fail, but can also be
A designated escape route, or point leading to a route, must be clearly operated if required using a switch when the mains are healthy
signed with the correct format of sign, positioned for unambiguity and • Combined non-maintained: The luminaire has more than one lamp, one
with consideration for viewing distance constraints. illuminates when the mains is healthy, the other in emergency when the
The pictogram formats to ISO7010 or to the European pictogram format mains fails
signs, compliant with the Safety signs directive (SI341), or those to the • Combined maintained: Both lamps operate in emergency
BS 5499 format are currently acceptable in the UK. Testing & Maintenance of Emergency Lighting
Text only signs are not allowed and must be replaced. Exit signboards can To be effective, it is essential that Emergency Lighting is regularly tested
be used, providing that an adjacent emergency luminaire illuminates the and a maintenance procedure is set in place to current British Standards
board adequately. BS 5266 Part 1:2005 and BS 5266 Part 8:2004 (EN 50172). Automatic
A more effective way of emphasising the way out is to use internally test systems are covered in the IEC62034.
illuminated exit signs, such as the ABB Emergi-Lite Serenga 2, Guideway, Semi-Automatic Testing
Horizon, Silver-Lite, Silver-Scape, HyLED or Navigator ranges. Semi-automatic testing systems are available that can initiate a test to
Escape Routes verify the correct operation required in the prescribed monthly and annual
It is essential that people can move safely along an escape route in an tests. The ABB Emergi-Lite remote infra-red test system (IR2) is simple
emergency. There are often minor hazards such as steps that should be to use and enables the user to control and observe tests or download
illuminated. It is not unusual for an object (trolleys, boxes, suitcases) to and store data for assessment later on a PC.
be left on the escape route, in which case the lighting should be sufficient Fully Automatic Testing
(a minimum of 1 Lux on the escape route) for people to see the obstruction This can be achieved with the Naveo web based system running Centrel
and avoid it. addressable testing. A remote operator can oversee a system by logging
Open Areas in. A local central control unit communicates to each emergency luminaire
Where an escape route leads through an open area, then illumination of via a two-core cable for automatic testing schedules and data retrieval.
0.5 Lux minimum should be provided.

ABB Ltd Tel : 0333 999 9900

Tower Court Fax : 0333 999 9901
Foleshill Enterprise Park
Courtaulds Way Email :
Coventry CV6 5NX Website :
Electrical Heating - 97
Panel Heater Range
Output (W) 500-2000 500-2000 500-2000 500-2000 500-1500
Width (mm) 513-918 503-911 530-940 450-860 688-860
Height (mm) 546 536 536 430 430
Depth (mm) 105 105 107 108 108

Air Curtains



4m 4m 4m


3m 3m 3m

2.3m 2.3m



Overdoor AC Medium Large Commercial Designer Designer Industrial
Range Commercial CAB DAB Range Vertical & High
Range Horizontal Power
The CAB & DAB Surface Mounted Range
4.5/9.0 6.75/13.5 9.0/18.0 n/a n/a n/a 6.0/12.0 9.0/18.0 12.0/24.0 n/a n/a n/a
1065 1569 2130 1065 1569 2130 1057 1557 2114 1057 1557 2114
262 262 262 262 262 262 361 361 361 361 361 361
321 321 321 321 321 321 391 391 391 391 391 391
20.5 29 41 15.5 21.5 31 26.5 35 53 21.5 27.5 43

The AC Surface Mounted Range Architectural Air Curtains

Model AC3N AC3FN AC45N AC6N AC3CN Model ARC10 ARC15 ARC20
1.5/3.0 1.5/3.0 2.25/4.5 3.0/6.0 1.5/3.0
(kW) Length (mm) 1100 1600 2100
605 605 605 905 595
Height (mm) 450 450 450
200 200 200 200 209
Depth Depth (mm) 360 360 360
135 135 135 135 295
Weight Weight (kg) 55-65 82.5-95 110-130
5.1 5.3 5.2 7.2 8.7

Dimplex Tel : 0800 028 6122

Millbrook House
Grange Drive Hedge End @DimplexUK
Southampton Email :
Hampshire SO30 2DF Website :
98 - Underfloor Heating & Ramp Heating - Product Selection
Selecting an Underfloor Heating System Project Design
Select the right underfloor heating system using the table below: Our design software will provide key information for your client and for
Overfloor Area T2 Product Extra Features
your contractor:
Exceptionally fast heat-up time. • Complete bill of materials
Tiles Dry Areas T2Reflecta
Energy Saving. Even heating distribution
• Installation plan (2D & 3D version)
(Kitchen, entrance
T2Red Adjusts heat output
hall, living room, • Product part numbers for easy quotation request
bedroom &
bathroom) T2QuickNet-90 For renovation (thin extra layer) • Circuit sizes & layout
For renovation (thin extra layer). For fast • Heat outputs per area
heat-up or poorly insulated under floors
Pre-terminated, flexible & robust heating Typical 2D Installation Plan
cable for flexible design
Pre-terminated, flexible & robust heating
cable for fast heatup requirements
Ultra thin (3mm), robust heating cable
for undertile applications. For installation
CeraPro directly into tile adhesive (thin profile
installation). Excellent for renovation

Wet Areas T2QuickNet-90 For renovation (thin extra layer)

(Walk-in shower, For renovation (thin extra layer).

swimming pool T2QuickNet-Plus-160 For fast heat-up or poorly insulated
areas, etc) under floors or for higher temperature

