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(x +5) (2x-3) is the factor of 2x2 + 7x -15

.0.09 is equivalent to 9%

0.0125 expressed as fraction in lowest term 1/80

1 gallon of 30% solution of hydrochloric acid should ba added to 2 gallons of 15%
solution of the same acid to make a 20% solution

1/8 in percent is 12.5%

120 is least common multiple of 12 and 60

15 is 20% percent of 75

2 is the value of x to make x:8=4:16 true

2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 5 are the prime factors of 120

2/5 is the probability that both will be alive if the probability that a man will be alive 25
years is 3/5 and that of his wife is 2/3

2 square root of 5 is the distance between (3,2) and (-1,4)

3 and 5 are the prime divisors of 60

120 is 4/5 of 150

36 is 4/7 of 63

3 is the number of that must be subtracted from both numerator and denominator of the
fraction 11/23 to give a fraction whose value is 2/5

32400 is a multiple of 8 because a number of divisible by 8 if the number formed by the last
three digits by 8

4õ units is the circumference of a circle with an area of 4õ square units

5:4=15:12 is a proportion

50 pieces of 7 ½ in. wire can be cut from a 31 ¼ ft roll of wire

72 is ¾ number of 96

10 is 25% of ½ of 80

8 cubic ft is the volume of a cube edge 2 ft

A coefficient is a factor in a term

A decimal is an implied fraction with a denominator of 10, 100, 1000…..

A meter stich was cut into two pieces of the 64 cm mark. The ration of the smaller piece to
the largest piece is 9:16

A mixed number is define as the sum of a whole number and a fraction

A negative number is one that less than zero preceded by a minus sign (-)

A number is divisible by 2 if it ends in 0,2,4,6, or 8

A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of the digits is divisible by 3

A number is divisible by 4 of the number formed by the last 2 digits is divisible by 4

A number is divisible by 5 if it ends in 0 or 5

A number is divisible by 8 if the number formed by the last 3 digits is divisible by 8

A number is divisible by 9 if the sum of the digits is divisible by 9

A pancake was cut into 8 pieces. Three brothers ate one piece each so 5/8 part of the cake
was left

A photographer can arrange 6 people in a rod to pose for a photograph in 720 ways (6!)

A polynomial is an algebraic expression consisting of one or more terms that have
real number coefficients

A positive number is that is greater that zero preceded by a plus sign (+)

A proportion is an equation, both sides of which are fractions

A ratio is a certain relation between 2 numbers expressed in terms of a quotient

A receipt calls for 2 eggs for every cup of four. If a head chef uses 28 cups of flour, 56 eggs
will be needed

A rectangular block steel has dimensions of 5 matters x 10 meters x 15 meters and weighs
1000N. the block should be placed on the 10 meters by 15 meters side surface to exert the
least pressure on the surface.

A secret word that must be entered into the computer before a person is allowed to get or
change information is called password

A smaller standard deviation means the scores are near the mean

A social networking service available through the computer is facebook.

A Toyota car travelling at a rate of 70km. per hour leaves the house 2 hours after a kia car
has left and overtakes it in 5 hours. Kia car was travelling at 50 kms/hour

Activities connected by a computer system are described as network

All right angles are equal

An algebraic expression is any collection f variables, constants, grouping symbols and
symbols of operation

An equilateral triangle is a triangle with all equal sides

At 70 kph, Aren can reach his home within 50 minutes, he should drive hs car at a rate of
100kph if he wants to reach home 15 minutes earlier

Bar graph illustrates a particular data series through rectangles

CTRL + D is used to open the font command

CTRL + O is the symbol used to open a document

Dave has Php 15,000.00 in the bank. If he expects it to earn Php 750 a year the rate of
interest is 5%

Dupitas Compnay manufactures beds. In its catalog, a double bed is priced at P5,000.00 less
a discount to the trad of 20%. Factor Department Store has to pay P4,000.00 for the bed

Each page has its unique web address. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator

Fractions is define as ratio or quotient of 2 numbers

Google is a search engine

If a letter is chosen at ramdom from the English alphabet, the probability that the letter to be
chosen will be after the letter G is 19/26

If a month has 30 days like September, april, june and November, add one day to the first
day of the month

If a month has 31days like January, March, May, July, August, October and December, add
two days to the first day of the month

If a pair of dice is rolled, the probability that the sum 8 will appear is 5/36

If a student has an average of 76% on his first two tests and has an average of 85% on the
next four tests, 82.0% is his final average on all six tests

If April 18, 2014 fell on Friday, April 18, 2016 will fall on Monday because 2016 is leap year

If each of the five members in basketball team shakes hands with every other member of the
team before the game starts, there will be 10 handshakes in all

If jeff buys 3 apples for Php 50.00 she will pay Php 400.00 for two dozend of apples

If kelvin was 25 years of age in 1983, he could have been born in 1958

If Niel will cut 4 ¼ yds of plastic cover from a bolt containing 35 1/8 yd 30 7/8 yards will be
left in the bolt

If September 25, 2014 fell on Thursday, September 25, 2016 will fall on Sunday because
206 is a leap year

If the average or arithmetic mean of x and -5 is 10, then 25 must be the value of x

If the probability that it will rain today 5/8, the probability that it will NOT is 3/8

If we simplify: [(3x-12/ (3x)] divided by (x-4), the answer would be 1/x

If we simplify: 6- [3 – (-4) + 11 + 8], the answer would be -20

If x is an odd integer and y is an even integer, x2 + 3y + 1 is an even integer

In an English test, eight students obtained the following scores: 10, 15, 12, 18, 16, 24, 12,
14,. Therefore, 14.5 is the median score

In multiplication of powers of the same base, add the exponents

In the example of 10 to he 5th power + 6x the exponent is 5

In writing a letter, word processing is the productivity tool used

Information technology is the process of storing, recovering and disseminating recorded
data through the computer

It will take two days for A and B together, to finish a job which can be done by A alone in 6
days and be alone n 3 days

It will take a typist 15 minutes to finish 10 pages if he can finish 4 pages in 6 minutes.

Joint probability is the probability of two events occurring simultaneously in a single trial.

Like the typewriter, the computer has keyboard

Mean is the measure of central tendency mostly affected by extreme score or outliers

Median is the measure of central tendency is NOT influenced by outliers

Message are easily transported anywhere in the world through the E-mail

Mode is the measure of central tendency can best describes the style of backpacks
commonly used by travellers

Mode is the measure of central tendency that can best describes the size of T-shirts
commonly worn by teenagers

Monitor is not an input device

Oblique triangle: Area = Square root (s-a)(s-b)(s-c), where s= (a+b+c+)/2

Of input devices of the computer, mouse is the device for pointing and selecting commands

One angle of the parallelogram is 35. The measure of the three other angles are 145`, 351,

Parallelogram: Area=base x altitude

Parameter gives the numerical value of the population

Pentagon is a type of regular polygon whose interior angles measures 108 degrees

Percent is defined as an expression, which indicates the number of parts take form a

Php2,400 should be invested at 5% rate of interest so that it will earn Php 80.00 in 8 months

Php 244.11 is the exact interest of Php15,000.00 invested at 5.5% simple interest rate for
108 days

Php 60,875.00 is the final amount due in investing Php50,000.00 at a simple interest rate
of 14.5% for 18 months

There are 334L in 353 quarts

The maximum number of books, each 1.4 cm thick can be put vertically in a shelf which is
64cm long is 45

The circular pizza with radius of 13cm has left largest parameter

Pie graph illustrates how a portion of the data relates with the whole

Pythagorean theorem: (hypotenuse)2= sum of the squares of the 2 legs (c2=a2+b2)

Rectangle: area=base x altitude

Right triangle: Area=1/2base x altitude

Simplifying 3(x-4y) – (4y-3x)-(2x+y) would lead to 4x-17y

Sin è/cos è equal to tan è

Six person can form a committee of 3 in 20 ways

Square: Area= (edge)2

Supplementary angles have a total sum of 180 degrees

Term is any constant, variable or indicated product, quotient or roots of constants and

The acronym HTML means Hyper Text Mark-up Language

The altitude of a triangle is 5 meters and the base is 20 meters.. the area of the triangle is
50 square meters

The area of a circle with a diameter of 8 inches is 160 sq in.

The average of ½, ¼ and 1/3 is 13/36

The degree of the term -4x2y is 3rd

The diagonal of a square with an area of 16 sq. units is 4 square root of 2

The difference between gross profit and cost of goods sold is known as net profit

The digit 7 will appear 20 times between 1 to 100

The edges of a cubical framer are made of plastic straws. The total length of the plastic edges
of a cube whose edge is 10 cm compared to a cube whose edge is 8 cm is 24 cm

The first day of September is Wednesday. The last day of September would be Thursday

The formula for the volume of a right circular cylinder is V= õr2h

The fraction halfway between 3/7 and 4/7 is ½

The greatest common divisor of 91, 39, and 78 is 13

The greatest common factor (GCF) of 22, 15 and 7 is 1

The Greatest Common Factor/Divisor of two numbers (a and b) is the largest factor or
divisor common to both a and b

The height of a flagpole which cast a shadow 45 ft when the angle of elevation of the sun was
45` is 45 ft

The information highway is called internet

The island of Luzon is estimated to be 100,000 square kilometers. In exponential form, it can
be expressed as 105

The large prime number less than 110 is 107

The least common multiple (LCM) of 2, 3, and 4 is 12

The least common multiple of 18 and 24 is 72

The least common multiple of 2 numbers (a and b) is the smallest number that is divisible
by a and divisible by b at the same time