T2Red Adjusts heat output

Pre-terminated, flexible & robust heating

cable for flexible design
Pre-terminated, flexible & robust heating
cable for fast heatup requirements
Ultra thin (3mm), robust heating cable
for undertile applications. For installation
CeraPro directly into tile adhesive (thin profile
installation). Excellent for renovation
Wood / Laminate / Dry Areas Exceptionally fast heat-up time.
Plastic / Carpet T2Reflecta
Even heating distribution Building Regulation Compliance Information
T2Red Adjusts heat output Raychem floor heating systems are designed to enable Part L compliance
in conjunction with Raychem zone controls and suitable floor insulation.
Power Output Requirements For compliance, support and further information on the 2010 Building
Ensuring the heated floor reaches a comfortable, efficient and safe Services Compliance Guide, please contact us on 0800 969 013.
temperature is an important requirement of the building regulations.
Raychem’s SlabHeat software is a surface heating output modelling tool
Raychem Ramp Heating
providing finite element analysis of the floor surface. The actual floor profile For a complete guide to ramp and surface heating systems, please
can be modelled to ensure the correct surface temperature is achieved. contact Pentair Thermal Management on 0800 969 013 and request our
ramp heating technical handbook (document reference CDE-1540)
Product Data Sheets available free of charge.
Full product specification and data sheets are available at: Temperature (ºC) 42.54 30.24
Node Location (mm) 42.13 29.83
0 50 100 41.72 29.42
0 0 41.31 29.01
40.90 28.59
5 5 28.18
40.08 27.77
10 10
39.67 27.36
39.26 26.95
15 15
38.85 26.54
20 20 38.44 26.13

38.03 25.72
Slab Depth (mm)
Slab Depth (mm)

25 25 25.31
30 30 24.49
35 36.39
35 23.67
40 40 35.57
45 22.44
45 34.75
50 50 21.62
55 55 20.80
60 60 32.70 19.98
32.29 19.57
0 50 100
31.88 19.16
Node Location (mm)
31.47 18.75
For a FREE SlabHeat report call 0800 969 013 31.06 18.34
(Please mention that you have seen the Electrical Engineers’ Notebook) 30.65

Pentair Thermal Management Tel : 0800 969 013

3 Rutherford Road Fax : 0800 968 624
Stephenson Industrial Estate @PentairThermal
Washington NE37 3HX
Leak Detection / Design Guide - 99
Design Guide – TraceTek Leak Detection
TraceTek leak detection systems can be utilised in a variety of installations The TraceTek TTC, TTA-S IM and SZA modules provide local indication
to detect water, chemical or fuel leaks. TraceTek sensor cables detect of the system operating status via LEDs, plus voltage-free contacts for
and locate leaks along their entire length. TraceTek point sensors detect remote connection to external alarm signals, remote annunciation panels,
leaks at a specific point. Virtually any number of point sensors can be or building management systems. A typical circuit is shown below:
combined with a sensor cable on a leak detection single circuit.
The following information is provided for initial guidance only. Complete
product information, including selection guides, data sheets, installation
instructions and operating manuals, can be downloaded from our website.

Sensor Selection
The first design task is to select the most appropriate sensor type based
on the liquid to be detected and the area to be monitored.
TT1000-POINT-PROBE should be selected for water detection in areas
requiring a single point of detection, such as drip trays under HVAC units. Large Circuits, Concealed Sensors or Separated Areas – for large
TT1000 sensor cable should be selected for water detection in circuits (normally more than 40 meters or where sensors are distributed
commercial building applications where larger area coverage is required, between several separate areas) or installations where the sensor is
such as under raised floors in computer or telecom rooms, in building concealed and normally inaccessible, an alarm and location module is
service/utility areas, etc. most appropriate. The TT-TS12 provides voltage-free alarm contacts,
4-20 mA output, and digital communication via simple RS-485 wiring and
TT3000 sensor cable should be selected for aqueous chemical detection the ModBus protocol.
or for water detection in double contained pipe systems.
Alternatively, TTSIM modules can be connected either to the TT-TS12 or
TT5000 sensor cable should be selected for fuel and oil detection. directly to a building management system via RS-485 wiring. The TTSIM
TT5001 sensor cable should be selected for organic solvent detection. supports ModBus and Johnson Controls Metasys protocols directly,
TT7000 sensor cable should be selected for strong acid detection. providing complete sensor status and leak location information digitally
to the host system. The TT-TS12 can be connected to as many as 128
TTSIMs via a single RS-485 network, allowing extremely large leak
Sensor Layout detection systems to be easily configured and integrated.
The next design task is to determine the optimum sensor layout. The
sensing cable or point probe should be positioned so that leakage from
the potential leak sources will contact the sensor quickly, before reaching
any critical equipment, cables or other items to be protected.
Perimeter Protection – lay the sensing cable along the perimeter of the
room, at a minimum of 600mm from the wall.
Surface Protection – lay the sensing cable in a serpentine pattern
(typically on a 1.2 to 2 meter pitch) to protect larger surface areas.
Around Equipment – lay the sensing cable around equipment so that
leaks can be detected before spreading out.
Interconnecting Separate Areas – jumper cables, branch connectors,
and weighted length modules can be used to connect sensors from
separate areas into a single circuit, as illustrated below:

Alarm Module Selection Accessories

Modular sensing
A variety of accessories are available to complete your system and make
Modular branch cable installation easy. Most accessories must be specified with type PC (for
use with TT1000 sensors) or type MC (for use with all other sensors)
TT-MLC modular leader cable – used to connect sensor circuits to alarm
TT-MJC modular jumper cable – used to interconnect sensor circuits.
Modular jumper TT-MBC modular branch connectors – used to layout circuits in a variety
cable of branched configurations.
Modular jumper Modular end
Alarm Modular leader termination TT-WL weighted length – provides an artificial circuit length of 4.5 meters,
module cable
in order to clearly separate sensor sections that are on the same circuit
but in different areas.
Depending on the size of the leak detection system and accessibility of TT-MET modular end termination – required at the end of each sensor
the sensors, an appropriate alarm (or alarm and locating) module must circuit.
be selected. TT-TAG plastic tags used for clearly identifying TraceTek sensors and for
Small Area Circuits – for small leak detection circuits (normally those tagging mapping data on the sensor.
less than 40 meters of sensor cable in a single area), a simple alarm TT-HDC hold down clips – available in two sizes: ¼ inch for TT1000 and
module may be selected. TT3000 sensors and ½ inch for TT5000 and TT5001 sensors.

Authorised Distributor: Tel : 01403 216100

Aquilar Ltd Fax : 01403 216109
Weights & Measures House Email :
20 Barttelot Road Horsham Website :
West Sussex RH12 1DQ Website :
100 - AEI Cables Technical Data for Total Fire Solutions
Firetec Singlecore
No. of cores & Nominal Current Rating (Enclosed in Conduit) Voltage Drop Maximum DC Conductor Nominal Overall
Nominal Weight
CSA of Conductor Single Phase ac or dc Three Phase ac dc Single Phase ac Three Phase ac Resistance@ 20°C Diameter
no x mm² Amps Amps mV/AM mV/A/M mV/A/M Ω/Km mm Kg/Km
1 x 1.50 22.00 19.00 31.00 31.00 27.00 12.10 3.50 26.00
1 x 2.50 30.00 26.00 19.00 19.00 16.00 7.41 4.10 38.00
1 x 4.00 40.00 35.00 12.00 12.00 10.00 4.61 4.6 54.00
1 x 6.00 51.00 45.00 7.90 7.90 6.80 3.08 5.10 75.00
1 x 10.00 71.00 63.00 4.70 4.70 4.00 1.83 6.70 124.00
1 x 16.00 95.00 85.00 2.90 2.90 2.50 1.15 7.60 183.00
1 x 25.00 126.00 111.00 1.90 1.90 1.65 0.73 9.40 285.00

Firetec Standard
No. of cores & Current Rating (Clipped Direct) Voltage Drop Maximum DC Nominal Recommended Accessories
Nominal XSA of Single Conductor Overall
Single Phase ac or dc Three Phase ac dc Three Phase ac Weight
Conductor Phase ac Resistance@ 20°C Diameter Clips Glands Shrouds
no x mm² Amps Amps mV/AM mV/A/M mV/A/M Ω/Km mm Kg/Km
2 x 1.50 19.50 - 29.00 29.00 - 12.10 7.70 87.00 FCL30 FG1 FXG20
2 x 2.50 27.00 - 18.00 18.00 - 7.41 9.10 129.00 FCL34 FG1 FXG20
3 x 1.50 - 17.50 - - 25.00 12.10 8.20 110.00 FCL32 FG1 FXG20
3 x 2.50 - 24.00 - - 15.00 7.41 9.70 163.00 FCL37 FG2 FXG20
4 x 1.50 - 17.50 - - 25.00 12.10 9.20 139.00 FCL34 FG1 FXG20
4 x 2.50 - 24.00 - - 15.00 7.41 10.90 210.00 FCL43 FG2 FXG20

Firetec Enhanced
No. of cores & Current Rating (Clipped Direct) Voltage Drop Maximum DC Nominal Recommended Accessories
Nominal XSA of Single Conductor Overall
Single Phase ac or dc Three Phase ac dc Three Phase ac Weight
Conductor Phase ac Resistance@ 20°C Diameter Clips Glands Shrouds
no x mm² Amps Amps mV/AM mV/A/M mV/A/M Ω/Km mm Kg/Km
2 x 1.50 19.50 - 29.00 29.00 - 12.10 9.10 103.00 FCL34 FG1 FXG20
2 x 2.50 27.00 - 18.00 18.00 - 7.41 9.70 140.00 FCL37 FG1 FXG20
3 x 1.50 - 17.50 - - 25.00 12.10 9.60 135.00 FCL37 FG1 FXG20
3 x 2.50 - 24.00 - - 15.00 7.41 10.70 186.00 FCL43 FG2 FXG20
4 x 1.50 - 17.50 - - 25.00 12.10 10.70 165.00 FCL40 FG2 FXG20
4 x 2.50 - 24.00 - - 15.00 7.41 11.90 234.00 FCL47 FG2 FXG20

Firetec Power
No. of cores & Current Rating Voltage Drop Maximum DC
Nominal Overall
Nominal XSA of Conductor Gross CSA of Armour Nominal Weight
Laid Direct Single Way Ducts Free Air Three Phase ac Resistance@ 20°C Diameter
no x mm² Amps Amps Amps mV/A/M Ω/Km mm² mm Kg/Km
4 x 1.50 32.00 26.00 26.00 27.00 12.10 17.00 13.30 367.00
4 x 2.50 42.00 34.00 35.00 16.00 7.41 20.00 14.70 454.00
4 x 4.00 55.00 45.00 47.00 10.00 4.61 22.00 16.00 556.00
4 x 6.00 69.00 56.00 107.00 6.80 3.08 36.00 18.20 783.00
Current Ratings for 4x 10.0 to 4x 400.0 mm² please refer to Firetec Impact Power. For further constructional information refer to our website

Firetec Impact Power

No. of cores & Current Rating Voltage Drop Maximum DC
Nominal Overall
Nominal XSA of Conductor Gross CSA of Armour Nominal Weight
Laid Direct Single Way Ducts Free Air Three Phase ac Diameter
Conductor Resistance@ 20°C
no x mm² Amps Amps Amps mV/A/M Ω/Km mm² mm Kg/Km
4 x 4.00 55.00 45.00 47.00 10.00 4.61 42.00 20.00 812.00
4 x 6.00 69.00 56.00 59.00 6.80 3.08 42.00 20.00 853.00
4 x 10.00 92.00 75.00 82.00 4.00 1.83 42.00 20.00 1029.00
4 x 16.00 119.00 96.00 107.00 2.50 1.15 50.00 22.50 1367.00
4 x 25.00 152.00 124.00 140.00 1.65 0.73 70.00 29.90 2240.00
4 x 35.00 182.00 149.00 172.00 1.15 0.52 78.00 33.50 2705.00
4 x 50.00 217.00 177.00 209.00 0.87 0.39 90.00 37.10 3375.00
4 x 70.00 266.00 218.00 363.00 0.60 0.27 131.00 39.10 4560.00
4 x 95.00 319.00 263.00 324.00 0.45 0.19 147.00 43.00 5805.00
4 x 120.00 363.00 300.00 376.00 0.37 0.15 206.00 48.30 7430.00
4 x 150.00 406.00 338.00 430.00 0.30 0.12 230.00 52.40 8820.00
4 x 185.00 458.00 382.00 495.00 0.26 0.10 255.00 56.60 10600.00
4 x 240.00 529.00 442.00 584.00 0.21 0.08 289.00 64.30 13380.00
4 x 300.00 592.00 496.00 666.00 0.19 0.06 319.00 70.70 16255.00
4 x 400.00 667.00 570.00 766.00 0.17 0.05 452.00 80.30 21145.00