The least common multiple f 5, 2, 7 is 70

The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those another right triangle are 12 and 16.
The perimeter of the larger is 12 larger than the perimeter of the smaller triangle

The measure of an angle is 25 more than its supplement. The measure of the larger angle is
102.5 degrees

The measure of the biggest angle is 90` if an 180` angle is divided into 3 with the ratio

The original price of a book is Php175.00 if it sells Php105.00 after a 40% discount

The percentage decrease in the price of the TV set that originally cost Php20,000 and now
sold Php20,000 and now sold at Php 18000 is 10%

The perimeter of rectangle with an area of 6x2 and with the length of 2x is 10x

The price of gasoline has gone high suddenly. The gas station ordered 120,000 liters before
the price increase. However, only 1,500 liters were sold. Therefore, 118,500 liters are now
sold on the new price

The probability that an event, E2 will occur that some event E1 has already occurred is called
conditional probability

The probability that the ball is NOT blue if you will draw a ball at random from a box
containing 3 red balls, 4 white balls, and 5 blue balls is 7/12

The property of real numbers which describes (5+6)-3= -3+ (5+6) is commutative.

The Pythagorean Theorem states that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of
the squares of the other two sides

The school cafeteria raised the price of a plate of rice from P8 to P10. If the same rate of
increase was applied to a regular order of viand which used to cost P20, an order of viand
would cost P25.00

The smallest positive number that is a multiple of both 15 and 18 is 90

The sum of the 20 first counting numbers is 155 greater than the sum of the first 10
counting numbers

If a die rolled, the probability of getting a number divisible by 2 is ½

The sum of the sides of a polygon is the perimeter

The sum of three consecutive integers: 40, 41, 42 is 123

The thousandths digit of the number 1,234.5678 is 7

The total amount after adding interest of 8% on P10,000.00 for 3 years is P12,400.00

The total surface area of a box of dimensions 6 in. x 8 in x 12 in is 432 sq in

The value in gras of 3.5 kilograms is 3500 grams

The value of 36` in radians is õ/5

The value of 3a2-2b2 and b=3 is -6

The value of -50is 1

The value of K for which 7456k8 is divisible by 4 is 4 because the last digits 48 is
divisible by 4

The value of sec è/ cos è – tan è/ cot è is 1

The value of the car decreased by 5% if it had been depreciated by Php 20,000.00 and is
now worth Php 380,000.00

The volume of the rectangular solid with edges measuring 1.5 ft x . 0.5 ft x 3 in is 324 cubic

The youth is considered 55% of the voting population. Marikina has 1,360 million voters,
therefore 748,000 voters are the youth

There are 18 north maids and 12 south maids serving in a hotel. The ratio of the north to the
entire group is 3:5

There are 50 twenty thousands in one million

Three boys and two girls can be seated in a row in 120 ways (5P5=51=120)

Tiling means the graphics will be displayed more than once

To determine divisibility by 7, double the last digit and subtract it from the rest of the
numbers and if the result is divisible by 7, the number is divisible by 7

To multiply two polynomials, use distributive law and laws of exponents

Trapezoid: ½ (a+b)h


Thales is considered as the first true mathematician. His deductive reasoning principles are
applied in geometry that is a product of Thales’ Theorem

The father of analytical geometry is Rene Descartes

Euclid is considered as the father of geometry. One of the earliest known math books it his
book Elements

Alan Turing is the father of computer science. Turing’s fame as a mathematician can be
attbuted to his formulating of algorithms and computations for a computer

The Sieve of Erathosthenes has been used to find prime numbers

George Cantor is the inventor of set theory. He also introduced the cardinal and ordinal

Hipparchus is the father of trigonometry

Evariste Galois proved that there is no general algebraic method for solving polynomial
equations of degree greater than four

Ada Lovelace is considered as the world’s first computer programmer

Archimedes provided the exact numerical value of pi

Thales of Mellitus is the founder of abstract geometry

George boole devised Boolean algebra which uses the operators AND OR and NOT

Pythagoras once said “ Number rules the universe”

Apollonius Pergaeus is known as the “The Great Geometer”

Bombelli is often called the Inventor of Complex Numbers

Albert Einstein is the Father of physics

Aryabhata provided the definitions of trigonometric functions, complete and accurate sine
and versine tables, solutions to simultaneous quadratic equations, accurate approximation for

The father of statistics is Ronald Fisher

Diophnatus is the father of Algebra

The father of calculus is Gottfried Leibniz

Gottfried Leibniz developed a practical calculating machine using binary system

The Sumerians used the earliest documented counting and measuring system

Gaspard Monge is the inventor of descriptive geometry

The Babylonians used clay tablets dealing with fractions, algebra and equations

Leonhard Euler is regarded as the “King of Mathematics”

Rene Descartes is the man behind the use of superscripts to express powers in algebra

Leonardo Fibonacci introduced the Arabic numbering system