Firetec FRF2
Current Rating (Enclosed in Conduit) Voltage Drop Maximum DC
No. of cores & Nominal Nominal Overall
Conductor Nominal Weight
XSA of Conductor Single Phase ac or dc Three Phase ac dc Single Phase ac Three Phase ac Diameter
Resistance@ 20°C
no x mm² Amps Amps mV/A/M mV/A/M mV/A/M Ω/Km mm Kg/Km
3 x 1.50 23.00 - 34.10 34.10 - 13.30 10.00 135
3 x 2.50 31.00 - 20.90 21.00 - 7.98 11.20 168
4 x 1.50 - 21.00 - - 29.70 13.30 11.20 149
4 x 2.50 - 28.50 - - 17.60 7.98 12.40 211

Mineral Insulated
Conductors Cables exposed to touch Earth Fault Maximum Recommended accessories
Sheath Cable diameter Cable weight
loop Conductor
Volt drop effective (mm) (Kg/km)
Cable ref Current rating (amps) impedance Resistance Glands & seals Copper fixings
Size MV/A/m CSA
No (R1+R2) (ohm/km at
(mm2) (mm2)
Bare LSF covered (ohms/m) 20°C) Bare LSZH Bare LSZH Gland ref RGM One hole clips Two-way saddles
2L1.5 2 1.5 21.0 23.0 28.0 6.3 21.2 12.1 5.7 7.0 131 154 20 20 22 28 222 302
2L2.5 2 2.5 28.0 31.0 17.0 8.2 13.3 7.4 6.6 7.9 180 206 20 20 26 32 272 342
3L1.5 3 1.5 17.0 19.0 24.0 7.8 20.6 12.1 6.4 7.7 168 194 20 20 24 30 272 342
3L2.5 3 2.5 23.5 26.0 14.0 9.5 12.9 7.4 7.3 8.8 222 272 20 20 28 34 302 342
4L1.5 4 1.5 17.0 19.0 24.0 9.1 20.2 12.1 7.0 8.3 203 231 20 20 28 34 302 342
4L2.5 4 2.5 23.5 26.0 14.0 11.3 12.5 7.4 8.1 9.6 286 336 20 20 32 37 342 422
2H1.5 2 1.5 22.5 25.0 28.0 11.0 19.8 12.1 7.9 9.4 224 259 20 20 30 37 342 382
2H2.5 2 2.5 31.0 34.0 17.0 13.0 12.4 7.4 8.7 10.2 275 314 20 20 34 40 342 422

Extended ranges are available for all of the above cable types – refer to our website for additional information or contact

AEI Cables Tel : +44 (0) 191 410 3111

Durham Road Fax : +44 (0) 191 410 8312
County Durham Email :
DH3 2RA Website :
Salamandre IP4X Distribution Trunking - 101
Legrand has invested heavily in Salamandre distribution trunking to ensure that it provides everything you would expect from the market leader. The latest
innovations have been made to keep you up to speed with the amendments to the Wiring Regulations...

Changes to the Wiring Regulations

The latest edition of the Wiring Regulations included specific instructions relating to the requirement for IP conformity of all trunking systems using
non-sheathed cables.
The Regulations included the following paragraph:
“Non-sheathed cables are permitted if the cable trunking system provides at least the degree of protection IPXXD or IP4X, and if the cover can only be
removed by means of a tool or deliberate action.”
BS 7671 : 2008 - Amendment No. 3 : 2015 also includes the note:
“If a system includes site-fabricated joints, the installer must confirm the completed item meets at least the degree of protection IPXXD.”

The Index of Protection

The index of protection is defined in BS EN 60529:1992 - Degree of protection provided by enclosures.
The Regulations allow two levels for the degree of protection:
IP4X – Protected against solid bodies greater than 1mm in diameter. The test uses a 1mm diameter, 100mm long test probe/wire. The probe is applied
with a force of 1N±10% and is not allowed to enter the enclosure being tested.
IPXXD – Solid bodies no greater than 1mm in diameter may enter the enclosure but will remain clear of hazardous parts. The test uses a 1mm diameter,
100mm long test probe/wire. The enclosure may allow entry of the 100mm long test wire. However, the wire is not allowed to touch any hazardous parts
within the enclosure.
The Salamandre range of distribution trunking has evolved to include a simple solution to IP4X conformity.

A Simple, Convenient Solution

To achieve IP4X conformity using Salamandre trunking lengths requires the addition of a simple
‘cover strap’ which is connected to each coupler over the joint between two lids.
A new range of IP4X fittings, with all the time-saving installation benefits of Salamandre, integrates
fully with existing lengths and accessories to provide a total solution when using non-sheathed cable.

For IP4X protection, simply clip a ‘cover strap’

to each coupler over the joint between two lids
IP4X fittings should be specified to achieve
the correct level of conformity

1mm dia probe
BS 7671:2008 BS EN 60529:1992
Amendment No. 1:2011 IP4X – 1mm Probe
Trunking should be cannot enter enclosure
IP4X or IPXXD IPXXD – 1mm probe can
enter but must remain
clear of live parts

1mm dia probe

BS EN 50085-1:2005
Can only claim IP4X or above
if there are no ‘butt joints’

Legrand Electric Ltd Tel : +44 (0) 345 605 4333

Great King Street North Fax : +44 (0) 345 605 4334
Birmingham Website :
B19 2LF Website :
United Kingdom Email :
102 - Leak Detection – System Design Guide
Floodline Floodline 4 Zone Control Panel

The Andel “FLOODLINE” range covers all possible requirements, from

stand-alone single zone modules and units for the smaller installation, to
comprehensive multi-zone systems. Leader Cable LSF-0H Zone 1
With the capacity to handle the largest building, “FLOODLINE” offers Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable
Zone 3
outstanding flexibility, with a range of equipment and sensors to tailor “Plug and Play” Start of Line (SOL)
each installation to the client’s exact needs. “Plug and Play” Autocoupler (Auto)
“Plug and Play” End of Line (EOL)
Point Sensor
Sensor Selection Oil Sensor
Zone 2
Choosing the best sensor to suit the application and the areas to be
monitored: Control Panel Selection
Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable: Small:
Within raised floor voids in data centres, comms/server/IT rooms, tea Up to 20m of Detection Cable in the raised floor void of one room, within
points and vending areas, drip trays, A/C units and underfloor pipework. a short length of drip tray, 1-3no Point/Oil Sensors, usually within the
same room or 1no FGS1000 Ref. Gas Sensor.
Multi-4 Zone Detection Cable:
Attach along the full length of high level pipework especially above - Floodline One Zone Control Panel - Volt free outputs for ‘LEAK’ and
critical/sensitive areas. ‘SYSTEM’ fault.
Point Sensor:
20-300m of Detection Cable either within single or multiple rooms, several
Plant rooms, tank rooms, trenches, small drip trays, base of lift shafts,
A/C Units or separate Drip Trays and combination of between 5-50no
toilets and showers.
Point/Oil Sensors in large Plant/Generator Rooms and 4-20no RGD 1601
Flexi-Pad: Ref. Gas Sensors, etc.
Pipe joints and junctions, plumbed in water coolers and inaccessible - Floodline 4-32 Zone Control Panels - Volt free outputs for ‘LEAK’ and
areas. ‘SYSTEM’ fault. Individual zone output relays available.
Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor: The new Andel ‘Ranger’ Sub-panel providing local meterage detection
Double containment water pipework and tanks and high level alarm. for longer areas up to 1500 metres, stand-alone or in conjunction with
DP01 Double Containment Sensor: other FLOODLINE panels.
Double containment oil/diesel pipework and tanks, either along full length Large:
or at lowest point. Over 300m of Detection Cable either within a large area (data centre) or
Oil Sensor: across many smaller room (server and comms rooms) and/or combination
Bunded oil storage tanks, generator rooms and oil pipework trenches. of Point/Oil Ref. Gas Sensors.
FGS1000 Refrigerant Gas Sensor: - Floodline 128 System - 32/64/96/128no Zones - Volt free outputs for
Office areas served by VRF/VRV units, in chiller plant rooms, along LEAK’ and ‘SYSTEM’ fault, RS232/485 + MODBUS and individual
refrigerant gas pipework routes. zone output relays available.
Floodline 16 Zone Control Panel
System Layout Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 11
Choosing the best design for optimum coverage with the most suitable
Zone 1

Zone 3
Zone 2


Comms Room
Perimeter: Zone 4 Plant Room

Oil Tank
Zone 8
Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable in the raised floor void attached to
the floor slab approx. 500mm in from the wall. Zone 5

Whole Floor Area: Kitchen Zone 10 Zone 9

Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable in the raised floor void across the Zone 12
whole floor space at 2m centres.
A/C Units/Downflow Units: Accessories
Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable either around the ‘footprint’ of the Various options for connecting components, installing Floodline sensors
unit or ‘zig-zagged’ directly beneath. and control panels, and adapting the system for each individual site:
Low Level Pipework in Floor Void: Zone Couplers:
Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable beneath the pipework within the floor Start/Auto/End of Line - Using RJ48 connectors for ease of installation
void in a ‘serpentine’ pattern along the full pipe length. by simple ‘plug & play’ connectivity.
High Level Pipework: Junction Boxes:
Attach Absorbent Multi-4 Zone Detection Cable to the underside of the For use with Multi-4 Zone Cable to connect from panel to the first zone
whole pipe length outside any lagging. and then between each concurrent or separate zone.
Plant Room: Leader Cable:
Install Point Sensors either at equidistant positions around the room or Full LSF - 0H interconnecting cable for use from the control panel to each
targeted at specific items of equipment e.g. Pump Sets, Water Tanks, etc. individual or set of zones.
Double Containment Pipework: Remote Panel:
Install DP01 Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor at equidistant positions along the full Provides audible and visual alarm at a secondary position i.e. at a
pipe lengths – usually 10-15m apart or at the lowest point if the pipework reception desk or security office.
runs to a fall. Caution Tags:
Refrigerant Gas: Usually fitted every 1-2m along clearly identifying detection cable.
Within offices, install at mid level (approximately 1m from floor), preferably Clips:
adjacent/near to VRF units. Self-adhesive 6.3mm clips, or drilled and plugged ‘P’ clips usually installed
For Chiller Rooms, etc install every 6m³ across the whole area. every metre and every change of direction along the full length of the
detection cable.

Andel Ltd Tel : 01484 845 000

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Unistrut® - Technical Solutions - 103
The Unistrut name is synonymous with innovative products.
Two such product designs, offering the customer significant savings in
both purchased components and installation times, are:

Modular Framing
Pre-populated or standalone metal frames co-designed, manufactured
and fully load tested to optimise costs and meet your installation

A range of fast and easy to install brackets and fixings, designed to reduce
the installation time and give easy adjustment for a fast and effective
on-site solution.

Short Circuit Testing Materials

Durability and reliability for our products are an essential part of meeting Unistrut prides itself on product quality and as such, all materials used
the demands of the modern industry installation. in the manufacturing of our products comply to the highest material
Short circuit testing of our wire basket products proves the quality of our
cable management systems under the stresses exerted during short Hot Dip Galvanised – GC BS EN ISO 1461: 2009
circuit fault conditions, giving customers the confidence in our products
Electrodeposited Coating – EZ EN 12329
and exceeding all their application needs in a safe and efficient manner.
ISO 4042 – A3A
Electroplated BS 3382: PART 2

Load Bearing Galvanised BS 443

To comply with the rigorous demands of the modern industry needs, we Zinc Dichromate ASTM B633
pride ourselves on the quality and strength of the products we Stainless Steel – 304L EN 10088-2 – AISI304L
Stainless Steel – 316L EN 10088-2 – AISI316L
As such, our products have load bearing compliance to IEC61537 and
are supported by our load design calculation software that helps to give
you the optimum recommendations for safe and guaranteed load bearing
performance when using Unistrut channel products.

Design Software
This load analysis software is a user friendly, two-dimensional calculation
program to analyse Unistrut channel sections, utilised as beams and
The program provides instantaneous results of geometries containing
multiple spans with single or multiple load conditions.

Unistrut (UK) Ltd Tel : 0121 580 6300

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104 - Roxtec - Sealing Solutions
Sealing Solutions for Proven Protection
Roxtec cable and pipe transits protect against risk factors such as fire, gas, water, pressure and electromagnetic threats.
They withstand tough conditions, corrosion and temperature cycling. They also reduce noise and offer efficient solutions for bonding, grounding, EMC
and hazardous locations.
The Roxtec system protects life and assets against risks caused by:
• Fire: Stop A, H and jet-fire. Prevent smoke from spreading.
• Gas: Ensure complete tightness against air and gas pressure.
• Water: Keep your site dry. Prevent humidity and flooding.
• Pressure: Protect against catastrophic as well as constant pressure.
• Electrical danger: Protect against EMI, EMP and lightning strike effects.
• Particles: Take control of dirt, dust, chemicals and fumigants.
• Pests: Keep snakes, insects and rodents out.
• Blast: Protect against vibration, shock-waves and the risk of explosion.

The system is certified by all major classification authorities with 285 registered certificates, including IECEx/ATEX and MED, as well as 430 registered
tests and approvals.
The Roxtec cable seal system has been tested and approved by London Underground. Up to six units measuring 0.5m x 0.3m each can be used in
station areas, while one unit of the same size has been cleared for use in tunnels.
All certification as well as safety and data sheets can be found on the Roxtec website.

Certifying Authorities

Test Laboratories

Customised Solutions
If our standard range does not fit your requirements, we can create a new custom-made solution – we deliver about 250 special solutions per month.
We have an entire team of first class designers, engineers and test technicians ready to develop tailor-made seals according to your needs.

Future Proof
The flexible system makes it easy to seal multiple cables and pipes in very few openings.
The seals allow pre-terminated cables and provide built-in spare capacity.
Users can stay competitive and deal with new needs and regulations as it is possible to add cables and pipes and extend the service life of projects –
without adding material costs.

Memberships & Professional Associations

Roxtec are members of the EIC (Energy Industries Council), Achilles RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme), Achilles UVDB (Utilities
Vendor Database), Achilles FPAL (First Point Assessment), SCCoP (Supply Chain Code of Practice) and CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Roxtec Ltd Tel : 0161 761 5280

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Cable Management Systems - Technical Issues & Standards - 105
Selecting the Correct Material
Cable management systems are predominantly supplied in four finishes:
• Pre-Galvanised (BS EN 10346:2009) • Stainless Steel (BS EN 10082-2:2005)
• Hot Dipped Galvanised (ISO 1461) • Electro-Zinc for cable baskets (ISO 4520:1981)
The important factor is to know when and where to specify which material.
Pre-Galvanised (BS EN 10346:2009)
Mild steel material pre-coated at the steel mill. Good resistance to rust in a dry indoor environment. Not recommended for use in humid or outdoor installations.
Hot Dipped Galvanised (BS EN 1461)
Generally, and commonly referred to as “galv after”, this is a mild steel material which is galvanised after the product has been manufactured. This process
achieves a thicker coating of zinc which increases the products resistance to corrosion. Products made of this material are suitable for outdoor installations.
Stainless Steel
Used extensively in the process industry and where product is required in harsh environments:
304L: Specified for pharmaceutical and food industry. This is a tough corrosion-resistant grade.
316L: Specified for coastal environments or areas with a high saline content. Referred to as Marine Grade.
Stainless Steel is the only product of the four which will prevent the formation of Zinc Whiskers.
Electro-Zinc (ISO 4520:1981)
Used extensively in the manufacturing process for cable basket. The steel wires are cut and welded together to form the cable basket which is then passed
through a zinc bath. An electrolytic process applies the zinc to the steel to provide its coating. Suitable for use in dry indoor environments. Not recommended
for use in humid or outdoor installations.

Certificated Training -
Cutting & Forming Cable Basket
To ensure that the cutting and forming process is completed safely and
with a high degree of consistency, Unitrunk provide free on-site training.
The training takes about 30 minutes to complete and covers all the aspects
of cutting and forming that is likely to be required. The training is
certificated, so everyone who attends and takes part receives a formal
document to validate their participation. Additionally, attendee names will
be added to a database that Unitrunk maintains and each Site Manager
will receive a register for their records of all the operatives who have
undertaken the training.
To date, Unitrunk has trained 600+ site operatives, none of whom had
ever received any such instruction before. Unitrunk will provide – free of
charge – a set of bolt croppers to all sites where training is undertaken to
ensure the correct tool is being used. It is this level of support and
accountability that enables the contractor to have complete peace of mind
when using Unitrunk products. Unitrunk has also produced new cutting
and bending video content. Please visit to view.

CPD Presentations
Unitrunk has two CIBSE accredited presentations:-
(i) Cable Management Systems “Minimise Volume, Maximise Potential”
(ii) Zinc Whiskers - Understanding the Issue & Appreciating the Solution
To support the benefits that RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) products can provide, the content of both presentations has been compiled to enhance the
opportunities to reduce the material content, ensure that the correct material is specified and increase awareness of value engineering options that would
previously not have been considered.
With the advent of BIM Level 2, thoughtful and considered cable management specifications can have a significant effect on projects. Reducing the volume
of material being used can only be achieved by having knowledge of the standards and applying that knowledge appropriately. Unitrunk encourages early
engagement with the design team to maximise the opportunity for identifying and submitting any value engineering proposals to the client. The photograph
shows a Unitrunk ladder being used as the support for cable basket and busbar. Secured by suspension wire, this solution saved 20% on material cost
and 35% on labour.

Unitrunk Tel : 02892 625100

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106 - Specialist Cable Systems - Technical Specifications
Pyrotenax MI Fire Survival Cable - System Data & Accessory Selection

For information on Terminations & Fixings please refer to technical support at Pentair Thermal Management





(contact details shown below)








PER 1000M



Values quoted are nominal lengths only - please contact our customer service department to confirm exact lengths available




Pyrotenax is a trademark of Pentair Thermal Management and its affiliates in designated countries



For single core cables this value will

depend on the number of cables
used within the circuit.
SHEATH AREA Please contact us direct for further





Pentair Thermal Management Tel : 0808 178 1858

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Fire Alarm & Extinguishing Systems - 107
Cerberus & Siemens ASA™ Smoke Detectors Application Guide
Siemens has been involved in fire alarm and extinguishing systems for High Suppression PS8
over 160 years. Cerberus invented the automatic smoke detector in 1941; Specifically developed for dance floors in discotheques, live venues and
we have been doing reliable smoke detection longer than anybody else theatres. Requires a relatively small change in temperature of 8K in
and are a trendsetter in detection technology. We employ over 450 people addition to an alarm signal from the optical chamber to create an alarm.
in R&D and have experience of over 60 million detectors installed around Provides a much faster response than switching to pure thermal detection.
the world. Our products are reliable and will always be manufactured and Enhanced safety at critical times where visibility is reduced and large
supported for over 20 years. They will always be backward and forward numbers of people are in attendance. Complies with the norm EN54-5.
compatible with whatever technology we bring out in the future, ensuring Suppression PS5
the customers’ investment is well protected for the long term. Highly robust behaviour, therefore very suitable for applications with
deceptive phenomena such as steam, heavy cigarette smoke or exhaust
Siemens Equipment Range gases. At the same time, the detector reacts with the ASA parameter set
Digital Addressable Systems quickly and reliably in case of a real fire due to the dynamic influencing of
This type of system improves collective systems by using loop wiring, the parameters. Complies with the norms EN54-5 and EN54-7. For use in
device isolators and software programming to increase reliability and kitchens and production areas with operational-related deceptive
provide individual identification of devices in alarm, fault or detector status. phenomena.
In addition to the ‘normal’, ‘fire’ or ‘fault’ status, the system is capable of Suppression CO PS12
identifying detectors that require maintenance and the status of every unit. Highly robust behaviour, therefore very suitable for applications with
This enables optimum service intervals and reduces periodic checks. deceptive phenomena such as steam, heavy cigarette smoke or exhaust
Siemens Cerberus PRO™ Fire Detection System gases. At the same time, the detector reacts with the ASA parameter set
Siemens Cerberus PRO™ is a unique fire detection system consisting of quickly and reliably in case of a real fire due to the dynamic influencing of
panels ranging from simple 1 loop to powerful 28 loops to meet all the parameters. Sensitivity is also influenced by the CO concentration.
applications from the same system. It can be networked to provide a Separate CO alarming and control for the detection of unhealthy or
seamless system with up to 64 panels - all certified to EN54-13. It provides dangerous carbon monoxide build up. Complies with the norms EN54-5
normal detectors for standard applications and ASA smoke detectors for and EN54-7. For use in kitchens and production areas with operational-
the most demanding of environments. With ASAtechnology™ (Advanced related deceptive phenomena.
Signal Analysis) reliable smoke detection can now be achieved where High Compensation PS7
previously only heat detectors would be suitable. Identical to the robust setting except the drift compensation is extended.
Siemens Cerberus PRO™ Equipment Range Especially suited for rooms in which a lot of dust and other deposits are
Includes FC720 Control Panels, neural ASA fire detectors, wide spectrum expected to build up over a period of time, such as paper mills, carpenters’
smoke detectors, linear smoke detectors, heat detectors, infrared flame workshops, textile production and recycling plants. Complies with the
detectors, aspirating smoke detectors and SWING wireless detection. norms EN54-5 and EN54-7.
Robust PS2
Voice Evacuation Systems Robust behaviour, therefore very suitable for applications with deceptive
The Siemens E100 VA System is a digital voice actuated alarm and phenomena such as cigarette smoke, dust and exhaust gases. At the same
evacuation system, available as a stand-alone model or fully networked time the detector reacts with the ASA parameter set quickly and reliably in
and integrated to the fire alarm system. European standards recognise case of a real fire due to the dynamic influencing of the parameters.
that voice evacuation is an integral part of fire detection and needs to be Compared to PS5 this set may be used to improve detection speed on
treated with the same high standards. higher ceilings. Complies with the norms EN54-5 and EN54-7. For use in
E100 complies fully with EN60849: electro-acoustical emergency warning event locations, conference rooms, smoking rooms, gastronomy, industry
systems and EN54-16 components for voice-actuated alarms in fire alarm production and underground garages.
systems and voice-actuated alarm centres.
Balanced PS4
Graphical Management Package For use in normal environments. Balanced response characteristic,
Siemens MM8000 is a professional danger management and monitoring sensitive in the case of fire, robust with deceptive phenomena. Due to its
system for integrating security and safety systems, providing event history distinct dynamic, the detector reacts quickly to open fires and smouldering
and analytical reports. It can be configured to provide text-only display of fires according to the definitions of EN54. The ASA parameter set reacts
the entire subsystems or full graphical representation of protected areas. very robustly to deceptive phenomena, such as cigarette smoke or small
Current Fire Detection Standards amounts of steam. Often used when the system is in unmanned mode e.g.
All components of the Cerberus PRO System fully comply and are certified at night. Complies with the norms EN54-5 and EN54-7. For use in open
by VdS or LPCB for CPR (Construction Product Regulation) introduced plan offices, hallways, hotel rooms, out of hours use in harsh environments.
from 1st July 2013. Balanced CO PS10
BSEN54-13 - Complete system compatibility test. Using the criteria smoke, heat and CO the device is more sensitive to fires
BS-5839 - Part 1:2013 : Fire detection and alarm systems in buildings. creating CO than PS4 without the CO signal. This parameter set is robust
EN-54 - Parts 2 & 4:1998 : Power supplies and control/indicating equipment with deceptive phenomena such as cigarette smoke or small amounts of
including all Options With Requirements (OWRs). steam. It also offers early alarming in the event of fires generating a large
BSEN-54 - Various parts covering detection and alarm devices. amount of CO, such as mattress fires. Complies with the norms EN54-5
BS-7273 - Part 4 including Category A. and EN54-7. Same applications as with PS4 but with higher robustness
against deceptive phenomena.
Sinorix™ Intelligent Extinguishing Solutions
The comprehensive Sinorix extinguishing portfolio for room and object Fast Response PS6
protection comprises solutions with natural or chemical extinguishing This parameter set reacts in a fast and highly sensitive manner. It is
agents, gas/water-combined as well as water mist solutions. especially suited for rooms without deceptive phenomena where the
Our range includes: priority is on detecting fire as early as possible and is an excellent
Sinorix N2 Ar CO2 - Automated extinguishing solutions with natural agents. replacement for ionisation detectors. For use in high ceilinged rooms,
Sinorix CDT - Automated extinguishing solution with nitrogen providing storage rooms, warehouses with highly flammable material and IT rooms.
constant gas discharge. Complies with the norms EN54-5 and EN54-7.
Sinorix al-deco PLUS - Safe object protection system for machine tools. High Sensitive Fast PS9
Sinorix al-deco STD - Object protection system for machine tools. This parameter set allows for the fastest possible detection for both open
Sinorix 1230 - Automated extinguishing solution based on chemical agent and smouldering fires. It is intended for use in clean applications with no
Novec 1230. deceptive phenomena such as hospital rooms, museums, operating
Sinorix 227 - Automated extinguishing solution based on extinguishing rooms, rooms with high ceilings where high sensitive detection is of great
agent HFC-227ea. importance. Complies with the norms EN54-5 and EN54-7.

Siemens Building Technologies Tel : 01276 690207

Fire Safety Products - Cerberus PRO
Brunel House Sir William Siemens Square
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108 - Honeywell Gent - Fire Sensor Application Guide & System Design
System Design - System Category & Selection HEAT detector spacing (under flat horizontal ceiling) SMOKE & HEAT detector spacing in corridors (category p only)

The general steps for the designer are:

• Ensure the Fire Risk Assessment is complete
• Confirm level of protection or system category is correct (listed below)
• Confirm the ‘Cause & Effect’
• Agree any ‘Variations’ with all relevant parties
• Complete the specification drawings
• Sign off the Design Certificate required within BS 5839-1:2013
System Categories are fully described within BS 5839-1:2013 and vary
depending on the Risk. These are commonly referred to as Category M,
L5, L4, L3, L2 or L1 or Life protection of P1 or P2 for Property protection. SMOKE detector spacing (under flat horizontal ceiling) SMOKE detector (under pitched roofs)

Below is a small portion of advice taken from notes associated with one
of the Approved CPD training seminars that relate specifically to fire
detection design.
Detector Selection & Siting
Selection and siting of sensors (for further advice please refer to
Clauses 21 and 22 of BS 5839-1:2013)
The objective is to select the correct sensor for the appropriate application,
to provide the earliest warning of fire without the risk of a false alarm. It is
therefore worth trying to visualise the type of fire that is likely to occur in a
particular room or area and to familiarise oneself with the application and
the risks that could give rise to a false alarm.
It should also be remembered that a Vigilon system can incorporate a
whole range of different sensors using S-Quad multi-sensors. These can
be set up for different applications and can be switched from ‘state to state’
should particular risks be present for short periods of time. This should be
read in conjunction with the application / risk charts.
To download our free S-Quad Selector Mobile App for iPhone, iPad
and Android devices, please go to
Obviously, conditions may vary depending on the particular application and
if there are any doubts, please contact Gent for further consultation.
Voice Alarm (VA) & Public Address (PA)
Voice messages are more effective than tone signals alone.
Research has shown in an alarm situation (EN 54 Part 16):
• 13% of people react in timely manner to bell tones
• 75% of people reacted quickly to a voice message explaining the
nature of the emergency
In addition to this, it was found that people will naturally use the entrance
they used to enter the building to leave even if it is not the closest.
The newly harmonised EN 54 Part 16 defines the specific functionality of
the VA equipment and applies to any component that is part of the core
functionality of VA. Our rack system is now certified as a complete unit, so
the new standard means it is no longer possible to build a system using
components from third party suppliers.
EN 54 Part 24 covers the minimum requirements for loudspeakers and the
method for testing their operational performance. Acoustic requirements
for loudspeakers vary according to the nature of the space where they are
installed, so many projects may involve at least one application where there
is a need to employ specialist design support.
Honeywell Gent will provide FREE advice on Fire Detection and Voice
Alarm system design recognising the responsibilities imposed on the
Designer. This is available through our Network of Approved System
Integrators. The service our Sales Support Team can offer is:
• Fire detection design & application advice
• Voice alarm design
• Acoustic design & modelling using the Ulysses tool
• Central battery & static inverter design, sales support & commissioning
• Aspirating design & application support
• Factory acceptance testing
• Site survey & application support
• Site training
Honeywell Gent’s range of Voice Alarm Loudspeakers is a key element of
the complete Voice Solution. Certified to EN 54 Part 24 you can be sure
to meet the demands of any system and comply with the design
requirements of BS 5839 Part 8.

Honeywell Gent Tel : +44 (0) 116 246 2042

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Factors to consider when Selecting Video Surveillance Cameras - 109

Introduction Technology for Lighting Issues

Selecting the right cameras for your video surveillance system is critical Because light is vital for producing a quality image, it is essential to
to the success of your project. First, you need to determine what you want understand your lighting conditions prior to selecting a camera. The
the camera to capture for you. Here are some things to consider: amount of light available will determine the amount of light required in
• Do you want to see a scene and know if something is happening? order to produce usable video. There are technologies available to ensure
you capture usable video regardless of lighting conditions:
• Do you want to see an event and determine exactly what is happening?
• Day/Night • Digital Noise Reduction
• Do you want to see the individual and determine exactly who is
involved? • IR Illumination • Digital Slow Shutter
Your answers to these questions will begin to affect the type of cameras True Day/Night cameras have a movable IR filter. During daytime
you need. Once you can answer these questions, use the rest of this performance, the IR filter is in place to block all the IR light, creating a
guide to understand other factors when selecting the right camera. nice colour image. At night, when the amount of light decreases, the IR
filter is replaced with a clear glass filter that allows all available visible and
Camera Type IR light to reach the sensor and to be recorded. As a result, colour images
• Will your cameras be used indoors or outdoors? are captured during the day and clear black and white images at night.
• Should it be a visual deterrent or discreet? Artificial IR Illumination can be provided by IR Light Emitting Diodes
• Is there a particular look you prefer? (LEDs) to augment the naturally occurring light in the scene. If IR LEDs
are used, when the ambient light drops below a defined threshold, the IR
There are numerous camera types to consider from PTZs, box cameras,
LEDs turn on, the mechanical IR cut filter within the camera switches, and
mini-domes and bullets.
the camera changes from colour to black and white. Perfect colour images
PTZ – Pan/tilt/zoom cameras are very versatile, can pan (move are captured by day and clear black and white images at night.
left and right), tilt (move up and down), and zoom in or out.